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bellv2: Reunited 馃馃グ
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Harry and his friend Kiko Mizuhara taking a walk in Tokyo. (26 March 2023)
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HARRY & BELL Through the years: 2017 鈥 2018 鈥 2019 鈥 2023
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bellv2: Reunited 馃馃徎馃グ
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hiii i don't know if you've seen that video was just found of harry walking around with angel wings on but if you have can you write something about it? i feel like this is the closet we'll get to harry in a romcom 馃槶
Tumblr media
Harry鈥檚 angel wings flutter across his back as he walks. His head is bowed and his hands have disappeared into his pockets. His sneakers squeak across the wet pavement with each step, and he smiles lazily at the sound before glancing over to see if you noticed.
Today is young. Or perhaps yesterday is old. You aren鈥檛 sure what time it is. And if you never went to bed, is it really tomorrow?
The sky is gray and warns you of rain. It urges you home as you walk the empty streets of Shinjuku. It鈥檚 quieter than you expected it to be. Comfortable. Just you and the boy with angel wings.
His shoulder bumps into yours every few minutes. He鈥檚 still a bit tipsy but sometimes it's intentional. He needs to know you鈥檙e still there.
He looks up at the sky, head tilting back as he studies the clouds. 鈥淪鈥檖retty,鈥 he says, and you glance over.
鈥淭he storm.鈥
You smile. 鈥淒o you like storms?鈥
He takes a moment to contemplate this. It鈥檚 hard for him to think and walk at the same time.
鈥淚 do,鈥 he finally says. 鈥淚 think they鈥檙e beautiful.鈥
You hum as you look back down at your boots.
鈥淎nd scary,鈥 he adds. 鈥淏ut sometimes the scariest things are the most beautiful. And the most beautiful things鈥︹ He looks over at you. 鈥溾an be scary.鈥
Your lashes flutter. 鈥淎m I scary to you?鈥
鈥淪ometimes,鈥 he says without missing a beat, and your eyebrow raises. 鈥淏ut that just makes you more beautiful.鈥
You laugh.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e like my own personal rainstorm,鈥 he tells you softly. 鈥淒angerous, and wild, and hard to predict. A downpour of bad decisions I鈥檇 happily run out into.鈥
The street grows quiet, and so do you.
鈥淢ost people are afraid of rainstorms,鈥 you point out.
He nods. 鈥淚t鈥檚 easy to be afraid of something you don鈥檛 understand.鈥 Then, he smiles. 鈥淏ut I understand you.鈥
You laugh again and shake your head, the hot pink strands of your wig ghosting across your cheek. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e quite charming when you鈥檙e drunk.鈥
鈥淎nd when I鈥檓 sober?鈥
There鈥檚 a pause as you glance over to meet his eye. 鈥淎nd when you鈥檙e sober鈥ou鈥檙e afraid.鈥
You watch the truth slip between the cracks of his intoxication as his expression grows sad.
But this isn鈥檛 the time for such truths.
So, you step closer and playfully pinch the soft feathers of his wings between your fingers. 鈥淏ut that鈥檚 what these are for. To make you fearless.鈥
He breaks out into a wide grin, and it鈥檚 all teeth. 鈥淚 like us better this way,鈥 he says.
You offer a weak smile in return. 鈥淢e, too.鈥
With that, you both continue your walk back as Harry attempts a straight line beside you.
He won鈥檛 remember this conversation tomorrow.
And you won鈥檛 remind him.
He鈥檒l go back to being Just Harry and you鈥檒l go back to pretending you鈥檙e okay with that.
As the first few drops of rain begin to fall, you feel oddly content. Happy to be here mindlessly wandering the streets of Tokyo in the middle of a rainstorm at 6:45 a.m.
Just you and the boy with angel wings.
You push the spring on your umbrella until it pops open before quickly stepping up to Harry to shield him from the incoming rain.
He hums his gratitude, pressing his shoulder to yours to keep warm.
And you stay like this the whole way home.
Tumblr media
Sorry it's short and probably shit but it was such a cute video, I couldn't resist 馃槶馃槶
~ Other Harry Blurbs
~Full Masterlist
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Shopping Spree
Tumblr media
i keep seeing videos of parents taking their kids to target and letting them buy whatever they want as long as it fits in their little shopping cart, and i just had to do that for my favorite family!
Young dad!Harry x Young mom!Reader universe
鈥淥kay, Maeve, you know the rules, you can get whatever you want, as long as it fits in the shopping cart.鈥
Maeve nodded, her little four year old hands gripping her shopping cart like she didn鈥檛 need the instructions and just wanted to get started. Still, she smiled at where Y/n was holding her phone up to film. Her nose crinkled as she moved from foot to foot. 鈥淵es, Mama. I know.鈥
鈥淎lright then. Go crazy, my love.鈥
Giggling, Maeve set off down the main aisle. 鈥淢akeup section first!鈥
鈥淢akeup section? She鈥擲he鈥檚 four she doesn鈥檛 need鈥斺
Y/n turned her phone camera toward her husband for a moment. 鈥淎nything she wants, remember?鈥
Harry was the one who suggested this little shopping spree. Ever since the world began to open up again, Y/n and Harry started letting the kids out of the house more. They were adjusting to the normal world again after being locked up, wearing masks to school, washing their hands, making new friends, dealing with the separation from their parents after being with them 24/7 for so long. Everyone except Maeve, who Harry and Y/n were told was having a hard time at school socially. She didn鈥檛 want to participate in class and cried throughout the day, sometimes wouldn鈥檛 let Julian play with the other children, and not making any effort to make friends. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not uncommon. Lots of children are struggling to adjust, and she鈥檚 just used to a specific way of living,鈥 her preschool teacher said when she asked for a meeting with Y/n and Harry.聽
So to cheer Maeve up, Harry decided she needed a shopping spree. Y/n all but rolled her eyes at the suggestion, but he insisted that retail therapy worked wonders for him. She finally caved, but only until they agreed on finding other ways to help out as well. Harry just kissed his wife before putting his wallet in his bacl pocket. 鈥淲ell duh. Now come on. Today鈥檚 gonna be great.鈥
So now they were trailing behind their four year old as she pushed her little red shopping cart.聽
鈥淥oh. This looks pretty!鈥 Maeve said, grabbing an eyeshadow palette with all sorts of sparkly pink and purple shades and dropping it into the cart.
Maeve continued on, working through the makeup section, the clothes, where she found some very cute sunglasses and a denim jacket, then the toy section. The three of them spent a lot of time in the toy aisles. Barbie dolls, a Rapunzel costume, plush candy hearts, and鈥
鈥淪hopkins we have to get Shopkins,鈥 she said, reaching on her tip toes for a collection of toys in bright pink plastic wrapping.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e running out of space there, sweet pea,鈥 Harry said, eyeing the cart. It was his idea to let his daughter roam free throughout the store, but he didn鈥檛 expect her to fill the cart so much. Or be so good at fitting everything just right.
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine,鈥 Maeve said, then continued on to the next aisle.
Before long, Maeve was stuck with making decisions on what to keep in the cart and what to leave behind. Which Barbie to keep, where to fit that stuffed animal. For a moment, Maeve stood and stared at all the things she piled into her shopping cart, another box in her hands. Then, she turned to Harry.
鈥淵ou can just hold this one,鈥 she said, handing the box over to him.
Harry nearly took it from his daughter鈥檚 outstretched hand before Y/n stepped in. 鈥淗ang on there, Maeve. Those weren鈥檛 the rules,鈥 she said, trying to hide her laughter.
Maeve pouted at her for a moment, and unsurprisingly, so did Harry. But then she shrugged and switched out one box so she could fit the other one in and carried on.
鈥淭yrant,鈥 Harry muttered.
鈥淧ushover,鈥 Y/n muttered back, then kissed his cheek.
As they were heading back to the front of the store, Maeve stopped as she saw a pair of sparkly blue shoes hanging up on a rack that was well within her reach. She immediately grabbed a pair, and Y/n almost said she didn鈥檛 have any room for the shoes when Maeve simply hooked them onto something else in the cart. 鈥淭here! All done!鈥
Harry had to hide his face in Y/n鈥檚 shoulder so he wouldn鈥檛 laugh loudly and bring attention to them. Y/n covered her mouth with her hand as she giggled quietly and continued to film. She had to hand it to her daughter, she was as crafty as Y/n was and as willing to do anything to buy what she wanted as Harry. A perfect mix of the two.
Maeve strolled up to the cash register, slipping some last minute candy into her cart before she began placing her things on the conveyor belt. She had a smile on her face the whole time, especially when the cashier marveled at all of the things she鈥檇 crammed into the little shopping cart. Harry had to admit that he hadn鈥檛 seen his daughter this excited or social in a long time. Maeve showed the older woman behind the counter all the things she found, pulled out the bills from the pockets of her little jean shorts that Harry gave to her a few aisles back, and put the change in the brand new purse she bought once the woman handed it over to her.
Y/n and Harry helped Maeve get her bags into her shopping cart, and all three of them waved goodbye to the cashier as they left the store. Maeve skipped the whole way, ecstatic about all the things she bought all by herself. When they got to the car, Harry lifted her up and into his arms and kissed her cheek.
鈥淗ave fun today, peach?鈥
Maeve nodded. 鈥淚 got so much stuff!鈥
Harry helped her into her car seat while Y/n slid into the passenger seat. She turned back to look at Maeve, who was already asking Harry to open toys sealed in plastic. 鈥淵ou know, Maeve,鈥 she said. 鈥淭here鈥檚 some really cool stuff you could show to your classmates, don鈥檛 you think?鈥
鈥淚 guess,鈥 she said, not sounding particularly excited or daunted by the task. 鈥淚 think I鈥檒l just show Collette and JuJu.鈥
鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you want to show your friends at school, peach?鈥 Harry asked, smoothing her hair back.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 need friends. I have JuJu and Collette and Simone and Mommy and Daddy,鈥 she said, kicking her feet in her car seat.
Harry glanced back at Y/n, who just motioned for him to continue. She got the ball rolling, now it was up to him to take it home. He looked back at Maeve and gave her a small smile. 鈥淚 love that you love your brother and sisters, Maeve, but there鈥檚 some really nice boys and girls at your preschool that could be your friends too.鈥
鈥淓veryone already has friends at school.鈥 Maeve said, looking down at her hands.
鈥淲ell, who do you sit next to during circle time?鈥 Y/n asked.
鈥淥kay鈥o maybe you and Jules can sit next to another kid during circle time,鈥 Harry said, kissing her forehead. 鈥淵ou are the coolest four year old I know, and your family is so lucky because we get to see that all the time, but I think all those kids in your preschool class should be lucky too.鈥
Maeve was quiet, her brow furrowed as she thought about what Harry said. Both Harry and Y/n watched with bated breath, not sure where to go from here if she said no. Y/n had brought up seeing a specialist, but Harry wasn鈥檛 sure that was necessary yet, thinking she just needed to come out of her shell. And maybe they would have to have Maeve start seeing a behavior specialist, Harry would do anything to make his baby happy and healthy, but he didn鈥檛 think they were there yet.
鈥淚 think that would be okay,鈥 Maeve finally said. 鈥淏ut not Samuel. He picks his nose. Bleh.鈥
Harry chuckled and kissed her again. 鈥淣ot Samuel, then. Someone else. Maybe someone who likes Rapunzel like you do.鈥
鈥淥kay, Daddy.鈥
Y/n鈥檚 grin was wide as Harry slid into the driver鈥檚 seat. He buckled himself in, then lifted his hand up toward her. She high-fived him and held his hand as he pulled away from the parking lot and began the drive home. Squeezing his hand, she turned up the music on the radio with the other, then murmured to him so Maeve couldn鈥檛 hear, 鈥淎nother excellent parenting moment.锟斤拷锟
鈥淲e could write a book,鈥 Harry mused.
鈥淢m. How to raise six鈥攕ix鈥攃hildren,鈥 Y/n said, correcting him when he tried to imply they might raise more than six children in the future. That would not be happening. 鈥淗ow to raise six children during the pandemic when you were already living in secret.鈥
Harry pouted, but Y/n let him. Then, he said, 鈥淢ight have to work on the title. It鈥檚 a little clunky.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a little clunky.鈥
鈥淥h. Very mature.鈥
鈥淢ommy, can we make pizza tonight?鈥
Y/n looked back to where Maeve was holding one of her new stuffed animals. 鈥淥f course we can, peach. What are you going to do at school tomorrow?鈥
鈥淪it with JuJu and someone else during circle time.鈥
鈥淎nd snack time?鈥 Harry added.
鈥淒on鈥檛 push it,鈥 Maeve said.
鈥淎ll right, all right,鈥 Harry said. Then, quietly to his wife, he said, 鈥淚f only she was that sharp at school.鈥
Y/n giggled. 鈥淕ive it time. She鈥檚 our baby. She鈥檒l be just fine.鈥
鈥淐an we do that again tomorrow?鈥
At a red light, Harry and Y/n shared a look. They were both thinking the same thing, but only Harry said, 鈥淲e鈥檝e possibly created a monster.鈥
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The Scientist & the Stripper | Jealous
Tumblr media
Summary: Harry finally comes to visit you at work - and just as you suspected, he gets a little jealous (nerd scientist!harry x stripper!y/n)
A/n: As requested - another check in with our odd couple! I would recommend reading THIS first. 4.4k words
Warning: 18+ only, smut, spanking, jealousy
You鈥檇 given up on having Harry come to see you at work. You understood why he didn鈥檛 want to go. You knew he could be a bit jealous. The very first night you met him you saw it when he confronted Dale and then took you away from him at your party. So, if he reacted that way with Dale you could only imagine his reaction to a bunch of men ogling you while you danced half-naked for their money.
You鈥檇 been official with him for a few months now and seeing him for nearly 6. Harry was by far the best boyfriend you鈥檇 ever had. It surprised you too. When you first slept with him you didn鈥檛 think that it would really work in the long run. Not that you didn鈥檛 think he was great, but he was very inexperienced and most men weren鈥檛 able to deal with your job. Being a stripper meant the pool of men who would consider getting serious with you was limited. And a man who鈥檇 never even had sex before? You didn鈥檛 think Harry was in that pool. But he was.
He kept coming around and you kept daydreaming about him. Because even though he was a virgin when you first slept with him, he was really really good and he was very sweet. Not the overbearing annoying kind of sweet that you hated. The right in the middle, thoughtful and practical kind of sweet.
And he was a great listener too. Harry loved being taught new things and you didn鈥檛 mind teaching him. Because he was a fast learner and he remembered all of your little pointers to the T. He even did his own research apart from you. Harry鈥檚 curious, scientist鈥檚 mind was always digging into information and learning as much as he could about any subject he found interesting. And he found sex interesting. Obviously. So he learned things you hadn鈥檛 even considered teaching him. And he used his new knowledge on you with excitement.
But apart from the sex, Harry was just an overall great guy. He wasn鈥檛 a big talker but if he knew about anything being discussed he would give his input and it always amazed you at how smart he was. When you鈥檇 have him around your friends he wasn鈥檛 shy per se, more so just reserved. He liked to hear what others said and take note. Your friends got used to him. They wound up really liking him. He wasn鈥檛 annoying and he didn鈥檛 act like a know-it-all. He fit in pretty well.
And Harry had a handful of friends too. He knew them all from the University. They were nice and smart and you liked them all. But Harry was special. You appreciated him so much. You loved that he had his own thing going on and that he wasn鈥檛 obsessed with what you were doing when you were working (he knew what you were doing but he didn鈥檛 dwell on it).
The last guy you dated was always waiting for you after your shift and making sure you weren鈥檛 doing anything he didn鈥檛 like. He didn鈥檛 trust you. And you always thought you鈥檇 have to prove to whomever you dated that you could be trusted. But you never had to do that with Harry. He trusted you. Completely. But he was quite jealous. Territorial. Which was why he always declined in coming to see you at the club. Because he knew you were his and he trusted you, but he didn鈥檛 like it when others looked at you or made comments about you. He might have been reserved but he didn鈥檛 have any issues being upfront and confrontational when needed.
And you knew this because it happened occasionally. Even when it might not have been a big deal, Harry didn鈥檛 like anyone looking at you or trying anything funny. Like when you and Harry went to the North Avenue beach on a warm sunny Saturday. You were in your bikini and laying on a towel while Harry was reading next to you in his swim shorts and a t-shirt.
A guy a few feet away kept looking at you but you didn鈥檛 notice because you were napping and had your eyes closed. But then you heard Harry鈥檚 voice.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 enough, mate.鈥
You lifted your head to look up at Harry and saw him looking over you at someone else. You turned and cupped your eyes from the sun to look at the other person and it was a man not far away. He looked from Harry to you and shrugged and then back toward to lake without responding.
And to be honest. You quite liked how Harry was a bit territorial. He was also a little bit intimidating with his height and build so most of the time he was met with little resistance or pushback from anyone he told off.
So when you spotted him on Friday night at Star Room you were surprised. You didn鈥檛 know he was planning to visit. You weren鈥檛 on stage when you spotted him, luckily, or it might have fucked up your whole routine.
鈥淪adie, I鈥檒l be right back! My boyfriend鈥檚 out there!鈥 You said as you ran out of the dressing room.
Harry spotted you coming from the doorway that led to the fitting rooms behind the stage and he sat up straight smiling at you.
鈥淏aby! What are you doing here?鈥
鈥淭hought I鈥檇 just come to check it out. Got my work done and I missed you.鈥
You usually slept over at his or him at yours but for the past couple of nights, it just didn鈥檛 work out. You took a shift on Thursday night and on Wednesday Harry was gone all day at the lab and didn鈥檛 come back til late. Your schedules clashed a bit for the last few days so it was nice to see his handsome face.
You sat next to him and kissed his cheek, 鈥淚 can鈥檛 stay here long because I鈥檓 going up soon but thank you for coming! Will you stay til I鈥檓 off?鈥
Harry nodded and kissed you in return, 鈥淪ure.鈥
Your routine was sexy. You killed it as usual. And with Harry in the crowd, you really put on a show for him. It was also Friday night and there was a bachelor party in attendance. They were all in the front row and being quite obnoxious but you kept your eyes on Harry.
When your little dress came off and your tits were on show for everyone you watched him tense up as he looked at the men in front of you who were shouting and leaning on the stage throwing cash at your feet.
You still had a job to do so you danced for the ones who gave you the most and squatted in front of them. You pressed your heel into the short guy's cheek as he started to climb up onto the stage when he asked you to marry him. You shook your head and laughed. It was actually a pretty normal Friday night. But you didn鈥檛 want them climbing onto the stage. Security usually took care of that for you but as part of your fun show, you gently pushed him away, which the short guy absolutely loved as he threw another wad of cash down for you.
You stood up and moved your hips and walked to the other side of the stage and shook your ass, bending down in front of the men. More cash. More whistles.
When you鈥檇 made your rounds and hit all the sides of the stage you noticed Harry wasn鈥檛 sitting anymore. He was standing up straight and watching the short guy from earlier. You continued moving your hips and smiling as you looked toward the short guy and realized he was leaning on the stage again. He was saying something you couldn鈥檛 hear from where you were but it looked like Harry could hear it and he wasn鈥檛 very happy about it.
You looked over at security and they were nearby making sure no one was doing anything they shouldn鈥檛. The short guy wasn鈥檛 being that crazy but leaning on the stage was where they usually drew the line. Any more and he鈥檇 be escorted out.
The moment your bit was over you scooped up your cash, crawling around on the floor and making a show of it (as usual) when the short guy waved at you and motioned for you to come near.
You looked over at Harry and he was looking at the man with narrowed eyes. You faced the short guy and nodded, 鈥淲hat is it, honey?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 getting married tomorrow but I think I鈥檓 in love with you!鈥 He was laughing with a big smile as he spoke it. You knew it was all in fun. The guy was a bit tipsy and he was obnoxious but he wasn鈥檛 doing anything that bad. You鈥檇 seen worse.
鈥淚鈥檓 sure your fianc茅 would love to hear that!鈥 You spoke as you stood up with all the cash in hand. But when you stood up you realized Harry was making his way to the front. Toward the short guy.
You quickly left the stage and ran to the dressing room to put your cash away and slip a robe on so you could intervene if needed. Harry was about to tell that guy to buzz off and you didn鈥檛 need any altercations.
Harry had never gotten into a fight over you but he didn鈥檛 back down either.
By the time you were on the floor and making your way to Harry you realized the two were in a heated discussion and Harry was towering over the guy and calmly telling him to fuck off. But of course, the short guy was drinking and his temperament wasn鈥檛 as calm as Harry鈥檚.
You heard bits and pieces of their argument as you got closer, 鈥淒ude鈥 your girlfriend is a stripper what do you expect?鈥
Harry responded but his voice was lower and you couldn鈥檛 hear him.
鈥淢an, I鈥檓 just having fun here! She had her tits out and she was flirting with me鈥︹ you heard him say but the music came on for the next dancer and you couldn鈥檛 hear the rest.
You grasped Harry鈥檚 arm and looked up at him, 鈥淗arry!鈥
Harry looked down at you and his face softened when he saw you, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry. He鈥檚 being disrespectful.鈥
You looked toward the short man, who was only a couple of inches taller than you and the gross smile on his face had your skin crawling. He said something but you couldn鈥檛 hear his words over the loud song playing on the speakers.
He reached out to touch your arm but Harry pulled you behind him and pushed the guy away, 鈥淏ack the fuck off.鈥
With that Harry turned and moved you away and through the crowd that had gathered toward where the entry to the dressing rooms were.
鈥淗arry, you have to remember this is what happens here. The men tend to be disrespectful. I just ignore them once my routine is over,鈥 you grabbed his collar and made him bend down so you could speak into his ear.
Harry put his arms around you and pulled you into his chest and responded, 鈥淚 know. But he said he was gonna have you do a private lap dance for him and I don鈥檛 like him. I don鈥檛 want him touching you.鈥
You chuckled and smiled, 鈥淗arry, it鈥檚 part of the job. And I wouldn鈥檛 have done a lap dance for him because he鈥檚 been a bit too rowdy. I get to choose whom I do a lap dance for. Plus it鈥檚 almost closing time. No private dances are allowed now anyway.鈥
Reluctantly, Harry let you go when you told him you needed to clean up and change. He said he鈥檇 be waiting for you where he was sitting originally.
You wiped your makeup off and pulled your hair into a ponytail when Tonya sat down next to you to remove her own makeup, 鈥淚s that tall man with glasses out there yours?鈥 You heard her ask you as she continued wiping at her makeup, never looking at you through the mirror.
You smiled and nodded, 鈥淵es. He鈥檚 my boyfriend.鈥
She hummed and this time she made eye contact with you in the mirror, 鈥淗e鈥檚 almost prettier than you. Better keep an eye on him, though. Candy was over there with him just now.鈥
You laughed and shook your head, 鈥淭ypical, Candy.鈥
When you said your goodbyes to the girls you slung your gym bag over your shoulder and walked out into the main room. Sure enough, Candy was still with Harry. She hadn鈥檛 changed out of her outfit and she was laughing about something. Which had you rolling your eyes. The girl was ruthless.
鈥淗i babe,鈥 you spoke as you leaned down to kiss Harry鈥檚 cheek.
He quickly stood up and took your hand in his as he turned to Candy, 鈥淭old you.鈥
Candy just winked at you and then looked back to Harry, 鈥淏aby, of course, you鈥檙e taken. You鈥檙e too fucking fine to be single. Take care of this one, Y/n., Jesus he鈥檚 gorgeous,鈥 she said as she eyed Harry once more before turning and walking to the dressing rooms.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry. She just started hitting on me. I told her you were my girlfriend over and over,鈥
You reached up to pull him down and kissed his mouth. He was overthinking again.
You pulled away from the kiss with a smile as you pulled Harry with you toward the exit, 鈥淚 know, Harry. Don鈥檛 worry. Candy鈥檚 like that with any attractive man.鈥
You and Harry were in separate cars and the lot was full when Harry arrived so he was parked a bit away from where you were.
He walked you to your car and then you saw the short guy with a few of his friends. They appeared to be waiting for a taxi. Which might have been the smartest move the short guy had made all night.
He waved at you and then flipped Harry off, all in jest, of course, that much you could tell. But Harry didn鈥檛 get that memo.
鈥淗ey!鈥 He shouted as he turned toward the man. He began to walk in the direction of the rowdy group, for what purpose you couldn鈥檛 be sure. But you鈥檇 never seen him get so riled up before.
鈥淗arry! Stop!鈥 You shouted and jogged toward him, grabbing his arm, 鈥淟eave it. He鈥檚 just trying to get a rise out of you. He knows we鈥檙e together. Don鈥檛 play into it.鈥
Harry looked down at you and clenched his jaw before looking back toward the man, 鈥淪he鈥檚 coming home with me. Get lost!鈥
You chuckled and pulled at Harry鈥檚 arm, 鈥淟et鈥檚 go home.鈥
When you both arrived in your separate cars and got into the elevator you realized Harry was still fuming from the guy. You put your hand inside his and looked up at him, 鈥淗ey鈥 it鈥檚 fine, Harry. You trust me, don鈥檛 you?鈥
Harry鈥檚 eyes widened and his features relaxed, 鈥淥h my god. Yes! It鈥檚 not you that makes me upset. I just think people should respect boundaries and he was rude and I didn鈥檛 like that.鈥
When the elevator stopped at your floor you both got off and Harry kept your hand in his, 鈥淐ome to mine,鈥 he said.
You smiled, 鈥淪ure.鈥
The moment you got into his condo Harry locked the door and put his arms around you and tucked his face into your neck, 鈥淕o get on the bed.鈥
You gulped in surprise a little at his demand. He normally asked or suggested. Sometimes he could be a bit dominant but it usually was during the act when he鈥檇 already lost himself in lust a bit.
You bit your lip and nodded as you made your way to his room and climbed onto his bed.
Harry joined you in his room a few minutes later, carrying a glass of water which he placed on the bedside table.
He looked at you, his face set stoically as he pulled his shirt off over his head. He crawled onto the bed and his strong chest was rising and falling with heavy breaths. He took your wrists in his hands and pinned you down and began kissing your neck and then up to your jaw, sucking small bruises onto your skin, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e mine. Everyone should know this鈥︹ he mumbled into your neck.
You gasped at his primal act and felt your body flush with desire. Harry sat up and looked down at the bruises he鈥檇 left and smiled, releasing your wrists and then he pulled at you so you were sitting up. He removed your shirt and then unclipped your bra, quickly pulling the material from your breasts before nudging you back down. His mouth covered your nipples and licked at your soft skin before he began sucking more bruises onto the flesh of your tits.
鈥淗arry!鈥 you panted at the feel of him sucking on your skin. It hurt a little but you wouldn鈥檛 stop him. You鈥檇 never seen him so jealous or territorial or whatever this was. Moving his mouth to your other nipple he looked up at you and sucked hard again, more bruises on your flesh and you keened already feeling your panties getting messy.
Harry knelt above you and kneaded at your tits, observing the work of his hands on your plush skin.
鈥淗arry鈥︹ you put your hand up to his chest and felt his warm skin under your palm. He looked up at you and gently put your hand into his and began kissing the underside of your wrist, 鈥淚 just want everyone to know you鈥檙e not up for grabs. You鈥檙e only mine.鈥
He let go of your wrist and lowered himself until his lips were kissing at your ribs and lowering until he got to your belly button. He put his fingers into the waistband of your sweatpants and pulled them down fast, the material flying across the room.
He looked down between your legs, pushed your thighs apart, kissed over the fabric of your panties, and made a sound that was awfully similar to a growl. He nosed at your crotch and squeezed at your thighs and then your hips before pushing himself up again to pull your panties off.
He added more bruises to the insides of your thighs and you brushed his hair from his forehead as you watched him in awe. He licked and sucked the soft meat until he finally put you out of your misery and covered your pussy with his big mouth.
Harry鈥檚 skill in cunnilingus had only improved. And you learned he loved being praised when he did well. And as a perfectionist who loved being the best at what he did, well鈥 one can just imagine.
You were grasping the sheets and panting when your quaking thighs began to pull closed around Harry鈥檚 head. You hadn鈥檛 even realized you鈥檇 done it until you felt him smack your thigh and he sat back onto his bent legs.
You dropped your mouth open in shock. He鈥檇 never smacked your thigh before. He鈥檇 tested the waters a few times with a bit of a swat to your bottom, but a full-on palm smack? And he did it in response to you closing your thighs around him. You knew him to be a little dominant but this was new territory.
Harry kept his eyes on yours as he pulled his pants down his legs, 鈥淲ish that asshole could hear the way I make you moan when I fuck you,鈥 he spoke as he squared his hips into yours, your legs wrapping around his low back as he settled over you.
鈥淲ell if he鈥檚 a neighbor then he probably has,鈥 you teased in a giggle. You could be a little loud at times. Not every time you had sex, just when he went especially hard and you had a feeling he was about to rail you.
Harry smirked and then grabbed your left thigh, pulling it down from his back and urging it up toward your chest, then repeated with your other til your knees were being pushed into your body, held in place by his left hand. He sat up as he swiped a finger up your slit before he grasped his cock with his free hand and pressed it through your crease, bumping at your clit and then lowering to just push the tip past your entrance, 鈥淵ou get so wet for me鈥︹ another smack to your thigh and you gasped in shock again.
鈥淚 think you like that don鈥檛 you?鈥 He swatted closer to your bottom as he gripped your shins with his hand to keep you in place.
鈥淥h my god, Harry! Yes!鈥
His smirk turned into a genuine smile when he scooted in closer to you, 鈥淕ood. Because I do too,鈥 he popped your other thigh and then pressed his thick cock into your pussy making you cry out.
Harry keened at the feel of you around him but he gave little pause before he began to sink into you until he was coated by your warm, wet walls.
When his hips began to buck into you he looked down to where his cock was disappearing into your body. Your body lurched under his pounding, his hips smacking into you as he fucked you into the mattress.
Tears began to leak from your eyes as you panted under the pressure, 鈥淔-fuck!鈥 was all you seemed to be able to squeak out.
Harry let go of the front of your shins and your feet hit the mattress as he pulled out and leaned over you, pressing his mouth over yours and licking at your lips, 鈥淩oll over to your tummy,鈥 he instructed with a murmur against your lips.
Once you were tummy down Harry swatted your bum again, this time feeling the satisfaction of your soft bottom under his palm. He grasped your hips and pulled your ass upward and smacked at your other cheek, causing a yelp to fall from your mouth, 鈥淔uck look at you鈥︹ Harry groaned.
With his hands squeezing at your bottom you suddenly felt his tongue on your asshole and that had you losing all composure. Harry kissed over your bottom and sucked at your skin and then sat back with another groan, 鈥淚 have to get a condom. Fuck I want to come inside your little cunt so bad. Knock you up and show everyone they don鈥檛 get to even look at you鈥︹
Your heart was racing in your chest at his words but he did get up to get a condom. Even if it was reluctantly. You鈥檇 both discussed having you go on the pill but you鈥檇 had so many bad experiences using birth control that you鈥檇 given up and Harry seemed happy to continue using condoms. But this was the first time he鈥檇 ever said something to the contrary. It was also the first time he鈥檇 ever said that.
You pushed yourself up to see him and when he returned to the bed he gave you a pointed look, which had you stuffing your face back into the comforter and arching your back with your ass in the air.
Harry kneed up behind you and put his palms over your cheeks again, spreading them apart before you felt his cock nudging into you, slowly splitting you apart, 鈥淪o fucking good鈥︹ Harry panted.
Soon the bed was creaking and your lungs were getting a good workout as he fucked himself into you at a rough and desperate pace.
You couldn鈥檛 lie and say there wasn鈥檛 a pinch or the slightest sting of pain from how he worked himself into and dipped deep into your tummy. But it was yummy and every time his hand landed on your thigh or your bottom you jumped and then moaned with a shattered breath.
鈥淔uck鈥︹ Harry sputtered out when his motions slowed but he began grinding into you so deep, barely pulling himself out anymore. He leaned over your back and his lips met the curve of your neck after he took your hair into his fingers and lifted your head upward for his access.
鈥淗arry, please! Oh mmmmmmhh!!鈥
鈥淎nd the way you say my name when my dick is deep inside of you鈥︹ he rasped into your ear.
Harry rolled his hips languidly, his cock stuffed into the hilt. 聽Your thighs were quivering once again, you were so close to falling apart. You moved your hand between your legs and began to rub your fingers on your clit and you whimpered at the feeling of your button being rubbed while Harry was deeply fucking you and filling your insides with his length.
Your jaw dropped open as you pleaded for him with your body, pushing back onto him as you choked out sobs of ecstasy.
Harry kept his mouth at your neck and his hand in your hair as he leaned over you, his cock submerged deep, 鈥淚 know you like this鈥 like my cock don鈥檛 you?鈥
You nodded your head and mumbled a yes as you gasped, your orgasm making your body vibrate as you dissolved in pleasure.
Harry was right behind you. His own voice came out a bit louder than normal as he felt you spasm around him, hot come filling his condom as he pushed into you impossibly deep until you both collapsed on the bed together Harry rolled you both to your sides so he didn鈥檛 crush you.
You closed your eyes and sighed and Harry squeezed you close and pressed his nose into the side of your neck
鈥淢mmm鈥 so good,鈥 you heard Harry whisper, his lips brushing against your neck.
You nodded your head and smiled, 鈥淪o good.鈥
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Tumblr media
He was staring at her in a way no one had in her entire life. She couldn鈥檛 read anything in his eyes - not surprise, not fear, not malicious intent - nothing. (wolfrry, werewolf!harry, alpha!harry, ranger!y/n)
Lupus Noctis- Masterlist, Author鈥檚 Note & Warnings
Chapter 4 / alternatively, read on聽wattpad
Chapter 5 (word count: 14k) - updated March 30th
Harry walked to the trailhead nearest Y/N鈥檚 apartment and the moment he entered the thick of the forest he shifted and began to bound through the woods toward his community. He missed his big bed and his nice house. But he didn鈥檛 particularly miss the members of his pack.
His community was within the preserve, well hidden. A road that led from the center of the village out to just beyond Silver Wolf Preserve was hidden and gated and led to a back road that eventually connected with a rural street that led into the city. No one had ever found it because it was well concealed. And if Harry's kind was good at anything it was the ability to disguise. They were masters at hiding in plain sight and their clever tactics meant that no human had ever found their safe haven in the preserve.
Many of the homes were small and simple, but the leaders and the noble members had nicer ones. Harry鈥檚 was amongst the nicest. His pack was mostly self-sufficient, though they did rely on working with humans for money and had to interact with humanity often.聽
The village ran on solar energy and natural resources to get power electricity. And their satellites provided internet just like a modern human community. The difference was, that everything they used was built and made by all the pack members themselves. No outsiders had been brought in.
Walking into the village you鈥檇 think it was a regular town. Shops, markets, houses, parks, a school, and a town center with a community building. But many times, his members would leave and visit the city and go to supermarkets or malls to buy things they wanted. They also worked among humans doing various menial jobs. Some were office workers, others construction, and some even worked for the government - all under the guise of being a human.聽
But of course, technically, he was part human. He identified mostly as human, but just better. He had all the components of a man and the genetics (plus a few extra mutations which allowed him to shapeshift). He also felt emotions like a human and now, for the first time ever, found himself attracted to one.
鈥淎lpha! How goes it?鈥澛
Harry was pulled from his thoughts at the sound of one of the pack members just as he was getting close to his house without being seen. He thought he鈥檇 gotten lucky. But of course, everyone was always on the lookout for him. And they could smell him.聽
鈥淭hings are well, Daniel,鈥 he spoke quickly as he kept walking, hoping to avoid a conversation. He knew he smelled of the girl. He鈥檇 already thought of an explanation for it if he was asked. And it wouldn鈥檛 be too crazy for anyone in his pack to come back smelling like a human. They had to work with them after all. But he knew the smell of Y/N was strong on him after their proximity at her apartment not an hour earlier.聽
The man asked a few questions about the upcoming meeting but nothing about the obvious smell of the female human on him.
After answering what he could, Harry waved at the man, 鈥淚鈥檝e got to get going. It was nice to chat with you, Daniel.鈥
Harry stepped through his front door and sighed once it was closed behind him. The silence inside his house was welcome. He was glad he declined to have help around the house. It was offered to him upon taking up the title of alpha. He could have had a live-in staff but he didn鈥檛 feel that was necessary. He liked his privacy. Instead, he opted for help only on certain days of the week while he was not home.聽
And now that he was finally alone, he needed to take care of the physical ache in his body that had been pushed down since the night before.聽
Harry threw his clothes in the washer immediately and jumped into the shower in his state-of-the-art en suite bathroom to get rid of any remaining traces of her.
He let the water pour over him, resting his forehead against the tiles and trying to get it together.聽
He grabbed himself, moaning when he squeezed slightly, and felt some of the tension leave his body. He鈥檇 been hard ever since he left her apartment. Hell, he鈥檇 been hard most of the time she鈥檇 been in his proximity.聽
As he stroked himself languidly, he asked himself yet again- what was it about this human that drew him to her so much? He just couldn鈥檛 understand why he was reacting to her that way. He鈥檇 been through this before, trying to get to the bottom of it in his head, and he never could understand why she had this hold on him.
Growing up, of course, he鈥檇 always known about mates and their bond. That was deeply ingrained in his brain, was what he鈥檇 been taught all his life. But she was human. Surely this couldn鈥檛 apply to them.
Yet, the way he felt about her, the way he responded to her, physically as well as emotionally, without even knowing much about her even鈥撀
Argh. Stop it, you bloody fool.
But images of her were swarming in his head. She鈥檇 let her guard down, she鈥檇 been vulnerable with him, both while slightly inebriated and later on, in the evening, when the alcohol had worn off鈥β
He鈥檇 resisted her all day, all those glances and remarks and even the way he knew she was heavily turned on, maybe just as much as he鈥檇 been, after all- he had the advantage of smelling it on her, and then, finally鈥 he鈥檇 had her right there in his arms. Willing, and pliant in his hands. She鈥檇 left it up to him to make the final move, and he loved that- loved that she seemingly backed down a bit and let him take control where it mattered. He was a dominant creature, yes, but he found that he enjoyed the way she challenged his authority. Still, she recognized when to give over the reins to him completely, and it made it all the more enticing.
He could still feel her under his fingertips, the way they sunk into her plump skin, the way he could feel her whole body tingling in anticipation under his hold. And the way she would throw her head back and elongate her neck, offering it up to him like that鈥 it was as if she knew what he鈥檇 be doing if he had her way, as if she knew he鈥檇 sink his canines into her delicate flesh there and mark her as his mate.聽
It was as if her body knew. As if she were his mate.
He groaned, speeding up his movements, he was close, so close, and envisioning her underneath him like that, or even previously when she鈥檇 sucked his fingers into her mouth, he could only imagine her taking him down her delicate throat. She鈥檇 struggle, and gag and her eyes would no doubt tear up, he knew no male human came close to his girth and length, but she鈥檇 beg for it, she鈥檇 drool for him until he鈥檇 give her what she wanted. Until he鈥檇 coat her throat with his release and she鈥檇 moan and roll her eyes back in ecstasy when she鈥檇 finally bring him to climax.
Instead, he wasted all that precious load on the tiles of his shower and winced at the loss.聽
He finished cleaning up and patted dry, plopping into the big, plush bed in his den that he鈥檇 missed so much. Maybe he was nearing his rut. This was entirely unusual behavior on his part. Now that he鈥檇 orgasmed he did have a bit more clarity of mind.
Maybe he should show that alpha female that had been eyeing him heavily a good time, get his mind off things for a change. What was her name鈥β
Great, he couldn鈥檛 even remember the name of his supposed mate- or at least- that鈥檚 what people were expecting her to become. Ever since he鈥檇 had to step into his late brother鈥檚 shoes and take over ruling over the pack, everyone was putting so much pressure on him to mate and start procreating. As if that was the most important aspect of being a pack leader; ensuring lineage.
Even so, Harry believed the rightful heir was Edward, his nephew. He was far too young right now- but he was his father鈥檚 son, and Harry was planning to step aside when the time came for him to finally come of age and take over. It was the right thing to do, it was what his brother would鈥檝e wanted. Harry was an alpha, but he wasn鈥檛 meant to be a pack leader. It hadn鈥檛 been his destiny, having been second born, and he firmly believed Edward was meant to be the future leader. He was just going to ensure the interim.
However, the way the pack was treating his nephew was severely lacking. He could tell people didn鈥檛 feel the same way at all. In their eyes, Edward would never be worthy of taking over because of how he鈥檇 gotten stuck in his wolf form. But they didn鈥檛 understand this was temporary, Harry knew the young one would be able to shapeshift again- he was just stuck, the shock of it all hadn鈥檛 worn off. After all, he鈥檇 been there that night his parents had been killed right before his eyes- the poor child had shifted into his wolf form in an instinctual effort to protect his parents, but of course, he was no match- his wolf form was a mere pup.聽
But even so, his instincts had been highly attuned to the danger of the situation. He鈥檇 done right by his parents. Which said a lot about his strength of character, even at such an early age. Unfortunately, though, he hadn鈥檛 been able to switch back ever since. And especially since he couldn鈥檛 communicate in this form, Harry knew there was a lot of unprocessed trauma there, things he couldn鈥檛 get off his chest, and as much as Harry had tried to comfort him and encourage him to shift back, it seemed as though he had an emotional blockage he simply couldn鈥檛 get past. Or maybe he genuinely didn鈥檛 want to shift back鈥β
Unfortunately, that also meant that the pack was questioning Edward鈥檚 abilities to be a proper leader one day. To them, he was considered to be underdeveloped and even seen as a bad omen.聽
Of course, nobody would dare say all these things to Harry鈥檚 face about his nephew. But he could hear people talk when they thought no one was around or thought he wasn鈥檛 listening. As an alpha, his senses were a lot more acute than others鈥.
He could also hear them questioning his own abilities to rule over them.
He knew they thought he was much too young at 25 to take on this huge task. And some argued he was never meant for this, having been secondborn. He couldn鈥檛 blame them, since he felt the same way. But that didn鈥檛 mean he was happy about it, or that he would allow anyone thinking like that about their alpha. Whether they liked it or not, he was their leader, and he wanted to do right by his late brother in doing what he could to ensure the pack鈥檚 survival.
He just wished things were different.
Sometimes鈥 he wished he could just live a life he鈥檇 choose for himself, not one that鈥檇 been forced onto him by fate.
He envied his good friend, Niall. He鈥檇 renounced the pack and taken off on his own. A lone wolf. People were calling him a renegade, but Harry looked up to his courage and perseverance.聽
He was determined to live life on his own terms, in the human world. Fend for himself, after having given up the pack鈥檚 protection, knowing that if he somehow put the secret of their existence in jeopardy he鈥檇 still have to face the consequences. And Harry admired the shit out of him for having the courage to live the life he wanted.
He wished he could do the same.
Maybe, that way鈥
But no. Harry couldn鈥檛 go there. He couldn鈥檛 set himself up for heartache like that, envisioning any kind of future with the girl. Simply because he knew- she would never want him once he told her the truth. She couldn鈥檛 possibly understand that he was鈥 different. In fact, it was unlikely she even believed in such things. Most humans didn鈥檛. The ones that did were made fun of or called crazy. To humans, his kind was a myth, a story told in fiction books and movies full of other mythological creatures. He was a fable. His kind didn鈥檛 exist in much of the world. And he would never keep such a horrendous truth from her, it wouldn鈥檛 be right to rob her of knowing the full extent of what she鈥檇 be getting into with him. Harry was a beast with inhuman ability and the occasional violent tendencies (only when necessary of course) and she was a normal person that was leading a normal happy life. Even if it wasn鈥檛 forbidden for him to allow himself to indulge in her the way he wanted, he couldn鈥檛 do that to her. It could potentially ruin her life. And that was the last thing he wanted. It was just as much for her own good as it was for his. He could only imagine her look of horror and disgust, the same way he鈥檇 imagined it when she mentioned how his eyes were turning golden. He imagined himself shifting in front of her and her being horrified, and he could never unsee it now. She鈥檇 think he was a monster. And he couldn鈥檛 bear her looking at him that way.
They simply weren鈥檛 meant to be.
Y/N was pissed. At first, she was hurt, embarrassed鈥 but the more she thought about it, the more she figured that he must have a girlfriend or even a wife. That could be the only answer as to why he reacted the way he did. They were just about to kiss. She knew he was feeling the pull and the sexual tension she was. She could tell by the way he was breathing and the way his eyes took her in. The way he touched her, his fingers lingering and even squeezing at her sides.聽
So the only explanation for him to stop like that was that he was feeling guilty. And what else would have a man feeling so guilty in a situation like that? It had to be the answer.聽
And she felt like she needed an answer too because his abrupt change in demeanor had her head spinning. It made no sense otherwise.聽
But then where was this supposed girlfriend last night? And that day at the lake. Or the night in the woods when she first saw him. And what about the pup and that cabin? She saw nothing that suggested a female鈥檚 presence in any way.聽
The more she pondered the situation the more confusing it became. And the deeper she started getting with her thoughts the less she believed he actually did have a girlfriend or significant other.聽
She even went so far as to imagine that he was involved in some shady mafia-like organization that led to him needing to hide out in an off-grid cabin deep in the forest. But that still wouldn鈥檛 explain why he ran out so suddenly. So then what was it?
Shaking her head of her thoughts that were only going in circles, she sent a text off to Nick and her boss in a group text saying she needed the following day off to recover because she鈥檇 twisted her ankle and had planned on getting it looked at.
With that out of the way, she determined it was time to find a doctor for her foot, now that Harry was most likely not going to take her to see his. And then her mind wandered once again to the fact that Harry had driven her car so he was without one when he left her apartment.聽
She shrugged to herself. Not my problem.
It turned out that looking for a doctor that specialized in orthopedics was not a very easy task. Especially one that might have an opening the following day.聽
Giving up her chore she gently limped into her living room and settled on her couch to binge-watch the new television series she鈥檇 just started. She needed to get her mind off the tall man with pretty eyes. Junk TV would be the answer. She hoped.
A heavy knock at her door startled her as she sat up from her couch. Where she鈥檇 been since the night before. Well, she had gotten up to make tea and hopped around to do things that were necessary (like brushing her teeth and using the bathroom), but otherwise, she stationed herself on her couch. The bed and what had (almost) happened there would鈥檝e haunted her dreams, she could still smell him in her room.
Hopping toward her door she looked out the peephole and the sight of the person on the other side of her entry had her even more startled than the knock he issued moments prior.
She considered not answering and just ignoring the intrusion. It wasn鈥檛 even 9 am and yet he was at her door.
Slowly she opened the door, not allowing him to have a full view of her body. She was still in her sleep clothes and her hair was messy while he was fully dressed and looking fresh. Did he ever not look perfectly put together?
鈥淲hat are you doing here?鈥
Harry looked at her with confusion, 鈥淚 told you I was going to take you to my orthopedician. Are you ready?鈥
Y/N looked down over her body and then back to Harry, 鈥淣o. Of course not. I didn鈥檛 think you were actually going to show up鈥︹澛
Harry huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, 鈥淥kay. Well, get dressed. The appointment is in thirty minutes.鈥
Y/N blinked her eyes in puzzlement and opened the door up a little further, 鈥淯h鈥 I didn鈥檛 know鈥 you鈥 I mean, after yesterday I thought鈥︹
Harry raised his brows as he feigned confusion but then stepped into her apartment when she finally gave in and opened her door the rest of the way.
He could tell right away that she鈥檇 been sleeping on her couch, 鈥淵ou shouldn鈥檛 be sleeping on your couch. That鈥檚 a good way for you to hurt your ankle yet again.鈥
Y/N closed the door but just stood in place. Was he really here? Like nothing had happened? Was she dreaming? What was going on?
Harry turned to look back at the girl, 鈥淲hat? I told you I was coming. You should have been ready. Go do what you need so we can leave and make it on time.鈥
She was at a loss. She hadn鈥檛 expected to see him again. She thought that was it when he walked out of her door the day before. But here he was with soft curls, a sheer silk shirt, those haunting green eyes, and of course, the heeled chelsea boots. But today鈥檚 boots were gold. He was wearing gold chelsea boots.聽
鈥淵eah, but鈥撯
Harry took a step forward, 鈥淒o you need help or something? We鈥檙e wasting minutes discussing my being here. We鈥檒l be late.鈥
Y/N rolled her eyes at how he so easily dismissed her concern. She really wanted to mouth off to him after that remark- do you need help or something? But instead, she bit her tongue and decided it was a good opportunity to get a doctor to look at her ankle since she鈥檇 been unable to find one the night before. She hobbled to her room, closing the door behind her to get ready as fast as humanly possible.
Harry looked around her living room and on her coffee table he spotted an empty mug with two used tea bags next to it lying atop a spoon. He noticed a book and upon picking it up breathed a laugh through his nose when he recognized the title. It was one he read himself not so long ago. Putting the book back down on her coffee table he folded her blanket and draped it over the back of her couch and then picked up the empty mug and the tea bags and brought them to her bare kitchen, finding the trashcan under the sink and placing the dirtied dishes in her sink.
The truth was, Harry knew why she was acting like she was. But he wasn鈥檛 going to discuss that with her. He didn鈥檛 want to get into why he was actually there or how they left things the day before.聽
He had considered not showing up. It was better to just leave it as it was. It would have been exactly what he wanted in the first place. It would have solved everything for him.
But even after he spurted his come onto the tiles in his shower the day before after imagining what she鈥檇 look like on her knees before him with his prick stuffed into her pretty mouth it didn鈥檛 actually quell his thoughts of her. It only made them worse. So then he began thinking of her in other positions as he did mundane tasks around his house, made some calls, prepared a draft for the new proposal he'd go over at the upcoming meeting, and even got a hard workout in- all to get his mind off of her.
But the moment he stopped moving and sat for a moment he couldn鈥檛 help but feel something. What? He couldn鈥檛 quite put his finger on it. And he even regretted putting his shirt in the wash because then that meant he wouldn鈥檛 be able to have her smell near him when he snuggled into his bed for the night.聽
He imagined allowing her to ride him with her palms down on his chest holding herself up. Normally he preferred taking the dominant position on top but the thought of having her wriggle over him and attempt to take him in that position, sliding herself down over him, was even more appealing since he was particularly curious how she would handle him. But amongst all of his dirty thoughts at the forefront of his mind was the look on her face as he backed away from her before their lips could even meet, and knocked over her little porcelain figurine. She was hurt.
He hurt her. And that was what eventually had him disregarding his own good senses. For some reason, the idea that she was hurt because of him wasn鈥檛 sitting right, not to mention she was actually hurt and needed his help to drive her to the doctor. He'd promised her.
When Y/N opened her bedroom door, Harry peeked down the hall to see her slowly limping toward him. Wearing shorts and a sweater and a tennis shoe on one foot, she had her hair pulled back into a ponytail which showcased her full neck to him.聽
Harry scolded himself for the kind of thoughts that something as innocent as her neck invoked. And he even took care of himself before leaving his home that morning in hopes of keeping his reaction to her at a minimum.
鈥淭he doctor will see you now,鈥 the receptionist smiled at the two of them in the waiting room and Y/N smiled back curtly while Harry blew an exaggerated huff, promptly standing up and helping the girl off her chair.
鈥淭here he is鈥撯
鈥淩ight. There I鈥檝e been, for the past 20 minutes. You were supposed to see us at half past.鈥
The man shrugged smilingly, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 why it鈥檚 called being a patient. 鈥楥ause you have to be patient.鈥
鈥淗arry鈥︹ Y/N widened her eyes at him suggestively and then cast her gaze back on the man sitting at his desk 鈥淚t鈥檚 alright, doctor. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, I really appreciate it.鈥
鈥淧lease, call me Niall. All of Harry鈥檚 friends are my friends. And you must be one hell of a friend for him to be pulling strings like this, eh? He never asks for favors.鈥
The girl stammered while Harry glared at him, 鈥淪ure, if that鈥檚 what you want to call it. I鈥檇 call it you owing me, but we鈥檒l let it slide. For now.鈥
鈥淵eah. That definitely sounds more like you鈥︹ Y/N muttered under her breath and Harry cleared his throat uncomfortably.聽
鈥淲e鈥檒l reconvene on this,鈥 the young man laughed. 鈥淟et鈥檚 see what seems to be the problem, eh? Sit on there for me, will you?鈥
Y/N did as instructed, and laid her affected leg on the examination bed, reaching to take her sock off but Harry beat her to it. She noticed the young man raise his eyebrows at that as he approached them but switched over quickly to the good-humored expression he always seemed to be sporting.
He palpated her ankle carefully, then further up along her calf, and then called in an assistant to take Y/N over to the X-ray room so he could have a full picture of what was going on.
Harry wanted to take her in himself but the assistant assured him she had it covered, which earned her a small grunt in return.
鈥淭hought this was someone from the pack, but clearly our dear patient appears to be oh so very human. Could鈥檝e given me a heads up, maybe? Would have hated to slip something about her injuring herself during shifting or something and giving you the satisfaction of ending me right there and then, alpha.鈥
鈥淢aybe it was a test.鈥 Harry couldn鈥檛 help but smirk at his friend. Truth was, he trusted Niall with his life. It鈥檚 why he allowed for him to go live his life the way he intended to outside the pack. He knew he鈥檇 never do anything to endanger the pack.聽
鈥淲ell, hope I passed. So what鈥檚 the deal with this chick, then?鈥
Harry peered out the window, 鈥淗ow long does an X-ray take?鈥
鈥淵ou really gonna ignore all my questions about her?鈥
鈥淒o you think it鈥檚 fractured?鈥
Niall laughed incredulously, 鈥淲ell, I鈥檒l be damned.鈥
Harry furrowed his brows, 鈥淚s it?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 probably just a sprain but I wanna be extra sure- for you. As a favor. So does the pack know they鈥檙e gonna be taking orders from a human soon?鈥
鈥淒idn鈥檛 you just say she must be one hell of a friend?鈥 Harry glared at him.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have friends. I鈥檓 your only friend, that is.鈥
Harry resumed looking out the window, 鈥淢aybe some torn ligaments?鈥
鈥淚鈥檇 be surprised. What kinda sex positions are you bending her into for her ankle to sprain like that though鈥撯
Niall鈥檚 laughter came to a sudden halt when Harry flashed his golden eyes at him, 鈥淪he鈥檚 human, as you so keenly observed, doctor. What do you take me for?鈥
鈥淚 mean. It鈥檚 not forbidden. Or if it is, then I鈥檓 afraid I have some explaining to do鈥︹
鈥淲ell, you鈥檙e not an alpha, are you? I, however鈥 would probably break her.鈥
鈥淪o you have thought about it.鈥 Niall beamed, pleased with himself. 鈥淚 know you鈥檙e oh so much bigger and stronger as an alpha, but your human form she can take, I assure you. If you were looking for medical clearance in that regard,鈥 he winked at his friend and the latter scowled.
鈥淚鈥檓 not,鈥 Harry warned.
鈥淢hmmm鈥 I鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e not. But just in case at some point, you know鈥 there鈥檚 no reason you two couldn鈥檛 have a little fun. You definitely can鈥檛 get her pregnant, since she鈥檚 human so that鈥檚 just physically not possible.鈥
Harry didn鈥檛 know why, but hearing he couldn鈥檛 get her pregnant if he tried felt like a pang in his chest. He鈥檇 suspected as much himself, of course, what with them being practically different species. But this was just another reason not to pursue her in the grand scheme of things.
鈥淛ust think of that as a bonus! Maybe don鈥檛 knot in her though. Would hate for the alpha himself to deconspire our sacred secret.鈥 Niall realized he should shut up when Harry began to emit a low growl.
The assistant brought Y/N back into the office and handed Niall the X-ray, and he immediately placed it over the negatoscope. 鈥淥kay, good news my dear. Everything looks great, bone-wise. I鈥檒l prescribe you something for the swelling to go down faster, but maybe just keep weight off of it for a couple more days. Then resume walking as normal, but nothing too strenuous for a week or two.鈥
鈥淥h鈥 at all? I鈥檓 glad it鈥檚 nothing serious, but do you think taking all these extra precautions is necessary then? My work kinda demands I walk quite a lot鈥 on uneven terrain.鈥
鈥淥h? What do you do?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 a forest ranger.鈥
Niall looked up at her, interrupting writing down her prescription, 鈥淥h. Interesting. Over at Silver Wolf?鈥
鈥淵eah.鈥 she smiled, 鈥淗ave you been?鈥
Niall smiled to himself, resuming his writing, 鈥淥h, yes I have. Grew up around those parts, pretty much.鈥
鈥淥h, that鈥檚 nice.鈥
Niall shot Harry a knowing look, handing him the prescription since he was standing closer to the desk then looked back over to her, 鈥淚鈥檓 afraid you鈥檙e gonna have to ask your colleagues to fill in for you on ground duties for a bit, Y/N. Otherwise, it鈥檚 gonna take ages to recover. Not to mention you're prone to injuring yourself again. Alright? I鈥檓 sure you can arrange something. Officer.鈥 He winked at the girl and she smiled back, then he walked them out of the office, with Harry avoiding making eye contact til the very end when the two shook hands and he made sure to remind his friend of the difference in strength between an alpha and a beta.
Once they were back in the car things were silent again. Glancing over toward the girl he wondered what was going through her mind. He preferred her little attitude rather than her silence. It led him to think that he actually had hurt her in some way by leaving so abruptly the day before. But that was for the best. For both of them.
Yet here he was once again, testing the waters, so to speak. Why was he doing this to himself? He probably knew the answer to that. It was hard to admit that he was feeling this way for a human. But no one else had piqued his interest the way Y/N had.聽
Harry helped her back to her front door but was quick to say his goodbyes, mentioning he had things to do, which he did of course. Edward had been left alone for too long and as much as he wouldn鈥檛 mind sticking around with Y/N a little longer, his nephew was his immediate priority.
Y/N couldn鈥檛 figure the man out. Just the day before he鈥檇 run out on her and left her in a very vulnerable position. And then he showed up the very next morning acting as if nothing had happened. As if he hadn鈥檛 had his hands on her legs and pressing the pads of his fingers into her waist. As if he hadn鈥檛 been looking at her with the same longing she felt in her chest.
But he didn鈥檛 even come in after he helped her to her door. In fact, he didn鈥檛 do much in the way of any sort of signal that he was interested. He鈥檇 barely even spoken to her on the car ride back to her house other than to ask her for her ID when they stopped at the drive-through pharmacy to pick up her prescription. She tried not to let the small bit of disappointment that was simmering in her tummy surface at that thought. Maybe she鈥檇 misread everything and the brushes of his fingers on her skin and the look in his eyes were all in her head. She couldn鈥檛 wrap her mind around why she found that dispiriting. Because she barely even knew him. She didn鈥檛 need to get involved with someone like him. Someone who was likely involved in something illegal.
Sitting down on her couch she realized her mug and tea bags weren鈥檛 on her coffee table, and the blanket she鈥檇 been cocooned in before Harry arrived was neatly folded and draped over the back of her couch.
Huh, that鈥檚 weird.聽
She knew Harry must have done it because she hadn鈥檛 gotten around to cleaning before he showed up. This kind gesture was just another thing to add to the list of her confused feelings.
She wondered what Harry was doing that had him leaving so quickly. Maybe he really did have things to do like he said. She imagined him driving up to some sketchy abandoned warehouse in his crazy expensive Mercedes G-Wagon he鈥檇 picked her up in. She shook her head with a laugh. He was a mystery for sure. She couldn鈥檛 even begin to imagine what he was actually up to.聽
When Harry was about 100 yards from his cabin he smelled a distinct scent. It was faint but familiar. It was the scent of the girl. He knew it was because she鈥檇 been in his bedroom and lying on the fabric of his blankets and pillows, but he hadn鈥檛 expected that specific scent.聽
He licked his lips and walked through his front door to see Edward on the couch with his ears perked but Harry could barely pay attention to the pup because her smell was overwhelming to him. It shouldn鈥檛 have been that strong. Not that particular one anyway.聽
Following his nose to the bedroom, he wasn鈥檛 surprised the fragrance was coming from inside the room. He crawled onto his bed and inhaled picking up only trace hints of the smell he was honing in on. If it wasn鈥檛 coming from the blankets on his bed鈥
Another sniff led him toward the floor in the space between the wall and the bed. He put his feet down on the floor and crouched. There was a piece of blue fabric under the bed. Harry reached for the sacred garment, knowing exactly what it was. He鈥檇 seen it on her the day before and now it was lying on the floor in his bedroom.
Harry鈥檚 salivary glands began to react immediately and he huffed as he clenched his teeth. Without a single rational thought in his mind, he brought the blue panties up to his nose and inhaled deeply. The flavor overwhelmed his senses. He sighed and inhaled again, his heart beginning to pound wildly.
Harry plopped down on his bed and raised the panties up so he could get a good look. Basic bikini style in a cotton blend. Nothing like what he鈥檇 seen in the dresser at her apartment. These were her more practical panties but to Harry, there was nothing plain about them. He lifted the crotch upward and turned the material inside out to press his nose into the spot that had been sitting against her skin for many hours.聽
It was delightful. It was the best thing he鈥檇 come across in a long time (aside from Y/N herself). He smiled when he permitted his tongue to taste the fabric and he panted, a small whine falling from his throat just before he began to vibrate with a purr.聽
He forced himself to pull the panties away from his face when a very different kind of whine interrupted his delicious train of thought.
His nephew was standing in the doorway to the bedroom, no doubt expecting to spend some time with his uncle having been all by himself for longer than what he was used to. The accusatory look in the young one鈥檚 eyes made Harry stuff the panties deep into his pants鈥 pocket and stand up abruptly.聽
鈥淚鈥檒l go get us something to eat, alright? Come on, go outside for a bit till I get back.鈥
And Harry did go hunt- although he hadn鈥檛 planned for it. He鈥檇 planned to take Edward back home with him. He only ever brought him over to the cabin while he had stuff to do outside of the pack, simply because he didn鈥檛 wanna leave him alone. He truly didn鈥檛 trust his own pack enough to do so. Which was food for thought鈥
So whenever he wasn鈥檛 at home, he鈥檇 take the pup with him and leave him at the cabin, then pick him up on the way back. The previous night he鈥檇 simply needed some time alone. His house back home was definitely big enough for privacy, but it made more sense to come back for his nephew the next morning. Only, he decided last minute he was going to take Y/N to see Niall after all, against his better judgment, and he鈥檇 gotten delayed. He felt guilty, in truth. Edward was probably wondering where he鈥檇 been for so long. And then when he got back to the cabin, he went straight for the panties and almost forgot about him being there entirely upon finding them.
So yes- he would bring them back something to eat, but he had something more urgent to take care of first if he wanted to be somewhat normal for the remainder of the evening.聽
Finding a good soft spot to sit on, leaning against a tree trunk far enough away from the cabin, Harry took out the panties from his pocket with shaky hands. His eyes were surely glowing with how out of his mind he felt, the scent invading all of his senses. Another taste and a deep inhale had him hard in his pants again. His crude wolf nature wasn鈥檛 going to be able to let this go. He needed this. Part of him felt silly for being so hard up and not being able to control his urges. But another part of him was feral and unable to resist the temptation.聽
Harry spit into his hand and over his tip, smoothing the saliva over himself. He bit his lip to keep his groans to a minimum. With one hand holding the crotch of the panties up to his nose and mouth and his other stroking himself quickly he worked his way toward an orgasm in record speed. The smell and the taste could have him getting off without touching himself if given enough time. He was sure of it.
Imagining her ass in the air and his hands grasping her soft hips as he plunged deeply into her felt so natural. It felt like his base response was the right one. With her soft voice and smooth skin, her lips parted and her body being jolted forward and spread apart for him鈥
A shaky moan fell from his lips when he began to come, pouring his release onto the forest floor in relief. With heavy breaths, he put the panties back into his pocket and wiped himself up. God, he wasn鈥檛 sure how he was going to deal with this. He couldn鈥檛 imagine enjoying the alpha female as much as he鈥檇 just enjoyed masturbating to Y/N鈥檚 panties. The alpha was pretty and she smelled nice, but that鈥檚 where it ended for him. And he just wasn鈥檛 sure that it was enough.聽
Harry was a mess. He wasn鈥檛 sure how he鈥檇 made it through the night. He ended up not going back home since he brought food back to the cabin to share with his nephew. He made sure to spend enough time with Edward, telling him about his day- well, as much as he felt like sharing of course, and even shapeshifted again and played around with him for a bit to tire him out.聽
Making sure to close the door to the bedroom after the little one had fallen asleep on the couch, he spent the night in the bed Y/N had slept in. It鈥檇 been pure torture. But he relished in it, like a masochist. He played with himself again using her panties. He wished he could preserve her scent somehow, though it was wearing off with how much he鈥檇 been sniffling and rubbing at them. But he couldn鈥檛 help himself. He felt possessed.聽
Then after he鈥檇 found his release again, he buried his nose into the pillow and it felt like heaven. He鈥檇 seen her softer side a bit, and his imagination played into that. He liked to imagine her whispering sweet nothings into his ear while scratching at his scalp after he鈥檇 pleasured her over and over again, and they were both still breathing heavily, coming down from their highs. He imagined her satisfied and sleepy but still making sure to cradle him into her loving arms and dote on him before they both gave in to sleep. He鈥檇 be spent and he鈥檇 fight to stay awake and listen to her sweet voice some more. He鈥檇 make sure to switch and take her into his arms before he fell asleep so as to not accidentally crush her, nuzzling his nose in the crook of her neck and wishing he could mark her there for the whole world to see that she was his.
So when he woke up after alternating between sweet and filthy dreams of her, he tried to busy himself, get his mind off things, but he knew it was futile. One thing kept replaying incessantly in his head, over and over.聽
She was his.
He knew it was impossible. He knew he was fooling himself, feeling reckless for every moment he allowed himself to even entertain the idea. But he at least needed to see her, quite desperately so.聽
He shapeshifted to reach the station as quickly as possible, making sure to switch to his human form within considerable distance to be safe. On his way there he was growing more and more worried- he hoped he鈥檇 find her there and not on patrol somewhere, as per Niall鈥檚 orders. He was genuinely concerned for her.聽
It was as if he couldn鈥檛 get there fast enough. He felt some sort of urgency in his bones he鈥檇 never experienced before. And when the ranger station came into view he could immediately tell why. She wasn鈥檛 alone.
Rationally, Harry was well aware that Y/N had co-workers. He was also well aware that most rangers were men. But the closer he got, the more he could pick up on the conversation she was having with one of them, and it made him stop in his tracks a few times to listen in before he made his presence known.
鈥淚t鈥檚 no bother at all, Y/N. Why take a cab when I can drive you, really now鈥 you should鈥檝e given me a call this morning, I would鈥檝e come and picked you up on my way.鈥
鈥淩eally, it鈥檚 fine.鈥澛
In truth, Y/N didn鈥檛 want Nick to know where she lived. She just had a feeling it was better if he never got to know that about her. But for some reason, he was making a big deal out of her slight limp and how she had to do office work for the next 2 weeks. She鈥檇 talked to her superior about it and handed him the note Niall had written for her work, and now Nick was lingering around the station when he should鈥檝e been out patrolling on his own.聽
Her eyes widened when a familiar presence came into view. He was standing in the doorframe, and Nick hadn鈥檛 heard him come in. Hell, she hadn鈥檛 either, but there he was, taking his aviator glasses off and hooking them into the neckline of his shirt, he鈥檇 skipped buttoning it up and it showed quite a bit of his torso, as per usual. She tried not to let her eyes linger but there was no helping it. He looked鈥 good enough to eat.
Harry cleared his throat and looked the man straight in the eyes once Nick eventually turned around, 鈥淲hat can we do for you, sir?鈥
Harry disregarded him completely and shifted his gaze onto Y/N, 鈥淗ow are you? Any better?鈥
Nick stepped aside, as Harry approached her. She took in just how much he towered over her coworker and how confused the latter looked. She was enjoying this, she couldn鈥檛 lie. Both Harry鈥檚 attention coming in to check on her, and the fact that Nick was trying to figure out what it meant. Good. She wanted him thinking that maybe she and Harry had something going on, maybe he鈥檇 get the hint and stop hitting on her if he thought Harry was in the picture.
鈥淪he鈥檚 alright. And you are?鈥
Or not.
鈥淭alking to her,鈥 Harry replied, staring him down. 鈥淪houldn鈥檛 you be out patrolling?鈥
Nick opened up his mouth to say something but hesitated. He looked over to Y/N and she put him out of his misery, 鈥淕o. You鈥檙e losing daylight. You鈥檝e got more ground to cover without me and I really don鈥檛 wanna be late home this evening.鈥
鈥... Alright. Good day,鈥 he nodded towards Harry, and when the courtesy wasn鈥檛 extended back he finally took his leave after locking out his rifle.聽
鈥淚 don鈥檛 like him.鈥
鈥淪omehow, I picked up on that. What are you doing here?鈥
鈥淵ou never answered me,鈥 he nudged towards her foot that was propped on a smaller stool. He was glad she was heeding Niall鈥檚 advice. Good. She鈥檇 soon make a full recovery.
She shrugged, 鈥淚t鈥檚鈥 a bit better? Can鈥檛 really tell. Pain wise it鈥檚 a lot better, I鈥檝e been taking the anti-inflammatory Niall prescribed. Uhm鈥 I never got to properly thank you yesterday for taking me in. I really appreciate it. Thank you.鈥
The smallest smile pulled at his lips as he looked from each of her eyes and then took her face in. The way he looked at her suddenly had her forgetting all the doubts that she battled with just the day before. This was the look that haunted her.聽
Before Harry could reply the station鈥檚 phone rang. Y/N reached across the desk but Harry picked up the receiver and handed it to her, pushing the phone closer towards her as he did so.聽
鈥淪ilver Wolf Preserve. Yes, we organize guided tours. What area would you be interested in? Let me check our calendar.鈥 Y/N went through their scheduled appointments on the PC and held the receiver between her shoulder and ear to type in the new appointment once she made sure they had an opening available on the requested date. She typed all the necessary info in and when she finally hung up, she looked around and Harry was gone.
Wondering if maybe he鈥檇 wandered off through the station, nosy as she knew him to be from how he very blatantly inspected her apartment (though she supposed that was kind of pot calling kettle black), she called out for him, 鈥淗arry?鈥
Finally, she noticed a post-it stuck on the pencil holder facing her, 鈥淪ee you around, officer.鈥
She audibly exhaled through her nose. She supposed it was for the best. She had work to do, and he was鈥 distracting.
Y/N was happy to be finally able to put on two shoes instead of just the one that morning. Progress. She was still limping, keeping weight off of her foot, still stuck doing office work at the station for the foreseeable future, but it鈥檇 started raining for a bit and so, she wasn鈥檛 all that upset about it in the end.聽
She was sipping her coffee at the desk, ready for a slow day when Nick walked into the station. She furrowed her brows at him confusedly, 鈥淗ey, you. Filling in for Tom?鈥
鈥淣o. He鈥檚 not here yet, then? 鈥 Good. I wanted a word with you in private.鈥
Y/N鈥檚 breath caught. That sounded like trouble. She鈥檇 hoped Harry had scared his advances away, 鈥...Nothing you could have told me over the phone?鈥
Nick halted in front of the desk, hands on his hips, 鈥淗ow well do you know that guy from the other day? The one with the cocky attitude.鈥
鈥淚鈥 uhm, why are you asking?鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 bad news. I鈥檇 stay away from him if I were you.鈥
Y/N felt like asking him what else was new, but instead, she cleared her throat and tried to feign ignorance, 鈥淲hat are you on about?鈥
鈥淗e followed me. More like stalked me. I went out after work last night, had a couple beers at the bar down the street from where I live. Parked my car at my building and walked there. Had my umbrella with me since it鈥檇 started pouring and really didn鈥檛 notice anything amiss. I was half a beer down when this guy sits next to me at the bar and when I look to my left, there he is. That guy. I initially thought that was just a weird coincidence, but your pal had a message to get across.鈥
鈥... What did he say?鈥
鈥淗e told me to stay away from you if I knew what was good for me. Told me to keep my dirty little paws off you, or else.鈥 Y/N was at a loss for words. Stammering to get a word out, Nick cut her off, 鈥淗e also kept calling me Mickey, he said it was like that pathetic little mouse, and that it was fitting. I swear to God, Y/N. I really had to hold back, I wanted to punch him in the face, but I didn鈥檛 wanna risk losing my badge over this. Who the fuck does this asshole think he is?!鈥
Y/N fought to keep her amusement to herself. Both for the Mickey Mouse remark, but especially for the way Nick actually thought he could take on Harry.聽
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what to tell you, Nick鈥︹
鈥淗e鈥檚 trouble, Y/N.鈥 He warned, pointing his finger at her as he walked out of the station, 鈥淗e better not let me catch him in here again if he knows what鈥檚 good for him!鈥
When Y/N heard Nick get back into his car and drive off from the outside parking space, she allowed herself a chuckle. But sobering up, she recognized this was unacceptable on Harry鈥檚 behalf. Who did he think he was to do such a thing? It was unacceptable. He鈥檇 crossed a line. She wished she could get a hold of him and tell him off.聽
Making the trek to his cabin was out of the question with the state of her ankle, and with it raining she wouldn鈥檛 have even tried. Plus, he might not even be there for all she knew.聽
If only there were an easier way to get to him鈥
Glancing over to the PC, she searched on Google Maps for Dr. Niall Horan鈥檚 private practice. Two could play that game.
When she dialed the number, to her surprise, a familiar voice greeted her, rather than a receptionist.
鈥淗ello! Um鈥 hi! This is Y/N Y/L/N, from the other day?鈥
鈥淥h yes! Harry鈥檚 friend. How are you doing? Is everything okay?鈥
鈥淵es, actually my ankle is much better already. I was just surprised you answered the phone and not someone else. Caught me off guard,鈥 she laughed.
鈥淥h yeah, Mitzy isn鈥檛 in yet, I got here before her to sort some paperwork prior to starting for the day. You鈥檙e calling quite early, are you sure everything is alright?鈥
Y/N grimaced, realizing he was right. It wasn鈥檛 even 9 yet. She鈥檇 been in such a hurry to get a hold of Harry after what Nick had just told her that she didn鈥檛 even think about that aspect. 鈥淵eah, sorry鈥 I didn鈥檛 realize I was calling that early. I just got into work myself. I wasn鈥檛 even aware of the time. I have to uber here now, and you never know how busy they are鈥 so I just rather be early than late. Anyway鈥 I鈥檓 digressing. I鈥檓 calling for a favor actually, I hope I鈥檓 not overstepping, though鈥︹
Niall chuckled 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about it, us early birds gotta stick together. What can I do for you, Y/N?鈥
鈥淲ell鈥 this is gonna sound silly, but I recently updated my phone and lost all my contacts. I was wondering if you could give me Harry鈥檚? I have no other means of contacting him, and it鈥檚 kind of an urgent matter鈥︹
Niall smiled to himself. Yeah. She wouldn鈥檛 have any means of contacting him, that鈥檚 for sure. He was also pleased to see his hunches had probably been right about the duo. 鈥淥h, I dunno, Y/N鈥 that would be breaching that doctor-patient confidentiality鈥︹
Y/N could hear the humor in his tone and mirrored it, 鈥淲ell, seeing as Harry is your friend, you could maybe turn a blind eye just this once?鈥澛
Niall laughed at her retort and gave her the number. Normally he wouldn鈥檛 dream of sharing Harry鈥檚 info like that, but for very different reasons than what she was imagining.
Thanking him and wishing him a good day ahead, Y/N shook off Niall鈥檚 infectious good mood. She was pissed, and she was gonna get some answers.
When Harry answered in that deep, coarse voice she pushed down the initial response to swoon at the sound. She was on a mission.
鈥淟isten here, Harry鈥 I don鈥檛 know who you think you are but you cannot go around stalking my co-worker and then threaten him! Why would you do such a thing? And you followed him? Do you not find that weird? Because I sure do! And what business is it of yours to tell him to stay away from me? Huh?鈥
Y/N kept going on with her tirade and Harry listened. He opened his mouth once or twice to respond but she didn鈥檛 let up.
鈥淔urthermore, I barely even know you! What makes you think you can tell anyone what they can and can鈥檛 do around me? I don鈥檛 know what was going through your mind! What did you mean when you told him to stay away from me? That鈥檚 a weird thing to say to someone that I have to work with!鈥
When Y/N finally paused to take a breath Harry took the chance to finally respond as cooly as possible, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, who is this?鈥
Y/N could hear the smirk in his voice. He was playing games with her.
鈥淵ou know good and well who I am. Are you not going to answer any of my questions?鈥
鈥淒id he really go running off to you to tell on me? Scared him off that badly, did I?鈥澛
A scoff fell from her mouth at his amused voice, he sounded mighty pleased with himself. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e something else, you know that? What you did was wrong and all I鈥檓 looking for is an explanation!鈥
Harry chuckled and that only served to piss her off further.
鈥淯ghhh!鈥 And with that, she pressed the end-call button and let out a breath to calm herself. She hoped she made her point clear. It felt good to tell him off like that.
Harry saved her number into his contacts and made a mental note to have a word with Niall for sharing his info without checking with him first. Not that he minded in this particular case, but still his friend knew better than to share his number considering how he knew he had to keep a very low profile. No, he was actually delighted to have this new means of communicating with her, already thinking of ways he could take advantage of it.
Usually, Harry never acted on impulse. He was a very calculated man, and so, he very seldom regretted any of his actions. However, he鈥檇 regretted confronting her co-worker as soon as he鈥檇 gotten back into his car that rainy night. He actually felt a bit embarrassed by what he鈥檇 done. By following Nick and telling him to back off he revealed that he was more interested in her than he wanted to let on. But that was all done and it couldn鈥檛 be changed. He was slightly amused by her upset, however. For some reason, he got a kick out of riling her up. Any passionate reaction he got out of her tickled him. But as much as he enjoyed her attitude he didn鈥檛 want her thinking she had the upper hand here. She was the only person he would allow to talk to him that way. If she only knew鈥
Grabbing her things off the desk and stuffing them into her backpack, Y/N was ready to call an uber at the end of her day at the station. Lindsy, the one who would be taking over the night shift was there, and her partner she鈥檇 patrolled with had already left.聽
The truth was, she was stalling. She wasn鈥檛 used to her days going so slow and uneventful. She was alone for most of the day, cooped up at the station, and then going home she鈥檇 be alone some more. She knew the reason she was probably overly emotional was because she鈥檇 just started ovulating. Probably why she acted on impulse and did all that to get a hold of Harry鈥檚 number that morning to tell him off as soon as possible after what Nick had told her.
She was a bit regretful now, though. Knowing Nick, he鈥檇 probably exaggerated. Harry could鈥檝e just been at that same bar by coincidence. And yes, he did overstep, telling him to stay away from her, but at the end of the day, that鈥檚 what Y/N actually wanted. He鈥檇 kinda done her a favor, although she was still not appreciative of the liberties he took in doing so.
But knowing what little she knew about Harry, he鈥檇 meant well. He could probably sense Nick鈥檚 interest in her when he鈥檇 been at the station and the way she wasn鈥檛 all that happy to have him reply in her stead when Harry had asked how she was feeling. So, he鈥檇 pieced together that he was probably annoying her, and he鈥檇 been right.聽
Obviously, with the way Harry had laughed it off, he鈥檇 not seen it as that big of a deal.
But she always got a bit into her feels, much more predisposed to act on impulse when she was ovulating, and he鈥檇 been on the receiving end of it. She probably should鈥檝e held off confronting him about it when he鈥檇 no doubt show up out of the blue again. She did miss him popping in unexpectedly, had kind of gotten used to it鈥 and found that she even missed his presence.聽
She鈥檇 probably go home now and watch some sappy drama on Netflix while she scarfed down the ice cream she kept in her freezer for this monthly occasion. Although she kinda wanted to check and see first if her co-worker maybe wanted to order in something at the station, to share dinner.
鈥淚 thought that was your uber outside, but it can鈥檛 be. Right? Like who the hell ubers in that?鈥
Y/N furrowed her brows, limping over to the window where Lindsy was looking outside to the small parking space they had out front of the station, 鈥淣o, I haven鈥檛 called one yet鈥︹ she trailed off when she saw none other than Harry鈥檚 fancy Mercedes.聽
The engine was audibly cut off, and then Harry stepped out of the car. Lindsay whistled lowly, 鈥淲ell, damn. I was about to go off about visitors bothering us this late, but this kinda visitor I don鈥檛 mind鈥 shit!鈥 She took a step back when Harry looked straight at them through the window, 鈥淒o you think he heard me?鈥
Y/N took in her flustered co-worker and fought off her amusement while she grabbed her backpack, 鈥淒on鈥檛 be silly, he鈥檚 all the way out there. Ok. See ya, Lindsy. Have an easy one!鈥
Y/N was secretly gloating on the inside knowing her co-worker鈥檚 jaw was about to drop when she鈥檇 see her greeting Harry outside. 鈥淗ere to challenge my colleague to a duel or something? He鈥檚 off duty today unless you got some issue with my other co-workers as well,鈥 she glanced back over her shoulder to the window, and sure enough, Lindsay was standing there dumbfounded.
鈥淣ah. She doesn鈥檛 seem to be into women.鈥
Y/N raised an eyebrow at him 鈥淥h? That鈥檚 pretty presumptuous of you. So let me get this straight鈥 you only have a problem with anyone who would present any interest in鈥 me?鈥
Harry鈥檚 lips curled into a smile, as he raised his own eyebrow at her before pushing his body off of the side of his car and opening the passenger door for her, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 what I came here to say, actually. I was just looking out for you. Men can be dangerous when they get rejected, and I could tell he was making you uncomfortable the other day. I鈥檓, uh鈥︹ he lowered his gaze while he kept the door open, waiting for her,聽 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry if I overstepped.鈥
She got closer to the door, looking him in the eye, 鈥淚 appreciate that. But you were right, he does kinda make me uncomfortable. So even though you went about it all wrong, behind my back, I鈥檓 lowkey glad you did. Maybe he鈥檒l back off now.鈥
Harry wasn鈥檛 expecting that. She was always taking him aback with her candor, the sincerity with which she expressed her emotions. He wasn鈥檛 used to that at all. His kind were not in the habit of being vulnerable like that, their emotions always kept at bay, lest it clouded their judgment.
He lingered for a bit before closing the door after she got in, and walked to his side, joining her in the car.聽
He cleared his throat, starting the engine, 鈥淚, uh, was thinking鈥 I could take you home, or, there鈥檚 a much more exciting second option鈥︹
鈥... Which is?鈥 Y/N smiled widely at him when he finally met her gaze. He was acting bashful and she ate it up.聽
鈥淚 know you must miss your little routine, swimming down at the lake. I could help you in and out of the water. Since the weather let up and it鈥檚 actually a nice, warm afternoon鈥 sounds perfect to go for a dip, wouldn鈥檛 you say?鈥
Y/N was grinning in earnest now, 鈥淭hat does sound perfect, actually.鈥
Harry smiled back at her, a lopsided smile that showcased his perfect teeth and even a dimple she hadn鈥檛 been aware of before. She hadn鈥檛 really seen him do much else beside scowl until then. It was quite鈥 disarming.
The drive was relatively short. Knowing her colleagues had patrolled for the night, they were safe to park the car on the nearest pathway without anyone ever knowing they鈥檇 been there. It was still a bit of an off-trail trek, and Harry insisted she鈥檇 piggyback again. When they got there, it was close to sunset, a bit later than her usual time frame, but that was her own fault for dilly-dallying at the station. She didn鈥檛 ask, but she had a hunch he鈥檇 stood parked there for a while until she finally left.
Y/N didn鈥檛 know why he was doing this. He鈥檇 apologized, and that was enough for her. He didn鈥檛 have to go out of his way like this. But she was secretly glad he did. Maybe a bit more than just glad.
Harry was losing his mind. He didn鈥檛 know whether it鈥檇 been the fact that he鈥檇 resisted temptation and hadn鈥檛 seen her in a bit- he鈥檇 grown so used to her presence already, but something about her was heightening all of his senses. It felt as though he had her panties flush against his nose the whole time. Her scent was ten times more potent than before. It made his eyes roll to the back of his head.
Reaching the lake, finally, he began unbuttoning his shirt right away and nudged at her to follow suit. She bit her lower lip and began mirroring his actions, and Harry had to swallow the lump in his throat when she shrugged her shirt off. Her bra wasn鈥檛 one of the ones he鈥檇 seen in her top dresser, but even so, the view was spectacular. Her cleavage was making his mouth water, he could even see her pointed nipples through the fabric. Her whole body was littered in goosebumps and he wondered if maybe this was going to be too cold for her. His own body temperature was much higher, and he could withstand much colder environments without any discomfort, but he was aware of the fragility of her human condition.
鈥淭oo cold?鈥
She blushed furiously when she saw him looking at her erect nipples, 鈥淣o, it鈥檚 good. I鈥檒l get used to it. But I usually come in a bit earlier, I get out of the water just as soon as the sun goes down and the temperature starts dropping considerably. Not to mention, you know鈥 animals coming out. Can be dangerous.鈥
鈥淵ou tell me when you start getting cold, alright? Don鈥檛 worry about animals. I鈥檓 here.鈥
She furrowed her brows, smiling at him. Yeah, he鈥檇 somehow scared those wolves away that night, but they were probably just caught off-guard. She was pretty sure he wouldn鈥檛 be able to fight off a bear though, should one happen upon them.
He crouched to help her with her shoes and then slid her socks off, and she unbuckled her belt, letting her trousers pool at her feet while he was still down there. Harry fought off a smile before standing up again and helping her to step out of her pants and tried for her sake not to ogle at her almost naked body.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not planning on swimming in those, are you?鈥 she tried to keep her voice steady.
鈥淚鈥檓 not, just not in the habit of, uhm鈥 wearing underwear.鈥
Y/N felt her throat go dry, 鈥淲hat, like, ever? You just go commando?鈥
Harry kicked his chelsea boots off, 鈥淵eah.鈥
鈥淚sn鈥檛 that鈥 uncomfortable?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 just a preference,鈥 he shrugged, 鈥淐onsider that a heads up.鈥
He then undid his fly and she barely had time to look away before she heard him discard the skinny jeans.
Harry scoffed, 鈥淣othing that you haven鈥檛 seen before, sweetheart.鈥
鈥淚 was caught off-guard that first time!鈥 she defended.
鈥淵eah- only took you the amount it took me to get to the shore to figure out I was naked, hm? I don鈥檛 mind it, obviously. Are you gonna keep all that on?鈥
She slowly turned to face him again, making sure her gaze only met his, 鈥淵es. Shall we?鈥
He nodded 鈥淎re you alright with me carrying you like this?鈥 he gestured to himself, referencing his state of undress.
鈥淵eah鈥︹ her voice was small but she was determined this wasn鈥檛 going to be an issue. It wasn鈥檛 an issue. He was right, she鈥檇 already seen him naked. Would a pair of boxers really have made that big of a difference?
鈥robably yes, but it was too late now to back out of it. It wasn鈥檛 making her uncomfortable, in truth, just very shy, and she didn鈥檛 want to appear weak or silly in front of him. She didn鈥檛 want him knowing the level of effect he had on her.
She let him take her into his arms and walk them into the water. When the soles of her feet first touched the cold surface, she flinched, pulling away, and contracted her muscles which of course made her cry out in pain a bit.
Harry cursed at himself for having overlooked that. There was only one way to cut her suffering short though- and that was submerging the both of them fully into the water now that it had gotten past his middle- it was deep enough.
Resurfacing, Y/N wriggled her way out of his hold. He鈥檇 propelled them deeper and now they were deep enough for her to float. She splashed water at him, inhaling sharply through her mouth and panting heavily, 鈥淵ou jerk! Why鈥檇 you do that for?!鈥
鈥淵ou were hurting your foot鈥 this was the fastest way to get your body accustomed to the difference in temperature!鈥
鈥淐ouldn鈥檛 you at least warn me?! Hey, Y/N, hold your breath in for a sec?鈥
Harry threw his head back, laughing, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 sound like that!鈥 He splashed water back at her for mocking his English accent.
Y/N was momentarily frozen into place taking in the sight of him laughing with his whole body. It left her breathless, more than she already was. She averted her eyes when he looked back at her running his fingers through his wet hair, slicking it back.
Floating on her back, she allowed herself to calm down and enjoy the feeling of being weightless, something that was downright therapeutic for her injured foot, 鈥淭his feels amazing.鈥
Harry just looked at her, taking her all in. She looked at ease, and he was happy for it. He was also glad to have her scent watered down a bit. It was driving him wild. He didn鈥檛 know how he was going to drive her all the way back home.
They both swam for a bit, and Y/N took note of his technique. He was a natural. Surely he must鈥檝e done this his whole life. He moved in the water seamlessly. The sun had gone down and the moon was up in the sky, with stars slowly coming into view as well the darker it got.
She floated on her back again, taking in the view she so rarely got to see from inside the water. The sound of crickets and frogs were getting louder and louder, and Y/N felt her batteries recharge. She鈥檇 missed being out in nature, even though she's been cooped up in the station office for just a few days. She glanced over to her side and noticed it had actually gotten much darker than she realized. She could barely see the outline of Harry鈥檚 profile, illuminated by the moon, as he floated on his back near her. Somehow, as though he鈥檇 sensed her looking, he turned his face to the side to meet her gaze.聽
鈥淕etting cold?鈥 he murmured.
She nodded, submerging herself up to her torso, her toes touching the floor of the lake if she wanted, 鈥淎 bit, yeah. I don鈥檛 want to go, though鈥︹
He mirrored her actions and got closer to her. His skin glistened in the moonlight, and his eyes seemed all the more brighter. She could never get over his eyes. They were mesmerizing. She hadn鈥檛 even had the presence of mind to realize that he鈥檇 brought his arms around her until she took note of how closely she could look into his eyes. He was holding her close to his body. Impossibly close.
Y/N nodded slowly, not sure what to do or say next. She could hear the water droplets break the surface of the water as they rolled from off of his face, that鈥檚 how close they were. Could hear him breathing.聽
She brought her hands over his pecs, tracing the outlines of the swallows tattooed on each side, then rested her palms flat against them, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so warm鈥︹
He was seemingly emanating warmth. Her own hands were cold as ice against his skin. She looked back into his eyes, ungluing her own from her palms resting over the tattoos. Then her gaze inadvertently dropped to his mouth, and she wondered whether his lips would be just as warm. As if reading her mind, his tongue peeked between them, wetting his lips, and she glanced back into his eyes. But his were focusing on her own mouth, his lids heavy and his breathing a bit shallower. His heart beating a bit faster under her palm- or was she just imagining it all? She couldn鈥檛 break away from under the gravity of the moment to be able to tell. She felt as though she was in a trance.
She felt his fingers squeeze at her midsection a bit, pressing her even closer to him, flush against his body, and she gasped feeling him poke into her abdomen in doing so.
鈥淎re you going to keep these on when you get dressed? You鈥檙e going to soak your clothes鈥︹
His voice was deep, yet quiet. Barely above a whisper. It sent shivers through her body, and not because she was cold anymore. In fact, she felt as though she was on fire.
鈥淚鈥 I suppose not.鈥
Harry was teasing her a bit for not having foreseen having to take off her underwear anyway- but the reaction he got out of her was much better than he could鈥檝e ever anticipated.
Without taking her eyes off his, she bent her arms so that she could reach the clasp at the back, unhooking her bra and peeling it off, throwing it into the water without a care. The top of her breasts were barely breaking surface, her nipples still obscured from his view, but Harry鈥檚 mouth fell open at her brazen act. His hands wandered further up her body, until his thumbs reached the undersides of her breasts, thumbing at the curve of them there, back and forth, ever so slightly.聽
She allowed herself to let her hands travel further as well, the tips of her fingers reaching underneath his wet curls at the nape of his neck. In doing so, she鈥檇 pushed her body slightly higher up in the water, her torso emerging from underneath the surface completely.
His hands went under her bum on instinct, supporting her fully, bringing her eye level to him, and her legs went around his torso, his hardened cock now pressing into the underside of her left thigh. She couldn鈥檛 help but card her fingers through his hair, their noses coming into contact, him tracing the tip of his around hers until tilting his head sufficiently to the side and capturing her lips between his. He sunk his fingers into her fleshy bum when she opened up her mouth and invited his tongue in with a breathy moan.
The moment his lips met hers he was changed. Her soft mouth and wet tongue tasted and felt even better than he鈥檇 imagined, and he鈥檇 certainly imagined it. And her sweet moan would have made him weak in the knees if he were standing on land. He鈥檇 never felt anything so hot and intimate in his life. A part of himself knew that once he kissed her he鈥檇 be unable to stop pursuing her. He was already obsessed. But the feel of her fingers in his hair, her plush thighs wrapped around his middle, the way she slid her tongue against his and sipped at the tip when she closed her mouth around it鈥 he could barely hold it together. This had just gone beyond obsession.聽
He wanted to bring her to the shore and show her what else his mouth and tongue could do. Hear more of her little moans and whimpers as he satisfied his hunger for her.
With his fingers digging into her bottom he pulled her in closer and felt the skin of her thigh pressed hard into his prick. She gasped at the feel of it and he smiled into the kiss. His own heart was pounding so hard he could hear it. He wished that she wasn鈥檛 wearing underwear so he could press himself to her center, just to feel the heat, the slippery mess he knew must be leaking out into her panties.
Keeping hold of her bum on one side with one hand, he slowly moved the other upward, over her ribs, and ghosted the underside of her breast again, needing another feel. He really wanted to lay her flat on her back and knead them in his hands and then flip her to her tummy and do the same with her bottom before stuffing his face into the fragrant warmth between her thighs.
Another moan fell from her lips and Harry parted from her with a gasp. Both of their chests rising and falling quickly. With his forehead leaning against hers, Harry kept his eyes closed because he was certain they were glowing golden with how worked up he鈥檇 gotten. He would have continued kissing her all night but he could feel her shivering, despite his own warmth surrounding her. He needed to get her out of the cold water. And he needed to calm himself with a few deep breaths.
鈥淟et鈥檚 get you out and dried off so you can warm up,鈥 Harry whispered softly so as to not break the delicate moment. He held her close so she couldn鈥檛 see his eyes as he brought them both out of the water, going a little slower than he normally would to give his body and his wolf time to settle.
With his hands releasing her thighs he gently placed her down, unable to deny himself from the briefest glance at her bare breasts before quickly looking back into her eyes. He couldn鈥檛 look at her body for too long or he鈥檇 start to lose it again.聽
He quickly bent to her pile of clothing and went for her shirt to bring it to her, but before he could straighten back up, she threw her drenched panties right under his nose.
Harry tried to keep his composure, making sure to keep his eyes on hers as he approached her again, placing her shirt over her shoulders, and then running his own hands up and down her frame to warm her up.聽
Y/N melted at his affectionate gesture, especially after throwing her panties over to him like that. She expected him to look at her hungrily, maybe even try for more, but his priority was getting her warm. And she was getting warm. From the inside out.聽
He bent to get her pants next, while she shrugged her arms into the shirt properly, buttoning it up. He crouched in front of her the same way he鈥檇 helped her take them off, and she placed one hand on his shoulder for stability, noting how he was keeping his eyes firmly on her feet, gently helping her by bringing the material up her legs and when he reached the hem of her shirt he sat up straight, looking her right in the eyes again.
She tucked it into the trousers and secured her belt while he retrieved his own pants. She wished she could extend him the same courtesy but she wasn鈥檛 as strong as he was. Not only that, it was hard to miss.聽
Y/N already knew that his dick, even in just its flaccid state, was more sizable than any man she鈥檇 seen before but she was not quite prepared for its aroused state. Watching him move with his fully erect cock, heavy and swaying under its weight had her clenching and squeezing her thighs together involuntarily. She imagined the way it felt so hard and thick under her thigh when they were in the water. It made her palms sweat just knowing that that had just been pressed against her body.
She watched with labored breathing as he winced with a scowl, trying to tuck his erection into those skinny jeans of his. Which proved to be an issue when he had been unable to button his pants, his thick crown was pushing out over the top of the waistband of his jeans in a teasing call. Her mouth dropped open. Maybe that鈥檚 why he preferred going commando. Perhaps it was out of necessity more than preference given that it seemed unlikely anything could contain him.
He next bent to pick up his own shirt and on his way back up, he halted, taking her in. Her shirt had clung onto her damp body, the outlines of her breasts still deliciously visible, her wet hair dripping over top and making the shirt even more see-through. He鈥檇 just seen her naked but this was just as enticing. Getting her clothes on had done nothing to dampen his desire for her.聽聽
Instead of putting his shirt back on, he decided to add another layer of warmth to the girl, placing it over her shoulders. She wasn鈥檛 shivering anymore, but he could tell she felt cold still, and he really didn鈥檛 need it. Looking at her engulfed in his much nicer, larger shirt, knowing his scent was going to cling onto her now and follow her into her bed that night made him even more feral. If nothing else, this would be the way he鈥檇 brand her as his in that moment. It was a far cry from what he actually wanted to do, but it was making him wild nonetheless. He imagined her swaddled into the nicest furs in his den, her skin just as damp but from sweat and their mixed juices, her body trembling from ecstasy, not cold.
He swiftly placed his hand around the front of her neck and pulled her in for a quick, wet kiss that had her feeling dizzy. She鈥檇 never had a man put his hands on her neck before and the way Harry had done it, so tenderly, and confidently would have her rethinking all of her favorite intimate experiences. Surely this one had just replaced them all for top spot. No, it most definitely had.
His hand lingered on her neck as he rested his forehead against hers, and rubbed the tip of his nose to hers, trying to collect himself once more, 鈥淲e need to leave before I lose my senses completely, Y/N. You don鈥檛 know how much it鈥檚 taking me to keep from doing unspeakable things to you right now. And you鈥檇 let me, wouldn鈥檛 you?鈥
His voice was low and he鈥檇 even added a slight squeeze around her throat at the end there, for emphasis. It almost rendered Y/N unconscious, but not for lack of airflow. She felt like she was floating. Her voice came out small and shaky with need, 鈥淧lease.鈥
Harry squeezed his eyes shut, exhaling deeply through his nose and forcing himself to push his body away from hers. He didn鈥檛 trust his hand around her fragile neck with the state he was in, he didn鈥檛 trust his hands on her body at all, or even himself in her proximity. He wanted to devour her.聽
鈥淐areful what you ask for, sweetheart.鈥
A/N: (@fkinavocado and @gurugirl here) We barely made it out alive writing this one, guys. Hope you all enjoyed 馃サ14k is pretty impressive, so we expect lengthy feedback- we think we deserve it 鉂わ笍
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harrysblackcoat 3 days
Nikki the tags on that photo! Why would you do this
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I鈥檓 not wrong tho am I?
This is very much long term boyfriend Harry visiting your grandparents on a wintery Sunday afternoon. Your gran has been more than excited to see 鈥渉er favourite boy鈥 and your papa? Well he鈥檚 just happy to have someone to chat golf with. You both listen to their stories about the 鈥淕ood old days鈥 whilst your gran feeds you endless biscuits with freshly brewed tea. Harry chatting to your papa about the golf game he has booked for next week and going through their classic vinyl collections that they鈥檝e had since the sixties. And of course your gran can鈥檛 help but bring up to Harry when he鈥檚 going to marry you and with a blush creeping up his cheeks , he briefly looks over towards you before telling her 鈥渟oon鈥 鈥︹︹︹.
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tbslharry222 23 hours
Bad habit (2)
In which YN is Harry鈥檚 daughter鈥檚 teacher, and she and Harry used to be friends in college; smut; daddy!kink; fluff; angst; dad!harry (read part 1 here)
Word count: 18K+
Tumblr media
鈥淔ind a place for us to sit, pet, I鈥檒l go order鈥.
When Harry had told her he wanted to catch up, YN certainly didn鈥檛 think he was serious. She doesn鈥檛 know why any time it comes to Harry, she thinks he鈥檚 joking or making fun of her, how pathetic could she be that even the thought of him wanting to grab a coffee with her makes her think he鈥檚 taking the piss out of her?
She doesn鈥檛 know why, but she does, and when he had texted her if she was fine to meet him in the late afternoon for a coffee, she had to read the message three times to fully grasp its content.聽
She couldn鈥檛 believe her eyes, and she still can鈥檛 fully grasp the extent of it, when Harry is walking back to the table she鈥檇 chosen holding a tray with two coffees in his hands and a small ceramic white plate with a slice of banana bread with two small forks on it.
Oh god. He looks good. He鈥檚 so pretty it鈥檚 unfair, and YN thinks it鈥檚 nice seeing him outside of the school environment. He鈥檚 much more relaxed, and she notices he carries himself around with a sort of gleam to him, and many heads turn to look at him when he walks, but, then again, it has always been like this when it came to him.
As he鈥檚 walking back with their orders, she can fully grasp how he鈥檚 dressed: a pair of distressed jeans hug his legs, tucked away in a pair of black Uggs that YN finds adorable (even more so when she remembers Aidi owns a pair exactly like him鈥檚), and a black hoodie on top, his pink fluorescent beanie tucked away in the back pocket of his jeans. When he catches her looking, she averts her gaze quickly, but she doesn鈥檛 miss the smile he throws in her direction.
She tries not to blush too much when he sits in front of her and pushes her coffee towards her direction. He then takes the ceramic plate off the tray and positions it in the center of the table.
She takes a sip of her coffee and her eyes close as she tastes the sweet hot drink, 鈥渟till 鈥榤ember your coffee order鈥, he chuckles, smirking with his lips around his own mug of coffee.
YN takes a big gulp before setting her mug down, her cold fingers wrapping around it to keep some of the warmth with her. She doesn鈥檛 know how he could be so carefree in the way he delivers these types of informations.
To YN, remembering how someone takes their coffee after probably what could be more than five years, is a big deal. Like big. Because she remembers only a few of her friend鈥檚 coffee orders. And among these, there鈥檚 Harry鈥檚. But that isn鈥檛 special on her part, because she used to have a crush on him and she鈥檇 always be extra mindful of every little thing he did, and she knows for a fact that wasn鈥檛 Harry鈥檚 case when it came to her, so, once again, it doesn鈥檛 have to mean anything.聽
It doesn鈥檛, right? She needs to convince herself many times of this before she goes down a rabbit hole too intricate for her sanity.
鈥淪o鈥︹ she trails off, uncertain on how to make small talk, 鈥溾檚 been a long time, huh?鈥
Fuck, when she thought she couldn鈥檛 get any more awkward than she already was, she delivers the exact same line he had told her days ago at the school.聽
鈥淵eah鈥 he giggles, and if he noticed that she repeated his own words he doesn鈥檛 let her know, 鈥測ou鈥檙e a teacher now.鈥
Her brows furrow in the center and she throws him a puzzled look, 鈥淚 am. Don鈥檛 try to act too disappointed. You say it like there鈥檚 something wrong with it.鈥
鈥淣o, no, 鈥檚 not that鈥 he鈥檚 quick to say, waving a hand in front of him, 鈥渙f course there鈥檚 nothing wrong with being a teacher, bug, I just鈥 I remember your stories.鈥澛
It鈥檚 weird to her, how he would go there not even ten minutes into their coffee date, and she wonders what his point is. The chosen pet name doesn鈥檛 go unnoticed, and she feels the sound of her heart beating in her ears, but she knows it doesn鈥檛 have to mean anything. Probably too much baby talk with his three years old.聽
鈥淲ha鈥 you used t鈥檞rite in class. 鈥 he clarifies 鈥 you were good. Like鈥 we鈥檙e talkin鈥 Stephen King good. I can鈥檛 believe yeh鈥檙e not writin鈥 anymore鈥澛
鈥淲ho told you I鈥檓 not writing anymore?鈥 She teases.
He shrugs, 鈥淔igured you aren鈥檛鈥︹澛
鈥淚鈥檓 not鈥 she admits sadly, shaking her head. 鈥淏ut I wasn鈥檛 that good. I was鈥 okay鈥澛
鈥淵ou were, though. You really were鈥 gotta give yeh self more credit鈥澛
She looks down and plucks a piece of banana bread with her fork, bringing the small bite to her mouth and closing her lips around it.
She doesn鈥檛 miss how his eyes fall to her mouth, and she suddenly feels too hot.聽
She clears her throat and he averts his gaze quickly, bringing the mug to his lips and taking a small sip of his coffee.
鈥淟et鈥檚 talk about you, then鈥 she points her index finger in his direction and grins jokingly, 鈥渄o you even work? Or are you a stay at home dad?鈥澛
She feels a little silly now, and she wonders if he understood the true meaning behind her question. Of Course she wanted to know what he was doing with his life, but she really, really, really wanted to know if he was married, too. Can you blame her?聽
He blows a laugh through his nose and, 鈥淏loody hell, I wish! Stay at home dad 鈥 he repeats in a mocking manner 鈥, no鈥 I write stuff鈥
YN furrows her eyebrows as she chews around a rather dry piece of banana bread 鈥渟tuff? What do you mean?鈥
鈥淲hatcha think I mean? Books, 鈥榝 course! Silly thing yeh are鈥 he laughs and YN really wishes the ground would open and swallow her in one big bite.
鈥淲ell鈥 she trails off, 鈥淚 recall you mustn鈥檛 be very good. Never seen your name in a book shop鈥 she raises her brows in a challenging manner and her lips open in a grin across her face.
She likes teasing Harry because he gets all flustered and antsy, and for a moment it makes her feel in control. For a brief moment, though, because he鈥檚 quick to respond with a wit remark.
鈥溾楴ough o鈥檛hat! Yeh haven鈥檛 seen my name 鈥榗os I write under a different one鈥︹澛
鈥淚 don鈥檛 believe you鈥 she says, shaking her head.
He raises his eyebrows in surprise and smiles a sly smile at her, 鈥渉ave you ever read 鈥楾he Argonauts鈥?鈥
鈥溾榝 course I have鈥 she scoffs, 鈥渋t鈥檚 like the most popular book of the last鈥 shut up! Shut up! No, no way!鈥澛
鈥淒on鈥 act so surprised, pet! Yeh鈥檙e gonna shatter my ego鈥 he says, showing one of his dimples in a sideway smile. YN has to refrain herself from poking her index finger into it.
鈥淯hm, sorry鈥 it鈥檚 just鈥 wasn鈥檛 expecting it鈥澛
Harry watches as she lowers her head and brings the mug of coffee to her lips, taking a small sip. Her cheeks are pink and Harry wonders if it鈥檚 from the warmth of the drink or because of him, he likes to think it鈥檚 the latter, but he knows it鈥檚 probably not. YN has always been one hard to read, and as the time passes, he observes that hasn鈥檛 changed. She鈥檚 slightly more open now, at least she engages in a conversation, whereas before, she always seemed too busy to talk to him.聽
鈥淵ou could do it too if only you wanted鈥 he shrugs.
He鈥檚 aware the atmosphere between them suddenly changes, but he doesn鈥檛 regret his words. He remembers how passionate she was about writing, and he remembers how good she was too, much better than him, and it pains him to think she鈥檚 spent years not knowing it.
鈥淢aybe I don鈥檛 want to.鈥 She snaps, 鈥測ou don鈥檛 know me like that anymore鈥
鈥淭hink I never did, bug鈥 he says, and YN doesn鈥檛 miss the embittered grimace that spreads across his features.
鈥淎idi is a cute kid鈥 YN says after a while, tracing the handle of her mug with her fingertip. She notices he hasn鈥檛 eaten the cake, and she pushes the plate closer to him.
鈥淪he is鈥 he smiles happily, picking up the other fork and dipping in the banana bread, 鈥渓ove her so much. Dunno what I鈥檇 do without her鈥
YN reciprocates his smile, 鈥渟he鈥檚 very polite. You and her mum did a good job鈥.
She bites her bottom lip and she feels mortified. What possessed her to say that, she doesn鈥檛 know, and if Harry wasn鈥檛 aware of her crush up to that point, he must have definitely understood now that she manipulated the entire conversation on finding out if he has a partner.
Harry looks in her eyes with a glint in them, and he smiles amused, 鈥渁re yeh askin鈥 me if I鈥檓 single?鈥
鈥淲hat! No! You obviously aren鈥檛, I鈥檓 not鈥︹
He interrupts her with a loud laugh and 鈥渋鈥檓 just teasin鈥, love. Her mum isn鈥檛 in the picture. She bailed when Aidi wasn鈥檛 even one. Claimed it was too much, she was too much.鈥
鈥淥h, Harry. I鈥檓 really sorry, I shouldn鈥檛 have said anything鈥 she smiles sadly, and she stretches a hand across the table to meet his, which she squeezes lightly.
鈥溾檚 okay. I don鈥 blame her. A child 鈥檚 a big responsibility鈥 he shrugs, and when YN goes to remove her hand, he only squeezes it tighter, 鈥渂ut she definitely didn鈥檛 raise her鈥
YN nods and throws him a brief smile, the skin of her hand burning under his touch. Harry doesn鈥檛 remove his hand until the very last moment they have to leave, and she feels both hot and cold in his presence.
She had forgotten what it was like, being in his presence, and if her feelings were under control before, she feels them inside her like a raging river now, pushing to be let out.聽
It鈥檚 weird, to her, because it鈥檚 both premature and both too late, now, and despite the shift in their dynamic, and despite feeling like the universe might have given her a second chance, she isn鈥檛 brave enough. She鈥檇 never speak first. It鈥檚 a tale as old as times, and it鈥檚 been like that since she was little, and perhaps that鈥檚 why her relationships with the other sex stayed circumscribed to awkward hookups with strangers she鈥檇 met at bars, sometimes even single parents, but that was very, very awkward after (and it happened only one time, so it doesn鈥檛 even count!)
鈥溾榤 really happy we did this鈥 he smiles. They鈥檙e both walking out of the coffee shop now, and he holds the door open for her, and YN really tries not to stumble on her feet. Now, that would be very awkward.聽
Maybe, it鈥檚 a cruel joke of the universe, or she鈥檚 just as clumsy as a little kid, because as soon as she steps outside, she turns around to wait for him, and in doing that, her shoe stamps on the untied lace of the other shoe, and she feels her feet tangled together when she turns.
She prepares herself from the embarrassing imminent fall, but instead she is met with a pair of big arms circling around her waist and holding her in place.
Her nose is pressed against Harry鈥檚 chest and she tries to be very subtle in the way she takes a small sniff of his scent, smelling perhaps his fabric softener mixed with a woodsy, tobacco scent, that she figures could be his cologne.
鈥淲oah, easy there, bug鈥 firm, strong, hands take a hold of her bicep and she regains the balance on her feet, her eyes still avoiding his.
鈥淪trong reflexes you have there鈥 she mumbles, and she feels so embarrassed she might throw up all over her sweater.
鈥淐omes in handy with a three year old鈥 he chuckles, his fingers still gripping the fabric of her sweater.
鈥淭here鈥檚 the little bugger鈥 he says, and before YN can say anything, he crunches down on the ground and starts untying her shoe laces.
He ties them back in their place, and YN smiles despite the embarrassment when she notices he still uses the method of the two bunny ears, and she remembers Aidi telling her that her daddy is teaching her how to tie her own shoes (鈥渂ecause I鈥檓 a big girl now, Miss YN鈥).
鈥淭here ya go鈥 he pats behind her knee and smiles slyly at her when he鈥檚 back at eye level.
鈥淭hank you鈥 she blushes, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.
鈥淵ou know鈥︹ he trails off, and YN finds herself leaning closer, almost too scared that someone else would hear him and that his words weren鈥檛 only for her to hear, 鈥測ou haven鈥檛 changed a bit.鈥
Her mouth twitches and she tries not to feel too disappointed, feeling at a loss for words.
She bites down on her bottom lip and she crosses her hands against her chest to shield herself from the sudden wave of cold that possessed her. She doesn鈥檛 know what to say so she chooses to not say anything, she just watches as he takes his car keys out of his pocket.
She has to bite down her tongue to refrain herself from asking about the bunny. Because there definitely is a keychain in the shape of a very cute cream colored bunny hanging from his keys, and she isn鈥檛 delusional now. She鈥檚 sure it鈥檚 a bunny.聽
She smiles at him when he catches her staring at his fingers wrapped against the keys, and he reciprocates the smile. Unspoken words linger between them, a question about a bunny and an honest conversation about feelings, and it goes way back, to a conversation they both aren鈥檛 ready to have.
鈥淪ee yeh tomorrow?鈥 He asks, to which YN nods, 鈥測es.鈥
They part after a brief hug and a promise of doing this date thing again, and YN tries not to smile too much on the tube on her way home to not scare the other passengers.聽
And to think he said he didn鈥檛 know her. YN thinks he may know her better than anyone else.
It鈥檚 a little later in the month now, and despite the chilly weather, YN can鈥檛 wait to get to school.
Every year, the teachers organize a small, mid day, trip to the zoo, something easy but that the kids love very much, and parents are welcomed to come too, if they don鈥檛 feel safe enough to leave their kids with just the teachers. YN is ecstatic when she walks inside the classroom and a bunch of kids are already inside with Miss Enya, loud chatter fills the room, and she can feel the excitement lingering in the air.
It鈥檚 endearing, really, how something as simple as a trip to the zoo could make a kid so happy and giddy, and she just loves the atmosphere in general. She also really loves animals, and this zoo is more of a farm, really, so she knows the animals are being taken care of rather well.
Harry walks in at around 8, Aidi perched up on his lap, swinging her little legs happily.
She smiles at him a warm smile, and once he settles the little girl down, he makes his way quickly towards her.
鈥淒on鈥 think we鈥檝e ever been this early鈥 he laughs, knuckling at his eyes tiredly. He looks extremely soft, and YN takes in his appearance. He鈥檚 wearing a pair of running shorts, with a black sweatshirt on top, the lace tied at the neck, his feet tucked in a pair of white vans with white socks ending at his low calves. YN thinks she鈥檚 never seen him dressed as casual as he is now. His hair looks soft and disheveled, as if he鈥檇 just washed it a couple of hours before, and YN has to refrain her hand from brushing away a stray curl that鈥檚 fallen on his forehead.
鈥淭hey love the zoo鈥 she simply says, shrugging.
He nods as he looks around and YN wonders if he, too, can feel the excitement that鈥檚 lingering in the air, 鈥渄o yeh need help with somethin鈥?鈥
鈥淐an you help me pack the snacks? I鈥檓 a little behind鈥 she gestures towards the apples and chocolate bars she had bought earlier in the morning.聽
鈥溾榝 course鈥 he smiles, rising the sleeves of his sweatshirt up to his elbows and positioning himself next to her. He picks a small, clear, plastic bag and takes first an apple and then the milk chocolate bar, putting them both in the small bag along with a napkin, before twisting the ends of the bag and tying it in a knot.
鈥淣o bunnies today?鈥 He asks after a while, and YN really has to refrain herself from asking him to repeat himself.
She looks at him with her brows furrowed and he points to her top, a black hoodie similar to his in style, 鈥渘o bunnies鈥 he repeats, as if it was the most normal thing ever.
At this point, YN really can鈥檛 understand whether he鈥檚 teasing her or flirting with her.聽
She tsks her tongue against her palate and once she gains his attention, she brings two hands to the neck of her hoodie, tugging it down and revealing the gold necklace tucked away in the warmth of her shirt.聽
Harry raises one hand and brushes his fingers against her collarbone to pick up the necklace, not daring to go under her hoodie, and when the pendant is out and swaying against her chest, he picks it up in his hand. It鈥檚 still warm, and he feels a twitch in his belly at the thought of where it was tucked away between her breasts.聽
鈥淪ee, 鈥 he smirks, raising his gaze from the bunny to her eyes 鈥 I knew it was a necklace鈥
He throws the pendant another amused glance, and then he picks the fabric of her hoodie between his thumb and index finger at the neck, letting the necklace fall back to its previous hidden place, and then he turns back to packing the snacks, as if what he just did didn鈥檛 ruin YN completely. She feels her chest heaving, and she鈥檚 suddenly hyper aware of the necklace against her skin, as if it caught fire with his touch, and she feels the bunny fall hidden between her bra, warm from his hands. She鈥檚 completely ruined. And she thinks her panties are too.
聽鈥淒addy! Daddy! Snakes!!! I wanna see the snakes!鈥澛
Aidi comes running towards them when they pass the reptile area and she probably sees a drawing of a snake on one of the signs, tugging Harry鈥檚 hand to gain his attention.聽
鈥淏ug, yeh know daddy doesn鈥檛 like snakes鈥 he whispers, crunching down to her level, and YN grins teasingly because despite his effort of talking in a small voice, his daughter betrays him saying 鈥渄addy yeh don鈥 have t鈥檅e afraid, there鈥檚 the glass to protect yeh!鈥
YN chuckles loudly when she hears that, and Aidi looks up at her teacher with the most father-like grin YN had ever seen, 鈥渄addy is scared of snakes鈥.
鈥淎m not!鈥 He blushes, rising up from his crunched position, 鈥淵N, don鈥檛 laugh. I am not鈥
YN only laughs louder, throwing her head backwards and placing one hand against her tummy.
Aidi joins her, giggling loudly at her daddy鈥檚 pouting lips.
鈥淚 can go with you鈥 YN proposes, looking down at Aidi.聽
After the first tour of the zoo, the two teachers agreed with the parents to split up, to give every kid the opportunity of seeing what they wanted to see most, according to meet up at 1pm for lunch.聽
Harry had asked YN if she wanted to tag along with them, and Aidi had jumped in her place when she said yes, so that鈥檚 how they got here, in front of the reptile area.
鈥淵es!鈥 She jumps excitedly, still holding her daddy鈥檚 hand, 鈥渢hank you miss YN鈥
鈥淵eh don鈥檛 have to thank me, love. C鈥檓on!鈥 She stretches a hand for her to take, which Aidi does duteously, and together they walk inside the reptile house.
Once they鈥檙e inside, Aidi asks to be picked up to see the snakes better, and YN watches enamored as the little girl waves at the snakes resting inside the vivarium.
It鈥檚 nice to see how gentle Aidi is, because in a way, she鈥檚 an extension of Harry, and seeing how good he did with her, warms YN鈥檚 insides until she feels her limbs turn to jelly.
And to think he raised her alone! He did such a good job, she doesn鈥檛 know how to tell him again without sounding weird. It鈥檚 a strange feeling, watching the child of someone you once were in love with. Because at this point there鈥檚 no use in denying it. She was in love with Harry, the biggest crush she鈥檇 ever had for someone, never developed and never told, which is probably the most pathetic thing YN can think about.聽
鈥淲ere you friends with my daddy?鈥 Aidi asks all of a sudden, still perched against her hip.聽
鈥淵es, I still am his friend鈥澛
The little kid nods and points to one of the snakes that鈥檚 resting on a tree branch, 鈥渨hat鈥檚 his name?鈥
YN couldn鈥檛 possibly know his name, so she hums and pouts her lips jokingly, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think he has a name, bug.鈥
Aidi frowns at her words and YN is quick to say: 鈥渨hy don鈥檛 we name him?鈥
The toddler opens her mouth in a toothless grin and she sways her little legs in YN鈥檚 hold, excitedly.聽
鈥淚 wanna call him Mr Snuggles鈥
YN tries to suppress her laugh because she doesn鈥檛 understand how a snake could be associated with snuggles, of all things, but she knows this is a very serious matter in the perception of a three year old, so she assumes a serious face and gives her a firm nod of the head, 鈥渢hat鈥檚 a perfect name for him鈥
Aidi smiles brightly at that, happy to have the approval of her 鈥 favorite, Harry had confessed 鈥 teacher.
Back on the bus, YN is checking that every kid is strapped in as she walks through the bus鈥檚 hallway, smiling at every kid that she sees (most of them sleeping) and when she reaches Harry鈥檚 familiar face illuminated by the small light shining on his seat she smiles brightly at him.
When she notices the empty seat next to him she frowns and she goes to ask him where Aidi is, but he鈥檚 quick to say: 鈥渨anted t鈥檚it in the back, like a big girl, she said鈥澛
YN giggles at that and stretches her neck to look at the back of the bus, where she sees a group of toddlers sitting in the last row, she spots a sleeping Aidi between them, with her face propped against the big window. 聽
When the bus takes a big pothole, she has to hold on tight to the seat next to him to prevent her from falling, and when Harry notices that, he tugs on her hoodie with his hand to gesture her to sit next to him.
It鈥檚 almost six now, the sun has set and the road is dark, as is the bus, the led blue light of the hallway and every now and then the small one on top of the seats of still awake parents, the only sources of illumination.聽
She plops down in the seat next to him, crossing her legs in front of her.聽
He shifts in his seat so that he鈥檚 propped with his back against the window and his face is facing her. She does the same, watching him carefully.聽
He stretches one leg towards her on the ground and he bends the other at the knee against the back of the seat. This way, the skin of his knee brushes against her thigh, covered in a pair of leggings, but she might as well be naked with the way he鈥檚 looking at her, like he鈥檚 ready to devour her, and she tries to think if he鈥檚 ever watched her in that way. She doesn鈥檛 know, because she never really paid attention, assuming right away he鈥檇 never even spare a glance in her direction.聽
Was she wrong鈥
YN closes her eyes and she abandons her head against the headrest, shifting a little on her bum so she could get more comfortable, the long day catching up to her.聽
After a while, she feels Harry shift in his seat again, but she is too tired to open her eyes and check what he鈥檚 doing.
She feels the light finger tip of his fingers brush against her temple, brushing the hair away from her face, then he caresses the skin of her cheek softly, the contrast of his cold rings against her warm skin a solace for her skin, and he is so delicate in his movements YN feels like a rare flower he鈥檚 scared of plucking.
When he reaches her lips, she doesn鈥檛 know if she鈥檚 dreaming, and she feels his thumb brush against her mouth, the skin of his thumb tender and warm. She feels a hand sneak against the side of her neck, cradling her jaw and pushing her delicately against him.聽
She feels herself fall against his chest, between his legs, and she snuggles unconsciously against the soft fabric of his sweatshirt, her fingers reaching up to grab a hold of the fabric.
Her breathing regulates with every stroke of his gentle hand against her hair, and she feels herself fall, deeper and deeper in that rabbit hole she doesn鈥檛 see the end of.
YN stares at the screen of her phone, double checking the address Harry had written before ringing the door bell.聽
It鈥檚 a warm Sunday of November, and YN is standing outside Harry鈥檚 house, a plastic pink bag tucked between her fingers as she chews nervously on her bottom lip.聽
When Harry had told her, at the beginning of the week, that Aidi鈥檚 birthday was coming up and she鈥檇 begged him to invite her to the small gathering Harry was throwing her, YN certainly didn鈥檛 have it in her to decline.
It warmed her heart that Aidi liked her so much that she wanted her at her birthday party. These things are weird, and kids always watch on their teachers with an eye on, wary of the power dynamic. But perhaps that wasn鈥檛 Aidi鈥檚 case.聽
YN can already hear the loud screeching voices of small kids playing, and when Harry opens the door, she greets him with a brief hug, which he reciprocates kindly.
Weeks have passed from the zoo trip, and they didn鈥檛 speak about what happened on the bus, because truly, what was there to even speak about?聽
Harry is kind, and gentle, and probably just didn鈥檛 want her neck to hurt, his fatherly instincts kicking in providently. It鈥檚 as simple as that.聽
鈥淗i鈥 he says, 鈥渃ome in鈥.
YN walks inside, light on her feet as she follows him. He鈥檚 wearing a big knitted brown sweater, the neckline and the hem of the sleeves detailed in green, paired with a pair of green tailored pants that hug his thighs just right, and YN can see the muscles of his legs stretch as he walks.聽
鈥淎idi鈥檚 present鈥 she holds the pink plastic bag between them, and Harry throws her a furrowed look, 鈥測eh didn鈥檛 hav鈥檛o鈥
YN swats playfully at his arm and rolls her eyes, 鈥溾榝 course I had to!鈥
He grins at her and then eyes her carefully, gesturing towards her coat when he sees she鈥檚 about to take it off 鈥測eh can put that in m鈥檙oom upstairs. Don鈥 wan鈥 t鈥檊et it mixed up with t鈥檕thers. 鈥檚 t鈥檚econd door on the left鈥澛
YN nods her head and gulps under his gaze, removing her coat and holding it tight against her chest.
Maybe wearing the most revealing dress she owns wasn鈥檛 a good idea. She鈥檚 still his child鈥檚 teacher, for god鈥檚 sake!
Well, she can鈥檛 really go back now, can she?
The dress isn鈥檛 even that revealing, it鈥檚 just flattering, with a square neckline that shows a little bit of her chest, long sleeves and that ends just about mid thigh. Opposed to the oversized jeans and big sweaters she wears everyday at school, it鈥檚 a big change.聽
She turns around and walks towards the stairs, following his instructions.
She opens the door of his room and walks in, leaving her coat on his bed, and she tries not to think too much about how she鈥檚 leaving her coat on his bed. The room is nice, it reminds her of Harry, colorful and lively. The sheets are white but the bed is a nice cream color, above the headrest there are three abstract paintings that remind her of Jackson Pollock鈥檚. She walks closer to his bed side and she smiles when she sees a framed picture of him and Aidi. He鈥檚 smiling brightly as he holds her against his hip, both dressed head to toe in Disney merch, Aidi showing off the most precious little Mickey Mouse ears on top of her head, Harry sporting a matching pair, and she feels herself fluster at the sight.聽
They are both so precious, she can鈥檛 believe Aidi鈥檚 mum didn鈥檛 want to be a part of their life. Maybe she feels a little jealous, because in her mind, she truly did have it all and threw it away; she鈥檚 aware it鈥檚 unfair, thinking about others this way, and she鈥檇 never even met this lady! What if she was nice?聽
She doesn鈥檛 know, she just knows it wasn鈥檛 fair, leaving like that, and she wonders if Harry still feels the pain of it or if it鈥檚 an entirely healed wound.
She walks out of his bedroom and shuts the door behind her, looking attentively at the pictures on the walls and paintings he decided to have framed. YN believes you can tell a lot by someone鈥檚 house, and the chosen decor that comes with it, and she wonders what could be behind the closed doors she passes on her way from Harry鈥檚 bedroom to the staircase.
Perhaps he has a room full of books where he spends his Sunday afternoons, or maybe a playroom for his daughter鈥 one must definitely be a spare bathroom, the other鈥
鈥淢iss YN?鈥 She hears a small voice coming from behind her, and she turns her body quickly in its direction.
Aidi is looking at her with a puzzled expression, soon to be replaced by an excited one when she starts running towards her, hugging her leg tightly.
鈥淢iss YN!鈥 She exclaims, 鈥渨hy are you here? Daddy didn鈥檛 tell me鈥
YN furrows her brows at her and crunches down on the ground, hugging the little toddler.
She chooses not to linger on her words, she鈥檚 little, maybe she forgot she had invited her? Maybe Harry simply didn鈥檛 tell her? But YN remembers clearly how Harry had told her Aidi had begged him to invite her. Was he鈥 lying? But why would he?
鈥淚鈥檓 here because a little birdie told me it鈥檚 a special someone鈥檚 birthday?鈥澛
鈥淚t鈥檚 mine! It鈥檚 mine!鈥 She giggles, jumping up and down in her place.
YN picks her up and tickles her belly playfully, 鈥渕mmh, is it?鈥
鈥淵es!鈥 She giggles again, 鈥渟top, stop, tickles鈥 the hallway rumbles with the sound of their laughters, and YN wonders if this is what it would be like to have a family of her own鈥 Hallways always filled with laughter and colorful bedrooms and rooms full of books鈥
鈥淒o yeh want to see my room?鈥 She grins, and YN nods at her.
She looks adorable in her checkered baby blue dress, her hair are tied out of her face with a clipped white bow, and YN feels her chest warm at the thought of Harry doing her hair, because she definitely knows it鈥檚 him now.
YN follows the toddler to her room, the door in front of Harry鈥檚, and she opens her mouth in exasperated surprise once she sees it.
The walls are painted a pale pink, small elephants stickers plastered across the walls, and she can see on the ceiling the faint stickers of luminescent glow in the dark lights shaped as stars, a big crescent moon just above her bed.
She imagines what her room must look like at night, when it鈥檚 time to go to bed and Harry perhaps reads her a bed time story before tucking her in.
鈥淲oah鈥 she exasperates, 鈥渋t鈥檚 beautiful!鈥
鈥淚 know鈥 she giggles childishly, running to pick up a few of her dolls from the ground and putting them on the bed, 鈥渄addy did it鈥.
鈥淵ou have a great daddy鈥 YN lets out, and she blushes at her own words. It鈥檚 not like Aidi understands to an extent what she really had meant, but still, letting out those feelings makes her feel antsy.
鈥淗e is the best鈥 she nods seriously, picking up from the bed another doll.
鈥淢iss YN, do you want to play dollies with me?鈥 She asks politely, showing her the two chosen dolls.
鈥淚 think we should go downstairs, bug! It鈥檚 your party!鈥澛
鈥淯h! You鈥檙e right鈥 she agrees firmly, and YN tries to suppress her laugh at her serious pout.
鈥淲e鈥檒l play later, yeah?鈥澛
Aidi nods once again and takes YN鈥檚 outstretched hand in both hers, and they both walk slowly out of the room.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檒l stay for dinner?鈥 She asks, hopeful.
鈥溾榝 course I am! 鈥檚 your birthday!鈥 To which Aidi giggles loudly.
Laughter filling the hallways once again.
鈥淪orry I left you alone all day, hope yeh weren鈥檛 too bored鈥
It鈥檚 a little later in the day now, and YN is sipping on her drink absentmindedly while observing the beauty of Harry鈥檚 garden. The grass is well cut, English style, into a kind of hallway that serves as a driveway, and many flowers are planted adorning it.聽
She鈥檚 standing on the patio, where everyone had sang 鈥榟appy birthday鈥 to Aidi not more than an hour ago.聽
Some of the guests have already left, leaving only a couple of Aidi鈥檚 close girl friends and their respective parents. The sun is still shining, but it has lost its warmth, and the air is turning colder with every minute that passes.
The day had gone by quickly, Harry had rented an inflatable castle that was set up in the small garden that surrounded the house, where the kids had played until exhaustion.
Then, after a brief lunch (cooked diligently by Anne 鈥 Harry鈥檚 mother, YN had found out), Aidi had opened her presents, sitting on the couch and wearing the most precious tiara YN had ever seen 鈥 she made sure to tell her that.
Harry had been kind of busy all day, mostly checking that the kids didn鈥檛 hurt themselves while playing in the garden, making sure everyone was well feed and that no one鈥檇 leave with an empty belly.
After Aidi had opened her presents, he took care of tidying up the living room, tossing the pieces of wrapping paper she had discarded all over when opening her presents.
YN had stayed behind, talking every now and then with a couple of parents from the school that would come up to greet her, and she didn鈥檛 miss how some of them had eyed her suspiciously, and she wonders whether they thought something was going on between Harry and her.聽
She also didn鈥檛 miss how some of the mums would act around Harry, flirting blatantly with him, and she honestly can鈥檛 blame them. Harry is attractive, and above everything else he鈥檚 polite, kind and intelligent. Not to mention how much he adores his daughter.
it鈥檚 endearing how he takes his time to hear every single little thing she says, and he appears to engage in these conversations as well! He鈥檚 not only pretending to listen, he truly is interested in the way she sees the world and in the way she tells about it, and to YN, that is one of the most valuable traits of his character.
He鈥檚 standing in front of her now, towering above her and eyeing her carefully.
She shakes her head at his previous remark and brings a hand to shield her eyes from the sun, 鈥淚 had a lot of fun鈥, she says, squinting one of her eyes.
He moves a little on the right to cover the sun and she lowers her hand thankfully, 鈥渋 loved the bouncy castle, always wanted one鈥 she chuckles.
鈥淵eah?鈥 He says, smirking, his dimples appearing proudly on his cheeks, 鈥渕aybe I鈥檒l rent one for your birthday鈥 if yeh behave, that is鈥
YN feels herself fluster, and she gulps, his words replaying vividly in her mind.聽
If you behave.
He must definitely know the effect he has on her, because his eyes gleam, bright, and he looks down at her grinning slyly.聽
She scoffs when she recovers control of her own mind, 鈥淚鈥檓 too old for that!鈥
鈥淚鈥檇 rent one for grown ups, silly鈥 he remarks, like it鈥檚 the most obvious thing in the world.聽
YN wasn鈥檛 even aware they made bouncy castles for grown ups, and now she kind of wants one for her birthday. She won鈥檛 let him know, though.
鈥淏y the way鈥︹ she trails off, because now she鈥檚 the one that wants to tease, 鈥淎idi told me she didn鈥檛 know I was coming鈥
鈥淪he did?鈥 And he raises his eyebrows in surprise like he was caught in a lie, only for a brief moment, though, because he鈥檚 quick to add, 鈥淭old her many times lying 鈥檚 bad.鈥
鈥淚 feel like you鈥檙e the liar鈥 she mocks, swatting at his arm playfully.聽
鈥淵N鈥 he says seriously, 鈥渁re yeh sayin鈥 you believe a four years old over me?鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 exactly what I鈥檓 sayin鈥欌 she nods.
He pouts his lips jokingly and YN really, really, has to refrain herself from kissing his pout away.聽
Her gaze lingers a bit too much on his pouted, strawberry lips and she averts her eyes quickly when his tongue peaks out to wet them.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e silly鈥 he chuckles, and he raises one hand to pinch her tummy through the fabric of her dress. The movement makes goosebumps prickle on her skin and YN crosses her arms against her chest to warm up.
鈥淎re you cold?鈥 He asks quickly, and she doesn鈥檛 even have time to say no that he鈥檚 already scurrying inside, walking through the glass door.
YN follows him with her gaze, and she watches through the glass as he picks up a throw blanket from the couch, his brows furrowed in concentration and his tongue peaking up from between his lips as he bends down to pick the blanket up.聽
She turns her head quickly when she sees him make his was back to her, and once he reassumes his previous position in front of her, he opens the blanket to show it to her.
He unfolds it between them and then circles her shoulders with the blanket, wrapping it then across her front and tucking the hem under the other side.
鈥淭here yeh go鈥 he smiles snugly.聽
The blanket is soft and warm, and it hugs her body mellowly, and YN is aware it鈥檚 weird, but she suddenly feels protected under the shield of that soft fuzzy blanket, and perhaps not only from the cold鈥
鈥淭hank you鈥 she whispers softly, snuggling more in the blanket.
He looks at her every movement, his eyes are a deep shade of green, and she wonders if he鈥檚 ever looked at her like this before or if it鈥檚 the first time. She remembers he used to have these same eyes when he was a little bit drunk and the night was slowly coming to an end, or when he used to read one of her poems for class and he would look at the piece of paper as if he wanted to set it on fire with his gaze.
鈥淒addy!鈥 They both jump at Aidi鈥檚 voice, and Harry turns his head quickly in her direction, welcoming her with a bright smile.
YN lets out a breath she wasn鈥檛 aware she was holding in and she, too, turns to look at the little girl.聽
鈥淚s miss YN staying for dinner?鈥 She asks, stretching her arms upwards, demanding to be picked up.
Harry shifts her on one hip and looks towards YN warily, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, bug鈥︹
鈥溾榝 course I am!鈥 YN is quick to say, raising her hand to tickle at Aidi鈥檚 belly lightly, 鈥渢old you already, haven鈥檛 I?鈥
The little girl smiles happily, snuggling closer to her daddy and YN doesn鈥檛 miss the bright smile Harry shows her, which she mirrors instantly.
鈥淒o you have anyone you need?鈥 YN coos, referring to the stuffed dollies that Aidi required to be tucked in next to her as well.
鈥淭hink so鈥︹ she whispers sleepily, crowing her neck to check if she had everyone.
It鈥檚 bed time, now, and Aidi had specifically demanded that YN had to be the one to tuck her in, to which YN had agreed without a doubt.
YN is about to get up from the bed when Aidi says 鈥渘o! Wait! Cinnabun isn鈥檛 here鈥
YN furrows her brows, and throws a pointed look towards Harry, that is still propped against the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest. He has an alerted look on his face, and YN tries to make eye contact with him, but he averts her gaze quickly.
鈥淗ave yeh checked under the bed, pet?鈥 He says, walking inside her room.
He stops in front of the bed, where YN is sat, and he places a ring-clad hand on the bed, right next to her thigh, crunching down on his knees to check under the bed.
鈥淭here she is! Little bugger! What were yeh doin鈥 under the bed?鈥 He addresses the stuffed animal directly, 鈥渨anted to avoid bed time, huh?鈥
He pats away a little bit of dust off, and then places the bunny right next to his daughter, that holds it tight against her chest with the crook of her small arm.
YN is watching his every step as he moves, and she鈥檚 very well aware that Cinnabun is, in fact, a stuffed, pale pink聽bunny, dressed as a ballerina, and that resembles very much one of the bunnies that YN had printed on one of her old shirts she used to wear in college and that she eventually lost in the various times she moved.
When are coincidences no longer considered coincidences?
When Aidi has peacefully fallen asleep, Harry shuts the door quietly behind them and he makes his way down the stairs, YN trailing behind him, and she stays light on her feet, almost too scared she鈥檇 scare him.
Her mind is thinking a thousand thoughts all at once, and she isn鈥檛 really sure what to do. Does she address the bunny? Does she keep quiet? Is she going to pretend nothing happened?聽
She doesn鈥檛 really know how to keep going, actually, and she isn鈥檛 sure how she鈥檚 supposed to engage in a conversation with him, when her own mind isn鈥檛 even connected to her mouth.
鈥淪orry she made you stay for dinner鈥 he says once they reach the end of the stairs.
She wants to ask him if he鈥檚 sorry she stayed for dinner, but how can she?
鈥淲hat? No! I鈥檓 happy I stayed鈥 she shrugs, tucking her hands in the pocket of the hoodie he had lent her before dinner.
鈥淥kay鈥 he nods.
Something鈥檚 changed, YN can feel it in the way he鈥檚 averting her eyes, and she suddenly feels like she should leave.聽
鈥淢aybe I should go? It鈥檚 getting late鈥︹澛
鈥淣o!鈥 He blurts quickly, 鈥渘o 鈥 he repeats calmly 鈥 stay a little longer.鈥 And it really sounds like a plea.聽
And she doesn鈥檛 find it in her to go. It鈥檚 as simple as that. Sometimes all it takes is four small words.
So, she nods her head, and she gulps when she sees him visibly relax, some of the tension in his shoulders dissipating, and she wonders what the hell is going on.
Is it because of the bunny? She knows it sounds silly, bunnies aren鈥檛 special, most especially stuffed bunnies, and she鈥檚 aware they鈥檙e very popular with kids, but it鈥檚 the same bunny. Thesame. And hadn鈥檛 he not mentioned remembering it, she wouldn鈥檛 have thought any more than what it was; a simple bunny. But nothing was simple when it came to Harry. And nothing was simple when it came to YN.聽
鈥淒o yeh want some wine? I think I have some red in the cabinet鈥︹ he asks, pushing a stray curl out of his forehead with his fingers.
She hums, 鈥測es. Yes, okay鈥
He nods and makes his way to the kitchen, and YN debates for a moment if she should follow him.
When he turns his head briefly to check where she is, she realizes he wants her to follow, and she does, catching up quickly with him.
A couple of drinks later, the tension has evaporated completely, and both Harry and YN are relaxed in each other鈥檚 presence, probably like they haven鈥檛 been in a long time.
They鈥檙e both sitting outside facing each other, on the wooden chairs in the patio, because Harry had claimed he was getting too hot inside. YN had chuckled loudly and told him it was probably the wine, but, still, he dragged her outside, picking up the throw blanket when walking on the way out.
YN has her legs crossed at the ankle and her feet propped on his upper thigh (she had originally put them on the chair, but he had moved them immediately after, claiming it was more comfortable the other way), and Harry the same, so the blanket could cover the both of them equally.
Harry is stroking the skin of her shin as he talks, because he is a really talkative drunk and a touchy feely drunk probably even more so. YN doesn鈥檛 know if he realizes what he鈥檚 doing, and most especially, what he鈥檚 doing to her, because with every stroke of his fingers against her naked skin, goosebumps pebble in its wake.
She takes a sip of her wine, and she bats her eyelashes tiredly, and she doesn鈥檛 know if it鈥檚 the wine or his velvety voice, but she feels herself almost drift off to sleep. Almost.
If it wasn鈥檛 for one thing Harry says that catches her attention and perks her up against the backseat of her chair.聽
He was reminiscing on their college years, and he was rumbling, in YN鈥檚 opinion, and she was too tipsy and too besotted with the way he was caressing her skin to understand fully what he was saying.
Until he mentioned how he always used to ask her for a spare pen, and YN felt her breath catch in her throat, because there鈥檚 no way he remembers that.
鈥淵eh had so many! One time you gave me a pink one鈥 I think you hand鈥檛 realized, and I really didn鈥檛 have it in me heart to tell yah, so I had like鈥 five pages of pink notes!鈥 He snorts, 鈥渢hey were so pretty, though鈥 he says dreamily.
鈥淵ou could have told me!鈥 She chimes in, pinching the skin of his thigh covered under the blanket.
鈥淧ff鈥 he scoffs, 鈥溾榝 course I couldn鈥檛鈥 I had like, the biggest crush on you. Like鈥 the biggest鈥 he stresses.
YN鈥檚 eyes widens when she hears him, and she lowers her glass on the ground, suddenly feeling very sober.聽
鈥淚 was so in love wit鈥檡ou! M鈥檉riends always used t鈥檓ake fun o鈥檓e fo鈥檌t.鈥 He continues, and he shakes his head and laughs a soft laugh through his nose, his green eyes twinkling like a lighthouse in the dark night, as if behind his gaze the memory of his college years is running fast as a joke YN didn鈥檛 hear quite well enough to participate in.
鈥淲hat?鈥 YN says, and she tries to hide the surprise in her voice. Her heart is beating fast in her chest and his words are replaying in her head. Isn鈥檛 he a little too old to play games?聽
鈥淗arry鈥 what are you even鈥 what are you talking about?鈥澛
鈥淒on鈥檛 tell me yeh didn鈥檛 know?鈥 He raises his brows in surprise, and he balances his empty glass on the armrest of his chair, the clear wine stained glass shining in the night. 鈥淵ou were t鈥檖rettiest girl I鈥檝e ever seen, o鈥檆ourse I liked yeh鈥 he chuckles.
She feels her heart skip a beat as her eyes are fixated on an undefined point in front of her; prettiest girl he鈥檚 ever seen? That couldn鈥檛 possibly be true.聽
Yn remembers how she was in college: shy, never spoke her mind, every once in a while 鈥 when people paid attention 鈥 she would crack a joke, that would come out strangled and rushed, and she remembers vividly how often her friends wouldn鈥檛 get the joke, and she鈥檇 have to explain it, therefore the joke losing all its funniness, and she would try her hardest not to avert her gaze from their eyes, and she remembers clearly in her mind how it felt, what was it like having all those eyes looking at her, especially a pair of green ones that used to always make her nervous 鈥 they still do, if she鈥檚 honest.
Once again, she tries to think about the past, and if there ever was a time when Harry had looked at her like more of the awkward girl that sat next to him in class, but she can鈥檛 find any. And at this point, after months of knowing 鈥 reknowing 鈥 Harry, shouldn鈥檛 she be able to tell when he鈥檚 telling the truth? Because he is, he looks like he is. And she wishes he is. But the thought carries with it a bittersweet taste, the awareness of being too late lingering on her head like Damocle鈥檚 sword.
鈥淣o鈥 no, you were with Natalia, I remember you dating Natalia鈥 YN says nodding her head, trying to somehow convince herself Harry is still going on with this joke she isn鈥檛 aware of.聽
She鈥檚 positive she would鈥檝e noticed if Harry liked her.聽
But鈥 would she, though?聽
Because she remembers all those nights she spent looking at him, and averting her gaze when he鈥檇 catch her, and she vaguely remembers how sometimes she鈥檇 feel his lips linger a second too long on her cheek when he鈥檇 greet her goodbye.聽
鈥淣o! 鈥 he says, furrowing his brows, 鈥 that was after. After I realized I had no chances with you. Natalia was kind o鈥欌 there. Yeh obviously didn鈥檛 like m鈥檅ack鈥 everyone knew. Y鈥檞ere always in y鈥檕wn world鈥 I never really knew how to talk to you鈥︹ he says, and YN feels like she might throw up.
She feels hot and cold at the same time, and she wants to rip off the blanket from her legs, but Harry still hasn鈥檛 stopped touching her, and she feels lightheaded.聽
She feels exposed, and she definitely feels stupid, and images of a very college-y Harry run fast before her eyes, as if her brain is presenting the proofs of what he鈥檚 saying.
She sees him laugh at her joke (squinted eyes and dimples on display too!) when she thought no one had heard her, she sees him looking directly at her that one time he was playing a Beatles song on the guitar, she sees him brush his knee against her thigh willingly, and asking for her pens, and complimenting her on her writing and on her stories, and she sees him looking with piercing eyes at her lips that one time she had to read her short story out loud.
She sees him now, looking at her with half lidded eyes, his hair clipped back with one of Aidi鈥檚 pink, flower shaped clips, and she feels sick. She feels sick and at the same time she wants to kiss him. She wants to lean in and brush her lips on his, taste the wine on his tongue, explore his mouth鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, 鈥 he says after a while, when he realizes YN hasn鈥檛 said anything, waving a hand in front of them 鈥 I got over it after a while.鈥
鈥淣o鈥 I鈥 I didn鈥檛 know. You never 鈥 you never said anything, I鈥︹ at this point, she鈥檚 rumbling, but she really doesn鈥檛 know what to say. It鈥檚 sad, really, how much time she lost thinking no one liked her. Harry liked her. He liked her! Even if she was shy! Even if she was awkward! She can鈥檛 seem to wrap her head around it, somehow the thought of him liking her back, overwhelmed her. How sad could she really be?
鈥淥h! Don鈥檛 go all embarrassed on me now!鈥 He giggles, but they both are aware that there鈥檚 no humor in his laugh, 鈥淚t鈥檚 in the past now鈥 told yeh I got over it.鈥 He repeats.
鈥淵eah, yeah 鈥 she laughs nervously, shifting uncomfortably on the chair 鈥 I just wish I knew.鈥澛
鈥淵eah鈥 me too. Me too.鈥 He nods, biting his bottom lip to prevent himself from going further. He had already ruined the night enough. He didn鈥檛 have to confess how he hadn鈥檛 gotten over her, not even a bit.
Harry looks at his reflection in the mirror and he sighs. He shouldn鈥檛 go. He knows he shouldn鈥檛 go. He knew it as soon as he read YN鈥檚 text, but that didn鈥檛 mean he didn鈥檛 want to. After what he told YN, drunk on wine and untold words, he should鈥檝e stayed low. And believe me, he wanted to. He even debated whether he should enroll Aidi in another kindergarten. It was that serious. But then鈥 he saw YN. He saw her in school, wearing a big long sleeve t-shirt with the pink outline of a bunny on it, that almost swallowed her, and she looked fine, she smiled brightly at them once they came in, and he thought maybe she didn鈥檛 remember. Maybe she was so drunk she forgot how he told her about how much he loved her back in a time where everything seemed so simple yet it never truly was. That鈥檚 why, when he鈥檇 gotten the text, he only debated for a brief moment before answering.
鈥淚 look hot鈥 he nods, trying to convince himself. He鈥檚 always been confident in himself, but鈥 there鈥檚 something about getting rejected by the very first girl you liked seriously and having to see her after you professed your love for her.
鈥淲hat was that, honey?鈥 His mum, Anne, calls out from the bedroom, and Harry cusses under his breath. Great.
鈥淣othing, mum鈥 he stresses, passing a hand through his hair to adjust them.
鈥淵ou ready?鈥 Anne asks once he enters the bedroom, and she walks up to him to tug at his tie a bit, straightening it.
鈥淵es鈥 he nods, thanking her for the tie. 鈥淎idi is okay?鈥 He asks, picking up his phone from the nightstand and removing it from the charging cable.聽
鈥淵es, already tucked in bed鈥 Anne smiles, 鈥渟o鈥 this thing you鈥檙e going to鈥︹ she trails off, leaving the phrase unfinished.
鈥淚t鈥檚 for charity, mum. Aidi鈥檚 school is hosting it. I think all parents are going鈥︹
鈥淎nd are you going with someone鈥 someone special, perhaps?鈥 She teases, walking to his closet and putting away the fresh clothes she had just washed for him.聽
鈥淢um! No!鈥 He exclaims, whining, 鈥測ou know I have no time for a relationship.鈥澛
鈥淚 know, my love, but鈥 it鈥檚 been four years now. Don鈥檛 you think it鈥檚 time to get back out there?鈥澛
鈥淚 don鈥檛 need to, mum. Really. Things are fine as they are鈥 he shrugs. 鈥淚 have to go now, 鈥檚 gettin鈥 late鈥
鈥淥kay, just lookin鈥 out for yeh baby鈥 she says softly, raising one hand to squeeze his shoulder reassuringly.聽
鈥淚 know, mum. I鈥檓 gonna say bye to Aidi, now, yeah?鈥
鈥淵ou do that鈥 she nods, following her son out of the room, 鈥渙h and Harry?鈥
鈥淵es?鈥 He questions, his brows furrowed as he turns his head to her.
鈥淵ou look handsome鈥 she giggles before disappearing down the stairs. Harry lets out a groan at his mum鈥檚 teasing and makes his way to his daughter鈥檚 room.聽
YN takes a sip of her champagne as she scans the room attentively. Many parents have come up to her to greet her hello, everyone but the one she was particularly looking for. It鈥檚 well past 10 now, and Harry still hasn鈥檛 show up. YN doesn鈥檛 even know if he鈥檚 coming, really. When she had sent the invitation, she didn鈥檛 know what to expect. After that night at his house, YN tried to play it cool, but his words resonated in her head every time she wasn鈥檛 busying herself with something.聽
What was the point behind what he said? What did it mean? After all these years, did it have to mean something? Or was it something he said to be鈥 fun? To reminisce on past times?聽
She possibly couldn鈥檛 know, and she wouldn鈥檛 dare ask him, so she just pretended nothing happened between them, greeting him and Aidi with the biggest and brightest smile she could muster.
When she sees him walk in, she feels her breath catch in her throat. He looks鈥 he looks handsome. Dashing. She truly wouldn鈥檛 know how better to describe him. His hair are brushed back from his forehead, but a single strand curl is falling in front of his eyes, and he鈥檚 wearing a black suit with a white shirt underneath it, a black tie around his neck. She gulps when they lock eyes, all the way across the crowd of people, and he smiles at her, dimples on display, his eyes bright and green.
He鈥檚 walking towards her, making his way through the room like he owns it, and once he鈥檚 in front of her, he lowers to greet her with a kiss on the cheek.聽
鈥淗i鈥 he says against her ear, 鈥測ou look鈥 beautiful鈥 he tilts his head backward just enough to take her in, and she truly does look beautiful. She鈥檚 wearing a long, black velvet, off the shoulders, long sleeve dress, that hugs her in all the right places and curves.聽
鈥淭hank you鈥 she blushes, raising one hand to hold against his bicep, 鈥測ou do too鈥.
He grins at her and she flushes, looking around the room to avoid his piercing gaze.
鈥淪o, what鈥檚 this thing fo鈥 anyway?鈥 He asks.聽
鈥淥h鈥 it鈥檚 just money the school raises for parents that can鈥檛 afford to pay the tuition, it鈥檚 a noble cause, really鈥澛
鈥淚t is indeed, you didn鈥檛 mention that in your text鈥 he questions, looking at her with his brows furrowed.
鈥淚 knew you鈥檇 come anyway.鈥 She shrugs, 鈥測ou鈥檝e always liked helping others鈥
His eyebrows shoot up in surprise and he clears his throat, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 true, I do.鈥
She throws him a gleeful smile which he reciprocates immediately, and for a moment, they stay like that, looking in each other鈥檚 eyes, and YN doesn鈥檛 miss the gleam in his when he locks them with hers.
Harry鈥檚 thankful. He thought that after what he鈥檇 said, there would be tension between them, and that he鈥檇 kind of ruined their new found relationship, and he鈥檚 thankful now that he鈥檚 learned he hadn鈥檛. It鈥檚 true, what his mum said, he鈥檚 been alone for four years, never really being alone but always feeling lonely, and it鈥檚 nice having someone to talk to, every once in a while.聽
鈥淒o yeh know where I can get a drink?鈥澛
It鈥檚 a little later in the night now, and YN is feeling tipsy but definitely not drunk. Harry hasn鈥檛 left her side once, and they chatted like no time had passed between them, and it鈥檚 delightful. Truly. She hasn鈥檛 felt like this in a long time.聽
鈥淚 think I need to get some air鈥 she chuckles, 鈥渢he champagne鈥檚 gettin鈥 to my head鈥
鈥淟et鈥檚 go outside, yeah?鈥 He takes her hand in his and guides her through the room.聽
As they鈥檙e making their way out of the school, YN hears someone call her name from the hallway. She raises her head quickly, a puzzled look on her face that fades as soon as she recognizes the speaker, 鈥渙h my god, hi! How are you?鈥 She exclaims, leaning over to greet Michail with a kiss on the cheek.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 fine! I was wondering where you were鈥 kind of was looking for ya actually鈥 he chuckles, raising one hand to scratch the skin behind his neck.聽
鈥淥h鈥︹ she flushes, giggling embarrassedly. She hears Harry beside her clear his throat, and then two pair of eyes are on her, looking at her curiously.聽
鈥淢ichail, this is Harry. Harry鈥 this is Michail鈥 she introduces them, and Harry stretches one hand between them, that Michail shakes tightly.聽
鈥淣ice to meet you, are you a teacher too?鈥 He asks Harry.聽
鈥淲hat? No鈥 I鈥檓 here as a guest鈥 he chuckles, 鈥淵N鈥檚 guest鈥 he points out.聽
YN feels herself blush at his words, and she throws Michail a brief smile, 鈥渙h, okay鈥 he nods, 鈥渟o I guess I鈥檓 not seeing you later?鈥澛
鈥淵eah, you guessed right鈥 Harry smiles, but YN can hear the tension in his voice.聽
What is happening? She feels her head spinning and she really needs to sit down. Or get some air. Either one would be fine.聽
鈥淥kay, it was nice seeing you, YN鈥 Michail says, 鈥測ou too, Harry鈥 and he leans in to place a kiss against her cheek, waving bye to Harry and walking back in the other direction.聽
YN watches his back as he walks away, and once he disappears behind the big doors of the gym, she turns her head to look at Harry. But he isn鈥檛 standing at her side anymore, he鈥檚 walked a bit ahead, a hand tugging at his hair.聽
鈥淗ey, you okay?鈥 She whispers as she approaches him, and he鈥檚 startled by the sound of her voice.聽
鈥淵eah, yeah鈥 he nods, reassuring her.聽
鈥淥kay鈥 she whispers once again, squeezing his shoulder lightly.聽
聽鈥淢aybe I need to sit down鈥 he ponders, nodding his head and locking his eyes into hers. His are panicked, searching all across her face, and he finds comfort in her soft gaze, but he doesn鈥檛 miss the confused look across her features.聽
鈥淲ait, let鈥檚 go in here, yeah?鈥 She gestures towards one of the classrooms she knows is vacant at this time in the night. After hurrying Harry inside and checking that no one had seen them go in, she closes the door behind them.聽
Harry sits on the big desk and YN stands in front of him, searching for his gaze with her eyes.聽
鈥淗arry鈥 are you okay? What happened?鈥 She tries again, stretching her arm to squeeze his bicep to gain his attention.聽
鈥淚s that鈥 who was that?鈥澛
鈥淲ho? Michail? He鈥檚鈥 one of the kids鈥 father鈥 she says, 鈥渨e used to see each other鈥 a while back鈥 she admits.聽
鈥淪ee?鈥 He chimes, his brows raising in question.聽
鈥淲e hooked up one time鈥 she shrugs, crossing her arms on her chest to shield herself from the sudden cold that took upon her body.聽
鈥淎nd were you plannin鈥 on seeing him tonight, too? Because you know, when you sent me that text, I thought I was coming as your guest, YN!鈥 He snaps.聽
鈥淵ou are my guest?鈥 She says, but it comes out more like a question, and she doesn鈥檛 know why. Confusion is running through her mind and she feels silly standing in front of him like this.聽
He scoffs at her words, 鈥測eah, I am. Like every one else is, right? Because you didn鈥檛 invite me鈥 鈥淗arry, where are yeh gettin鈥 at? It鈥檚 a charity gala thrown by the school! Of course every one was invited鈥 she clarifies, her brows pinched at the front.聽
He shakes his head, 鈥渟o I guess I鈥檝e misread the signs鈥澛
鈥淲hat signs?鈥 She questions, and when he doesn鈥檛 answer, she repeats herself: 鈥渨hat signs, Harry?鈥澛
鈥淚 thought you invited me! But I guess you didn鈥檛, because yeh don鈥檛 like me like that and yeh never did. It鈥檚 fine. I get it. I just thought鈥 when the invite came鈥 fuck鈥 I don鈥檛 know what I thought鈥 he rumbles, and YN feels her head pounding. His words don鈥檛 seem real, and she feels as if she鈥檚 experiencing this conversation from outside of her body.聽
鈥淚 don鈥檛 understand鈥 she simply says, because it鈥檚 true, she doesn鈥檛, and despite feeling silly, she wants him to clarify. She wants him to be honest and tell it to her face.聽
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know how to show it any more than I already am鈥 he shrugs, his eyes avoiding her gaze, looking anywhere but her face. 鈥淚 really don鈥檛, YN. You have to help me here because I don鈥檛鈥︹ he doesn鈥檛 finish his phrase on time that YN is already on him, cradling his jaw with one hand and the nape of his neck with the other, and she presses her lips against him, hard, in a kiss that knocks the air out of his lungs.聽
He gasps against her mouth and she sighs into his, her fingers curling through his hair and tugging a bit. He places one hand on her hip and tugs her closer to him, parting his legs a bit to make room for her.聽
As he indents his fingers on her skin, the realization of what鈥檚 happening finally hits her, and she parts from his lips with her chest heaving between them. Harry follows her lips with his own, and he pecks her mouth briefly once again.聽
His mouth is greedy, and he kisses her like she could float away any moment, and she relishes in the feeling, and it makes her feel special, like she鈥檚 never felt in her whole life. She tugs on his hair and he sneaks his tongue inside her mouth,聽 exploring every inch of it.聽
He caresses his tongue against hers, and it鈥檚 all teeth clashing against each other, and he鈥檚 sucking greedily on her bottom lip, drinking her in. He parts from her lips and makes his way down her neck, kissing against her skin avidly. He bites the tender juncture where her neck meets her shoulder and then licks against the bite, soothing the skin. He blows against the mark and then keeps going down, the low neck of her dress allowing him access.聽
鈥淔uck鈥 he breathes against her skin, 鈥淚 waited years for this鈥.聽
A whine comes out choked from his throat and she sighs heavily. He brushes his fingers against her arms, tugging down the sleeves of her dress with him.聽
鈥淎re you drunk? How much did you have to drink?鈥 He asks mindfully, parting from her skin and looking agonizingly into her eyes.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 not that drunk鈥 she states, her chest heaving with every breath she takes, 鈥淚 feel okay. Do you?鈥澛
He leans down to leave a kiss between her eyes and she closes them, not missing the affection behind his gesture.聽
鈥淵es鈥 he whispers, and YN can feel his breath against her mouth. She rises her head and their mouths meet in a shy peck.聽
He then leans down to kiss her shoulder, and then tugs her dress down, exposing the skin of her breasts.聽
She instinctively brings her hands to cover herself, her palms shielding her pebbled nipples, and 鈥渟orry, if it鈥檚 not鈥 if I鈥檓 not鈥︹ she shakes her head, feeling pathetic in her shyness.聽
With gentle hands he grabs both of her wrists and tugs them down, then he switches hands so he could hold them with just one hand, and he brings the other one to her side boob, caressing the skin with his thumb.聽
She shivers under his touch, goosebumps pebbling against her skin, and she watches his every move, as his fingertips continue their path down her body, caressing her side and resting at her waist.
He splatters a hand against her stomach, stroking the skin softly, 鈥淟ook at me鈥 he says, and his tone is soft but has a dominancy to it, and YN finds herself obedient to him, and she rises her glance to meet his, albeit shyly.
鈥淚t鈥檚 me鈥 he says, 鈥渋t鈥檚 me鈥 he repeats. As if to say, I鈥檓 an old friend, and nothing has changed.聽
Does he know she鈥檇 dreamt of this feeling in the comfort of her bedroom many times?
鈥淚 know鈥 she whispers, 鈥渋鈥檓 just鈥︹澛
鈥淵ou鈥檙e perfect.鈥 He chimes in, 鈥 the most beautiful girl i鈥檝e ever seen鈥. And he鈥檚 aware he shouldn鈥檛 be like this. He鈥檚 aware he could be making a fool out of himself, because even if she has consented to this, this doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean anything. It doesn鈥檛 mean she feels it too. But he has to tell her, now that he has a chance. Now that his behavior and sappy compliments could be misjudged as coming from horniness. He can tell her now. Just this once, she can have everything.
She smiles shyly at his compliment and she nods her head briefly, 鈥渙kay?鈥 He repeats, 鈥渙kay鈥 she reassures.
And they鈥檙e back to square one, but this time, when Harry leans in to take her right nipple in his mouth, she doesn鈥檛 stop him. She frees her wrists from his hold and brings a hand to the back of his head, pushing herself into his mouth.聽
When his teeth graze the sensitive skin of her hardened nipple, she lets out a whimper, and Harry, avid and eager to hear the sound again, bites gently on it.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so sensitive鈥 he breaths out, as he continues sucking on her nipple.聽
He brings the hand that rested against her stomach to take her other breast, and he pinches the other nipple between his thumb and index finger.
He parts from her nipple, breathing heavily, and YN lets out a loud sigh at the sight of his lips shiny with his spit and swollen from the kissing. He鈥檚 gorgeous.聽
He brushes his thumb against her nipple, and 鈥渕ore鈥 she pleads, begging him.聽
He chuckles breathlessly, 鈥渃an you take your clothes off for daddy?鈥 He asks, and YN feels herself almost faint on the spot. Of course he鈥檇 have a daddy kink.
She gulps and with trembling hands she reaches behind her back to unzip her dress.聽
She halters her movement once she remembers a tiny detail they both didnt notice, 鈥渢he door鈥 she stresses, 鈥渨e didn鈥檛 lock the door鈥澛
He throws a glance towards the door, and stands from the big desk, walking towards it.
鈥淭he door doesn鈥檛 lock鈥 he says after checking.聽
鈥淔uck鈥 she breaths out.
He turns around, a sly smirk adoring his features, and he makes his way back to her.
鈥淭hat just means I鈥檒l have to be quick鈥 he grins.聽
He places a hand on her waist and gives her a reassuring squeeze, 鈥渢ake the dress off鈥.
And YN reaches behind her back and tugs the zip down. She鈥檇 never had someone refer to themselves as her daddy before, and she feels so hot and wet she鈥檚 sure her panties are completely ruined. She doesn鈥檛 miss how he鈥檚 still completely dressed, and she pouts her lips at him, 鈥測ou too鈥
鈥淪hh鈥 he shushes her, 鈥渄addy makes the rules鈥.
She bites hard on her bottom lip and with her fingers she pushes the loosened dress down her body, to pool at her feet.聽
She鈥檚 just in her heels now, and she looks down at her feet, but before she can reach down to untie them, he stops her, 鈥渓eave those on鈥.
She nods cautiously and when she sees him take a step towards her, she takes one back involuntarily. He鈥檚 looking at her as if he wanted to devour her, and she feels small before his eyes. And she likes that. Because this time, even if he鈥檚 in control, he鈥檚 completely dependent on her. And there鈥檚 a power in that too.聽
Her butt meets the cold surface of the desk, and she jumps surprised at first, then she sits against it. Once he reaches her, he brings one hand on her outer thigh, caressing the skin there.
鈥淪鈥檚oft鈥 he murmurs, looking avidly into her eyes with his green ones.
鈥淪coot up鈥 he orders, patting her thigh, and she obeys, sitting her bum on the desk.
With one hand against her chest he pushes her down, so she can lean against the surface, and she shivers once her back meets with the cold desk.
鈥淎w鈥 he coos, 鈥渁re you cold baby?鈥澛
She hums, her hands subconsciously come up to shield her tummy from the cold, but he鈥檚 quick to grab them, 鈥渄on鈥檛 worry, baby, I鈥檒l keep yeh warm鈥
She gulps and closes her eyes once she feels him shift on his feet, crouching down to be at eye level with where she needs him most.
He brings his hands on her knees and parts them, but YN is quick to stop him with her anxious thoughts: 鈥淗arry鈥 she breaths out 鈥渨e don鈥檛 have time, the door doesn鈥檛 lock. There鈥檚 no time鈥
鈥淪hh, baby, shh now.鈥 He whispers, parting her knees once again, and she feels him speak against the skin of her inner thigh as he slowly, agonizingly, makes his way towards her clothed pussy.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 call me Harry, yeh know better鈥 he says, and with his palm he swats down on her cunt, making her let out a surprised moan, the much needed contact on her clit making the blood rush to her brain. 聽
鈥淟et daddy make you feel good, huh? The quicker yeh are, the less chance we get caught鈥 he smiles mischievously. She hums and closes her eyes forcefully.聽
鈥淐an鈥檛 believe yeh made me wait years to taste yah, such a bad girl鈥 he says, and YN can feel his breath against her cunt, even though she isn鈥檛 sure what he鈥檚 doing right now with her eyes closed.
She feels his hands on her knees again and he opens them more to have better access, and then, he lays his tongue flat against her still clothed pussy and takes a big stripe, from her entrance to her clit.
She whimpers at the contact, her hips shifting, following his mouth.聽
He chuckles against her skin, moving the tip of his tongue once again to her center, 鈥渢astes so sweet鈥︹
She wants to ask for more, but she鈥檚 sure that if she were to ask him, he wouldn鈥檛 oblige, only teasing her further, so she keeps quiet, biting so hard on her bottom lip she can feel blood rush to the surface.
He brings one hand to twist the top of her panties and he tugs the fabric upwards, so he could see the outline of her pussy from behind them.聽
鈥淪o pretty鈥 he says, and YN whines at the sensation of her now too tight panties against her clit.
He brings his middle finger to her pussy and caresses her clit with a light touch that鈥檚 not remotely satisfying enough, and then presses down on it.
鈥淧lease鈥 she begs, her legs fighting to close, because despite the contact not being enough, it鈥檚 still something.
鈥淧lease, what?鈥 He chuckles darkly, his middle finger moving in circles on her clit now, but she needs to feel him without the fabric between them.
鈥淢ore鈥 she simply says.
鈥淭ha鈥檚 not enough, pretty girl鈥 you鈥檝e been sooo bad, I think I should leave this pretty pussy as it is鈥︹澛
鈥淣o, Harry, please, please, I need it. Please. I want you to touch me鈥
聽鈥淎h, Ah, Ah鈥 he tsk, 鈥渋 told yeh not to call me tha鈥欌 he鈥檚 really enjoying watching her squirm under his touch, and he brings his thumb down to her entrance to push in a bit, her hole sucking the fabric right in.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, daddy鈥 she whispers, embarrassed, 鈥減lease鈥
He smiles victoriously and with two fingers he picks the fabric of her panties and snaps it back against her cunt, 鈥渟ee, that wasn鈥檛 so hard, huh?鈥
She shakes her head and lets out a whimper.
鈥淒o yeh want my mouth or my fingers?鈥 He asks, as he leans down to tug at her underwear.
鈥淏oth鈥 she pants.
鈥淪oooo greedy鈥 he teases, but once her panties are out of the way, he doesn鈥檛 waste a second before he鈥檚 spreading her legs open, and he watches as her lips part, exposing her pussy to him completely.
Her clit is swollen between them, and he thinks maybe he鈥檚 teased enough, so he leans down and finally takes it in his mouth, sucking on it avidly.
YN lets out a loud moan when his tongue finally comes in contact with her clit, and she brings one hand down to bury between his hair, pushing him against her.
He moves the tip of his tongue sideways against her clit, and then against the under part of it, where he finds she鈥檚 most sensitive.
With his middle finger, he caresses at her entrance, massaging around before he pushes it in, burying it to the knuckle. The fit is tight, and he wonders how much time it has been since she鈥檚 slept with someone.聽
Still sucking on her clit, he starts moving his finger in and out, curling it every once in a while against that spongy part inside her, sure from the sounds that leave her mouth and the wetness that鈥檚 coating his finger, that she鈥檚 enjoying this just as much as he is.
Once he feels her walls loosening up a bit, he withdraws his finger to draw a second on in, and she gasps at the feeling.
鈥淪hh鈥 he shushes, 鈥渞elax. I鈥檒l take care of anything, let daddy take care of yeh鈥
After a couple of pushes, she relaxes, and he starts moving up the speed of his fingers, still sucking on her swollen button. She lets out whimpers and little mewls, and he understands she鈥檚 close by the way her walls flutter against his fingers.聽
He鈥檚 both rough and soft in the way he鈥檚 taking her, and YN wonders how that could even be possible. She doesn鈥檛 stay on the question much longer, though, because she starts to feel the unmistakable pressure of an orgasm blossoming in the pit of her stomach, and she clenches around his fingers.
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna cum鈥 she blurts out, 鈥渋鈥檓 gonna cum, I鈥檓 gonna cum鈥 oh!鈥 She feels him speed the movement of his fingers inside her, and he starts alternating between sucking on her clit attend staking it with his tongue rapidly.
鈥淐um, baby, cum for me鈥 he hums against her clit, and she feels the vibrations of his voice right against the bundle of nerves, and that鈥檚 what eventually pushes her to the edge.
She arches her back as her legs fight to close, and Harry guides her through her orgasm as he keeps fingering her, this time bringing his thumb to stroke against her clit because he wants to watch her when she cums.
He feels her walls flutter close as they push his fingers out, and he rolls her clit in circular motions with his finger until she鈥檚 back from her high, breathing hard with her chest heaving. He leans down to lap at her juices, 鈥渨anna lick yeh clean鈥 he says, and he does, tonguing at her entrance and drowning in her wetness.
He leaves a final kiss to her clit and she whimpers at the sensitivity of it all, her back still against the desk.聽
鈥淵ou okay?鈥 He asks after some time, and he notices how her chest is still heaving with big breaths.
鈥淵es, give me a minute and I鈥檒l return the favor鈥 she replies, mechanically, and Harry furrows his brows at her statement.聽
Of course, he was delighted that she wanted to return the favor鈥 but was that all it was? A favor? He suddenly feels confused and the previous excitement that had run through his veins left place to a kind of disappointment he didn鈥檛 know what to make of. He thought he had been pretty obvious with his feelings, and with the way he had shown them, but maybe, nothing had changed since college, and he was still that guy that got rejected many times by the girl he thought was the prettiest and nicest.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay鈥 he shrugs, his voice suddenly low and stern, 鈥渋鈥檓 okay鈥 he continues.
YN rises her back from the desk and looks at him pointedly, and once she takes in his serious features, she feels her heart jump to her stomach.
Oh. He doesn鈥檛 want her to. That鈥檚 what it is.聽
She suddenly thinks about how stupid she had been to kiss him. Of course she doesn鈥檛 regret it, because she could never regret what it led to, but being rejected like this? Fuck, she certainly wasn鈥檛 expecting it.聽
Wasn鈥檛 he turned on? She swore she could have felt his hard cock brush against her a couple of times, but maybe after he had eaten her out, it went down?聽
That鈥檚 one thing that had never happened to her, despite her many insecurities, and she feels her ego suddenly bruised.聽
She nods and gets up from her position, her feet touching the ground. She watches as he lowers to her feet and picks up her dress, handing it to her.聽
She suddenly feels too exposed, which is weird, after what happened, and the air had turned cold and uncomfortable, and she can鈥檛 wait to leave the classroom and go home, tucked away in the comfort of her bedroom where she figures she鈥檒l spend the entire weekend, given this soul crushing experience she just had.
She takes the dress from his hold and notices how he turns his back to her, giving her privacy to redress, which is nice, of course, but totally necessary, and it鈥檚 making her really paranoid, because is he so grossed out by her body he doesn鈥檛 want to take another look at it?
She slips in the dress, and tries to zip it herself, but when she realizes she can鈥檛 zip it all the way, she clears her throat to gain his attention.
鈥淐an you?鈥 She gestures towards the back with her thumb, and he gives her a swift nod before circling her and standing behind her.聽
He brushes the hair from her back and drapes it over her one shoulder, his fingertips brush against her skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake. She hears the sound of the zip being pulled up and he clears his throat, 鈥渁ll done鈥 he says, and she doesn鈥檛 miss how it鈥檚 the only thing he鈥檚 said in a while.
鈥淭hank you鈥 she smiles, and he gives her a small one back, but his dimples don鈥檛 appear, and she鈥檚 saddened by that realization.聽
鈥淲e should go鈥 he trails off, 鈥溾檚 gettin鈥 pretty late鈥
YN doesn鈥檛 have a watch on her but she figures it couldn鈥檛 be later than midnight, but if he wants to go, she certainly can鈥檛 stop him, albeit a little disappointed. This isn鈥檛 how she was hoping the night would end.聽
Harry walks to the door and opens it, letting her out first, and they walk in silence to the entrance of the school.
鈥淒o you have your car?鈥 He asks, and when she nods, he says: 鈥淐an you drive? Want me to call yeh a cab?鈥澛
鈥淣o, I鈥檓 fine. I told you I鈥檓 not that drunk鈥 she shrugs, and she really can鈥檛 help but think how she wishes she was drunk instead. None of this would鈥檝e happened, and she would be able to look him in the eye without feeling the embarrassment of his rejection.聽
鈥淕oodnight, then鈥 he says, giving her a curt wave of the hand before heading off toward the parking lot.
鈥淕oodnight鈥 she says back, but he鈥檚 already left.
The weekend flies by and once Monday arrives, YN is dreading the school day. She almost debates calling in sick, but she knows it would only make the situation worse, because sooner or later she鈥檇 have to face a curly headed lad she wasn鈥檛 particularly keen on seeing, the embarrassment from that Friday night still vivid in her memory. She pondered long on that night, sipping wine directly from the bottle (for dramatic purposes of course), and she wondered what could she had done wrong to make him react that way. Men, in general, were always kind of difficult to understand, to her, so she figures he probably just wasn鈥檛 that aroused anymore. Which is fine, she has to tell herself that at least a million times, because the rejection is so painful and overall embarrassing she doesn鈥檛 know what to make of it.
When she walks in the classroom that day, to her surprise Aidi is already sitting at her desk, her pudgy hand wrapped around a brown crayon that she鈥檚 moving in circles on the paper, drawing something YN can鈥檛 quite make out.
It wasn鈥檛 weird, the school offered pre-school from 6 am to the parents that had to work early in the mornings, what was weird was her presence that early, something that in the school year had never occurred before.
She wonders if Harry did it on purpose. Maybe he didn鈥檛 want to face her, and she has to take a big breath before erasing that thought off her head. She shouldn鈥檛 care what he did. As many years before, he was never hers, and nothing had changed. She feels a little silly of course for thinking that he may have had a special kind of feeling for her, and despite him telling her that he did, she鈥檚 definitely convinced he was just playing around that night in his patio.
She makes her way to Aidi, and she crutches down next to her, 鈥済ood morning, Aidi鈥 she says softly as to not startle her.
鈥淢ornin鈥 miss YN鈥 she smiles a toothless grin, her hand not stopping her movements.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e here early today, huh?鈥
鈥淵es鈥 she nods, eagerly, 鈥渄addy鈥檚 at work鈥
鈥淥h鈥 YN replies聽
鈥淭his early?鈥 Is everything she鈥檇 like to ask, but it鈥檚 really wrong prodding on this poor child to get informations about her dad, so she erases the question from her mind.
鈥淲hat are yeh drawin鈥?鈥 She asks instead, to shift the attention from the feared topic. Despite her means not always being the most pure hearted, YN loves Aidi. She thinks she鈥檚 such a precious little thing, and she genuinely loves spending time with her.
鈥溾檚 a picture of daddy 鈥檔 me鈥 she says, picking the drawing up in her hands and showing it to her teacher, 鈥渓ove him s鈥檓uch鈥
YN smiles fondly at the picture, a small stick figure holding hands with a bigger one that she figures are respectively Aidi and Harry, the irrefutable mop of curly hair drawn with the brown crayon.
鈥淚 know he loves you too鈥 she simply says, 鈥渧ery much!鈥
鈥淵eah鈥 Aidi agrees, picking up a blue crayon to color the sky.聽
It鈥檚 much later in the day, now, around four pm, and YN is waiting for the remaining kids to be picked up. The school is closing earlier today due to a mandatory rat disinfestation, that the parents were notified of about ten days before, and one by one every kid is picked up and ready to go home, every kid but one, she can鈥檛 help but notice. Aidi.聽
She tries to not pay too much attention to the irony of it all, and she wonders to what means Harry would go to not see her.聽
Maybe he forgot about the disinfestation? She doesn鈥檛 know, and despite fearing the answer to the question, she鈥檚 his daughter鈥檚 teacher. And she鈥檚 an adult. So she takes her phone from the back pocket and with trembling hands she looks through her contacts until she finds his name.
The feeling of calling someone you don鈥檛 really want to hear, and being aware of the mutualness of this deep rooted fear, is something that never really leaves. Not even at 26. Not even now that she has a big girl job and an apartment all alone.聽
The piercing sound of the line ringing has her bringing a thumb to her mouth, biting on her nails nervously. She peeks at Aidi that鈥檚 playing with a doll on the floor, and she鈥檚 glad she appears to be unaware of the situation. A parent forgetting to pick you up is something that can scar you for life.
鈥溾榣lo?鈥 She hears from the other side of the line, and she almost jumps in her place at the sound of his voice.
It took him a while to answer, which is uncommon for him, and she wonders what he was doing. Was he working? But then again, he said he was a writer, so she figures he must be working from home? 鈥淗i, Harry鈥 it鈥檚 YN鈥澛
鈥淚 know who it is. I鈥檓 kinda busy, wha鈥檚 wrong?鈥 He stresses, and YN feels her heart beat fast.聽
鈥淥h, nothing鈥 鈥檚 just, when are you picking Aidi up?鈥澛
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know鈥 he says sternly, 鈥渋鈥檓 kind of out of town right now, I鈥檒l be back in a couple of hours and take her then鈥
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 do that, didn鈥檛 you get the email? The school鈥檚 closing early鈥 rat disinfestation an鈥檃ll tha鈥欌 鈥檚 not like we have rats, don鈥檛 worry. 鈥檚 just mandatory, and the school is required to do鈥︹澛
鈥淔uck!鈥 He interrupts, 鈥渋t must have slipped my mind this morning. Fuck!鈥 He repeats.
YN hears him shuffle on the other end of the phone, and after a brief moment she hears a quiet explanation of the situation to what she figures is another person, and a hurried 鈥榞oodbye鈥.
He clears his throat, 鈥渁re yeh still there?鈥澛
鈥淵es, hi, yes鈥 she rumbles.
鈥淚鈥檓 gettin鈥 in the car now, it鈥檒l take an hour I think. Forty minutes if I hurry. Can yeh鈥 can she鈥 is she allowed to stay? Fuck, 鈥 he seems to be talking to himself now, and she hears the loud sound of his car horn beeping 鈥 who even gave yeh a license! Fuckin鈥 hell鈥 he shouts.
鈥淗arry鈥 she trails off, hoping to catch his attention, 鈥溾檚 okay. I can take her until you鈥檙e not here. We could go get some ice cream, or yogurt!! Whichever she鈥檚 craving more. Wait鈥 Is she allowed to eat ice cream? Because I know this delicious place鈥︹
鈥淵N!鈥 He interrupts her again, 鈥減lease get to the point鈥
鈥淥h鈥 i was just talkin鈥 about this ice cream place it鈥檚 nothing serious鈥
鈥溾榥ough with the ice cream already! Can you really take her? I can pay you, like I would a nanny鈥 yeh know I鈥檓 proper loaded so money isn鈥檛 a problem.鈥
鈥淲hat? I don鈥檛 want your money. 鈥榝 course I can take her! She鈥檚 such a cutie, we鈥檙e gonna have so much fun!!!鈥 She smiles happily.
鈥淭hank you鈥 he sighs, relieved, 鈥渋鈥檒l be there in an hour, more or less鈥澛
鈥淥kay. Drive safe, you don鈥檛 have to worry 鈥榖out her, she鈥檚 safe鈥 she reassures him. Because then again, Harry is Aidi鈥檚 father, and she knows how much he worries when it comes to her.
鈥淥kay鈥 he says, and he appears calmer now, 鈥渂ut no ice cream before dinner, YN!鈥澛
She scoffs, 鈥測ou鈥檙e no fun鈥.
Didn鈥檛 he say 鈥榚nough with the ice cream鈥?
YN ended up buying the ice cream for both her and Aidi anyway.聽
(There was something so delicious about eating ice cream during the winter, and one thing abut being a grown up, YN had found out, was being able to eat whatever she wanted and whenever she wanted)
And the biggest cone she鈥檚 ever seen, too. Two scoops of chocolate and one of strawberry for Aidi. Screw Harry. That鈥檚 what she thought when paying for it, now鈥 she felt a little guilty, of course, but she鈥檇 begged Aidi to keep this ice cream run a secret between her and her teacher, using the term on purpose because she knows how much kids respect their teachers.聽
So鈥 she figured he鈥檇 never know.聽
鈥溾檚 good, moppet?鈥 She cooed, picking up a couple of tissues from the dispenser in the middle of the table to wipe at her mouth.聽
Aidi only nodded, too busy with her ice cream cone to pay much attention to YN.
鈥淥h no!鈥 Aidi pouted once the ice cream started dripping from her cone to her hand and finally to her white coat and white tights, the candid fabric now dirty with dark stains.聽
鈥淥h god!鈥 YN exclaims, 鈥渨ait, let me help鈥
YN picked up some other tissues and started wiping at Aidi鈥檚 hands, who switches the cone from one hand to the other while she cleans her, but maybe letting a four years old eat an ice cream cone wasn鈥檛 the best of ideas.聽
鈥淒addy鈥檚 gonna get mad鈥 Aidi giggles when YN started wiping at the stain on her clothes without much result.
鈥淧robably鈥 with me though鈥 she agrees, nodding her head thoughtfully.
鈥淪ooo mad鈥 she keeps giggling, 鈥渉e always say: no ice cream before dinner!鈥 She repeats, trying to mock his stern voice but failing, and resulting in the most adorable thing YN had ever seen, and she can鈥檛 help but laugh too.
鈥淗e鈥檚 such a meanie鈥 she smiles, tossing the dirty tissues on the table before her.
鈥淚 won鈥檛 tell, miss YN鈥 Aidi reassures, and YN smiles once she sees her little pink tongue peeking out from her mouth and trying to lick the chocolate ice cream off the side of her mouth.
鈥淭hank you bug鈥 she says, chuckling, 鈥渂ut I think he鈥檚 gonna notice鈥 she frowns, pointing to the state of Aidi鈥檚 white tights.
鈥淢hmh鈥 she agrees, humming.聽
鈥淲hen is he back?鈥 She asks after a while, her tummy full of ice cream, a satisfied look on her face.聽
YN taps the screen of her phone on the table to check the time, 鈥渋 think he鈥檚 almost here鈥
鈥淗ow much time?鈥 She asks, swaying her little legs from the edge of the chair.
鈥淢mmhh,鈥 YN ponders, she鈥檚 certain a four years old conception of time isn鈥檛 the same as an adult, so she gestures with her hands a small portion. 鈥淭his much鈥.
鈥淥h, 鈥榢ay!鈥 She exclaims happily, 鈥渟o鈥 almost鈥 she nods proudly.
YN giggles at her antics and reciprocates her nod, 鈥測es鈥.
After about half an hour, her and Aidi are tucked away in the warmth of her car, the heating full blasting, and YN even removed her coat to let Aidi snuggle in it. She鈥檇 fallen asleep almost instantly once her cheek touched the window, and YN decided it would be best to just wait for Harry in her car after the ice cream. She couldn鈥檛 possibly bring Aidi to her house, and Harry had previously told her it鈥檇 take him only an hour, so she figured that was the best option.
Despite Harry鈥檚 good resolutions, he called at around six, almost two hours after she鈥檇 called him from the school, but YN was glad he took his time and didn鈥檛 speed, as she had told him on the phone, Aidi was safe with her.
She鈥檚 driving in silence to his house now, where they accorded to meet, trying to drive the best she can to avoid potholes as to not wake Aidi up.
Harry鈥檚 already going to be mad about the ice cream, and he鈥檚 already avoiding her all together, so she certainly thought it wasn鈥檛 a good idea to leave him with a fussy toddler on top of all that.
Once she reaches his house, she parks near the curb and texts him that she鈥檚 outside.聽
He opens the door right away, almost as if he was expecting them from behind it, looking from the peep hole, and YN notices how, despite him being home for at least a good five minutes, he was still wearing his coat and shoes.
鈥淗i鈥 YN greets him softly, somehow the tenderness of the situation easing the embarrassment she felt prior.
She鈥檚 aware he was beating himself up for forgetting about his daughter.
鈥淗ey鈥 he says, walking to the car and opening the passenger鈥檚 side door, 鈥渟he asleep?鈥
YN nods her head, 鈥渙ut like a light鈥
When Harry leans down to pick his daughter up, he cradles her to his chest between his arms, holing her tight and placing a long, harsh kiss on her hair.
YN felt her heart clench at the sight. She understood he felt guilty, and she wanted to tell him it wasn鈥檛 his fault, and he most certainly wasn鈥檛 the first parent to forget to pick up their kid from school, and had it been four days ago, she probably would鈥檝e told him. But now, after what had happened, how was she supposed to? Harry made it clear he didn鈥檛 want anything to do with her, romantically and sexually, so was it her place to reassure him?
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry baby鈥 he whispers against her hair, and YN has to refrain herself to stretch out a hand to comfort him.聽
鈥淟e鈥檚 get yah to bed, huh?鈥澛
But when Harry goes to turn around, a small whimper comes from the little kid in his arms, and YN can see a small arm reaching towards her.
鈥淢iss YN?鈥 Aidi asks, voice laced with sleep, and she knuckles tiredly at her eyes when YN smiles at her.
鈥淒addy, want miss YN to read me a story鈥 Aidi demands, looking up at her father with big, puppy eyes.
鈥淥h, sweetheart, I鈥檓 sure your teacher has more important things t鈥︹澛
鈥淚鈥檒l read to her, 鈥檚 fine鈥 YN chimes in quickly, because honestly, she really didn鈥檛 want this day to end. And Aidi particularly requested her, so who was Harry to deny it?
鈥淵N鈥 Harry warns, sternly, but YN has already made her way towards them, tickling at Aidi鈥檚 neck softly, 鈥淚鈥檒l read how many stories yah want, moppet鈥
YN tries not to feel too disappointed when she hears Harry鈥檚 quiet scoff.
鈥淕oodnight, Aidi鈥 YN says softly, placing the hard cover book on her little bedside table on her right.
She鈥檇 read Aidi and her stuffed animals three stories, one about a frog that was too scared to go to school, the other about a cute elephant that wanted to be a ballerina, and the last one (Harry said it was her favorite) about a princess bunny that enjoyed drinking tea with her friends.
Aidi had chuckled every time YN did different voices for the animals characters, and after Harry told her she had to read to her stuffed animals too (she had five tucked next to her), she had started asking them every now and then if they were enjoying the story or if she had to reread something they didn鈥檛 understand.聽
Harry had watched the scene fondly, and his heart had grown in his chest, full with love he knew he wasn鈥檛 supposed to feel. It was nice, watching how tender YN was with his daughter, and despite the warm feeling in his limbs, he felt bitter. Because why couldn鈥檛 he have that. What was it so hard to love about him that not only the mother of his child had left, but also the girl he鈥檇 been in love with since college?聽
After saying goodbye to Aidi, YN throws an awkward smile to him and walks out of the room, waiting just beside the wall. She knew Aidi wanted to be tucked in by her daddy, she had told her many times how he always said I love you, and she thought she鈥檇 give them some privacy.
She could still hear them from outside the room, the door still open, and she bit her bottom lip hard once she heard the sound of Harry鈥檚 kisses and Aidi鈥檚 quiet giggling.
鈥淒addy loves you so much, bug. Don鈥檛 ever forget that鈥 she hears him say in a soft voice.
鈥淗ow much?鈥 She hears Aidi ask, and she picks up on that question she鈥檇 asked her about the time previously at the ice cream shop. This was probably something she did often with Harry, and she really had to refrain herself from peeking inside the room to watch them.
鈥淭his much!鈥 He laughs. 鈥淗ow much does Aidi love her daddy?鈥澛
鈥淲hat!!!鈥 She hears him say, probably feigning shock, 鈥渢hat little!鈥澛
鈥淵es, only a little鈥 Aidi playfully giggles, and then Harry makes a growling sound and: 鈥渢he tickle monster鈥檚 gonna getcha!鈥澛
Laughter erupts and it reverberates in the hallway, and YN feels silly for standing there, invading on their privacy, so she gets off the wall and walks quietly down the hallway, reaching the staircase.
She makes her way downstairs, and once she reaches the sitting room she picks up her coat from the armrest of the couch, tugging it close to her chest to try and warm herself from the imminent cold feeling running through her body.
She hears Harry clear his throat behind her, and she jumps a little in her place.聽
鈥淒idn鈥檛 hear yah there鈥 she gasps, bringing one hand up to rest against her beating heart.
鈥淵N, thank you for today. I really鈥︹ she watches as he shakes his head, avoiding her gaze, looking for the correct words to choose, 鈥溾檓 proper grateful fo鈥 what you did.鈥
鈥溾檚 okay, Harry鈥 she interrupts him, 鈥測ou don鈥檛 have to thank me. I love Aidi, she鈥檚 such a sweet kid鈥
鈥淪he is鈥 he agrees, 鈥渂ut still. Thank you.鈥澛
She nods her head at his words and gulps, and she really should鈥檝e left it at that. It was probably the best thing to do; what any normal and sane person would do. She should鈥檝e just accepted his thank yous, put on her coat聽 and left, but she didn鈥檛.
鈥淚 never should have kissed you, Harry鈥 she starts, 鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry if I overstepped some boundaries, I thought鈥︹ she sighs, biting harshly on her bottom lip. She doesn鈥檛 know what possessed her to say that, maybe the urge to get things back to normal, because it had been three days since the kiss and she already missed how comfortable their relationship had gotten.
鈥淵N鈥︹ he shakes his head, stopping her, 鈥溾檚 okay, 鈥檚 the past, isn鈥檛 it?鈥
鈥淵es, but鈥 I shouldn鈥檛 have. I know I shouldn鈥檛鈥
鈥淲hat are you sayin鈥, YN鈥 that you regret it? The kiss? Tha鈥檚 what you鈥檙e sayin鈥?鈥 He scoffs, crossing his arms against his chest, almost like a pouty child.
鈥淲ell I鈥 no, but鈥 it was kind of embarrassing鈥 she chuckles nervously, her fingers tightening their grip around the thick fabric of her coat.
鈥淪o you do regret it. 鈥檚 fine. I understood right away, clearly nothing has changed between us, you鈥檙e still really hard to read and I鈥檓 kind of tired of trying to understand you鈥 he snaps, passing a hand through his hair frustratedly.
鈥淚鈥檓 hard to read? 鈥 YN humorlessly chuckles, pointing an accusatory finger to him 鈥 You鈥檙e confusing! You tell me you liked me and then after I let you eat me out you leave me like that? That was so embarrassing, why would you do that?鈥
鈥淥h鈥 are you sad you didn鈥檛 get to return the favor? You made me feel like a fuckin鈥 slut!鈥 He says, exasperated.聽
鈥淚s that what you鈥檙e so mad about? That I called it a鈥 favor?鈥 Her brows pinch at the front, and she looks at him pointedly.聽
鈥淣o, I鈥檓 mad because I love you and you鈥檝e been playing with my feeling since we were fuckin鈥 20 years old. But don鈥檛 worry. It鈥檚 clear now.鈥 He snaps, somehow trying to keep his voice down to not wake Aidi.
YN feels her head spin at the conversation, and his words replay in her head, hauntingly.
鈥淵ou love me?鈥 She repeats in a small voice, but he seems to not get her question, because he keeps rambling: 鈥淚鈥檒l get a nanny, okay? So we鈥檒l never see each other again at school, and once the semester ends I鈥檒l sign Aidi to another class, she鈥檒l be so sad but it鈥檚 fine, it鈥檒l pass. I鈥檒l try and find someone before the end of the week, so we鈥檒l never鈥︹
鈥淲hat the fuck are you talkin鈥 about?鈥 She chuckles, because the situation is funny to her and she鈥檚 still hang up on those three words he said. She doesn鈥檛 miss the bewildered look that displays across his feature, his green eyes bright and reflecting in the dim yellowy light of his sitting room.
鈥淔igured yeh鈥檇 laugh! 鈥檚 funny to you, innit?鈥
鈥淚t is a little bit funny. 鈥 she nods, grinning 鈥 I don鈥檛 want you to do any of that!鈥澛
鈥淵N鈥 i don鈥檛 think I can see you everyday and鈥︹ he sighs, his sweater clad chest heaving.
鈥淗arry鈥 she stops him, raising a hand up to squeeze his bicep between her fingers, in a way to make sure he was giving her undefined attention 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want you to do that because I don鈥檛 want to stop seeing you. I didn鈥檛 think you loved me鈥
鈥淚 literally told you! So many times! And I think I showed it too鈥︹ he shakes his head, but doesn鈥檛 remove his arm from her hold.
鈥淚 kissed you! I thought you understood!鈥 She exclaims, pinching the fabric of his sweater with her fingers.
鈥淗ow am I supposed to understand if you don鈥檛 tell me anything!鈥 He says, and for the first time, he locks eyes with her, his gaze softening at the sight of her big eyes looking hopefully inside his.
She giggles despite the uncomfortable conversation, and Harry shakes his head, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so frustrating鈥 he admits, sighing heavily once again.
鈥淎nd you鈥檙e silly! I let you eat me out!鈥 She whispers, even if it鈥檚 just them, because the intimacy of that gesture didn鈥檛 go unnoticed by her.
He doesn鈥檛 say anything, his gaze unfocused.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I never said it back. 鈥 she admits, sighing 鈥 I really liked you. I didn鈥檛 think you鈥檇 even noticed me鈥 I didn鈥檛 realize how hard I was being. I鈥檓 really sorry.鈥澛
鈥淵N鈥 鈥檚 fine, I鈥檒l get over it鈥 he trails off, once again.
鈥淣o, listen to me, okay? I鈥檓 sorry. I genuinely didn鈥檛 know, back then. And I鈥檓 sorry I didn鈥檛 say anything when you told me weeks ago. I thought you weren鈥檛 being serious. But I liked you too, I really did. And I wasted a lot of years thinking you didn鈥檛 like me back, but it鈥檚 not your fault. I should鈥檝e been more鈥 more clear, maybe鈥
鈥淵eah, that would have saved us many years probably鈥 he agrees, his heart in his throat, wary of her next words.
鈥淵eah鈥 she agrees, 鈥渨hat I鈥檓 trying to say is that鈥 I loved you and I still love you. If you still want me. I love you鈥 she confesses, and she feels as if a weight has been lifted from her chest, the heaviness of her words finally setting her free after so many years of bottling up her own feelings.
鈥淵ou really hurt me鈥 he whispers, looking harshly into her eyes, and he bites the inside of his cheek before saying, 鈥渞eally hurt me. It鈥檚 unfair you鈥檙e telling me now鈥
YN swallows down her saliva, biting hard on her bottom lip, the harshness of his words hitting her, because truly, she never really thought about his feelings.
On the other hand, she鈥檇 like to tell him how much he had hurt her, and embarrassed her, but what good could it do? She already revealed the most important thing about herself: that she loved him. And she hoped it wasn鈥檛 too late.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay if you鈥 if you don鈥檛 like me anymore鈥 she shakes her head, scared of her own words, because she doesn鈥檛 really mean them. It鈥檚 not okay. She doesn鈥檛 want to give him away. She wants him.聽
鈥淚 know 鈥檚 been a long time, but鈥︹ she continues, 鈥淚 thought you had to know how I feel about you, because I never said it back. And I鈥檓 not a spiritual person for shit, but鈥 I can鈥檛 help but think maybe this is another chance to make things right. I had to tell you. I couldn鈥檛 not tell you. And I鈥檓 really sorry for hurting you. I鈥檒l leave now, if you don鈥檛 want me here鈥︹
鈥淲e can pretend this conversation never happened and just鈥 you don鈥檛 have to make Aidi change classes, I like her鈥 she says, and it comes out in a plea, really, because she doesn鈥檛 think she has it in her to lose them now. If he wants to pretend this heartfelt conversation never happened, she鈥檒l be sad, but she鈥檒l do it. For the sake of their 鈥渇riendship鈥. Because she doesn鈥檛 want to lose him again.
Harry seems to ponder a bit on her words, and in that space of time she鈥檚 almost ready to put her coat on and leave, as she should鈥檝e done before, and she鈥檚 almost there. She鈥檚 on the point of slipping her coat on, but Harry raises one hand and takes her coat from her hold, throwing it on the couch beside them.聽
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want you to leave鈥 he whispers, taking a step in front of him, they鈥檙e so close now their chests are almost touching, 鈥渄on鈥檛 leave.鈥
鈥淥kay鈥 she nods, 鈥淚 won鈥檛.鈥
聽He leans down to be closer to her face and he presses his lips on her forehead, not quite kissing her, more like a comforting presence, and she feels the tenderness of his gesture.聽
鈥淵ou really do make me go mad鈥 he sighs against her skin, his arms sneaking around her waist, squeezing her against him. 鈥淏ut I love you too鈥
YN feels her inside warm at his words, and she wraps her arms around him too, squeezing him tightly. She was never good with words, and she鈥檚 glad he understood anyway, despite her messy attempt at confessing her feelings.
She looks up to him then, resting her chin on his chest, and he leans down to press his lips against hers. This kiss is much different than the last one, much more soft and less hungry, and even when he slips his tongue to lick at her bottom lip, there鈥檚 nothing but tenderness in his gestures.
He brings one hand up to caress her cheek, his fingertip light as a feather against her skin, and YN feels herself melt in his hold. The gesture makes her think back about that time on the bus, how he had touched her so softly, almost scared he鈥檇 ruin her, and she thinks about how much things have changed, but mostly nothing had, because he loved her then and he loves her now!聽
His tongue brushes against hers, and she sighs into his mouth happily.聽
When he parts from her mouth, he gives her another small peck, his lips wet against hers, and 鈥渢aste like chocolate鈥 he hums against her lips.
鈥淢mh, about that鈥︹ she ponders, 鈥測ou might have to buy Aidi a new coat, don鈥檛 think those stains are gonna come out鈥澛
鈥淵eah? I thought I told yah no ice cream 鈥榝ore dinner?鈥
YN laughs a laugh through her nose, and leans in to kiss him again, 鈥測ou love me鈥, and there鈥檚 nothing but adoration in her eyes.
鈥淚 do鈥 he agrees, looking at her fondly.
鈥淎nd by the way, don鈥檛 worry about the coat鈥 he smiles, 鈥渞eckon I鈥檝e gotten quite good at doin鈥 laundry, there鈥檚 no stain that can resist me鈥澛
鈥淚鈥檓 really proud of you鈥 she cackles jokingly, 鈥渋 remember your mum used to do it for yah鈥
鈥淗eyyyy鈥 he pouts, 鈥渙nly sometimes鈥
She raises on her tiptoes to press her lips to his in a brief peck, but when she goes to part from him, he only squeezes her tighter against him to deepen the kiss.
鈥淟et鈥檚 go upstairs鈥 he breaths out, 鈥測ou still have a favor to return鈥 he says playfully, and one hand travels down to her bum to pinch at the skin.
She swats at his chest but turns around, in a hurry to reach the stairs, 鈥測eah鈥 she agrees, turning to look at him with a mischievous smile splayed across her mouth 鈥渨e wasted enough time already鈥
鈥淭ell me about it鈥 he mumbles, biting his bottom lip as he watches her sly smirk, 鈥渢hank god you finally came to your senses鈥
They both laugh at his words, and Harry follows her upstairs to his room, picking her up and throwing her on his bed. That night, he finally gets to kiss all over her body, as he had dreamt many many times, not only in college, but even then, when he thought she was too far away to reach despite seeing her every morning when he left his daughter at school.
Harry, too, isn鈥檛 a spiritual person for shit, but maybe, he allows himself to think, this is what it means to be loved, and he finally doesn鈥檛 have to wonder anymore what鈥檚 so hard to love about him, because, despite not knowing, he鈥檚 always been loved, in the years he鈥檇 known her, and YN, in the arch of their relationship, and in it鈥檚 imminent future, will make sure to tell him that, many times, and the memory of all the wasted years, will remain, thankfully, what it always was: a memory. 聽
Just wanted to take this small space to thank you all for liking and reblogging the first part, you have no idea how happy you made me, so thank you so so so much 馃槶 the story is over but i can do updates in the future if you guys want <3, i really hope part 2 didn't disappoint, feedback is very much appreciated. love you all
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Better Than Revenge
Tumblr media Tumblr media
after your boyfriend cheats on you with your best friend, you want revenge, and luckily, he has a very hot brother...
[Warning- Smut, Revenge sex, name calling, cheating (both Harry and reader gets cheated on), unrotected sex (pulling out doesn't make babies or std go away), Just me being a petty bitch tbh]
A/N- She's a short one
Two people you trusted your whole life with.
Two people who knew your ups and downs.
Two people who knew your darkest secrets.
Two people who decided to forget all the years together and stabbed you in the back.
And they deserved everything that was coming for them.
You knew your "best friend's" parents were super stricts, relationships and boys were out of the door for them so fucking your best friend's boyfriend? You knew she be in deep shit.
So you sent them screenshots of their chats along with a picture of her riding him.
Did it make you sad to do that to someone you were ready to take a bullet for? yes
Did it also feel great to get back at her? fuck yeah.
Now for your tool of ex-boyfriend you knew exactly what to do.
You see, William was jealous of his brother, not only cause he was the better looking of two but also cause he did so without any effort and unlike him he was kind.
You also might or might not have had a little crush on him in the start.
You walked quitely into your ex-boyfriend's house, making sure he didn't see you and then tip toed to his brother, Harry's room. Quickly, you got inside and locked the door behind you, hearing for any noises.
"Y/N?" He called out. You turned to see him, cozy in grey sweatpants and an oversized sweater sitting on his desk with books opened, headphones on probably doing his homework, "Are you okay? Did Will do something?" He asked.
"Do you know where your girlfriend is?" You asked him. He tilted his head to the side, confused and shook his head. You sighed, understanding that he didn't even know what had been going on for the past four months and then felt bad for what you were about to tell him.
"Your girlfriend and my best friend is fucking your brother" You said rolling your eyes. You walked beside him near the deak and showed him your phone, the pics sent by your friend, and the texts.
Harry watched everything in horror, feeling sadness overtake him. It wasn't like he was in love with her or that they were serious or something, but getting cheated on sucked especially when it's your own brother.
That was the part that hurt him the most. His own blood did this to him.
After the sadness came anger and he saw red. He gave you your phone back and started walking towards his bedroom door, ready to beat Will's ass.
But you stopped him.
You knew Will only did this to get a reaction out from Harry. It felt like he always had to do something to have an upper hand over his brother, whether it's was right or wrong,
and you had a better plan for revenge anyway.
The car was now fogged up as Harry removed his lips from yours, travelling south to your jaw.
"Fuck" You whimpered out at the feeling and started to grind your hips over base of his cock sitting on his lower belly.
You questioned yourself right then. Why were you with the other brother anyway? William was attractive don't get her wrong, but Harry? He looked like he belonged in an art gallery.
Especially naked.
"God, you're so pretty. Why the fuck were you with that piece of shit?" He asked bucking his hips upward sending shock waves through your body as it rubbed over your throbbing clit.
"Don't know" You moaned grinding your hips faster, "You have bigger cock anyway" Your head fell on his shoulder, the tingling on the end of your spine threatened to unravel.
"Yeah," He said, chuckling. His right hand went to your wist while his left came up to your neck, seizing all your movement. He pulled your head back, forcing your eyes open.
"Want me to fuck you dumb baby?" He asked rhetorically, "So good you will not even remember his name" He said pushing you back a bit, with his right hand he lined up his dick to your weeping pussy.
He looked up, and you gave him a nod. That's all needed cause, next thing you know he's slamming into you.
You let out a broken, loud moan, not even bothering to concel your noises. The thrill of revenge fucking in your ex boyfriend's favourite car knowing he was about to walk towards you two any minute with your "best friend" drove you crazy.
His left hand stayed on your neck while his right slide down your body again and rested on your clit. He didn't even apply pressure, just a feather of touch, making you want more yet still feeling too much.
Harry didn't know if it was the anger or that you looked like an absolute sin riding his cock that made him want to just stay there forever, in your warm tight cunt.
How could that fucking idiot cheat on someone like you?
But he had a feeling Will only dated you cause he knew Harry once had a crush on you, and he would get one more opportunity to tell everyone he's with the girl his brother had a crush on.
Or how much of a loser Harry is.
Well, who was the loser now, though?
"God, look at you, baby. Haven't got a good dicking in a while have you?" He mocked, "You're almost gagging for it" He shook his head taunting, and smirked when your clenched around him as an approval.
"Fuck no" You panted out, "Had to get myself off myself after sex. Fuckwit didn't even know where clit was" You laughed along with Harry.
"Poor baby" He pouted and slid down a little in the seat planting both legs on the car floor and then fucking up into you with an unforgiving pace.
He was feeling his orgasm close and seeing the time on his phone sitting beside him he knew Will was about to walk towards the car to go out with his friends and he wanted you coming right in front of him.
"You gonna come, baby?" He asked applying a bit pressure on your clit, his hand move from your neck to your behind groaping your ass.
"God she could never feel like this, your pussy feels so good like it was made for me. My personal little fleshlight" He said sucking hickeys on your neck. He wanted everyone to see what he did to you, wanted everyone to know he made you limp walk next day in college.
He also knew he would be back begging you to fuck him again.
You looked out of the window and saw the main door open. Will and Mia walked towards the car, giggling, unaware of what was going on inside.
Harry felt his phone chime beside him and saw a 'miss you' text from his girlfriend ex-girlfriend.
He decided not to reply and rubbed your clit faster making your moans along with his louder.
"Have all mind to just come inside you, babe. Have you knocked up and let everyone know you're mine and not that dickhead's" He said with his pace now faltering, his own orgasm approaching.
"Yes, please," you whined out and leaned down to kiss him. It was a mess of teeth and tongue, and you came all around his cock with a loud moan.
Harry not far behind pulled out of you and came all over your pussy and lower tummy, your lips not leaving his once.
"What the fuck?!" A feminine scream came from beside him and you smirked against his lips feeling the satisfaction seep into you. You bit down on Harry's lips, making him whimper for change.
You pulled away to see the two people looking at you with wide eyes. William's angry eyes on his brother while Mia's flicked between you two.
"What is all this? You whore, I didn't gave you attention for few days and you fucked my brother!" William screamed reaching out his hand to probably yank you away from Harry but before he could Harry stopped his hand and twisted it as far as he could making him cry out in pain.
"Fucking touch her and see what happens" he growled and you sweared your pussy skipped a beat.
"You're my best friend. How could you do this?" Mia started crying, and you rolled your eyes at her audacity.
"You have been fucking mine for four months. You have no place to talk about girl code" you said, looking her straight in eyes and seeing them widened in horror and realization.
"I- That-" She started stumbling over her words but just cut her off, "Save it"
"So this is what? a revenge? Fucking my brother!" William screamed. You looked at him over your shoulder and smirked, putting your head down on Harry's shoulder as he wrapped his arms around your lower waist.
"You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes"
I can't believe my hlaf asleep dumbass posted this half written馃槶馃う鈥嶁檧锔
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The Missing Co-writer
Synopsis: Harry doesn't feel to hide anymore
CW: Loads of fluff and sliver of a cute little drunkrry.
Series Masterlist | More of my work
Tumblr media
Guess what?!
YN got an offer to write along with one of the most genius and know artist of her generation. Harry couldn't be more proud of his fiance!
Well, she took up on the offer just because how much she loved writing music with her Harry. He won Album of the year, for the album they both wrote together. Kinda. But there many songs he wrote with her which his fans love so much. That's what he wants, his fans to enjoy what he makes.
When Jeffery told YN about this offer she contemplated it like every life decision she has to make. Harry on the other hand was just so stubborn on getting her to agree on this because one, she loved to do it the first time around, two, she's got a fucking degree in music, and three, she get paid for it, which she so deserves. She didn't get paid it the first time around, well, she didn't wanted to.
She was there with him at the Grammy's, though she insisted on staying away from the cameras. Harry respected her decision to do so.
They had a great night afterwards at the after party. He introduced YN to all of his closest friends in the industry, the ones he knows would respect his privacy and not talk about this publicly.
But today, he missed her like hell!
He was at the Brit awards. Nominated for four of the categories. But his love was away to work on this new project she seemed so excited for.
He doesn't want to hold her back so, when he told her he was having a great time preparing for the award show... he lied. Whilst she wouldn't be able to make it back home in time, he doesn't want her to be lost and feel guilty for anything. He's sure she'll be watching him on the TV anyway. At the end, he gets to have her all to himself and celebrate all over again for achivement he got for the work they did together.
He asked Gemma to go with him, lile he did last time and she did agree. They were having a good time but he still missed his YN there. All three times he mentioned people who helped him write this album so special to his heart, he contemplated on mentioning her name. Not because he doesn't feel like he should or anything of the stupid reason, just because he wants to keep her protected so badly!
YN already got enough hate, even though people don't know her name, who she is, what she does, what she is like in person. No one deserves that.
Yes, he did kissed Lewis Capaldi drunkenly but he knows YN will be laughing more when they're reunited by in three days.
With a drink in his hand and his phone in the other, he made a treck to the bathroom. He wanted to call her and talk to her. He needed to.
One ring...
Two ring...
"Hello Hazza!" Her happy voice chirped through the call.
"Hi, baby." Harry smiled with his phone held upto his ear. He could hear the award show playing in the background from her side.
"I am so proud of you, Harry. Three put of four, and you got to kiss Lewis!" She gasped in pure joy. "Not gonna lie, Niall is going to be real mad at you and it did made a tiny bit jealous."
That earned a giggle from him, "I'm sorry about that. I miss you so much, I wish you were here with me baby." His voice wavered as his eyes got teary. "We did this together. For the first time, this is happening to me and couldn't be more proud of us. I wanted to call you up and say how much I love you. I fucking love you so much, YN. Without you this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you for being my muse and my rock throughout these years. I'm gonna need this till my heart stops pumping inside me chest. I know how right of s decision I made by asking you to marry me. I want you to know how I appreciate you for everything you do, even though I don't mention you tonight in any of my speeches. I just want to protect you."
"I know you do love me Harry," YN sighed on the other side. He was sure she's crying too by now, "I know you appreciate me, and you exactly know why. They say 'don't meet your heros', but I'm so fucking glad I did! I wish I was there with you too. You don't have to mention me any of your speeches to tell me how you about us. I'd have it just between you and I."
"I just don't want you to feel left out, my love. Because you're not." Harry sniffled. "Also, I don't want to hide anymore. I want to be able to hold you close and not worry about being photographed, and, and want to kiss you wherever we are. Want to brag about how amazing my love is! I truly do. But I want to protect you, you already get enough slack for choosing to stay by my side."
"I know but we can't control it, can we now?" He could hear her sniffle on the other side, "I want you to do what you want to. Not going to hold you back, we can get through anything and everything together, right?"
"Mhmm." He nodded to himself. "I love you so much."
"I love you so much!" She reciprocated, "now tell me the truth, you're crying because you're drunk right?"
"Hey!" He whined just to hear her soft giggles from the other side, "you're a meanie!"
"No, I'm not!" She teased him, "stay safe Hazza, I'll be home day after tomorrow."
"Mhmm, I'd stay longer and talk to you hut Jeffery is calling me now." He shared. "Maybe I'll skip the party later."
"No, I want you go. Please Harry?" She requested, "I don't want to skip on anything because pf me. You already don't go out when you're home."
"Okay." He sounded. "I love you!"
"I love you more." She chuckled. It was like almost the tenth time he's saying that to her.
"This is not a compitition but," he slurred, "I love you more!"
"Okay, you win."
"See it wasn't that hard to agree, was it?"
"Hmm, I think you would be in trouble as Jeffery is texting me to ask you to get off the call they're about to announce Album of The Year." She shared.
"Fuck! I should go." He sighed.
"Mhmm, I'll see you soon."
"See you baby, be safe okay?"
"You too, Harry." He could hear her smile through the phone, "and no, I wasn't going to admit, it's a fact I love you more. Bye!" And the call went dead before he could argue.
"And the winner is..." Stanley Tucci opened the envelope to announce the winner, "Harry Styles."
Harry was ecstatic. Hugging Gemma and fist bumping everyone on his way to the stage.
"There is literally no one I love more in this world than Stanley Tucci. Thank you very much!" Harry chuckled as he looked at his award and pauses for a moment, "umm... This uhh... This night has been really special to me and I will never forget. Thank you so much for the welcome home. I appreciate so much there is no place like home. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so so proud to be an British Artist out there in the world, I'm so proud to be here tonight celebrating British Artists, British Music. Thank you, thank you, I'm going to hand it to Tom and Tyler. Thank you so much for this. I'm so grateful, thank you!"
Harry glanced at his friends who are also his co-writer on the album. But one of them was missing and it was bugging him so much. He took in a deep breath.
"I want to thank my missus, who, who uhh... has been a great support. She wrote this album with us too. I couldn't be more in love with or grateful to a person than I am to you. Thank you, thank you so much for being my muse and my rock through all these years. And... I love you!" He flashed a sheepish smile and blew a little kiss to the crowd before he walked down the stage.
"Harry you did not!" YN exclaimed the first thing after she entered through the door of their flat, dropping her bags on the floor.
"Yes I鈥 owh!" He grabbed onto her tight as she launched on him with a bear hug. "Yes I did baby!"
"You won all four of them!" She celebrated, "I am so fucking happy for you," she placed a smoothering kiss on his mouth, "you deserve every bit of happiness and success out there. I'm so, so, so, so proud of you!"
"Thank you, darling." He chuckled at her excitement as he hugged her again, "I thought you were going to kill me for saying I love you to you on TV!" He pulled away to get another deserving kiss.
In her own words; he deserved every happiness in this world!
"I would be mad if you didn't." She rolled her eyes.
"Did you..." he sighed, "just rolled your eyes at me, baby?"
"Oh come on, I am so proud of you Harry!" She clung onto him like a Koala bear again.
No, she's just that short in front of him.
"I missed you!" He picked her up and waddled his way to the sofas so they can sit and talk.
"I missed you!" She reciprocated. "When did you get home after the after-party?"
"At five in the morning the next day." He smiled sheepishly as he sat both of them down, YN straddling gis lap.
"Look at you!" She playfully punched his arm. "No but seriously Harry, I do think you hold back to go out and have fun with your friends like you used to. You don't have to stay back just because I have the most boring personality ever!"
"Who said you have a boring personality?" He scoffed, "I'd rather stay home with you and teach Milo new trick, make some new recipe and make a disaster of out kitchen or just watch TV, or, wait for it... this one is my favourite: have sex." That earned a laugh from her, "Than go out and drink, torture my kidneys and have a hangover for next three days."
"Okay." She nodded.
"You did not install twitter on your phone again, right?" He asked.
"Nope." She assured him. Because she didn't.
"Good because ee don't even want to go there." He took in a breathe of relief. "We still need to plan more for our wedding though, don't we?"
"Mhmm!" She nodded. "You sure you want to go for The Savoy than your villa in Italy, or better Anne's backyard garden that she offered for us to use?"
"What's wrong with the hotel?"
"Haz, it's very expensive!"
"So is going to be the villa." Was his only argument.
"Well, no, you own it. And it's less expense. You can even make that money back, by putting it on for rent. For maybe a month or so, I'm sure." She suggested.
"What's wrong?" He could just read through her, "you know you can share it with me, baby. Is something bugging you.
"I don't know," she sighed, "I want to be an equal part on this. I'm saving up for when we get our new place. And everything adding up gets very expensive. On my side at least."
"Mm." He sounded and took his time to think.
Look, he does want to be a part this whole planning thing. The only thing he doesn't want disrupted is their wedding. The hotel provides more privacy, he can have his team sign and agreement with them. His mum's backyard garden and the Italian villa can be invaded. In fact his pictures were taken ages ago with a drown in his private property.
"We'll split it." He answered, "I don't want our special day be ruined by people invading our privacy. The villa isn't that... How do I put this? Safe enough for our privacy. I don't want to force you nor do I want to make you feel less. Just chip however much you can or we'll figure something else, yeah?"
"Hmm, I'll think about it." She nodded.
Milo jumped up on the sofa spooking his mother and making his dad laugh, meowing for attention. Harry has been a amazing cat dad since day one!
"Hello my love!" YN cooed and picked the little feline up. He started purring immediately.
"He's very fucking partial!" Harry gasped looking at the kitty. "He never comes upto me like this."
That just made YN laugh.
N O T E :
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And if you have any requests for THIS particular couple, I'm taking in requests.
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Harry with his friend Kiko Mizuhara in Japan. (26 March 2023)
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Chris and Reader public sex maybe? Bonus points if they get caught馃憖
Deep moans fall from both Chris鈥檚 and YN鈥檚 lips as he slips inside her from behind, bottoming out in one smooth thrust. Almost immediately he has to drop his head onto her shoulder, feeling his cock already start to twitch inside of her. She鈥檚 watching him closely in the mirror, smirk forming on her face at how gone he is already.
鈥淣o, fuck,鈥 he whines, squeezing his eyes shut as she moves her hips against him, teasing him. 鈥淎lready fuckin鈥 ruining me, give me a minute,鈥 he breathes, his Boston accent getting thicker as he strains to stave off his orgasm. Hands tight on her hips, he holds her still as she continues torturing him, and he鈥檚 considering just pulling out and cumming on her ass and leaving her to finish herself off as punishment but she feels to fucking good to leave right now.
鈥淭he whole point of a quickie is that we鈥檙e quick, I don鈥檛 care if you don鈥檛 last just fuck me,鈥 she rushes, her brattiness pissing Chris off and making him even more gone for her all at the same time. She presses her hands onto the sink in front of her and tries to use it as leverage to fuck herself on his cock, smiling to herself when he chokes on another moan.
He鈥檚 had enough, gathering his bearings before removing one hand from her hip to bring it to her neck, pulling her upper body to him. His lips are right next to her ear as he pulls out slowly just to slam into her with so much force that a surprised moan falls from her lips and her hands flail to grip the counter tighter.
A dark hum rumbles deep in his chest as he repeats the action, gauging her reaction. 鈥淚 think you forgot who鈥檚 in charge here,鈥 he teases, applying pressure on either side of her neck with his one hand.
Her eyes have already taken purchase in the back of her head, her mouth wide open as he picks up his pace, the leaking head of his cock ramming her g spot with each thrust. She鈥檚 unable to form a single thought, the only thing occupying her mind is the feeling of him fucking her so perfectly, managing to render her speechless in mere seconds.
鈥淟ook at that,鈥 he coos condescendingly, not letting up on his thrusts. 鈥淎ll that talk and now you鈥檙e all cockdrunk for me. Dumb little baby just needed to be put in her place, hm?鈥 he teases, now using his grip on her throat as leverage to fuck her deeper. The sound of skin slapping fills the restroom and they鈥檙e both certain that they can be heard from outside but Chris doesn鈥檛 care, his thrusts unrelenting.
Her moans increase tenfold when he manages to graze her cervix, her legs starting to shake beneath her as her orgasm builds deep in her belly. It鈥檚 like a third sense to him at this point, and he lets go of her throat just to press her face into the cool counter in front of her, once again using both hands on her hips as leverage. His thrusts get much harder as he knows that is what will get her there, and he鈥檚 just watching where they鈥檙e connected, her wetness starting to drip down the both of their thighs.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, princess. Take my cock just like you were made to,鈥 he grits, his thrusts getting sloppy as his orgasm approaches once again. 鈥淐um for me, and I鈥檒l give you what you need,鈥 just then there鈥檚 a loud knock on the bathroom door, angry swears following the sound.
YN makes an effort to have at least some remorse and quiet down but it鈥檚 so hard when he melts all thoughts in her brain. She鈥檚 about to tell him to give up and they can finish at home when he doubles his efforts, seemingly reading her mind. 鈥淯h uh. You鈥檙e almost there, and I鈥檓 not stopping until you soak my fuckin鈥 cock. You can do it, just cum all over my cock and I鈥檒l fill you up,鈥 he encourages. It鈥檚 like a switch flips in her mind, and she鈥檚 immediately taking advantage of her permission to cum, her tight channel locking down onto his cock and keeping him inside her as she cums with a loud cry of his name.
Neither of them are surprised when they hear liquid dripping onto the floor as the result, her cum dripping down her legs and even into her shoes. She鈥檚 honestly quite embarrassed that he can ruin her this way, but the thoughts are overpowered by the fog that鈥檚 filled her brain. He can feel the evidence of her orgasm dripping onto his fancy shoes as she overloads his senses and he can鈥檛 hold his off any longer. He cums with an animalistic groan, filling her to the brim with his orgasm and warming her from the inside.
The knocking continues, the person on the other side of the door threatening to call the police if they don鈥檛 come out right now. Once again, he ignores them, holding her close to him as she twitches with the aftershocks of such an intense orgasm. When she鈥檚 all settled he pulls out gently, and he can see his cum stating to drip out of her. He can鈥檛 resist spreading her a little bit further and squatting down to be eye level with her sensitive pussy.
A bold lick between her swollen lips makes her whine in overstimulation but she doesn鈥檛 move away, she stays put until he鈥檚 had his fill, and then he鈥檚 standing up to grab some paper towels to clean her legs, leaving the mess on the floor. He adjusts her dress and fixes his clothes as best he can before they鈥檙e walking out of the bathroom.
The look on Chris鈥檚 face is nothing short of smug as they exit, making direct eye contact with who he assumes is the man who鈥檇 been banging on the door, and by the disgusted look on his face he knew it was. He lets YN walk a little ahead of him as he stops to look the man in the eye. 鈥淢ight want to get someone in there to clean that up,鈥 he tells him, watching in amusement as his face falls at the meaning of his words.
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Harry Styles visited my country and invited me over to his hotel room which turned out to be a gay bar and hooked me up with Taylor Swift.
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lukesaprince 7 hours
Rich H.S Part 6
Tumblr media
Summary: Neighbour/Older!Harry. The aftermath of Harry's birthday leaves the pair feeling all kinds of emotions. Harry also discovers how soon y/n returns to university, but an honest conversation and a little fun in the pool solve everything.
Warning: thigh riding, exhibitionism, dirty talk, spitting, light choking (she a bit tame this time hehe)
This is an age-gap romance, do not read if you don't like it.
Word count:聽12k
Author鈥檚 note: Rich part 6 is here and it's mostly internal monologue. You get a bigger insight in how the pair are feeling for each other, as well as a bit of a background on Harry's past relationships. And ofc I couldn't help myself and added a bit of smut hehe. Happy Reading! x
- Find Series Masterlist Here -
- Find my General Masterlist here -
My girl鈥 You鈥檙e mine鈥 I鈥檝e ruined you鈥
My girl.
You鈥檙e mine.
Mine. My girl. Mine. Mine. Mine鈥
The words repeated in your head like you were possessed. From the moment you exited that bathroom to now, three days later and lying on Harry鈥檚 couch like a fucking slob while trying to organise your uni timetable, those words hadn鈥檛 left your head.
The entire night was a whirlwind of events, and you couldn鈥檛 help but pick it apart, frame by frame, conversation by conversation, interaction by interaction.
From the moment you entered that party you felt out of place. Somewhere in the middle of the night, whether that be when Harry鈥檚 cock was in your mouth or he was snorting coke off your tits, you felt almost鈥 comfortable. Comfortable may not be the right word, but you felt like a part of Harry鈥檚 life as more than just his 鈥榦verworked dogsitter鈥 or hookup.
God that title made you want to pull your fucking hair out.
Leaving that bathroom though鈥 it was like you were right where you started out. Uncomfortable and out of place, not only in Harry鈥檚 party but in his life, in your life too.
At the beginning of this relationship, you were convinced you just wanted sex. You never had the desire for anything else with Harry, and it wasn鈥檛 just because of the obvious complications in the situation. The age gap and other life differences and obstacles were contributing factors for sure because it was an unrealistic idea for someone like Harry to even want you like that, and even if he did it was virtually impossible for it to ever work out.
But beyond that, in general you didn鈥檛 want a relationship. Your degree was more important to you, as were growing and maintaining friendships and having life experiences before you got tied down to romance. It could鈥檝e been partly fear since you had never had a relationship before, but it was mostly because you didn鈥檛 feel like a romantic relationship was what your life was lacking right now.
Before Harry your relationships with men had been purely sexual or friendly, so to you, this hookup was just that, a hookup. It was going to be raw and dirty and the best sexual experience of your entire life, and truly, it lived up to that expectation.
Harry was hot, and dirty and fuck could he do mindblowing things with his body. But your interest in him went beyond his appearance way before you started hooking up. Yes, he was always an unattainable fantasy, but you enjoyed getting to know him. You loved your weekly dinners and chats. Seeing him daily was like the best part, even if he made your insides twist and your pussy wet the second he made eye contact with you.
The party seemed to change that though. You felt it even earlier than that, on his actual birthday where you realised you had begun clinging onto the things you and Harry did that were romantic or affectionate. It was the way he held you, spoke softly to you, caressed you in such a tender way. It was his soft eyes and his laugh when you two just bantered.
You could feel yourself picture what it would be like to date Harry and to experience all the relationship things for the first time鈥 to fall in love. Even though you knew what Harry was like; his hate for relationships, his hookup habits, and selfish ways, you still had this feeling deep down that he鈥檇 be a good partner. And that he鈥檇 be the perfect person to guide you through your first relationship without treating you like a child or invalidating your feelings.
It was a feeling deep down that lasted all throughout your dinner that night and you just couldn鈥檛 get it out of your head. You tried to ignore it, because fuck, getting feelings for Harry was quite possibly the last thing you needed.
But when Friday night came and everything else happened, your mind went back to that place, and it hadn鈥檛 left. He called you his friend, then his girl, then made you chant that you were his like he owned you. It felt like dirty talk, but at the same time it just didn鈥檛, and you were trying to wrap your head around the bizarre interaction.
Harry acted so weird. There isn鈥檛 another word to describe it. At first the jealousy was hot, and you loved that he seemed to care enough about you and what you were doing to feel threatened. Then he called you his and made you say it to come and fucking hell that could get you horny right now.
Then the 180 came. He finished fucking you with so much passion in his kiss and a tender hold on your body yet demanded that you never try to make him jealous again because it 鈥榳orked too well鈥. That was confusing, and to be honest kinda hurt. It was clear he didn鈥檛 want to feel jealous otherwise he wouldn鈥檛 have said it. And with how cold he was in terms of relationships and hook-ups, it fit his character to not want feelings for you.
But then everything else pointed towards him having at least some care for you. If he truly didn鈥檛 want to feel like that then why hold you? Why call you his and call you his girl? Why not sleep with anyone else? Why sneak out from his own birthday party with you and go on a drive, even though he could鈥檝e easily taken anyone else?
It didn鈥檛 make sense. Nothing made sense and you were trying to process your own feelings about the whole thing. They weren鈥檛 going away.
University was probably a trigger too. Sitting here and organising your timetable was only a sick reminder that in two weeks you鈥檇 be moving back to your place to settle in, then in three weeks your classes would start as would your part time job. Life would go back to how it was before your perfect little bubble formed.
You hadn鈥檛 properly thought about university yet. It was something you pushed to the back of your mind and completely ignored because you didn鈥檛 want to think about it. You had months without any assignments or university stress and now suddenly you were going to just be thrown back into it and the thought was killing you.
A big part of you was really ignoring it because of Harry.
What would happen when you went back to university? You always just assumed things would end and it would go back like nothing ever happened. But with how you were feeling that鈥檚 the last thing you wanted now. You were going to miss seeing Harry and Archie everyday terribly, and the drive really wasn鈥檛 unreasonable so you could easily drive down more often to see them. Harry could drive up too鈥
Shut up.
You let out an audible groan and rubbed your eyes, looking at Archie whose head had perked up from the couch next to you at the noise of your displeasure. 鈥淟ike your dad would ever fucking drive up and visit me鈥 you scoffed, trying to erase the delusional thoughts firing through your head.
Harry wasn鈥檛 the type to make effort like that, not for sex. Sex was something he came across easily and you knew it. He wouldn鈥檛 travel all that way just to fuck you when there were still a couple hot mums around the neighbourhood that he hadn鈥檛 hooked up with yet. He also wouldn鈥檛 come all that way just to see you either.
These dinners were a convenience thing, as was timing them when he was horny and wanted to be inside you. Once you weren鈥檛 convenient anymore, he鈥檇 move on. The thought of that happening now that you annoyingly grew to care for him was depressing. But it was a mutually beneficial arrangement that you had wanted from the start, so you couldn鈥檛 really complain when you got great sex out of it.
You reached forward and scratched behind his ears, continuing your babbling to him. 鈥淗arry will probably be sadder that I鈥檓 leaving because of how inconvenient it would be to find someone else to take care of you. He probably won鈥檛 even show up to my going away BBQ, but you鈥檒l miss me and that鈥檚 all that matters, isn鈥檛 it Archie?鈥 you cooed, sliding your hand down to his neck so his snout rest on your palm. He gave you sad eyes and shuffled closer, letting out a loud yawn that echoed through the whole room.
A smile grew on your mouth as you yawned back at him, his tiredness somehow triggering your own. You looked at the time on your laptop and figured you could take a short nap and postpone your timetable decisions. You still had at least two hours before Harry would be home, if not more, and the deadline for your timetable wasn鈥檛 until midnight so you had plenty time to nap for an hour then get it done.
Your mind was just too all over the place to focus on figuring out a schedule that would allow you to work at the same time. Working at the caf茅 on campus was a convenient job. It was easy to pick up shifts between classes and it had flexible hours. During uni breaks, especially over Summer, they needed bare bones staff there since it wasn鈥檛 super well known to anyone but students, so in that way it was easy to take holidays off since you weren鈥檛 needed. You鈥檇 have to update your availability soon, but that was a job for another day.
You quickly placed your laptop on the coffee table before manoeuvring your body around Archie. He was taking up the majority of the couch, but he seemed happy to share the space with you, especially when your leg slid against his body, and he was able to rest his chin on you like a pillow.
Harry鈥檚 house was kept cool every day. At first you felt guilty keeping the aircon on when he wasn鈥檛 home because it felt like you were wasting his money, but he was adamant that it barely made a dent in his salary and that he wanted to come home to a cool house and for you to be comfortable while you were there.
You had never been so glad of his lack of care for money than when you were able to pull the crochet blanket from the back of his couch and snuggle into it without sweating your ass off. You made sure to put a timer on before happily closing your eyes and letting your entire body relax.
Harry felt like his head was on fire. Rather, he wanted to set it on fire to make it stop thinking about you. All day. All fucking day and all goddamn weekend he couldn鈥檛 get you off his mind.
He usually thought about you during the day, many times a day. His mind would drift about what you were doing in that moment, things you said, stories you told. He also thought about you in his bed, how you tasted and the sounds you made when he pleasured you, the way 鈥榙addy鈥 fell perfectly from your lips鈥
But he could turn it off. He could distract himself and focus on work and make sure that thoughts of you were only happening when he had a moment of piece, or that they were fleeting and didn鈥檛 last long so he could get back to work. But ever since Friday night his mind was on you 24/7.
He worked out, went on an extra run, read, did work, and through all of that nothing could get him to stop thinking about you. He thought by Monday he鈥檇 finally get a break and focus, especially since Mondays were always busy and full of meetings. Harry always made sure he was on his A-game for every single one, no matter what happened on his weekend, yet today he sat through all of them and didn鈥檛 hear a single word.
He was distracted by you. By what he did.
His birthday party was bound to be eventful, and he didn鈥檛 think it would be a relaxing night for him. But he didn鈥檛 walk into it expecting that by the end of it he鈥檇 have admitted to being jealous and claimed you as something more than a friend.
Those ill gut-wrenching jealousy feelings weren鈥檛 even meant to exist. He shouldn鈥檛 have felt jealous over you, because you weren鈥檛 his and he wasn鈥檛 yours, yet seeing you flirt with that boy riled him up way too much and he couldn鈥檛 control it. He was jealous, so sickly jealous the thought of beating that boy up for even looking at you flashed through his mind.
But he hated it. He hated that you made him feel this way. He was never meant to feel anything for you other than attraction. Yet you had weaselled your way into his mind so much that he felt this possessiveness over you that had manifested into jealousy and recklessness.
Calling you 鈥榤y girl鈥 was a slip of the tongue and it was never meant to leave the safe confides of his mind, yet in his heightened feelings that you caused, it just slipped out.
Harry was a fan of ownership, could even call it a kink of his. He liked the feeling of having power over someone, being able to influence them and command them and having them do it because they want to, not because they鈥檙e forced to. It鈥檚 domination at its finest really, having so much power over someone that they voluntarily relinquish control.
Part of that control is claiming someone. Ruining someone so every time they even think about anyone else their mind goes back to him. That鈥檚 what he wanted with you, and Harry already knew that he had it. He knew that he had already left a lasting impression on you and fucked you so damn good you鈥檇 never be able to stop comparing everyone else to him.
But that ownership was only meant to be sexual. Harry had only ever meant for this to be sexual. Aside from the friendship side of your relationship, because by now Harry definitely considered you a friend, everything else was purely sexual. Romance wasn鈥檛 meant to be attached to anything, yet he could feel it blooming in his chest and he didn鈥檛 know how to get rid of it.
He thought sleeping with someone else would break this connection you two have, but before he could even attempt to do so on Friday, he was already changing his mind because he wanted you. He always seemed to want you, day and night, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Fuck, he hadn鈥檛 even slept with anyone else since you. It wasn鈥檛 something he planned or decided, it just happened. He found himself not even thinking about wanting other people to sleep with, nor had he even stepped foot in his gentlemen鈥檚 club.
That club was somewhere he鈥檇 go to release stress when running wasn鈥檛 enough and his cock wasn鈥檛 satisfied by his hand or a casual hook-up anymore. When he wanted something more, something kinkier and more depraved he鈥檇 go to the one place he knew he鈥檇 be able to explore his fantasies, most he had already. He鈥檇 almost always be inside someone by the end of the night, and it would refresh him and get his mind back in the game for work or anything else he had going on in his life.
Now that you were in the picture, the thought of going there hadn鈥檛 even crossed his mind. It was fucking frustrating to put it simple. Because Harry never wanted it to be like this, yet here he was trying to figure out how to detach himself from you and get rid of these unwanted feelings.
While he didn鈥檛 want these feelings, he also couldn鈥檛 force himself to go hook up with someone or go play at a club to try and get rid of them when he didn鈥檛 want to. He wanted to get rid of the feelings, yes, but he wasn鈥檛 interested in sleeping with anyone else.
Even the thought of that was laughable, and fucking crazy considering sex was an important part of Harry鈥檚 life. If he wasn鈥檛 working or with Archie, he was inside someone and that鈥檚 how he liked it. Yet despite all that, all it took was his pretty young neighbour to come in and completely fuck everything up.
He just couldn鈥檛 even fathom not having you in his life now. Whether it be sexual or friendly, or even just as a next-door neighbour, Harry was certain he couldn鈥檛 go on with his life if you weren鈥檛 in it. The smartest thing to do was stop seeing you intimately and bring your relationship back to neighbours or boss-employee, but he selfishly didn鈥檛 want to.
Harry was disciplined and always got what he wanted. He knew that he could push these annoying emotions away and pretend that they didn鈥檛 exist so he could keep sleeping with you. He just needed to go back to the original agreement of once a week and do casual takeaway dinners instead of romantic home cooked meals for dinner.
If he drew himself back enough, this weird jealousy thing he had for you would soon dissolve and he鈥檇 be able to have a clear head again. He just needed to make sure that you were on the same page. As much as he鈥檇 like to pretend he didn鈥檛 call you his girl, he did, and he needed to make sure you knew that he didn鈥檛 mean it in a romantic way.
Beyond jealousy, he wasn鈥檛 sure if you had grown to feel anything else. He fucking hoped you hadn鈥檛, because that would only complicate things more and Harry knew he couldn鈥檛 sleep with someone so emotionally invested. Still, you had always been honest in what you needed from him, so he trusted that you鈥檇 be honest now.
A knock interrupted him from his everlasting daydream of you and he willed himself to look away from the same email he had been trying to type for 10 minutes to look at the door. 鈥淐ome in鈥 he called, clearing his throat and running a hand through his hair before leaning back in his chair.
鈥淗arryyyy, how鈥檚 my birthday boy going today? You recovered from the biggest party of the year yet?鈥 Ethan waltzed in with a big smile on his face, a black folder tucked under his arm. He closed Harry鈥檚 office door behind him and sat on one of the chairs in front of his desk without invite.
鈥淚鈥檝e recovered fine. It鈥檚 you I should be asking鈥 I distinctively remember you disappearing with a brunette and not coming back鈥 Harry smirked, playing with his bottom lip. He didn鈥檛 catch a good look at who the brunette actually was. But he does remember seeing them stumbling out of his front door after he left the bathroom and downed three whiskeys.
Ethan cracked a big smirk and leaned back in his armchair, crossing his leg over the other and dumping his folder on the chair beside him like it wasn鈥檛 important anymore. 鈥淥h man, she was fucking fantastic. Great set of tits and she can do this thing with her tongue鈥︹ he trailed off and dipped his head back, letting out an obnoxious groan. 鈥淕od it was good鈥 he looked back at Harry with a cheeky grin on his face.
Harry chuckled and rose a brow, wondering if he had slept with the same woman. It had happened a couple times here and there, where he accidentally slept with the same woman as one of his friends or vice versa. It wasn鈥檛 a big deal, but he was curious.
鈥淵eah? Do I know her?鈥
The cheerful grin faltered for a moment, but Ethan quickly shook his head as a 鈥榥o鈥 and returned the smile to his face. 鈥淣ah, she was a plus one. Besides, can鈥檛 have you going after her now, can I?鈥 he smirked, knowing Harry鈥檚 curiosity would get the better of him.
鈥淪he must鈥檝e been fucking good then if you鈥檙e keeping her to yourself鈥 Harry laughed, leaning forward, and clasping his hands together on his desk. His eyes found the folder on the spare chair, knowing whatever was in there was important.
鈥淲ell you had many chances that night and blew every single one, so even if you did know her you wouldn鈥檛 have gone with her鈥 Ethan pointed out. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 up with that by the way? Your birthday was the perfect opportunity to fuck someone, and you were boring all fucking night. This about Mel again?鈥
Harry shivered at the thought of Mel, his last serious relationship. He dated her for almost two years before he moved to Melbourne. There was a large gap between dating her and moving, but he couldn鈥檛 lie and say it wasn鈥檛 convenient to be moving away when she was parading around his neighbourhood with her fianc茅. The same fianc茅 she cheated on Harry with for six fucking months.
He wasn鈥檛 totally invested in the relationship truth be told. Even though they dated for a long time he never pictured himself getting married or settling down with her, and maybe that鈥檚 why she did what she did. Because he couldn鈥檛 commit. Though it wasn鈥檛 unique to her, through all the relationships he鈥檚 had he never pictured a future with anyone.
Getting cheated on fucking sucks though, especially since loyalty was in the top three traits that Harry valued in life.
If you asked Harry鈥檚 therapist whether the cheating impacted him, she鈥檇 say that his possessive and jealous tendencies grew because of the betrayal. He wanted his partner, casual or not, to feel like only he could please them and that he was better than anyone else. She鈥檇 also say that maybe deep down Harry actually did want a relationship, but was too afraid because of the hurt he experienced in that relationship.
If you asked Harry, he鈥檇 say that yeah, getting cheating on sucks ass and makes you feel like shit, but at least he wasn鈥檛 weighed down by a brick who kept her things in his apartment and added decorative pillows that he hated. She tried to feed Archie the wrong things and gave him treats he didn鈥檛 even like, then she washed Harry鈥檚 clothes without asking first and made them all smell like frangipanis.
Harry fucking hates the smell of frangipanis.
So really, it was a good thing she cheated. He came out of it stronger and less resistant to the charms of women. And since her he鈥檚 been richer and happier than ever, especially since his move to Australia. His therapist would say that his happiness was due to you, and while he disagreed with most of the things she said, she was right about that.
鈥淣o. What the fuck type of question is that, Ethan? I haven鈥檛 thought about her since I moved into my new house that鈥檚 double the size of the one I lived in when I was with her and fucking laughed at how jealous she鈥檇 be over my pool鈥 Harry scoffed, running his hand through his hair.
鈥淕eese, I was just asking. Calm your tits, mate鈥 Ethan held his hands up in defence. 鈥淵ou haven鈥檛 been to the club, and you didn鈥檛 chat up anyone at your birthday, that鈥檚 all鈥
Ethan could never know the truth why those two things happened. What would he say? What would he think? Ethan was anything but judgemental of people鈥檚 tastes in people and kinks, fuck, Will hooked up with your best friend and he didn鈥檛 bat an eye. But there was a difference between hooking up with someone and forming a weekly arrangement that you kept secret, then letting them make you jealous and uninterested in everyone else.
鈥淢aybe because I didn鈥檛 fucking want a birthday party and you guys forced me to鈥 Harry snapped, slamming his hand on the desk. Ethan pursed his lips and nodded, getting up from his chair and buttoning up the single button on his suit jacket again.
鈥淲e can chat when you aren鈥檛 being an asshole鈥 he replied, grabbing the black binder, and chucking it on Harry鈥檚 desk. 鈥淭his is the Roebuck file that you were after, maybe seeing the extra money you鈥檒l get will get you to stop acting like such a cunt鈥
Ethan walked out and slammed the door shut behind him before Harry had a chance to reply. He let out a groan and rubbed his eyes, looking at the clock and wishing it would say 6:36pm instead of 2:36pm. The day was dragging and for once Harry had no ounce of motivation left in his body. His mind was still on you, and now that Ethan had inconveniently brought up his ex, he needed a distraction.
So, you know what. Fuck it. He gathered his belongings, as well as the Roebuck file and walked out of his office with purpose. Some gave him odd looks, while others assumed he was taking work home for the day and would do it when he got back.
Harry had zero plans to do work when he got back. All he wanted to do was get home, sort this thing out with you then go in the pool. He鈥檇 persuade you to join him and maybe even stay for dinner if everything went to plan.
The sound of a quiet house greeted Harry. Usually Archie would bark like crazy, and so loud Harry could hear it from his car. Then a minute later you鈥檇 be opening his front door to greet him and let Archie run out to meet Harry, or let Harry in, depending on who was faster.
Today neither of those options happened. There was no barking, and no pretty girl to greet him at the door. He thought you might be on your second walk of the day, considering it was just after 3pm and a lot earlier than Harry would usually be home.
He called out for you anyway and walked down his hall towards his kitchen and living area. He peaked in each room along the way to see if you were there just in case, before entering the open planned living space and stopping right in his tracks. His mouth gaped at the scene he stumbled on, and his heart started beating erratically in his chest just looking at it.
There you were, curled up fast asleep on the couch under his crochet blanket with Archie snuggled up right to your bum, his chin on your hip. Archie had opened his eyes to look at Harry, and his tail wagging was the only indication that he was excited to see his dad. The rest of him was completely still and zonked out, his eyes barely open to look at Harry.
No wonder he didn鈥檛 bark or get up to greet him, Harry wouldn鈥檛 move from that spot either if he was the one cuddling up to you.
It was adorable. You were adorable. Seeing you in such an innocent state just made Harry feel鈥 good. He didn鈥檛 know how else to describe it, but it was warm and fuzzy, and he just wanted to protect you and let you be in that state forever if that鈥檚 what you wanted.
He saw you this morning briefly on your morning walk, but it was quick and almost uncomfortable due to how Friday night got left off. Despite that and the importance of clearing things up, he knew he couldn鈥檛 wake you up to have that conversation. It just felt cruel to interrupt your sleep when you so clearly needed it.
You also just looked so pure and innocent in your dream state, Harry wanted to watch a little longer. It was probably fucking creepy, but he did it the first time you two slept together and he was going to do it now. Before you woke up that morning, Harry laid in bed a little longer before getting up just to look at you. You were just so pretty and soft and had such lovely qualities about you he wanted to look at you forever.
This situation was like that, so despite the raging voice in the back of his head telling him to just ignore you and walk into a different part of the house to let you sleep, he got out his phone and snapped a quick picture. If you ever found it, he could put it down to wanting to get a photo of Archie being so lazy, but truthfully it was because he never wanted to forget this moment.
After that stupid decision that he鈥檇 probably regret later, he quietly walked into the kitchen and placed his belongings on the island bench. As he was slipping his shoes off to lessen the sound of his footsteps, he spotted your laptop open on the coffee table.
The screen was still bright, so it was clear you hadn鈥檛 been asleep too long since it hadn鈥檛 gone into power save mode. His first thought was to shut it properly for you so the battery wouldn鈥檛 drain, and his second was curious what you were doing on it in the first place. You never brought it to his house since you had your own account on all his streaming services if you ever wanted to watch anything.
Today seemed to be a day of making regretful actions, because one second he was in his kitchen, and the next he was crouching beside the couch and pulling your unlocked laptop closer to have a look. His eyes widened when he saw the screen, and many many emotions flooded through him all at once.
University Timetable Allocation
His eyes flicked between your sleeping body then back at the computer. It was meant to be a quick look to satisfy his curiosity but now that he knew what it was about, he couldn鈥檛 help but snoop a little more. He had a quick read through the page and kept note of several facts.
The timetable was due at midnight.
Class syllabi and material lists will be emailed within a week
Classes start Monday 27th February
Classes start Monday 27th February. Classes start Monday 27th February. He read over the line multiple times then looked at the top right corner of the screen to see the date. He already knew the date, but he had to double check just to prove to himself that you were starting classes in three weeks exactly.
Three weeks. Three fucking weeks.
He couldn鈥檛 believe it had gone that fast and he knew what was coming next. You鈥檇 have your going away BBQ next weekend, then the one after you鈥檇 be moving back to your place to settle in. So really, Harry only had two more weeks with you.
It felt like a shock to be honest, because even though he knew it was coming he thought he had more time. He didn鈥檛 keep track of school holidays because it didn鈥檛 affect him, yet now he wished he had because then he would鈥檝e realised that he was on finite time with you much earlier and he could鈥檝e planned better.
Planned for what, he wasn鈥檛 sure. But he felt severely unprepared for things to go back to how they were before.
This could be a good thing in the long run. Distance would allow him to stop seeing you every day and let him detach from you so these jealousy feelings wouldn鈥檛 grow into more. He could go back to his bachelor ways, and you鈥檇 go back to school, and all would be fine.
But it didn鈥檛 feel like a good thing. He liked having you in his life and he loved seeing you every day. Even if he didn鈥檛 sleep with you, seeing you and speaking to you was the best part of his day, and the thought of losing that was like stepping into his birthday party all over again.
The only thing that got him through that night was you. Hell, some days the only thing that got him through it was knowing you were waiting for him for dinner, or that you鈥檇 be the one to open his front door and greet him home.
What would happen now? He鈥檇 have no pretty girl to see every day, and he鈥檇 have to send Archie back to doggie day care or get one of the neighbours to look after him instead. The thought of asking one of his neighbours to replace you sent a shiver up his spine, and it was the last thing he wanted.
But what choice did he have?
God, and the sex. He鈥檇 miss the sex. He鈥檇 really fucking miss the sex. Fucking you was like fucking a wet dream personified and he truly believed he wouldn鈥檛 be able to move on from it. He always said he wanted to ruin you for everyone else, but now that he was faced with the reality that in two weeks, he鈥檇 probably never sleep with you again, he realised that you probably ruined him as well.
Now he really didn鈥檛 know what to do. Was it easier to pretend like he never saw it and enjoy the next two weeks in bliss so it wouldn鈥檛 ruin anything, or was it better to talk to you about it. He told himself he wouldn鈥檛 do anything special for you anymore, but now that he knew he was on borrowed time he wanted to.
Romance couldn鈥檛 hurt when in two weeks you鈥檇 be hours apart and probably never see each other until you returned home for your uni break. That would be weeks, even months and by then you鈥檇 probably have a boyfriend and have moved on. Even the thought of you having a boyfriend made his stomach twist. God, he couldn鈥檛 stand the thought of some slimy 20-year-old trying to please you and get you to-
鈥淗arry?鈥 you groaned instinctively, your body wakening and eyes opening slowly.
You weren鈥檛 sure why you woke up, because your alarm hadn鈥檛 gone off and it felt like you hardly slept at all. When you became more aware of your surroundings and found Harry crouched beside you, your eyes widened in worry. It was embarrassing to be caught sleeping by him, especially when you hadn鈥檛 planned for him to be home while you took a nap on his couch.
You must鈥檝e overslept because you would鈥檝e never had a nap if you knew he鈥檇 be home. 鈥淥h fuck, what time is it?鈥
You started to get up, but he held his hand out for you to stop and gently nudged your shoulder, so you鈥檇 lay back down. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just after 3, love. 鈥榤 sorry for waking you, I didn鈥檛 mean to鈥 he apologised, feeling bad for interrupting your sleep.
Your brows furrowed. 鈥3? Why are you home so early? Did something happen?鈥
鈥淣o, nothing happened鈥 a soft smile grew on his lips, and he reached forward to caress your cheek, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. God it was so fucking cute how much you worried over him. You asked the same thing only a couple weeks ago when he came home early, and the burning in his chest felt exactly the same. Harry hated that burning feeling, or rather the existence of it, but it felt good. Too good.
鈥淕o back to sleep if y鈥檒ike, you still have鈥︹ he tapped your phone and looked at your timer before looking back at you. 鈥45minutes until this goes off. I don鈥檛 mind, really. Neither does Arch鈥 he let out a chuckle and scratched Archie鈥檚 head. 鈥淲as gonna go in the pool for a bit anyway鈥
The idea of sleeping while he was in the pool was embarrassing, and also gave you severe FOMO because fuck did you want to see water dripping down those delicious abs of his. But you were so tired and you weren鈥檛 sure why. Maybe it was the mental craziness of the weekend and Harry鈥檚 party, and your confusion about your own feelings.
You really needed that nap.
鈥淎re you鈥︹ you swallowed the lump forming in your throat. 鈥淎re you sure? It鈥檚 not weird or anything to be sleeping on your couch? It feels weird. Like I don鈥檛 even know if this blanket is a family heirloom or something鈥 you blushed, pushing your hand against the blanket to lift it up.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not a family heirloom and it鈥檚 not weird darling, you clearly need your rest鈥 he chuckled, his hand still cupping your face. He ran his thumb along your cheek, 鈥渉ave your nap then join me in the pool after. It鈥檚 scorching outside鈥
His want for you to join him wasn鈥檛 a request, and as ill-timed it was, you could feel arousal swirling in your stomach at how he commanded you. It always did when he used authority on you, and every time you felt your knees crumble. But you wanted to abide by his command. The thought of getting in that pool with him had already been going through your mind before he told you to, anyway.
鈥淎lright. Thanks Harry鈥 you smiled back, subconsciously chasing his hand with your face as he removed it to stand up. He gave you a little nod than patted Archie鈥檚 head.
鈥淪leep well, love鈥
He walked into the kitchen and grabbed his briefcase and shoes before walking into the hallway and disappearing from your sight. Your eyes followed him until you couldn鈥檛 see him anymore, and that鈥檚 when you noticed your laptop fully open and definitely not in the same spot as it was before.
Well, fuck.
You never planned to keep university a secret from Harry, both of you knew that it was going to happen eventually, but you also didn鈥檛 want him to find out how soon it was through your laptop. You wanted it to come up naturally in conversation.
You dreaded that conversation. Even though it had to happen you dreaded the talk that would finish this fling you had going on. You could already hear it in your head. Harry would say it鈥檚 been fun, but this can鈥檛 happen again, and you鈥檇 pretend to be okay with that and go back to university still pining over him and his cock.
You closed your eyes to try and will yourself to sleep, hoping that even for 45 minutes you鈥檇 have the peace you were craving the first time you fell asleep. But now that you knew Harry knew, it was like your brain and body were fully awake. Harry had walked past you, gone outside already and you heard him diving into the water, yet you still couldn鈥檛 get yourself to fall asleep.
After what felt like forever, you gave up on trying to nap and sat back up on the couch, rubbing your eyes before stretching out your body. Harry鈥檚 couch was expensive and very comfortable, but it was still a couch, and your body felt a bit achey.
鈥淲anna go for a swim, Arch?鈥 you asked, looking over at the very offended Archie. He was giving you the deadliest side eye because while you were wide awake, he had settled back into sleeping and you woke him up by sitting up. 鈥淥kay, don鈥檛 give me that look鈥 you gave him a pointed look back and stood up, leaving the blanket on the couch because he was still sitting on it.
You walked over to the back door while talking to him, trying to get him to like you again. 鈥淐ome on, we鈥檒l see if y鈥檇addy will let you have a swim with u-鈥 your words paused as you opened the door and laid eyes on Harry.
In all the time you worked for him, you had never seen him use his pool. You knew he did, but you had never seen it. And fuck. What a sight. He was facing towards you and was leaning against the edge of the pool in the deep end, his elbows up on either side of him t keep his upper body out of the water and his head tipped back as he basked in the sun.
He looked glorious, his hair wet and flat against his forehead, water beading down his chest and back into the pool. Every ridge and hair on his body was highlighted by the water and reflected by the sun. That damn cross necklace of his that you suddenly couldn鈥檛 stop picturing dangling over you was glimmering and drawing your eyes to his pectoral muscles. 聽
Sinful. He looked delicious and you just wanted to run your tongue over his entire body and collect every drop of water. He never failed to turn you on; he could with just a stare or a couple words. Even when your mind was in turmoil, you were stood gaping like a fish with your thighs tensed because you wanted to fuck him.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 daddy gonna do?鈥 he called, a sickening smirk playing on his lips as he tilted his head back down and opened his eyes to look at you.
Damn fucker heard you.
You could feel the heat rising up your neck into your face, your entire body hot just from his look alone. You had never been more thankful to already have your bathers on than now because you needed to cool off immediately before you soaked your bottoms all the way through.
Harry could see the effect he had on you, even all the way from the other end of the pool and he loved how easy you were to rile up.
鈥淯hm, I was just talking to Archie and seeing if you鈥檇 let him swim with us鈥 you replied back, increasing your volume so he could hear you. You looked back at Archie and found him flopped again on the couch, zero interest in you or the pool. 鈥淣ever mind.鈥
You stepped out onto the deck and closed the door behind you, walking over to the stairs that lead down to the pool area. 鈥淗as he gone back to sleep?鈥 he asked, talking in a normal tone now that you were beside the pool. You opened the glass pool gate and stepped inside, walking over to one of the pool chairs. Harry had very kindly set up two towels on two chairs beside each other.
鈥淵eah, he was a bit annoyed I got up鈥 you chuckled, tucking your thumbs into your loose shorts and sliding them down your legs. You were trying not to look at him, but even though you were avoiding all eye contact you could feel the heat of his gaze on your ass.
鈥淲as gonna say, that was a short nap. Thought it would be a lot longer鈥 he rasped, running a hand through his hair and biting down on his lip as he stared at your exposed skin. Maybe inviting you for a swim was a bad idea, because instead of clearing the air and talking, he just wanted to drag you in and fuck you.
You couldn鈥檛 lie because Harry always knew when you lied, it was like an annoying sixth sense of his. At the same time though, you really didn鈥檛 want to bring up your laptop. You wanted to swim for a little bit and relax before any heated conversation came up.
It was just so hard to talk to Harry about something like this, something that revolved around your relationship. Aside from the first conversation you had mid-makeout session where you agreed to make it just sex and only once a week, you hadn鈥檛 actually spoken about your relationship at all. Now, between Friday and your university, there was so much to say and it was freaking you out.
He couldn鈥檛 know the true extent of your feelings, or at least the ones you were forming for him. The thought of him finding out that he fucked you and treated you so well you were actually reconsidering your stand on relationships was mortifying, and it would surely push him away forever. There was a chance you could remain friends after this, but not if he knew your feelings were growing beyond what was agreed on.
鈥淚-I saw my laptop鈥 I know you went through it鈥 you admitted, looking at him nervously as you placed your shorts onto the chair. 鈥淚 couldn鈥檛 exactly go to sleep after that鈥
His lips pursed and he nodded, running his hand through his hair to push it away from his face. 鈥淩ight鈥 well I didn鈥檛 mean to snoop, honestly, but once I saw what you were doing I couldn鈥檛 help myself鈥 there was no apology in his statement, because Harry wasn鈥檛 sorry. He was glad he found out, because with only two weeks left you hadn鈥檛 said anything about it.
When he first stumbled upon it the thought hadn鈥檛 crossed his mind, but now that he had time to think, he started to wonder. Were you ever going to tell him? Or were you just going to leave?
With the tone in his voice you could just tell Harry was a bit irked by it, and you would be too if you were in his position. It wasn鈥檛 something you planned, not telling him, and honestly you were going to manipulate some conversation you had with him this week so it naturally came up. But you did leave it very late, and even with the confusion lacing the air of your relationship, he deserved better notice.
Not only for your relationship but other things. Like Archie. It was an oversight on your part and you felt bad. You let your uneasiness and wishful thinking that this relationship would keep going when you got back to uni stop you from being realistic and giving Harry proper notice.
鈥淚 know鈥 I should鈥檝e-I should鈥檝e said something earlier鈥 you sighed, pulling your top off and dumping that on the chair as well. It was hair washing day and you were happy to get your hair wet so you left that down then crouched beside the pool on the side adjacent to Harry.
鈥淭hat would鈥檝e been nice鈥 he replied curtly, watching as you sat down on the edge and slipped into the pool, holding onto the edge with one hand while the other waded through the water to keep you upright. He was severely distracted by your body and the way you got into the pool, the way your breasts pressed together when you slipped in and were now slightly bopping up against the surface of the water as you kept afloat.
You were wearing the same bikini he first fucked you in and it was doing nothing to conceal your body. This was meant to be a serious conversation, one that admittedly started much earlier than Harry preferred, but had started nonetheless, and here he was praying that you wouldn鈥檛 dunk your head under or get too close to him and see that he was already hardening in his pants.
The timing was fucking terrible, but when he had been thinking about you all goddamn day and now had you basically naked in his swimming pool, he couldn鈥檛 help but get turned on. Seeing you wet like this was just something else. Your skin gleamed and the vibrant pink of your bikini only enhanced the healthy glow of your skin.
He swallowed thickly as his eyes drew to a bead of water dripping from your jaw down your neck and he was fighting the urge to swim over to you, grab you by your pretty neck and lick that bead of water away. It had been too long since he had his mouth on you. Hadn鈥檛 even been a week and he was starving on it like he hadn鈥檛 eaten in days. He wanted to feast on you and mark you and make your body sore just like he did only a few days ago.
Fuck. Focus, Harry, focus.
鈥淚 know, fuck, I know. I鈥檓 sorry鈥 you stumbled, pushing your hair away from your chest so it was down your back and floating in the water. You could feel the nerves rising faster in you. Between the darkness in his eyes and his curt response you were starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.
鈥淲ere you ever going to tell me? Or just wait until your parents invited me to your going away barbeque?鈥 the way he looked at you made you want to duck under the water and never come back out. He almost sounded disappointed and the thought of that made your heart crumple up.
You didn鈥檛 want him to be disappointed in you. You wanted to please him. At the end of the day, as much as you knew what you deserved and what you wanted, his naturally dominating personality and this command he had over you made you want to relinquish all of that and get on his good side. 聽
Part of you wanted to increase the distance between you and run and hide, while the other craved touch and needed any interaction that showed that this hadn鈥檛 completely fucked everything up between you two. The latter seemed to win, because you found yourself using the edge of the pool as a rail and drifting closer and closer to him as he just looked at you.
鈥淚 was going to tell you, I promise. This wasn鈥檛 meant to be something I hid from you, I just鈥 I was ignoring it and left it too long鈥 you hoped he wouldn鈥檛 push further than that, but you couldn鈥檛 be sure.
Harry dropped down from the edge of the pool and held onto it like you were, his body sinking in the water until just his chin up was above it. He could tell you were telling the truth, and he could also tell that you were incredibly nervous to be having this conversation. 鈥淲hy were you ignoring it? You like your degree鈥
鈥淚 love my degree, but it鈥檚 stressful and living in my place is different to living here. I like being here and I鈥檓鈥 I鈥檓 going to miss it. I don鈥檛 want it to end鈥 you moved closer in the water, now going over the corner so you were on the same edge of the pool with roughly a metre in between you two.
The admission had your heart beating erratically in your chest. You never said anything specific about Harry or Archie, but Harry was smart and perceptive, so you knew he鈥檇 understand what you meant. You didn鈥檛 really want to admit something like that, that you鈥檇 miss him, but the words tumbled out and you couldn鈥檛 stop them.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e gonna miss me? Is that it? That鈥檚 why you鈥檝e been keeping it from me?鈥 he asked with a raised brow, moving closer to you in the water. Your breath hitched as he kept moving until he was right in front of you and with any movement, he鈥檇 be touching you. Even in the water he was taller, his face higher up than yours.
His fingers danced along the edge of the pool, so close to where you were anxiously holding on for dear life. You looked between your hands and his eyes then nodded silently, unable to trust your own voice.
Harry鈥檚 heart fluttered at your small nod, even though he already knew the answer before you responded. It was like every fucking time he had a plan of action when it came to you, you鈥檇 do something to mess it up and make Harry completely throw it out the window. This conversation was meant to end in him defining your relationship and making the boundaries clear, yet now he just wanted to show you how much he鈥檇 miss you too.
It was all he thought about since seeing you enter the pool. All he wanted to do was slide your bikini bottoms to the side and bury his cock inside you. He wanted to fuck you so hard you鈥檇 have to bite down on his shoulder to stop the entire neighbourhood hearing your screams of his name.
鈥淵ou wanna know the truth, darling?鈥 he murmured, his fingers finding the back of your hand and tracing random patterns on your soft skin.
鈥淵es鈥 you replied firmly.
鈥淚鈥檓 going to miss you too.鈥 You made Harry want to go against every fibre of his body telling him to pull back and detach himself from you. Your heart was hammering in your chest at his words, and your eyes fluttered shut when his hand slid up your arm and came to cup the side of your neck. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e always so good for me, so good for Archie. Don鈥檛 know what I鈥檓 gonna do without you, really鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sure there鈥檚 a dogsitter even better than me, Harry鈥 you let out a breathy chuckle, refusing to open your eyes and look at him. Your body felt so built up with pressure you felt like you could explode.
His words were so affirming to how you felt, yet it was still so confusing. What would he miss? Would he miss your body or you? Was it just the sex or would he actually miss your company?
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not what I鈥檓 talking about and you know it鈥 he replied, his thumb coming around the front of your throat as he applied pressure.
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 say things like that and not specify what you mean Harry. You鈥檙e confusing me鈥 you sighed, opening your eyes. His brows furrowed and you had this urge to rub away the creases on his forehead with your thumb.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 confusing about me missing you, y/n? I think that鈥檚 pretty clear鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 not clear, Harry. Friday night you put me through an entire fucking whirlwind, and I don鈥檛 know about you but it felt pretty awkward how it all ended to me. Now you鈥檙e telling me that you鈥檙e gonna miss me when I go back to uni but what does that even mean? Are you going to miss getting your dick wet because there鈥檚 a whole line of women who would happily service you. That was pretty clear at your birthday party鈥 the worlds just tumbled out once you started talking, and the second it was over your eyes widened and your mouth shut tight. Tears of embarrassment started to tickle behind your eyes, and you were trying to push them back.
None of that was ever meant to come out and it was humiliating how easily you let your feelings slip. But you were still right. Even though Harry was older and clearly had more experience than you, he had no idea how confusing he was being. He had no fucking clue the weight his actions had and how damaging toying with you like this could be. He didn鈥檛 know that you started to get a bit of a crush on him, but that didn鈥檛 matter. You were still friends at the end of the day, and you deserved to be treated better.
Harry鈥檚 mouth pursed and his hand dropped from your neck. You very rarely burst like this, and very rarely held such intense eye contact with him. But he could tell he had truly riled you up and the evidence was shown in that look in your eyes. And you were right. You were right to be upset because Harry knew he had fucked up on Friday and he had done nothing so far to explain or rectify the situation.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right鈥︹ he sighed, placing the hand he just had on your neck on the side of the pool again. 鈥淚 said a lot of things Friday and I understand how it all seems contradictory to each other鈥︹ he took a moment to gather his thoughts, 鈥渂ut before I say anything else I want to assure you that when I say I鈥檒l miss you, I don鈥檛 just mean having sex with you.鈥 He looked down into the water, 鈥淲e were friends a lot longer than we started sleeping together and that鈥檚 what I鈥檒l miss. Seeing you every day and spending time together鈥︹ his eyes returned to yours, and the small smile that grew on his lips made one grow on yours too. 鈥淣ot sure if you鈥檝e realised but I do actually enjoy your company鈥 his fingers found themselves back on the back of your hand, tracing random patterns as he spoke.
His comments had your entire body buzzing, your mouth opening and closing when you tried to respond. You didn鈥檛 know what to say really. Or what to think. Harry wasn鈥檛 very open about feelings, and while he was only talking about your friendship it was the most you had ever gotten from him.
鈥淔riday night, I was jealous. It was wrong of me to feel that way because we aren鈥檛 together, but I couldn鈥檛 help it. Between that and the coke and alcohol, I said things I shouldn鈥檛 of and I鈥檓 sorry if I gave you the wrong idea. Just didn鈥檛 like the idea of some fucker thinking he could make you come, and it got the better of me. Not fair on you and 鈥榤 sorry.鈥 His eyes met yours again, and that intense look he always gave returned. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e got to understand y/n, I don鈥檛 want a relationship, but I want to keep seeing you, and I want us to enjoy these next two weeks before everything changes鈥 his fingers worked up your arm again now, a gentle touch almost to keep himself grounded while he spoke.
You understood what he was saying because it was exactly how you felt. You felt jealousy even though you knew you shouldn鈥檛 of. Through that came these extra emotions you started to feel and because of that you couldn鈥檛 help but feel upset by the situation. He didn鈥檛 want a relationship with you and you did. You didn鈥檛 want to, but you couldn鈥檛 help how you felt and it was causing your chest to hurt a little.
But at the same time, you never expected or even thought that Harry wanted the same thing. You hadn鈥檛 even properly processed that you wanted it, yet alone entertained the idea that he鈥檇 want it too. So his response wasn鈥檛 a surprise in that way, so you were just trying to hold onto the part of him that cared for you as a friend.
Friends that slept together. That was it.
Part of his response gave you a little bit of closure and some sort of peace on what was going on between you two. So while upset, at least you knew where you stood. For the next two weeks you could pretend that you weren鈥檛 growing feelings and then hopefully when you went back to uni, you could lose these feelings and move on.
You were just glad he hadn鈥檛 completely freaked out by what he said and immediately went to breaking things off with you. You just wanted to take what you could get, and the thought of going through the next two weeks without being with him, in any capacity, would鈥檝e been torture. You wouldn鈥檛 have been able to look him in the eye knowing he had you naked in every position then suddenly broke it off before you left for uni. You were expecting him to right before you leave, but for now you didn鈥檛 want to think about it.
鈥淭hank you for apologising鈥 you replied gently, placing your hand over his that was now on your upper arm so it would stop moving. His eyes burned into yours at the touch and a pleasant hum went through his body at how nice it felt to have your hand on his. He pushed away the thought as quick as it entered his mind. 鈥淚 was jealous too, as you already know鈥︹ you blushed at the way he smirked at your comment, 鈥渂ut I like when you say that stuff by the way, the possessive jealous stuff. Just not in a context where it can be misinterpreted for something else鈥 but I鈥檓 on the same page Harry, I don鈥檛 want anything else between us, and I want to continue the next two weeks like nothing鈥檚 changed鈥
You were lying straight through your teeth, but he didn鈥檛 need to know that. Every word after liking his possessiveness was a fucking lie and you were just hoping he couldn鈥檛 see that. You loved when he was jealous and you loved when he claimed you and called you 鈥榟is girl鈥, and you most certainly didn鈥檛 want to go through the next two weeks pretending like you hadn鈥檛 grown stupid feelings for a man who was beyond reach.
Harry could see you were telling the truth and it was a huge fucking relief. He was a perceptive person, and he could tell that even through your nerves, you were being truthful about your feelings and he really appreciated that. He was glad that that was the case because nothing would鈥檝e been worse if he gave you the wrong impression and you decided you wanted something more with him.
He just couldn鈥檛 string you along if that was the case. He didn鈥檛 want to hurt you, ever. The thought of it was physically painful for him. If he could always be there to monitor your future relationships and make sure you were being treated right, he would do it in a heartbeat.
For now, though, he was more focused on something else you said.
It felt like sex seemed to be a language between you two. He fingered you for forgiveness when he didn鈥檛 tell you about his birthday and now, he was gonna get your pretty pussy grinding all over his thigh. If he could fuck you, he would, but realistically he didn鈥檛 have enough time and he didn鈥檛 bring a condom with him.
Harry also wanted to stick to the once-a-week rule after Friday. It was way too reckless what the two of you did and he didn鈥檛 want to have you for dinner so soon because then he鈥檇 be dying with a painful cock for the rest of the week. At least this time he鈥檇 satisfy you then have something to masturbate to until at least Thursday.
The next two hook-ups had to be special, and Harry needed time, loads of fucking time. He didn鈥檛 know if he鈥檇 ever sleep with you again, so he wanted to make it worth it.
鈥淵ou like when I say that possessive jealous stuff, huh?鈥 he smirked, slightly mimicking your wording. You let out a huff and tried to control the shiver that ran through your body when his hands slipped down to grab onto your hips, pulling you closer to him in the water so his legs slotted with yours. He was really using you as a flotation device now, his chin dropping into the water now that he wasn鈥檛 holding onto the edge of the pool.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what you got out of my speech? That I like your dirty talk?鈥 you huffed, only teasing but slightly irked. You were trying to ignore your slight heartache and focus on what Harry could provide you with, pleasure. He chuckled and slid his hands down your thighs, pulling them to wrap around his hips. You followed his guidance and wrapped your legs fully around them, letting out a little gasp at the feeling of his hard cock pressed right against your centre.
鈥淭rust me darling, I鈥檓 absolutely thrilled that we鈥檙e on the same page, but I鈥檇 love to get to the part where we enjoy the next two weeks鈥 he mused, his hands sliding back to your ass and digging into your cheeks. They were still a little sore from his spanking, and he wasn鈥檛 gentle with the way he grabbed you, so it made you hiss out at the ache. 鈥淕rab onto me鈥
鈥淩ight here? What if someone hears?鈥 you replied, wrapping your arms around his neck. The two of you dipped a little further into the water before Harry turned and kicked off the wall of the pool, swimming in a kind of frog style towards the shallow end of the pool. You clung onto him tight, feeling his chin press to your shoulder so he could look over it.
You loved being wrapped around him like this, and it wasn鈥檛 just because his cock was pressed against you. You loved how warm he was compared to the cool water, and way your wet bodies felt pressed together. Next time you swam you鈥檇 ask him to just swim around like this because if it weren鈥檛 for how horny you were, you鈥檇 easily fall asleep like this.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry darling I鈥檓 not gonna fuck you, you鈥檙e way too loud for that鈥 he chuckled, although on the inside he wished he could fuck you and see how hard you鈥檇 try to stay quiet. His spanking punishment seemed to work on Friday, and he had no issue introducing it again. Part of him wished even further that he鈥檇 make you scream so the entire neighbour found out how good he fucked you, but he knew that could never happen.
鈥淥kay鈥 so what?鈥 you asked softly, playing with his hair as you started to get nervous at what he was going to do. You felt your body jolt a little as his feet came in contact with the bottom of the pool, then he was suddenly moving backwards towards the edge. You pulled back to look at him, feeling his hands grab your ankles and pull them off his hips before reslotting his legs with yours again.
鈥淲ant you to make yourself come f鈥檓e鈥 he rasped, licking his lips and grabbing your hips. His back hit the edge of the pool and he squatted so he was in a sitting position before guiding you right over his thigh. You still were a bit confused until he bumped his thigh up and pressed you down by your hips at the same time, your mouth gaping when your clit rubbed against his thigh.
鈥淗arry, I-鈥 your voice broke off in a shattered moan when he used his grip on your hips to grind you against his thigh again. Your fingers found a home on his shoulders, digging in as he started moving you back and forth himself. Your thighs tensed around his, the friction between his toned muscle and your bikini bottom against you creating so much stimulation it was almost too sensitive.
鈥淵es? C鈥檓on darling, thought you liked being a good girl f鈥檓e?鈥 he teased, keeping one hand moving your hips while the other came up to slide into the hair at the back of your head, tugging on it right from the root and making you groan lowly. You were looking right at him, and the intensity of his eye contact was making your body heat all over. 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna let go now but you need to keep going, understand?鈥
鈥淯h huh鈥 you nodded, mouth gaped in a whimper as he let go of your hip and slid it up to your breast. Now that you were in control you grinded faster against him with less pressure than he applied. The water was sloshing around you, and you were trying to be quiet as you humped against his leg.
鈥淕ood girl, baby. Such a good little slut for me, hmm. Because only sluts get themselves off outdoors, you know that right?鈥 he smirked, angling his knee higher so your body was higher positioned than his and he was looking up at you. You gasped at the added pressure and moaned in agreement, loving how floaty his dirty words made you feel.
鈥淐an鈥檛 even talk, can you? Too busy making a mess of my thigh鈥 even in the water I can feel how fucking wet you are f鈥檓e鈥 he chuckled, pulling your bikini top to the side so your nipple was exposed. He crossed the distance and wrapped his lips around your nipple, biting down perfectly to give you the iciest sting. His hot mouth mixed with the coldness of your skin from the water sent shivers down your spine.
His mouth worked on your nipples, exposing both of them so he could switch between them and bite and suck on them while you continued grinding on his thigh. He kept his eyes on yours the entire time, watching your facial expression and the way your mouth was dropped open with small whimpers and gasps dropping without control. Your faces of pleasure were something he burned inside his mind and they never left. 聽
鈥淪uch a good girl darling, no one else does it for you, do that? No one else can get you trembling like an angel with their thigh alone, huh? Only me, isn鈥檛 that, right?鈥
鈥淵-Yes鈥 you moaned, a bit too loud for Harry鈥檚 liking. In an alternate universe he鈥檇 force you to be louder, but with people all around you it was way too risky.
鈥淐鈥檓ere, open your mouth鈥 he ordered, lowering his knee further into the water so his head was now just above yours. With a firm hand in your hair, he tugged it back, waiting for your mouth to drop further open for him. You stopped grinding on his leg in the process, so he was quick to pinch your thigh to get you to move again.
You whined lowly and dragged your nails down his biceps, grabbing onto them for dear life as you started grinding again and let your mouth open wide. You didn鈥檛 know what was coming exactly, but you hoped to god he was gonna spit in your mouth.
鈥淕onna spit in that slutty mouth of yours, darling. Understand?鈥 he pressed two fingers to your tongue and roughly thrust them back and forth along it like he would his cock, feeling his dick twitch in his pants just at visual alone. You nodded eagerly, well as best you could with the tight grip he had on your hair.
Your nails dug into his biceps as you watched him take the two fingers from your tongue and suck them clean. He hadn鈥檛 even kissed you yet and you were dying for it, just like you always were. His next move came fast, those same fingers coming to grab your jaw firmly in place before he collected spit in his mouth and spat it straight onto your tongue. 鈥淜eep it there鈥
You whimpered in the air and felt your core clench at how hot it was to watch him dominate you like that. His saliva didn鈥檛 have a taste per say, but it was the dominance of it that really got you going. With your hips still grinding fast against his leg and that sickening smirk playing on his lips as he decided to spread his saliva over your tongue with his fingers, you could already feel the start of your orgasm creep up on you.
Harry could feel it too. The way your legs tensed around his thigh and your back-and-forth movements began to feel sloppy and uncoordinated. You were about to come and he was utterly looking forward to it.
鈥淒on鈥檛 swallow yet otherwise you can鈥檛 come, understand?鈥 he threatened, squeezing your cheeks, and raising a brow at you. You were trying so hard not to swallow the urge had you digging your nails into his arms harder. If he didn鈥檛 let you cum you didn鈥檛 know what you were going to do, it was approaching fast and your toes were already curling from the sensation.
You tried to whine out a 鈥榩lease鈥 but you couldn鈥檛 move your tongue so it came out as a bit of a gurgle instead of anything coherent. He seemed to understand because he laughed and squeezed your neck instead, pulling you closer so his nose bumped against yours. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so cute, y鈥檏now that? So fucking adorable trying to say please with your tongue out. Bet you really wanna come, don鈥檛 you?鈥
You nodded and scratched at his arms, trying to relax your body so you wouldn鈥檛 come yet. 鈥淕o on, swallow for me pet, you can do it鈥 you did so immediately, then a string of pleads followed for him to let you come. 鈥淐ome f鈥檓e, it鈥檚 okay鈥 he groaned, pulling you closer so he could kiss you in time for your release.
Your arms wrapped around his neck again as you finally let yourself go, your hips jutting against his leg while waves of pleasure pulsed out from your clit. He followed and wrapped his own arms around you, pressing your exposed nipples to his chest and letting you grind and ride out your wave until you came to a still against him.
鈥淕od I fucking love when you come, love feeling you squeeze around me鈥 he groaned into your mouth, sliding his hands down to dig into your ass. You both adjusted so you were straddling both his legs now, sharing small pecks and open mouth kisses as you came down from your high.
鈥淭hat was good鈥 you sighed with a bit of a giggle, tipping your head down so your forehead rest on his sternum.
鈥溾橫 glad鈥 he chuckled, running his hands down the expanse of your back. You could still feel his hard cock against your thigh, and you just wanted to return the favour and make him feel good.
鈥淐an I touch you, Harry?鈥 you whispered, looking back at him and preparing yourself to slide your hand between your bodies to reach his cock. He pressed his hand to your wrist to stop you, smiling at the way your brows furrowed.
鈥淣o, it鈥檚 okay, love. This was just for you today鈥 he pulled your hand from under the water and pressed a kiss to the back of it before slinging it back over his shoulder.
鈥淏ut making you feel good makes me feel good too Harry, I don鈥檛 like leaving you hanging like this鈥 you insisted, hating the idea of him walking around unsatisfied.
He nearly came right then and there if he was being honest. Hearing those words come out of your mouth was like pure heaven and torture all at the same time, and he half had the idea of ignoring his plan and letting you make him come. But he wanted to savour it, savour the touch of your hand or mouth and the wet hot confides of your pussy until he had enough time to truly enjoy it.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay. I鈥檒l wait for our dinner so I can properly enjoy it鈥 he pressed his lips to yours softly and closed his eyes longer than necessary to savour it.
鈥淲e aren鈥檛 having dinner tonight?鈥 you didn鈥檛 know why you assumed that you would be, but dinner usually meant sex, so you just figured that you鈥檇 be staying later even though he hadn鈥檛 specifically invited you to.
鈥淣ot tonight love, if we have dinner tonight, I鈥檓 going to be going crazy all fucking week thinking 鈥榖out it. And after Friday we have to be more careful鈥 he pointed out, running his fingers down your back in soft patterns.
鈥淎nd careful is making me come outdoors in your pool?鈥 you rose a brow making him scoff and pinch your ass, a light squeal escaping you.
鈥淪hush, you鈥 he tutted, chuckling as he pushed himself off the edge of the wall and tucked his hands under your bum to keep you supported. You still hadn鈥檛 adjusted your bikini top again, but you didn鈥檛 really care to when you were pressed against him. Skin to skin contact was just something else and you were revelling in it. 鈥淣ow, you wanna stay a bit longer or head inside and dry off?鈥
He did a bit of a walk around the shallow end, keeping you pressed against him in a hug. 鈥淐an we stay for a bit longer?鈥 you hummed, resting the side of your face on his shoulder and watching the way the water gleamed under the sun. You just needed more time of ignorant bliss before your mind started overworking again and ruined this moment.
鈥溾機ourse, baby鈥
鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣 鈾 鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹 鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣 鈾 鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹
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