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Derek felt defeated as he reached for the phone. Dialling his number was a weekly routine that carried no less shame and feeling of incompetence than the first time around, but it was a necessary and (still) inevitable measure to be taken.
Derek didn't want to blame himself. He had tried everything on the list, including giving Eli his favourite snacks, sitting with him to watch his comfort TV show, taking him outside to get a breath of fresh air and play in the woods in hope of finding solace, and eventually, pulling out every trick there was to make his restless son fall asleep. None of it worked. Eli was back to crying or throwing tantrums within the span of ten minutes and the worst part was that Derek knew the real reason behind his son's moody behaviour.
Nowadays, nothing could give Derek the kind of relief that the sound of a familiar engine on his driveway did.
"Thank you for coming over."
The sentence was out of Derek's mouth before the man could even close the front door behind him.
"Of course, you know how much I love spending time with Eli," The sheriff smiled brightly, even though Derek had just called him out of work and the bags under his eyes had to be at least three days old. "Speaking of which, where is my little wolf?"
"Here, here!" Eli ran towards them with outstretched arms, the sheriff groaning softly as he lifted the kid and settled Eli on his hip. "Can we play hide and seek, Shiff?"
"We can if you promise not to wander off this time."
Derek winced. Eli still had to learn that not everyone could find him by smell and among all his supernatural relatives, the sheriff was an amazing teacher of the human perspective.
"Kay," Eli nodded, then rubbed his nose into the sheriff's neck to scent him. Derek's heart clenched at the display as always - still a bit surprised by how fast Eli had accepted the sheriff into their little pack.
"We'll go outside for a while. You go lie down, son." Sheriff Stilinski said, his tone resembling the firmness of a command. Derek didn't mind, though, he just gave the man a grateful nod as the pair exited the house and Derek was left alone with his thoughts for the first time that day.
He soon found himself collapsing onto his bed with ears perked to listen to the first chime of laughter from Eli. He wished he could do the same, but his body didn't want to move from his position of staring up at the ceiling blankly and Derek had to close his eyes to remember the words his therapist had been parroting for weeks, all in preparation for this day.
Let yourself feel it.
He wasn't sure how to go about doing that exactly but he figured that his old methods were as good as any. It actually took less time than he had thought to dig out his father's old leather jacket, and even spraying the room with Laura's old perfume was an easy task. It was like he was checking things off of his mental list, functioning completely on autopilot against what his therapist had suggested but at least he was getting somewhere. The next step was a phone call to Cora - you're not the only one suffering, Derek, remember that - and her chatter about pack business in Colombia was able to temporarily numb Derek's mind, even if he hung up rather quickly as soon as his sister had muttered the words 'I forgive you, you know'. Talking to Peter afterwards was even harder, but thankfully, his uncle didn't appear to be in the mood to reminisce about fond childhood memories or anything regarding the past, really. Derek did promise, though (not without heaving a heavy sigh), that he'd join his uncle on a morning run through the preserve, and that had a bit of Peter's usual smugness seeping into his voice which was still better than the hollow comfort neither of them could draw from each other.
After an hour of listening to his mother's favourite songs, Derek emerged to the sight of Eli already sound asleep and tucked into bed. The sun was setting below the horizon where the sheriff was standing at the front entrance, quietly putting on his jacket.
"Thank you." Derek wished he could say more than that.
"You know I gave you my number for a reason." The sheriff's mouth curled into a kind smile. "You just give me a call, kid, and I'll be here. Anytime."
Derek didn't know why, but he felt something crack. Maybe it was the illusion he had been chasing all day, but the older man could clearly see it on his face.
"Oh, Derek," The sheriff sighed, beckoning him with a hand, "Come here."
Derek barely noticed himself walking closer to the sheriff, and when the older man put his arms around him, he unconsciously mirrored the movement.
"I'm here." The sheriff whispered despite his obvious discomfort, and the only thing Derek could do was hold on for dear life.
And for a moment, Derek could imagine that those hands belonged to his father.
"Shhh," The sheriff gave a small rub to Derek's back and the werewolf wondered just how many times the other man had to do the exact same thing for his son. "It's okay. I got you, son."
Derek couldn't stop it. His tears started falling for the first time that day - maybe even years - and the sheriff just stood there, embracing Derek's shaking form and making him feel safer than ever since Laura's death. The sheriff waited for Derek to pull back, even if Derek himself was unsure of just how much time had passed with him silently sobbing into the older man's uniform. When Derek eventually stepped back, the sheriff's hand stayed heavily on his shoulder.
"I meant it," He said, and finally, Derek was able to return the other man's smile.
They parted ways with a nod and Derek watched the police cruiser drive away before turning off all the lights inside the house and opening the door to his son's room. He slipped under Eli's blanket without rousing the small 'wolf and let his son cuddle up to him on instinct, pulling Eli closer to his chest and letting his eyelids fall shut.
Anniversaries were always hard, but now Derek had a pack to get him through them.
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twpsyn-who · 24 days
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thyfggfy · 1 month
Tumblr media
I know this ia sort of an old discussion, but am I the only one who thinks that a Hale spin off show would be not all that engaging . Especially if we are talking about the time period when Derek was a child.
The nematon is cut down and inactive so it can't attract supernatural crises on the levels we saw on the show and whatever supernatural problem they do face, it can't be huge enough to attract the attention of Beacon hills' townsfolk. Of course , the show's strong point was never the plot itself, but the characters in it. However, the Hales as a family , when you exclude the fact that they are werewolves, are not all that exciting either. They are just an aristocratic, rich family that for the most part led pretty normal lives. We saw it with Derek. He went to school, played sports , had a girlfriend...
Tumblr media
An Argent family spin off on the other hand. Now that is a show with potential. Psychologically speaking, can you imagine how enthralling it would be to witness how Gerard raised his children to be essentially weapons? How he pitted them against each other in order to make sure they never overthrow him? How Chris managed to an extent escape his conditioning, while Kate completely fell prey to it? As an added bonus, we know that the Argents move wherever they are needed so the world is their playground.
Obviously, both concepts can turn out great with the right team, but I don't know. I just felt like sharing my thoughts.
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princeescaluswords · 1 month
Hello. I'm the Anon who asked the question about the hunters and their competency. I never thought of it that way, and I really like your take on these kind of things. So here's another one for you; what did the Hale's actually do for Beacon hills?
It may have been a narrative oversight in the background. However, within the story we are told of all these great things that Talia and the Hale's that came before her did for beacon hills. Yet by the time Derek shows up there is no one present to help him. Going off the lost Prince narrative, a take I've heard you talk about before when it came to him, usually there are still people around who are willing to help. Yet the individuals we are introduced to that knew his mom and the legacy she had have either turned to the dark side or said we're sitting this mess out.
In a debatably unfair comparison to Scott, during his departure all of his allies that stayed behind still continue to fight the good fight even 15 years later (according to the movie). So the question becomes what inspiration did Talia and\or the Hale family actually have on anybody if no one was still around willing to continue her mission? Or should we go off Deaton's word that her death was so impactful that everyone lost hope to explain the absence?
Tumblr media
Textually, we can only draw evidence from four episodes: Visionary (3x08), Riddled (3x18), 117 (4x02), and Orphaned (4x06). While previous episodes had shown the wealth and the history of the Hale family, only these four (please correct me if I'm wrong) touch upon the relationship between the Hales and Beacon Hills. We know that werewolf packs would come to seek Talia Hale's guidance and that she had significant status, which could explain (along with the Nemeton) why there were so many werewolf packs present in Beacon County. We know that the Talia Hale saw protecting Beacon Hills as a duty of her family. We know that they undertook public service works, such as funding (and influencing) the construction of the high school. The clearest statement comes from the Benefactor's cassette-tape introduction.
Voice: Eventually settling in a small town in Northern California, this family used their wealth to rebuild the community around them while remaining isolated from it.
So, part of your answer was that while the Hales were involved in building and protecting Beacon Hills, they did so surreptitiously. Thus, it's not outrageous for Derek to not have any contacts or allies among the civil authorities. But what about the supernatural community? While Derek, Peter, and Cora did not know who Deaton was (though Peter figured it out quickly), there was Satomi. Derek remembered her in Weaponized (4x07). Why didn't he seek her out when Laura was murdered?
The answer is clear, and it's why Derek was an antagonist in Season 1 (and a villain in Season 2). Because of Paige and Kate, he didn't trust anyone. There's a reason he didn't go to the police for help with his sister's murder and instead buried her in his burned-down family mansion's side yard. There's a reason he chose to use Scott as bait rather than wait until Scott threatened to go to the police at the end of Pack Mentality (1x03). It's a fanon creation that he was only trying to help Scott, because you can't help someone you don't trust. This distrust in others (and in himself) lies at the root at everything he did wrong until he allowed himself to trust in Scott, the pack, and Braeden, which enabled him to duplicate his mother's power in Smoke & Mirrors (4x12). Derek didn't go to Satomi (or any other ally of his mother) because of distrust and shame, and so he hurt himself.
It's one of the reasons that the Lost Prince trope doesn't apply to Teen Wolf, and thus it became a source of frustration to fandom. Derek's story wasn't reclaiming his family's legacies, it was evolving into the best person he could be by letting go of the past. This was epitomized by his transfiguration at the end of the movie.
I'm not quite following the argument of your last paragraph, because one of your premises isn't true, and one of them is questionable. All of Scott's allies didn't remain in Beacon Hills. Stiles, Liam, Deaton, Lydia, and Jackson live and work elsewhere. It can be assumed that Isaac, Marin, Cora, Theo, Hayden and Corey are elsewhere as well if they are still Scott's allies. Derek, Peter, and Malia live in Beacon Hills, as do his mother, Parrish, and the Sheriff. None of them acted as if this were strange. The idea that a pack must live together in the same house is mostly a fanon invention. After all, Mrs. Finch was alpha of the Primal Pack and yet had rejected their ways. ("It's my pack, too.")
Which leads me to question your second premise, "still fighting the good fight." Against whom? There's no indication that the lives of the people of Beacon Hills are in danger 13 years after Monroe fled. Eli certainly acts like a normal teenager, not a child who grew up in a war zone. There's not the slightest whiff of resentment from the pack members who are in Beacon Hills about the pack members who aren't in it. This tracks, and to be frank, Teen Wolf makes a whole hell of a lot more sense if Scott McCall's teenage years are seen as anomalous in the lives of average werewolves. They weren't meant to be seen as failwolves because they weren't supposed to be superheroes. The idea of pack as a paramilitary unit always on guard against territorial intrusion or evil threats is a fanon invention with little backing in canon.
I hope this answers your question.
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sangriajay-dice · 1 month
The Hale pack deserved better! Erica and Boyd should have stayed alive! Isaac should have stayed with Derek! Cora should have stayed too! They could have had their rocky beginnings but eventually (with the help of pack mother Stiles) they would have gotten together to train and bond, first out of necessity and then before you knew it, they would become an actual functioning pack (with the added bonus of therapy because Lord knows they need it).
I can just imagine on a random day (or so it seems, it's actually the Hale House fire remembrance day), the pack barges into the loft and manhandle a sourwolf who doesn't want to be bothered (especially not today) into the living room for a surprise (Derek tries to roar them or scare them into submission so they can leave him alone but they have learned to push back at some commands, they know he won't hurt them and he doesn't mean all his threats).
Erica is adamant that he's going to enjoy this surprise as they push him down on the couch (Derek highly doubts it but he is secretly glad about the distraction) and then they roll up their sleeves or take of their shirts— depending on who, and reveal their triskelion tattoos that they got. (A reminder that even though Derek and Cora may have lost their family, Isaac too, Boys and his sister and Erica has never felt like she belonged anywhere, that despite the odds, they found each other and became each other's family and pack.)
Of course Derek is speechless. (And no he did not cry no matter how much Erica, Cora and Stiles insisted that he did). He does realise though that he isn't alone anymore and they spend the day by visiting the Hale memorial and watching movies and gorging on snacks and food and taking puppy pile naps ("Stop calling us pups, Stiles!) which eventually leads to a sleepover (this becomes tradition till the Hale House gets rebuilt and becomes a sort of headquarters that foster supernatural children that lose their families and have no where else to go).
All in all, it wasn't a bad surprise as surprises from his pack go.
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batcavescolony · 2 months
Im sorry I can't take the Hale family chant thing seriously, they're wolfing out saying "Alpha Beta Omega". That sounds like a Tumblr mantra or something. 💀💀💀
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thatsojasminesworld · 2 months
How do i say goodbye to Derek Hale
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cat-crowned-8 · 2 months
eli is the same age derek was when his family died in the hale fire... but he doesn't have laura
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wandas-lovey · 2 months
a parallel of Derek and Eli that I didn’t realize till I woke up this morning:
a young hale werewolf having their family die in a fire.
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evermore-grimoire · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Evermore Grimoire: Shapeshifters
The Hale Family is a well-known, well-respected, centuries-old and powerful family of Werewolves and one Werecoyote. Most of the family members also have the rare and unique ability to fully shape shift into a wolf. However not everyone in the family inherited lycanthropy gene from their supernatural parents, meaning that they remained human. Those that were born as werewolves used a Triskelion Medallion to help learn control over their shifts. It involved having the young shapeshifters focus on the medallion and repeat the family's mantra, ‘Alpha, Beta, Omega’ while taking deep breaths in order to regain control over themselves whilst highly emotional or during the full moons. This mantra was used to remind them that all werewolves can rise from one rank or fall to another, with Betas ascending to Alpha status, and Alphas falling to Beta or even Omega status, in some situations. Sadly though most of the Hale family located in or around Beacon Hills were killed in a tragic house fire that was started by a ruthless werewolf hunter name Kate Argent. 
original artwork by Allagar
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loganwritesprobably · 3 months
Trans man Peter Hale
Trans woman Corinne
Agender Malia Tate
Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk
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shitakimooshrooms · 4 months
continuing with my idea of Stiles and Derek having shared a class if the Hale Fire didn’t happen and Derek was 3 years older; In Stiles’ freshman year of high school he joined the theater club(Scott was interested and he was dragged along) and Derek also decided to do so for some reason and so the idea is that that years play is Hamilton(I know it wouldn’t be around, but humor me) and Stiles gets cast as Alexander because he can talk really fast (and has definitely won rapping competitions before) and Derek is cast as Aaron Burr (the second verse of Wait For It just exudes Derek energy) and so the idea of Scott somehow still not recognizing Derek after having done like the lights and watching every single rehearsal and show that year just makes it all the more funny. (I also am a firm believer that Stiles will randomly walk up to Derek like “Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir?” And Derek just sighs and walks away.)
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haletwfic · 5 months
Eli: Mom can i have a tattoo?
Y/N: No. you’re still a kid
Eli: No. I’m a teenager.
Derek: What’s going on?
Y/N: Your son wants a tattoo.
Derek: No. Absolutely no.
Eli: How old are you when you got your first tattoo?
Derek: 16.
Eli: Exactly. I’m gonna get it now.
Y/N: Sure.
Derek: Go, before your mom change her mind.
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invisible-storyteller · 5 months
*Derek lying on the ground, unmoving* Isaac: Is he dead?! Peter: Wait! *crouches next to Derek* You've been hit by, you've been struck by~ Isaac:... Erica:... Boyd:... Stiles:... Derek, gurgling around blood: A smooth criminal
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thatsojasminesworld · 2 months
How do i say goodbye to Derek Hale
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