Danny declared war
Its been years since danny took the throne and he's had enough
It started small like the GIW started shooting at the less aggressive ghosts, then it escalated to attacking non-fighting ghosts
6 months ago they started to focus more on capturing the ghosts then getting them away
3 months ago he discovered they were hunting for natural portals to the ghost zone
1 month ago he was able to locate the ghosts that were taken and being held
1 week ago he and other ghost made a rescue mission
And less than an hour ago danny watched what those...MONSTERS...they called HUMAN did to them...to HIS people
Theres alot he could do in this situation, he could call all the ghosts back, close all the portals, cut connections to the mortal world...
But he won't
His people never did anything wrong, and this is the last straw
The JL were in a panic
Things that looked like Lazarus pits started showing up all around the world, and creatures came out, they attacked government buildings and made as much damage they could
Then they took positions
Some were going back into the Lazarus pits carrying things and others stayed at the buildings
Others took off in different direction with no connection, they went to a place, sat down and appeared to be waiting
They sent members to deal with them, some to talk, some to fight and some to capture
All of them havent been heard off since
They were about to make a public statement when the biggest Lazarus pit so far appeared where all the press were waiting
It was covered in black armour with a glowing blade, and was followed by someone smaller than him, he had a green crown of flames, white hair and looked deathly pale
He called himself phantom,
Thats when everyone got an explanation
Phantom broadcasted footage of similar lookign creatures being vivisected, shot, burned, tourchered, and...people were doing it
It let everyone hear how the people though it was FUNNY, their pain their screams...everything
It lasted for 30 minutes of eveyone watching different videos of people expermenting and tourchering them
Then phantom spoke
Spoke of how his people have been hurt and hunted too long, told them the facility's have been distroyed, gesturing to the frozen and distroyed buildings, and how the GIW was a government founded division designed to hunt and experment on his kind
And he's had enough
He said he took the experimentation and capture of his people was a declaration of war between them
Batman was of the opinion that earth was fucked
They were now in a war THEY initiated with beings thay have no solid or reliable information of
Oh and over half the league that was dispatched is still missing
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tanglepelt · 22 days
Random Dc x dp idea 2
I love when the justice league finds out about the GIW or how Danny gets bombed with the news he is ghost king so why not mash them together.
Imagine a ghost council warning Danny that if the GIW/Fenton parents continue experiments the infinite realm will start an inter-dimensional war. Danny and crew are obviously freaking out. Working their butts of freeing ghosts from labs and getting them back in the zone.
Then the GIW catch cujo and instead of going to labs located near amity they go to a newly built lab. One that’s in a city with known dc hero’s such as gotham. So off Danny went to free cujo.
Danny would have to sneak in human with all the ecto detection and anti ecto weapons. The bats are suspicious of this new building. Perhaps seeing medical equipment or other nefarious items being brought in. So when they see a child geared up sneaking into said facility they intervene.
The bathfam wasn’t expecting the kid to be unstrapping a glowing green dog from a table guys in white knocked out unconscious. Danny clutching cujo in one arm is like hey I’m just trying to stop an inter-dimensional war.
He ends up in the watchtower. Constantine and any magic users are freaking out and confused. You just don’t mess with the infinite realm the ghost king wasn’t merciful. Danny is just going off about the laws and ends up emptying his backpack and out comes the ring of rage and crown of fire. Constantine just stares at them then Danny and just asks how. Danny shrugs and says that clockworth said they were his problem cause he lead the attack on pariah that ended with him locked in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep.
Danny grabs the notebook he was looking for and keeps going with his rant now citing different labs and attacks the GIW have done and the anti ecto laws. Constantine interrupts and just starts talking about the right of conquest. Danny and him just argue cause as far as Danny cares he did not defeat him he sealed him away.
After bickering and going back and forth he only stops when an observant makes an appearance stating he is indeed the king hence why he was informed the council was considering war. Danny just has a surprised pikachu face.
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DCxDP: Soul confusion
Soulmate AU! Where their first words to you appear on your body. Dick/Danny.
Danny’s are “No metas in Gotham.” He was terrified that he’d be tied to Batman (he's so much older than me and his anti meta rule has caused so many hate crimes)
Later he learned that the Bat had children.
Dick’s are “You aren’t the boss of me, who do you think you are Batman?”
And Bruce almost had an aneurysm the first time he saw them.
Eventually Danny ends up in Gotham while chasing a ghost and they meet. It’s an interesting first interaction, maybe it’s during a time while Dick is covering for Batman and Danny panics that his soulmate might be the actual Bat until he notices he looks smaller and younger then the original.
They end up laughing after their words are revealed. “I’m Danny Phantom, I haunt Amity Park. I'm a half interdimensional being that was declared non-sentient by the American government. And I like weird milkshake combos.”
“Hi Danny, I’m Nightwing though I’m out as Batman tonight, the eldest child of the Batfamily. I used to be an acrobat and compete in gymnastics even today.”
“Like the circus? I don’t like circuses. I’ve had bad experiences.”
“Haven’t we all?” Nightwing barked out a bitter laugh.
"Find me later. I'm sure a vigilante like you can break the firewalls around info about Amity park." Danny winks and goes invisible flying away as he giggles.
Nightwing flicks on his com
"Guys it looks like the government's attempting to go against the Meta protection acts and declared a whole species of being non-sentient. We need to look into Amity park. And my soulmates soulwords were 'No metas in Gotham' which I feel the need to apologize for. Also he isn't human" and the comms explode with noise
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basilf1res · 2 months
Memento Mori - DPxDC
What was beyond death. Was there anything at all? Was there nothing?
That was what he always wondered.
When Clark was a child, he looked up to his fictional hero: Danny Phantom. A half-dead guy in a comic book series that led to the most bisexual awakenings in the century.
Clark liked to go back and reread the comic books from Issue #1 (they were fairly short, but all parts of an “episode”, almost like those ads on shows, but the wait time was every two weeks). He tended to read them all in one sitting, and yet oddly enough, never disturbed as he murmured the made-up summoning spell under his breath.
He could’ve sworn he had been going through them for over an hour and not twenty minutes.
It was Phantom who inspired him to continue being Superman in his darkest moments. He also considered himself physical proof that Danny’s palette swap was enough to hide his identity.
The glasses ARE enough.
When Clark found out he had a clone, he was ecstatic to be able to teach Conner anything everything, to answer any questions his little brother had.
Danielle “Dani” Phantom and her awaited return in “Issue #46 D-stabilized” caused him to become a mama bear to Conner out of the fear he would melt within a few weeks. But it wasn’t like anyone at the Watchtower had to know that small detail.
Getting married to Lois was the best day of his life, the day of Jon’s birth also fighting for that first place spot in his mind.
He had a clone brother, a wonderful wife, a beautiful son, and an amazing group of friends that work together to protect the planet he calls home.
But everything started to fall apart when a protest against metas took it too far, Jon’s powers started to develop and he was seen accidentally tripping, falling, and catching himself by hovering a few inches above the pavement.
Jon said he considered himself lucky nothing scarred. He laughed everything off when it came to the topic.
But it shook Clark, Lois, and Conner to the core.
Memento mori.
It reminded Superman that despite his impenetrable skin, Death can come at any moment. Even for him.
When Danny was a little boy, he dreamt of reaching the stars, he wanted to be able to touch the moon, explore Mars, and roam the galaxy he resides in and beyond.
He read these comic books of a league of heroes, a team with space cops, super powered humans, a man dressed in a bat suit that was more effective at capturing rogues and villains than some of the powered members, aliens, and so much more.
He flipped through the weekly published comics, learning to read better than most at a young age. He had two favorites, Superman and Martian Manhunter.
Danny wanted to explore the stars like his heroes. He wanted to be able to fight as well as the big Bat. He wanted superpowers. He wanted to help people. He wanted to fight his own set of supervillains. He wanted to be able to succeed and be loved.
Oh how he got everything he wanted but the last.
Tucker and Sam were the only reason he hadn’t broken yet, the reason he was still standing.
The anti-ecto acts, the GIW, Vlad, Pariah Dark, and his- Jack and Maddie’s sadistic comments about ghosts were the last straw.
The hero always wins… they don’t die to the evil they want to stop… right..?
The sound of a scraping scalpel, the buzz of the lights, and the squeals of pleasure - as his ghostly heart was found again and again and prodded again and again - filled his ears for an unknown length of time.
His cries for help were never answered until a summoning pulled at his core, it was a personal calling, someone had managed to find his calling card.
The tears of relief stung his eyes as the dissection table with his body strapped down to it was sucked into a summons portal.
He was spat out in front of kids, most likely teenagers, due to the shrieks of horror and surprise.
Oh… oh how he prayed to the Ancients that he’d live to see another day as a tears slipped out of his eyes.
Memento mori.
Jon found out about his comic book collection and wanted to show Damian.
Clark hummed as he typed up an official report on a rogue attack to send to the Watchtower.
His blood ran cold when he heard his son scream from over in Gotham.
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pixiatn · 2 months
I like how most dpxdc fics where the league straight up kidnaps Phantom to interrogate him don't include Martian Manhunter bc he could just read Danny's mind and be like "y'all are terrorizing a child🤨" also y'know my boy would not stand for them Anti Ecto laws and would side w/ Danny
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Danny: you just activated my fight and flight response..
Some dumbass: don’t you mean or?
Danny, lifting off the ground: No, I did not.
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dashing-through-ecto · 5 months
What Even Are You??
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I´ve made a thing. Someone from the Discord Server said this :D
Original quot is unter the cut
some other comics i made -> Shitpost Comic Masterpost
Tumblr media
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mightydragoon · 7 months
Amity Park citizens canonically commit tax fraud
Welcome to my TedTalk
Doctor’s Disorders:
Tumblr media
Jack: Oh yeah and why should we trust you?
Tumblr media
Betrand: Because I’m with the government and we can audit your taxes if you don’t.
Double cross my heart.
Tumblr media
Mr Lancer: And what makes you think I want to co-operate with the feds
Tumblr media
Operative K: Because ghosts are a constant threat to your student body.
Tumblr media
Operative O: And because we're with the government and have access to your tax records.
Tumblr media
Mr. Lancer: What do you want to know and how fast do you want to know it?
Amity Park says fuck the government and taxes.
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ectokelpeigh · 3 months
I rewatched a few episodes of DP tonight.
And guys
I hinge so much of my “it’s actually reasonable to not figure out Danny Fenton = Danny Phantom” argument on the fact that no one would think that Phantom is a secret identity at all, let alone as a living person.
But at the end of Double Cross My Heart, the GIW are explicitly trying to single out Phantom among living Casper High students. They rule out Dash for being too much of a blockhead, and eventually attack Gregor because he matches the profile. They’re shocked when Phantom swoops in and foils them, because they thought they were already chasing him by chasing Gregor.
This means the GIW were on board with the idea of a living person being Phantom. Did they know about the whole half-ghost? Still can’t say. Maybe they think it’s a clever disguise. But they really took the logic leap of “living kid is also a ghost” and still didn’t catch Danny.
I’m running out of Watsonian excuses— at least for the GIW. I’ll still give everyone else a pass and assume that they didn’t know about the theory or didn’t believe it because “living kid is a ghost” is still a hard pill to swallow. But the GIW? They stupid
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dragonofthedepths · 1 month
Two for the Price of One 17.2.23
DP x DC. Danny Phantom, Vlad Plasmius, Batfam, Superfam.
The GIW manage to capture Vlad. It takes a few days for Danny to realize and rescue him, and that’s a few days too many.
They remove his core.
The core is a ghost, everything else is just incidental ectoplasm (and their body, their ability to move, to sense and experience and act on the world around them, but the core is the important part) that melts into goo with the core gone.
Danny is (seconds) too late to stop them from removing it, but not too late to stop them from stealing it.
Danny grabs Vlad’s core (Vlad), shoves it (him) into his chest for safety, and runs. He makes it to the Ghost Zone and keeps going, because they know about halfas now. They know about halfas now and Danny can’t even transform, because his ectoplasm is the only thing keeping Vlad alive and safe and healing, and transforming might just kill him.
The Ghost Zone isn’t far enough, they need to be so far away that trackers and systems can’t tell they even exist.
Clockwork obligingly drops them in a new universe.
Which is how the Batfam comes to deal with a very glowy (very very glowy, if you ask Signal) teen skulking around Gotham, snarling worse than a feral cat whenever they get near and booking it through walls.
Alternatively; they land in Metropolis and Superman can always locate them because of the humming sound their cores make, and he may not know what lead to this situation but he can tell it’s not good, and he’s turning up the farm-boy charm 100% to try to get Danny back to the Kent farm for a meal.
Alternatively alternatively; Clockwork is Kronos told Danny to find Wonder Woman, because she’s honorable and (his granddaughter) if given a choice between the doing right thing and following the laws of men will choose the right thing. Wonder Woman is slightly freaking out, wondering why the heck Lord Kronos told her to take care of this teen and his currently-an-energy-parasite uncle. (She’s also doing it, because he’s right and she is honorable and dedicated to doing to the right thing. It’s just the LORD KRONOS part that’s throwing her.)
Day (627/100) in my #∞daysofwriting @the-wip-project 17th of Feb
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randomhuman45 · 10 months
'Amity Park likes Phantom' memes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tanglepelt · 24 days
Random dc x dp idea
What if the justice league only found out about the GIW and stuff from a school project.
Like Danny’s parents sent him away away thinking he was being manipulated into believing ghost were sentient. They caught Danny freeing a ghost from there lab or maybe due to timing assume that he helped Phantom escape.
So they sent him off to a different city/state and get him set up at a new school. My first thought is Gotham cause Danny is just perfect adoption bait. Right away I’d imagine they’d clock him as not fully human. So there keeping an eye on him or maybe he’s seen talking to one of his rouges.
When a group project happens where they have to discuss an outdated or a law they find wrong and present on it. The teacher thinks they’ll come up with stuff like how apparently according to google in Denver Colorado it’s illegal to drive a black car on Sundays not that a whole species could be experimented on.
Danny gets voluntold by whichever baby vigilante is monitoring the weird kid that he is their partner. Danny just goes with it follows them home to work on the project. Danny just hands them a law book with the acts book marked and highlighted and says the project is that or he walks.
Needless to say they are freaking out that the government deemed an entire species non sentient and are okay to experiment on. The justice league is freaking out cause how did they miss that. My theory on how they missed it is that the government hid it in a environmental act or something like that and they made sure no info came out of amity park. Amity’s news only stayed local and calls for help blocked all ecto activities were hidden. But that’s how the league found out.
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madametamma · 2 months
I like The GIW’s place in the Danny phantom universe. Specifically because they’re one dimensional villains.  With the other ghost hunters that appear in the show, like Valerie or the Fentons, there exists the complex answers to the question of ‘how would they react to finding out that the creature they’ve been hunting down and have plans to torture is actually a human?’  Even worse a human that they personally care about. 
There are great stories to be made about that, but lets be honest we need at least ONE ghost hunting faction that won’t slow down upon discovering Danny’s secret.  If anything, they get more persistent at capturing him upon discovery.
The canon material mostly used them to poke fun at bureaucracy and what happens when an organization clearly doesn’t care WHO it hires so long as they tick the boxes.
But when the Phandom uses them for horror purposes, they’re really effectively scary.  We all know the evil that can come from people paid to just do a job and not think twice about the people affected by said job.
I’m glad that among the ghost hunters in the show, we’ve got something to fill that roll.
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elithemiar-blog · 6 months
Another dpxdc prompt
Danny, Sam, and Tucker are slowly dismantling the GIW due to their unethical approach on researching ghosts, potentially putting themselves in trouble with other agencies and even the JL. The GIW believe they can easily lie their way out of an investigation by hiding information.
At one of their locations, Jason is being experimented on which causes him to gain ghost abilities and possibly become a halfa, but due to the stresses his body takes from the various testing he doesn't know how to use them properly. The antiecto cuffs keep him down.
Tucker finds info on Jason, a file about PROJECT JULET ROMEO [military codes since the GIW are all for that. Juliet is substitute for Jason and Romeo is substitute for Resurrection]. Finding out that its a person. The trio rescue him and somehow get away to heal him, probably by Frostbite.
Eventually Jason is healed and works with the trio to get that branch of government defunded by calling the JL himself or while still fucking around with Batman in Gotham. But helping the trio became top priority. Maybe he just stays in Amity.
If going the with JL ignoring Amity, Jay scathes them with a lecture.
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Tim is not a ghost.
He’s just allergic to blood blossoms.
Now if these crazy people could kindly fuck off-
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Tumblr media
Day 10. Harvest & Hunger
I don’t imagine the GIW would feed their subjects much, if anything.
Tried a new style, not sure if it’s any good. I’m sorry it’s so dark, I drew it at night with all the lights off.
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