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✰ baby honey ✰ #1 (dom!harry)
Tumblr media
Harry’s favorite thing to do is to take care of you and give you as many orgasms as you can take, even if you’re being a brat.. dom!Harry concepts
a/n: this pairing does not have a set/strict plot, but there will be many different situations/writings for them! Lots of smut! ;) some may carry over multiple parts!
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word count: 5.3k
warnings/tags: dom!harry, daddy kink, praise kink, soft-sub reader, oral f receiving, Harry x reader, smut, mature situations, punishment, mean!dom, some fluff :) pet names
Your mind was dizzy as you slowly walked down the grand staircase while sliding your hand down the cool railing. Soft hums were coming from your throat, and your stomach was filled with butterflies. Carefully, you stepped your sock clad feet on the hardwood floor and turned to go in the direction of the office. There wasn’t a worry in your mind or a slight bit of fear in your chest as you made your way to the big wooden door.
You run your fingertips over the cold knob before turning it and pushing the heavy door open. The room that was just filled with mixed voices becomes silent. Your eyes were cloudy, but they immediately focused on the thing you were looking for. A smile spread over your pink lips as you locked your sight on his pretty emerald eyes. Harry was so beautiful, so perfect.
He sighed heavily as he gave you a hard stare. It made your stomach churn, but you ignored it. You wanted him - needed to feel his touch and hear his voice. Before you could even get two feet inside the room, he was standing from the big wood desk and walking towards you. He wasn’t paying the three men sitting in the chairs any mind, you were his main focus. Per usual.
His big, heavy hands landed on your waist and he guided you out of the room and away from the door. He moved you against the wall and immediately grabbed your chin.
“What have I told you about interrupting my meetings?” His voice was low and deep.
“Shut up.” He snapped, his grip on your chin got tighter. “You’re acting bad. You know I don’t like it when you’re bad.”
“I need you.” You whined softly, hands fisting into his white button down.
“You’re gonna wrinkle my fuckin’ shirt.” He said through gritted teeth as he ripped your hands away.
“No, please! Just wanna touch you!” Tears were building in your eyes as you saw the anger come over his face.
“You were told to stay in the bedroom. You’ve disobeyed me.” Harry put his hand on your throat, but he didn’t squeeze you. He was gentle, for now. “You’re being a bad kitten.. and bad kittens get punished.”
You began to shake your head from side to side, tears streaming down your face. You coiled your hand around his wrist and dug your nails deep in his skin. Upsetting him was always your biggest fear. It was your intention to always be good for him, always be on your best behavior. Despite not doing anything wrong, you feel horrible.
“You’re gonna get my hand on your ass, and my cock’s gonna destroy that little hole of yours, missy.” He was harsh and cold, and that made things worse for you. “Not gonna let you cum. Gonna make those spanks hurt and you cry those pretty eyes out. I’ll make sure you remember the rules.”
“Not tryna be a b-bad kitten!” You cried out, eyes burning holes through his. “I need you, Daddy, need to touch you, please.”
As soon as he heard the word come out of your mouth he softened completely. His hand slid to the small of your back and the other gently covered your warm cheek. His thumb messed with the corner of your mouth as you spoke in broken sobs.
“M’not.. not a bad girl.. promise I.. I just needed.. needed something.. Da-daddy.. I.. I can’t stop it.. y’know I can’t..”
He felt terrible for treating you so bad, his heart was aching as he watched all the tears fall. “Hey, shh. Kitten, calm down.”
Despite his efforts, you were still breaking down. Worry filled your mind as you thought about all the consequences. You were so afraid that you were doing something wrong, that you had upset him. It was making you feel nauseous and like you were running out of air.
“Feel so-so little, Daddy.. wanna be.. be safe with you.. s’all.. just wanna see you..”
He shushed you again, and this time let his thumb cover your lips to stop you from rambling. “Relax for me, angel baby.”
You nodded softly and carefully placed your hands on his torso. His defined muscles felt comforting, even through the fabric of his shirt. You didn’t care about wrinkling it, so you closed your hands into fists again - holding as tight as you could.
“Now.. shhh..” he softly pecked your forehead before leaning back to look into your puffy eyes. “Tell Daddy what you need.. so I can help my girl.”
Your lips quivered as you tried to say something, but no words were coming out. He noticed the struggle and the pout on your lips. His hand moved down to your hip and he tilted your head further back to get a good look at you.
“Tell me, kitten, tell Daddy what’s got you all soft.” He made sure to give you a gentle smile. He knew you appreciated it when he was kind and caring, especially during these times. “Why’s my girl feeling little?”
Answering him was your intention, but you said the wrong words. You replied with what was on your mind, what was worrying you so much.
“I’m a bad girl.. I.. I didn’t listen to Daddy.. m’a bad kitty.”
“Tsk tsk, stop it, darling.” He gave you a stern lift of his brows. “You’re not a bad girl. Daddy isn’t mad, sugar plum.”
“But you said.. said I was being bad.” You sucked in your bottom lip as you looked at him through your lashes. Your eyes were hardly opened, the crying wore you out.
“That was before I knew you were feeling little, my angel.” He swiped your hair away from your face and held onto the back of your neck. “You’re Daddy’s good girl.. such a sweet kitten.”
“M’sorry I.. came in the office.” The words you whispered were barely audible.
He sighed and moved his hand down to your waist. “Daddy’s the one who should be saying sorry. I saw how happy you were to see me, kitten, how big your pretty lips smiled.. and I was so mean to you, wasn’t I? Didn’t give my girl any loves.. that’s all my baby wanted, yeah? Wanted Daddy’s attention for a minute.”
You nod lightly, arms snaking around him. He pulled you into his chest and you gladly hid your face in his shirt. He petted the back of your head, running his fingers through your long hair. His comforting words made you feel relieved and relaxed. He wasn’t mad at you anymore, and he just misunderstood the situation. Being in his arms made you feel safe and secure.
“Do y’wanna sit in the office with me, baby love? Daddy can pull up a chair for you.”
You sucked up the snot in your throat, the idea making you feel tingly. “Can I be by you, Daddy? Wanna be close.”
“Right beside me, my love. Just have to behave and be quiet for me, alright? Let Daddy finish his meeting and then I’ll make you feel better, baby.” He kissed the top of your head and squeezed you so tight.
You smiled against his shirt. “Wan’ loves and cuddles and kisses.”
He let out a soft chuckle. “All the loves and cuddles and kisses you want, kitten. Whatever you want Daddy to do.. my girl, always so sweet for me.”
“Woke up from m’ nap.. felt really little.. felt soft and scared, Daddy.”
He grunted as he leaned back, hands gently moving you so he could see you properly. “M’sorry i wasn't there for you, baby girl.”
“Here now.. don’t wanna leave you.”
“You don’t have to, honey bun. Daddy’s right here.”
You splayed your hands on his back, feeling his muscles tense as he gently rocked you from side to side. His hands held your hips so tight, so safely.
“Need t’ feel full.. Daddy can you.. fill me after your meeting?”
“Does my girl wan’ her Daddy’s cock, hm? Wan’ Daddy to fill you up with his thick cum?”
The filthy words caused ripples down your spine. You whimpered at the thought of being full. It was too hard to try to speak, so you nodded once again for him.
He smirked gently and kissed your swollen lips. “Daddy will give you what you want soon, kitten. Give you all my cum.. make sure your pretty pussy is filled to the brim.. wanna watch it drip out of you, baby love. Gonna fill my girl up.. make her feel so good, yeah?”
“Wanna have it all, Daddy, please..” Your whisper made his crotch twitch.
“No more talking about it, sweetheart, don’t wanna get Daddy hard just yet.”
The thought made your eyes sparkle, and it didn’t go unnoticed. He smiled sweetly and kissed you for a long moment before finally grabbing your hand and leading you to the office.
When you walked in together, the three men turned their heads to watch Harry walk through the room. Nobody said anything at first, so he broke the ice himself.
“Sorry about that, gentlemen. My fiancé isn’t feeling the best.”
“S’alright. Understandable.” One of them replied with a fake smile.
Harry glanced around but realized that the only other available chair in the room was his big leather one. He sighed and gestured to the chair.
“Just sit there, honey. We’re almost finished anyways.”
You hesitated, but eventually sat down in the chair. Harry sat one leg on the edge of the desk, eyes on the men as he picked up wherever he left off. They weren’t bothered by her presence, but that didn’t mean you didn’t feel embarrassed. You were sure the tear streams were still evident and you could feel the warmth of her skin. You probably looked like a mess.
The business talk didn’t interest you at all. You kept your eyes on Harry’s shiny black shoes. The longer you looked at them, the more you noticed his trousers. They fit him well and hugged his thighs. The dark grey color matched the blazer that was draped over the back of the chair. He looked so professional and handsome. His hair was perfectly sculpted. Even the expensive watch on his wrist was in a perfect spot. You were still annoyed by the men being here. Normally, meetings took place at his real office, not at your home. Apparently things happen at times, that’s what he told you at least, and arrangements have to be made.
You were growing impatient with each minute. All you wanted was him, and you wanted him all to yourself. Having to share his attention with these men was driving you mad. You tapped your fingertips against the arm of the chair as you stared at the floor.
Before you even realized it, Harry got off the desk and escorted the men to the front entrance. He was only gone for a minute. When he came back through the door you jumped up from his chair and began to rock on your heels. He chuckled as he reached you and took hold of your waist.
“Thank you for being patient, baby.”
“You’re all mine now, right?” You batted your thick lashes at him and he gladly squeezed each side of your butt.
“All yours, kitten.”
He sat down in the chair and gently grabbed your wrist. He pulled you onto his lap, greedily holding your waist. You smiled as you wrapped an arm around his head and began to softly peck your lips along his hairline. He chuckled as he slipped both hands under your shirt.
“You seem upset, Daddy.. don’t like it when you’re upset.”
He grunted, hating that you noticed things so easily. “Just stress from business, baby love, s’all.”
“Do you want me to make it go away?” Your words made his crotch tingle.
“No, baby. S’all about you right now. You still want Daddy to make you full?”
“Yes, please.. wan’ you to fill me, Daddy.”
When you leaned back to look at him, your tongue came out and swiped over your lips. A smirk covered his mouth as he slid a hand into your leggings, groping your butt cheek.
“No panties?” He lifted a brow. “Someone’s being a little tease.”
You giggled softly and started kissing his forehead. “Just wanna make it easier.”
“Hm.. m’sure you do.” He patted your thigh, a silent indication for you to stand up.
You didn’t want to move away with him, but you knew you had to. You stood in front of him, waiting patiently for him to do something. He stood up, too, and walked around you. When you hear papers shuffling, you spin around and grab his elbow gently.
“Let me clear the desk, kitten.”
“Daddy..” you were curious as to why he was doing that. “Are you gonna take me on your desk?”
He chuckled a few times before looking over at you. “M’gonna put you on the desk so I can eat up your little pussy, baby doll. Daddy will take you to the bedroom after.”
You groaned and squeezed his elbow. “Wan’ you to take me here.”
He watched your other hand reach to tap the desk. He smirked and gave you a quick nod. “Alright.”
Harry made sure everything was pushed to the edges of the wood, and out of your way. He adjusted the monitor so it was also out of your way. The desk was big, so it was easy to make adjustments. When he dropped the final stack of papers into the bottom drawer, you smiled happily and grabbed his shirt where it was tucked in on the side.
“Patience, my baby.” He pulled away from you with a smile, but grabbed you instead. “Let Daddy take care of you, kitten.”
Out of nervousness, you popped your index finger into your mouth. You didn’t want to upset him, so you kept quiet as you waited. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of your leggings on either hip and he yanked them down. He kneeled as he did so, making sure to get a good look at your womanhood.
“Mm, baby girl. Daddy missed you so much.” He pressed a kiss to your pubic mound, savoring the feeling of your soft, bare skin. “Can’t wait to have this pretty pussy all in my mouth.”
“Daddy.. please.. need you.” You whined while you curled your fingers in his scalp.
Harry gripped your thick hips and gave your butt a slap before standing up. You smirked softly, still shocked that he loved your body so much. It was something you struggled with - but he adored you, every inch and every pound. Your full ass and perky breasts, he could never get enough. It bothered you that your breasts weren’t big, but he loved them anyways. That’s all that really mattered.. that he loves you.
“Daddy.” You mumbled softly as he picked you up and sat you on the desk.
“What is it, angel?” He pressed his palm against your warm cheek, forcing your eyes to stay on his.
“Wan’ you so bad, please.”
“Honey, be a little patient. Daddy’s gonna give you everything you want.” He kissed you for a moment. “Now.. shh.”
He didn’t hesitate to drop down between your legs and push them apart. His tongue immediately swiped up your slit.
“Daddy.” You gasped as he did it over and over.
He made sure you were wet from his spit and your own natural release before he began to suck on your clit. He hallowed his cheeks, applying a hard pressure on your little nub.
“Wan’ a finger.” You muttered as you closed your eyes and held your breath.
Harry pulled away from your clit to spit on his finger. He watched your hole as he carefully wiggled his finger inside of you. Once he was sure you were comfortable, he began to move it in and out slowly. His tongue returned to your nub and he didn’t let up again. Normally he wouldn’t give you a finger until he’s made you orgasm, but he promised he’d do whatever you wanted. He doesn’t break his promises to you.
“More.” You mumbled while raking your fingers through his scalp. He liked it when you touched him, so you didn’t hesitate to tug at his roots. “M’gonna cum.”
He grunted against your clit, his tongue working in quick motions. You were so sensitive from being needy, so the orgasm rushed on you before you even realized. A heavy groan came from you as your thighs shook a little and your eyes fell back into your head.
Harry did his best to hold your hips down, but you were thrashing a tad as he kept sucking through the orgasm. You whined suddenly and pushed his head away. He let up, just to make sure you were okay.
“Kitten.. S’alright, baby.” He whispered as he stood up and took hold of your face.
When you opened your eyes you saw his, and a wave of comfort came over you. “Daddy.. felt so good.”
He chuckled softly, thumbs rubbing your lips. “Felt good, baby doll? Did Daddy make you cum?”
You smiled sweetly. “Came really hard for you.”
“Mhm, sure did, kitten.” He gave you a kiss and you couldn’t help but taste yourself on his mouth. “Got so wet for me.”
A gentle giggle fell from your lips. You wrapped your arms around his torso and pulled yourself forward. He dropped a hand to your waist to steady you, but made sure to keep a warm palm against your jaw.
“Feel better, baby love?” His voice was soft, it made you feel safe.
“Daddy loves to make you feel good, babe. Love to make my girl cum.. always tastes so good.. got such a sweet little cunt, don’t you?” You nodded. “All for you, Daddy.”
“Hm, I know.” He kissed you for a couple of seconds. “All mine.”
He furrowed his brows at the tone of your voice. You seemed sad all of a sudden and he didn’t like that.
“What’s the matter, baby?”
You shook your head, trying to ignore what you wanted to tell him. Of course he didn’t let that slide. He huffed and gave you that look.
“Tell me, sugar plum.”
“Just..” You paused, feeling suddenly nauseous.
He didn’t rush you into talking, he knew sometimes it took you a few minutes to gain some courage. Your eyes fell from his and you stared at the undone top button of his shirt. You felt the need to touch him, so you began to undo the rest of the buttons. He watched you carefully, trying to figure out what was going on. Your fingertips skimmed his skin, making goosebumps rose on his.
“You don’t have to be afraid to tell me anything, y/n.”
When he said your name, you shot your eyes at him for just one second. He rarely said your name, only when he was serious or if he was introducing you to someone. You rarely heard him say it. That never bothered you that he didn’t say it, but it did grab your attention.
“M’just..” you sighed heavily. “.. I changed my mind.”
His brows dropped even further. “About what, darling?”
Finally, the shirt was opened in the front and you could see his body. You reached up and grabbed either side of the shirt, pulling it down his arms as best as you could. He took over and yanked the shirt off. He was about to drop it on the ground when you grabbed onto the expensive material. Harry let you take it, and he watched as you brought it to your chest to clutch it.
You locked your legs around his hips. “I.. want something different.”
“Don’t want me to fill you, baby?”
A grunt left your throat and you grabbed his elbows. “I do.”
“Then what do you want differently, angel?”
You didn’t answer him right away. Your hands moved to his chest and you took your time as you touched all over his front. He was warm and his muscles were hard - yet, his skin so soft.
“Baby girl, you have to tell me.” He wasn’t getting frustrated or anything, he was just very concerned.
“Daddy.. I..” You were still in a small mindset, and he knew that.
“Baby, listen to Daddy.” He moved your head up so your eyes were locked with his again. “Daddy wants to make you feel good.. and make you feel safe. You’re feeling little still, baby doll, and Daddy knows you need t’ feel safe.”
“Wan’ you, Daddy.” You mumbled gently.
His eyes were so soft and full of concern. “Then what’s the matter, my love?”
You finally huffed and caved in. “Don’t wan’ you to take me in here.. wanna be comfy.”
He smiled. “Want Daddy to take you in the bed, baby? Wanna be on the soft sheets?”
You nod a few times. “Please..”
“Anything you want, baby.”
You kept hold of his shirt as you hopped off the desk and grabbed his hand. He guided you out of the office and toward the staircase. You were quiet the whole way up, only because you were thinking about him. You wanted him so badly, wanted him to sink his length into you and never pull it out. You couldn’t wait to feel his weight on top of you, to experience the feeling of your nipples pressed against his skin as he took you nice and slow.
When you reached the bedroom, your heart started to race. He pulled your shirt off and unhooked your bra, then gestured for you to lie down.
“No.” You groaned as she sat on the foot of the bed. “Wanna touch you.”
“S’not about me, honey.” He chuckled as you grabbed his belt and undone it.
“Just wanna see you, then.” You shrugged, smiling as you pulled down his zipper.
The bulge was extremely visible, and that made your core tingle with excitement. Soon, his pants were pooled around his feet and he kicked them away. He smirked as he watched you stick your hand into his boxers and pull his member out.
“So big.” You whispered as his hard length stood proudly in front of you. “Wan’ it, Daddy, please.”
“You always get what you want, don’t you kitten?” He chuckled as you crawled up the bed and laid down on your back. “Want it this way, babe?”
Harry spread your legs opened and kneeled between them. You thought for a moment as he squeezed the backs of your knees. It was intriguing to think about another position, so you decided you might as well try something else. It wasn’t like he’d never do it that way again.
“Wanna turn over.” You smiled.
He made a weird face at you. “What? My kitten doesn’t want me this way? Her Daddy?”
You giggled at him as you pulled your legs free and turned over onto your stomach. You shoved your arms under your chest and arched your ass up. He gave you a playful smack before leaning over your back. His hands fell into the mattress, keeping his body flush with yours.
“Wanna feel you this way, Daddy. Promise m’still your kitten.” You didn’t want him to think your head had cleared up, because it hadn’t. “Please.”
“Okay, baby girl. Daddy’s gonna give you exactly what you want.”
He started by pressing open mouthed kisses across the top of your back. He swept your hair over one shoulder so he could have access to the side of your neck. He grunted as his teeth sunk into your soft skin.
“Please.. wanna feel you deep.” You muttered as you reached behind you and grabbed his forearm.
He chuckled. “Patience, kitten. Daddy likes to love on his baby, y’know that.”
“Daddy doesn’t bite me.. Harry bites me.”
You felt his smile press against your skin. “M’sorry.. just missed you, baby love.”
“Harry can have me later.. I want my Daddy now.”
The pout on your lips made him smirk. He kissed it as you turned your head to look at him. It made you giggle and the pout turned into a smile.
“Daddy’s girl.” His voice was like a rumble of thunder. “Always my good girl.”
A weighted moan fell from your lips as he rubbed spit onto your entrance and slowly pushed his tip in. He let his length go once it was secure, and pressed a hand to your hip. Harry leaned back down, his front brushing your back as he began to move.
“S’good, baby doll? Don’t let me hurt you.” He took a deep breath as he went in about half way, then pulled out to check on you.
“Good, Daddy.. gimme more, please.”
He smirked at your eagerness. “Daddy’s gonna give you his cock, baby, just how you want it.”
You sighed in relief as he pushed back in, his elbow falling into the mattress beside your shoulder to support his weight.
“Tell Daddy how you want it, sweetheart.” He moved his hand to your throat and you gladly wrapped yours around his wrist to keep it there.
“Want you deep.. hard and fast, Daddy.”
His tongue swiped over your shoulder. “Want Daddy’s cock deep in your tight pussy, my angel? Want Daddy to fill you?”
“Mhm.” You moaned with your lips shut, eyes doing the same as the pleasure rushed through you. “Please.”
He didn’t say anything else as he began to fully insert himself - balls deep in you. Your mixed groans and breathes were intimate and it made you feel good - made your chest warm. Each snap of his hips got harder than the previous.
“Uh, Daddy, more.”
He chuckled softly and picked up his pace, his weight pinning you to the mattress while he fucked his length deep inside of you. You could feel the thick veins that ran along the length of his cock rubbing against your walls. You clenched around him every now and then, pulling deep moans from his throat.
“Baby love, squeezing Daddy’s cock so good, hm? Wanna feel Daddy’s cum in your tummy, baby? Wan’ me to fill you up?”
“Yes, Daddy. Wan’ it all. Please give me your cum, Daddy.”
His eyes rolled back in pure pleasure as the filthy words filled his ears. He began to fuck you harder and quicker, the sloshing sounds of your wet pussy made his balls swell. He needed to put his seed in you, plant it deep in your body.
“Oh, baby girl, takin’ m’cock so fuckin’ good.” He groaned into your shoulder as he reached down to grasp your hips tight, fingers burning your skin from the pressure. “Such a tight little cunt.”
Your back arched into the mattress, your ass pushing up against his pelvis. He grunted as he gave your hip a hard smack. You whimpered at the sudden and unexpected pain. Daddy never hit you hard - he barely would oblige if you begged him to.
“Too hard.” You choked out, tears pricking your eyes. “Da-Daddy.. hit me too hard.”
He huffed at himself and started to rub and massage the area he unknowingly left a red hand print on. “Sorry, baby, m’sorry.” He attacked your neck with his lips, hoping the affection would make up for his mistake. “Didn’t mean to hit you, doll. Daddy got.. distracted, m’sorry.”
You nodded a little, your hand reaching back to wrap around his wrist. He was still rubbing deep circles into your bruised skin, wishing he could erase the pain.
“Can.. can I cum.. please? Daddy can I cum on your cock?” Drool was slipping down your chin as our mouth hung open - the pleasure causing you to become numb.
“You can, baby, cum for Daddy.. cum on my cock, baby love. Let Daddy feel your wet pussy spill on him.”
He’s pounding you hard and fast, carrying you closer to the edge as the seconds fly by. You were moaning his name and digging your nails into his wrist, your walls squeezing him so tight.
“C’mon, cum for me. So close, yeah? Daddy can feel that tight pussy, babe. So tight for me.”
His filthy words made your eyes roll back and your lips fell apart - a loud moan full of strings of his name filled the air. He groaned heavily, verbally encouraging you to cum hard. You did jsut that, your pussy suffocating his cock as it held on to it hard - milking him of his warm, thick cum.
“Baby, fuck, yes. Take Daddy’s cum in your tummy. Such a good thing you are. My baby.” He praised you as you kept gushing out your release. He slowed his motions, keeping his cock buried in your hole. “Takin’ Daddy so good.”
“So warm.. so full.” You uttered as the side of your face hit the pillow.
He gave you a chuckle as he softly pecked your cheek over and over. “Daddy’s pretty girl, yeah? Full of my cum. So, so full and warm.”
“Daddy.. so good.. feels so good.” Your eyes shut and you release a deep breath, tiredness washing over you.
Harry noticed your behavior, and he assumed he would tire you out anyways, so he kissed your temple and slowly pulled out of you. He moved onto his knees after nudging your legs apart. He grabbed your ass on either side and pulled your cheeks further apart, just playing with the thickness as he watched his cum drip out of your hole.
“You’re such a pretty thing.. so full of Daddy’s cum.” He squeezed each cheek before let them go, hands sliding down to your thighs. “Do you want to be cleaned up, baby?”
You shook your head. “No.. wan’ it in.”
He smirked to himself as he climbed over you to get off the bed. You didn’t have to worry or question about where he was going - he was getting a fresh pair of panties for you. As you laid there patiently, your stomach was full of butterflies. The sticky cum rolling out of your cunt covered your clit, making you shiver. You could still feel him inside of you, the fullness hadn’t disappeared yet.
“Alright, roll over, princess.”
You did as he asked and fell into your back. He smiled sweetly as your sleepy eyes looked his way. He saw your eyelids falling as you struggled to keep them open.
“Oh, baby.” He huffed as he slid the panties up your legs. He stopped before he covered your hips. “M’so, so sorry. Daddy didn’t mean to hit you.”
“S’okay.. feels okay now.” You mumbled back, reaching over to touch his wrist.
He let you take his hand for a moment and you squeezed it. “You should be mad at me.. should be, babe, but you’re such a sweetheart, yeah? My sweet baby doll.”
His lips smeared on yours for a long moment before he leaned up, dropping your hand to pull the panties up. Once he knew his cum was secured in place where you wanted it stay, he nudged you and rolled on to your side. He got behind you, arms snaking around your limp body to drag you closer. You hum, satisfied as you feel his now covered and softened cock against your butt. It didn’t matter if it was hard, you just liked to feel it there.
“Take a nap, m’love.” He kissed your ear softly, whispering his words carefully.
You nodded, pulling one of his hands up your body. You forced it to rest under your boob and he gave you a small chuckle.
“Cuddle bunny.” He uttered. “I love you.”
“I love you more.”
He smirked to himself. “I dunno about that, baby love.”
(Part 2..)
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eveningepiphany · 3 months
hotel room | H.S
Tumblr media
summary: harry & Y/N are friends but it’s a love hate relationship with so much tension you can hardly breathe. this tension isn’t any better when they get stuck in a hotel room together for the night. and it only has one bed.
warnings: SMUT! hand job (f+m receiving), PIV unprotected, sloppy morning sex, teasing, swearing, praise, friends to lovers.
A/N:I have opened my requests! and I’d love to write some from you guys, so send them in here <3
“So there’s only… definitely only one room for us?” I say slowly, and the lady behind the counter nods.
“Y/N,” Harry says, “we’ve shared a room before—“
“I’m so sorry the inconvenience— Since the multitude of delayed flights from the storm we’ve had an unexpected influx of last-minute bookings…” her hands are zipping along the keyboard as she is clearly under the pump.
“You’ve been booked under a single room.” She glances up, face turned up apologetically, confirming.
I nod, knowing there’s so many other people needing somewhere to stay right now, there’s no point being picky.
It’s just one night.
Because Harry and I live in the same part of the UK, we usually catch the same planes to and from when we get short breaks from touring with the band.
So of course we flew out for our Australian leg of the tour several hours ago and got stuck at our layover destination, Abu Dhabi.
The storm rolled in quick, putting hour— even day long— delays on flights. So now people are scrambling to book hotels for the next few nights.
Luckily our management got on it as soon as we’d called them about the delay of out flight, but I suppose they only could get us the one room for two.
We get our room key and head up the elevator to the 7th floor.
When we walk into the room there is a single queen bed in the centre of it, and I glance at Harry out the corner of my eye. We are always close to one another being in the band, but never “share a bed” close.
“Don’t stress.” He says.
“I’m not stressed.” I quip.
“Yes you are, don’t try and bullshit me.”
“Harry, we’re adults it’s fine.”
“Hardly adults.” He chuckles.
I scoff at his constant digs, there is a fineline of how much Harry I can tolerate in a day and we are really pushing it.
“Well if you think that then I implore you to take the couch.” I know just by looking at the couch he’d hardly fit on it, and I’m not that much of an asshole to let that happen.
“Oooh, you’re just trying t’get the bed all to yourself? Bloody bed hog.”
I open my bag up, pulling out fresh clothes and my toiletries, “Was just providing you the options. I’m going to shower.”
“Too bad if I wanted one first.” He sighs dramatically, with a little smirk that usually indicates he’s teasing.
“Too bad indeed.” I smile sarcastically at him as I shut the door.
It’s so nice to wash away the gross feeling that sticks to your skin after long flights like we just had.
When I come out of the bathroom he’s laying in the bed, crisp white doona pulled back.
“Dude you’re getting airport germs in the bed.”
He glances up from his phone, eyeing me for a split second— I’m just in sleep shorts and a plain tshirt.
“It’s fine, I’ll just have this side.” He replies, a smile breaking out over his face.
He leaves me no room to respond as he stands up, “im gonna have a shower as well, and then we can order room service, how’s that sound?”
I nod, “I’ll get the menu and have a read through.”
It’s weird how we one minute can’t stop sarcastically niggling and the next we’re back to being normal friends.
I browse through their relatively large menu as the shower runs in the background. If I strain, I can hear Harry gently humming.
I’m happy to see my favourite foods on there… and heaps of deserts.
He comes out shortly after while I’m still reading the menu, and he’s clad in only grey sweatpants, adorning damp hair.
I choose to tear my eyes away from his bare chest, “I’ve figured out what I want to get, have a read through.”
I chucked him the menu and he comes to sit down next to me on the bed.
Im surprised we don’t end up in another debate about the sleeping arrangements, but I think we’re both so exhausted from the flight. The 8 hour plane trip settling deep into our bones.
“They have y’favourite.” He says with a smile playing on his lips.
“Yea, I’m so glad. It’s all I’m craving right now.”
“What are you gonna get?” I lean to look over his shoulder at the menu.
“Maybe I’ll try their tacos?”
“I’m gonna order some of the desert stuff too.”
“Y’gonna be so full.” He laughs.
“It’ll be worth it.” I say, as I stand up to go over to the phone on the desk in the corner of the room.
I ring up and order an unnecessary amount of stuff before giving them our room number and hoping back into bed.
It’s so cozy, and if it weren’t for the food I knew was coming, I’d probably curl up and fall asleep straight away.
We lay together, talking about the plan for the next few days until the food gets delivered with a knock on the door.
I get up to open it, taking the trays of food from the kind waiter.
He groans, “God it smells good.”
We both spread the dishes of food on the bed and quickly start eating.
The TV starts playing reruns of friends, the episode where Ross makes the paste with his leather pants, trying to get them up.
We’re both tearing up with laughter, stuffing our faces with our first proper meal since dinner on the plane over 5 hours ago.
“Holy shit.” He says, and we’re are letting out fits of giggles, as Ross says “—and the lotion and the powder have made a paste…”
“I swear— why did he listen to joey.” I scoff, shoving a bite of food into my mouth.
“No, because the way it just keeps getting worse.” He buries his face into his hands with a pained grin.
We watch a few of the episodes that were playing, sharing the last of the chocolate cookies that I’d ordered.
I stood up to move all the trays our food came on over to the small kitchen bench, leaving them for the morning.
“That was so yum.” I sigh out, content and full.
I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth and finish up my night routine, ready to honestly just go to sleep.
I come out with a small smile on my lips, excited to get back into bed where it’s cozy. Slipping back under the crisp white sheets, Harry turns off the TV.
The room is now dark, “fuck… can’t see now— I gotta brush m’teeth as well.”
“Have my phone.” I chuck it in his general direction, and clonk him straight in the side.
“Ouch.” He huffs, grabbing it and turning the flash on.
He pads over to the bathroom while I roll my eyes at how dramatic he is.
He turns the lights on in there, coming back over to give me my phone now that he can see.
I text a few of my immediate family members to let them know we’d settled into our hotel, choosing to leave out the fact we’re sharing a bed.
I mean assuming that’s what the plan is. I highly doubt he wants to sleep on the couch.
Being the only female in a band of boys leads to lots of assumptions throughout my family unit. Especially with Harry.
They mistake our arguments as ‘pent-up sexual frustration’. Which is far from how I like to think of it.
He steps out from the bathroom, and I turn my torch on so he can flick the light off.
He scrapes a hand over his face, looking to me with tired eyes.
The hotel was relatively quiet now, only a few drunken laughs echoing down the hallway as it nears 12am.
He climbs back into the bed, pulling the covers over himself.
I tug my pillow down a bit before turning off my flash.
“Y’tired?” He asks quietly, sounding already kind of groggy.
I hum in agreement, rolling to face him. It’s quiet a few beats.
I can just make out his outline next to me,
I can feel the warmth of his body from where I’m laying. And it feels like I’m being enveloped by it in a strange— yet lovely way.
The thought floats around in my head, images conjuring from the darkness.
I blame this on the 8 hour flight and sleep deprivation.
Usually I can ignore it, but as much as he’s a proper pain in the ass sometimes, I’d have to be visually impaired to say he wasn’t good looking.
And hell he’s laying in the same bed as me without a shirt on.
“Y’staring at me.” He chuckles softly, and I startle a little.
“How can you even see me?” I ask, amused.
“I can’t, can just feel it.”
“As if you can feel it.” I scoff, “I’ll roll over if my eyes being on you makes you too uncomfortable.”
“No, no, wait come back.” He whines as I start to move.
I huff out a laugh, and roll back over to him.
I keep my eyes shut, “better?”
He whispers a yes, and I smile.
I keep that very smile as I drift off, listening to Harry’s slow breathes from beside me, allowing them to lull me to sleep.
I can only half remember waking up.
I was warm, heavy, and I felt his body before I saw it.
My eyes had only opened a tiny bit—there was light creeping through the thin curtains, making his unruly hair just visible.
My leg was thrown over his hip, and I was pressed right into his chest. We were fully intertwined, and fuck did it feel nice.
I close my eyes again, I can feel his morning wood. My heart jumps a little in my chest. Maybe I can just roll over— pretend I didn’t feel it, and go back to sleep.
I carefully strain to make the movement, but I instead get pulled closer to him.
He pushes himself against me, a sigh slipping from his nose, and I realise moving may have been a bad idea.
“Fuck…” I hear him mutter against my hair, bucking his hips up again.
“Harry.” I say, voice croaky with sleep. Of course this does nothing.
I have no idea how awake he is, I’m not even fully awake yet. But Jesus, this feels better than it should.
I feel like a horrific person for enjoying the way his clothed-length is pressed into me. But by god I am not strong enough to remove myself from this situation.
“Harry, wake up.” I groaned, squirming a little in his grasp.
He seems to come to it, just enough to realise whatever the fuck is happening in a couple seconds.
“Y/N…? Fuck. what is—“ I feel his body tense underneath me as it hits him, and he probably feels his boner pressed between my legs.
His hand flys up to my thigh that’s resting on his hip, “Holy shit—“
“It’s fine, H.” I whisper, and I’m not really sure why I say that, or what I’m implying by doing so.
Or what it means paired with the fact I haven’t protested to his dick practically grinding against my cunt.
“What do you mean?” He asks, groggily.
“Not sure.” I confess, whimpering a little as he still is hard underneath me. I push into him a bit out of unspoken desire and I hear him swallow.
He doesn’t say anything as he slides his hand up my leg, cupping it on my ass.
I glance up to see his face, his eyes still half-lidded, and his cheeks have a gentle flush to them.
I feel myself getting wetter as he keeps rubbing himself along my thin sleep shorts.
He moans a bit, and I slip my hand between us to palm his cock through his sweatpants.
“This ok? Want me to help you out a bit?”
“God— yes please…” he groans.
I push it underneath his waistband, tugging him out.
He’s heavy and hot in my hand. Glancing down, its bigger than I expected. The tip is flush and red, glistening with the damp beads of precum. Hardly surprising he’s got such a pretty cock.
“Fuckin’ Christ— look at y’little hand wrapped ‘round me.” He swears.
I slowly squeeze the head of it, and that quickly has him bucking into my palm.
His own hand travels between my sleep shorts, “Mind i return the favour?”
I hum in agreement, but he doesn’t do anything, “Gotta hear you say it, tell me what you want.”
I roll my eyes, of course he’s like this in bed, wants to hear how bad I want him.
“What do you want me to say to you Harry? How bad I want your fingers in my wet cunt right now, or how I want you to fuck my clit with your tongue?”
“Want my tongue do you? Because yes that’s exactly what I’d like to hear.” He says, smirking as he dips his hand under my shorts, running his fingers through me.
“No panties… been next to me all night with your pussy so easily accessible. Such a little slut.”
He collects my arousal, carrying it up to my swollen clit. I moan with the action, trying to keep my hand pumping rhythmically.
This proves to be a challenge, as he’s very clearly skilled with his fingers.
“Fuck, you’re so wet. Hardly even touched you.”
“Been grinding your dick into me for a bit, actually.” I hiss as he slips a finger into me.
“Sorry, Baby. Did my hard cock get you all worked up?” He teases, and I hate the fact that he’s right.
I give a particularly hard squeeze and he grunts, “I’ll take that as a yes.”
He quickens the pace of his fingers, fucking them in and out of me.
“Hard to hate me when I’m making you feel so good, hm?” He kisses my forehead, curling his fingers in me.
I cry out. Fuck— I was going to come.
“Wait, wait, wait— don’t wanna come yet, please…” I clench my thighs around his hand and it stills.
I look up at him, his green eyes burning with desire.
He doesn’t say anything, just leans his head down and places a wet kiss on my lips.
He keeps his fingers pumping slowly in and out of me as we start to kiss.
He brings me close to coming again a few times, just to tease me, but he keeps his focus on my lips— pulling my bottom one between his and sucking on it.
It’s messy and sloppy, edges of it blurred from the morning haze still over us.
“Harry.” I say into his mouth, legs shaking a little.
“Want you in me.” It comes out of me as an unbridled thought.
“Jesus…” he murmurs, stunned by hearing the words fly out of me so openly.
He pulls his lips away, cock twitching in my hand, “you want…”
“You want me to fuck you?”
I nod, grabbing the hem of my shirt and slipping it off.
He’s enamoured by me, it’s clear in his eyes.
He reaches his hand up, out of my sleep shorts and he cups my breast with it gently.
He moves his mouth down to place gentle kissed over them.
“You’re perfect, yknow that?” He says against my skin, tugging me closer to him as I smile at the flattery.
“I’m on birth control too.” I state.
He glances up, and it appears I’ve shocked him yet again, “you wanna take me raw?”
I haven’t gone without I condom in ages… but I trust him.
“We’re both clean, right? I trust you.”
He smiles, “I’m clean. As long as your sure.”
I don’t think I’ve ever been surer of something.
He pulls my sleep shorts off, and I help shuck his sweats the rest of the way down his legs.
We’re warm between the sheets, and he’s peppering open-mouthed kisses along my neck as he lines himself up with me.
He locks eyes with me as he pushes in, and both of us moan at the feeling.
“Fuck— you’re tight.” He squeezes his hands on my hips.
I am blinded with the pleasure of him filling me up, I can’t even think about how bad an idea this could be.
“Feels so good, H.” I groan, scraping my nails along his chest.
“Can feel you clenching around me.” He reaches a hand down to play with my clit.
He’s gonna make me come embarrassingly quick— especially considering he sort of edged me a bit while we were kissing.
He was thrusting into me, a perfect pace to have me squirming in his arms.
I can tell he’s getting close, my name flying out his mouth paired with vulgar words and moans.
“I- fuck- I’m not gonna be able to drag this out if you keeping squeezing m’cock like that.” He pants.
“I’m close, so just come with me.” I plead, the thought of him finishing with me adding fuel to the fire in the pit of my stomach.
“God H, I’m gonna come— hard.”
“Fuck, sweetheart, keep talking.” He says, his skin slapping into mine, chasing his orgasm.
“You’re so pretty.” I blurt, spewing the first thing that comes to mind as I look at him.
He really is, his hair is tousled from sleep and my hands, his eyes half lidded from pleasure and tattooed chest slightly damp.
He swears, bottoming out and coming hard without warning. His hand circles my clit fast, bringing my crashing down with him.
“Harry!” I cry, burying my head into the crook of his neck as I ride out the waves of pleasure.
“Good girl, Y/N.” He groans, still thrusting into me trying to prolong his orgasms.
The high slowly ebbs away, and he stays in me for a bit. Nothing but the sounds of our laboured breathing filling the room.
I think we don’t know what to say, after something like that happens— when it all comes on instinct and you’re without any clue on what it changes.
Our dynamic, though it was a love-hate kind of thing, it was a consistent one. You knew what to expect. Now that this has happened…
“I have no idea what you’re thinking right now.” He whispers, “and that kind of scares me.”
I lay quietly for a few heartbeats, “just… that was really good. And I’m not 100% prepared for what might happen after this, y’know. To us I guess.”
“Well. To keep it simple, I really like you— and that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had so…” he trails off, unsure where to go with the sentence.
“Ok— so this isn’t gonna ruin our friendship?” I sigh in a bit of relief.
“Of course not,” he pulls back to look at me, and a smile spreads across his face, “after all, we are adults.”
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tumbllr-girl-attempt · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Evan Peters in interviews about seasons 1, 2 and 3 of American Horror Story
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emmasincenewyrk · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
if there’s one thing about harry it’s that he’s gonna be adorable from every single angle
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shroombloomm · 4 months
Tumblr media
pairing: priest!harry x y/n
cw: dirty, unholy fucking smut.
Y/N called out into the dead air of the church as she walked down the aisles of the pews, biting nervously on her lip as she searched for her lover. It was silent in the church, so silent you could hear a pin drop.
“Father Harry? Where are you?”
“I’m in here.” Harry’s voice called out from a distance. She nearly jumped at the sudden echo of his voice, spinning on her heel to look behind her, “In the confessional.”
She sighed softly, walking towards the booth, “What are you doing in there?” She asked curiously as her fingers wrapped around the handle of the door and pulled it open to find Father Harry sitting there alone, glasses sat upon the tip of his nose as he read the thick bible in his hands.
“Reading,” He said shortly, closing his book carefully as he pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose, “You’re early for mass,” Harry’s eyes trained on her body, tilting his head as he noticed her short black skirt that she wore.
“I’m sorry, I just wanted to see you before—“
“Why are you wearing such a short skirt?” He pointed out nonchalantly while he stood to his feet, placing the bible into his warm seat, “That’s inappropriate for church, you know that.”
She swallowed thickly, feeling her cheeks fluster as her hands tugged down at her skirt to make it longer down her thighs, “It’s a new skirt…” She whispered almost to herself, smoothing down her clothes carefully.
Father Harry stared darkly down at her, tapping his fingers against the door frame as he leaned on it. He didn’t dare say anything, he just stared into her eyes as if he was silently scolding her.
She would be lying if she said that she hadn’t worn it because she wanted his attention. She knew that this skirt was too short and maybe her motive was to get physical before church. Was that so wrong? Perhaps in this building, but she didn’t care. She would let Father Harry touch her anywhere in any place.
“My angel…” Father Harry broke the silence, taking a step closer to her as his fingers reached out to brush against her skin slowly, “You dare to lie to me in this building? I know why you are wearing that. Do you think I was born yesterday?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking abou—“ Before she could finish her sentence, Father Harry wrapped his thick fingers around her wrist and pulled her into the small enclosure of the confessionals. She let out a gasp, nearly tripping over her feet as he pushed her against the hollow wall.
“Father!” She scolded lightly, quietly, a chuckle following after, but he had a deadpanned expression across his face. His fingers wrapped around the bare skin of her thigh, clutching it tight enough that it left imprints.
“You knew what you were doing…” His breath hit the shell of her ear, her eyes fluttering closed as he started to leave open mouthed kisses behind her ear and down her neck slowly, while his tongue lapped up her salty skin, “Coming in here dressed like that…”
“Fuck,” She cursed under her breath, wrapping one arm around his neck while his fingers found their way under her skirt and pressed a flat palm against her core, “G-God…”
A dark chuckle surpassed his lips, using the strength in his forearm to palm her pussy hard, just the way he knows she likes it. She spread her legs further open, anchoring her hips down onto his palm as her mouth fell open with moans spilling from them.
He fell to his knees, parting her thighs as his lips kissed up her soft skin over and over again. His grown out stubble prodded her thighs, it felt almost like rug burn, but it felt so good. She didn't care that it left marks on her skin while his tongue lapped up her skin towards her pussy.
She inhaled harshly, watching him as his head disappeared from the underside of her skirt and felt his tongue lap over her clothed pussy where her clit was. Holding her breath, she grabbed his mess of curls as she anchored her hips down for more pressure while his tongue flicked and lapped over her clit, making her thighs shake.
It only lasted moments, one that she wished lasted longer, before Father Harry pulled from her and kissed her thigh once more before standing up to tower back over her, placing a hand against the wall of the confessional to lock her where she stood. She whimpered as he closed in on her.
“You know I cannot resist you,” Father Harry’s voice breathed harshly against her soft skin, biting down on her collarbone as his cock began to shift in the coarse part of his pants, making it impossible for his cock to even breathe, “Know you’re my favorite angel, my favorite pet…”
“Father, not in the church—“ She played innocent, puppy eyes on display for him, though that just made him smirk. A low growl escaped him, fastening his palm onto her clit harder.
“Don’t act like this isn’t what you planned,” He chuckled, cupping the underside of her jaw carefully as he looked down at her darkly, "But I will play along, would you like that?"
She blinked hard, giving him a short nod while biting back her smile.
Father Harry hummed softly, letting go of her jaw as his fingers feathered down her arm, "This will be our little secret, hm? Creating such a sinful act in church..." He grabbed her hand and placed it onto his firm cock, feeling it twitch under her grip as she started to massage it slowly, "Don't tell anyone, my angel..."
"I--I won't..." She grunted while massaging his cock through his coarse pants, her other hand grabbing him by his collar as she pulled him impossibly closer before clashing her lips against his.
Harry moaned against her lips, parting his lips to take hers into his mouth. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth, tongue lapping around it while his teeth nibbled on it as she whined from under him. The closeness of their bodies adding onto the small confessionals made their bodies burn up, mixing that with pleasure, they were nearly sweating from their actions.
He moved her to the side, finding himself sitting down onto the wooden chair as he worked his pants down his thighs, his cock springing out from his briefs, showing how reddened and wet it was with arousal and precum.
"Knees. Now." He demanded, wrapping his hand around his cock as he started to jerk it slowly. She gulped, getting down onto her knees like the good girl she was and looked up at him with those bold eyes of hers. His toned thighs twitched, flexing as he kicked his legs out for comfort, nodding his head down to his cock.
"Suck my cock." Father Harry's voice was deep and raspy, making her head swim just from hearing him. Her pussy was throbbing, feeling her arousal pool in her underwear while her clit begged for attention. She knew she was going to get the attention, but it wasn't soon enough.
"Yes, sir." She nodded as she lifted herself to align with his cock, Harry watched as her plush lips fell open, training his eyes as his cock slid past them and disappeared into her mouth. A gravely moan rutted through his throat, jaw slack as he tilted his head back.
She hollowed her cheeks, creating a tight fit around his cock as her head bobbed up and down. Her tongue lapped underneath, feeling the veins that throbbed against her palette, while his pubes tickled at her chin. Taking a deep breath in, she pushed all the way down until his cock hit the back of her throat.
"Oh my fucking Christ," Harry moaned out loudly, finding his thick fingers interlock with her hair and kept her head there, the tip of his cock leaking down the back of her throat, "Good little angel, fuckin' hell."
He had to refrain from fucking her throat, he really had to. It took him everything not to thrust his hips up and bust in her mouth, even if his hips had twitched upwards involuntarily. A shaky breath left him, swallowing thickly as he trained his eyes down on her. With the grip he had on her hair, he lifted her head up on his cock and then pushed it back down as if she was some kind of human flesh light. Some toy he could use.
"Lucky I don't bust inside of you right now," He taunted heavily, tongue lapping over his dry lips as her mouth created a suffocating warmth around him. Harry could feel her spit pool down into his mess of pubes and his balls.
After a few moments of using her mouth to fuck his cock, he pulled her off, his cock falling back onto his clothed stomach. He let out a huff, feeling a thin layer of sweat on his forehead.
Her cheeks were flushed, lips pretty and swollen from the actions as she gazed up at him while biting her lip. He placed a thumb under her jaw, pulling her up to him then smashed his lips against her. His arms wrapped around her bottom, hands taking her ass into his palm roughly as he squeezed it harshly, forcing her onto his lap.
"C'mere," He breathed against her lips harshly, pushing her hair out of her face as he helped her onto his lap, "Tell me what you want, honey. Use your words," Harry grumbled, moving his mouth to kiss her neck sloppily, "Tell me, I'll do anything...do anything f'you, my sweet angel."
His hands worked on unbuttoning her blouse, showing the black lace bra underneath it, "Father Harry...please..." She whispered softly, watching as his fingers hooked around the front side of her bra and pulled it down causing her breasts to spill out of it.
"Words, use your words."
Her heart was hammering, feeling suffocated in this small space, but she loved it. The adrenaline of someone walking in and catching them made her even more excited. Squeezing her eyes shut, she pressed her forehead against the mop of brown curls of his. Harry cupped one of her breasts, wrapping his lips around her erect nipple and sucked on it viciously while squeezing her tit hard.
"Fuck me," She dared to rasp, "Fuck me like I've been bad, like--like I need to be taught a lesson."
A moan ripped from his throat, a smirk etching on his face. One of his hands that was still on her ass, squeezed it harder than before then slapped it over her skirt. She gasped, shaking under his touch. He grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up her waist to expose her lace panties.
"Sit on my cock," He said as his fingers hooked her panties and moved them to the side while using his thumb to prod at her swollen clit, running it over her rubbery flesh teasingly in small circles. Her thighs cleaned out, letting out a loud moan as she lowered herself quicker. She needed release and Father Harry was going to be the only one that was going to give her that.
"I need you," She whispered into his ear, following a hot breath as his lined the tip of his cock against her entrance and teased it back and forth, his jaw clenched tightly as how wet she was getting his tip already. She was fucking soaked. "Please fuck me, Father, I need it so badly, really need you."
"I know, angel," He strained out, peppering kisses around her breast as he lowered her bottom down. Her pussy slid down onto his cock easily, immediately soaking every part of him, and she hissed at how full he was making her, leaving no room for her to feel empty, "I need you too. More than you know. I love your tight pussy."
And with that, Harry thrusted his hips up to bottom out into her. A loud moan cried from her, grabbing his shoulders in a death grip. His brows furrowed, growling at the warmth she brought him before slapping a hand over her mouth.
"Shut your little mouth and take my cock," He demanded as his fingers pinched down onto her lips softly. With his feet planted flat and firm onto the ground, he leaned her backwards so her back was pressed against the confessional door at an angle that he could fuck into her like the whore she was.
She stared at the cross necklace that dangled over her head, eyes rolling to the back of her head as she extended her leg to wrap around his waist and pull him closer to her to lock him in. Harry looked down at the necklace, a smirk spread across his face as he grabbed it and placed a soft kiss to it then let it dangle.
"You're such a minx, y'know that?" He muttered against her skin, licking a stripe up her neck, "You love the unholy act of this, hm? My angel, secretly a little demon,"
She couldn't help but agree because it was so fucking true. She loved it. It turned her on more than anything.
He started to fuck into her hard and fast, he couldn't take it any longer. He needed to get off in her. Mark her as his. Just like he always wanted to. His veiny cock felt her walls pulse and clench around him while he thrusted in and out, her arousal spilling down to his balls with easy thrust.
It was hard for her not to cry out, her moans were muffled and tears welled at the corners of her eyes from the euphoria she had felt. This was her favorite way for him to fuck her. She couldn't deny how hot he looked, how desperate he looked around her, it was enough to send her over the edge.
Her beautiful breasts shook with each thrust, the way her stomach did just the same, her curves fit perfectly in his hands. Harry loved every ounce of her, every bit, every piece.
"Make me crazy, so crazy," He breathed desperately to her, clashing his lips against hers once more to taste her. The minute his hand left her mouth, she was letting out loud moans against his lips, and he was eating every single bit of it. He was fucking her so hard, even the confessionals felt like it was going to tip over from her body weight being pushed against the door.
"Taking my cock like a good girl," He praised, cupping her breast once more while his other hand traveled down to rub her clit, "Love testing me, teasing me--" Harry whined out, burrowing his cock deeper inside of her, watching her face contort and move, her desperate whines sounded like heavenly angels, "Just want me to fuck your pussy, don't you?"
"Nngghh--yes, yes," She pleaded with tears in her eyes as she grabbed his collar, jaw slack and hanging open as the tip of his cock brushed against her g-spot, feeling her clit starting to burn from the friction, that familiar feeling in her stomach rumbling, "Fuck me, Father Harry! F-fuck, I'm gonna c-cum, p-please don't stop!"
"Fuck yeah you are, Jesus," Harry slammed a flat palm against the wall of the confessional, working his cock deeper into her as he felt himself get pushed over the edge with her moans, a loud moan ripping through his throat as she coated his cock in her cum causing him to cum thick, hot ropes deep into her, "Fuuuck yeah, oh my god, angel! Angel, fuckin' hell!"
"F-feels so good! Your cock is so good, k-keep it g-going!" She begged and pleaded through the thick air, sloppily kissing his lips, even their tongues didn't know where to go, they were messily tracing against each other, flicking and licking as they both rode their orgasms out together.
After they came down from their high, they were both sitting on the floor of the confessionals, sweaty and fucked out of their minds while holding each other and giving loving kisses to one another. Harry felt his chest constrict from the actions, his fingers stroking up and down her arm for comfort.
"Mmm..." He hummed lazily.
She stared down at the cross necklace that wrapped around his neck, carefully scooping it with her two fingers before leaning forward and placing a kiss to the cross then looking up at his baffled expression.
"Everything feels so holy with you," She whispered to him softly, nudging his nose with hers, "Even when they aren't."
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fool-for-harry · 1 year
~Just another list of my favorite Harry styles imagines/fics~
(This is my second rec list! I made this one cause I reached the limit on the other one.)
Smut: 🖤 Angst: 🤍 Fluff: ♥️
Let Me Feel You - Harry coming home from tour and not being able to wait to get you home before having you. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Good morning - morning blowie for the bday boy 🖤(@watchmegetobsessed)
To Be So Lonely - You find a way to convince Harry to finally add TBSL to the setlist. 🖤 (@watchmegetobsessed)
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a-strange-familiar · 5 months
Better man
A/n : did I write angst again? Haha yep. This one literally scrambled my brain for some reason. I started this a week before but I completed now, so yeah. Italics are flashbacks. And here we go. (Ignore my mistakes, it's almost 1am for me)
Warnings : smut, angst, heartbreak, few curse words, Harry is an asshole (sorry not sorry).
Summary : Harry is a typical Rockstar and an asshole, Y/n is naive and in love.
Part 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Love is a beautiful form of self destruction.
And no one knows about this more than Y/n.
Y/n , a normal girl who is in love with one of the most popular and beautiful celebrities , Harry Styles.
She is spending her life by loving a guy who don't love her back. But Y/n being Y/n , she is not ready to accept the fact and leave him.
She met him for the first time at a party. A party which Sarah invited her to. A party which is hosted by Sarah's boss , Harry Styles and his band. Y/n and Sarah are friends from college. So she invited her too so she can have fun. Y/n once mentioned that she is a fan of one direction, so Sarah though her friend will enjoy meeting Harry.
And Y/n did love the idea of meeting Harry. She was soo excited about it. She got ready and went to the party , and she did have some fun but she don't belong there. She only know Sarah there. She managed to talk to people and mingle but it was hard. She felt out of place, like she don't belong there. She saw Harry once when she entered the place, she saw him talking to other people, but didn't dare to go to him and talk. Sarah said that she will introduce her to him. But Y/n rejected because she was soo nervous.
After sometime she gave up socializing and sat at the bar ordered a drink. She observed everyone while sipping on her drink. Everyone around are dancing, talked and having fun.
She was sipping on her drink when she heard his voice. She know that voice very well. She heard that voice on radio, tv ,phone ,pretty much everywhere. So it's not that hard to recognize.
She turned to face him. There he was. 'the Harry Styles' . He stood infront of her with his infamous dimple smile looking at her. Her heart skipped a beat. He is soo beautiful, his emerald eyes are soo captivating , his lips looks soo soft and pink. He is more beautiful in real than in pictures.
"Hi" she said while trying to act normal. She is soo nervous to be infront of him.
"Hey ! Sarah said that you are her friend and she invited you." With the glass in his hand he took a sip of his drink.
"Um .. yeah I'm her friend. She invited me." She replied awkwardly. What is she supposed to say ?
"Then why aren't you with her. I'm observing for a while, you are sitting here all by yourself. Don't you like the party ?" He asked her.
"No , no. The party is great. It's just that I don't know anyone here and I just don't feel like I belong here. Sorry. "
"Oh , please don't say sorry. I get it. And I balme Sarah for leaving you here alone when she is the one who invited you. She should have atleast introduced you to me."
" I'm sorry for the lack of hospitality." He said with a fake sad and embraced tone and his hand to heart as if he is a worker who messed the costumer.
Y/n laughed at his attempt of making her laugh. "No it's absolutely fine. It's not her fault , she said she will introduce me to you guys but I said no." She started picking her nails. A habits she does when she is nervous.
"And why is that ? You don't like me ?" He asked with infamous Harry styles smirk.
"No. I like you. I - I mean I'm a fan of you. But I just got nervous to talk to you, that's all." She admitted with embarrassment.
He chuckled. "I don't bite , love."
"Anyway it's a good thing that Sarah didn't introduce you. So now I get to introduce you myself. Hi , my name is Harry." He stretched his hand out to her for a hand shake.
She smiled "Hi Harry, my name is Y/n."
And that's how they met. After talking for a while. He took her near his band and introduced her to everyone. She had a best night. They danced , had few drinks, talked (a lot) , and kissed.
After that day , they exchanged numbers , went to dinner, spent a lot of time together.
That's how their relationship started. And that's if you can call it a relationship. They are in an open relationship. They had sex. They spend time with each other and care for each other but they don't have a tag , a label. And Y/n never questioned in the beginning. All she wanted is to be with him , no matter if its only physical.
First time when they had sex , he told her that he is not ready for a proper commitment. She accepted that. But little did she know that she will slowly fall in love with him.
She know that he is going on dates with other women. She know that he is sleeping with other women. Touching them , kissing them , saying all those sweet yet dirty words which only she wanted to listen.
And whenever she saw a paparazzi picture of him with any model her heart never fail to crack a bit. She know that she is no comparison to all of those Victoria secret models. They never fail to make her insecure with their long taned legs , blond hair , perfect waist, defined cheekbones, size zero bodies.
Y/n is beautiful, it's not like she is not attractive. But she is no comparison to them.
She can't balme Harry for not choosing her over those beautiful models. She is not popular, she is not rich as they are. She is nothing. She is just a normal person. A normal girl who is doing a job which she loves. That's all she is. Normal.
But she have one thing that non of those models can give him. Love.
She love him with every fiber in her body. She love every part of him. His good parts and bad. But there is no use. He don't love her the way she does. For him she is only a good fuck. Maybe a friend who he can fuck whenever he want. A person whom he can come to whenever he is feeling down , to rant about his problems and talk.
And the most fucked up thing here is that he know that she love him.
As usual they both are spending weekend at her place. They had sex the minute he stepped inside the house. He couldn't control until they got into the bedroom. They had sex on the couch and later took a quick shower and had dinner.
And now after dinner they are having drinks. And clearly she had a bit more drinks than she had to. She is singing to the songs that are playing on the speakers , and not even a single word is correct or clear. Harry is literally having a show. Seeing her get loose, singing, dancing weirdly (which is kinda cute tho) , ranting about her day. Y/n is always a reserved one , she is not someone to drink until she blacked out. She always have a limit, but something gotten into her today. She is being more goofy , playing around, making Harry laugh. And Harry is having a best time.
"Enough now , it's time for bed. You had too much of drink." He said trying to lift her from the couch.
"Noooo, I want to stay. I'm not sleepy." She whined while bobbing her to the music playing in the room.
"No it's too late , baby. You need to stop now or you'll have headache tomorrow." He said with a stern look on his face.
"I love it when you call me that." She said with a grin on her face.
"Call you what ?
"Baby." She blushed.
He smirked , "I know, baby. So now be my good baby and get up I'll tuck you in bed."
"No , I won't sleep. You'll leave once I sleep. " She pouted.
He sighed." I won't. I'll stay till morning. Ok ?"
She crossed her hands and turned her face to a side like a toddler.
"Y/n. You better get up now or else I'm going to lift you my self. "
"Fine daddy." She huffed and rolled her eyes and stood.
Once she stood straight, a small spank landed on her ass. She gasped at the sudden contact. Harry stood in front of her. "You better don't call me that, unless you want me to do something." He said with a smirk on his ridiculously beautiful and delicious lips.
They went into the bedroom he helped her to get into the bed and crawled up beside her and cuddled her to his chest. It's not something new to them. They always cuddle, they pretty much everything couples do. Except they are not one , atleast not for him.
"Your soo warm." She said in a small voice , almost like a wishper.
He lightly chuckled, "Well thank you, baby. "
She smiled, " I like your laugh too "
"What have gotten into you today ? Why are you praising me soo much ?" He furrowed his brows.
"Nothing just wanted to say. " Her words are a bit slur. She is soo drunk and sleepy.
"Ok , anything else you wanna say ?"
"Umm. Actually one thing." She whispered.
"And what is it ?" He questioned.
She is silent for few seconds. Her drunk mind contemplating whether to tell him or not.
" I'm afraid that if I tell you you will leave me. " Her voice is soo small and hesitant, like she don't even want to talk about it.
He furrowed his brows again. Thinking about what she wanted to say.
"I won't leave you. Tell me."
She took a deep breath. The room was silent they can't hear anything other than their soft breathing.
"Don't say anything, but also don't leave." She said and pressed herself more into him.
"I love you , Harry. "
His breath hitched. He widened his eyes. She loves him ?
To be honest he kinda knew that this may come sooner or later. He could feel it. But he don't feel the same. He like her but he don't love her. He can't do anything.
So , he didn't do anything. He was quite. Didn't even utter a single word. He stayed.
She fell asleep right after saying those words. But he couldn't. He just hoped that the next morning she will forget everything.
Next morning by the time she woke up bed was empty. She had a bad hangover. She went into to kitchen, there is breakfast, water with hangover medicine on the kitchen counter. There is also a note laying beside.
I had to leave early. Take some medicine and rest for a bit. When will you learn your to be responsible, Y/n. (disappointed head shake) - H x
She smiled at the note and ate her breakfast. She spend the rest of the by cleaning and just watching movies.
She remembered what happened last night, but not clearly. She remembered singing, dancing, and sleeping with Harry.
But after sometime she also remembered want she said before she slept. She panicked , he didn't say anything and he also didn't leave. So she thought maybe he didn't take it seriously. She thought maybe he thought she was just drunk talking. Maybe he won't bring it up again. She don't want to loose him. Atleast not right now.
As she expected he didn't bring up that topic again.
It's saturday , she spent the whole day by watching movies and waiting for Harry's text.
She never know when he is going text , so she always wait for him.
As always even today she is waiting for his text to see whether he is coming to her place or not. Harry text her before he come to her place. And not only her but even he doesn't know when he is gonna text. He is always working (or fucking someone). So she is waiting for him , hoping that he will come.
She is in the kitchen when her phone rang. She immediately abandoned whatever she is doing thinking it's Harry's call. But once she saw who is it she felt disappointed. It's her best friend Eva.
"Hello" she answered the call.
"Hello, babe girls and I are going out for drinks. Do you wanna join ?" Eva asked
"Umm. I- "
"Oh god ! Y/n please. Don't say no. Do you know how much we miss you." She said with a disappointed tone.
"I miss you too, Eva. It's not like I don't want to come." She pinched the bridge of her nose. It's not like she don't want to. But she don't know when is Harry gonna call , so she don't want to miss a chance to see him.
"Y/n if it's because of Harry please don't. You are doing nothing but hurt yourself." She friend said in a stern voice.
"Eva, please, you know." She sighed.
"Yes babe. I know that's why I'm saying. You are hurting yourself. He don't love you. You mean nothing to him. He don't deserve you. You don't deserve this. Waiting around for him like this. Sacrificing your life. Do you know how many guys are waiting for you ? They are dying to give you their undivided attention. But you are here guy who don't even give a fuck about you." She completely her monologue.
Y/n know Eva is frustrated, know the she deserves better. But that's the fucked up thing about love. What you know doesn't matter. What you feel is only matters.
She is silent for a while. Don't know how to answer her friend.
Finally Eva broke the silence. "Why, Y/n?"
Why ?
That's the question even Y/n is trying to find an answer for. She can hear the hurt in her friend voice. She can hear the concern.
"Maybe he don't love me, but he made me feel loved."
And that's true. He make her feel loved, he is soo soft and with her even if it's just behind the doors. He care for her, he may not love her but all the things he do make her feel wanted.
With that she cut the call. She felt guilty , she had been doing this for almost an year. From when she started seeing Harry. She always canceled plans , thinking maybe Harry will come and want to spend time with her. She wanted to be available for him. And in that process she hurting her friends. She know that it's not right. But she can't help.
It's almost been a hour since that phone call. Y/n is tired now. By overthinking everything and waiting for Harry.
She plopped down on the couch and unlocked her phone to scroll through social media for a while.
The minute she opened instagram she wished wished her phone will get on fire.
There is a paparazzi picture of him. He is not alone he is with some other girl. She is a model. The one Y/n already saw him with. It's actually second time seeing them together.
She is perfect, everything thing a guy want. Everything Y/n want to be. She is beautiful. And it's killing Y/n.
Is he attracted to her ? Does he have feelings for her ? Does he like that perfect girl in his hands right now ?
And it looks like he is having so much fun. He is laughing and he look soo happy.
Y/n locked her phone and chucked it to the coffee table. She is crying now , hot tears streaming down her face. Sobs are falling out of her lips. Her heart is breaking, she is breathing so fast. She is sad, angry, frustrated everything.
Sad that no matter whatever she do she is not going to get Harry, he won't love her. Angry that he is a dumb dipshit who can't see real love. And frustrated by the fact that she can't accept everything and leave him.
After few minutes she calmed down. She took another shower and went to bed with a broken heart and tears stained cheeks.
It's been a week since she saw those pap pic of Harry and she didnt talked to him from then. He didn't text or call and she didn't too. She wonderd if he even miss her or think about her like she do. Of course she is not that important to him but…
She got interrupted by a knock on the door. She was not expecting anyone right now. Who could that be ? She thought while opening the door.
She opened the door and Harry stood in front of her with a sweet little smile on his face.
He entered into the house without a single words and closed the door behind him.
He turned back to face her and slammed his lips to her.
She kissed him back. She just poured all the love and passion into the kiss. Their lips moved together in a rhythm. His lips felt perfect around hers.
He sucked on her lips and bit her lower lip.
He pulled away from her. With that stupid smile still plasterd on his lips.
"Hi" he breathed out.
" Hi " she said awkwardly.
He furrowed his brows in confusion. "Why are like that ? You seem shocked."
She cleared her throat "Well I am shocked. didn't know that you were coming today. "
He shrugged " I mean I missed you , that's why I came. "
Y/n is stunned to speak. Did he really miss her ?
"Really? " She asked in a soft voice. Afraid that if she speak loudly everything will shatter around.
Harry placed his hands on her hips and brought her closer. Their chests are touching, there are only few inches between their faces.
"Really." He smiled.
Little did she know that's it's not truth.
Harry didn't miss her. He was about to go on a date with someone. But she had to cancel the planes at last minute due to some emergency, soo Harry came near Y/n. That's what he do always, come near Y/n when he need to fuck someone really quick or he just want to get out of his celebrity life for a while and clear his mind. Y/n have this positive energy that can take his mind of things.
Lack of better words , he is simply using her.
He closed the gap between them. He started kissing her again. Her head is feeling light like she is flying in air. She happy that he is hear.
He lightly taped on her thigh signalling her to jump. And she did. She wrapped her legs around his waisted and started kissing him deeper.
He parted her lips with his tounge and she let him enter into her mouth. The kiss is very messy and heated. They both are moaning.
He slowly started to make his way to her bedroom while kissing her.
After stumbling few times they made into the room without falling.
He throw her on the bed, she fell on the bed with a bounce and her hair fanned on her face.
He stood at the end of the bed and started remove his jeans. He smiled st her and her is literally jumping in excitement.
"Undress for me, baby." He said while working on removing his jeans.
She bit her lip and slowly started removing her cotton shorts and t-shirt.
Once he removed his clothes he climed on the bed and howerd over her.
He started to place small kissed all over her face and he slowly moved down to her neck. He placed a trail of kisses on the arch of her neck. He nibbled on her sweet spot and licked it slowly.
He brought his mouth to her chest and wrapped his lips around her nipples, he slowly sucked on her right and plamed her left boob.
She gasped at the feeling. His wet and lustful mouth on her is the best feeling in the while world.
She pulled away and gave the same attention to her left breast licking, sucking and bitting slowly on her hard nipple.
She grasped his hair and lifted his head from her breast." Harry, please I want to inside please.:
"Is my baby that eager ?" He got up and sat straight .
"Yes please" She whined.
"Yes, love I'll give you what"
He started to pump his hard cock which started to leak some precum.
"Ready baby ? " He asked after placing the tip at entrance.
With one long trust he buried himself deep inside her.
They both released a long and deep moan at the feeling.
He fit soo perfectly inside her. And her walls feel soo good around his cock.
He started to trust and slowly finding a perfect. He is fucking her slow and hard and she is loosing her mind. She is not able to think straight. All she can feel is Harry infront of her and his cock deep inside her.
"Does that feel good, baby ?" He asked her.
She moaned in response.
He chuckled at her state , poor thing can't even say a word.
She moaned again and again at the feeling, his soft but hard pace is only making her to fall for him even more.
"Ahhhh Ha- fuck. Harry feels soo good. Please don't stop. "
"Not planning on that." He said and he increase his pace.
Both let out the loudest moan as possible. He literally started to knock the air out of her lungs.
"Look at you, you look soo beautiful baby. All naked and flustered under my body. Sweat glistening on your beautiful body. You feel soo good baby."
She can feel her orgasm coming. The familiar feeling started to grow in her tummy.
He can feel her clenching around him. He moaned which is like a borderline animalistic groan. "Are coming, baby? Can feel you clenching. Come for me, love."
That's all she need before coming around his cock.
"Harry I'm-I'm ahh…" She moaned and babbled wordless while coming.
And he didn't stop trusting , after few trusts he also reached his orgasm.
"Fuck, yes. I'm gonna come. Fuck." He cursed and moaned and came undone inside her. His cum coating her walls.
He slowed down riding both of them from their highs.
After a minute her looked down at her and smiled. He leaned down and pecked her lips and pulled out of her.
He felt her hand on his arm when he started to get out of the bed.
He placed his palm on her hand and smiled.
"I'm going to get a wash cloth to clean you."
She just looked at him for a minute. He can see something is running in her mind, and she wanted say something. Her eyes are trying to say something, there are so many emotions in her eyes.
Few moments later she speaked.
"Will you stay for the night ?" She asked with hope. Her voice sounded so little.
No matter how much of a dick he is, how can is say no to her ?
He nodded with a smiled. Placed an small kiss on her forehead.
Lately everything in Y/n life is going soo good. She is having a great time at work. She also went out with her friend a couple of times.
It's almost been a month since Harry came to her place with informing her before. From that day something has changed, it's just that everything felt different for some reason.
They started talking more frequently. They are not talking everyday but better than before. He texted her more, he spent few nights at her place and she also spent a night at his place. Everything is going smooth , she also didn't see him with any other girls lately. She don't know what to take from that though. Is he just busy? Or is he tired of all those 'perfect' models ?
And on the top of that he told her that he like her a lot. It's not a huge thing he just said that once when they on her couch and goofing around. He said that before, that he liked her but this time felt different. He also said that she mean something to him.
She actually started to think that he started to like her too and started to have feelings for her.
She is getting ready to work when Sarah called her.
"Hello, Sarah Jones. What a pleasant surprise."She said while applying her lip gloss.
"Hey, you. How are you ?" Sarah responded from the other side.
"I'm good. How are you ? It's been a while actually."
"Yeah it's been a while, because you left your friend for of a green eyed British boy." Sarah chuckled.
"I didn't leave you, come on. You know me better, just busy with work." She said while closing her lip gloss.
"I know. I'm just joking. See I'm running late, I just called to check if you are free tomorrow. "
"Um , yeah I think I'm free."
"Perfect, Mitch and I are throwing a party. Tomorrow it's his birthday. " She said while shuffling something
"Oh that's great!"
" I know I'm telling you on a short notice. I'm planning everything soo it slipped out of my mind. "
:It's fine, Sarah. I'm happy you invited me now. I'm free I'll come just tell me where."
"Perfect. I'll text you again." She sounded happy.
"Um. Is he gonna be there." She asked and instantly cringed at her words. Why did she even asked that ?
"Who ?" Sarah asked but Y/n can hear the amusement in her voice.
"You know who Sarah." She is walking around her room and collecting her things.
"Of course he is gonna be there, Y/n. Why wouldn't be ?"
"Ok, ok. Just asking. "
"Y/n, you need to tell him how you feel. You are going like this from more than a year. He is an idiot but you are not. Atleast you take the first step."
Y/n was silent, didn't know what to tell. Sarah is right though. Maybe she will tell him.
Sarah know about them. She know that they have a thing. She always know Y/n have more than just a thing. Y/n tried to say it's not true but Sarah is not blind.
"I will." She said.
She can hear someone calling calling Sarah .
"Ok bye. I'm running late I have to go. Bye". She said into the and cut the call.
Y/n stopped for a moment. Thinking about everything. About him.
Maybe she will tell him.
Y/n stood in front of the mirror. She is all dressed up and ready to go to the party. She is wearing a tight, little red dress. Her curves are showing perfectly in this dress. Her makeup is on point. She is feeling her best. She look soo beautiful and hot.
She is all ready to go, she is most excited about meeting Harry. Seeing him and talking to him. She really want to be with him right now. She want to hear his voice and feel his lips on hers. She is really becoming a love puppy.
She called an Uber to go to the party. It's almost 40 minutes drive from her place so she thought it's better to go and come back in Uber than driving at night.
After 40 minutes of drive she reached to the party. It's in a club, it looked decent not like those downtown bars and clubs.
The moment she entered she is met with few drunk people dancing and smell of alcohol and cigarettes. It's nothing too much though.
She made her way to the first floor where Sarah said that they are going to be there. There are less people in that area compared to the ground floor.
She scanned the room for Sarah. After a minute she found her, Sarah is at the bar with Mitch and some other guy.
"Hi, Sarah" She said to Sarah who is pretending to to listen to the conversation that is going on.
"Hey, girl. You made it." She embraced her in a tight hug. It's clear that she already had fee drinks.
"Yep, I made it." She said smiling.
She looked at Mitch and gave him a side hug. "Happy birthday, Mitch."
"Thank you, Y/n and thanks for coming, you look great "
The guys returned to their conversation and Sarah dragged her to some of their friends.
While trying to keep up with the conversation, her eyes are searching for a pair of emerald eyes. She is scanning the whole room but couldn't find him. After searching few times she concentrated back on what her friends are talking.
But every once in a while her eyes are jumping through the crowd. And after a while she heard Sarah clearing her throat.
Sarah raided her eye brows in question. But Y/n just shaked her head.
"Are you looking for someone in specific?" Sarah asked in a fake British tone, wish is awful.
Y/n chuckled. "First of all your attempt of speaking in British accent is awful. And secondly, no. I'm not looking for anyone."
"If you say so." Sarah just shrugged with a smirk on her face.
After two more minutes, Y/n started to loose her cool. She have to see Harry, now.
She turned towards Sarah. "Ok, fine. I give up, where is he ? Did he even come here ?"
Sarah gave a knowing smile. "See, it's not that hard, is it ? Anyway, he did come here I talked to him just before you arrived. I also talked to him about you, I mean, I said that you are going to come. He must be here somewhere around." She started to scan the crowd to find him.
When they both can't find him she just excused herself from there and went to search for him by herself. She searched everywhere but couldn't find him.
She finally gave up and went to the bathroom. She entered the bathroom did her work in the first stall and got out.
She stood infront of the mirror and washing her hands when she heard few voices from the last stall of the bathroom. There are someone in that stall. She can hear a male voice and a female voice. She smiled and shaked her head to herself thinking about the horny couple in that stall.
She looked at her reflection in the mirror and fixed her lipstick. She really want to see Harry now. She wanted to see his reflection when he saw her in this dress.
She looked at herself one last time and dried her hands. She was about to go when she heard his voice.
It's his voice.
She can recognize that voice anywhere. That deep accent and smooth voice.
It's him.
She can hear him laughing, and he is not alone. He is with someone else, a girl with sweet voice.
She can feel her heart beating fast, she took and quite and slow steps towards the stall they were in. It's at the end, so maybe they didn't even here her coming in.
Their voices are mostly muffled. But with every step she take she can hear what they are speaking. She can hear their laughs. Never in her life she thought that someone's else laugh will make cry.
"Really?" The girl with Harry asked him with an innocent tone.
"Yeah, really." She can hear his smirk without even looking at him.
"Ok, then tell me this. Do you have a girlfriend? " She asked.
"No." He said in a heartbeat.
She know that she is not his girlfriend but still listening him saying that hurts more.
"Oh. Then who is that girl you were talking about with Sarah?" She asked him with a hint of sass.
"With my Sarah?" You can hear they are shuffling inside. After all it's small space to fit two people. She can imagine him sitting on the closed lid and her on his lap. She winced at the imagination.
"Yeah, I heard you talking about a girl with Sarah. She said that someone is going to come here today. I didn't hear all but, and I don't remember her name."
"Y/n ?" He said her name. And her she thought that her heart can't beat faster. She held her breath for a second after hearing her name.
"Yeah, Y/n. Are you with her ?"
"No." He said to that girl.
Y/n can feel tears running her cheeks. She know that truth but still she can't help her heartbreak.
"Really?" She asked.
"Yeah. She is just Sarah's friend."
"Then why is she telling you about her coming hear ?" Y/n just want him to say something that she wanted to hear. But he literally just said she's Sarah's friend, not even his.
"Because I know her too. She was just informing me." He said and it is silent for moment. Y/n don't know what is happening inside.
"Ok, fine. She is not only Sarah's friend, she kinda mine too. Like we hook up that's all." He finally said.
"That's all. Just a hook up ? So she is not your girlfriend or you don't have one ? " The girl asked.
"No, why are interrogating me ?"
"I'm not interrogating you. It's just , I don't appreciate you cheating on someone if you have a girlfriend. Atleast I won't help you to."
At least she have some manners.
"No. I don't have any girlfriend. I'm single. And about Y/n she is nothing. She just a kinda fling. She means nothing " He said to the girl and started kissing her. Y/n hear the sound of their lips smacking. And her moans.
Y/n stepped back with a harsh breath. The wind knocked from her lungs. Her heart is breaking, head throbbing, stomach churning. She felt like someone punched in her stomach and stabbed in her heart.
Hearing him say something like that made her want to throw up.
Did she really mean nothing to him ? Is she just a fling ? Is all she can think of right now.
She ran out of bathroom. She need some air, she can't be hear anymore. She feel like she is about to faint.
She know that she look like a mess now but she don't have energy to go to that bathroom and fix herself. She need to run.
Tears are falling from her eyes nonstop. She is harshly wiping them. Probably her mascara is running too.
She started to make her way to the exit. While walking she made eye contact with Sarah. She can see that look on Sarah. She is confused and concerned. Sarah started to come near her but she just turned her face and started to walk away. She can't handle anyone now. She can talk to Sarah later, but now she need to get out of hear.
She took her phone out of her purse and started to call a Uber.
She feel sick. She feel like digging a hole in the ground and crawl deep into it. She don't want to see him again.
After waiting for a while the Uber arrived and she immediately climed and closed the door. Afraid maybe he will see her , even she know that he is fucking some chick in that bathroom stall.
She can't stop tears falling from her eyes. Maybe the driver is thinking that she some kind of weird person crying in his car.
She always asked herdelf why do she love him? She know that he is never going to love her back. Why do she always choose him over every one, including her self when she don't even mean anything to him ?
But she always found one answer for all those questions.
She love him.
That's all she can think of she just love him. She love the way he make her feel. The butterflies he give her. Those soft and delicate touches. He used to look at her like she mean something to him. And now hearing him say that she mean nothing to him is breaking her.
She just want him to be a better man.
And she also asked herself that why is she not enough for him.
Of course she is not the best but she can give him her best
She is even ready to change herself for him. Just one word she is ready to give him her world. But he just shattered her world into pieces.
She can't do this anymore. She can't let him break her like this. She spent a year of her life loving him. But she received nothing but pain in return. This needs to stop, she need to stop loving him. It's hard but she have to.
After a very long ride she payed to the Uber and went into her house.
It felt weird everything is weird.
She went into her room and removed her dress. She had many hopes today. She thought that Harry will love this dress. She thought that he will remove this dress from her body but now she is just removing it by herself and throwing in her room. She went into the bathroom and took a good look of herself.
She is mess. Tears stains on her cheeks, mascara running down, ruined makeup, messy hair, swollen eyes and broken heart.
She smiled at herself. She felt pathetic and hopeless.
She removed her makeup, stripped down naked and stepped into the shower.
Hot water running down her body. But she can't feel the sting on her skin all she can feel is heart breaking and screaming. She cried some more. After a while water started to cool down she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body.
She took a loose t-shirt and a cotton underwear and got dressed. She having nothing to do now except moping around and self loathing. She don't want to do that, she want to be strong. She want to stop loving him and move past him, she have to.
She is rummaging through her kitchen cabinets when she heard her front door opening and closing. She don't who was that. And also no one have the keys of her place except Eva.
She went into the living and saw Harry standing him in the middle of the room.
Shit, she forgot to lock the door. It would have been easy to avoid him if its locked.
They eyes met. His eyes held concern, fake concern. But now she is not going to fall for it.
He fiddled nervously with his fingers. "Umm.. The door is not locked."
She just nodded. She can do this, she need to end it now.
"Um. You were at the party?"
He asked her with hesitantly. He bloody knew she was.
She folded her hands to her chest. "Yep. I was there."
"Then- then why did you leave ?"
She huffed. " I don't know Harry , why did you leave ?" She asked in return, she is angry now.
"Y/n… " he started but got cut by her.
"Why are you even here?" She asked irritatedly She can't even look at him without crying and she don't want to cry now.
"Sarah said that you left crying. Just wanted to make sure you are ok. "
"You don't have to make sure, I'm ok. I mean nothing to you, Harry then why are you bothering about me ?"
"Y/n just listen to me." She cut him again.
"Stop Harry. I was there in that bathroom, I heard what you said. I'm just a kinda fling and I mean nothing to you. So why are you even here I know don't like me." A single tear escaped from her eye.
"Y/n, of course I like you." He tried to defend himself.
"Then why did you lie?" She raised her voice." If I mean something to you. If you like me, why did you even lie? "
He was quite. Everything around them is quite. And it's killing her, the comfortable silence around him is not comfortable anymore. She want him out of house now.
"Is it that hard to love me, Harry? "
Her voice is soo quite, there is hurt in her voice. She not even trying to hide it, tears are falling again. She don't even know where are they even coming from, she thought there are no more left after crying so much.
"I loved you, Harry. But you give me nothing but pain."
He took a sharp breath. "Y/n, I didn't know that you feel…"
"Don't lie, Harry." She snapped at him.
"You know that I love you. I said you that. And everyone can see that except you. And I also said that to you. I remember saying it that night. You didn't say anything. You knew all this time, don't give me shit saying that you don't know how I feel cause you know." At this point she is shouting.
He was quite, he was stunned. He don't know what to say. He dropped his head down and looked at the ground.
" I'm tired Harry. I'm tired of loving you the way I love and you don't even love me back." She said with hurt lacing her voice. He can hear it.
"Do you love me, Harry? Atleast can you see yourself loving me?" She asked with hope that atleast now he will say something.
He looked back at her. Tears running down her cheeks, eyes swollen and red. She was crying soo much.
He was quite, not knowing what to say. Do he love her? He asked himself.
She laughed, a pathetic laugh." I know, why am I even asking the question when I know the answer. "She smiled at him and it broke him and it felt like punch.
"Please leave, Harry." She pleaded him.
"Y/n, Please." He tried to talk.
"No, Harry. We are a mistake, we are bound to end. But I just hoped that you will be a better man and love me back. You just ruined me, Harry. Broke me. But still I loved you. But I can't do this anymore. You will never love me the way I love you." She is trying to be strong and tell him how she feel.
"I waited on every careless word. I waited for you. I put you before every one but that's not enough for you. I will never be enough for you. Please go back and fuck some more models, Harry. I was Better by myself before I met you and I will be again. I can't do this anymore,I can't keep hurting myself like this. I don't deserve this."
She looked at him one last time. "Please leave Harry. "
She turned and started to walk to her bedroom. "And please close the door on your way." She called behind her.
She climed on her bed, and sat against the head board.
She is strong, she can do this. She can move on.
It's finally time to love her self.
Part 2
A/n : I would love to hear you thoughts. No one is interacting with my work. If you Interact with me it will give me motivation to write more. Please share your views.
Thank you, hope you enjoyed.
Lots of love.
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cashtons-wife · 18 days
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Italy with Harry
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harrycanyonmoonn · 8 months
Tumblr media
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divider by ( @firefly-graphics )
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harrys-real-girl · 2 months
Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader
Summary : You get an anxiety attack and only one person can help you.
Warnings : Anxiety Attack.
Word Count : 1.8k+
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The feeling of your body being alarmed by the crowd came back. It hadn't troubled you for a long time now and you thought you were out of the torment called social anxiety. Unfortunately, you were wrong.
It started at the grocery store, you were just picking up some stuff for dinner. The store was a little too crowded than usual and when you felt a few people who passed by looking at you, you couldn't shake away the thought of them judging you for simply being.
It only got worse from there. You realised that you had to pay for the stuff which means you'd have to interact with a total stranger and could embarrass yourself, they'd judge you.
You counted and took deep breaths in hopes of it getting better. It didn't. You knew you had to face it. Taking one last deep breath, you walked and stood in the queue with two people ahead of you.
Nothing got any better by the time it was your turn. You placed the basket of items in front of the cashier, trying to be as nonchalant as you could. She began checking out each item. You paid the bill with slightly shaky hands before grabbing your stuff and the receipt. You practically ran out of the store with how quickly you exited.
Everyone must be judging me. Must be thinking what's wrong with me?
You tried to find a less crowded area on the pavement and stood there, giving yourself a minute to calm down. Useless.
It wasn't helping and you felt like you'd faint or throw up any second and the realisation that you had a 5-minute walk home only added to it.
Stop overreacting, it's nothing serious.
Mustering up the courage you began walking, feeling your hands tremble with the anxiety running.
You were still okay for the first few minutes before you had to walk by a big crowd. There were too many people. You walked into the crowd.
Another step and you were pushed ahead by someone, and your heart was frantic. With your chest tightening it was getting harder to keep calm.
A few more steps and another shove. It was all pushing and shoving.
It was all unease and fear of complete strangers. You felt self-conscious and scared. You just wanted to go home and be in the arms of the man that you loved.
By the time you were away from the crowd, the home was still a bit away and you couldn't handle the feeling of anxiety.
You could feel the bile rising, your stomach churning with the cold perspiration. It was getting tough, and it felt like you were fighting for your life.
You accelerated your speed, almost running home. Tears were threatening to fall down your eyes by the time you made it.
You rushed into the house, dropping the bag in your hand and looked for Harry. He was nowhere to be found and you were hyperventilating.
No response. He wasn't here.
Just like another wave of nausea, the realisation hit you. You had broken up with him a few weeks ago because you were scared. Scared that he'd soon start hating you even though he reassured you many times that he could never and that he loves you, but your inner thoughts won, and you couldn't shake them away.
Your overthinking, anxious mind had convinced you that you were causing him a lot of trouble with your constant anxiety attacks and breakdowns and eventually he'll get tired of them and hate you. So, you broke up with him, thinking it'd save him and he wouldn't hate you.
Harry tried and tried, to convince you that he understood what you were going through and that he'd never leave you and he couldn't ever imagine himself hating you but yet again your thoughts overweight his love.
You didn't budge, your brain had convinced you that the only way you could love Harry was by letting him go. He deserved better than you. He deserved a happy loving partner, not a broken one. So you let him go.
You pushed him away.
It was pure anguish after he hugged you one last time. After you saw him beg to not do this, after still reassuring you. Then, with a kiss on the forehead and saying that he'll always love you no matter what and that you can always count on him and that he'd wait, he left.
All you could do was cry. You were alone and you brought it upon yourself. This is what you deserved. The anguish, the suffering.
But you couldn't anymore, you needed help, the attack was coming on strong. Breathing wasn't as easy, not at all. And then your legs gave out. You could feel your ears and neck growing hot with every second.
You tried to calm down, you really did but failed. There was no option, you weren't liking this.
You gave in. You didn't know what else to do.
With shaky hands, you reach into your back pocket and grab your phone. Starting it and opening contacts, looking for a familiar contact you had ignored for weeks now.
You called him with tears streaming down your face. He picked up after the third ring.
"Y/n?," hearing his voice after so long made you break out a loud sob.
"Hey hey, ba- Y/n, what's wrong?" You could hear the panic in his voice.
With all the huffing and sobbing it was hard to speak, so you took a second.
"Harry, I- I need…I need y-you," another sob.
"P-please," it came out in a high pitch before you couldn't bear it.
You dropped the phone and squeezed your eyes shut. Your hands tightly fisting your shirt that laid above the skin over your heart. It was painful, you could feel your heart thudding.
How long has it been? Why wasn't this stopping?
You felt like it had been hours, you knew it hadn't been but it felt like it.
The door burst open and you snapped your head in the direction to see Harry rush inside your house.
And when his panic-filled eyes found yours he didn't wait a second before kneeling down beside you.
"I'm here, love. You're gonna be okay, alright? Listen to my voice and breathe for me, okay?" He said, giving you a gentle smile, and wrapping his hands around yours.
You gave him a small nod. Looking into his eyes, you did what he did. Deep breaths.
"You're doing so well, sweetheart. It's gonna be okay, you're gonna be okay,"
Breathing started getting a bit easy. But it wasn't good enough, you were still nowhere near ease.
"Can you identify three objects for me, darling?"
You nodded. Your whole body was shaking, you took a few deep breaths.
"M-my bag…uh..the tv…a-and uhm..t-the so-sofa," you managed to say between the ragged breaths.
It was getting better. Slow and steady. Harry was here, you'd be okay, he said so.
"Excellent, my love. I'm proud of you. I'm gonna ask you to do one more thing for me, okay? Can you name three sounds you hear?”
"The c-cars, y-you breathing and I..uh can hear b-bagel barking."
Breathing got easier. You were still shaking but not as badly.
Harry gave you another smile. Gently stroking your hair.
"Doing so good for me, sweetheart. Keep breathing, it's gonna go away soon," you listened to his voice, your focus zeroed on his words.
"I want you to do one last thing for me, okay? I want you to try 'n move your three parts of your body."
"Y-yeah," you straightened up a bit.
Slowly, you lifted your arm a little and brought it back down. You tried moving your fingers next, your utter focus on your palm. You made a weak fist and opened it, showing it to him. He gave a proud smile and encouraged you.
Lastly, you moved your ankle side to side. You were breathing with ease by now, all the moving and hearing Harry distracted you from the overwhelming anxiety.
"Did so well, sweetheart. I'm so proud of you. Are you feeling a bit better?"
You nodded in response. Harry placed a kiss on your temple and held you again.
Tears were dry on your cheek and your chest wasn't tightening anymore. You still were shaking a little but it wasn't so bad now.
Although, you were exhausted. Your throat felt dry and the clothes felt irritating around your skin. You wanted water and something comfortable to wear.
"Can you please g-get me some water?"
"Of course, sweetheart," he gave you another kiss, on the forehead this time before he got up from the floor to get you water.
Harry came back from the kitchen in seconds with a glass of water. He sat beside you on the floor and handed you the glass.
"Thank you."
You took four small sips and placed the glass aside.
You still dragged him into your shit. You felt terrible, he didn't deserve this. He deserved better.
"I'm so sorry," you whispered. Sad tears start to roll down your cheeks.
"None of that, my love. I'm not mad at you. I love you and I'll always be here for you," he said, caressing your cheek with his hands, his thumb wiping your tears.
You couldn't help it, you straddled his lap and locked your arms around his neck, clinging onto him.
Harry wrapped his arms around your waist, rocking both of your bodies back and forth at a steady pace, letting you cry.
"I'm so sorry for everything, Harry."
"It's all okay, sweetheart. I forgive you and I love you," he rubbed your back in small circles.
"I love you," you whispered softly. "I can't let you go again, Harry, I need you- I always do. I was so so stupid. D-do you still wanna be with me? I- uh- I understand if you don't, I don't wanna force you and I-..."
Harry gently pulled back to look at you. His face held a sad expression and his eyes were filled with tears.
"I always wanna be with you, Y/n. I love you, you're my whole heart and I know you might think that I deserve better or that you're a bother but that's not for you to decide. I wanna be with you, and you're never a bother, baby. So, yes I still wanna be with you and never be away from you."
None of you dared breaking the eye contact and held each other's gaze.
He unlocked your hands from his neck. He held your small hands in his before bringing them to his lips and giving them a few soft kisses.
Both of you were crying by this point, looking into each other's eyes. Not wasting any more time you leaned down and pressed your lips to his. That moment was the comfort that you hadn't felt in the past few weeks, it was the peace that you needed. You were stupid to think that you could ever live without him. He was your home and nothing's safer than home.
Tumblr media
A/N : I had so much fu- anxiety writing this. Jk it was fun. I'm a sucker for angst and I'm so happy I finally wrote an angsty oneshot.
Dividers are by me and if you use them please give me credits.
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goldencherryhazz · 8 months
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Late Night Talking. On Film.
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narrycherries · 3 months
✰ baby honey ✰ #2 (dom!harry)
Tumblr media
Harry’s in a dom state and you’re being a bad kitten.. who needs to be punished, but you’re just so good at getting your way with him.. (dom!Harry concepts)
baby honey #1 — join the tag list!
word count: 7.5k
warnings/tags: Harry x reader, domrry, dom!harry, daddy link, praise kink, oral-male receiving, sex toys, spanking, choking, cum play, punishment, masturbation, blow-job, hand-job, smut smut smut, mature situation
You had just walked into the big living room when you heard Harry call for you from the office. You spun around and headed towards him. It was unusual for him to invite you into the office during his set aside work hours - but you didn’t hesitate to rush to him. You missed him anyways, might as well take the chance to see him.
“Darling, are you downstairs?” He yelled just as you opened the big door.
“I’m here.” You smiled sweetly.
He sighed in relief and let his lips grin at you. “Lovey, c’mere.”
You nodded lightly and shut the door before walking to his big desk. He wasn’t wearing any fancy work clothes, just a tshirt that hugged his chest and his arms, and a pair of grey sweatpants. He patted his thigh as you approached him, so you gladly took a seat on his lap.
He pulled the side of your body into his, shoving his face into your neck. You gasped as his hands began to squeeze your hip and your thigh. He was acting like he missed you. To reciprocate that affection, you slid your arm around his neck and let your fingers play in his hair while your other hand rested over his collarbone.
“How’s work going?”
He grunted and buried his face further into your neck. “What have you been up to, my sweet love?”
You smiled, cheeks heating from his words. “Just watching a movie.. waiting for you to be finished.”
It wasn’t hard to tell that he was feeling a certain type of way, especially when he started to dig his fingertips into your squishy flesh and slowly rotate them. And when he began to press kisses to your neck, you knew for sure. Someone was feeling like he needed to take care of you.
“You smell so good, baby.”
“I took a bath earlier.”
“No, you smell good.. you smell like you.” He grunted as if he had been deprived of you for a lifetime.
You laughed gently. “Is everything okay?”
He shook his head, so you started to worry. You sighed as you put your hand on his jaw and forced his head back. His eyes were closed and his brows were furrowed. You leaned down and carefully placed a kiss under his left eye. He huffed, dropping his brows even further. You rubbed the end of your nose against his and he couldn’t hold back a soft smile.
“Somethings wrong.” You whispered against his lips, refraining yourself from kissing him. They were tempting, so pink and soft - but you didn’t.
“Daddy just needs to hold you, baby love. S’all.” He splayed his hands over your hip and your thigh and held his skin against yours. “Just need to feel my girl.”
“Do you need to feel me feel me?”
He gave you a gentle squeeze. “S’fine like this, baby doll.”
You bit your lip, a bit embarrassed by what you assumed. He noticed your sudden shyness, and he didn’t like it. You always had trouble being confident around him or anyone else - but especially him. He was intimidating and perfect. You never wanted to disappoint.
“Baby girl, what’s wrong? You were just so happy.. now you look sad.” He pressed a kiss to your cheek, then to your jaw. “What’s the matter, my baby? Daddy doesn’t like it when you’re sad.”
You shrugged, eyes staring down at his hand on your thigh. He was gently rubbing his thumb over your pale skin, causing goosebumps to rise slowly.
You sighed at the use of your name. He was very concerned.
“Tell me.”
Yet again, you shrug. “It’s nothing.”
“Don’t lie to me, missy. Be a good kitten and tell Daddy what’s wrong.”
The idea of you being anything but good for him was frightening. You cleared your throat and squeezed your eyes shut for jsut a few seconds. When you opened them, you turned your head to look at him. His brows were furrowed and he was softly frowning. You hated that, you felt like you had done something wrong.
“Just thought.. that you wanted.. to.. to.. y’know.”
Harry always made sure he knew exactly what you were referring to - even if he had a good idea of it. So you weren’t surprised when he spoke and wanted you to continue on. He just never wanted to do something or say something you didn’t mean.
“To what, baby?”
Your eyes fell to his covered chest, you wanted to touch him. “That you wanted me.. like.. wanted to have s-sex with me.”
His frown faded. “Do you want to have sex, baby?”
It was rare that he straight up asked you that, it was always asked in other ways. You gulped gently and shrugged again. He didn’t favor that reply, so he gave you a stern look.
“Not if you don’t wanna..I.. I just figured.. you did.”
“Daddy doesn’t have time for it right now, my love. Let me finish this work and I’ll think about it.”
The pout on your lips made him frown. He brought his hand up to your face and turned your head towards him. The feeling of his fingers on your chin reminded you of the way he would force you to look at him if he got angry or irritated. That lead you to think about the punishments he would give you. How his hand would smack each side of your butt, leaving prints and soreness. Then, he would rub the pain away and plant kisses all over the marks he made. He would whisper in your ear while holding you against his chest, telling you how much he hated punishing you but you needed to be a good girl. The thoughts of punishment made your mind linger to the rewards. Eating your pussy out until your stomach dropped and you flooded his face. Fucking you slow and deep, shoving his cock so far into you and filling your tummy with his cum. You were so caught up in the memories that he had to snap his fingers in front of your face and give your thigh a gentle slap before he could get your attention.
You blinked and moved your eyes from his mouth back to his concerned stare. “Huh?”
“I said.. are you okay? You spaced out on me, baby.” He rubbed his thumb over your bottom lip. “You alright?”
“I.. I didn’t mean to..”
His eyes were soft as he looked at you, brows furrowed slightly as he tried to figure out what was going on. He dropped his thumb to your chin, only because you kept turning your head. He shifted you back, keeping a grip on your soft skin.
“Are you feeling little?”
You shook your head lightly. “No..”
Harry knew that just because he was in a dominant mindset, you weren’t necessarily in a small space - and vice versa. He could easily tell when you were slipping into a subspace, but he didn’t see any evident signs at the moment - that’s why he was confused.
“Hm.. what’s wrong? Are you thinking of something?”
You shrugged again, moving your hand to grip his shoulder. “Don’t you need to finish some work?”
He frowned. “No, ma’am. You’re not gonna ignore me.”
A groan fell from your lips. “M’fine Harry.. Daddy.”
“Are you just upset because I said no?” He asked with a sigh. “I told you I’ll take care of you after.”
“But you.. you never let me come in here.. unless you need me.” You huffed. “And I thought you needed me.”
He gave you pinch on your thigh, not liking the tone of your voice. “I do need you, but you know sometimes I jsut want to hold you, baby love.”
“But.. but I want you now..”
He shook his head, denying you of what you wanted more than anything. You didn’t tell him, but you craved to have him pound you. Feeling his cock under you made you tingle, even though he was soft. It was still so big and you wanted it to get lost inside of you.
“I asked you and you said no.�� He huffed.
“I didn’t wanna then!” You whined back.
“Five minutes ago? Now you do?”
He shook his head. “You had your chance.. And you know the rules. I’m working, baby.”
You rolled your eyes and lowered both hands down to your lap. You were resting one on top of his hand, but you weren’t making any efforts to hold it.
“Go back in there.. go do whatever you were doing before.” He instructed with a cold tone.
You let out a shaky breath. “I don’t wanna leave.”
“What did I say?” He sternly asked, hand gripping your thigh.
“I’ll be good.. I swear. Won’t say anything else.”
When you pressed your hand to his chest, Harry’s mood changed. He felt bad for being so rude all of a sudden. He understood your frustrations, and he had no reason to punish you. He thought for a moment, then decided you could stay.
“Alright. But stay quiet while I work.”
You behaved for a while. Harry let you curl your arms around his body and rest your head in the crook his neck while he read emails and replied to them, typing with one hand since he held into your waist. You tried to fall asleep, but you kept getting distracted as you thought about him. You kept imagining the feeling of his cock deep inside of you, the warmth of his release filling you up. You chewed on your cheek as you kept thinking about the way he grips your hips as he snaps his hips into yours, and how he grabs your throat when he’s trying to relieve stress from work. How he shoves his fingers in your mouth while fucking your hole. Every now and then he would grip your waist, and it would remind you of how he would let you ride him - but take over so he could move you faster, slamming your body down onto his cock. He always held your waist tight whenever he did that.
“Harry..” you muttered quietly as your fingertip trailed along the collar of his shirt. You rubbed his collarbone, wishing you could see him undressed. “Harry.”
He heard you both times, so he thought maybe something was wrong. “What is it?”
He hummed, but didn’t say anything. He was trying to focus on the computer screen. That made you even more impatient. You tapped the base of his throat, lifting your head some to see him better. He glanced at you, but hardly noticed that you were irritated. You rubbed your fingers over his throat, feeling his Adam’s Apple move.
“Can you take a break?” You whispered quietly, hoping to not make him angry. You could be a brat if you wanted to, but you didn’t.
He ignored you again, eyes planted on the screen. You huffed and pouted your lips out. Your fingers danced up his throat until you reached his jaw. You drew small circles over his skin, moving your touch to his chin. The stubble on his face always intrigued you, it made him look very mature and you liked it a lot. He figured you were just playing with the tiny hairs like usual, so he still didn’t react.
You occupied yourself with staring at his skin and messing with the hairs for a few minutes, but that also became boring. You trailed your index fingertip up the corner of his mouth and gave it a gentle tap. Still, no reaction from him. You started to mess with his bottom lip. You pulled the pad of your finger across the soft skin before returning it to the middle. You pulled his lip down, sliding the tip of your finger into his mouth. You got his attention finally, but it didn’t benefit you.
He grunted and moved his head back, your finger leaving his mouth. “Quit it.”
“M’just touching you.”
“Don’t touch my face. I’m trying to finish this stuff, honey.” He sighed heavily, but you could tell he was just tired not mad or anything bad.
“But I love your face.” You softly whimpered.
He shifted his eyes to yours, giving you hope. “Touch me down here or something, baby. You can touch my face later.” He grabbed your wrist and gently moved your hand down to his neck. His eyes moved back to the emails, and you were no longer his focus.
“Okay.” You uttered, barely moving your lips.
Of course you wanted to make him happy, so you did as he said. It took all of your strength to focus yourself on his neck and collarbones, hoping to pass time. Your nail gently traced shapes into the base of his throat. Your head fell back on his shoulder, your other arm around him. You felt safe, but you wanted to have his attention. In order to yet again distract yourself, you thought about Harry.
You thought about how he rubs lotion into your skin and brushes your hair before braiding it. You thought about how he tickles your sides as he plants pecks all over your lips, and how he sucks marks onto your neck to claim you. How he cuddles you on the couch under a cozy blanket. How he puts you on the counter as he cooks so you could be by him..
“Harry.” You grunted all of a sudden, not knowing you were saying anything until after your lips closed.
“Baby, hush.” He was still calm, so at least you weren’t in trouble yet.
A pathetic whine fell from your lips. “C’mon, please. I’ve been good.” Your hand moved to his nape were you held on tight.
“You’re not being good now.”
“Harry, please. I need something.. anything.”
He wasn’t looking at you. “You’re gonna get a spanking if you don’t hush.”
“At least you’ll be paying attention to me then.”
Harry shoved the keyboard away from him and looked directly at you. The way his brows arched down and his lips went to a straight line told you everything you needed to know - he was pissed.
“Watch the attitude.”
His hand grabbed your throat and he gave you a squeeze. “Watch it.”
You nodded gently, nails scraping at his wrist. He shook you off as he removed his hand. He put it on your thigh, having no intentions of needing to use it again. You got the point, and you knew he was angry.
“M’sorry..” You relaxed yourself some, the annoyed tone no longer present. “Just got tired of being quiet.. kept thinking about you.. wanted to touch you.”
“I don’t care what you wanted. I told you to be quiet, and you said you’d behave. Which you didn’t.” He shrugged, acting as if he didn’t give a damn about your feelings.
“Please, Harry, don’t be mean. M’sorry. I am. I.. I just miss you so much.. you’ve been working all day.. just wanna hug you and kiss you and touch you.”
He shook his head when you tried to touch his chest. “I let it slide, baby. I let those little interruptions slide and you continued to misbehave.”
“Just cus I want you.. You always say to.. to tell you when I want you.”
“I told you to be quiet.”
You dropped your head down on his shoulder, hiding from his eyes. He sighed heavily, but squeezed your waist to comfort you. You felt very guilty for even making a little scene.
“Tell me what you kept thinking about.”
You swallowed as you realized he was talking to you. You squeezed your eyes shut and took in a big breath.
“Lots of stuff.” You shrugged.
“Tell me.”
You licked your lips, taking a moment to collect the thoughts from earlier. “Um.. thought about you.. and how you fill me up.. how you use your mouth.. make me feel really good.. make me cum hard.. And how you put it all the way in.. how you give me butterflies and shivers and.. and you. Just thought about you.”
He tapped your thigh, but didn’t initially say anything to you. Your heart was shaking in your chest, anxiety filling your bones as you waited. His hand slid down to your hip, giving you the idea that maybe he wasn’t that upset with you.
“You still didn’t listen to me, baby cakes. You know I don’t like it when you don’t listen.”
“Harry, I’m sorry.” You huff at yourself, disappointed by your mistake.
He hummed. “And you don’t like it when I’m mad at you, hm?”
You shook your head, but used words just in case he wanted to hear you speak back. “I don’t.”
“Tell me how.. you could fix it, hm.”
A nervousness washed over you, yet you spoke loud enough for him to hear you. “Can.. can suck you off.”
“Get on your knees, then. Make it up to me.” The pat to your thigh was an indication to do as he said.
You leaned up, hoping to get a kiss from him before you took care of what was growing in his pants. When you pressed your lips to his chin, you highly expected him to shove you away, but he didn’t. He groped your hip as your lips moved to his. He held you there for a moment, tongues not involved in the kiss.
“Go. Be a good girl.” He said as he pulled away.
You nodded and immediately slid off his lap and dropped to your knees on the floor. He parted his legs further and moved closer to the edge of the chair so you could have easy access. You were close to the desk, one wrong move backwards and you’d smack your head. He turned his attention back to the computer as he started to type. You knew you had a little freedom to do as you pleased, as long as you got him off in the end.
You pulled at his sweatpants, and he aided you by lifting off the chair for a second. He didn’t look down at you, just relaxed once you had his underwear pulled down, too, just enough for you to pull his hardening cock out. You smiled, happy to finally see it. It was growing, almost fully erected. You gave it a nice tug, helping the blood flow quicker. Harry grunted when you did it again. You glance his way, but he wasn’t watching you.
Impatience got the better of you, so you let some spit pool into your mouth before leaning up, mouth over his tip. Your lips formed an o shape and the spit fell onto him, coating his red, swollen skin. He was hard now, thanks to the firm squeeze you gave his base. You absolutely adored every moment Harry spent pleasuring you and treating you so good - but you loved to please him even more. Loved to hold his cock while you suck on the tip, loved to run your fingers over his balls and kiss over the small bit of hair. You loved feeling him slide his length down your throat, your tongue hot and wet against him. You just locked his cock - whether it was in your cunt or your mouth.
You use one hand to pump him slowly and tight, and the other gently cups his balls. He groans above you as you tighten your grip at his tip. You sat back on your legs to stare at his manhood. You were fascinated by it, so in love with every inch of him.
For a few minutes you just used your hands to please him, but you soon got bored and wanted more. Without a warning, he didn’t want one anyways, you took him into your mouth and moved your hand so you could take him down your throat. He grunted as he felt the warmth of your mouth. You held back a gag, and didn’t breathe for a few moments. Your nose got tickled from his hair, but you ignored the feeling. Another gag was restricted.
“Baby doll.” Harry suddenly grabbed your head with his hands and forced you off his cock. Your head fell back, eyes watering and lips covered with slobber. He sighed at the glorious sight, but remembered why he stopped you. “Do not hurt yourself. Go slow, angel.”
You nodded, eyelashes batting at him. He let you go and tore his eyes from yours. You continued, taking hold of his balls as your tongue licked stripes up his length, swirling around his slit. It made you feel like you had more power now - you could easily get his attention with a hard suck or a deep swallow.
“So big.” You muttered as you came for the tip.
He chuckled softly, but didn’t give you any direct attention. Your mouth closed around him, half way down his length. You hollowed your cheeks and held your breath. Harry wasn’t the biggest fan of you holding air in your lungs or preventing any from coming in. Whenever he put his hand on your throat, he never squeezed hard enough for it to hurt you. He huffed and gave your cheek a gentle slap.
You came off him, gasping for air. When you moved your eyes to his, he had a frown on his face. You pouted, upset that you didn’t listen to him.
“Don’t want to listen?” His fingers grabbed your chin. It was wet from your spit. “Now you aren’t allowed to take me down your throat.”
“No, please!” You whined, hands grabbing his thighs. “I’ll be good, promise.”
He shook his head. “No you won’t. You can suck on me, but do not hold me in your mouth. Understand?”
You rolled your eyes, but nodded anyways. When his hand popped your jaw, you whimpered.
“Watch the attitude, babe.”
“Harry, I-“
“Nuh uh.” He pressed his finger over your lips. “Hush it.”
He kept the pressure there for a minute, waiting to see if you would retaliate but you didn’t. He moved his hands back to the keyboard and allowed you to continue. You gripped his base tight and swirled your tongue around the tip. He always liked that a lot, so you kept doing it for a few minutes. He groaned and dropped a hand down to the side of your face. You were pleased to know you had some of his attention now.
You sucked on the tip for a long moment before popping off. He sighed when you spit over the slit. You watched with a smirk as it dripped down his length. His hand slid into your hair and he held onto you, not tight - but hard enough to keep you in place.
A sneaky idea filled your mind as you heard him groan again. He was experiencing so much pleasure that you knew he wouldn’t want you to stop doing anything - so why not take the risk? You closed your lips around his tip and sucked on it for a few moments before twirling your tongue around him. He was releasing pleased sounds above you, giving you confidence to continue. Without any hesitation, you took him into your mouth and slid his length down your throat, or as best as you could without going to fast. He grunted at you, tugging at your roots, but you didn’t let up. You held your eyes shut as you kept him in your throat - cheeks hollowed around him.
“Fuck.” He blurted suddenly as he used both hands to pull you off his length.
You lifted your head and gave him a pathetic pout, hoping he wouldn’t be upset with you. Did he even notice? Or was he trying to edge himself? Sometimes he enjoyed that, but unfortunately now was not one of those times.
“You’re being a brat today, baby.” He said with a frown, disappointment spreading over his face.
“Don’t be angry, please. Just wanted to have you in my mouth.” You whined, hands grabbing his knees as you begged. “Please, don’t be mad.”
“Get up.” He said as he stood up from his chair, his hand grabbing your elbow to pull you up with him. “Turn around.”
“No, no spanks, please.” You whispered as he rotated your body and pushed you down, bending you over the desk. You braced yourself on the wood, trying not to knock anything off. “Harry, please.”
“You know better than to misbehave.” He sighed as he tugged your leggings down your legs, pulling your panties down, too. “I don’t like it when you continuously disobey me.”
“Harry.” You whined as the cool air in his office made your bare skin flush.
He was completely ignoring your pitiful attempts at apologizing and trying to avoid the punishment you knew was coming. “I let you get away with it earlier. I shouldn’t have done that, makes you think you can get away with every little thing.”
“No, no please. I didn’t mean to.”
“Didn’t mean to take me down your throat after i told you not to? Doesn’t work that way, baby.” He sat his hand on your cheek and kneaded your skin slowly. “You know I don’t like to punish you, and you know it makes me upset.. yet you chose to do bad things anyways.”
You shook your head a few times before looking over your shoulder. “Please, pretty please. I’ll be a good girl. M’your good kitten.”
“Don’t even try, peach.” He gave you a stern look before your head fell back down, eyes squeezing shut as you awaited the impact.
Harry pulled his hand back and slammed it down onto your flesh. You winced at the pain. It had been a while since you got this kind of punishment. Usually, you behaved. Harry did it again, this time a bit harder.
“Harry.” You whined, tears brimming in your eyes.
“Three more.” He told you, rubbing his hand over your skin to soothe you until the next smack.
“Just.. just five?” You were actually confused by that - his minimum is always ten.
He laughed softly. “Do you want more than that, princess?”
“No! No! Five is enough!” You quickly protested what he was insisting.
“That’s what i figured.”
He returned to your punishment, smacking you for the third time. You noticed that that one was slightly softer than the previous two. Maybe he felt sorry for you? Harry didn’t like punishing you by spanking - he actually rarely does. But you had done too much and he was fed up with your behavior. He knew that denying you of an orgasm wouldn’t be as effective as spanking, nor would not letting you touch him while he fucked you. Those things don’t affect you as much.. and he definitely knew that. Besides, those were punishments he gave when he really didn’t want to punish you. It hurt his feelings sometimes to give you consequences, but he knew you had to get them in order to learn.
“Last one.” He said, squeezing your cheek before bringing his hand back.
You whimpered as he smacked you, once again it was quite light compared to the others. You decided on not saying anything about that, just in case he wanted to make a point about how hard he could do it.
“Now, c’mere.” He grabbed your waist and turned you to face him. His right hand, the one that just did all the slapping, gently touched your jaw, lifting your head up. “I hate doing that. Please, don’t make me do it again any time soon.”
You pouted your lips out. “You didn’t have to.”
“Yes i did, missy.” He lifted his brows at you. “Lose your attitude.”
You huffed at him, eyes flicking away from his. He shook his head in disbelief at how you were acting today. You were quite hyper and sassy - it was unusual. He looked at you for a moment, then decided you needed to be punished in a different way, a way that would make it enjoyable for him.
“Go get the purple toy and the remote.” He let your face go and stepped away from your body.
Your eyes widened as you watched him pick up your pants from the ground. “Why!”
He chuckled at the fear in your voice. “Because i said so.”
“But, but.. I just got my punishment.” You whined, lip quivering at he thought of what he was going to do to you.
“You complained it wasn’t enough.”
“No, no, no! No i didn’t!”
He smirked as he sat back down in his chair, looking up at your half naked body. “Do what I said. And, you better come back in here naked.”
You knew you had to do what he said, so you didn’t hesitate to go to the bedroom. You stripped naked and grabbed the specific toy he wanted out of the nightstand. You didn’t necessarily like this one because you knew how he’d use it on you.
When you returned, he was sitting in his chair, arms crossed on his chest. You swallowed a lump in your throat as you realized he had moved one of the chairs from in front of his desk to the side - facing him so he could see you.
“Good girl.” He smirked as you handed him the toy. He reached into one of the drawers and grabbed a bottle of lube. “C’mere, sit on my desk for a moment.”
You did as he asked, sitting your feet on his knees and letting your legs fall open. He poured lube on the toy then put some onto his fingers.
“Someone’s wet.” He mumbled before rubbing your cunt, spreading the lube around your entrance. “Tell me if it hurts.”
You nodded as he began to insert the toy into your hole. You didn’t feel any discomfort, which was a good thing. Once it was in far enough, he motioned you to the chair.
“Am I.. am I allowed to make noise?” You asked through a whimper as you sat down, your legs up on the arms of the chair so he could watch.
“Yes, you are allowed to.” He answered with a smile. “Make as much noise as you want..”
“M’sorry. Please don’t make it bad.”
He chuckled as he rolled his chair back up to his desk, the remote in his hand. Without a word, he pressed a button and you instantly moaned from the vibrations.
“No, please.” You whined when you saw him press down on the button that increases the vibration. “Oh, Harry!”
He didn’t react to your cry, instead he picked up where he had left off on his computer. You kept sucking in short breaths as you watched him type on the keyboard, wishing his fingers were inside of you. You attempted to distract yourself from the heavy vibrations coming from the toy, but it was nearly impossible.
“Can.. can I.. can I cum?” Your staggering voice made his head turn towards you, a smirk plastered over his face.
“No!” You cried out as he suddenly pressed the power button on the remote - the toy shutting off inside of you. “Please.”
“Hush.” He lifted his brows at you. “Rub yourself until I tell you to stop.”
Without question, you spit on your fingertips and dropped your hand between your legs. You knew that if you obeyed him, he would most likely go easy on you. His eyes moved back to the monitor, making you pout your lips out. Not only was he refusing to watch you, but he was making you get yourself off. You’ve become so spoiled by him that it felt unnatural to touch yourself. You were convinced that his hands were much better than your own.
A moan fell past your lips as your clit began to throb under the pressure of your fingers, even though you were keeping it light. Harry glanced at you, realizing that your skin was flushing hard down there. He licked his lips and decided to press the power button again, bringing the toy back to life inside of you. You squealed at the feeling, knowing that the lowest setting was on was quite intimidating. You didn’t know what to expect, really.
“Tell me how it feels, baby.” He demanded in a normal tone, showing no special interest.
You sighed gently, but managed to get a few words out. “Feels.. feels good.. kinda.. close.”
“Close?” He lifted his brows as his eyes met yours again. He dropped them down to your pussy, licking his lips again. He was very concerned with the state of your cunt, but he knew that giving in to you wouldn’t be fair. “Stop rubbing.”
You gulped as you pulled your hand away, letting it rest on your stomach as you closed your eyes tight - the vibrating toy was making your insides go numb. Harry knew you could hardly take it at full speed, so he didn’t make the decision to increase it.
“Pl-please.. s’too much.” You whimpered out, drool was pooling in the corner of your mouth as you let your head fall back. “Harry, pretty please.”
“Hush, baby love.”
A string of heavy moans fell from your mouth as the toy burned inside of you. It was nothing compared to Harry’s length, but god it was something. It was almost like a fire - the vibrating was so harsh that it felt like nothing was happening, yet your nerves were on their breaking points. An orgasm was building in your gut, ready to explode the second Harry allows you to. But you weren’t sure when that would be.
“Please, please.” You begged again, eyes opening just to meet his. Clearly his intention of ignoring you was no longer in play. “D-daddy, please!”
He smirked as the name fell so easily from your lips. Your eyes rolled back in your head, toes curling as you gasped, jaw slack. Harry’s cock was raging, standing tall and proud between his legs. He didn’t even put it away when he stopped you from sucking him. He had all intentions of letting you back on it.
“Look so good f’me, baby girl. That pussy’s soaking wet.” He turned his chair slightly to watch you better, his eyes flicking from your cunt to your face - admiring how beautiful you looked as you went through the motions. “Perfect pussy.”
“M’dizzy.. Daddy.. please.” Your voice was soft as you tried to communicate with him - it didn’t take much, he knew you were in your sub space now.
He could tell by the way you were shaking your thighs and gently rolling your belly. Everything was becoming too much for you, barely able to hold on.. It was nearly torture, but it was so good. Harry wrapped his hand around his cock as he watched you grip the arm of the chair, one leg falling as the toy buzzed deep inside of you - rutting against your spot. He reached over and picked your leg back up, helping you prop it up and rest your foot on his knee for support. You whined, reaching for his hand but he didn’t give it to you. Instead, he grabbed the remote and increased the speed some, making your eyes widen and your head fall forward.
“Fuck!” You yelled, your pussy tingling as the toy moved within you. You wished it was Harry instead, but you were taking it so well, just like you knew he wanted. You didn’t care at this point if it was the toy, it was something filling you up. “No, no!” You shook your head as you saw him pumping his length.
Harry smirked as you tried to kick his hand away from his cock. “I’ll let you finish me off, baby love, don’t worry.” He assured you with a smirk, rubbing his thumb over his tip.
You couldn’t care any more, the feelings of the toy inside of you was becoming too much. Your head fell back again, your fingertips curling around your nipple. You wanted to beg Harry, wanted to plead with him to please let you have an orgasm, but no words were leaving your mouth. You were good at holding them, especially when you knew he was watching - but right not you were struggling. Thankfully, Harry knew your body so well. He easily saw how your clit started to throb quickly, your pussy clenching again and again around the toy - he knew exactly what that meant.
“Cum f’me, baby love. Show Daddy how good that toy feels, baby girl.” He encouraged you with a groan, his cock aching as he watched you come undone. “Such a good kitten.”
That did it. You whined suddenly and felt your entire body shake as your orgasm washed through you. Your stomach churned and clutched, your guts tightening as waves flooded your body. Your thighs were shaking uncontrollably, the toy still buzzing deep in your pussy as it clenched over and over. The only thing missing was the warmth of Harry’s cum in your gut, but you’d get that sooner or later.
“Fuck, look at how wet y’are f’me.” Harry leaned forward, forgetting his cock completely. He cut off the toy and watched as you slowly came down from your high. “Such a perfect pussy, yeah?”
You couldn’t react, you were still trying to regain your strength and awareness. Your body jerked in the chair, your hand falling to cover your sensitive parts - the breeze in the room was too much for your sensitive nub. Harry knocked your hand away, making you whine, but you quickly realized that the warmth from his fingertips slipping through your small folds was comforting.
“Fuck me, you always soak yourself, baby. Got my chair wet, yeah? Fuckin’ beautiful.”
“S-sorry.. Daddy.” You whispered back, eyes finally opening to look at him.
“Don’t apologize for that, my love.” He smirked, moving closer to give you a kiss. “S’fine, baby.”
You gulped softly, reaching up to touch his neck. He smirked, nodding softly to assure you that it was okay - you hadn’t noticed you were hesitating. Your fingers crawled onto his neck, curling around his nape as you held him close. He hummed softly then pressed his mouth against the corner of yours. You let out a shaky breath, accepting another soft kiss to your plump, swollen lips.
“Did.. did I.. do good, Daddy?” You asked in a careful whisper, not sure if you were still in trouble or not.
Harry groaned softly against your skin, furrowing his brows as he realized you were still so unsure. “You did amazing, my baby. Came exactly when Daddy said to, yeah, always so good at following the rules.” He grabbed your waist and comfortingly gave you a squeeze, hoping to ease your nerves. “Daddy’s good kitten, yeah?”
“Mmhm.. thank you.. s’so good.”
He chuckled lightly. “Yeah? Felt so nice, didn’t it? Daddy can tell, princess. Your pussy is drenched.”
Harry reached down with his other hand and softly rubbed his fingertips against the length of your labia, avoiding your most sensitive spot purposely.
You grunted gently as he accidentally bumped the end of the toy. “Pl-please.. take it out.. m’really.. sens-sensitive.”
“Of course, baby.” He pecked your cheek before leaning back to get a better look.
Harry carefully grabbed the toy and slowly pulled it from your hole. You winced as he got the biggest portion out, then easily popped the rest of the length out of you. He laid it on his desk and moved his attention right back to you.
“Now, feel better?”
You nodded a little. “Can.. can I have your cum, Daddy?”
He smirked, in disbelief at how sexy you were. You smiled, moving to sit up in the chair, your legs carefully falling. You were sore between your legs, the feeling of the buzzing still felt very evident, even though it was gone. You ignored that and grabbed his cock with both hands, wanting to finally get his cum in your throat.
“Of course, baby love. Make it quick, yeah? Daddy’s got work to do.”
“Yes sir.. I’ll be good this time.” You assured him with a gentle laugh.
He licked his lips and pushed your hair out of your face as you moved onto your knees on the floor, your lips opening wide for his tip. “M’sure you will be, kitten.”
Without any hesitating, you engulfed the first couple inches of him into your mouth. He groaned, combing through your soft hair as he watched you pull him back out. Your tongue swirled around his tip, then playfully flicked across his base. The grunt he pushed out made you moan softly against his swollen balls, causing his head to drop back.
“Watch me, please, Daddy.” Yoh mumbled sweetly before sucking his tip back into your mouth.
“Fuck, baby girl, s’good.” His fingers fell from your hair, he felt completely fucked out and he hadn’t even come yet. “Take my cum, kitten.”
You gathered spit on your tongue and easily spread it around his cock. A second after, you were taking him down your throat. Harry sighed when you stopped halfway and pulled him out. Your hand wrapped around his base and squeezed it a few times, eyes finding his.
“Can I.. take you all the way?” You wanted to be sure because that is what got you in trouble earlier.
He smirked, rubbing his thumb against your cheek. “You can, baby. Be careful, yeah?”
You nodded and eagerly sucked him back into your mouth. Harry nearly busted as he felt the warmth of your throat suffocating his cock. Your nails dug into his thigh, your other hand covering his balls as you kept him in your throat. Harry groaned heavily, a burning sensation was growing in his gut. A few seconds passed and you came off of him for air.
“Fuck, kitten, just suck Daddy, okay? Just a few sucks and I’ll cum.”
“Mm, wan’ your cum, please.”
Harry groaned as you started pumping the lower half of him and sucking on the tip. He loved watching you come undone from his touch or his tongue or even his cock, but god he still loved watching you make him lose control. He loved watching you swallow his length and run your tongue over his swollen cock. He was so close.
“Oh, fuck.” He groaned out as you rubbed the tip of your tongue over the slit of his head, slow and hard the way he liked. “Gonna cum, kitten.”
You whined softly as he pushed your hand back and took over - squeezing his balls with one hand and his cock with the other as he pumped faster than you could. You stuck your tongue out, eyes barely opened as you waited.
“Oh, fuck.. fuck, fuck.” Harry groaned, his stomach in knots as he stared at your mouth - those spit covered lips and your widened tongue, his target.
Your hand was between your legs, fingers rubbing against your clit as you stayed still. Harry knew you were touching yourself, and that alone made him fall over the edge.
“Fuck, baby. Take my cum, kitten.” His voice was as low as it could go, a growl following his words as cum spurted in thick stripes from his swollen tip.
You whimpered as it covered your tongue and splashed onto your lips and chin, even a bit got on your nose. Harry completely fucked himself out - watching his cum land on your pretty face was euphoric. Within seconds, his hot cum was all over you and he was slowing down his hand. His thumb rubbed his tip, smearing the left over cum over himself.
“Fuck, look at you, baby love.” Harry sighed out, relaxing his tensed body in the chair. “Daddy’s cum all over you.”
“Thank you.” You said sweetly as you swallowed what was in your mouth and licked your lips to get more. “Love your cum.”
He let out a deep chuckle and watched in awe as you wiped your finger across your nose and chin, gathering the cum to pop it into your mouth.
“Is there more?” You asked, your tongue swiping your lips.
Harry smirked and reached down to your face, using his thumb to wipe at your cheek. You grinned and grabbed his hand, guiding his finger into your mouth.
“Fuck, you’re precious, baby.”
You smiled and shrugged gently. “S’my favorite.”
“Oh, I know.” He got the rest that was on your face and allowed you to suck his thumb again. “Clean my cock, baby. Want you to have it all.”
You nodded, letting his hand go so you could move forward. Harry shuddered as your tongue slowly swiped over his tip, ridding him of every last drop.
a/n: 🥵 I wasnt playing when I said this was just gonna be pure smut concepts … anyways hope you enjoy this update and are wanting more dom/daddy kink concepts! have a request? Let me know! Want part 3??? 👀
… part 3 🧡
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my pretty boys
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tumbllr-girl-attempt · 5 months
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Evan Peters as Alex in “Adult World”
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shroombloomm · 5 months
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masterlist | support me! | give me feedback!
summary: harry and y/n have a quickie after the show
cw: just..the filthiest sex. described in gut wrenching, thigh clenching detail. cause i know y’all like that. mwah.
She couldn’t take her pants off fast enough. The minute Harry strutted his way through the door with his leather jacket prompted over his shoulder with a smirk etched across his lips and sweat glistening down the side of his face. If it wasn’t for the fact she couldn’t mess his costume up, she would’ve fucked him before the show too.
It had been years since she had last seen him in skinny jeans, even if that phase was over, this particular get up made her want to jump him even more than before. The slacks left mystery, but the jeans were tight enough to show everything she wanted to see.
Y/N was quick to pull him into a hard kiss, to which Harry chuckled low as his foot kicked the door closed from behind him while his body leaned into hers. Her fingers grazed underneath the black tanktop as she pulled his sweaty body to the yellow couch that was about to be loaded up. If the crew knew how much sex they had on this couch since tour started, they wouldn’t dare to touch it.
“Did amazing out there,” Her words were fast and messy with a hot breath following after to catch it, “Looked really good too, looked so—handsome,” She fawned as her fingers curled into the black wig that was attached to his head. Harry hummed against her lips, loving the feeling that she was giving him. She wanted him so bad and Harry was going to give it to her.
“And you?” Harry breathed out as his lips attached to the underside of her jaw while his fingers worked on her pants that were already unbuttoned, “That little devil suit you were wearing earlier with your ass hanging out—“ He growled lowly, lapping up her sweet skin with his tongue while she kicked her pants off. “Should’ve kept it on—should’ve let me fuck the little devil out of you,”
She only changed out of it because she was uncomfortable in it, but given the chance, she was gonna have to save that suit for later whenever they wanted to get a little spicy again. A breathy laugh escaped her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him on top of her on the yellow couch. Harry was already aching in his pants, and looking down to see her panties—she was absolutely fucking soaked.
His thick ring cladded fingers ran over her arousal through her underwear, swiping it off onto his fingers, “All for me?” He murmured as if she had made him the best dinner, and she twitched as Harry’s tongue flicked and lapped over the wetness on his fingers, “Mmm, best dessert I’ve had in quite a bit,”
She shuddered, “Fuck, Harry,” as his lips taunted around the skin of her thighs, creating clusters of goosebumps while her heart hammered in her chest. Setting a hand on top of his head, his lips attached to her soaked panties and parted them enough that his tongue slid out to start lapping around her clit through the fabric.
“Oh my—“ Y/N whined out, her back arching off the couch, but Harry’s large hands firmly gripped her hips and pushed them back onto the cushions as he shoved his head deeper between her legs while his tongue flicked viciously around her clit, only making her panties more and more soaked with his saliva and her arousal that pooled around her folds.
“Tastes so fucking good,” He grunted out, eyes rolling to the back of his head. Harry had been waiting all night to get off stage just to give her what she wanted; what he wanted. All throughout Watermelon Sugar he was salivating at the thought of her pussy riding his tongue. Getting lost in the moment, his fingers hooked underneath her panties and tore them off of her so hard that it burned her skin when the fabric tore.
“Oh—shit! Harry! My—“ She gasped out, nearly in pain, but she didn’t mind it; she loved the pain and pleasure that mixed when Harry took care of her. But he was quick to kiss where the burn was, then ease down back to her glistening folds.
“Look at you,” He awed as his two fingers lapped up and down her folds carefully, watching her flower open up like it was blooming and that’s when he saw how really wet she was, “My god, you drive me fucking crazy,” Harry said to himself in a whisper before sticking his tongue out to lick up her moisture.
It tasted as sweet as her heart was. She was never bitter, she couldn’t be even if she wanted too. The taste itself made his cock throb and ache, creating suffocation and less room in his pants. With each grunt of his hips, he would moan against her pussy. He needed release so bad, but he couldn’t stop flicking his tongue around her walls, tasting the sweetness she had to offer and the songs she sang beautifully while his lips were wrapped around her swollen nub.
“Nnngghh—“ She whined as her hips pushed further down onto his mouth, he was starting to tease her, and it made her sweat. Her stomach was twisting unbearably while her fingers made indents on the cushions of the couch. He was kitten licking her clit. Over. And over. And over. Slowly, teasingly, carefully; god she felt like she was gonna go over the edge when the tip of his tongue made small, excruciating slow circles around her sweet spot. “Harry! Please! It feels so—“ She nearly choked on her own saliva, gasping for breath, “So fucking good, so fuckin—ah!!”
Harry’s grumbles and grunts became louder as his hips used the cushion to release the ache from his leaky cock. He could feel himself drip with each grind, his cheeks flushed yet red at the same time. God, he wanted to suffocate himself inside of her. That’s when he decided he couldn’t wait. His poor cock needed the attention it deserved. He wanted to feel her soaked walls around his length, wanted to hear her screaming his name in his ear, needed more. More. More.
He ripped himself away from her, his wet lips parted and chin glistening with her arousal as he started darkly down at her. They locked eyes, no words being exchanged as he undid his belt and pulled it from the loops before throwing it to the side onto the floor. Within seconds his pants were down to his knees, he didn’t have the patience to kick them off all the way. His cock sprung out from his tight briefs, her eyes trained on the angry red tip that smeared precum to make it creamy and glisten.
“Hands and knees, now,” He demanded while he fisted his cock with his large hand, and she nodded with a smile on her lips. In one swift motion, she put her ass up in the air with her legs spread wide enough for him to fit between while her back arched beautifully and her face hid into the pillow cushion, “Beautiful arch, good girl,” He grumbled as his hands splayed down her spine carefully, nudging his way between her legs before setting his tip at her entrance.
Her flower opened for him immediately. There was no forced entry, she was open for him and he could barely contain how excited he was. She felt Harry’s tip slap her clit a few times, could feel the veins on his cock graze against her pussy and the trail of precum that left around her. Harry stared down at her full, lush ass as he ground his cock against her pussy over and over again, but that wasn’t enough. The tanktop was only in the way, but he was too impatient to take it off.
Instead he grabbed the the hem of his tanktop and placed the fabric between his teeth to bite down on. Y/N looked back at him, a snarl on his face as his teeth shown through. Her eyes gazed around his body, staring at the glistening abs that were prominent with his motions and his happy trail that started at his belly button and sprinkled down to his pelvic bone till she could no longer see.
“So fucking beautiful,” He mumbled through the tanktop as he aligned his tip at her entrance and carefully slid himself in. Harry couldn’t look at her in the face, even when her brows furrowed and her eyes became so doughy and desperate. All he could stare at was the folds of her pussy that wrapped around his enlarged, veiny angry cock, “Oh my fucking—so good, mmh, honey,” Harry whimpered as he leaned forward and started to thrust in and out of her, not very slow, no, he couldn’t. He had a mission and that was to orgasm quickly. Even if he wanted to make it last, he fucking couldn’t. Her pussy wouldn’t ever allow him.
“You’re so big,” She nearly cried as his tip brushed up against her sweet spot over and over again. Her stomach tightened quickly as Harry fucked up into her rapidly, she could feel his hot breath rush from his nose as he placed his forehead on the back of her head, “Just like that, keep fucking me just like that, please please please—“ She was desperate, so fucking desperate, his cock filled her up just right and it made her thighs shake with each thrust.
A loud grunt escaped Harry’s throat, her moans were only fueling the orgasm that boiled in the deepest pits of him. He let go of the tanktop between his lips while grabbing her hand and interlocking their fingers together then pinned their hands down onto the side of the couch. With his other head, he grabbed her face and pulled her head back to kiss her hard on the mouth.
They ate each others moans together as pleasure filled their bodies in ways they’ve never felt before. Maybe it was the adrenaline. Maybe it was the costumes. Who fucking knew, but the sex they were having was primal and messy and disgusting, and desperate.
Y/N pushed her ass back harder against Harry’s cock, making him seeth into her mouth. Hugs tongue hung out as it lapped around hers carefully while his thrusts started to get harder and faster with each grind. Her moans were like heaven, and he hoped to god that if he died, that was the sound he was met with. She may have dressed as a Devil tonight, but god she was an angel sent from heaven with the way he made him feel.
“Gonna—gonna fuckin’ cum,” Harry growled loudly as his fingers grabbed her cheeks tightly and tilted her head back further, “Open your fucking mouth.”
Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head, unable to keep them open from how hard she was getting fucked. Each thrust, his tip would hit her spot just right; just enough to make tears form in the corners of her eyes. Weakly, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out because she knew exactly what was going to get Harry off.
And he looked down at her with a delivish, dark look before spitting straight into her mouth, “Swallow, angel, take it all for me—“ He grunted out as he ground his cock all the way into her until he bottomed out in her. She moaned out loudly, slapping the side of the couch as her body lurched forward with pleasure, while swallowing down the spit.
Within seconds, Harry felt himself cumming hard inside of her. The feeling alone was enough to make herself cum, but Harry wasn’t going to let her off that easily. His fingers found themselves under her torso and started to rub her swollen clit quickly.
“Harry! Harr—N-no, yes, fuck!” Her voice was hoarse as her orgasm built and built in her stomach, but even with Harry’s orgasm finishing first, he still fucked his cock up into her until she was a withering, soaked mess underneath him, “It feels—oh! Ah! I—I cant!” She nearly sobbed as her orgasm peaked up on her, her stomach sucking in tightly as she held her breath the minute it punched her in the gut.
“Oh,” Harry whined out, flicking her clit over and over again, “Fuck yeah, get it all over my cock, oh fuck yeah—fuck yeah, fuck—“ He kept thrusting up into her until his cock finally softened, and her cum was dripping down her folds, transferring onto his cock and dripping down to his balls.
She was nearly pleading for mercy when Harry’s fingers worked her clit even after the fact, her body shaking as her face hid into the cushion and whines were escaping past her lips like it was going to save her life, but Harry was selfish and wanted to see her crumble.
Because she was Harry’s little slut.
His good girl.
His little devil.
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𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫 : harry styles x fem! reader
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 : harry and y/n are the it couple with fans sharing their love for both the singer and his angel. basically just fluff and cringe-worthy captions, lol!
𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲 @harianaswhore x
— requests are open !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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y/nl/n: spinnin’ out waiting for ya! 🪐
new lil video of my lover on & off stage coming soon!! can’t wait for you to see it!! 🌘🛰️
view all 6,928 comments
maudeapatow: my life revolves around you two
harrystyles: Love youuuu
⤿ y/nl/n: Love you more babyyy !!!
annehathaway: 💞💞
babygirly/n: I cannot WAIT for this video omg
gemmastyles: dancing until our feet hurt at that show was the best!! xx
yelyahwilliams: this is why.. i LEAVE the house lmao you make every show 100x better than they already are
⤿ y/nl/n: STOP I love you so much
annetwist: darling, you’re the best to my baby i always know you’ll keep him safe and happy! thank you thank you!
⤿ y/nl/n: don’t make me cry, Anne!! I am so happy to be apart of your life (and h’s life haha!) Your family now and forever!! Xx
loverofallthingsy/n: y/n please keep the scissors away from your man at all costs!! im begging you!!
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hsupdates: Harry seen taking photos with a woman, who is mostly likely his long term girlfriend, y/n l/n. After a long week full of shows, Harry took a break by the seaside. “Choke her with a sea view”
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babydaddyhrry: NO NOT THE YATCH 🫠
hazmatazz: AKSJDDFJ you did not just quote keep driving 😭😭
lewiscapaldi: Sorry, that’s just me and my boyfriend - Harry.
cutiepiey/n: a tear is rolling down my cheek rn
harrystylesdaily: he takes pictures of her and their adventures stop he’s so boyfriend 🥺🥺
y/nsogolden: slamming my head into a wall i can’t take it anymore
y/nl/n: fav couple.
Tumblr media
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lovely_y/n: OH. MY. GOD. i met y/n literally this afternoon!!!! i’m still shaking & by eyes are red from crying. she scanned the crowd, looked at me, smiled & walked over.. then she asked my name & give me the biggest hug!! istg she is the kindest person i’ve ever met. who she online is the same as in person; beautiful, sweet, kindhearted. & she smells amazing, lmao!! i totally get why h & her are together. they are one in the same, both so incredible!! ugh i love their love!! i’m posting this because it was a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience but also because maybe this will but the haters in their place. their love is real, y/n is the best ever, & harry is happy. i adore you y/n.
view all 9,923 comments
loverofallthingsy/n: If they don’t get married I will give up on love.
marrymey/n: I didn’t think I could fall more in love but I think I just did..
hsy/n/n: rockstar gf frrr
⤿ myloveharry: no no, she IS the rockstar!! they are the iconic rockstar couple !!
rarey/n: she looks so cute 🥹
harryarchive: they write fanfics about this kind of thing
lovenl/n: I’m so in love with her it’s unfair
hsupdates: if you have any one pics please send them, we’d love to share this heartwarming story!
gemmachan: I concur. She is an angel.
y/n/ndiaries: god, when will it be my turn 🧎‍♀️
y/nl/n: oh sweetheart!! you are the kindest soul, i love love loveee. you thank you for being so supportive - i am so grateful wow !!! <3
⤿ lovely_y/n: crying so hard into my pillow WHAT IS LIFE
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