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sparebutton · 2 years
Now that it’s 2021 that means anything that came out in 2001 will be 20 years old so here’s a bunch of movies that will be 20 this year
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neurobivergent · 2 years
You ever read a fanfiction so, so fucking good that when you're done reading it, you're kinda disoriented? Like the place you were reading it in seems unfamiliar because the story sucked you into the fucking fifth dimension with how good it was? Unparalleled feeling.
Fanfic writers are an absolute gift to humanity.
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djappleblush · 2 years
Tumblr media
Writers don't get to rest.
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brawltogethernow · 2 years
It's fine to want nothing to do with Harry Potter now that JKR is being regularly and publicly terrible (I'm listing that way myself even though I don't want to because the association is just overpoweringly distasteful), but seeing the shift in how people discuss HP on this website to be like, "It seems obvious to me that this franchise was always poorly constructed, derivative drek littered with red flags anybody would notice with a cursory glance - there's absolutely nothing genuinely appealing about it." ...That's just very funny, sorry. Like yes that is unfortunately not how the relationship between a person's moral character and their skills works, but mostly I was alive and had a developed consciousness between 2000 and 2008, so I cannot take this seriously. It wasn't the biggest literature phenomenon of recent times because it had a uniquely strong marketing strategy, guys.
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sn4pe · 2 years
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whydidoth · 2 years
Me when I'm fixating on two fandoms at the same time:
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Since people seemed to enjoy my Twisted one, I present a comparative analysis of plays based on Harry Potter:
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sonch · 2 years
me: ugh i hate cliches
harry potter fanfiction: they were partners at the potions class and the assignment was to do amortentia and they realized they were each other's favorite smell
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gingerbreadpopsolo · 2 years
If you use fiction to escape clap your hands
If you use fiction to escape clap your hands
If you use fiction to escape from something that you hate
If you use fiction to escape clap your hands
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lonelykamui · 2 years
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myrskytuuli · 3 years
When will creators of famous and beloved franchises realise that no fan in the history of fandoms has wanted the sequel with the new generation to have higher stakes and more angsty drama than the original.
A Fan: Wow, can’t wait to see the heroes’ children living in a world that has been made better by the original heroes, having a loving and respectful relationship with the hero I loved and respected as a child, and dealing with their own adventure that might not be as high stake as saving the world, but is important for their own personal journey. 
A creator: How about the world is ending again, the new generation hates the heroes, who have become major assholes for no reason, and everything is bigger and goes more boom.  
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rainysoot · 2 years
smut prompt list-
prompts from @sultrypotter
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
“i love it when you moan my name”
“just a little harder”
“let me give you a reason to stay in bed”
“no panties?”
“i want you now”
“use your tongue”
“please don’t stop”
“i can’t sleep without you here”
“do you like that”
“you need a place to stay for the night”
“spend the night with me”
“you can get louder can’t you”
“look what you do to me”
“i want to taste you”
“open your mouth”
“if you want to come you better beg”
“that feels so good”
“don’t cum yet”
“strip. now”
“take off your clothes”
“bite me” ”if you insist”
“can you feel what your doing to me”
“this is a one time thing”
“tell me how you like it”
“get on your hands and knees, right now”
“i wanna fuck you right against the glass so everyone can see how good you take it”
“i just want to please you”
“each of my thoughts about you are improper”
“i love it when you kiss my neck”
“don’t be gentle”
“i’ve never want to fuck you more than i do now”
“you wanna have sex with me”
“you’re not going out dressed like that”
“i’m afraid i can no longer remain professional”
“make me”
“you’re mine”
“i love it when you talk dirty
“i’ll let you do anything if you just touch me now”
“i’ve never wanted anyone to fuck me this badly”
“don’t give me that look”
“like what you see”
“stay quiet”
“i told you to stay still"
“i promise I’ll be good”
“just shut up and fuck me”
“you feels so good”
“i want you inside me”
“be a good girl and spread your legs”
“don’t worry i’ll take of you”
“don’t tempt me”
“i’ve never done this before”
“don’t be afraid it’s just me”
“you’re more than just a one night stand”
“don’t forget who you belong to”
“would you just shut up and kiss me already”
“try to stay quiet understand?”
“we’re in public you know”
“don’t be so rough there can’t be any marks”
“are you sure? once i start i don’t think i’m able to stop”
“no i’m supposed to make you feel good”
“stop teasing me so much”
“bed. now”
“first one to make noises loses”
“i love the way you look with my fingers inside you”
“i guess I’ll just get off all by myself”
“these walls are pretty thick which means you and i can be as loud as we want”
“did you touch your self while i was gone”
“we can’t do that here”
“if you interrupt me one more time— so help me god”
“tell me what you want”
“y-you’re not.... w-wearing anything under that are you”
“there is no way anyone is that innocent”
“you taste like fucking candy”
“the only way you’re getting off is on my thigh”
“you make a sound it’s game over”
“i haven’t even touched you and you’re already wet"
“want help with that”
“you’re so fucking hot when you’re made”
“we’re not just friends you know that”
“what? does that feel good”
“if we get caught i’m blaming you”
“we have to be quiet”
“you have no idea how much i want you
“if we weren’t in public right now i’d have my head between your legs”
“i’m going to fuck your so hard you’re going to forget that guys name”
“i really want to kiss you right now”
“wanna fuck?”
“how do i look”
“if you don’t like my teasing why are you moaning”
“don’t fucking touch what is not yours”
“we’re.... just friends”
“friends don’t do this kind of shit”
“how quickly can you cum”
“think you can warm me up”
“touch me and you lose”
“there’s people here”
“i don’t care what you do just fuck me”
“guess i’ll have to cum inside you then”
“i don’t know what to do” “then let me teach you”
“we’ve been at it like rabbits and you’re still horny”
“use your mouth”
“show me”
“come and sit on my face and i’ll show you how much i missed you”
“i forgot my towel”
“you’re naked aren’t you”
“take it off slowly”
“your wish is my command”
“come to my room there’s this thing i wanna try”
“no one can ever find out about this”
“for your safety i’ll be gentle”
“are these handcuffs”
“i don’t feel like sleeping”
“what are you going to do about it”
“you won’t be getting any sleep tonight”
“why so shy?”
“don’t worry i’ll make you feel really good”
“you’re the one who aroused me so let’s have some fun”
“why don’t we move this to the bed”
“would you like to go somewhere a little private”
“these are so wet aren’t you going to remove them?”
“i was just about to wash up care to join”
“this feels dirty” “that's because it is”
“you feel amazing”
“don’t pretend to be so innocent”
“i want you to touch yourself”
“what has you so excited”
“i want you....here.... right now”
“bend over and spread your legs”
“i can’t hold back anymore”
“it’s been along day why don’t we help each other unwind”
“oh don’t mind me I’m just enjoying the view”
“your lips make me wonder what you taste like”
“i don’t like being told what to do unless i’m naked”
“you’re so sexy when you’re hot and bothered”
“i’ve been thinking about this night”
“don’t cover you’re face, i want to see you”
“you’re so beautiful all spread out like this... just for me”
“lay back”
“i bought a few pieces of lingerie. want me to model for you?”
“i can’t believe how wet you are already”
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
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sensitivesiren · 2 years
fan fiction is SO addicting to people with ADHD because our brains aren't innattentive, they're just constantly searching out sources of dopamine because we don't produce enough on our own. fan fiction supplies us with an endless archive of free stories - long and short - containing characters we already love and we can just devour story after story after story one after another and it feels SO GOOD.
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This is how their relationship was, is and will always be. You can’t change my mind.
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