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Reluctant Hearts | Part 2
Tumblr media
summary: in which Harry and y/n are forced to work together on a project despite their mutual hatred for one another | 4.7k words
a/n: make sure to read the part 1 first!! u guys are crazy, already over 300 notes on the first part??? i love y’all omg! anyways share your thoughts on this mini series so far, i'd love to hear it.
warning: enemies to lovers, slow burnish, mentions of ex, uni!harry, angst, harrys still a jerk, emotional abuse (lmk if i missed anything !!!)
Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 3 (lmk if you guys want another part)
By some force of the universe, me and Harry were able to come up with an agreeable plan on where and when to meet. It was the second class when I saw Harry for the first time that week since Melissa and Niall's post-class drink at the bar. "Okay, so when do you want to work on the project?" I asked Harry, hoping to finally get this over with.
"I don't know, when are you free?" Harry responded with a hint of annoyance in his voice.
"I have class in the mornings and work in the afternoons, so I'm pretty much free in the evenings," I reply, trying to keep my tone polite.
"Well, I have football (soccer) practice in the evenings, so that won't work," Harry says, sounding frustrated.
"Okay, how about this weekend?" I suggest.
"I have a game on Saturday, and I'm going out with friends on Sunday," Harry responds.
"Okay, what about Monday?" I ask, trying not to get too irked.
"I have a lab report due on Monday, so I'll be working on that all day," Harry says, sounding exasperated.
I can feel my patience running thin. "Harry, we need to work on this project. Can't you make time for it?" I say, trying to keep my voice steady.
"I am making time for it, I'm just busy," Harry retorts defensively.
I take a deep breath and try to stay calm. "Okay, what about Wednesday evenings? Can we meet at the library?"
Harry seems to consider this for a moment. "Yeah, I can do Wednesdays. What time?"
"Let's say seven  pm at the library. Does that work for you?" I ask, feeling a glimmer of hope.
"Yeah, that works," Harry says, sounding more agreeable.
"Great, I'll see you there," I say, relieved that we've finally made a plan. We parted ways, feeling relief of not being in his presence anymore, but a looming swirl in my stomach for Wednesdays at seven pm. 
As I walk into the library, I see Harry already sitting at a table with his laptop open and papers strewn across the table. I take a deep breath and walk over to him. "Hey," I say, trying to sound casual.
Harry looks up and gives me a nod. "Hey."
I pull out my laptop and start organizing my notes, I sense him watching me, his eyes like lasers that never stray. I try to ignore it and focus on my work, but it's hard not to feel self-conscious.
I steal a glance at him and see that he's furrowing his brows, staring intently at his laptop screen. I can't help but wonder what he's working on.
I try to break the silence. "So, what do you think we should focus on first?"
He looks up at me, his expression still serious. "I was thinking we could start with the literature review."
I nod and we both turn back to our laptops, starting to work on our individual tasks. I bathe in the awkward atmosphere between us, but I don't know how to break it. “Does he want us to-” 
Before I could even finish my sentence, I was interrupted, “Listen, if you're going to show up late, at least have the decency to be prepared and know what to do,” He emptily stares. 
Astonished, I checked the time on my phone. I haven't even been here for a full five minutes and he's already made a cynical remark, “It's literally 6:58, we agreed to meet at seven. I am not even late, frankly we’re both here early.” I am genuinely at a loss of words, it wasn't like I was going out of my way to make small talk with him, just trying to make sure I was doing the right section before putting my time and focus on it. Ok fine let's not talk. Rubbing away the headache that's beginning to form, and shift my body to not being directly in view of Harry to ease my own tensions. Someone shoot me now. 
Though the rest of the time surprisingly goes by smoothly, aka we did not bicker with each other because well we did not talk at all. It was to the point where I just highlighted and commented on the document instead of voicing my opinions, too defeated to even attempt starting up a conversation. 
I would steal glances at Harry and catch him staring at me. His eyes quickly dart away as he clears his throat, pretending to be engrossed in the book in front of him. I try to shake off the impression that he's judging me, but I can't help feeling self-conscious.
I can tell that Harry is an intelligent and dedicated student, and I don't want to disappoint him with my lack of knowledge on the subject. My writing portion was filled with highlighted one word comments from Harry letting me know to fix minor spelling errors or content information. I begin to doubt myself, wondering if I'm even capable of completing this project.
As the minutes tick by, we both continue to work in silence. I try to focus on the task at hand, but my mind keeps wandering to Harry. I wonder what he's thinking, what he's feeling, and why he seems so distant. Sue me for trying to understand why as such a people pleaser, this man was quite the opposite of pleased with me. And yes I know you can't please everyone, but at least I can make them not hate me. 
Harry seems content with the silence, no efforts of wanting to break through the wall that's separating us.
An hour rolled by, and we both began to pack up our things and prepare to leave the library. Sure I was disappointed in still being in square zero with Harry, but we both managed to be in the same small shared space without actively ripping at eachothers throats, so there's a win. 
As it comes to no surprise Melissa and Niall officially started dating. Granted they have been basically dating this whole time but did not want to label it so quick after meeting. Melissa and I were having a girls night at our place when she “broke” the news. It was a much needed girls night, being able to spend some quality time after beginning the semester that has already managed to exhaust us with the amount of studying and assignments we have to do.
We had the wine flowing and our favorite rom-coms queued up, ready to go. Pizza has been ordered and a striking idea was composed to create a fort in the living room to lay in to watch the movies. I blame the wine for the way we’re acting as little school girls, struggling to push the couch to make room, gathering all the cushions and blankets we could find. Melissa skips back in the room with fairy lights that she is determined to hang on top of the many blankets we used to construct the roof of the fort. Once successful, we both stand back to admire our very warm, cozy, and somehow still standing fort, feeling very carefree and happy. 
"Do you remember when we tried to make that homemade pizza and it turned out terrible?" Melissa randomly strikes up.
"Oh my gosh, how could I forget? We almost burned the whole complex down," I chuckle wide-eyed at the memory. We both dissolve into laughter. “Which is why we’re ordering pizza this time” I add with a stern pointed look. 
Pizza soon arrived after, we nestled inside the fort, cuddling as we watched the movies, We laughed and cried along with the characters on the screen. It's moments like these that make me grateful for Melissa's friendship. She always knows how to make me feel better and lift my spirits. Before long the movie became background noise as we chatted away. Lying on the floor with our feet sticking out, we talk about everything and nothing. 
 "So, I have some news," she says with a beaming smile . "Niall and I are officially dating!"
“What? No way!” I faked a shock expression, my hands cupping my face to add dramatic effect. Melissa shoves me slightly, crimson coating her face. “But really, that's amazing!" I exclaim. "I'm so happy for you two!" I feel a warmth in my chest, knowing that one of my closest friends has found someone who makes her happy.
Melissa's face lights up even more at my response. "Thanks, Y/N! I'm so excited about it. He's really amazing, you know?" I can't help but feel a sense of pride for Melissa. She deserves to be with someone who treats her well, someone who respects and supports her in all that she does. And from what she's told me and what I’ve seen about Niall, he seems like an incredible guy. Melissa goes on to tell me all about how they became official, the sweet things he's done for her, and how happy she feels when she's with him. I listen intently, feeling genuinely interested in her story and eager to hear more.
As the night went on, we finished the bottle of wine and the conversation shifted to me when Melissa brought up the topic of my ex-boyfriend and how he had treated me. I confided in her about the emotional abuse I had suffered during our relationship and how I was struggling to move on from it. 
I remember the first time Riley said something hurtful to me. At first, he was charming and funny, but then he became unrecognizable. The person I loved slowly turned into someone who would always cut me down with his words. It started with small jabs, but it quickly escalated to full-blown emotional abuse. He would constantly criticize me, belittle me, and make me feel like I was nothing without him. Every time I tried to stand up for myself, he would twist my words and make me feel like I was the crazy one. The worst part was that he knew exactly what to say to tear me down and make me doubt myself. I lost all my confidence, and it took me a long time to realize that his words had an impact on me.
Melissa listened to me and offered me her support, telling me how proud she was of me for standing up for myself and getting out of the relationship. I'm genuinely happy for her and Niall, but a small part of me can't help but feel a little envious. I want what she has, someone who loves and cares for me just as much as Niall does for her.
Melissa notices my change in demeanor and quickly reassures me. "Don't worry, Y/N. You'll find someone amazing, just like I did with Niall. You deserve nothing but the best." Her words make me feel better, and I smile gratefully at her, I couldn't imagine going through something like that without her. I feel appreciative for this moment, this time spent with my friend, just talking and enjoying each other's company.
Eventually, we started to get tired, and we decided to sleep in our little makeshift fort for the night. As we lay there feeling safe and warm, I couldn't help but think about how lucky I was to have Melissa in my life, someone who was always there for me and made me feel loved and supported. She was my rock, my confidant, and my best friend. And even though life can be challenging and uncertain, I know that as long as we have each other, we'll be okay. The night had been just what I needed to unwind and feel a little more like myself again.
And with a blink of an eye, Wednesday evening has rolled around. I poked my head out slightly before I stepped out of my apartment, scanning the hallway for any sign of Harry. With my luck that the universe seems to give me and enjoy, I would run into him more than needed. I mean it is already bad enough that we live in the same off-campus building, but better yet his apartment is two doors down from mine. Although I find it pretty funny not that I am the one constantly on guard when it comes to him, even his name alone brings an unwanted anxiety in my stomach, and no not the butterflies type, more like flies.
Despite our horrible first couple interactions, I would still attempt to engage him in conversation to just be civilized, yet again like all the other times he would shut me down with a sharp one-word comment. It was frustrating and hurtful especially as we were doing this for our best friends, I would not fathom what I even did to him to get him to not like me. Eventually though, I stopped trying, there was no reason for me to go out of my way to make it bearable to be in his presence, and just gave him the same energy back. I would dismiss him if he ever, which he didn’t really, talk to me, and when we would converse it was jabs being thrown at one another much to Melissas and Nialls disappointment.
As I make my way down the hallway, I see Harry step out of his apartment wearing his usual scowl and fitted clothes that look so good on him, his curls framing his face. I can't deny that he's attractive, but I can't stand his personality. I groan internally as he notices me and starts walking towards me with a sly grin accompanying him. Talk about luck, oh the universe just loves to laugh and cause unnecessary problems for me.
This has happened a handful of times since I learned that Harry is quite literally living in such close quarters to me. Leaving to attend class, I would see him also exiting his apartment, then would have to retreat back inside to give me a couple minutes until I know he's far enough I won't run into him going to campus. Or when I sprinted to catch the elevator before it shut, just to find out Harry is inside and the one who held his hand out to halt the doors from closing on me. Yet once he realized it was me who aided in not missing the elevator he would groan and retreat his hand back so quickly that it gave me whiplash.
"Evening, Muffin," he says, his voice dripping with sarcasm once he reaches me. My jaw clenches as I bite my lip from making a comment and giving him the satisfaction of knowing it still bothers me. That stupid name. The nickname was born when I sent a muffin flying across the lecture classroom. I was walking into the lecture hall with a muffin in one hand and my notes in the other. But, as soon as I took a step, I tripped on my own foot and sent the muffin flying out of my hand. It went rolling down the aisle and ended up right at Harry's feet.
He picked up the muffin, examining it for a moment before turning to me with a smirk. "Well, well, well, look who we have here. Muffin."
I groaned in embarrassment and tried to play it cool. "Ha ha, very funny, Harry," I said, rolling my eyes.
But he continued to tease me throughout the lecture, calling me Muffin every chance he got. I could feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment, and I could tell that everyone around us was starting to notice. After class, I confronted Harry about his constant teasing. "Why do you have to be so annoying all the time, Harry?" I asked, frustrated.
He just laughed. "Come on, Muffin, don't be mad. It's just a nickname. Besides, you have to admit, it's kind of fitting after what happened earlier."
I scowled at him, but secretly, I couldn't help but find his teasing a little bit endearing. It was the only time Harry had happened to be smiling and laughing in front of me, though it still came at my own expense. "Fine, but only if you promise to stop calling me that in public," I said, crossing my arms, throwing my head back to display my annoyance.
Harry grinned. "Deal. But in private, you're still Muffin to me." He winked. And with that, he walked away, leaving me blushing and shaking my head. What the hell was that?
We continue down the apartment hallway in silence, heading to the library to work on our assignment. The destination not far enough for me to make the effort to dig through my backpack for my headphones to tune out the slightly uncomfortable silence that looms over us. Harry constantly bumps into me as we walk down the path. From knowing Harry for the amount of time I have, I learned this man cannot walk properly and always ends up diagonally regardless of the path being a straight shot. “Quit it” I exclaim, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to let him go ahead.
When we get there, we both make a beeline to the table in the back corner, far away from any distractions, the only thing we managed to silently agree on when we first began working together. I pull out my laptop and start typing away, trying my best to ignore Harry's presence. But of course it's not long before we start bickering. Harry keeps interrupting me, criticizing my ideas and telling me what to do.
"I don't understand why you can't just listen to my ideas for once," I speak calmly and steadily, masking the exasperation I feel.
"Because your ideas are terrible," Harry retorts, his tone laced with mockery. "Honestly, do you even know what you're talking about?"
I gritted my teeth, my annoyance with him growing by the second. "Of course I know what I'm talking about, Harry. I've done my research, and I think my ideas are just as valid as yours."
He lets out a loud scoff, his eyes narrowing. "Please, Y/N. Your ideas are about as useful as a chocolate teapot." It's quite clear that we don't see eye-to-eye on anything.
Fists clenching as the feeling of anger boils inside of me. "You know what, Harry? Maybe if you weren't so closed-minded and actually listened to me, we could make some real progress on this project."
He leans back in his chair, a smug expression on his face. "I think I'll stick to my own ideas, thanks. At least they won't lead us down the path of failure." The more he speaks I feel my muscles tightening, god can he just shut up.
“Well if you stopped interrupting me then maybe this could be over and done with, then we won't have to see each other.”
"What's your problem?" he snaps.
"You're my problem," I fire back. "You can't just come in here and take over. We're supposed to be working together."
“Well if you could stop being incompetent, then I wouldn't have to consistently fix everything you do wrong.” I bristle at his words, feeling a familiar sense of inadequacy creeping up on me. I let out a frustrated sigh, knowing that this argument isn't going anywhere. Working with Harry was definitely a real challenge, but only a couple more weeks left so I let out a breath trying to calm myself.
Harry's words send a wave of emotions through me, hitting me where they hurt. My confidence has been struggling ever since my ex-boyfriend, Riley. He was always quick to belittle me, making me feel stupid and useless. I remember countless nights spent in tears, trying to make sense of his hurtful words. His snide comments about my appearance, intelligence, and even my hobbies always cut deep. It's like he took pleasure in seeing me suffer. He made me doubt myself at every turn, and it's taken me so long to regain the self-confidence he stole from me. He was always putting me down and telling me I wasn't good enough. And now, Harry's words are triggering those same feelings.
“Fuck you.” Reaching for my papers, books, and laptop, I began packing it all up wanting to get the hell out of there as possible. My face flushed with anger but also my head swarming with not only Harry's comment but also Rileys words he would throw at my face. My throat felt like it was closing up on me as I swing my bag over onto my shoulders. I rush out of the library leaving no room for Harry to spew out another jab.
The sound of jingling keys unlocking my apartment was the only thing I could focus on, trying to avoid the tears threatening to spill down my cheeks from exposing me to my entire floor. With a pounding heart and blood rushing not helping my case, I finally got the door unlocked and shoved inside. Why did Harry have to be so rude and condescending  all the time? I hated him, I really did. And yet, here I was, stuck working with him on this project. 
Sitting in the living room, gaping at me stunned was both Melissa and Niall, immediately noticing my red, puffy eyes. Melissa sprang from her cozy spot next to Niall on the couch, sensing my distress as soon as I walked in the door, and rushed towards me, enveloping me in a much needed hug with a comforting hand on my back. “What's wrong?” Niall questioned, I looked up from Melissa's tight embrace and noticed Niall removing my backpack, then leading all of us back to the couch. 
I open my mouth to speak, but the words just won't come out. My heart is racing, and I feel like I'm going to be sick. I take another deep breath and try again. I couldn't bring myself to tell them what had happened with Harry, so I just muttered something about feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, my voice barely above a whisper.
"Is it because of Harry?" Melissa probed gently, knowing me too well.
I scoffed. "Of course it's because of Harry. He's impossible to work with, always criticizing everything I do."
Niall spoke up, "I know he can be a bit grumpy, but he's really not a bad guy once you get to know him. Maybe you guys just need to put your differences aside and work together for the sake of the project."
“Differences!?” I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air, “I wish it was about differences, he's always attacking me. Half the time, no wait, every time, I did nothing wrong.” My voice begins to shake as I look at Melissa silently communicating with her, knowing she understood. 
“Is this about Riley?” She questioned but ultimately knew the answer. I gave a weak nod, Niall giving a tight lip reaction. He knew what happened between Riley and I, drunk me one night decided he should know, and now he does. Niall was someone you can get close with quickly, one of the easiest people to talk to and always made me laugh. He always had a listening ear and gave the best advice. Our friendship bloomed, and I found myself comfortable with him knowing about Riley when confiding in with Melissa. There was just something about Niall and Melissa that made me feel comfortable and safe.
“I don't know, Harry's words tend to trigger and start to sound like stuff Riley would say to me too.” I lean my head on Melissa, “It's just that I finally found myself after Riley tore me down and now it feels like I am back again where I started, except with Harry.” 
“I'll talk to him,” Niall declares, eyes bright. 
“NO! Don't say anything I rather he does not have another thing to spin around back at me,” I huff. Appreciating Niall's attempt to help but knowing that conclusively would be worse in the end. “Guess I'll just stick through this stupid assignment and then really just never speak to him again - no offense Niall.”
“Yeah, I dont get why he's such a dick to you,” Niall agrees, though I notice a flash of realization in Niall's eyes but it went as quickly as it came. Truth was, I didn't have much of a choice. I needed to pass this class, and Harry was my assigned partner. So, with a heavy sigh, I agreed to give it another try.  
Over the next few days, with Melissa and Niall's encouragement, Harry and I went back to our usual dynamic. Harry didn’t necessarily apologize for his words, but his rude and unnecessary comments did subdued, which meant mine did too. Look, mine were just self defensive against his attacks, uh usually. It's almost like he realizes how much he's hurt me with his words, and he tries to keep them in check. It's a small effort, but I appreciate it nonetheless. Granted we were still sarcastic and snarky with each other. We continue to work on our project together, but don't get me wrong, there's still an underlying tension between us. 
Lying in bed, I scroll through my phone, procrastinating the work I should be doing, when a notification pops up from a groupchat with Melissa, Niall, and an unknown number. I furrow my eyebrows, wondering what this might be about, I click on the chat and read the message.
Melissa: Hey guys! 
How about bowling tomorrow?
Niall: It’s been a while since we've all hung out 
It’ll be so much fun
Unknown: Can’t sorry I got stuff
Niall: Shut up Harry no you don’t
I literally know your whole schedule
You’re coming
My heart drops as I realize what's happening. The unknown number clearly Harry could only mean one thing, Melissa and Niall are trying to get Harry and me to hang out more outside of class. My mind starts racing with thoughts. This is not a good idea, what the hell are they thinking? 
I shot out of bed and pace around my room. I began typing, searching for a believable excuse to get out of this. 
Me: Sounds fun, but I’ll have to check my schedule 
I scour my mind for something that Melissa wont call my bluff on, but before I could, she already sixth-sensed it. 
Melissa: Y/N don't worry I already checked for you :) 
You’re free!!! 
Niall: Wow perfect, who knew we were all free 
It’s a plan 
Me: You both are insufferable together 
Harry: I can hardly contain my excitement (this is sarcasm fyi) 
A notification buzzes letting the group know that Harry had reacted to my message with the two exclamation points bubble effect. I laughed over the fact Harry felt the need to explain his sarcasm over text.
Melissa: We love you guys too <3
Both me and Harry disliked Melissa’s message. 
I flop back onto my bed and groan, staring up at the ceiling. I know Melissa and Niall well, but the thought of being in a noisy, crowded bowling alley with Harry, pretending like my existence doesn't bother him, for reasons still unknown, makes me feel sick.
Uneasy thoughts race through my mind: What if I do something stupid and embarrass myself in front of him, again? I would rather not have another nickname arise. What if this makes things worse? What if I just don't show up? Well now that could work, wait no except Melissa will probably track me down and drag me there herself. 
With a sigh, I toss my phone aside, trying to rid the thoughts of tomorrow to save the last piece of peace I have left. 
a/n: whew so harry is still a jerk. please let me know how you feel about this story so far, I'd love to hear your thoughts! feedback, likes, replies, repost are ALWAYS appreciated :)
also another side note part 3 will take a bit longer to post since (1) i haven’t started writing it yet (2) i have a HUGE exam this Wednesday which i have been procrastinating to study for but i really don’t know anything so that will be where my focus lies for the next days
if u read this far then ur a real one haha sorry for my blabbering, love you all, my little muffins lol
reluctant hearts taglist: @venomsvl @mypolicemanharryyy
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PREVIEW: Hits Different (from the Flatmate series)
...in which Harry goes to the club while his flatmate goes on a blind date.
Tumblr media
Here's the preview to a flatmate blurb inspired by Taylor Swift's unreleased song "Hits Different" :)
I washed my hands of us at the club You made a mess of me I pictured you with other girls in love Then threw up on the street Like waiting for a bus that never shows You just start walkin' on They say that if it's right, you know Each bar plays our song Nothing has ever felt so wrong
Unfortunately, Harry hated that song. It was the one Y/N had sent him earlier this week on Whatsapp, and he only listened to it because she loved it. Now they were playing it in this bar and it made him chug down more pints than he could count, and by the time he’d made it out of the club, his knees were wobbly and his head spinning.
Layla threw her big coat on, and Niall shivered in his trench coat, but Harry, with only his jumper on, couldn’t feel the October chill after having had so much to drink.
I wonder what Y/N is doing right now.
“Bet she’s having a better night than us,” Layla muttered, and Harry realised he’d said that aloud.
“Layla, don’t say that,” Niall said as he put an arm around Harry to help him stand. “Let’s get you home, Harry.”
“Can we pick up Y/N?”
“We don’t know where she is.”
“I’ll text her.”
“Don’t you dare.” Layla snatched his phone out of his hand before he could even unlock it. “The only night that Y/N gets to not be boring and you’re plotting to ruin it for her. Also, you’re being very selfish right now, mentioning her when you’re with us.”
Harry felt his stomach churn. “Do you think she’s having fun?”
“Well, obviously. She would have texted you if she wanted to leave the date. She might meet someone who’s perfect for her and fall in love and live happily ever after with him–”
Before Layla could finish painting that picture, Harry braced his hand on the wall beside him. He heard Layla scream as vomit pooled beneath him, staining his shoes, his stomach clenching in pain. Niall’s voice was muffled, though Harry could feel Niall’s hand rubbing his back.
While the taste of vomit passed down his tongue and filled him with shame and regret, the memory of this morning when Y/N was getting ready for her blind date stormed back into his head, and when he thought about another man touching her, the second torrent of sludge exited his mouth.
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Tumblr media
6k words done already for Chapter 4! I'm so excited for it to be finished so I can share it with you! So here's a tiny piece of it. No context, just part of their conversation. You know me...
Tumblr media
"I wouldn't have come, but Gem dragged me here."
"Surprised you were willing to risk callusing those dainty, musician hands."
Tumblr media
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Australian!yn would be laughing her ass off at the shoey, like cackling and the camera zooms in on her and the crowd is going crazy
shoey on tour
Tumblr media
as usual i feel like this sucks but i hope you like it, ilysm
“How are we feeling in here tonight Perth?” Harry said into the mic, looking out at the crowd cheering and screaming for him, “It’s been about 5 years almost since I last performed in Australia, however, I’ve been deeply connected to this country thanks to that tiny lady over there, in the VIP box.”
Harry pointed out to you and the nerves instantly hit you, despite being with him for almost 3 years, you still weren’t used to the spotlight and the attention.
“YN, my girlfriend, she’s an Aussie just like you all! Isn’t that fantastic?”
You couldn’t help but smile wide at this, you absolutely loved the way Harry cared so much about your country and culture since you started dating.
“She has told me about some… peculiar traditions you guys do over here, like drinking out of a shoe.” Harry said and the audience went wild along with you, you knew his fans had been trying to get him to do a shoey since the last time he performed in the country and you insisted that he needed to finally do it.
“This is one of the most disgusting traditions I’ve ever heard of,” he paused to shake his head, “Fuck it,” and he proceeded to take his shoe off, making the entire audience roar in cheers.
“Can you do a Shoey with water or is that against the rules? YN?” the camera zoomed into you, putting your face in the big screens across the stadium, you couldn’t help but laugh and yell your responde, “She says no! Okay let’s just get this over with.”
And next thing you knew, Harry was drinking out of his shoe and the entire stadium was erupting in screams.
“I feel like a different person…I feel ashamed of myself. It feels so personal! Such an intimate moment to be shared with so many people!” at this point your belly hurt from how much you were laughing, and Harry couldn’t help but laugh as well, “I’ll be discussing this with my therapist at length…at length! And YN, you’re a terrible girlfriend for making me do this!”
Even though you were aware of the cameras catching your every reaction, you rolled your eyes with affection and jokingly flipped him off, making him blow an obnoxious kiss your way.
“Now, who’s ready for more music?”
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harryscerise · 2 months
need your love so bad
summary: 29 never looked so good.
warnings: implied smut, swearing
word count: 2.9k (she’s a shortie)
Tumblr media
Long ago, she decided that she hates waking up early.
She despises it actually. She's been a night owl ever since she could remember, always favored dusk to dawn and late nights to early mornings. She enjoys staying up way past midnight, engrossed in a fictional romance novel or binging some shitty Netflix show while Harry lies beside her, his arm wrapped around her lower body as he sleeps the night away, soft snores escaping his parted lips. 
So, today when the early morning sun comes seeping through the curtains, she groans lightly as her eyes flutter open, rubbing away the remaining sleep behind her eyes. 
Turning her head to the side, she stares down at the man beside her for a bit. His recently trimmed hair is in disarray, strands of his chestnut curls covering his face, a stark contrast from the perfectly coiffed style he’d donned on stage the previous night. Smiling faintly, she pushes her hand out to gingerly brush back one of the strands, moving it from his eyes. The sun shines on his face lightly, reflecting off of his soft and smooth skin and giving him the most beautiful glow. He looks truly serene, the sole sound in the room being his soft, slow breaths as they quietly leave his mouth.
Her fingers move from his hair, now gone to trailing along his face and down his neck, feeling the warmth of his skin radiate underneath her touch. She drags the tips of her fingers across the swallows etched permanently beneath his collarbones, her nails slowly coursing down his chest, stopping to trace the at the ink signifying her first initial. 
She leans over and gingerly presses a delicate kiss to his shoulder blade, a corner of her lip lifting when his slack body begins to stiffen as he takes a drawn out and extensive breath in through his nose. She pulls back gently as she feels him stir awake. He hums softly, moving slowly as his eyes finally blink open. He smiles widely when he first sees her, his eyes still puffy and swollen with sleep. Pulling his arm from around her waist, he forces himself to wake as he stretches his arms above his head. 
“Mornin’ birthday boy.” She says as she pinches his cheeks together with her hand, smiling when his lips contort into a pout. 
When she lets go, he turns his body to lay on his side, resting his head on his arms that are folded atop his pillow, and begins to stare her down. His eyes trail down to her torso, as he reaches towards her and pulls the covers off quickly, chuckling softly when her cheeks flush as she covers her face with her hands. He takes note at her choice of sleepwear as he glances at her lower body, realising she’s wearing nothing underneath the t-shirt she took from him as he was getting into bed mere hours ago. 
Repositioning herself, she moves as close as she humanly can towards him, and he embraces her without hesitation. She clears her throat as she finally says the words she was waiting to say all week. 
“Happy birthday, baby.” She says as she smiles widely at him, reaching up to poke her finger in the dimple that’s now visible due to his own smile. He lets out a soft laugh, his cheeks flushing a light shade of pink when she peppers kisses all over his face. When she stops to speak once more, he pushes her back a bit in order to get a good look at her face, placing both his hands on her cheeks, as he cradles her face in his palms before he leans in and smashes his lips onto hers without warning. She’s caught off guard for a second, before she realises and reciprocates without hesitation. 
Kissing him feels like second nature. There’s a sort of tenderness yet an underlying passion hidden beneath his warmth. She pulls away slowly, licking her bottom lip as he connects her forehead with his, his eyes boring into hers as she senses the adoration hidden behind them. 
“Thank you, angel.” He says, leaning in to place a gentle kiss on the corner of her mouth, smiling when she cuddles deeper into his chest. 
“So, twenty nine, huh?” he says with a dimpled smile, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, not even slightly phased by having just woken up. Rolling her eyes playfully, she reaches up to card her fingers through his disheveled hair, attempting to tame it with her very limited resources. Harry lets out a soft hum at the feeling, as he shuts his eyes when she begins to stroke the hair at the nape of his neck gently. 
“Feels good.” He says as he buries his head deeper into his arm, eyes still shut. She stops abruptly and pushes herself out of his hold to reach over to the nightstand next to her side of the bed. 
Harry opens his mouth to protest before she shushes him, placing her pointer finger onto his lips, looking over at him with a sickeningly sweet smile. He couldn’t ever be mad at her, even when she drives him so mad, he thinks to himself. 
“I’m trying to get your present. Unless you don’t want it, ‘cause I don’t have to give it to you.” She tells him, her tone playful as she teases him. 
“No, I do! I want it.” He exclaims, the drawl of his voice slow and raspy, still ridden with sleep, the corner of his lip ticking up when she giggles to herself quietly. He stretches for the final time, maneuvering himself to sit up in the bed. He props himself up with a couple pillows, leaning back comfortably on the headboard. The sheets fall to his lap and he yawns lowly as the cold air in the room causes goosebumps to pop up onto his skin. 
Just as he finishes getting comfortable, she returns back to him, a white envelope clutched carefully in her hand. He can see his name on the front of it, but he has no idea whatsoever of what it could be. So, he asks her. 
“What’s that?”
“It’s your first gift for today, but I think it’ll be your favorite.” She says with a sly smile one her face, and he raises one of his brows at her in question, confused as to what she could be talking about. 
“I hope you can back that up, nothing beats the annual birthday blowie, we both know it.” He says, barking out a loud laugh when she rolls her eyes playfully and pushes his arm off of her thigh. 
“Are you gonna open it or what?” She says with a blank stare, rubbing her sweaty palms on the bedsheets, and hoping that her action goes unnoticed by Harry. She can feel herself getting more anxious by the second, her thoughts running a thousand miles a minute in her head. 
“You know you didn’t have to get me anything, baby.” He says as he takes the envelope from her shaky hands, looking up at her with an unreadable expression on his face. 
“I know, but I wanted to. Plus, it’s kind of a gift for the both of us, so hurry up and open it because I’m getting really antsy.” She says, as she looks up at him with a shy smile, placing one of her hands on his lap. 
He smiles widely at her, rubbing his hand down the length of her arm once, and starts to fiddle with tearing open the seal flap of the envelope. Once he has it opened, he slowly pulls out the sheet of paper inside, glancing at her quickly before unfolding it and beginning to read the words sat on the paper. 
She can see him skimming the first couple of sentences, speaking the words to himself lowly, until he stops abruptly and his eyes return to start over from the beginning. He looks up slowly and sets down the paper on his lap, and turns to her, his face softening as his eyes begin to well up with tears. 
She can practically see the wheels spinning around in his head, his expression soft yet still unreadable to her. Slowly, he blinks and the tears in his eyes fall down his face. 
Lifting his hand, he pulls the duvet off of her carefully, and places his right hand on her stomach. Looking up at her he finally speaks. 
The simple word that leaves his mouth in a soft rasp isn’t directed towards her but is in fact, a question.
“A baby?" he mutters once more.
For as long as she’d known him, Harry's rarely been at a loss for words. The only time she’d seen him dumbstruck was when he'd asked her to marry him while getting in bed after a drunken night out with Mitch and Jeffrey, and he'd shocked himself with that revelation. Though he knew exactly what he was asking when he woke her up the next morning, holding a little velvet box and asking her to marry him.  Pouncing on him, she kissed him all over, mumbling the word ‘yes’ about fifty times, before shoving him lightly when he joked about drunk words being sober thoughts.
“There’s a baby in here?”
It's the first actual sentence he's said since she handed him the envelope, still his facial expressions haven’t differed. Licking her lips, she nods briefly, and does her best to decipher how he’s feeling. She doesn’t know exactly what he’s thinking, nevertheless, she can hear him mumbling to himself silently.
“My baby.”
“Get over here.” He pleas gingerly, opening his arms widely to embrace her.
Pulling her into his arms, he clutches her tightly, still mindful of the growing child in her belly.
He places both of his palms on her face, and kisses her with such force that she’s startled but then reciprocates without hesitation. Breaking the kiss she stares into his eyes and smiles widely. He places his hand back onto her belly and she reaches down and rests her hand atop his.
He fingers the hem of the t-shirt she’s wearing, fidgeting with the piece of clothing, and she can tell that he wants to truly feel. 
“Can I?”
“‘Course you can.” She says, nodding at him and smiling when he lifts up her t-shirt.
He lets out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. Even though she’s barely showing, he can still feel his heart grow ten sizes larger when he thinks about his child nestled in her belly.  
“Baby.” he speaks softly, letting a laugh escape his lips.
"You’re gonna be a mum! Christ! M’gonna be a dad!” He exclaims with joy.
That’s the first time she’d heard it said to her from someone other than herself.
“How long have you known?" he mutters curiously, brushing his thumb over her stomach in the softest strokes he can manage.
She doesn’t want to answer him, because she knows it’ll hurt him. 
“Darling.” He forces her to look at him, cupping her face with his palms and she eventually looks him in his eyes. 
"A little over two weeks.” She reveals in a quiet tone.
“I wanted to tell you as soon as I found out, but I wanted it to be special. That’s the only reason I waited that long. I’m really sorry, Harry. Please don’t be upset with me.” She says in the lowest tone possible, if it wasn’t as quiet as it was, he wouldn’t be able to hear her. 
Harry feels like someone ripped his heart from his chest when she answers him, sounding so deflated, when just a second ago she was the happiest he’d seen her. Shaking his head in disbelief, he presses his lips to her temple, and plants a gentle kiss there. 
“Love. Hey, look at me. I love you, okay? I’m not upset, swear it. Alright?” 
Nodding, she leans in to press a kiss to his lips, smiling when he pulls away to pinch her lips between his fingers.
“This is the best gift I’ve ever gotten. Thank you so fucking much, baby.” He says, a smile lacing his features, lighting up the room even brighter than the sun could ever. 
“Better than the birthday blowie?” She asks wiggling her eyebrows and poking his cheek when he laughs loudly. 
“‘Course it is, baby. Best birthday ever.” He says slowly drumming his fingers on her waist, as she reaches up to play with his hair, twisting the soft strands around his fingers, while he begins to speak once more. 
“Wait, so does that mean I qualify as a dilf now, or do I have to wait ‘till the baby is born?” He asks with a serious look on his face. Laughing loudly, she rolls her eyes lightheartedly before she begins trailing kisses across his face. Leaning in to plant a kiss on the shell of his ear, she whispers.
“How ‘bout I give you that birthday blowie and we can discuss the semantics of it all later?”
wahhhh! happy birthday to everyone’s favorite emotional support rockstar, i was feeling down so i decided to write a little something <3 as always, feedback is appreciated, hope you all enjoy xx!
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harrysonlylover · 2 months
Find Your Pleasing*
In which you have a heated meeting with the hot CEO
Tumblr media
The floor was buzzing with workers frantically running from one room to the other as they made sure everything was perfect and neat for him.
Mr. Harry Styles, owner, and founder of Pleasing for sex toys. He started this company from the bottom in 2017 with no one to motivate him but his own will.
Back then CEOs of big companies laughed in his face when he proposed his project, they even scoffed and made fun of him. Now they are waiting in the lobby for their turn to have a word with him. He likes- no loves how they behaved after he outsmarted them in the business field, he even enjoyed watching their face turn pale whenever they entered the headquarters because everyone knows that he’ll be reigning on the top for a very long time.
The secret to his success was the face of Pleasing which also happens to be him. He caused a revolution of some type in the sex toys world after he launched an ad making every man and woman drool for him. There were even rumors about couples breaking up thanks to Pleasing’s glorious toys. When the news reached Harry he smirked, secretly liking the idea of having power over others.
He didn’t even need to try and well the rest is history.
There are lots of things that the public does not know about the successful young man, one of which is his sex club also called “Pleasing”. It is mistaken for being inspired by the company, little do they know the devil himself built both of them.
The sound of printing machines, telephones, and employees shouting got closer as you neared the 5th floor also known as Styles’ Headquarters. You had a job interview and you were required to know some crucial details about him.
You approached the receptionist who was thankfully not so busy and she helped you reach his office, the room that was isolated from the entire floor.
She went in before you and you could faintly hear the murmur of words exchanged between them. It wasn’t long before she gave you the green light to enter.
A big mahogany desk was placed in the center of the room behind which he stood with his back to you, and you couldn’t help but notice the display of many sex toys on the counter.
At the sound of your footsteps, he turned around, his right hand still placed on his hip. He was dressed in an elegant navy suit that made sure he appears as the CEO. You caught a glimpse of his painted fingernails varying from turquoise to transparent while his hands were complimented by luxurious rings, a lion, a pearl, and his initials. You were very familiar with his hands just like the rest of the world was.
“Mrs. Y/N it’s an honor to finally meet you, have a seat please.” He signaled to the comfortable chair in front of his desk.
“Same goes for you, Mr. Styles.” You smiled as you lowered your skirt to adjust your seating while feeling his eyes raking your body.
“I know, now y/n please call me Harry. I hope this doesn’t bother you but I would rather be straightforward with this.” He was now standing in front of you leaning on his desk with his arms crossed over his chest, and you caught a whiff of his perfume. Tobacco Vanille that sent vibrations throughout your body.
“I’m a very busy man and I’m in a rush but please don’t worry I already scanned your file, so I’m being righteous with you. Which is why I prepared questions for you to answer.” He spoke fishing out a document and relaxing more on the desk, you couldn’t help but let your eyes drift to his front and you wondered if it was a bulge or just a wrinkle of his pants.
“Anything caught your attention, Miss?” You immediately straightened your posture trying not to turn red in the face.
“No nothing Mr- Harry.” He hummed and flipped the papers while you refrained from looking down again.
“So I gather that you’ve worked with big companies before, nice work indeed. How would you approach Pleasing’s designs?” He turned his gaze to you and rubbed the light stubble on his chin.
“First of all Pleasing has a wide range of items that are no doubt causing global chaos in a good way of course. No one is even thinking of designing sex toys anymore as they stand no chance but Mr. Harry did you ever ask your customers what they want.?”
He was listening to you attentively, his eyes never leaving yours and the corners of his mouth were itching to offer you a grin.
“Sometimes yes, but how do you suggest that happens?”
“You focus on the people who are against Pleasing, who do not enjoy sex toys. Dig deep into what makes them feel good, I think that the initiative you’re looking for here is not to sell more toys but to help everyone find pleasure. Even those that think they can’t.” You spoke confidently already feeling him become amused at your thoughts.
“Hm, so Miss tell me what would the motto be for this campaign?” He shifted around and stood behind your chair, his fingers lingering over the expensive leather.
“Find your pleasing.”
“And do you know what’s yours?” He leaned down and whispered in your ear and you could swear his voice suddenly became deeper.
You nodded your head and he moved forward examining the display of toys, his left hand was in his pocket while the other hovered over the items till he picked the one.
“This is a unique one, I didn’t get to try it yet but I’d love to give you the honor.” He presented it forward in front of you like a piece of candy. It was a plug or at least it looked like one but with a button on the side.
“Now?” You inquired feeling a bit surprised at his playfulness.
“Only if you feel like it Miss, I’d never push you out of your comfort zone. If you want you can take –“
“Tell me Harry do you know what’s your own ‘Pleasing’ “ you shot back at him as you watched his expression shift and eyes darken.
“Hm yes I do but I’m afraid I’m a visual demonstrator Darling.” He lowered down to your level and his hot breath was doing things to you.
“And I’m a fast learner Harry.” He wasted no time in grabbing you by the throat, managing to pull you up on the counter without hurting you just keeping a good amount of pressure on your neck.
He kissed all over your collarbone as you wrapped your heels around his torso, and his cock was being pressed into your core.
“I find my pleasing in others, so pretty girl when you get yours I’ll get mine.” He muttered hungrily over your lips pushing his tongue as his jaw flexed. His hand found its way beneath your skirt and immediately cupped your cunt with his ringed hands.
“I saw how you were looking at my hands pretty, you’re not so sly you know? What did you want, my hands to hold your cunt like this as you hump for relief? His thumb was pressed on your clit making you jolt while his buttoned nose grazed your neck.
“Yes and your thick fingers inside.” You replied quickly as you were heating up by the moment.
He suddenly pulled back and removed all of his rings, slicing his eyes up to you while smirking before placing the rings on your fingers. They were a bit lose and almost fell out.
“Tsk tsk even my rings can’t fit, how will you handle me pretty.” He chuckled pushing one finger inside making you grasp onto his shoulders.
He gently added another finger and began massaging your labia, with his forehead laid against yours. He fastened his pace going in circles and when he found your g-spot he teased you by delicately returning to his massaging technique.
You moaned against him, with your nails digging into his back. He was smiling at the sight of you falling apart on his touch.
“See this? This is my ‘Pleasing’, getting to satisfy a woman like you. Look at these pretty moans and your fucked out state already riding my fingers like a whore. Anything to get stuffed yeah?” He bit at your earlobe and when you didn’t answer him, he curled his fingers at your g-spot.
“Yes I love it, I love your thick fingers inside of me.” You continued to moan in ecstasy feeling his fingers hit deep spots and despite trying to jerk and shift around he kept a firm grip on your hips.
His thumb moved to your swollen clit lightly tapping at it before pinching it and grinning when he heard you scream due to oversensitivity.
“My favorite spot, this little pearl just like the ring yeh? Like being in heat as I play with it?” His other hand dug into your back resulting in the both of you becoming fully intertwined as you shifted closer to him.
“Please I need to cum Harry.” You begged in a rush, his fingers felt so good and the pressure in your lower stomach was getting more and more intense.
“Cum pretty, let me find my ‘Pleasing’ in yours.” And right on cue you closed your eyes shut, as you saw nothing but black, his eyes were still set on your face watching you almost black out from the mind-blowing orgasm he just gave you.
He leaned forward kissing the tip of your nose and slowly removed his fingers for a taste making you whine at the empty feeling.
“You just had an orgasm and you still need something inside you?.” He raised his eyebrows not to inquire but to make sure.
“Need you to stretch me out real good Harry.”
That was all he needed to hear before he unbuckled his pants and dropped them to his ankles, his bulge looked painful as he took his briefs off to reveal his erect cock ready and glistening with precum.
He grabbed you roughly placing you on your stomach with your ass in the air and ripped off your skirt with his bare hands effortlessly.
“My ski-“
“I’ll buy you a Skirts company.”
He mumbled through heavy pants before leaning down to your cunt and grazing his nose at it before breathing in its scent and groaning loudly.
If you could see him right now he’d probably be looking at your puffy pussy with puppy eyes and a drooling mouth.
You wiggled your ass back at him making him chuckle and bite at your ass before standing up and placing his tip at your entrance.
He plunged in slowly but easily due to your wetness, you were so warm and snug yet so fucking tight he had to grit his teeth to stop himself from coming despite having stamina.
“Perfect pussy wanna make it drip all day fucking hell.” He rolled his eyes back and moved his hips slowly before pulling you back to his chest by your hair and thrusting in at a fast pace.
The sound of skin slapping and moaning filled the room as he whispered the filthiest words in your ear.
“My Pleasing is destroying your cunt and knowing you love every second of it.”
“My Pleasing is seeing you beg to be filled with me as you tell me how much you adore being a cockslut.”
“So tight already eager to milk every drop yeah? Well, take all of it it’s yours.”
He nibbled at your earlobe and you could no longer do anything but moan and whimper at the feeling of his veins massaging your walls as he hits your g-spot repeatedly. His thick cock stretched you out and reached your insides as he poked near your belly button.
His hand was around your neck choking you while the other pinched your clit to overstimulate you making you jolt and cry out in pleasure.
“When you beg for it, it means you should be able to take it.” He slapped your sensitive clit three times as you clenched around his cock uncontrollably letting go and reaching your second orgasm.
Harry followed you immediately too overwhelmed by your tightness, you stood chest to back with his bicep tightly wrapped around you while he spilled into you, load after the other.
“Take all of my cum, let your cunt swallow it up.”
His hips stilled inside of you until every last drop was spilled, he moved strands of your hair from around your face, allowing himself to kiss all over your skin.
He reached over grabbing the same toy from earlier. “May I?”
You nodded your head feeling eager for what he was for you, he slowly pulled out not giving the chance for any of his cum to drip before inserting the plug inside your creamy cunt.
You hissed at the feeling of it along with the sticky cum, his eyes were twinkling as he almost died from the sight.
“My ‘Pleasing’ is making pretty plugs to keep cum where it belongs.” He whispered and reached down to the button you thought about and pressed it making it vibrate with the cum inside of you allowing it to reach even deeper.
“H-harry too sensitive.” You tightened your grip on him as you could quite literally feel the cum vibrate inside of you.
He smirked and turned off the button only to push another one leaving you with a whole other feeling.
“What is this?.” He laughed at your shock before pulling the plug out of you and showing you its transparent tube filled with cum.
“This one allows you to hold on to cum when you need it, fills up sluts like you when needed. Now open up.” He tipped your head backward and you didn’t get to see what he did since the cum was already spilling on your tongue.
He ordered you to take every drop and you did. You laid down on your back feeling spent out as he got a wet cloth and began cleaning your thighs and pussy gently leaving delicate kisses there.
When he was done he tossed the cloth aside and sat back down with you in his lap and head buried in his chest.
“Did my little minx like my new invention?” He asked feeling quite eager for the answer.
“Very much my love.”
There are lots of things that the public doesn’t know about the young successful man, one of them is his love life…
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antiodote · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
she can’t finish and they fight.
warnings: smut (18+), angst
stress was coursing through her veins at every waking moment.
she had been feeling like this for the past two months. scoring a promotion at work meant a lot of things. it meant she got paid more, sure, but it also meant that she had more responsibility than ever before.
ever since her days at school, she craved validation; she needed somebody to tell her that she was doing good, that her efforts were not going unnoticed, that she did the right thing, and that she was good. she never quite figured out where that need came from, but she had an inkling that it must have something to do with the way her mother had raised her.
she, also, never quite figured out how to deal with it healthily, which is why all of her friends knew her as the archetype of a workaholic. she was working all the time and rarely had any time for herself, but she loved her work, so it didn’t seem like a big deal to her.
it was a big deal to harry, though.
harry, who was also a self-proclaimed workaholic, saw how much it was tearing at her and could practically smell the burnout from miles and miles away. it didn’t help that her boss didn't believe in words of affirmation and just piled on more work for her to do every chance she got. harry knew that it was eating away at her, he knew that her way of coping, which was not at all, would eventually come back to bite her in the ass. in any other situation he probably would have done something. he keeps telling her to take a break and to rest a bit; the hypocrisy of it doesn’t go unnoticed by either of them, though. truthfully, harry was also as busy as ever. with the release of his new album, movie promotions and public appearances, he rarely has time to rest himself.
before their lives got all too complicated, they had plenty of time to spend together, even with their already busy schedule. they’d go on hikes and cook and watch movies; they were a proper couple. happy and unbothered. shielded from any and all obstacles. maybe they both knew, deep down, that their honeymoon phase was coming to an end. to them, however, that seemed like it was light-years away.
and yet, here they were.
it was the umpteenth time that she had returned from work at an ungodly hour, even later than harry. he usually left to go to the studio after making breakfast for the both of them, and usually, neither of them would end up eating most of it. harry used to playfully bug her about her eating habits. he tried reminding her of the importance of three meals a day, every day. she brushed it off then and it was fine; now, however, it worries and agitates harry to no end. this morning she had left without so much as looking at it, once again. she bid her rushed goodbye and chose to forego a peck on the lips. she had forgotten so much lately that harry began to wonder if it had been on purpose, but since he isn’t the kind to ask for affection he guesses he will never know.
they meet for what feels like the first time that day in their shared bedroom. she comes in with her bag in tow and exhaustion written all over her features and it pained harry to see her like that. however, he too was feeling more than exhausted. it became harder and harder to feel sorry for her if he was being honest with himself. not when he felt like it was preventable.
“I’m sorry for coming home late again. I know it’s been happening too much. I don’t mean to…” she tried explaining herself as she did so often. harry understood and he wasn’t mad, but the defeat in his demeanour was palpable.
“it’s alright, came home late myself. how was work?“
“same old. how was the studio?”
“fine.” a lie.
harry had been having trouble writing as of late. everything he did write was either too sad to release or just not good at all. apparently, the way their relationship was falling apart seemed to directly affect his creative writing process. it was a mess, truly. he didn’t have the heart to tell her that though. he didn’t want to make her feel more guilty than she probably already did.
“okay, good.”
harry returned to reading his book, albeit halfheartedly, while she was busy looking at him - really looking at him - for the first time in ages. she is shocked to find him looking so… defeated? she wants to beat herself up for not noticing the prominence of his under-eye bags, the dullness of his skin, and even the way his hair looks unkempt and tousled. does she also look this restless? she realises, then and there, that they haven’t made proper conversation for the better part of 6 weeks, and she can’t help but feel like it’s her fault. she knows they have both been very busy, but had she made an effort to do something to at least save her relationship? she doesn’t think so.
“so, uh, we haven’t talked in a while, huh?” she sets her bag by the door and moves to her side of the bed, her side facing him while she removes her jewellery. harry sets his book down as well, hoping they would finally be able to break the cycle. the moonlight shines brightly into their bedroom window, illuminating the side of her face. if the situation was different, he might tell her how beautiful she looks, despite her visible fatigue. he doesn’t know what’s stopping him if he’s honest. what he doesn’t know is that when she faces him and sees how the warm light from the lamp on his bedside table illuminates his features, her breath oh so subtly hitches, too. she thought he was beautiful, always. like the sun, always illuminating. unfortunately, his light seemed dull lately.
fire and ice; the sun and the moon facing one another. that’s what they represent. so close, yet so far away. they used to dance in unison, but they seemed to have forgotten how to dance. why? what happened to them? it felt like they both knew, and yet? they didn’t know what to do.
except she thought she did.
she moved closer to him, fully sitting on the bed now. her blouse pulled out of her trousers, her hair down and her glasses thrown aside somewhere. facing him, she took the book out of his grasp and bent over his stretched-out legs to put it back on his nightstand. she made sure to let her chest graze over his crotch. she wanted to dance again, in a different way. a way they used to have perfected. the last time they danced was way too long ago, though, but she hopes they still remember the steps.
he held his breath, not quite knowing what to do just yet. where was this going? he wasn’t entirely sure and he didn’t want to risk fucking it up. this was the first time she had been close to him in what feels like forever and he missed her touch so much that it hurt. she moved back into a seated position, facing him.
“tell me something. anything. I miss your voice.”
he looks at her, puzzled. what could he tell her? he wrecked his brain for something, anything to tell her. something that wasn’t too boring or too sad. he found himself feeling insecure, for whatever reason. so, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he decides to listen to his heart and let his mind stop working for a bit. this was his love, he would be fine. he knew how to talk to her, he was fine. he was fine.
he opens his eyes again and speaks.
“well, mitch and sarah might want to try for another baby. they’ve been loving parenthood, it seems. I think it really suits them, too. and, uh, jeff and I have been talking about tour dates, which is always a hassle, as you know. oh! I might have to go to italy to reshoot some scenes for the movie. um, yeah.” his monologue was cut short by the sheer fact that he doesn’t know what else to talk about. the oxygen in the room seems to lessen by the second and his throat feels tight. why was he like this? could he not just act normal right now? why did he feel the need to talk to her about how he felt like they were falling apart? and how that was scaring the hell out of him? losing her seemed like such an unrealistic concept not too long ago, whereas now it feels like it’s just around the corner. he feels constricted and he hated every second of it.
“that’s nice, hm? mitch and sarah having another baby? god, I hope it works out for them. it would give you more godfather duties.” she tries to lighten the mood and it works, if only for a second. harry wants to ask her about her day, as well. however, listening to her work struggles right now would be sure to set him off, so he decides against it. and thus, silence falls heavy upon them, once more.
“what happened to us, love?”
he spoke up, his voice sounding uncharacteristically little. he voiced his fear.
here we go.
“I used to be able to talk to you for, what, hours? without any problems. but now it just feels so…different. why?”
he faces her and finds an apologetic look on her face, probably mirroring his own. they felt defeated. lost. what did happen to them?
she sighed heavily, not even trying to deny anything. “I…I don’t know, harry. I don’t know.” a beat of silence lingered again. “I miss us. I miss you, all the time. I don’t like what happened to us, it’s like we drifted apart, don’t you think?” he says. his heart feels like it could burst out of his chest at any given moment with how nervous and stressed he felt.
“do you still love me?” he asks, knowing just how pathetic he must sound. she replies instantly. “of course I do, harry. always. do you still love me?”
“yes, I do. so much.”
her fear turned into desperation. she had to do something, and she had to do it now. she moves closer to him, their faces now mere inches apart. she laces her hand into his own, slowly and carefully, afraid to do something wrong. she looks at him once more and tries not to wince at how dull his eyes looked. if she dwelled any longer on how it might have something to do with her, she might collapse. so, urgently, she moves their joined hands onto his lap.
“good. let me show you how much I love you then. please, can I?”
their hands apply pressure on their resting spot just over his crotch, clearly sending a message. he closes his eyes and relishes the feeling. he felt like they should talk first, to work through any of the problems they might be experiencing. he couldn’t bring himself to do it, though. because right now, the only thought in his mind was how he needed to feel close to her, immediately. he felt selfish, but couldn’t bring himself to care. so he nods. “please.” and in an instant, she moves closer.
their lips attach. relief floods him.
there she was. his moonlight.
heat surrounds them, quicker than they’d care to admit, and everything felt good, for once. the world stopped, and it was just the two of them. nothing else mattered. he was feeling her again, and it was good.
she moves to sit on his lap with her thighs surrounding his own. her hands migrate to his scalp to tangle them through his hair, the way she knew he liked. he moved his own hands to her blouse, desperate to take it off, desperate to feel her. he undoes the buttons and slides it off her shoulders, removing her hands from his head in the process. their mouths move in unison, their movements are rushed and desperate. they needed this. they needed to feel connected like only they knew how. in a rush to feel her skin, he peels off her sports bra, leaving her in nothing but her dress pants. his hands find her chest and in an instant, he starts playing her like an instrument, gaining a plethora of sweet whines from her. she grinds down on him, feeling the growth in his trousers. everything is hot, rushed and filled with need; their arousal growing by the second. she detaches her mouth from his to take a breath, a string of saliva connecting them, still.
“fuck, harry. please, please. I need… I need, god-“
he didn’t wait for her to finish before attaching his mouth to her nipple, sucking harshly. a high-pitched whine leaves her and she grinds down harder, making him groan. he uses his other hand to play with her other breast, and when he moves his head to lick a bold stripe in between the valley of her chest, squeezing her tits in his way, he wonders if this is heaven. this, or the treasure between her thighs. as soon as the thought enters his brain, he detaches himself from her chest in an attempt to move them into a laying position.
“need to taste you, angel. please, let me-“
“no, harry, please. need to feel you. need to feel you inside, please. need to feel full.”
they make eye contact and he contemplates her words. “you can taste me whenever else you want, honey. just need to feel you in me now, okay?” she says, with her hands in his hair once more. he closes his eyes and basks in the comfort she radiates. she was truly remarkable. and truthfully, he couldn’t possibly think of a better sensation than to be berried deep within her walls.
“yeah, okay angel. let me make you feel good, hmm?”
“yes, god yes. thank you, thank you, thank you.”
she lifts herself from her position on his lap and steps off the bed. they simultaneously remove any remaining articles of clothing, leaving nothing but naked skin in sight. she kneels onto the bed once more, resuming her previous position. harry's hands roam all over her body, squeezing her behind and finally resting on her love handles.
“you’re unbelievable. so fucking stunning, god. kiss me, please.”
she grants his wish momentarily, letting his tongue roam freely. they were in ecstasy, purely and utterly consumed with one another. she blindly reaches for his length underneath her, gripping him at the base and gifting him a few languid strokes. her thumb finds his tip and she starts spreading any and all precum around, preparing him. he moans, no, whines into her mouth, his eyes screwed shut in utmost pleasure.
“fuck, fuck, fuck. please, baby, I can’t take it. let me feel you, now.”
she smiled, kissing his nose. she loved his eagerness and how he wasn’t afraid to show it.
“I’ll give you what you need, don’t worry, baby.”
and so, she moves to sit down and truly, she couldn’t wait to feel him, as she had really, really missed it. terribly so.
she guides him inside, preparing herself mentally for the highest form of pleasure she had ever experienced-
“ah, fuck! wait, hold on-“
she couldn’t get him inside, but not because of his size. no, she just so happens to be bone dry. no arousal was surrounding her, not even a little bit. this had never happened before, and it left her at a loss. she looks down again, just to make sure that she was feeling it correctly. and there it was, nothing. she should be dripping by now, especially with how turned on she was, but alas, the contrary seemed to be the case.
she looks at him now, helplessly, and at a loss for what to do.
“what’s wrong, you okay? not feeling up to it? we can stop-“
“no! no, absolutely not. I want this so bad, you have no idea. I don’t know what’s happening, honestly. I- I- maybe I can- or we could-“
he grabs her by the jaw, grounding her for a moment. his eyes search for hers, offering reason and calm, and relief floods her as she sees how his eyes look more alive than they did a few minutes ago.
“hey, hey, calm down. you’re okay, petal.” a kiss. “let me just get the lube, yeah? don’t worry about it.” she takes a deep breath. “yeah, okay. thank you.” another kiss.
he reaches over to his bedside table, opening the little drawer underneath. located in-between packs of condoms, some melatonin tablets and an emergency pack of cigarettes, he finally found what he was looking for: the small bottle of water-based lube. neither of them exchange words, just glances, as he shuts the drawer, opens the bottle, and squirts some of the product on his hand. once the bottle is closed and set aside, he uses his clean hand to guide her slightly upwards, freeing him from the delicious confines of her thighs. he then spreads the product on and around his length, wincing slightly at the cool temperature. once he feels like he’s coated himself sufficiently, he guides her down once more.
“tell me if it hurts and I stop, okay?”
she nods.
deep breaths. shaky hands. unsure glances.
and then…
“oh my god.”
“holy shit, baby. fuck. so fucking perfect for me, aren’t you? jesus.”
she sinks all the way down his length, filling her up to the brim. her head is thrown back and her mouth agape in pleasure, not a single sound escaping her for the first few moments. that is until he starts thrusting up and into her.
“good god, harry, fuck!” the delicious stretch of her walls made her want to scream, a feeling that she doesn’t think she could ever get tired of. “please don’t stop, oh my god!” her words only encouraged him more, making sure to keep his pace steady and to hit her spot every single time. with her head still thrown back and her jaw slack, harry took the opportunity to just stare at her pleasure-filled face, which only got him off more. she always looked beautiful, but like this? she was unbelievable. he thinks at that moment that he should probably write a song about it.
a particularly hard thrust made her snap forward. “fucking hell, I feel you in my tummy.” she laced her hands around his jaw and rested her forehead against his own, staring deeply into his eyes and stealing the occasional kiss. harry took this moment to steady her hips and thrust up into her with such vigour, that her eyes rolled all the way back into her skull. she had to wrap her arms around his shoulders and hug him close to stabilise herself. and then, something weird happened.
usually, with the way he was pounding into her and with how he was moaning straight into her ear, she would be done in seconds. however, now that his face was no longer in her line of sight, her mind started clouding itself with other images.
“make sure you get this back to me by the end of the day. no more slacking off.”
she squeezed her eyes shut. this couldn’t be happening, not now.
“you have to do this over entirely, this is not what I had in mind at all.”
god, no. no, no, no!
“this is unbelievably sloppy, you cannot be serious, right? you’re staying late today, this is unacceptable.”
what the actual fuck was happening?
“baby, you okay?”
her eyes opened wide in an instant. he tried prying her arms away so he could look at her properly. she, however, only hugged him closer.
“yes! yes, I’m good. so fucking good.” she made sure to make her voice extra sultry, grinding down on him to make it all more believable. she cannot let him know that she got ridiculously close to having an anxiety attack in the middle of what was supposed to be mind-boggling sex.
he couldn’t help but groan at her actions, however, he continued. “you sure? your heart is beating very fast. do you- ah!- do you need some water, maybe?” he tumbled over his words as she made sure to squeeze her walls tight to shut him up.
“I’m okay, I don’t need anything. just need you to make me come, please.” she continued squeezing him, both with her arms and her walls until he was putty in her hands. no more words left him as he started thrusting up into her once again, moaning at the sensation her delicious pussy was giving him.
“you feel fucking unreal right now, angel. how do you feel, tell me? please, god, tell me.” he was begging for her, another thing that could usually make her come in an instant. right now, however, she really didn’t think that it was going to happen anytime soon.
how was she feeling? well, for starters, she was feeling embarrassed and confused because somehow, she didn’t get wet when her hot shot of a boyfriend practically devoured her tits and called her angelic, especially because she thought she was super turned on to begin with. and as if that wasn’t enough, she was now drowning in mental images and intrusive thoughts of her workplace and her bitch of a boss, which was the very thing that is currently tearing at her relationship. and she worried, that if she doesn’t get her shit together immediately, she might not come at all. so, fake it till you make it, she guessed.
“fuck, harry, I feel so fucking good. y’make me feel so. fucking. good.” slurring her words and repeating simple sentences; that should be enough to convince him that it’s genuine. she was trying to get into it again, but so far, nothing. she made sure to grind down and twist her hips how she knew he loved. on top of it all, she nibbled at his neck, jaw and ear to really get him going. and she knew it was working when his whines got louder with each thrust.
“shit baby, you feel bloody fantastic. please, god, tell me you’re close, need you to cum f’me.”
he was begging and whining for her like that was his sole purpose in this life, which made her feel all the more guilty for how her body was not reacting at all. he could very well be stroking her thumb right now, and it’d probably have the same effect. but she was determined to make him feel good, both physically and mentally, because he deserved it. the last thing she wanted to do was to make him feel guilty about something that he had nothing to do with.
so, she did what any other stupidly in-love woman would do: she faked her fucking orgasm.
“harry, god, fuck, I’m so close- I-“
“yeah, angel? let go f’me, get my cock all wet, c’mon.”
and that’s exactly what she did, or at least, tried to make him believe.
“god fucking- ah!”
and with all the core strength that she had, she squeezed her walls incredibly tight around him. she even tried to put some pressure on her bladder to maybe release some fluids, just to make it more believable. she was all too aware of his eyes on her, staring in awe at her alleged release. and just like she hoped it would, it triggered his own release just mere moments later.
“baby, fuck! that’s it, good god, that’s- oh!”
warm fluid filled her to the brim and she thinks under any other circumstances, the sheer intensity would’ve had to trigger her own orgasm. and yet, there she was.
shame was making her blood run cold, goosebumps littered her skin and she had this sudden urge to get out of the room to forgo any awkward conversation, but she knew she wasn’t going to be that lucky.
“you okay?”
he ripped her out of her thoughts in an instant, and suddenly he was facing her. his face was soft with pleasure, a post-orgasmic glow etched his features and a tired smile was gifted to her. he looked relaxed, comfortable and most of all he looked really, really happy.
she could not mess this up.
“yeah, I’m good. you?”
“very much so, angel.” he moved his hand to her cheek and oh so very softly moved any stray hair away from her face and tucked them behind her ear. the silence around them felt heavy, almost deafening to her. to him, however, it was pure bliss.
they stared at each other until it became unbearable for her, so she tried to move but his hand on her waist stopped any movement in its tracks.
“wanna cuddle for a bit?”
it became apparent to her that he was holding on to this sliver of positive energy they had created. she felt flattered over the fact that he wanted her around. the feeling however quickly dissipated and was replaced with guilt, shame and fear. she had to be by herself for a bit, she needed to get her head straight.
“let me just do my thing in the loo really quick, okay? i’ll be back before you know it, darling.” she reasoned. he nods, gives her a chaste kiss on the lips and nose, and lets her go. a hiss leaves both of them as she removes herself from him and she makes sure to keep the mess to a minimum. without looking back, she quickly walks to their shared bathroom, locking the door behind her. as soon as her bum hits the toilet seat, the tears flow and the shame begins to manifest itself into a big, green monster in her mind. how could she do this? how could she lie to him about something as stupid as this? more importantly, why could she not come? as the questions multiplied, the answers came short. she never wanted to be this person, and yet, there she was. does she tell him? does she keep the lie going? does she pretend to be so tired and fall asleep as soon as her head hits the pillows? she doesn’t want to do any of those things. instead, she selfishly wants to bask in the warmth radiating from her boyfriend, now that he is in post-orgasmic bliss. maybe she’ll be selfish for once if her mind allows it.
“oh god.”
frustration is now emanating from every pore of her body and she decides then that she has to leave this bathroom before things start looking suspicious. so, she finishes up, takes a deep breath and does not dare to look at herself in the mirror as she leaves.
she comes back to their bedroom and is momentarily confused when she finds him in his boxers and surrounded by a cloud of smoke. his back was facing her as he leaned over the railing of the balcony, shoulders visibly sagging with every breath.
“h? why are you smoking? everything okay?”
harry is by no means a smoker. he’s the kind of person to only reach for them when he is going through heavy emotional turmoil. he wouldn’t even smoke when he drank, so this scene was more than upsetting to her. especially because she already had an inkling of what could have possibly caused this action of his.
he turns around, the lazy smile no longer to be seen. instead, his eyes look even more dull than before and his cheeks have a rosy tint to them, almost like he just finished crying himself. she felt her heart sink and suddenly becomes increasingly aware of the severity of the situation.
this was bad.
“why don’t you tell me who you’re cheating on me with, darling.”
a/n: hiiii, i’m back! sorry it took so long, i’ve been super busy with preparing for my move and also seeing harry in hamburg (and getting covid </3) anyways, this needs a part two, but that isn’t quite finished yet. this is also very different from anything else i’ve ever written before, so any feedback is truly appreciated!!!
4.7k words, not proofread (sorry!), lowercase intended
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eviesaurusrex · 6 months
ʜᴀʀʀʏ ꜱᴛʏʟᴇꜱ x ʙʀɪᴛɪꜱʜ ʀᴏʏᴀʟ!ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
Tumblr media
summary: Her Royal Highness Princess YN, daughter to Prince Charles and late Princess Diana, Prince and Princess of Wales, younger sister to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and granddaughter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh would’ve never thought to meet Harry Styles by accident—by literally running into him. And Harry Styles would’ve never considered meeting the Princess of England again after that seemingly fateful afternoon.
faceclaim: Saoirse Ronan
author's note: I decided to start a little Harry Styles series after I read the Royal Series by @harrylilies and got heavily inspired by it (so thank you for writing this masterpiece and giving me fuel for something on my own <3). Y'all really should go and read it! It's great! This one will contain mixed chapters—so, full text and social media blurbs because I wanna try it :3
This will be set in the timeframe of the Fine Line release, so starting in December 2019 and there will be no Covid-19 drama because I really can’t stand it anymore (this pandemic really fucked with my mental health) 💀
Tumblr media
ᴛʜᴇ ꜰɪʀꜱᴛ ᴍᴇᴇᴛɪɴɢ
ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ꜱᴏ ʟᴏɴᴇʟʏ
ꜰɪɴᴇ ʟɪɴᴇ
ᴛʜᴇ ꜰɪʀꜱᴛ ꜱʜᴏᴡ [ʀᴇʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ꜰᴇʙʀᴜᴀʀʏ/ᴍᴀʀᴄʜ]
ʟᴀᴛᴇ ɴɪɢʜᴛ ᴛᴀʟᴋɪɴɢ
ᴇᴠᴇʀ ꜱɪɴᴄᴇ ɴᴇᴡ ʏᴏʀᴋ
ꜱᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ
ᴅɪɴɴᴇʀ ꜰᴏʀ... ᴏɴᴇ?
ᴀɴ ᴀᴜᴅɪᴇɴᴄᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴛʜᴇ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ
ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ᴅʀɪᴠɪɴɢ
ᴍᴜꜱɪᴄ ꜰᴏʀ ᴀ ꜱᴜꜱʜɪ ʀᴇꜱᴛᴀᴜʀᴀɴᴛ
ʙᴏʏꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅ… ᴏʀ ᴍᴏʀᴇ?
Tumblr media
Chapter titles could get altered during my writing process + it could end with more or less chapters than now planned!
Tumblr media
header by the amazing @hspoem and @real-afterglow
Taglist: @onecrazydirectioner
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kindapinkskies · 11 months
studio love | h.s.
well, i’ve returned with something about harry for the first time in almost 3 years.. finally got my brain to turn back on and write for him. i really like the backstory i created here so i think i might keep it going as a series and they’ll be connected but also can be read standalone, please do let me know what you think. i do really like the way this turned about and i hope you do too.
its husband!harry i love you already
Tumblr media
warnings: smut (please only read if you are 18+ years of age), language
words: 10.9k (harry writes and records a song that will never be released but still enlists you for help with it)
The incessant vibration of your phone ringing pulls you from the near catatonic state you had fallen into while watching some random movie you found on tv. A smile breaks out on your face when you catch sight of the contact name and picture bringing your phone to life. Your heart picks up happily in your chest at the call. You nearly drop the phone in your haste to answer it. 
“Hello, m’baby,” the voice on the other end is rough; like it’s been used all day. There’s a fluttering in your stomach at the gruffness and you feel bad for having that swooping excitement when you know he’s tired. It’s just that it’s so attractive. 
You smile, “To what do I owe the pleasure, my heart?”
“I was just wonderin’ what you were up to?”
Letting out a sigh, you clutch the phone tighter to your ear and sink deeper into the couch. “Technically, you could say I'm watching a movie. But, before you ask, I couldn’t tell you at all what I’ve been watching.”
A laugh rings out through the phone and you let out another sigh- this one content as it settles something within you. That sound is like home to you. “Yeah, you tend to do that.”
You hum, picking at a loose thread on the blanket that is currently covering your legs, “What are you doing?”
“I’m just in the studio.” 
“Yeah? When are you gonna be home?” 
There’s a noise that sounds like it was sucked through his teeth. “About that…” he trails off. 
“Harry..” you whine out his name, dramatically, close to something a child would do. “I miss you. And I’m so bored.”
“You love me, right?” Harry questions, sounding like he’s close to laughing after ignoring your whiny complaints. By this point in your relationship, he’s used to how needy you can get and he truly just finds it amusing. Because he knows he doesn’t neglect you for very long; normally it’s only a few hours a day but you’ll miss him regardless.
And he can’t complain because he just ends up the same way if you’re too busy for a few hours to give him your attention.  
The affronted noise that leaves you, at his question, breaks a laugh out of Harry and your offense to the question lessens. “I’ve been willingly married to you for four years, Harry.”
Choosing to get married young came with a lot of concerns, a lot of questions. Especially since one half of the marriage was just starting to make headway with a solo career after coming out of the worlds largest boy band and the other was just a measly author. It raised so many questions: why would you do this so young, are you pregnant, what’s the rush, what if you guys don’t work out, what if your careers pull you apart. None of those questions bothered you because you just knew, you knew from the moment you’d met that it was meant to happen this way. There was no point in waiting when you both just knew you’d end up married, whether it was at the ages of 23 and 24 or now at the ages of 27 and 28. Your relationship didn’t really change once you got married either; you’re still that same sickeningly in love couple that does everything together, can’t stand being apart, and is always on top of one another. A couple that hardly ever gets sick of the other's presence and just wants to always be around one another. 
Your relationship is strong. You never really worried about it. Never worried about it coming to an end. It helps that no one outside of your guys’ private circle knows that you’re married as well. There’s no pressure on your relationship, no outsiders chiming in on how they feel about your relationship and how you’re too young to be in such a serious relationship. They will never understand how your relationship has been serious since the moment you’d started dating. That you’ve been wearing each other’s wedding rings since about six months into your relationship, even if you weren’t married yet. 
Sure, the public knows that you’re together- can’t really hide it with the status your husband holds but it is private. You’re rarely ever seen unless it’s at an event or at a concert, or some sleazy paparazzi has been following you around. The fans you do run into in public respect your privacy as much as you ask them to. But, even with how private you are, you’re not shy with social media- you use it ten times more than Harry ever will again. But you don’t exploit your relationship though, you value it too much to do something like that. Regardless, the fans go absolutely insane when Harry can be heard far off in the background at the very end of a video, or even if it’s just his hand in the corner of a picture. 
But nothing else truly matters, no public status, prying fans, or anything in between when you’ve been happily married to the love of your life for over four years now and you’ve never been happier or healthier. Never been so in love. In fact, you feel more in love every day. 
“Yes, baby, I know, I have been there through it all.” Harry giggles and your heart just continues to swell at the sound. “But, like, I meant more of like a right now situation and not overall. I know you love me but, like, do you love me enough to leave the house and come to the studio to help me with something?”
You squint your eyes even though he can’t see you. “Why? Wasn’t it a full session today? What do you need my help for? Won’t I get in the way with everyone there?”
“You’re never, ever, in the way m’love.” he states and even though you can’t see him, you can just see the hard stare set in his eyes as they bore into yours and the seriousness in his face. You whisper out an okay just before he continues, “but, no one is here- they all left for the night.”
A frown pulls at your lips, “Then why aren’t you coming home, too?”
Harry let out a huff, “We recorded this song today, one that I won’t ever release.”
“Why record it then?” you question when Harry takes a pause. 
“I want you to hear it. I really like it and I want to finish it but I feel it’s missing something. I know if you were to hear it, you’d be able to help me.”
You let out a thoughtful hum and tilt your head back to rest on the cushion of the couch, “Did you record it with me in mind?“
“Always, baby.” You can just hear the smile on his face. 
He has told you multiple times that you are the reason he can create his music. His muse. 
And you can’t help but smile at him even though you’ve decided to give him a hard time, “You can’t just play it over the phone?”
It’s Harry’s turn to let out an affronted noise, “I thought you knew me better than that, love.”
You laugh. 
“You need the full immersive experience. I can’t believe you’d suggest over the phone.” he scoffs and you can picture him shaking his head at you. 
You continue to laugh for a few moments, the noise he made triggering a laugh attack that you just can’t stop. Harry laughs too, his melodic chuckle mingling with yours like a song. One you can listen to forever.  
“But it’s so late and I’ve already showered,” You continue to complain through your laughs. 
“Oi, will you stop fuckin’ with me, please?” 
There’s an underlying tone of irritation in his voice and you calm down enough to only a few giggles. You love him so much. 
“If you don't get your cute ass up off the couch, right now, and get here, I will just stay here tonight.”
You sit up and reach for the remote on the coffee table and turn off the tv. “You think my ass is cute?” you ask as you get up and make your way to the stairs. 
Letting out a dramatic sigh, Harry tuts at you, “Of course that’s all you heard.” You’re almost positive he’s shaking his head. “Will you please just come here?”
“Of course I will, baby. I was only messing with you.” He lets out a hum and you set your phone down on the bed and put it on speaker so you can continue to speak with him as you get dressed to leave. “I like watching you work. It’s very hot.”
He expertly avoids the compliment like he always does, “So you’ll come?”
“Yeah, I’m just putting on some clothes and I’ll be right there.” 
“Wait, were you naked? You can always come like that.” You can just hear the smirk that’s plastered on your husband's face. 
“Isn’t that how I am when I usually do?” you question. 
“Oh, you cheeky minx. I’m glad your mind is in the gutter because so is mine.”
Your body flushes at his words, at the possible things he’s thinking of. “Isn’t it always?”
“How could it not be?” he challenges and there’s a clatter of something hitting the floor in the background; a soft curse follows it. It makes you smile. “You are m’wife.”
“Okay,” you blush, your voice taking on the shy tone it normally does when he compliments you. “I’ll be there in a bit.”
“Mmm, good.” He hums.  “Do drive safely, will you? I’ll see you in a bit, m’love. I love you.”
“I love you.”
With it being almost midnight, the normal receptionist of the building is gone for the night and in her place is the security guard that takes over after hours. His name is Dan and he’s a very nice man that’s always excited to see you. 
“Mrs. Styles!” He greets, giving you a wave. “Another long night?”
“Hi Dan,” you smile at him, “and it does seem that way!” you continue while walking through the lobby. 
“He’s in studio 5.”
You give him one last wide smile as you turn the corner to where the elevators are. You’ve been here so often in the past few months that Harry’s been using this studio, that you can nearly do it with your eyes closed. The door is slightly open when you reach it and you gently push inside, relaxing at the dim lighting of the room. Further relaxing when you see your husband hunched over at the soundboard, clicking away on his laptop. 
A song is filtering through the speakers at a low volume, too low for you to really catch anything from it but the bits you can hear are awfully sultry- more sultry than you’ve ever heard from him before. You’re definitely intrigued and you know that you gave him a hard time with him asking you to come down here but you sure are excited to hear the song to its full potential. 
Harry turns around when the door locks shut behind you, a smile brightening up his face when he takes in your frame. His eyes trail all over your body and it makes you flush, the intensity of his gaze never failing to make you feel like you’re about to catch on fire. Your knees wobble a bit underneath you and you prop yourself up against the door to make sure you don’t collapse as he starts to make his way over to you. Even after all these years, he still makes you feel unbelievably fluttery; like you could take flight with just a simple look from him. You hope it never changes. 
His smile is borderline teasing as he watches you watch him cross the room, over to where you’re resting against the closed door. Your heart swells in your chest; the adoration in his eyes makes it hard to breathe even though you know for fact that your own eyes mimic his. Know for a fact that your eyes have hooded and everything when you tip your head back the closer he gets so you can hold the eye contact. 
His hands come up to frame your face, his rings cool against your heated skin- a stark contrast to the warmth of his hand- and brushes one of his thumbs across your bottom lip before replacing it with a gentle press of his lips. The kiss is so gentle that you just melt right into him, your shoulders sagging and a peaceful feeling spreading through your entirety. It’s such a sweet greeting, one that you didn’t realize you were craving until you got it. You’re never truly at peace when you’re away from him. 
“Mmm,” he hums appreciatively, placing three quick kisses to your lips before pulling away to rest his forehead to yours. He takes in a deep breath, his eyes closing as he does, “I’ve missed you.”
You bring your hands up to wrap around his wrists, your thumbs brushing over the backs of his hands as they still hold onto your face. “Me, too.”
You both just stand there for a moment, breathing each other in- taking a moment to recalibrate after being apart for the better part of the day. 
It only takes a few moments for Harry to settle, his heart rate evening out as he too becomes peaceful in your presence. “Kinda upset you didn’t turn up naked.”
Harry pulls back a bit, his hands dropping to the sides of your neck. His eyes trail over your, clothed, body like he hasn’t seen you in months and not just a few hours. Your heart jumps at the lust slightly clouding his eyes as they linger a bit on your exposed thighs. 
“Dan sure would’ve gotten a show if that were the case.”
His eyes jump back up to yours and your breath hitches slightly in your throat at the rate in which they’re darkening. “He’d only be so lucky.” The smirk plastered on his face makes you giggle, borderline nervously, as he shamelessly compliments you. It doesn’t matter how often he does it, you will never get used to the genuine compliments he showers you with on a daily basis. He’s just so unabashed in his affections towards you and it will always make you swoon. 
Your hands drop from Harry’s wrists as he starts to trail his own down the sides of your body to where they stop on your ass. He gets a good grip before he’s pulling you flush against his body. His touchy neediness shines through and it’s clear that you’ve been on his mind most of the time you’ve been apart. 
“You really missed me, huh?” You tease, laying your palms flat against his chest. Your own chest heaving a bit at the sudden, closer, proximity to your husband. You missed him just as much today, craving his touch on you in any way you could have it. 
“You know I always do, baby,” he murmurs as he dips down to place a delicate kiss to the soft, sensitive, skin just below your ear. “Can’t be away from you for too long without feeling like breakin’ down.”
You absolutely know the feeling. 
“Same,” you mumble, kissing his pouty lips. “What did you so desperately need my help with here instead of coming home?” You accompany your question by running one of your hands through his messy hair, his eyes falling shut at the feeling of your nails scraping against his scalp. 
Harry places a kiss to the arm closest to his lips before he grabs your hand out of his hair and slots his fingers with yours to tug you across the room. He slides your bag off your other shoulder and places it down on the coffee table before continuing to pull you towards the chair he was in before you’d gotten there. The song playing gets a bit louder as you come to stand in front of the soundboard and you were right to describe it as sultry. 
It’s almost daunting as well, like it holds a chilling tone to it instead of the upbeat, more groovy, songs he usually creates. It feels like the complete opposite of what he normally embodies but when you catch a few of the lyrics it makes all the sense in the world. The lyrics are racy and the chords of the bass and the strum of the guitar are extremely sexy. The song is so incredibly sexual that you feel yourself heat up. 
He’s crafted a very inappropriate song and you’re honestly so impressed. Harry has created songs with cuss words in them, with lyrics that are sexual and a peek into how he feels about things but they’re ones he’s always just messed around with to break loose his creativity. They always remained rough recordings and run throughs but this sounds almost like it’s finished. Like it would be released if it weren’t so deeply personal. The song is basically a direct explanation of his most intimate time with you. 
You’d be embarrassed that everyone else heard it today while recording it, if it wasn’t so ridiculously good. The song is so good. 
It honestly kind of reminds you of the night you shared on your anniversary last month. The vibe of the song is what you’d picture as a backtrack to that night if it were a movie or something. 
Harrys grabs your attention as he grips onto your waist, the warmth of his hands radiating through your shirt. He pulls you down into his lap, situating you slightly so you’re sat more sideways than anything else- most likely so he can see your face and you can see his. His tattooed arm secures itself around your waist, his hand pressing into your belly to keep you in place. You smile at the placement, placing your hand to rest over his. 
“Uhm,” he pauses to clear his throat when his voice cracks a bit. He continues after a moment, while messing around with something on his laptop, “Our anniversary night has been playing in m’head like a movie. I haven’t been able to really work on anything since.”
A big smile slowly starts to make its way across your face at his explanation, absolutely giddy at the fact you were so spot on- so in sync. You know what he’s dealing with. That night was so amazing you haven’t really been able to move on from it. You and Harry have always had a wonderful connection, emotionally and physically. And because you’ve had such a wonderful emotional connection from the very beginning, your sex life is just the best you’ve ever had. Harry has also expressed this to you on more than one occasion. The love you share is just so- so deep you can’t ever see it changing. 
You’re both just in love. 
“That red room just really stuck with me, y’know?” Harry chuckles, the noise coming out raspier than normal. Now, it makes sense as to why that lust has been simmering in his eyes since the moment he set his eyes on you. He’s been singing about that exhilarating night, all day. His hand tightens on your belly and the butterflies floating around just flap a bit harder. “It’s really heavy on the instrument, with a sort of alluring crescendo. The bass is really what conveys how I feel about the night.”
“It was a really good night,” you whisper, catching his attention as he turns his head to look at you. His pupils are blown and you can see how he’s become a bit dazed, like he’s recounting the night. 
“Really good,” he agrees, nodding his head absentmindedly as his eyes flit down to your lips momentarily. A heat is building very rapidly in the pit of your stomach and you really want to rip off his clothes. He clears his throat, looking back to his laptop. “I’ve never made something so sensual before but this song is solely about you and only you, so it makes sense. I was able to find a way to express the night without explicitly mentioning anything we did.”
Your heart is beating wildly in your chest at his words, your blood rushing through your body and making you so unbelievably hot that you want to strip down to exactly how he wished you to be when you got here. He looks back at you again and the tension that’s built between the two of you is so palpable that if anyone were to walk in, they wouldn’t be able to break it. You honestly didn’t think anyone could still be so entranced with someone after having been with them for so long, always having heard stories of the novelty of the relationship falling away- but not with Harry. Every day feels just like the first day you’d had with him. 
Harry’s eyes get even more dazed as he leans closer to you, like an invisible string is pulling him in and you know for a fact he feels the same way about you as you do with him. He presses his lips heavily to yours, keeping them there in a kiss that is clearly just to alleviate some of the pressure building up between the two of you. He wants you to listen to this song and get your input on it before he furthers anything. 
He’s a bit breathless when he pulls away. “Everyone really liked it, liked the vibe. But I don’t care about them. It’s only you I want an opinion from.” 
You nod, dazed yourself from the night you’re so vividly imagining and from the kiss he just granted you with. “You said it was almost done? What did you want to add?” 
He greedily kisses you again, only adding to the fire building within you. “I want to hear what you have to say first before I tell you my idea.”
You nod again, taking a kiss from him this time before telling him to play the song. The fierceness of which he’s looking at you makes you swallow thickly, goosebumps rising across your exposed skin as you look back at him- knowing the implications of his gaze.
Harry forcibly tears his eyes from you, almost reluctantly settling his focus back on his laptop. There’s some clicks on his keyboard but you can’t be bothered to look away from him, the furrow of his eyebrows endearing you far too much to focus your attention elsewhere. The same song from before restarts, this time louder and the rumbling baseline can be felt in your soul. It sends the heat building in your lower stomach directly between your thighs and you have to shift yourself a little to lessen the sudden pressure there. A smirk forms on your husband's lovely face as he glances at you, because he knows what a deep baseline does to you. 
Your eyes slip closed as an echoey guitar strum is layered over the bass. All the instruments stacked together make up a very slow and sensual melody that perfectly depicts how sexy of a night your anniversary was. It’s still strange to know that Harry is the one that put this together, this darker ambiance in a song that doesn’t seem like it would make sense with someone like your husband. He’s typically such a bright, happy go lucky person and to hear him make something so mystical, so ominous almost, is just odd. 
But then his voice filters through and it makes sense. The lyrics mixed with the rasp of his voice, the gruff timbre he’s singing in pulls it all together to compile the sensual song he was describing to you before. It makes you shiver. Makes you feel like you’re about to catch fire. 
Your Harry is so incredibly talented. 
You find yourself swaying a bit to the lyrics as they reverberate through the speakers and into your senses. They’re so subtle that if you didn’t know Harry personally you wouldn’t really have a clue what he was talking about. Even then, you know for a fact the way he’s put together such beautiful sentences that what he’s saying truly only makes the most sense to you and you absolutely love it. 
You can just hear the love within the lyrics even though the tone of his voice is just filled with the most amount of lust you’ve heard from him on a song. 
There’s a guitar solo in there that makes your chest heave a bit and your nose tingle. The undertone of the drums during the solo makes you super proud of Sarah because you can hear the intricacy of them and it creates such a wonderful sound. Your body is practically vibrating at this song and you truly want to just rip Harry’s clothes off and show him how much you appreciate him putting this song together for you because of you. 
The song ends with such a high note from Harry that your jaw drops at the sound, the way it trails off with the slow strum of the guitar makes excited tears spring up in your eyes. 
Your reaction warrants a huff of air from Harry that hits your cheek and it startles your eyes open because you didn’t realize he’d gotten so close. Your gaze immediately meets his and you truly didn’t think it was possible for his eyes to get any darker but they surely did and it has your breath hitching in your throat. His eyes glance down to your chest where he can see the stutter of your breathing before trailing up to your lips, looking at them for a moment too long before he places a kiss to your warm cheek. The hand on your belly is tighter than it was before the song started and you only just now notice it when he tries to pull you even closer to his body, seeking out any contact from you. 
Wiggling a little to try and relieve some of the heat that’s built up between your thighs during the song, Harry lets out a grunt when your leg brushes up against the hardness that’s settled between his own thighs. The song has definitely made the impact it was meant to, his pupils are blown and your body is so heated that a shiver of excitement spikes through you. He’s looking at you so intensely, so so so intensely that your heart feels like it’s crawling up into your throat, creating a thick lump that’s hard to swallow around. It brings a wetness to your eyes and a shallowness to your breathing- it’s a look so full of undeniable love but so so so heavy with lust that it overwhelms you. His own chest heaves with heavy, deep, breaths that you can tell he’s focusing on keeping as calculated as possible as his eyes trace every inch of your face; like he’s trying to find the answer of how you liked the song before he even asks. 
You know the answer is clear on your face but you still have to say something. 
“That song was very sexual, H.” you whisper, your voice barely able to reach an octave high enough for him to hear but the way he lets out a tiny nod, you know he heard you. 
A deep breath from you pushes you closer to him when he breathes out a near desperate, “Yeah.”
“And your voice, baby,” you close your eyes for a moment to get your brain to straighten out. “I didn’t know you could get so deep.”
His eyelids get heavier when he looks at you, eyes barely visibly as he looks up at you through his lashes. His hand tightens on your lower belly. “I can get very deep.”
A tingle rushes through you at his words, the double entendre heating you up to your core, but you ignore him in favor of trying to get to where he needs your help. But first: “What did you do before recording your vocals? Gargle some rocks?”
Harry let out a loud laugh, one that throws his head back and makes his chest vibrate, the feeling of it transferring through your shoulder and into your chest where your heart swells. It has you leaning further into him, loving how everything just clicks into place for you when he laughs. You so badly want to press your mouth to his, to have him laugh right into you. To swallow down every sound he makes so you can embody them. But you know that if you do that now, you won’t ever make it to the part where he’ll get the help he’s requested from you. 
There’s just something about his kisses that make you tap out, make you forget everything other than the feeling of him and you crave that more than anything. The soft plushness of his lips against yours, or anywhere over your skin, just feels so right. Each press of his lips to yours or to your body is always exciting, always feels new. It settles something deep in your heart, in your soul, every single time without fail. 
And just by the way Harry always finds a way to get his lips on you; whether it be a greeting or parting kiss, a simple press just to show he’s there, a kiss to the forehead or somewhere in your hair you know he feels the same way. He’ll press delicate kisses to your arms or the back of your hand, if that’s all he can reach when the urge consumes him. They’ll be pressed up or down your legs depending on what he’s doing. To your back or shoulder, stomach or neck. Always finding a way or simple reason to kiss you. To feel you. 
You shake your head a little to get yourself back on track, realizing he’s stopped laughing and is just watching you. You have to clear your throat before speaking. “You wanted to add something?”
Harry nods. 
“What is it? Because it sounds so good as it is. The lyrics, the vocals, the instruments.” You exhale, fighting the urge to fan yourself. Your face and body is so incredibly hot. You shift on his lap again, needing some sort of relief. “I feel like I could explode, baby.” You whisper, leaning a bit closer to him. His breath hitches in his throat and you watch dazedly as his adam’s apple bobs with his harsh swallow. Grabbing his free hand, you pull it up to rest on your chest, “I mean just feel my heart.”
Harry’s hand is so heavy on your chest and his fingers flex when you’re positive he realizes the pounding of your heart. It is incredibly distracting and he has to clear his own throat before speaking, “If you could add one thing, what do you think? I have an idea but I want to know what you think first.” 
Your mind immediately jumps to what you thought of the moment you heard the opening guitar riff, “Moans.”
The hand resting on your chest trails heavily down between your breasts until his fingertips rest just above his other hand. His lips have popped open in surprise at your suggestion. “Are you serious?”
You nod hesitantly, pulling back from him slightly, “Is that too… much?”
“God, no,” Harry breathes out, “fuck,” and surges forward to place a searing kiss to your lips. The hand, not holding onto you for dear life, comes up to wrap around the back of your neck to hold you in place as he slips his tongue into your mouth with absolutely no preamble whatsoever. His tongue swipes across yours tantalizingly and you moan into him. He happily moans back, pressing into you greedily- like he needs you to breathe. 
“The way you know me, fuck,” he murmurs, pulling away but continuing on with pressing desperate kisses down the side of your face and to your jaw. They make smacking sounds because of how quickly they’re being placed on your skin and the breaths he lets out between each one are harsh. “Fuck,” he repeats just before he latches onto your pulse point and sucks stingingly at your skin. “Know me so well, m'love.”
The connection you have with your husband has always been such a turn on for the both of you. It’s been such a prominent part of your relationship from the very beginning, the synchronicity between the two of you is almost scary- especially to people looking in from the outside. You coincide outfits without meaning to, mannerisms, speech, thoughts- quite literally anything tangible between the two of you. You’re so in tune with one another that you can know how the other is feeling with a simple look or caress. You firmly believe that your bodies are connected in a way most people can only imagine; your souls being half of the same one that were separated but found their way back to one another. 
A shiver runs down your spine when he mutters, “I love you so fuckin’ much.”
He kisses you again, absolutely filthy with the way he pushes in with his tongue and tries to pretty much climb into you through your mouth. Your arms wind around his neck and you pull him even closer to you, not minding the way he’s just absolutely trying to tear you apart. The kiss only deepens and he holds you against him like he’s afraid you’ll disappear if he were to loosen his grip even just a fraction. 
The heat builds quickly between you as you just devour one another in a kiss that is going to lead to one place and one place only. You squeeze your thighs together in hopes of some sort of friction, wishing more than anything you were straddling his hips so you could grind down onto him. Harry pushes up into you at the same time and you can’t help but moan dramatically into the kiss at how attuned you are to one another. Knowing just what the other needs. 
“When I first walked in and heard the song, I thought of our anniversary. I imagined it as a backtrack to our night if we were in a movie.” You heave when he pulls away again to trail kisses down your neck. 
He pulls back to look at you, his heavy breaths fanning across your face, making you brush your lips against his in an almost kiss. He lets out a pathetic whine, one that you mirror when the hand on your belly slides down to just barely push between your clenched thighs, resting that much closer to the throbbing of your core. 
“I hope we never fall out of this.” Harry breathes, placing a frenzied kiss to your lips. You sink into him, becoming pliable under his affections. 
The fluttering in your chest is unbearable for a moment with your lack of oxygen so you pull away to rest your forehead against his, “I don’t think we will.”
“Good,” he murmurs, rubbing his nose against yours before diving in for another desperate, frenetic, kiss. Every ounce of love he has for you is tangible within this kiss. The devotion he has for you is felt in every languid swipe of his tongue through your mouth and it brings tears to your eyes. 
“We should record the moans. We should do that. Do you want to help me get the moans?” Harry frantically asks, his hands shoving up under your shirt and grabbing at your bare sides. He sighs in relief when he gets his hands on your skin, his distraught movements settling at the feeling. 
Your body is set ablaze and your heart beat is pounding in your ears at the feeling of him just everywhere. Especially with that skin on skin contact that you’re quite literally always wanting. 
“Well,” you gasp when his fingertips dip into the waistband of your shorts at your back. Your hands are tangled into the hair at the back of his head and you pull his lips to yours again, kissing him passionately. “I don’t want you going somewhere else to get them.” 
You’re breathing so incredibly fast, your chest heaving heavily- rising and falling rapidly as you throw your head back enough to let Harry mouth at your neck and no doubt leave behind another mark he shouldn’t. But you’re just so far gone you don’t even care. 
“I could never go anywhere else. Not when i have everything I could ever want or need right here.” He says, sucking harshly at the hollow of your throat before he soothes it over with the tip of his tongue. You let out a dreamy sounding sigh. “You’re m’heart and soul and everythin’ in between.”
You nearly sob out at his words a new desperation, to have him close to you, mingling with your bloodstream. 
“Fuck, I love you,” you pull at his hair. 
Harry groans as he trails his kisses up the underside of your throat before landing at your lips once more. It’s a heady kiss, one that you never want to end and he happily presses into you as deep as he can. 
“Let’s record those moans now, yeah?” He murmurs, out of breath, placing a kiss just below your ear. 
“Yeah,” he kisses the spot once more, adding his teeth for a brief moment. “Wanna take you, right here, in this studio where I’ve thought about you all day. All frustrated around everyone while all I could think about was you and how you feel around me.” 
The breath in your body evaporates at his words and you tug on his hair when the hand between your thighs pushes in further, his fingers brushing over the clothed bundle of nerves that so desperately wants his attention. He lets out a throaty groan, right next to your ear and you genuinely feel like you could melt right here. Just turn into a giant puddle of mush right in his lap. 
“Are there cameras in here?”
“No,” Harry pulls back to make contact with you once again. His eyes glazed over. “Wouldn’t do that to you, baby.”
You nod. 
The energy between you crackles as you stare at one another while you catch your breaths. 
“I’ll lock the file and everything, you don’t need to worry about someone other than me hearing us.” He informs, already knowing where your thought process was about to go. 
Nodding, you push into his fingers, desperate for some sort of friction to alleviate the painful pressure resting between your legs. You’re so unbelievably hot and bothered for him and how well he knows you. 
“Regardless of if we do it now or not, it doesn’t matter. I won’t make it until we can get home to absolutely ruin you. If it’s not here it’ll be in the car. I can’t take it anymore, gotta get my hands on you, baby.”
His voice is strained as he speaks and your brain just completely shuts down. It's like television static in there and you can’t focus on anything but the way your husband's lips and hands are pressing into you. The best you can get yourself to do is to nod, your mind just absolutely overwhelmed to do much else. 
“Use your words, will you?”
Your mouth pops open on a gasp and you breathe out, “Yes, please. Now.”
Harry nods vigorously in agreement, swooping forward with another heavy kiss to your lips. He’s absolutely relentless in how he kisses you, exploring your mouth in ravenous strokes of his tongue that leave you just shattered, completely out of breath. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders to bring him closer, you happily take him in, giving back just as much. A hand of his shoves up under your shirt, skin heating up even more when he gets between your shoulder blades to press you closer to him. He lets out a groan, into the very, very, sloppy kiss, at the fact you chose to forego a bra. 
“Why don’t you straddle my lap, hmm?” Harry hums when he pulls away, his lips continuously brushing over yours. You dart your tongue out to trail across his lower lip. He moans. 
When you slide off his lap to stand in front of him, his body follows after yours that invisible string pulling him with you- not being able to stay away too far. His hands are like magnets to your hips and he squeezes at the flesh there when you wobble where you stand. Once you’re steady, he slides his hands up over the curve of your waist before he settles them around your ribs, pushing his thumbs up under the swell of your breasts. 
With your heartbeat picking up, you feel your eyes get unbelievably heavy at the sight of him below you. Hair askew, lips swollen and shiny, eyes hooded; Harry looks so wrecked already that you feel tingly in places that crave his attention. A fire burns deep within you that you know will only be remedied with the touch of him. So, you pull the shirt off of your body in a flourish, yearning for his touch on your skin. 
He leans further away from you though once your upper half is exposed to his fierce gaze and you whine, high pitched and needy, from the back of your throat. But, he’s quick to tug at your arm, immediately groaning out, “Come back.”
Stepping in between his spread legs, his deft hands wrap around the backs of your thighs and he pulls at them- easing you up to settle in his lap with each knee of yours on either side of his hips. As soon as you’re situated, you waste absolutely no time to roll your hips into his, seeking out any sort of relief you can find. A moan flies out of both of you simultaneously at the friction you both desperately crave. His hands curve over the expanse of your ass where he grabs a hold and guides you over and over his groin. The kiss you share just intensifies everything you’re feeling and it’s burning through your veins. 
Your lungs are screaming at you, begging you for some kind of reprieve so you pull harshly on his hair; Harry groans as he detaches himself from your lips with a heaving breath. There’s absolutely no time for either of you to catch your breath though because he’s mouthing at your neck in seconds flat, no doubt leaving more marks behind. You don’t even care, you just tilt your head back and give him more room to suckle at your skin. His hands are still firmly gripping at you, distractedly pulling your lower half over his and it’s steadily pushing you towards an orgasm. 
On a particular heady pass over the hardness nestled against your clothed core, your arms fall away from your husband and clumsily clutch at the arms of the chair for some sort of leverage. A hand shoots up to the middle of your back to keep you steady as a moan rips through your chest at the pleasure coursing through your body. Harry let out a breathless laugh against the skin of your chest, causing goosebumps to flutter across the heated skin there. You can’t help the pitched sigh that filters out of you through your parted lips, you just feel like you’re on cloud nine. 
Your lips ache to feel something again, to feel your lover again, like thirty seconds apart is entirely too long. Panting, you reach up once again and run your fingers through the curly hair that’s just below your chin and pull on it. There’s a smacking sound, partnered with a whine from yourself, as Harry’s lips detach from the skin on the swell of your breast. He’s panting as well as you pull his head back, his eyes immediately connecting with yours and you nearly whine at the hunger settling behind his pupils. His tongue swipes out to graze his bottom lip and you trace the movement with your own heavy gaze before dropping down to hungrily bite at his lips. You drag out his bottom lips between your teeth and the groan he lets out goes straight to your core, making you desperately roll your hips over his again. 
You’re both a desperate, needy, mess at this point, like you didn’t indulge yourselves in one another just this morning before you parted ways. You just want to be able to feel each other as much as possible, get under each other’s skin at any chance. You wouldn’t change it for the world and you hope that attraction to one another never fades. 
Harry brings his hand up to cradle the side of your face when you try to dip further down to smatter kisses all across his neck. He smells so incredibly good right now that you just want to bite into his neck and suck at it, hard. But, before you get the chance, his thumb is pushing up the underside of your chin and angling your face so he can get his lips on you once again. He breathes into the kiss, seemingly melting into your body as he kisses you urgently, all wet and hard as he all but shoves his tongue down your throat. You both moan and your entirety relaxes into him as you become pliant from the ministrations of his tongue against yours. You feel him relax even further when your weight drops heavily onto him. 
“We gotta get these off,” Harry breaks away suddenly and it pulls you out of your pleasure filled haze to feel him clawing at the biker shorts you’re wearing. He’s trying to get his hand inside of them but with the way you’re pressed against him with your legs spread, there’s not enough room for his large hands. “Fuck,” he whines, “Why didn’t you take these off when you were standing?” He presses a messy kiss to the center of your chest before dropping his forehead down to the same spot. His frantic hands have settled with his fingers under the shorts waistband at each of your hips. “Know you’re wet for me, need to feel it.”
Your breath gets caught in your chest on its way out and the harsh pounding of your heart in your ears makes you dizzy but he’s so correct. He’s never been more correct. And you need him to feel it too. 
“You didn’t let me,” you breathe, answering his previous question. You nearly tumble to the ground in your haste to get off his lap, eager to give him anything he wants just so he can give you everything you want. His hands on your hips stabilize you enough to keep you from falling to a heap on the ground because of your unstable knees. 
“Careful,” he murmurs, his body leaning towards yours like that string is pulling him once again. Like you’re the only person in the world he’d follow after, even if your movements are less than graceful. 
His eyes are wide as he just stares at you for a moment in front of him. Your breathing is still erratic and he watches the rise and fall of your chest with greedy eyes. He continues to watch your body react to his touch, the way goosebumps rise as he trails his hands down your body, to the way your hands clumsily gasp at the soundboard to keep you upright when he grabs onto your ankle to pull your leg into his lap. Kissing at your knee and onto your inner thigh, he works at removing your shoe then your sock before easing your leg back down. He does the same to the next leg and the slow, sensual, kisses he places to your inner thigh while his skillful fingers remove your footwear makes your chest stutter over your breaths. 
He hasn’t broken eye contact once and you’re positive you’re only seconds away from spontaneous combustion. 
Seemingly done with his teasing, Harry doesn’t waste any more time to bring his hands up to your hips once more. Dipping his fingers into the waistband on your shorts, he pulls them down your legs and lets out a grunt when he notices you’re bare underneath the spandex material. 
“Look at you,” he murmurs, glancing up at you through his lashes before bringing his attention back down to your wet core. He leans forward and presses a kiss to your lower stomach as he helps you step out of your shorts and your muscles contract tightly at the contact.
Your body is absolutely aching for him. 
“Why do you get to be fully clothed?” you complain, your chest heaving at the want coursing through your body at a very very high rate. You just want him to touch you, skin to skin, anywhere at this point. The coil in your lower belly is so taut and the pressure built up between your legs hurts and you just want your husband. Fully. 
“Because this is about you, baby.” He smirks, running his hands up your thighs and squeezing at them once he gets towards the apex of them. You let out a heavy breath. Whining at the feeling. Wanting his hands everywhere. 
“Then I want you naked, too,” you sigh and he kisses at a spot in the crease where your thigh meets your hip, so very close to where you need attention. He hums as he leaves a love bite there too, making you cry out at the sensation. “Please.”
Harry is standing up in the blink of an eye, crowding your space and shoving you up against the soundboard- the edge of it digging uncomfortably into your lower back. He presses in so close to you, his front lining up with yours so perfect like it always does. His hands grasp onto your cheeks with a delicacy that wildly contrasts the way his body is pressing into yours. Wrapping your fingers tightly in the front of his shirt, you yank him harshly to you, not wasting a second to press a searing kiss onto his lips. A loud groan escapes him when you pull on his bottom lip far enough that it snaps back into place when you let go. 
Your body is so hot. You’re so hot, there’s a sheen of sweat starting to form all over your skin. 
“Off,” you pant, frantically tugging at his shirt. “Off, off, please,” you plead, grabbing at his back, bunching his shirt in your fists. 
Your husband laughs at you, a huff of air fanning out over your chest where he backs away from you just enough to get his shirt off. Your hands follow every inch of skin that’s being exposed to you, much like a magnet, until his chest is bare. Harry’s eyes slip closed when your fingers trail over the expanse of his chest and down his stomach where you wrap your hands around his plushy hips and pull him back to you. You both let out high pitched sighs when your skin comes in contact with each other, finally feeling a peace wash over you at the feeling. 
“M’wife, you’re so beautiful.” Harry murmurs, a breath being punched out of you both when he grounds his hips into yours. Your body flushes even more. “The things you do to me.”
“H, please,” you sigh, not entirely sure what you’re asking for. 
He plunges forward to place a kiss on your lips so hard that your head falls back at the force of it and you gasp. With your mouth dropped open on the gasp, Harry shoves his tongue into your mouth and the feeling it gives you weakens your knees to the point where you have to throw your hands down to the ledge of the soundboard to keep you from collapsing. One of Harry’s hands wraps around the back of your neck so he can keep your mouth pressed to his, so he can continue to devour your mouth with his kiss- while the other drops down to the back of your thigh, where he pulls on it until your leg wraps around his hip. 
You take the new position in stride, rolling your hips up into his to get some sort of friction going. Your body is absolutely yearning for him. A moan breaks the kiss and you’re not even sure who it comes from, just know that it pulls Harry away and has him dropping his forehead down to yours with his chest heaving. His eyes are clenched shut and yours follow when he grinds into you again, the fabric of his pants brushing against your achy core.
Harry takes a minuscule step away from you, just enough to be able to trail his hand lazily up and over your thigh to the innermost part where he takes a moment to knead at the flesh there. The moan you let out at the tingles shooting up your spine is so pathetic but you don’t even care, it feels so good. Anything from him would feel amazing right now you just want everything. 
“Harry,” you whine, pushing into him as much as you can. 
Rubbing his nose gently against your own briefly, Harry drops down to kiss you once again. One that’s a vast change from the devouring one he’d just given you, this one slow and oh so passionate. One that builds the burn in your chest so agonizingly slow, one that your body completely melts into and you become pliant with it. It’s one that effectively distracts you from anything other than his mouth on yours so you definitely don’t feel when Harry’s hand slips down to your core until his finger is nudging it’s way inside of you. 
Your elbows buckle under your weight when the second finger pushes inside of you and immediately curls into that spot deep inside of you that makes you feel like you’re in the stars. The hand wrapped around the back of your neck falls to the middle of your back to keep you steady against his chest as he relentlessly pushes his fingers in and out of you. Your head falls back on a gasp, the kiss breaking as the pleasure coursing through you relieves the fire burning in your lower abdomen even if that coil there is winding and winding. 
The sounds of his fingers moving within you and the noises that are tumbling from your parted lips are absolutely sinful. They make you feel like everything is rushing through you so incredibly fast, aroused beyond belief. High pitched moans are tumbling right out of you from him wiggling his fingers around your spongy walls- to low throaty groans when he curls them up to graze over that spot deep inside you. All the noises mixed together could give the best of porn stars a run for their money. Your vision is clouding and you’re so unbearably hot, sweat is trailing down your spine and over your chest. 
“Kiss me,” Harry groans, “Now.” 
And who are you to deny him? 
When you tilt your head forward you catch a glimpse of his, absolutely, wrecked expression just before your eyes slip closed and you kiss him with all that you can. It’s hard to do though, your jaw has gone completely slack and all you can truly do is breath heavily against his mouth. The onslaught of his fingers is making it so incredibly hard to breathe properly, your chest heaving with moans exuding from your parted lips. Harry happily swallows your moans though as he keeps his mouth greedily attached to yours. 
That is until he pushes his fingers in as deep as he can get them and holds them there to press his thumb down onto your clit. You nearly scream out at the contact, a gasp leaving you so forcefully that it feels like you’ve been punched in the chest. Your head drops down to Harry’s shoulder; your leg on the ground feeling like it’s going to collapse, the leg around Harry’s hip is slipping, and your knuckles are white where you’re gripping at the edge of the soundboard. Moans are being ripped from you with your labored breathing the more Harry rubs relentless circles into that sensitive bundle of nerves while his fingers stay where they are but curl up to brush against that spot deep inside. Your vision goes a little spotty with the force of pure bliss rushing through your veins. 
You want to touch him so badly, to wrap your hands around him in some way to get him even closer to you- even though he’s already as close as he can be. But you’re positive that if you were to let go of this soundboard you would collapse to the ground. 
“I got you,” Harry murmurs, placing a kiss just below your ear. You whine at his words, his name falling from your lips in a continuous sigh. The way he knows you so well makes you clench desperately around his fingers. “I got you, m’love.”
You collapse forward and onto him, wrapping one arm around his waist and the other over his shoulders, shoving your hand into the hair at the nape of his neck. He sighs out your name when you pull him against you, your skin coming in full contact to mold you together. You roll your hips against his hand so you’re pushing into the thumb rubbing relentlessly at your clit but you also just really want to feel his fingers moving again. 
A strangled moan passes through your parted lips and the fire burning through you is about to make you melt. Harry murmurs something in your ear, you can feel the vibration of it, feel the air of it, but you can’t hear it- blood is rushing through your head so fast you can’t hear anything else. All you are aware of is that your body is tightening up and you’re holding onto your husband with all your might because you’re seconds away from everything just coming undone. 
“Baby, I-“ 
“I know,” Harry breathes, placing heavy kisses to the side of your neck. “Go ahead, baby, come for me. Get m’fingers all wet.”
You groan at his words, the sound of it deep from your throat and you push into his body as you feel everything in yours just let go. 
“Yeah, baby, feel so good ‘round me,” Harry groans, keeping at pushing his fingers inside of you even as you clench around them through your orgasm. “You’re so fucking hot.”
A giggle is punched out of you through a lengthy sigh and it turns into a moan as your orgasm continues to push through you. Your head falls back on your shoulders once again and Harry takes that opportunity to attach his mouth to the exposed skin of your collarbones. You moan desperately, clawing at his back and rolling your hips up into his hand until it all becomes too much and you have to push him away. 
“Oh my god,” you whine, your entirety relaxing and falling limp in your husband’s hold as your climax subsides a bit.
Harry trails kisses up your throat until he’s got his mouth on yours again in a frantic, deep, kiss that’s all tongue and very wet. You both moan into it, your teeth clanking into each other when you both try to deepen the kiss. It’s so messy and uncoordinated that if you didn’t know any better you’d assume it was your first kiss ever. But, you wouldn’t want it any other way. That desperation, that yearning, to be so connected to one another is what keeps you going. 
You cry out a little, the noise happily swallowed by Harry, as he pulls his fingers out of you as carefully as he can. He kisses you through your tiny, blissed out moans, and you feel his wet fingers trail down the leg you have wrapped around him until he gets a good grip on your knee. He’s careful to lower your leg and he makes sure you’re completely steady on your feet before he’s pulling away from you. His hands come up to cradle your face as your body sags against the soundboard now that he’s too far away, which really isn’t that far, to be of support. 
Your chest is still heaving and the way his blown out eyes stare you down, sends a whole new round of tingles through your body- right to the pit of your tummy. There’s a tinge of wonderment behind the lust set ablaze in his eyes and you can just feel the admiration he has for you in his gaze. It makes you flush, your still hot body, only heating up further at it. 
“You make the prettiest of sounds.” He compliments, running his thumbs over your heated cheeks. “The prettiest of melodies to exist.” A kiss to your nose. “Better than anything I could ever create.”
“Harry..” You sigh, your eyes slipping closed at his praise. Your heart stutters in your chest even with how fast it was already beating, your orgasm still trailing through your bloodstream. 
“Got the prettiest wife.”
You smile at him, reaching out to place your hand on his bare chest. His heart is beating wildly under your palm. You go to compliment him, let him know he’s the most handsome husband but he doesn’t give you the chance as he swoops down to shove his tongue into your mouth with a languorous kiss that pulls a moan right out of you. 
“Do you think you got what you needed for the song?” You break away from the kiss with a gasp to ask. Harry is unrelenting with his mouth though, continues on kissing down your jaw- riling you up all over again quickly. 
You gasp when he sucks harshly on a spot you know he marked up earlier with how sensitive it is now. You’re quick to thread your fingers through his hair and pull him away from you. He moans, far more riled up than you and you know he’s getting desperate for a release as well. 
“What do you mean, no.”
“I already had my fingers in you when I realized I hadn’t pressed record on my laptop. I wasn’t going to stop.” He huffs, going back for your neck. You instinctually tilt your head to give him room. 
You round your hands on his hips, dipping them into the back of his pants and under his boxes where you grip at his ass to pull him flush up against you. His pretty pink lips part in a gasp as he pulls back to look at you. His eyes are set ablaze and he looks absolutely ravenous. You clench around nothing at the look. 
Pulling at the front of his pants, you look up at him through your lashes, “Good thing you have another way to get even better noises out of me.”
“Fuck,” Harry rasps, his knees buckling a little. “Fuck, I love you so much.”
“You better press record this time,” you whisper as you lick a stripe up the side of his neck until you reach just below his ear, “baby.” And you palm at him over the front of his pants. 
A groan, from deep in his chest, filters out through Harry’s parted lips as he squeezes his eyes shut momentarily. 
He surges forward and places a hard kiss to your lips before pulling away just as quick. “Get your cute ass on that couch, I’ll make sure we get all the sounds, darling.”
With another kiss to your lips, he lets you go so you can get yourself to the couch while he gets his laptop set up correctly to be able to record what audio he needs to. He lets you part with a light smack to your ass and a giggle as he watches you feign hurt at the swat. A giddy feeling rushes through you both at the thought of becoming one entity again. 
As you settle on the couch, you try and get your heart to settle down enough to get your breathing at least a little under control, but the more you watch your beautiful husband fumble around with his recording equipment you know the attempt is futile. You love him so fucking much. You love everything about him. You love the anticipation you feel whenever you look at him and he looks back at you because you know he has just as much love for you as you do for him. You love that everything between the two of you is mutual. 
Just like now, the way he’s looking at you over his shoulder, you know he’s about to worship every inch of you and he knows that you’ll happily return that worship. The small smirk resting on his lips is enough to let you know he’s feeling every bit of rushing emotions that you’re feeling. 
You smile at one another and you know for certain that he’s always going to create something for you, about you, and with you. And you’ll be there to help. 
“Wait, you think my ass is cute?”
The tinkling laughs you both let out make it into the final version of the song, right at the end where it all perfectly fades out. 
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watchmegetobsessed · 2 months
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Harry x High-School-Best-Friend!Reader
WHAT IT'S ABOUT: When you're a teenager, everything feels so permanent and you can't imagine a life where you don't have the same friends you did in high school. You and Harry has been close friends since practically forever and right before he goes on X-Factor, he promises nothing will change. But soon enough you both have to realize not all promises can be kept. Now it's been ten years since your class graduated and you're reuniting for the first time in a decade. And it will be the first time you and Harry meet since everything changed.
Tumblr media
COMPLETED: 2023.03.02.
Tumblr media
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chaoticloving · 5 months
take it off
Harry Styles x reader (SOH)
Summary: Right before sex, Harry sees something on Y/n that he's never seen before. masterlist
warnings: light smut, boobs<3, mentions of stick and pokes
w/c: 0.9k
a/n: little blurb since i haven't posted in forever! but i promise i'm writing im just crazy stressed <3 also i am in love with tattoos so much and this is just an indulgent on that lol
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Don't you dare stop."
"Wasn't planning on it." Harry moaned, his hand slowly feeling up and down Y/n's body. His lips reattached to hers. "You taste so good."
A steamy night that consisted of teasing hands under the table and kisses when no one was looking. It was a blur to get out of the London club, Harry just remembers Y/n's hand squeezing his ass. They had luckily ran away from the paparazzi that was just arriving to the club before they could get any compromising photos.
But now, in the comfort of Harry's flat, they could be as messy and in love as they want.
"Take off your shirt H." She mumbled, Y/n's mouth trailing down his jaw line.
"Only if you take off yours." Harry could feel Y/n smile against his cheek, leaving one last kiss there before breaking away.
"You're lucky you're so cute." When Y/n grabbed the hemming of her shirt, Harry tore off his, too impatient to wait any longer. Harry ended up helping Y/n take the shirt off; he hasn't quite realized that Y/n always takes longer to take off her shirt just to see Harry get all squeamish.
When Y/n's shirt is removed, she's left in a lace bra that Harry absolutely drools over. He goes headfirst into her neck, kissing slowly and sensually. His hand feeling her left breast while Y/n's hand find Harry's hair and pulls slightly.
"Can I take off your bra." He whispers, figures trailing over the straps. "Please."
She mumbled a faint yes under her breath and Harry is quick to react. Harry climbs more on top of her right after he bra comes off; Harry's mouth goes right on her skin, starting on her perfect jaw line and going lower onto her neck then onto her breast.
Harry was going to continue on but he saw some mark near his hand. He lifts his head to take a second glance and moves his hand from the side of her boob to her lower waist. He saw some black ink, and he knew it wasn't from his hand.
"What's wrong?" Y/n leaned up on her elbows to get a look at what happened and why Harry's mouth isn't on her. The only touch she was getting--other then Harry resting on her --was from Harry's finger on the side of her body. "Why are you poking me?"
"You have a tattoo?"
"Uhm, yeah?" She stated it like a question, but was curious to know the problem. "Why are you acting like this? It's just a crescent tattoo."
"I just didn't realize you had one" He admitted. "Does that make me a bad boyfriend?"
"You never noticed the tattoo on my boobs?" She gasped, shocked smile on her face. "But your obsessed with them how have you not noticed it?"
"In my defense the tattoo is on the side of your boobs." Harry unconsciously held her other breast, it made her giggle a bit, just out of pure ridiculous. "You know I like to see them straight on."
"Do you like it?"
"Your boobs? Of course!" Harry quickly said, kissing her nipples quickly then gently then kissed her face.
"The tattoo, love."
"Well, I love it too!" Harry quickly said. "I just felt bad that I haven't realized until now."
"Good because I have an appointment to next week for another." She kissed the side of his cheek, sitting up to do so.
"Ohh, what'cha planning on?"
"I want to get it on my thigh but I'm not sure if I want to replace the stick and poke I did in school or not." She shrugged, her finger trailing over the tattoo collection on his chest. She didn't want to admit it out loud, but tattoo's were always such a turn on for her. Little intricate designs all over Harry, they just looked amazing.
"Stick and poke in school? What crowd were you hanging out with?" Harry laughed.
"I did it myself actually." Her hand ghosting over her thigh. "Not very well obviously. But the tattoos I did on others were pretty good, should still be on them."
"You gave out tattoo's? How old were you?"
"Dunno, maybe sixteen?"
"Sixteen?" Harry's mouth was wide open, smiling a little, but mainly in shock. "And you were already a tattoo artist?"
"I was a girl with ink and a clean needle." Y/n shrugged. "They offered like fifty quid per tattoo too, and I really wanted more clothes ." She laughed, looking back up towards Harry.
Y/n's hand trailed lower to Harry's groin, he moaned which caused Harry to loose all focus of tattoos and lean in to kiss her. It got heated quickly but it was no surprise since they were about to have sex a couple minutes before. Harry's hand rested on her tattoo and side boob, his finger started tracing the tattoo too, starting to slowly memorize it just like Y/n has done with all of his tattoos.
"Can you do one for me?" Harry asked. "I want one thats in an area close to my dick and I don't really want a tattoo artist to see that." They both laughed, Y/n starting to give a hickey on the side of Harry's neck.
"I didn't hear an answer." Harry complained then gasped when the Y/n lightly bit down.
"I'll give you a tattoo." She decided. "But I don't take normal payment methods."
Harry chuckled, giving her a kiss. "I think I can give you something else."
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duhstyles · 3 days
Reluctant Hearts
Tumblr media
summary: in which Harry and y/n are forced to work together on a project despite their mutual hatred for one another | 4k words
a/n: heres my first harry fanfic! please let me know your thoughts. this will most likely be one or two more parts, we'll see
warning: enemies to lovers, slow burnish, mentions of ex, uni!harry, angst, harrys a jerk (lmk if i missed anything !!!)
Masterlist | Part 2
“Come on! I want you to meet Niall and he's bringing his friend, so you have to come. Harry, his friend, is really cute, I think you guys would get along just great,” Melissa explains, a mischievous glint in her eye.
I roll my eyes at her. "I don't know, Melissa. I'm not really in the mood for a night out." It��s a Friday evening, and Melissa, my best friend and roommate, is trying to convince me to come to the bar with her.
Melissa groans. "But you're always studying or working! You need to let loose sometimes."
I laugh. "I do let loose. Just not in a loud, crowded bar."
Melissa pouts. "Please, Y/N? Niall really wants you to meet his friend Harry. He's been talking about him non-stop since I mentioned you."
I raise an eyebrow. "And you want me to come because?"
Melissa grins. "Because you're my best friend and I want you to meet my new crush's friend. Plus, who knows? You might have fun. You deserve some fun, especially after him." Him, Riley the ex-boyfriend who shouldn’t be named. Breaking up with him before summer began was the best decision I made, but I am stuck picking up the pieces of myself he tore down when we were in our relationship.
I sigh, knowing that Melissa won't let up until I agree. "Fine, I'll come. But only for a little while."
Melissa jumps up and down excitedly. "Yes! You won't regret it, I promise!" I’m hesitant, not really in the mood to go out, but Melissa knows how to persuade me. She promises that we’ll only stay for a little bit and that I don’t even have to drink if I don’t want to.
I finally give in and decide to come along, I opt for a cute and casual outfit that would make me feel comfortable but still looked like I put in some effort. I throw on a pair of high-waisted light blue flare jeans that hugged my curves in all the right places and paired them with a white cropped t-shirt that showcased just a hint of skin. For the chilly summer evenings, I add a loose fitting warm beige color cardigan to drape over my shoulders but also to add a touch of coziness to the look.
To finish off the outfit, I slip on a pair of white sneakers with a subtle platform that give me a bit of height and makes my legs look longer. I accessorize with a simple gold pendant necklace, a few delicate rings on my fingers, and a pair of simple hoop earrings that catch the light as I move. My hair was styled in loose beachy waves, and wearing minimal makeup, just a touch of mascara and a swipe of gloss on my lips, giving me a fresh and natural look to complete the effortless yet put-together vibe. Looking at myself in the mirror, I felt confident and ready for the night.
This is how I ended up walking towards the local bar with Melissa where Niall and his friend Harry are waiting for us. I’ve never met either Niall or Harry before, but Melissa assures me that they’re both really cool guys. I was actually excited to be meeting Niall as he's all I've been hearing about for the past few weeks, so obviously I'm curious to see what he's like. And it does not hurt that this Harry person is apparently cute. What's the harm in some fun?
It was a beautiful summer evening, a slight breeze to calm the bright and intense sun that was still shining, but ready to set. It was a week before third-year fall classes were beginning, so it was a nice, stress-free weekend, the calm before the storm. And, oh, how I didn’t know how true this was.
As we enter the bar, Melissa immediately spots Niall and waves at him. He waves back and motions for us to come over. My heart races as we approach their table, and I can see Harry sitting across from Niall, his arms crossed over his chest. He's tall and handsome, with piercing green eyes and a strong jawline. Definitely intimating and no not cute Melissa but hot, I thought. I keep my eyes set towards the ground building encouragement to make eye contact with Harry, and when I do, he is looking up at me with a frown. Oh.
"Hey, guys! This is Y/N," Melissa says as we reach the table. "And this is Harry," she adds, gesturing towards him. Harry nods curtly in my direction, but I can sense the hostility radiating from him. I smile at him, trying to be friendly, but he doesn't return the gesture. Melissa and Niall exchange hugs with us, but Harry remains seated, still scowling.
I can't help but feel a little disappointed that Harry isn't more welcoming, but I try not to let it show. I order a drink and feel Harry's gaze on me, I turn to catch him staring a few times, but quickly averts his eyes whenever I look his way. "So, what do you study?" I ask, trying to break the ice.
"Engineering," Harry responds shortly.
"Oh, that's interesting," I say, trying to sound interested. "I'm studying psychology. It's really fascinating."
Harry just shrugs and takes a sip of his drink, not bothering to ask me any questions about my major or anything else for that matter. I can feel the discouragement building up inside me, but I try to stay calm and polite. We sit in awkward silence for a few minutes, and I take another sip of my drink, trying to think of something to say.
"So, how do you know Niall?" I ask, hoping to start a conversation.
"I've known Niall since we were kids," Harry says flatly, but finally opening up a little. I’ll take what I can get. "And Melissa is your roommate, right?"
I nod, relieved that we're finally talking.
"Yeah, we've been roommates since freshman year," I say with a smile. My cheeks flushed thinking how much she changed my life for the better. "Melissa is the best roommate I could ask for."
Harry nods but doesn't say anything else, and the conversation quickly dies down again.
I notice him making casual conversation with Melissa and Niall, smiling and laughing with them. He was sharing stories to us, but would lose his smile when he would glance my way. It was hard to focus on his story as I was trying to understand his cold and distant attitude he had against me versus everyone else. It's like he has some sort of problem with me specifically, which is making me feel increasingly isolated in the group. Heck he was polite to the server, so he wasn’t an asshole person, just an asshole person to me.
So I instead focused on making conversation with Melissa and Niall while stealing glances at Harry every now and then. But his demeanor is closed off, and it's hard to read his expression. After a while, Melissa and Niall excuse themselves to go dance, leaving Harry and me alone at the table. I can feel the tension between us. To avoid yet another painful conversation, if you call it that, I excuse myself to the restroom, not like he was listening anyways.
As I enter the small and dimly lit restroom, I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I try to gather my thoughts and calm myself down before returning to the group. I look at myself in the mirror, hoping to see some form of reassurance or strength, but instead, all I see is doubt and anxiety.
I take a few more deep breaths and try to focus on the positive aspects of the night. After all, I don't want to ruin it for everyone else. I wet a piece of tissue and dot it on my face, hoping the coolness will help me feel refreshed and alert. I remind myself that I am confident and capable, and that Harry's dismissive attitude towards me does not define my worth or character.
I spend a few more minutes in the restroom, encouraging myself to stick through the night and not let my anxiety take over. I know I need to face Harry and continue to be polite and friendly, even though he may not reciprocate. I take one last deep breath and exit the restroom, feeling more confident and determined.
As I approach the table, Harry looks up at me briefly, but quickly looks away. I ignore his dismissive behavior. I notice Melissa and Niall have returned to the table, and we all chat for a little while longer. But I can feel Harry's eyes on me, and it makes me uncomfortable. Instead, I focus on the warmth and support of my friends, who are always there to lift me up and encourage me. Harry seems to be trying his best to ignore me, only engaging with me when he absolutely has to. I try not to take it personally, but I can't help but feel a little hurt.
As the night progresses, I find myself getting more and more tired. I'm ready to go home, but Melissa and Niall are deep in conversation, and I don't want to interrupt them. Harry seems equally uninterested in leaving, and I'm starting to feel trapped. The flashing lights, blaring music that I never heard of, and the chatter along with laughter of people around me is very overstimulating, especially since my social battery has died a long long time ago.
Finally, after what feels like an eternity, Niall suggests that we all head home. I breathe a sigh of relief, but I can still feel Harry's gaze on me as we gather our things and make our way outside. We all walk together for a few minutes, Melissa and Niall leading the way, with Harry and I trailing behind. I'm acutely aware of his presence beside me, even though he hasn't said a word to me in over an hour.
Eventually the four of us made it to the front of Melissa and I apartment building, bidding everyone a goodbye. I began discreetly walking backwards towards the building entrance, trying to end the conversation, so I can get into bed and forget this night even happened. The group shuffled and followed me inside the building, I turned slightly confused as to why everyone was coming in. "Hey, wait a minute," I whisper to Melissa, turning back to face her. "Are they coming in?”
Melissa chuckles, a smile on her face. "Yeah, they actually live in our building. Matter of fact, they're just a few doors down from us."
I can't believe it. It's such a small world, and I can't believe that I never knew that they lived in the same building as us. I turn around to see Harry and Niall walking towards us, and I try to keep my cool. Harry still looks indifferent towards me, but I can't help but feel a bit aggravated at the thought of seeing him more often.
"Looks like we'll be neighbors," Niall says with a grin.
"Haha yeah, looks like it," I reply, smiling back at him. I didn't mind Niall, in fact he was quite funny and light hearted. Can definitely see why Melissa was so puppy eyed for him. Harry looks at me and I try my best to ignore him.
As we enter the building, I can't help but feel a bit nervous about running into Harry again. The tension between us was palpable, and I can't shake off the feeling that he doesn't like me. But at the same time, I can't help but be intrigued by him. I'm not sure what it is, but there's something about him that draws me in. Maybe since our friends are together, and we live a few doors from one another, I can figure out why he's so hostile towards me.
As we step into the elevator, Harry pulls out the building key card required to access the building and its facilities to scan, then Niall presses the button for the floor. The ride up is silent, but I can feel Harry's eyes on me the entire time. I try to act nonchalant, but I can feel my heart racing in my chest. As the elevator doors open, we make our way towards our respective apartment doors and finally wish each other goodnight. Niall offers me a hug, while me and Harry just give one another a curt nod.
I grab my backpack, a freshly toasted eggo waffle in my mouth, and balancing my keys, wallet, water bottle, and other miscellaneous stuff in my hand that I forgot to pack. I rush out my door careful not to drop anything when locking up behind myself. Already leaving my place later than I wanted to, I ran (more like a fast walk, you won't catch me running ever) to campus to get to my first class of the semester on time. The week has gone by way too quickly, better yet the whole summer flew too fast and now here we are back to uni life.
This was definitely not going to plan already, I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring in my ear, and in my sleep deprived state I fumbled for my phone and silenced the noise, just to go back to sleep. Which is why I am now running late to get there on time.
I'm power walking across campus, dodging students who are leisurely walking to their classes, when I bump into someone. I look up, and there he is – Harry. Of course, it had to be him. My stomach sinks, and I try to quickly apologize and move past him, but he stops me with a hand on my arm.
"Watch where you're going, yeah?" he says, annoyance clear in his voice.
I bristle at his tone. "I could say the same to you," I retorted, pulling my arm out of his grip and continuing on my way.
I can feel his glare as I walk away, but I refuse to turn around. I can't let him ruin my day before it's even started. I keep walking, trying to shake off the encounter and focus on getting to class.
As I arrive at the door of the lecture hall, I hear the professor starting his introduction. I take a deep breath, steeling myself for the inevitable stares I'll get for being late. I quietly open the door and slip into the back of the room, trying to blend in with the sea of students. People are still filing in and finding available seats as I settle into mine, pulling out my laptop and notebook ready to jot down information when needed.
Once I am sorted out and unfrazzled from my own anxiety I gave myself, I look around, trying to see if there's anyone I know. And then I see him again – Harry, sitting near the front of the room. Great, just my luck. I try to ignore him and focus on the professor, but I can't as my eyes keep darting back to him. I can't help but feel annoyed that he's here, in my class, ruining what little peace of mind I had left.
The professor starts going over the syllabus, and I start to relax a little. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. I mean he probably did not even notice me in this class, and even if he did as long as we don't go out of our way to talk to one another we will be good. We’re just strangers anyways and sitting too far from one another for him to bother me. But then, the professor announces that we'll be working on a group project this semester. My heart sinks as he starts pairing us up. And of course, when he gets to my name, he pairs me with Harry. Such a cliche. I beyond no doubt had done something to the universe because why the hell am I constantly seeing and now paired up with this annoying man.
I feel like the room is closing in on me. This can't be happening. How am I supposed to work with him on a project? I can barely stand to be in the same room as him, let alone work with him. I feel a pang of uneasiness in my chest as I try to think of a way out of this. But there's no escaping it – I'm stuck with him for the semester.
I try to take deep breaths and calm myself down. Maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe we can put aside our differences and work together. But as the professor continues talking, I notice Harry’s flare nostrils and clenched fist. I can tell he's not happy about this partnership either. I brace myself for the weeks to come, wondering how I'm going to survive this class with him as my partner.
Class is dismissed shortly after, professor reiterating the importance of starting the assignment now as it takes weeks to complete and perfect. Great. Not only is this a stupid prerequisite course I need to graduate but I have to do this stupid course with Harry. Students approach their assigned partners discussing when and where to meet and project guidelines. With a sigh I decided to do the same.
I nervously approach Harry after class, clutching my notebook in one hand. "Hey, Harry," I say softly, trying to catch his attention.
He looks up at me and raises an eyebrow. "What?" he says, sounding bored.
"I was wondering if we could talk about the project," I say, trying to sound confident. "I have some ideas and I think we should start working on it soon."
He doesn't say anything for a moment, just stares at me with an unreadable expression. "I already have some ideas," he finally says, turning to gather his things.
"Oh," I say, feeling deflated. "Okay, well, can we at least discuss them together? I want to make sure we're on the same page."
Harry scoffs. "I don't have time for this," he says, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. "I have places to be."
I watch as he rushes out of the room, leaving me standing there feeling frustrated and defeated. Why is he being so difficult? I try to push the thought out of my head and focus on my own ideas for the project. I'll just have to brainstorm on it without him for now.
It was the end of the week, the mundane routine of snoozing then waking up for classes began once again, but at least now there's the weekend to look forward to. I grab my backpack and run out the door of my apartment, making my way to the classes of the day. As I rush through the hallways of the university, I bump into Melissa, who is headed in the same direction.
"Hey, Y/N! How's it going?" Melissa greets me with a bright smile. I give her a knowing smirk, letting her know that I know she spent the night at Niall’s place. I realized when I didn't hear her alarm or see her when rushing out of the house this morning. The blood rushed to her cheeks with slight embarrassment.
"I'm good, just already tired of this semester and it's only been a week. What about you?" I reply.
"Ugh I know tell me about it!” She groans, “ Listen, I wanted to ask you something. Niall and I are going to grab a drink after class today and I was wondering if you wanted to come along? There will be a bunch of people and plus he's been dying to hang out with my best friend again," Melissa says with a hopeful look.
"I don't know, Melissa. I'm not really in the mood to socialize today. I think I'll just head home after class," I say, trying to come up with an excuse.
"Come on, Y/N, it'll be fun! Plus, you never know who else might show up. Maybe even Harry will come along," Melissa says with a delinquent grin.
Harry. The mere mention of his name sends a shiver down my spine. I've been trying to avoid him ever since our disastrous discussion, if you can call it that. But Melissa knows how to push my buttons.
"Fine, I'll come," I say, giving in. "But just for a drink. And only if Harry isn't there."
Melissa laughs. "Okay, deal. See you after class!"
The class goes by in a blur, and before I know it, it's time for Melissa and Niall's post-class drink. I make my way to the bar and find Melissa and Niall sitting at a table, chatting and laughing.
"Hey, you made it!" Melissa says as I approach.
"Yeah, I did," I reply, giving her a weak smile.
We order drinks and settle into our seats. As we chat, I can't help but keep an eye out for Harry. I scan the room, looking for any sign of him. But he's nowhere to be seen. I relax, making conversation with Niall about the first week, and mingling with others around our table.
Just as I start to loosen up, I hear a familiar voice behind me. "Melissa, Niall! How are you guys doing?"
I turn around to see Harry standing behind me, a smile on his face. My heart sinks.
"Hey, Harry! We're doing great, thanks for asking," Melissa replies, giving him a warm hug.
I can feel his eyes on me, and I try to avoid his gaze. But it's no use. He's sitting right across from me, and I can feel the tension between us.
I continue to small talk with people I’ve seen around campus, but never got to talk to, for a while, but I can't shake the feeling of discomfort. Harry seems to be on his best behavior, but I can tell he's not happy about my presence.
“It seems we never got to finish our conversation from last class,” I point out, providing a painfully obvious fake smile.
Harry scoffed, “Yeah I guess we didn’t.” He didn't seem to want to continue on but waited to see if I had anything else to add. And boy I did, but decided against starting a fight.
“Hmm just let me know when you want to meet and where so we can start the assignment” I spoke, taking a long sip of my drink. Harry offers me a thumbs up and turns to the person next to him and begins conversing. Yup fuck you too. My fingers dig into the palm of my hand, avoiding dumping my drink on Harry's head.
I secretly watch him interact with other people having light smiles, dimples that I never noticed poking through. It pains me slightly to see the Harry I could have had if he didn't decide to be a cold, distant jerk to me. I still cannot wrap my head around why he acts the way he does with me compared to others, I never did anything to him. This semester will be quite the shit show, and oh did I know it.
a/n: soooo thoughts? feedback (good and bad lol) is always appreciated :) what do you guys think of me writing another part? is there anything you want to see in the next part? i am open to suggestions!! also guess what, my birthday is coming up on march 24 if anyone is wondering
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Tumblr media
surprise! we have a new story we'd like to share with you. It's a bit different than our other stories, but as you know we love to put our spin on classic tropes. This reminds us of our roots of fic writing-- please read the warnings for every part as this story contains some toxic behavior and many red flags from both of the characters, but it's all for the sake of entertainment. it's going to be a darker fic so we aren't offended if it isn't your cup of tea! just thought we would spice things up for those who have been asking :)
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warnings: y/n has a stalker, angst, toxic behaviors, gang violence and activities, mentions of guns and murder, age gap (6 years y/n 21, h 27)
wc: 6.7k
He was going to kill her.
She probably should have told him the second she started noticing something was off, but after three months of taking different routes home and keeping busy by being out with her friends, she thought she had escaped its escalation.
“Harry, someone’s been in my room.” Y/N breathed into the phone, “I know it wasn’t my ma, she’s working a double today, I left it out on purpose and it’s gone!“
There was too much for Harry to unpack in that sentence. He was wondering whether it was even worth it to question her when she was in a shaken state, she already had trouble using her words as it was.
“Pack a bag, I’ll be there in 15.” His tone was flat despite the worry that had filled his entire being.
Harry had been best friends with Y/N’s older brother Sterling since they were both prospects for the Devil’s Keepers. Being in a biker club is not something Harry expected a guy like Sterling to get into. The scrawny kid with a friendly approachable face, but that man had a punch that could knock teeth out— and it has. On multiple occasions.
Sterling went nomad earlier this year, hopped on his bike, and took off leaving Harry with very simple instructions:
“Look after my girls, yeah?”
It seemed that Sterling forgot who his sister was.
Worry and anger radiated off of him like heat on a car hood in the middle of summer. He knew damn well his stance said not to fuck with him as he stalked up her front porch, opening the front door to find her standing in front of him.
“I don’t see a bag.”
His tone was clipped. Harry wasn’t a man of many words to begin with. He loved the open road, his bike, the leather cut with the Devil’s Keepers logo on the back and his patches, and his mom- but words? Words weren’t something he loved. People talked too damn much to say nothing at all.
Someone had been inside her house, someone had been watching her. Bunny. Little Bunny, Y/N to most but Bunny to him and the rest of the club. He was tasked with keeping her safe- the whole club was, but him especially- and she had been messed with.
“Explain.” His arms crossed, the inked skin stretching and catching her eye. As intimidating as he may be, he was attractive as all hell. Distractingly so.
“They were right here,” Y/N walked to her desk, tapping the spot with her fingernail. Of course, it was empty now, but she’d left her panties on her desk for a reason. “I left a pair of panties on my desk and they’re gone.” She knew it was a bold move, but she wanted to leave something a potential creepy stalker would actually be interested in. Y/N didn’t think that they’d actually take them. She’d done it to prove herself wrong, she thought she had been imagining things.
“Don’t make that face, Harry, listen—“ The girl sighed, “things have been moving around my room for a few months or so now, but this is proof! Someone’s been in here.” Y/N didn’t want to admit that she had been dealing with a stalker for the past 3 months. She logically knew she should have told him sooner, but it didn’t feel real until now. She had been handling it just fine on her own.
Y/N swallowed thickly as she saw his demeanor change, still not able to fully read him after all these years. She’d never been one to miss a change in his expressionless face, but she’d never seen him make this face before.
“And now would probably be a good time to tell you that I also think whoever took them has also been following me around… and please spare me the speech on how I should have told you. I was doing fine on my own and now I’m telling you because I need help.”
His face was tight. Jaw clenched, eyes a dark, cloudy green as she could see his displeasure. Harry was not happy at all. In fact, he was more pissed than she had remembered seeing him.
This wasn’t good.
“Months?” He grit out. “This has been going on for months?” He felt the rage rising in him. Both from her not telling him and the fact someone would dare try to break into her space. Follow her. Stalk her.
Harry had promised to take care of her and had told her to call him whenever something happened. Of course, her stubborn pain in the ass self didn’t. And now he was fuming, looking at an empty spot where a perverted, deranged stalker had snatched her panties from.
How did they get in? His boots were loud against the hardwood as he messed with the window, moving the lock back and forth- only to find it broken.
He closed his eyes, his back to her as he took a deep breath to try and even his temper out. This wasn’t safe. At all.
“Pack the bag.” He snapped. “Now. You aren’t staying here.”
“And where will I be staying then?” She asked, letting out a breathy laugh. “I’m sure whoever this is won’t have a problem finding me again so what difference will it make?”
Truth be told, Y/N didn’t want to leave her house. She felt safe here even after realizing that there was someone who had been breaking in regularly. It had comforting memories, her favorite bed sheets to hold her a night, and her mother among other things that would actually help her cope with her new reality.
“Easy. You’re staying with me.” Harry spoke the words as if he couldn’t believe she’d ask such a stupid question. He was the only one who’d keep her safe, from now on he wasn’t letting her out of his sight.
“With you?” She tried her best not to act excited. Y/N had always liked Harry the most out of all the members of the Devil’s Keepers… a little bit too much. Of course, he was her brother's best friend but he was also a strong, sexy, intimidating, and powerful man. A strong, sexy intimidating, and powerful man who had always shown her the patients others fail to.
“That’s what I said. Keep up.” He grunted, going into her closer and grabbing the Mickey Mouse duffel bag he knew she had gotten at Disney world and taken on every trip with her. It was tossed on the bed as he gave her an expectant look.
His place was safer. Far safer than here. Her mother was a nurse, she worked nights when she was sleeping and he knew that would be the time that the stalker would try and hurt her. That usually was the goal. To take or harm. He wouldn’t let her find out.
He had top-of-the-line security systems in place, his own personal armory, and the rage in his gut that had been brewing since the initial phone call to keep her safe. There was nowhere safer than with him. She should know that.
“Move. Or you’ll be forced to wear the same shit every day. I’ve got shit to do.”
It didn’t take long for her duffel bag to be stuffed to the brim with all the essentials. She wasn’t sure how long she’d be staying, but she had a feeling Harry appreciate not having to make any back-and-forth trips.
With one final scan of the room, she stopped in her tracks in an attempt to remember anything she had forgotten.
Her journal.
She couldn’t believe she had almost left it there. That journal knew everything about her, and could potentially create even more trouble if her stalker somehow managed to find it and read it. Thankfully, she’d kept it hidden in a secret compartment her brother had built into her bedside table.
Harry watched as she carefully placed the book into the pocket of the duffle. He was glad she’d thought to bring it, lord knows he wasn’t good with feelings. Judging by how quiet she was now, she’d have quite a few to write about.
The ride to his house was quicker than usual. For once, he wasn’t in the mood for a ride, instead opting to get the girl into a comfortable and safe environment as soon as possible.
The door was unlocked with the code and key, something he would show her later. Bunny walked in first, her duffel bag falling to the ground with a ‘splat’ as she began her scan of the place.
Harry never let people come here. It was his safe space, literally. Photos of his family hung up and his record player and records in the corner, his bedroom tucked away as the open concept floor plan left basically everything else to the eye.
He picked up the duffel with a sigh, wordlessly hauling it into his room as he heard her pad around looking at things. Harry wasn’t one that willingly shared a lot and Bunny was a nosy girl, so he knew she was going to take every opportunity to analyze something else about him.
“Bathroom.” He pointed to the door beside the bedroom. “Bedroom.” He looked around. “You have eyes.” For the rest. His kitchen wasn’t huge but it was decent for the apartment, and it had dual ovens. For what reason? He didn’t know. But he knew she would eat it up.
“Don’t touch my guns. Don’t care about the rest.”
“Okay cool. Are you hungry?” Y/N spoke up, immediately going to his fridge to see what he had for her to work with. “I’m starving, please tell me you have something good in here please…” Y/N hummed a tune to herself as she rummaged through the shelves in search of inspiration.
“These peppers are about to go bad, you know?” She pulled them out of the fridge along with some other vegetables and then went to check his freezer. “Wow. Okay, so you invite me over and you have no food?” She teased, expecting a reaction out of him. If there was one thing about Y/N, she loved to push his buttons.
Looking through his cupboards she managed to find some rice and pasta— ultimately picking pasta because it was quicker and she was starving. It wasn’t long before she had a vegetable sauce going, the apartment smelled incredible, and Harry couldn’t help but wonder in to see what she was up to.
“Here,” Y/N took a spoon and picked up a bit of the sauce, bringing it up to his lips for him to try. “Tell me if you think it’s missing something.”
Harry wasn’t quite sure what to think.
In the small time he had gone to the bedroom, showered, and changed his sheets, she had come up with some sort of something for them to eat.
It wasn’t something that he expected. He had his small menu of meals that he kept in rotation and a lot of it was instant ready-made stuff. Takeout was his favorite so he was going to get pizza or some shit, but Bunny had been standing at his stove like a little housewife. Like she owned the place.
He gave her a look, one of apprehension as he opened his mouth to try it. It seemed… oddly intimate for them. Sure, they had been around each other for years but he always kept a distance.
The sauce though? He was very pleasantly surprised. “Looks like culinary school’s done you good.” He said simply, nodding in approval before moving away.
He had been too close to her. Having her here was probably a bad idea, sure, but it was the only option besides the clubhouse. God knew he wasn’t taking her there. As much as he loved it, it was pure debauchery as soon as the sun fell and the moon came up.
“I’ll take you to the shop tomorrow.” He sat down on the couch, spreading his legs as he cracked his knuckles. His body usually was a bit sore from riding and… other activities of the not-so-legal variety, but the tenseness he usually held had increased tenfold.
Someone was stalking her. Someone he had no clue who they were, but damned if he didn’t find out soon.
Y/N was used to him being tense. His jaw was perpetually clenched, brooding, carrying himself like he was ready to throw down at any given moment. Most people thought Harry was abrasive and hard to know, hell, if she hadn’t known his heart she probably would have thought the same about him.
From what Sterling had shared with her, Harry had a rough upbringing. In and out of Foster care, homelessness, the biker club. There wasn’t much softness in his life aside from his mother he had reconnected with, whom he sent a large chunk of money every month to support.
Y/N didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable in his own home, so she opted to give him space as she plated a meal for him and brought it to the living room for him to eat while he worked on god knows what.
“Here. There is more in the kitchen if you need—“ She kept her voice calm and low, seeing the man was on edge, likely thinking about the stalker issue she had brought on to him. Y/N knew he would help, and knew the guy would be dead the minute they found him. It brought her great comfort, to a point where she probably was desensitized to the idea of someone actually hurting her.
He’d never let that happen. Club rules.
“Hold on.” He grumbled, pointing to the other side of the couch. “You will tell me about this shit as soon as you’re done. No more hiding. I need to know every little thing.” He steeled her with a look that made sure she was well aware of how serious he was.
It was his job, his promise to protect her. In a way, he had failed. While he wasn’t sure what he could have done to prevent it, if he had known earlier he could have gotten the club to dig into shit. Stood watch all night. She was family.
He’d always been fond of her. Perhaps a little too fond in the recent year or two, so he kept a distance to ensure that never wriggled out of control. That only seemed to make it worse.
Harry wasn’t a good guy. He really wasn’t. There were reasons his road name was Reaper and that’s what people knew him by. Bunny didn’t need to get caught up in the shit he was involved in. It’s why he and her brother had made sure to keep her far as possible from the club life as they could.
“Well, I’m not exactly sure what else there is to tell.” Y/N answered him with a shrug, “I’ve told you what I know, but I’m sure you have questions I could answer.” She explained further, knowing this wasn’t a time to play games or joke around with him.
“I started noticing it in February. I transferred to culinary school and I was always getting home late, I thought it was just my tired brain telling me I was misplacing things.” Y/N was trying her best to remember the events as they were, but again, she wasn’t scared so she wasn’t registering it. She just had a bad feeling.
“And when I visited Hannah back at my old campus, she noticed that there was a guy following us one night a few weeks after… but I figured it was just some drunk guy headed to the dorms. So every day after, I took a different route home just in case.”  Y/N had the basic knowledge of this stuff, her brother had drilled it in her to stay alert and what to do in case something did start happening.
“I’ve seen the same car around the area around the same time I was coming home, but everyone around here drives the same fucking black truck so that could be a reach. The only thing is the plates changed and that wouldn’t be my first thought but it had a massive scratch all up the front of the hood so it sort of made it obvious.”
He stayed silent, listening to her explanation. Each tidbit of information was filed away for further use.
What bothered him was how casual she was. Did she not realize how dangerous it was? Sure, she had been scared when she called him but this was serious. Did she not think to call him?
“You should have called me the minute you realized someone was following you.” His tone was cold as he looked over her. She had no scratches or bruises yet but what if she hadn’t told him and stayed at home? He could obviously get into the house very easily at any time he wanted.
“I don’t think you’re understanding how serious it is. We could have fixed it- I could have handled it months ago when you noticed someone messing with your shit. When you noticed someone was following you.” He was obviously angry.
“You know to call me. That’s what your brother said to do. I know you think you’re all grown up now, whatever the fuck, but you are still vulnerable. We told you to always come to us.” He was a little hurt, too. Did she not trust him?
“I know that— I just told you I didn’t think it was an issue till now. I didn’t want to have to get you involved, what if I was just being paranoid? You guys have better shit to do than follow me around like a lost puppy.” Y/N had been made to think she was incapable her whole life and frankly, hearing those words from Harry stung.
“Fix it now. What difference does it make? I’m here anyway, should be fine shouldn’t I?” Her attitude was masking her true feelings. “Can go back in time can I, Harry? Don’t talk to me as if I wanted this to happen, how the fuck is this my fault now?”
She was definitely taking it the wrong way. His tone had struck a nerve and she was too proud and too embarrassed to care if she was being irrational. She wanted him to think she was strong. She wanted him to believe she didn’t need the protection, that she could handle things on her own. That she wasn’t 17 anymore and that she was an equal.
“What would you prefer for me to do huh? Call you every time something feels off? I’m not the boy who cried wolf, this shit happens to women all the time. I’m always on edge about these things— I know what could happen. Do you really think I’m being careless? Please, be serious.” She rolled her eyes.
His teeth grit, jaw clenched as she spoke to him with an attitude. He was angry, far too angry to deal with this shit. Her attitude would get her nowhere with him.
His palm itched, wanting to spank the hell out of her ass for speaking to him like that and taking her safety for granted. Where the hell had this come from? Why would she do this?
“I’m not saying you wanted or asked for that shit. Don’t put words in my mouth.” He warned, his glare cold. “I’d rather you waste my time and be safe than not call me and end up in a Fuckin’ ditch. Are you kidding me?”
He stood up, crossing his arms as he looked down at her. She was too witty and too smart for this shit. “Guys who stalk like that? They aren’t there to be a friend. They either want to take you or take you out. I’m fuckin’ serious. I’ve lived in this fucked up world long enough to know and deal with some of the worst.” Bunny had a clue about the fact the club definitely didn’t do the most moral things, but still. She hadn’t expected him to say it.
“So yeah, I’d rather get annoyed at somethin being nothing than have you in trouble. Fucks sake.” He rolled his head back. He needed to get away before he hurt her feelings.
“Going out for a smoke. Don’t follow me.”
She didn’t have to be told twice, staying silent while she cleared their plates from dinner and packed up the rest. Y/N was fuming. She didn’t like being talked down to, especially by Harry. Telling her off for not saying something sooner, making her feel like she did something wrong.
She was just living her life! This happened to happen, sure she should have called, but what could she do about it now? Not that she was expecting him to be all lovey dovey with her or baby her, but he’d always been more understanding with her. Why was it so different now?
Y/N took herself from the kitchen to the bathroom, aiming to shower away all the icky feelings left in her body from the conversation. She hated it. The scolding hot water wasn’t enough to soothe her, the tears flowing down her face as quickly as the water down her back.
She’d messed something up again. Made it difficult for them, again. Harry would surely think she was stupid now if he hadn’t before.
He could pinpoint why it bothered him so much as he stood on the balcony.
He cared. He cared far too much, and the idea of something happening to her sent an absolute panic into his bloodstream.
Bunny was special to him. She was someone he grew up protecting and someone he always wanted to make sure felt at ease. He couldn’t always figure out why, but she had always been a bit delicate. That wasn’t a bad thing at all.
He admired her softer traits. The sweetness of her voice and the softness of her skin. She looked like a dream, and smelled like one too. It’s why he wouldn’t let himself get too close. She was a good one. He wasn’t. His life would chew her up and spit her out.
But what choice did he have now? Someone was stalking her and he hadn’t been there to protect her. Maybe he would have noticed if he hadn’t been so weak in his convictions. Nervous that if he spent more than his check-up times with her, that she would wiggle her way into the soft spot she had been chipping into his icy heart.
He groaned quietly, sending a text to the President of the club, Viper. Letting him know he had a situation to speak to him about. He would know what to do.
There weren’t many people Harry respected, but his brothers in the club? He would lay down his life for.
By the time Y/N had finished up with her shower, Harry was back inside sitting on his place on the couch typing away at his phone trying to find answers and solutions for the situation that had been causing him to feel more than he’d felt in years.
It was strange. He hasn’t been this worked up in… well, ever. In a none violent way that is.
Seeing her walk out in her comfy clothes, hair still damp, face clear of makeup, eyes puffy, Harry felt the pang in his heart again. Had he pushed too far? Had he said too much? He was simply expressing his feelings, he didn’t think she would take his words to heart, she had always been good at understanding where he was coming from.
Y/N put the kettle on in silence, avoiding walking to the couch and facing him again. Not when she was so obviously vulnerable.
He sighed to himself as he felt a little antsy. Foot tapping against the floor he tried to figure out what to do.
He wasn’t… a comforting person. He was the last person a lot of people saw before meeting Hades. But christ, he wanted to make her comfortable. He just wasn’t good at it.
He stood up from the couch and approached her in the kitchen, leaning against the counter.
“You’re going to the clubhouse with me in the mornin’.” He said quietly. It was something she had always wanted to do, but he always refused.
It wasn’t too bad during the day. Of course, it was extremely safe considering it was where they all met and kept their shit. But he didn’t want to introduce her to the people. They’d like her, they’d love her even. He didn’t want her to integrate into the society there because she deserved more.
It wasn’t a knock to his brothers. They didn’t want their sisters or daughters, hell even their wives or girlfriends around it sometimes. It put a target on their backs- but it seemed she already had one there.
She was Sterling’s sister, she was a low risk but they had enemies. They had to make sure it wasn’t one of them. “I know you’ve built it up in your head but I just gotta say it isn’t anything special.” It was a compound with a large garage to work on their bikes, a house with an open downstairs with a large bar and couches and pool tables, a meeting room and tables to eat the food the girls who worked there made. “You good with that?”
She looked up at him with a cautious look. She hasn’t expected that. It was something he said he would never do, she wondered why the change of heart but decided not to push it. Y/N simply nodded, giving him an ‘Mhm’ and a small smile before passing him a mug of tea.
It was clear he wanted to smooth things over but wasn’t sure how. She wondered if maybe this was his way of trying to comfort her. Either way, she would definitely need more from him than that.
Y/N was never really aware of Harry’s love life or lack thereof. She knew he definitely had slept with loads of women but he never heard about any of them. She wondered if he even liked the intimacy, if he ever really got it from someone properly.
She always did her best to show it to him in the ways she would allow herself to. His reactions were always so wholesome despite his tough appearance. He practically melted, always so shocked that she would do something like that for him so easily.
He slowly rose the cup of tea to his mouth. He loved tea but rarely had anyone make it for him anymore. She knew how to do it right, for some reason, which always did freak him out a little.
“Thanks.” He mumbled. There was a bit of silence in the kitchen as his eyes stayed locked on her form as she puttered around the kitchen, looking over his shit in the fridge and then the pantry. It was pretty bare bones and he could hear her remarks about how he could ‘live like this’ and how he ‘stayed in shape when all he had was blueberry pop tarts.’
“Make a list.” His words broke his silence and made her jump. It made him want to smile seeing her jump and squeak, gripping her chest in fright. It was a harmless scare. “If you’re gonna complain… I’ll buy you whatever shit you want to cook. Put the shit you want to snack on too. You’re gonna be on lockdown for a bit.” He didn’t take for granted that she had come with him without a fight. She knew far better than to fight him on that when danger was around.
Lockdown made things sound a lot scarier. She knew having a stalker was a big deal but Harry was making it seem like it was a whole operation. To him it was. Y/N decided not to think too much about it, opting to make the list full of their favorites.
When Harry and Sterling first became friends, Y/N used to cook for them all the time when being a chef was just a pipe dream. Harry used to compliment her cooking even when it tasted shit, he never let her think she wasn’t good at it, but she could tell when it started improving just by the way his eyes would widen and his brows would furrow as he took another bite.
Y/N decided she needed to wind down after making the list, night had fallen and she knew they’d be going to sleep soon. A little bit of TV couldn’t hurt, right?
Harry finished up his third cigarette, smashing it on the ashtray as he finished the phone call.
Tomorrow wasn’t going to be easy. They had to hatch a plan on how to best keep her safe and he had a feeling she wasn’t going to love the ideas they’d been mulling over the call.  But he trusted Viper.
He stretched his aching bones, opening the sliding glass door to find her curled up in a ball on his couch. In the corner of the sectional, she watched Gordon Ramsey yell at someone about unclean kitchens, her eyes falling as she sat there. How she slept with his incessant yelling, he had no idea, but it was time for bed.
“Time to sleep.” He grabbed the remote and turned the tv off, ignoring her pout. He didn’t want to think about it being cute, or how soft and sleepy she looked. Warm. Like if he laid down with her and tucked his face between her breast, he could fall asleep to the sound of her breathing.
That thought was quickly shaken away as she stretched out, standing up like a kitten waking from a nap. “You can just show me where the extra pillows and blankets are.” She murmured, wrapping her arms around herself.
“No.” He blinked. “Come on.” He didn’t give her a choice but to follow him, walking across the room to his bedroom. The light flickered on and he tossed his house shoes to the side, adjusting them with his feet.
“In.” He didn’t have to look at her to know she was behind him as he took each ring off of his fingers, plopping them in the ring dish.
“Are you sure?” She asked with caution. Harry was used to being alone and she didn’t want to crowd his space. It was his bedroom after all. “Where are you going to sleep?” Surely it wouldn’t be in the bed with her.
She could already feel herself getting giddy at the thought, unsure if she’d actually be able to get any sleep laying next to him. It was always so easy to deal with her crush because it wasn’t often that they had spent time together alone.
With Sterling being away he had come to visit her more often, but even that didn’t compare to being surrounded by his smell in the comfort of his home. How he had no issues with her doing whatever she wanted here, how he was always close by keeping an eye on her.
She made her way over to the bed, leaving her hoodie on the side and stripping from her sweats so she could be comfy in her t-shirt and sleep shorts. The left side of the bed because Harry seemed to have his own little setup on the right.
“Here.” He said simply. “Couch hurts my back, you don’t want me weaker.” He untucked the gun from his waistband and tucked it into the bedside table drawer after checking the safety. The knife attached to his ankle was next, the holster tucked neatly away.
He could feel her eyes on him, heard the uptick in her breathing. She wasn’t used to Harry like this. Harry… being himself in the way other people saw him. Of course she knew he was dangerous but seeing him place the gun into the drawer, knowing he had the capability to use it and has in the past? It made her insides twist.
She couldn’t decipher if it was a good or bad way quite yet. It was a mix of nerves and arousal. That certainly didn’t help her keeping cool.
“I sleep closest to the door. If we separate and someone gets in through the balcony, which they won’t- I have take first hit.” He knew it wouldn’t happen though.
“You’re against the wall.” He didn’t look at her as he undid his belt, back to her as he grabbed sweatpants from his drawer. Naked sleeping would have to wait until this was all resolved.
“Put up a pillow if it makes you feel better. But until I find out where this piece of shit is,  you aren’t leaving the sight of me or someone from the club.”
It was all she could really manage to say as she realized that this wouldn’t be the only night she spent sleeping next to him. He said she was going to be on lockdown for a while. It was finally clicking that she was going to be locked down with him.
Y/N climbed under the covers, his scent-soaked sheets invading her senses. She practically purred, letting out an audible hum that she pass off as a sleepy coo.
“It’s really comfy…” She mumbled, shoving her face into the pillow with another hum. “What time do we have to be up tomorrow?” Y/N wanted to continue the conversation so she didn’t get too lost in the fact that he was shirtless and in grey sweats in front of her.
It’s like he was doing it on purpose.
“7. You take forever to get ready.” He remembered Sterling bitching about it all the time when they’d go out. Bunny always managed to look incredibly pretty and put together though, so he assumed it probably was for the greater good.
A selfish part of him wanted her disheveled and sloppy so maybe the guys wouldn’t be as interested- but it wouldn’t matter. Bunny was a fucking model regardless of makeup or clothing. It stroked an irritated, possessive cord he didn’t want to be strummed.
“We get there at 8. Breakfast. Then we meet with Viper.” He was making up for his coldness before, filling her in. His body was tense knowing she was snuggled into his bed, getting her scent all over his sheets. It seemed like he was a glutton for punishment.
His hair was put into a loose bun so it didn’t get fucked up immensely when he slept, but he knew he’d have to fix it again in the morning.
He wordlessly excused himself to the bathroom, brushing his teeth quickly to get the smokes off of his breath, and gave himself a once over. He looked like every father’s worst nightmare for their daughter- and it was true. Harry was quite literally the worst thing that could happen to a girl. He fucked and left, though leaving them satisfied, never went there again. One and dones were his thing, even if the club girls who volunteered there liked to think he would give in one day.
He wouldn’t. People got attached.
He came back into the room to see her staring at the ceiling. It wasn’t like her, really. Bunny was nosy and noisy and giggly. A seed of discomfort welled in his throat, unsure how to approach it.
“Y’good?” Was his attempt, throwing the covers back and sitting in the bed.
“Yeah, I’m okay.” She nodded as she looked over his body once more and gently closed her eyes. Letting out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding in, she turned on her side to face him and wondered how he felt about all of this.
It wasn’t until he turned off the lights and got comfortable that she spoke up again, letting the darkness fuel her courage.
“Thank you for letting me stay here.” She was feeling guilty for giving him an attitude earlier. She knew he was just trying to help even though his delivery did hurt her feelings. Harry had her best interest at heart, she knew that. She was just craving emotional support.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”
Damn it.
He chewed his inner cheek. He felt the guilt inside of him grow. Of course, he didn’t have to be so coarse with her but it was hard to find a happy medium. If he allowed the softness his gut was leaning towards it could put him in a situation where he liked her more than he should, Sterling kicking his ass and making her life even more dangerous than needed.
He exhaled slowly, looking over to where she was laying. “Told you I’d protect you. I’d do it if Sterling was here or not.” He mumbled. “M’not gonna let this dick hurt you. Yeah, should have told me sooner but….” He paused to lick his lips, thinking his words through. He didn’t talk this much to other people. Didn’t want or need to.
“Can’t do anything about it now. You’re safe. Got me and the club to take care of you. Just… listen to me. Don’t be reckless. Don’t fight me at every turn. Kay?”
It was as good as it was going to get to comforting for him tonight. It was still not where she wanted it to be, but from him, it was what it was.
Y/N felt content with his answer, it’s the most she’d ever gotten out of him and she didn’t feel like pressing him for more. She wanted to let him choose if and when he wanted to open up more. However, she still wanted to ease his worries even if he claimed it was part of the job.
“Kay.” She mumbled, lifting her head off of the pillow so she could lean into his frame and press a sweet kiss to his cheek. The small gesture made her feel giddy as she pulled back and got comfortable under the covers again.
“Goodnight, Harry.” She whispered, not trusting her voice due to how fast her heart was beating. She felt like a teenager again, giddy at the idea of him feeling flustered. Of course, she couldn’t tell because she had her eyes closed and it was dark, but still! She hoped maybe it made him feel good and appreciated because he deserved that.
It was so simple for her, but for someone like him, softness wasn’t always well received. She felt honored to be one of the ones he allowed to be soft with him.
His cheek burned. Both from the blush and her kiss, making him feel a bit squirmy.
It was annoying how much she had an effect on him. He was a grown man who’d had plenty of pussy in a variety of damn ways, who looked death in the face every day. And yet here he was. Blushing over a cheek kiss.
“Night.” He said gruffly, eyes wide open as he took his turn to lay back and look at the ceiling.
This wasn’t like him. He wasn’t someone who likes this sort of shit or tolerated it. He simply didn’t. He hated softness and touches it was rough and hard and hands tied behind backs and faces buried in mattresses. Not a fucking cheek kiss. It was disarming to feel something when he was so used to being numb.
The real option Viper had offered him today had been weighing on his mind. Could he do it without losing himself in it? Could Bunny? He wasn’t sure. But he’d rather it end up with her mad at him than her hurt. It pissed him off so fully to know she was in any sort of danger, he was working hard to make sure that it wouldn’t be the case again.
His eyes eventually drifted close as he turned to look at the dark outline of her, listening
to her breathing and sleepy noises. In another world, he would let himself crave intimacy like this every night- but he couldn’t.
Especially not with her.
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lukesaprince · 7 months
The Roommate Series
After Y/N’s best friend and roommate Alex decides to move out, she’s desperate for someone to take her place. Alex seems to have found the solution in a British fresh-to-New-York musician who ticks all the boxes. He just happens to be insanely attractive and charismatic... what could go wrong?
A lhh, friends to lovers series with all the fluff and smut you could ever need.
Character Aesthetics:
Y/N ~
An outgoing college student who loves party, people and her dog Marty.
Tumblr media
Harry Styles ~
An intense, charismatic musician who lives for adventure and a good song.
Tumblr media
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 
Part 4 
Part 5 (last updated 13th December)
The 30 Day Yoga Challenge
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harrysfolklore · 1 month
please you write beautiful, so I have to ask you to make a imagine of harry and the reader where she and he write together sweet nothing like taylor and joe, thanks 🥺
sweet nothing
Tumblr media
something lovey dovey for valentine’s day, i love you <3
Your relationship was still a secret to the world.
They knew about you and Harry working together for his album, Harry's House, but they didn't know about the feelings that sparkled between the two of you, the shared kisses and intimate moments. They didn't know about your sweet nothings.
Sitting by the piano, with your writing journal and pen in hand, you reflected about you and Harry, about how last July you escaped from the busy life and the spotlights, and went away to your cottage in Wicklow, where you spend every second together, falling more and more for each other. You thought about how one night as you stargazed, he told you that your eyes reminded him of the tiny fireflies he used to watch growing up, and how you both promised that whenever life got overwhelming you'd always find home in each other.
I spy with my little tired eye Tiny as a firefly A pebble that we picked up last July Down deep inside your pocket We almost forgot it Does it ever miss Wicklow sometimes?
The words came to your mind smoothly as you scribbled them down in your journal, during the last few months, you've found out that writing about Harry was the easiest thing in the world.
You were in love, and your songs reflected it.
"Busy there?" his soft voice made you turn you head towards the door, he was leaning against the frame with a relaxed smile and a fond look on his eyes, you couldn't help but melt at the sight, everything about him radiated comfort.
"Just writing songs," you said as you made room for him next to you on the piano's bench, he kissed the side of your face tenderly once he sat next to you before speaking again, "Love songs about me?" his cheeky remark made you let out a breathy laugh, he was right.
"What makes you think you're any good of a muse, Styles?" you decided to tease him, even though he had been your only muse for the last few months, just as you have been his.
"Baby, I'm a great muse! Stevie Nicks said it herself!" his words made you laugh again and you moved your hands to brush away a loose curl from his forehead, taking the opportunity to press your lips to his for a moment. You could never get enough of the other, and you cherished these moments when it was just you and him wrapped up in your little love bubble.
"Remember that poem I wrote on our way home from Wicklow?" you said after a few minutes of silence, with your head against his shoulder, "I do, you never showed it to me tho." his voice was soft and quiet, as if he didn't want to break the tender ambiance around you.
On the way home I wrote a poem You say, "what a mind" This happens all the time
"It is about how I find safe heaven by your side whenever life gets hard" you let yourself be vulnerable, at the end of the day, Harry was the one who taught you that being vulnerable was part of being human.
And Harry could only look at you in pure love and adoration, he felt so lucky that he found someone so honest and real, someone he was willing to protect and take care of.
"You're my safe heaven too, baby. Nothing else matters if I get to come home to you and your sweet nothings" he confessed, every single one of his words touching every fiber of your heart.
You stayed like that for a while, your head against his shoulder and his hand softly caressing your back, scribbling lyrics on your journal and playing soft melodies in the piano. The world outside was full of pushing and shoving, but as long as you got each other you would be alright.
They said the end is comin' Everyone's up to somethin' I find myself runnin' home to your sweet nothings Outside, they're push and shovin' You're in the kitchen hummin' All that you ever wanted from me was sweet nothing
taglist: @cucciolafaerie e @eleanordaisy @sunflowersndpeaches @golden-hoax @alienorknight @daydreamingofmatilda @ivyproblems @ayeshathestyles s s @stylesmygucci @gimsaysay @rosaliedepp @dontworrysunflower @milfrrynation @manifestrry @iceebabies @harrystylesrecs @pleasingrryyy @harianaswhore @noitsmebecky @abeanontoast @grapejuice-rry @vrittivsanghavi @msolbesg @tati813 @sad1esgf @eviesaurusrex @itsgabbysblog @theekyliepage @watermelonsugacry @be-with-me-so-happily @a-strange-familiar @reveriehs @musicforcinemas @harrybabyyyyyyy @tinydeskwriter @noooovaaaaa @tenaciousperfectionunknown @mxltifxnd0m @rach2602 @balletdancerry @b-reads-things @juiceboxrry @lomlolivia @itsgigikay @goldensstateofgrace @missmielyhoran @fdl305 @lightsoutstyles
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harrysonlylover · 2 months
Patience is a virtue*
Summary: in which he finds a road between punishment and pleasure.
Trope: CEO!H
Warnings: usage of pills, edging, usage of toys, MATURE CONTENT, anal, mastubration (f and m)
CEO!H Masterlist
Tumblr media
Harry sat in his home office, his fingers tapping on the keyboard and body relaxed in sweatpants and a white cotton shirt rather than a suffocating but of course stylish suit. That is what he considers the perks of working from home.
Every two weeks he grants his entire company a vacation of two days, whether they work in the company building itself, the factory or in shipments and delivery services, every single employee is awarded a break. Not even security guards work, instead the building gets activated with advanced security methods such as a laser security system, sensors and Pleasing robots designed specifically for protection mode.
He is supposed to be resting yes, but he is far too enthusiastic to do that. Harry understands the importance of breaks very well, in fact if he was overtiring himself, he wouldn’t be doing this right now.
He is preparing a report concerning the plug he experimented with you earlier last month during your little role play incident. It is by far one of the best products he ever invented and he smirks knowing you are the muse behind it.
Each time you had sex, you’d whine and pout when he pulls out, even when he comes inside you or tucks himself in all night, you’d wake up irritated because he slipped out due to your wetness and his cum as lubricants.
That boosted his ego, it really did. He thought of you as his amazing girl who’s obsessed with his cock just as much as he is in love with your sweet cunt. And well, for you he’d do anything.
He is almost done with the report, he only needs to send it to the lab then plan a meeting with the board for advertising purposes. He glances at the clock that indicates it’s half past two.
He moves around the room, stretching his muscles to release the knots from the uncomfortable seating then heads to see where you are. You’ve been quiet this whole time. Too quiet.
His feet guide him to the kitchen where an empty cereal bowl lays unwashed. Odd ,he thinks. You hate messy areas.
You can’t be working out since you have a gym program together that most of the time ends with sweaty sex. Perhaps you’re doing some yoga, and god he worships the body it gave you.
He makes his way up the stairs, to your shared bedroom and finds the door half open with low unusual sounds sounding from inside.
He peaks his head in slowly and supports his hand on the wall to find you laid back against the sheets, one hand holding a Pleasing vibrator to your cunt and the other roaming between your breasts, as you touch all around your body reaching your clit.
He is already hardening inside his pants, his cock straining against the fabric of his sweatpants, it’s like your arousal and need for pleasure calls for his.
He loves that you enjoy discovering your body and experiencing the bliss of orgasms, your soft skin shuddering when you cum and your puffy cunt spasming around nothing.
Harry backs away from the door feeling himself go through many emotions, he loved the way you pleasure yourself; he can’t be upset about that yet he aches to be the one to provide it.
At least he’d want to be there while you do it , guide you through it and tease you. Perhaps you assumed he’s too indulged in that report and he really was, but his mind is always with you.
He cooks up something inside his head, not a punishment but both a patience and pleasure test.
He slowly goes down the stairs, into his office and closes the door behind him.
You stared at the messy kitchen that was left after your breakfast, Harry was locked up in his office since the morning but you can’t complain. He said it would take a few hours only then he’d spend the entire day with you doing whatever your heart desires.
The kisses he left on your collarbone still linger as your necklace (his initial) grazes against your bare neck.
“When did I ever lie to you? I promise it’s only a couple of hours, do what you like and when I’m done whatever your heart desires will happen.” Harry mumbled quickly leaning in to leave wet kisses starting from the curve of your breasts , softly pecking your nipple as he moved up to your collarbone , groaning at the sight of his initial.
“I know but I’ll just miss you.” You swiped your fingers through his curls , feeling your heart shudder from his kisses.
“If it gets too much, come to me and sit in my lap, I’m never busy for you.”
He is everything you could ever ask for, after he left you did some yoga and listened to songs but soon enough you found yourself needing him in other ways.
You rarely resorted to your fingers and vibrator but desperate times call for desperate measures, if you teased your fiancée now, he’d fuck you all day long till you pass out and wake up tomorrow with a sex hangover.
You returned to your bed where the sheets are still messy and tangled and got your vibrator from the box in the room attached to the bedroom where it’s designed for extreme pleasure. But that’s for other times.
You managed to get two mind blowing orgasms, the aftermath was weird though. You felt more ache than before, it’s like your cunt knows nothing will suit it except your fiancée’s cock.
You clenched your thighs together and realized that a third orgasm would be pointless unless given to you by Harry. You put everything back in place and distracted your mind with cleaning up and an episode of a documentary. He must be done by now.
You decided to wait for him as you could feel yourself having symptoms of sex deprivation or should you call it withdrawals of not having his cock?
Harry shut down his laptop with an audible sigh, the excitement of playing with you added to that of the initial one revolving around finishing the report.
He can hear the faint sound of the TV as he steps inside your living room, your head is pushed back against the cushions and your legs across the table.
“So what are you up to?” he stands behind you and begins massaging your shoulders, making you choke on the popcorn.
“Just a random documentary.” You manage to mutter trying to ignore the way his hands feel against your skin.
“Really? I’m not sure that’s what you were doing a while ago, using the very same product I designed to get off.” He whispered in your ear as his hands shift to your neck, slowly rubbing at your skin.
Your breath got caught in your throat, he saw you? Not that you were trying to hide it , but you weren’t sure how he’d feel about it.
“I asked you something dove.” He pressed at your neck pushing it backwards as you met up with his face.
“Hmm you were busy, if I told you, you wouldn’t have finished that report.”
“Fair point, but here’s what love, I cooked up something for us.” He trailed his finger down to your chest, removing the straps of your top then touching your bare breasts.
“Not a punishment, can’t say I’m a fan of these.” Your skin was covered in goosebump as he pressed his lips to your temple.
“It’s a game of patience and pleasure, you couldn’t handle waiting for me , but you’re still wet, I can smell it. So let’s add in tolerance?” his finger was circling around your perky nipples, giving them a slow pinch then a tender massage.
Harry was big on pleasure and testing out each other’s limits, he loves exploring his sexual life , but the plot twist is that you do too. Like a match made in hell.
“Did you eat after breakfast?” he asked caressing your cheek.
“Hmm I did, had a bowl of fruits.”
“Atta girl, I’m going to get something that we’ve done before but in a different way, if you don’t want to tell me immediately.” You nodded as he gave you a last kiss before heading off to your bedroom.
“And strip down, I want nothing on your body.” He shouted while disappearing inside.
You smirked knowing this was what you wanted, to play all day, he already promised to do what you desire and he’s doing it despite not telling him. What a man you have.
He was right, you were still wet. Nothing can beat being fully naked as whatever is beneath you grazes your skin, and the air along with the sun from the window wrap your body in an embrace.
Harry returned with a grin planted on his face. He was also fully naked, walking around with his cock swinging , and tattoos on display.
“Nice ass.” You teased him as he filled up two cups of water.
“Thanks love, it loves your tongue.” He approached you and gave you the cup of water, revealing a pill in his hand.
Cheeky motherfucker.
It was a Pleasing sex pill.
“You’re in a mood today.” You took the pill , swallowing it down with a big gulp of water.
He did the same then placed both cups in the sink. He also brought a box with him, you’re assuming the sex hangover might last longer than a day.
You tried these pills once or twice before; they’re designed for both men and women by his scientists’ team. You never faced any problem with them, they helped you experience an immense amount of pleasure.
Harry helped you relax against the sofa in a nice position and proceeded in one of his routines. Kissing your body.
His lips puckered against your right leg gently, up to your thigh where he kept prepping kisses, his mouth hovered over your wet cunt breathing it in and allowing his nose to graze the wetness then let out a loud groan.
He placed a delicate kiss to your clit continuing to leave love bites on your inner thighs, up to your pelvis. Soft wet pecks to every inch of your skin , giving extra love to your pelvis and tummy because ‘his child will be there one day’.
He pushed you on your stomach to give you love from behind, he also managed to bite your ass cheek while at it and traced your back whilst loving on it then hoisted you up again to resume his work on your chest.
He goes at it slow to not forget or ignore any inch, from the left to the right with his cupid shaped mouth, and hand roaming between your thighs rubbing at them up and down.
“My woman’s perfect body, so divine.”
“I love this *kiss* a goddess is what you are *kiss*”
“You’re my person, and this body is what I worship.”
“I can’t believe you’re mine, I’m so blessed, aren’t I?”
“The great gods sculpted your body, and I get to love on it.”
“My woman, my lady, my fiancée , my lover, let me kiss your body everyday please.”
He mumbled against your skin, sentence after sentence non stop till he reached your breasts and fondled with them giving them extra love. He littered your neck with love bites , they were very passionate and many in number that they looked like big bruises.
Eventually he hid his face in the crook of your neck allowing his hand to rest on your hip. You kissed his face exchanging ‘I love you’ s as you waited for the pill to kick in or so you thought.
“I have a feeling that the pill is for something else.”
“You’re a minx, you know that?” He lifted himself off the sofa and left you laying down as he glanced at the clock to see that it’s been 20 minutes since you took the pill.
He propped himself down on the sofa facing you and the grin on his face tells you that your sentimental man is gone, and his devilish side is out.
“Here’s what darling, before we begin, you’re not allowed to touch yourself. The pill will kick in now and I want to watch you squirm around , helpless and wet. Just a tolerance test yeah?”
His arms were stretched widely showing his biceps, his cock was erect reaching his stomach and his plump thighs were a sight.
“You’re going to watch me touch myself because I have to compensate the orgasm you had without me.”
Your face was flushed red hearing him tell you all that. He wants to edge you till you’re shaking, you’ve done that before but not with a pill that makes you horny in ungodly ways.
“Hey H, that’s not fair.” You whined feeling the effect of the pill beginning.
“Open your legs facing me, I want to see your cunt.” You did as you were told , groaning at the neediness that’s rising out of your pussy.
Harry’s cock was not only erect and red thanks to the pill but leaking precum too and engorged with veins. It looked painful.
He wrapped a hand around his shaft, moaning loudly at the feeling before spitting on the head and moving slowly from the base to the tip.
“How does it feel to see me touching myself? It feels so good with the pill, I’m edging myself too you know? I could be buried inside your warm pussy now.” He spoke as he panted , his curls covering his face and his abs contracted as his whole body tensed at the teasing.
“Harry this isn’t funny, just fuck me.” You squirmed around , digging your nails into the cushions as the subtle breeze blowing at your cunt felt like torture.
He didn’t listen to you, only smirked and kept going, gritting his teeth at the feeling of his precum sliding all over his cock. He picked up some on his finger bringing it to his mouth sucking them off as he held eye contact with you.
“You honestly look like a dog in heat and I love it.” He began thrusting faster and spread his legs wider to give you a clear view of his cock.
“Poor baby, about to pass out because she needs her man’s cock. Is that what you want me to do? To stick it in and relieve you?” he teased even more with a grin, you were drooling at his cock that’s so erect and you could feel your wetness dripping.
All the blood was rushing to your clit that’s now engorged and swollen, it really hurts. He was right, you feel like you’re in heat, aching and urging to hump on something, anything for some friction.
Your breath was unsteady and your whole body was heating up as you whined on and on, swaying your legs from side to side and getting shouted at if you closed them together.
“What a pretty puffy pussy , so sensitive and all for me, it’s waiting for my cock. That’s all it needs all day, for me to keep fucking and using it.” He whimpered as he gripped his cock harshly before arching his back and cumming all over his hand and thighs.
He released a big load, covering his whole shaft in white glistening cum as he pushed his head back in ecstasy and breathed heavily.
You almost drooled at the amount of cum, you wanted to suck it all off him and swallow it down your throat. The pain was getting unbearable and your cunt was clenching and pulsating.
“Look at your tight pussy, opening up and clenching inviting my cock in. No wonder you’re a cockslut.” He walked over to you with his hand still wrapped around his leaking shaft.
He gathered some of the cum on his hand then smeared them all over your cunt and slapped your clit before spitting on it.
He watched your pussy pulsate and his cum drip all over it reaching your asshole. He proudly strolled around to the box pulling out your plug.
“Harry just fuck me come on.” You begged as the pill’s effect was getting more and more painful.
He went down on his knees in front of you, stretching his tongue out and lowering it down as he kept eye contact with you. He let the tip of his tongue barely graze your cunt then smirked and shifted to your asshole.
Teasing and edging was all he did.
His tongue massaged your second hole before pouring a generous amount of lube on it, the cold gel made you jolt since your whole body was warm, he then gently inserted your plug inside as you whimpered at the stretch.
Harry lifted you off the couch with his hand around your throat and pulled your mouth into a heated kiss. “Get on your knees and suck your fiancée’s cum, only lick it off nothing more.”
You immediately did as you were told, feeling the burn of the rug on your knees as you wrapped a hand around his shaft initiating a broad lick from the base to the tip. His cum slid on your tongue as you gathered all of it, leaving his cock shining with its remnants.
“Swallow all of it but share some with me.” You stood up on your feet as he helped you to balance yourself wrapping an arm around your waist before joining your lips in a kiss filled with tongue clash and an exchange of his cum.
“Such a good girl.” He pressed a peck to your cheek, then your temple and checked with your safe word.
He lead you to the sofa where he ordered you on all fours, your eyes were welling with tears from the amount of neediness. He removed the plug resulting in you whining loudly at the emptiness.
He grabbed the bottle of lube again and squirted some on his hand and made sure to give your booty hole a good massage and fingering before thrusting his cock inside.
When it comes to anal, he pushes in one swift motion because he knows you love the initial burn of it, he also knows deep down that you’re a slut for anal.
He brought your body up to his chest securing it with an arm around your waist, you held on to his pumped bicep as you moaned feeling his other hand cup your cunt with the cold metal of the rings riling you up even more.
“I want you to stay still, a whore like you will hump my hand which is why I won’t let you move. Just take my cock inside your ass like a good slut.”
You tilted your head backwards against his shoulder as he began plunging in vigorously , the stretch of his cock in your ass made you see stars, you reached the highest level of pleasure especially with his large veined hand cupping your pussy not allowing the poor thing to breathe.
A deep tight feeling in your lower abdomen settled in the more he plunged. You brought his hand to your throat and guided him to manhandle you.
“Dumb whore can’t speak, do you want me to choke you?”
You squeezed at his biceps earning a growl from him. “Ah I see, you want me to choke you with my muscles, you get off the fact that I can manhandle you the way I want and that I’m bulky yeah?”
He brought his bicep near your throat and choked you just enough to turn you on, the position you’re in made it seem as if he’s strangling you, but it was quite the opposite. It felt even better than his hand, despite how much you love his rings leaving bruises around your skin.
“All of this and you’re still dripping over my hand, made it soaking wet. What do I do with you hmm?” you smiled at him as a form of defying since no matter what even you can’t control your cunt.
“You’re enjoying this aren’t you? I bet you’re ready take my cock in your ass and pussy all day.”
“That’s the plan.”
He slapped your clit, hitting it with his rings making you jolt against him as your bundle of nerves was so swollen. Your eyes were rolled backward while he kept itching that one spot in your hole.
“That’s it yes please fuck my ass.”
He moved his hand to your hip forcing you to keep still with a grip so tight it’ll leave bruises around your skin. He thrusted in a primal way and he was breathing against your ear igniting goosebumps in your body.
Your naked bodies were flushed against each other, skin to skin, and you can feel the room fill up with the scent of sweat and sex.
“Fuck I’m cumming, where do you want it?” he asked breathing heavily as you felt his cock twitch inside you.
“Inside please.”
“Knew you’d say that. It’s what good sluts want, besides the way your little hole is pulling me inside tells me what I need to know.” He bit into your shoulder growling audibly with his hips stilled as he emptied his cum inside your ass.
“H-harry ohh” you can feel his cum fill you up, rope after rope as your ass swallowed it all up taking it in. Your pussy pulsated harder around his hand, he can even feel it beating loudly and sense how warm and snug it is.
The bite mark he left made you whine since you love a little pain and branding during sex. He prepped kisses against your skin while you both came down from a mind blowing orgasm.
He slowly helped you to lay on your stomach before pulling out, allowing the load of cum to drip down your thighs and cover his entire shaft.
He rubbed at your ass diving in to lick what leaked as you gripped the cushions tightly feeling so overstimulated. His tongue meeting your rim made you scream so he pulled away licking his mouth savoring the taste.
Harry inserted the plug again and you felt it go deep inside as his cock stood proudly against his stomach at the sight of a plug designed according to his initial ‘H’. He was foaming at the mouth.
His initial plug in your ass, bite mark on your shoulder, bruises over your hips and waist, his release deep inside you, shaky legs and tears on your face. He himself loved some branding too.
“No cum gone to waste in this household.” He laid beneath you on the sofa wrapping you around him as he kissed your head and wiped your tears. He rubbed your back soothingly and intertwined your legs together, with soft pecks to your lips.
“Yes my dove.”
“Will you fuck my pussy pretty please.” You earned a deep chuckle from him as he lifted himself up and smiled at you.
“You still want me to use your cunt?” you nodded at him while he gave you puppy eyes.
He hoisted himself up on his elbows and strolled to the kitchen, you enjoyed the view of his naked body, saving it to yourself. Maybe you should have a nude photoshoot on your film camera.
He returned with a cup of water and a protein bar urging you to have them or ‘no fucking’ . You took both of them as you slowly restored your energy trying not to think about the unbearable ache in your lower abdomen.
You walked around a bit to stretch yourself while Harry relaxed on the sofa with his legs spread and cock miraculously still erect. You noticed the box he got still laying on the table , you skimmed it for anything fun laying your hands on a cock ring.
You brought it with you and showed to Harry who’s face shined at its sight. “You want to control my cock inside your pussy.”
“Hmm I do, wanna feel it vibrate against my walls.”
You helped him put it on and snatched its remote from the box trying not to get down on your knees again at the sight of your fiancée all spread out on the couch , waiting for you to ride him.
“Plug check.” He ordered you making you turn around to him , as he hummed an approval before spanking you and dropping you on his lap.
“Now let my cock choke with that warm cunt of yours , will ya?”
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