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Old Flame: Pt. 15
Warnings: Cursing & a lil touch of NSFW
Word Count: 3371
While this 7 hour road trip to Arkansas is taking place, you and Hayley offered many times to take over the wheel but Klaus did not budge. He’s had his fair share of you and Hayley taking the wheel a few times in the past. He’ll never put himself through such horror again.
Other than that, Klaus has informed you of everything he’s learned from Finn so far. You’ve learned that Esther’s first born, Freya did not die from plague, but she was taken by Esther’s sister, Dahlia in exchange for Esther to be fertile. The thought made you sick to your stomach, but if it wasn’t for Esther’s sacrifice, you would have never met Klaus.
That piece of information wasn’t the last of it. Klaus mentioned that every first born in the Mikaelson family belongs to Dahlia and since Hope is still alive, you hope that Dahlia doesn't come after her too.
This family cannot catch a break.
As much as you tried to stay awake for Klaus, he insisted you get some rest and you did just that, leaning your head against the passenger side window. He reached his right arm over his head for his jacket that is sprawled over his seat and placed it over you as a makeshift blanket, careful to focus his eyes on the road at the same time.
Once you are fast asleep, Klaus couldn’t help but steal a glance at your peaceful state. Outstretching his right arm, he rests his palm over your thigh, briskly caressing it with his thumb.
“You really love Y/N, huh?” A very awake Hayley mentioned from the back seat behind him.
Klaus flickered his eyes at the rear view mirror, waiting a beat before responding. “So it seems.” He sniggered lightly.
“Have you told her?” Hayley asked. After not receiving a response from him, she already knew his answer. “I think you should. I don’t know anyone else on this planet that would put up with you the way that she does.”
“Your advice is touching.” Klaus hid his vulnerability with a sarcastic tone. Hayley sighed heavily, displeased that he was making a joke out of her serious advice.  
It is now daylight when you, Klaus and Hayley pull up to a house that neither you nor Hayley have ever been to. It is a white two story home with dark brown shutters. Rebekah, Elijah and who you assume is Hope are standing outside, eager for your arrival.
Tumblr media
Klaus wastes no time approaching the home and Hayley nearly jumps out of the back seat, rushing towards her daughter. Klaus follows suit and you take your time stepping out of the passenger seat in slow motion. You’ll never understand how much this mother and father missed their child so you kept your distance to allow them this moment with their daughter.
You walked over to Elijah and Rebekah. Rebekah welcomed you with open arms, reeling you in for a tight hug. “Oh, Y/N.” Rebekah muttered, freeing you of her tight hold. “I’ve missed you.”
“I missed you too, sis.” You smiled.
“Has Nik been giving you a hard time?”
You rolled your eyes playfully. “Of course.”
“How about that dreadful friend of yours, Kai.” Rebekah flashed a look of disgust. “Has Nik killed him yet?”
You sighed, perturbed of the heretic’s whereabouts. “No. I have no idea where he is. But your mother has something to do with it.”
“Esther?” She reeled back, shocked. “How did this happen?”
“It’s a long story, Rebekah. It’ll bore you.” You chuckled faintly. She flashed a nervous smile at you, seeing right through your facade.
“Y/N.” Nik interrupted, appearing beside you with Hope in his arms. You turned to face him, eyes widening at the beautiful infant before you. “This is Hope.” He added.
“Hi Hope.” Your mouth curved into a grin, raising your hand and Hope latches onto your finger, blue eyes staring into yours. You peer up at Klaus, whispering loudly. “She’s beautiful.” You glanced from Klaus to Hayley who both approve of your sweet comment.
“She is, isn’t she?” Hayley mentioned to you in a calm tone, gazing at her daughter as she steals him from Klaus’s arms. “Come here, sweetie.”
You started on helping Rebekah and the men gather wood for a bonfire right in front of the home. Klaus started informing his siblings about the whole mess of their Aunt Dahlia.
“So is there any chance of us running into your psycho Aunt Dahlia soon?” You asked.
“Fable’s over a thousand years old, sister.” Elijah responded, adding a piece of the wood to the neat pile, his sleeves folded up to his elbows. “Dahlia’s long dead.”
“Like Esther?” Hayley added, setting her daughter inside the car seat that is on the ground beside Klaus.
“No one’s going to hurt Hope because no one’s going to find her.” Klaus announced. “That’s enough wood, Rebekah. You’ll burn down the whole bloody state of Arkansas.”
Tumblr media
“Well, we’re just missing a key ingredient.” Rebekah pointed out, tone exuberant.
“No, we’re not.” Klaus tensed up instantaneously. Your eyes narrowed, curious as to what the siblings are referring to.
“Yes we are, Nik. Back me up, Elijah.” Rebekah gestured a nagging hand at the noble Mikaelson.
“I suspect Niklaus would rather choke on the ashes.” Elijah sniggered.
“What are you all talking about?” You asked, fed up with being out of the loop.
“Well, before we light it, we write down our wishes for each other to burn for good luck.” Rebekah answered. “It was Kol’s favorite part when we were kids.”
“Neat.” You murmured.
“Further evidence as to why we should ignore it.” Klaus mentioned with distaste.
“Nik.” You nagged, bothered that he’s such a bully to his youngest brother.
“Hope’s first bonfire season. I like it. We’re doing it.” Hayley remarked, turning on her heel as she waltzed inside the house. Klaus let out an exasperated sigh before picking up Hope’s carrier and taking her inside with Elijah following behind him.
“Now Y/N,” Rebekah started once her brothers were no longer earshot, “tell me all about your time with my brother.”
You snorted, hands at hips. “Where do I begin?”
A moment after, Hayley writes down her wish. She folds the piece of paper and stuffs it inside her front pocket. Then, she grabs a notepad and goes after Klaus who is sitting at the dining table, playing with his daughter that he’s missed so much.
“Here.” Hayley said, placing the notepad on the table directly in front of him.
Klaus stole a glance at the dreaded notepad before bringing his focus back to Hope. “I’m holding a small child, Hayley. The silly wish game will have to wait.”
Tumblr media
“You write. I’ll hold.” She responded.
“You do realize it is not I who is to be the husband you can boss around.”
“Oh, right.” She shook her head slowly, as if coming to a realization. “Y/N!” She called, briefly looking over her shoulder.
He narrowed his eyes before handing his daughter to her mother. “Fine.”
Being confident as ever after talking Klaus into writing his wish, she was all smiles. “I wish you would tell Elijah you’re marrying your werewolf suitor,” Klaus mentioned as he’s writing, causing Hayley to come to a halt and frown, “at which point I would pour him a scotch and congratulate him on the bullet he dodged.”
Klaus rips the small sheet of paper off and hands it to Hayley with a smug. She snatched it from him, crumpled it in her hand and marched away with her daughter in her arm, evidently vexed.
Tumblr media
You walked past Hayley before finding Klaus in the dining room. “Hey Nik. Did you write down your wish?” You asked. He gestured for you to sit on his lap and you did so by sitting on his left leg, snaking your right arm around his neck.
“Unfortunately.” He replied with raised brows. “Did you?”
“Of course I did.” You said. Klaus stared at you silently with a specified expression that you can easily determine. “And no, I’m not telling you my wish.” You are certain that if you tell him that you wish for Kai’s safe return, his elated mood would quickly plummet and that’s the last thing anyone wants right now. Especially you, since you’ve had your fair share of arguments with him already.
“Alright, love.” He allowed this defeat. He suddenly pats on your behind as a gesture to stand. “Come now. Let’s get this bloody bonfire started.” His tone was far from excited.
After bringing everyone to the front, Rebekah rushes inside the house as Klaus starts throwing lit matches to the wood one by one, in no rush for this bonfire. Minute by minute, the flame grows and Rebekah finally makes her return with a fairly aged Polaroid in her hand. “Hey, look what I found!” She mentioned with excitement, making her way to Hayley, Hope and Elijah who are standing at a fair distance from the flame. “I wonder if it’ll work.”
As everyone looks to Rebekah, Klaus is the least excited about his sister’s discovery. “Oh, bloody hell.” He puts his hands to his hips and looks away from her. You couldn’t help but giggle because you know how much Klaus dreads taking photos.
Tumblr media
“Come on, let’s try. Hey Nik, do you think you can cram us into a selfie?” Rebekah walked over to the two you with everyone else following behind her. You thought it was adorable hearing the excitement in her voice.
“Niklaus is the virtuoso of cramming his siblings into confined spaces.” Elijah said snidely.
“Elijah’s got a point.” You chimed, refraining yourself from laughing at his snarky comment.
“I’m so glad I traveled hundreds of miles to visit my mentally ill brother only to have him insult me to my face.” Klaus looks down at the Polaroid camera, prepping it as everyone squeezes together.
“Come on, just take the picture.” Rebekah spat.
Finally, Klaus straightened his arm and raised the camera so that it’s at the right angle. Then, he gives it a few seconds before he snaps a photo. Everyone waited a beat for the photo to unveil itself full of you, your beloved, his deranged siblings that you adore, the mother of his child and their daughter. To put it simply. It’s a photo full of supernatural creatures. The majority mean the world to you. What an interesting combination.
To everyone’s misfortune, the photo needed to be burned for Hope’s safety. Klaus didn’t want to risk this photo ending up in the wrong hands. And as much as it kills everyone, it had to be done. You managed to remember to throw your wish in the bonfire as well. Rebekah, on the other hand, had everyone else’s attention. She was fed up and decided that she wants to do whatever it takes to take Esther down.
As everyone retreats inside, you remain put, staring at where that little piece of paper once was. You reach into your front pocket and dial Kai’s cell phone again, even though it’s a long shot. Frustrated with this loss, you continue calling his phone over and over again until you couldn’t handle hearing his obnoxious voicemail. “God dammit.” You whispered in frustration, staring up at the sky, shaking your head. “Where the hell are you, Kai?”
The flame is now dying down, so you made your way inside, following the Mikaelson’s voices. It seems they are forming a plan to defeat Esther.
After going over the very specific plan with them with a wine glass of blood in your hand, you took a much needed shower in an en-suite bathroom of your choice, then threw a robe on while your clothes are in the washer.
Stepping out of the laundry room, you go back inside the en-suite bathroom and comb your wet hair, freeing it of any knots. The sound of familiar footsteps approach, followed by the creaking of the door opening. “Showering?” You asked Klaus.
“It seems you did without me.” He smirked, freeing himself of his dark long sleeve to reveal his flawless physique. You made sure to steal a glance at him as you continued to brush through your strands.
“That’s too bad.” You answered lightheartedly.
“Indeed it is.” He added, eyeing you hungrily. He caught you off guard when he whooshed towards you and spun you to face him. You gasped at the gesture, hairbrush falling to the ground, awaiting his next move.
You peered up at the lust in his eyes, nipping at your bottom lip. In one brisk move, you are placed over the counter behind you and he leans down, pressing his plump lips onto yours, tongue swirling inside of your needy mouth.
You are his and he is yours. The thought alone made your entire being burst with elation. Your heart was beating so wildly as you wrapped your legs around him to bring him closer to you, feeling him harden by the second.
His hands began making its way to your cheeks all the way down to the knot of your robe, lips never detaching from yours.
Before you knew it, your robe was untied and you were completely naked on the bathroom counter. You were so caught up in this ravenous moment that you hadn’t realized you were naked until he stroked your breasts. The sinful gesture alone made you pool with desire down below.
Klaus separated his lips from yours and silently went on his knees, throwing your legs over his shoulders. He licked his upper lip, gazing up at you. “Wet, are we?” Klaus mentioned before starting on his meal.
After a much deserved nap and a cup of coffee, the sun will soon disappear and the moon will make its appearance. You, Rebekah and Klaus hit the road back to New Orleans. Surprisingly, Klaus didn’t drive this time since he’s hardly had any rest, so he had Rebekah take over.
“You remember the plan, love?” Klaus asked you from the back seat.
“Yes I do.” You assured him casually, scrolling through your phone to cure your boredom. You’ve only heard the plan a million times before leaving Arkansas.
“Do you know what to do, Rebekah?” He asked his sister.
“Yes. But if it doesn’t go to plan, will you handle my body with care please?” She pouted. “I may miss the old model.”
“Of course we will.” You chimed in, peering at Rebekah for an ephemeral time before bringing your focus back to your phone.
“If everything goes south, i’ll be there to pull you out.” The hybrid stated. “We just have to take Esther down before she body-jumps. I don’t want all of this to have been for nothing.”
“You and I on the same team, Nik. It must be Christmas.” Rebekah added. Klaus responded with a grin before getting some shut eye during this prolonged car ride.
As soon as you touched down in New Orleans to the Mikaelson compound, you stretched your limbs and wandered inside. Cami, Marcel and Davina were gathered together in the courtyard, prepping for a spell. You shot them a glance before making a beeline for the grand kitchen because you were absolutely famished. Klaus had a quick word with Kol before Kol and Rebekah headed over to their mother’s current living quarters. It was an urgent step for the plan and everyone was in on it besides Esther and Finn.
Many minutes later, Klaus received a text from Rebekah and the two of you drove off into the night to the Lafayette cemetery, careful not to make too much noise before approaching them.
It wasn’t difficult to locate where Esther, Kol and Rebekah were in this large cemetery. All you had to do was follow the only illuminated area as well as use your vamp hearing. “Mother, think this through. You gave birth to this body. You can’t destroy it.” You heard Rebekah plead.
“I am only destroying its flesh. Your beautiful soul will live on in the body of another. I have chosen well for you. A beautiful girl. Strong.” Esther attempted to justify her actions, tone confident. You hid behind one of the nearest tombs.
“Mother!” Klaus shouted, standing tall above another tomb. “Stop the spell.” He dashed to the ground, taking long strides towards the trio. “You and your traitorous son.”
“Nik, I didn’t know anything about it. I swear.” Kol expressed.
“Oh good. I’m glad you two boys are friends again.” Esther said, pleased. “I did wonder what you’d been up to in your time away. Now I know.”
“Stop the blasted spell.” Klaus demanded.
“I’m afraid that’s impossible.”
“Anything is possible. Take me instead.” Your brows furrowed at Klaus’s offer. You don’t recall him mentioning that. Though instead of dwelling on it, you stayed put until you were needed. You didn’t want to risk screwing up the plan. You hoped that he was just saying it to stall Esther.
“Nik, no!” Rebekah grasped his forearm.
“If only you’d taken my offer when it was still mine to give.” Esther blurted. “Unfortunately, you left me no choice but to make a deal with Mikael.”
“Mikael?” You mouthed to yourself, face contorting as you’re taken aback from the news. You completely forgot about him being alive in general, but the fact that the parents are teaming together doesn’t sound too great.
“When Finn and Kol went missing, I needed a new ally. All he wanted was the right to kill you.” Esther expressed. “Kol, I would ask you to deliver the stake to your father, but it seems your loyalties have been compromised.”
You tighten your grip around the white oak stake in your hand and your nostrils flared as you’re ready to pounce on Esther. In a flash you saw Klaus step towards your direction as if he was just casually pacing from exasperation. You were still undetected by Esther, so Klaus quickly winked at you before turning on his heel and shifting his expression back to an aggravated one. So far it’s selling.
“Stop the spell, Esther!” Klaus roared.
“It’s okay, Nik. I can do this.” Rebekah implied.
“So you’re feeling murderous again.” The mother spat, displeased. “You should know, I’ve already chosen another body.”
“Now!” Kol hollered and that was your cue.
You whooshed towards Esther and stabbed her in the neck with the white oak stake. She looked at you with wide eyes as the blood poured down the new wound. You sighed in satisfaction, taking in the win. All went according to plan.
The sound of the witch bowl exploding into pieces near Kol at a distance and Klaus calling his sister’s name snapped you out of your victory. Looking over your shoulder, you find a passed out original sister in the arms of her older brother.
“Uh, did it work?” You flickered your eyes from Klaus to Kol for a response.
“I don’t know.” Klaus replied. “Kol, would you? I need to bring mother inside.” He gestured for Kol to hang onto Rebekah and he obliged. Klaus effortlessly threw his mother over his shoulder and escorted her body inside one of the sizable tombs. You learned from Kol that it’s spelled so that she cannot escape.
Klaus must’ve forgotten that Kol isn’t as strong as he is in his original body because he was slightly struggling to keep Rebekah on her feet. You came to his aid and threw her other arm over your shoulder, placing the white oak stake in your back pocket.
“Sister.” Kol called to you in a low tone, as if not wanting to be heard from Klaus. You hummed, notifying him that you’re all ears. “I’ve gotten mother to tell me your friend’s current placement.”
“You did?” Your head snapped to Kol, eyes widened, speaking in a loud whisper. “Is he alive?”
“Yes.” You exhaled in relief from his response. “But I’ll tell you more once we’re at the compound.”
“Thank you.” You mouthed to Kol who glimpsed at you, then to the ground. After days and nights of waiting, you’re finally going to get your answer.
A/N: So sorry to leave you guys on that cliffhanger! But it had to be done :) Thank you all for sticking with me and I’ll see you lovelies in the next chapter!
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Caught In Between 13. Successes
Tumblr media
Summary: Athena Dumont has finally found a place to call home after many years of foster homes and traveling. She had finally tamed her supernatural side and just wanted to live a normal teenage life. She quickly discovers that there is nothing normal about her hometown, Mystic Falls and gets sucked right back into the supernatural world.
Post Date: 07.28.20
Word count: 3.1k
Based off: 03x05 “The Reckoning”
CIB Masterlist
The next morning we arrive in Mystic Falls. We spend the day just hanging about and keeping an eye on what everyone was up to. It pained me that I couldn’t warn them or at least say hi to them. I was at least happy that Klaus didn’t make me do his bidding and spy on them for him.
Once nightfall came Klaus had taken the truck to the back of the school and had his sister, Stefan and I wait for whatever he had planned. I sat waiting impatiently for Stefan to wake up as Rebekah starred out the back.
“So, I’m curious. How did you get involved with my brother’s and what is this promise that was mentioned?” Rebekah asks not moving a muscle.
“You Mikaelson’s just don’t give up huh. I met your brother’s a few years back after triggering my curse. I stayed for a while until I needed to start over which clearly didn’t work out. As for the promise,” I sigh. “I promised Elijah to keep Klaus under control. But I clearly can’t.” I explain.
“So why not leave?” She asks.
“Do you really think Klaus will let me leave. Why do you think I’m still here?” I ask slightly annoyed. The next thing I hear is a grunt and shift from Stefan, as he wakes up.
“Oh, he lives,” Rebekah says turning back towards me and Stefan.
“What happened?” Stefan questions.
“You took a beating,” Rebekah responds.
“Klaus has been breaking your neck all afternoon. Quite the temper.” I add.
“Why did he bring us back to Mystic Falls?” Stefan questions next as he starts to get up.
“You can stop playing dumb now. It didn’t take him long enough to figure out what you’d been hiding, ” Rebekah says shifting her gaze between you and Stefan.
“I’m not hiding anything. I’ve done everything Klaus has asked me to,” Stefan responds back.
“No, you just failed to mention that the doppelganger’s still alive,” Rebekah explains. You notice as Stefan is taken aback a bit and pushes off the confrontation.
“Where is Klaus now?” Stefan asks.
“With any luck, ripping that cow’s bloody head off,” Rebekah responds. I sit clenching my fists wanting to punch Rebekah but stay still knowing I can’t take her. The next thing you notice is Stefan rushing Rebekah slamming her onto the concrete.
“Where is she?” He questions madly as I jump out of the truck.
“You really do love her, don’t you?” Rebekah questions back before pushing Stefan against the truck and punching him. “Consider me jealous,” She says before plunging something into Stefan’s stomach.
Rebekah soon leaves after stabbing Stefan. You wanted to go after her but cared for Stefan more, “Go after her, I’ll be fine.” Steffan grunts.
“No, I’ll get her in a moment. Or she’ll be back for us soon enough,” I say as I start to pull the crowbar out of Stefan’s torso. 
“Just go find Elena make sure she’s safe, I’ll get this out myself,” Stefan says grasping as his stomach.
I make my way into the school and quickly make my way through the halls. I begin to become frustrated as I can’t find anyone. I take a moment and stop to listen for anything, and soon enough I pick up Klaus’ voice and follow it. I make it into the gymnasium not too far after Rebekah, who has Tyler in hand.
“I’d like you all to meet my sister, Rebekah. Word of warning-- she can be quite mean,” I hear Klaus say as I just start to enter.
“Don’t be an ass!” She responds.
“Leave him alone!” I say as I make my way to the group.
“Ahh...lovely to see you join us here Athena,” Klaus says as I hug Elena and Bonnie.
“I’m so glad to see you’re ok,” Elena whispers in my ear.
“I’m going to make this very simple--” Klaus starts as he drags Tyler away from us. “Every time I attempt to turn a werewolf into a vampire hybrid, they die during the transition. Athena can attest to this. It’s quite horrible actually.” Klaus explains and then feeds his blood to Tyler. “I need you to find a way to save my hybrids, Bonnie. And for Tyler’s sake… you better hurry.” Klaus grabs around Tyler’s mouth.
“Klaus, Don’t!” I yell as I run to him, but I wasn’t quick enough because as soon as I got to them, Klaus had snapped his neck and dropped Tyler’s body to the floor. I start to punch Klaus, once again he lets my fist hit his face before taking me into a hold.
“Shh...Shh…” He says quietly into my ear.
“Let me go!” I say and push myself out of his arms then making my way down to Tyler’s body. Even though I knew he was dead I still wanted to check on him. Klaus makes his way to the bleachers as the rest of the group hovers over Tyler.
“He killed him,” Matt says.
“He’s not dead. Klaus’ blood will turn him into a vampire,” I explain.
“And if Bonnie’s successful, he’ll live through his transition. Go on, then. Go fetch your grimoires and enchantments and what-not. I’ll hold on to Elena for safekeeping. Oh and make sure you whip up two of whatever solution you find,” Klaus says taking hold of Elena’s arm. He passes Elena off to Rebekah and grabs me. “And for more safekeeping, ” He says and drags me back. Matt and Bonnie run off so they can find a solution as quickly as possible.
“So this is the latest doppelganger. The original one was much prettier,” Rebekah taunts.
“Enough, Rebekah. Take the wolf boy elsewhere, would you?” Klaus asks annoyed and taking ahold of Elena with his free hand. Rebekah puts on a fake smile before dragging Tyler off.
“Just ignore her. Petty little thing.” Klaus says to Elena.
“You don’t have to keep ahold of me, Klaus. You know I’ll stay,” I say pulling my arm out from his grasp.
“Good little wolf. Loyal.” Klaus says as I glare at him.
“I’m not loyal to you,” I respond.
“Yes, you’re loyal to my brother. But you’ll come around,” He responds and I roll my eyes. He lets Elena go as she knows she can’t outrun him. We wait for a few minutes as Klaus sits on the bleachers and Elena and I check on Chad and Dana.
Soon enough Stefan finally walks in looking like he healed from the stab, “Stefan…” Elena says standing up.
“Klaus.” Stefan glares over to the bleachers.
“Come to save your damsel, mate?” Klaus asks.
“I came to ask for your forgiveness. And pledge my loyalty,” Stefan states.
“Well, you broke that pledge once already,” Klaus states back.
“Elena means nothing to me anymore. And whatever you ask of me...I will do,” Stefan explains. I wasn’t quite sure but it almost seemed like Stefan was playing games, but I couldn’t tell.
“Fair enough. Let’s drink on it,” Klaus says getting up from the bleachers. “Kill them. What are you waiting for? Kill them.” Klaus demands pointing to Chad and Dana
“No Stefan, don’t. He’s not gonna hurt me. He already said--” Elena butts in before Klaus takes a huge wack to Elena. 
“Klaus! I swear on my li--” I start before he grabs me by the throat holding me just barley to where I can touch the ground.
“Athena, love. If you try anything. I will kill them,” He says before letting me go. I drop to the floor grasping my throat. Stefan rushes Klaus as I crawl over to make sure Elena is ok.
“She means nothing to you? Your lies just keep piling up,” Klaus says holding Stefan an arm’s length away by the throat.
“Let her go! I’ll do whatever you want, you have my word!” Stefen offers grasping Klaus’s hands at his neck.
“Your word doesn’t mean much. I lived by your word all summer, during which time I never had to resort to this--stop fighting,” Klaus compels Stefan.
“Don’t do this. Don’t do this.” Stefan whispers under his breath.
“I didn’t want to. All I wanted was your allegiance. At least I have Athena’s. Now I’m going to have to take yours.” Klaus explains as Elena looks confused over at me. But I shake my head telling her that he doesn’t.
“You will do exactly as I say. When I say it. You will not run, you will not hide, you will simply just obey,” Klaus compels Stefan before letting him go.
“No, Stefan,” Elena says softly from beside me.
“Now kill them, ripper,�� Klaus demands and gestures to Chand and Dana once more. Stefan then rushes to Dana and sinks his fangs into her neck, drinking every last drop. And then does the same to Chad.
“It’s always nice to see a vampire in his true element. The species has become such a broody lot,” Klaus says kneeling between Elena and me.
“No, you did this to him,” Elena says.
“I invited him to the party, love. He’s the one dancing on the table.” Klaus responds as we stand up.
“Where is it?! Where’s my necklace?” You hear Rebekah says as the tramples in.
“What are you talking about?” Klaus asks.
“She has my necklace. Look,” Rebekah holds up a phone as Klaus takes it.
“Well, well. More lies,” Klaus says after taking a look at the photo.
“Where...is it?” Rebekah asks once more getting impatient.
“I don’t have it anymore,” Elena responds.
“You’re lying!” Rebekah yells back before going for Elena’s neck. You, Klaus, and Stefan go to pull her off.
“Knock it off!” Klaus sternly yells at his sister as Elena falls to the ground.
“Make her tell me where it is, Nik!” She demands.
“Don’t you think if she had it. She’d be wearing it?” I inject looking up at the two from where Elena was laying.
“Where’s the necklace, sweetheart? Be honest.” Klaus asks seemingly in a nice way.
“I’m telling the truth. Katherine stole it,” Elena explains.
“Katerina. Of course. Well, that’s unfortunate. If we had the necklace it would make things a whole lot easier for your witch but since we’re doing this the hard way, let’s put a clock on it, shall we?” Klaus says making his way to a control panel. 
“20 minutes. If Bonnie hasn’t found a solution by then, I want you to feed again. Only this time, I want you to feed on Elena. You know you want to.” Klaus says making his way back to Stefan.
“No, Klaus! Don’t do this to him.” I say.
“No one leaves. If she tries to run, fracture her spine,” Klaus says pulling me along with him and Rebekah out of the gym.
Klaus passes me off to Rebekah as he goes off to somewhere else. She takes me with her to the science classroom where I find Tyler and Caroline, “ Oh thank god you’re ok,” Caroline pulls me into a tight hug. 
“I’m glad you’re ok too,” I pull away and make my way over to Tyler’s body. Rebekah sits upon another table a few feet away as she looks at Caroline’s phone.
After a few minutes, all of a sudden Tyler jolts awake, gasping for air.
“Hey! Shhh.” Caroline tries to calm him as he coughs and gets ahold of himself.
“Where am I? What happened?” Tyler asks once he takes in his surroundings.
“Don’t be shy about it,” Rebekah butts in as she watches us from across the room.
“What’s going on?” He asks looking back to Caroline and me.
“Klaus is turning you into a vampire. A hybrid. You’re in transition,” I explained seeing as Caroline is struggling to get the words out. 
“Don’t leave out the hard part, sweets. You’ll only survive is your witch is successful. If not…pretty much dead,” Rebekah further explains as Tyler sits up.
“You’re going to be ok. Ok? It’s going to be ok,” Caroline tries to keep Tyler calm.
“I wonder how she’s doing. Tick Tock goes the gym clock,” Rebekah taunts as she displays the two minutes left on the phone.
“Oh, would you just shut up already Rebekah,” I say annoyed. We continue to wait as Tyler goes through his transition without any blood.
“Well, the verdict’s in. The original witch says the doppelganger should be dead,” Klaus says walking into the room after a few more minutes of waiting.
“Does that mean we can kill her?” Rebekah asks excitedly making her way over to her brother. I just send her a nasty glare as she fake smiles at me.
“No, I’m fairly certain it means the opposite,” Klaus explains.
“What?” Rebekah asks back and takes ahold of Caroline.
“Let her go,” I say as Rebekah just tightens her grip. 
“Call it a hunch--” Klaus responds bending down to Tyler who is in pain looking back at Caroline. “Elena’s blood. Drink it,” Klaus demands, leaning the tube towards Tyler.
“No! No, no, no, Tyler, don’t!” Caroline tries to convince him not to.
“If he doesn’t feed, he’ll die anyway, love. Consider this an experiment,” Klaus explains as he quickly looks up at me before setting his eyes back on Tyler. “It’s ok,” Klaus whispers as Tyler pulls himself up to grab the tube. “There we go,” Klaus whispers once more as Tyler brings the tube to his mouth.
“Good boy,” Klaus says as Tyler downs Elena’s blood. As soon as Tyler drank the blood he started gagging. Falling over and knocking the glasses on the tables along with him, I quickly rush over to help him, but Klaus grasps before I could get too close.
“Tyler? No!” Caroline yells as her and I struggle to get to him. Tyler continues to groan in pain as he moves along the floor while making me watch the pain he’s going through. He grasps his head screaming, before looking up displaying his amber eyes, the veins below them, and his werewolf teeth.
“Well, that’s a good sign,” Klaus says as he pulls me down to Tyler’s level with him. 
“Time for patient number two,” Klaus says standing me up. He bites his wrist and then forces it upon my mouth. I couldn’t do anything but drink his blood. As soon as he finished, he let me out of his grasp.
“Is this what you had planned for me all along? This is why you wanted me to stay with you, so I could watch you make hybrids to eventually turn me into one, huh?” I ask trying to keep my distance from him. But all he does is give me that devilish smirk.
“Don’t you hurt her!” Is all I hear Caroline yell before I felt my neck snap and I drop into darkness.
*Klaus and Rebekah take Elena and Athena to the hospital and are waiting outside for Elena’s blood.*
“So the doppelganger isn’t the problem. Her blood is the solution,” Rebekah states as she sits atop a car’s hood.
“Seems so,” Klaus confirms.
“How did you know?” She questions her brother.
“Well, you know how much the original witch hated me. Do you honestly think I would do anything other than the opposite of what she says,” Klaus responds.
“A thousand years in the grave and she’s still screwing with you,” Rebekah taunts.
“Well, it makes sense If you think about it from her perspective. It was her failsafe in case I ever broke the hybrid curse. The doppelganger had to die in order for me to become a hybrid but if she was dead…” Klaus starts to explain.
“Then you couldn’t use her blood to sire yourself a new species,” Rebekah finishes.
“Leaving me alone for all time,” Klaus says.
“Is that what this is about? Your obsession with hybrids. You just don’t want to be alone?” Rebekah questions.
“What I want is to take my girls, take my hybrid the hell out of this one pony town. You know why don’t you, uh, why don’t you get the truck, I’ll keep an eye on Athena and get Elena,” Klaus says clearly getting defensive. Rebekah slides of the hood and walks off. Klaus turns back and kneels down to check on Athena, who he set on the ground with a blanket atop of her.
“Well, look who finally decided to show up to the party,” Klaus says getting up from his kneeling position.
“Where are they?” Damon asks walking towards Klaus.
“Elena? Ah, she’s making a donation to a greater cause. Athena? She taking a nice nap right here,” Klaus explains as he gestures to Athena on the ground. Damon continues to walk trying to get to Athena and the hospital. “I’m afraid I can’t let you interfere, mate. That greater cause Elena is donating to is helping Athena and if you take her from me, she won’t survive, ” Klaus stops Damon by the chest.
“You’ll have to kill me,” Damon responds.
“Oh, I would love to kill you, but I made a pledge to your brother, and unlike him, I keep my word. Although you know what, thinking about it now, he probably doesn’t care that much anymore,” Klaus says before pushing Damon ontop the hood of a car.
“You don’t want to know about your friend Mikael?” Damon struggles to get out as Klaus gets ready to punch Damon but stops just short.
“What do you know about Mikael?” Klaus questions clearly distressed.
“Just that he knows you’re here,” Damon explains.
“Katherine and I found him. Consider it our leverage.” Damon explains.
I wake up gasping for air and coughing my lungs out. I look around noticing Klaus holding someone against a car, soon enough I could make out who it was, “Damon?” I question still trying to get ahold of my surroundings. 
Before Damon could respond, Klaus slams him against another car. And the next thing I know, I’m whooshed away by Klaus. Soon enough we were back at the truck with Rebekah.
“She’s finally awake,” She says as Klaus sets me down at the edge of the truck.
“Drink,” He demands pulling out another tube of Elena’s blood.
“No, I’d rather die,” I respond as I start to feel the same pain as Tyler.
“And I can’t let you,” Klaus says and then grabs my face, forcing my mouth open. He pours the blood in my mouth, I try my best to spit it out but he keeps my mouth shut forcing me to swallow. 
I start to feel a pain wash over me as the transition finishes. After hurdling over in pain for a few minutes, it stops, “I can’t lose you again, ever,” Klaus cups my face and I let myself relax. Soon enough I pull myself from his hand and try to run away, but am stopped by Klaus. 
I continue to struggle against him, “Shhh...shhh. It’s all right,” Klaus whispers to me before snapping my neck once more.
A/N: Wow this part was a roller coaster. I really hope you enjoyed this part and hope you’re excited to see what comes next! I know I am. I also somehow finished writing this ch 2 day ahead of posting...idk how.
🏷: @tristanacarry | @commentaryfanfic | @april-14-blog |  @simonsbluee​ | @awkwardspontaneity​
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xxsovereignsarayaxx · 5 years
Elizabeth Mikaelson - What If? Chapter 8
Tumblr media
In my four hundred and seventy-five years alive only twice have I ever given in to my deepest and darkest desires, both times I felt broken beyond repair and Elijah had picked up the pieces one way or another, it took him a while to fix me but I always came out stronger. I remember what actions I had taken recently and I'm not sure how I can face him this time. 
We had come to Mystic Falls to help but I fear I have done the opposite. I'm scared in the sense he wont look at me the same. That he will be ashamed of me. This time though I feel different, I feel worse and I am worried that my recent choices will have put multiple people in jeopardy. 
In my mind I have a sacred place its plain, simple and I know I am safe here. Its a wide open space with blue skies, I know I'm asleep hence why I'm here and I can feel Elijah trying to get in but I don't want to see him just yet. Using all of my will I pushed him out.Voices of my past come rushing into my shattered mind.
"I'll show you the way to truly enjoy the advantages of human blood. Its the hunt that makes it thrilling."
"We need to push those urges down and lock them away."
"Your perfect the way you are however I can make you into the fearless predator I know you can be."
"You have a beautiful soul don't let eternal life change that."
"I love you."
"I love you."
I open my eyes once more to see Elijah walk up to me, smiling gently. I look down at the floor ashamed of what I had done. 
"Elijah I am so sorry...If only..." He places a finger to my lips to shush me and pulls me into his chest for a warm and gentle kiss, this embrace I craved for this for days but I was denied it and now to finally have it brings me a sense of calmness. 
"You have nothing to apologize for, you were never at fault and when I face Niklaus I will deal with him." He says gently. 
"I feel safe here Elijah, I don't trust myself out there. What if I revert to my old ways?" I ask him looking into his eyes while tears threaten to spill from my own. 
"I wont let it happen, but if it does I will be there every step of the way." He assures me. 
"I want to forget what happened, please will you do that...for me?" I ask as I tremble in his arms. 
"I will release you from Niklaus' compulsion however I cannot grant you your request, it would not be wise to do so nor would I be able to bring myself to remove parts of your memory. Your far too precious to me, I know the pain and confusion of memory loss by compulsion has made others go mad. I don't wish the same fate for you." He tells me. 
The wind had picked up blowing my soft hair. He takes a hold of my hand and brings it to his lips placing a kiss on my knuckles. "Mrs Mikealson will you dance with me?" He asks. 
A small smile forms on my lips and I place a hand on his shoulder and another in his hand. "Even though I may be dead, you never fail to make my heart race as if I were a human." Elijah whispers to me. 
"And yet I've never felt more alive." I reply softly. 
There was no music, no sound other then the beat of our un-dead hearts and shallow breaths as we looked deeply at one another with mixed emotions. 
"When this is all over I will take you away, we can go somewhere quite and then when your ready we can reintegrate back into human existence." My husband offers. 
"I would like that Elijah." I say placing a kiss to his cheek, my eyes revert back down to the ground. We pause from dancing and Elijah just holds my hands in his. 
"My dear what is the matter?" He asks with a worried look in his eye. I let out a sigh. 
"The times before when I have lost control I fed on blood, drowned myself in it so to speak but this time it were different all I wanted to do was to break down what control we had gained, what you had put in place and it seems I was hell bent on doing that but there was also a part of me that was using Niklaus for my own personal gain." I say.
My fangs dove into the neck of a weak and fragile human who tried to break free of my grasp. The blood rushing into my mouth and down my gullet, the feeling of the human dying in my arms was euphoric. It was the fourth body of the day and I had no intention of stopping I wanted blood and no one was going to stop me from getting what I wanted. 
"Niklaus I warned you this would happen now look at her! This is the second time I will not allow a third." Elijah fights with his brother but I didn't really care. I pulled away from the dead human and pushed their body hard creating a large thud bringing Elijah and his brother to look in my direction, using my fingers I wipe my mouth. 
"Will you two just give it a rest or leave to bicker elsewhere? You pair are putting a serious damper on my meal times." I snap.
I stare off into the distance, I was stood side by side with Elijah a hand interlaced with my own. "I think I'm ready to wake up." I say softly. Elijah turns to face me and places a hand to my cheek. 
"And I will wait for your return." He says softly and with that he vanishes leaving me alone once again. 
Both Elijah and myself were currently in a study going through some books while having afternoon tea. 
"I do believe a way on which we can control your urges, if we keep your mind occupied then we should gain an advantage. I suggest learning piano and start on a range of literature we can move onto ballroom dancing at a later stage if this method prevails." Elijah says closing the book he was reading. 
"Well I hope you have the patience of a saint. I'm a horrible dancer and I have no musical talent." I say with a chuckle. 
"We my dear have all the time in the world, come why not give the piano a taste I'm sure you will find it delightful." He replies and gets up from his seat and offers a hand for me to take and leads me to the ballroom where stood a gorgeous grand piano. 
The room then echos with the beautiful melody of ‘Fur Elise’ Elijah's fingers effortlessly molded into the white and black keys, his expression is calm and relaxed. I sit by him and close my eyes and gently sway to the music. After a few moments the music is brought to a halt. 
"Music has the ability to calm even the most difficult and restless minds, now watch closely." Elijah says showing me the order of the keys to recreate the same melody as before.  
I open my eyes letting them flutter, my vision was slightly blurred and my body stung and ached. I slowly sat up and I closely studied Elijah looking out of the window.  
"How are you feeling?" He asks as he turns to face me. 
"Thanks for the getaway Elijah. You were always a heartbroken mess with the waterworks." I said seductively quickly getting to my feet. 
"Elizabeth, wait." Elijah says in a strict tone intercepting me blocking my exit. His eyes bored into my own. "I want you to stop helping Niklaus, you are no longer influenced by him." Elijah compels. 
My eyes once again flutter at him. "Lijah? Whats going on? Why are we here? And why am I starving?" I ask him all at once. 
Downstairs I heard the strong heartbeat of the doppelganger and I felt my veins and fangs appear. I shivered at the sensation. 
"Breathe for me Elizabeth, concentrate." He says placing his hands on my shoulders for support. I breathe in and out a few time trying to steady myself but it was no use. 
"I need to get out of here." I pant. He nods at me and we both quickly left the house not saying a word to Elena or the two Salvatore's who watched us rush out of the house. 
We were currently down an alleyway at the side of the Mystic Grill Elijah had been able to compel an unsuspecting human for me to feed on and at present I had my fangs in the persons neck, gulping down their blood. I squeezed the body tighter to get a better grip, to get a better flow of blood. 
"That's enough." I heard my husband say as he gently removes the human from my grasp and bites into his wrist and places it in the humans mouth to heal them. Once they were healed.
"You will forget of this encounter, you needed some air as you were feeling unwell." He compels. The human nods and walks away, I watched the human leave us but I needed more.
A few days had past and I was starting to feel like my old self again, I was back to being smartly dressed and clung to Elijah a little more then before but considering the circumstances it would have been understandable. We were stood outside the Salvatore's residence. 
"Tonight is the full moon, Niklaus will surely act tonight right?" I ask straightening Elijah's already straight tie. 
"Indeed, he has waited over a thousand years he will break his curse tonight." He replies with a sigh. 
"How are you feeling?" He asks. 
"Better then before, I'm no where close to feeling perfect but I'm glad that the repercussions haven't have been as severe as before." I respond to him neatening my coat smoothing down the creases. 
We walked through the door. "Knock knock" I say making it known that we were present. 
"Elijah, Elizabeth nice to see you." Elena says to us, Stefan is stood with her. 
"And you as well, I do hope that things can be mended between myself and your friends." I say to her with a sheepish smile on my face. She nods. 
"Tonight is the full moon. We should assume that Klaus is prepared to break the curse." Elijah tells them. 
"Elena said that the Sun and the Moon curse is fake? That it's actually just a curse placed on Klaus." Stefan replies. I nodded at him. 
"You see Klaus is a vampire born from a werewolf bloodline, but the curse that is upon him stops his werewolf side from establishing he breaks his curse he becomes a hybrid both vampire and werewolf so he will be able to turn at will and no longer be a slave to the sun nor the moon." I explained. 
Damon must of overheard our conversation because he had walked down the stairs to join us.
"Then why are we letting him break the curse? We can kill him today. With Bonnie."
"Damon..." Elena warned.
"No. Bonnie can't use that much power without dying."
"I'll write her a great eulogy."
"It's not an option, Damon." Elena replied.
"All right, how do we break this curse?"
"Well, the ritual itself is relatively straightforward. The ingredients, so to speak, you already know." Elijah says placing a hand to my lower back. 
"The moonstone." Stefan replies. 
"A witch will channel the power of the full moon to release the spell that's bound within the stone." Elijah starts. 
"And after that, with Klaus being both a werewolf and vampire he will sacrifice one of each." I finish. The thought of my brother in law breaking his curse was terrifying he would be out right dangerous. 
"And where do I fit into it?" Elena asks. 
"That will be at the end of the ritual." I reply. Elijah takes a wooden box that was in his pocket. 
"Klaus must drink the blood of the doppelganger...to the point of your death." Elijah continues. He opens the box to show a jar sat on a deep purple velvet cushion. He carefully picks it up to show Elena after she, Damon and Stefan exchange a few glances. 
"And that's where you both come in?" She asks. 
"What Elijah has in his hand is an elixir, he had acquired it hundreds of years ago. For Katerina if I'm correct. The elixir itself has magical properties which should in theory resuscitate you." I explain. 
"Should?" Damon asks. 
"Yes." I reply. 
"So I'll be dead?" Elena asks us. 
"And then you won't." Elijah replies to her. 
"That's your plan? A magical witch potion with no expiration date?" Damon asks sarcastically. He exchanges another glance with Elena. 
"You want to come back to life, what about John's ring?" He continues. 
"Those rings only work on humans. The doppelganger is a supernatural occurrence. Odds are, the ring won't work." Elijah explains. 
"I'll take those odds over your elixir. What if it doesn't work, Elena?" Damon asks the girl. By the tone of his voice I can tell his emotions are a mix of hurt, anger and worry for the girl. 
"Then I guess I'll just be dead." She replies to him.  Damon once again looks at Elena and Stefan and then sends a glare to both myself and Elijah he shrugs his shoulders and leaves the living room. 
"Do we know if Klaus has everything he needs to do this? Does he have a werewolf?" Elena asks. 
"Klaus has been waiting to break this curse for over a thousand years. If he doesn't already have a werewolf, my guess is by tonight, he will." Elijah replies to her with a nod. 
"Elizabeth may I talk to you in private?" Elena asks me. 
I nod to her "Of course". 
Myself and Elena take a moment outside she leans on the wall outside the front door. 
"Can I ask your thoughts." She asks me. I walk over to her and perch against the wall next to her. 
"I do believe the elixir is your best option, but there is also the chance it will not be effective. I and Elijah's intentions are still the same even though my actions towards you and your friends said otherwise, I am truly very sorry. But we want to help you. I hope you understand that." I tell her. 
"Klaus made you do those things I do hope your ok." She tells me with a smile. 
"I may not have been physically hurt but mentally and emotionally he pushed me to my limits, please excuse me I'm feeling rather hungry and I don't wish to spill any blood. Best if I keep my distance." I reply and stand up and head inside back to Elijah who had moved into the library of the large house. 
"Do you mind if I wait in the car, while you finish up here? I'm not feeling so great and the less I'm around humans better chance my urges don't spring into action." I whisper to Elijah. 
Before he could answer Elena speaks up. "I can get you a blood bag if you'd like?" 
I shake my head and smile at her. "Thank you but I'm going to have to decline your offer, the fresh air and quite should help besides I have a good book that can help take my mind of things." I say to the doppelganger. I kiss Elijah on his cheek and make my way outside. 
As I was sat in the car I flicked through a few pages of my book, unable to concentrate I let out a sigh. I fished my phone from my handbag and searched through the contacts, pressing the call button once I had found who I wanted to call. 
"How dare you use me to try and help you and your shenanigans, we are meant to be family!" I shouted down the phone. 
"Nice to hear from you too love, but remember its only by name we're family but how are you?" Nik says with a chuckle. 
"You know that is the one question I wish people would stop asking me. I'm fine. Though you used to say I was family back in the day or has that Niklaus gone?" I snap my anger boiled with the sound of cockiness from my brother in laws voice and I hung up. 
I rushed out of the car leaving my handbag and phone in the passenger seat as I headed into the town to let out my frustration. I sunk my teeth into another one of the locals blood dripping down my chin as I drank my emotions away, tears fell down my cheeks but they were not out of sadness they were out of anger because I had let myself become so weak, unable to protect myself always have my noble husband take action. But that would not be the case any longer. I will get stronger and no one is going to get in my way. 
I broke away from the human with not a moment too soon any longer and I would have killed him, I fed him my blood and compelled him to forget. As soon as he left I caught another and another and repeated the process until Elijah had found me an hour later. 
"Comfort eating?" He asks dryly walking up to me with a handkerchief wiping the stray blood that fell from my mouth. I sent a soft glare at my husband making a subtle hint to not fuss and back off slightly, but it failed. 
"The elixir is now of no use, the eldest Salvatore made a foolish choice and now Miss Gilbert has vampire blood in her system." He informs me. 
"I see what happens now?" I ask. 
"That depends on which situation your referring too, Miss Gilbert's or your own." He tells me. 
"Not now Elijah." I reply bluntly and walk away from him, gently brushing past him. He turns to face me as my body walks away from his heels clicking on the pavement as the distance only grows. 
My mind had been shattered its going to take time for me to gather up the pieces to put back together. 
Not Elijah this time. 
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gh0stlyfixation · 6 years
Godmother Part two
Tumblr media
Requested: i!! May i request a Klaus x reader? I was thinking it could take place after he escaped marcel after the 5 years and when he comes back he falls in love with hopes godmother? She met haley while klaus was away and is a witch or werewolf you decide😁. She immediately bonded with hope and became close with haley and is super nice. He falls for her kind heart blah blah blah 😂 Maybe she even helps train hope and helps her bond with klaus idk you can mix it up Thanks so much love 💖💖💖 
Part one
When you were young you had five siblings. Tabitha, Roman, Elizabeth, Henry, and Julius. You were the second oldest in between Tabitha and Roman. Your family lived liked the Mikaelsons. Your father was like Mikael but he was much worse than Mikael.
As much as your father loved his two oldest girls, he was set on punishing anyone who crossed him or misbehaved. He was known to kill. He was known to beat. Even his own kids. You never witnessed any of it for yourself as you behaved and did anything told.
People would pay him to kill anyone they wanted. He was a powerful man. A warlock. You were the only child to inherit the power of a witch. Your siblings were more of a nonsense to him.
He chose you to perform spells. You believed the balance of nature shouldn't be tampered with, but your father had his own plans. Your father was using you. With his powers and yours, you two were unstoppable.
He wanted to be immortal and the only way was to kill his own. He chose the weakest one, Julius. The youngest and you're favorite.
Your father had him in chains against the wall and with a knife against your throat, you had no choice but to kill him, silently wish a terrible death on your father. Since that night you never saw him again until just recently, outside a shop in the city you lived in.
In sighed loudly at the thought as you sat down in the chair next to the bed you and Klaus shared.
"A penny for your thoughts?" Asked Klaus
"Just reminiscing on memories." You said with a frown.
"I assume it's not good. Darling, what is troubling you?" He asked
"Father is back in town. I don't know his motive or if he even has one." You said throwing your hands in the air.
Klaus smiled at your dramatics, "maybe he doesn't. You haven't seen any suspicious activities, have you? We live in a small town in Kansas. What would he do?" Klaus asked.
Just then you heard the doorbell ring and by the powerful magic, you sensed you knew. "We're gonna find out. No one opens that door!" You yelled at the family.
You ran down the stairs to the front room to open the door. You looked up to see you father standing there. Nothing about his look changed but you hope his views have.
"Daddy." You quietly said. You were excited yet terrified and you knew he could sense it. He was family and the only other with powers.
"Y/N." he said as well.
Al the Mikaelsons stood behind you carefully watching his moves. You looked behind you, slightly annoyed at there overprotection.
"Let's speak outside." You said hastily pushing your father out the door.
"It's been a while, don't you say." He says.
"Over 1500 years." You said crossing your arms.
"I came to tell you your mother is sick. She is dying. There is a curse on her. A hex. I heard you are the only one with the cure." He said.
"How do I know that you're not lying? You killed Julius. You're heartless. Why would you care about mom?" You asked.
"Because I've changed." He said. He sounded sincere.
You looked at him blankety before sighing and letting your arms unfold, "I'm making dinner tonight for them. You may come, bring mom and if my siblings are still alive, bring them I guess. I only talk to Tabitha but lost connection a few years ago." You told him.
"I'll be there and I'll try to gather them up." He said, he sounded hopeful.
You walked back in the house as the Mikaelsons stood where you left them, "I hope I don't regret this." You said walking to the kitchen to find something.
later that evening you had everything set on the table ready for them to come inside. But you waited for what seemed like hours.
"Relax, your gonna create wrinkles on you," Klaus stated, knowing full well you cant age.
"Funny." You said with a frown.
The doorbell rang and you froze in your spot.
"Calm, deep breathes," Klaus said rubbing your back.
"This man is literally THE oldest vampire in the world. Not you and your family or your father. My father, Alexandros Rada, is here." You stated.
"Why are you afraid? You live with vampires that kill. What did he do?" Klaus asked
you looked at him then back at the door. You walked away. You didn't want to talk about it.
The first person you saw was your mom. She looked drained of energy, clearly, something was wrong. Maybe your father was telling the truth. She smiled slightly at you. then you noticed your father was holding onto her arm, she need support to walk.
"Mom?" You asked.
she nodded, o weak to talk.
"I figured if you saw, you could decide for yourself. I changed many centuries ago." He told you as he let your mom sit down at the table. Then the idea comes to you. You knew a spell to see if he was lying. Your mother wasn't, you could sense her pain.
"Sit down." You demanded to your father. He looked confused but he listens and sat down in the chair you had pulled out.
"Hands."You said holding you out so he could place them on them. You said the spell.
"what is she doing?" Elijah asked Freya.
"It's called lying spell. She is seeing if he is telling the truth. Another spell Y/N had made." Freya told them.
"You're not lying about needing my help, but you're lying about something else," you stated slightly annoyed.
"And what would that be?" He still had the sad look on his face.
"You haven't changed a bit and I bet my lovely siblings could tell us that. I know you guys can hear me, come on out." You yelled.
"You found me out," he said with a smirk.
"Ill help mom but she isn't going anywhere. I have been sure that someday you'd come back. Once an evil person always an evil person. Do you think I'm dumb? Your no longer a witch. You may be old but you certainly are not strong. You lost it all the moment you killed Julius." You yelled in anger.
You heard your siblings gasp and saw your mom look up at your father. "Oh, you didn't tell them? I'm sure they also know you stripped away their chance of having powers." You said as you circled your father. You were still fearful, after all, you were taunting him.
"What do you think this is doing?" Asked Alexandros.
"Absolutely nothing. Let's have dinner shall we." You asked.
"Why is her family just like ours?" Kol asked.
"The fight started before dinner, not during." Stated Klaus
"Impressive," Rebekah said.
"Shut up." You glared.
As the dinner went on, it was silent to your surprise. Your siblings didn't let a word slip out.
"It's a lovely place you have." Your mother said quietly.
"Thank you, we built this ourselves," Klaus said.
"Reminds me of our mansion." Your father said.
"Ah yes, the mansion of fears." You grumbled as Klaus put his hand on your leg.
"How long have you and Klaus been together?" Asked your sister. You were surprised to hear her speak.
"Uh, about a year?" You said, looking and asking Klaus. Klaus nodded with a smile.
"How sweet." Your father said.
"You are the same person. After thousands of years, you are the same. I'm glad I left when I had the chance because of look at them." You stood up motioning your hand towards your mother and siblings. Klaus put a hand on your back to sit you back down but you weren't having it.
"No, this is ridiculous. They are staying with me. You may think you are strong and powerful but honestly father, you lost that when you wanted to be a vampire. All your power is in me, combined with mine I am the strong person in this world. You idiot." You said slamming your hands down on the table making your power come out and shatter the chandelier.
Your father's eyes darkened and the Mikaelsons became fearful of what was to happen and tried to intervene, until you said "don't, you don't know what he's capable of. But go ahead father suck the blood out of me. You'll only regret it." You stated.
Klaus and Elijah eyed each other not knowing what she meant. "Do it!" You yelled.
He did it not thinking twice and has you heard the yells of your sisters and mother, you just smirked. You had created a poison which can kill your father and had drink it. You slowly felt his teeth loosen there grip and soon he dropped.
"I have no remorse over this. You killed Julius. You deserve the worse death ever." You stated.
That night you checked on your sisters and mother. They slept in yours and Klaus master bedroom. "I should've taken you guys with me. But just know I didn't leave you behind. I followed you guys, as creepy as that is." You stated.
"So that's who my shadow was? It was you?" Stated Elizabeth. You nodded with a smile as you sat down on the bed with them.
"What happens to Rome and Henry?" You asked.
"They left went father tried to kill Henry. He wanted to test his new vampire skills." Said your mother.
"He wanted to end us one by one." Said Tabitha.
You heard a faint knock at the door and saw Klaus standing there holding a bottle of wine with five glasses. "When Y/N is upset she drinks a lot. We have plenty more to go." Klaus Said.
"You found a keeper," Elizabeth said with a smile.
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