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far from sober | H.S
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summary: you’re incredibly drunk, and when you are it comes with you having an obscene lack of a filter. harry being the sweetheart he is, is trying to get you back into your hotel room in one piece. he was not ready for you to be so touchy.
warnings: alcohol consumption, drunk people (including close family members), fluff, sexual tension, brothers best friend, drunk crying lol
a/n: sorry I haven’t posted properly in a while! here’s a shorter piece while I work on some more stuff <3 plenty to come x
Saying you were a bit drunk was a drastic understatement.
You were stumbling all over the place, heels becoming impractical now you were so intoxicated.
Harry, who knew you were going out with some of your family and friends tonight at the bar, had no idea what he was coming back to.
You don’t remember actually intending to get this drunk, but your Aunty had been egging the group on to do some shots, and before you know it you’re well past tipsy. Even your mum was getting drunker than you’d seen in years.
So all the other boys who’d gone out— including Harry— walk into the hotel bar. It was as chic as the lobby, just adorning some more neon signs and rustic bar stools.
Harry had gone out with them to look at a heap of shit that you and your female family members had little interest in. They’d insisted you all stay and just have a couple cocktails, since it was a holiday after all.
It was to their surprise when your same eager aunt bounded up to them when they popped through the door to the bar. They had expected tipsy, but not hammered.
“Oh my god!! You guys will not believe how good the cocktails are here!” She swooned, and they all glanced at each other with an amused chuckle.
“I think I just might believe it.” One of the boys piped up.
Most of them dispersed to find their significant others, family or friends amidst the bar, and see how much chaos was being caused.
But you’d b-lined straight for Harry, regardless of whether he was seeking you out.
His brows shot up when you collided with his side, “Harry!”
Your arms wrap around his middle and you end up latching onto him, practically using him to keep yourself upright.
“Oh!” He speaks in surprise, hands jumping up to brace around your lower back.
“Are you absolutely hammered too, love?” He chuckles and you bury your face into his chest.
“Yeaaaaa…” you drawl, a smile spreading onto your face.
“Everyone else is rounding up their partners. Suppose I’m in charge of you, yea?” He suggests, rubbing your back.
“Wanna—“ you hiccup, “have a drink with me?”
He shakes his head with amusement, “I think you’ve had plenty, sweetheart. We should get you back to your room.”
Most of your drunk family were getting escorted out by their respective people, being taken up to their hotel room before they can drink themselves any sillier.
This included your brother, Leon, who had his longtime girlfriend pulled into his side, holding her half up and laughing a little at her drunken slur.
He came to a stop when he seen both of you, eyes flitting between your two figures. A small twitch of his brows suggested he wasn’t sure of how he felt about the sight.
“You got her?” He asks, a protective edge to his voice. One that drunken you missed easily as you stayed plastered against him— which is something sober you would not do in general, let alone in front of your brother.
Harry nodded straight away, understanding his defensiveness over you since he feels the same about Gemma. He said softly, “Of course, I’ve got her mate. I’ll take her up to her room.”
Leon glanced at you again. Harry and him met when they were 9, and they’ve been best friends since then. He trusts Harry with his own life, and knows he’d never ever do anything that would hurt you, but his protective side is still flaring up.
Only when his girlfriend, Brie, complains of feeling nauseous he curtly nods, and continues heading for the door.
You are again, oblivious to all this, running your fingers along the tattoos exposed on his forearm— his sleeves rolled up to his elbows— putting his gorgeous skin out on display for you.
“I loveee your arms.” You slur, and his eyes shoot from the door back down to you.
He rarely sees you this drunk, and you’re suddenly very close— making comments that for many reasons are bringing a flush to his face.
“Y/N, Jesus you’re hammered.” He shakes his head, still smiling.
He slowly starts walking, “Cmon, let’s go. Y’brother is expecting me to get you back to your room in one piece.”
“You definitely won’t have a drink with me?” You whine, taking a few steps backwards trying to tug him in the direction of the bar instead of the door.
“Nope. Maybe tomorrow if you can even stomach alcohol.” He pushes the doors from the dimly lit bar open, and leads you into the back of the lobby that it’s connected to.
You squint at the dramatic change in lighting, which is hardly helping your sense of perception, or lack thereof, from the alcohol.
Harry’s hand has taken yours though, leading you to an elevator.
You noticed how warm it was, smooth against yours, aside from the rougher pads of his fingers from the years of playing guitar.
Being so off it, you could not keep that thought to yourself.
“Your hands are so soft, H. Like silk.” You say as you walk into the first elevator to open, squeezing his hand.
“First time anyone’s ever told me they feel like silk. I’m flattered.” He smiles, squeezing back.
“what floor are y’on, by the way? D’ya even remember— or are we a bit too wasted for numbers?” A teasing lilt is in his voice.
You half-laugh half-hiccup, “it’s… 7…?”
“You hardly sound certain about that.” He nudges you with a laugh, “It’s 12, we’re on the same one, remember.”
You laugh much harder than any sober person would, which makes it funnier to him. Since it was a mediocre joke at best.
You’re still laughing as you touch his chest with your palm, “you’re not funny.”
His gaze travels down to it, and he’s shocked at how touchy you are. You never do shit like this when you’re sober. His own amusement quickly takes the back seat, even though you’re still giggling.
However your face falls shortly after, laced with a curious gaze as you slide the neck of his long sleeve to the side, in search for the swallows inked onto his collar bones.
He watches as your eyes wander the small expanse of skin there, and how your fingers brush the tattoos.
“Having fun?” He asks, trying to joke again, but really he’s undeniably a little worked up.
“Yah, heaps.” You snap your gaze back up to him as you enthusiastically nod.
He hates the fact he’s blushing so hard right now over this, since you’re drunk and not completely in control, but he at the end of the day is a man with a very pretty girl— which happened to be you— pulling at his top like she wants it off him.
You hum to yourself, “Have such a pretty neck.” And you trail your hand up it, running a finger over his adams apple.
The elevator door opens like a blessing, and he quickly moves to make distance between the two of you.
“Can you remember your room number, darling? That’s one thing I actually don’t know.” He looks to you as you follow him out with clumsy moments.
“Uh… I dunno— wait I think the keycard is in my purse.”
He laughs at this— wondering if it will come to you in time once you sober up.
“Fuckkk.” You groan. “My purse is in Molly’s big handbag.”
The groan soon turns into a whine, because drunk and being slightly inconvenienced is not a good pair.
“It’s ok!” He amends quickly, trying to keep from having a drunken meltdown on his hands, “We’ll just got back to mine, only if you’re comfortable?”
He quickly prepares for you to not want that, “otherwise— I’ll call her, she didn’t seem too wasted, I’m sure she can—“
He’s interrupted by you, “I don’t mind going back with you.”
You say it with a confused look on you face, a tiny pout on your lips.
“Why would I be uncomfortable going with you?”
“Because… well— I’m not sure. I just wanted to leave you with other options.”
It’s not like you haven’t spent time alone together before— you’ve actually spent plenty, but just never with you drunk.
And so touchy.
“No. It’s ok. I love being with you!” You chuckle.
He leads you down the hall, pulling the keycard from his back pocket once he reaches his room, 3313.
The door clicks open, and he holds it open for you, following you in shortly after.
You’re still unstable on your feet, and one look at those heels, he’s surprised you haven’t ended up on the floor in the last ten minutes
They’re practically a health and safety issue. He can not imagine you getting them off right now— which is exactly what you’re about to bend over and attempt.
Before you can throw off your centre of gravity, he quickly says, “Go sit on the bed.”
You glance back over your shoulder, face only lit by the light from the lamp in the corner of the room.
“That’s a little forward, don’t you think, Harry?”
He toes off his own shoes, shaking his head immediately at your drunken misconception of what he asked.
“So I can take your shoes off.”
You make the few steps left to the bed safely, and you sit at the edge of it, still giggling as you say, “just my shoes, huh?”
“Yes.” He walks over, kneeling down on one knee, pulling your heeled foot up onto the strength of his thigh.
He fiddles momentarily with the laced up string, warm hands splayed on your calf, and choosing to ignore the way your dress is riding up your thighs.
Christ. This is harder than he thought.
“I forget how hot you are sometimes.” You deadpan, and his jaw goes a little lax.
You’re usually playful, yes, but never do you breach into territory like this.
It was only others, like those at a family gathering, or your close friends, that would push to get stuff like that out of you like they were matchmakers.
There were many times that barbecues or some kind of event held at yours, Leon would invite Harry over. And if the two of you even interacted for just a second, someone in your family circle would tease you. Especially your own damn brother— it was a constant streamline of snarky comments from him.
“You are so drunk.” He mumble while pulling up your other foot.
You ignore his statement, thinking back to when he was a boy to now. He was cute— always was— but the way he looks now is just unmatchable.
“Have you always looked so… like… this?”
He chuckles, almost nervous, “what does question that even mean?”
“So pretty.” You clarify after a moment of trying to find the word.
“Ah, you’re only saying that because you’re plastered up the walls.” He laughs, and a dimple popped on his cheek, and your hand jumped into action before you could even think about it.
“Noooo, sober me thinks that too. She thinks you’re more than pretty.” You say, cupping his jaw, gently tracing the dimple that popped up.
He doesn’t know how to interpret any of this. His heart is jumping in his chest, and he’s trying to reason its genuinely just the alcohol in your system.
He holds eye contact as he slips off your other shoe, placing in neatly next to the other.
He stays there for a moment, unprepared for your next question.
“Can I kiss you?”
She’s drunk, she’s drunk, she’s drunk…
“You’re drunk, sweetheart.” He says, and it’s painful— because he wants to, so fucking bad, but you’re not in a state to consent to literally anything at the moment.
And especially not in the mind frame to be making decisions like this.
You lean forward anyway, before he has a chance to avoid it, managing to meet his lips on your own terms.
He caved for a brief flash of time, and allows a second for himself to feel it, no longer than that though. Just a mere moment to take in the warm, soft feeling of your lips on his. It takes so much strength for him to not kiss you back, he has to focus on the task at hand— sobering you up and getting you safely asleep.
He pulls back after that single moment, leaving his forehead against yours, “baby, I know, I really…” he cuts himself off.
A deep inhale and he stands up, “Not tonight. Cmon, let’s get you out of your dress. You can wear something of mine.”
He walks over to his suitcase, anything to remove you from his sight for a moment, to reset his thought process. He pulls out a tshirt and pair of gym shorts, hoping they won’t be too big on you.
Turning back around, he convinces himself he’s fine. Placing the clothes from his bag on the bed beside you, his hands come under your arms, helping you stand up on flat feet for the first time in hours.
You lean into the touch, turning around so he can undo the back of your dress.
The feeling of his fingers brushing your back have you going wild, and the way they gently slide the zipper of your dress down.
His eyes lock with the back of your lacy bralette and he chooses not to follow your skin any further down.
You use your hands to slip the straps off your shoulders— and very quickly the dress is pooling at your feet.
A shaky inhale passes through his nose as now you stand in just your underwear and a seemingly very pretty bralette.
He reaches and picks up his shirt from the foot of the bed.
“Do you want to… take this off before…?” He gestures to your bralette when he catches your eyes.
You nod, reaching behind you to undo the clasp and allowing it to slip from your shoulders to the floor.
Harry puts all his focus on getting the tshirt over your head to cover you up.
Once it’s over your whole frame, you can’t help but smile.
He’s so nervy and cute around you.
“Thanks, Harry.” You smile, suddenly feeling an overwhelming amount of adoration for him hit you.
It inflated up in your chest, and bubbled deep into the pit of your stomach.
It killed Harry to watch it happen, and although he had no idea what kind of thoughts were going on in your head, just seeing you light up like that…
You wrapped your arms around his middle again, just like you did when you ran up to him in the bar.
He placed his hands in your hair this time, taking in your scent— which was mixing with his own now that your were in his shirt.
“Love, if you were sober right now. God.” He confesses.
“Im sober enough.” You beg, even though it’s such a lie.
He still shakes his head against you, “‘M not gonna be that guy, Y/N. I have waited years just to have you. I can wait another night. Or week. Or a whole ‘nother year if that’s what it takes.”
This hits you hard.
And it felt like your 15 year old self could hear it up in the confines of your head it rung through you that loudly.
She loved him then, more than she’d ever admit. And sure, you’ve grown up from 15, but yet never once did you grow out of him.
As noted early, being drunk and inconvenienced is not a good pair. But being drunk and having someone say or do something sentimental like that is another level.
Tears immediately start to fall from your eyes, and he feels your chest shake at the sudden outburst of emotion.
He pulls back, thinking he’s done something wrong, or said the wrong thing, and an apology was immediately on the tip of his tongue.
But relief thrums through him as you tug him right back into the hug, “that’s— that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”
“The nicest thing a boys ever told me.”
“Sweetheart.” He coos as you cry, his own voice wobbly with emotion.
He feels like he’s on a roller coaster. 5 minutes ago it seemed all he could think about was the unspeakable things wanted to do to you, and now he just wants to lay you down and hold you until you fall asleep.
He forgets the shorts on the foot of the bed, shuffling the two of you up to where the head of it is— which was still unmade from last night when he’d slept in it.
He tugs you into it, pulling you tightly too his chest as your heads hit the pillows.
And he just hugs you.
Eventually, your crying subsides off, and you enter an indescribably calm state.
“I love you. I don’t even know if you’re going to remember this in the morning.” He sighs, “but fuck, I love you.”
“I love you too, Harry.” You whisper, before your eyes begin to fall heavy, and those words were the last to leave your lips before you fell asleep.
a/n pt2:
back again guys, hello!
this is like an extended a/n, but I have a lil update. I saw harry for the very first time live 3 weeks ago. it was so so incredible, and the experience was by far the best time of my life. I miss harry so much i just feel sick ugh. he is perfect. auslot was amazing, he absolutely gave us his all.
that’s why I’ve been so absent on here, literally coping with my pcd a day at a time. I’ve written heaps but nothing I’m 100% happy with haha.
but anyways I just thought I’d share, thank you so much for your continued support and know there is plenty in the works x
all my love, <3
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lukesaprince · 2 days
Rich H.S Part 5
Tumblr media
Summary: Neighbour/Older!Harry. It's Harry's birthday party and the couple manages to break their once-a-week rule yet again.
Warning: smut!!, daddy kink, hair pulling, choking, penetration, public oral (m receiving), mention of a safeword (it isn't used by mc but it's put in place), degradation, praise, fingering, spanking as punishment, recreational drug use (cocaine)
This is an age-gap romance, do not read if you don't like it.
Word count: 17k
Author’s note: Rich part 5 is here and it's giving drama, jealousy and all things spicy. Will just add again that they do cocaine in this part, if that is something you're uncomfortable with please do not read. Happy Reading! x
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- Find my General Masterlist here -
The moment Harry saw that fucking red lipstick of yours he nearly collapsed onto his knees. You were late to his party, something he specifically asked you not to be because the thought of having all these people that he either didn’t like or didn’t know in his house without you there was torture. If he could’ve been by your side without anyone finding it weird, he’d have glued his hand to your hip so you wouldn’t disappear on him.
Harry was a bit anal about time, especially when it came to you. In his work it was about respect and being late didn’t show that. For you it was because his time with you was always limited so the thought of you even being a second late to something was torture.
Harry already had it in his head that he’d be pulling you aside and telling you off for being nearly 45 minutes late to his party, but the second he saw you those thoughts disappeared from his head, and he didn’t give two shits that you were late. You looked good enough to eat and he just wanted to push up your tiny dress and devour you.
He gave you the day off because he had to be home for the party planner and catering to come in and set up for his party. It wasn’t really a day off for him since he practically locked himself in his home office to work from home the entire day. But since he was home, there really wasn’t a reason for you to dogsit Archie.
The thought of making you come over anyway crossed his mind since he easily could’ve put it up to needing your help with setting up the party. No one would’ve questioned it, and he was sure you’d be happy to get paid to just hang out all day since he wouldn’t have let you touch a single thing, even if that was the reason he gave other people.
But Harry didn’t take days off and knowing you were somewhere in the house or in his pool while he was home would’ve been severely distracting. He made money because he worked hard for it, and while he did take time off and enjoyed holidays and his weekly games of golf, money didn’t get made by taking time off to plan a party he didn’t fucking want.
If you were in the house, he would’ve spent all day fucking you and that wasn’t going to make him money. If it did… well that’s another story.
You came around in the afternoon to take Archie for his second walk of the day, but Harry happened to be busy talking to the party planner when you dropped by, so he didn’t have a chance to speak to you about tonight. He had been uninterrupted by his house guests the entire day, then the one time you come over they just had to speak to him.
It was fucking annoying really and he was distracted the entire time you and Archie were gone so he could be free to speak to you when you got back. He didn’t know why he was so hung up on speaking to you, but after the night he spent with you on Wednesday his mind hadn’t switched off from you.
It would’ve had to be the best birthday he had since moving to Australia. Since moving abroad his family hadn’t been around for a single one due to timing. He had visited the UK and they had come here, but never in time for it. Harry didn’t care much for his birthday, especially the older he got, but celebrating it with his family would’ve been nice.
The last couple years had been spent with a phone call from his mum, sister and other family members then going out for drinks with a couple mates. That was it. He didn’t want a party and he didn’t treat it like it was a special day.
Spending it with you, however, was special. The sex was incredible, but it wasn’t just about that. Harry found you incredibly interesting and he enjoyed spending time with you. There was a reason he started these impromptu dinners with you, way before you started sleeping together and it was because he liked you and wanted to know more about you.
After sleeping together and going through his array of baked goods and other, quite frankly, useless birthday gifts per your request he managed to set up the romantic dinner he originally planned after all. Going through everything took some time, and your prediction of him not liking any of it was spot on. He only kept a bottle of whiskey and some nice chocolates, the rest he let you take or froze for a time when he was ill and in desperate need of some crappy meal to get him by (God forbid).
The dinner was… well, Harry wasn’t really sure how to feel about it, honestly. He wanted it to be romantic, but it wasn’t meant to be a date. Yet the entire time he felt like he had just pulled out the entire works to be romantic and make it an actual date for you. He cooked, poured the wine, put some music on, set the table all nice and even gave you a bouquet of flowers he picked up on the way home.
When he was planning it in his head it felt like a good idea, and nothing felt too overboard or romantic where the boundaries of your relationship would be crossed. Once it was all put together, however, it was far more romantic than he imagined.
Gathered, the two of you weren’t dressed up at all, only wearing bathrobes after the shower you shared. But it still felt… special and it caused dread to grow in his stomach. He could feel it while he was fucking you, and in the pillow-talk you shared after. That tight, pre-heart attack feeling he experienced started to make sense when he was having dinner with you.
Harry didn’t want a relationship. Full stop. He didn’t like the effort and he didn’t like altering his life for someone else. Call it selfish or self-centred, sure, he’d agree. But he didn’t care because he knew what he wanted. When it came to you, his wants didn’t change, but he was putting too much effort into something that wasn’t going to become a relationship and he had to stop.
He couldn’t stop seeing you. No, that idea didn’t even cross his mind. But he needed to stop letting your quirks get to him and he had to try to stop thinking about you 24 fucking 7. He also couldn’t plan another dinner like this. Going forward he was returning to takeaway like it was before you slept together.
Part of this new plan to take a step back was to fuck someone at his birthday party. Your relationship wasn’t exclusive, so there was nothing wrong with being inside another woman for a quick shag.
The best way to get over someone was to get under someone or be over them in Harry’s case. There were going to be many, many women at his party, as made clear by his friends who somehow got it in their heads that a 1920’s themed party was the perfect opportunity to get him laid and to get him to snort cocaine off someone’s tits like he used to.
Harry met Michael, Will and Ethan when he backpacked around Australia in his early 20s. He stayed in a hostel here in Melbourne where Will was working at the time. They just seemed to click and soon Harry was partying and travelling with the three guys and some other others that he had met. They all stayed in touch and reconnected a couple years later when the three guys wanted to travel Europe and the UK.
From there, their friendship was practically sealed, and they stayed in contact over the years.
Once Harry moved here permanently, he already had people he knew and were still friendly with. While he was focused on work most of the time, he always made time for his friends and other people he had been introduced to from these guys.
Harry’s job here in Melbourne was for the same company he worked for in London, just in a much higher position and with a much higher pay. It was in a city he’d already fallen in love with, so when it was offered to him, he immediately took it. After only a year he had risen another pay grade and managed to put a good word in for Michael who at the time was working one of Australia’s biggest banks.
Harry didn’t like mixing business with pleasure, but Michael was talented, so he had no problems working alongside him. Michael, Will and Ethan all studied business together, so naturally they applied for similar jobs. Will had applied for a job at the same company before even knowing that Harry was moving to Australia and happened to get it around the same time. He vouched for Ethan and soon all of them were working in the same building.
They knew him and had seen him go through many relationships and many phases of his life, hence their encouragement of cocaine. The last time Harry did it was with Michael, Will and Ethan in a gentlemen’s club bathroom only a couple months before he moved here. He was doing a visit to prepare for his move and scope out places to live and decided to let loose while he had the time off.
It was a small hit, but big enough for Harry to get going and party the entire weekend. Mission accomplished in all aspects. If he was being honest, doing a line of coke really did sound appealing. Doing it off a pair of nice tits sounded even nicer. He hadn’t done it in a long time, but he felt like he might need it to get through tonight.
Between the sea of housewives that seemed to spawn like demons watching him from every corner of his house and his friends and mutual friends who were painstakingly making fun of him for said housewives, he already had a headache and the party barely started.
He saw your parents arrive just past 7:30pm when it started and he hoped you were with them, but when they both gave each other a look and explained you fell asleep mid-afternoon and were running late, he was thoroughly disappointed. He tried to get rid of that disappointment and need to see you by grabbing a full glass of whisky and chatting up a woman he knew he hadn’t slept with before.
He needed to fuck you and these feelings, if that’s what you’d call them out of his system, and he wasn’t about to go to someone he’d already slept with to do so. In a dream world he’d just fuck you to get it out of his system, do something rough and quick to get the romance out of it.
But he couldn’t sleep with you tonight, there was just no way of making it happen without someone suspecting something. The party was too public with too many mutual people that you two knew to risk anything. That didn’t stop him from wanting to see you and talk to you in private, however, especially since you were late after falling asleep on his birthday.
Harry was busy talking to Susan by the makeshift bar, a woman who was brought as a plus one by one of the mums who lived on your street when you walked in. He had been checking the hallway periodically to see if you had arrived. If it weren’t for the lack of party decorations near the foyer and his formal lounge, he would’ve been waiting there for you instead so he could see the exact moment you walked in.
It was like he had a sixth sense when it came you, because right as he did a quick head check at the entrance to his hallway, there you were. You looked like a nervous little thing, scanning the crowd of people for someone you knew to alleviate the anxiety you were having about this stupid party. Your nerves were only one of the things Harry focused on.
Because fucking god, you looked so gorgeous Harry actually felt his knees weaken. His mouth dried up and parted as he scanned you up and down, completely ignoring whatever Susan was talking about. Your outfit was similar to a lot of women in his house, in classic 1920s pinup girl fashion, but you by far looked the best.
Your hair was in curls and had a cute headband with a feather on it on top. Your black fringe dress was as short as it could be without exposing you and had thin spaghetti straps and a deep v that showed off your breasts too well. You paired it all with a small black clutch, black gloves, a long string of pearls wrapped twice around your neck and a pair of fishnet tights that Harry just wanted to rip apart and fuck you in.
But by far the best detail of your look was your makeup. Harry wasn’t one to pay attention too much to makeup, purely because he thought women looked amazing in whatever they chose to put on their face, and he didn’t really have a preference when his likes varied so much. But there was just something about the way you did yours that had his cock hardening in his pants. It could’ve been the smokey shadow around your eyes and dark liner in your waterline, making your eyes sultry and dark or the way your cheeks were perfectly blushed.
What Harry knew, however, was that the deep cherry red lipstick you wore made him absolutely feral. Images of that same lipstick painting his cock and chest flashed through his mind like a movie and he was hit with the realisation that if he was fucking anyone tonight it would be you. If he was snorting cocaine off someone, it would be you – with consent of course. He wasn’t sure if you’d even be into drugs, but with the Australian party scene he knew you’d have come across them before.
“Excuse me” he cut Susan off mid-sentence, not even looking at her before he downed his drink and approached you.
Your eyes met his and widened when you took in his appearance, digging your fingers into your purse to try and control the sudden wave of arousal that hit you. You were right about Harry looking good in a 1920’s suit, because fucking hell you wanted to drop on your knees right then and there and shove his cock down your throat. He looked gorgeous and sexy and so damn fuckable all at the same time you couldn’t even hide your blatant staring.
It didn’t help the way he fucked you into oblivion two days ago, something you were still recovering from.
His hair was slicked back, and he was wearing a fitted black waist coat with a white dress shirt underneath and matching black tie and pants. You imagined he had a jacket to go with it, but it was hot outside and it made sense not to wear it since the party had filtered outside into his garden. He had a pocket chain in the pocket of his vest which was just a small detail that added so much to the outfit. He looked like an absolute dream, and you were savouring it as he approached you.
“Hi” you smiled; your greeting breathless as you were severely distracted by how sexy he looked.
“Hi. You look… fucking incredible” he breathed, giving you a very obvious once over like you just gave him. His compliment sent shivers down your spine. It wasn’t even dirty, yet the way he said it was downright seductive and you could feel your pussy pulse at the thought of having a quick nasty hookup somewhere in secret.
“Thank you. You look amazing too” you replied, blushing from the intensity of his gaze. Amazing didn’t fit how good he looked, but you couldn’t exactly tell him how bad you wanted to fuck him. You made the quick choice to reach up and kiss his cheek, placing your hand gently on his chest for balance. “Happy Birthday, Harry” you whispered in his hear before you were back in your spot and at a healthy distance from him pretty much instantly.
“Thank you darling… I see you took your time getting here” he teased, making you look down, severely embarrassed by your afternoon.
“I’m sorry, I fell asleep after taking Archie for a walk” you admitted.
“I heard” he chuckled. He stepped closer and pressed his hand to the small of your back, causing you to look up at him. “Would you like a drink?”
“Sure, that sounds great” a drink was exactly what you needed. You had pre’d before you came, but it hadn’t quite kicked in yet and your nerves were building up pretty fast. “Wait, who told you?”
Harry guided you across the room to the makeshift bar, where a custom menu had been made with themed drinks for the night. Bartenders had been hired to make the drinks fresh and not just pour them out of pre-made jugs of shit. If Harry was forced to through a party, he’d put the money into it to make it expensive and well worth the loss of his night.
“Your parents, it was the first thing they told me when they arrived” he smirked.
“Of course, they did! I was gonna come up with something better than ‘I fell asleep’ as an excuse but I guess cat's out of the bag now” you let out a little embarrassed laugh, eyeing the menu of themed drinks to try and distract from how jittery you felt.
You hated being late to things. It caused immense anxiety and worry, especially for something so important like Harry’s birthday. He was so strict in the way he told you not to be late, so while his reaction didn’t seem too bad you were a bit cautious about what he would do. There wasn’t much that could happen in such a public party anyway, but Harry always got what he wanted so if he wanted to punish you for being late, he’d do so.
“It’s not good to lie anyway, darling. I would’ve found out the truth either way” he tutted, squeezing your waist subtly. “Now what would you like to drink?” he looked right at you.
You went to reply, already knowing what you wanted after a gin-based cocktail caught your eye, but Michael suddenly appeared behind Harry, yelling his name loudly to get his attention. “Harry! That girl I was talking about just arrived, you know… the one I was talk-oh fuck, y/n!” his sentence paused when he noticed your presence before you were suddenly pulled into a hug. “I didn’t expect to see you. I thought you had plans?”
He had pulled away as quickly as he pulled you in for the hug, very clearly wasted already. “My plans changed” you smiled, looking between him and Harry. You were curious what girl Michael was talking about and it was hard not to overthink about the possibility that he was setting Harry up with someone. Someone older and gorgeous and completely capable of fucking Harry so good he forgot all about you.
Okay… a little extreme, yes. But you just couldn’t help it. Jealousy was a deadly thing and you had been riddled with it since you walked through the front door. The number of good-looking women here was insanely intimidating, and you were mentally questioning every single one and how Harry knew them.
“Great! I’m sure old boy here is happy to have his favourite overworked dog sitter here” he laughed, slinging his arm around Harry’s neck and pulling him towards him.
Your heart sank a little at his words and you weren’t sure why. When he put it like that, ‘overworked dog sitter’, it put into perspective that that’s all people saw you as. Harry’s dog sitter and that was it. It made sense and it shouldn’t have stung, but it did. Your relationship with Harry was more than just boss-employee, even if you got rid of the fact you were sleeping together.
“She’s not just a fucking dog sitter, Mike. She’s a friend. Now can you relax” Harry hissed, nearly toppling over in Michael’s grip. He completely ignored Harry’s protest and kept his arm over his shoulder. Your heart went from sinking to swimming, happiness blooming in your chest at the way Harry defended you. You didn’t expect it at all, but it felt so good knowing that that’s what Harry thought about your relationship. It had never really been defined into actual words before.
“Right. Sorry.” Mike was too drunk to really care about the comment he made. “You mind if I borrow the birthday boy, y/n?” he asked you, patting Harry’s chest with his other hand.
“Now’s not the time, Mike. We were in the middle of something” Harry glared at him, not wanting to part from you for a second. You just got here, and you didn’t even have a drink in your hand yet and Mike was already trying to drag him away to meet a woman he was trying to set him up with. Harry didn’t want to go talk to someone else, he wanted to talk to you.
“It’s okay” you assured, giving Harry a warm smile. “Go. I can fend for myself”
You didn’t really want Harry to leave, and you would’ve much rather spent a bit more time with him before you had to part ways. But you weren’t his girlfriend and to most of the party you were simply his dogsitter like Mike said, his friend to your neighbours. Spending an unnecessarily long amount of time with him would’ve definitely been strange considering your public relationship.
“See. She’s a big girl, she can fend for herself. Now come on, big boy” Michael grinned, patting his chest again before forcing Harry to turn from you.
“I’ll be right back” he said to you, his voice firm and full of promise. You nodded and squeezed your bag tightly as you watched Michael walk him away from you and disappear into the crowd.
You felt anxiety rise in your chest at how suddenly you were in a party by yourself without someone to keep you company. To ease the nerves, you ordered yourself a drink that was much stronger than the cocktail you originally wanted and decided to go find your parents. Hanging out with your parents at a party wasn’t the most ideal situation, but they were familiar, and you hoped along the way you’d find someone else to talk to.
You found them outside by the pool house relaxing in the outdoor lounges Harry had on the paving. They were with some other neighbours, close friends of theirs that they always had over on Sundays for a BBQ. Compliments were given all around, on your outfit, hair and makeup then you were pulled down to sit beside your mum’s best friend who was your other direct neighbour.
It was nice being in their company, and once you had a bit of small talk you were happy to sit there and observe the party. You were feeling the effects of alcohol already, but with none of your friends here to get you up and having fun and dancing, you didn’t particularly feel like getting up and mingling.
You were so out of depth it was crazy. You had to be the youngest person here and it made you feel like a child, something you hadn’t once felt since knowing Harry or starting this relationship with him. He never made you feel like your age was a problem, but sitting here and looking at all these older women and other friends of his made you compare yourself to them in every way.
There were people talking all along the grass and pavement surrounding his pool as well as inside his house. Tall tables covered in white tablecloths had been littered around the garden, creating many spaces where people were chatting and resting their drinks.
It really was a gorgeous party, but you felt uneasy looking at the number of gorgeous women there were. Wealth surrounded every corner of the party, you could just tell by how they were dressed and carried themselves. They looked closer to Harry’s age but had bodies better than yours, and you couldn’t help but wonder how he knew them and if he had slept with them.
He had a habit of only doing one-night stands, so you didn’t really care about those you had seen sneaking out of Harry’s house after an overnight stay. But there was an overwhelming amount of people you didn’t know about, and you just had this sick feeling that one of them would be warming his bed tonight.
Someone in this party would have the pleasure of fucking Harry, and the thought made you sick. It was that icky, gross feeling you felt when you saw Tracey’s polaroid. You were jealous. You didn’t want to be, and you didn’t have a right to be, yet it was clouding your mind and making it hard for you to even want to be here.
You didn’t want to sit here and make small talk while Harry was off speaking to whatever mystery girl Michael was talking about and securing himself a hook-up for the night. It’s what you signed up for, and what you knew would happen when you came, yet now that you were here and experiencing it you just wanted to leave.
After sitting with your parents for a while and growing incredibly bored, you decided to head back to the bar for another drink. You hadn’t seen Harry for ages, and you were itching to see him. Part of you was worried that he had found his birthday blowjob and was in the middle of it. Mostly though, you were bored and just wanted to find him.
You secured your drink and began your journey through the house. He wasn’t anywhere downstairs, so you approached the stairs to go up. There was a red rope across the entrance, clearly signalling that you weren’t mean to go upstairs. It made sense since that’s where his bedroom and all his expensive belongings were, but you weren’t some drunk random trying to get a peek at his underwear drawer (truthfully, that was one of the first places you snooped when you were going through his wardrobe) so you ducked under very slowly so you wouldn’t spill your drink.
The music was significantly more quiet upstairs, and you could feel your body relax instantly after being overstimulated by everything for so long. His bedroom seemed like the best place to start. All the doors’ upstairs were closed, including the one to his room. You weren’t sure what you were even going to say to him once you found him, but you were just hoping that he’d be alone and not in the middle of fucking someone.
Despite not being in an actual relationship with him, you didn’t know if you’d be able to handle seeing him with someone else. When you started sleeping together, he just stopped sleeping with other people. At first you thought he was just being quiet, but night after night of listening out for someone else in his bed, there was nothing.
You didn’t understand why he hadn’t slept with anyone, but now that you had you were severely glad. You had nothing against high body counts or being with someone while they were seeing other people, but your jealousy and this… possessiveness you had grown for him would’ve hated knowing he had been with someone else.
His birthday seemed like the most logical night for him to want birthday sex, so it just made sense that even though he hadn’t slept with anyone else since you, he’d want someone to get his dick wet tonight.
You could feel nerves rise in your belly as you approached his door. Taking a sip of your cocktail for courage, you placed three solid knocks on his door and waited for his reply.
“This area is private!” you heard him yell before his heavy footsteps padded to the door. “Go back down-y/n?” his tone changed significantly as he opened the door and found you on the other side. It was like a breath of fresh air seeing you there, all wide eyed and flushed from the alcohol you had.
You were so adorable Harry wanted to eat you. He could tell you had been drinking more than when he first saw you from the blush along your cheeks and the slight dazed look in your eyes. You were standing okay, so he knew you weren’t too far gone.
“Are you hiding from your own party?” you let out a little giggle and slipped into his room when he stepped to the side to let you in. You instantly looked around the room and let out a little sigh of relief when you found it empty aside from the two of you.
No naked women. Thank fucking god.
“Yes” he replied, closing the door behind you. Your eyes widened and you let out a laugh as you headed straight for his bed and sat on the edge, noticing the creased bedding where he must’ve been sitting before you got there.
“Because. Michael is annoying me with… well, it doesn’t matter what, but he’s pissing me off. All the ‘fans’ as you call them keep coming up to try and talk to me and I really fucking don’t want to talk to them. Listening to those women speak is like seagulls coming after food after you’ve said no” he sighed, running a hand through his slick hair and sitting down right beside you. He unbuttoned his shirt sleeves and rolled them up to his elbows, exposing his tattoos and toned arms.
Michael had been trying to set him up all night, like a dog chasing his own tail over and over again. Harry was too busy thinking about you to put too much effort into talking to the woman Michael made him ditch you for. She was gorgeous, and Harry’s type to a T. If this party happened before he started sleeping with you, he would’ve flirted with her and fucked her before the party even ended.
But he just wasn’t interested now. Before you arrived at the party, he had it in his mind that he would sleep with someone else to try and get rid of you from his system. But then he saw you and well… he found himself not wanting anyone else. Especially on his birthday.
Michael continued pestering him and after encouraging Harry to talk to three more women, he excused himself and practically ran to his bedroom so he could have a moment of peace. Harry wasn’t having fun. He wanted to, considering it was his birthday and even if he didn’t like birthdays, he still should be having fun. But so far, his party was more of a bother than a celebration.
He hoped it would turn around at some point before he shut the music off himself and kicked everyone out. He used to be fun, and he still considered himself fun around close friends but parties like this that were filled with people he didn’t like didn’t bring him joy. He wished he didn’t give in to his friends and just had something small with people he actually liked spending time with.
Harry would’ve been able to relax and enjoy the night because he wouldn’t have been worried about all his neighbours trying to sleep with him or snoop through his house. At this rate a snort of cocaine sounded like the only thing that would get him to loosen up and enjoy himself.
“I’m sorry you’re not having a good time” you frowned, taking a sip from your drink, and looking right into his eyes. You wanted to ask about Michael, but you could tell Harry wasn’t in a good mood and you didn’t want to make it worse. He had let you into his room and you didn’t really want to be kicked out and sent back to your parents. “Is there anything I can do to make it better?”
You hated that Harry wasn’t having a good time. You kinda thought that even if he didn’t want a party, he’d still end up having fun. But that clearly wasn’t the case and you just wanted him to enjoy himself, even if it was only for a little bit.
“I’m having a good time now that you’re here” he smiled softly, pushing your hair behind your ear, and letting his knuckles brush against your cheek. His eyes flickered to your lips and that cherry red lipstick that he wanted to smudge and get all over his body.
His leg pressed against yours, the heat burning your skin and making your body shudder. Feeling him this close was beyond torture, and you were trying to think about anything but his cock. Your head subconsciously tilted up towards his, craving the feeling of his lips on yours. Just a kiss, just one kiss was all you needed.
“How do you feel about a drive?” he asked suddenly, breaking you from your daze and making you lean back a little.
“A drive? You trying to run away from your own party?” you smiled, taking another sip of your drink. Your heart was hammering in your chest. Both at his words and how intense it was to look in his eyes and be so close, yet not touch like you desperately wanted to.
“Yes. Need to get out of here for a bit” he smiled back. “You wanna come? Don’t think you’ve been in my sportscar yet” he smirked, standing up so he was towering over you. He held his hand out for you to take. You slid your hand in his and let him pull you up, your chest bumping into his at the motion.
“I’ve always thought your sportscar was the best quality of you” you grinned teasingly, finishing your drink off. Truthfully, his sportscar had always turned you on, especially when you watched him driving it. Fuck was Harry hot when he drove. Knowing that you were about to experience it firsthand and be in the car while he did it was only making your mind spiral with dirty thoughts.
“Wow, best quality huh?” he scoffed, laughing. He adjusted his fingers, so your hands were holding properly, a motion you weren’t expecting at all that caused your eyes to widen at him. “Thought it would be my cock at least”
You let out a loud laugh, following him as he walked to his bedroom door and opened it. “Guess you’re right, your sportscar can’t make me come” You really were just saying whatever you wanted now that your mind was sufficiently tipsy from alcohol. You were sure that when you woke up in the morning, you’d be severely embarrassed by everything you had said.
Harry had a little peak out of his door to see if anyone was there before letting out a sigh and walking through, keeping his hand in yours. “Don’t talk about making you come y/n otherwise I will kick everyone out and drag you onto my face” he warned, giving you a warning glance as he picked up his pace. A shiver ran through your body at his words, and your mind flashed to the overstimulation you received just two days ago. You honestly thought you’d never be able to come again after that and yet Harry’s words had you craving it. “Now be quick love, we gotta sneak out before anyone notices”
“Well fuck, okay” you replied softly, walking as fast as you could down the stairs. You still had your empty glass in hand and was holding Harry’s with the other, so you had nothing to keep you balanced.
When you got to the bottom of the stairs Harry let go of your hand and looked around to see if anyone was close by to see your escape. It seemed relatively clear, so he quickly grabbed your glass and put it down on a side table before grabbing your hand again. “C’mon baby, let’s get out of here” he sent you a smirk and walked fast to the front door, his grip on your hand pulling you along behind him.
He grabbed his keys from the hook near his front door before opening his door and speeding out, looking back to watch you close his door behind you before picking up into a light jog towards his car. “God, I feel like a fucking teenager sneaking out” he laughed to himself, unlocking his car and letting go of your hand to round the car to the driver’s side.
“How much have you had to drink?” you teased, opening the passenger door, and sliding down into the seat of his very expensive black Ferrari California. The car was sleek and sexy, just like him and you could feel yourself getting wet just hearing the engine turn on.
“Only a bit of whiskey. Why?” he asked, clipping up his seatbelt. “Seatbelt” he reminded, eyeing your body. You quickly did yours up and watched as he put the car in reverse, stretching his arm over the back of your seat as he kept his head turned to look out his rear window to get out of his driveway.
The gate was usually locked and closed so no one could get in, but with so many people going in and out all day it was easier to keep it open. Harry was glad he decided to do that because it meant he could quickly get out of his driveway and on the road without having to wait for the obnoxiously loud sound of his gate.
“You’re making too many jokes to be sober. Plus, since you’re driving, I want to know that you won’t kill me” your words came out breathy as you were mesmerised by the way his body was stretched as he reversed out the driveway. His cologne had filled the confined space of the car and it just made it so much sexier. He always smelt divine, and it felt like you were bathing in it in the best way possible.
“I’m just happy to be out of that fucking house” he let out a dry chuckle and ran a hand through his hair, his left hand falling naturally onto your bare thigh. Your entire body tensed up at the motion, your clit tingling at how hot it felt to have his hand on your thigh. “And I only had a bit of whiskey, so no one is dying tonight” he smirked, looking you up and down before returning his eyes to the road.
“Good, I’m too young to die. Even if it’s in a sexy sports car”
“Sexy, huh? Haven’t even called me sexy and yet the car gets it first?” he teased, his eyes flicking to yours again. You finally relaxed into the feeling of his hand on your thigh and sunk a bit deeper into the leather seat, resting your head against the head rest and looking at Harry.
“Like you don’t know you’re sexy” you scoffed, taking an obvious look down his body. His thighs were so muscly and straining against his suit pants. God, he looked fucking edible in that suit, you just wanted to pull his cock out right here and shove it down your throat.
“Tell me. Like the way it sounds on your tongue”
“Fuck off” you laughed, turning your head to look out the passenger window. By the route you were going you could tell you were going to hit the beach soon. He laughed and let out a little ‘cheeky girl’ before pinching your thigh.
The small sting rushed through your body, making you look back at Harry to watch him drive. He was so fucking hot there was just no better way of describing it. He seemed perfectly in his element, driving the car smoothly and effortlessly like it was second nature to him.
Your eyes drifted to his left arm, starting at his shoulder and working down to where his sleeve was rolled up. You observed every single tattoo then further down to where his large ringed hand was resting on your thigh. The dress you wore was extremely short and due to how low the car was, had ridden up significantly when you got in, so your underwear was nearly exposed.
Just the sight of his hand on your fishnets had you breathing heavier, and you were trying not to show how turned on you were getting. Your clit was starting to tingle, and you could feel yourself getting wetter, but the second you tensed your thighs to release pressure Harry would know.
“So… how fast does it go?” you asked curiously, closing your eyes momentarily when he drummed his fingers against your thigh.
“Can go up to 100 km/hour in 3.6 seconds” he smirked.
“You’re kidding” you gaped. He let out a chuckle and flexed his hand on your thigh, forcing you to hold in a whimper at how sensitive your skin was there.
“Mhmm. Wanna see?” he asked, loving the idea of showing off his car. Harry liked to show off his wealth. When he worked so fucking hard for it, it was only right to wear expensive clothes and accessories and drive an expensive car. Besides, he knew his car turned you on so what better reason than to get you so fucking high off adrenaline that you soak through your underwear?
He picked up on your arousal the second you got in his car and had a good look at it. Your thighs had been trembling from forcing yourself not to tense them beneath his hand and he could tell by the increase in your breathing that you were feeling it.
Godd, seeing you aroused did fucked up things to Harry’s brain and he could already feel himself getting hard. He was having a hard time at the party already, and now that you were here in his car with your entire legs exposed due to how fucking short your dress was it was even harder.
You nodded and looked out the front window, seeing the lack of traffic in front of you. You were driving along the beach now, the sun long gone so it was barely visible through Harry’s window. If the windows were open, you knew you’d be able to hear the sounds of waves crashing. A picture of doing this exact drive at sunset flashed in your mind, and you pictured how pretty Harry would look with the sun beating down his face creating an angel-like golden glow.
Harry’s hand grabbing your chin and turning it towards him broke your daydreaming, his eyes intensely looking into yours. “Hey, you trust me yeah? Know I wouldn’t hurt you or put you in danger?”
“Of course” you replied instantly, brows furrowed at why he asked that question in the first place.
“Good. Hold on tight then, baby” he smirked, dropping his hand back down to your thigh and giving it a squeeze. Your heartbeat picked up in preparation of what was about to happen, gripping tight onto the door with one hand while the other rest on your lap, close but not close enough to touch Harry’s hand.
You let out a ragged breath as the engine purred, revving loudly when Harry pressed his foot harder onto the accelerator. “Oh fuck” you cursed, feeling yourself being pushed back into your chair as the car surged forward and reached 100 km/h easily within the three seconds Harry said. You had never felt anything like it in a car, going so fast so quickly had slight fear prickling in your chest.
When you looked over at Harry, he looked calm as anything, driving the 100 km/h like it was nothing. The road was windy, and that speed was definitely too fast, yet he looked completely relaxed with that sick fucking smirk of his laced on his lips.
His nails dug into your thigh when he went even faster, reaching 150 in barely a second. Your hand fell onto his, digging into it at how fast it felt. He still looked calm, but you were anything but. “Harry” you whimpered a little, both in slight fear of the speed and possible consequences but also at the fact that seeing him drive like that was so attractive you could feel your clit pulsing with need.
“You good, darling? Wanna slow down?” he asked, looking over at you. You shook your head, finally letting yourself tense your thighs and effectively trapping his fingers between them. You couldn’t bare it anymore; your clit was practically crying out for release, and you needed to do something to soothe the ache.
He squeezed your thigh again, making your back arch slightly off the seat, closing your eyes momentarily. Harry couldn’t help but drive a little faster, nearly groaning out loud at the small gasp that left your lips. Your hand found itself on his thigh this time, digging your fingers into it to try and release the adrenaline coursing through your body.
You were horny. So fucking horny you just wanted him to pull the car over.
Thoughts of bringing his cock into your mouth again entered your mind and you suddenly found yourself fixated on it. You could see that it was half-hard within his dress pants, the outline of his length more obvious now than before.
Harry was always in control of sex, and that’s how you liked it. But seeing him look so unbelievably god-like while driving had you a new level of horny, feral more like it and you just couldn’t help yourself. “Slow down, Harry” you breathed.
He slowed down immediately, getting back to the 60 km/h speed limit he should’ve been driving this entire time. “You, okay?” he asked, wanting to make sure that he didn’t take it too far and freak you out instead of turning you on more like he wanted.
“I’m okay” You nodded and turned as best you could in your seat to work at his belt. “Just don’t want you to kill us while I do this”
“What are you doing, little girl?” he asked, flicking his eyes between you and the road. His new pet name had you pausing your fumbling on his belt to gather yourself, but you pushed past the momentary daze of arousal and continued on with your mission.
“What does it look like, daddy?” you asked innocently, looking up at him as his belt finally came undone. His pants were easy to undo, and you could feel his cock harden properly just at your question.
“Fuck” he muttered to himself, shifting his hips as he lifted his arm up from your leg so you could properly reach over his lap with your body. “Gonna make daddy come, huh? Always knew you were a little slut f’me” he rasped, his voice dropping as arousal flowed through his body.
You tugged his cock and balls through the opening of his boxers and pants, spitting on your hand for a bit of lube before wrapping it around his length. What you were doing was incredibly risky, and you knew you had to do it fast because the longer your mouth was on him the longer the possibility of him being caught and both of you being arrested.
Being sent to a police station with Harry on the night of his birthday party where everyone thought you two were wouldn’t have been the best situation. And you really didn’t want to have public indecency or something even worse on your record.
The reward outweighed the risk 100 times in your opinion, so you were going to thoroughly enjoy every second his cock was in your mouth. Hopefully after this he’d return to the party in a better mood and feeling like he could enjoy himself more.
“Mhmm” you agreed, sliding the tip of your cock into his mouth, and pressing as far down as you could go before pulling off again. “Want you to come in my mouth” you breathed, bringing him back into your mouth again.
“Fuck yeah, you do. Wanna get daddy’s cum down your throat, don’t you?” he groaned, sliding his hand into your hair. He kept his hand firmly on the steering wheel, keeping his eyes on the road. If he looked down and saw your head in his lap, those pretty lips of yours wrapped around his cock with that cherry lipstick of yours staining it, he would’ve come instantly.
While he knew that it couldn’t be a dragged out, sloppy blowjob like last time because of time and the fact that he was driving, he couldn’t come too fast. His ego wouldn’t have survived that blow. Literally.
Truth be told, Harry had never had a blowjob while driving before. He’s had car sex plenty times but never this. It was so unexpected too that he was having a hard time keeping his head straight on his head. One second he was teasing you with his driving and the next you had taken control and whipped his cock out.
You were full of surprises. Day after day you did something else that he didn’t expect, and he fucking loved it. It was like he was bringing out this new side in you, one where you were more confident to do what you want. He could see it in the way you carried yourself and had conversations with him. And this? Well, this made him want to give you everything in the entire fucking world.
Harry slowed the car when he came across a speed bump around a harsh corner of the road, the jolt causing your teeth to graze his length by accident. He let out a hiss of pain, his hand clutching into the back of your head.
“Fuck, I’m sorry” you pulled off his cock and apologised, feeling bad for hurting him. You jerked him off a little and looked up at him, seeing the look of pure ecstasy on his face. Your brows furrowed, expecting a look of pain rather than pleasure.
He looked down at you, eyes fully dark and pupils dilated. “Do it again, baby. Fuck”
He used his hand to guide you back to his cock, not forcing you down but letting you know it was okay. Your thighs tensed at his words, indicating that he liked the pain your teeth gave him. Pain kink. Harry had a fucking pain kink, and the knowledge was exhilarating.
You wrapped your lips back around his tip, seeing his jaw clenched as he looked down at you then back at the road. You let your teeth graze ever so gently against his tip before dragging them down, making sure his cock was soaked in your saliva and that you didn’t apply too much pressure. His reaction was pornographic, a deep groan of satisfaction leaving his lips as he fisted your hair tight.
“Fuck yeah. That’s it baby. Fuck... so fucking good” he whimpered, his thighs trembling at how good it felt to have your teeth scrape along his length. It was a pleasure filled pain, one that was supported with your sucks and licks as his cock rubbed against your tongue. He fucking loved it and had to slow the car down a little more before he regained proper control.
It was hard driving in this condition, but that only made it more fun. The adrenaline of doing this in public, passing cars when they had no clue what a good girl you were being for him. It reignited the part of him that thrived off exhibitionism, the part that loved sneaking a quickie in a park, fingering you under a table… finding someone at a gentleman’s club then fucking them in front of everyone.
You were too innocent and pure for that, and he wasn’t sure he’d be able to share that with anyone even if you wanted to do it. But fuck, the thought of it had his thighs trembling, his orgasm dangerously close.
You were in complete ignorant bliss of the outside world, eyes closed as you just enjoyed the weight of his cock on your tongue. His length and girth were like a perfect fit to your mouth, stretching it out so it stimulated him perfectly without making you uncomfortable in the process. You could see your lipstick dragging along his length when you opened your eyes, and it gave you the sickest satisfaction.
You were claiming him. It was like a temporary hickey, cherry red lipstick around his entire cock. If anyone else got the opportunity to fuck him tonight they’d see that he’d been with someone else. You. Part of you even liked the idea of them finding his cock like this then spending the entire night trying to match the lipstick shade to someone at his party.
They’d see you and your cherry red lips and do a double take. Someone so young and unsuspecting had the birthday boy’s cock down their throat.
The other part of you found the thought mortifying. You hoped it wouldn’t come to that though, and that this was enough pleasure for him to be satisfied for the night and not try and fuck anyone else.
You could feel the car slowing down, and too much to be a turn or speed bump like he had done previously. When you came to a complete stop you attempted to pull off him, stressing about where you were and what was happening.
“It’s okay, darling, we’re at a red light but you can keep going. They can’t see you” he murmured, looking down at you and keeping your head low so your mouth was still on his cock.
Looking down at you like that had Harry’s mind spiralling. Your lipstick had smudged around your mouth with a little on the tip of your nose from when you took him completely and pressed your nose to the base of his cock where your lipstick had transferred. Your eyes were wild and dark, like you were so fucked out on his cock you could stay on it forever.
Harry’s words were all the encouragement you needed to slide his cock further into your mouth, making eye contact at him as his jaw clenched. He was trying real fucking hard to not show how good it felt, especially with a car stopped to the right of him with perfect view into his car.
The car was just a bit higher than his and the most the guy could see if he looked over was the back of your head in his lap. Harry could care less if he saw you, in fact he was almost wanting him to so he could see how lucky Harry was to have someone like you being such a good girl for him. He wouldn’t have been able to see your face anyway, so Harry let himself stroke your hair and enjoy the blowjob, his thighs jolting when he felt your teeth graze him again.
Now that you knew about his pain kink you wanted to activate it constantly. There was just something so exhilarating about doing this in public, especially now fully stopped with someone beside you and it was making you crazy. You just wanted to make him come, and you now knew that bringing your teeth into play would do that.
Harry had the best poker face before you started using teeth, and now that you were he was barely holding on. His hand had clenched around the steering wheel, and he was praying for the light to change so he could speed off and find somewhere to park to come. There was no way he’d be able to come while driving, he’d probably crash the fucking car and kill both of you.
“Doing so good sweetheart, got the best fucking mouth” he praised, placing his elbow on the windowsill of his door. He brought his knuckles to his mouth and bit down as he looked up at the other car. The guy had finally turned his head in your direction, eyes wide at the sight of a girl bent over the centre console with her head in Harry’s lap.
Harry fucking loved the look of shock on the stranger’s face and made direct eye contact, tipping his head up at him in a greeting while tightening his grip on your hair. The light changed in that same moment and Harry was quick to speed away, letting out a loud ‘fuck’ when your teeth grazed him again.
He was going to come. He was so fucking close he could feel it in his toes. He scanned the road for somewhere to turn off, a side street, a car park, somewhere he could stop so he could come without killing both of you. He found a car park not too far up, so he pressed his foot to the accelerator, getting to the turn within seconds before going in.
The engine roared as he slowed down and drove all the way to the furthest spot, right in front of the water before putting it in park and doing the hand break. His other hand found its way into your hair as well, gathering all your hair into a makeshift ponytail so he could see your face better as he came.
“Fuck yeah baby, gonna come. Daddy’s gonna fill that slutty mouth of yours with cum” he groaned, his head tipping back as he guided your mouth up and down. He was barely hanging on. The sight of your body leaned over his, your dress ridden up and exposing your perfect ass covered in those fishnets of his. Fuck, he was in heaven.
When he felt your pull back until just his tip was in your mouth and scrape your teeth around the edges he exploded, muttering ‘fuck yeah’ over and over again as his cum spurt out in ribbons. You moaned appreciatively around him, keeping your hand snuggly wrapped around his base as you swallowed every single drop of his cum.
His sounds were gorgeous, pained and whimpery as his thighs shook beneath you. His abs were tensing and felt like they were on fire for how hard he was coming, his orgasm making his ears ring and his mouth grow dry. Who knew that teeth were all he needed to have one of the best orgasms of his life.
He finished with a pant, pulling you off gently to give him some relief before guiding you up by your hair. He looked at you for a moment, heavy gasps leaving his mouth as he calmed down. Your eyes were watering, a few tears dripping down and meeting your smudged lipstick, no longer in the perfectly painted shape you had earlier.
“So fucking gorgeous” he practically growled, pulling you in by your hair and smashing his lips to yours. You whimpered into his mouth, your hand falling onto his thigh as the other cupped his face.
Both of you knew you didn’t have much time before someone would notice your absence, so you really had to be driving back home already. But you just didn’t want to let go of each other. Like usual, his hand moved from your hair to your throat, the kiss becoming ten times hotter from that action alone.
“Spread your legs” he demanded, undoing his seatbelt before leaning forward so he could reach and undo yours. You both parted to untangle yourselves before meeting back in the middle, your hands cupping his face as you kissed again. The kiss was rushed and heavy, like you had been waiting all day to get your hands on each other.
And truly, you had been. From the moment you made eye contact with each other you both wanted to fuck each other’s brains out. In a car like this you wouldn’t even be able to sit on his lap due to the low roof, but he could easily make you come just like you did to him.
You spread your thighs and gasped into his mouth when he grabbed your right leg and pulled it over the middle so your ankle was resting on his knees and your legs were wide. The kiss broke so Harry could bend forward and press kisses to your cleavage while his hands found the fishnets right at your crotch, tucking his fingers in a hole and ripping it far apart.
“Harry!” you groaned, annoyed that this was now the second time he had ripped something you were wearing.
“I’ll buy you a new pair” he replied with little care in his tone, kissing back up your neck to find your lips again.
Using two fingers he nudged your underwear to the side before sliding them through your slick folds, your arousal sticky and completely soaked through the flimsy material. “Love how wet you get for me, always so easy to play with when you’re like this” he mumbled into your mouth, the praise immediately making your brain go to mush.
He found your clit easily, teasing it in small gentle circles while his other hand came back to your throat, a classic sign of dominance that he loved to show. “Please” you whimpered, bucking your hips into his fingers.
The smirk you felt against your mouth was sickening, and when you heard his mocking chuckle your body felt like it was on fire. He was so sick. So sick and so teasing you hated him yet couldn’t get enough of him at the same time.
“Don’t worry, you’ll be coming so quick for me” he assured you, sliding his two fingers down to circle your entrance. He applied pressure there, your back arching at how good it felt to be stimulated.
After Wednesday night your body was completely wrecked. So much so that you had to cut your morning walk short yesterday due to how sore your legs were from his hard fucking. Everything ached and now here you were again two days later with Harry’s fingers in your pussy again like that night didn’t completely destroy you.
His fingers slid in easily, the stretch making you gasp into his mouth and dig your fingers gently into the sides of his neck. Harry knew your body so well and while there were still things he needed to learn about it, he definitely knew how to make you come. Hooking his fingers into that spongey spot inside you, he started vigorously thrusting them in a ‘come here’ motion while his thumb found your clit.
Harry was so fucking good at fingering you’d be happy to never do anything else for the rest of your life. His stamina was outer worldly, as proved time and time again and it was no different when it came to fingering you.
It didn’t take long for your arousal to form cream on his fingers and drip down to his palm, completely soaking his hand as he drank in all your moans in his kisses. He just couldn’t keep his lips parted from yours, even when you were panting and couldn’t kiss back, he’d keep his lips brushed against yours.
Everything was going well until a loud ringing made you both jump, his hand slipping from your pussy causing you to whine at the loss. He groaned at the feeling of his phone buzzing in his pocket, grabbing it out with the hand he had around your neck while the other came to rest on your thigh.
Your clit was pulsing with need and you wished he had just ignored the call.
“It’s Will” his brows furrowed. “Fuck, it’s Will” he repeated, cursing because he knew the only reason he’d be calling was because he figured out Harry was missing. His eyes met yours as he answered the call, his fingers sliding back into your pussy. “Hey mate” Your eyes widened, and you grabbed onto his wrist, nearly squeaking at how he returned back to fingering you like he wasn’t on the phone.
“Harry!” you whispered, trying to keep your noises at bay at how good he was making you feel. The pleasure was so good you could barely hear what Will was saying through the speaker, even though you desperately wanted to know what was happening.
Harry flashed you a look and mouthed a ‘shh’ before responding to whatever Will said. “Yeah, just had to clear my head for a bit but I’m not too far…” his eyes filtered down to his hand fucking your pussy, your thighs shaking bad from trying not to shut around his hand. “Cake? You got a cake… alright, yeah, I’ll come back now” he flashed you an apologetic look, rubbing his thumb harder against your clit. You had to slam your hand over your mouth to stop your noise, fearing you’d scream in ecstasy if you didn’t. “Give me 20… alright, yep. See you soon”
He ended the call then suddenly pulled his hand from your cunt, pulling your underwear back into position in the process. “Sorry darling. Gotta get back” he breathed, seeing how desperate you were. He could tell you were close already and he had just taken it away from you. He quickly tucked himself back into his pants and redid them and his belt.
“Harry” you panted, pressing your thighs together and brushing your hair away from your face.
“I know” he replied, kissing you gently. “I’ll take care of you when we get back, okay? Now put your belt on… and here” he reached in front of you and opened the glove box, showing you the box of tissues he had in there. He grabbed himself one and opened the car visor mirror to clean his mouth that had turned cherry-red from your lipstick.
“T-thanks” you thanked, grabbing a tissue from the box. You did your seatbelt before cleaning anything up so Harry could leave his the spot quickly, knowing how fucked you’d be if you were caught together.
Harry quickly reversed out of his spot and sped out of the car park, taking advantage of the speed of his car to get back quicker. Using the car visor mirror, you cleaned off your lipstick and did your best to clean up your mouth while trying to ignore the ache between your legs. “Did he know I was with you?” you asked, stressed that someone would put two and two together and expose your relationship.
Harry shook his head and ran his hand through his hair, his hand falling on your thigh right after. “I don’t think so. He only asked where I was. If anyone asks though, just say you were in the formal lounge or with Archie upstairs”
You nodded and returned to cleaning yourself up, grabbing your lipstick from your purse and reapplying a fresh coat so it looked pretty brand new. It was a bit hard with how fast Harry was, but you quickly became accustomed to it and managed to finish right in time for him to pull into his driveway.
He turned his lights off and parked before reaching his gate, so he wasn’t in his parking spot yet, holding onto the steering wheel with both hands and looking through the gate at his house. The music was already loud from out here and he was dreading going inside.
“Are you okay?” you asked him, running your fingers through your hair to tame it from when he was gripping it.
“Don’t really want to go back inside yet. Think I’ll have to get incredibly drunk or… nevermind. Just don’t think I’m gonna have a better time than I have in this car with you” he shrugged, running a hand through his hair.  He didn’t want to leave the confides of his car. It was like a secret box that you both inhabited where only you two existed.
He wanted to live there forever, and if he could drive off into the night with you and not return until every single person had left his house he would.
“Or what? Harry if there’s something I can do or you can do to actually enjoy your birthday, you should do it. You deserve to have fun” you pressed, turning in your seat so you were facing him more.
He let out a heavy breath and looked at you a little funny before lifting his hips and grabbing something from his back pocket. You watched curiously as he lifted his hand and shook the tiny ziplock bag of white powder. “Been thinking of snorting this all night” he admitted.
“Oh my god, who knew Harry Styles would be into drugs” your eyes widened, and you let out a little laugh, grabbing the bag from him and holding it up in front of you so you could have a good look. You had a feeling Harry was a heavy partier when he was younger, so it didn’t surprise you that he had done them before. It was surprising that he had some on him now, though.
“Surprised?” he mused, crossing his arms and shifting his hips.
“A little. Thought you were only into whiskey and Italian wine” you looked back at him before handing the bag back.
“Not quite… You ever done any drugs before?” he chuckled, looking down at the little white bag in the palm of his hand. He really wanted a hit, just a small one to make him feel happy.
“Smoked weed once, but never done anything harder than that”
For some reason, Harry wasn’t particularly surprised that you had dabbled in marijuana, nor that you hadn’t done anything else. “I’m not going to do this if it makes you uncomfortable. I’ve done it before and know my limit, but I won’t do it at all if you don’t want me to” his tone was full of honesty, like the ball was completely in your court.
You thought about it for a bit and when it came down to it, you didn’t really care if he did it. He didn’t seem like an addict, and he was strict in every other aspect of his life so you knew this would be the same.
“Do it, but I want to do it too” you replied, set in your decision. The party wasn’t boring per say, but if Harry was going to get high you wanted to join in. It was something you’d always wanted to try anyway, but never felt safe enough to do so. Harry and safe felt like one thing, and you knew that his coke wouldn’t be laced with anything or kill you from one little snort.
Part of you expected him to fight you on it and say no; tell you something along the lines of how bad it’ll destroy your body and rot your mind. Yet he did neither of those things and simply nodded. “Okay. But you only get one hit and I set it up for you. This is pure so it shouldn’t do anything it isn’t meant to. Understand?”
“I understand… Where are you going to put it?” you asked, thinking the dashboard seemed like the best place. He smirked and reached forward, gently swiping your hair back off your shoulder before running his knuckles along your neck and down to your cleavage. A shiver ran through your body at his touch and you subconsciously leaned into it, loving the feeling of his skin.
“Well, I had a few ideas on mine. You can pick wherever you like for yours” his fingers ghosted the neckline of your dress as he looked up at you. You could easily read what he was talking about, a shiver running through your body at the thought of him snorting it right of your tit.
“Here” you placed your hand on his thigh, right where his tiger tattoo would be if he weren’t wearing any clothes.
“Good choice, darling”
Your mind was fixated on the sight of Harry snorting cocaine off your tits long after he actually did it. He had such a good grip on your breast you could still feel it even as you watched him blow out his little 3-9 candles and close his eyes childishly to make a wish. While the effects of the cocaine hadn’t really hit you yet, Harry was smiley as anything as soon as he entered his house.
Maybe he wasn’t as tolerant to things as when he was younger. It made sense for that to be the reason why you only felt tipsy rather than anything different. The drive had sobered you up significantly but as soon as you got back you grabbed another drink.
You both managed to somehow avoid questions when you got inside, Harry beelining for Will while you veered off in the other direction so no one would catch you together.
Your parents believed your excuse of being with Archie and in the formal lounge, since he had disappeared earlier around the same you did. He probably smelt you in Harry’s room and decided to stay in there a bit. Archie was one of the most sociable dogs you knew, but after too much socialising he hit a wall and needed alone time, just like any person.
The entire time you were singing happy birthday, all you could think about was his cock in your mouth and the way his fingers felt inside you. The hole he created in the crotch of your stockings luckily didn’t go too far down your thighs, so it was hidden well under your dress. God, but all you could think about was him bending you over and just pushing your underwear aside like he did earlier and fucking you still in your clothes.
It was such easy access. The thought sent shivers up your spine.
Once the singing was over, you could see all the women interested in him start to swarm a little to wish him personal happy birthdays, a sight that made you roll your eyes and scull your drink finished. You couldn’t stand those women, even though you had grown up with most of them and actually had a decent relationship with them.
When Harry got involved however, you were happy to never speak to them again if it meant you’d have him to yourself. God, it sounds fucking crazy when you put it like that.
You decided to grab another drink to distract yourself from your jealousy. Your eyes met his across the room as you crossed the floor to the bar. A sickening smirk curled on his lips looking at you, his eyes dark and slightly bloodshot from his high.
Hopefully no one was looking too close at his eyes, or yours for that matter.
The high you were waiting for came suddenly, and when it did it felt like your entire body was floating. It was a wonderful, happy experience that made a wide smile emerge on your face as you approached the bartender. He was young and almost boyish looking but seemed similar in age to you.
You couldn’t remember what you said that made him laugh, but a wide grin grew on his lips and suddenly you were launched into a laughter-filled conversation as he made your drink. Even after he finished, he kept leaning over the bar to talk to you and you were loving it. He was nice and sweet, and everything that came out of his mouth was funny.
The reality was probably different, but your high felt so good you didn’t even care if you were making a fool out of yourself. To anyone else you appeared drunk, at least that’s what you hoped.
Across the room Harry was having a very different conversation, one that made his blood boil while simultaneously making his cock hard. The cocaine had given him a sufficient high that he actually felt happy receiving the many ‘happy birthdays’ from the various women from the neighbourhood. He even thanked each with a kiss on the cheek and a flash of his signature smirk.
Before you he would’ve been happy without the cocaine, but now every woman he saw just paled in comparison and he could barely stand their company even for a minute.
Tracey was the last in what felt like a line of women wanting to talk to him. When she approached, she had a cheeky look on her face. “Happy birthday, Harry” she smiled, cupping his face before leaning up to kiss his cheek. “I thought you’d approach me straight away after my present. But I guess you were too preoccupied being the birthday boy for little ol’ me” she pulled away and let her hand drag down his chest.
“It’s tacky to open birthday presents in front of everyone, Tracey. I’m not five anymore” he replied dryly. She seemed to find his response funny and let out an obnoxious giggle.
“No silly, the one I sent with your lasagne on Wednesday. I gave it to y/n, so I know you got it” she rolled her eyes playfully and fiddled with her hair, trying to lay it on thick for him.
Harry had no fucking idea what she was talking about.
His eyes scanned the room for you again, easily finding you engrossed in conversation with the bartender who was looking at you like he wanted to eat you. Your eyes met his briefly before you went on with your flirting like Harry wasn’t standing right there.
His blood started to boil, and his mind was swirling with hundreds of thoughts. He hated watching you with someone else, and he couldn’t help but feel like it was some sort of payback for leaving you hanging in the car or the fact that you had to watch all these women shower him in attention. You were clearly irritated earlier watching the swarm approach him after singing Happy Birthday and he loved that it was affecting you.
What he didn’t love, however, was the way this child was looking at you and how you were completely fucking eating it up. Your laughter and flirty giggles were loud enough for him to hear them over the music, and he could see how much effort you were putting into getting a similar reaction from the bartender.
Annoyance had grown very quickly in Harry, and he wasn’t sure why. He hated how that child was looking at you, the way he smiled at you and looked you up and down. Fucker probably couldn’t even find the clit, yet he was looking at you like he wanted to eat you.
It made Harry sick, to be honest. A borderline violent rage swirling in his stomach at the audacity of that guy thinking he even had a chance with you. You were far too smart, too pretty, and had way too high standards to even be in his league. He could never fuck you like Harry could, nor could he treat you as well.
Mix those violently jealous feelings with the confusion he had over whatever Tracey was talking about and the leftover horniness and irritation from getting cut short in the car and he was already painting an entire scene in his head on what he was going to do to you.
“Look, Tracey. I had a lot of things delivered Wednesday, I don’t know what you’re talking about” he ran a hand through his hair, sensing the switch in her attitude.
“The polaroids” she whisper-shouted, stepping closer so only he would hear it over the loud music. His brows furrowed and he looked over at you again, finding a very guilty look on your face as you looked over at him and finally processed who he was talking to. You quickly looked away, pretending like you hadn’t just been caught. The dots were slowly connecting in Harry’s head, but until he found proof, he wasn’t going to confront you just yet.
“Oh. Right. Wasn’t very impressed. Now, if you’ll excuse me” he slid past her, ignoring the loud gasp of shock she let out as he marched towards his kitchen.
Little minx did something to those fucking polaroids and he was hoping he’d find them. He knew what you were like, a flustered little thing with a hot head. You were timid and shy until something pushed you over the edge and made you do something rash. He wasn’t too hopeful that they were still in his house, but he still wanted to check on the off chance they were.
Caterers had taken over his butler’s pantry, but he had little care of their presence as he checked the bin in there. They had been using it all day and had emptied it already, so he decided to ask if they’d seen anything. When they hadn’t, he moved onto the second bin that was in the main part of the kitchen. This one hadn’t been emptied and didn’t contain much rubbish as Harry didn’t create much living by himself.
He looked around to see if anyone else was focusing on him, and when the coast was clear he grabbed a clean knife and pushed the rubbish around, trying to find any sign of something that shouldn’t be there. After a couple pushes, he finally noticed it, the corner of a white envelope sticking out of a few protein powder sachets.
He quickly grabbed it and had a small peak inside, finding a series of naked and semi-naked polaroids. His peek was small, just to recognise what they were before he quickly closed the envelope and tucked it into his back pocket. Gotcha.
Now that Harry had evidence… well all that’s left to do was punish you for the crime.
Harry beelined for you, finding you in the same position he left you in. Your conversation wasn’t as animated now, but the bartender was still ignoring his job and clearly trying to get you to give him your number. He slid in naturally behind you, his hand grabbing your waist and alerting you of his presence. You jumped slightly and felt your heartbeat erratically when you looked and saw that it was Harry.
Well, fuck. You saw him talking to Tracey, but you were just hoping and praying that she wouldn’t say anything about the pictures. By the look on Harry’s face though, one crossed between annoyance and amusement (more so annoyed), you just had this feeling that she had.
“We need to talk” he said curtly, grabbing your cocktail that you completely forgot was even in your hand and putting it down on the bar.
“We’re kinda in the middle of something, mate” the boy said, Harry’s brows quirking up in amusement. Your mouth visibly gaped at his comment, knowing that he definitely shouldn’t have said that.
“You’re funny” Harry chuckled dryly, pressing his body into your back as he leaned a little closer to the boy. “How about you stop talking to my girl and get the fuck back to work before I get your boss to fire you”  
Your heart fell into your fucking ass and you could feel yourself open and close your mouth in shock without saying anything. Words just weren’t forming in your head or on your tongue as Harry didn’t even allow the boy to respond before nudging you away from the bar. My girl. My girl? My girl!?
Everything was swirling in your mind so distractingly you barely registered where Harry was guiding you until you were dragged into the guest bathroom. “Harry, what’s going on?” you asked nervously, swallowing the lump in your throat as he locked the door and leaned against it, crossing his arms while looking at you darkly.
“Turn around”
You turned around so you were facing the vanity this time, making eye contact with Harry through the mirror. He walked towards you until he was pressed against your back, nudging you forward so your thighs touched the vanity. Everything he was doing was making you increasingly nervous and it was sobering you very quickly from the enjoyable high you were experiencing.
“You’ve been naughty, darling” he tutted, grabbing your purse and putting it on the vanity without care.
“I-I have?” you breathed, gripping onto the edge of the countertop out of nervousness. Your heart felt like it was going to explode with how fast it was beating, and your entire body was hyperaware of every point of contact Harry was making with you.
“You have” he confirmed, smirking sickly as one hand found your waist while the other trailed gently up your arm, goosebumps rising in a path following his touch. “See, a little birdy has told me you hid something from me, and I can’t help but think it’s because you’re jealous”
The smallest whimper left your mouth at his words, but you tried to cover it with a little clear of your throat. You were jealous, but you didn’t want him to know that. “I don’t know what you’re talking about”
His brow rose and he let out a chuckle, his hand sliding up your arm before coming around the front to wrap around your neck. Your breath hitched and your hand came up to wrap around his wrist on instinct. Harry’s hand flexed around your neck as he fished the envelope out of his back pocket and waved it around teasingly. “This ring a bell?”
Your eyes widened, flicking between the envelope and his eyes through the mirror. Well fuck. He could see the look of panic on your face, and it made him chuckle again. “See, lying does no good around me, sweetheart. I can read you like a book and I always know when you tell the truth”
“I’m sorry… I should’ve given it to you” you replied shakily, not sure what else to say.
“Oh, you don’t need to apologise for that, love” he tilted your head back so it tipped to his chest, ghosting his mouth along your jaw until it brushed against your ear. “You do need to apologise for lying and trying to get back at me, though. Flirting with a child to try and make me jealous isn’t very nice when I treat you so well”
“I wasn’t… I wasn’t trying to make you jealous” you breathed, your eyes fluttering shut.
“No? So, you genuinely thought that that boy could fuck you better than me? You really wanted to flirt with him and what, date him? Fuck him? I’m not stupid baby and neither are you, you have standards, and that boy doesn’t come close to any of them” his voice was dark and alluring, spoken right in your ear. It gave you full body shivers.
Harry was right. If there was one thing about him, it was that he was always fucking right. Making him jealous wasn’t on the forefront of your mind when you started talking to the bartender for many reasons, but Harry was right. The guy wasn’t your type, and you didn’t like random hook-ups with strangers so there was no real reason for you to talk to him that enthusiastically if not to try and make Harry jealous.
In the moment you were just high and found the guy funny, but drunk words are sober thoughts and even through your high you knew what you were doing. No one can fuck you like Harry does and you know it. Even if you tried and tried to find someone else, he had properly ruined you for anyone else. And the worst part is that he knows it.
You didn’t challenge Harry often, if at all. It could’ve been the coke running in your blood or the alcohol loosening your inhibitions, but something in his words just pressed an area in your mind that made you want to retaliate. He ruined men for you and had clouded your mind to the point where even thinking of him with another woman made you jealous and sick. Really, it was all his and his dick’s fault.
“He could be taught. And I didn’t really want to stand there and watch you get showered in kisses and propositions to get your dick sucked, so the bartender seemed like the best option” you replied, opening your eyes to make eye contact with him through the mirror. His tongue pressed into his cheek, and he could feel himself growing with anger and frustration.
Part of him was satisfied you had practically admitted to trying to make him jealous. The other wanted to fuck you so good you’d never attempt it again. You didn’t belong to him, and Harry knew that you probably never would, not behind closed doors anyway. But he’d be damned if he didn’t leave a lasting impression and make you think of him every time another man touched you.
He wanted you to feel his cock while someone else was inside you, to compare and come to the realisation that no one would ever come close to him. No one would treat you better, feel better inside you, make you come quicker. No one would get you flustered as quick or get your submission with just a look.
Harry took a moment before replying, “You want to play games? Alright, baby. Let’s play a game…” He slid his hand from the front of your throat to the back, wounding his fingers into the hair at the back of your head before pushing your upper body forward and pinning you to the vanity. You let out a little whimper of surprise, the countertop cool against your cheek. “I’m going to fuck you and for every sound you make I’m going to spank you. You get to 10 spanks, and you don’t get to come. Understand?”
His body leaned over yours so he could speak lowly in your ear, and with him pressed against you like this you could feel the hardness of his cock right against your ass. It was taunting you, and with the loss of your orgasm earlier in the car you were eager to get him inside you again.
“You’re not doing very well at sticking to your once-a-week rule, are you?” you breathed, pressing your ass back into him. You were really pushing it, but you couldn’t help it. Since putting the once-a-week rule in place he had now broken it twice.
His lips curled against your cheek. “God you’re fucking mouthy tonight. You get two spanks just for badmouthing me. Shouldn’t let you come at all for being such a rude little slut tonight” he spat, keeping one hand on the back of your head while his hips moved back so he could tug your dress up and over your hips.
A shiver ran through your body, and you nearly moaned at the feeling of his hand caressing your ass through your fishnet tights. It was clear through that alone that he’d be keeping them on while he fucked you, and it felt like your fantasy was coming true. This scenario had been playing in your head since the car and it made you unbearably wet now that it was actually happening.
“Remember, darling. Don’t make a fucking sound and use your colours if you need anything” he said gently before kissing your cheek and standing up straight behind you.
He kept your hips pinned in place with one hand while caressing your ass with the other. You were so pretty and spankable from this angle. He could even see the wet patch on the front of your underwear, and it was driving him fucking crazy with need. Soon.
His hand drew back before spanking your right cheek so suddenly your mouth opened in a whined ‘fuck’. You should’ve expected it and prepared for it to happen, so you’d stay quiet. But his hit was heavy-handed, and you could feel the added sting of his rings bruise your skin.
“Already up to three and I’m not even inside you yet. At this rate you won’t be coming this time or next time” he mused, rubbing the reddened skin before drawing back and hitting your other cheek. This time you were more prepared and clutched the vanity while biting down on your bottom lip. The sting was incredibly sharp, and like nothing you had ever felt before.
You had been spanked while doing doggy once, bit it was a heat of a moment love tap and it didn’t feel like this. Harry spanked with purpose and skill, and he used those fucking rings on his fingers to his advantage, making sure most of the force was on his fingers rather than palm so it stung more. He spanked you one more time, your legs tensing up at the increase in pain due to going over the same spot as before.
But fuck. Even though it hurt you still loved the pain and you were unbearable wet just after those few spanks alone.
“Hmmph. Maybe you do want to come” he muttered to himself, soothing your ass with gentle rubs. He didn’t do this for long because he was very quickly kicking your legs apart and undoing his belt and pants. He said a small ‘stay there’ as he grabbed the condom he had stashed in his pocket and tucked it between his teeth, pushing his boxers down enough for his cock to spring out.
He gave himself a few tugs for good measure before ripping the condom wrapped open and sliding it onto his length, watching how tensed you were and how you were trying to squeeze your thighs together even despite the way they were parted. Hooking his fingers into your g-string, he pulled it to the side and admired the way your arousal had made your pussy all shiny.
“Got such a pretty pussy, you do. Always so wet f’me even when you’re in trouble” he praised, sliding two fingers between your folds to spread your wetness. When his fingers met your clit, you tried not to sigh out in contentment. You had been uncomfortable and horny since the car and the relief of his touch was otherworldly.
You didn’t know what the extent of ‘don’t make a noise’ was, so you didn’t even beg or say anything. You wanted to come so bad that you didn’t want to risk getting your spank count too high and compromising your orgasm. With the way Harry fucked you knew you’d slip up at some point.
Harry didn’t feel the need to prep you any more than he already had in the car. You were so wet anyway; he knew it’d be easy to slide into you. And fuck, it was. He slid his cock through your folds then pressed the tip to your entrance teasingly, dipping a little into you a couple times before he properly pushed in. There was nothing teasing about the way he pushed into you, it was fast and hard, and he didn’t give you a chance to adjust before he started thrusting.
The way he entered you in one sweep had you crying out and slapping your hand against the mirror. You didn’t want to, but you just couldn’t stop yourself.
“Number four, baby”
He spanked you again before grabbing onto your hips with both hands, pulling your body back onto his so it met his thrusts. Your mouth was wide open as noiseless gasps and breaths left you. You tried not to make actual noises of pleasure, but it was so hard with the way Harry was fucking into you. His thrusts were punishing and hit your g-spot so frequently and with so much force you could barely think anymore.
It was always like this, where he fucked you so good your brain turned to mush. He turned you into a proper cock whore time and time again.
Harry wanted to up the antic, so he reached forward and wrapped your hair around his fist, pulling back so your upper body lifted from the counter. A whimper left your mouth at the sting of your scalp, another sensation that was completely overwhelming your body.
“Number five” he chuckled, “getting dangerously close, y/n. Would be such a shame if you couldn’t get your orgasm.” He spoke with little care, like your orgasm meant nothing to him. You knew it was the opposite, which only made his words that much sexier.
He spanked you again. With his thrusts not slowing or changing at all, the pain was a lot stronger, so you nearly moaned out again. You had to reach back and grab onto his outer thigh, digging your nails into it to try and release some of the tension you couldn’t by moaning or begging for him.
There were times with Harry that he was fucking you so good all you could do was lie there and moan incoherently. This felt like one of those times, but you couldn’t moan or beg or make any noise and it was almost too challenging for you. You could already feel the warm swirling in your body start to build up as your orgasm did and it felt like a victory knowing you had only reached number five and were already about to come.
“Don’t you fucking dare, y/n. I can feel the way you’re squeezing ‘round me already” Harry hissed, pulling your head back enough for his lips to brush against your ear.
“Please” you whimpered, clutching onto the vanity with one hand as the other moved into his hair, getting a good grip on it. You made eye contact with him in the mirror and you just wished you could take a photo of it so you’d never forget the way Harry looked.
His previously styled hair was completely ruined now, all scrunched up and unruly and his lips were slightly stained from your lipstick and the make-out session you had in his car. He looked absolutely glorious.
“Begging is a sound” he smirked, looking right at you as he pushed your upper body down a little to spank your opposite cheek before pulling it back up by your hair. Your mouth opened in a pant as your eyes fluttered shut, your knees wobbling beneath you from the intensity of his thrusts. “Do not come until I tell you, otherwise next time we play it’ll be a lot worse for you”
This happened over and over until you were up to spank number nine and barely holding on. He’d change up the way he was thrusting or holding onto you to make you moan or whimper without any control then he’d spank you right after. Your ass was pulsing and hot and your stomach was so tight from trying not to come you thought you’d explode. You were thankful he hadn’t touched your clit yet because you knew if he did you wouldn’t be able to hold off any longer.
“I’m close sweetheart. Bet that’s the best fucking thing you’ve heard all day” he chuckled, groaning gently at the way you squeezed around him almost immediately after he spoke. He had your arms pinned behind your back now, grabbing onto your wrists for leverage to fuck into you hard. While you had to be quiet to come, Harry had to be quiet so you both wouldn’t be caught.
Anyone could be walking by here or waiting for the bathroom and he just couldn’t risk someone hearing something they shouldn’t. When he was with you, he didn’t want to be quiet because you made him feel so fucking good, but for this rough quickie he had to be.
Don’t make a sound. Don’t make a sound. Don’t make a sound.
The words repeated in your head like a mantra. You couldn’t even open your eyes anymore with the state of complete cock-drunk you were in and how intense your body was feeling. Everything felt so much more intense and you couldn’t help but think it was because of the coke still running in your veins. The high was over now, but the residual effects were making your body more sensitive than usual. You just needed to come so bad you could’ve cried, but you didn’t have any wiggle room to make sound now so you didn’t want to jeopardise it.
The way you stood there completely fucked out and just taking Harry’s cruel thrusts had his head spinning. Knowing you were jealous and trying to make him jealous had inflated his fucked-up ego and now he felt like he had something to prove. By the state you were in he knew he had showed you exactly who owned you and who knew your body best.
Harry craved closeness to you, so his hand returned to the front of your throat, and he hugged you to his body. He was thrusting up into you now, so he knew that this angle would have you wanting to cry out and beg for him. But you didn’t. Your mouth stayed open in ecstasy, and you clutched onto him with every ounce of strength in your body.
“You’re mine, y/n… I hope I’ve ruined you for everyone else, because no one else can fuck you like I can” he groaned in your ear, squeezing the sides of your neck and making your brain lightheaded. Harry’s stomach clenched as his orgasm built up incredibly fast, his thrusts growing slightly uncoordinated and his sounds getting whinier in your ear. “Say it, say it and we both get to come”
“No one fucks me like you do, daddy. No one” you whined, digging your fingers into his arms while pushing your head back into his chest. Your thighs were burning, and your clit was pulsing like crazy. You didn’t know how you were stopping yourself from coming, or how Harry managed to get you so close without even touching your clit in the first place.
“That’s right. And you’re mine, aren’t you? Say it. Fucking say it”
“Yes I’m yours. ImyoursImyoursImyours”
“Good girl baby, give it to me. Fucking come for me” he ordered, sliding his hand down to tap against your clit.
A cry left your mouth as you finally let go, your thighs trembling and knees buckling beneath you as it crashed over you in waves. Harry turned your head and pressed his mouth against yours in a rushed sloppy kiss to try and quieten his sounds and the noise you were finally allowed to make. His thrusts stilled as he came in ribbons into the condom, using his fingers to draw you through your orgasm until you pushed his hand away.
You couldn’t help but keep kissing him, whimpering pitifully into his mouth, and gripping his hair as he basically hugged you from behind. You just loved the closeness that happened when you two had sex, especially when you were both coming down from your highs and craving that human connection and affection.
“Don’t try that shit again, y/n. Do not try and make me jealous, understand?” he panted, breaking the kiss just enough to speak and pressing his hand into your lower stomach so you wouldn’t move away from him. You nodded and placed your hand over the one he had on your stomach, keeping the other in his hair.
“Did it work? Is that why you don’t want me to?” you asked, looking him deep in his eyes.
“Worked too well” he muttered, looking between your eyes. Your heartbeat faster at his statement and that funny fuzzy feeling swirled in your stomach. Harry could feel it too, and while he didn’t regret sleeping with you, he regretted not sleeping with someone else. Every time he slept with you, he could feel you weasel yourself deeper into his heart and he couldn’t stand it.
It was dangerous and unrealistic and not what he wanted. It was bad enough for him to slip up earlier and call you ‘his girl’, something he never should’ve done. He hoped you didn’t notice, but you were an observant little thing, so he had a feeling you did.
His cock was still deep inside you as your eyes looked deep into each other’s. With the closeness of your bodies, it felt like your minds were intertwining and it was starting to freak you out. Standing there just looking at each other had you both feeling all types of things and it just felt too much.
He had completely mind-fucked you tonight as well as literally fucked you. From calling you his friend to his girl to getting jealous and punishing you and getting you to chant that you were his and now to tell you that you weren’t allowed to make him feel that way. It was too much and you needed a second to process what had happened and how you felt about it. Because as much as you didn’t want to be, you were feeling things for him, and much more then someone you casually slept with.
“We should get back to the party” you cleared your throat, letting go of him so he could slip out of you and step back. He nodded and did just that while running a hand through his hair.
“That’s a good idea”
You were both silent as you cleaned up and tried to get yourself looking reasonably normal again. It wasn’t an awkward silence, more of one filled with so many unspoken things that the air felt heavy. You weren’t missing from the party for an extraordinary amount of time, but since it was the second time it happened tonight you were both a bit worried that someone heard or saw something.
When Harry slipped out of the bathroom first and texted you to come out a couple minutes later when the coast was clear, you thought you had successfully avoided a scandal. Both of you did. But luck wasn’t on your side, and unbeknownst to you someone had seen you drive off into the night and sneak off into the guest bathroom with the birthday boy.
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goldengalore · 3 days
Rough Day
Tumblr media
Summary: For Harry, nothing makes up for a bad day better than rough sex. Luckily, he has his friend Y/N to help out with that.
Word count: 2.1k
Warnings: smut (friends with benefits, mean dom!harry, degradation, bondage, spanking w hands and belt, choking, oral, anal, use of ball gag and butt plug)
Harry slams the door behind him as he enters Y/N’s apartment. He texted her earlier to ask if he could come over. His message alluded to the possibility of rough play, which Y/N could hardly ever refuse. As soon as he arrives, she can sense the irritability radiating off of him. It shouldn’t excite her this much—her friend being in a crappy mood—but it does.
“Hey,” she greets him, sitting up on the couch where she’s been indulging in some online shopping for the past hour.
He just hums in response and drops his duffle bag on the floor before removing his shoes, coat, and gloves.
“Rough day?” she asks, studying him.
“You have no idea,” he mutters.
“Wanna talk about it?”
“Not really.”
Of course he doesn’t. Harry doesn’t like to talk at the end of a bad day. He likes to fuck. Without holding back.
Glancing at her, he says, “Wait there.” Then he picks up his bag and heads into her bedroom. A minute later, he emerges from the room without the bag and strides over to her.
“Up,” he says, as if he were instructing a dog.
“Okay.” She sighs and takes her time getting off the couch to avoid seeming too eager, even though on the inside, she’s ready to do just about anything he tells her.
Once she’s on her feet, he simply says, “Clothes off.”
Again, she dawdles while pulling her sweatshirt off and fumbles with the waistband of her shorts, lazily inching them down her legs. Harry releases an impatient sigh.
“Today, Y/N.”
“Okay, okay!” She quickly removes the rest of her clothes.
The path his eyes take as they trail down her bare body sends the blood rushing between her legs. He steps closer and places his mouth over hers. His hands rest on her hips for a mere second before sliding to her backside. He squeezes it firmly, his fingers digging into the flesh of her round cheeks and pulling her body upward. She rises up on her toes and clutches his shoulders for balance. His teeth bite into her bottom lip. He tugs her even closer until her naked body is flush against his clothed one.
The kiss ends abruptly, leaving her wanting more. All of a sudden, he lifts her off the ground and slings her over his shoulder like she weighs nothing at all. Her upper body hangs behind him, her ass in the air.
“What are you—?” she starts, but he lands a swift smack to her rear, ordering her to be quiet.
He carries her to the bedroom and tosses her on the bed, not bothering with gentleness, then flips her onto her stomach. While she finds her bearings, he bends down to grab something from his bag, which is sitting on the floor next to the bed.
A moment later, her wrists are pulled behind her back and cuffed together. His hands wrap around her ankles and yank her towards him until she’s bent over the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor. She hears the clink of his belt buckle behind her.
It all happens so fast. One moment, he’s rubbing the tip of his cock over her entrance, and the next, his entire length is inside her. No warning. No preamble. A strangled moan escapes her mouth.
“So fucking wet,” he growls, grabbing on to her hips. “You like being manhandled and tossed around like a ragdoll?”
He doesn’t wait for her to answer before ramming his cock into her again. Usually, he’ll start slow and build up to a hard and fast pace, but today, he seems overcome by a primal desperation—one that has probably been festering inside him all day. She can barely keep up, but that makes it all the more exhilarating.
One hand pins her bound wrists to her lower back, keeping her in place, while the other grips her hair and yanks her head backwards, forcing her to arch her back. He finishes fast, emptying deep inside of her cunt, grunting and moaning with relief. She looks over her shoulder at him.
“That’s it? I didn’t even come,” she says just to egg him on.
He grabs a fistful of her hair again and speaks lowly into her ear, “What makes you think I give a fuck about your pleasure, hm? Sluts like you don’t deserve to come.”
He releases her hair and pulls out. Some of his come leaks down her inner thigh. Through the corner of her eye, she sees him reach down towards his bag. And then something cool and hard pokes between her legs. He presses the object into her slit, twisting it around, dousing it in her arousal and his come. It’s a plug, she realizes. A rather large one.
Once it’s covered in a mix of their fluids, he uses his free hand to spread apart her cheeks and starts inserting the plug into her tightest hole. He doesn’t really take his time. The rounded tip goes in, then the rest of it is hastily crammed into her. They’ve been doing this long enough that it slides in easily, but she still squirms and whines at the discomfort.
“Oh, stop whining,” he snaps. “It’s not even that big. You’ve had bigger things in your ass before.”
She scowls at him over her shoulder. “Well, if you think it’s so easy, why don’t you try shoving one up your own ass?”
He retaliates with a harsh spank.
“Bold of you to talk back to me from the extremely vulnerable position you’re in right now,” he threatens, and the effects of his words are felt right between her legs.
He grabs something else from his bag, then tells her to open her mouth before shoving a ball gag in there. He secures the leather strap behind her head.
“That’s better,” he says. “Should’ve done that ten minutes ago. Only thing your mouth is good for is sucking me off anyway. Isn’t that right?”
All she can do is glare at him with the gag in her mouth.
“Glad you agree, love,” he says with a cocky smirk.
A soft, plushy object is placed in her hand—the squeaky toy they use in place of the safeword when she’s bound and gagged. Then he folds his belt in half and gently glides the cool leather over her bum. As soon as he raises the belt, she tenses and screws her eyes shut, bracing herself for the first strike. When it doesn’t come, she relaxes a bit and opens one eye, falling for the same trick he’s used on her countless times.
The belt smacks against her ass. She cries out. A second smack makes her knees buckle, dragging her down a bit.
“Stay still,” he orders.
It’s a good thing she’s gagged because she definitely would’ve answered back with a snarky comment and made things worse for herself.
He whips her with the belt several times in a row. Her ass clenches around the plug each time. He pauses only briefly to run his hands over the bright red marks now decorating her backside, like an artist proudly inspecting his work. And then he’s back to belting her, occasionally aiming for the backs of her thighs. There’s no doubt that sitting will be a challenge tomorrow.
Tears stain the sheets beneath her while her cunt drips with arousal, the pain cathartic and excruciating at the same time. She comes somewhere between the punishing blows, too lost in the pleasure to keep count.
He eventually stops and tosses the belt aside, telling her to get up on the bed. It’s a little awkward with her hands cuffed behind her, but she manages anyway. Once again, he yanks her around like a doll until he has her in his desired position: lying on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the bed. Her hands are trapped under her but still free enough to squeak the toy if needed. He removes the gag from her mouth and instantly replaces it with his hard cock.
“Let’s put that whore mouth to good use,” he says as he begins fucking her mouth the same way he fucked her pussy earlier.
His tip connects with the back of her throat over and over, his large hands clawing at her breasts. He pinches and tugs at her nipples hard enough to make her body arch off the bed. Then he brings a hand to the front of her neck, squeezing it while his hips continue thrusting into her mouth. She presses her thighs together tightly.
Just when she thinks he’s going to come down her throat, he pulls out. She gasps for air. Finally, he takes off his own clothes and joins her on the bed, flipping her over onto her stomach. He uncuffs her wrists and cuffs them above her head instead, then lifts her up onto her knees and forearms.
She feels him tug on the base of the butt plug, fucking her with it a little before taking it out. He squirts a generous amount of lube between her cheeks and begins driving his cock into her ass but doesn’t get further than a couple inches. She’s too tense. It always seems to happen despite how many times they’ve done this.
“Gonna have to relax for me, love,” he says in the softest tone she’s heard him use all night. His hand caresses her lower back. He can be a dick sometimes, but he’s shockingly aware of when she needs a gentle touch.
“Give me a minute,” she says, steadying her breathing before telling him to continue.
He pushes in a bit more, then draws back and pushes in again, going a little deeper every time. Once the tightness in her muscles eases, he slides all the way in and holds himself there.
“Fuck,” she groans. “Fuck me.”
Her mind is so muddled by the intense sensation of her hole stretching around his cock that she almost doesn’t hear the word.
“Beg me to fuck your ass,” he demands.
That bastard.
“Fuck you,” she replies, though it comes out as more of a whine than an insult.
“I’m not moving an inch until you beg.” He grips her hips tightly to ensure that she can’t move either.
She doesn’t want to give in so quickly, doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction. But as much as she hates to admit it, Harry’s dick makes her weak. And the worst part is he knows it too.
“Please, H, please fuck me. Your cock feels so good in my ass. I need you to fuck me hard and not hold back. Just— Fuck! Just use me for your pleasure. Please.”
Finally, Harry’s hips start moving. He retracts them, then thrusts forward sharply. She cries out in surprise and relief. He starts pounding into her. Quick, sharp thrusts. One after another. With little pause in between. She would reach down and rub her clit if her wrists weren’t bound together. Fortunately, Harry has the same thought. His hand finds her clit, rubbing it in fast circles to speed up her orgasm.
She feels it crash over her moments later, igniting in her core and spreading outward to her limbs. Harry continues fucking her through it, not slowing down for a second. He tells her he’s going to come in her ass, calling her his good little cumslut and his perfect little fucktoy and every filthy word in the book, becoming more and more incoherent until he finally lets go with a deep groan.
Rolling over onto the bed, he frees her wrists and tosses the cuffs to the side, not caring where they land. Y/N lets her knees give out under her and falls onto her stomach with a soft thud. She closes her eyes. A while later, his fingertips graze the back of her shoulder.
“Hey,” he says softly, “you good?”
She opens her eyes and grins. “Yup.”
“Wasn’t too rough, was I?”
“You know that’s how I like it.”
A pleased sigh leaves his lips. He runs a hand through his hair, pushing the stray curls off his damp forehead.
“Thanks for letting me come over,” he says. “I really needed that.”
“Aww, you needed me?” she teases, knowing how much he despises the idea of “needing” anyone.
He scoffs and looks away, but not before Y/N can notice the blush creeping into his cheeks.
“You wish,” he grumbles.
“Whatever you say, tough guy.”
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watchmegetobsessed · 2 days
A/N: just a bit of cuteness i thought of, enjoy!
SUMMARY: Early morning snuggles in bed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’re not typically an early bird, staying up late usually results in snoozed alarms and sleepy snuggles until you really have to leave the comfort of your bed. Today however, you’re up early and it’s probably because Harry is finally home and you feel like you shouldn’t miss any moment you get to spend with him before he needs to get back on the road.
Your boyfriend is sprawled out on his back, one arm above his head, the other one tucked under the pillow your head is resting on. The sheets has ridden down his torso, revealing the deliciousness of his naked chest that’s rising and falling in a slow, peaceful rhythm as you watch him while lying on your side, taking in his beauty.
During the time you spend apart from him you always try your best not to dwell on how much you miss him, but whenever he is back home you realize just how badly you ache for his closeness when he’s away and how you never want him to leave again.
For a while you just look at him, admiring his side profile, his many tattoos, the gentle stubble on his face and the cheeky chest hair you’ve grown to love so much. But soon enough just watching is not enough, you can’t help but move closer, his butterfly tattoo pulling you closer like a magnet until your lips meet with it, peppering it with gentle, tiny kisses. Your hand wander up and down his side, then over his chest and to the base of his neck, fingers dancing along then chain of his necklace playfully.
You notice the moment he wakes up, you feel the change in him and you smile to yourself when he takes a deep breath and then you just keep kissing all over the butterfly. His left hand comes up to the back of your head, tangling through your hair.
“Good morning, Handsome,” you murmur against his soft skin, brushing your nose against his sternum.
“Mm, good morning,” he smiles, his eyes still closed as you push yourself up and your lips finally meet his in a sloppy, lazy morning kiss. “You’re up oddly early.”
He is usually the one to wake up first, sometimes he even goes for a quick run before you even pop an eye open. He doesn’t mind starting his day before yours, he often makes breakfast for the two of you and then maybe have a shower together. Mornings like that are your favorite.
“I know. Guess I was missing you in my sleep,” you hum, smiling against his lips before you lay your head on his chest and he wraps his arms around you.
“Is that so? Does it happen often?” he asks as he plays with a strand of your hair.
“All the time.”
“And what do you do then?”
You smile cheekily and rest your chin on his chest so you can look up at him.
“Do you want me to tell you or… show you?”
He looks down at you with hooded eyes as a smirk stretches across his face, his hand sneaking underneath your top, coming in contact with your naked skin.
“The latter. Definitely the latter.”
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avatar-anna · 2 days
Better Man
just a little angst about better man (taylor's version)!
Tumblr media
Sometimes in the middle of the night I can feel you again, but I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man.
You knew letting him past the front door was a bad idea, but you didn't always have the strongest resolve, especially when it came to your ex.
Harry was laying on the other side of your bed, his back turned to you as he slept soundly on familiar sheets. You should've been asleep, but it didn't come. So you stayed awake, staring at Harry's back as it rose and fell. You admired his broad shoulders, the constellation of freckles all over, the birthmark. It was a familiar canvas, but it wasn't yours anymore. Him being here didn't change that.
"I can feel you staring," Harry mumbled, words pushed together like he was still half asleep.
"Sorry," you said before turning over.
There were only a few beats of silence before you heard sheets rustling as Harry shifted and draped an arm across you. The scent of his cologne was dizzying as he pressed a kiss to the crown of your head.
"Out with it then," he said, sounding a little more awake.
"I don't know what you mean."
"I know you, Y/n. You sleep like the dead unless something is on your mind."
He was right, of course, but that was part of the problem. He knew you too well.
"I just…miss you, that's all."
And God did you miss him. Harry was…well, you thought he was everything. For years, the two of you were inseparable, so incredibly in sync with each other. Harry brought out the best in you, made you comfortable in your own skin. He made you feel seen and taken care of and loved.
Until he didn't.
Breaking up with Harry was the hardest thing you'd ever done. It was messy, he didn't see it coming—which was another problem of its own—there were periods where you would somehow end up sleeping in each other's homes for days at a time afterwards, and the periods when those days ended felt soul crushing. Losing him felt like losing a part of yourself. Harry loved you, that was never a question. He just…he wasn't what you needed anymore.
"I miss you too. Constantly," he said. "But you don't have to, you know. Miss me. I've always been right here."
You kissed his arm. "I know, but we broke up for a reason, Harry."
He sighed, because he never could grasp why things ended, he couldn't figure out why you would ever want to leave him. As much as you loved each other, you were on different pages, wanted different things, became different people—or rather, he changed and you stayed the same. Harry was at a point in his career where the whole world was at his fingertips, and he wanted it too, wanted to reach and reach and reach. You didn't blame him for that, he was good at what he did, out of this world. But he'd made promises before, when he was just yours. When the world called, he changed his mind, and he wanted you to change yours with him.
Part of you knew that perhaps he'd made those promises out of fear of losing you, that he wasn't the type to believe in a simple kind of love. It always had to be more with Harry. And perhaps he wasn't aware, but you knew it was because he was afraid of love, of letting people see the worst parts of him along with the best. You knew that and fell in love with him anyway. He would be the one to break your heart but you let him do it happily.
"I love you. Can't that be enough?"
You did your best to hide a sniffle. "I wish it was, but something has always held you back from me," you said, your thumb running along his arm. "I won't settle for anything less than what I deserve."
"Then why keep letting me in?"
"Because you're a hard man to say no to, Harry Styles," you laughed, but it was more sad than humorous. Even as you talked about being apart, all you wanted to do was pull him even closer. In a lot of ways, Harry still felt like home. You were safe right there in bed wrapped up in him. "And despite my best efforts, I'm still in love with you."
Harry sighed and pulled you closer to his chest. "I want you. I can't even think about anyone else. It makes no sense for us to be broken up when we both want the same thing."
"But we don't," you said. "You want me on the sidelines cheering you on with no ambitions of my own."
"That's not—"
"You want me to watch while others throw themselves at you and pretend like it's fine because it's all for show. You want me to be another trophy in your collection, Harry, and I—I'm so much more than that."
You twisted around to face him, only to find that there were tears lining his eyes. You hated seeing him cry. It always twisted your gut into a tight knot.
"Is that really what you think of me?" he asked, sounding hurt, betrayed.
"You told me you loved me, that you wanted me in your life, but I was never a part of it," you said.
Harry had promised that nothing would ever change, that he only wanted to take on the world if he had you by his side. And you believed him at first, but somehow you'd fallen to the wayside. He left you to fend for yourself at parties with people you didn't know, took on more opportunities and projects that kept him and you apart for longer periods of time, going out almost every night and sleeping through the day, leaving you such little time alone with him. Sometimes it felt like the only way to see him was in an interview or music video.
And the moments when you had him all to yourself were perfect. He was completely and totally yours. He doted on you, took you on dates, made you breakfast in bed. He made you feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and in those moments, you knew he loved you, that he would never be tempted by anyone else. Harry really was yours, you could feel it with every cell of your body.
But those moments were fleeting. He was gone for longer periods of time, and you didn't know how to make him understand that you needed him to stay longer than the few days off he got while touring. For a long time, those stolen moments were enough, until they weren't anymore. Harry stayed away longer, and you felt him slipping. The hand you had wasn't a winning one, so you folded before he could break your heart. Well, more than breaking up with him did.
This wasn't a life together, it was just his, and you were along for the ride.
"I wanted to build a life for us. I wanted to make myself into someone you would be proud of," he said.
Your smile was sad as you threaded a hand through his hair. "I've never not been proud of you. You've always been enough, H, I don't know why you've never seen it."
To say Harry was complicated was an understatement. Even when you met he had his fair share of demons. But everyone did, and you loved him as he was. As he began to gain notoriety, he began reinventing himself, to be someone that was loved by everyone. You knew who he was was enough, but you couldn't get through to him, he needed validation from the world. Once you realized how deep that insecurity was rooted, you knew you couldn't fix him, he needed to do it himself. And you deserved someone who wasn't so obsessed with seeking approval from others that they overlooked the people that loved them most.
"All I ever wanted was to give you the world," he whispered, his gaze trained on where your hand was still on his cheek.
"All I ever needed was you," you replied, moving your hand to rest it over his heart. "I'd like to believe that the man I met so many years ago is in there somewhere, but I can't count on waiting to see him again. I—I'm not going to put myself in a position to make you choose when I know what your choice would be."
You didn't really believe that fame was something that would ever change Harry, but it did. Or it preyed on his deepest insecurities, and he let it happen. You loved him, and it hurt to see him so broken, especially when he didn't even seem to realize it, but you couldn't hold his hand while he untangled his messes anymore.
"I love you," he said again. "I have never stopped loving you."
"I have seen every facet of who you are, and I've never loved you less, flaws and all," you said, and it was true. Despite everything, Harry was a hard person not to love, and there were moments where he made you feel like you were more important to him than anything else in his life. The secret smiles and stolen kisses and songs that were made just for you. He was the kind of person that burned so brightly, but that also meant he cast just as big a shadow, and those shadows could be all-consuming. "You're a good man, Harry. I just…I think I just deserve better than you."
Harry didn't argue with you about it. He didn't try to contradict you or give you a list of reasons why you should be together. He just hung his head and held you close, a shuddering breath escaping his lips. You let yourself rest your cheek against his chest, his skin warm and familiar. It felt so right to be there, you couldn't fathom anyone else feeling as good as Harry did. Maybe no one ever would.
Wrapped up like this, your eyes grew heavy, and it became harder and harder to stay awake. Harry hadn't fallen asleep yet, you could tell just by the erratic beat of his heart against your cheek. Moving your head just to the side, you kissed him right there, right where his heart laid beneath his chest. Your heart squeezed, as if it knew this was the last time you would be letting Harry through your front door.
Turning your head to the side once more, you let yourself fall asleep on his chest, a couple tears slipping past your tired eyes.
Still awake, Harry ran a hand through your hair, letting the silky soft strands fall through his fingers. "I can be better," he whispered. Not to you, but to himself. "I'll be better. I promise."
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cherryscinema · 1 day
Tumblr media
pairing: college student!grumpy!harry x college student!sunshine!fem reader
tropes: (kinda) enemies to lovers
series cw: angst, smut (minors dni!) fluff, sexual tension, drama, character development, drug use, alcohol consumption, foul language
wc: 2.1k words
if you like this you can check out more of my work here!
talk to me in the asks, let me know how you like it and what your favorite part is!
as always, reblogs, likes and comments are always welcome!
Tumblr media
Y/N’s always loved mornings, she loves being able to wake and watch the sun rise. She loves being able to listen to nature’s song, the birds chirping, the different buzzing and humming of the insects and the various sounds of all the animals that stay around her house. She always wakes with a bright smile on her face and enthusiasm to start her day, she’ll turn on her favorite playlist and sing along as she begins to start her day.
Today was different though, she had stayed up much later than normal which caused her to wake with a slight frown and she huffs as she shuts off the blaring beep coming from her alarm clock.
“I get it, I’m up. Now shut up.” She mumbles as she tiredly rubs her eyes and stands up. She grabs the various sheets of paper strewn across the bottom half of her bed and stacks them neatly on the wooden nightstand next to her bed. She sighs as she stretches her arms over her head and leans back some, feeling slightly better as she feels her body loosening up.
She makes her bed, tucking the thick blanket underneath her pillow and making sure there’s no wrinkles anywhere before grabbing her phone and clicking on the ‘Music’ app and clicking her morning playlist. She smiles as ‘Evermore’ by Taylor swift begins to play as she walks over to her closet to pick out her outfit for the day. After several minutes of aimlessly searching through her clothes she settles on a white Ralph Lauren knitted sweater, a brown tartan skirt, some white open toe sandals and a small white mini purse.
She heads into her en suite bathroom and sets her outfit on the gray granite countertops before turning on the faucet and letting the water warm up. She hums along to the current song playing as she splashes the warm water on her face and dries her face slightly. She grabs her face wash and begins to do her daily morning routine, the small feeling of normalcy making her feel better already.
Once she’s dressed, done her makeup and in a somewhat better mood, she heads into the kitchen while singing along to ‘She Looks So Perfect’ and begins to grab a banana and some leftover oatmeal from the fridge. Making her way to the small dining room table, she sighs happily and sets the oatmeal down and begins to peel the banana and break it into small uneven pieces to eat in her oatmeal.
After eating everything, she washes the bowl and sets in the dish rack placed next to the sink and grabs her purse and her phone, putting all her essentials in the small bag and walking to the front door. Smiling as she shuts off the living room light and closes the door behind her, she begins to make her way to the front of her apartments complex and towards the small bike rack, filled with various bikes of all sizes and colors.
Tumblr media
It takes her roughly less than twenty minutes when she reaches Tampa Bay University and sighs as she hops off her bike and ties it to the bike rack in front of her school. As she makes her way into the school, she stops as she notices a few new flowers on the side of the steps. As she makes her way over, she can feel her smile growing, the flowers are absolutely beautiful. They’re a beautiful shade of pink carnations, the bright color popping against the stark bricks of the stairs and she quickly takes her phone as she snaps a picture of them.
“The flowers’ not going anywhere. No need for the photography.” She hears a voice yelling from somewhere behind her.
She turns around and a frown appears on her face when she realizes who the voice belongs to. His long brown hair pulled back in a man bun, a cotton white t-shirt paired with a pair of light wash denim jeans and a black leather jacket. His signature smirk is plastered on his face as a couple of his friends laugh and pat him on the back. For as long as she can remember her and Harry have been at each others throats or more like he’s been dead set on giving her absolute hell since the start of their college years while she ignores him.
“M’serious, nothing special about those flowers. Shouldn’t you be getting to class anyways, miss goody two shoes?” He asks and snickers, her frown deepens as she messes with her purse and makes her way to the entrance door. Just before she opens the door, she turns around and stares him down, a small smile taking over the frown.
“I suggest you do the same playboy, last I heard failing English class isn’t gonna get you to graduate.” She yells back before quickly walking in the door and heading to her first class of the day.
While she loves her classes, loves interacting with the teacher and adding her input in on group discussions, the lack of her normal amount of sleep making her brain unfocused and easily distracted. Her eyes flit across the room with every sound that occurs, she can’t seem to sit still. She’s fidgety, her hands play with the pen in her hands as if she’s not supposed to be taking notes right now, she can’t stay focused on anything before her attentions being grabbed by something new.
Time seems to fly as she looks down at her bare page in the notebook; nothing written on it beside the title of her notes and she sighs. Quietly she leans over and asks the girl behind her if she can take a picture of her notes after class, she thanks her when the girl nods before going back to writing
A knock on the door grabs her attention and she watches the teacher make her way to the door. The clicking of her heels echo in the small classroom and finally her hand reaches for the door knob, she begins to twist it and pull the door open. She can hear him before she sees him, his voice carrying through as he speaks.
“Mornin’ Liz. How’s my favorite girl?” She watches as the teacher frowns and swats his arm as he goes to give her a hug.
“You’re late Mr. Styles. Have a seat.” She says as she makes her way back to her desk and Harry chuckles as he opens the door fully, his emerald eyes scanning the room.
The only available seat is next to Y/N and he scowls. Briskly walking over to someone at the table furthest from her and asking to switch seats quietly, they shake their head and he sighs. He walks over to another table and asks to switch and in response he gets another no. Frowning, he walks over to Y/N’s table and grabs the chair and moves it as far away as he can, mumbling a few words under his breath as he sits down.
Not bothering to pay attention, he lays his head down on the desk and closes his eyes. Allowing the outside noise to become faint murmurs, he bounces his leg quickly as he begins to drift to sleep.
“Can you stop please? You’re the shaking the table?” He huffs and rolls his eyes as he lifts his head.
“S’not bothering you.” He says and she shakes her head gently.
“I’m trying to take notes.” He scoffs as she points to her notebook.
“Of course you are. Gotta make sure you pass the exams, right? M’surprised you don’t have it all memorized.” He says and lays his head back down. He can hear her sigh and the crinkling of the paper as she moves over some towards the opposite end of the table. He snickers softly to himself before closing his eyes once more.
Tumblr media
He wakes up to the feeling of someone’s hand on his shoulder, it’s soft and small and gentle as it shakes him. He groans as he sits up and stretches his arms over his head. When he turns he sees her standing next to him, her side of the desk cleaned up and the rooms silent.
“Whaddya want?” He mumbles and frowns, he’s never been on to be happy whenever he wakes up.
“Class is over, just figured you’d want to head wherever you need to go.” She says, her voice soft and sweet and he frowns once more.
“Uh huh.” He stands up and moves the chair back to its original position. He barely catches the sight of a small frown etched on her face before he’s heading out the door and onto his next class. He doesn’t care that she’s upset, she lives in her own world and doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that not everyone’s as nice as she is or was raised with such manners, it’s not his problem.
On the way to his next class, he hears his name being yelled from behind him. He turns around and sees the principal yelling and jogging his way.
“Harry! A moment please?!” He yells and Harry frowns. He knows what he wants to talk about, it can only mean one of two things, it’s either his failed midterm or be found out that it’s him graffitiing the various parts of the school walls and parking lots.
He shakes his head as he begins to walk opposite of the voice calling his name. He’s never been one to care about time and his grades so he waits until the last minute and does just enough work for him to be at a D level.
“Harry Styles!” The voice booms and he huffs before turning around and grumpily begins the short trek to the principal.
“Yea?” He says and crosses his arms, the principal nods shortly before asking Harry to follow him.
As Harry follows the older man into his office, he grumbles the whole time about how unfair and stupid all of this is. Passing by all the lockers and the small gaggle of students littering the halls as he walks, head held high and confidence is his walk because he can’t be seen being embarrassed. It’d be the end of the world if that were to happen.
When the principal opens the tall wooden door leading to his office, he steps aside to let Harry in and smiles as Harry mumbles a rough thank you in response. Sitting behind his dark oak desk and opening up his laptop, the sound of clicking filling the room as he types.
“So, Harry, you know why I brought you here?” The older man asks and Harry nods.
“Think so, s’about the midterm right? And if so I have some words. Knapick’s crazy if she thinks that test was anywhere near suitable to give to us. I suggest you look into that.” Harry says and the principal shakes his head.
He leans back and adjusts his glasses as he stares at Harry.
“No, Harry. It’s just you I believe. Almost everyone else passed the exam with at least a C average.” Harry frowns at that and shakes his head.
“No way, the test is rigged I tell you. I knew Knapick never liked me. She’s trying to fail me Oscar.”
“No, you barely did effort. And if you wanna be able to graduate on time, I suggest you get a tutor.” The principal says and Harry’s frown deepens.
“No way.”
“Yes, Harry. I’m serious. I’m trying to help, I can give you a list of our best tutors in the school.”
Harry shakes his head furiously, his bun slowly beginning to slip from the elastic’s hold.
“It’s either you get the help you need or you’re gonna be repeating, and you know you don’t have the best reputation with the staff.” Harry huffs and rolls his eyes once more.
“Fine, who’s on the list.” The principal sighs as he begins to list off the students name.
“I’d suggest Mrs. Y/N, she’s real patient and won’t fall for your game styles.”
“No game. I just have the charm the ladies want Oscar.” Harry says and smirks.
“But I don’t want Y/N, give me someone else.”
“I’ll see what I can do but I think she would be best. You’ll get the quickest response and I’m sure she works fast.”
Harry huffs obnoxiously loud as as uncrosses his arms.
“She makes me want to tug my hair out.”
“I’ll let her know. Have a good day Harry.” Harry grumpily walks out of the office and heads to the main door. His thoughts become a chanting of how much Y/N annoys him and why she has to be so smart and how life’s not fair.
If he had to be paired with her, he’d make it the worst tutor session ever. He’s really gonna make her life hell.
And with that, he gets in his car and starts driving to his house to begin his plan scheming.
Tumblr media
tag list: @ch3rry-styles @lomlhstyles @lovrave @gotthecinema
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darlingdesire · 2 days
Can u do one where y/n loves kissing harry every second she gets. And loves to just suck on his lips and he thinks its so adorable??
Of course!! Thank you so much for this lovely little request. And just a little reminder, you can send in a request through my ask box on my profile 🫶
A fluffy little blurb about how much Y/N loves kissing Harry.
Tumblr media
Y/N loves kissing Harry. She loves the way his lips feel against hers, the way his stubble tickles her chin, the way he tastes of mint. She loves everything about kissing him. Harry thinks it's the most adorable thing ever. He can't help but smile every time she leans in for a kiss.
Y/N loves kissing Harry when he least expects it. Like when he's lost in thought, typing away at his computer or reading a book. She'll sneak up behind him and plant a soft kiss on the back of his neck. Harry will jump a little, startled at first, but then he'll turn around and pull her into a warm embrace, kissing her back with equal fervor.
Y/N loves kissing Harry in public. She loves the way people stare, slightly taken aback by their unabashed displays of affection. She doesn't care though, she's happy to show the world how much she loves her husband. Harry loves it too, he's proud to be her husband and he loves seeing her happy.
Y/N loves kissing Harry when he's sad. She knows that a kiss can't solve all their problems, but it's a start. She'll cup his face in her hands and press her lips to his forehead, his cheeks, his lips, until he starts to feel a little better. Harry loves how much she cares for him, and how much her kisses can make him forget about everything else.
Y/N loves kissing Harry when they're alone at home. She'll pull him into a tight embrace and kiss him passionately, running her fingers through his hair. Harry loves how much she desires him, and how much he desires her. They'll spend hours lost in each other's kisses, wrapped up in each other's love.
Y/N loves kissing Harry before he leaves for work in the morning. She knows he has a long day ahead of him, and she wants to start it off on a good note. She'll wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him goodbye, making sure he knows how much she loves him. Harry loves how much she supports him, and how much he can rely on her.
Y/N loves kissing Harry every second she gets. She loves how he makes her feel, how he fills her heart with joy and love. Harry loves kissing Y/N just as much, and he knows he'll never get tired of it. They'll spend the rest of their lives kissing each other, and they wouldn't have it any other way.
Y/N couldn't help but smile as she looked at her Harry. She felt a rush of warmth and love in her heart and leaned in to give him a gentle kiss on the lips. Harry smiled back at her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him.
Harry loved how adorable Y/N was when she kissed him. He loved the way she leaned in, the way her eyes sparkled with happiness, and the way she always made him feel so special. He cherished every kiss they shared, knowing that it was a sign of their deep love and connection.
As they continued to kiss, they lost themselves in the moment, forgetting about the world around them. They were lost in their own little bubble of love, and nothing else mattered. It was just the two of them, sharing a moment of pure love and affection.
Finally, they pulled away, their eyes locked in a loving gaze. They knew that they had something special, something that couldn't be explained or understood. It was just the love they shared, the bond that had grown stronger over the years.
"I love you," Y/N whispered, her voice filled with emotion.
"I love you more," Harry replied, his eyes shining with love and adoration.
And with that, they shared another kiss, sealing their love and commitment to each other. It was a moment that they would cherish forever, a moment that would remind them of the love they shared every time they kissed.
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duhstyles · 1 day
Reluctant Hearts | Part 2
Tumblr media
summary: in which Harry and y/n are forced to work together on a project despite their mutual hatred for one another | 4.7k words
a/n: make sure to read the part 1 first!! u guys are crazy, already over 300 notes on the first part??? i love y’all omg! anyways share your thoughts on this mini series so far, i'd love to hear it.
warning: enemies to lovers, slow burnish, mentions of ex, uni!harry, angst, harrys still a jerk, emotional abuse (lmk if i missed anything !!!)
Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 3 (lmk if you guys want another part)
By some force of the universe, me and Harry were able to come up with an agreeable plan on where and when to meet. It was the second class when I saw Harry for the first time that week since Melissa and Niall's post-class drink at the bar. "Okay, so when do you want to work on the project?" I asked Harry, hoping to finally get this over with.
"I don't know, when are you free?" Harry responded with a hint of annoyance in his voice.
"I have class in the mornings and work in the afternoons, so I'm pretty much free in the evenings," I reply, trying to keep my tone polite.
"Well, I have football (soccer) practice in the evenings, so that won't work," Harry says, sounding frustrated.
"Okay, how about this weekend?" I suggest.
"I have a game on Saturday, and I'm going out with friends on Sunday," Harry responds.
"Okay, what about Monday?" I ask, trying not to get too irked.
"I have a lab report due on Monday, so I'll be working on that all day," Harry says, sounding exasperated.
I can feel my patience running thin. "Harry, we need to work on this project. Can't you make time for it?" I say, trying to keep my voice steady.
"I am making time for it, I'm just busy," Harry retorts defensively.
I take a deep breath and try to stay calm. "Okay, what about Wednesday evenings? Can we meet at the library?"
Harry seems to consider this for a moment. "Yeah, I can do Wednesdays. What time?"
"Let's say seven  pm at the library. Does that work for you?" I ask, feeling a glimmer of hope.
"Yeah, that works," Harry says, sounding more agreeable.
"Great, I'll see you there," I say, relieved that we've finally made a plan. We parted ways, feeling relief of not being in his presence anymore, but a looming swirl in my stomach for Wednesdays at seven pm. 
As I walk into the library, I see Harry already sitting at a table with his laptop open and papers strewn across the table. I take a deep breath and walk over to him. "Hey," I say, trying to sound casual.
Harry looks up and gives me a nod. "Hey."
I pull out my laptop and start organizing my notes, I sense him watching me, his eyes like lasers that never stray. I try to ignore it and focus on my work, but it's hard not to feel self-conscious.
I steal a glance at him and see that he's furrowing his brows, staring intently at his laptop screen. I can't help but wonder what he's working on.
I try to break the silence. "So, what do you think we should focus on first?"
He looks up at me, his expression still serious. "I was thinking we could start with the literature review."
I nod and we both turn back to our laptops, starting to work on our individual tasks. I bathe in the awkward atmosphere between us, but I don't know how to break it. “Does he want us to-” 
Before I could even finish my sentence, I was interrupted, “Listen, if you're going to show up late, at least have the decency to be prepared and know what to do,” He emptily stares. 
Astonished, I checked the time on my phone. I haven't even been here for a full five minutes and he's already made a cynical remark, “It's literally 6:58, we agreed to meet at seven. I am not even late, frankly we’re both here early.” I am genuinely at a loss of words, it wasn't like I was going out of my way to make small talk with him, just trying to make sure I was doing the right section before putting my time and focus on it. Ok fine let's not talk. Rubbing away the headache that's beginning to form, and shift my body to not being directly in view of Harry to ease my own tensions. Someone shoot me now. 
Though the rest of the time surprisingly goes by smoothly, aka we did not bicker with each other because well we did not talk at all. It was to the point where I just highlighted and commented on the document instead of voicing my opinions, too defeated to even attempt starting up a conversation. 
I would steal glances at Harry and catch him staring at me. His eyes quickly dart away as he clears his throat, pretending to be engrossed in the book in front of him. I try to shake off the impression that he's judging me, but I can't help feeling self-conscious.
I can tell that Harry is an intelligent and dedicated student, and I don't want to disappoint him with my lack of knowledge on the subject. My writing portion was filled with highlighted one word comments from Harry letting me know to fix minor spelling errors or content information. I begin to doubt myself, wondering if I'm even capable of completing this project.
As the minutes tick by, we both continue to work in silence. I try to focus on the task at hand, but my mind keeps wandering to Harry. I wonder what he's thinking, what he's feeling, and why he seems so distant. Sue me for trying to understand why as such a people pleaser, this man was quite the opposite of pleased with me. And yes I know you can't please everyone, but at least I can make them not hate me. 
Harry seems content with the silence, no efforts of wanting to break through the wall that's separating us.
An hour rolled by, and we both began to pack up our things and prepare to leave the library. Sure I was disappointed in still being in square zero with Harry, but we both managed to be in the same small shared space without actively ripping at eachothers throats, so there's a win. 
As it comes to no surprise Melissa and Niall officially started dating. Granted they have been basically dating this whole time but did not want to label it so quick after meeting. Melissa and I were having a girls night at our place when she “broke” the news. It was a much needed girls night, being able to spend some quality time after beginning the semester that has already managed to exhaust us with the amount of studying and assignments we have to do.
We had the wine flowing and our favorite rom-coms queued up, ready to go. Pizza has been ordered and a striking idea was composed to create a fort in the living room to lay in to watch the movies. I blame the wine for the way we’re acting as little school girls, struggling to push the couch to make room, gathering all the cushions and blankets we could find. Melissa skips back in the room with fairy lights that she is determined to hang on top of the many blankets we used to construct the roof of the fort. Once successful, we both stand back to admire our very warm, cozy, and somehow still standing fort, feeling very carefree and happy. 
"Do you remember when we tried to make that homemade pizza and it turned out terrible?" Melissa randomly strikes up.
"Oh my gosh, how could I forget? We almost burned the whole complex down," I chuckle wide-eyed at the memory. We both dissolve into laughter. “Which is why we’re ordering pizza this time” I add with a stern pointed look. 
Pizza soon arrived after, we nestled inside the fort, cuddling as we watched the movies, We laughed and cried along with the characters on the screen. It's moments like these that make me grateful for Melissa's friendship. She always knows how to make me feel better and lift my spirits. Before long the movie became background noise as we chatted away. Lying on the floor with our feet sticking out, we talk about everything and nothing. 
 "So, I have some news," she says with a beaming smile . "Niall and I are officially dating!"
“What? No way!” I faked a shock expression, my hands cupping my face to add dramatic effect. Melissa shoves me slightly, crimson coating her face. “But really, that's amazing!" I exclaim. "I'm so happy for you two!" I feel a warmth in my chest, knowing that one of my closest friends has found someone who makes her happy.
Melissa's face lights up even more at my response. "Thanks, Y/N! I'm so excited about it. He's really amazing, you know?" I can't help but feel a sense of pride for Melissa. She deserves to be with someone who treats her well, someone who respects and supports her in all that she does. And from what she's told me and what I’ve seen about Niall, he seems like an incredible guy. Melissa goes on to tell me all about how they became official, the sweet things he's done for her, and how happy she feels when she's with him. I listen intently, feeling genuinely interested in her story and eager to hear more.
As the night went on, we finished the bottle of wine and the conversation shifted to me when Melissa brought up the topic of my ex-boyfriend and how he had treated me. I confided in her about the emotional abuse I had suffered during our relationship and how I was struggling to move on from it. 
I remember the first time Riley said something hurtful to me. At first, he was charming and funny, but then he became unrecognizable. The person I loved slowly turned into someone who would always cut me down with his words. It started with small jabs, but it quickly escalated to full-blown emotional abuse. He would constantly criticize me, belittle me, and make me feel like I was nothing without him. Every time I tried to stand up for myself, he would twist my words and make me feel like I was the crazy one. The worst part was that he knew exactly what to say to tear me down and make me doubt myself. I lost all my confidence, and it took me a long time to realize that his words had an impact on me.
Melissa listened to me and offered me her support, telling me how proud she was of me for standing up for myself and getting out of the relationship. I'm genuinely happy for her and Niall, but a small part of me can't help but feel a little envious. I want what she has, someone who loves and cares for me just as much as Niall does for her.
Melissa notices my change in demeanor and quickly reassures me. "Don't worry, Y/N. You'll find someone amazing, just like I did with Niall. You deserve nothing but the best." Her words make me feel better, and I smile gratefully at her, I couldn't imagine going through something like that without her. I feel appreciative for this moment, this time spent with my friend, just talking and enjoying each other's company.
Eventually, we started to get tired, and we decided to sleep in our little makeshift fort for the night. As we lay there feeling safe and warm, I couldn't help but think about how lucky I was to have Melissa in my life, someone who was always there for me and made me feel loved and supported. She was my rock, my confidant, and my best friend. And even though life can be challenging and uncertain, I know that as long as we have each other, we'll be okay. The night had been just what I needed to unwind and feel a little more like myself again.
And with a blink of an eye, Wednesday evening has rolled around. I poked my head out slightly before I stepped out of my apartment, scanning the hallway for any sign of Harry. With my luck that the universe seems to give me and enjoy, I would run into him more than needed. I mean it is already bad enough that we live in the same off-campus building, but better yet his apartment is two doors down from mine. Although I find it pretty funny not that I am the one constantly on guard when it comes to him, even his name alone brings an unwanted anxiety in my stomach, and no not the butterflies type, more like flies.
Despite our horrible first couple interactions, I would still attempt to engage him in conversation to just be civilized, yet again like all the other times he would shut me down with a sharp one-word comment. It was frustrating and hurtful especially as we were doing this for our best friends, I would not fathom what I even did to him to get him to not like me. Eventually though, I stopped trying, there was no reason for me to go out of my way to make it bearable to be in his presence, and just gave him the same energy back. I would dismiss him if he ever, which he didn’t really, talk to me, and when we would converse it was jabs being thrown at one another much to Melissas and Nialls disappointment.
As I make my way down the hallway, I see Harry step out of his apartment wearing his usual scowl and fitted clothes that look so good on him, his curls framing his face. I can't deny that he's attractive, but I can't stand his personality. I groan internally as he notices me and starts walking towards me with a sly grin accompanying him. Talk about luck, oh the universe just loves to laugh and cause unnecessary problems for me.
This has happened a handful of times since I learned that Harry is quite literally living in such close quarters to me. Leaving to attend class, I would see him also exiting his apartment, then would have to retreat back inside to give me a couple minutes until I know he's far enough I won't run into him going to campus. Or when I sprinted to catch the elevator before it shut, just to find out Harry is inside and the one who held his hand out to halt the doors from closing on me. Yet once he realized it was me who aided in not missing the elevator he would groan and retreat his hand back so quickly that it gave me whiplash.
"Evening, Muffin," he says, his voice dripping with sarcasm once he reaches me. My jaw clenches as I bite my lip from making a comment and giving him the satisfaction of knowing it still bothers me. That stupid name. The nickname was born when I sent a muffin flying across the lecture classroom. I was walking into the lecture hall with a muffin in one hand and my notes in the other. But, as soon as I took a step, I tripped on my own foot and sent the muffin flying out of my hand. It went rolling down the aisle and ended up right at Harry's feet.
He picked up the muffin, examining it for a moment before turning to me with a smirk. "Well, well, well, look who we have here. Muffin."
I groaned in embarrassment and tried to play it cool. "Ha ha, very funny, Harry," I said, rolling my eyes.
But he continued to tease me throughout the lecture, calling me Muffin every chance he got. I could feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment, and I could tell that everyone around us was starting to notice. After class, I confronted Harry about his constant teasing. "Why do you have to be so annoying all the time, Harry?" I asked, frustrated.
He just laughed. "Come on, Muffin, don't be mad. It's just a nickname. Besides, you have to admit, it's kind of fitting after what happened earlier."
I scowled at him, but secretly, I couldn't help but find his teasing a little bit endearing. It was the only time Harry had happened to be smiling and laughing in front of me, though it still came at my own expense. "Fine, but only if you promise to stop calling me that in public," I said, crossing my arms, throwing my head back to display my annoyance.
Harry grinned. "Deal. But in private, you're still Muffin to me." He winked. And with that, he walked away, leaving me blushing and shaking my head. What the hell was that?
We continue down the apartment hallway in silence, heading to the library to work on our assignment. The destination not far enough for me to make the effort to dig through my backpack for my headphones to tune out the slightly uncomfortable silence that looms over us. Harry constantly bumps into me as we walk down the path. From knowing Harry for the amount of time I have, I learned this man cannot walk properly and always ends up diagonally regardless of the path being a straight shot. “Quit it” I exclaim, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to let him go ahead.
When we get there, we both make a beeline to the table in the back corner, far away from any distractions, the only thing we managed to silently agree on when we first began working together. I pull out my laptop and start typing away, trying my best to ignore Harry's presence. But of course it's not long before we start bickering. Harry keeps interrupting me, criticizing my ideas and telling me what to do.
"I don't understand why you can't just listen to my ideas for once," I speak calmly and steadily, masking the exasperation I feel.
"Because your ideas are terrible," Harry retorts, his tone laced with mockery. "Honestly, do you even know what you're talking about?"
I gritted my teeth, my annoyance with him growing by the second. "Of course I know what I'm talking about, Harry. I've done my research, and I think my ideas are just as valid as yours."
He lets out a loud scoff, his eyes narrowing. "Please, Y/N. Your ideas are about as useful as a chocolate teapot." It's quite clear that we don't see eye-to-eye on anything.
Fists clenching as the feeling of anger boils inside of me. "You know what, Harry? Maybe if you weren't so closed-minded and actually listened to me, we could make some real progress on this project."
He leans back in his chair, a smug expression on his face. "I think I'll stick to my own ideas, thanks. At least they won't lead us down the path of failure." The more he speaks I feel my muscles tightening, god can he just shut up.
“Well if you stopped interrupting me then maybe this could be over and done with, then we won't have to see each other.”
"What's your problem?" he snaps.
"You're my problem," I fire back. "You can't just come in here and take over. We're supposed to be working together."
“Well if you could stop being incompetent, then I wouldn't have to consistently fix everything you do wrong.” I bristle at his words, feeling a familiar sense of inadequacy creeping up on me. I let out a frustrated sigh, knowing that this argument isn't going anywhere. Working with Harry was definitely a real challenge, but only a couple more weeks left so I let out a breath trying to calm myself.
Harry's words send a wave of emotions through me, hitting me where they hurt. My confidence has been struggling ever since my ex-boyfriend, Riley. He was always quick to belittle me, making me feel stupid and useless. I remember countless nights spent in tears, trying to make sense of his hurtful words. His snide comments about my appearance, intelligence, and even my hobbies always cut deep. It's like he took pleasure in seeing me suffer. He made me doubt myself at every turn, and it's taken me so long to regain the self-confidence he stole from me. He was always putting me down and telling me I wasn't good enough. And now, Harry's words are triggering those same feelings.
“Fuck you.” Reaching for my papers, books, and laptop, I began packing it all up wanting to get the hell out of there as possible. My face flushed with anger but also my head swarming with not only Harry's comment but also Rileys words he would throw at my face. My throat felt like it was closing up on me as I swing my bag over onto my shoulders. I rush out of the library leaving no room for Harry to spew out another jab.
The sound of jingling keys unlocking my apartment was the only thing I could focus on, trying to avoid the tears threatening to spill down my cheeks from exposing me to my entire floor. With a pounding heart and blood rushing not helping my case, I finally got the door unlocked and shoved inside. Why did Harry have to be so rude and condescending  all the time? I hated him, I really did. And yet, here I was, stuck working with him on this project. 
Sitting in the living room, gaping at me stunned was both Melissa and Niall, immediately noticing my red, puffy eyes. Melissa sprang from her cozy spot next to Niall on the couch, sensing my distress as soon as I walked in the door, and rushed towards me, enveloping me in a much needed hug with a comforting hand on my back. “What's wrong?” Niall questioned, I looked up from Melissa's tight embrace and noticed Niall removing my backpack, then leading all of us back to the couch. 
I open my mouth to speak, but the words just won't come out. My heart is racing, and I feel like I'm going to be sick. I take another deep breath and try again. I couldn't bring myself to tell them what had happened with Harry, so I just muttered something about feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, my voice barely above a whisper.
"Is it because of Harry?" Melissa probed gently, knowing me too well.
I scoffed. "Of course it's because of Harry. He's impossible to work with, always criticizing everything I do."
Niall spoke up, "I know he can be a bit grumpy, but he's really not a bad guy once you get to know him. Maybe you guys just need to put your differences aside and work together for the sake of the project."
“Differences!?” I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air, “I wish it was about differences, he's always attacking me. Half the time, no wait, every time, I did nothing wrong.” My voice begins to shake as I look at Melissa silently communicating with her, knowing she understood. 
“Is this about Riley?” She questioned but ultimately knew the answer. I gave a weak nod, Niall giving a tight lip reaction. He knew what happened between Riley and I, drunk me one night decided he should know, and now he does. Niall was someone you can get close with quickly, one of the easiest people to talk to and always made me laugh. He always had a listening ear and gave the best advice. Our friendship bloomed, and I found myself comfortable with him knowing about Riley when confiding in with Melissa. There was just something about Niall and Melissa that made me feel comfortable and safe.
“I don't know, Harry's words tend to trigger and start to sound like stuff Riley would say to me too.” I lean my head on Melissa, “It's just that I finally found myself after Riley tore me down and now it feels like I am back again where I started, except with Harry.” 
“I'll talk to him,” Niall declares, eyes bright. 
“NO! Don't say anything I rather he does not have another thing to spin around back at me,” I huff. Appreciating Niall's attempt to help but knowing that conclusively would be worse in the end. “Guess I'll just stick through this stupid assignment and then really just never speak to him again - no offense Niall.”
“Yeah, I dont get why he's such a dick to you,” Niall agrees, though I notice a flash of realization in Niall's eyes but it went as quickly as it came. Truth was, I didn't have much of a choice. I needed to pass this class, and Harry was my assigned partner. So, with a heavy sigh, I agreed to give it another try.  
Over the next few days, with Melissa and Niall's encouragement, Harry and I went back to our usual dynamic. Harry didn’t necessarily apologize for his words, but his rude and unnecessary comments did subdued, which meant mine did too. Look, mine were just self defensive against his attacks, uh usually. It's almost like he realizes how much he's hurt me with his words, and he tries to keep them in check. It's a small effort, but I appreciate it nonetheless. Granted we were still sarcastic and snarky with each other. We continue to work on our project together, but don't get me wrong, there's still an underlying tension between us. 
Lying in bed, I scroll through my phone, procrastinating the work I should be doing, when a notification pops up from a groupchat with Melissa, Niall, and an unknown number. I furrow my eyebrows, wondering what this might be about, I click on the chat and read the message.
Melissa: Hey guys! 
How about bowling tomorrow?
Niall: It’s been a while since we've all hung out 
It’ll be so much fun
Unknown: Can’t sorry I got stuff
Niall: Shut up Harry no you don’t
I literally know your whole schedule
You’re coming
My heart drops as I realize what's happening. The unknown number clearly Harry could only mean one thing, Melissa and Niall are trying to get Harry and me to hang out more outside of class. My mind starts racing with thoughts. This is not a good idea, what the hell are they thinking? 
I shot out of bed and pace around my room. I began typing, searching for a believable excuse to get out of this. 
Me: Sounds fun, but I’ll have to check my schedule 
I scour my mind for something that Melissa wont call my bluff on, but before I could, she already sixth-sensed it. 
Melissa: Y/N don't worry I already checked for you :) 
You’re free!!! 
Niall: Wow perfect, who knew we were all free 
It’s a plan 
Me: You both are insufferable together 
Harry: I can hardly contain my excitement (this is sarcasm fyi) 
A notification buzzes letting the group know that Harry had reacted to my message with the two exclamation points bubble effect. I laughed over the fact Harry felt the need to explain his sarcasm over text.
Melissa: We love you guys too <3
Both me and Harry disliked Melissa’s message. 
I flop back onto my bed and groan, staring up at the ceiling. I know Melissa and Niall well, but the thought of being in a noisy, crowded bowling alley with Harry, pretending like my existence doesn't bother him, for reasons still unknown, makes me feel sick.
Uneasy thoughts race through my mind: What if I do something stupid and embarrass myself in front of him, again? I would rather not have another nickname arise. What if this makes things worse? What if I just don't show up? Well now that could work, wait no except Melissa will probably track me down and drag me there herself. 
With a sigh, I toss my phone aside, trying to rid the thoughts of tomorrow to save the last piece of peace I have left. 
a/n: whew so harry is still a jerk. please let me know how you feel about this story so far, I'd love to hear your thoughts! feedback, likes, replies, repost are ALWAYS appreciated :)
also another side note part 3 will take a bit longer to post since (1) i haven’t started writing it yet (2) i have a HUGE exam this Wednesday which i have been procrastinating to study for but i really don’t know anything so that will be where my focus lies for the next days
if u read this far then ur a real one haha sorry for my blabbering, love you all, my little muffins lol
reluctant hearts taglist: @venomsvl @mypolicemanharryyy
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freedomfireflies · 1 day
hey! if you're up for it...could we get an update on mr. and mrs. hey soul sister? i miss them and i wanna know what they're up to 😭
Tumblr media
“Harry…put it down.”
“Harry…put the goddamn remote down.”
Your blood boils as you huff a stray piece of hair from your eye. “Harry…I’m giving you two seconds to either put the remote down or turn the video off before I take action.”
Unphased but exceedingly amused, Harry’s brow raises as he regards you from his hiding spot in the kitchen. “Yeah? And what are you gonna do, hm?”
Already equipped for a fight, you reach into your back pocket to slip your last resort free.
Harry’s eyes widen once he realizes what you’re holding, and you watch him visibly swallow. “Lovie…don’t.”
But you’ve already got a finger underneath the flap of the envelope, ready to pop it free and investigate the contents inside. “Put the remote down…and I won’t.”
He hesitates, focus flicking between the weapon in your hand and the horrific video he’s got pulled up on the television. “I…but I…”
“Okay…I’m opening it,” you warn, sliding your nail even further along the sticky glue. 
“Wait!” He’s breathing heavier now, face flushing as he weighs his options. “Okay, wait—wait. Let’s just…let’s compromise, yeah? Just…just watch the beginning with me, and then I’ll turn it off—”
“Eh. Wrong answer,” you interject, shaking the envelope fervently. “Last chance, buddy. Drop it or I look inside.”
A glare begins to settle onto his expression as he presses his palms into the kitchen island to brace himself. “Lovie…don’t do this.”
“And why not?”
His lips purse. “Because…if you do…no more midnight ice cream runs.”
You gasp. “You wouldn’t.”
“Wouldn’t I?”
You debate this. You like to imagine you know your husband pretty well, but these past few weeks have slowly introduced a new man into your life.
One you aren’t quite sure you can trust yet.
“Drop the remote and we’ll be fine,” you argue instead.
With narrowed eyes, he lifts the clicker into the air, aims it at the TV…and hits, “Play.”
The video begins again, the wretched sounds sending a chill down your spine as you gasp. 
He called your bluff.
The fucking asshat.
Furious, you bring your bargaining chip closer, and wrench the lip back to peer inside the small sleeve.
“Lovie…” Harry attempts to warn, now slipping around the counter to approach you cautiously. 
But it’s too late. You’ve already seen it.
Your skin flushes as you reach inside to retrieve the small photo, pulling it out so you can get a better look.
Warily, Harry regards you from across the room, slowing to a stop as he attempts to gauge your reaction.
You don’t speak for at least a minute, the silence filling with the dreadful sounds still blaring from the speakers.
Your heart is pounding inside your chest. A hundred and one thoughts swimming around in your head as you attempt to pull yourself back to the present. To understand this impossible to understand new reality.
“Well?” Harry’s timid voice slips through the cracks of your trance, forcing your head up.
You blink. “It’s…”
He takes another step, and you can see the curiosity paint itself across his face. “What?”
You swallow. “It’s a girl.”
He practically glitches, stilling right where he stands as he looks at you.
You wonder if he heard you. “Har…?”
He sucks in a sharp breath. “It’s…it’s a…it’s a girl?”
“Yeah,” you whisper, lip between your teeth as you turn the photo around for him to see. “Yeah, it’s a girl.”
The moment his eyes land on his future daughter, you watch his entire world change.
He strides the rest of the way to you, plucking the photo out of your hand to give it a quick once over before he looks at you.
“Holy shit,” he murmurs, and you laugh as future tears begin to crawl up the back of your throat.
“Yeah,” you agree. “Holy shi—”
But he’s already putting his mouth on yours and pulling you into your arms before you can even finish your sentence. Your feet leave the floor as he spins you around, and you can’t help but laugh as he plants sweet, excited kisses all across your face.
Once he finally concedes to setting you back down, you put a hand over your heart. “I can’t believe we’re having a baby.”
“Oh, I can,” he retorts. “Knew it the moment I met you in the bar that night. I knew you’d be my future baby-mama.”
You can’t help but snort as you shove at his chest. “Ha. Very funny.”
“Speaking of which…this baby is gonna have the absolute best introduction to music,” he continues, reaching out to brush some hair behind your ear. “She’ll have my perfect pitch, and your tone-deaf taste—”
“All right,” you huff, shoving at him again as he laughs. “I will raise this baby by myself if I have to.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Wouldn’t I?”
He responds to your challenging glare with a kiss. Sweeter this time around. Purposeful. He’s not always good with words, but you can feel everything that he wants to say in this kiss.
You know.
It’s you two against the world.
Well…you three, now.
“I love you,” he says after a moment, forehead pressed to yours as if desperate to be close to you forever.
“I love you, Mr. Hey Soul Sister,” you tease, feeling rather proud of the way he grins. “Now…can you please turn that god-awful video off?”
He glances over his shoulder toward the woman giving birth on your television. “But why? It’s informational—”
“It’s graphic,” you argue for the hundredth time, brushing past him to find the remote. “Yeah, yeah, miracle of life and all that, but we are never having sex again, I’m just telling you that right now. Never, ever, ever, ever, eve—”
Your spiel is cut short by a pair of large arms wrapping around your waist to lift you back up into the air and drag you out of the kitchen right before you can reach the clicker. 
“Har…Harry!” you gasp as he carries you to the bedroom. “What are you doing?”
“We can start the no-more-sex rule tomorrow,” he says simply before you’re being—gently—dropped onto the bed. “Until then, celebration is in order.”
You laugh as he begins pressing kisses down your chest. “Harry—”
“I believe it’s Daddy…to you,” he smirks, and despite yourself, you feel a hitch in your breath.
Nerves aside, you tangle your fingers in his hair to bring him closer. You wouldn’t want to be doing this with anybody else, and you’re so grateful he burned those divorce papers all those years ago.
And even more grateful he married you that fateful night.
Who would have thought you two would find yourselves here? 
“Okay, Daddy,” you purr, pleased with the look on his face. “Let’s celebrate.”
And that’s all he needs to hear.
Tumblr media
I wanted to write this in a way that lets you decide if they're pregnant, have a surrogate, or if they're adopting, and hopefully you feel free to imagine whatever form of pregnancy you want to! Each is beautiful, special, and so unique, especially to these two💞
~ More Harry Blurbs
~ Full Masterlist
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Harry Styles and Y/N L/N expecting a baby
Tumblr media
Y/N L/N (34) is going to be a mother again!. It appears the actress is expecting a child with fiance Harry Styles (29). "We’re already so in love with him and he’s not even here yet" she captioned the post on Instagram.
The Oscar winning actress revealed this Friday she was pregnant again by posting a picture on instagram. In the picture, Y/N is standing on a green meadow. Lifting up the white shirt, a growing belly peeks out. According to People, it was Harry who took the picture of his fiancé.
Among those congratulating in the comments section are some of Harry’s and Y/N’s peers. And it appears the couple aren’t revealing exactly when their baby is due or how far along Y/N is.
It’s unclear when and how the couple met, the bottom line is that Harry and Y/N have known each other through mutual friends since 2018 but got together sometime in January of 2021.
The pair made their first red carpet debut together on September 2022 at the 79th Venice international film festival And they looked, to say the least, in love
This is Harry’s first child together with the actress, who he proposed to secretly last November, after dating for nearly two years.
This isn’t Y/N’s first child however, as she already has two sons, D’Angelo (10) and Xavier (7) from a previous relationship with a non-famous man.
The couple have kept any plans for the wedding date a secret but according to some of our sources they will tie the knot sometime in late 2023.
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Faded Away IX
hi. a long awaited and need part 9 thank you all so much for all the love and support i appreciate you all so so so much. thank thank you thank you a special thank you to @cherryscinema :D CHECK OUT HER BLOG BTW SHES THE BEST ! i love love you thank you so much for helping me out with this part :) have a great week all of you ! i love love you i hope ur all doing amazing !
anyways talk to me in the asks ! don’t be shy friends let’s talk about anything and everything at anytime ! if you want to be added to the tag list don’t forget to ask !
let me know what you think of this part it was awfully draining to write :O don’t forget here’s the series masterlist !
song for this chapter ! this is me trying by our queen and savior ! taylor swift ! don’t forget to check out the series playlist
Anne rushed to Harry’s place after hearing his broken voice on the phone. She was close to her son this time and urged to comfort him and hold him in the way she knew he needed and wanted. She was his mother, it was her job to take care of him under any circumstances and decisions that he might have had, and throughout it all it was her job to comfort him and love him through it all. That’s why Anne was currently on the short drive from Y/N’s house to her son’s house to comfort him while he breaks in her arms.
Y/N was left confused much less than concerned in the bathroom with her dog soaked in the bathtub. Anne had taken the call, heard Harry’s tone and practically rushed out her door telling her that if she wasn’t back tonight that she would see her in a few days. She worried more so for Anne and the condition she had been left with after she had taken the call. She had never seen her in such a shaken worried state and in tears from simple words that had come out of her son. Y/N only let her mind wander to what Harry could have possibly gotten himself into before she stopped herself from drowning in concern and worry. She knew it wouldn’t be good for her and she also knew that she didn’t want to touch the topic of Harry that wandered freely in her mind. If Harry chose not to be around her at the point she needed him the most then why should she offer him herself in support of him when he abandoned her in such a way?  
She knew she was better off being alone with her dog then running back into Harry’s arms even if she still was in love with him. Eventually the love she had for him would fade, but that would only occur if she simply never fell into his arms again. And if she had gone up to his house with Anne she knew she would be falling for him just as hard as it was to get over him. It seemed unmanageable to get over Harry in the past, but being 5 months pregnant and occupied with the attention of work and a dog, she seemed to be getting over him slowly, with only a few occasional thoughts of him here and there. 
Of course Y/N could go on her own without Anne for a few days. She had done so for most of her pregnancy so far she only had occasional visits from Anne when given her ultrasounds dates. And that was her main concern, the fact she had an appointment in two days and she didn't know if Anne would be there or not. She assumed herself that if Harry was in a desperate measure of comfort, Anne would be spending the rest of her stay days that would be with her with Harry. That’s what brought her to main worry, dealing with being in a hospital on her own. Her and hospitals do not have a good history which is why she despises any form of doctor or appointment that requires her going to a hospital. Whenever she was forced to have an appearance in such a place she used to drag Harry with her, but now she had Anne, and with Anne she felt as if she didn’t need Harry which is probably why she felt as if she was getting over him slowly as well. 
“Worst comes to worst Cuddles” Y/N lifts the dogs legs from the tub he was happily in, “We’ll just call Gemma right” She groans as she finally gets Cuddles out of the bathtub in front of her, “Stay here” She tells him pointedly with a smile, “I’m going to go get your towel.” The one thing about Cuddles, was that for a dog, he was spoiled. He had the biggest playing area in her backyard, the biggest playing area in her home, a big dog bed, and an even bigger collection of toys. That wasn’t only her fault, everyone around her loved the dog, he had a charm that no other dog seemed to have and that’s what made Cuddles even more special to her.  She makes her way back into the bathroom where Cuddles was sitting with a dog smile plastered on his face and barking when she sees him. “Okay here’s what you’re gonna do” She points at him with a smile, “You’re either going to follow me, or you’re going to go sleep in your bed. Got it?” She asks him and almost like he understands her he barks in response. 
Y/N makes her way back into the in progress nursery room right next to her room and takes a brief look around the room. Anne and herself had managed to paint the room the cutest shade of green that simply warmed Y/N’s heart, and she knew that everything else she had to add into the room was only going to warm her heart even more. All she wanted was the best and perfect place for her baby and she hoped that by building this nursery she was in the right direction in providing the perfect place for her baby. Taking a breath she plops herself onto the floor of the room, and drags over the box of the crib that’s near her briefly looking over the box before simply tearing it open. “‘I’ve got to start somewhere don’t I?” She says to herself before she's taking out every type of wood assortment in the box. Before she can talk to herself again she hears the patter of Cuddles  running his way into the room. She turns over at the noise and soon enough he’s right in the doorway, “Alright Buddy” She calls him over, “We’re in for a long one with this” She points to the crib box, “So If i were you I would just watch, cause one of has got to do the building and I think that would be” She laughs lightly knowing that the dog doesn’t understand her at all but yet feeling the support he has to offer into the space of the room that will soon enough home the new best friend of her and the dog. 
As for Anne, true like her thoughts had told her she was sitting on the floor right next to her son’s doorway with her son falling right apart in her arms. She felt bad for him, regardless if she knew the background of the state he was in. Looking around her son’s home she felt crushed and broken herself seeing the several broken items, vases, pictures, anything and everything seemed to be broken on her son’s floor.  It wasn’t until she saw that every picture frame that was broken on her son’s floor were pictures of him and Fallon. Every other picture he had among his walls on furniture, they were all in place except the ones with none other than Fallon. 
She had rushed out of Y/N’s house so quickly she almost got lost on her way to Harry’s home. She had left Y/N’s place so quickly she never even had a second thought on what Y/N would say or do when she left her house. But a part of her knew the girl wouldn’t mind much if she was rushing out to help her son. Through the days Anne would spend with Y/N she saw the girl shift in no longer relying on the support system Harry had offered her for so long. Y/N seemed to be moving on, and Anne was not shy to admit the fact that she was proud of her for doing so. She knew the hurt Harry had caused Y/N she watched the girl fall apart for days over the thought and mention of her son. The question of what was going through Y/N’s mind as she rushed out her doorway never really came to Anne because she was so set on getting to her son. Much like she had to comfort Y/N when she lost Harry, it was Anne’s job to comfort her son and that’s what she was going to do. 
Anne felt bad. She felt terrible and a part of herself wanted to feel guilty. She was a mother she was allowed to hurt when her son was falling apart in her arms. But never did she want her son to hurt like this, she had seen Y/N hurt like this too much and guilt had always drowned her body, to see her son hurting like this made her feel sick.  Anne knew her son had not been the best person on the face of the earth within the past months, but even acknowledging and knowing so she knew he didn’t deserve to be in such pain as he was in. Harry wasn’t even letting out words to his mother, it was much simply sobs, and mumbles of words she couldn’t put together. 
She gathered he was clearly intoxicated upon seeing the several bottles laid around him, and it only made her feel more resentment towards her son. She couldn’t exactly pin out why she felt so bad for him, maybe it was because he was her son, But deep down she knew that regardless if she liked to admit it or not, her son had this looking out towards himself. Harry abandoned Y/N so easily and watching it all hurt Anne more than it seemed to hurt Harry, and he seemed now to be hurting the way Y/N did and never did Anne want to see Y/N or Harry, and even Gemma go through a pain like this ever. Yet again here Anne was watching one of her children fall apart in her arms and feeling complete resentment at the person in her arms. 
“Harry” She lets her hand run through his hair, “Love you have got to calm down” She tries to soothe him, but when she looks down she’s not even met with her son’s eyes, only the dark color of his hair was what her eyes saw. “Come on, Harry” She sighs lightly trying to at least get him to look up at her. 
This time, Harry responds, and Anne can actually put together the two words he lets out from his mouth. “I’m alone” He cries into his mother. 
“Oh Harry” Anne feels tears consume her vision, her son has no idea that this was the exact fear of his best friend, the same pain he caused her, he is now feeling on his own, “You’re not alone” She as soft as possible tries to reassure her son, “You’ve got me, Gemm-” 
“But I don’t have them mum!” Harry pushes himself out of the seemingly tight hold his mother has on him. He wanted his mother to comfort him, but he was letting his frustration from his pain take over him, and Anne knew she knew her son constantly did this in his emotional outbursts. 
“Harry” She got up and tried to make her way closer to her son wanting to hold him in her arms to comfort him, but Harry simply kept moving away and began to pace the open area in front of his mother. 
“They’re both gone” He shook his head, “I’m alone” He repeated to himself. Anne tried to get his attention while he chanted the same words to himself only causing him to break further.
Only when it got to the point that Harry had repeated the words, “I’m alone” so much to himself it started to break Anne and that was when Anne simply went up to her pacing son and wrapped her arms around him to soothe his words. Like always the boy simply fell into her embrace. 
“Love there are so many people out there” She whispers to her son as he shoves his face into his mother’s neck. “There’s so many people that are going to here with you, I promise you Harry you’re never going to be alone” 
“I lost the two girls I wanted the most in my life mum” He cried to his mother desperately, “I only wanted them!” 
Anne immediately knew he was referring to both Y/N and Fallon. Her heart ached for him, she knew he had led himself into losing Y/N but never did she expect or want to hear that her son would go through the heartbreak of Fallon so soon after. She couldn’t possibly imagine the hurt he was feeling knowing that he deemed Fallon as the one he was meant to be bonded with forever. She couldn’t imagine it and the best she could ever do was comfort him. 
Anne didn’t have much to respond to Harry with his desperate pleas and words. “Harry” She grabbed her son’s face from the place in her neck, wiping his tears “You’ll be okay, I’m here, love”  Harry only cried harder at her words and her heart only ached more for her son. 
After silent moments of his sobs, Anne finally decided that it was time to try her best and get her son to sleep. She knew the man could only soothe his pain and cries if he went to sleep, he wouldn’t have to face the pains he was enduring himself in. “Let's get you to bed darling” She continued to run her hands through his messy short hair.  When she felt his head nodding to her she sighed in relief, and soon enough the two of them were making their way up the stairs to get into bed. Anne watched her son take slow steps across his room, picking out his pajamas and looking around as if he was so unaware of his surroundings, and her heart broke even more. Her son didn’t seem to be feeling at home in his own home. 
Harry walked over to his desk, leaving Anne confused as to what he could possibly be looking for in such a  place at such a time. But when he stopped in front of the desk her heart broke even more than it already had been. Anne watched as Harry grabbed the picture frame in front of him and clutched it to his chest. He turned to her and if watching her son in this state hadn’t shattered her heart, then this definitely had him stomping on her heart.
Harry always found comfort in Y/N. After a long day of interviews, continuous shows, album releases, there was a constant through it all and it was Y/N. Whenever she sensed he was being overpressured, or knew he wasn’t doing his best or feeling his best Y/N was there.  She was everywhere whenever she needed him, and Harry couldn’t explain how grateful he was for her. She took care of him when he couldn’t take care of himself, and the most she ever did was take care of him when he wasn’t himself. In true form and works, Y/N had shaped everything Harry had ever worked towards. He knew if she wasn’t at his side like she constantly was, he wouldn’t have reached the level he had with his career.  She quite literally had designed every single thing in his closet, and every single thing he could have worn in his life since knowing her. Y/N was there whenever he needed someone the most. Whenever he longed for the comfort his mother was so far away to reach for, Y/N was there. She was there, and when she needed him the most he had left. Harry had left her on her own. Now as he clutched the picture of the two ex best friends into himself, he wished he had never left her on her own. He wished that she was there like she always was for him. He cried because she wasn’t there because of his own fault. He cried because he put himself through this. He cried because he wanted the love Y/N had to offer him. He cried because he wanted to be the comfort she had always offered him. 
Harry did eventually get into his bed. Anne managed to get her son into bed into much defiance and struggle that came from him. She managed to get him to bed, but she didn’t manage to get him to let go of the picture of his hold.  Harry went to bed with the picture of him and Y/N clutched into his chest, and his tears falling onto them. He fell asleep with a great ache and pain going through his body and his heart, and he knew that he deserved to go through the pain he was crying out of. He deserved it, and he fell asleep crying because he knew that he deserved it. 
Y/N she wasn’t in bed, she wished she was, but no she wasn’t. She was laid on the carpeted floor, huffing at the strength it took her to put together a crib. Who knew the amount of strength one would need to put together a crib. She never imagined it would have taken her the span of 2 hours. She assumed that by an hour she would be up and putting up the bassinet set she had bought. But nope it was now 12 and she was laid on the ground trying to catch her breath after she had used all her energy and strength to build a single crib. 
If simply painting the room and building a crib took all of Y/N’s night she didn’t know how much longer it would take to fully get the room perfected. But nevertheless she was excited for the process and the outcome, she was just exhausted, and hungry. 
“We need a long break after this one don’t we buddy” She huffed out turning her head to look at her dog, “Oh of course! You’re sleeping” She groaned and lifted herself up from her spot, quickly glancing around the room. Even though she was five months pregnant now it still took her a bit to fully come to terms and process. She was having a baby in just four months. She was going to have a baby. Something she never imagined, something she had never thought of. Never had she thought she would end up where she was now. Building a nursery room for a baby she was going to have. Never did she think that if she were to have a baby Harry wouldn’t be there.
When Y/N had thought of her future, Harry was always there, no matter what in any way shape or form, her best friend, the person she called her lover was there. Now that he was gone, she seemed to have quickly adjusted to a life without him. She figured if he can kick her out of his life that quickly, then she could easily adjust to a life without him. Surely and slowly she was, he rarely crossed her mind, but when he did it only brought an agonizing pain and panic surface into her body and mind. The man she had loved for so long had turned to be one of the men that she almost feared to be near. Not because of the person he was, she knew that deep down even everything the man had put her through recently, Harry was an amazing person with an amazing heart. But she feared the damage he would continuously do to her, she feared what else he would break in her, she feared that if she were to let him back into her life he would not only break her but break her child’s heart. 
Her baby was the most important thing in her life currently. Even if they weren’t born yet she wanted to protect them at all costs and she would do whatever it possibly took to make sure her baby was safe from anything and everything even if they had yet to face the world. But she knew that if she had to go through heartbreak she would protect her baby from the aches of heart she had been enduring for years in any way that she could until she no longer could. But if staying away from Harry was what it took, then she would stay out of his way like he desired. 
Y/N finished off cleaning all the little bits of trash that were scattered across the room of the nursery, and settled on leaving Cuddles sleeping in the work in progress room. She had no energy to lift his weight up and possibly settle him on her bed or in his own bed, so she simply left him to his peaceful slumber. Either way she knew that the soft dog would find its new home in the same room in the coming four months. Sighing she put all her energy into getting down the stairs of her home getting a quick snack and then making her way up the stairs once again getting into her room and quickly going through her night routine, making sure to leave the door of her room open just in case Cuddles awoke in the middle of the night and made his way into the room. She got into  bed and let her mind take over the future she had ahead of her with her baby with the occasional question of what Harry could be going through at the moment. 
Anne awoke to the sound of her phone ringing. Thankfully not to the sound of her son vomiting his insides in the toilet after last night, but the sound of her phone ringing going through Harry’s guest room. Groaning, she glanced at the clock that was settled on the nightstand next to her.  Her eyes widened when she came to notice the time hitting noon. She reached out towards her phone and upon seeing the contact name of “Y/N” she quickly answered the call. 
“Anne?” The girl let out what Anne heard to be a harsh gasp into the phone. 
“Y/N?” Anne began to rub the sleep out of her eyes, “Are you alright darling?”
“I can’t find the jelly and you were the last to use the jelly.” Y/N quickly spoke into the phone and Anne only giggled at this being the reason the girl was calling her. Of course she would be the one to call her at almost noon asking her where the jelly was.  But to Anne’s dismay she was helpless; she had no recollection of using the jelly at all, much less knowing where it was. 
“Love, I don’t ever remember using the-”  Y/N interrupted her easily and quickly. 
“Anne, you used it yesterday morning for toast.” Anne had used hazelnut spread. Not Jelly. She remembers because Y/N specifically asked her to not use the jelly because she didn’t like the strong smell. 
“Love, I used the hazelnut spread” Anne let out a chuckle at the girl insistence.
“Anne!” Y/n was beginning to become frustrated, and it didn’t help that Cuddles was right at her feet trying to jump onto her legs, “Cuddles, Let’s not” Anne heard her try to calm the dog over the phone. 
“Darling I swear I used the spread because you said the smell of the jelly wasn’t being nice to you” Anne reminded her as she got up and made her way to the bathroom in the guest room. 
“I really wanted jelly today” The girl began to cry over the phone to Anne, and for once Anne didn’t feel a pang in her heart about one of her children crying she found it rather comical but she wasn’t going to admit that to the soft girl over the phone, she knew it would only send the girl into a deeper spiral of tears over jelly. 
“Darling” Anne tried to hide her light laugh through a sigh, “You can head off to the store can’t you?” She lightly asked her, trying not to make her cry even more. 
“I don’t want to” Y/N cried, “If I do that means I have to take Cuddles cause he’s being extra clingy today and-” 
“Love” Anne tried to interrupt her but it didn’t work. 
“The baby has been kicking all morning and I really don’t feel like carrying Cuddles into,” The girl continued to blabber on to Anne until she cut her words off herself, “Oh my god Anne” 
“Yes Love” Anne let her laugh sound through the phone this time. 
“ I found the jelly” She wiped her tears and laughed lightly at herself, “It was right in front of me” She shook her head even though Anne couldn’t see her. “I’m sorry” She let out quietly after not hearing Anne say any word back to her.
“Oh love don’t be sorry” Anne laughed, “I’m happy this was what I woke up to” 
“You’re just waking up?” Y/N asked the lady over the phone.  She knew Anne was one to wake up early and get her day started in the bright of the day. 
“Yeah, we had a long night over here” Anne sighed knowing that if the girl even knew about the situation she would run her mind crazy and that was the last thing she wanted her to go through at the moment. 
“Is he okay” Y/N felt as if she was obligated to ask, even if it wasn’t to know about the state Harry was in, but rather how Anne was after seeing him in such a state. 
“He’s okay” Anne sighed, “He’s going to be okay” Anne was almost telling herself those words more than she was telling Y/N.
“He’ll be okay” Y/N repeated after Anne, “He’s got you, he’ll be alright, he’s got the best person to support him that is out there” Y/N smiled into the phone and the words simply made Anne melt and want to break into tears over the emotional exhaustion she had to endure herself. 
“Thank you love” Anne softly told her not knowing exactly what to say. She knew that if she mentioned what had Harry had done with the pic of the two last night it would only make the girl feel bad, and she knew Y/N had no reason to feel bad, she knew her son had been cruel to her and she wasn’t going to allow Y/N to simply walk back to him like that after he had thrown her out in such a way. As much as she loved her son and as much as she knew her son needed it, she wouldn’t allow Y/N to do so.
“I’ll get back to my sandwich making so you can go take care of him, yeah?” 
Anne let out a light laugh at the girls words, “Of course love, you get back to your sandwich I’ll see you soon” 
“I love you Anne” The girl told her before Anne was repeating the words and the call was quickly ended. Anne sighed upon the day she had ahead of her. She didn’t know what could possibly come from her day with Harry. She got herself ready for what was the rest of the day ahead of her before she finally made her way up to her Son’s room. 
She expected her son to be asleep, she didn’t expect him to be on the floor of his room once again in tears with every single picture of not only him and Fallon, but of him and Y/N as well. But this time Anne only sighed and her heart didn’t break for her son, it only resented him. 
“Oh Harry” She sighed as she made her way over to him and took her place right next to him on the floor. She looked at every photo around him, all of them which she had seen or hadn’t seen, but every photograph had a story, one that Anne didn’t know but that Harry cherished always. 
“I miss them” Harry looked up at his mother with tears in his eyes, “I’ve really lost everything now mum” He continued to cry while looking at his mother next to him. “I don’t know how I could let myself lose them both” Harry is only now beginning to process how badly he had fucked up. He lost Y/N and he never wanted it to lead to losing her ever. He lost Fallon and of course it hurt him because he truly thought that Fallon was the one, he thought she was the one he was meant to be with and she threw it all in his face. 
“Harry” Anne picked up Harry’s hand from his lap, “I know it hurts, but if you just sit here it’s not going to change anything. I know moving on from Fallon won’t be easy-”
“She said she didn’t love me.” Harry interrupted his mother words, letting out the same words that hurt him to hear from Fallon, “She said she didn’t love me and she never has, she led me on for three years mum” He looked right into his mother eyes with tears drowning his face, “She only wanted me for everything I had except for me”
Anne took in his words slowly and it hurt to know that the girl had been so sweet to her and everyone around her son only for her to have been playing an act for three long years. The girl hid her reality of emotions behind the person Harry was. She hid her true self behind Harry’s kindness and generosity, making her seem like the ideal woman for her son when she was the exact opposite. “Well she missed out on the love you have to offer Harry” Anne had no other words to voice to her son she didn’t know what to say that could have possibly made him feel better at this point. She could never possibly imagine what it was like to be so in love with someone and then be told that the person had never loved you back. It hurt her to hear that her son had to go through that heartbreak. 
“I love her mum” He cried his voice laced with pain, “I loved her and she just walked away as if nothing! She laughed about it to mum” His cries only became louder as he picked up a new picture of him and what was once the love of his life. “Mum she made me leave Y/N because she wanted me to herself, and she didn’t even love me! She had this sick idea where if I was all hers then maybe she would love me, but she just got tired of me. She got tired of me mum.” 
Harry repeated his words almost as if he was still trying to process them himself and Anne only moved to embrace her son tighter. “I left Y/N when she needed it the most for her.” He glanced at his mother who only had to offer a soft sad smile at him, “I walked away so easily from her because I really thought she was the one. I wanted her to be the one and she just threw me out. I left Y/N for her.” Harry’s reality hit him, he had really left his best friend behind just for the sake of having the one right in front of him. He had simply thrown Y/N out as if she had never meant a single thing in his life or to him. He was just now realizing that he was the person Fallon was to him yesterday to Y/N. 
As Harry’s thoughts ran wild over how much he had damaged Y/N Anne practically said it all to him. All of his thoughts seemed to be voiced by his mother.
“You did the exact same thing to Y/N Harry. You threw her out so quickly over Fallon, and now Fallon’s thrown you out. Darling it’s all coming back to you” Anne told him as nicely as she could not want to damage her son more. Through all  the pain he was feeling she wanted him to realize the kind of person he had been in the past months to Y/N. 
“Mum” He fell into his mother harder, fully into tears, “Do you think I will ever find someone like Y/N again.” He feared the idea of never having a best friend or person in his life ever again. He would end up alone, he would end up living his fears. His fears and insecurities were becoming his world and that was the one thing Y/N always made sure to not let Harry fall into. If Harry was deeply honest, what hurt him the most out of the two heartbreaks he was enduring was the fact he lost Y/N. What hurt him the most was what he was feeling and going through right now was what Y/N had to go through when he walked out on her. 
“Oh Harry” Anne looked at her son, “I can’t answer that for you” She told him the best that came to her mind. In reality she knew that Harry and Y/N would either end up as friends once again or simply be better off without each other. For her son’s sake she wished the two would find a way back to each other, but for Y/N’s sake she wished her son would stay out of her way. The girl was only now getting over him, and she knew if he were to simply walk back into her life it would be no good for Y/N.
“Would she ever want to be my friend again?” He cried the desperate question that was floating into his mind.
“Harry” Anne sighed, “I don’t know. You did so much damage to her in saying all that you said to her” She told him the truth even if it hurt him. 
“I didn’t mean it mum I swear-”
“But you said it Harry, and you said everything that you knew would hurt her when she needed you the most, Harry. That’s what hurt her the most Harry, you did it all when she needed you the most. Now she adjusted to not needing you anymore, she’s doing fine without you”
“She’s doing fine without me?” It hurt Harry to hear. Even though he didn’t want her to be drowning  in pain, especially pregnant, it hurt him to know how casually she sounded to be doing without him. Here he was drowning in pain and his mother had just told him the girl who he hurt so badly had now adjusted to being perfect without him. 
“Harry she’s five months pregnant now” Anne softly smiled thinking of Y/N, “She has much more to worry about then what could have possibly happened if you hadn’t left her in such a state. That girl was crying and was miserable for days after what you told her Harry, and now she’s over it she has other things to do than cry over you at this point Harry.” 
Harry let himself fall into his mother’s chest, he was proud of Y/N he knew how strong she was but he wished he was by her side through it all. “She’s doing all that alone. She doesn’t need me anymore” He cried into his mother’s chest, “Just like Fallon didn’t need me, she doesn’t need me either.” 
“It’s not like she doesn’t want you, Harry.” Anne reminded him softly, “Out of everyone who has wanted you the most in her life, she has wanted you the most Harry, she was open for you whenever you were closed for her. Now she’s closed and you’re open Harry” 
“I didn’t ever want it to turn out like this” He looked up at his mother from his spot in her chest, “I just wanted to be happy with Fallon and have Y/N on my side.”
“But when Fallon made you choose, you chose her” Anne began to run her fingers through her son’s hair. 
“She was supposed to be the one mum!”
“That’s what Y/N thought of you Harry, that’s what she wanted in you.” Anne let the feelings of the girl slip out of her mind. She never once thought that those words would ever escape from her mouth and slip into the ears of her son. She knew that among everything Y/N has trusted her with this was one the biggest things. Now she had gone and let out the girls’ most trusted words in the sake of comforting her son, and Anne quickly felt the slow guilt consume her slowly. 
“She thought I was the one?” Harry quickly picked himself up from his spot in his mother's comforting chest, “Mum?” He tried to get her attention, “She- she was in love with me?” He let the words process into his mind and he simply could not process everything the two had been through and promised each other that the girl was once again in love with him. 
The truth was, one year into the friendship of Y/N and Harry they had both mutually fallen in love with each other. It happened when Harry had Y/N tour with him, he had fallen in love with the outfits she had continuously made for him and practically demanded her to join him on his first debut tour. The people pleaser Y/N was she joined him on his tour not ever thinking that the two would fall so badly for each other. Harry had fallen in love with not only her style of designing but he had fallen for her too, and Y/N was quick to fall right behind him. Everyone on the tour crew could see it and notice it, there was no possible way one could have been blind to it. 
One night when Harry had gone off with the band for drinks he came extremely drunk. Immensely drunk that Mitch called the only person he knew would be able to contain the man in such a state, Y/N. Y/N was quick to respond to the call and almost immediately made her way over to the spot the crew was hanging out at to be at Harry’s care. She was quick to get the drunken man into her car and get him back to his hotel room. But it was a hassle, the man was full of several words and silly tactics. Among his words was his confession of love for the girl, and the girl had reacted so quickly in running out of the man’s room when he settled to sleep. She feared the idea of having her best friend turn into her lover, she feared that she would end up losing him in everything they were pushing themselves towards. She feared everything that came with being with Harry, but she never once feared the man Harry was. 
Y/N practically hid from Harry for the course of a week. She of course had her work of the various suits he wore done for him, but she always had Sarah or anyone else around her deliver it to him. She had found a way to avoid him at all costs, even when he was constantly blowing up her phone, even when everyone that was near her was telling her the amount of times Harry had been asking around for her. It was affecting Harry and everyone could tell, his temper began to shorten and he began to be moody at not being around her. That’s when Sarah and Mitch practically forced Harry to show up at her hotel door. 
When Y/n opened the door she was quick to shut it when she came to face him. She wasn’t in the place to face him, but she didn’t know that the man was clueless as to what he had said until he was pleading at the door to let him in. When she did, the man demanded her to tell her the reasons as to why she was hiding from him, and Y/N could only sit in silence for so long. So she simply let out her thoughts and feelings on how in love she was with him, she left Harry in full shock over the feelings she had for him. How could it be possible that the girl he loved so dearly loved him back so easily. The questions ran through his mind but he sat in silence, and Y/N only took it as his drunken words being lies. 
She apologized harshly and deeply to the man sitting in front of her, until he was silencing her with his mouth on hers. But Y/N was quick to stop his actions, she didn’t want him to only spring himself into a relationship because of pity. When the words came out of her mouth, Harry got defensive of himself, going crazy at what was now his confession of love for her. From that moment on there was no longer a disappearance of Y/N from Harry around the tour crew, the two were now inseparable, and the entire tour crew caught onto the fact that there had been a shift between the two. 
There had never been an official label to what they were. That’s what Y/N blamed their harsh romantic ending on. The two were intimate with each other, and maybe that’s what hurt Y/N the most out of everything. She gave Harry everything that she had once kept special and safe to herself. Everything that she wanted to give to the person that she deemed, “the one” she gave to Harry. That’s one of the mai9n reasons Y/N assumed she could never fall out of love with him. He held an immensely special place in her heart and in her life in general, and that was something she could never get rid of even if she tried. 
By the end of the tour, the two were still close, but no longer in the romantic sense that they were in. When they got to their homes in London, Harry almost ghosted Y/N. No matter how hard she tried to get in contact with him, no matter how many times she showed up at his door, he was gone. It hurt Y/N deeply, but when she showed up at his door one evening, and his current fling opened the door, Y/N broke. Y/N recognized the girl to be another one from the tour crew, and that’s when she called Sarah to ask if she had any insight of the situation between Harry and the girl in his home.  That was when Y/N had found out that the girl showed an interest in Harry at the last tour show, and the two had been consistently around each other since. 
No one including Harry and Y/N knew what they deemed themselves to be in the romantic sense. Were they dating? Were they simply extremely close friends with benefits? No one knew what they were including the two, so Harry had the right to go off with another girl. But that didn’t mean he had the right to simply ghost Y/N the way he did so abruptly. That’s when she showed up at his door one late night in full tears screaming at her best friend for what he had done to her. Harry only deeply apologizes recognizing his wrong doing and then told her that the thing they had between the two couldn’t go on. That’s when Y/N made the two promise they could never fall in love with each other again. That’s when she made him swear to never come near her in a romantic sense. 
Harry easily moved on from her, but she never easily moved on from him. Even after the incident the two were close friends, of course it hurt Y/N to be near him and not have him be hers but she got over it, because he seemed to be doing perfectly fine with his new love interest. He was doing fine so she would try her best to be fine without him, and so she was. She was fine but she was never out of love. She supposed the only reason she clung onto him and kept him around was because he was the only person she actually had. 
When he heard his mother say the words that the girl was in love with him. It’s almost as if everything in Harry practically broke again. He felt terrible,  he felt terrible for what he had done to the girl back when they were on tour and now. He felt terrible because he knew that a part of her always loved the girl, he felt terrible because he knew how special the spark they had on tour was to Y/N. He knew how special their love was to Y/N and he had broken it not once, but now twice. 
“Mum I broke her twice” He paced the room, “She trusted me all of these times and I broke her two times!”
“And she got herself back up both times Harry” Anne  looked at her pacing son, “If she can get back up so easily you should be able to get up from this and fix everything or move on” Anne wanted to encourage her son to move forward from every idea that was possibly tormenting his mind, she wanted him to not wallow in the sadness he created for himself. 
“What if she doesn’t want to fix everything mum?” He let his worries out to his mother. 
“Then you have to move on, Harry” Anne sighed. 
“What if i can’t move-”
“Harry” Anne interrupted him, she picked up a photo from the ground, “If you really want to fix things you will find the right way to do it. If you don’t then you will find someone to move on with” But Anne still had a question running through her own mind, “But I have to ask you darling” She got up from her sitting spot on the floor of her son’s room, “Do you want to fix things for Y/N or for your benefit?”
Harry groaned at his mother’s question because if he was honest he himself didn’t know the answer to that question. “Mum, for the both of us” He let out quickly making up his answer, “I’m going to fix it for her, and me” 
Anne smiled at her son’s words and made her way over to him and embraced him into a tight hug. She pulled away and reminded him of one single thing, “Just remember Harry, it’s not just her now, it’s her and her baby” 
“I feel so bad for leaving her when she needed me the most, '' Harry blurts at his moms reminder. 
“You should Harry” Anne responded, “She has been with you for everything, and if you didn’t let her go the way you did she would be here too” She told him. 
“I wouldn’t be in this position if I just chose her over Fallon” He looked down at the ground, “I’ve been the one for her, but I’ve never treated Y/N as if she was the one for me” His tears begin to blind his view again. 
“Harry” Anne sighed, “If you’re only doing this because you know now that she’s in love with you.” She shook her head, “Then maybe it's better for you to just move on.” 
“Mum” Harry looked at Anne, “I think a part of me has always wanted her to be the one” 
“So then why haven’t you acted on it Harry” She tried to cover up her knowledge of the instinct where she knew they were bound to end up together. “She asked how you were doing today” she blurted out for who knows what reason. 
“She came?” His eyes widened at the thought the girl would ask about him. 
“She called me asking me about something, I was at her home last night, helping with a few things she wanted to do.”
“She really is doing fine without me isn’t she?” Harry asked his mother with tears still blocking his view. 
“Harry,” Anne sighed, “You barely tried to keep her in your life, so she walked away from the idea of you being in hers” She looked straight at her son, “ I know it wasn’t easy for her” 
“I’m going to try to fix it mum” Harry cried, “If she lets me I’ll fix it. I’ll be there for her and the baby like I should have been from the beginning” Anne could hear the desperation in her son’s voice. 
“What if she doesn’t want it fixed Harry,” Anne began to tell her son, “She’s going to have a baby it’s not just her now, it’s her and her baby. As a mother she will protect that child from anything, and what you put her through is one of the things she will make sure her baby doesn’t go through Harry” 
Harry didn’t know how he intended on getting Y/N back into his life. But he now knew the girl was in love with him, and even if she was trying to get over him he would try his best to get the girl to allow him back into her life slowly. He would do anything and everything to be in the comfort of his best friend’s arms. He wanted to be there for her in any way he could, and it all began with him fixing things with himself, and then fixing things with Y/N. If he could get over Fallon in a bit of time, he would only be able to get to Y/N quicker and that’s what his heart called out for the most. 
His heart called out for finding “the one”. His heart called out for him to be heard, to be comforted, to be cared for, his heart called out for Y/N.  And Harry would do anything to follow his heart this time. He wanted to be the person she was for him. He wanted to be the comfort, the care, the love that his heart asked for, and he would do anything and everything just for her. 
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kbrownie · 1 day
I love how Harry is so in love with YN. We saw him get hurt, will we ever get to see his reaction if she gets hurt?
Absolutely. Right now.
Harry’s sitting in a strategy meeting that he’d rather not be in. He won the race. Why do they have to talk about it? He’s rather be having a nice lunch with his girl. He was going to cook for her.
He’s thinking about a recipe for soup when his team principal yells at him to pay attention. They are still playfully bickering when a fire alarm starts blaring. They file out of the fire exits while Jeff is saying, “It’s probably just a drill.”
“Do you know for sure?” Harry questions just as Jeff is getting a call. He raises a finger to shush Harry as he talks. Harry scans the building, seeing smoke coming from the far side of the building.
“That’s the garage,” Harry says mostly to himself. Jeff barely is grasping his shirt when Harry takes off sprinting to the sound of sirens.
“Can you clean up this petrol please?” Y/n was asking no one in particular after the she almost slipped and face planted in her own garage. She doesn’t know how she would recover from that. She realizes there’s no one in else in earshot of her and she’s just not assertive enough to call someone to clean it for her. Harry would be disappointed in her for not being assertive and doing something “not in her job description” and working through lunch.
Harry said after the strategy meeting they would eat together. He was going to make soup! He did tell her to eat a snack though, keep her sugars up. She’s walking back from the janitorial closet with a mop, mumbling about the dangers of fuel leakage when she’s pushed back into the wall. When her head bangs against the drywall she sees black dots.
Her vision is blurry and she can smell smoke. Alarms are blaring. Something is wrong. She tries to take a deep breath and chokes on it. The lab. The fuel. Something is wrong.
Bright orange blinks into her vision. She needs to get up. She needs to leave. Coughing, she pulls her shirt over her mouth and nose and pulls herself into a crawling position. The halls from her hands and knees are vaguely familiar. She’s so confused. She hates being confused. Her brain has always worked so efficiently. She hates being confused so much it sends her into a panic.
He’s running at a speed he’s never known in his life. Maybe she’s at lunch. All the other engineers are at lunch. He knows his fiancée better than he knows the back of his hand, every sector of the Monaco track, everything. He knows she’s not at lunch. When he gets to the building flame licks at his skin. He shrugs off his jacket, putting it over his face before running into the building. He’s screaming her name over and over again.
Firefighters will be here soon, he knows that. He knows they might not be here soon enough. How long has she been exposed to toxic chemicals. How long has she been breathing in this thick smoke?
He finds her on the ground, crawling in the wrong direction. Her face is wet despite the dry heat. He puts the jacket over her face. When her picks her up, he reassures her, “I’ve got you.”
A trauma blanket is wrapped around both of them when Harry refuses to be separated from her. The rest of the team was thankful that no else was in the building but disheartened by the fact that Y/n was caught up in the explosion.
She pulls the oxygen mask of her face, Harry’s fingers enclose on it, pushing it down, gently. “You have to get this oxygen treatment if you don’t want to go to the hospital.”
“I wanted to thank you, my knight in shining armor.”
“Anything for you, princess.”
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thediscomedley · 1 day
Tumblr media
Months of missed connections and fleeting moments had led the both of them to the worn lounge of her Rome living room. A realisation in the middle of the most uncertain times, that maybe all she’d needed was him to hold onto. 
“We doing this then?” She hummed at his question, waiting for him to clarify, “you and me, we’re doing it?”
All she could do was kiss him. 
Fame, chance meetings, a global pandemic and the invisible string that inspired Harry’s House.
Inspo Tag | Story Tag | Talk to me! | SNEAK PEEK
Haze on the Horizon - London, August 2019 // Nashville, October 2019
Part II - London, December 2019
Part III - Los Angeles, February 2020 // Viterbo, April 2020
Part IV - Rome, July 2020 
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loversipod · 2 days
Star girl and Moon lover
Tumblr media
Summary: Harry is a moon lover and y/n is a star girl. Their dates end at a blanket staring at the heavens, falling in love with each other more everyday.
Pairing: boyfriend!harry x reader
Wordcount: 717
Trigger warnings: none
It was a warm summer night with a cold gentle breeze. Her dress was blowing in the wind, so was his hair getting messy. They both love warm summer nights and hang out a lot. Harry gave her his warm sweater, he saw how y/n was freezing. His voice is always so soft when he talks to her and so it is today, “I knew you’ll forget yours.” He mumbled softly in the shell of her ear.
They have a soft spot for how the stars are visible on a cloudless night. The stars are glowing is her favourite thing and Harry adores the moon. The dark sky, the bugs are almost the only thing you can hear at night. The streets are almost empty. You hear one, two cars drive around the small city. The quiet music is coming from Harry’s phone. It was one of y/n all time favourite songs. He always plays them for her. It’s calm and gentle.
Harry knows y/n for a long time they were best friends, still are. Y/n and Harry have known each other their whole life. Her lover was always the quiet boy next door who never talks to anyone at all and she was the hopeless romantic with the Roses garden.
First they were childhood best friends, then they stopped talking. Somehow they started talking again and now they are finally more than that. It took them so long to talk to each other, all over again.
Harry laid his hand on hers, still watching the magical summer of the heavens, “are you okay? Do you want to go home? It's getting really cold.” He saw how her expression changed to a sad look. She doesn’t want the dead of night to end yet.
Her soft pink lips part, “it’s okay,” she said softly on the warm night. Her hair was all messy and due to the wind every time she wanted to fix it the breeze blew around their heads.
She had those lips, he wanted to kiss so bad, all summer.
She’s talking to him. Her voice tastes like warm and sweet honey. Her eyes sparkle like cold moonstones. Her lips seem so gentle like a flower in the summer breeze. Everytime Harry has the opportunity to take a seat next to her he smells a garden full of flowers. In his nose flew the smell of sweet strawberries.
“What is your favorite memory of us?” She asked him, and snuggled her shivering body closer to him.
He opens his mouth, through his mind goes every possible thing he could say, but he always lands on this memory. It didn't matter what beautiful memories he had. All are perfect in some way.
She laid her head on his warm shoulder, his head resting on top of hers. She always liked him, she liked how quiet he was around other people, only she knows he never shuts up.
“It would be wrong, if I have to choose only one, everything is so special when you’re around, bug.” Harry asked his girl a view times, if she’s ready to leave, but she wasn’t ready to go home and end their magical night.
Y/n legs are almost numb from the cold air. He had packed one of his fluffy blankets, y/n has always been honest with him. All the time.
She supported her head on his chest and the blanket sprawled over their body’s. “I found the fox,” he pointed at the dark, almost black sky. His star girl lifted her gaze back up to the delightful night sky to see it herself.
“It’s so hard to find,” a yawn came over her soft lips.
Time was forgotten, eyes became heavier and harder to keep open. The wind became colder, her head resting comfortably on his hard chest.
Before she disappeared in her dream world, he lifted her head barely and kissed her. Tasting her soft lips. It is so different, he always imagined how it would feel, but it’s better than that. The hint of strawberry on her lips and his rough fingertips against her cheek makes her smile. It was kind of messy considering neither the star girl or the moon lover kissed anyone before.
It was their first kiss.
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fkinavocado · 2 days
quick reminder that the wolffry fic i'm writing with @gurugirl is officially up! chapter 3 is coming real soon 👀👀
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avatar-anna · 4 hours
I swear I could read prof y/n content all day longgg!
Could we get an angst moment? Love a bit of drama hahahaha 🤪😂
prof and h angstttt plsssss
enjoy! xx
The Professor Series
Tumblr media
Harry knew Y/n. He knew her favorite authors and composers; he knew her favorite constellations, how she liked to sleep curled up into a ball when she had stomach cramps, and how she took her tea; he knew she wore mismatched socks, that her Southern accent returned when she was tired or tipsy, and that she had a little freckle on her hip; he knew she worked really hard but wanted to try to take herself less seriously sometimes; he knew the things that made her laugh and what she got excited about; he knew what places to kiss to make her blush and that she appreciated when he listened to her lectures before she gave them, even if he didn't quite understand.
It was safe to say Harry knew his love, inside and out.
But the person he was faced with now he almost didn't recognize.
It wasn't uncommon for Y/n to be asked to consult on particularly difficult cases that local police departments were struggling with. Y/n often looked over the case files and any other bits of information as it came in, gave her profile, and that was that. Each case lasted about a week, maybe more, but they always had successful outcomes.
Harry had been away on tour while Y/n was teaching in Cambridge. They missed each other obviously, but Harry started to worry when he didn't hear from her for almost two weeks. A few days wasn't out of the ordinary, mostly because Y/n forgot to respond to texts or answer a phone call, but she usually got back to him within a day or two; if she was working on a particularly difficult case, maybe more.
But this was a whole two weeks. They’d never gone that long without talking to each other. There had been no fights or disagreements that would warrant a silent treatment from Y/n, so it couldn’t have been on purpose. But Harry couldn’t come up with a reason that was good enough for Y/n to not speak to him.
So, despite the pushback from his management team, Harry rescheduled a couple shows so he could fly home and see what was going on. They didn't want him to leave, but Harry couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.
Harry arrived at Y/n’s townhouse late at night. The door was unlocked, which was almost as unusual as the mess he found in the front room when he came inside.
He'd never seen Y/n's home in such disarray before. Books were scattered everywhere, takeaway cartons and half finished mugs of tea and coffee littered every surface in her kitchen and living room, and all the curtains were drawn closed, casting the whole space in a stuffy gloom. Harry almost couldn't believe his eyes. Y/n scolded him when he didn't use a coaster, and now there was week-old food sitting on her coffee table.
Y/n was nowhere to be found, though, which meant she was in her bedroom. Harry worried about what he would find on the other side, but whatever was going on with her, she needed him.
She was sitting at her desk, her back to him as she bent over it and read something. She didn't even flinch or turn around when the door opened, like she hadn’t even heard Harry come in.
“Y/n, darling,” he said.
She turned, tired and unfocused eyes landing on Harry without much emotion. “Oh. You’re here. Did you call?”
Harry had never seen her so out of it before. He suddenly realized that Y/n wouldn’t have known what day it was let alone the last time they’d spoken. He felt completely out of his depth, but he tried his best to tread lightly.
“No. No, I wanted to surprise you. How—How are you?”
“Busy,” Y/n said immediately. “I have this really difficult case, so I can’t talk right now.”
He guessed as much, but even difficult cases Y/n had worked on in the past never reduced her to this. Her hair was a tangled mess at the nape of her neck, she only had one sock on, and he was pretty sure she hadn’t changed her clothes in days. Harry was suddenly glad he listened to his instincts and came here.
“I know it's important, love, but so is taking care of yourself,” he said. “Why don’t you take a break and clear your head? We can eat and watch a documentary or something.”
Harry rested his hand on her arm, but he quickly realized that was the wrong move. Y/n wrenched her arm away from him, her eyes lit with irritation.
“Take a break? I can’t take a break! There is no time for breaks,” she yelled. Harry was immediately stunned. Y/n had never raised her voice at him, or anyone else for that matter. “Young women, someone's wife or daughter or sister is dying, and they will continue to die if I can't figure this out, don't you understand that?”
“I know, that, Y/n. Of course I understand, but you’ll have a clearer head if you—”
“Don't baby me! I didn't ask you to be here, so just leave me alone. I need to work, I need to figure this out, I need...”
She ignored him after that, and Harry could tell that he'd been dismissed. He also knew there was no use reasoning with Y/n when she was this upset, so he left her to her own devices and left her alone like she'd asked.
Going back into the living room, Harry began to clean. He picked up and straightened stray books, folded blankets, threw out old food. He found comfort in doing something rather than just twiddling his thumbs while he thought of some way to reach Y/n like this.
Because the truth was as well as he knew her, he'd never seen her like this before, and he didn't know how to be there for her, or how to bring her out of this darkness she seemed to be in. He knew how much these cases meant to her, how much she valued helping people, but this was different. It seemed almost personal.
By the time Harry had swept the floors and washed all the dishes and fed the Emperor and Faye Winter, who had been lounging on their cat tree—they at least seemed unaffected by Y/n’s unusual behavior—Y/n still had yet to come out of her room. Harry knew then that she wouldn't be coming out at all, and that he should probably get comfortable on the couch.
All night he worried about her. Every couple hours or so, Harry would hear Y/n pacing her room or cursing quietly or throwing what sounded like sheets of paper around after crumpling them up. She was frustrated, that much was clear, but all Harry could do was lay on the couch and listen. In the morning, Harry decided to keep giving Y/n space and went about his day like he normally would when he stayed at the townhouse. He sat and read some emails while the cats cuddled him on either side, he went into town to restock Y/n’s fridge, and he kept cleaning up.
And nothing. Y/n didn’t make an appearance the whole day. Not to eat or acknowledge that he was there or say hello to the Emperor and Faye Winter. Harry could hear her shuffling around in her bedroom like she'd done all night, but she never came out. By the time the sun was going down, he started to worry more than he already had been.
The problem was he didn't know what to do. Harry had never dealt with anything like this before. He thought he had a grasp on reaching Y/n and understanding what she needed and how, but she shut him out so fast and lashed out so intensely. This obviously wasn't a typical case, something must've happened to make her react this way, but Y/n wasn't going to tell him anytime soon.
And there was no one who could give Harry insight either. For all intents and purposes, he was Y/n's family. She didn't have relatives she spoke to regularly, not many close friends, no one who might have ever seen her act like this way before. And her mother certainly wasn't an option; Harry didn't want to give her the satisfaction of having to call her at all, and he didn't think she would know anything about this anyway.
All night Harry stayed up brainstorming. He wracked his brain for someone who might know Y/n and how to help. And when he did, he went to work on tracking them down. Harry had decided on contacting one of her old professors after recalling Y/n speaking fondly of one a couple times. It took time figuring out where he was and how to get a hold of him, but he eventually did. Harry called every ten minutes and left message after message with some secretary until he eventually got through.
“This is Dr. Moore.”
He sounded old, but Harry didn’t take the time to wonder what this person looked like. “Hello. My name is Harry, and I believe you know a close friend of mine. Y/n L/n.”
“Ah yes,” Dr. Moore said. “I haven’t heard from Y/n since she only had one PhD. How is she?”
“N—Not great,” Harry said. He proceeded to word-vomit the whole situation, his stress and anxiety about his love's well-being pouring out of him over the phone. “I—I've never seen her like this before and I'm not really sure what to do. She won't talk to me or leave her room. I was just hoping you might know something or had seen her...behave like this before.”
The professor didn't say anything for a while, hopefully gathering his thoughts. “She's rather well-adjusted for someone who has seen and experienced so much,” he finally said. “But you have to understand that she's...different from the rest of us. She has a gift that no one else has or can really make sense of.”
“She’s more than her intelligence, Doctor—”
“I don’t mean it like that, Harry,” Dr. Moore said softly. “She's a genius, she's brilliant, but that doesn't come without its faults. Many brilliant minds suffer from a little madness, Y/n is no different.”
It was like Harry could hear what Dr. Moore was saying, but he didn't want to believe him. “Y/n isn't crazy.”
“I didn’t say she was. But she has a tendency to be obsessive, loses track of time, hyperfocuses on a singular subject. Surely you've noticed that.”
“Yeah, but...It’s never been this bad, I mean, this is extreme.”
Harry didn't like the professor's insinuations, or how helpless he was making him feel. Harry knew Y/n, he knew her. She wasn't mad, she wasn't sick, she just needed a little help.
“I realized quite early on that Y/n never took failure...lightly. For someone like her, being wrong is a tough pill to swallow. Perhaps start there?”
“Right, thanks,” Harry muttered. This phone call was a bust. All it gave him was more stress.
He was about to hang up the phone when Dr. Moore spoke again. “Harry, Y/n is exceptional, and that doesn't come without its own bevy of...adversities. But Y/n is strong, and she has a good head on her shoulders, even after everything she's been through. I imagine just showing that you're there for her will be enough. Don't crowd her, but be close enough to catch her when she falls, as you've already done. Her family was never patient enough to love her the way she needed, I hope you can be that for her.”
Harry hung up after that, not having anything to say to the professor. A glance at his phone told him it was three in the morning, but he got up from the couch and chanced going into Y/n's room anyway.
She was pacing and muttering to herself incoherently, but Harry didn't let that bother him. Y/n noticed him but said nothing, and neither did he. He just got into bed, picked up a book off her nightstand, and began to read.
Y/n was quiet for a moment, and Harry could feel her gaze on him, but he kept quiet, and she eventually went back to pacing. It wasn't easy, but Harry did his best to just ignore her, have his presence known without talking to her directly like Dr. Moore suggested. He hoped that Y/n would come to him in her own time.
His eyes burned, begging him to finally go to sleep, the words on the book in front of him blurred. He was exhausted, but he was determined not to lie down. Not until Y/n was in bed next to him.
“You know, sometimes I find it helpful if I talk about things out loud.”
An invitation to open up, a small one after about an hour of silence. He didn't really expect Y/n to take the bait, but she did, kind of.
“What do you mean?”
Setting his book down, he said, “Well, all your thoughts are swirling around in your head. It might be helpful to just say them out loud, like bouncing a ball against a wall.”
She began to explain in loose terms what she was working on and what her thoughts were about the case. And once she started, it all came pouring out of her. “I—I failed. I gave a profile, they arrested someone, but it was the wrong person. I’m—I’m never wrong.”
“It’s not your job to make the arrests,” Harry said gently.
“People are relying on me! Women are continuing to die at the hands of some monster because I can’t—because I couldn’t—”
Y/n shook her head and went back to her desk, shuffling pages around. Harry sighed. He knew what the problem was, but now he knew for certain that Y/n wasn't going to rest until she fixed her mistake. He didn’t bother trying to convince her that this wasn’t her fault, that would be useless right now. But he had to do something.
Getting up from the bed, Harry trudged over to the desk. He rested his hands on either side of her and rested his cheek on top of her head. “Are you so sure that you were wrong and the police weren’t?” he asked.
“They would’ve found the right person if I was right. I must’ve missed something,” she said, shaking her head.
“More than one person can fit a profile, can’t they?”
Y/n exhaled harshly through her nose. “That’s what I tried to tell local police, but they wouldn’t listen. I’m—I’m missing something.”
Harry kissed the top of her head and began to knead the tension out of her shoulders. “Did you think you were right before?”
“Well, yes, but—”
“Give me a percentage.”
“Ninety four.”
Whistling, he said, “I’d take those odds.”
“These are people’s lives, Harry, not a craps table. Lives are being lost because—”
“Because terrible people exist,” Harry interrupted. “You didn’t kill those people, Y/n.”
She wiped at her eye harshly. “I can’t help but feel responsible,” she sniffled.
“I know,” he said. “But I believe in you. I believe you can figure this out. But not by running yourself ragged. You can’t work like this.”
“I can’t sleep,” she said, voice trembling. “I won’t. Not until—”
“Okay,” Harry said.
Harry made himself comfortable on the floor beside Y/n’s desk. He was exhausted, his back hurt from his night on the couch, but he couldn’t go to sleep. Not until she did.
“What are you doing?” Y/n asked him, brows furrowed curiously.
He tilted his head back and gave her a sleepy smile. “You stay up, I stay up.”
Y/n looked like she wanted to say more, but her focus was quickly pulled back to the papers on her desk.
Tumblr media
Harry didn’t remember falling sleep, but one minute he was watching Y/n work at her desk and providing noncommittal hums as she bounced ideas off him, and the next he was blinking his eyes open, his body stretched out on the floor. There was a pillow under his head and a blanket strewn across his body, an extra pillow beside him. Y/n was sitting in front of him with her legs crossed, a mug in her hands as she watched Harry sleep.
“Wha—What happened—”
“You fell asleep around 5:15,” she said, taking a sip while Harry sat up. His back popped and strained, clearly not a fan of another sleep on something that wasn’t a bed. “I would’ve carried you to the bed, but you’re a bit heavy for me.”
As his head cleared, Harry noticed that Y/n’s hair was wet and her eyes were clearer. She was in a fresh set of clothes and her desk seemed relatively put together.
“Did you figure it out?” he asked, his voice still scratchy with sleep.
Y/n nodded. “A little while after you fell asleep. I got an email about an hour ago. They arrested the right person.”
“That’s good,” Harry said, squeezing her knee. “That’s good, right?”
“Yeah, I just, um, I just got a different email. From an old professor.”
“Oh.” Well, that didn’t take long. “What did he say?”
“That he had the most interesting conversation with a close friend of mine,” Y/n said. Setting her mug down, she tugged her knees to her chest. “I know what you’re thinking.”
Harry could barely focus on anything but his stiff neck, but he tried to shake his head. “I’m almost positive you don’t.”
“There’s nothing wrong with me,” she said. “I—I don’t need to be fixed.”
“That—That’s not what I’m thinking,” Harry said frowning. “I don’t think that at all, Y/n.”
“Then why did you call him?”
Harry rubbed at his face tiredly. “I wanted to help you. I didn’t know how, so I asked for some help of my own.”
“I don’t need to be handled like some child.”
“Two weeks, Y/n,” Harry said, voice sharpening the slightest bit. Because for a moment, Y/n had frightened him. Not because he thought she was crazy or mentally unwell, but because he didn’t know how to reach her, and he always knew how to get through to her. “I didn’t hear from you for two weeks, and I come back here and the house is a mess, you’re not eating, you’re driving yourself—”
“Don’t say it!” she blurted. “Don’t say that I’m crazy, Harry. I’m not. I just...get a little sidetracked. I’m not—I’m not crazy.”
Harry could see it in Y/n’s face, then. The fear. She didn’t want him believing what she already believed about herself to some degree. He wondered how many times someone had told her that she was, or implied it. Harry had a feeling no one had ever taught her how to fail, or accept failure. Y/n was exceptional, but she wasn’t perfect, no one was, but she’d been brought up believing her knowledge had no bounds. She was taught how to fly, but no one taught her how to fall, and when she did, they blamed her for not figuring it out herself.
“I don’t think you’re crazy, because you’re not,” he said. “But I do worry when I you don’t come out of your room for a few days. I’m allowed to worry.”
Y/n had been looking down at her lap, but when she finally looked at him, there were tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry.”
Harry let the corner of his mouth curve into a smile. “For making me sleep on the couch yesterday? Water under the bridge.”
Y/n’s responding grin was small, but it was there, and Harry found himself wanting to make it bigger.
Joining him on the floor, they both laid back down. Y/n rested her head on Harry’s chest while he wrapped his arms around her. For a few minutes, they didn’t say anything, but before he fell back asleep, he found himself saying, “You know, I know I’m not as smart as you or anything, but I do know a thing or two about work ethic. I can help you find a balance.”
Y/n gave no indication that she agreed or disagreed. For a moment, Harry thought she��d already fallen asleep when he felt her nod. “I’d like that. But I think...I think I need to take some time off. Maybe just focus on teaching for now.”
“Yeah. I want to,” Y/n yawned. “I want to scale back. Just teach, travel, maybe get a Master’s degree.”
Harry laughed. Only Y/n would think going back to school for another degree would be considered “scaling back.” But he couldn’t be prouder that she was taking the right steps to treat herself better.
“I think that’s a good idea,” he said. He kissed the top of her head as he waited for her to respond, but she didn’t. Y/n kept quiet, her breaths keeping time with his until he realized she was asleep. Breathing a sigh through his nose, Harry stared up at the ceiling and hoped she had a dreamless sleep.
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