#good luck on your journey baby girl
cinamun · 2 months
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fantasticnerdluminary · 7 months
Comforting letter from your future lover/spouse
Tumblr media
Hey guys, I am an intuitive reader as I am a clairvoyant. I get visions of future and can channel spirits.
Warning : This is for entertainment purposes. This is not set in stone or 100% true.
I would really appreciate if you would leave a feedback here. It really helps me a lot.
Thanks a lot for reading this, liking and for reblogs. See you soon again :)
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Letter 1 Letter 2 Letter 3
Group 1
Hey Sunshine,
I know it seems hard right? Very much hard right? But do you know how much courage and strength you have within you. You are much stronger than you think. Everybody says the same thing to you like "It'll be okay", "Don't think about it too much" and much more, I would like to say you one thing take as much time you need, start again whenever you feel like it and you have to remember 'Why did you start' I am with you at every step in your life. It feels good to know that you are happy and safe wherever you are at this moment. So, please don't be too sad. You don't know how much you mean to me. It feels like heaven to be with you, to be wrapped in your arms while embracing your presence. I went into the future ahemmm......sorry haha but don't worry I'm with you whenever you need me. You can let it all go only with your one smile.
My brave girl :-)
Your Goofy lover
Group 2
Hey my sweetheart,
You know how much cocky I look right?!?! I am just joking, for you I would do anything. Won't you come a little bit closer, huh?! *winks* Why are you smiling like an idiot. I love it when I catch you off-guard like this. I am thriving for you, I have seen you in my dreams, in my vision. It feels really good to think that you are going to be with me. It's worth the wait, I assure you. I am working on myself too. I am waiting for you and being the best version of myself, so that I don't scare you away. You love forehead kisses don't you. I would give you a lot of them, like not only on your forehead but on your sweet and juicy lips too. You like to figure out everything yourself. I would like you to relax a bit and just go with the flow. Don't overthink too much. It would definitely workout at the end. If you want to pursue something as your hobby go for it, don't hesitate. You have all my support. Good luck, my baby girl/boy!!!!
Your naughty and sweet lover
Group 3
What's up gorgeous,
You are procastinating a lot of things and that's not good. It doesn't sound good to hear but you need to work hard for your big dreams. It will not be easy and to achieve big dreams you should go out of your comfort zone. You should know you are way more worthy than what you have now. You shouldn't have the victim mentality but the survivor mentality. Confidence looks good on your personality. I am really proud of you that you came this far on your own. You are the strongest. You inspire so many people around you that you have no idea of. I would never let you go once you're with me. I am not like your past partners. I know you had some good partners too but I promise I will be the best. You are my destination and I hope you are willing to walk together on our journey. Have a good day till then.
Your cheerleader and lover
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nattinatalia · 1 month
Jack Harlow x Reader Instagram AU : Baby Mama Drama Edition
A/N I know I said I wasn’t going to post any VD related, but I had this in my drafts for weeks so I decided to finish it 💘
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourusername My Valentine outdid himself.
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user Awww Diego really did that.
yourusername LMAAAOOO WHOOO??
blancaa She’s not with that bum anymore
user Ohhhh 👀
user I figured, it’s been two years and she hardly even posted him anymore. This is probably her new man
yourusername Not my man, but something……
jackharlow YET……
allaboutjackharlow OH MY GOD 😱
yourusername added to their story
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jackharlow My Valentines for life 💕🤞🏼
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yourusername 🫢🫢🫢
blancaa Glad you got your head out from your ass but if you fuck this up, that’ll be another bloody nose.
jackharlow Blanca always with the violence
blancaa And don’t you ever forget it
neelamthadhani Always throwing warning shots
claybornharlow You know damn well those ain’t warning shots.
yourbestiename 😭😭😭
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yourusername He said he had another surprise for me, he said between his legs…. Ummm someone has a magnifying glass I can borrow? Because I didn’t find anything between those legs 😭😭😭😭😭
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blancaa BITCHHHH 😭😭😭😭😭
yourusername 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
jackharlow You know damn well what’s between my legs, the same thing that made Adrian six years ago.
yourusername LMAAAOO
druski2funnny Please wrap it up, don’t need another Scorpio running around.
yourusername 😭😭😭 FUCK YOUU, we’re the best there is 🥰 just ask your boy
jackharlow Can confirm 😋
claybornharlow Adrian is 6, time for new babies!!!!!!
jackharlow Coming right up 🤞🏼
urbanwyatt Yea to more Harlow Babies
jackharlow We got 7 to go.
yourusername WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!!!!!!!! I didn’t agree to this.
yourbestiename Good luck Y/N
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yourusername My boys ❤️ we’ve been celebrating Valentine’s Day since yesterday morning. Forever thankful for them.
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jackharlow It was a long bumpy road, but beyond happy and blessed that we’re on this new journey of opportunities and love.
yourusername 🥹🥹🥹
yourbestiename Somewhere right now Neelam, Diego and Heather are punching the air.
blancaa I still say we let panchito loose and bite their asses. It’s what they deserve.
jackharlow Do it
yourusername Stop 😭😭😭😭
mamamaggie I’m so happy you two found your way back together. I knew it deep inside of me that you were meant to be.
yourusername Thank you for being the best, not only to Adrian, but to me as well. I’m forever thankful for you.
Tumblr media
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jackharlow I told her I was going to put a baby inside her on Valentine’s Day, well here we are 🤭🥰🥰🥰 can’t wait to meet you princess.
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yourusername I love you 💕 can’t wait for Adrian to be a big brother.
claybornharlow YESSSSSSS 😍😍
urbanwyatt He shoot’s he scores 😂🙌🏼
druski2funnny Didn’t I tell you two to wrap it up???
druski2funnny But happy for you fam.
blancaa MY GIRLS 🥰🥰🥰
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pusssydesigned · 2 months
Tumblr media
my first one-shot ever so wish me luck! there’s no real description/use of y/n so it’s all up to your imagination. reblogs and feedback are very helpful <333 this is inspired by the song comfortable by h.e.r!!! lowercase intended + not proofread
"cuz i feel so comfortable with you..." - h.e.r warnings: fluff to smut, unprotected p in v, hair pulling, breeding, oral sex (m&f receiving) ,soft/rough-ish sex, crying (happy tears ofc), suuuupperrrr emotional sex, established relationship | RPF! DONT LIKE IT, DONT READ! minors dni!
Tumblr media
you woke up to the bright sun in your face. the room was filled with the sweet, musky scent of you and your lover, joseph. you two loved each other dearly, more than anything in this whole universe and lifetime. you'd been a part of his journey since his role on les mis where you two met at a production wrap up party. being a star yourself was already hectic and having your boyfriend be the it-boy of the year was even more hectic. everyone wanted him to be theirs, but he was only and would forever be yours.
you laid soft kisses on his warm, light skin. he shifted in his sleep a couple of times and eventually woke up. "good morning, my love" he mumbled in his raspy morning voice. "good morning baby." he flashed his toothy grin and wrapped you back in his arms. "you know... i think we should stay in for today." you mumbled a little “mmm hm” to signal your agreement.
he turned you over and placed kisses from your face all the way down your cunt. it was throbbing from the attention he was giving you. “baby don’t tease me right now” you whined to him. he nudged his nose to your clit and placed kisses to your hole. “we have all day baby, relax.” joseph said, copying your tone.
although you both fucked and made love all hours of the night, you still needed him and he needed you. he licked a long, flat stripe from your hole to your clit and began to suck. you let out a beautiful cry he loved to hear. “jus’ wanna make you feel good baby.” he sucked and licked your clit just right. he rubbed your entrance with his middle and ring finger and slowly pushed them inside you. joseph’s fingers were nice and thick and they stretched you out so fucking good.
“baby, don’t stop,” you whispered to him. he moaned into your cunt and it sent you closer and closer. you tugged and tugged at his hair. his fingers were hitting the perfect spot that made you gush all over him. it didn’t take long for you to squirt all over his chin and fingers. you gasped and glued your eyes shut as you climaxed. “holy fuck baby i’m so proud of you.” he brought you up for a sloppy, wet kiss. the taste of your climax tasted so amazing on him. you moaned into the kiss and started palming him.
he returned to his side of the bed and laid down. you made sure to kitten lick the red tip and caress his balls. he bucked his hips a few times to get some friction. “don’t be a fuckin’ tease right now,” he whimpered. “you understand how it feels now joseph?” you giggled at his desperation for you.
you took his cock in your mouth and bobbed your head up and down. you covered the rest of him in your hand. joseph eventually removed your hands, fisted your hair in a messy ponytail, and face fucked you. crescent shapes were left from you gripping his thighs. spit dripped from your mouth down to his balls. “fuck princess, you’re taking this so well.” you looked into his eyes and moaned, sending vibrations all down his dick. “you like this pretty girl? fuuuck!” he let out several more high pitched moans and chants of your name before he came down your throat and thrusted into your mouth.
you sat on his lap bumping and grinding your cunt onto his length. you stopped yourself from your release before slowly sliding down his cock. he placed his large hands on your hips and began guiding you up and down. “babygirl this feels ss-so fucking good.” you leaned down to gift him your kisses and press your foreheads together. the moment was so romantic, sensual, emotional. moments like these where you were chest to chest and foreheads touching was rare. this truly meant something to the both of you.
“joseph, i-i need you. only you baby.” you both began to tear up at the emotions of this. joseph held you close and sobbed a bit into the crown of your head. you felt the happy tears wet your scalp. you let out a cry into his chest while he fucked you from the bottom and you thrusted back onto him. “it’s always been you baby. i love you so fuckin’ much,” he said as he stared deep into your eyes.
you both continued with your cries and thrusts until you felt him twitch in you. you looked him dead in the eyes and begged him to cum in you. “cum i-in me. pl-please, i’m begging you.” he closed his eyes and thrusted faster and harder sending you into your second orgasm of the morning. “i’m gonna fill this pretty pussy up.” you squirted all over his chest and soft tummy. you had him halting his movements and gripping your hips so tightly, almost bruising your hips.
you felt his cum flood your insides. both of you let out loud cries of love and pleasure. you guys’ breathing was shaky and loud. joseph rubbed your back as you were slumped against his chest listening to his brisk heartbeat. you and joseph stayed like that for a few minutes before he removed himself from you. you winced from the loss of him. “i’m sorry but baby, but we need to get cleaned up.” you lazily nodded at him.
“lemme take you to the bathroom, my love.” you were too tired out from making love with him to even argue. he picked you up and waited for you to handle your business before wiping the dripping cum from your cunt. “you should carry me a lil more, i like this.” he giggled and pressed a kiss to your forehead. he softly placed your bodies on the bed and held you close.
“hey, joseph?”
“yeah, baby?!”
“i love you even more :)”
Tumblr media
this is literally my first time writing and posting it on the internet. i’m so nervous to share this but here y’all go!!!! k gonna gts bye bye luvssss 🤍💌🌷🎧👼🏽
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erin-bo-berin · 7 months
can I have an imagine where it’s set in the Steve x singlemom!reader, they just bring home the new baby and daughter is very upset and thinks you guys will forget about her and she tries to run away to Joyce and Hopper’s? Packed with all the usual stuff a kid would pack, a stuffie, coloring books, crayons and maybe a change of clothes? 😂 and Reader and Steve feel terrible for making their baby girl feel so unloved, if you could, make it kinda angsty, but end it fluffy? I’m so sorry this is so long 😭
Omg poor little baby girl 😭 also, if you haven’t read the latest full length fic that describes the pregnancy journey with baby #2, oldest girl is now Abbie and baby is Arabella. Just to make things less confusing. For the sake of this story, let’s pretend that they live in the neighborhood of Hopper and Joyce because she ends up there lol
Anyway, to the angst!
Tumblr media
It’d only been a week since you’d brought Arabella home from the hospital.
People weren’t kidding when they said how big of an adjustment it was to go from one kid to two. It was rough.
But things had just went from rough to absolutely, catastrophically bad.
“Steve, I can’t find Abbie anywhere!”
You raced into the nursery where he was feeding Arabella in her rocking chair and he looked up, panic immediately contorting his face.
“What do you mean you can’t find her?”
“I mean, I’ve looked everywhere for her and I can’t find her.”
He stood, accidentally knocking the nipple of the bottle out of Arabella’s mouth causing her to fuss.
“Sorry sweetheart,” he murmured, placing it properly back in her mouth.
He followed you, hungry baby still in his arms as you led him towards her room.
“I checked her room, the bathroom, our bedroom and bathroom, downstairs. Hell I even checked the closets! I was hoping she might be with you in the nursery.”
Steve shook his head.
“I haven’t seen her in hours.”
“Hours. Oh my god,” you felt faint, “How long have I not noticed that she was missing? What if something awful happened to her?”
“Don’t panic,” he assured you, “Why don’t you go check the front yard and I’ll go check the back yard? She’s probably just outside playing.”
“Okay, good idea,” you nodded, not having considered that possibility.
You flung the front door open and went and checked the yard. You looked high and low, even checked behind bushes and trees, but there was no Abbie.
“Any luck?” you asked, quickly growing frantic again when you met Steve inside.
His serious face made you aware that he’d had no luck either.
“We gotta call Hopper,” you said, rushing to the phone.
Before you had a chance to pick up and dial, the phone rang. You grabbed it up.
“Hey, Y/N, it’s Hopper.”
“Oh good, I was just about to call you. Listen, Abbie’s missing.”
“About that,” he said, “She’s here.”
“Here? Here where?”
“Over here at me and Joyce’s house.”
You sank in relief, clutching the wall to keep you upright.
“What is she doing there?!”
“She said she ran away from home.”
“Oh god, I’m so sorry. We’ll be right there to get her.”
“Take your time. We’ll take good care of her, I promise.”
When you hung up, you turned to Steve’s expectant face.
“She’s at Joyce and Hopper’s.”
“What’s she doing there?” he asked, just as you had moments before.
“Hopper said she told them she ran away from home.”
He sighed, eyes closing, relief washing over his face.
“Let me finish feeding her,” he nodded to Arabella, “And then the three of us can go get her.”
It wasn’t a long walk to the Hopper household. Thankfully so since your three year old had walked all the way there by herself.
“Abbie!” you exhaled, rushing towards her when you stepped inside.
“Mommy!” she ran into your arms.
“Sweetheart, don’t ever do anything like that again, okay? You scared me and daddy to pieces.”
“I sowwy,” she frowned, hugging your neck.
Arabella was asleep in Steve’s arms, but he bent towards Abbie carefully to not to wake the infant.
“Why did you run away from home?”
“Cause mommy and daddy like Bewwa more den me.”
Abbie had a hard time pronouncing her sister’s name so she called her Bella, in her own little kid talk.
“You fowget bout me,” she frowned, lower lip trembling.
“Oh honey. We don’t love anyone more than you. We love you and Arabella equally,” you said.
“We could never forget about you princess,” Steve said, tapping her nose with a finger, making her smile a bit, “It’s just hard because Arabella is little and needs help with things that you as a big girl can do yourself.”
“Like eat and sit by yourself and you don’t wear diapers anymore like your sister does,” you pointed out.
“I big girl,” she nodded.
“Then why don’t you come to us if you’re feeling lonely, next time okay?” Steve said, “Besides, you can be mommy and daddy’s little helper and help with Arabella. How about that?”
She smiled, bending over to kiss Arabella sweetly on the head.
You straightened, seeing Joyce and Hopper come into the room, having given you the space your family needed to settle the matter.
“Imagine how surprised I was when the doorbell rang and I found her on our doorstep,” Hopper laughed.
“Here’s the backpack she brought with her too,” Joyce opened it so you could see inside.
Inside, Abbie had packed her bunny stuffie, a coloring book, crayons and a change of clothes. You chuckled at your daughter’s insight. She was way too smart for her own good.
“Thank you for taking care of her,” you thanked them, taking her backpack and picking Abbie up in your arms.
“I not gonna run away again,” Abbie told them firmly.
“I’m gonna stay home and be da best big seester ever.”
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agustd-png · 1 year
hihihi, can i request changkyun w/ 1, 18, & 26? tysm <3
ugh this one got me 😩👌
1. “I love it when you moan my name”
18. “Don’t cum yet”
26. “I wanna fuck you right against the glass so everyone can see how good you take it”
NOTE: I’m not accepting requests rn, these requests were sent during a short window of time that I accepted requests~
Tumblr media
A weekend alone with your boyfriend was a dream come true when both of you had roommates to deal with. And in another city, no less. You looked out your large hotel window that overlooked the city lights, in awe. "Wow, there's so much to see..." Changkyun came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, burying his face against your neck and placing a kiss there.
"I think I like it in here..."
You'd just set down your things, but the long journey had made you both anxious with anticipation. You turned around in his arms and pulled him in to kiss your lips, immediately full of passion and determination. His hands dragged over your torso, slipping under your shirt to feel your bare skin.
"Can't even have two minutes of quiet time," you teased as his hands yanked at your clothes impatiently.
"We've had five hours of quiet time, I need some loud time," he answered cheekily, punctuated by a relieved groan when he felt your hand reach down to his dick.
"Good point," you agreed.
Your clothes and his were quickly in a messy mixed pile on the dark carpet and he had you pinned against the wall next to the window. You both watched his now hard cock sink into you, your pussy clenching as it adjusted. "Oh, fuck," you sighed, your head falling back against the wall.
"God, I wanna fuck you right against the glass so everyone can see how good you take it, baby," he groaned when he pushed all the way in.
The thought of that turned you on like crazy, your nipples hardening at the very idea. "I wish you would," you quipped with a little smirk.
Changkyun pulled back to look at you, then fucked his hips back and forward strongly. "Really?" He smirked back when he saw you nod mischievously. "I think you should be careful what you wish for, babe."
He pulled out swiftly and flipped you around, placing your bare chest against the cold glass. You were quite high up, so the chances of anyone really seeing you were quite low, but certainly not impossible. You looked down and saw all the cars and tiny people bustling around. You thought about the ones that had somewhere stressful to be and thanked your luck that you were where you were.
Changkyun kissed your shoulder and up to the base of your throat, sighing deeply in your ear as he dragged the head of his cock through the wet mess between your legs. "So dirty, letting me fuck you like this, babe." He pushed back into you and you moaned, his name falling dreamily from your lips a few times. "I love it when you moan my name," he sighed happily. "You're all mine, right? Wouldn't let anyone else fuck you like this, hm?" His cock pressed all the way into you, filling you completely, and you saw stars other than the ones that twinkled in the distant sky.
"Right, Changkyun," you breathed honestly, knowing he was right. You were only like this with him, because you trusted him fully. "Only you, baby..."
Changkyun grunted with each hard thrust, easily sliding in and out of you, as you got so turned on at the idea of someone, anyone, seeing you, wanton and naked against the glass. Your forehead rested against it, your humid breath fogging it.
"My good girl..." He pressed his chest to your back, locking you between his body and the window, but the closeness was intoxicating and romantic somehow. He had a way to make even the filthiest situations sensual. "God, I love you, babe..."
"I love you too," you replied genuinely. His hips kept moving, his lips continuously kissing over your throat and behind your ear, and his hand reached down to rub at your clit, making you squirm as your orgasm creeped closer.
"Don't cum yet, I can feel you clenching," he warned.
"I'll try," you replied, unsure if you could do as he asked.
"Hold it just a little longer, baby, okay?"
He was breathing so heavily in your ear now, clearly also getting close to his climax. His cock sunk into you over and over again, faster and harder, and with each thrust you could feel the tension building within you and you tried to fight it so hard, but eventually you lost the battle and fell over the edge.
"Fuck, I'm cumming, Changkyun, I can't hold it, fuck!"
He gripped your hips and groaned loudly at your ear, feeling you clench around him. You were overcome with pleasure, the release shaking through you, and for a moment you'd completely forgotten you were naked against a window.
"God, fuck--!" His breath hitched in his throat and he hit his climax satisfyingly close to yours, painting your fluttering walls with his cum.
You relaxed against the window, now welcoming the coolness of the glass, as you both tried to catch your breath. "Think anyone saw?" You asked amusedly, chest heaving.
"I hope so," he replied, making you giggle a little. "That was fucking hot."
Tumblr media
If you enjoyed this, consider liking, reblogging, replying, or sending an ask (comments and messages provide so much motivation to keep writing!) 💌 Thanks for reading! 💋
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sufferingstarlight · 6 months
Can you write one about them trying to get pregnant for a while and having no luck? But trying everytime they can and finally succeeding. Smutty but sweet and loving.
8 months
Tumblr media
Info - trying to get pregnant, scaring Timmy, self deprecating, unprotected sex, false positive. False negative, pregnant sex, crying during sex, excited for pregnancy, cock warming
Eight months of this roller coaster. The high of raw sex, the plunge of a negative test. It wasn’t fair. I’d assumed Timothée would get me pregnant right away, I’d even praised him about it when we started trying.
I was so tired of this. He blamed his body, I blamed mine. We’d gotten two false positives. I was crying all the time. Timothée was worried about me. The doctor had told us we couldn’t get checked for fertility unless we’d tried for a year.
“I wish you luck Mon amour,” said the sticky note in my car said. I’d had a positive test, but I was going to the doctor for confirmation. I had no hope.
Finally, I sat before my doctor, head on my fist as she listed facts I’d heard a hundred times.
“However, it does appear you are pregnant. You must have received several false negatives, because you’re farther along than I expected.”
“Excuse me?” I said, lighting up at her words.
“You’re pregnant,” she smiled.
“Can I call my husband?” I sobbed.
“Of course,” she allowed.
“T-Timmy come home please,” I begged him.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
“Come home, cancel your plans,” I told him. I cried the whole way home. I wanted to see Timothée more than I ever had. I was home and waiting anxiously by the door.
“Are you okay?” Timothée said as he flung himself inside. I jumped on him and clung like a koala. He nearly fell over.
“We’re pregnant, you’re a daddy,” I whispered in his ear.
“Are you fucking serious?” He asked in shock.
“Yes, it wasn’t a false positive. I’m pregnant!”
“You absolutely brilliant girl, I knew you could do it!” He said, spinning me around.
“We could do it!” I corrected.
“Oh my gosh, we’re parents!”
“I’m so happy!” I beamed.
“Let’s make love. Let me make love to my pregnant wife,” he begged.
“Yes, yes please, fuck me right here, the place you found out,” I said. He laid me down on the floor. He kissed me hungrily, hands creeping up my shirt.
“Mmmm,” I hummed into his mouth. “You’re going to be such a good dad, I cannot wait.”
“Oh love, you’re going to be the best mom in the world!”
“Our kid will be pretty damn lucky,” I smiled and took off my top and bra.
“I am so fucking excited for you to get a cute little belly, and watch it get bigger and bigger,” he sighed and kissed my stomach. He then took off his shirt.
“Damn you’re sexy, I love that you knocked me up!” I said, pulling him down for another kiss. “I love your body, it’s so so so sexy. I can’t get enough.”
“I feel the same about you. I am obsessed,” he panted.
“Get your cock out, I need it,” I begged. We hadn’t been this needy since we decided to try. The continuous negatives had brought us down to a place where we hadn’t been this way.
He did was I said, entering me with a long moan.
“So tight,” he whimpered.
“Yeah your baby will always be tight for you. I’m so damn excited for this journey with you. I didn’t think I could love you even more but here I am,” I said, and he began to thrust.
“It’s never felt this good, tell me I’m not being a sap,” he begged me as he whined, pumping his cock in me at a fast speed, but going very deep.
“You’re not being a sap, this is heavenly,” I sighed, squeezing his cock with my walls.
“I could sing Mon amour, I’m so damn happy. Let’s spend the rest of the night talking baby names, room colors, and all that shit, and sit on my cock the whole time!” He was so excited that I was nearing my peak.
“Timmy, I’m so close, I’m sorry, I’m just so in love,” I apologized.
“No, don’t be worried, I’m close too. This is so overwhelming,” he sniffed and I realized he was crying.
“Baby,” I held his face.
“I’m so happy. I’m going to be a daddy, you’re a mommy, which you’ve always wanted. We’re going to be an amazing family. I’m so, so happy. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to get you pregnant.”
“We can do anything together. Even if you couldn’t, my love wouldn’t change just like you wouldn’t stop loving me if I couldn’t carry a baby. We were MADE to do life together. Every up and down we were destined to deal with together. I love you. You are my forever,” I said.
“Is it gross that made me nearly cum?”
“No, it’s romantic, cum inside me. You did so good impregnating me baby boy. I can’t wait to feel your cum whenever I want. I love you love you love you!”
He let loose and I came as well. We moved together, moaned together, shook together, came together.
“I feel like I could conquer the world,” he mumbled into my ear.
“Your world is us now,” I said, holding my stomach.
“Of course.”
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thegetoufather · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
porco galliard x f!reader
w/c: 1.1k
warnings: smut/18+, minors and ageless blogs dni, dry humping, mentions of anal and double penetration, masturbation
a/n: this was an ask that got away from me but a concept ive been dreaming for for a while. thank you to @lostinwildflowers for asking for more rugby player porco. and thank you @dilfphobes & @erwinsvow for being on this scream journey with me.
Tumblr media
Porco doesn't know what awaits him on the other side of the door.
The way Pieck giggled when she dropped the keys of your shared apartment didn’t bode well, waving him off before he could pester her about the surprise you had planned for him. 
The possibilities are running through his mind as he presses the key into the lock, and surprise washes over his features when he swings the door open to find the apartment entirely empty. 
“Babe?” He calls out. “I’m back! Pieck told me to come see you so —” 
His voice trails off when you come into view, a big grin stretched across your face when you see the boy you had been missing for the greater part of the week.
If Porco stares at you any harder, he’s pretty sure his eyes will bug out of his head. 
You pad across the hardwood floors so gracefully, hips sauntering as you put one knee high socked foot in front of the other as you move to where he stands in the living room. The silky material of his jersey does nothing to protect you from the chill of the room air, Porco’s jaw dropping when you come close enough for him to see how your nipples have peaked under the fabric.
“Hey there, big boy,” you laugh, leaning forward to kiss him hello. “I’ve missed you.”
“Whats — what’s all this for?”
“Oh, this?” You twirl for him, showing off the large number 7 under the name Galliard that's emblazoned across your back. “Heard my favorite rugby player is back in town and I wanted to surprise him, think he’ll like it?”
Porco really doesn’t have the words to describe the way the sight of you makes him feel.The deep burgundy of the Warriors can flatter anybody, but Porco always thought it looked best on you. He loves the way you coordinate your lipstick to match the shirt on game days, always running off from the rest of the team to the stands to pull you into a good luck kiss so the same color can decorate his cheekbones. It’s so that the crowd knows he’s taken, that he’s yours, because on the stands, you are one in a dozen girls wearing his jersey.
But here, in this living room, with nothing on underneath the shirt that bears his name, Porco can revel in the fact that you are entirely his. 
He moves to a tackling position, leaning down to throw you over his shoulder as you yelp, delivering a swift spank to your ass when he’s stood up. 
“I think he’ll love it, babe,” he announces playfully, carrying you towards the bedroom as you giggle in response. 
He deposits you with an unceremonious drop on the bed, Porco stripping his shirt off as you spread your legs further to make room for him. He’s clambering over your body, latching on to the junction of your neck. He’s missed you more than he can take, inhaling your sweet scent and whimpers as he sucks at the soft skin, biting back a groan when you start threading your fingers through his hair. 
“M-missed you, ohhhhh,” you moan, gyrating your hips to rub against the tent in his briefs.
“Yeah, I can feel how much baby,” He moves his hands down to your hips, pulling you closer to him to press your dampened core further into him. “You’re so wet for me already.”
You give him a hazy smile, leaning upwards so you can tug at the shell of his ear with your teeth “Wanna show you just how much,” you giggle. You tighten your legs around his waist for leverage as you flip him over, Porco landing on the pillow beneath him with a thunk. His brows furrow with the solid contact, reaching underneath him to pull out the dildo you had tucked away. 
“Fuck,” you laugh, hands coming up to cover your face as you laugh at your boyfriends confusion. “Sorry about that, I thought I put it away.” 
“What is, what is this?” He holds it in his hand as though his grasp will reveal the phallus’s secrets, fingers running up and down the length of it as he assesses the size and shape. The silicone is smooth in his hands, save for the veiny details added on the sides. The touch of realism is odd, he thinks, given how it's mint green, grasping it at the suction cup at its base to watch how it moves when he thrusts it in the air. 
“It's a dildo, Sir Lancelot, now put away before you take my eye out just waving that thing around.”
“Oi,” he states, jabbing you in the chest with the rubber tip. “We fuck pretty much every time we see each other and you’ve never brought this up. How often do you use this thing?”
“When I haven’t seen you in a while.”
“I’ve been gone for four days.”
“Like I said, a while. Are you jealous of a rubber dick?” 
“No!” He huffs, blush blooming on his cheekbones. He’s no fool to your needs, but he’s always imagined you with thinking about him with your pretty little fingers stuffed in your cunt, unable to fill yourself the way that he could. 
“Porco,” you purr, hand moving forward to reach for the object in his hands. “I don’t need it now that you’re here.”
But he does.
Porco needs to see it for himself, the way you split yourself on this pathetic imitation of him while you whine for him to come back to you. He wants to see the way you cream around it while you cry out his name. He wants you so thankful and desperate for him that you’ll take everything he gives you, he might even take it so he can stuff both your greedy little holes full because you missed him that much. 
So Porco does what any reasonable man in this situation would do — he holds it above your head to ward off your advances.
“Porco,” you say, firmer this time. “This isn’t funny, give it back.”
He flips you back over on the bed, knees pinned your spread legs apart. Porco pushes your panties to the side, swearing softly as he watches gossamer strands sticking to the fabric break. You watch with wide eyes as he lines the toy up with your entrance, the tip starting to stretch that first ring of muscle.
“You wanted to show how badly you missed me, right? Go ahead and give me that show.”
Tumblr media
thx for reading! plz don’t recc this on tiktok.
© all rights reserved THEGETOUFATHER 2022. please do not copy, modify or repost my work.
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Tumblr media
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Find the Word
tagged by @darthenra (thanks!)
rules: find a drabble/poem/blurb of your manuscript or other material containing the word or word form given to you! good luck <3
my words were: spirit, journey, sleep, mirror
spirit/journey (from an untitled collab)
Bianca stood up, taking Rin’s outstretched hand to help her up and steady her. “He may have a bit of a point there,” she admitted, leaning down a bit to wrap an arm around Rin’s slender shoulders. The Auri girl was so small, and while she may have been sick, Bianca knew that her spirit was anything but fragile. “Still, I have faith that we can make that journey, just like we’re making this one.” She guided Rin over to the sofa and gently eased her down onto it, taking care not to jostle her too much.
sleep (from The Last Night of the World)
“Ah, Estinien,” he murmured, setting down the paper he had been holding. “Could you not sleep? I can have another blanket sent up to you if you’re too cold.” Estinien rolled his eyes.
mirror (from Beneath the Light of an Azure Moon)
Estinien dressed himself absentmindedly, changing out of his nightclothes and into a simple tunic and breeches. He gave himself a cursory glance in the mirror, briefly combing his fingers through his long white hair before pulling it back into a messy ponytail. If the old man wouldn’t even fix his own hair, he reasoned, there wasn’t much point to making himself particularly presentable. Giving himself one last glare in the mirror, he exited the room.
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your words are: moon, river, bright
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sean-kuraly · 10 months
Congrats on 100! If you would, could you do an Instagram edit with Nick Blankenburg (your choice of topic!) please and thank you?
Congrats again! 🎉❤️
celebrating nick getting his first nhl goal below <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
liked by nblanks98, umichhockey, bluejacketsnhl and others
itsy/n so proud of my boy for getting his first ever nhl goal tonight!!! i'm so grateful that you've allowed me to be here with you on this journey💞 i'm so proud of you and i love you endlessly 💖
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umichhockey oh captain my captain!
nblanks98 thank you so much for always being there to cheer me on, i love you sweet girl 💕
↪ itsy/n i love you more baby!!! so proud of you for tonight 😚
↪ brendan.brisson mom and dad
kentjohnson.13 he only plays this good when you're here!
↪ thombordeleau_ we always knew mom was his main motivator🙄
bluejacketsnhl it looks like we finally found blanks good luck charm!
Tumblr media
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nblanks98 i'm so excited that you were here for my first goal and that you'll be there for every single one after, i couldn't have done any of this without you y/n, thank you for agreeing to be there for every goal for the rest of our lives 💕
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itsy/n i never thought you'd pop the question in the tunnel post game but i'm so glad you did! always and forever baby, i love you 💖
↪ nblanks98 i'd been waiting for the perfect moment and this was it!
boonejenner congrats to the newest bluejacket!
am.merzlikins we're so excited for you and y/n!!! already planning with all the wags 💞💞💞
↪ itsy/n i'm so excited to finally be an official member of the blue jackets wag club!!!!
↪ mackie.samo FINALLY
↪jimmy.lambert they've basically been married the past two years
brendan.brission oh god does this mean siblings are next...
↪nblanks98 😉
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wittl3sissybaby · 4 months
Tumblr media
Chapter 6 - The Sorting
Like a toddler on a trip to Disney World, Larry was stuffed in a 1950’s style stroller and led into the gigantic castle. The difference being that most kids would kill to go to Disney World, as Larry was sure most of the sissies like Bryan would too. But not him. Larry had already felt like he’d been in a bad dream, and being driven into the doors of the castle by a giant black man only emphasized that his nightmare was nowhere close to ending. 
There were sissies and Bouncers everywhere as they entered the castle. Penis-shaped candles and torches illuminating the inside. As the wax of the candles melted, it made them look like the penises were ejaculating.
Sitters were filing the students into the Great Hall. “Come on second-years!” They shouted “you know the drill! You’ve already been sorted! Meet up with the other upperclassmen! Unless you’d like to go join the first years and wear Pampers again! Because that can certainly be arranged!!”
Tyrone steered the stroller around to the side entrance, where they met the other line of first years. Bouncers helped the sissy babies out of their carts and stood them up in a line. Tyrone lifted Larry out with no issue as if he were a small child and plopped him on his feet. 
“Good luck, sissy!“ he winked with his baritone voice. Turning the carriage around and walking off. 
Larry watched him fade away into the darkness of the hallway when a loud applause erupted from inside the great hall. 
He was at the edge of the door in line, and had just enough room to peek inside. 
There were four extremely long tables taking up almost the entirety of the room. The benches of the tables filled with sissies. All of them looking much more feminine compared to the group standing around him. The first years looked like a bunch of middle-aged dudes who lost a fantasy football bet and had to stuff themselves in dresses as a humiliating punishment. 
At the forefront of the Hall was a stage where Larry assumed the Professors sat. The applause resounded as a particularly powerful looking woman approached the stand. She looked like a stereotypical sexy librarian you would see out of a cheesy porno. Her dark hair was pulled tightly into a bun. Her half moon spectacles had a chain dangling from them. A tight, firm set jaw with sharply pursed mouth of fiery red lipstick. 
“Hello all,” she said, and the room went instantly silent. “And welcome to another year at the Sissy School for Male Whores and Adulterers!“ there was a very high pitched squeal of applause. But it was silenced as quick as it began when the woman made another move to speak “As you all know, I am your Headmistress Eleanor Rosebelt. I take great pride in taking you pitiful excuses for men, and harnessing your true potential. Your potential to be a dirty, cocksucking sissy gurl!”
Again a round of applause from the upperclassmen. Did they really like to be spoken to in that way? Or were they just applauding out of fear of this scary looking woman?
”On your journey to becoming a full, prissified sissy bimbo, you will spend your time in one of the four Houses: The Maidenlaw house is for those who seek to serve in the home as a caretaker to their owners every need. They pride themselves on keeping a clean house, and a well fed, and sexually satisfied Master or Mistress.“
One of the tables erupted in cheers at the mention of their House name. Most of them were dressed in outfits that had more lavender purple accents or fringe. 
“The Mufflefluff House is the backbone of the porn industry. As you all know, almost 33% of the countries GDP now comes from the...erotic side of the internet. And the Mufflefluffs are the ones behind the scenes making sure those cocks are hard and ready to go. There is also a growing demand for T-girls, Traps, Trannies, and other fetishes i’m sure you all perused back in your formative years.  Those in the Mufflefluff house must be prone to high levels of humiliation and degradation, and have very little values and morals. There are a lot of fetishes out there, and you Mufflefluffs will fill those voids for all!”
Another round of applause, this time from the table dressed in canary yellow frillies. 
“And where would we be without the Whoridor house?!” The pink table exploded. “Yes, you gurls are the ones most people get to see...and use. You’re the ones working the corners, the back alleys and —if you’re lucky—the Brothels. You’re the ones who give those sleazy men you all used to be a chance! How else are those pigs and virgins going to get their dick wet if not but in your mouth? Remember the days when psychopaths used to use and abuse poor innocent females? Well not anymore! Because now they have you! The Whoridors!”
Larry’s heart sank as she spoke. He couldn’t imagine living the rest of his life on his knees in some back alley sucking on some stranger’s cock. Or hiking up his skirt as a creepy old man rammed him from behind over the hood of his car. He did not sign up for this...
”And last but not least” continued the Headmistress, “We have the adorable Sluttykins!” The last table cheered, their colors a very feminine teal color. Larry could see Graco nodding and smirking to his cronies in front of him, pointing to himself confidently as if he already knew that’s where he’ll be. 
“A Sluttykin sets their own path after graduation. They can choose to live a life of freedom in the outside world, or a life as a trophy wife for a lucky bachelor. No matter where they go, they will always honor our school, as a sissy or a newly remediated male. “
There was a gasp from some of the first years. With whispers of “you mean I could look like a man again?!”
Larry knew right then that was the House he wanted to be, but the idea was further cemented when the Headmistress said: 
“Now, as you all know, we will be competing in our annual House Cup. The House with the highest points at the end of the year will get to spend the next term entirely out of chastity.  Because the Sluttykins won the previous term, they all — including those sorted into them tonight — get to go free from the bonds of chastity, unless otherwise instructed by staff.“
There was a buzz in the room now. Every first year wanted to join the Sluttykins. Every student of a different House was jealous of their freedom. A short cough by the Headmistress silenced them immediately. 
“And so, without further adieu, Professor Mars shall conduct the Sorting!” Everyone clapped as the Headmistress took the throne behind her and was replaced on stage by a beautiful looking young woman carrying a small pointing stick. 
“Come” she snapped at the first year in the front of the line. Pointing to the floor in front of her, indicating for the sissy to get down on her knees. The sissy obeyed obediently. Quivering from a mixture of fear, humiliation, and the feeling of a thousand pairs of eyes watching. 
Professor Mars began inspecting the sissy as if he were a breed in a dog show. ”Hmmm...a slender back and hips.“ she spoke out loud as if to herself. “Poor posture, but that can be corrected. Not a bad face...but not great either.” She grasped the sissy by the jaw and stuck a long slender finger in his mouth, swirling it around. “Not too large of teeth, but an extremely sensitive gag reflex...what's your name Sissy?"
"Chr-Christopher, Miss.." the sissy replied.
"Ohh well you will be going by 'Christie' from now on! And you will be doing it in your new House: MAIDENLAW!!” She shouted. The lavender tinted table erupted in applause. Welcoming their newest member as he meandered his way over. 
The next sissy had unsightly moles on his face, his teeth were large and raggidy. Professor Mars took one look at him and hollered out “MUFFLEFLUFF” before he even knelt down. Apparently she thought he would be more suited for behind the scenes work or as a phone sex operator. 
Graco, Bert and Gurney were the next three up. Each one sent to Sluttykins. Smiling triumphantly as they joined the others at the table. Bert and Gurney apparently had too large of a frame to be desirable in any of the other Houses, “and that’s something no amount of training can fix” Ms. Mars said. 
Next up was Bryan. Who noticeably tried to change to a slower pace when he realized he was skipping over to be inspected. After getting him on all fours Professor Mars smiled at his enthusiasm. “Ohhh we got an excited one here!“ she laughed. There was a scattered chuckle from around the Hall. Even from behind, Larry could tell Bryan’s face had turned red with shame like it did earlier on the train. 
After inspecting his mouth, Ms. Mars hiked up his frilly skirt and reached into Bryan’s diaper with her saliva-lubed finger. “Quite the loosey goosey aren’t we?!” She teased after apparently entering his hole. She moved her hand to the front of his diaper, still keeping it inside. “And a sticky wittle mess inside to boot! I think someone‘s a perfect fit to be a wittle Whoridor!!”
Despite being a tad embarrassed. Bryan grinned with glee as he made his way to join all the cheering pink sissies. 
The next 10 or so first years were pretty evenly distributed between the four houses. With some taking a while to be inspected, and others being sorted almost immediately. Some even had requests. Actually wanting to be a Maid or a Camwhore for the rest of their life. And Ms. Mars honored every one of them. 
By the time it was Larry’s turn, the pit in his stomach had grown to feel like the size of a watermelon. He approached the center of the stage hesitantly. Feeling everyone‘s eyes upon him, including those of the Headmistress and the Inspector. 
Larry knelt down in front of Professor Mars. Too nervous to move. 
“I see someone has already had some fun today!” She said, noting the dried cum stains still present on his face. “Open wide and say ‘ahhh’, dear!” She commanded. Larry obeyed, pretending he was at the doctor’s office. She stuck her finger into his mouth and swabbed the inside of his cheek. Then shoved her finger down his throat as if trying to force him to throw up...which he almost did. Gagging as soon as her finger met his uvula. 
“Weak gag reflex. A little soggy around the midsection. But a few weeks with Professor Michaels will get rid of that beer gut. Any requests, dear?”
”Sluttykins...” Larry tried to say, but it came out as a whisper. “Please! Let me be in Sluttykins!”
She was inspecting his ass now, the way she did Bryan’s. Fingering his abused asshole that was still damaged from Tyrone that morning.
“Awww but a pretty gurl like you would make a great pornstar! You sure you don’t wanna be a Mufflefluff?!” She asked, still circling and inspecting him on all fours. 
“Please Miss...” He was begging now, quivering. Flashes of being condemned to a life of taking dicks bigger than Tyrone’s up his ass for the rest of his life were spinning through his head. He started to cry “Please put me in Sluttykins...”
Larry wiped away one of his tears, not wanting the others to see. In doing so, he bumped his bangs just enough to expose the dick-shaped mark on his forehead. That was Larry’s mistake. Professor Mars’ eyes grew as big as saucers. 
“The MARK!!” She gasped. Pulling Larry’s hair to the side roughly and forcing his head around for all to see. “He bears the Mark of the Chosen One!!”
The room filled with a murmur of whispers and gossip. Three sharp taps of the Headmistress’ cane on the ground ended that. 
“SILENCE! I have no time for such Fairy Tales!” She shouted. Waiting for the room to settle. But it never quite got to the dead silence it had before. There was a buzzing of anticipation and intrigue. "As much as I believe in the skills we teach at this school, there is NO ONE out there that can make any man cum in 7 seconds. It’s just not possible. I will not hear another word of this hogwash! In fact, this sissy shall henceforth be known as 'Fairy', as a reminder for believing in such nonsense!" Putting the legend to rest. But Professor Mars still seemed unconvinced. Looking at Larry as one would a Prophet or Alien. Her eyes still the size of saucers. 
“Please...” Larry said, attempting to change the subject and remind her of his desires. “Sluttykins...”
”Oh no no no no...” she whispered back so the Headmistress couldn’t hear. “A talent for making a man cum in 7 seconds would be wasted in Sluttykins. People will come far and wide to use you. They will pay enormous sums just for the chance. You’re going to be the greatest whore there ever was, and ever will be. And the only House to make you reach your true potential will be...WHORIDOR!!!”
The pink table erupted in hoots and hollers louder than ever before. And unlike with the other sissies, the other Houses groaned in disappointment. Not getting to say they shared a House with The Chosen One. 
Begrudgingly, Larry made his way over to the Whoridor table, sniffling. Everyone was smiling gleefully and eager to shake his hand as he passed. Larry only wished he shared their enthusiasm. 
He was led to the back of the long table where the other first years sat in oversized high chairs like giant babies. A Sitter opened up the tray of the chair next to Bryan. Closing and locking it shut once he sat. 
The rest of the Sorting was a blur. Larry barely even noticed Henry from the train get sorted into his House as well. Taking the seat next to him. Larry was too busy contemplating the life ahead of him. Even though none of this still felt real, the terrifying images in his head did nothing to quell his sorrow. 
“Let the feast...begin!” called the Headmistress once everyone was seated. 
Suddenly plates and platters started appearing from nowhere. As leather and latex clad sissy servants brought out trays of food. Larry was starving, only having Cummy Bears and his wife’s lovers’ loads all day. 
The first thing he grabbed was a big steaming muffin. Iced and still hot from the oven. He took the biggest bite he could and was instantly filled with regret. The ‘icing’ tasted just like the bitter, salty taste of cum he'd come to learn so well that day. The muffin itself was still gooey, and was probably laced with copious amounts of cum as well. Larry instantly lost his appetite. Spewing out what was in his mouth all over his dress and onto the tray of the high chair. 
Bryan, however, couldn’t seem to shovel food into his mouth fast enough. Cakes, Mashed potatoes, mushy peas and carrots, some sort of pudding, all of it looking unappealing. But none of it could escape Bryan’s tiny baby-sized spoon. 
Henry looked down the table at Bryan. Scoffing disapprovingly as he spooned a small portion of pureed prunes into his mouth, and wiping it daintily with his bib. 
”Having trouble little one?” Came a voice behind Larry. He turned to see a very pretty Sitter smiling behind him. It was she who was actually the little one. She couldn’t have been more than 5 feet tall, and had beautiful auburn hair down to her shoulders and black, horn-rimmed glasses. Larry twinged in pain as his cock tried to grow inside its tiny cage to no avail. He sat there dumbfounded. “Awww! You’re so cute!! My name’s Ariel. Does somewon need some help getting a wittle yum yum in their tum tum?!” She teased. 
“No...i’m fine, thanks.” Larry replied. Coming off very grumpy from being spoken to like a baby, and implying that he can’t feed myself. 
“Well you need to eat something Ms. Pissy Sissy! Here...” she grabbed a bowl off the table. “How bout some yummy cummy pudding?!” She grabbed Larry’s baby spoon off the tray and scooped up a huge helping of the white, creamy mixture. “Open uuppp wittle baby!!! Heeeeereee cumssss the airpwannnnne!!!” She cooed as she brought the spoon to his pursed lips. 
“I said ‘NO!’” Larry snapped. Slapping her hand away and sending the spoon flying. Her demeanor immediately shifted from that of a loving mother/sister, to a stern, no-nonsense caregiver. 
“You will eat what I give you and you will like it!” her voice was low and menacing. “Otherwise I will —“
But they were interrupted by a ruckus across the table. Apparently another sissy baby wasn’t taking kindly to his food, and wasn’t liking being fed by a Sitter either. “You little TWERP!!” She shouted loud enough for the whole Hall to hear. Not bothering to restrain her voice the way Ariel did. The Sitter was much taller and ferocious looking than Ariel too. She had black hair snaking down her back in a long braid. Her nose was hooked and pointy. And her furrowing forehead wrinkled into the fiercest scowl he'd ever seen that told him she meant business. She reached her hand up and snapped her fingers twice, looking out to the perimeter of the room. Immediately three large black Bouncers only slightly smaller than Tyrone swarmed around the sissy‘s high chair. 
One of them lifted the big baby out of his tray kicking and screaming. Then slammed him over the large table while the other two cleared the plates and held down his arms. The one who lifted him up was now fumbling with his belt buckle, dropping his pants to his ankles while the other men lifted the sissy’s skirt and ripped off his diaper, then began lubing his asshole. 
The sissy screamed, shouted and squirmed uncontrollably as the large man entered him from behind. Pounding him relentlessly while the Sitter watched triumphantly, arms crossed. The other sissies watched in horror as the gangrape took place only feet away from their dinner. He glanced over at the front of the Hall where the Professors were sitting. Wanting to gauge their reaction to the scene. They simply smirked and surveyed the rest of the crowd as if this were a very normal, everyday occurrence. 
After growing tired of his screams, one of the Bouncers pulled over a bowl of mushy peas, raised the sissy’s head up then plunged it down into the mush. Muffling the sissies screams into a low gurgle. After watching the sissy squirm in the green stew while getting fucked, Ariel turned back to Larry, smiled, and nodded. 
“Otherwise you might get that...” she finished. 
Larry didn’t dare protest as she brought the cummy pudding to his mouth again. 
Even though it still tasted like jizz, the first couple bites weren’t too bad. Hisstomach was gurgling in hunger, and the thick, slightly sweet creaminess helped to satisfy it. 
About half way through the bowl, Larry had had enough. But Ariel kept spooning it into his mouth. Catching any that leaked out expertly and putting it back in his mouth for another attempt at swallowing it. She noticed he was moving slower, so she picked up a baby bottle off the table and brought the nipple to his mouth. Or at least...what Larry thought was a nipple. Upon further examination it was actually a tiny rubber penis. 
“Drink up!” She said sweetly, yet firmly. Larry didn’t dare disobey. He sucked the tiny penis until the liquid inside was flowing. It tasted like a protein shake, but with a lot of other flavors mixed in. Cum, obviously, but some sort of bitter remnants of medication as well. 
By the time Larry finished the bottle, he felt ready to burst. His belly strained against the corset. But the Sitter kept feeding him. Shoving spoonful after spoonful of cummy pudding down his throat. 
“Please no more Miss...” Larry begged weakly as she scooped up another bowl once he’d finished the first. 
“Awww but doesn’t the wittle baby wanna grow up to be big and strong?!” She cooed. Shoving more pudding in his mouth. About halfway through the second bowl, Larry’s stomach started to rumble. He didn’t know if it was from not going all day, or some sort of laxatives were put in the food or bottle. But no matter what the cause, he had to go...now. 
“Miss...may I...be excused?!” Larry asked, hoping his manners would yield mercy. 
“For what baby?!” she feigned curiosity, but her eyes betrayed the fact that she knew exactly what was going on. 
“I have to...” He didn’t even bother finishing the statement, they both knew what he was going to say. Still, she finished the sentence for him. 
“Awwww! Does somewon have to go tinky poo poo?!” 
Larry fucking hated the way she talked to him, but he didn’t care to argue. His bowels were sloshing like a washing machine. He nodded “yes” furiously as he squirmed uncomfortably in the high chair. 
“Well where do you think you’re gonna go, wittle baby?!“ she emphasized the last word to remind him what was about to happen. Larry knew there was no fighting it, not that he could anymore. 
It was just like earlier with the enema, once he relaxed his sphincter, the floodgates opened. Only this time, what filled his diaper was a lot more thick, squishy, and smelly. 
Ariel clapped encouragingly at the uncomfortable look on his face. Knowing full well the deed he just did. The other sissies around him ruffled up their nose and giggled at the smell. 
Sissies were filing out of the Hall now, heading off to their rooms for bed. The three Bouncers had finished running a train on the poor sissy as well. 
“Can we go now, Miss?!” Larry pleaded with the Sitter. Trying to keep his dirty bottom elevated off the seat of the chair to prevent squishing around in his own filth any further. 
”Not until you finish your pudding!” She said sternly. And he knew she meant it. She was enjoying watching him in this predicament. 
Larry didn’t argue, just eagerly accepted the pudding in order to get it over with faster. 
“Sure you don’t have another mess to add to your diaper?” She cooed, putting her hand under his skirt and squeezing the diapered crotch. 
Larry’s cock immediately began screaming inside its cage. It had been entirely too long since a girl’s hand had been that close to his manhood (not counting the one who fitted him in the cage in the first place). 
“Wet it for me.“ she commanded. There was a fire in her eyes that matched her scattered freckles. “I want to feel it get warm“
What kind of sick freak is she?! Larry thought, but he also didn’t want her to move her hand away. 
After getting over the initial touching, and waiting for his excitement to reside, Larry focused on wetting the diaper. 
It’s a strange feeling, the first time you wet a diaper. You literally have to force your brain to fight the mental block you have against peeing in such a weird position. Not in a toilet.  Not even touching your dick. Just tucked inside a cage and a fluffy pink (and very dirty) diaper. 
Eventually, Larry managed to rewire his brain a bit, and convince it it was okay to let it all out. And he did, a lot. It was so much he was worried the diaper wouldn’t hold it all, but it did. Ariel smiled wickedly. Withdrawing her hand and scraping the last contents of the pudding from the bowl. 
“Come on! Let’s go get you changed and put to bed!”
Why is she taking such a pointed interest in me? Larry thought to himself as she led him through the halls of the castle by hand.
 Is it because I'm the Chosen One? Is it because she saw I needed help? Or is it maybe...something else?
The castle was a lot bigger than he expected. With winding hallways and stairs. Or maybe it just felt huge because every step in heels while walking around in a dirty diaper was unbearable. 
When they finally made it to the Whoridor Common Room. There was a huge statue of a man next to the door, with a large, erect stone member protruding outwards. 
“This is where you input the password,” Ariel explained. Pointing to the outstretched stone cock. “I believe the correct sequence for Whoridors is: Right, Left, Up, Down. Then three strokes.“
Larry waited for her to laugh and say she was joking. But her face was more stoic than the statue’s. 
Reluctantly, Larry grabbed the stone cock and moved it right, it slid rather easily. I then did the rest of the directions and finally stroked it 3 times like he was jacking it off. It was...very weird. 
But a noticeable click could be heard on the other side of the doors as a mechanism was released, and the door creaked open almost by itself. 
Ariel chuckled at his gaping face, then grabbed him by the hand and led him inside. 
The room looked like a large living area decorated for a young girl in love with the color pink. There were sofas and lounge chairs and exercise bikes and even a fireplace. But it was all reminiscent of what you would find in a dollhouse. 
Ariel led him to a side room that looked like a big nursery. 
“Let’s get your diaper changed, stinky gurl!” She said, patting the changing table. Being a grown man told to climb up and lay down so a girl who was barely 18 could change your poopy diaper was a very specific form of humiliation Larry never thought he’d experience. 
His cock twinged inside its cage the entire time this beautiful girl ran her hands between his legs and cleaned up the mess he made in his Pampers. He was actually relieved once he was finally put into a fresh diaper. 
“Let’s get your jammies on!” She said, going over to a closet that already had a name tag that read “Larry/Fairy” on it. She opened it up and pulled out the giant pink onesie Larry had purchased earlier that day at Guyagon Alley. 
Larry could have very easily dressed himself, but she insisted on doing it. Again making him question her ulterior motives.  It was a miraculous feeling when she untied the strings to his corset, allowing him to finally breathe again. She used a small key on a chain around her neck to unlock the tiny locks on his heels. Larry wondered if she also had the key to his chastity device. 
Once he was dressed, she led him to the room where the other first years were sleeping. It was row after row of cribs. Not adult sized like everything else. It was the same dimensions you would buy for a real baby. 
Several sissies, including Bryan and Henry, were already snoozing away in their cribs. Some even sucking on their thumbs or a paci. In fact, Larry must have been one of the last to arrive. There was music playing through some sort of speaker. With a woman’s hypnotic voice speaking softly saying:
You are such a pretty baby gurl...You love the feel of your diaper between your legs...your clitty in your cage...you are not a man...you are a sissy...a sissy baby girl…
Then the voice repeated the same lines, over and over and over again.
Ariel led him to a crib that literally had his name(s) on it, his trunk of supplies sitting beside it.  She dropped the side railing of the crib down and allowed him to climb inside. 
There were straps attached to each corner post of the crib, which Ariel looped around each arm and leg. “Just until we’re sure you can behave!” She said. 
The last thing before she left was a 4-inch pacifier shaped like a penis that she popped into his mouth. Then secured tightly with a strap around his head. 
“Goodnight wittle sissy! Sweet dreams!” She said, and planted a small kiss on his forehead before raising the railing to the crib and locking it. 
Larry struggled against his bonds as he watched her leave. Already growing some sort of attachment to her. 
Now he was left alone in this creepy place. The gravity of everything started crashing down on him again. This was all real. He wasn’t dreaming. Today was just the beginning. And it would only get worse. Larry cried like a baby, blubbering and sniffling as much as the rubber penis paci in his mouth would allow. He struggled to get comfortable as he squirmed in the bonds holding him in the crib. Causing his diaper, footy pajamas, and the plastic sheets he was on to all squeak. He didn’t fall asleep until several hours later, when the woman on the speaker's hypnotic voice had made the 247th loop of saying:
You are such a pretty baby gurl...You love the feel of your diaper between your legs...your clitty in your cage...you are not a man...you are a sissy...a sissy baby girl…
To Be Continued....
I realize some of you may be missing the first 5 chapters of this story. I had it uploaded to my old blog which has now not only been denied access, but has been completely deleted so that no one can even reblog from it. I'm honestly tired of reuploading everything onto to this stupid site. So if you would like to read Chapters 1-5 you can find them on sites like Wattpad, Literotica, Sissykiss, and others that I probably can't say because I'll likely get banned for that too..................................
If you are all caught up, and you want to read past Chapter 6, my Patrons are currently up to Chapter 8, with Chapter 9 set to be released later this month. If you'd like to support me, read other stories, and join a community of fellow readers, head over to Patreon.com/wittlesissybaby
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harunayuuka2060 · 1 year
Barbatos: The preparation is complete.
MC: Are you sure?
Barbatos: Yes, Your Majesty.
Diavolo: Wife? What preparation he's talking about?
MC: Barbatos.
Barbatos: A soundproofed room with a bathroom inside, a sturdy bed, a whole month food supply, and painkillers.
Dia: Is it for a calamity?
Barbatos: *smiles*
Barbatos: No, my lord.
MC: I think you have forgotten. You're going to give birth to a bouncy baby girl.
Diavolo: Yes?
Barbatos: My lord... I didn't say that it's going to be easy.
Diavolo: Wait.
MC: *walks up to him and picks him up by the back of his collar* Barbatos, I trust that you will watch over my brothers in our absence.
Barbatos: Yes, Your Majesty.
Diavolo: W-Wife?
MC: *carries him up in a bridal-style* I am going to pound every seed I have in you. You might even give birth to a lot of babies.
Diavolo: *his voice becomes small* Wife?
Barbatos: Good luck in your one-month journey, my lord. I am wishing for your safety.
Diavolo: *horrified expression*
Lucifer: Eo, this is your Devildom bank account. Your monthly and yearly allowance are in there.
Eo: Eh? But why?
Lucifer: What do you mean 'why'? All of us have our own money here. You can't just possibly go anywhere without that.
Eo: Th-That's awesome...
Levi: Hey, Eo! Wanna go to the arcade?
Mammon: Hey! I want to go too!
Belphie: I'm joining you as well.
Asmo: Lucifer, do you think Sister's D.D.D is with her?
Lucifer: Don't call her while she's in the middle of something.
Asmo: But I'm just curious on how Lord Diavolo is going?
Beel: I won't be surprised if he goes out on a wheelchair.
Satan: I don't think Sister would be that hard on him?
Levi: Let's try calling Sister and pretend Eo misses her.
Eo: Wha— Don't!
Levi: The phone is already ringing! Haha!
Eo: !!!
Levi: Sister-! I'm calling because Eo—
*sounds of Diavolo moaning*
MC: What about Eo?
Levi: Um... Well, he just want to say that he's missing you. When will you be coming back?
MC: After a month.
Levi: Okay! Sorry for the interruption, sister! *ends the call*
Lucifer: Are you alright, Levi? Why are you pale?
Levi: I-I th-think Lord Diavolo is getting railed so hard...
The brothers: ...
Beel: I'm taking back what I said. Lord Diavolo is surely will end up bedridden for months.
Diavolo and MC: *takes a five-minute break*
Diavolo: Wife...
MC: What?
Diavolo: I'm about to reach my limit...
MC: That's why we're taking a break.
Diavolo: ...
Diavolo: *chuckles* You have a monstrous stamina, wife.
MC: *grabs his legs and pulls him forward*
Diavolo: W-Wife?
MC: Let's resume.
Diavolo: But wife— *arcs his back when MC inserted it in his hole*
Diavolo: W-Wife...
MC: *smirks* Your body is relaxing compared when we started a few hours ago.
Diavolo: Wife... Can we at least take it slow?
MC: *pulls him to sit up on her lap*
Diavolo: *groans* I-It's deep...
MC: Start moving your hips if you don't want me to make things harder for you.
Diavolo: Wife... You're so cruel...
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minty-mumbles · 2 years
Summary: What if the Links weren't born? What if they just... appeared one day?
Author's Note: This was inspired by some asks on @tortilla-of-courage's blog
(Read it on Ao3 Here)
Everyone on Skyloft had a profound bond with their loftwing. Everyone. They would trust their birds with their life, and more significantly, the lives of their children, if they had any. It wasn’t a rare sight to see your neighbor’s loftwing watching after their child, or to see a loftwing carrying a wayward child back home.
And, although Skyloft is a small island, not everyone knows each other.
So they can’t be blamed, really, that they didn't notice right away that all the loftwings on the island were playing hot potato with a small child.
They only really started to notice when the headmaster of the Knight’s academy found his loftwing looking after not just his own daughter, but a young boy as well.
Before he could question it, or pick up the boy, another loftwing swooped in, snatching the boy up by the back of his tunic. The toddler didn’t seem to mind, squealing in excitement as the bird took him up to the roof.
Gaepora still might not have thought anything about it, except that he knew for a fact that that loftwing’s rider had died a year ago. That’s why the bird was here. It was still mourning its partner, and it was better for it to be around other loftwings. The communal nests for the loftwings at the academy were perfect for that.
And, as far as he knew, the loftwing hadn’t picked a new rider. So whose child was that?
After a good two or three weeks of searching for the child’s parents and simultaneously trying to get the boy away from the loftwings, they were still empty-handed.
The search for the parents was futile. Nearly everyone on the island knew about the boy now, and most had even seen their own loftwings carrying the boy around. No parent had stepped forward.
On the other hand, no one could actually manage to get the kid away from the loftwings. It was rare for the birds to completely disobey their riders, but in this, they seemed resolute. The boy would be staying with the loftwings, at least for now.
Gaepora pinched the bridge of his nose, looking at his daughter, who was currently giggling with the yet unmanned boy on his own loftwings back. This boy was going to be nothing but trouble, he could already feel it.
The master smith of Castle town wasn’t a slouch at hand-to-hand combat. He had never been formally trained in the subject. But he was a smith. Being a smithy was very physically taxing. He may be getting on a bit in years, but he could still swing a hammer and withstand the blazing heat of the forge.
So when he entered his shop in the morning and heard rustling behind the counter he kept his lockbox behind, he did not run to call the town guards. They wouldn’t even get here in time, and Smith could deal with the thief by himself.
When he rounded the corner of the counter with a shout, what he found was not what he expected. Instead, he found a little kid. Really, he couldn't be more than two or three. Instead of the lock box, he had been rooting around in a jar of cookies that Smith kept in the shop for the rather common occasion he got the munchies in the middle of the day.
The child was watching him with wide eyes, his gaze not wavering. He had far too much of an intelligent gaze for a two year old who had literally gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Smith looked around, foolishly hoping that the child’s mother would pop out from behind one of the shelves to claim the him.
No such luck, of course. Cursing his bleeding heart, Smith picked up the child and, hanging a sign on the door to tell his customers he was closed for the day, made his way home.
The Great Deku Tree was very old. He liked to take naps, which sometimes ended up lasting months. And he forgot things sometimes.
But he was pretty sure he wasn't actually asleep for more than a few hours this time. And he was sure he would have remembered this.
There was a child laying between his roots. An infant, wrapped in swaddling clothes, nestled in a bed of fallen leaves.
The Tree didn’t recognize him.
He would know if this was a Kokiri child. It was not. This child was as Hylian as they came. And yet, somehow, he had ended up here. Deep in the lost woods, where no adult could reach. At the very least, the fairies or the Kokiris would have woken him if there had been an intruder.
The Tree took his time examining the child, looking for any clues to his origins. He found none.
After a while, the baby started to fuss. The Deku Tree hummed, calling for a fairy to go fetch Saria. She was a responsible young lass. She would make sure the boy was well looked after.
He stayed contemplating the child long after he had been taken away by the Kokiri. That child would be one to make note of.
They were calling him the Hero of the Wind, now. She had smiled when she heard that, but to her, he would always be Link. She gave him that name, after all. She had named him after the previous hero when she found him. There had been no mother in sight to give her a different name, after all.
She hadn’t known where the baby had come from. When she had gone on an early morning walk one day, it had led to her finding a woven basket with a wailing infant inside it, washed up on the shore.
No one on Outset Island had a child this young, or was even pregnant. But Hylia would be damned if she left the babe there. Besides, she was lonely. Her husband had died a few years back, and her daughter had left Outset, rarely visiting. She wouldn’t mind someone to share her house with.
There were rumors. Of course there were. Outset island was a calm and peaceful place, but that didn’t mean all the people there were kind. Suddenly acquiring a child out of nowhere was suspicious. People called her a witch behind her back, not so subtly accusing her of stealing the child.
She had claimed that her daughter had come back from sailing to give Link to his grandmother, but no one had actually seen the young woman do so, so there were always skeptics.
And there was indeed a good reason that no one had seen her come back. It was because the woman hadn’t. No one but Granny would ever know the truth of it, she had vowed to herself.
But, eventually, the excitement died down. Link was a sweet boy. And, well, he had his Granny’s nose, after all, and his mother’s bright golden hair.
(And a few years after that, when she found Aryll on her front porch, surrounded by seagulls, people said much the same about the little girl.)
The Hero of Legend had humble beginnings, just like most of his brethren. Before he had started his journeys, he had grown up on a farm, looked after by his uncle. In truth, though, said uncle had no relation to him at all.
The nearby village thought he was just an orphan.
It wasn’t unusual. Families were torn apart often these days, sometimes literally, meeting brutal ends at the hands of monsters. Many times, this left children to wander, with no one to care for them. Sometimes, families would take them in and care for them like they were their own.
It was a bit odd that Link's Uncle would do so, as he had no wife to help him in raising a child. But after all, he had no wife, and never showed any signs of looking for one. Perhaps he wanted someone to look after him as he grew older, or just someone to share his house with. It must get lonely, all by himself in that huge farm, so far from town.
In truth, he couldn’t have done anything else, except take the kid in. He had been sucked in by the big eyes set into the sweet face the first time he set eyes on the boy.
The boy never made any mention of his previous family. But, thought his uncle, that was probably normal. Whatever happened to him before he found his way here couldn’t have been pleasant.
It was probably normal not to want to speak of it. And besides, there were apples that needed to be picked, animals to be fed, grain to be cut. There would be time for talking later. For now, he would focus on teaching Link the proper way to hold a cucco without being mauled.
Legend had it that the Hero of Hyrule started his adventure in a cave. What the Legends don’t tell is that he also started his life in that cave.
In his era, monsters roamed nearly everywhere. There were a few exceptions. One of these was a small cave. It was hidden deep in a forest, and generally ignored by all who passed it. Most who saw it assumed it was too small to be a proper shelter for anyone.
It was this assumption that made it the perfect spot for its inhabitants to hide. A group of fairies had stumbled across the cave, and claimed it for their own. It was undisturbed by the bigger creatures of the world, and it was the perfect size for them.
It was deep in this cave, soaked in fae magic, that this group of fairies found a tiny child. Or more accurately, he found them. When he wiggled through the crack of the cave opening and saw them, he giggled, clapping his hands.
They were uncertain at first. What was a young hylian doing out here? It shouldn't be possible. Where had he even come from? He couldn’t have made it all the way out here by himself.
Being naturally helpful creatures, they tried to search for the small one’s parents, but came up empty-handed. All the while, the child played with the strands of magic they conjured to entertain him.
Fairies have a poor sense of time. They just kept searching for the child’s parents. They fed him when he was hungry, and sang him to sleep when he was tired. They didn’t even notice that the child was growing up.
Wolves are not a common animal to see in Ordon. Generally, they preferred to stay away from the village.
There were exceptions. If there was a harsh winter, wolf packs might approach the village, looking for the easy meals the goats presented. If a wolf was sick, they might wander closer in confusion as well.
So when Uli looked out the window, and saw a large golden wolf in the middle of the goat pen, she was understandably shocked. The wolf looked healthy. Its fur coat was glossy, and even from this distance, Uli could see muscles rippled under its coat when it moved. There was no sickness in this creature. It was the height of summer. The game in the forest should be plentiful. There was no real reason for it to go after her goats.
Looking closer, she could see that the wolf was standing over something, likely one of her goats. She cursed, gripping the bow from the mantle that they kept for situations just like this, and exited the house.
When the wolf saw that he was being approached, he calmly turned away. Moving at a quick pace, he left behind the prize he was guarding, and returned to the edge of the forest. When he reached the forest, he turned to look back at her. With what looked disturbingly like a nod, he disappeared into the woods.
After watching for a few moments to make sure the wolf wouldn’t return, Uli turned to inspect the damage to the herd.
Instead of finding a dead goat, she found a small bundle of blankets. Filled with curiosity, she knelt, moving the blankets aside cautiously. What she found was the last thing she thought she would.
A toddler, curled up and sleeping peacefully, as if they hadn’t just been two feet away from a wolf.
Well. What was she to do with this, then?
There is no record of the Hero of Warriors from before the War. Most people from his era assume that it’s because he came from a little town in the middle of nowhere. A farm boy, a nobody who crawled up the ranks to become a war hero, a captain.
In reality, the Hero of Warriors was a rather special case. He was made for war. He was a savior of his people, just like his brethren, but a child does not a warrior make. And a warrior is what was needed.
He strode into Hyrule castle, among the swarm of other young men who were reporting to the recruiters in the front hall. In the chaos, the one who greeted him neglected to ask where the young man was from, and Link did not offer the information.
From that point on, he was only called Link, with no surname on his record. Eventually, that became Commander Link, and then Captain Link.
No one ever questioned where he had come from. It was usually best not to think about those things too hard.
There was no one alive who remembered the Hero of the Wild’s origins. That was to be expected. It had been well over a century since he was born, after all.
The hero himself could not remember, and all those who had known him from before barely knew about his family.
The story of his birth was lost, or so it seemed.
The truth was that there was no story to be told. The hero’s family had been a small one. A knight who served in Hyrule’s military, his wife, and a little daughter. When the daughter had been born, the wife had nearly died. The doctor had warned them that another child would likely kill her.
So, though they dearly wanted a son to carry on their family’s name, and for his father to train him the way of the sword, they were content with their little girl.
Fate had other plans for them, though. One morning when the daughter was about a year old, they had just sat down for breakfast when there was a knock on the door.
The knight stood to answer the door. When he opened it, he did not find one of their neighbors, or a messenger from the castle, as he had expected, but a young boy, maybe five or six years old.
When asked what he needed, he simply said that he was their son.
He waltzed right in and plopped himself down at the table, pleased as punch with himself.
The knight and his wife looked at each other in amusement. This might as well happen. They could afford to feed an extra mouth for a meal or two. They could go look for the little one’s parents after they ate.
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apompkwrites · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
reader impact || first meetings: adventurer edition
series masterlist characters: amber, bennett genre: fluff summary: a game has been released entitled genshin impact, consisting of otherworldly abilities relying on the basic elements of nature. the game follows the story of an interdimensional traveling twin in search of their other half. along this journey, they meet different characters that live in this world. including you. notes: i decided to put these two together since i've already done one for diluc!
amber's playthrough -
amber's more of an outdoorsy type of person but that doesn't stop her from streaming!
she likes doing camping streams where she just camps out in her backyard and shows her chat what she would normally do. and the occasional cooking stream to show how you can make good foods healthy <33
she has a little bunny that she shows on stream sometimes :))
there'll be some days where she just sits at home talking to chat about her day while playing with her little baron bunny.
she plays games occasionally, but their mainly adventure type ones that mimic the lifestyle she holds.
like minecraft, rust, any survival game really.
she's still very energetic so any stream of hers is just bustling with excitement.
she'd probably host some streams where she teaches basic survival techniques?? idk man i don't go out much AIHSDASHLDKJ--
anyway anyway, she got a bunch of requests asking her to play genshin ofc.
i mean?? cute game, cute models, cute characters, and aDVENTURE.
i feel like she'd go with the male traveler solely because it isn't very practical to go exploring/adventuring in a dress?? like girl's over here genuinely thinking about real life scenarios.
anyway she's sitting there after finding dvalin's corrupted tear and the cutscene plays.
she's there vibing with chat and her little bunny by her side because of course they'll be sitting there while she plays.
"hey you! stop right there!"
please she screeched when you yelled at her--
and then she squealed when jumped in front of her character.
the camera showing off your cute little headband mimicking animal ears makes her melt.
and then you jump from the little cliff and you have to stumble to regain your balance?!?!??!
"may the anemo god protect you, stranger! i am (name), outrider for the knights of favonius."
catch her copying your little salute.
"they're so cute!!!!"
she will point out the animal ears constantly.
and then your vision has a cute little ribbon at the end of it!!!!!!
"just! just! just look at them!!"
and then you join her party officially!!!
please she switches to you automatically--
she'll just jump around for a few minutes to watch all your accessories bounce around.
and she can just tell that your story would be a delight to read about.
when paimon mentions her mc's missing sibling, you sound so soft and caring and just aGH.
and then she gets to try out your elemental skill and it's the aNIMAL THAT YOUR CHARACTER'S HEADBAND IS BASED OFF OF!!!
if it's a bunny she would definitely find a matching headband she can wear when she plays :00
her chat's usually a really sweet place to vibe and hang out but of course, there's gonna be those kinda people.
she catches wind of some people badmouthing you and calling you the worst character in the game >:((
she's not too keen on banning people for their opinions so instead...
"hey, guys, can we just have fun with this game? if you don't like how i'm playing you can always just?? leave??"
please girl's fuming inside but she's trying her hardest to be nice about it >:((
back to you <3
she'd get another pet that matches yours and name it after you or your elemental skill.
she'd find ways to copy your outfit too ngl--
she'd definitely cook your signature dish!!
gotta make it all cute for you <3
bennett's playthrough -
ah yes, our unlucky baby boy bennett <3
like amber, he really loves adventures!!
he's still pretty unlucky for some reason???
idk man he's just vibing and his bad luck says too bad,,,
he's kind of a baby streamer if you catch my drift?
like he's new to everything so he's just trying to figure it out.
he used to be in a streamer house but... yeah.
we don't like them anyway, it's fine.
unlike in the game, bennett's bad luck didn't bring the other members harm, it was just... little inconveniences i guess.
but he left so now he's all on his own!
he's kinda inexperienced in all of this but he's trying his best!
for now he's sticking to gaming because that's a majority of what he knows.
lots of survival games!!!
and, sadly, luck-based games.
his chat just wants to see if his luck impacts games!!
and it does,,,
luckily they request genshin, which has the best of both worlds.
bennett's got all of the adventuring and his chat gets to see his misfortune in action.
sadly you don't appear in the main archon quests so bennett actually goes a long while not knowing who you are :((
veterans of the game, however, know exactly who you are >:))
first, they'd help show you off by posting links to your splash art in his chat.
bennett, being the baby he is, just clicks on the links without a second thought.
and he's in aWE!!!
"woahh!! who are they? can i meet them soon?"
they tell him he has to roll for you and he's sad, but only for a bit!
at least you're not an exclusive character because if he were, he thinks he'd have no chance at getting you :((
but he can get you whenever!
anyway, one stream he's rolling because he's stocked up a bunch of primogems (which took a long time) and he's like might as well use them up now.
he gets a lot of weapons :(((
he's basically dedicated his whole team to c6ing his characters he has now because he "knows" he won't get a good character.
luckily the pity systems exist so he gets the occasional four star <33
so he thinks it's another character he already has, so he's very prepared to get another constellation in.
he's looking through the trash weapons and then splash art appears!
"wait... i recognize that--"
his chats hyping him up as he's running around his room because they love him <33
please i love this boy with a passion.
he'll put you in his team automatically with all of his c5/6 characters asdhaklsf
he doesn't even care you get everything and anything he owns in the game <3
"this is your team! it's really cool! i'm (name), leader of (name)'s adventure team! is there... do you think we could team up? i-it could even be just once!"
"they're staying on my team forever."
he loves you so much.
not just because you're a cool character but because he can relate to you--
anyway, he goes to your voicelines because that's the only time he can actually hear you fully :((
he's genuinely excited to learn about your story.
and then he learns that you have extremely bad luck too???!?!?!?
please y'all can be unlucky together!!
would that cancel out or just make you more unlucky??
he gets all sad when he hears you talking bad about yourself so he's here to reassure you (even if you're a fictional character).
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xoxo-teddybear · 2 years
Boyfriend’s Best Friend - Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou x f!reader (ft. Kirishima)
Warnings: CRACK, Fluff, Cursing, Frisky moments
Summary: This was not how Bakugou wanted to spend his weekend. Trapped inside his best friend’s body?! Hell no. What makes it worse is that before he can tell you, you’ve already smothered Kirishima (who is in Katsuki’s body) with more than enough attention. Attention that belongs to the angry Pomeranian. And what does Kirishima think about all of this? Fuck nitroglycerin and boners.
A/N: This shit is gonna get real confusing so KEEP UP and STAY FOCUSED
After fighting off that petty thief on their way back to school, the two best friends took a look at each other after feeling a throb in their heads. But something wasn’t right. Bakugou was looking at..Bakugou and Kirishima was looking at...Kirishima???
“WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!” The red blonde headed boy asked. Kirishima made a face at his now very deep and gruff voice. He looked down and noticed his tan skin was the slightest bit paler and his clothes had changed. He turned his gaze towards the position where is best friend should be but only saw..well, himself.
“Argh, shut the hell up Shitty Hair. My head is pounding.” Bakugou said while holding onto his now red hair. He looked towards his friend to see a frantic look on his face. “Quit making me look like a bitch, Kirishima.”
“I can’t help it!! Not after what just happened!!” Kirishima said. Bakugou rolled his eyes and huffed before walking over to his friend and dragging him to a reflective window.
“We switched bodies you idiot. That damn thief must’ve hit us while we were distracted.” Bakugou took a look at his new body and cringed. Not that he thought Kirishima was ugly or anything, but he wanted to be in his own body. It just felt wrong having someone else’s dick.
“Well then we should get back to the dorms and find Mr. Aizawa. Maybe he can help.” Bakugou agreed and the boys started their journey back to the dormitory. As they walked, they took notice of a few things.
“Ugh. All these damn extras are staring at my hair.”
“My palms feel so sweaty.”
“Fuck! I keep biting my inner cheek. Stupid shark teeth.”
“Why the hell am I getting a random ass print?!”
“Nitroglycerin works like viagra Shitty Hair! Just fucking get used to it and learn how to control it!”
“I have your hair man! Does that mean you have shitty hair?”
“.....Is that..*sniff sniff*...caramel?”
“You’ll be back to normal in 2 weeks.” Aizawa bluntly said.
“2 WEEKS?!?” The boys screamed.
“Wha- HOW DO YOU KNOW?!” Bakugou screamed, trying to jump onto Aizawa with Kirishima holding him back. To anyone else, it would look like Bakugou holding Kirishima back. Oh how the tables have kinda turned.
“I know because officers have been trying to catch this thief for some time now. Even I’ve run into him on some occasions. His quirk is is called ‘Swapped.’ He takes your soul and spirit and places it in a different form...obviously. It doesn’t do much harm but it lasts for some time. Don’t worry though, you’ll be back to normal eventually.” Their teacher explained. “‘Till then, just tough it out for the next 2 weeks. Dismissed.”
The boys groaned and walked back to the common room floor. They walked in to find a few other classmates who thankfully didn’t seem too suspicious of anything. The boys went their separate ways, going to their own dorms to soothe their still aching heads.
Kirishima was the first to come out of his room. After contemplating whether he should take a shower or not, he chose the latter. He could survive the rest of the day without one, he’ll just worry about bathing later. Besides, he doesn’t mind smelling like a sweet treat for the next few hours and you know…not having to see and wash his best friend’s body and dick.
He walked down into the kitchen to find it empty. He was glad he wouldn’t have to explain his situation to anyone. If anyone saw Bakugou acting like the sweet bean that Kirishima is then I’m pretty sure a lot of people would have questions.
Looking around, he saw a batch of brownies left on a tray. He couldn’t help himself and went in to grab one. Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of how chewy they were and after taking a few chomps, he realized the treat was as tough as glue. He couldn’t even open his mouth! And just to his luck, Bakugou’s girlfriend had walked in, seemingly back from her training session.
“Hi baby.” Y/N said. She went up to who she thought was her boyfriend and gave him a hug along with a peck on his cheek. “How was your day?”
Kirishima grew nervous. He didn’t know how to handle this situation. He would totally tell Y/N that it was actually him in her boyfriend’s body but the brownie sealed his mouth shut! He resorted to going with the flow and just nodding with a nervous smile. A very Bakugou smile.
“Tiring?” Y/N asked. Kirishima nodded his head. “Umm..okay. Well, same for me, but I still have enough energy for movie night, so I’ll see you in the common room. ‘Kay?”
Again, the now blonde nodded his head again. You smiled at him and went in to give him another hug. To your shock, you felt something poking you when you gave your boyfriend a hug. You looked down and noticed a pretty impressive print through his sweats and smirked. You looked up to your “boyfriend” and gave him a sly look. “You sure you’re tired Suki? Cuz your friend down here says you’re down for something else.”
Kirishima began to shake due to his nervousness now. He couldn’t help the damn boner! One, nitroglycerin is apparently 12x stronger than viagra, and two! He can’t relieve himself! Looking at and touching his best friend’s dick was wrong! And weird! Even if it was attached to him now!
What Kirishima wasn’t prepared for was you being so willing to help relieve his stiffy. On the bright side, he’d relive his hard on. On the not so bright side, he’d be fucking his best bro’s girl. Big no no. He definitely wasn’t prepared for your hand to travel down his torso and grab onto his Bakugou’s dick. “You still tired Suki?”
Kirishima couldn’t help himself. It felt too good to stop. He threw his head back and enjoyed the stimulation, even though he knew it was wrong. All he knew was that if he let this whole thing play through, he wouldn’t have to worry about walking around with a huge ass boner. A blush grew on his face as he moaned. He felt you peck at his neck a bit before stopping all your motions. The now blonde looked towards you in confusion and saw your laughter.
“Hehe, sorry Suki. Save it for later tonight, okay? I’ve gotta freshen up but I’ll see you later, Love.” You said before giving him a sweet peck and walking away. Once you were out of sight, Kirishima fanned his face to try and get rid of his blush. He then quickly ran to the fridge and chugged a few gulps of milk down to wash away the brownie.
“Fuck.” Was all that he said. Did that really just happen? Shit. Should he have let that happen? At this point he didn’t know. The man in him said HELL NO, but the nitroglycerin said otherwise. All Kirishima knew was that apparently he had a movie date to get to.
So now here we are, Y/N and Kirishima (in Bakugou’s body) all cuddled up on one of the common room couches during the late hours of the night, watching a movie. Kirishima thought Y/N looked really tempting in her booty shorts and tube top. The way her plush chest pressed up against his own as she watched the screen with a smile wasn’t aiding Kirishima’s mission to relieve his hard on.
Throughout the whole movie, Kirishima watched from time to time how Y/N would rub her legs together. It seemed she was growing some urges as well. Kirishima couldn’t shake his nerves..like...AT ALL.
Finally. It was almost the end of the movie. Kirishima had almost made it. All he had to do was finish the last 10 minutes and he could go..well honestly he didn’t know yet but he’ll figure it out later! Unfortunately, the universe had different plans. Kirishima watched as Y/N sat up to grab the remote and turn off the T.V. She placed the object down on the table and faced who she assumed to be her boyfriend. She wrapped her arms around his neck and went to straddle his groin.
“Uh-..Y/N?” Kirishima asked with a shaky voice as he gulped down a nerve. You smirked at him and leaned down to leave kisses all over his neck. Kirishima shook a bit and let out a shudder at your soft lips.
“Relax Suki. We won’t get caught. ‘Sides, when have you ever been afraid to fuck in public?” You said. You then went up to start off your session with a hot kiss to “Katsuki’s” lips. Kirishima had wide eyes as you took in his lips, but eventually, your sweet taste and bouncy lips made him succumb to your wishes.
He placed his hands on your waist as he kissed you back. When he opened his mouth you slid your tongue in as your hands entangled themselves in his hair. The kiss was fiery and passionate and eventually you and “Katsuki” both began to moan into the kiss. His hands traveled to your ass and gave in a firm grip which made you release a loud moan. Things were definitely heating up now.
When Katsuki came back to the dorms, he had already been exhausted by the entire situation. The only thing on his mind was getting some rest to ware off the headache, hours had passed and he eventually woke up in the middle of the night.
“Shit, how long have I been out?” He stretched and yawned a bit before he got up. The mirror hanging on his wall reminded him of his new body. “Oh, right. I’m in Shitty Hair’s body......gross.”
Bakugou felt his mouth become dry and so he planned to get a glass of water from the kitchen. As he walked down the halls, he couldn’t help but think about you. His precious girl. The love of his life who’s been with him since childhood and who he’s been dating since their second year in junior high. You were with him through it all and he couldn’t help but feel a little bad that he had to miss movie night.
‘Fuck, did I even tell Y/N I wouldn’t make it to movie night? Crap,’ he thought. Oh well, he’d just have to make up for it later. As he walked near the common rooms, his ears picked up a sound. And not just any sound, it was a moan. And he knew exactly who’s moan it was, for he had been the cause of those exact sounds and he’s heard them time and time again.
Bakugou ran to the common rooms to find his girlfriend and his body making out and slowly grinding on each other on the couch. He watched “his” hands travel to grope Y/N’s ass and bit his lip when he heard his girlfriend’s pleasured moans. He wasn’t gonna lie, the scene before him had turned him on, but what became a huge turnoff was the fact that Bakugou knew it wasn’t him in there and he knew exactly who was in his damn body!
“THE HELL?!” Bakugou screamed in Kirishima’s voice. He watched the two of you jump away from each other in shock and saw a look of fear flow through Kirishima’s his own eyes.
“Jeez, Kirishima. You scared us.” You said to your actual boyfriend without knowing it. Bakugou fumed at the fact that you were just making out and were probably about to fuck his best friend but he couldn’t blame you. You called him Kirishima so you must’ve not known about the switch.
“Can I talk to Bakugou real quick, L/N?” Bleh. Calling someone else by his name was weird and calling you by your family name was very uncomfortable.
“Umm..we’re kinda in the middle of something so maybe if you could jus-“
“Thanks.” He said and dragged “Bakugou” away behind a hallway corner. He pinned his body up against the wall and got in Kirishima’s face as he held the man by his collar. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING KISSING MY GIRLFRIEND?!”
“IM SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO! SHE CAME ONTO ME!” Kirishima explained while being held against the wall.
“NO SHIT SHE CAME ONTO YOU! YOU’RE IN MY BODY! YOU’RE ME! I’M HER BOYFRIEND! SHE THOUGHT YOU WERE ME SHITTY HAIR!” Bakugou screamed. Kirishima just laughed nervously as Bakugou continued to fume. After venting, Bakugou finally dropped Kirishima back on his feet and pressed the bridge of his nose with 2 fingers. “Okay. Why THE FUCK did you not tell her about the quirk?”
“Because man! .....Your quirk has built in viagra!” Kirishima said in defeat as he threw his hands in the air due to the pent up frustration. “I’ve had a fucking stiffy ever since I got put in your body! So I thought-“
“You thought you could relieve yourself with my girl?!” Bakugou asked with big, angry eyes.
“ALRIGHT!” Kirishima sighed. “Well what now?”
“We go out there and explain to her what happened so you don’t end up fucking her!” Bakugou explained as he tried to walk back to you but Kirishima pulled him back.
“Okay but what about my fucking boner?” The pent up boy asked.
“Just rub it out!” Bakugou exclaimed.
“No way! I’m not touching your dick!” Kirishima rebelled.
“Why not? I’m clean. And big! Just saying, I got a pretty dick dude.” Bakugou said with both hands up in defense.
“Yeah, fair.” The ex blonde said. The boys thought about it for a bit before something hit Kirishima like a train.
“Wait..if you’re so okay with me seeing your dick..does that mean..you took a look at mine?!” He asked while shaking Bakugou’s his shoulders.
“What?! Gross! No! I was napping all day Shitty Hair so relax! And get your damn hands offa’ me!” Bakugou said while squirming out of Kirishima’s hold.
“Alright, fine whatever! Let’s just go out and explain to L/N.” Kirishima said.
“Goooooodd!” Bakugou said more dramatically. The two boys finally made it back to you and instead of your boyfriend’s body taking a seat next to you, it remained standing. Meanwhile, “Kirishima�� took the seat “Katsuki” previously had. You looked towards the red head and then to your boyfriend in a confused tilt.
“Suki? Are you gonna sit?” You asked to “Bakugou.”
“I am.” “Kirishima” replied. You looked towards the muscular boy sitting next to you with a raised brow.
“What?” You questioned.
“Listen, L/N, we got something to tell you.” The actual Kirishima said. You looked to your “boyfriend” with almost a hurt look on your face as to why he was calling you by your family name. The real Bakugou took notice of your sad voice and softened his eyes at your now upset demeanor. “I’m actually Kirishima...”
Your face grew in surprise and then silence hit the room. The boys gazed your looks for a reaction but got nothing other than pure shock. You couldn’t even say anything other than “Eh?!”
“Yeaahhhh..I’m your actual boyfriend.” The red head said. You looked to Kirishima and inspected him closer.
“Uh..Suki?” You said while zooming in of his face.
“Tch. It’s me Teddy Bear, relax,” Bakugou said while looked away with a blushed face as he pushed your face away. You grumbled at his push and took his hand off.
“Yup. That’s you.” You said, relaxing. “So...you’re Katsuki..and you’re Kirishima?”
You watched the boys nod their heads and you were settling down until another thought came to mind. “Wait..so I was-..on the couch-...I thought-...”
“Yeah, you were making out with Shitty Hair but in my body..” Bakugou said with a hand behind his neck. Your face jumped in shock once more until it was replaced with anger. You watched as Kirishima’s new face became nervous and gave a shaky chuckle.
“Kirishima...” you seethed with slanted eyes before you attempted to jump onto the new blonde. Mid-jump, Bakugou grabbed onto your waist and pulled you back onto his lap. You fought against Katsuki’s hold on you but alas he was too strong.
“Nope! No, settle, settle.” Bakugou said with an iron grip on your waist. You finally calmed down until you took notice you were sitting in BASICALLY Kirishima’s lap. Feeling uncomfortable you scooted off your boyfriend and sat next to him. Bakugou looked at you with a confused expression that demanded an explanation.
“Heh..sorry um, Suki. But I’m not sitting on you or doing...anything else that’s lovey dovey until you’re back to your own body.” You explained.
“Wha- that’s not fair! You were all over here grinding on him just a few minutes ago!” Bakugou whined and pointed at his body.
“Because I didn’t know it wasn’t you!” Bakugou just grumbled and groaned at you. Your reasoning was fair but he just wanted his girlfriend.
“Okay, whatever. Be pouty. Just- When is this quirk gonna wear off?” You asked. Bakugou continued to pout with crossed arms but luckily Kirishima answered.
“2 weeks.” He said.
“Alright then!” You said while clapping your hands and standing up, gathering Katsuki’s attention. “For the next 2 weeks or until you go back to normal, Suki, no touching, no kisses, no overly-friendly hugs, no cuddles, no lap-sitting....”
Bakugou listened to you list all the things he couldn’t do. As you went on, his jaw dropped as he realized he wouldn’t be able to do all the things he usually does to you for the next 2 weeks. The list went on and on until you finished it with one final detail. “...and finally. No sex.”
“WHAT?!” Bakugou said while standing up now. “WHY?!”
“Katsuki. I’m not fucking my boyfriend’s best friend’s body. No offense Kiri,” you said to the other boy.
“None taken!” He said with his winning smile. Just less shark-toothy. Bakugou just mumbled about until you cut him off.
“Anyways! I’m going to bed. After this long and frankly awkward day, I think we all should.” You said and the boys agreed. You all walked to your respected dorms but when Bakugou tried following you into your dorm while he was still in Kirishima’s body, you stopped him with a hand on his chest.
“Uh, sorry Suki. You’ll be sleeping in your own dorm for the next 2 weeks. No sleeping together either.” You watched as Bakugou became much more agitated as he huffed. He grumbled as he reluctantly walked all the way to his own dorm room. You giggled as you watched the now red head walk away and shut your door. You couldn’t help but laugh as you laid down on your bed but 10 minutes passed and before you could fall asleep, a knock was at your door.
“Suki, I said we can’t sleep on my bed together.” You said once you opened the door, finding Kirishima’s body holding a pillow and blanket.
“I know it’s just- *sigh* look, if I can’t cuddle with you can I at least sleep on the ground and hold your hand?” He said, looking away with an embarrassed blush. “I know you said hand-holding isn’t allowed but you won’t be seeing me since I’ll be out of your sight and on the ground.”
You smiled at how clingy he was being. It was adorable and you just had to give in. “Fine, come in.”
Katsuki perked up with a small smile and happily followed you into the room. You got comfy on the bed while he set up his little pillow and blanket. You finally dropped your hand down so he could hold onto it and his warm hand held a strong grip on your own.
So now here you were, late at night, “cuddling” with your boyfriend. In a way. You smiled as you held onto his hand and couldn’t help but giggle when you felt his lips place a sweet kiss to your knuckles. Oh well, I guess there was nothing wrong with holding hands with your boyfriend’s best friend. As long as it’s your boyfriend who’s in his best friend’s body.
You couldn’t believe this was gonna be your life for the next 2 weeks.
Tag list: @sxcker4you @aomi04
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the-iceni-bitch · 2 years
Every Little Thing
Pairing: Colin Shea x fem!Reader
Words: ~4.3k
Summary: You and Colin are two slutty pea in a pod neighbors, but maybe you could be more?
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (fingering, f receiving oral sex, unprotected vaginal sex), idiots in love, excessive alcohol consumption, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: Ugh, I love Colin and I can’t believe it took me so long to write him. Before I get a bunch of notes about it, they’re gonna realize their feelings eventually but it might take a couple fics because they’re both morons, but they’re pretty morons so it’s fine 😉
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!!!
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Oh god, what the fuck was that noise? Why was your phone ringing at 8 AM on a fucking Sunday?
You picked up the offensive object and growled when you got a look at the caller ID.
“Colin, it’s Sunday morning, this had better be really good. I didn’t get home until 4 AM.”
“She won’t fucking leave.” He hissed over the line. “She wants to go out for waffles.”
“I fail to see how this is my problem.” You grumbled, rolling over onto your back and flinging your arm over your eyes. “Just ditch her at the fucking waffle place.”
“C’mon, Y/N, that’s like a second date. What about our deal?” That fucking deal, he definitely benefitted more from it than you did.
“You’re an asshole.” You mumbled, sitting up with an exhausted groan. “Gimme 5 minutes.”
“You’re the best!” You could hear the fucking grin in his voice and rolled your eyes at him.
“Yeah, I fucking know.” You didn’t wait for him to confirm before you hung up on him, stretching your whole body as you moved to put on some clothes.
It only took you a few minutes to pull on some old jeans and a sweatshirt and then you were stomping across the hall to Colin’s apartment, determined to make this as uncomfortable as possible for him. 
“Colin Shea!” You pounded on the door viciously. “This is your wife! I found your little love nest! What hooker do you have in there now?”
You couldn’t help but grin to yourself as you heard a commotion from inside, someone was cursing up a storm and you were pretty sure you heard a couple of slaps.
“I can hear you in there.” You tried to make it sound like you were on the verge of tears. “What about Colin Junior? I’m not raising that baby on my own, you bastard!”
The door slammed open and a very angry looking woman stormed out, shooting a glare over her shoulder and calling Colin a motherfucker as she scurried down the stairs. He came rushing after her with a frustrated look on his face, rubbing the side of his jaw and scowling when he got a look at the shit eating grin on your face.
“My wife?” He asked incredulously, grabbing his hoodie and pulling it over his naked torso as you just continued laughing at him. “That was kinda mean.”
“8 AM on a Sunday, Shea.” You booped his nose with your finger and winked at him before turning to head back to your place. “You wake me up before 10 AM on a weekend and you take what you can get. I’m going back to bed.”
“Wait, Y/N, don’t you wanna have breakfast or something?” He jogged after you, ignoring the glower you shot him as you opened your door. “I’ll make you my famous eggs.”
“Did you not hear me when I said I got in at 4 AM?” You frowned at him when he kept you from closing your front door. “Colin, quit being so clingy. If I wanted to have breakfast with some annoying dude I would’ve actually brought that lawyer from last night home.”
“A lawyer, huh?” He was giving you one of those stupid looks that he typically reserved for girls he was trying to bang but that he definitely knew didn’t work on you. “And that didn’t even do it for you.”
“I mean, I still rode that beard for a good hour, but he was super depressing.” You kept knocking your door against his foot with an annoyed air. “Which is why I need to sleep, so get out of my fucking doorway.”
“Fine, we’re hanging out later though!” He called as you slammed the door in his face.
You just ripped off your clothes and crawled back into bed, burying your face in your pillows and cursing the sun as you did your best to fall back asleep.
It must have happened at some point, because you woke up six hours later with a mouth full of cotton and absolutely drenched in sweat. Why was it so fucking hot?
The pillow case tried to come with your face when you rolled out of the bed and you threw it away from you with a huff as you padded to inspect your air conditioner. 
It wasn’t on. You knelt in front of it and whined as you tried flicking it off and on and nothing happened. This could not be happening, not with summer just about to start. It was supposed to be in the 90s today. No matter what you tried, it didn’t turn on. Granted, all you tried was unplugging it and plugging it back in, but that always worked with your computer.
The call to the repair company was no luck, they were closed for the weekend. This was going to suck, you fucking hated being hot. You moved to your kitchen to try to find some way to cool off after opening every damn window in your place to hopefully get some kind of air circulation going.
That’s when you spotted it. 
The frozen margarita machine you had bought on an absinthe fueled online shopping spree and never gotten around to returning. It was like a little miracle right there in your kitchen, designed to help you cool off and get drunk so you could forget about how fucking hot it was while you did the week’s worth of chores you had been procrastinating.
You hummed happily when that first gulp of frozen tequila goodness slid down your throat, and maybe you shouldn’t have chugged the whole thing but who fucking cared, it was hot. Time flew by as you downed those things like it was your fucking job, scrubbing your pots and pans and singing little songs to yourself.
Music started drifting through your open windows but you barely registered it even as you started singing along because it was Queen and how could you not.
It was the third time you had filled that margarita machine and you were feeling fantastic, dancing around your kitchen as you continued cleaning your dishes. Whoever was playing music was still going strong and you began belting when they started doing Seven Seas of Rhye.
“You are mine, I possess you, I belong to you foreveeeEEER!”
“Hey, Y/N!”
Your badass high note devolved into a shriek and you turned to chuck the cup you were holding at the intruder on the fire escape, cursing when you saw it was Colin. He managed to duck out of the way at the last second with a muttered fuck and you sighed as you watched your mug sail over his shoulder.
“Fuck, Shea, that was my favorite mug!” You pouted, stamping your foot a little and taking another gulp of your margarita. “What the fuck are you doing on my fire escape?”
He gave you a stupid cocky grin as he watched to try to lean on one hand on your counter and almost go down when you missed it at the last second.
“Are you drunk, honey?” Fuck him for calling you honey, that wiley asshole. “We could hear you singing from the roof.”
“I’m just a little buzzed.” You hiccupped. “Who’s we?”
“My band.” He crawled into your apartment and caught you when you tripped over your own feet again, still grinning at you like an idiot. “The ones you were singing along with.”
“That was your band?” You had never realized how blue his eyes were. “You guys sound great!”
“Yeah, you sound pretty good yourself.” He grabbed the cup you were holding and gave it a sniff, coughing a little before he set it on the counter. “Maybe you should come hang out with us instead of drinking what I think is blended jet fuel and ice all by yourself.”
“If I’m gonna hang out with you guys I think I should bring a pitcher of margs.” He was really fucking pretty, had you noticed that before? “Don’t wanna be a bad hostess.”
“Oh, baby, you’re wasted.” He tucked a stray lock of hair behind your ear and you felt your chest flutter a little bit. “No more margs for you. Come sing with us while you sober up. No, no.” He pulled you back when you tried to crawl out the window and started dragging you towards your door. “Ladder doesn’t really seem like a good idea right now, let’s take the stairs.”
You tossed your head back as you laughed, slapping his chest while you leaned heavily on him and let him guide you through the hall and to the stairs to the roof. Those were some firm pecs, you were a little marvelled at the way your palm just bounced right off so you slapped it again.
“Wow.” It was like your hand was moving independently from your brain as you gave him a pretty brazen squeeze. “Your tits are fantastic, Colin.”
“Holy shit, Y/N!” He was laughing hysterically when he shoved the door to the roof open. “Your drunk game is on point sweetie. Guys, this is Y/N, the killer vocals you heard from downstairs. She’s a little tipsy.”
They introduced themselves and you promptly forgot all of their names, your hand trailing down Colin’s chest until you could press it against his abs. This was getting weird, it’s not like you hadn’t seen him naked before. But seeing and touching were apparently two very different things.
“We still doing Queen, boys?” You said, finally tearing your eyes away from Colin after poking him in the bellybutton and grinning when he made a noise like the Pillsbury doughboy. “Cos I’m good with whatever.”
“What about some Journey?” He slung his SG over his shoulder and watched you carefully as you grabbed the mike one of his bandmates was handing you. “You wanna sit down, hon?”
“Don’t call me hon, sweetheart.” You teased, giving him a wink and tapping the mike a couple of times. “I’ll be fine. Journey feels a little basic but ok. Faithfully or Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’?”
That grin he gave you should not have been affecting you like this, maybe you did have too many margaritas. The bassist started playing the opening riff to Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ and your grin got even wider, your hips moving to the beat as you kept your eyes on Colin. You laughed happily when he joined in with the guitar part, joining in after the piano had done its thing and losing yourself in the music.
He could not take his eyes off of you, he was pretty sure you’d never been this fucking cheerful around him before. Not that you were especially grumpy or anything, or that your typical dry wit didn’t immediately endear you to him. But seeing you with that goofy grin as you sang every fucking Journey song they had in their roster until the sun set was not helping the already prodigious crush he had on you. 
Now the two of you were sitting on the couch he had dragged up there months ago and watching his bandmates pack up their gear, saying goodbye to each of them as they headed down the stairs and left you two to lean against each other and sigh happily. You had your legs flung over his lap as he plucked at his guitar strings lazily, kicking your feet slowly and leaning back on the sofa as you watched him closely and sipped on a bottle of water.
“You ever do any actual performing, honey?” He asked, his fingers running over your calf absentmindedly. “Cos with that voice you could probably line up some gigs.”
“Just karaoke.” You murmured. You were definitely sobering up now, but you were still hyper aware of his hands on your skin and it was giving you some feelings you weren’t totally sure about. “Lemme see that thing.”
“What?” He gave a little huff when you grabbed the neck of his guitar and pulled it into your lap. “Baby, do not tell me you play.”
“I mean, it’s been a little while, but I think I remember a couple chords.” You gave him another grin and his chest started to hurt.
“Jesus, a couple chords?” He laughed to cover the absolutely filthy sound he almost made when you started playing, it was like he had made you on a computer. “Honey, that’s Led Zeppelin.”
“Yeah, but it’s easy Zeppelin.” You teased, turning your body so you could lean against his chest and not missing the low rumble you felt when you tucked your head against his shoulder. “It’s Coda.”
“Uh-huh.” Being this close to you was doing something to him, he suddenly had the overwhelming urge to smell your hair. 
“Why haven’t we slept together, Col?” Fuck it, you might as well do this.
He choked on the water he was drinking, turning his face so he didn’t spit it all over you as you stopped your playing and grinned at him.
“I seem to remember giving it a good try when you moved in.” He managed to get himself under control and turned his face back to you. “But you said you had a rule about not fucking people who live in the same building as you. Something about not shitting where you eat.”
“That’s about sex with coworkers.” You said, scrunching your face up as you tried to remember what your exact justification had been.
“Which is what I told you.” He tried to scoot away from you but you followed after him. “To which you replied, ‘doesn’t matter, not gonna happen’.”
“Huh, that seems awful short-sighted of me.” You scooted closer again and this time he let you. “C’mon, we’ve fucked almost everyone else in this city, we’d have gotten to each other eventually anyways.”
“Jesus, what a romantic sentiment.” He was trying to focus real hard on his softeners, but they weren’t working with you squirming against him like that. “You really want to do this?”
“I mean, I think we’d enjoy it.” You set his guitar aside and turned so your chest was pressed to his. “It’s not like we’re gonna catch feels, or anything. Just gonna see what all the fuss is about.”
“Right.” Maybe this would get his little crush out of his system. “Let’s not do it on the roof, though.”
“God, no. My place?” You stood up and started heading towards the fire escape.
“Yeah, ok.” He watched you climb down to your apartment before sliding down the ladder after you like the damn frat boy he was.
As soon as he climbed in the window you were dragging him towards you, swallowing his tiny cry of surprise when you pulled his mouth to yours. His lips were unbelievably soft against your own, and when he opened up and stroked your tongue with his? 
“Shit, Colin.” You purred when he started trailing his lips down your throat. “I feel like maybe we should’ve done this sooner.”
“Yeah, maybe.” His voice was muffled as his mouth moved to your chest, one hand moving to hook under the neckline of your camisole and pulling on it until your breasts popped out. “Well fuck me. No wonder you know so much about fantastic tits.”
You laughed at that, arching into his face and grinning down at him as he buried his face between your tits and gazed at you through his lashes. Those stupid, long as all fuck lashes that were brushing against your skin as he mouthed at your soft curves. 
“Jesus, fuck.” You wound your fingers through his hair when he dragged his tongue over your nipple, tugging on it softly and guiding him further into your apartment. “God, you really know how to use that mouth of yours, sweetie.”
“Oh, honey, you don’t even know.” He teased, moving his face back to yours and lifting you to wrap your legs around his waist as he started carrying you towards your bedroom.  “You wanna find out, though?”
“You tease all the girls you fuck this much?” You nipped at his lips and grinned when he moaned into your mouth, reaching behind you to open the door to your bedroom. 
“Nah, that’s just for you, baby.” He cooed, giving you a quick peck on the lips before dropping you on the bed with a huff.
Every place his fingers touched sent a jolt of heat through your body straight to your core, your eyes never leaving his as he started kissing and nipping his way down your torso after pulling your cami over your head. He grinned against your thigh when you moaned after he yanked your shorts down your legs, sucking a soft bruise into your flesh before rubbing his face over your clothed core and inhaling deeply.
You throbbed under his lips as he pressed gentle kisses over the fabric that covered your mound, hooking your legs over his shoulders and trying to grind into him when he tugged at your panties with his teeth and let them snap back into place teasingly. His fingers skimmed up your legs until he could hook them under the band of your panties and drag them off you, sighing heavily when he settled back between your thighs and got a good look at you.
“Fuck, you’re so pretty.” He spread you apart with his fingers and flicked his tongue out to run over your slit softly, moaning when he finally tasted you. 
“I bet you say that to all the girls.” You ran your fingers through his hair and beamed at him, rolling your hips against his face when he sucked your pussy lips into his mouth with a low hum.
Colin chuckled into your cunt at that, pressing gentle kisses all over your soft folds before dragging his tongue over you in a heavy stripe. Your body reacted immediately when he reached your clit, your back arching off the bed and your legs curling around his neck as he repeated the same process but at a much slower pace. 
Two of his fingers slid inside you as he wrapped his lips around your clit and you keened, gripping his hair by the roots and tugging hard when he started stretching you open while his lips drove you wild. The rhythm of his suction and release matched the curling of his fingers inside you and made you want to scream, your free hand reaching above your head and digging hard into your pillow as your body tried to rise off the bed when he brought you right to the edge of your peak right away. 
“Col, Colin, oh fuck.” He felt like your thighs were gonna suffocate him but those sounds you were making for him had him past the point of caring about a silly thing like oxygen. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna come.”
Your whole body seized against his face as you let out a gorgeous fluttering moan, soaking his lips and chin in your release as he hummed with satisfaction into your pussy. He sat up when you finally released him, removing his clothes in a rush as he watched you pant underneath him and run your tongue over your lips. God, you were fucking beautiful, he couldn’t believe he’d waited so long to do this.
Before you had a chance to say anything he was hooking your knee over his elbow and thrusting into you, sheathing himself to the hilt in one smooth motion and releasing his breath in a thin hiss when he felt your satiny walls flutter around him. 
“Ah, fuck, you feel amazing.” He ducked his face to catch your lips with his before pulling back with a groan. “Shit, I forgot a condom. Uh, I’m clean, just got tested last week.”
“God, you’re fine sweetie.” You brought a hand up to cup his jaw and ran a thumb over his cheek in a soothing gesture. “Also clean and I have an IUD, so we’re peachy. I am a little mad at you though.”
“Yeah, why?” He wasn’t too worried, you were still grinning at him as he started moving his hips slowly.
“Well, Jesus, fuck, you’re big.” You almost lost your train of thought when he tilted your hips just a bit and his cock hit you deep. “I usually like to reciprocate oral, sweetie. I barely even got a look at what you’re packing down there.”
“You’ve seen it before.” He groaned when you wrapped your free leg around his hips and rolled your body against his.
“Just glances though.” You gripped his biceps and dug your nails in, biting your lip as he continued dragging his length over every inch of you at an agonizing pace. “And never hard.”
“Honey, there’s no way I’m pulling out for you to take a good look so you’re gonna have to make due.” He teased, grinding against your clit and grinning when your eyes fluttered closed.
“Fine.” You huffed, frowning a little before winking at him. “We’re switching then.”
You didn’t answer, just giving him a cocky grin and gripping his hips with your thighs. One quick move and he was under you, a small sound of surprise leaving his lips when you were suddenly straddling his hips and grinning down at him.
“Oh yeah, that’s better.” You placed one palm on the center of his chest and curled your fingers through his chest hair as you rose up on your knees before sinking down again nice and slow, loving the low groan you felt reverberate in his chest when you clenched around him. “Good for you, Col?”
“Yes, yeah, s’ good.” He was completely mesmerized by you, his eyes trailing over your body as you arched your back and continued to ride him. 
The way he was reacting to you was making it hard for you to focus on what you were doing, his eyes soft and relaxed on yours and his bottom lip tucked between his teeth as he slowly moved his hips to meet your own. You could’ve lost yourself in those eyes if you really wanted to.
Shit, none of that.
His fingers started trailing up your sides when he fucked up into you suddenly and he lost it at the way your tits bounced for him, sitting up with a whine and nuzzling into your chest before wrapping his lips around your nipple as he started bucking wildly.
“Shit, fuck, Colin.” He was hitting your cervix with each punch of his hips and it was taking all your self control to not pass out from how hard he was railing you, wrapping your legs around him and dragging your lips over his jaw. “Baby, you’re gonna make me come again.”
“Yeah? Good.” He cupped your jaw and brought your face back to his, tugging at your lips with his teeth while he gazed into your eyes. “I wanna watch your face while you come.”
You kept your eyes open and trained on his, worrying his bottom lip with your teeth and resting your forehead against his as you felt a warm coil gathering in the pit of your stomach. It was like you were falling into those lust blown pools as he took you apart, your lips crashing against his as the coil snapped and you gasped his name into his mouth. 
The feeling of your entire body fluttering around him was too much, and he followed you with a low growl. He muttered your name under his breath as he spilled his cum inside you, holding you close to his chest and rubbing his nose against yours.
You fell on top of him when he collapsed back against the bed, the two of you laughing breathlessly as you tangled your limbs and molded your lips together before pulling back and gazing at each other some more. Both of you lost yourselves for just a beat, your chests heaving against each other’s before disconnecting and rolling off the bed in two opposite directions as you did your best to compose yourselves.
“I’d say you definitely earned all those screams I’ve heard coming from your apartment, Shea.” You teased, trying your best to lighten the mood and not dwell on the desire you had to ask him to spend the night. 
“Yeah, well I’ve always thought so.” He was avoiding looking at you as much as possible, searching the room for his clothes and fighting the urge to pull you back into the bed and snuggle with you. “Have you seen my converse?”
“Yeah, here.” You shoved his shoes at him after pulling an oversized tee over your head. “Well, I’ve got work in the morning, so…”
“Right, I’ll, um, I’ll talk to you later, I guess.” He shuffled towards your front door and pulled it open before leaning back to look at you one more time. “You can join us for band practice any time, by the way.”
“That would be great.” That smile you were giving him made him feel like his heart was going to break. “I promise not to be sloppy drunk next time.”
“Aww, drunk Y/N was pretty fun, but ok.” He winked at you then left in a hurry, slamming the door behind him. 
You fell back on your bed and ran your hands over your face in frustration, hating yourself for coming up with this stupid idea because now all you wanted was to have breakfast with that beautiful idiot tomorrow after sleeping on top of his chest.
“Goddamn it.”
Colin grabbed himself a beer when he got back to his apartment and chugged it, sinking into one of his barstools and considering the fact that he was absolutely not over his crush after everything the two of you had just done.
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