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theopolis · 3 days
Tumblr media
The way this panel is drawn, I feel like Harry's looking at something other than the wheels in question
He definitely does want a ride though
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hybridalex-17 · 2 days
TSSM The devil within au and kinda fic stuff #2
The true nightmare
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This takes place right later the same day Pete was injected. Kinda like a warning that he completely ignored and just shook it off with "I think I've been having a lot more bad guys to fight, than usually" thought.
(I guess he will never learn on his mistakes. Kjkjkk)
Nightmare (2 weeks after the appearance of the new green goblin)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is ANOTHER warning that made him "bit" concerned buuuuut he again forgot about it cause villains, superhero life and yadda yadda (way to go Pete) XD
+ just few arts I drew for fun cause why not =P
Tumblr media Tumblr media
1) The new goblin taking control and 2) This au Pete being this au Pete. XDDD
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shokuto · 10 months
Tumblr media
Picture this. Peter knows that pumpkin bombs are either
Flying knives
Vaporizing grenades
And they're all identical.
He still swung that back around and decided whatever happened was between Harry and God
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spidernerdsblog · 5 months
A/N : another blurb inspired by a prank video. Hope you like this. Let me know what you think.
Summary : you prank your boyfriend by putting him in the positions he puts you in during sex.
Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings : mature content
Tumblr media
You were hanging out at Peter’s dorm room, sitting on the couch and scrolling through your social media accounts.
“Hey whatcha doing?” Peter asks, walking into the living room. You look up from your phone.
“Nothing, just watching this tiktok on some special yoga poses. Apparently only women can do these very easily.” It was a lie in the video the girlfriend was pranking her boyfriend by putting him in the positions he puts her in during sex.
“That’s rubbish, it just depends on your body’s flexibility.” Peter says.
“You think you’re flexible enough to do these?” a mischievous smirk plays on your lips as you raise an eyebrow baiting him.
“Babe look who you’re talking to. I’m spiderman, I'm flexible AF.” He states placing his hands on his hips with an air of confidence
Oh this is gonna be fun you thought, putting away your phone and standing up from the couch. “Ok let’s see how flexible you are.”
“Yeah, let's do it!” He says excitedly pumping his fist in the air. 
“For the first pose you need to lie down on your back.” You instruct as Peter goes to lie down on the floor. 
“Now bring your legs up” you tell him and he follows by lifting his legs up. “Yeah, just like that. Now spread them wide all the way”
“Like this?” He spreads his legs wide. 
“Yeah and then grab the back of your thighs and pull up.” Holding by the thighs Peter pulls his legs up to his chest and you bite your lip to hide a smile.
“Do you feel it?” You ask.
“Kinda.” He replies.
God he’s so innocent you thought laughing silently to yourself deciding to carry on with the next position.
“For the next pose, turn on your side and bend your knees.” Peter follows your directions and turns on his left side. “Now lift the top leg up.” 
He lifts his right leg up as you hum in approval. “Yeah, as high as you can.” 
“Ooh I can feel this!” He tells and you purse your lips to keep the giggle from slipping out of you.
“Good now stand up.”
“This one is a bit rough, it's called the bunny hop. So you gotta squat down to your feet.” You explain as he squats down.
“Yeah great, now jump up and down.” Peter starts to hop on his feet. “No, no your feet should be on the ground just move your hips” he does as told and you swear to god watching him do that sent you on the verge of losing all control and laughing out like a maniac.
You quickly schooled your features and said. “Ok so for the last one get on the couch on your knees. Grab on the backrest.”
Peter gets on the couch kneeling and holds onto the backrest as you lift his left leg.
“Now lift this leg up and stick your ass out.” Just then Harry decides to stroll into the living room.
“Looking great Parker.” He opens the refrigerator to grab a beer bottle. “You guys taking a trip to the wild side? Should have asked me would’ve been happy to help.” He says while opening the bottle. Understanding finally dawned upon Peter as he jumped out of the couch with a mortified expression and you burst out laughing.
“Oh my god Y/N! You’re such an evil.” He cried out as he thought of all the sex positions you made him do. 
“You don’t have a problem when you put me in those positions.” You tease both of your faces red yours from laughing too hard, his from embarrassment as he stomped back to his room.
“Always wanted to peg that ass.” Harry says, eyes focused at the open door of Peter’s room. 
“Shut up Harry!” Peter yells from his room. Chuckling Harry takes a sip of his beer and saunters off to stand beside you, handing you another bottle.
“Pussy.” He mumbles and turns to you with a sultry look. “The offer still stands, you know. Just like I said before you’re welcome to watch…” he eyes you up and down. “Or join.”
Your lips curl into a smirk as you regard him with narrowed eyes. There have been quite a few times where Harry had openly admitted he’s attracted to both of you suggesting you guys should try doing threesome. “I’ll give it a thought.” You say clinking your bottle to his and take a sip.
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ask-harryosborn · 5 months
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mod: unmute the video.
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oneoftonystarkskids · 18 days
just another day of calling big murder men "babygirl"
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ask-spiderpool · 4 months
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twitter | insta | ko-fi
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toytle · 21 days
Tumblr media
shoutout to my friend for sending me a lego reenactment of gwen stacy’s death the second i told them i finished tasm 2
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mhart · 5 months
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based on "oranges" by jean little
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random-jot · 8 months
Me when a character who was formerly bad grows and changes for the better and redeems themselves and becomes one of the good guys
Tumblr media
Me when a character who was formerly good gets corrupted and worn down and becomes one of the bad guys and every fight between them and the good guys is charged with so much angst and layers because of their shared history
Tumblr media
Redemption Arcs my beloved AND Corruption Arcs my beloved <3
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Spider-Man + Onion headlines because I was bored ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  
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sciderman · 2 months
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beams. beamsan. bbeans. coffee beans. 🫶
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bittersweetsouls-blog · 3 months
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yo am i right tho?
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forgetful-nerd · 3 months
Peter definitely uses his Spider powers to get out of socially awkward situations. And you can’t convince me other wise.
You also can’t convince me that this hasn’t happened at least once:
Tumblr media
And Peter just excuses himself to go jump out the building like:
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imposterogers · 3 months
I need someone to psychoanalyze harry osborn bc that man is a privileged & conventionally attractive trust fund baby who could have any girl... and he chooses the one he knows his best friend has been obsessed with for over a decade? and treats her like a trophy wife to show off to his dad and shower with gifts, all while saving the domestic and intimate parts of his life/personality for peter (who he shares an apartment with)? that begs the question -- does he court mj bc he likes her, or because peter likes her? and if its the later, for what cause? then in spiderman 2 he's been broken up with her for a while with no hard feelings, and asks peter on what is essentially a date to meet his idol otto octavius and to witness the fusion reactor being turned on. he also suggests to peter 'omg go hit on mj' despite knowing mj is in a very committed relationship. perhaps bc he wanted peter to get over his high school crush & move onto the person who was actually on the market (him). later, he slaps peter twice while crying in front of a room full of ppl bc 'you piss me off. your loyalty to spiderman and not your best friend.... you defend him bc he's your bread and butter' like a scorned lover who found out his partner was cheating. harry babe I diagnose u w 'idiot in love'
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stark-raven-mad · 1 year
Tumblr media
I don't usually pull stuff from Twitter, but this is the exception.
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