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Pansy: You know, Draco gives Y/n flowers every day. I wish you'd do that too.
Theo: Okay.
*Later, the same day*
Theo: *gives Y/n flowers*
Y/n: ???
Pansy: ???
Theo: I don't know, I'm confused as well
Draco: Do that again and I will end you.
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domaslut · 3 days
Look at them, please… Yes, that’s Klaus Mikaelson’s quote (the Originals). That’s a little update because later today I’m going to host an event and I had nothing to post in the meanwhile! ❤️
Tumblr media
He was already hot as a teen. I can only imagine how hot he would be now, if only JC blessed us with his presence in Mc’s life again😡🤌🏻 *angry italian noises*
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ancientvanishingsouls · 6 months
draco x reader
words: 2.7k
warnings: fighting, slightly angsty, swearing, 
summary: you are harry’s younger sister, and got sorted into slytherin. (draco is a year older, based on canon timeline)
a/n: this is the longest one ive written so far! hope you like it :)
part 2
You anxiously walk up to the sorting hat, gingerly sitting down on the stool. Scanning the room for your brother, you finally notice him sitting on the Gryffindor table, sending him a small smile. You heard all side conversations pause, everyone waiting in anticipation to see where Harry Potter’s little sister would get sorted. 
As you feel the hat settle on your head, you remember what your brother had told you, and immediately started repeating the word Gryffindor over and over. 
“Not gonna work this time” you heard the hat whisper. Before you could comprehend what it meant, you heard a loud voice bellow “SLYTHERIN!”
You stilled. Your eyes navigated back to your brother, whose expression mirrored yours almost exactly. After a second of staring, he turned away, choosing to look at his food and not his sister. 
You walked towards the Slytherin table, feeling the eyes of everyone present in the room on you, and sat down next to the other 1st years. You slouched, trying to make yourself smaller as the next child walked up to the hat. 
You figured it would be okay, he was just surprised. I mean he was your brother wasn’t he? Well, things didn’t get better. 
While he continued to be the golden boy, loved by students and teachers alike, you were scorned at, even by members of your own house. Apparently, no one wanted to be friends with the younger sister of a rival, even after multiple attempts at trying to convince them you were different. 
Every time your brother saw you in the hallways, he’d immediately turn around, like the sight of you disgusted him. You spent most your time in your dorm or the library after that, having given up on trying to make friends. 
The first term passed just like that, with you once again spending Christmas without any gifts, except this time you didn’t have the comfort of your brother either. Over time, you got used to it. While it was tough to survive Hogwarts without friends, you started enjoying the silence, and focused on discovering new corridors and rooms. 
Near the end of the term, Harry killed a snake and got even more popular, saving all the people who were petrified. Resulting in people thanking him all the way back home, and on King’s Cross Station. 
As you sat at the back of your aunt and uncle’s car, you kept sneaking glances at him, sitting across from you, waiting to see if he would say something. But as days passed at the house, he wouldn’t say a word to you, even though you had tried very hard to make conversation. There was a part of you that help out hope, waiting to see if he would talk to you at home, but now you were well and truly crushed. 
Your second year passed like that too. There was an escaped prisoner after Harry, and part of you actually wanted the prisoner to get him, although you felt really bad the moment the thought popped in your head. There was a new DADA teacher, except you actually liked this one. He actually taught stuff in an understandable manner and was nice to you, until he got sacked for being a werewolf. Once again, courtesy of Harry. According to some girls in the hallways outside potions, he was in love with the escaped prisoner too. 
It was the second term of your third year when life started getting interesting. While Harry was out battling dragons and overgrown hedges, his nemesis seemed to be growing an interest in you. Draco was constantly around you, and while coincidences exist, him randomly taking a walk through the greenhouses while you were there definitely wasn’t one. 
He was everywhere, stalking you. You weren’t the only one who had noticed, boys and girls in the corridors whispered as you walked pass them, whispering to each other, trying to figure out why Draco Malfoy is suddenly interested in you.
One day when you two were alone after a Charms class, you finally confronted him.
“Okay, you know what? This isn’t going to work. Why on earth do you keep following me?” You ask, slightly surprised at yourself for the sudden tone of your voice. 
Draco smirked slightly. “What do you mean?”
You closed your eyes and took a deep breathe in. After letting it out, you opened your eyes. “Look, if you’re that desperate to stalk a Potter, go obsess over Harry instead. I assure you, he’s a lot more interesting.” You gathered your books and started walking out of the class.
“What if think you’re more interesting?”
“What?” You stopped a couple steps away from the doorway.
“I said, what if I think that-”
“No I heard what you said. I’m not interesting. So if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like for you to stop following me everywhere. It’s unnerving.”
It seemed like the talk had done the job. He had stopped following you around everywhere, and you saw less and less of him. But one day, around a week after the confrontation, as you left the Slytherin common room, you felt someone grab your arm and pull you to an empty corridor. 
“What the fu-”, you were shushed by a finger on your lips. You looked up, realising it was Draco and not Sirius Black. You were quite apprehensive, wondering if he would be coming after you too.
“What is wrong with you. Are you crazy? Bloody hell you’re an idiot I swear to god what made you think grabbing me like that would be okay?” You ranted out, heart still beating extremely fast. 
“Look”, Draco pauses and looks around before continuing, “I’m sorry. It’s just I really do think that you’re interesting, and I was wondering if we could be friends.”
You look at him skeptically. It’s weird that Draco Malfoy would suddenly come up to you and ask to be friends. But, goodness knew you needed friends, and if it made Harry mad? All the better! After all, what had he done to make you respect him. “Fine.”, you replied, still eyeing him suspiciously. 
Turning around, you walk away, heading to the Great Hall for some food. As you’re walking, you hear Draco jogging to catch up to you. He stops beside you and starts walking at the same pace as you.
“You do realise that being friends with someone means talking to them. And going places together?”
“Hmm.”, you replied. Still walking towards the great hall at a speed faster than anything that would be considered normal. 
That didn’t put him off though. He was still stuck to your side almost all day long. You relented too, realising that you had to put some effort into the friendship.
As months passed, you got used to his presence. You had gotten used to his snarky remarks in during class, and his expensive cologne didn’t smell as strong anymore. While you were still hesitant to get too close, you felt your walls slowly crumble as he became a larger presence in your life. 
“Finally! I’ve been looking for you for ages, what are you doing all holed up in here”, you heard a voice shout from a couple meters away.
“Studying. You should try it sometime”, you replied, still looking down at the parchments on which you were writing an essay for Transfiguration. 
“Hmm, anyways. You’re staying here for winter break right?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Nothing. Just wanted to make sure.”
A couple days before winter break started, your brother pulled you aside to an empty classroom. Considering he hadn’t even looked at you in years, it was a shock to say the least. 
Without even letting you speak, he immediately starts talking, his voice angry. 
“Y/n this is the last time I’m going to say it. I don’t want to talking to Malfoy at all. Break it up with him, I don’t care, as long as you stay away. You better do it or I’ll-”
You stare at him, and realise he only talked to you because of Draco.
“What? What are you going to do? Not talk to me for another 3 years? Walk away every time you see me?”. You cut him off, your voice lowering to a hiss. “Or maybe you’re going to try and do something to him? I’d very much like to see you try.” You raise your eyes up to his in a challenge.
He stared right back, mouth opening to retort, until he shut it, let out a big breathe of air, and walked away. He didn’t talk to you for another term. 
That summer was going the same as the last few, until one night a couple adults burst into your room. Startled, you sit up, and look at them while they look at you, unsure of whether or not you should scream. A girl with pink hair takes out her wand and starts emptying out your closet into the trunk lying under your bed. Sighing in relief when you see that they are wizards, you get up.
“What are you doing with my stuff?”, you ask, slowly grabbing your wand from your bedside table should they suddenly attack. 
“We’re here to pick up your brother, he got into some trouble and you have to come with us too.”
“Hurry up, we have to leave as soon as possible.”
Arriving at Grimmauld Place around an hour later, you weren’t even surprised when the building parted to reveal a house. The morphing witch and replica of your previous year’s defence against the dark arts teacher was more than enough to prove that you would never understand the wizarding world completely. 
The first thing you do when you enter the house is lock eyes with Sirius Black.
“Ah!”, jumping back you try to leave, only to see that the door has been closed behind you, “why the fuck is Sirius Black here, what is going on? If you’re trying to kill me I’m sure there are better wa-”
“You don’t know?”, you heard a voice cut you off. Looking up, you realise it was Mrs. Weasley speaking. 
“What are you doing here? What do you mean I don’t know?”
Looking away from you, Mrs. Weasley turns to Harry. “You didn’t tell her? Harry you’re telling me that for the last year she thought Sirius was responsible for your parent’s death?”
Behind her, you see Sirius flinch at the mention of your parents. You then hear Harry mumble a small excuse, claiming it slipped his mind. 
Over the next couple days you learn that Sirius is actually Harry’s godfather, and that the meeting in the kitchen was actually a discussion on how to manage Voldemort and his forces. 
You don’t bother trying to get more information, and no one else offers. Every time you enter a room, everything goes quiet, all conversations are stopped. Even the adults seem wary of you, not sure if they could trust a Slytherin.
You’d hoped that Sirius, who you learnt was in a similar situation to you, just with Gryffindor, would be nice to you. Unfortunately, it was the opposite. He was actually the most careful, you heard him convincing others to not to tell you anything.
One night when you go down for dinner, you enter the kitchen to realise that everyone had already started eating, not bothering to invite you or leave room for you. 
They all stare at you before Harry decides to talk. 
“Look Y/N, maybe it would be best if you just ate somewhere else. Your place it over there near the sink, you can go eat in the living room.”
Everyone stays silent, turning around and staring at their food, moving it around to avoid looking at you.
“Y/N please just leave, we need to talk about stuff and you can’t listen to it.”
“‘Cause I’m a Slytherin? I thought family was more important that your fucking house.”, you shout at him, an incredulous expression on your face.
“No one here likes you. Can’t you see that? God, life would have been much easier if you’d never been born.” he yells at you. 
Taking a step back, you look at him in disappointment before turning around and slamming the door behind you. As you climb up the stairs, you can hear Hermione’s voice scolding him before her chair scrapes and you hear the kitchen door open. 
You run up the stairs even faster, locking your door behind you. Grabbing a bunch of clothes and galleons, you stuff them into a bag lying on your bed before looking out your window and trying to find a way out. With tears streaming down your face, you decided that you were leaving, forever. It was what Harry and everyone else seemed to want, so you figured why not? Might as well go if no one wanted you. 
With one leg out the window, you grasp on to a pipe, slowly lowering yourself before shutting the window behind you. You can hear Hermione knocking on the door and pulling at the handle, but you pay no mind to that and focus on getting down safely. 
When you finally make it, you run down the street before lifting your arm to catch the knight bus, leaving that miserable place and all its people behind. 
Somehow, you ended up at Malfoy Manor. You weren’t sure how or why, but decided to knock on the doors all the same, figuring that anyplace away from Harry and people he called family was good enough for you. 
The door opens, but no one stands before you. Looking down, you realise it was a house elf, waiting for you to speak. 
“Hi, uh, I’m- I’m a friend of Draco’s?”
The house elf doesn’t reply, instead opening the door a bit further and moving aside to let you in. You wait by the door as he walks away, presumably to look for Draco. 
The first thing you notice about the manor is how dark it is. The bleakness was overpowering, with shades of black and grey covering almost every inch of the hallway. Your eyes wander over the various portraits hung on the wall while you wipe away any trace of tears from your cheeks, lowering your bag to the ground. Were all Slytherin houses like this? If anything this house was even darker than Grimmauld Place. 
You look down the hallway when you hear a voice say to you, “Hey? What are you doing here Y/N?”
“Hi, hi um. I- I don’t know why I’m here, I’m sorry, I just turned up here. I don’t know how, its- I just didn’t know where to go and I guess I just turned up here and-”, you ranted, breathing heavier with every word as you felt a couple tears slip out. 
“Hey hey, its okay, calm down Y/N.”, he cuts you off.
You hastily wipe away the tears, cheeks flushing in embarrassment as you continuously apologize. 
At the realisation that someone must have happened, he immediately wraps his arms around you, hesitating only for second. He pulls you in, your head wedged into his shoulder as he keeps one hand on your back while the other slowly strokes your hair. 
Getting over the initial shock of Draco hugging you, you lift your arms to hug him back. You feel his arms tighten when you reciprocate. The hug lasts a couple more seconds before he pulls away, running a hand through his hair. 
“Sorry. I uh didn’t know what to- sorry.”, he apologised. 
“It’s okay, it was-”, you paused for a second, “-nice.”
After a couple seconds of silence, he pipes up, “C’mon, let’s go inside. My parents are going to want to meet you.”
You stilled, only just realising that you were going to have to see his parents. His infamous parents. 
“It’s okay, my father can seem a bit scary but he’ll be nice to you. My mother will give you a room too, I promise they won’t make you leave.” With that, he loops his arm into yours, picking up your bag with his other hand, and walks you into the living room, where his parents were confused but sympathetic all the same when you told them you didn’t have anywhere to go. 
You spent the rest of your summer vacation at Malfoy Manor, enjoying, weirdly enough, the days that you spent exploring the vast mansion with Draco. 
part 2
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williethelemon · 3 months
Tumblr media
”Take me to him”
Imagine this, Harry is in trouble and his patronus finds the person he desperately needs in that moment and it is Draco.
I had this thought and had to draw an illustration based on it🌙
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tealeafgrimm · 4 months
Cold Nights
Harry Potter x Reader Words: 716 Summary: Together with the Golden Trio you are searching for Horcruxes and winter has come. Despite all the measures, you just can't get warm and the cold keeps you from sleeping. But the concept of body heat could help you.
Months had passed since the beginning of your search. So far you had only had minor successes. To make matters worse, winter had finally caught up with you. The temperatures had dropped surprisingly sharply overnight. But today it snowed for the first time. And not just a little. You didn't know when you had last seen so much snow.
Like every night, Hermione had conjured up her glass-fires to warm up the tent. This seemed to be enough for Ron, Hermione and Harry, but you were incredibly cold. You had pulled your blanket up to under the tip of your nose to try and expose as little of your body as possible to the cold air.
Tired, you looked at the other beds. Ron was snoring and obviously fast asleep. Hermione and Harry were also lying motionless in their beds. You yourself were also tired, but the cold made your body shiver. Your teeth were chattering and you were struggling to control your body's twitching.
You didn't know what else to do. You didn't want to wake the others. Rolling onto your side, you pulled your knees towards you, hoping to warm yourself with your own body. Again your teeth chattered.
"Is everything okay?" you heard Harry murmur tiredly. He was sleeping in the bed closest to you. In the dim light of the blue flames, you could see his face. He looked at you from squinted eyes.
"Y-yes, I'm fine. I'm just cold," you replied, shivering. You didn't want him to lose sleep over you.
"I can hear your teeth chattering all the way over here. Didn't you put a warming spell on your blanket?"
"Of course I did. I don't know why I'm so cold. I feel like my toes are freezing." You tried to laugh, but to be honest, you felt more like crying. You were dead tired and all you wanted to do was sleep.
The rustling of a duvet pulled you out of your thoughts. You could see Harry's silhouette coming towards you.
"Move over a bit." Harry was standing right in front of your bed, looking down at you.
"What?" you asked him, confused.
"I want you to slide over a bit."
"What for?"
"I can't sleep with your teeth chattering like that. You need to sleep, I'm just trying to help you."
You made room for him. Not a second later he had laid down next to you. His body heat was directly noticeable.
"Thank you Harry," you whispered and pressed yourself as close to him as you could.
He put a hand around your waist. You were glad it was dark, because a blush crept into your cheeks. You hadn't wanted to admit it to yourself before, but you had definitely had a crush on him for a long time. But at the same time he was your best friend and you didn't want to risk losing him as such.
What you didn't realise was the fact that you weren't the only person who was suddenly unfathomably flustered. Harry lay rigidly beside you. When he had decided to lie down in bed with you, he had not expected that being so close to you would paralyse him. He didn't know how to position himself. He didn't want to pressure you into anything and at the same time he never wanted to let you go again.
It took quite a while until you both finally fell asleep. But at some point exhaustion overcame both of you. The cold of winter had disappeared in the meantime and a pleasant warmth enveloped you, allowing you a peaceful and deep sleep.
The next morning Hermione and Ron were the first to wake up. Surprised and grinning at the same time, they both looked at the sleeping figures of their two friends.
"It's about time they finally got together," Ron finally said. It had been exhausting to watch the two of them dancing around each other.
"Do you think we should wake them up?" asked Hermione quietly. 
"Don't you dare," a raspy voice replied, making Ron and Hermione jump and wince.
Harry had opened one eye, looked at his two friends, wrapped his arm tighter around you and finally closed his eyes again.
The search for Horcruxes could wait another hour or two.
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thegreatclover · 7 months
does your brain obsess over a different fandom every week or are you normal.
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midnight feasts and evening strolls — c.d.
Tumblr media
Summary: Aside from thinking up clever retorts to practically everything, you had always been quite fond of midnight feasts. Aside from being reduced to a blushing mess at said clever retorts, Cedric had always been quite fond of you.
Pairing: Cedric Diggory x fem!ravenclaw!reader
Word Count: ~4.1K
A/N: i'm so down bad for this man. possibly one of my most simple yet the most fun to write fics ever. i loved writing for cedric so expect a lottt more of that in the future!!! enjoy!
Cedric knew it was too good to be true when his midnight patrols were going a little too well. 
It was eerily quiet in the castle, with Cedric producing the only sounds heard in the night. He hadn’t caught any students out of their dormitories tonight. A truly novel feat. 
It wasn’t unusual for him to reprimand one or two lost first years nightly. Although, how they managed to be lost for two hours past curfew, he had no idea. 
Partly surprised and partly pleased, he had made it all the way around the castle, on his way to the dungeons to finally call it a night. The soft rustling of his cloak against the stone floor soon came to a halt, however, when he heard a faint thud in the distance. 
He exhaled deeply out of his nose before turning back the way he came to find the culprit. It really did seem too good to be true – and he was absolutely right. He would be catching a student tonight, after all.
He retraced his steps until he wasn’t even sure if he had actually heard anything or simply imagined the sound due to his recent lack of sleep. It certainly wouldn’t surprise him if it were the latter. He had a lot on his mind lately and while these midnight strolls usually seemed to clear his mind, they weren’t proving particularly helpful tonight. 
Rubbing his sleepy eyes once, he decided that it really was too late tonight to chase a potentially imaginary student around the castle. He rounded a corner that he was pretty sure would lead him to the dungeons as you collided into his chest with a thud, dropping the contents of your hands.
“Shit!” you exclaimed as you bent down at once to recollect them all. The house elves were not going to be pleased to see you back at the kitchen doors for a second time tonight.  
Finally overcoming his shock at encountering a strange girl with handfuls of biscuits, crisps and the occasional pastries, Cedric found his voice again. “Hey! It’s two hours past curfew. You’re not supposed to be here.” 
“Pfft,” you excused his scolding without glancing up. “What are you going to do? Take five points from Ravenclaw? Go ahead. We’re too far ahead of every other house this year anyway.” 
Cedric furrowed his brows as he blinked, taken aback and at a severe loss for words. Realization flooded his brain at once at your snarky remark and he exhaled again. Of course he had to run into you tonight, of all people. 
You had earned quite a reputation in your year for your sharp tongue and even quicker wit. He couldn’t remember a single class in the past seven years of his Hogwarts career in which you hadn’t raised your hand politely to interrupt and correct whatever professor was giving the lecture. You had even done it to Snape a few times and Cedric had only been able to blink in stunned silence every time. 
Though Cedric would never admit it, it was getting increasingly difficult to conceal the little crush he had developed on the pretty Ravenclaw girl that always had a clever quip on the tip of her tongue. 
That very fact was evidenced by his odd behaviour tonight: he couldn’t help but remain standing awkwardly as he watched you gather your things on the cold stone floor, your hair illuminated by the moonlight pouring in through the castle windows and your robes impossibly ruffled after the collision. 
As you finally turned your gaze upwards, standing back up and brushing your robe off, you raised your eyebrows in surprise. “Diggory?” You questioned in confusion. 
“Er,” he began, trying his best to regain his composure. “Yes.” Cedric found himself thanking Merlin that you two were alone right now. His friends would never let him live this down if they were to see this. “What are you doing here, [Y/L/N]?” 
“Couldn’t sleep,” you replied simply as your eyes roamed Cedric’s face. You had never seen him up close before, though all the girls in your year had made it a personal mission to do so at least once in their academic life. He was already impossibly dashing from afar but this was a different thing altogether. It was like he glowed. 
“So you raided the kitchen?” he questioned as his lips tugged upwards slightly. He tried to ignore how his eyes seemed to catch on how you licked your lips as you thought of an answer or how your nose twitched at his attempt at humour.  
“I couldn’t sleep and I was really hungry,” you amended with a quick roll of your eyes, which only made Cedric smile wider. He soon reigned it back, though. He really hoped you couldn’t see how hard he was trying to feign nonchalance. “I was just about to head back actually.” You clarified.
As you started to take a few steps forward, with your pile of snacks balanced haphazardly in your arms, a packet of crisps tumbled to the floor yet again, followed by multiple packets of cookies. You cast Cedric a sheepish look. Cedric cast you a thoroughly amused one. 
With a fond smile still playing on his lips, he picked your snacks up from the floor, placing them back in your arms. It wasn’t long before they tumbled back to the floor. Cedric watched this with amusement, paying close attention at the huff you let out and the slight pout of your lips and the soft furrow in your brows and–
“Diggory?” You called expectantly.
He blinked a few times as you addressed him, his love-struck smile dropping altogether.  He wondered if he was supposed to know what to do at this moment. He opened his mouth to say something before closing it again. 
You exhaled heavily. “Can you please walk me back? I can’t carry all this back myself and my wand is buried in my robe pockets.” You gestured to the fallen snacks on the floor. “Please?” 
Cedric’s heart leaped at your request just as quickly as he bent down to pick your snacks up, giving you a small nod. “Yeah,” he finally let out. “Of course.”
He matched your pace as you two walked through the castle together, towards the Ravenclaw tower. It was, once again, eerily silent in the castle. Although, if someone were to ask Cedric, he’d complain of all the commotion his heart was making. He risked a few glances at you to make sure you couldn’t hear how loud it was beating. 
“So,” he began, eager to fill the awkward silence but even more eager to be able to turn to look at you properly without it being weird. “Do you raid the kitchen often?” 
“It isn’t raiding, per se,” you retort. “It’s requesting nicely and hoping the elves don’t say no.” 
Cedric let out a small, breathy laugh. “Alright. Do you do that often?” 
“Mainly when I can’t sleep,” you admit honestly, turning to look at him. “I’ve always found it easier to sleep after eating something.” 
Cedric hummed in response. Merlin knew he needed all the tips he could get to help him sleep. With the first task of the Triwizard Tournament fast-approaching, he hadn’t been able to sleep a wink most nights. “I’ll have to give that a try then,” he mumbled under his breath. 
A pause.
“Is it because of the Tournament?” 
Cedric turned his head, then, to look at you at once. It was like you had read his mind. But then again, he found himself thinking, he was the Hogwarts champion. He reckoned most students knew who he was and what he had signed up for. Still though, if you were to look closely, you would’ve seen the faintest shade of pink coat the tips of his ears. 
He hesitated before sighing. “Yeah,” he admitted. “I guess it is.”
“Still have no idea about the first task?” you asked sympathetically, holding his eyes the entire time. He found it particularly difficult to keep gazing into your eyes, though, so he cleared his throat as he looked down for a moment.
“No,” he replied. “I’ve got no clue.” 
You nudged his shoulder lightly and Cedric was sure his brain had short-circuited at the contact. “You’ll be fine, I’m sure. I believe in you,” you shot him a quick smile and Cedric immediately felt his cheeks redden. He tried his best to hold your gaze as he smiled back but eventually resorted to studying the ground with a bashful smile on his face.
Upon your arrival to the spiral staircase that led to your common room, Cedric placed your snacks back in your arms and turned to bid you goodnight before you stopped him. 
“You really should try it, you know,” you said before he could turn away to walk to the dungeons. “My sleeping method, I mean,” you handed him a packet of your favourite biscuits. “Here. They’re a personal favourite. Satisfaction guaranteed.” You winked as you turned to walk up the stairs.
With his cheeks aflame and his mouth gaping open, he knew he had to say something back. With all that he had in him at that moment, he tried his best to return to his normal, confident self instead of the flustered mess you always reduce him to. 
“I’m holding you to that, then,” he called as he watched you ascend the stairs with slow steps. “Fifteen points from Ravenclaw if it doesn’t work.” 
“That’s not going to hurt Ravenclaw’s chances at winning the house cup either, Diggory,” you laughed as you looked down at him. “And what if it does work?” 
“Then the elves will have to make room for yet another student showing up at their door to ‘request nicely, hoping they don’t say no’ to stealing snacks from them every night.”
“I’ll let the elves know to make the arrangements, then,” you called as you slipped through the door finally, leaving a star-struck Cedric standing below. He turned the biscuit packet over in his hands before shaking his head fondly. He opened the packet at once, desperate to try the biscuits you were so fond of.
That night, when Cedric returned to his dormitory, stuffed full of the biscuits you’d gifted him, he slept soundly for the first time in two weeks. 
It wasn’t a dreamless sleep, either. He dreamt of you all through the night.
It had been a week since he had learned what lay in store for him for the first task of the tournament. It had also been a week since he was last able to get a good night’s sleep – no matter how many chocolates he popped in his mouth.
Needless to say, over the past week, he also grew desperate to run into you again. Even more so than normal, which, admittedly, was already a hazardous amount.
He had tried paying the kitchen a visit every night since he first encountered you returning from it, but he never seemed to find you at the right time. There was a particular night on which he was so desperate that he actually resorted to asking an elf if you had visited that night. He’d worn a sheepish smile as the elf had only looked at him hesitantly before bidding him goodnight.
What Cedric had not been aware of, however, was that you had asked the same elf the exact same thing that same night. The elf was thoroughly confused, to say the least.
He was trying again tonight. He really needed to see you again tonight. You were the only person that could ease his nerves about the task tomorrow, while simultaneously making him flush with every little thing you said. It was like a drug.
He had arrived at the kitchen doors, raising his hand to knock before the door opened itself. He breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of you, once again laden with snacks that he was sure you already had a pile of under your bed. 
“Diggory!” You exclaimed as your eyes lit up and Cedric tried to dismiss how his heart seemed to have skipped a beat. “Are you here to take fifteen points away from Ravenclaw?”
He chuckled at your question. “No,” he shook his head with a nervous smile. “Quite the contrary, actually. I’m ‘requesting nicely and hoping you don’t say no’ to me stealing those biscuits from you again.” 
“Ah,” you nodded with amusement, handing him another packet of your favourites. “Satisfied customer, then?” 
“Very,” he agreed, taking them. “Thank you.” 
He took a deep breath to calm his nerves as he followed close behind you. Neither of you had to say anything to know that Cedric walking you back was part of the routine by now. 
“Are you ready for the task tomorrow?” you asked, slowing a little so he could walk beside you through the winding hallways of the castle. You turned to study his face – the kind eyes, the worry lines on his forehead from, no doubt, worrying about the task, the golden locks that fell perfectly on his head despite it being so late.
“I hope so,” he sighed as he turned to look at you and shoot you a quick smile. He found – with much delight – that your presence had grown more so comforting than it was nerve wracking – and that was never something he ever thought he would be able to say.
“You are,” you affirmed with a nod. He breathed a laugh at how certain you were of what you were saying only to hide how full his heart really felt at the affirmation. “Do you know what it is yet?” 
“Dragons,” he said simply. You waited for him to follow it up with a laugh to indicate he was joking before widening your eyes. “I know.” He half-smiled at your reaction. It had shocked him too. 
“Wow,” you said as thoughts raced in your head. “What are you planning on doing?” 
Cedric shifted uncomfortably at your question. He always prided himself on being brave, on being intelligent. Yet, somehow when it came to you, both of those thoughts dissolved into nothing. He had no idea if you would find his idea as ingenious as his friends did. 
“I’ve always been quite good at Transfiguration,” he began slowly. “I was thinking of using that to my advantage. Perhaps if I transfigured a rock into – I dunno – a dog, maybe, then I could distract the dragon.” 
He waited with bated breaths for you to say something. Your eyebrows were furrowed in thought as you analyzed his idea. “That’s brilliant, Cedric.” You said finally, with a thoughtful smile. It was certainly an inventive idea.
He couldn’t help but grin at your compliment, and his grin only grew as he realized you had used his first name. He loved how it sounded when it came from your mouth. “I trust I'll find you in the stands tomorrow, then?” 
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” you grinned. You both halted as you arrived once again at the foot of the spiral staircase. You held his eyes for a second before leaning up on your toes to leave a small peck on his cheek. “For good luck,” you added cheekily, turning at once to climb the stairs.
Cedric blinked a few times in shock before bringing his hand up to his cheek, feeling the residual warmth of the kiss you had planted just seconds ago. He felt himself blush intensely as he watched you slip through the door into your common room. Only after you had vanished completely out of sight did he allow himself to break into a shit-eating grin. 
He slept soundly that night once more, dreaming only of you, even when the threat of dragons loomed over his head. 
Cedric knew he would be able to sleep just fine tonight if he went up to his dormitory. The roars of the party that was currently being held in the Hufflepuff common room wouldn’t even bother him. He had successfully completed the first task today, and he felt like he was on top of the world with his ornate golden egg. 
Except, he could not stop thinking about you. He knew he needed to see you again. 
He found himself smiling absentmindedly as he thought of you en route to the kitchen once again. He brought a hand to knock on the kitchen door excitedly, eager to see you again, to see what you had to say. He hadn't gotten a chance to talk to you at all today, despite spotting you in the stands immediately.
When an elf answered the door, he tried to dismiss how much his heart dropped. He was expecting to see you.
“Good evening,” he smiled politely to the elf. “I was wondering if you’ve seen [Y/N] tonight?” 
“The Ravenclaw miss?” The elf frowned in confusion.
“Yes,” Cedric nodded with a fond smile playing on his lips. “Have you seen her tonight?” 
The elf shook his head. “Not tonight, Mr. Diggory.” 
He tried his best to mask his disappointment with a small smile. “I see. Thank you.” 
He debated waiting outside the kitchen doors for you to turn up before deciding against it. That was probably a little creepy, right? Plus, seeing as the kitchens are right down the hallway from the Hufflepuff common room, he’d be running into too many of his friends in the meantime, anyway.
He knew that it had been a complete chance occurrence that night for him to run into you. It had allowed him to actually talk to you – beyond the curt words he’d exchanged with you in class. It allowed him to look at you as if he had all the time in the world – rather than stealing glances at you from the corner of his eye. It had allowed him to actually get to know you. 
And, he found himself quickly realizing, chance events could only be relied on for gentle pushes in the right direction. In the end, he had to take his fate into his own hands. He had to grab his golden egg – he’d done it literally already. All he needed to do now was do it metaphorically. 
He turned around and knocked for a second time on the kitchen door. When an elf answered the door – looking a little exasperated – Cedric wore his best apologetic smile. 
“Can I get one of those biscuits, please? The ones the Ravenclaw miss likes?” 
He set off at once towards your common room, with your favourite biscuits tucked in his arms. 
He couldn’t wait for any more lucky run-ins with you anymore. He wanted to see you, and he was tired of waiting to run into you like he had on the previous two occasions.
“Padma!” He called as he spotted the fourth-year girl descending the spiral staircase. 
“Yes?” She asked confusedly, unsure of what Cedric Diggory could possibly want from her at this hour.
“Is [Y/N] inside?” He asked. He knew how dishevelled he probably looked right now. After all, he had run from the other side of the school in the same uniform he had worn for the task this morning, with a bright blue packet of biscuits in hand. It wasn’t an ordinary sight.
Padma thought for a second, as if thinking back to remember every face she had seen on the way out of the common room. “I think so,” she concluded finally, remembering that she had seen you sprawled on a couch with a book in your lap.
“Can you get her for me, please?” He asked. Padma could sense the slight pleading tone in his voice as she gave him a quick nod and turned back to fetch you from inside the common room. 
He looked around as she disappeared inside, trying to calm his beating heart for the second time that day. Somehow he’d successfully stolen the egg from right under the dragon’s nose – literally – today yet he found himself more nervous while waiting for you.
He knew the implications it carried, to ask for someone and wait outside their common room like this. You were bound to know now how he felt about you, how much he enjoyed being around you. He ran a hand through his hair quickly and tried to smooth out the honey-coloured top he was wearing before he heard you from the top of the stairs.
“Cedric!” you beamed as you spotted his familiar head of hair. You climbed down the stairs with a grin on your face and Cedric’s heart seemed to beat impossibly faster the longer he looked at you. He could never get enough of you saying his name like that. “I almost didn’t recognize you without that Swedish Short-Snout beside you.” 
Cedric sent you a wry smile as you came to a stop in front of him. “I almost didn’t recognize you without all the food in your arms,” he retorted with newfound confidence. 
“Is that why you have that?” you questioned with a raise of your eyebrows, gesturing towards the biscuits Cedric had long forgotten about.
“Oh,” he blinked. “Yes, um, they’re for you.” He held the packet out towards you with an attempted smile he really hoped was coming across as charming. It was hard to ignore the butterflies in your own stomach at the sight. 
“Thanks,” your fingers brushed his and you almost chuckled at how quickly his cheeks flushed with an all-too-familiar red tinge. “Want me to walk you back?”
He raised a single eyebrow at your question before you added with a light nudge to his shoulder, “Evening strolls are customary at this point, right?” 
He breathed a laugh at your remark – like he often found himself doing. He didn’t have it in him to protest. He wanted – no, needed – to spend every possible moment he could with you. The euphoria of this night was bound to wear off soon, he knew that. Tomorrow, he had to start worrying about the second task again. But walking with you, just as he had on that first night, always made his problems seem insignificant. And he needed that right now. 
“So, what’s the deal with the golden egg?” you asked, reading his mind once again. He shook his head slightly in disbelief as a small smile crept to his face.
“No clue,” he answered honestly. “They make the most horrid shrieking sound whenever I try to open it. I’ve got no idea what it means.” 
You hummed in response. “I could help you figure it out.”
Cedric sputtered, taken aback at your offer. Even his friends hadn’t offered to help him figure it out. “I would love that.” He told you gratefully, watching you closely for any signs of hesitation on your features. All he saw was genuinity. 
“Tomorrow in the library, then? After supper?” You asked with a small smile. It was so endearing to watch his ears and cheeks redden.
“Yeah,” he breathed out quickly. “Tomorrow sounds great.” He couldn’t believe how he was still able to talk in coherent sentences.
“It’s a date, then,” you uttered with a sly smirk, holding his gaze. 
He almost fell on his face, right then and there. Cedric thanked Merlin, then, for you two had finally reached the entrance to his common room, both of you coming to a halt. He wasn't sure if he would be able to walk after what you had just said. He blinked at you blankly before finding his voice. “Yes. Yes, it’s a date.” 
You turned to leave with amused eyes at the boy’s reaction. Could he get any cuter? 
Cedric had no idea what had possessed him. He hadn’t even had any firewhisky that night. But he found himself calling out to you anyway. 
“Wait!” he called, making you turn around at once. Your curious eyes met his nervous ones and he walked closer to you. He had no idea what he was doing, but somehow the after-effects of all the adrenaline pumping through his body earlier today could still be felt twelve hours later. “I never got to thank you properly for your well wishes last night.” 
“Oh?” you raised an eyebrow, your lips tugging upwards. 
You tried to hide the absolute shock you felt when he leaned down to peck your cheek quickly. “As a thank you,” he clarified quickly. He watched carefully for your reaction, unsure if he should’ve done that or not. 
It was safe to say you didn’t exactly mind.
Before he knew it, you were leaning up to press a chaste peck to his lips. He breathed in sharply as you pulled back to smirk at him. You had always been a competitive one. 
“To congratulate you once again on your feat today,” you clarified wryly, watching him for any reaction so as to make sure you hadn’t overstepped. 
It was safe to say you hadn’t. 
Cedric didn’t take a moment to think before acting this time. He didn’t take a moment to gather his courage or analyze the best course of action. He acted on instinct, and instinct alone. And every instinct in his body was telling him to lean down again and crash his lips onto yours – properly this time. 
So he did.
Cedric took his time kissing you with furrowed brows. The biscuits you so loved didn’t even come close to you. You tasted sweeter than any biscuit he’d ever had, any dessert that he’d ever tasted. He was sure that he could get addicted to the taste, to the feel. It wouldn’t really surprise him – he was already addicted to your presence.
You kissed him back with the same urgency, your hands wrapping around his neck to bring him even closer. 
Pulling away slowly, he teased against your lips, “To thank you again for your heartiest congratulations.” 
Your quip died on your tongue as cheers and whoops broke out in the background, forcing you two to break apart suddenly. You both turned to find Cedric’s friends watching this encounter with excited smiles and boyish eyes, standing in front of the entrance to the common room. Cedric’s mouth hung open a little as he wondered how he had missed them standing there. But then again, he had been a little preoccupied for the past minute or so. 
“Atta boy, Diggory!” Trevor whooped, teasing him as you tried to smother a bashful smile of your own. 
“Oh, sod off, Woods,” Cedric retorted with exasperation. “Go back inside, would you? I’m– I’m busy.”   
“Oh,” Fairfield spoke up. “We can see just how busy you are, champ, not to worry.” Roars of laughter and whistles broke out again. “Come on, lads, we’ll bug him about it when he comes inside.” 
“If he comes back inside at all tonight, that is!” More laughter.
Cedric cast a weak stinging hex at no one in particular as his friends all clambered back inside their common room. He turned to face you at once, possibly to apologize but you beat him to it.
“Here,” you told him with a knowing smirk, handing back the packet of biscuits. “I think you might be needing these more than I will tonight, champ.”
And, Merlin, you were right. He didn’t sleep a wink in his rowdy dormitory that night. Not that he minded though – thinking about all the real aspects of you that he had gotten to experience that night were even better than the dreams. 
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ygreczed-hp · 11 months
Tumblr media
Harry and Hedwig ❤️
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turvi · 3 months
Don't You Love Me?
Severus Snape x Fem! Reader
Summary: Y/n has work to complete and Severus is in the mood to cuddle.
Warning: Kissing, Clingy Severus, fluff
It had been a hectic week for both you and Severus. While your students were enjoying their summer break after their O.WL. exams you and Severus were stuck grading their papers.
It was delightful for you, listening to him mumbling and grunting about how his students are "a bunch of dunderheads". In other words, Severus was in a bad mood. You could tell. So you got up wordlessly and started making tea for both of you.
You really needed it, you were beginning to feel exhausted. While the water was boiling in the kettle you thought about taking a quick nap but when you glanced back at your desk to find a huge bundle of papers that are yet to be marked you sighed and put the thoughts of napping to a pause.
You finished making tea and put Severus' cup on his desk.
"Thank you love" his voice rasped. He extended his arm towards you his eyes still on the papers. Oh boy. Severus is officially in the mood to cuddle with you. Under normal circumstances, you would have cuddled with him, in fact, you were craving to be held by him but knowing yourself that the moment you would lay your head on his chest you will be asleep, and the pile of paper on your desk needed your attention more than him as deadlines were near and while Severus was almost finished with his pile yours wasn't.
As much as it broke your heart you pretended as if you didn't see his arm and went back to grading paper. Not even a minute passed you felt his warm presence behind you.
"Is something the matter love?" tiredness seeping through his voice.
You sighed "No Sev I am just trying to finish my work" you tried your best not to give in to Severus. You saw him pout from the corner of your eye and decided it is best to put down your work for now.
"Don't you love me anymore?" his voice so low if it was not so quiet in the evening you would have to ask him to repeat himself.
You turned around in your seat and wrapped your arms around him "Sev, I love you so much" you kissed his stomach to drive the point home "you are one of the best things that have happened to me dear, but I will fall asleep if I cuddle with you right now and I have so much work right now I can't afford a nap"
He kneeled in front of you and caressed your cheeks so gently your eyes started to droop immediately. He wrapped his arm around you engulfing you in his cloak.
He chuckled softly kissing your forehead "I know love, I was just teasing you I hope you know how much you mean to me" he said massaging your scalp gently.
"I know" your voice mumbled as you laid your head on his chest and went out like a light.
He gently picked you up bridal style into your shared bedroom. He laid on his back laying you up on him. "I love you so much" he said kissing your temple.
A/N: I love clingy Snape.
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alexnikki18 · 1 year
Summary: The night of Bill and Fleur’s wedding leads to Y/N realizing she has feelings for a certain red headed twin.
Warning: smut! 18+ only
Tumblr media
It was the night of Bill and Fleur’s wedding, and it had been a very eventful night indeed. During the reception they had received word that the Ministry of Magic had fallen, a fight breaking out when Death Eaters had arrived looking for Harry, who made it out with Ron and Hermione.
Afterwards Y/N had sat in the living room by the fire with the Weasley’s, Remus, and Tonks discussing the nights events, and what the days ahead would bring well after midnight. Remus and Tonks had bid everyone goodnight and left, followed by Bill and Fleur. Molly ushered her kids to bed, insisting Y/N stay the night instead of going home to her apartment by herself.
Though Y/N was grateful for this, she tossed and turned in Ron’s bed (Molly had insisted she sleep here instead of her usual cot in Ginny’s room when staying at the Burrow, saying it would be more comfortable and Ron wasn’t here) unable to fall asleep.
Instead of getting sleep, she was thinking of her years at Hogwarts and Christmas and Summer holidays at the Burrow. Her first year at Hogwarts, she became fast friends with the two Weasley twins when they had pulled a break on a nasty Slytherin girl who had called Y/N a mudblood, and the three had been inseparable ever since. She had come to stay with the boys a few weeks every Summer, swimming in the pond, playing quidditch, and helping the boys with their chores and summer reading that they never started until she got there. And almost as many Christmas holidays she would come to the Burrow, making them watch her favorite muggle Christmas movies, wrap presents, and bake cookies the muggle way. And even now after the three had left Hogwarts, Y/N lived in an apartment right across from Fred and George and helped them at their Joke Shop.
But the reason she was reminiscing on all of these memories was because she was trying to figure something out. Exactly when she had fallen in love with Fred.
The realization that she was in love with her best friend hit her like a brick wall, only a few hours ago. During the fight earlier, she couldn’t spot Fred anywhere and he was all she could think about. When things finally calmed down she had ran to the front of the house, screaming his name, and when she finally saw him emerging from the tall grass with George and Remus she had fling herself into his arms, relieved that he was alright. And that’s when she knew.
“Oh, fuck this.” She said to herself climbing out of bed and walking across the hall to Fred’s room. Before opening his door she took a deep breath and thought, here goes nothing.
She quietly opened the door, slipped inside, shutting the door behind her and leaning her back against it, whispering, “Freddie?”
The candle Fred had lit on his bedside table barely illuminated him, though she could see him, laying on his back bare chested with his arms folded behind his head. He was awake too.
“You can’t sleep either?”
She shook her head.
Fred pulled his covers back and pat the space beside him, “Come on.”
Y/N hurried the short distance across the room and crawled into the bed beside him, laying her head in his chest. He pulled his covers over her and wrapped his arms around her waste.
“Are you alright?” He asked rubbing his fingers in calming circles on her back. All she was wearing was the t-shirt he had given her earlier and her underwear.
She smiled at his comforting movements, “Better now.”
He pulled her closer to him. All Fred ever wanted was to be her comfort, her person, her home. Like she was for him.
Y/N breathed in the scent of him, feeling even more calm when she smelt cinnamon. She let out a little chuckle when she realized why she always burned cinnamon scented candles at home, because it reminded her of him.
“What’s so funny?”
“Nothing.” She shook her head snuggling her face closer into the crook of his neck.
He grabbed her hand that she had placed on his chest up to his lips, kissing her knuckles one by one and said, “I feel better now too. I’m glad you came in.”
She moved her head back to look into his eyes, and the look she saw their stirred her enough to make her brave again. She took her hand from his grasp and placed it on his cheek, “Fred, life is too short for me to keep this in anymore.”
Before he could answer she crashed her lips against his. She felt his sudden surprise at first, and stillness, before bringing his hands into her hair and kissing her back, slipping his tongue into her mouth both exploring each other, savoring the moment.
They broke apart to catch their breath, only for a few seconds before he brought his mouth to her neck, nibbling and kissing at the sensitive spots there, causing a moan to escape from her lips. She felt him smile against her skin in response, and he kissed from her neck along her jaw and to her lips again.
“Do you want me to stop?” He asked leaning up now to look at her seriously.
Y/N wrapped her arms around his neck, “No, please don’t stop kissing me.”
“Where do you want me to kiss you?” He smirked.
He pulled his shirt over her head, “God, you’re stunning.” He said before kissing down her neck and to the curve of her breasts, taking one of her nipples into his mouth, before continuing his trail of kisses down her stomach, reaching the band of her underwear.
He looked up into her lust filled eyes, smiling, “Do you want me to..?”
“Please, Freddie.” She whined.
He slowly pulled her underwear down her legs, kissing the inside of her thighs as he went, causing her to moan again. Fred brought his mouth back to her center, licking and sucking.
“So wet for me already, such a good girl.” He put his index finger inside her slowly working his way in and out of her while he continued to use his mouth on her.
“Fred, I’m so close.” She groaned.
He trailed kisses back up her stomach, her chest, her jaw, to her lips, still continuing to rub her clit with his fingers. Leaning over top of her he looked into her eyes and said, “Go ahead baby come for me.”
“Not yet, I want you inside of me.” She reached down to pull his boxers down, taking his length in her hands, pumping him up and down.
Fred moaned with pleasure, before grabbing her wrist with his hands stopping her. He looked at her lovingly and said, “Y/N, you’re sure you want to do this? I know sometimes events like earlier make people do things they will regret later.” At the look she gave him he hurriedly said, “I know I wont regret this, I’ve thought about this moment a million times, but I want to make sure this is what you want.”
Y/N gently pushed him off of her, to where he was sitting up straight in front her, and she climbed on top of him, thighs on either side of him. “I’m not going to regret this either.” She kissed his lips, and he grabbed her ass pulling her closer to him, her center rubbing the tip of his penis. She lowered herself on top of him, starting a rhythm rocking into him causing him to roll his head back moaning.
“God Y/N you feel so good. You take me so good, love” He said looking at her blissful face again, he kissed every inch of her he could reach. “You’re so beautiful. I love you so much.”
Y/N pushed him until he was laying on his back and she road him faster as they both reached their climax, groaning each other’s names. Y/N rolled off of him, and Fred held her, kissing her lips again as they came down from their high.
“I love you too, you know.” She said snuggling into him.
“I do now.”
She leaned up and started to put her shirt back on before Fred stopped her, “what are you doing?”
“I better get back to my room.”
“Oh no you’re not, I don’t want to be without you anymore now that I know you love me too. You’re sleeping here with me.” He winked.
Y/N laughed, “What will the others think?”
“They’ll probably be bloody glad. I’ve only been pining over you since 4th year. Plus mum already thinks we’re dating no matter how many times I’ve said we’re not.”
Y/N laid her head back down on his chest, “Well, now you can tell her she’s right.”
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Draco: One annoying thing about Y/n is that she offers information when no one asks for it.
Theo: another annoying thing about Y/n is that her information is almost always right.
Draco: … It’s really hard to stomach :(
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accio-barricade · 5 months
Interviewer: Would you say that you are independent?
Sirius: *looks at James*
James: *nods his head*
Sirius: Yes
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ancientvanishingsouls · 6 months
slytherin pt. 2
draco x reader
words: 5.8k
warnings: swearing, death, kissing (please comment if you see any other)
summary: you are harry’s younger sister, and got sorted into slytherin
a/n: thank you so much for 400 followers and 2k notes on part 1. im still new to writing so i tried my best, hopefully you like it! this is genuinly the longest thing i have ever written lmao (i havn’t double checked it, so if there are any mistakes please tell me)
part 1 
Your fourth year passed the same as the previous ones, your only comfort being that you actually had people to talk to now. With Draco Malfoy as your friend, the other Slytherins started to accept you, and instead of Harry ignoring you, it was the opposite way around this time.
Under Sirius’s instructions, he was trying to talk to you and understand where you had gone over the summer, but you avoided him completely, figuring he should have a taste of his own medicine.
Although Professor Umbridge was more often than not a pain in the ass, being in Slytherin meant that you got special privileges, later even joining the Inquisitorial Squad with Draco. 
Around halfway through the year, you were walking through the courtyard when an owl flew down to you, sitting on your hand. It had an envelope with it and u quickly took it from him, frowning. You never got mail. Who would you even get mail from?
You rushed back in to your dorm before tearing open the envelope. It was a letter. Your eyes drop to the bottom of the page and you blink, not believing who it was that sent you the letter. Lucius Malfoy? Draco’s dad?
You skim through the letter, putting it down in shock when you realise what exactly it was that he wanted. You sat on your bed, taking in a few deep breathes as you thought it through. 
Talking to Voldemort, or as the letter said ‘The Dark Lord’ would be different to say the least. He had tried to kill your brother, multiple times, he was supposed to be your enemy. Supposed to. 
Everyone else had thrown you away, no one cared, no one except Draco and his family. You were scared, you knew that if you declined, there was a possibility they throw you out too. You couldn’t deal with the thought of that, having to leave again, having no where to go. 
You quickly unrolled some parchment, writing a quick reply asking when and where you would be meeting Voldemort. You hurriedly sent it off when you heard Draco coming up the stairs, remembering the underlined note at the bottom of the letter saying that he mustn’t know. 
“You okay?” Draco walks in to your room, immediately flopping on your bed. 
“Yeah sorry, just finishing some homework.”
The year continues and you go back to Malfoy Manor with Draco during winter break. A few days into the vacation, you’re looking for a book in their massive library when Draco’s father comes up to you. 
“Ready to meet the Dark Lord?” Startled, you turn around and see him looking at you expectantly, waiting for an answer.
“Right now?”, you question.
“Yes. Follow me.” He turns around and walks away briskly, you blink a few times before following, walking fast to catch up to him. Mr. Malfoy had sent a letter back, saying that you would be meeting him during the winter break and that you were expected to come back with Draco, but you presumed it would be later in the month, not so soon. 
You end up at the basement, and Mr. Malfoy guides you through to a surprisingly lavish room. Right in the center stood the Dark Lord, Voldemort. You heard the door close behind you and realised that you were now alone with him. 
You stood by the door, watching as he walks towards you.
“Y/N. Harry Potter’s sister.” he says in a whispery drawl. 
You almost scoff. Even standing in front of Voldemort, Harry was all the mattered.
“You ran, left them. Why?”
You don’t say anything for a couple minutes, unsure of how you should reply. “They didn’t care about me, so I stopped caring about them.”
He doesn’t reply, instead stares at you for a couple seconds. Within the blink of an eye, a chair appears in front of you. 
“Sit.” He waits for you to follow his order. “I will be reading your mind. You will not attempt to block me out in any way or form.”
Without waiting for confirmation of any sort, he raises his hand above your head and you feel your eyes get heavy.
You are back in Grimmauld Place. The scene before you has a hazy quality, everything was brighter, shinier. In front of you is Harry and Sirius hugging, both looking extremely happy as everyone ignored you. 
It changes, now it’s a scene where you hide behind the kitchen door, trying to hear about their plans.
“Someone needs to be there constantly to protect it.”
“He’s definitely going to go after it.”
The door opens before you can hear anything else, and the faces of everyone staring at you from the table swirls into something else. The moment you left, the moment you decided it was enough. 
“Look Y/N, maybe it would be best if you just ate somewhere else. Your place it over there near the sink, you can go eat in the living room.” It was Harry. 
“Y/N please just leave, we need to talk about stuff and you can’t listen to it.”
“‘Cause I’m a Slytherin? I thought family was more important that your fucking house.”, you shout at him, an incredulous expression on your face.
“No one here likes you. Can’t you see that? God, life would have been much easier if you’d never been born.” he yells at you.
When you open your eyes again, you aren’t in the basement anymore. You are back in your room, Draco sitting next to you, waiting for you to wake up. 
He realises you’ve woken up and immediately smiles, helping you sit up against the headboard. 
“Are you okay? Father said you fainted in the library, he found you on the floor.”
“Uh- yeah, yeah. Sorry my head is just hurting a bit. I’m fine.”
“Here”, he turns away, picking up a glass of water and a tablet from his side table, “have this.”
The rest of your school year was uneventful in comparison to the summer break. When Dumbledore left, things got much better for Slytherins, and Hogwarts became much more enjoyable. Being in the Inquisitorial Squad meant that rules such as “6 feet apart” didn’t apply to you, and you found yourself spending almost every waking moment with Draco. 
You spent a lot of time studying, him preparing for OWLs and you finishing up homework. Sometimes you caught him staring at you, smirking and whispering a “nothing” when you asked him what was wrong. 
You weren’t sure if it was because the amount of time you were spending together or something else entirely, but you found yourself staring at Draco a lot too. The only difference being that you were careful and he never caught you. His hair looked much better and for some reason you felt kind of happy when you saw the other girls jealously looking at you walk with him. 
One night, you were sitting near the lake when you saw Draco’s father apparate in the distance. You got up and walked there, wondering how it was even possible. When you got close enough, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into the forest.
“Come with me. The Dark Lord requires it.”
“What? I can’t right now, someone’s going to look for me.”
“I’ll handle it, try not to puke.”
“Wha-” You were cut off by him apparating, taking you with him. You ended up at the ministry, walking behind Mr. Malfoy once again. It brought a sense of deja vu, but at that point you were just glad you didn’t puke, even though you really wanted to. 
He left you in a dark room, and told you to wait for him to come back. Confused, you ask, “Wait but you said that the Dark Lord wanted to see me.”
“No, I said he wanted you here.” With that, he apparates away, leaving you alone for a solid hour. You sit down, leaning against the wall and try to find something to occupy yourself with. Soon enough, that turns into you subconsciously smiling when you remember a joke Draco had made earlier in the day. 
All of a sudden, you see a bunch of Death Eaters fly in, when they land and turn back into humans, you realise they had people with them. Squinting your eyes to get a better look, you realise it was Harry and his friends, almost everyone he was close with was there.
You were hidden behind a rock, so they couldn’t see you, but you could see them clear as day, none of them had their wands and they were stuck, squirming in the grasp of the Death Eaters who held them. 
Harry was in the center, Mr. Malfoy in front of him, waiting for Harry to hand over an orb of some sort. However, before Harry gives it to him, flashes of white enter from the roof. You realise that it is the Order of the Pheonix, immediately starting a fight with the Death Eaters.
You quickly duck behind the rock, avoiding spells and curses being shot in every direction. You still didn’t understand why you had to be here, why did the Dark Lord want you here.
Nonetheless, you stay hidden, not like you could leave anyways, you hadn’t yet learnt how to apparate. You see Sirius dueling a Death Eater whose name you didn’t know come closer. You duck right on time, narrowly missing a Cruciatus curse that flew above your head. Unfortunately, you weren’t able to muffle a small surprised whimper and when Sirius knocked out the Death Eater, he walked around the rock and saw you.
Getting up immediately, you get your wand out, taking a step back, 
“Y/N”, he whispers, “Why are- how are you here. You have to leave, come with me.” He puts his want down, coming closer to you. 
“Don’t- don’t come closer”, you say, still holding your wand out in front of you.
“I’m- we’re sorry Y/N. Look I promise you won’t get in trouble, just come with me, it’ll be okay.”, he calmly says, taking small steps towards you. 
“Stop. You’re lying, you don’t- no one cares about me. They care-”, you point to Draco’s dad and all the other death eaters fighting, “- they accepted me when you didn’t.”
“Y/N, this isn’t what your parents would’ve wanted for you. They aren’t good people, they hurt others.”
“You hurt me. You and everyone else hurt me. They didn’t. You, you and Harry and everyone else, you are the bad guys.” You are shouting at this point, tears falling down your cheeks. 
Sirius looked around in desperation, trying to find someone who could help him convince you, but everyone else was busy, fighting.
When he looks back at you, he says a small sorry before hitting you with a spel you had never heard of. It was too fast for you to put up a shield and you felt yourself getting drowsy, falling to the floor. Just before you close your eyes, you see a bright green light hit Sirius, he crumples to the ground just as you go unconscious. 
When you wake up, you find yourself back in your room. The one in Grimmauld Place. Blinking a few times before getting up, you change into the clothes places on your blanket. You squint at all the light and realise that it was the middle of day, the blinds were wide open. You quickly closed them before leaving the room, carefully making your way down the stairs. 
You wanted to leave, but you were too tired, decided to take your chances with everyone else. You go downstairs and see that everyone is eating lunch. Harry is no where to be seen and everyone is more or less silent. 
Molly Weasley, Ron’s mom, notices you and tells you to sit down, setting a plate full of food in front of you, waiting until you were done eating to start talking. 
“I’m glad you are okay darling, we were all very worried.”
You nod, still confused, wondering why everyone was being nice to you. 
You were in the corner, putting away your plate when Harry walks in. Turning around, you see him look at you before looking away, ignoring your existence. You turn back, closing the cupboard before heading up to your room. Just as you are about to leave the door, he grabs your wrist, you stop, knowing very well what was coming. 
“This is all your fault.”
“Of course it is”, you reply back with sarcasm, rolling your eyes. “Nothing can ever be your fault can it? Always my fucking fault.”
“Sirius is de- he’s gone because of you. You- you killed him.”
“Yeah Harry. I’m the one that shot the killing curse at him. Sure!” You were tired of this, trying to pull your arm out of his grasp. 
“What did you tell them. You’re the one who told them everything didn’t you? A fucking traitor.”
“That’s no ones fault but your own. Maybe if you had enough decency to treat your own sister as a human this wouldn’t have happened.” Quickly, you snatch your arm out and leave before he can talk to you again. 
Rolling your eyes, you leave again, climbing up the stairs, feeling the deja vu. Something about that kitchen and you being in it must bring out the anger in Harry. 
Grabbing a few galleons you found on the table in the room next door, you leave out the window once more. Funny, you’d thought they would at least be smarter to give you a different room.
You take the Knight Bus to Diagon Alley, and once you get there, you get a room at the inn before renting an owl from the post office. You send a quick letter to Draco, explaining that you had been taken back to Grimmauld Place and were now in Diagon Alley. You hoped that the letter would reach Draco and not anyone else, giving it to the owl before heading back to the room to rest for the night.
The next morning you head down to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour to get some breakfast, treating yourself. You see someone reading the Daily Prophet and find out that Dumbledore was back and Umbridge had been removed, returning to her job in the Ministry. 
When you get back to the lobby, you are informed that someone came looking for you and is in your room. Taking out your wand you cautiously walk up, letting out a huge sigh of relief when you see that it is Draco.
“Oh thank god.” He immediately pulls you in for a tight hug, giving a small kiss to your hair as he keeps you in his arms, not letting you move. 
A couple minutes later he moves back, still holding on to your arms. “Are you okay? What happened?”
“I- Yeah. I- we- I was back at Grimmauld Place, I just left.”
“Did they hurt you? What happened? Father he- he said that you were with him and then you ran or like left and he couldn’t find you. He’s mad, he doesn’t want me to be near you.”
“I- He took me to the ministry. I was in this room and there were all these Death Eaters and they had Harry and all his friends and then Sirius and Remus and all of them came and started fighting.”
“What? Why were you with him there? Did he force you?”
“No, I uh, I talked to the dark lord during the summer brea-”
“- I told him everything. He like looked at my memories and found out about Harry and Sirius and everything”, you continued, ignoring his interruption. You kept your eyes on the floor, not wanting to see his disappointment. 
When he didn’t reply, you looked up, seeing that he was just staring at you. You couldn’t read his expression. “I’m sorry.”
“Why didn’t you tell me. I promised you that you would be safe at my house and you- you should’ve told me.” His voice was soft, but you could tell he wasn’t sure what to do, trying to hide his disappointment. 
“You couldn’t have done anything. The dark lord would have done it anyways.”
“Stop- stop calling him that. He’s not your Dark Lord, just, just call him anything else.”
“‘K, sorry.”
“It’s okay.”
The two of you sit on the bed, he made sure to hold your hand in an attempt to show you that he wasn’t mad, just didn’t know what to do next. You knew as well as him that you couldn’t go back to Malfoy Manor. Thankfully you had enough money to last a couple weeks before you would go back to school. 
“I- I care about you.” You can barely hear him, but it breaks the silence and for a second you’re confused. 
“I care about you too?”
“No, not in a friend way, in- like a- I don’t know, a more than friends way.” 
You are speechless. Did he really think that way? All this time? Did you think that way? Every single thought you’ve ever had about Draco goes through your head in a split second. All those times you’d looked at him, all the times you’d caught him looking at you. The way you smiled when he entered a room, the way he made your day brighter the moment he walked through your dorm door in the morning so that you could walk to breakfast together. He helped with homework, he let you talk and talk for hours without interrupting. 
You remember all the times he has smiled, and how him smiling just cant help but make you happy. All the times he was sad, and how that made you sad. All of it results in a single realisation to dawn upon you. You liked him. Maybe even more than that, but you wouldn’t let yourself think that far. 
“I’m sorry- shit. I- just forget I said anything it doesn’t matter.” He says hastily, getting up and smoothening his shirt. You didn’t realise you had been silent for more than a minute, blinking when you hear his voice, spanning out of your haze. “I’m just going to go then, you can send a le-”
“I care about you in a more than friends way too.”
He slowly broke out into a smile that covered his entire face. His eyes widened in disbelief and he almost laughed, so happy that his feelings were reciprocated. 
You smile too, feeling giddy on the inside and outside. Before you knew it, he had grabbed your cheeks and kissed you. 
You had never been kissed before, it was a surprise, but a welcome one. After the initial shock you kissed back, your arms wrapping behind his neck, pulling him in. What felt like hours later, you moved away, breathing hard, you were sure your lips were red but at that moment, nothing mattered, nothing except Draco. 
Neither of you could stop smiling, staring at each other, memorising every inch of your faces, before leaning back in for a small kiss and repeating the cycle. He left later that night, promising to return soon. You would spend your nights waiting for him, finishing homework and buying everything you needed for your next year at Hogwarts. It would be a lot harder, granted, but with Draco officially being your boyfriend, you couldn’t help but wait for the year the start. 
All of Draco’s so called “friends” were now spying on him, making sure that you and him weren’t seen together. They would report back to his father in a moment if you were caught. You were disappointed when Draco told you, the last night before you boarded the Hogwarts Express, but the two of you decided to stay together anyways, neither of you were new to sneaking around. 
It made dating so much harder, and you were cursing yourself for not realising this last year, but it is what it is, and the two of you tried your best. You would often meet in the middle of the night in an empty classroom or the room of requirement. Draco had been spending a lot more time there, he claimed that it helped calm him down so you were more than happy when he asked you to go down there for the first time. 
The room was extremely cluttered, with small items found in every corner. There was a small sofa where the two of you would sit and talk, away from any prying eyes. Occasionally, you would spend the night there, falling asleep together on the sofa only to hurriedly sneak back to your dorms in the early hours of the day. 
One day, you decided to see what the room of requirement would look like if Draco wasn’t with you. You went during a free lesson and waited as the door opened. When you walked in, you realised that it was the exact same as all the times you spent with Draco. You look around a bit and notice a huge cupboard where the sofa usually was. When you walk to the other side, you see Draco.
He’s holding out his wand, whispering a spell and aiming it at the cupboard. He stops halfway through when he sees you. 
“Y/N? What are you doing here?” He sounds shocked, talking fast to cover up whatever it was that you just saw. You open your mouth to reply but then notice something dark on his wrist. His sleeves had been rolled up and you quickly walk forward, grabbing his arm and flipping it, letting out a small gasp when you realise what it was. The dark mark. 
“I’m sorry. They made me. I’m- I have to find a way to get them in Hogwarts. I’m a death eater.” He talks fast, trying to get the words out, wanting you to hear everything before you left, or at least tried leaving. 
“You’re what? Are you serious? Draco tell me you’re joking.”
He looks down, staring at his shoes to avoid your glare. 
“You can’t actually be working for him. You could die!” You stare at him, worry and anger completely taking over your facial features. 
He looks up. “Like you didn’t? You worked for him too, you almost died too.”
“That- that was a mistake and you know that Draco. I didn’t have much of a choice.”
“And I do?”
You open your mouth to reply but pause, knowing that if he had said no to the Dark Lord, he probably would have been killed. Draco catches your hesitation and closes his eyes for a second, calming down.
“See. I don’t, I’m stuck in this whether I- we like it or not.”
You nod and Draco quickly gives you a hug, kissing your shoulder over your t-shirt, promising you that it would be fine, he would stay safe. 
You were worried out of your mind most of the time, watching him from a distance every time he would make an excuse to his friends, walking away and heading to the corridor that would take him to the room of requirement. 
One night, you are walking through the hallways at night, when you see Draco. He wasn’t heading to the room of requirement, but somewhere else. Curious, you followed him. He stops around a corner and starts talking. You poke your head around the corner and realise that it was Bellatrix. It has worked, he had done it. Stifling a gasp, you turned, back pressed against the wall as they kept moving, towards Dumbledore’s office. 
You wait outside, hidden in the darkness when all of a sudden the door opens and Draco comes out. Waiting for a few moments, you walk to him when no one else comes out. He was panting, holding his head in his arms as he walked around in circles. He looks up when he hears you, immediately tensing up in shock. 
“You cant be here”, he whispers in an urgent tone, “you have to leave before-”
The door behind him opens again, and out comes Bellatrix, Draco’s dad and two more death eaters whose names you didn’t know. 
Bellatrix smirked when she saw you, walking towards you and grabbing your wrist, her nails digging into your skin. 
“What made you think you could leave the great da-”
“Leave her alone.”
Looking behind her, you realise that it was Mr. Malfoy who has spoken. Bellatrix looks you up and down before releasing your wrist, leaving a couple drops of your blood behind from where her nails pierced through. She glares at Draco’s dad while leaving, forcing Draco and the other two death eaters to follow her. 
You are left once more with Lucius Malfoy and he walks closer, lifts his chin up and looks down at you. 
“The Dark Lord has decided to forgive you. Be thankful. Stay out of our way.” Within a second, he leaves, following his son out the room. 
An hour later you were standing outside, beside Draco as everyone mourned the death of Albus Dumbledore
6th year. You were constantly on edge. Part of you was glad that you had been “forgiven” by Voldemort, at least you weren’t being tortured like all of Harry’s old friends. On the other hand, you were guilty, knowing that the only reason you were safe is because everyone thought you sided with him. You didn’t, you were scared and wanted to be safe. That’s all. 
Snape became the headmaster and death eaters became the teachers. All you learnt was dark spells, with the occasional practical lesson where you would be forced to use what you learnt on the first and second year students. Every single time that happened, you found yourself back at your dorm, sobbing as Draco sat next to you, rubbing your back at an attempt to consolidate you. 
He hated seeing you sad, knowing that he was partially the reason this was happening. You felt worse, wondering if you had just sucked it up and stayed at Grimmauld Place, this never would have happened. 
Since you and Draco could openly date now, he was constantly kissing or touching you in some way or form. Whether it be holding hands or just his hand on your leg, he made sure you knew that he was there. And you were grateful. You weren’t sure how you would’ve made it through your 6th year without him. Often, you would help him study for his NEWTS, him returning the favour by helping you with your homework. 
Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors would often stare at the both of you, sending looks of annoyance and hate, but as much as you wanted to, you couldn’t do anything. 
“Just ignore them darling.”, Draco said one night when you told him about it. “They don’t understand. Even if we try to explain they won’t listen.”
You were discussing something you had heard from Pansy when a couple 5th years knocked on your dorm door. 
“The headmaster requires everyone’s presence.” 
Frowning, you and Draco get up, smoothening out your robes before heading out, joining the other Slytherins preparing to head downstairs. All four houses were stood there together, waiting for what Snape had to say. 
“If anyone knows about the whereabouts of Harry Potter, step forward. Now.”
Murmurs break out all over. Harry Potter? Here? You stay silent, Draco was confused as well, so it was obvious something was wrong. 
Just as Snape starts to threaten everyone once more, you see a student run out and stand in the middle. Upon close inspection, you realise that it was Harry. He was here?
Snape takes out his wand and points it as Harry, but before he has the opportunity to say a spell, almost every single Gryffindor comes and stands in front of him. 
Behind you, the doors open and you find yourself looking at the Order of the Pheonix, you also go and stand in front. Essentially, Harry had almost 50 people between himself and Snape. 
Professor Snape is still, figuring out what to do when you see Professor McGonagall move out and point her wand at Snape. 
They break out into a duel, spells flying as all the students, including you, duck and stay on the side. Ultimately, Snape gives in, leaving through the window as McGonagall smiles in pride. 
You grasp onto Draco’s hand as the entire hall breaks into talk, celebrating the fact that Snape was gone. All of a sudden, a girl from Hufflepuff screams, covering her ears. Soon everyone else can hear it too. Voldemort. 
“Give me Harry Potter.” Voldemort repeats that again and again, promising safety and mercy to everyone should it be done before the clock strikes midnight. 
You hear a fellow housemate in front of you complain after Voldemort is done. 
“Just give him to Voldemort. What does he even matter.”, she shrieks. 
All the other houses protest immediately, throwing insults your way as McGonagall tries to restore decorum. When she finally succeeds, she provides a solution. A solution to her anyway. 
“The Slytherins are to be sent to the dungeon.” Professor McGonagall announces. Her statement is followed by another round of applause from all the other houses. Your house is forced down, following Filch, back to your common room as everyone else prepares to fight. Partially, you were glad, you knew that if you were up there, you and Draco would have been forced to fight. You prefer the scorn of your school compared to the thought that Draco might get hurt. 
The blasts and shouting could be heard all the way in the dungeon. Most of you sat in the common room, waiting for someone to come get you, waiting for some news. You and Draco are sitting together on the couch, you resting your head on his shoulder as you watch the flames dance in front of you. 
A while later, everything went silent, everyone looked to the door expectantly. Filch came a few minutes later and the Slytherins were let out of the dungeon, and you grabbed Draco’s and and ran, getting back up to ground level.
You head to the Great Hall, seeing dozens of students injured, some even dead. Stifling a sob when you see a couple friends lying in the stretchers, you run away, not wanting to look at all the blood and gore anymore. Draco follows, letting you cry into his shoulder as he keeps kissing your forehead, feeling the exact same thing as you. Not 5 minutes later, you hear a bunch of people leaving the hall. 
Walking outside to see what was going on, you gape when you realise that it was Harry in Hagrid’s arms. He wasn’t moving, he looked dead. Next to him was Voldemort, laughing as he celebrated the death of the only person who could kill him. 
Spotting you and Draco, he beckons the two of you to his side. Draco moves almost immediately, not wanting to anger the dark lord.
“What are you-”
“Come with me.”
Feeling the gaze of everyone on your back, you follow Draco, quietly joining the ranks of death eaters. The dark lord stops Draco, giving him an awkward hug as you watch with bated breath, before releasing him and letting him walk and stand beside you. 
As Voldemort continues his monologue, Draco slips his hand between yours, and you grasp on to his hand tightly, conveying to him every single emotion you were feeling at that moment. 
“It’s okay. We’ll be fine.” He tries his best to be reassuring, but you can hear the tremble in his voice. 
He turns to you, about to add more, but all of a sudden theres a lot of commotion at the front. You stand on your toes, trying to see what was happening.
“Oh my god.” Harry was alive, blasting spells everywhere, trying to run from Voldemort who was sending just as many back at him. 
Everyone scatters, death eaters attempting to help Voldemort as all your classmates from Hogwarts do their best to stop them. You feel Draco nudging your shoulder through all the chaos. 
“Come, now’s our chance, we have to go.”
“We have to help them fight.” You respond stubbornly, wanting to stop anyone else from dying. 
“They don’t want our help. There’s nothing we can do, we have to leave, now.”
You look back, seeing everyone fighting, Hogwarts burning behind them. Then you look at Draco, his eyes are urging you to accept his outstretched hand. He looks back at his parents, who are waiting for the two of you to join them and leave. 
Closing your eyes for a second, you place your hand in his and then run with him, catching up to his parents before apparating away, back to Malfoy Manor where you would be safe and happy, with Draco. 
10 years later...
You follow Draco through King’s Cross, holding on to your son’s hand as Draco holds on to your daughter’s. He’s pushing her trunk in front of him, looking back occasionally to make sure you hadn’t gotten lost. 
There were hundreds of wizards and witches on the platform, half of them crying and waving as their children board the Hogwarts Express. Draco quickly places the trunk in a pile near the train and walks back to you. 
Your daughter is almost jumping in excitement, quickly saying bye to the two fo you before running into the train. You roll your eyes and smile, walking towards the train and talking to her through the window. 
“Remember to write okay? We’ll send you letters every week, and remember to go to all your classes and if you feel even a little bit sick go to-”
“Yes mum, Madam Pomfrey, you’ve told me already.”
“Ok good and remember-”
“I remember, don’t worry. I want to go find somewhere to sit now.”
“Ok then, bye, we’ll see you during winter break.”
“Bye mum! Bye dad!”, she shouts, looking behind you and waving at your husband. Without any hesitation, she runs away, looking for people to make friends with. 
You chuckle before heading back to Draco, who has your son in his arms. The two of you stay on the platform, watching as the train rolls out of the station. 
“We did good.”, you whisper.
“Yeah.” he replies, looking down at your son and then back at your daughter through the window. “We did.”
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oriengranger · 4 months
Restricted Section (Hermione Granger x Reader)
warnings: smut, mature topics
Tumblr media
throughout the years, you and Hermione had managed to get to know the castle and endless corridors from sneaking around so much.
and for the first few years of your friendship, when you would sneak around, it would only be to talk. talking for hours and hours on end just to get to know each other more. but by third year certain feelings began to transpire between you two, so your stake outs would be extremely heavy with tension.
it was by the end of fourth year when you and Hermione actually did anything about said feelings. you began to shyly hold her hand, and when she became tired she'd occasionally nuzzle her face in your neck. when she was cold you'd lend her your coat and wrap her in your warm embrace, planting loving kisses to her forehead and speaking encouraging whispers. but you didn't admit those feelings until you became jealous, and soon she did the same.
by fifth year the tension happened to come back, although this time it was very different, so much so that it was now sexual. sneaking off with the prefect then lead to steamy kisses, quiet moans, and hickeys. and while your makeout sessions became hotter, so did your knickers.
now at sixth year it was no longer teasing, you two now were not hesitating on taking things further with sex.
so thats how you ended up here, in the restricted section of the library, for late night reading. although doing said reading became a difficult task to pursue. Hermione became quiet long ago, and you're sure the sound of pages turning stopped too.
you looked slyly over your book, with Hermione's eyes dilated and already fixated on your lips. her book was lying open, long forgotten infront of her. you noticed she had been uncrossing and crossing her legs, a habit she only would do when she was hot and bothered.
"Its a bit warm in here lovely, dont you agree?" you asked, biting your lip no so innocently. Hermione met your teasing gaze and saw the amusement in your eyes. she glared at you in annoyance. "Shut up." she snapped. you rested your head in your hand and closed your book, propping your elbow to the table.
"Make me." you responded.
Hermione clenched her jaw, glaring around the room before shutting her book closed. she pushed your books effortlessly off your lap, straddling herself onto you. she grasped your neck and hungrily brought her lips to yours. you groaned as she was now grinding her hips against you.
Hermione's hand fell from
your neck and instead moved down to unbutton your uniform. she barely managed to get your second button undone before you pinned her wrists behind her back. you felt her breath hitch at the action, knowing what you were going to do to her.
you pulled her head back with your free hand, revealing her neck. instantly, you brought your lips to her exposed jaw, pressing open mouthed kisses down the column of her throat and back up, whispering dirty things in her ear occasionally.
you temporarily released your grip on her hair to unbutton her shirt. when you finished her shirt fell open on its own, you left it like that because damn was it a turn on. seeing her 'innocent girl' demeanor broken by her waiting eagerly to be fucked.
you chuckled lowly, running your fingers down her exposed chest, reaching her bra and unclipping it, making it fall off her chest. you leaned into chest, taking one of her nipples into your mouth. you alternated between them. Hermiome bucked her hips needily, whimpering when she didn't get the contact she needed. "Hey now, i cant please you properly if you're not being a good girl, can i? you asked, tightening the grip you had around her wrists. "No." she replied. "Exactly, so be a good girl for me love."
Hermione's pupils expanded even more as she nodded rapidly. pleased, you began sucking and biting on her neck. she whimpered softly. you slipped your hand up her skirt and grabbed her center tightly, you could feel the heat that gathered there, even through her lace panties. she moaned, pressing herself against your hand.
you pushed her lips open and slipped two of your fingers in, making her shudder and cry in response. as much as you loved to hear her voice, you feared someone may hear, so you undid your tie and stuffed it in her mouth, silencing her instantly.
her chest rapidly rose as her legs shook unsteadily, you had to hold her down so she wouldn't fall off of you. she clamped down on the makeshift gag as you sped up your pace, dragging her closer and closer to her edge.
she shuddered and screamed as she dug her nails harshly down your back. you were making her feel as if she was on cloud 9, and she was loving it.
she quickly came onto your fingers, letting it drip onto the floor. she was panted and flushed, staring directly into your dark eyes. you pulled your tie out of her mouth, she then crashed her lips yours, cupping your face.
you pulled away and leaned your forehead against hers.
"Ready for round two, princess?"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry and Draco at Hogsmeade✨
Totally unaware that they are on a date.
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elina-clevergull · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Winter day at Hogsmeade Midjourney AI + Elina Clevergull
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