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Happy birthday, Ritsuka!🎸
August 1, 2021
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lilium-dragomir · 15 days
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⚜ Happy birthday @fangrui ⚜
I saw on your Anilist that Uenoyama is in your favorites! And I really have Given brain rot because of the last chapter recently. So I reread the series and have the songs stuck in my head. So what better time to color some Given for you than now? I hope you have a lovely birthday!
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nightyelfy · 10 months
The last day of summer ☀️, the first day of the rest of the year! 🏵️
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incorrect-given-quotes · 10 months
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It was also given english dub release day!!
How did yall like it?
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amaya-chwan · 3 months
Pardon the interruption to our regular posts, but...
Happy Birthday to this cutie, Mafuyu!!! 🎉🥰
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The given manga is set to end next month, but fingers crossed there'll be a sequel! 💜
If you haven't read/watched this glorious series yet, I highly recommend! 😍 Ngl, I have a very soft spot for this series for very personal reasons, so I shall be celebrating these cuties' birthdays properly this year!
Okay, regular scheduling to resume momentarily, thank you! 🤣
- Amaya-chwan
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jieseoki-blog · 2 years
happy birthday yūma uchida! 🥳🎉
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my favorite seiyuu 😌🧡💛
(I can't upload yūma's gif 😭 he was suppose to be here.)
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anisstaranise · 2 years
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Uenoyama Ritsuka | 01/08/2021
I want to play along with your lyrics!
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airisu7425 · 10 months
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alixsky · 2 years
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Happy Birthday Uenoyama!!! (08/01)
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dragonprincesshn · 2 years
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Happy Birthday Ritsuka!!! 🎂✨
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chibikko9 · 2 years
happy birthday to Yuuma Uchida, the VA of Ash Lynx, Uenoyama Ritsuka and Fushigiro Megumi!!!
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ticklygiggles · 5 months
Top 22 of 2022
I've been meaning to do this before the end of the year for obvious reasons, but I just didn't have the chance until now! Thank you everyone who had tagged me, you all are so sweet
I apologize in advance, though. My memory sucks and my perception of time is broken sdjfjdhf
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Part 1: Fandom Faves 
01. Favorite new fandoms of the year: SPY x FAMILY, Demon Slayer
02. Favorite new ships since this year: SPYxFAMILY - Twiyor, Cynari, ScaraLumi - Genshin Impact
03. Favorite anime/TV show of the year: Extraordinary Attorney Woo, SPY x FAMILY, Pokémon Journeys
04. Favorite movie of the year: Hmm, I honestly don't watch many movies, so this one's hard... maybe Turning Red? Haha
05. Favorite character of the year: Scaramouche/Wandered, Tighnari - Genshin Impact. Uzui Tengen, Rengoku Kyojuro - Demon Slayer. Seo HyunSoo - XXX Buddy.
06. Favorite soundtrack of the year: One of my favorite soundtrack every year will always be Liyue OST - Genshin Impact!
07. Favorite book/manga/comic of the year: sajkhfjdf this year I read lots of new Manhwas and also a few books. Some of my favorite manhwas were Define the Relationship, Perfect Buddy, Actually, I was the real one, Who made me a Princess?, Under the Oak Tree, Love so Pure (side story), Forget About My Husband, I'd Rather Go Make Money, The Marriage Business and mooore.
I didn't like the books I read this year that much, but I guess my favorite was Six Crimson Cranes. Also read some light novels and they were The Marriage Business and I'll be the Warrior's Mother.
08. Favorite game of the year: Genshin Impact and Obey me!
09. Highlight of this year to remember: March 7th when I went to Disneyland JSAFHJ
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Part 2: Community Review
10. Favorite Tumblr moments of 2022: Tickletober, my 2k milestone. @vqler and @dokidoki-muffin return aaaand... I think that's the most I can remember hahaah
11. Favorite fan art of the year: I have been blessed with so much fanart this year omg, some of my faves were this one, of course because it's the first time someone drew art for one of my fics!
Also this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one, but honestly, there are so many aaaa
12. Favorite fic of the year: I read good fics this year, I can't choose, but definitely some of my faves are these beautiful fics I got from my dearest friends in my birthday and Christmas, here, here and here.
13. Favorite ask game of the year: The tickly alphabet, this one and the 3 sentence fic
14. My top achievements as a writer/artist/creator/blogger: Participating in Tickletober for the first time! I didn't finish all days, but I'm happy with the result haha. Also getting to finish my 2k milestone event!
15. My own best fic/post of the year: I think I wrote a lot this year, but one of my faves to write was this Koi ga Ochitara one because I've been wanting to write one with them for sooo long!
16. My most underappreciated fic/post of the year: Probably not the "most", but this Mafuyu x Ritsuka x Yuki one?
17. A post of mine that got more popularity than expected: Omg these three Tickletober fics because they don't have a large popularity in the community, but they got more attention that I expected!
Koi Ga Ochitara, Junai Drop Out, Sign
18. Something I changed on my blog since this year: I think I did write more this year, so that was nice!
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Part 3: Next Year
19. Something I didn’t post this year but would like to do next year: I'd like to work on this little AU idea thingy I have been neglecting because I feel unsure to write and post, but we'll see!
20. Goals for next year: As for this blog... maybe getting into more fandoms to keep writing haha. Also, Ginny girl is trying to write less trash, but I'd like to keep collaborating with her, because I just love how well we write together aaaa
21. 2023 releases I look forward to the most: MAHOUTSUKAI NO YOME SEASON 2! Aaaand more Genshin updates and also Obey me cards that I can actually get LOL
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Part 4: Spreading Love
22. Shoutouts to people who made my 2022 a better year: 
Goodness, here comes the fun part haha:
@otomiya-tickles of course my sweetie girl precious baby boo. I already told you this, but thank you for making my 2022 a loooot better, thank you for your endless support and your love! You are the best and I'm so happy to talk to you every single day! You are so so talented and smart and amazing and I love you!
@ragewerthers my frieeeend, I always have so much fun talking with you! From just daily life activities to our endless hcs about our precious Toshi *teary emoji* you definitely did my 2022 a lot better too and I hope we can still talk lots this 2023!
@wertzunge Maaaax, I think this year we talked more than any other time haha, I'm happy we're both excited about Mahoutsukai no Yome sdbfhsdf I already said this to you, but I hope we get to talk some more this year as well! Thank you for your friendship!! (Also thank you for your kind support during commisions!)
@vqler @dokidoki-muffin we barely interact with each other BUT I wanted to say that you both are amazing and super talented people and I admire your abilities and your creativity and it's so so nice to have you back in the community! You both are GREAT and I get excited every time I see art from you both. Such talented people, let me give you a respectful kiss on your forehead.
@ticklystuff omg hi! I know we don't talk much, but I just wanted to say that I really like you and you are so so so so SO good at writing ome such talent! I love seeing you in my dash and seeing all the cool amazing stuff you write aaaaa I think of you every time I see Childe, no lies. Thank you for being amazing!
@happyandticklish Queen of writing. No words just admiration. Honestly, you are so so so GOOD. I wish I could write like you and you're so kind and amazing help askdjskf We've talked a bit before and I apologize for my awkwardness aaaaa Thank you for showing us all how cool you are and for being a cupcake!
@myreygn Reeeeey! I honestly get so so shy when you mention how you fangirled when I followed you back ahahaha, thank you for always being so supportive with me! You are amazing and I like chatting with yoouuu! I hope we get to talk some more during 2023!!
@thornoisdono Thank you for the generous support in kofi aaaaa, I love every single fic you requested and hopefully, you'll see them up in the next couple of days! Thank you!
@intheticklecloset @zeke-ism @lovelynim @xsezzie @bloominggiggles @ticklish-v-93 @soft-tk-fluff @chibimochii @nnainai @tickles-tea @looneytickles @tiredleekaz @ssnicker-doodless @spongeboblevel25 @justmaybee @itslittlegiggle @tiklart @lovelymessybubbly @italeean @ticklishfanart - whether we had talked before or not, I'm so thankful for you all! I love seeing and interacting with your content. You all are amazing and make my stay in tumblr so much better! I'd love to get to know you all more this year, but I'll be always be awkward, but I want you to know that you are some of my favorite blogs EVER.
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bxchira · 2 years
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Happy Birthday Ritsuka Uenoyama!
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nightyelfy · 2 years
Dreams as bright as sunshine 💫
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Incorrect Texts Pt. 2
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kiwikipedia · 1 year
I Saw A Dog Today
Fandom(s): FGO
Rating: K
Pairing: Arthur (Prototype) x NB Reader (can be read as platonic)
Summery: Waiting for Arthur to come back and he has something to tell you (oneshot)
Extra notes: Multiple Masters in Chaldea! AU
Happy Birthday, Kakapo!
Original Post on my Writing Blog
No matter how easy the Singularity seemed to be, you still got a little bit nervous when a different Master was on call for it. Certainly pulling every master would make sure that it went smoothly and quickly, but Romani and Da Vinci were rightfully cautious.
No unnecessary risks.
Still, you were worried and not just because of the spunky redheaded Master that had been on call this time instead of you or the black haired young man— Gudako was certainly more energetic than Ritsuka.
No it was because your usual partner Servant was needed.
It was well known in Chaldea that every Master had a Servant they could trust wholeheartedly with everything. For Ritsuka it was Mashu, for Gudako it was Scáthach, but for you?
Yours was Arthur.
He had been summoned in some stranger circumstances, but a large portion of Chaldea’s Servants seemed to be at this point— Musashi, King Hassan, Merlin… you could name a good number of them.
But Arthur was the one you bonded with first. And now you were worried about his safety.
He was more than capable than taking care of himself, you knew, but you couldn’t help it! Who wouldn’t be worried about their most important person in their life?
“Stop pacing, Master,” Emiya’s voice chided from the kitchen as you paced in the cafeteria. You looked up, frowning at the Counter Force Archer.
“I can’t help it,” you sighed, shaking your head before looking up at the clock. “I’m worried.”
Emiya sighed. “They’re all only a few minutes late than Da Vinci predicted, the final wrap up battle might’ve just taken a bit longer.”
You sighed again instead of answering, nodding a bit before deciding to leave the cafeteria for one of the break rooms. It wouldn’t do you any good to keep bothering Emiya with your restlessness.
You had decided to settle down on one of the sofas there, flipping idly through one of the magazines that had been brought back from the New York singularity.
You must have dozed off from waiting, because suddenly you startled awake as the door was opened.
You tilted your head back, blinking sleep from your eyes slowly before smiling a bit, seeing a familiar form in the doorway.
“This is where you were, Master!”
Arthur stepped in, smiling brightly. You moved to stand up, but he stopped you as he moved over to the couch and sat down instead.
Well, sitting down was a bit of a calm stretch, as he more or less plopped down with a soft ‘oof’ next to you.
“How’d the Singularity go?” you asked and he smiled brightly.
“So,” he started, “The singularity itself was kind of boring, but!”
At this he perked up.
“The good news is that I saw a dog today in the singularity!”
You tilted your head, blinking. “A dog?”
The blonde nodded happily. “Yep! A dog!”
You laughed softly at his excited expression before settling down on the sofa, leaning against him.
“Tell me about the dog, Arthur.”
The Saber seemed to brighten up even more. No matter the story, you always paid attention when the blonde was the one telling it. His voice was soothing to listen to and he just had that way of his that drew you into listening.
That’s just how it was.
And the dog was cute, so that’s what matters, right?
(All dogs are cute, Arthur would tell you later. You agreed.)
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