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tau1tvec · 16 days
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happy birthday, hesitant alien.
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[ Image description: A sketchy digital drawing of Moon from Five Nights at Freddy’s. He looks very angry and is baring his teeth as he comes through a doorway, leaving gauges in the wall from his claws. One eye is heavily damaged with wires hanging out and dripping a black substance. The other is looking at the camera with malicious intent. ]
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drowninnoodles · 2 months
I'm bored
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teardroppeddew · 2 months
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>  You have basically gone completely off the deep end in every way.
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lesbian-octoling · 11 months
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Image ID: A digital drawing of Headphones from Coroika, wearing the Sennyu Suit. It’s done in mostly sketchy cyan lines against a pure black background. She’s got blank cyan eyes, santization goop covering her ears, and is screaming off to the side with an angry expression and more goop dripping from her mouth. You can only see one arm, which has claws extended.
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ink-ghoul · 1 year
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NPC Grian, what a fun guy to draw
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chaoscontrolled123 · 1 year
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PULL THE STRINGS AND PULL THE STRINGS AND [[Tell Me What You're Really Selling]]
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bees-draws · 1 year
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Image ID: A heavily stylized image of a version of Sun from Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach, that resembles the glitched sun from the BB World minigame. His face and body are dark, in contrast to the bright red and yellow highlights and background. There’s also glowing yellow eyes and a nightcap on his head. He’s smiling and looking at the camera. The image is glitching slightly as a GIF.
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mrkvhs · 6 months
Horror themed author (dangers in fiction) stimboard please and thank you -S
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author stimboard with horror themes for anon. <3
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tau1tvec · 5 months
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beefcliff · 2 years
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just shapes. red shapes all over the grass.
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resetme · 3 months
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“This collection of songs was never really meant to be anything other than a vehicle to help me navigate my way through healing, a way I could release the trapped memories that were blocking me from growing and finding my truest most unequivocal self. At the time of writing I wanted to create a group of songs in a certain vibration that I could tune into whenever I felt myself slipping... like a friend to sit with and be understood by.”
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frozenhi-chews · 1 month
🕹 You Can't Win Me, I Can't Be Beat 🕹
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I was inspired late one night listening to Cabinet Man by Lemon Demon, and lo and behold, I had made this guy!!
Say hello to Arcadeton!
A Spamton EX who found a different body, leading to uploading himself into an arcade cabinet in the Light World! This bright neon beast lurks in a large arcade game building.
He keeps an eye on everyone in his arcade world, making sure they don't cheat or steal. And it's not pleasant when someone does.
If you wanna know more, look under the cut!
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He can change his colors at a whim. Moving so fast and quickly he needs an epilepsy warning at times. A literal walking flashbang sometimes.
He's MASSIVE. A nine-foot-tall robot normally, but can extend his legs and arms, so that his twice his height.
He's got six arms. Two on his chest, two on his middle, and two glitchy black arms that come out of his back. He can turn those off and on at will.
The stripes on his arms move. The arms themselves are like screens, and various colors and images can be shown on them
Middle part of his body has a belly mouth. In his arcade cabinet form, the two glitchy arms act similar to tongues, grabbing whatever's nearby and dragging them into his mouth. (Now you know where the cheaters go)
Arcade carpet pants. Long blue glowing plug tail. And a big glitchy rainbow cape (said cape can also act as a screen)
His actual chest screen can show anything as well. As long as you don't mind watching pixelated YouTube videos
He only shows his EX form when the arcade is closed and no one's around. He feels if he shows his true self it'll scare everyone. And he's got a reputation to maintain!
Has a small glitchy black form that he can use while in cabinet form. It's very weak and he can't stay out of his console for long. Also he can jump from game to game like Giffany or Turbo (from Gravity Falls and Wreck-it Ralph respectively)
Secretly very lonely
Can really only eat the arcade junk food, occasional maintenance man, and literal trash.
This Spamton disappeared shortly after he got the first phone call, and was still good friends with the other Addisons. They have no idea where he went and hopes he's still alive.
Hope you guys like him!! I guess this is my last official art post before 2023
And yeah there's Pancake, I have PLANS!!
[Click for better quality, reblogs appreciated!]
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kdongyoung · 1 year
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JUNJI — onlyoneof ‘skinz’ mv
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