fireflylies · 3 days
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I’ve always thought the walrus was one of the most poignant and ingeniously used symbols of this movie
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askmovieslate · 2 days
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Today, is February 29th.
And therefore, it's fitting to talk about a movie that doesn't exist, on a date that only exists once every four years.
It's very funny to me how we willed a movie into existence, and then allowed it to disappear just as quickly. Why did we let "Goncharov" go? A fake movie so passionately discussed by everyone that we even managed to anger Neil Gaiman.
Not many communities can say that.
Don't forget about "Goncharov". It may not be real, but for a brief moment, it was.
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linkedsoul · 2 days
One of my Italian colleagues told me I have a Russian accent when I try to speak Italian so if anyone needs to be in Goncharov, it should be me
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baggebythesea · 2 days
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qaraxuanzenith · 1 day
see i don't think people should be less surprised by the walruses bc "fairies aren't real"
it's just that the walrus one literally happened, in a deleted but iconic scene of Goncharov
and for everyone who has that scene burned into their memory, i feel like when you see a walrus coming for you the way one came for Andrei, your first thought would be "of course"
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Destiel vs the cinematic masterpiece Goncharov
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Goncharov coming third in tumblr's top 100 movies of 2023 is so damn funny. Imagine being a film studio exec who spent millions making some of the other 97 movies listed below it only to be beaten by a film that cost exactly zero dollars to make and doesn't exist
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zoevulpez · 3 months
I am SO glad the Goncharov meme happened before image generating ai you don't even know
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werewolfetone · 4 months
For me the funniest thing to come out of the goncharov meme was not any of the fake scenes or the nyt articles about it or whatever but the fact that due to the fact that he'd found it funny when I told him about it I got my dad several books by ivan goncharov for christmas that year as a joke fully expecting him to not even touch them BUT to everyone's surprise he read every single one cover to cover and liked them so much that he read dostoevsky and then read tolstoy and then pushkin and then gogol and now barely reads anything that isn't nineteenth century russian literature and also has started watching academic talks about crime and punishment and will randomly bring up shit like the politics present in bulgakov's writing in at LEAST half of our conversations. all because of goncharov
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syl-stormblessed · 3 months
i’m gonna be so real with you guys. before i looked through the tag i thought that hbomberguy was some sort of Goncharov D.B. Cooper. i’ve never heard of hbomberguy in my LIFE before today i genuinely thought this was tumblr’s new made up meme of the week.
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batcavescolony · 7 months
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reallyndacarter · 1 year
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Me and "The Fonz" at the premiere of Goncharov (1973) at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
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hawkatana · 10 months
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turntaxesgayer · 7 months
Goncharov was special because not only did we establish canon, we created a whole fanon gay interpretation and proceded to ignore the (not even real) original in favour of it. And thats what tumblr is all about.
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coraclavia · 3 months
of all Riccardo Estli's compositions, I think "Katya's Waltz" from the Goncharov score is one of his most beautiful
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