trashcan-n0t · 1 day
"Stanley understands memes/pop culture and Narrator doesn't"
YOU FOOLS. Narrator canonically has internet access. Stanley was created by him and I don't see why Narrator would put meme knowledge in his brain or have wifi in the office as it's of no importance to the Story. If there's someone who'd know what Goncharov or kawaii culture are, it's Narrator.
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reallyndacarter · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Me and "The Fonz" at the premiere of Goncharov (1973) at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
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corpsebrigadier · 4 months
Love to be on a website where I can join such hit 2022 fandoms as "century old public domain novel being read very slowly" and "half-century old mafia film that does not actually exist."
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madphantom · 4 months
Anyway if this post reaches 30000 notes I'll sit down and professionally film a Goncharov movie scene you can send to people who claim it's not real. This is completely serious, I've made movies before and I'm willing to do it for the memes.
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turnpikeghosts · 4 months
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cryokina · 4 months
Tumblr media
we got em
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iphyslitterator · 4 months
As of this writing, Goncharov has been added and removed from the Martin Scorsese filmography Wikipedia page 7 times.
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randomprose · 4 months
the "tumblr community invents a whole mafia movie apparently directed by martin scorsese with an official soundtrack, movie posters, screen caps, and all enough to make one question if that movie really did exist at all like a mandela effect" was not part of my 2022 bingo card
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silentvoidtreeshop · 4 months
asked my brother if he'd seen goncharov (1973) and he looked at me and grabbed this beanie that hes had for 2 years that ive seen but never read the tag on it and
Tumblr media
turns out he and his friends got matching beanies and made lore a full TWO YEARS ago
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Goncharov Lore Thus Far, based on the top tumblr post results
Main cast are Goncharov himself, his wife Katya (née Michailov), and Andrey 
One side character is named Mario Ambrosini. He is described as a “sad boi” and is involved in gambling. 
Set in Naples and involving a drug ring/mafia. The plot seems to involve Russian organized crime attempting to get a foothold in Italy. 
There is a Boat Scene. Katya survives via resourcefulness. 
Andrey and Goncharov have a substantial amount of homoeroticism. Andrey also has an internet in Katya. This forms a true love triangle. 
At some point, Katya threatens to shoot Goncharov. This is framed as a Girlboss Moment. 
There is also a Beer Bottle Scene. 
Katya fakes her death. 
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1percentcharge · 4 months
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You know I had to do it to em
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tomassci · 2 months
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we did it tumblr
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foervraengd · 4 months
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Goncharov (1973)
Oh don’t mind me im just doing some cinematography art studies of my favourite Katya moments ~
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nicostiel · 3 months
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#bye tumblr 2022 it’s been fun
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theghostraptor · 4 months
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my movie recommendations credibility took a hard hit in the post-goncharov era
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ofallingstar · 18 days
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And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to...
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