nucipheram · 1 day
Video skit is by thepandaredd, I just added open captions
Lemme know if there’s anything I can fix up 👍
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tesalicious2 · 4 months
Gothamites are just a different breed of people. They literally could not give a single f*ck about anything. There attitude is ‘eh, not impressed’ mixed with ‘been there don that’ and ‘try harder’.
It’s bad but no one knows how bad until they move there. I’m convinced everyone who lives in Crime Alley has had there parents/grandparents live there, while the less dangerous parts of Gotham see more new faces. They don’t stay long but they pop up.
Batman doesn’t let the Justice League to Gotham and I think that’s fair. They are all to bright and happy. Everyone is so angsty it’s amazing. He doesnt let them in for their own protection. Mostly since they all thinks he’s dramatic. But he knows that that relaxed manner is going to get them hurt.
The only vigilante that has zero haters (besides criminals) is Red Hood. Like, he control the most dangerous part of Gotham every night, walks kids/girls/teens/anyone-who-asks home, regularly buys food for the homeless, reads to kids at the library at night/near closing, stops robberies, sometimes teaches people self defense, and tries to be really quiet bc the walls are thin.
Either him or Signal bc he’s a daytime hero and everyone loves him. Nice, new, and will help out work the mundane stuff.
That being said, the rest are liked too but so have their haters. Despite this, there are websites and videos of them all doing cute and funny stuff or the gothamites doing nice stuff for them.
There is a video of someone giving Spoiler an umbrella, she returned it the next day. Someone managed to find everyone and give them their own hand sewn plushies, and their reaction.
Mostly starting with them on a rooftop of a building, a person calls out. “Yo! (Insert name)! Come here real quick!”
They go over and the person pulls out the plushie.
Batman: *stares for a moment* thank you. Did you make this? The workman ship is amazing.
Nightwing: awwwww! This is so nice, thank you!
Red hood: imma admit it, this is the greatest moment of my entire life. Now, you are in a very bad part of Gotham and need to get to bed. I’ll walk you.
Red Robin: i adore this. I will keep it with me till I die.
Robin: *brain cannot compute* Umm…Thank you very much. Honestly, no idea what to say right now
Spoiler: AWWWW, my first fan anything! I love this! Do you have an Instagram or something? I have to follow you! Let me buy you food!
Black Bat: *squished it once, looks up, Higgs it to her, then motions to hug the creator, they hug*
Signal: ummm, thank you? ive never had to deal with this before. I love it so much! Thank you!
(Can’t believe o forgot Batgirl)
Batgirl: This is so sweet! Thank you! *gives the biggest hug known to man*
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qcomicsy · 22 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lordgrimoire · 12 days
The Amity Parkers, Part 2
So, let’s go over some recent events.
Several New Teachers have arrived at Gotham Academy, those teachers being Doctor Daniel “Danny” Fenton, Dash Baxter, Danielle “Dani” Masters, and the new therapist Paulina Sanchez. These teachers have done, many, things to the curriculum of the school, with some more notable changes being the following.
1: Creating and teaching the formula for toxins and gasses used by Gotham Rogues, naturally creating a new form of defense the students could safely practice.
2:Taught then everything they could possibly need to survive a natural or unnatural disaster, making a School Medic Team from a survivalist club they’d started some time at the end of the first semester of the year.
3: Ruined Lex Luther AND Superman at the same time for custody of Connor Kent Masters (Connor likes the Kents, despite his Originals treatment of him). And now he was a student at the school, catching up in leaps and bounds to his fellow students while also constantly hanging out with Tim during rest periods.
4: Shown the entire County that they were lucky they’re Inspiration for teaching and Fentons parents hadn’t been the ones to take the reigns, because they were worse by at least one league of magnitude.
5: Getting more classes added that were on paper optional but due to Gotham being, well, Gotham, most students took them, from the custom engineering class to basic understandings of magic, because apparently Gotham was littered with super haunted/magical points.
And finally
6: The creation of portals, though you have to pass several tests and qualify for a college degree in engineering at minimum with the approval of Doctor Fenton AND his parents before partaking in the class.
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bruciemilf · 7 months
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Based on THIS post
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dogboy-dean · 7 months
i want to see the batfam just being people with random gothamites. rich people who don’t have to deal with crime (and therefore batman) call him a myth or legend meanwhile some random gothamite is like “??? i was wandering the streets in the snow one night and ran into batman and he literally bought me a hot chocolate”
most gothamites have stories about one or more of the batfam just doing random mundane / helpful stuff. nightwing will beat up some guys who tried to hurt you and then ask if you wanna get pizza. red hood hands out pepper spray and teaches people how to disarm someone with a g^n. red robin breaks into Wayne Enterprises and lets anyone who needs it stay in the lobby if they feel unsafe. spoiler teaches women self-defense, black bat teaches kids how to avoid detection/hide from bad guys. signal is the best at comforting people and always has a water bottle on hand. robin gives out knives and teaches kids/teens how to use them. oracle starts charity funds for lower income gotham residents and may or may not skim money from gotham’s elite.
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sing-a-songofsix-pence · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
so I made some Gothamite memes
(i.e. from the pov of people in the dc universe)
enjoy :)
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whalehouse1 · 4 months
Damian in Metropolis visiting Jon. A mugger runs by him as a woman screams he robbed her. Damian takes the man down without a blink.
Everyone stares at this 9 year old who just wrecked this man. Jon immediately yells, “Gotham. He’s from Gotham.” Everyone collectively ohs and goes on about their business.
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frostbittenbucky · 2 years
Citizens of Metropolis during a robbery: “oh no! Someone call Superman”
Gothamites during a robbery: [throws batarangs at lights to scare the shit of the the robbers]
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the-last-genderbender · 3 months
What’s funny is that Gotham is so used to the Wayne’s insanity that it’s just normal, a part of everyday life, and everyone just accepts it.
Famously dead Jason Todd turns up at a gala, well good for him. Tim Drake, the heir to a rival company, apparently lives at Wayne Manor. Huh, when’d that happen? And Bruce Wayne himself just, like, disappears sometimes. But also, it’s totally understandable to want a break.
But thats chill, i mean, it’s Gotham so the public just shrugs and moves on. They have much more craziness to deal with. And then you realise that they’re the Kardashian’s of their universe so what the hell must the rest of the world think? You’re watching ‘Bruce Wayne answers the webs most searched questions’ and he just throws in that he gets mugged twice a week (at least). Like imagine full on conspiracy pages dedicated to the Waynes, analysing every moment, then deciding to go to Gotham to find out more and they ask around only to find out Gothamites are completely unbothered.
People would absolutely hate it and I love that
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rushman2-0 · 5 months
I've decided that all of Damian's teachers at Gotham Academy know he's Robin (because ffs he talks like he's from the 1800s and he's always ready to cut a bitch, it's pretty distinctive in and out of the tights) but they're keeping it to themselves because the drama and politics involved in accusing Bruce Wayne Himself of child neglect is too much to fathom, but they do have an unofficial weekly staff meeting to compare notes and make sure the poor kid is sleeping.
During parent teacher conferences they send Bruce home with a Preteen Care Package containing:
A developmental psychology textbook filled with "this is why he does that" sticky notes and a bookmarked section on recklessness and impulsivity associated with pubescent hormones
A few pamphlets on child sleep needs and nutritional guides for active teenagers
An article on single fatherhood and demonstrating positive masculinity
A printed PowerPoint on guiding your teen athlete through rapid growth spurts without injury
And a handwritten note that says "we're thrilled that Damian cares for animals so much, but the Bat Cow is pushing it a bit" with an invite to the next unofficial weekly staff meeting
Bruce goes to the meeting.
He also decides the rest of the kids (and Alfred, oh god) will never find out about this.
Jason starts teasing him about it the next day.
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nucipheram · 2 months
Video skit is by thepandaredd, I just added open captions
If there’s anything I can fix up, lemme know
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violetbumblebea · 10 months
So Batman first came out in 1939 in The Detective comics. Jim Gordon has been working with him just as long. Robin was introduced the following year.
Gotham exists within a weird time dilation due to the Clock King. It explains the meshing of different decades and their technologies throughout Gotham. It explains the weird time skips.
The reason people don't really go to Gotham is the overwhelming feeling of wrongness. (Gothamites have a hard time leaving for the same reason, trying to correct the time differences makes most of them feel ill). Batman's no-metas-in-Gotham rule isn't due to his hatred of metas (his best friend is a meta and so is one of his kids), it's because he had no idea if their powers will try to correct the time dilation (that would cause a doozy of issues in infrastructure and frankly more issues than it's worth)
Batman has been Batman-ing since 1939 but due to time shenanigans he is still about the same age.
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qcomicsy · 17 days
I bet Batman is the traumatizing "hear me out" from Gothamites. If you say "Nightwing" okay, right? Is fucking Nightwing, great ass winning smile, funny personality. Like fine. Understandable. So is Superman, Wonder Woman, Hell half of the Justice League.
Now if someone anyone let's out a "hear me out" under a TikTok edit it is immediately filled with comments like "THE CRYPTIC⁉️‼️‼️💀💀" "FUCKING GRIMM REAPER⁉️⁉️⁉️" or the sound "who's toothless... THE FUCKING DRAGON??!??!??! 🗣️🗣️🗣️💀☠️"
"What is your superhero crush" trend someone adds Batman and the commits under that video are.
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lordgrimoire · 1 month
Jack Fenton is From Gotham, a Headcannon
So, Jack Fenton, Big, caring, Dad Shaped Individual who cares about Family and his Profession and would more than likely choose family if things went Funky. The Guy who has ran through multiple walls and is capable of fighting Ecto beings BARE FISTED and winning. This guy, who just looks at the mayhem around him and goes “Ah, a peaceful day.” while Maddie is losing her entire god damned mind. You can only really get that sort of attitude about chaos in a few places, and I think Jack was born and raised in Gotham, and furthermore, I think his parents generation of Fentons lived in Crime Alley. 
The IDEAS this gives me, like in a reveal gone sideways with the GIW finding out Jack takes Danny and hides out in his childhood romping grounds and the people just go “Oh Hey, Jack’s back.” and they just melt into the underbelly of Gotham, no one really the wiser and the GIW constantly losing vehicles and Agents to the meatgrinder that is Crime Alley.
Give Me Jack Fenton who has SEEN SOME SHIT, Give me Jack Fenton who has DONE SOME SHIT. This man knows how to do a lot of things and the legality therein can get very Sketchy. Then give us the glory and horror of Gothamites slowly emigrating too/immigrating from Amity Park and it’s just like, That Explains A LOT.
I ran away with this, I shall now tag folks who I think would like this.
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sleepingin-cemeteries · 5 months
Batfam as things my friends have said part 2
part 1 here
Tim: Fuck you
Steph: Ah, no thank you. According to costar astrology we are not compatable in the category of sex and aggression
Random things written on a whiteboard in the batcave:
“independence. # girlboss”  “know your place in the social hierarchy” “bird=temptation”
Tim about Lex Luthor: That man looks like a golf ball
Dick: Can I be handcuffed?
Babs: No because you make it weird and horny
Dick: Did I airdrop you a really hot photo of myself earlier?
Jason: You airdropped me a photo of yourself
Gothamites about Bruce Wayne: Everyone deserves at least one comfort capitalist
Steph: I don’t mind misogyny and cisnormativity when they benefit me
Damian: Is this a nature documentary or slam poetry?
Dick: Tell me a secret
Jason: I don’t actually have a gun kink
Dick: That’s not a secret, that’s just an objectively untrue fact
Bruce Wayne in an interview at some point: Have I ever woken up next to a random man? Yes, I have
Jason: Your ass is out
Dick: Why are you looking at my ass?
Jason: It’s like a mountaintop. It’s all out there
Tim: My presense can be a gift...No it’s not. It’s a burden
Jason: That’s like a sports car dropped out of college, got addicted to drugs, and ran away from their rehab facility
Steph: Cass, I know this is a big ask but can you pass me the stencils?
Cass: *aggressively shakes head*
Duke: It’s my emotional support incorrect Flash symbol
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