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Louis and Harry manip.
Inspired by this post by @louisgayvodka
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Modelrry <3
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7 am, somewhere in the world in front of harry’s mirror
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When Harry met Alessandro #GucciHAHAHA
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The extreme levels of hadorable going on here 💖
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Harry Styles as Jack DON’T WORRY DARLING (2022)
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Late Night Talking. On Film.
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Coachella 2022
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harry styles ft big furry jackets 🖤💗💜
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Harry Styles headers// Harry Styles layouts. LIKE OR REBLOG IF U CATCH, PLS!
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Heaven & Hell
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Warning: This one-shot contains dark and sexual content.
[This is an edited version of a one-shot I wrote a few years ago, I hope you enjoy!]
Theme: Demon!Harry
Word count: 12.8k
Earth. What a magnificent paradise. Created perfectly in my father's image.
I've been reading about it for years. I've been begging for almost a millennia to visit.
Aristol, my brother and also, in his words, my 'superior' has long refused. But I'm finally getting my chance.
I finally got my first assignment on Earth.
Aristol is furious about it, I know he's been going behind my back to Mariella and telling her that 'I'm just a child and can't handle a place like Earth, let alone go on this assignment'
He was adamant that it should be him.
1. I am not a child. I'm not much younger than Aristol as much as he likes to claim.
2. I have proven myself, I've done all my studies and I have trained for this my entire life.
As stunning as Earth is, I am well aware of the way it has been corrupted.
But where there is a storm, a rainbow is not far behind.
I've been on Earth for almost two weeks now. Europe. I've only seen maps, to be here is surreal.
To see how my father's creation has grown into what it is, it's amazing.
Humans are fascinating to me.
I'm not meant to interact much, but I can't help it.
Especially my assignment. A beautiful little boy by the name of Isaac.
A prophecy that came to the angels attention exactly 12 years ago, the day he was born.
I like to look at Mariella as a mother figure. She believes in me, pushes me to be strong.
Shes our link, almost like what humans would call a telephone.
She speaks directly with our father and 12 years ago, we received a message about a little boy with astounding power.
For the first 11 years of his life, he would be protected from the most awful parts of the world and the creatures who surround it. But, when he reaches 12, his presence would officially take hold and all creatures would become aware of him.
Which is incredibly dangerous.
That's where I come in. Angels have been preparing for this little boys 12th birthday for a long time and we have put as much protection on him as we can.
I've been assigned to watch over him.
I was strictly told not to interact with him. Just watch.
On my first day of observing him, he knew it.
He touched my hand and the first thing he asked me was if I wanted to get icecream with him.
It's almost like he knew. Treating me like he's known me his whole life.
I've never tried food of any kind before, but it's amazing.
Icecream, it's sweet and cold and comes in so many different flavors I feel dizzy when I have to choose.
For the last two weeks I've been meeting Isaac at the Icecream truck in the park near his house.
Power radiated off of this little boy and he seemed to have no clue about it. But I can see it in the way he talks, he's smart. He's intuitive and extremely wise for only being alive for a mere 12 years.
After trying icecream, I went and tried all the food I could. It's so amazing to me the things humans have created. I think my favourite is coffee.
It makes my body tingle in the strangest way.
So now, every day before I meet up with Isaac, I stop in this quiet little coffee shop.
I love watching them go about their day, humans.
I'm so grateful to the lady named Eileen who makes me a different kind of coffee every time I come in.
She's so sweet.
I don't understand Aristol's hatred towards them. The way he talks about them, like every single human is corrupt.
But it's not true. Not in the slightest.
Life, is beautiful.
"You're practically one of them" I jump slightly, looking up from the paper I am reading.
"I told Mariella you were to young and stupid for this assignment" He shakes his head, looking me up and down.
"You better start acting like an angel before someone snuffs you out"
Hes bitter about being pushed to the side.
"I think I blend in better like this" I smile at my brother and sip my coffee.
"I've been doing well, watching over Isaac. He's safe" He looks at me with disgust as I drink the coffee.
"We'll see"
With that, he's gone.
How Aristol doesn't see the beauty of our fathers world, is crazy to me. It's beyond incredible.
I walk along the path towards the park and to my surprise, I see Isaac.
I only see the back of his head, but he's sitting next to someone.
Hastily, I make my way over to them.
"(Y/N)!" Isaac smiles widely when I come up to them. Next to him is an unfamiliar man in a black suit.
"I made another friend" He's so happy about it. Smiling ear to ear with an icecream in his hand.
"Isaac, you should be more careful" I say it softly to him, but I can feel myself becoming more protective.
"Don't worry, pretty thing, I'm not going to hurt him"
I watch as Isaac goes to touch the man's hand, but before he can, the mystery man stands to his feet.
Already, the energy feels strange.
He stands tall, looking over me.
"Just keeping him company" The man smiles at me, scanning me with bright green eyes. In his hand, he has an icecream. As he looks over me, I watch as he licks the vanilla flavored cone.
"Enjoying this sweet little dessert" His smile turns into a smirk.
"He found me like you, (YN)" Isaac says, still smiling. Excited to be making friends.
"(Y/N), what a beautifully angelic name" He turns away from me and looks down at Isaac.
"I'll be seeing you soon, young man" He bends down to Isaac's height and smiles.
Then, he stands back up and looks at me while licking his cone. He stares me down for a moment before turning and walking away.
I can't help but feel weary as I watch him leave.
I turn to Isaac and then kneel in front of him.
I place my hand on his cheek and smile.
"I need you to be careful, Isaac" I say seriously.
"I don't want anything bad happening to you, you're special" He hugs me tightly.
"I'm sorry if I worried you, (Y/N). I'll be careful" I hug him tighter and then pull back.
"Whenever you meet someone who wants to be friends with you, I want you to touch their hand" I take his hand and hold it tightly. I know he can feel my energy through touch.
It's an ability he's unaware of even possessing.
"Okay" He agrees, holding one of my hands with both of his.
I'm still worried.
The appearance of the strange man is still haunting me. Something about him isn't right. Luckily, Isaac's house is a safe haven. Enchanted by sigils meant for protection. Not even Angels can enter through it.
But to be sure, I don't stray far from his home.
The sun has set and the city is quiet.
Sleep, a source of energy humans need. I don't quite understand it, but Isaac loves to tell me about it. About the dreams he has.
Visions of someone protecting him.
Visions of shadows that he calls nightmares.
I don't like hearing about those ones, I'd do anything to make them go away.
Emotions are something all creatures feel, including angels. It's something we have to learn to control, I'm still in the learning bit.
Aristol tried to use it as an excuse for why I was unfit for this position.
At the moment, fear is swirling through me. I've never encountered the creatures that were rumored to roam the Earth.
But as I make my way around Isaac's neighbourhood, I can feel the piercing sting of someone's eyes. Like I'm being followed.
Isaac's house is on the other street, I should find a place closer to settle for the night.
Usually, I'll explore in the hours of darkness. But tonight, I'm scared.
I peak down an alley. A shortcut.
My instinct is to teleport but I don't want unwanted attention and I can already feel eyes on me.
I step into the alley. It's not super long, thankfully and in the darkness of it I feel a little safer teleporting.
I go to close my eyes, to bring myself to Isaac's street but before I get the chance, a hand clamps down over my mouth.
"Make a sound, I clip those pretty wings"
The voice whispers in my ear.
"You try anything, that precious boy is good as dead" He warned.
My first thought is to tear him away with whatever power I can, but then he mentions Isaac.
An innocent little boy.
I stop struggling against his hold on me and suddenly everything is black.
He pulled something over my head, blinding me from seeing who he is and where he takes me.
Instantly I know he's not a creature of Earth when we teleport. Not long after, I'm pushed into a chair and cuffs are tied around my wrists against the arms of the chair.
"If you're a good girl for me, perhaps I'll takes these off. Just a little precaution for my sake" He whispers, pulling away the fabric that he had put over my head.
I open my eyes and I'm met with green.
The same green eyes I had met with Isaac in the park.
Instinct takes over me and I try to get myself loose.
But my power is gone. I look down at the straps on my wrist. Each one scribed with a dark power binding sigil.
I'm trapped.
When he chuckles, I look up at him.
"No use trying with those on, love" He smiles at me.
"W-What are you doing?" I can't help it. I'm terrified.
"A little birdie told me an angel was coming to town" I look over him, he's dressed in all black, all the way down to his shoes.
"Expected more of a fight from you, angel. Never seen one give up on a fight so easily" He kneels down in front of me, our eyes level.
In a flash, I watch as each little vein in his eyes grow dark until they are black.
A demon.
Children of my fallen brother, Lucifer.
I've never met one. I never wanted to meet one. They were soulless and wicked.
"Is this your first time meeting a demon, sweetheart?" He stands up to his feet, smoothing out the suit jacket he's wearing.
The smile on his face is sickening.
"What do you want?" I want to be confident, stand my ground but my voice is quiet.
I'm so afraid.
I don't know what to do. I'm stuck.
"I'd love nothing more than to suck the sweet little soul out of your body" His smile is unwavering, his thumb running over his bottom lip as he stares at me.
"I can only imagine how it tastes-" He leans over me, biting his lip.
"So tempting, I can practically smell it" I try to push myself away from him, his hand coming up to my cheek.
His fingers are warm, burning my skin but I shiver at the feeling.
He leans down closer to me, closing his eyes and taking a breath.
"Sweet like icecream" When his eyes open again, I watch the black recede. They are green again.
"Look at you, so afraid of me. It's intoxicating" His fingers trace my jaw and then he steps away.
"So fragile" He chuckles some more.
"I'm sorry, darling. It's just amusing to me that out of all the assholes they could have sent, they sent down....you" He laughs even more.
"Sounds like a set up to me, darling. Do you really think you can protect something that everyone is looking for?" He's smiling, mocking me.
It makes me angry. I'm not weak.
I struggle against the restraints, but nothing. Not even a sliver of power.
"We know he's hidden in the area you were lurking" He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a blade. He looks it over and then back at me.
"We want the same thing, angel" His smirk makes my stomach turn.
"To see that little boy take on the world. Or more favorably, take out the world" He takes a step towards me again, twirling the blade in his hand.
"You just have to tell me his exact location" I close my eyes tightly when he begins to point the blade towards me.
"I'd hate to ruin this beautiful face" I take a deep breath when I feel the tip of the blade on my cheek.
Delicately, he moves it over my skin.
He pulls it back and I open my eyes. It's still pointed at me.
I look up at him.
"Please..." I can't do this. I can't tell him where Isaac is. I'd die to protect him.
"Please" He mocks me, rolling his eyes.
"So many things I want to do with this" He smirks and looks at the blade.
"Perhaps in another meeting, angel girl" He brings the knife down and cuts the straps binding my wrists.
"I know you aren't going to try anything, so obedient" He hums and brings his free hand up to my face. Before he can touch me, I think about breaking his hand and it does.
My power is back.
His face twists in pain for just a second before he snaps it back into place.
He glares at me, his eyes black again. He grabs me roughly, pulling me out of the chair and then grabbing my throat.
In an instant, I'm shoved against the wall.
"Try that again, I dare you" He squeezes so hard I struggle to breathe.
I want to kill him. But I can't. It will just put Isaac into more danger.
"Killing you would bring me so much joy, but no answers" He loosens his grip but his hand is still locked around my throat.
"So how about this, if you don't tell me where he is, I kill everyone on the entire block instead?" I glance around the dimly lit room. It's small. The only thing in it is the chair I was strapped to.
"Why do you want him?" You know the answer already. He's powerful.
Power is the only thing these creatures care about.
"To many questions, darling and not enough answers" I can see him getting frustrated.
"What's your name?" I reach out my hand to touch him and when I do, he drops his hand from my throat and backs away from me. He's visibly angry. The knife in his other hand is clenched in his fist.
"Tell me where he is or when I find him, I'll cut his heart out" He snapped, raising the blade at me again.
"Please, don't hurt him. I'll do anything. Just please, don't kill him" I'm desperate, I beg with the soulless man and look into his darkened eyes.
"Kill me instead, don't hurt him" His demeanor changes just slightly.
"Every angel I've met, I've never met one like you" His knife is still pointed at me, but his voice is calmer.
"So, emotional" He steps towards me again.
"My guess, you don't even know what the child is" He comes so close to me, I hold my breath.
He brings the blade up again, pushing my hair away from my face. He smiles a bit and then takes the knife away, putting it back into his jacket.
"But maybe we could think of something" He leans in even closer to me, bringing his lips to my ear.
"You'll do anything?" He pulls back to look at me, his eyes now back to green. He bites his lip.
I nod quickly, completely unaware of what's going on in his mind.
I will die to protect Isaac and if death is my fate, I will accept it.
"What is this little angel willing to give up?" He wonders, his hand coming up to my face. His finger running along my bottom lip.
I want to bite it right off, but I know it won't end well so I refrain.
"Anything, just promise me you won't hurt him"
I go to reach out to him but he grabs both my wrists and pins them against the wall.
"Sorry, angel. Demons don't make promises" He leans close to my face.
"You're just going to have to trust me, can you do that, baby?"
I know I can't. I can't trust something like him.
Hes vile and nothing good will come out of trusting him.
But what choice do I have here?
I look at him and then nod a little bit, his smirk becoming more wicked.
"What a good girl" He placed his hand on my cheek and stroked it gently.
It burns my skin like his fingers are laced with poison. But the rings on his fingers send shivers up my spine.
"Tell me, honey, just how innocent are you?" His voice is quiet and menacing.
I didn't know what he meant.
"Never got this pretty white dress dirty before?" I look at him, confused. It seemed to edge him on even more. Like he enjoyed it.
I shake my head at his question, why would I get myself all dirty?
Heaven is clean, pristine.
I miss it. Heaven is safe and pure.
"Angels, all work and no play" He leans in so close, his cheek is almost touching mine. His lips are by my ear.
"What do you do for fun, darling?" His breath is warm and I can almost feel the stubble from his face.
"I-I don't know"
Hes so close to me I feel like I'm suffocating. His scent is overwhelming.
"Would you like to know what I do?" He takes a breath, his lips touching my skin for just a split second before he steps back from me.
The blade he had put away, he takes out again.
I can't begin to imagine what a demon would do for fun.
I don't want to know.
"It depends on how I'm feeling that day, honestly"
This is it. He's going to kill me.
"Carving is fun" He brings the dull part of the blade to my cheek and out lines my jaw.
"I would have so much fun carving you-" He licks his lip.
"But that's not the fun I'm in the mood for tonight" He continues to trail the blade down my neck. I watch him.
"Call me crazy, angel. But I like you. So different from your waste of space siblings" He knicks my flesh with the blade, making me wince.
It only takes a moment before the wound heals it self.
"It just brings me so much pleasure seeing the fear in your eyes" He glances up at me.
Finally, he pulls the knife away. He puts it back into his jacket.
"Would you like to have some fun with me, baby? I'd say it's the better option"
I look away from him, still not knowing what he wants from me. What could he possibly want to do with me?
"W-What do you want to do?" I stutter on my words, avoiding his stare.
"Been with many things in my lifetime, never an angel" He smiles. But I'm still so confused.
I can't figure it out. I don't know if I want to.
"So clueless" He laughs and grabs my chin, making me look at him.
"So innocent, it makes me sick" He looks right into my eyes, holding onto my face tightly.
"Kind of hot" He glances down, looking at my lips and then back up to my eyes.
"Please, just tell me what you want" I plead with him. I'm done with his twisted games, I feel like I'm going crazy.
I have no idea what is happening.
"I want you, pretty angel. I want to taste these sweet looking lips" His thumb outlines my mouth.
"I bet they taste just as good as your soul would" He licks his lip again.
I go through the library of books in my mind, suddenly putting together what he desires.
"Copulation?" I look at him, not any less confused.
But fear rises in my stomach.
Copulation is apart of the human experience on Earth, meant for procreation. Angels can't procreate.
Even in my human form, procreating is impossible.
I've read about it, I've studied everything about the human species. I know pleasure is something humans crave and Copulation is supposed to be a joyful experience.
I know it is, it brings new life. It's amazing.
But angels are forbidden from participating in such an act. It wasn't meant for us, it's not something we crave.
I've never even thought about something like that.
For angels, it's immoral.
"So technical" He chuckles quietly.
"Have you ever felt pleasure, my darling angel?" He asks, his fingers replace the blade. They trace my skin and take the same route down along my jaw.
I can't even think about it.
There's whispers of angels who have strayed, they were never seen again.
I quickly shake my head.
"I can't. It's not meant for us" I whisper, looking at him.
"You're missing out, pretty thing" He looks at me for a moment and then backs away from me.
"Pleasure is not a sin. Why would your stupid father create something only to pick and choose who gets to enjoy themselves?" He runs his hand through his hair and smiles at me.
"W-Why do you want to do that with me?"
I look him over, he's tall. Intimidating.
"So perfect, I want ruin you" He bites his lip and stares me down.
I'd die to protect Isaac. I'd do anything.
"You won't hurt Isaac?" I ask, meeting his stare that I had tried avoiding.
He smirks.
Fear completely sinks in. If I were to be caught doing something like this, especially with a demon, I'd loose my wings.
"I just want to make you feel good, there's nothing sinful about that" His green eyes are sparkling as he looks at me.
"Why? Why haven't you just killed me?"
It's so unclear, it would be much easier for him to just get rid of me.
"Most angels I come across, usually do have that fate. Hate those arrogant fuckers" He shakes his head and rolls his eyes.
"But you, my darling, are different. Sweet little thing, innocent" He came towards me, sliding his hands up my arms.
"They all act so pure, but you should know darling, that some of your siblings are just as bad as us" He blinked, his eyes appearing black again. He brings a hand to my throat.
I take a deep breath, looking at him.
"Hm, but not you, princess" He pulls me closer, his grip getting tighter.
"You truly don't want to hurt anyone. It must be awful-" He laughs.
"Hurting people is so much fun" He squeezes hard and then let's go of me.
"So, untouched. Just the thought of putting my cock in you drives me crazy"
His words make me flinch.
Being on Earth, I've heard some of the language they use. Some words, are extremely inappropriate.
"But, I am not the type to force pleasure onto someone. I don't need to, creatures of all kinds love to throw themselves at me. I'm like, God to them" I get angry, disgusted with way he threw around my father's name.
I try to hide it, knowing he's trying to get a reaction out of me.
"What do you say, my angel? Do you want to experience pleasure you've never dreamed of?" He asks, his smile wide.
"What's your name?" I ask, my voice soft.
I vowed to die for Isaac. I will protect him no matter the cost.
"Why does it matter?" He crosses his arms.
Hes right. I don't want to hurt anyone, or anything. Not even the darkest ones. I just want to help and protect.
Most demons, were once human. If I could find that part of him, maybe this will be easier.
"Please?" I whisper, reaching up to place my hand on his cheek. His jaw clenches and he shoves my hand away from him.
"It's only fair, you know mine" I say quietly, looking up at him.
His eyes are far from innocent.
"Harry" He looks at me, his hardened state softening slightly.
"Harry..." I repeat his name under my breath. Looking down at my feet.
I wonder if that it's the name he had before he became lost.
"Isaac will be safe?" I look back up at him, his eyes now green again. I prefer the green so much more. It makes him look human.
"Perhaps" He nods just a bit.
But, he won't confirm it. He won't promise me.
Trust is the only thing I can do.
How do I trust a demon?
"You won't hurt me?" I look at my hands, they are shaking a little.
I've never even thought of doing something like this.
"So many things I want to do to you pretty girl, hurting you is not one of them. At least, for the moment. I've got other plans for you" He grabs my face and makes me look at him.
"Can't lie to you, angel. Killing you and bringing your pure little soul to hell is a dream I will be having later" He strokes my cheek.
"Maybe another day" His smirk is sinful. My breathing picks up, thinking about it. Going to hell.
"If you'd rather leave, there's the door" He backs away from me again. Giving me space.
I glance at the door. I think about teleporting away but I think of Isaac.
My mind races when I feel a pit in my stomach. Not of fear, but curiosity.
What is it about pleasure that everyone seems to desire?
"Reading people is a talent of mine, darling. I can see those pretty eyes swimming. Is this little angel feeling a sense of curiosity?"
I want to say no to him. But I can't because he's right.
My stomach turns.
I shake my head, trying to push away the feeling.
"I'm doing this to protect Isaac" I whisper, more to myself than him.
I hate it, I hate the feeling inside of me. I don't want to be curious about anything.
Never once, in my millenia have I thought about unnatural desires.
"Isn't lying a sin?" He's mocking me, I can see it.
Nothing has happened and already I feel disgraced as an angel. Thoughts I shouldn't be having are creeping into my mind and I don't know what to do.
"I-I'm not lying" I try to stand my ground, but my brain is crumbling. In his eyes, I can see the joy. I see how much he loves watching me have a moral crisis.
"Can you feel it, angel? The heat starting to burn between those cute little thighs?" He wonders, his hand sliding into my hair and pulling my face close to his.
At the mention of it, I instinctively tighten my legs together. I don't know what it is, this feeling. I don't want to feel it but I can't help it.
With each inch that he moves closer, it burns even more.
"Come on, I have a place a little more comfortable" He brushes my lips with his own, and my stomach flutters.
"Although, bending you over that chair and fucking your brains out would be very fun"
My whole body burns at his incredibly dirty words.
He smiles and grabs my hand.
In a flash, we appear in a bigger room. Against the wall is a cleanly made bed.
"Where are we?" I ask, looking around the room. The window is boarded up, preventing me from looking outside.
"Don't worry about it, darling" He says, a devilish smirk on his face.
He reaches next to my head, flicking the light on.
I try not think about the fact we could be in someone's house, what may have happened to them.
"You're so tiny" He chuckles and pushes me against the wall.
"So fucking pretty" His fingers run along my face, stopping at my lips for a brief moment before he continues down my neck.
I'm nervous, my knees feeling weak.
I'm about to throw away every rule an angel has.
But my stomach tingles when I think about his lips brushing mine.
Desire fills my consciousness and I'm scared.
I want him to do it again.
"Nervous?" He asked, pushing some of my hair behind my ear and then cupping my cheek.
He leans in, lightly pressing his lips to mine again.
The sensation of it makes me want to pull him closer.
I pull back from him, looking into his eyes.
I have no idea what I'm doing.
"I-I don't know what to do" I whisper, shyly glancing at his lips and then back at him. He smiles.
"How about-" He's so close to me, I'm getting dizzy.
"You kiss me, pretty girl?"
Our lips were almost touching. I've never been this close to someone in my entire life time.
Hesitantly, I copy him and place a hand on his cheek. Hoping he doesn't push me away again.
I look at his lips and then his eyes. I lean up towards him and close the small gap between our lips.
It lights my body up in a way I can't describe. I still haven't got a clue to what I'm doing but I try to follow his lead. I move my lips with his and I wonder if what I'm feeling is pleasure.
It doesn't feel bad. It doesn't hurt. It just makes me weak.
His hand moves slowly down my body until he reaches my thigh. He lifts it up against his hip, pulling me off the ground.
"Lift your other leg for me, baby" He mumbles and I listen to him, lifting up my other leg.
Roughly, he pushes his mouth against mine. One of his hands is holding my leg and the other slides to the back of my neck.
I find myself wrapping my hands around his neck, pulling him closer to me. The taste of him sweeter than anything I've ever tried.
He pushes his tongue into my mouth, his grip on me getting tighter with every moment.
I can't do anything about it, but an unfamiliar sound vibrates through me.
His tongue is even sweeter than his lips and I hate it. I hate how good it feels.
I can't understand why I'm feeling like this, how can something so dark make me feel so alive?
My body betrays my mind, it's craving. Desired to be touched, to soothe the ache between my legs.
My toes curl when he slides his hand under the fabric of my dress, pushing it up higher than it already is.
"I bet that cunt tastes like heaven" He pulled his lips back from me, and all I want to do is bring him back. He kisses down my neck, his prickly stubble tickling my skin.
I can't help but giggle at the feeling of it.
He pulls back to look at me.
"What are you giggling about?" He has an amused expression on his face.
My face heats up and I look away from him.
I still don't know what I'm doing.
"It tickles" I whisper and he smiles a little bit.
"Does it feel good?" He leaned back in towards my neck, kissing along my skin.
I don't want to admit it to him. I don't want him to think he's winning, but he is.
It feels amazing.
"Y-Yes" I breathe deeply, leaning my head back against the wall.
His lips continue to kiss on my skin, his other hand drawing circles on my thigh.
"Such soft skin, angel. So clean and perfect" He breathes slowly, it travels down my spine and makes me shiver.
I gasp, his teeth sinking hard into my skin. It stings but something about it makes me ache even more.
"Oh...." I grab his shoulders. My body weakening even more when he begins to suck. I bite my lip, stopping myself from letting out another noise.
It's embarrassing, the things my body is doing in response to this. I don't know how to stop it.
I don't know if I want it to stop.
"It's quite annoying that I can't leave any marks on this stunning body"
I smile a bit at that, a mini victory. It's funny that's he annoyed by how fast my body regenerates.
"You think it's funny?" I open my eyes when his teeth sink into my bottom lip.
He growls, definitely annoyed.
He leans back from me slightly and with his hand that was in my hair, he brings it to his jacket.
I think for a second that he's grabbing the blade again, but instead he pulls out a bottle.
Instantly I smell it, grimacing slightly.
Holy oil.
But there's nothing holy about it. It's a weapon used against angels. It's one of the only things that can burn our skin.
It's not permanent, but it takes much longer to heal from it.
"I wonder what would happen if I put some of this on my lips?" My eyes widen at his suggestion and he smirks.
"I like to leave my mark, darling. Have to make you remember me somehow" I watch as he opens the flask and brings it to his mouth, coating his lips and tongue. He shoves the flask back into his jacket and leans towards me.
I try to lean back from him but the wall stops me.
Just barely his lips brush over my jaw, the oil stinging my skin. I run my hands into his hair and grip it tightly, trying to pull him back.
"Harry!" I cry out when his teeth clamp down on my neck again.
This time, it burns.
The oil coating his mouth burns my flesh and I yank on his hair, trying to pull him back.
It's so unfamiliar, holy oil burns. It hurts, it's not pleasant.
But I feel pleasure and I can't comprehend how he makes it feel like this.
"Hm, that's better" He whispers in my ear, his lips coming back to mine.
Most of the oil had dissipated from his mouth, but there was a trace left.
I can feel the little needles of it against my lips.
But when he kisses me, I kiss him back eagerly. Ignoring the slight burn of it. He still tastes so good.
I'm horrified by the pleasure in my body.
I shouldn't have enjoyed it, but the feeling of his lips mixed with the burning did something to me that I can't explain.
"Would love to leave some marks all over this body, baby" He leans back into my neck, his tongue licking over the burn he created.
I fight against the sound that bubbles in my throat, still in disbelief that my body is twisting in pleasure.
My legs tighten against him, I desperately wanted to close them.
There was an ache, pulsing between my legs that I can't control. His hand that rested on my thigh made it even worse. He pushes my dress up higher and his hand comes down to my other thigh. His eyes still locked on me.
"You can't hide your desire from me, (Y/N). Those pretty little moans tell me exactly what you're feeling" He brushes my lips, his hands moving towards my inner thighs.
My breathing picks up and I look down at his hands.
My dress is pushed as far as it can go, and I know he can see my under garments.
It makes my face warm up, because he can feel the heat that's coming from them.
"Maybe I'll leave some marks on these thighs" He squeezes his hands, his lips kissing down my throat and towards my collarbone.
This time, I'm unable to keep the sound from coming out.
It's the thought of what it might feel like, his lips between my thighs coated in oil. It stings, but he makes it feel so good.
I don't know why I enjoy it. I can't even begin to think about how I'm enjoying any of this.
"You like that sound of that, baby?" He pulls back and smirks.
I shake my head, I don't want to admit it.
"Remember, angel, lying is a sin" He chuckled and moved his hands higher on the inner parts of my legs.
"You don't see me lying to you" He grabs my face with one of his hands.
"I'm going to bring you over to that bed and fuck that sweet little innocence out of you" He forces me to look at him while he says it. I bring my hands to my face, hiding from him.
I couldn't help but think about it, trying to imagine what it would possibly feel like.
"Now tell me, sweetheart, do you want me to touch you?" He rubs my thigh gently and smiles at me.
"Soothe the ache I know you're feeling" He chuckles a little bit, but I'm still covering my face. It's so warm, I feel embarrassed.
"Trying so hard to hide it from me.." He grabs my wrists and pulls them away from my face.
"Am I right, angel?"
I can't explain the emotions he's making me feel. I feel weak at how easily he sucked me into temptation but I wanted more of him.
Angels are strong, but how can I even call myself that?
I didn't put up a fight. I gave into him so quickly.
I am weak.
I pull my hands from his and bring them to his face. His skin is warm, despite his nature.
I haven't gotten the chance to really look him over. I bring my thumb to his lips, copying what he had done to me. I trace his lips, my eyes trained on them.
I can feel his stare, watching me intently.
I don't say anything to him, my voice is caught in my throat. Instead, I gently pull him to my lips. For just a moment, it's almost soft.
But quickly, he pushes his tongue into my mouth but I don't mind. It tastes sweet, like a candy.
"My little angel, you might want to ask your father to look away because I'm about to do some very bad things to you" He whispers against my lips.
He pulls us both away from the wall and grabs my hips, planting my feet back on the ground.
"So, modest" He hums and looks me up and down. I look down at what I'm wearing. A simple white dress that reached my knees. I think it's pretty. I've always loved white.
He tightens his grip on my waist and backs up until his legs reach the end of the bed. He sits on the edge of it, making us eye level to eachother.
"How about we take this off?" He slides his hands from waist up to the back of my dress.
I bite my lip, nodding at him a little.
Angels, when on earth, have a human form. It helps us blend in. It also helps us understand humans more. We don't have to worry about trivial things like sleeping, or going to the bathroom but our bodies function pretty similarly. Of course, Angels human form is much stronger than a regular human.
Harry's eyes don't leave me for a second. Hardly blinking as he pulls the zipper of my dress all the way down.
I take a deep breath. Becoming more nervous.
I've never been undressed in my life.
He slips his hand under the fabric and runs his hand up my back.
Hes so warm.
He pulls on the fabric until it falls to my ankles and suddenly I'm bare. The only thing covering me is my white under garment.
I quickly cover my chest, scared.
Hes not rough about it, but he grabs my arms and pulls them away, putting them at my sides.
"Don't be shy with me, angel. I think your body is delicious" He spreads his legs and pulls me between them. He brings his hands to the back of thighs and rubs them gently.
"So perfectly made" He bites his lip, his hands sliding higher.
I gasp when he slaps me and he laughs, his hands squeezing my behind.
"Something tells me you'd love to be bent over and whipped. I know I'd love to" He squeezes harder and I wish I could find an explanation for why it makes my body tingle so much. Not just his touch, but his words are making the heat between my legs burn.
He leans forward, his lips connecting to my skin just above my breasts. I run my hands up into his hair, lightly pulling at it.
"Been with many in my lifetime, none compare to you, angel" He squeezes the back of my thighs.
"Softest skin I've ever had the pleasure of touching" He continues with his lips on my skin, lightly biting down.
"I can only fucking imagine what it's going to feel like burying my cock in you" My legs stiffen at his words, trying to stop myself from feeling whatever it is that's raging through my stomach.
"You like it when I talk dirty to you, baby?" He pulls back and smirks at me.
"I-" I stumble on my words, trying to convince him that I don't. But my body doesn't agree. Every word, every touch makes me ache for more.
His smirk gets more wicked at my lack of words.
With a quick movement, he lifts one of my legs up onto the bed next to him, I grab his shoulders to keep myself from falling.
This position makes me feel much more vulnerable to him.
"Do you even notice how soaked you are, angel?" He laughs to himself, running his hand up my ankle until he reaches my knee.
He slows down a bit, tip toeing his fingers along my inner thigh.
He brings just the tip of his finger between my legs, pressing against where I had been dying for him touch.
"Can't wait to taste this perfect little cunt"
Just the small amount of pressure makes me buckle and I feel like I'm going to fall over. I go to pull my foot off the bed but he grabs my ankle and stops me.
"Nuh uh, honey. You're keeping your leg up for me" He warned.
"Or, I can tie you down onto the bed and have some fun with this" He pats the pocket of his jacket, referring to the oil.
My grip tightens on him.
He's hardly touched me and my body feels overwhelmed.
There's so many unfamiliar feelings swirling through me.
"Harry" I whine his name, looking at him and his sinful smirk.
"I don't play games, sweetheart. You listen to me, or you suffer the consequences" He slides his hand back up my leg, his fingers returning between my thighs.
"So sensitive, angel" He does it again, gently running his finger along me.
Instead of just once, he goes back and forth.
My leg wobbles and I try very hard to keep myself from ripping away from him.
It feels so good, I don't know how to handle it.
"Just wait until it's my tongue playing with this cute little clit" He pushes down harder and it takes all my strength to keep from falling over.
"Bet I could make you come without even taking these off"
I don't like the noises my body is making but I can't help it, I don't know how else to respond to how he's making me feel.
"Noisy little thing" He chuckles and pulls his hand away, pushing my foot off the bed and letting me plant it on the ground.
"Hm, can't get over these pretty legs" He traces his finger tips up and down the back of my thighs.
He brings his hands to my hips and hooks his fingers into my underwear.
He glances to my eyes and then begins to pull them down until they fall to my ankles.
I'm completely exposed to him now. I get nervous and close my legs tightly, trying to hide myself from him.
He stands up off the bed, suddenly much more intimidating.
"So, shy" He brings his hand to my cheek and strokes it for a moment.
"Be a good girl for me-" He taps my nose.
"Lay on the bed" He steps to the side and crosses his arms, watching me.
I listen to him and get onto the bed, laying my head on the pillows. He's still fully clothed, it feels unfair.
He stares at me for a moment before following my path and climbing onto the bed.
"Spread your legs, baby"
At the moment, they are closed tightly.
I look up at the ceiling, away from his intense eyes.
Slowly, I open them. I take a deep breath and shiver when I feel his hands on my legs.
"Such a delightful sight, angel"
I get the courage to look down at him, he's on his knees between my calfs. His hands delicately tracing my skin.
"I bet this sweet looking pussy is begging to played with" His touch is so, gentle. It's making me want more.
I can't even begin to imagine what his tongue would feel like between my legs.
I feel dirty just thinking about it.
I watch him lay down, lifting my thighs onto his shoulders.
I feel so vulnerable. I'm so nervous but I want him to touch me. My body is begging for it.
His eyes are locked on mine, his lips and teeth connecting to my thigh and making my toes curl. I don't know what to do with myself.
I shyly bring my hands down to his hair, the feeling of it soothing my nerves. I like the way his hair feels in my hands.
Without thinking, I pull on it, attempting to pull him closer between my legs.
Desperation is what I'm feeling.
He notices it right away. His eyes instantly looking up at me again.
"Is it starting to hurt, baby? Aching so bad, dripping down your thighs" I shuffle my legs, ignoring him.
I don't want him to be right. But he is, I need it.
"If you want something from me, angel-" He sinks his teeth into my flesh for a moment and then smiles.
"You've got to ask for it" He says, his face turning serious. I kick my legs in frustration, I don't want to ask him. I barely understand what's happening to me. I can't believe a demon is making me feel like this.
But in my subconscious, I'm questioning it.
Why aren't we allowed to enjoy ourselves?
Why isn't this something all creatures are allowed to experience?
He laughs at me kicking my legs, roughly gripping my thighs and stopping me from moving.
"Use your words" He kisses my thigh again, his lips going higher.
It feels like I'm on fire and the only thing that's going to cool me down is his tongue.
I don't know what to say to make him give me what I want.
"Please" I whisper, running my fingers through his hair. He smiles a bit.
"Please, what?" I get more frustrated, yanking on his hair but all it did was make him smile more. I know he's enjoying it, seeing how frustrated he can get me.
I don't want to say it out loud. I don't want to admit how badly my body is begging to be felt.
"I-I don't know what to say" I whine, trying to shuffle my legs again but he's got a tight hold on me.
"Beg me to touch you, angel, and maybe I will" He sucks lightly on my thigh.
"Or I could leave some pretty marks on your thighs" He bites down harder.
More unfamiliar sounds leave my throat, his teeth in my flesh stinging just slightly but I like it. I hate it. I hate all of the thoughts running through my head. All of them about him. His dirty words on what he wants to do with me. I don't understand it, but I want to.
"Harry, please-" I take a deep, shaky breath.
"I need you to touch me" I plead with him, hating myself for giving him the satisfaction of exactly what he wanted to hear.
"Such a good girl" He whispers, kissing even higher up my inner thigh. I watch him closely, noticing his hand letting go of my thigh and coming inbetween my legs as well.
"Is this what you want? Hm?" My whole body shudders when his fingers run along me. It's already an overwhelming sensation.
"You're so wet, baby. Smell like heaven" He breathes against my flesh and I try to move my hips closer to him. He chuckles and moves his other hand that had been holding thigh, up to my stomach and locking his arm around me tightly. Preventing me from moving.
Very much unvoluntarily, I squeal when I feel his tongue and he laughs, the sound vibrating against me.
It feels so good.
His tongue moves slowly and I try hard to kick my legs because I don't know what else to do. But his grip tightens.
"Harry" I go to pulling his hair instead, but it doesn't phase him. Every little movement of his tongue makes me moan. I can't control it. I hate it.
It truly is pleasure I've never dreamed about before.
He focuses in on the most sensitive part, my vision going blurry. I cry out, yanking on his hair with all my strength and he doesn't flinch. He continues to suck on my flesh until I'm a mess. I can't even think straight.
It's almost a relief when he pulls away for moment, but something in me wants to push him back.
"Tastes like honey, angel. Can't get enough"
This time it feels like his mouth completely engulfs me and I cry out even louder.
The pleasure, is incredible.
I've never felt this before in the millennia I've been alive.
My stomach is tightening to a point that I can't handle. It's the most intense thing I've ever felt.
I try to breath but every flick of his tongue takes my breath away.
"H-Harry" I try to pull him away, an unfamiliar knot in my stomach and all I want is relief. I can hardly breathe.
"P-Please"  I whimper, feeling like I'm going to burst. He's got such a tight hold on me, I can't move. All I can do it pull on his hair and make noise.
Which he seems to love.
His mouth and tongue make me feel like I'm floating, I can't describe it.
I don't understand it, how is he doing this?
Why does it feel so good?
"W-What is happen-" My body trembles and my thighs are shaking.
I'm struggling so much but he just holds me in place and continues to torture me with his tongue.
I close my eyes tightly, my back arching off the bed as my entire body tenses, lightly shaking as he doesn't stop his rhythmic movements.
It's so intense. The unexplainable feeling rips through me and his tongue doesn't stop. Not until my body relaxes a bit, and I'm panting. I try to catch my breath but my mind is so scattered, I can't get myself to breathe regularly.
"So fucking sweet, my little angel. Could eat this delicious cunt for days" I open my eyes, watching as he takes my thighs off his shoulders and gets onto his knees.
"Soaked the sheets, darling" He chuckles and places either hand on the top of my thighs.
I'm still trying to catch my breath, at a loss for words from the experience I just had. He rubs my thighs gently and looks down at me.
"That's what happens when you feel good, baby" He's still rubbing my thighs, helping me to calm down and relax my breathing. I attempt to close my legs a little bit, embarrassed at the mess I created on the bed.
He pins them down, pushing them further apart.
"Don't close your legs, I'm not finished" He warned, a hard grip on my thighs.
He holds down one and then brings his other hand between my legs.
I flinch when his fingers trace along my inner thigh, my body is still incredibly sensitive.
"Made you come so much, baby. Taste so good" He brushes over my nerves for just a second, making my body jolt. He smiles and brings his hand to his mouth, licking his fingers.
"I bet you're so fucking tight" His hand comes between my legs again but before he can touch me I reach down with both my hands and grab his.
He laughs at me and grabs both my wrists, he leans over me and then pins them to the bed.
"What?" He leans his face closer to me.
"Is your pussy too sensitive for me to play with?" He smirks and lifts my hands above my head, pinning them both down with just one of his.
"You think it's intense now, honey?" He uses his knee to spread my legs further apart then they already are.
"Can't wait until you feel me filling you up" He holds my hands tightly and slowly traces his fingers down my body.
His hand sneaks between my legs again and I whimper.
I groan when he pinches me lightly, a jolt of pleasure shooting into my stomach. I'm so sensitive, I hate it.
"You've got such a sensitive little clit, baby. Makes me wanna suck it until you squirt" His fingers lowers slightly and he makes little circles. I struggle in his hold, moaning more.
"Harry-" I gasp when his finger sinks into me.
"So soft" He hums. I look up at him, struggling again in his grasp. It feels really good, his finger slowly sinking into me. It's a different sensation and it amazes me. How can he make me feel like this in so many different ways?
He pulls his finger back, almost all the way before roughly pushing his finger back into me.
I groan, the pleasure coming from even deeper than when he was using his tongue.
"Does it feel good, baby?" He leans down and bites my lip.
I choke on my words when I feel him pushing a second finger into me, my toes curl in response to the pressure. My breath taken away.
"I wonder how I'm going to fit my cock in this tight little cunt, angel" I don't know what to say. His dirty words, I hated them. I hate inappropriate language of any kind but for some reason, I don't want him to stop. I like the sound of his voice.
"As much as I'd love to make you come on my fingers-" He pushes his fingers in and out of me a few more times before pulling them away.
"Wait-" I quickly bite my lip, not meaning to say anything out loud. But I liked the feeling, I didn't want him to pull away.
He smirks and brings his fingers to his lips, sucking on them.
"Don't worry, angel. Not even close to being done with you" He gets off of me and then off the bed.
I sit up and watch as he unbuttons the single button holding his suit jacket. I get up as well and crawl to the edge where he is. I get on my knees and watch him pull it off and set it on the ground. I reach out and grab his hands before he can start unbuttoning the long sleeve shirt he had on.
I pull him right up against the bed, with me on my knees we are about the same height.
Part of me just wanted to admire him. His features were perfect.
His eyes were my favorite. But only the green. I didn't like it when they'd go black.
I bring my hands to the buttons and slowly begin to undo them. His eyes are watching me closely.
I can't help but smile when I get a peak of his skin. I can already see streaks of ink.
I've seen quite a few people on Earth with beautiful designs on their skin.
I undo the last button and pull the rest of the shirt from his pants.
I pull the shirt off of him and let it fall to the floor.
Without asking, or really thinking, my hand comes to the design on his stomach. I trace it and smile even more. It resembled a butterfly and I wonder what it means to him.
Is it ties to the soul he may have had at some point?
I wish I could ask him, I could look, by holding his hand but he'd know it. He'd never let me.
I admire him for a few more moments, his body is breathtaking.
"I like these" I say softly, poking his stomach.
"Thank you, angel" It's the only genuine thing I've heard him say since we met.
The tone of his voice makes my stomach flutter.
I look down at my hands, trying to ignore his eyes when my hands reach his pants.
I bite my lip and take a deep breath.
I'm so nervous at my lack of experience. I can't imagine the amount of times he's done this.
I undo the button and bite my lip harder, unzipping them and pulling them until they also fell to the floor. He steps out of them, still allowing me to take my time. Which I'm grateful for.
I have no idea what I'm doing.
My fingers trace along the edge of the final peice of clothing on him. I also trace my fingers over the designs he has on his hips.
I think any form of art is beautiful. Some angels might disagree, but I do truly love art. And the ink humans put onto their skin, is an art form for them. I think that's amazing.
"Curious little thing" I glance up at him, my face heating up. I can't help it, I've never been this close to anyone.
"Sorry" I whisper, looking down at my hands again. I take a deep breath, copying what he had done to me earlier. I hook my fingers into his underwear and begin to pull them down. I pull them down as far as I can reach in my position. He steps out of them and I quickly look up at his face. He smirks, noticing I avoid looking between his legs.
He brings his hand up my back and slides his hand into my hair.
"Give me your hand" He said, not giving me much time to respond. Instead, he reached out with his free hand and grabbed mine.
My face goes even more red when he wraps my hand around him. It's hard. I can't bring myself to look, I'm so nervous.
"Look what you do to me, angel" He grips my hair and makes me look down. His hand is still on mine, guiding it along his length. I can feel it get even harder as I touch him.
He keeps his hand on mine for just a few more seconds, before pulling it away.
"Just like that, pretty girl" I bite my lip and continue to move my hand in the motion he showed me.
"Do you know why it's hard like that, angel?" I shake my head, unable to move my eyes now. I feel like I'm in a trance.
"All because of you" He pulls my head back so I'll look at him.
"You like stroking my cock, baby?" He smirks.
"Hm, I bet this little angel would be a perfect little cum slut. So obedient" I squeeze my hand around the tip, just a little bit of liquid oozing from it.
"How about, you do me a favour, sweetheart-" He backed up a little, roughly pulling me with him and off the bed. I fall onto the ground in front of him on my knees.
"Hm, the thought of fucking your throat just makes me even harder, angel" I look up at him, the look in his eye is wicked.
"But I want to fuck you, more than I want to do anything else. So, be a good girl for me and use this sweet looking mouth to coat my cock" He smiles down at me.
"I-I don't know what to do" I say shyly, bringing my hand to wrap around him again.
So many emotions are running through me.
"Spit on it" He instructs, pulling my face closer. I grip my hand tighter around him and push myself up higher on my knees. I glance up at him, his eyes not blinking for even a moment.
I look back down, trying to block out the fear. I don't want to mess it up. I want him to feel like I did. But I don't even know if I have the capability to do it.
I collect saliva into my mouth and then listen to his instruction, spitting on him.
"Now-" Before he tells me what to do, I use my hand to spread as much of it as I can down his length.
I've seen a world of art, with naked figures from the past. I never recognized it in a sexual way, but Harry's size is much larger than a lot of the art I've seen.
It makes my stomach flutter, wondering how this is possibly going to fit inside of me.
"You're such a good girl, angel" His tone is soft and it makes my body heat up. I like his praises. He moves his hand from my hair and brings it to my cheek, brushing it gently with his finger tips.
"Open your mouth for me" He says, his fingers touching my lips.
I listen to him and open my mouth. He places his hand on top of mine and guides himself towards my lips.
I lean forward, taking in whatever I can. It's not much, almost right away I choke.
He chuckles a little bit and I meet his gaze.
"Taking a lot in me not to shove my cock as far down your throat as I can get it" The look in his eye darkens slightly.
He pushes me, but not too much, but I choke and pull myself off of him. Saliva already dripping from my mouth.
"Hm, that's enough for now. Just wanted to get a little taste" He reaches down and grabs me, lifting me to my feet.
He pushes me onto the bed, my legs hanging over the edge.
"So many fucking things I want to do to this pretty body, angel" He places his hands on my thighs and shoves them apart before sliding them underneath my thighs and lifting them from the bed.
I wiggle around, realizing I have no control over this position. My bottom half is completely lifted from the bed.
He pulls me closer to the edge and I watch as he holds me up with one hand and the other wraps around his phallus.
My stomach tightens when his tip brushes against me.
"Tell me, angel. I want to hear you say how bad you want me to bury my cock inside of you" He looks down at me, his face is serious.
"I want it, Harry" I whisper, trying to move my hips closer. His serious expression turns into a smirk.
"Ask me to fuck you, baby" He says, watching as I struggle to try and pull him closer.
"But-" He cuts me off and digs his nails harshly into my skin.
"Do you want me to fuck you?" He asked, I look at him and nod shyly.
"Then say it" He snaps.
I've never used crude language, ever and my brain still can't understand why my body responds in pleasure to Harry's filthy words.
But I wanted him, something deep inside of me is craving to know what it's going to feel like.
"H-Harry, I-I want you to-" My face burns as I get flustered, trying to get the words out.
"I-I want you to fuck me" I'm almost in disbelief that I say it out loud. But Harry's devilish smirk grows wider.
"Such a good little angel" He hums quietly and then pushes against me.
I watch as he fixes his gaze directly into my eyes and slowly guides himself into me.
I can't describe it, how it feels. It's extremely intense.
But the way he pushes through my flesh is already making my vision go blurry.
I try to tighten my legs around him, so I can pull him closer. He stops me, roughly gripping both of my thighs.
Hes made sure he's in control.
"So soft, angel. Is this what heaven feels like?" I groan when he pulls almost out of me and then roughly drives into me while pulling me towards him at the same time.
I close my eyes, my hands holding the blanket underneath me tightly.
"Fuck" He breathes, quickly finding a pace that's making my eyes roll back. The pressure is unbelievably pleasureful. I don't know what to do with myself, I can't do anything. He has all of the power.
Every thrust of his hips gets harder and harder.
"Harry" I cry out his name, struggling in his hold. It feels so good.
Every moral I've held dear to me, is gone.
I'm finally able to catch my breath when he drops me back onto the bed, pulling out of me.
Every breath I take is shaky, my hands in fists as I try to calm myself.
"Sounds like someone enjoys getting fucked" I open my eyes and he's already starring at me.
"Hm, princess? Do like getting fucked?" I attempt to take a deep breath. I bite my lip and nod.
"Get up on the bed more" He instructs. I take another breath and then listen to him, pushing myself back onto the bed.
He followed me, grabbing me and without any effort, flips me onto my stomach.
"Now stick that pretty ass up for me, angel" Before I can respond, he grabs my hips and lifts me onto my knees. He pushes them apart, and his hands slide up my thighs until his fingers reached sensitive flesh.
My knees go weak when he rubs back and forth, I bury my face into the pillows on the bed. I grab ahold of one and hold onto it tightly.
"Harry!" I cry out his name when he pushes into me again without any warning.
"Yeah, angel? Does it feel good?" I whimper in response to him.
"Hm? I want an answer" He holds my hips tightly, thrusting into me at an overwhelming pace. I can barely breathe, let alone speak. He seemed to be getting even further inside me with this position.
I cry out when he slaps my butt, obviously getting impatient with my lack of words.
"I-It feels really good" I try to say it loud enough so he can hear me but I can't speak. My senses are completely over taken by pleasure.
"That's all I want to hear, angel. Those sweet little cries of pleasure" He slaps me again, but a bit lighter this time. It stings, but every part of it just adds to the knot forming in my stomach.
I'm a mess, if Harry wasn't holding my hips, I wouldn't be able to keep myself up.
I never understood humans who were driven by sex. Like it's a need. I never could have imagined that it would feel like this.
I feel Harry's fingers coming into my hair. He wraps it around his hand and then harshly yanks me up. I groan, feeling incredibly weak.
"Never would have thought an angel would be such a slut for cock" He wrapped his arm around my stomach and pulled my head back against his shoulder.
His thrusting decreases dramatically, but he's so deep inside of me and every little movement he makes sends pleasure through to my toes.
If he gets any deeper I feel like I might burst like a balloon.
He gently bites down against my shoulder, sucking on my skin while his hand that had been wrapped around my stomach, starts to lower.
I whine, knowing exactly what he's about to do and with both hands I grab his arm. I'm so sensitive, if he touches me, I definitely will burst from everything I'm feeling.
"Harry" I beg, trying to pull his hand away but he doesn't budge.
"You can handle it, angel" He whispers in my ear, his fingers once again touching me. But with him buried in me, the pleasure is immense.
"Harry, I-I can't" I whimper more, my nails clawing at his arm to try and pull him away.
I already feel so weak, I don't know how much more my body can take.
He ignored my weak little crys and moved his fingers in quick circles.
The knot in my stomach is so much tighter than when he used his tongue on me.
He rocked me against him and with that bit of movement, I can feel my body tensing.
"Nuh, uh, baby. You aren't coming yet" He pushed me off of him, pulling his hand away and out of me. I fall onto the bed and before I can do anything, he grabs me and turns me over.
He pushes my legs apart and gets on top of me.
He places a hand next to my head to hold himself up. Shyly, I reach my hands out to his face. I touch his cheeks for a moment before sliding my hands to his shoulders. He's so broad. I get distracted by the birds on his chest, tracing them each individually. I can't help but smile, they are very nice.
I glance up at him and bite my lip.
"Sorry, I just like these a lot" I whisper. He lifts my leg up against his hip and then leans down close to me. It's something I realize that I really like doing. I like kissing him.
I lift my other leg up against him, my hands coming back to hair and pulling him closer to me, connecting our lips.
He pulled back after a moment and with his free hand, brought it down my chest.
I jump a little when a shock of pleasure runs through me, his fingers lightly pulling on my nipple. He lowers his hand down and I watch as he wraps his hand around himself. He strokes along his length and then rubs the tip against me.
"Can't wait to fill with my cum, angel" He drives into me hard, my back arching from the bed at the feeling. My nails digging into the back of his neck.
Out of the positions he's had me in, I liked this one the best. He's warm.
He isn't gentle, but I enjoyed our closeness.
"Such a pretty little angel, now my own little slut" He whispered, leaning close to me again and brushing my lips. He doesn't kiss me, instead he moves his lips down my jaw.
I pull on his hair, moaning. I look between our bodies, watching as he pulls out just to plunge back into me.
I gently pull his hair again, guiding his lips back up to mine. I wanted to taste them again. I hold onto his cheeks, both of our moans being muffled by our kiss.
It's much messier, our tongues swirling together and making the pleasure even stronger. I hold him against my lips, refusing to let him pull them away from me.
He let's me do it for just a little longer before roughly grabbing my arms and pinning them to the bed.
He bites my lip before moving to my neck again.
He begins to quicken his pace again, sending me down a spiral of pleasure I could never imagine. Every second of it is...bliss.
I don't have to think, I just take in every feeling of it and it's incredible.
"You feel that, angel? Those little walls of your clenching against my cock?" He groans against my neck, teeth sinking into my neck.
He sucks on my skin again, before moving his lips up to my ear.
"Softest cunt I've ever fucked" He whispers before pushing himself up onto his knees and grabbing my hips.
My mind goes numb when he drives into me harder than he has all night. I'm crying in pleasure, my hands grabbing at his hands again.
It's so extreme, pleasure consuming every fibre of my being.
"Harry" I moan, the familiar feeling of my body tensing up.
"Is this sweet little angel about to come all over my cock?" His thrusts become more sloppy, but my mind is somewhere else.
I've never felt like this before.
It's pure bliss and I can't comprehend it.
It rips through me like tidal waves and I cry out his name repetitively as it washes over me.
"Fuck, fuck, angel" He swears under his breath, pushing himself as deep into me as he could possibly get and holding my hips tight. He doesn't pull out this time, he stops his thrusts suddenly.
I feel the release, my body still tightening around him.
"Sweet little pussy is taking every last drop from me, angel" He takes a breath, looking down at me before finally pulling out.
My mind is still reeling. Trying to comprehend everything that just happened.
I watch as Harry buttons up his shirt slowly.
What's going to happen now?
I pull on my dress, reaching behind me and pulling up the zipper.
It doesn't feel real and suddenly, I feel so unclean.
Why did I do this? How could I do this?
How could I betray everything I know?
It scares me even more because I enjoyed it.
I glance at Harry, watching as he pulled on his jacket.
He hasn't said anything. Just looking at me every once in a while as he got dressed.
I didn't know what to make of him and I hate myself for even thinking about the chance of this happening with him again.
"What's going to happen now?" I ask softly.
"What now?" Suddenly, he's mocking me.
I watch in fear as the green in his eyes quickly disappears into black.
"Oh, darling" He shakes his head, laughing at me.
"You really are, so naive" I back away from him, fear filling my stomach. What's happening?
"You thought you could trust me? A demon?" He steps towards me, an evil smile on his face.
"Did you truly think you were anything but a toy for me to play with?" He follows my footsteps, but I'm stopped by the wall.
"God, it was so easy manipulating you" He scoffed, standing right in front of me.
I try to will myself away but nothing happens and he chuckles even more.
His eyes seem even darker than before.
I'm so confused, I tear up, looking at him. But his expression is unphased.
He pulls the blade from his jacket and points it at me.
"I'm just doing my job, sweetheart" He reaches down and roughly grabs my left hand and turns it face up.
"No, please don't" I cry, tears falling down my cheeks.
I'm trying to will up any power I can, but it's blocked and I don't know how.
"So stupid, I never needed you to get the boy" He snaps.
He brings the blade to my palm and traces it. I fight him, as hard as I can. I know what he's doing.
Only angels know of this curse.
I've only heard whispers of it, whispers of some of the punishments angels face when they stray.
It's knowledge a demon shouldn't have.
I do everything I can, but his strength is no match.
I cry out in pain as he carves into my hand and then, everything goes dark.
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