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xenohcs · 2 years
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Cioccolata from real life is a genderfluid xenogender trendergender viralgender schizic praegender objectfeminine moldgender dragongender deathcute catgender autigender horrorcosmium GNC trans gay who uses It / Its, Voi / Void, ⛓️/⛓️s, Ix / Ix, Gore / Gores, Nya / Nyan, Mold / Molds, and He / She and has all Its pronouns and names always capitalized.
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leaf-hates-pears · 6 months
I took my dad to pride today. After asking him and saying what itt might entail, I made him a free dad hugs sign:
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While walking there, a lot of people pointed at him and said it was a cute idea. They were right.
My (and his) personal highlights were:
A guy hugging him and saying something in Ukrainian (bc of the flag, probably)
Someone asking him if they can call him "daddy" (I had to explain to him why I started laughing. He now knows.)
Someone giving him a rose
Someone kissing him on the cheeck
A lot of people seeing me standing around awkwardly while there was a line forming in front of him and hugging me too
A guy my dad's age hugging him with tears in his eyes
A kid my age shouting "I don't have a father!", Running towards and almost tackling him
A guy in a fetish-related dog mask hugging him and clinging to him like a lifeline
Two children between eight and ten initiating a group hug with him and giggling the entire time
Everyone thanking him afterwards and a lot of people saying he gives the best hugs in the world. One guy said he'd never been hugged like that before
This guy in a moving lorry shouting and making the lorry stop driving to get a hug from my dad:
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My dad said that the majority of people hugging him were either older (25-60) queer men or younger (15-25) trans people. He really loved the experience and felt like a lot of the people, especially the older guys really needed it.
Anyway we're definitely doing this again next year
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intersexfairy · 1 month
i love when men. especially when trans, gnc, and nonbinary men. i love men and the way they exist.
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gay-impressionist · 4 months
Part 1 : Joy in each other (Community)
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@artbyeloquent / lil nas x and elton john wearing a rendition of each other's iconic costumes. photographer unknown / @ghostcauliflower / alison bechdel / @android-boy / heartstopper : scene where nick, a bisexual boy, sees his two lesbian friends kiss. gif by @nicks-nelson / @canaryomenharbinger / shatzi weisberger with three unknown people / anonymous / new york city 2021 pride parade. photographer unknown
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lichennthropy · 4 months
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4 years on T
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iceshatterr · 2 months
I love you butches i love you femmes i love you trans lesbians i love you butch trans lesbians i love you he/him lesbians i love you gnc lesbians i love you trans lesbians who dont want surgeries i love you lesbians on t i love you nonbinary lesbians yall r amazing
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justlgbtthings · 2 years
good morning to men who wear dresses and women who shop in the mens section
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arotrixic-disaster · 9 months
Normalize names, presentation, and pronouns not being inherently gendered. Normalize identity and expression being unique to the individual.
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bitchwholoveslife · 24 days
The thing about being androgynous or gnc in a rural area is that...
You don't want the stares. Not really. But you do want to be the kind of person who gets stared at. So eventually, you come to equate being stared at with doing something right. And maybe it never stops hurting, the way that the locals eye you like you're some kind of spectacle. But it also becomes encouraging in its own way.
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chronicallylav3nd3r · 5 months
men aren’t inherently evil
men aren’t inherently abusive
men aren’t inherently bad
spreading this rhetoric is incredibly harmful.
also, some men aren’t as privileged as you may think, don’t forget about:
- men of colour
- disabled men
- trans men
- gay/bi/pan etc. men
- GNC men
- intersex men
- fat men
and so on.
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gnc-culture-is · 1 year
It's never too late to realize yourself!
If you find yourself at 40, questioning your gender? You're welcome in the community.
Realized you were 35 and not as straight as you'd (thought you'd) been? You're welcome here.
60 and nonbinary? You deserve to be here as much as the 16 year olds who realized themselves.
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gay-impressionist · 4 months
Part 3 : Joy in our own queerness (Euphoria)
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sense8 : lito comes out publicly. gif by @lowndsiercs / @weirdlildude / legends of tomorrow : spooner learns about asexuality. gif by @mymycorrhizae / @cheeriosandwine / @anonbeadraws / @imaginealpha / elliot page / @bliss-bud / @poniesart
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queerism1969 · 1 year
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whitetailgraphics · 2 months
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get it on a shirt, hoodie, poster, etc here!
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macademmia · 10 months
The reason the owl house gives the typical cartoon message of “us weirdos have to stick together” substance is because the owl house has so many queer people in this essay i will-
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nothorses · 11 months
honestly though part of what is so exhausting about the "femme vs. masc transmascs" debate is that like... I have had multiple people in my life emphasize my relationship to masculinity as a justification to abuse me, and as a way of arguing that they can't abuse me.
when I got angry with my mom for her mistreatment of me, she would sit me down and talk to me about how I must have some kind of hormonal imbalance, maybe my testosterone was too high, because I was so aggressive and angry all the time- and so masculine, in all the ways she didn't want me to be.
when my ex-girlfriend and I got into arguments, and she talked me in circles until we concluded that She Was Right And I Was Wrong, the way she "explained" the situation was by emphasizing how masculine I was, and how feminine she was. I was just so strong, and opinionated, and loud, and aggressive, and my relative closeness to masculinity meant that it was only natural that I would be angry and violent and out-of-control, too. I just needed to be more like her: weak, soft, feminine, and silent. Incapable of doing harm.
and this was pre-transition! this was before I even knew I was a trans man!
so when people argue to me that Masc Trans Men Are Oppressing The Femmes, I just want to scream.
don't get me wrong here: femme transmascs have equally shitty, different experiences with their identities being erased and called into question because of their presentation, and it is just as harmful and just as much of a problem. it deserves equal acknowledgement, and we need to work to dismantle it.
transmascs can't win here; there's no better option between the two.
just... for the love of god can we stop having these conversations that boil down to "actually masc transmascs are Privileged and Never Struggle" because, fun fact! it's just a new coat of paint on the "trans men transition to gain male privilege" bullshit, and it's no more legitimate this time than it is when the TERFs do it.
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