darkest-fantasy · 2 months
First, Gwynriels and Eluciens are called stupid, delulu, and have zero reading comprehension skills.
Then we are called pretentious if we say we have an English Literature degree and make actual critical arguments.
The whiplash is gonna send me to the hospital at this point
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cddreamz · 10 months
Tumblr media
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booksgaloresposts · 4 months
I HATE the Gwyn is a lightsinger theory to discredit the interactions between Az and her in the bonus chapter. NOTHING in that scene was written with a hint of negative connotation. There is a certain tone that writers use when writing scenes that are supposed to show readers whether it is positive or negative. This is basic literary 101 that is taught in any highschool. That bonus chapter with Gwyn and Az has nothing but a positive tone to it. There is nothing written between the lines that point to Gwyn being some evil ancient monster that kills for sport. ESPECIALLY being that Gwyn is a SA victim. Do people even hear how crazy and problematic that sounds?
And why would she be a lightsinger in the first place? What would that do for the greater plot? NOTHING. “She’s working for Kochei”. Sure, SJM is going to break Nesta’s heart and make her possibly regress her healing journey by making one of her bestfriends turn out to be a villain.
There’s even others who say that she’s not evil but the interaction with Az is meant to show her powers. And again I ask why? What does that do for the plot if she has powers? Why would SJM emphasize that for a supposed “side character” as so many people try to make her out to be. What would SJM putting Gwyn in a bonus chapter that is “supposed” to highlight the future forbidden romance between Elain and Az have anything to do with that or anything else in the book? If SJM just wanted to show Gwyn had these super special powers she would have just kept it primarily in the main story of ACOSF but she didn’t. Do you guys not see how any of this adds up?
Whether she gets with Az or not, I just hate the Gwyn slander. She’s literally the least problematic character in the entire series and deserves nothing but the best after all the horrible stuff she’s been through.
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orphicauroras · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gwyn and Azriel by jemlin_c
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luvfullsun · 4 months
let's try a new acotar characters sorter to find out our favorite ones!💙✨
(remember the link doesn't work in the app!!!)
Tumblr media
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dreamsandstars24 · 3 months
my little Gwynriel fic because I am listening to a House of Wind library ambience and it has teleported me to another realm. Just fluff because it's quick but my Valkyries are here and they make me soft. Anyway, enjoy!
Tumblr media
Nesta, Emerie, and Gwyn were in the library. That had been as much as Azriel's shadows had reported to him before frantically going in the direction of the library. 
With a sight, with Rhys and Cassian behind him, he made his way to the library, fully aware of the quietness that was inside the place. Once he reached the closed doors, he knocked softly and opened the door, ready to go in, but the scene he found froze him in his spot, and a part of him noticed how his brothers stopped and took the scene in. 
For starters, the library had cushions everywhere of every colour with piles and piles of books filling the floor, teapots whistling softly on a small stove, and the three most feared Valkyries spread throughout the place. 
Nesta had found her place on the window, sitting on a cushion so big that it appeared as if it could swallow her. Her feet were tugged in under her, and a frown had been set on her brow as she read the book she was holding between her hands and supporting with her legs, the name of which was impossible for him to see. 
Emerie, on the other hand, was near the bookshelf. Her wings were relaxed, and the smell of floral oils seemed to emanate from her. She had a thick blanket covering her legs, but her feet peeked under it as a soft smile was plastered on her lips. 
When Azriel found Gwyn, he had the urge to laugh out loud. She was on the floor, lying on her back, as an invisible hand kept the book right on top of her. Her feet were moving happily, her hair like a valley of flowers under her hair and pooling on the floor, a soft blush on her cheeks as her lips moved quietly following her reading. 
With astonishment, he noticed how his shadows were moving around her, caressing her skin in subtle ways. Her fingers moved against them as if she could feel them between her hands. 
She looked peaceful. She looked beautiful. She looked safe. 
With his heart on his throat at the sensation of having witnessed something beautiful, he turned to his brothers, motioning for them to keep quiet with a finger on his lips. Both Cassian and Rhys nodded, their eyes soft as they stared at the females, who seemed at peace in their own space, undisturbed and happy in their quietness. 
Reluctantly, they moved out of the room and closed the door quietly behind them to not bother them. 
Azriel took a deep breath, taking in once again the petrichor smell that surrounded Gwyn, and stepped away, knowing she was safe. 
His shadows, however, stayed with her. Making sure she was safe, holding her in the way he secretly wished he could.
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dailyclassicwho · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Think about it, though. Christmas 1860. It happened once. Just once, and it's... gone, it's finished. It'll never happen again. Except for you. You can go back and see days that are dead and gone, a hundred thousand sunsets ago. No wonder you never stay still.
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treadsuren · 2 months
The darkness is my refuge but that does not stop me from enjoying the Sun
(Gwyneth)The first time she’d been outside—truly outside—in years.“I forgot how it feels to have the full sun upon my head.” She peered up again. “Forgive me if I spend some time gawking at the sky.”
Azriel was sprawled on the chaise longue across the gray stones, sunning his wings and reading what looked to be a stack of reports
Tumblr media
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tadpolesonalgae · 1 year
Gwyn x f!reader: devotion[*]
Summary: you and Gwyn have been emotionally involved with one another for a while, neither of you have yet taken that step to form a physical connection. Yet.
Warnings: smut, face sitting, pussy eating, 69-ing, mentions of squirting
It starts with the two of you planning to spend the night to review some scrolls, but as the night wares on your guards fall, beginning to relax into one another until you’re practically draped across her lap, lying on your stomach while she attempts to read through one of the sacred scripts.
You shift to get more comfortable, hips wiggling as the material of your robe raises to your upper thighs. Gwyn’s sure that if she were stood behind you she would be blessed with an unobscured view of your underwear.
The last straw is when you yawn, stretching your arms before you shift to your hands and knees, showing off the muscle in the backs of your thighs. You yawn again, arms stretching to the air as her eyes lap up your form: the swell of your breasts beneath the robes, the plump roundness of your ass, the plush skin of your thighs. She swallows.
“I think you should go to bed, now,” she manages, the scroll discarded thoughtlessly. Her breath catches as you swing a leg over her lap, settling down comfortably as you lazily drape yourself over her body, pushing against her until she loses balance, toppling back onto the floor of her bedroom. Heat flushes her cheeks as she feels your soft form pressing against her own, fire warming in her lower belly.
Hesitantly, her hands positions themselves on your waist. She doesn’t really know what to do. She doesn’t want to push you off for fear of hurting you - the floor is wooden - but she knows her scent will betray her if you’re allowed to stay settled. Gwyn’s body tenses as you nose her collar bone, heart pounding in her chest.
She inhales heavily, attempting to calm herself but instead your scent is like a kick to the stomach. Her breath catches at the distinct flavour of arousal permeating the air. “Gwyn,” you sing song sleepily, pushing up until you’re seated over her hips. She notes your eyes are clear of fatigue, wide open and sparking with mischief. She swallows as she realises what you’ve been doing.
You peer down at her, cheeks heated while her hair is splayed across the floor, “you okay with this?” You murmur softly, hands set on either side of her pretty face. Her eyes trace your features, desire twining with heat as they drop to your mouth, her hands still perched on your hips. She nods, fingers pressing a little harder through your robes, “yeah,” she breathes, “just…” she looks away and you wait patiently, “can I…” You tilt your head, curious.
She sets her gaze on yours firmly, a flush coating her cheeks as she opens her mouth, “I, uh, I want to be on top.” She swallows as she gets the admission out in the open, waiting for your reaction.
You grin, excitement sparking and you shuffle off her lap, kneeling by her side as she sits up, “and we can stop at any time,” you add softly as her hands cup your jaw. You make sure she’s looking into your eyes, “any time, Gwyn. Just say the word and we’ll stop, okay?” She smiles, “right back at you.” Then she’s kissing you softly, lips moving over one another seamlessly, pressing here and there as her hands land on your shoulders.
“Bed,” you mumble through the feverish kisses, “it’ll be nicer on the—” Her tongue shoves into your mouth, her hands sliding down to your waist as she pulls you upright. The two of you stumble, too preoccupied with one another to pay attention to your surroundings as you scramble onto her bed.
“Gwyn,” you pant as she pushes you down gently, “I want you, too.” Your arms are slung over her shoulders, pulling desperately, “fuck, I want to taste you so bad,” you plead against her lips, your eyes squeezing shut at the thought of having her seated atop your mouth.
Her breathing becomes heavier at the confession, her hand cupping your jaw, “you want me on your mouth, honey? Want to take me while I take you?” You nod frantically, panting as your back arches, pressing your breasts to hers. There would be time for teasing on a separate occasion. Right now you need one another, need to feel the hot brush of skin against skin. It’s been so long since either of you had been afforded that comfort.
She kisses you once more before she pulls away, shifting as she throws a leg over you and already you’re gripping her hips, needfully tugging her toward your face. She chuckles, “slow down, my robes are in the way.”
“Damn the robes,” you pant, hands shoving the offending material up over her thighs. You moan as you set your eyes on her, perfect and wet.
Gwyn laughs at your frenetic movements, “I don’t think you’re supposed to utilise curse words as a priestess.” Your hands roam over the plumpness over her ass, spreading her as you lift your head, pressing into her heat as she moans at the abrupt pleasure. “As a priestess, I know the Mother willed you to be here.” You deliver an open mouthed kiss to her clothed cunt, “and I’m certain with the amount of worship I’m about to give you, she won’t mind one bit.” You thumb away the damp slip of fabric, immediately latching your mouth onto her, tongue lapping greedily at her as she pushes back against you.
Her hands scramble through the layers of your own robes, pushing and shoving at them until they’re spooled around your belly. “Goodness,” she breathes reverently, cupping you as your hips buck. “How can you be so pretty?” She pants, thumbing at your clit, making you whine. She leans back onto your face, pressing you into the mattress as she sits, her middle and forefinger running up and down over your pussy.
With trembling hands, she pushes the fabric aside, moaning as her eyes attach to your sex. The scent is overpowering, arousal roiling throughout her bedroom as she drops her mouth to you, tongue licking over your clit then moving down to your entrance, both of you locked into a hazy madness, intent on taking everything until there’s no difference between you, until you blend to one.
Your mouth moves to her clit, suckling eagerly as one of her hands wraps around your thigh, spreading you wider for her. She needs to have all of you, right now. Neither of you can stand the thought of stopping your frenzied coupling.
Your beloved female pulls away to coat her fingers, circling your entrance before gently pushing in, pulling out, pressing further and she’s rewarded with a loud moan, your mouth working harder to please her. “Gwyn,” you pant, heat coiling in the pit of your belly as her nimble fingers fill you up, her lips suckling your clit. “Gwyn please.”
She moans onto you, your desperate pleas bringing her close to her peak. Flame ignites her body as she winds her hips over you, grinding against your tongue as it presses inside her, the sensation mouth-watering in its eroticism. “Go on,” she laughs, pressing her fingers deep into you, the heel of her palm rubbing over your clit, “I want to see how pretty you look when you come on my fingers.” She smiles in delight as your hips buck greedily. “You’re going to taste so good,” she moans, reattaching her mouth to your clit as she feels you fluttering around her, hips undulating.
The sensations send her spiralling, unravelling on your mouth as she gushes. Moans fill the room as you drink her in, tongue soothing over her clit in time with the now gentle pumps of her fingers, guiding one another down from your highs.
You lap over her entrance, pressing your face into her slick heat as she rides out her orgasm. You never want to leave her. Even as your highs fade into calming thrums of euphoria, you keep her seated on your mouth, licking and kissing all of her, devout in your ministrations.
She shifts, attempting to pull away from you but you whine, hands latching over her hips to keep her mounted atop your lips. She releases an adoring laugh, “you need to breathe at some point.” She laughs harder when you shake your head beneath her, tongue swirling over her clit, making her bite her lip.
Steadying herself, she pushes upward, her hands braced softly on your rib cage, fingers playing with your nipples absently. She takes the time to catch her breath, gazing down at your body: how saliva is glossing your pretty thighs, the handprints over your hips, the slick that’s been transferred to your perky nipples as she pinches them softly; teasing.
You nip at her clit in return, making her whimper and Mother above if it isn’t a sound that could bring you to your knees in an instant. She’s perfect and divine in every sense, from the taste of her orgasm, to the ring of her laugh, to the set of her mouth when she’s concentrating on deciphering a scroll or searching for a manuscript.
If you ever lose her you’ll never forgive yourself.
And if you spend the rest of your life with her, enriching every moment with soft puffs of breath and warm touches, you’ll go to the Mother happy.
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darkest-fantasy · 2 months
Just another day in the ACOTAR fandom ✌️🤷‍♀️
Tumblr media
Sorry was I too literal? While analyzing a work of literature?
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It’s time for my favourite girl!
Now I usually headcanon Rose as Bi but recently I’ve been thinking that maybe she’d identify as Pan or maybe be unlabelled because I think Rose would be the type to like someone no matter what they look like but I also think she wouldn’t really put a name to it. I think either works for her.
Rose has always had an interest in men but as she got older started to realise that she liked girls a lot too. The first girl she ever kissed was her friend Shareen when they were both thirteen because they were having fun and wanted to know what it was like and if they would like it. Shareen decided instantly that it wasn’t really for her but Rose realised that she actually didn’t mind the kiss. She didn’t feel anything for her friend but she knew that it wasn’t because she kissed a girl.
For a short while she had a relationship when she was fourteen with a girl who lived a few streets away. Her name was Nell and they used to hang out after school and cuddle at Nell’s. They kept it hidden because neither girl were out yet and eventually they had to break up because Nell and her family moved away. Rose found out years later after social media became more popular that Nell had a girlfriend she started dating a few years after she left and they were expecting a baby. Rose was very happy for them.
She kept it hidden that she liked girls because in the early 2000s it wasn’t as accepted and when she met and started dating Jimmy she didn’t mention it because he didn’t seem the type to accept anything like that. She didn’t feel comfortable sharing that news about her with him but still liked him because she was young and he made her feel pretty. She eventually realised that he wasn’t good for her after all the things he did and with the help of her mum and Mickey she was able to get out and come home.
Rose came out to her mum shortly after and although Jackie was a bit confused at first she eventually came around and became Rose’s biggest supporter. The moment anyone discriminates against her Jackie is furious.
Despite her feelings for The Doctor, Rose definitely found Gwyneth attractive. She felt a connection to her and like she understood her a lot. She didn’t act on anything because she was starting to develop feelings for The Doctor and it was in the past so Gwyneth probably wouldn’t have appreciated Rose being so forward.
The Doctor ended up taking her to the future and the TARDIS had accidentally dropped them off near a pride parade event. The Doctor had been surprised but also happy when Rose was excited about it and he took time to explain all the flags even the ones that in her time weren’t as popular. She felt so happy and safe with him she decided to come out as Queer. At this point in her journey she wasn’t exactly sure what she identified as she just knew she liked men and women. She enjoyed dancing at the event and even got a few souvenirs to take back to her room on the TARDIS. She had her photo taken in front of one of the pride signs with The Doctor next to her, which she keeps on her bedside table as both a reminder of the great day she had and to remind her of her first Doctor. She vowed to go again with Ten but she never got the chance.
Rose would sometimes flirt with the men and women on planets or times they visited before her feelings for The Doctor got serious. It would often make The Doctor a little jealous.
She and Jack once had a competition to see how many people in a bar they could get the numbers of. The loser had to buy them all the next round. Rose only just managed to win by getting the number of a person called Robin. The Doctor was very exasperated by the both of them.
During her time with the dimension canon to find Ten, she saw the Thirteenth Doctor and was a little surprised. She’s always been sure after getting over her shock of him regenerating the first time that she would love him no matter what he looked like. She knew that she would love this version too.
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hdtt555 · 4 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sticker with Lavatune is a direct reference to the song Сектор Газа ― 1999
I drew this sticker pack as a gift to a friend, but I open access for all fans of the game ^^
For all the time that I am a fan of the game and constantly create new fanarts, this is the boldest possible step in the community and the most fruitful work. Thanks to the developers for the hundreds of favorite stories that will always be in my heart and will continue to lead my creativity up the ladder of growth.
This is a modest gift as a sign of my appreciation for the game ( ,,>ω•́ )۶
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snailomancy · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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orphicauroras · 1 year
Cassian to Gwyn: Would you do me the honor of becoming my sister- in-law?
Azriel: Did you just propose to Gwyn for me?
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kingstoken · 4 months
Tumblr media
Doctor Who Femslash February @doctorwho-femslashfeb - (Day 11) Memories -> Rose x Gwyneth
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dreamsandstars24 · 2 months
*House of flame and shadows spoilers ahead*
Tumblr media
I wonder who the masked Queen is
I wonder why there are winged horses
I wonder what she means by "religious iconography of her DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE"
Nesta will be High QUEEN
Emerie will become her General
I love my normal earth but COME ON
High Queen Nesta Archeron, ruler of the Fae
I love it
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