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janeaustenlover · 3 months
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“What's this, Sara? What's this blood, Sara?”
Cerdita (2022), dir. Carlota Pereda
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contagiousgrace · 1 month
And once again, I urge: put Lockwood and Co. on in the background.
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capthowzer · 4 days
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Ahmed Best as Jedi Master Kelleran Beq in The Mandalorian "Chapter 20: The Foundling"
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lestatisprince · 5 months
Brb going to go watch the church scene again and count (cry about) the comparisons.
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kaiowut99 · 3 months
It's pretty cool of the Yuma vs Tron duel to have two episodes handled back-to-back art-wise by the fantastic Gil Bo Noh and Kenichi Hara
Was also touching how Yuma pointed out the hope and loneliness felt by III, IV, and V at Byron who used them as tools of revenge despite being the good kids they are, then punctuated it after his "What would a kid like you know?" retort with "I know what it's like when a parent goes missing on ya!" Also that bit about III/IV/V doing what they did for Tron's sake probably because they thought it natural to help their parent but it's still wrong. The somber OST in that scene was really good. And #69's definitely animated to be pretty imposing with its God Rage and God Slaughter moves; the Xyz Change to ZeXal and seeing it was still a struggle to hold Tron off was good. Also always interesting when there's so much packed into the cold open that the OP kicks in almost 8 minutes into the episode, lol.
(Checked the dub out of curiosity and most of it actually was dubbed pretty well, though the dub's OST really takes away from it, but Tron and less-so Yuma what even are your voices)
brb gotta go cheer for the new protag ZeXal-Or-Not
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undead-styx · 3 months
I just finished a stunning pokemon anime sun and moon fic and now I'm being pulled back into the fandom just so I get to see more Kukui and Satoshi found family fics
Fic in question is A Professor and a Student by LeDiz on ao3 which is a completed work and very wonderfully written!! I will never stop singing my praises to it <3
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ledzeppelinmixtape · 9 months
i miss cas:( and dean :( and them together :( i miss watching them look at each other in love and stuff :(
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beautifel · 3 months
how am i five years behind on a one week study schedule on day 1 how do i do this every time
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insecateur · 9 months
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bluejayblueskies · 1 year
hi yeah i’m going to need a second season of ofmd on my desk by monday morning no exceptions thank you for your time
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holybranchesmp3 · 7 months
the funniest thing about the people who are complaining about div is like. do you think your god roll hothead that you had to grind gms for 300 hours to get isnt ALSO a tool that you use to make your game easier. like do you really.
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hella1975 · 1 year
good morning hella! i saw you on my dash and thought i'd say hi (: i am having a giant melting moment pastry thing for breakfast and its like. real crumbly and doing my head in but im eating it anyway (trying to)
i hope you have had or do have a fantastic day <3
ps. my nephew says "dedududahgahda" i am unsure what this means, but im fairly certain it was meant for you bc he was pointing at my phone
omg hi theo! i hope your pastry wasn't too annoying bc it lowkey sounds nice but that might just be me being fucked up. tell your nephew i say dedududahgahda right back. you dont need to know what it means we are simply communicating
hope you had a lovely day <3
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marklikely · 3 months
teehee.. charts and spreadsheets
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snipefr · 4 months
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I'm sorry but I genuinely laughed out loud at this
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bulletsgirl · 8 months
I miss you. Can we hang out
yes come home
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blathannabeaga · 3 months
question has rachel dipillo acted in anything since med? or did she really just drop off the face of the earth after it
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