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The return of Frogrry 🐸
Love On Tour 2023: Seoul. (20 March 2023)
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so you wanna
marry me?: h.s.
tattooartist!harry x baker!reader
smut 18+ please, h eating out reader that's it, oral (f receiving) in a tattoo parlour (scandalous;) ) .
"but what if i wanted to propose to you? wanna get you ya dream ring bee." he grabs ahold of my hands and brings them to his lips pressing kisses on my knuckles.
i pull my hands away and grab ahold of his face and pull him in for a kiss, " i'd marry you with a ring for the coin machine at the pizza place down the street."
harry's overworking himself for money to afford for the future.
another adventure with tattooartist!harry x baker!reader.
p.s.a. want it to be known that h and bee have been dating for about 3 years in this one shot🫶🏽
Tumblr media
i let out a string of hums as i walk over towards harry's tattoo parlour, a pip in my step. i decided to bring him lunch knowing he likes to over work himself. (especially on fridays and saturdays knowing those are his busiest day's.) letting out a sigh of relief when i see the parlour the dark colours contrast with the lighter coloured buildings. i walk into the building and see all black walls with plants hanging and placed on counters. niall is the the first person i see and i greet him with a wide smile.
"hey ni!" i muse to him and he smiles at me.
"hey bee, how's it goin'?"
"good, brought har some lunch."
"oh he's with a client but you can go ahead," he pointed to harry's private room, "did you bring me anything ?" he sassed crossing his arms over his chest.
"ya didn't ask for anything." i huff rolling my eyes and walking towards harry's office.
as i get closer to the room an obnoxiously loud laugh echos through the halls. oh great another flirty girl trying to get her way with my man. i decide to knock on the door and harry lets out a curse.
"who the fuck is it?" he snaps before the doors thrown open and his glare is set on me before it melts into a smile.
"brought you lunch asshole." i chuckle holding up the bag of takeout.
"thank you m' heart. come in." he move to the side and i slipped through the door.
my eyes land on the obnoxious loud girl, blonde hair, petite shape, lululemon jacket and shorts. she raises an eyebrow at me before asking, "who are you? this is a private appointment."
"she's my girlfriend." harry answers pulling out a rollie chair he has in the closet that he got for me.
the chair looks odd in the dark room, black walls and blue accents make it look like a elephant in a room with puppy's. it's pink and in the shape of a daisy with a crocheted white blanket sitting nice and folded on the cushion.
"oh well, i would like for my tattoo session to be private." she said voice filled with venom.
"oh well, you're just a walk-in and i'm pretty sure nialls done so you can either let her stay or get the fuck out." harry snapped at the girl and she huffs before sitting on the tattoo chair.
i quickly sit in my chair and roll over closer to harry, he hands me a scrunchie and mumbles, "can ya put it in a bun bee." i let out a 'mhm' and quickly tie it up in a bun making sure it's nice and tight.
"can you lay down." he says to the girl and motions her to the chair.
i quirk an eyebrow at the blonde headed girl who laughs like she's heard the funniest thing in the world, harry raises an eyebrow as well at her before his face scrunches in confusion, obviously confused at what's funny.
"what's so funny?" he asked bluntly before shifting to sit fully on his chair.
the girl giggles again before putting a hand on his bicep, "you, silly!"
"all i said was to lay back." he scoffed motioning to the chair.
she obliges and lays down, i look at her sketch and a small smile makes its way to my face. it's two cherries stuck together by the stem, and little twinkles shine on them.
"it's cute." i mumble to her and she scoffs.
"i know, that's why i'm getting it."
"don't be bloody rude." harry barks at the poor girl, "she just complemented you."
it goes silent after that Kings Of Leon's Sex On Fire playing is the only thing heard. harry lays the stencil on her upper thigh he asks if that is where she wants it and she nods.
"how was your day?" harry breaks the silence as he starts his tattoo gun up.
"it-" i start but the girl cuts me off.
"it's was good, i went out with my friends and had brunch and then i went to the mall-" she also starts but she's cut off by harry.
"i didnt ask you." he deadpanned before looking over at me, "how was your day bee?"
"it was good, was kinda busy at the bakery, you know it's saturday and all the mums go out to walk around the strip buying all their nick-nacks. martha said she could handle the bakery but she hasn't text me so i don't know, maybe i should message her. anyways then i went to the library bought two books, i started one of them and it's alright, it's just a bit slow you know the whole introduction part is always boring to me." i trail off and he chuckles nodding his head, "then i went to kung fu chop to pick up our food."
"ya left my favourite person alone on one of ya busiest days?" harry fake scoffs and i chuckle.
"y'know what she told me, 'i can handle it, ya being an uptight pussy!' " i let out a laugh as i recall martha scolding me with her hands on her hips.
harry lets out a snicker, "that's ma girl."
the girl is looking at me with a scowl on her face, i can see the botox failing to do it job, wrinkles showing as her forehead is scrunched. i raise an eyebrow at her and she lets out a huff before her face turns into one of fake discomfort.
"ow! that one hurt!" she whines and harry looks at her.
"buck up." i murmur and harry snickers.
"so harry, was it?" the girl starts before laying a hand on his forearm.
"yes. can you not hold me ya gonna end up fuckin it up." he shakes her off before finishing off the little twinkles.
"what do you do for fun around here? 'm not from holmes chapel." she continues to talk.
"nothin'." harry response turning off the tattoo gun and placing it down, he takes out healing ointment as spreading it with a tongue depressor. "but if there's one thing i love to do its probably ma girlfriend."
i hold back a snort as her face drops, harry wraps the tattoo before taking off his gloves and pointing towards the door, "niall will get you it's gonna be a hundred."
"you're the worst tattoo artist i know!" she huffs jumping off the chair.
"ya too kind!" harry sneers sarcastically as she basically runs out of the private room and he slams the door.
i strut over to harry and wrap my arms around his shoulders, he turns in my arms and looks down at me. he looks drained and he's definitely in need of a nap, his under eyes drag down and a frown is settled on his face.
"oh h, have you not been taking care of yourself?" i tsk in a whisper and he shrugs his shoulders, "babe this isn't healthy look at you, you need to allow yourself to have breaks, you look overworked h." i kiss his forehead and he sighs.
"you know saturday's are one of my busiest days bee, we need the money for our expense."
"we have more than enough harry. we're in a good place in our life." i say caressing his cheek.
"but what if i wanted to propose to you? wanna get you ya dream ring bee." he grabs ahold of my hands and brings them to his lips pressing kisses on my knuckles.
i pull my hands away and grab ahold of his face and pull him in for a kiss, " i'd marry you with a ring for the coin machine at the pizza place down the street."
he lets out a snort before capturing my lips with his, he captures my bottom lips and gives it a bite, his hips roughly move against mine looking for friction.
"wait," i push him off and point to the door, "tell niall you're on break and lock the damn door."
he looks at me with twinkling eyes and a smile, " 'f course ma heart, ya bloody amazing." he rushes over to the door fixing himself and shouts at niall, " 'm on break don't let anyone in."
"you guys are fuckin pigs." niall gags and harry flips him off.
he quickly closes the door and locks it before walking over to be and pushing me towards the tattooing chair. his hands find themselves under my shirt and he unclasps my bra, the straps fall down my arms and he quickly takes my shirt off.
"ya tits are bloody amazing'." he gives me a toothy grin and i snort.
"ya like a teenage boy, swear it."
"cant help it, it's like they get bigger each time pet." he muses as his hands find their way back to my boobs, he rolls my nipples between his pointer finger and thumb, his eyes turning a darker shade of green as he looks at me. i let a moan slip as he bring his mouth to one and tugs on the other.
"yea, just like that h." i mewl as i grab ahold of the hair tie in his hair and watch as it  loosely falls into place.
he lets his hands explore my body and they make there way to the button(s) of my jeans, harry lets out a groan, "i fuckin hate these jeans."
"they make me look good! and my ass looks fat in them!" i try reasoning with him as he undone all six buttons.
"swear to you, 'm gonna throw them away when we get home." he promises as one of his hands dips into my panties.
"no! they're ma favourites- oh!" i let out a moan as his fingers make there way down my slit and he slowly starts rubbing circles on my clit.
he keeps his torturous slowly speed before pulling away full and i let a whine of displeasure out. harry doesn't waste anytime pulling down my pants and panties, he sits in his rollie chair and spreads my legs before licking his lips, "got the prettiest pussy bee."
"harry!" i whine at the praise and he chuckles before placing hot wet open mouth kisses on my calve and trails up my thigh.
a gasp leaves my mouth as he press a hot kiss on my clit, my hands automatically grab ahold off his long hair and giving it a tug. he lets out a grunt before licking a strip up my cunt, my eyes start to roll back as his skilful tongue works it's way through me. he drags a finger up to spread my folds before he stuffs two in me and places his mouth back on my clit. stars start appearing in my vision.
" 's so good h!"
"yea? ya gonna cum for me bee? want you to cum all over my face." he murmured.
the knot in my stomach ties tighter and my air feels like it's being sucked away from me. harry works his tongue and fingers faster as i clench around him.
"gonna cum baby!" i let a pornographic moan out and clutch his hair tighter.
"fuck, pull tighter bee." i automatically oblige and yank harder causing him to moan loudly, "cum for me bee, i fuckin need you to cum."
the knot starts to fall apart as my orgasm hits me, my legs shake and i choke on my breath. harry let's me ride out my high before he stands up and places a kiss on my lips.
"taste better than any of that damn frostin' you make, swear it bee."
i catch my breath and a lazy smile makes its way to my face, "don't know if that's a complement or an insult to my baking.
he snorts and grabs the bag of take out, "whatcha bring me."
"sushi, rice and noodles, orange chicken, and honey walnut shrimp." i hum and go to sit up.
"hold on bee lemme get you a wipe and your clothes." he hums moving over to the drawer and grabbing a wet wipe, he gathers my clothes before sitting in front of me again. i let out a hiss at the contact of the cool wet wipe and my hot cunt.
"sorry, know you're sensitive didn't mean to pet." he quickly apologised and i smile shaking my head.
"it's okay, just a bit cold 's all."
after he finishes cleaning me up, he kisses my thigh before redressing me, "so you wanna marry me?" i teasingly ask and he smirks.
"wouldn't want it any other way."
Tumblr media
a/n: sorry it took me so long but i've been super busy and i'm currently working on a request someone sent in! so that one should be next :)
fratboy!harry x professor!reader 😳🤭
-all the love,
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snow on the beach.
Tumblr media
summary: y/n is on tour and harry joins her for one of her songs pairings: singer!yn x boyfriend!harry warnings: so so much fluff - You had been on tour for a total of five months and this was your final show for a little bit.
"Alright, Chicago are we re-" You began to say and saw a sign that made you laugh. "Wait hold on.. can I read your sign?" You asked the fan in the crowd and waited for their answer.
"Yes!!!" The girl shouted back at you and held her phone up higher to get a better angle of your guys' conversation.
"Her sign says, 'Y/N please reject me so I can move on'.. What's your name?"
"Charlotte!" She responded.
"Well Charlotte, you'll be very upset to hear that I have a boyfriend," You smiled as the crowd got louder at the mention of Harry. "And I think he would also be upset and a little jealous if he read your sign. What if we brought him out to confirm that?" You said with a smirk and watched as Harry walked onto the stage.
He wrapped his arm around your waist and gave it a light squeeze. "Now what's this I hear about you trying to get with my girlfriend?" He asked once everyone settled down.
Charlotte laughed and shrugged. "Have you seen her?"
"Have I seen her?! Of course I have! She's smokin' hot."
You buried your face into Harry's side as your cheeks turned red and shook your head. "Shhh.. okay.. We have one more song for you and I was going to bring H out to sing it with me so your sign was amazingly timed, Charlotte." You turned to Harry and gave him a small nod. "Ready baby?"
He nodded and you both put your mics on their stands as the band started playing.
"One night, a few moons ago I saw flecks of what could've been light. But it might just have been you passing by unbeknownst to me." You started singing and smiled at Harry. "Life is emotional abusive and time can't stop me quite like you did and my flight was awful, thanks for asking. I'm unglued, thanks to you." You shifted your weight from one side of your body to the other to start singing the chorus. "And it's like snow at the beach weird, but fuckin' beautiful. Flying in a dream stars by the pocketful you wanting me tonight feels impossible but it's comin' down no sound, it's all around."
Harry couldn't help but smile big at you singing that he almost forgot to start singing his part. "This scene feels like what I once saw on a screen. I searched "aurora borealis green" I've never seen someone lit from within blurring out my periphery," He watched as a couple in the pit started dancing with each other so he couldn't help taking his microphone off his stand and moving closer to you. "My smile is like I won a contest and to hide that would be so dishonest and it's fine to fake it 'til you make it 'til you do, 'til it's true." He sang as you turned to face him.
"Now it's like snow at the beach, weird, but fuckin' beautiful. Flying in a dream, stars by the pocketful. You wanting me tonight feels impossible. But it's comin' down no sound, it's all around." You both sang together. "I can't I speak, afraid to jinx it. I don't even dare to wish it."
You both moved down a couple of stairs to the cat-walk part of the stage and sat down on them then Harry started singing again, "But your eyes are flying saucers from another planet. Now I'm all for you like Janet. Can this be a real thing?"
"Can it?" You finished the lyric and held his free hand. "Are we falling like," You started this lyric for him to finish as small pieces of white confetti started falling down from the ceiling to act as snow.
"Snow snow at the beach? (Snow at the beach) Weird, but fuckin' beautiful. Flying in a dream (Flying in a dream), Stars by the pocketful. You wanting me (You wanting me). Tonight feels impossible, but it's comin' down. No sound, it's all around." He finished the song and you both stood up to bow to the crowd and blow them kisses.
"Thank you everyone so much please get home safe tonight, I love you all so much. Thank you for the best 5 months of tour I could ever ask for." You looked down at Charlotte and blew her a kiss. "Thank you." You mouthed to her and she smiled big.
You and Harry left the stage and went back stage to your dressing room. "That was so much fun, H. Thank you for coming and singing with me." You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug.
"Anything for you, honey." He nuzzled his face into your neck. "I love you."
sooo what'd you guys think?? pls make sure to lmk and reblog this story if you did like it to help my account grow! i love you all so much and thank you for taking time to read my stories. <3
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Italy with Harry
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keepdrivingrry · 2 months
summary: in which harry and y/n meet because of the harries trying to get free phone cases.
face claim: Devon Carlson
guys I’m sorry for not being active I got lazy all through winter break and once I returned to school I got busy 😭
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram nice try harries 😉 all orders were canceled BUT I’m being generous and giving you guys a chance! use the code “HARRY” for 25% off! love you all 💌
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harryfan1 DAMN IT
harryfan2 stop the fact that she’s still doing a discount 😭
harryfan3 she’s too nice..was still looking forward to a free phone case though 🥲
↳ yourinstagram sorry!
gemmastyles stop 😂 harrystyles
↳ harryfan4 GEMMA
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hsupdates guys we literally got called out 😭
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harryfan1 STOP
harryfan2 i could just imagine y/n’s reaction when all the orders started coming through 💀
yourinstagram you guys I’m a harrie too I know stuff 😭
↳ harryfan3 Y/N
harryfan4 LMAOO POOR Y/N
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hsupdates Harry talking about y/n and wildflower cases on bbc radio 1!
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hsupdates “I heard about my fans trying to rob a phone case company from my sister. I talked to y/n the owner and she just laughed about the whole situation.”
hsupdates “yeah I apologized and invited her to one of my shows I felt terrible.”
harryfan1 STOP YOU GUYS
harryfan2 the fact that we made harry apologize for us 😭
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram I thank the harries for making my 13 year old self happy. harrystyles
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paulithepsm everyone she’s my new bestie!!
↳ yourinstagram would forever be grateful for replacing harry with that title
↳ harrystyles heyyy
harrystyles I’m forgiven?
↳ yourinstagram harry…it was a joke I really wasn’t mad I promise 😭
↳ harryfan2 Y/N MESSING WITH HIM
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hsupdates harry on stage making everyone apologize to y/n!
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harryfan1 I WAS THERE
↳ harryfan2 what exactly did he say?
↳ harryfan1 basically said “everyone here..well mostly everyone here tried to rob my dear friend y/n..now I want everyone to apologize to her!” “come on..everyone say ‘sorry y/n! “
harryfan3 she was literally laughing and smiling the entire concert harry kept going to where she was
harryfan4 he was literally so smiley tonight
Tumblr media
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hsupdates harry and y/n seen hugging tonight in NYC!
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harryfan1 no cause I kind of see it
harryfan3 THEY’RE SO CUTE
harryfan4 and it all started cause of us so they should totally be thanking us tbh
↳ harryfan5 bestie we almost robbed her company 😭
thank you for reading x
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if i had a nickel every time lewis capaldi kissed a member of one direction, i’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it’s happened twice
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narrycherries · 19 days
living in a daydream (part1)
Tumblr media
Harry was willing to wait as long as necessary, but you always felt so guilty when you had to leave him.
word count: 6.3k
warnings/tags: harry x reader, implied smut, fluff, mature situations, cheating/affairs, short series
As he laid on top of you, his lips peppering kisses across your face, you felt weightless and relaxed. The intense bubbling you felt moments ago in your stomach was fizzing out. Your legs finally released their tension and you let them fall against the mattress. Your hands had stopped shaking, now they were resting on his shoulder blades. You felt complete with his release deep inside of you, filling you up.
“I love you.” He whispered softly in your ear, kissing your skin.
“I love you.” You slid a hand down to the small of his back, his skin covered in a thin layer of sweat.
“Mm, are you stayin’ tonight?”
“Yeah.. Gonna stay a few days.” You pressed your lips to his jaw as he moved his head.
“Good. I’ll be out of town next week.. so I wanna spend as much time with you as possible.”
You grabbed his face gently with one hand and guided his head so you could see his face. He gave you a faint smirk before dropping his forehead against yours.
“How long?”
He hummed for a moment. “Just three days.”
“Three.” You whined.
“It was going to be a whole week.. but I decided I couldn’t go that long without seeing you.” He moved his lips onto yours, just softly pecking your mouth.
“Don’t forget.. the week after next.. he’ll be gone all week.”
He licked his lips. “I haven’t forgot. You’re spending every second with me.”
You grinned. “I better.”
“You definitely better.”
Your hand fell down from his face and you let out a deep sigh. “Cuddle me.”
He knew exactly what you wanted, so he fell down on the mattress beside you and grabbed your waist. He pulled you over onto your side and draped his arm over your body, his other sliding under your neck so he could play with your hair. There was a small space between you, but he knew you needed just a little distance. You liked to be able to catch your breath and cool off before you curled up next to him to sleep.
The sheet was the only thing covering you both. It was pulled up to your hips, hardly shielding your body. He never looked away from your face. He always admired how blissful and perfect you looked after he filled you. He kept thinking about your body and your touch, your skin against his. He bit the inside of his cheek as he remembered just minutes ago how you sunk your nails into his back and pulled your hands all the way down to his butt - marking him as yours.
You didn’t realize your eyes were closed until he mumbled something.
“Don’t go to sleep on me, baby.”
You smiled, laughing softly. “M’not.”
“Hmm?” You looked into his eyes, noticing how soft his expression was. He just looked comfortable and content like you were.
“Does.. does he still make love to you?” His voice was deep as he muttered the words out, partially afraid to know the answer.
You gulped as the thought filled your mind. Harry usually didn’t ask you specific details about your husband, only because he knew everything he needed to know. Your husband was a piece of shit when it came to being a husband. All he does is work. He doesn’t take you out, doesn’t buy you nice things, doesn’t spend time with you, doesn’t acknowledge you half the time.. Harry knew your sex life was limited with your husband, but even after all these months, he’s not really brought it up before.
“You.. you mean like..” You paused, not certain on how to say it.
“Like we do.. Do you have that kind of sex with him?”
“No.. not at all.” You mumbled. “I’ve told you that before.”
He bit down on his lip for a second. “He just fucks you, yeah?”
You let a small laugh slip out. “He doesn’t even do that.”
When Harry’s brows furrowed, you figured you’d explain. All you had ever really told him was that you don’t get taken care of in bed.
“He.. doesn’t, like, do any kind of.. foreplay.. or.. really touch me with his hands.”
“Does he go down on you?”
You shook your head. “No.. he doesn’t even look at me.. makes me sit on my hands and knees.. He told me once that.. he doesn’t like looking at me while he gets rid of his hard on.”
Harry tensed up at your words. He knew who your husband was. He’s unfortunately had to speak to him at formal events because they worked in the same field. Your husband had money, but Harry had more. That wasn’t why you were with either of them. Harry spent time talking to you one night at an event and one thing led to another in a storage room.. You’ve been unable to cut ties with him since, and had no desire to let him go. He gave you everything you wanted and needed - everything your husband didn’t do.
“I’ve told you.. you’re the only person who’s ever.. done any of that stuff to me.. He doesn’t care about how I feel.. he just wants to get off. We haven’t even done anything in, like two months, so.”
“He’s fucking stupid.” Harry smacked his lips. “If you were mine, I’d never stop fuckin’ touchin’ you.”
You sat your hand on his elbow. “I am yours, baby.”
He sighed. “You know what I mean…” He looked down at your hand that just so happened to be the one with the ring on it. You usually take it off, but you must’ve forgot.
You huffed. “I only love you, you know that.”
“I never said you didn’t, baby.” He gave you a frown. “M’just saying that.. if I were him.. I’d never stop loving on you.”
“You’re not him.. you’re my bubby.” You mumbled, scooting closer to him to hide your face against his chest.
He chuckled, arms wrapping around you. “You’re my peach, yeah? My pretty little kitten.”
You blushed heavily, certain pet names always made you tingle. “M’yours.”
“I know, you’re my baby.”
It was your last morning with Harry and you felt extremely sad. The days you spend with him were always filled with so much happiness and fun and love. Real, pure love. You hated going back home. You hated the nights when you slept basically alone. Your husband didn’t hold you the way Harry did. He didn’t cuddle you and whisper sweet nothings until you fell asleep. He didn’t do anything Harry did.
Your chest was aching as you laid on the bed, the cool air in the room nipping at your bare skin. Harry went to make you some coffee. He had been gone about ten minutes, so you expected him to return soon.
You sat up on the big bed and stretched your arms high. When your feet hit the hardwood floor you shuddered. You yawned, feeling very tired after your morning session. You gently pressed your hand against the big window.
Harry had sold his former home and was currently looking at other places in the area. For now, he was staying at an extremely nice condo. You didn’t care where he stayed as long as you could be with him. It worked out better this way, though. Whenever you were with him you would tell your husband that you were with your sister. She lived near this area.
You could hear footsteps behind you, but you didn’t move away from the window. You were admiring the view and the morning sky. Harry sat the coffee down on the nightstand and walked over to you.
His big, warm hands slid onto your waist, one continuing until he splayed it across your tummy. You were always a little hesitant about your stomach, but unlike your husband, Harry never made you feel worthless or hideous.
“Come lay down with me.” He whispered, kissing behind your ear.
“I will.” You place your hand over his, the feeling of his skin against yours caused sparks in your heart. “I.. I don’t wanna leave.”
“You don’t have to.”
You sighed heavily. “You know I have to go to that stupid thing.”
“At least we get to see each other tonight.” He licked his lips, but refrained from latching his mouth onto your skin.
He had already marked you up plenty of times since you got here, and he knew he shouldn’t put anymore. You’ll have to cover them with makeup tonight since you know your husband will want you in a dress so other people can believe you’re being treated properly - which, by your husbands definition, would be by buying expensive clothes only to wear out.
“But we can’t.. actually talk.”
He grunted. “We can talk.”
“I don’t wanna talk about this right now.” You gently whined.
“Okay, m’sorry, baby.”
You pushed his hands down and walked away from him and the window. You were extremely upset, more now than before he came back, and you wanted to cry. But you held yourself together and decided to just avoid the conversation altogether.
As you got under the thick devut, Harry grabbed a pair of underwear out of his drawer. You both went to bed naked last night, for obvious reasons, and never got dressed this morning. When he laid down behind you, you didn’t reject him as he put both arms around you, guiding you back against him.
“Are you mad at me?”
“No.” You quickly answered.
A huff came out of you and Harry instantly regretted saying anything. “Harry.”
He didn’t say anything, just started pecking your shoulder to make up for it. You also didn’t say anything else. You wanted to appreciate every moment you had left with him. You would soon be going home to your husband and preparing for a banquet. Harry would be attending it as well, but you couldn’t engage with him at all. You knew that if any suspicions came about you would be screwed.
Harry wants you to leave your husband, and you want to leave him. But things are tricky. The legal battle would be extremely exhausting and you were unsure of what you would be able to leave with, if anything. You were afraid of upsetting your husband because he can be violent at times. It’s always just yelling and him throwing things but you fear that he would hurt you. Harry knew the dangers and risks of leaving your husband, so he’s understanding of why you’re being hesitant. You were going to eventually but it would take time. Harry already assured you he’d wait forever if he had to.
“What time do you have to go?” He asked in a soft voice.
“Around 12.” You mumbled. “He told me.. the nail tech will be there at 1. He wants to make sure I look.. rich.”
Harry grunted. “M’ready to get you a fuckin’ lawyer.. m’tired of him taking you away from me.”
You smiled gently at his words, knowing that he’d do it in a heartbeat if you approved. Harry was breathing hard behind you now, annoyed at just the mention of your husband’s existence.
“If only he’d cheat on me.. I could file with no problems.”
“You can file now… I told you money isn’t the issue, baby. I can have everything covered.”
You huffed again, Harry was pressing on your buttons. “Harry, if I do.. he’ll take everything.”
“You don’t need anything from him. I’ve already got you closets full of clothes here. I can replace anything he takes.”
“I don’t want to talk about this right now.” You felt tears brimming in your eyes, so you wanted to avoid breaking down.
“Okay, okay.” He started to massage your hip, just trying to comfort you instead of annoying you.
The conversation was over now. You both hated to argument with each other and you knew that if you kept on, a fight would break out. Fighting with Harry was your least favorite thing ever. You feared that a fight would result in you losing him forever. He could easily leave and never have a thing to do with you again. He would never do that, but the possibility scared the hell out of you.
The banquet was quite boring for you to be at. This sort of thing wasn’t your cup of tea. Your husband knew that, but you were forced to come along anyways. He couldn’t attend these things without his wife on his arm, even if you literally weren’t even holding his hand. He didn’t like public displays of affection, or even private ones. As long as people saw that his wife was there to support him, then that’s all he cared about.
You were standing with a small crowd, he was talking to some men about something business related. You were technically standing behind him, not really involved with the group of people or the conversation at all. Your eyes were roaming around the large ballroom, just curiously looking at all the people.
After a few minutes of being bored out of your mind, you decided to pull out your phone and send a certain someone a text. Your husband was not aware of the phone you were using. He assumed it was just the one he bought you, but in fact it isn’t. It’s the one Harry got you so that you could talk to him without your husband finding out. He can’t legally check any phone records since he doesn’t pay the bills for the phone, so you always made sure to use this one when you went out in case you wanted to talk to Harry.
To Harry: are you here? I haven’t seen you :(
Once you sent the text, you looked up from the screen and just set your eyes on your husband’s shoulder. He was still talking on and on about the stupid investment he wanted to go in on with his colleague.
You were distracted by the faint pattern on his blazer. You didn’t even realize that a few other people had come up to your husband’s small group. You cleared your throat casually and looked down at your phone, hoping to see something from Harry. Thankfully, you did.
From Harry: I’m here darling. I see you ;)
From Harry: you look absolutely stunning baby
Immediately a heavy blush rose to your cheeks. You bit the inside of your cheek, a tingling sensation began forming in your stomach. You had just spent three entire days with him, but you still missed him so, so much. It was extremely hard to control your emotions right now, but you kept yourself content in case your husband noticed.
“I wouldn’t advise going all in on that investment, David.”
Your head shot up as an all too familiar voice filled the space. There he was, standing across from your husband in the circle of people. You were staring at him now, waiting for him to look at you. He was focused on the man beside him now, listening to his reply in the conversation.
“I appreciate your advice, gentlemen, but i know what I’m doing.” The moment your husband began to talk, everyone looked his way - including Harry.
He glanced at you, but knew he couldn’t stare at you. It would be too obvious. He looked so good in his black blazer and trousers, a soft purple colored shirt, and his curls falling perfectly on his head. He looked perfect. Your husband began talking directly to the man beside him, allowing you the opportunity to fully stare at Harry. Nobody was paying you any mind. You carefully stepped over, revealing yourself entirely to his gaze.
Harry winked at you, then let his eyes fall down your body slowly, rising up in the same pace. You felt your face flushing again. You didn’t even care if anyone saw how red you were.
“Styles, what would you say? Is fifteen percent enough equity or should I shoot for more?” When your husband directly spoke to Harry your stomach fell and twisted into knots.
They knew each other, but they didn’t work together or spend any leisure time together. They just knew of each other and spoke whenever they were in public. There was no sort of friendship or anything like that. It made you weak in the knees to hear him talk to Harry so friendly, and then to hear Harry reply just as politely was making you dizzy.
You instinctively grabbed onto his elbow, just trying to keep your balance. He looked over at you and furrowed his brows, not actually concerned about your well being. When you didn’t say anything, he looked back to Harry and the other men. Harry was talking about whatever the conversation was about, but you ignored the actual words that he was saying and just watched his face.
Once he was finished, he pulled his phone out and stepped back to silently type on the screen. You gulped gently as you witnessed him typing up what seemed to be a paragraph. Within seconds, your phone began to vibrate in your hand. You clutched it tight and held your breath, knowing you needed to wait a few minutes before checking it just in case anyone was paying you any mind. Harry rejoined the conversation.
You let go of David’s arm and decided to slip away from the crowd. A waiter was standing close by with a tray of champagne so you gladly took one and guzzled half of the glass in one sip. You finished it off in a second drink and sat the empty cup back on the tray. Finally, you felt that it was a good time to check your phone.
From Harry: are you alright darling? You looked like you were going to faint.
From Harry: I want to be with you so bad right now. Just miss your little hands all over me.
From Harry: i know a damn good divorce lawyer, doll. ;)
A smile was planted on your lips as you began to type back to his texts. Part of you wanted to speak to him in person, but it would be too odd to do so. Harry only ever spoke to you in these settings if he knew your husband was no where to be found, or if he greeted you while speaking to your husband. But, those two options weren’t available right now.
To Harry: I didn’t see you walk up.. made me nervous when i heard you
To Harry: and I miss you more, trust me.. I’m so bored. I just want to disappear.
You saw an empty table and decided to take advantage of it. A sigh of relief came from you as you sat down, pressure finally taken off your feet. They were currently trapped in tight heels.
From Harry: we can disappear, baby doll. The second floor has plenty of storage closets.
From Harry: i hate that I’m leaving in a few days. I know i can’t see you before then.. I’m going to miss you so much xx
You were well aware that your husband didn’t care what you did while you were here, as long as you were here. So, you decided to stand up from the table and walk towards the elevator. You just wanted to get away for a little while. You were already on the second floor when you took your phone out again and decided to call Harry instead of texting him.
You walked down the familiar hallway. This place was somewhere you came to often for these sorts of gatherings. You also knew that Harry co-owned the building with some other wealthy investor. That meant that you didn’t have to worry about any security camera footage ever being used against you. Harry made sure to always get rid of any evidence that happened in this building.
“Where’d you run off to?”
You sighed. “You aren’t still by him.. are you?”
He chuckled into the phone. “Silly girl. I left as soon as you did.. I figured you needed me.”
“I do. I just.. want to see you.” You closed your eyes and leaned against the wall. Your eyes were staring down at the patterned rug over the hard wood floor. “Don’t even have to kiss me.. just wanna see you.”
“Oh, I’ll kiss you, baby doll.” He said, the smirk evident in his voice. “Where are you, baby?”
“I’m by the room.” You mumbled out, knowing he’d understand what that referred to.
“Hm, okay.” He breathed out. “I’m on my way.”
It only took about two minutes for Harry to finally get to you. He immediately opened the door to the usual room you always end up being with him in and pulled you inside. You grunted when he pushed you against the door and started kissing you like he’d been gone for months. Your hands got lost in his hair and you were scratching at his scalp, trying to keep him as close as you could.
His big hands slid around your body to grasp your thick ass. He groaned as his hands kneaded your flesh through the fabric of your dress. There wasn’t any previous talk of hooking up, but you realized soon that you couldn’t resist him if it went that far.
“Baby, slow down.” You breathed out as you broke away from his lips.
You were both breathing heavily, sweat beading on his forehead. His body always got so warm when he was horny, and he easily broke out in a sweat. You sat your hand on his cheek, rubbing your thumb over his not red, swollen bottom lip.
“Fuck, I just.. miss you.” He huffed, still trying to catch his breath.
Your finger slipped between his lips, gently skimming across his front teeth. “Calm down.. m’not going anywhere.”
“Yeah, not yet.”
“Shhh, relax.”
He shook his head. “No, I.. I can’t hold back anymore. I.. i almost snatched you away from him down there.”
You smiled as he furrowed his brows, his eyes still squeezed shut as if it would all vanish if he opened them. You didn’t want to stress him out or anything, you just wanted to relax him. You pressed both hands against his chest, letting one slip up to his neck. Having you touch him there was one of his favorite things. You curled your fingers around his nape.
“We can’t be too rough with each other.. I can’t wrinkle my dress or mess up my hair.”
He grunted at you. “Fuck.”
“Just relax with me, okay? Take a minute and just breathe.. m’right here, baby.”
“I know, baby. I.. I know you’re here. That’s how i want it.. always want you with me.” He was being very sweet and you knew that he was having one of his clingy moments. You dind’t mind. “Love you so much.”
“I’m all yours while we’re in this room, Harry. Don’t worry.”
A groan came from his mouth. “I want you to always be mine, babe.”
“Please, don’t ruin this for me.. don’t.. don’t talk about this right now.” You found yourself whining back, not wanting this night to be any worse than it already had been.
“I.. I want you to go with me.. when i look at houses next weekend.” His eyes opened and met yours instantly.
“Why?” You lifted a brow.
He licked his lips, his head falling forward so his face could get lost in your curls. He was careful not to mess them up, he just wanted to smell your shampoo and feel your warmth.
“Because.. I want you to like the place I get. I want you to.. to have your own space and.. and any accommodations that you desire. I want you to love it.. because you’re going to be there a lot, and you need to enjoy it.” He explained, both hands tightly squeezing your waist.
“You.. you do?” You gently laughed, sort of surprised about that.
He smiled. “Of course, babe.”
“Okay. I can go.. next weekend.. after you come back?”
“Mhm. Saturday.”
You could feel his skin getting hotter by the second, even through the fabric of his shirt. You let a sigh and gently grabbed the lapels of his blazer, silently insisting he take it off by sight by pulling them back.
“Take this off before you sweat through your shirt.” You furrowed your brows as you looked down at his chest.
He knew just as well as you did that he always got so hot when he was horny. He didn’t need to look soaking wet when he returned to the ballroom. He grunted, but let you go so he could shake the coat off. You watched as he draped it over a random box and walked back to you, hands held out to grab you again.
You slipped your hand up his waist and under his arm, feeling the slightly damp fabric. “Relax, okay, baby?”
“M’trying.” He grumbled out, rolling his lips in as he leaned further into you, one hand falling down to squeeze your butt.
“I just don’t want you to look absolutely wrecked.” The small giggle you let out didn’t make him smile, which concerned you.
“You just look.. so fuckin’ hot in this dress.. and I want it off of you.”
“We can’t.. not this soon.”
He huffed. “After dinner? Before you go?”
When his eyes met yours, you couldn’t help but notice how blown his pupils were. He was definitely horny. The bulge in his pants you could feel against your body further proved that.
“Yeah, we can do that.” You rubbed your hand down his chest, then back up to sooth him.
He shook his head. “I.. I can’t make it three days without you.”
You curled your lips. “Baby, we’ve been apart for longer before.”
“I know but.. it’s different now. We always spend so many days at a time together.” He let out a deep breath. “I don’t wanna leave you.”
Your heart was aching as you heard the disappointment in his tone. “It’ll be okay, baby.”
“I’ll miss you so much, angel.”
You pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “I’ll miss you more, pumpkin.”
“Don’t call me that.. makes me wanna kiss every inch of you.” He grunted. “You’re such a sweet thing.”
“Patience, Harry.” You mumbled back, pecking over his dimple. “Let’s just talk for now.”
He gulped loud enough for you to hear, but you didn’t think you should be worried about anything. “I.. okay. About what?”
“I love this color on you. Makes your eyes sparkle.” You said, touching his chest.
“No.. they jsut do that when I’m with you.” His lips turned to a smile.
“You’re cute, hm.” You giggled. “You do look handsome.”
“I don’t look as good as you do.” He leaned back just so he could look down your body. “Blue always looks so damn good on you.”
“I know you like it.. that’s why I wore this color.” You licked your lips when his eyes darted back to yours.
“Yeah? Tryna be a little tease, hm?”
A blush rose to your cheeks. “Maybe.”
“I can’t wait til we get that whole week together.” Harry sighed heavily, trying to keep his composure. “I swear to god I’m never taking my hands off you.”
“Baby, um.. I have a question.” You sucked on your cheek for a moment.
“What is it?”
You grabbed his wrist and moved his hand further up your waist. He decided to drag you closer by sliding his arm around your back, pushing your chest against him. His face dropped to your neck and he started kissing under your ear.
“I.. I have two..” You said hesitantly. “Um.. while he’s gone.. can we do more things like.. out?”
Harry hummed for a second. “You mean like.. eating out, shopping?”
“Mhm.. just wanna.. do normal things with you.” You let out a shaky breath, already nervous about the possibility of being in public with Harry. “I love every moment with you and everything we do.. but it would be nice to not.. hide for once.”
Harry’s hand was being very possessive with your butt, which wasn’t helping his horny mood. He was listening though, despite his distraction.
“Of course. We can do whatever you want.” He held his lips against your ear lobe for a long moment. “Anything at all.”
“Okay.. good.” You felt relieved on that part.
You loved Harry, truly did, and spending time with him was always a very special and important thing for you. The time you got was limited and he always made sure you both made the best of it. So, doing different things with like eating out for dinner or going on a shopping trip, or even a walk to a coffee shop.. those were going to be extremely special to you both. He knew it was hard for you to cope with the secretary because you simply wanted to love him and let everyone know he was yours. But, things were complicated.
“What’s the other question?”
Suddenly, almost as if you lost all courage you had while thinking of the question, you became silent. Harry was letting you take a few seconds to get your words ready, but he didn’t expect you to take that long. When a minute passed, he let his other hand fall to the small of your back where he pressed hard against your body, knowing that comforted you.
“Baby doll.” He whispered against your skin, still covering it with soft kisses. He didn’t want to leave any marks or obvious red skin, just in case your husband decided to pay attention to you.
You let out a little grunt. Part of you was ready to ask and just get it over with, while the other half was clamming up - not wanting to say a peep. It was definitely something you and Harry hadn’t discussed before. Or anything you’ve talked about with anyone before. It was regarding sex. You had only ever had basic, barely worthy of being called sex, sex with your husband. You had a few hookups before then, but nothing serious. Harry was the first and only person that had ever shown you how good sex could be, how intense and passionate and romantic it could be. You were afraid of jeparodizing that by asking your question. What if it offended him? What if he didn’t want to do what you wanted to, what if it turned him off? The only way you’d know was if you asked.
“Baby.. m’not trying to rush you.. but we don’t have forever in this room. We eventually have to return downstairs.” Harry kept his face buried in your hair, but his lips were just brushing your skin now as he waited.
“I.. It’s just.. awkward.” You finally spoke.
“Nothing is awkward between us, lovey. Just ask me whatever’s on your pretty mind.”
You knew Harry would be considerate of anything you had to ask him, but that didn’t help you become any less anxious. You feared being made fun of or being ridiculed for asking such a thing. It was sometimes hard for you to realize that Harry was absolutely nothing like your husband - he wouldn’t shame you, brush you off, or mock you for anything you said or wanted to do.
You trusted him more than any other human. There was no reason to be afraid, no reason to fear because you knew nothing would actually go wrong. If anything, he’d just disagree and you could move on from it as if it never happened. So, with courage finally bubbling in your stomach again, you spoke.
“I.. I was.. wondering if.. not all the time, but like.. maybe.. sometimes.. we can.. try.. different things.”
Your eyes immediately bolted shut and you felt Harry lean up, his eyes on your blush covered face. He was slightly unsure of what you meant exactly, but he didn’t say anything rude to you. He saw how tight you were squeezing your eyes, and he knew that you were nervous.
“What do you mean by that, angel?”
You swallowed harshly, your hands shaking against his chest and hip. “I.. like..”
He reached down to his own hip and gently picked up your hand. He gave it a squeeze and held onto it, hoping to calm you down some because you were obviously upset. He figured that if you were this nervous it had to be something serious, or something that made you slightly uncomfortable. So, he used his common sense and what he knew about you and how you felt about certain things.. and finally finished your sentence for you.
“In bed?”
A nervous breath slipped past your lips and you nodded extremely softly. You let your forehead fall against his shoulder, your eyes never opening. You were trying to hold back tears and if you looked at him, you would definitely get overwhelmed and cry.
“Hey, it’s alright, sugar.” He whispered, his hand still holding onto yours. “We can try whatever you want, whenever you want.”
“It’s.. not-not.. anything.. weird.. just.. just..”
“Don’t be nervous about anything. If you want to try something we can.” He assured you again, moving your hand back onto his hip so he could grip your waist again.
You snaked both arms around his torso, wishing you could just fade into him and disappear. “What if.. you think it’s weird?”
He licked his lips, refraining from pushing his hand into your hair. “I won’t think anything is weird, honey. If you’re genuinely curious about something.. then I’m not going to make fun of you or think it’s weird. And.. you can tell me, baby. Tell me what you wanna try.”
It was hard for you to keep calm, but as the seconds passed, you were starting to feel less embarrassed. Harry was always up for anything you wanted to do outside of the bedroom. He lets you paint his nails when you’re bored, he’ll read books to you when you’re too tired to do it yourself, he’ll try any weird foods you want to cook, anything. He’s the most considerate, understanding, and supportive person you’ve ever met.
“Just.. like.. maybe.. r-rougher sometimes.. Just.. not-“ You paused, unable to express what you wanted to say.
Harry thankfully took over for you. “So.. want me to go faster? Maybe.. harder sometimes?”
You nodded instantly, glad that he was speaking and you weren’t. He bit his cheek fo a moment, but decided he had to show you he was open to anything, so he kept throwing out ideas.
“We can do whatever. I can.. be a little more mean.. or.. talk dirtier. Is that what you’re wanting to do?”
“Mhm.. and.. maybe just.. maybe.. um.. not hurt me, but.. just put your hand on my throat.. and.. just.. like you said.. dirtier.”
He was slightly taken back by how absolutely nervous you were. Sometimes you stammer over your words, but never like this. He felt really bad for you, because it was evident someone had shamed you before - or made you feel like your desires weren’t valid or serious. He felt like he owed you everything everyone else never gave you - because he loved you.
“Darling, I don’t want you to ever feel like you can’t tell me something, especially like this. If you want to do new things, then we definitely can.” He wanted to be sure you knew he was okay with it.
“I love you.”
“I love you more.” He hugged you tight, feeling like he could’ve said more to you, but he didn’t want to overwhelm you with the conversation. “How long do you think we can stay in here?”
You pulled back to reach into his pocket, knowing his phone was there. You checked the time and let out a deep sigh. He didn’t like the sound of that. When your eyes met his, you both frowned.
“We should probably go back.. they’re serving dinner in twenty minutes.”
He grunted. “Do you think he’ll stay after dinner, so we can.. come back?”
You nodded. “He already told me he’s staying ‘til nine. That gives us an hour.”
“Okay. I’ll wait a bit before I go back down.” He carefully pressed his hand on your jaw, not wanting to mess up your makeup. “I love you, baby.”
His lips feel against yours and they stayed in sync for a few moments. It felt so short, but yet so long. You whined when he tore his mouth away. His hands fell from your body and he stepped back to get his blazer.
“I love you.” You sighed out, grabbing the door knob. “Do I look okay?”
He looked you up and down yet again tonight. “You look perfect. Not a hair out of place.”
You smiled sweetly, deciding not to say anything back as you opened the door and stepped into the hall. It broke your heart to leave him in that room - to leave him at all. You knew it had to be this way until you could legally solve everything. Harry was willing to wait as long as necessary, but you always felt so guilty when you had to leave him.
He treated you like a queen, like you hung the moon and stars. He was everything anyone would want in a man, in a lover - in a soulmate. You adored him, loved him. It hurt you terribly to be away from him. It hurt even more to know he was in the same building as you, but you could hardly see him.
a/n: there wasn’t a good place to stop, so I basically included 2 parts. Anyways, let me know what you think! Sorry there’s no smut, there will be in future updates! (Also, I had a oc-name in this but I removed it, ignore it if I accidentally missed it!)
taglist: @theroosterswife24 @victoriasigaard @ariiscringe @harrystylesrealwifeong @harlowsgirl @lomllover @haniaaa04
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lovecanyon · 1 year
🍒 updated masterlist 🍒
h.s masterlist!
Jack Chambers x mistress!reader - Frank’s wife, YN gets involved with her new neighbor Jack which leads to a lot of speculation. Secrets soon pour out about the town when Alice begins to discover things about her husbands mistress.
Dealer!Harry x Jacobs!reader - YN Jacobs has been dating dealer Harry Styles since freshman year. Her brother Nate despises her boyfriend and will try anything to break them up.
all social media blurbs
y/n’s instagram account’s inspiration
what y/n would post for harry’s birthday (all tropes)
Singer Harry Styles loves being a father. He can’t wait to have more children with the love of his life, YN.
Harry Styles is one of most powerful men in society. his wife YN is the number one female lawyers in New York, her clients are mostly A-list actors and singers.
YN LN one of the most beloved adult actresses films with Harry one day which changes his life for the better.
Harry becomes infatuated with his guitarist who was recommended by his friend Stevie Nicks. Their relationship soon begins to blossom into something more.
Harry is in love with YN who he buys things for. Many people say she’s using him but she is really isn’t. YN is truly in love with Harry.
Harry’s girlfriend YN comes from a line of witches. She uses her abilities to protect her famous boyfriend who is aware of her antics.
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Faded Away II
hi ! finally part two is up :D thank you for all your support always !!! i plan to write one shots and start part 3 of this as soon as i can ! no promises but i’ll try to get part three of this up by next weekend ! maybe mid week ! i love you all :D thank thank thank you all have a great night/day/evening and have a great week !
Faded Away part 1 !
ALSO. it’s great to think of Y/N with the song Let you break my heart again by laufey !
tw: mention of sexual assault, yelling
tags : @imanewsoul @lomlhstyles !!!
No one except for Harry would know how heartbreaking it was to hear Y/N’s sobs. She sobbed after hearing the news for a solid 3 minutes before the doctor continued to talk about the various options she had and the various things she should expect upon starting her pregnancy. Harry took it upon himself to hold the girl as she fell into absolute crumbles in the doctor's room.  
Harry was the first to speak after the doctor left the room and the only noise present were the uncontrollable sobs racking through Y/N’s body. “You’re okay” He said moving his arms from around her, getting up from his spot next to her and moving her to be right in front of her.  “You’ve got to breathe, it’s okay darling, I’ve got you.” He only heard the girl sob even harder, and he moved his arms around her, allowing her face to sink into his sweater over him “I'll be by your side the entire time, I promise” He tried to soothe her,  running his fingers through her hair. “I’ll be here for you both” he whispers softly to the girl sobbing in her arms. 
They spent a few moments in the doctor's room with Harry soothing the sobbing girl, who couldn’t get over the news that she was pregnant. Her entire life was now shifted and changed, because of this mistake, how could she have ever ruined her life like this? If she ever even planned to have children, she wanted that to be with Harry. Not some random man she doesn’t even recall sleeping with, and that’s what hurt her the most of all. 
It’s safe to say Y/N sobbed the entire car ride home with Harry only glancing over at her a few times. Harry didn’t know what to say himself, how did he ask her anything about how she felt if she had closed him out for the past weeks ever since he picked her up that early morning. They had their hangouts and talks, but she never once opened up about that morning where he had to so hurriedly pick her up and comfort. Throughout the car ride Harry heard sniffles coming from the girl, and only being able to offer her so much comfort while driving, he reached over and offered her his hand, which she quickly took his hand into hers. 
When they made it to Y/N’s home, Harry didn't hesitate to allow himself in her home right behind her. Once the door to her Home was open, they were met with the sound of slippery runs, from none other than the hyperactive dog, who immediately started jumping onto Y/N’s legs. “Not now Cuddles” Were the first words Harry had her speak after receiving the news from the doctor. Harry looked down at the dog, signaling to Cuddles to follow the girl up the stairs. Almost as if the dog can read the tension in the room upon their arrival, Cuddles cocks his head to the side at Harry. 
“Cuddles, buddy, let's go with Momma” Harry tells the dog, both of them now making their way upstairs into Y/N’s room.  Once the two make it into the room, they find Y/N laying on her bed, facing towards the window, the dog quickly senses its owner needs comfort and easily hops into the bed. Harry sighs seeing her in such a position, and makes his way over to the side of the bed she’s facing and lays himself on the bed. 
“I know it was a shock” He says, staring right into her eyes, “But I’ll be here as long as you need” He starts once again running his fingers into her hair. “I know it’s a lot to think about too” He starts off, “I’m here to listen always, you get to choose your future, only you not anyone else” He reminds her. “Just know I’m Here” He wipes one of the tears falling from her eyes onto her cheeks, with all her emotion throughout the day, he only feels himself start to break into tears as well. His best friend had been through a lot, he knew she never once wanted to have children, he knew her inside out, he knew she hated that this is what her life had become. 
“I didn’t plan for this, Harry” she tells him, staring right at him with tears still consuming her view, “ I don’t know what to do, I didn’t expect this” She moved one of her hands to pet the dog sitting near her legs, “I have no one to do this with, to help me, to guide me” She once again broke into sobs, and Harry didn’t hesitate to pull her right into him. 
“Whatever you choose darling, I’ll be here” He tries to soothe her, “You’ve got so many options, whatever you choose will be the right one. You’ve got me darling, you’re not alone ever. You even have got my mum, gemma, you’ve got all the styles in a chokehold don’t you forget” He chuckles, knowing his family treat Y/N as their owe, knowing that Y/N sees his mother and sister as the family she was never able to have. “Whether this baby stays or goes” He hears Y/N gasp, this was the first time since they have heard the news of the baby that the growing child in her was acknowledged, “This baby will be loved and supported by so many people, and you know that I’ll be here for in a heartbeat for you always.” He only feels Y/N break into more sobs, and he only pulls her tighter into her. Harry turns his head to look out the window, only seeing that the sun was gone and now the moon was illuminating the sky. “You’ll be okay I promise” He whispers into the sad girl’s hair, soothing her into sleep, knowing the emotionally and mentally draining the day had been over her. 
When Harry woke up the next morning, Y/N wasn’t around his arms like he had soothed her to sleep the night before. But once he heard the noise of retching and gagging he quickly made his way into Y/N’s restroom knowing that’s where the newly pregnant girl would be. Harry takes his place next her on the ground, quickly grabbing her hair and patting her on the back lightly. “Get it all out” He softly tells her before she's leaning back allowing her head to fall into Harry’s chest. 
“I think I’m all down now” She says quietly, with Harry moving a few of the hairs from her face, she gets up and quickly brushes her teeth to get the taste of puke out of her mouth. “Thank you” she looks over at him smiling softly, and Harry was grateful he finally got to see his best friend smile in what seemed an eternity. 
Harry smiles back in response, “What should we stir up for breakfast Darling?” He asks her, moving towards the dog who was laying near the entrance of the bathroom, almost as if it was on a protective watch over Y/N. Harry leans down to pet the dog awaiting the girl's response. 
“I’m not really hungry” she tells him and she hears Harry sigh in response. “Well that's crazy, you’ve gotta eat love,”  Harry looks up at her., “How about simple eggs and toast yeah?” He asks before he’s getting up from petting the dog, Harry looks up to her and he sees her nodding at his breakfast request. “Okay cuddles let's get to cooking!” Harry happily leads the dog downstairs with him making his way into the kitchen, and looking into the fridges for all that he would need to make breakfast. 
After gathering all the necessary items he needs for breakfast, Harry grabs his phone which he hasn’t touched in hours. And once he opens it, he groans at the amount of messages he has from Fallon. All of them had the same question and demands in new words, and Harry rolled his eyes, but he still felt bad at his ignorance towards the girl.  Harry responded to her various messages with a simple “I’m sorry I had to take Y/N to the doctor, I will be home after breakfast. I love you.” Hoping that would temporarily ease and answer all the questions and demands Falloon was throwing at him through text. After putting his phone down, Harry got everything he needed and started putting breakfast together.
“I’m not sure what I’m going to do” Y/N started the breakfast conversation, “It wouldn’t be bad for me and Cuddles to have another friend around” She chuckled picking at her eggs. “But I don’t know if I will be able to handle it” She said looking up at Harry who was offering her a sympathetic smile. 
“You’ve got time love” Harry reminds her, “Choose what will make you the happiest Y/N” He takes a bite out of his toast, “No matter what I’ll be by your side, and you know that” He smiles up at her, he hears her faint response of a thank you before their finishing up their breakfast. And although Harry is hesitant to leave her on her own, he knows she will be fine, but he hates to leave her to wonder with her thoughts and the silence her home offers. She had taken 2 weeks off of work, and Harry knew she would be cooped in her Home with her thoughts and wonders of whether she would keep that baby, and that scared him more than it probably scared her. 
“Call me if you need anything at all okay” He told her when he was finally making his way out of her Home, “Yes Harry I know” she rolled her eyes. “Anytime, and anywhere and I’ll be here fast” He tells her as he opens his arms to engulf her in a hug. “Same goes for you Harry” She says moving into his inviting arms, “Don’t overthink it, take your time and process it and then make your decision Okay” Harry says into her hair, and he feels her nod. “Okay,” He sighs, “I love you” He kisses the top of her head and lets go of her as he hears her response of love back to him. He makes his way into his car, letting his thoughts consume him fully as he makes his way home preparing for the worst of Fallon. 
Y/N and Fallon weren’t the best of friends, but Y/N never considered herself to hate Fallon. They were almost constantly around each other when it came to being there for Harry, multiple tour shows, award ceremonies, family gatherings, either one of them was there or both of them were there by Harry’s side one way or another. Harry was grateful to have  two more beautiful women alongside him, now he had not only his mum and sister, but also his best friend, and the love of his life to constantly be there for him whenever and wherever. 
Y/N never really considered herself to hate Fallon, she thought that driving her jealousy of her being on the side of the man she had longed for over the years, was enough to bother her with her hatred towards her.  She didn’t exploit her jealousy, but she knew Fallon couldn’t be entirely blind as to what she felt for Harry, there were moments where Y/N felt as if she was simply falling for him in front of everyone in a room and she is sure Fallon saw her falling as well. Which is most likely what drives Fallon’s hate for Y/N, and Y/N doesn’t blame her for that. 
As for Harry, He was blind to the hatred and jealousy between the two girls. He assumed Fallon only had an issue with Y/N because of how close they were and how much time he spent with Y/N. When Harry got home, he was found with absolute hell from Fallon. Every question every accusation from Fallon came with the mention of Y/N. “What could you have done with her for over 24 Hours Harry?” “I bet you slept with her.” Anything and everything under the sun that had never crossed his mind was what crossed Fallon. 
“For fucks sake Fallon” Harry sighed, “She was sick.” He felt as if he had no business telling her that Y/N was pregnant. That was Y/N’s news, not even his, and even if he were to mention it, Fallon would only assume the kid was his. “Nothing less nothing more she was sick.” He ran his hands through his hairs stressed on the accusations Fallon was putting over him knowing that Y/N was at home stressing herself over everything possible going on her head. 
“If you say so Harry” Fallon rolls her eyes, “How is it your fault that she has no one to take care of her, can she not take care of herself” She stares right into Harry from his spot leaning on the counter. 
“Don’t even go there Fallon” He feels himself filled with anger as to what Fallon is saying. “Who is here taking care of you whenever you’re sick, huh?” He begins to tell her, “Me. That’s who is here taking care of you Fallon. Trust me if I had the decency to call your mother and have her take care of you whenever you were Ill then I would in a heartbeat” He seethes, “But I don’t do that I fucking take care of you.” 
“Well I don’t ask you to, like the little cry baby Y/N does.” That’s all it takes for Harry to see flames. 
“You do not get to speak on her, you don’t even know half of the shit she went through” He is almost yelling at Fallon, “Don’t you dare speak on the girl that has been there more times than you have ever!” He yells defending his best friend, and before Fallon could respond back to Harry he begins to speak again, “You know what, I had a long night, and I do not have the time to deal with you right now Fallon. You need to Go.” He stares right into his eyes, and Fallon doesn’t miss the anger in his eyes as he looks at her. 
Fallon scoffs, making her way towards the door, “Yeah, I bet you’re going to invite her over as soon as I walk out” Harry rolls his eyes at his very much beloved girlfriend, “Get out Fallon, please.” He is begging her to leave before it all ends in a bigger screaming match between the two. It wasn’t odd for the two to argue, it was almost a normality for the two, through the fights they found their love and comfort, and that was something Harry didn’t want to get rid of just yet. They both knew that in the next two days they would be back into each other's arms, being the lovely couple they were known to be for everyone.
It only took Y/N a few hours into the same morning Harry had left her to call him and beg for him to come over to her place, which Harry easily complied to. Harry once had feelings for Y/N, for multiple years he would spend all of tour almost crying to his mother about how much love he felt for this girl and didn’t know how to tell her. He was blind as to the girl being madly in love with him as well. But when he had meant Fallon, his feelings for Y/N had almost disappeared. He only saw her as a best friend from the beginning of his and Fallon’s relationship, and that's how he treated Y/N as a best friend. 
“I think I’m going to keep them” Y/N said right as Harry walked into her home that evening. 
“Darling Keep what”  Harry asked in response, not exactly expecting to hear those words out of his best friend as he walked into her home. He found her and Cuddles in their usual position, Cuddles fitting his name and cuddling the girl on the couch, by laying almost all of his dog body over her. 
“The baby Harry,” She looks at him as he makes his way next to her on the couch. “ I think I’m going to keep them,” She said more quietly this time, fearing what Harry would say and think of her. 
“Really?” Harry takes his spot next to her on the couch, letting his hand fall onto the dog, petting its head. 
“I think so” he hears her soft voice, “What do you think I should do?” She feels as if her best friend has a great say in this, he is the one that's been by her side when no one has ever. She knows that he will be involved in this kids’ life more than anything if he decided to stay in it after she had the kid. 
“This is your choice completely Y/N”  He looks over at her, “ This, I mean you can’t ask me what I think. This is completely up to you this time love” He knows that this decision has to be influenced by her completely and not his input. 
“Harry the baby,” she looks right into his eyes, her eyes almost filling with tears, “This baby will have no one” The tears she stopped letting go since last night finally come back to her, “ Only me and Cuddles” 
“Hey,” He wipes her tears, “No, that little baby will have me, mum, and gem too, Y/N, you are not alone in this ever” He soothes her. “They’ll be the most lucky and loved child by your side darling, I promise you”
“What if they’re not Harry” She starts letting the wonders that hit her on her time alone out, “Every child deserves to grow with a happy family” she knows that even if that was one thing she never had, growing up with a happy family, then that was the least she wanted for her child, “And now, right from when they’re born they won’t have a happy family” she fully sobs. 
Harry shakes her head, “No Y/N, they will be the happiest with you, they’re going to grow with you, and this furry fella and they will be the happiest a child has ever been.” Harry reassures the girl, “And bonus for them” He tries to bring laughter in the room, “They’ll have a superstar uncle that will give them the entire world with you” He smiles at her. 
Y/N ignores his comment with a heartache in her, how can this man be the most heartwarming man, and not be hers? “ Do you think Anne will be mad at me?” She tearfully lets out, Anne has been the mother Y/N has never had, Over anything Anne’s input and thoughts over her what meant the most to her. 
“Oh love” Harry softly turns to her, “Never, she would never be disappointed in you over this or anything” He pulls her into his arms, “She will be so happy to hear she will finally have a little grandchild baby to look after” He smiles at her. 
“I don’t even know who the father is” she starts sobbing again, “She's going to be so disappointed Harry” She never once wanted to disappoint the lady, and she knew this would disappoint her over anything. 
“Y/N look at me.” Harry shifted so her head was no longer nuzzled into his shoulder, “She will not be disappointed in you. So what you went out and had fun on a night out, that's totally normal for a person your age.  Sure you ending up pregnant is not what you had planned or wanted from that night out, but it happens okay. She will understand she will not be disappointed” Harry wipes her tears, offering her a sad smile. 
“ What if I didn’t want to have fun Harry?” She looks straight into his eyes, “What if I didn’t want to go out Harry” She starts to get angry at herself, pulling her arms from surrounding him, starting to scratch her hands, “I-I didn’t want to” She sobs, “I just wanted to go out, not end up pregnant” Harry pulls her hands away from her, to stop her scratching. 
“Hey, Hey” He keeps his hold on his arms tight on her arms, now allowing concern to fully consume him, “Is this why you called me that morning to pick you up” He sees her nod her head yes, “Did you say yes to that Y/N?” He looked her deeply in her eyes needing to urgently know the answer, he knew she wasn’t one for hookups or one night stands. But he assumed she needed an outlet, and she chose to spend her night like that, never once did he assume the worst. 
“I don't remember” He hears her quietly say before her eyes are filled with tears again, “ I don’t remember at all” She says more to herself than to him, “I just wanted it all to go away Harry! It hurt so much and I wanted it all gone! Now it hurts even more.” She once again fell apart in front of Harry breaking into full sobs, he didn’t have any words to say, or have any thoughts as to how to help the girl other than to hold her. Harry cries with her in his arms, after everything the girl had been through this was the least thing she deserved. 
Harry soothed the girl and tried to comfort her all night for the second time in two days. He let his mind rack through how he would ever be able to find the man that did this to his best friend. He let himself be consumed by wonders and questions, as the girl fell asleep. He lets the girl fall asleep before he's carrying her upstairs and setting her down on the bed, Cuddles happily and quickly laying on his spot, in front of Y/N’s stomach, Harry smiles down at the dog, “You’ll take care of the both of them won’t you?” He pets the dog’s head, grabbing his phone and making his way downstairs. 
Harry scrolls through his phone for a bit, before he’s looking at the clock, seeing it’s hitting 7, he sighs. He looks for the contact he eagerly wants to hear the voice of, and thankfully there are only two rings before the voice is speaking. “Hello?” He hears the happy voice of his mother. 
“Mum, Hey” He smiles while greeting his mum which he felt he hadn’t seen in ages when in reality it had been about 2 weeks or less. Harry and his mum  catch up for a bit before he’s mentioning the name of the girl who was sleeping upstairs. 
“I think Y/N and I are gonna go out to visit you tomorrow Mum” He sighs, not wanting to reveal to her fully what is going on, knowing that was Y/N’s news to deliver. 
“Harry is everything alright” Anne knows that the urgency and tone of her son only suggest that something might be wrong, “Is she doing alright?” Harry can hear the concern in his mother’s voice. 
“Honestly mum, she’s struggling a bit” He lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, “I think she needs to tell you this on her own mum.” Harry is tearing up, feeling sympathy for his best friend, “But she’ll be okay” He reassures his mother, almost saying it more for himself than for her. He hears his mother sigh, “Oh that poor little girl, she doesn’t deserve the life she is being put through.” The mother holds so much care and love towards the girl as if she was her own, “ I’ll expect you both here tomorrow then, with the dog of course?” She smiles and confirms to Harry, wanting to desperately comfort the pain and anger the girl must be going through.
“Yeah, I’m sure we will all be there, including the dog” Harry smiles, knowing the dog and his mother were almost as close as he was to Y/N. The two talk a bit before bidding their goodbyes to each other.
“Harry,” She says before hanging up, “Don’t let go of that girl” She tells him, “Mum I don’t think I could let her go even if I tried” And the mother knows that even if they aren’t together now, that the two were meant to be.
“Harry,” She says before hanging up, “Don’t let go of that girl” She tells him, “Mum I don’t think I could let her go even if I tried” And the mother knows that even if they aren’t together now, that the two were meant to be.
“Harry,” She says before hanging up, “Don’t let go of that girl” She tells him, “Mum I don’t think I could let her go even if I tried”  And the mother knows that even if they aren’t together now, that the two were meant to be.
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limmastyles · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry on the streets of Barcelona
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enchantedsoulofmine · 8 months
Shoe Laces || H.S
Harry Styles x Wife!Reader
Summary: Being seven months pregnant your pregnancy hormones have took the best you but your caring husband is always there for you.
Warnings: Naw! Its fluffy! Grammatical mistakes because english is not my first language.
A/N : Hii, i hope you enjoy this blurb! Also domestic Harry is in this fic🥺
Tumblr media
The chirping of the birds greeted you as you woke up. Rubbing your eyes you realised that the familiar dip on the side of the bed was missing and the hot blazing body pressed against you was missing as well.
You stood up from the bed and first went to the bathroom as your baby was again squishing your bladder like a squishy. After you did your 'business' you came out of the bathroom and drank some water to stay hydrated.
As you opened the bedroom door to go out, you were met with your husband Harry holding a tray with breakfast, a boyish smile plastered on his face. "Good Morning lovie" he went inside the bedroom and kept the tray on the bed. "Good morning Harry" you went to him and hugged him tightly. "I wanted to bring you breakfast in bed, waking you up with kisses and give a little to kiss to the baby, but you woke up" He said softly, slowly caressing your hair and nestling his face in your neck.
"Thankyou so much Harry, i love you so much!" You stood on your tip toes and kissed his lips. Harry kissed you back and then pulled away from the kiss. He made you sit on the bed, pulling the tray with breakfast towards you. As you were about to pick up the fork and knife to cut the pancakes, Harry took them which made you look at him with a smile and in response to you he just smiled softly.
Harry put the fork with a piece of pancake infront of you and gestured you to eat it. You moaned after you ate it which made Harry smile. You took one strawberry and gestured him to eat it. He winked at you which made you blush.
As you both were eating breakfast, Harry ran brushed his fingers on your bump and smiled. "I was thinking that we should go out to spend some time in a park or something" he said, his fingers now caressing your cheeks.
"Yess, i was also thinking about it" you leaned over and pecked his lips. As you were about to pull away and held your cheeks and pulled you in a passionate kiss. You both smiled in the kiss.
You both took a shower before getting ready to go to the park. You wore your (Harry's) hoodie and paired it with some sweats. Hoodies and sweats were the only thing that fitted you being seven months pregnant.
You were sitting on the couch wearing your sneakers trying to tie the laces. It felt like hours to you trying to tie your shoe laces as your bump was coming in the way. After trying and trying you gave up.
Damn! The pregnancy hormones making you cry over these shoe laces. You started sniffling and Harry who was packing some sandwiches in a basket heard it which made him come running to you. "My love, everything alright?" Harry worriedly said, his eyes filled with worry.
You just cried more which made him hug you tightly. "I can't tie my shoe laces" you sniffled. Now, at this moment Harry didn't want to laugh but you looked so cute that Harry cooed at you. "I'll tie them my love, don't need to cry over this baby" he chuckled, now tying your shoe laces.
"Now, come on lets get going, penguin!"
"You waddle like a penguin!"
"Sorry love!" Harry laughed.
Taglist : @payasamlover @pratishthasingh1 Reblogs, Feedbacks and comments please! Hope you enjoyed this blurb. Please send me some requests. Let me know if you want to be added in the taglist!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry writing a note for a fan in South Korea! (19 March 2023)
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be mine bee: h.s.
paring: tattooartist!harry x baker!reader
"y'know for a grumpy old man, you are by far the clingiest man i've ever talked too." she teased shoving a piece of mango into my mouth and i groan, "talking about talked too, i also didn't know i had a boyfriend." she continues to egg on me.
"wanted to talk to you 'bout that." i mumble as i play with the hem of her sweatshirt.
she lets out a hum and grabs ahold of my jaw, "my eyes are up here, h." she says softly caressing my cheek.
harry officially asks bee to be his.
another story of tattoo artist harry and bee
Tumblr media
the cool breeze hits my face and a shiver runs down my spine. my hairs thrown into a bun and a light jacket covers my black shirt i watch as y/n walks with a pip in her step as we search the local farmers market, a smile spreads across her face as people greet her, sending them back warm greetings. she stops in front of a fruit stand and her eyes light up.
"want sum' pet?" i ask wrapping a finger through her belt loops and pulling her back to me.
"mh i don't know, think i wanna try a mango cup." she hums looking at the vibrant mangos.
the elder man behind the stand smiles at y/n and she throws one back at him, "g'morning mr. posemato, how're you doin' today?" she asked him wrapping her arm around mine.
"doin pretty alright, how 'bout yourself y/n?"
"i'm great!" y/n responds cheerily.
"what can i get you honey?" he asked smiling at his produce.
"a cupa mangos please." she hums pointing to the yellow fruit.
he grabs a couple of mangos and moves over to his cutting board. y/n's dressed very 'farmers market-y', bell bottoms that hug her hips -and ass- perfectly, a cream sweatshirt that complements her complexion wonderful, her curly hair is pulled back into a clip and her staple round glasses are on.
"have i told you, you look absolutely amazing bee?" i hum and she chuckled nodding her head.
"only about seven times, today."
i grab ahold of her face and pull her ear to my mouth before whispering, "ya ass looks phenomenal bee." which cause her to gasp and push me away, red covers the tops of her ears and she shy's away.
"y/n?" i hear a voice ask and my eyebrows furrow looking in the direction of a man that stood about 5'8 and slim build, subconsciously i grab ahold of y/n's hand and pull her back to me.
"tristan?" she questioned with a look of wonder.
"oh my god! how's it going? i haven't seen you since high school?" he exclaimed moving closer to my bee.
i send him a glare before standing in front of y/n and putting an hand to his chest, "can i help you?" i ask with disgust in my tone.
"oh uh," he squirmed away before looking back at bee, "i uh didnt know you had a boyfriend." he said clearing his throat.
"oh actually..." y/n went to correct him but i butted it.
"she does. now, what do you want?" i snap, puffing my chest out.
"nothin' man, my bad." tristan coughed before walking away.
i turn back to y/n and grab ahold of her hand before bringing it to my lips and pressing kisses all over it.
"miss. y/n, you're mangos." mr. posemato caught her attention and she pulled away from me grabbing ahold of the mangos.
"thank you mr. posemato" she hummed giving him some money and then turned back to me holding my hand once more pulling me to a picnic table.
"y'know for a grumpy old man, you are by far the clingiest man i've ever talked too." she teased shoving a piece of mango into my mouth and i groan, "talking about talked too, i also didn't know i had a boyfriend." she continues to egg on me.
"wanted to talk to you 'bout that." i mumble as i play with the hem of her sweatshirt.
she lets out a hum and grabs ahold of my jaw, "my eyes are up here, h." she says softly caressing my cheek.
i allow my eyes to look into hers, and my body feels like it's turned into putty. her honey browns are more vibrant when in the sun and you can just get lost in them each time. as i look into her eyes all the memories over the couple of months since the night at The Safe House, rush through my head.
Tumblr media
"bee, how the fuck does this work?" i question as i try to mix the margarine powder, watching as it avoids the mixer.
y/n looks at me before bursting out into a pit of laughter, she grabs a spatula and start to mix it that way. i watch as it becomes a liquidity substance and my eyebrows draw foreword.
"how the fuck?" i mumble and she shrugs.
"dunno honestly, science." she says with a toothy grin.
she goes back to the cookie batter and i watch as mischief takes over her eyes, she quickly looks at me before snapping her gaze back to the batter. she starts humming to a tune before reaching back over to the flour container and grabbing a cup full, the next moments go by in a blur as i feel a splat of grainy substance all across my face and in my hair.
"bee!" i exclaim before lunging towards her.
"harry no!" her laughs vibrates the air and my heart squeezes in my chest.
"you're a menace." i grunt shaking flour onto her.
"yeah but 'm your favorite person ever." she sings wrapping her arms around my neck.
Tumblr media
"niall you asshat. move!" i grunt pushing him off my spin chair so y/n could sit down.
"oh wow! so what a new girl comes into you life and you forget all about your best friend? rude!" niall rolled his eyes in dramatics and y/n frowns taking him seriously.
"no niall! please, sit! i can just stand i don't mind!" bee hurries her words and stand aside.
"bee, no." i snap pointing to my chair, "sit."
she murmured a sorry to niall as she took a seat. i hook a leg around one of the chair legs and pull her to me wrapping my arms around her shoulders.
niall lets out a sad dramatic sigh, "no one care about niall, the best friend." he starts fake crying, "isn't there anybody who loves niall."
"no." i grunt and y/n suppresses her laugh.
"you know how i promised i'd never tell y/n, you're undesirable liking towards her." he asked with a smirk, "well i lied, you done pissed me off."
"niall, start ma fuckin tattoo before i punch you square in the jaw." i glare at the irish lad and he rolls his eyes.
i lay on my stomach and grab ahold of y/n's hand before niall pierces my skin with the needle and i let out a hum, all the stress that's built up slowly slips away. y/n's eyebrows furrow as she comes face to face with me, squatting to make sure we were making eye contact.
"does it hurt?" she asks softly and i know this was a shitty thing to do but i nod.
"real bad baby." i pout and worry runs across her face, "y'know what would help?"
"what?" she urges out, willing to do anything.
"a kiss." i muse.
she looks at me with a face of disbelief and i pucker my lips at her, letting out a chuckle she presses her lips to my cheek and i frown.
"no baby, a kiss on my lips."
"cheeky boy." she murmured, placing her lips on top of mine causing niall to groan.
"stop it! if ya fuck it up 's not ma fault!" niall snaps and i groan pulling away from her.
"y'know you really know how to kill the mood." i murmur before flipping him off.
Tumblr media
"harry?" y/n breaks me out of thought and i look at her with a small smile.
"bee, you make me the happiest i've ever been. i never thought i'd find a person like you that continuously makes me happy. you're the sun to my moon, the blue in my sky, the bonnie to my clyde," i state and she giggled while i shot her a wink. "be mine bee? officially."
"of course harry! i thought you'd never ask." she giggled before grabbing my face and pulling me down. our lips meet and we get lost in the kiss, never thought i'd be able to finally call her mine.
once she pulls away i grab ahold of her waist, "now, who the fuck is tristan?" i ask and she chuckles.
"nothin' to worry about, old crush if you will. and by old i mean high school old."
"so no competition?"
"well i dunno, mr. posemato has killer mangos." she teases.
"i wont hesitate to beat an ol' mans ass bee." i joke along and she gasp.
"i would kill you if you touched that precious old man!"
Tumblr media
a/n: holy shit man 200 notes on my last post LOVE YOU LOADS!!!!
also a quick psa a fight for us is next in line for a part twoooo! so excited 🤭
-all the love,
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p1tstop · 11 months
𝕸𝖊𝖉𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖓𝖊 by Harry Styles – Live at Coachella 2022
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moonlightsolo · 1 year
wc: 6k
warnings: explicit (18+), smut, aftercare, heavy drug and alcohol consumption, high reader, biting, teasing, hard partying, cursing, & jeff azoff.
pairing: harry styles x female reader (euphoria inspired)
note: if you’re not into dirty smut then turn away. also this club is inspired by the one jules goes to in the city with her friends in s1.
Tumblr media
being a single woman in a giant city like los angeles is tough.
there’s an infinite amount of people but not enough to satisfy your high standards.
there’s the jocks coming from their small hometown and instantly turn into nobodies once they step foot in the city.
the popular girls who realize they aren’t even popular- and then girls who are actually popular, mostly models who drink green juice 24/7.
you and your friends don’t fit on the mental scale you’ve created. some of you may not be the best people to be around, but you all have so much fucking fun.
it’s saturday night and all of your friends have come over to your mid-city los angeles apartment to pregame before heading out.
there’s countless bottles of hard liquor lining your countertops, the air reeks of marijuana, and some of them are going in your bathroom and coming out with red noses.
there’s only six of you. five girls and one boyfriend. kinda sounds like a porno title, if you’d ask me.
‘in the party’ by flo milli is playing loudly through the speakers of your tv. laughter is ensuing in your living room, lighters sparking and smoke hangs heavy in the air.
you finish perfecting your makeup, cyan glitter in a bold wing design surrounds your eye. you have on a black corset top with a mesh bodice and tie-up straps. on the bottom, you’re wearing a black mini skirt, and leather platform boots.
Tumblr media
you pop your lips after putting a heavy amount of lip gloss over them, smiling at yourself in the mirror.
damn, you look hot as fuck. you can’t deny it.
you grab your purse and fix your necklace before walking out of your bedroom. “ayeeeeee!” your friends scream and clap as you walk out like it was a runway.
“hey bitches!” you yell as your friend, mia, passes you a joint.
you pinch it between your pointer finger and thumb to bring it to your lips. you gently suck on the paper, the warm smoke travels into your mouth to fill your lungs.
the slight burn makes you cough, the yellow tinted smoke puffs out into a cloud in front of you.
you hand em back the joint, she takes a much longer hit than you. “girl, you’re fucking crazy.” you laugh at her.
you walk over to your friend, maisie, and her boyfriend making out on the couch, “get a room.” you scoff.
“yours is the closest.” she pulls back from being on top of him to wink at you but you ignore her.
she rolls off of her boyfriend and plops down next to you, leaning over to kiss your cheek. “you look spicy, mama.”
you giggle from her compliment, “so do you, mama.”
she laughs and stands up to walk over to the counter to pour herself a shot, “we should all go!!” she brings the tiny glass up to her lips, pushing her head back to down it.
everyone stands from their spot, some tipsy and stumbling and others slightly sober.
once everyone packs up their things, you all leave your apartment in a group to head to the club.
your whole group passes around a small joint, careful to hide it from people passing by. maisie on the other hand is scooping up white powder with her fingernail.
she quickly snorts it, shaking her head vigorously and lets out a tiny gasp.
“want some?” she offers you the tiny bag in her hand, “no fucking way. i’m not putting any shit up my nose.” you laugh.
she rolls her eyes, “fine, more for us then.” she elbows her boyfriend to join her.
once you all walk up to entrance, you remember you put your name on the list to cut the enormous line. “come on!” you gesture for your friends to follow you.
everyone and their mother wants to be here on a saturday night. it’s an a-list club and somehow you’ve become a regular. countless celebrities and influencers party here. it’s always the place to be.
you quickly give the bouncer your name, he checks the list and everyones id’s then lets you pass through, “oh fuck yeah.” your friends boyfriend says with a fist pump to the air. you just roll your eyes at his reaction.
the bass in the club is vibrating throughout your whole body, the lights are bright and neon. you instantly make your way to the bar, ordering tequila shots for you and mia.
maisie and her boyfriend run to the dance floor, and the other two people in your group disappear somewhere in the club.
you quickly down three shots, licking the salt and shoving the lime wedge in your mouth after each one. “fuck. that burns.”
mia laughs and pushes her last two shots to you, “i cannot drink these.” she shakes her head with her face in a grimace, “i’m gonna go smoke.” she stumbles away from you toward the bathroom.
you groan in annoyance and take her shots. the bartender grabs the empty glasses as you pull your purse to the front to scavenge for money.
“add them to my tab.” a deep accented voice sounds from your left.
your eyes lift up to see a man beside you, he has wavy brown hair and black sunglasses on his eyes. he’s wearing a brown button up that’s unbuttoned just enough to see his muscles. he has a neon green blazer on top and dark blue trousers. he also has a long star necklace on paired with a pearl necklace, a bit of stubble on his jaw and above his lips. (click here!!!)
the bartender nods and puts away the empty glasses to tend to the other customers.
“you didn’t have to do that.” you yell at him with a smile, the music is so loud.
“your friend ditched you!” he laughs.
“no! she went to go smoke weed.”
his eyebrows raise with a sly smirk, “weed? do you have any more?”
“i don’t know, do i?” you play stupid with a laugh. he gestures for you to come closer so you lean in, the room is spinning more and more by the second. his mouth lingers right above your ear.
“i have molly, do you want to meet her?” his voice is smooth, but still has a rasp to it. that british accent is orgasmic when he speaks. there’s no reason for you to trust this man but something in your heart is telling you to.
“molly? yeah.” you breathe out in surprise.
he swivels the bar chair toward you, reaching his hand into his blazer. his hand returns with a little bag with tiny colored pills in it.
he looks around before taking two blue ones out, keeping them in his palm so he can put the bag back.
your brain is telling you not to take drugs from a a stranger, “have you ever taken it before?” he talks normally, but it sounds like a whisper to everyone else.
you nod your head yes and lean in more, almost touching his head. he closes the space by resting his forehead against yours and passes your pill to you.
he grabs his drink off the counter, just a clear bubbly liquid with a lime wedge inside. “tequila soda.”
he pops the pill into his mouth, then takes a sip of his own drink before offering it to you. that made you feel safer, so you do the same.
once you swallow it, he gives you the most charming smile. “this will be fun.”
suddenly, another man comes up to his side. he claps his hand on the british man’s shoulder to shout something in his ear- but you couldn’t make out what he was saying.
‘hey ya!’ by outkast starts to play loudly over the speakers.
the man in front of you shoos him away then grabs your hand to pull you to the dance floor. “let’s go!” his accent is strong and slurred as you both jog to the middle of the floor.
he starts to jump, his hair and glasses bouncing with his arms moving up and down. you copy his moves, laughing and singing.
“don’t try to fight the feeling cause the thought alone is killin’ me right now!”
“thank god for mom and dad for sticking two together ‘cause we don’t know how!” he screams the next verse.
“hey yaaaaaa!” you lean forward to sing in his face.
“hey yaaaa!” he does the same to you.
you shimmy your body, twirling and swinging your hips as you do a full 360.
his larger hands engulf yours to dance with you, flailing each other’s arms around everywhere. a euphoric feeling floods throughout your body, every touch and movement feels like fireworks igniting on your skin.
the lights around you are bright and absolutely stunning. his hands gently glide up your arms as yours fly to his hips, just needing to touch the beautiful fabric of his waistband.
your mouth hangs open, eyes blown wide. the sound of the music around you and the feeling of him under your fingertips is sending you even higher.
your body feels as if it’s floating and the only thing keeping you grounded is his touch. he suddenly stops dancing, his hands cup your cheeks as he pushes his sunglasses into his hair.
“are you okay?” he seems concerned, his eyebrows knitting together.
your eyes tear themselves away from the lights to look him in the eyes. he looks so familiar all of a sudden.
the multicolored lights shine upon his beautifully sculpted features, shining a whole perspective on him.
“yes, oh my god. i feel amazing!” you throw your body into his and he instantly holds onto you. his laugh sends shivers down your spine.
you pull back again, looking up into his eyes. your hands reach up to his face, oh so carefully cupping his cheeks. the stubble underneath your palms pinches your sensitive skin, but you refuse to pull away.
“are you real?”
he chuckles from your words, obviously not as high as you are yet. “yes, i am.”
he keeps his hands at a respectable level on your body, sitting at the natural dip in your waist.
“i think you look a lot like harry styles.” you mumble as you knead his face like dough.
he cackles loudly and leans into your gentle touch, “do i really?”
you nod in amazement, a permanent smile on your face. you’re pretty sure the alcohol and drugs hit you all at once.
maisie comes around from the back of him, popping her head between you both. she looks
completely strung out and fidgety.
“oh mais!” you exclaim and lunge into her open arms. she stumbles back and hugs your body tightly, “you’re dancing with harry fucking styles?” she squeals as quiet as possible in your ear.
your hand cups the back of her head and smooth over her soft blonde hair, secretly smelling her fruity shampoo scent.
“i know!” you yell so they both can hear you, “he looks just like him right?!” you scream and throw your arm over his shoulders to pull him down.
god, he smells so good too.
“no, that’s like actually him, dude!” maisie laughs at you loudly, her pupils are huge and her smile is oddly wide.
nausea suddenly overcomes your body as you look up at harry, realizing that it really is him.
“woah.” you murmur as you stumble into his side, he grips onto your body as you stare up at him in pure shock.
you turn your head to talk to maisie but she’s long gone. “what the fuck…” you breathe out as your hand goes to your forehead.
harry’s chest is jumping with laughter and you can’t help but laugh along with him. this has to be a dream. a random man has drugged you at the bar and now you’re dreaming of harry styles. there’s no fucking way.
you look up again, seeing the swallows peeking from his collarbones. your hand involuntarily moves to run your fingers over the ink, disappearing under his soft shirt.
his skin is smooth and supple. you’re literally touching harry fucking styles right now. he leans down to pull your body in even closer.
harry feels absolutely amazing right now. all he wants to do is touch you, smell you, even bite you- but in a good love bite kinda way.
there’s a ethereal glow surrounding your body in his eyes, the glitter on your eyes is shimmering beautifully. you’re like an angel.
“i want to kiss you.”
you look up at him through your eyelashes, giving him an innocent doe-like look which sends him in a spiral. the look makes him feel even higher. once he sees the beginning of a nod, he swoops down to capture your lips with his.
god, it feels even better than you imagined.
you instinctively moan into his mouth, your hands gripping his shirt to pull him closer.
his lips are slow and intense against yours, his hands travel farther down your backside. he palms the plumpness of your ass, squeezing the soft skin there.
you can feel how hard he is growing against your stomach, the thought alone makes you whimper into the kiss. he softly bites your bottom lip, pulling back and letting go so it bounces back.
“fuck. you feel so good.” he groans against your lips then starts to attack your neck.
harry can’t believe he is doing this in the middle of a dance floor, but he had seen people literally fucking each other in the corner earlier, so this is nothing compared to that.
you feel so relaxed, not one bit of anxiety in your body. you feel at peace, and so does harry. all
you both can think about is touching one another.
the song playing through the speakers is ‘pose’ by rihanna. the beat gives you the urge to dance, to move fluidly with the music.
“i know that you ‘wit it. pose bitch.”
you gently turn yourself around, pressing your backside into his front to softly grind against him. his hands rest on your hips, creating a v shape as they rest over the front of your skirt.
your hips move expertly against him, swinging side to side as he moans in your ear. he bites at your shoulder and whispers praises to you.
telling you how beautiful and amazing you are, and how badly he wants to take you to the car right now to fuck you in the backseat.
the mention of even having sex with him makes your underwear soaking wet.
you open your eyes to look around, the lights look fucking crazy. they’re bouncing everywhere and so bright. you squeeze your eyes shut tightly, breathing heavily as sweat makes your hair stick to your forehead.
“harry…” you groan breathlessly into the air. the bodies of other people surround you both as you dance, but it seems like you’re the only two in this club.
“what’s your name?“ he whispers into your ear.
you softly whisper it into his ear and he smiles against your skin, pressing a kiss to the damp area. “mm, gorgeous.” he continues to kiss your sweaty skin.
your hands rest on top of his, softly grabbing them to allow him to roam along your body. you guide his hands up your sides, over your breasts and back down to your ass. “fucking shit. your hands feel so good.”
he gently bites down on the junction between your neck and shoulder again, it makes you cry out.
‘6 inch’ by beyoncé starts to play next. your hips automatically adjust to the new beat.
the ceiling above you ignites with red lights. the hue casts a sensuous vibe over the whole club. the smell of sweat and alcohol lingers in the air, fog fills the room or maybe it’s just humidity from all the bodies.
“six inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody’s business.”
you open your eyes again, just noticing how many people are so close to you both. panic grows in your chest.
“god damn, she murdered everybody and i was her witness.”
“i need to get out of here.” you turn yourself around, hiding yourself in harry’s sweaty chest.
“yeah? let’s go.” he grips your hand tightly as he leads you out of the crowd.
mia is hanging on a couch with a girl, her hand rests on her thigh then you realize that they’re making out. go mia!!!
“i want to leave.” you look up at him with pleading eyes.
he starts to pull you toward the entrance, but stops in his tracks. “we can’t leave… from the front…” he slurs his words as he looks around. you curl against his side until he spots the person he’s looking for.
it’s the same man that came up to talk to him at the bar.
harry guides you with him through the club, dodging people as he walks up to their group.
“hey, jeff. we’re leaving.”
the man looks up at harry and stops in the middle of his conversation. he looks over at you then harry, “yeah, i’m coming. wait a sec.“
the man continues his conversation, his hands moving as he talks to the group he’s sitting with. they all seem very posh, and filthy rich.
“harry.” you stand on your tippy toes and whisper into his ear, “i need to go to the bathroom.”
his grip tightens on your hip, “okay. i’ll walk you. come on.”
harry leans down to jeff, his hand rests on his shoulder. he quickly tells him he’s taking you to the bathroom before leaning back up to guide you.
he moves you to the back of the club, down a dim hallway littered with couples making out against the wall. “i’ll wait for you out here.” he leans down to peck your lips, which makes you smile.
harry gives you a questionable look, wondering why you haven’t left him yet.
“come on.” you tug on his blazer, pulling him closer to the bathroom door. “no i’m not fucking you in a dirty bathroom.” he mumbles so only you can hear.
“hm, man of class i see.” you let your fingernail drag down the middle of his exposed chest, evident goosebumps form on his skin.
“have you ever fucked someone in the bathroom of a club, harry?”
when you glance up into his eyes, they’ve somehow grown darker. whether it’s the lighting or the heavy amount of lust pulsing through his body.
“i have. have you been fucked in a dirty bathroom like this one?” he questions you back.
“no, i haven’t.” you say back with an innocent tone to your voice and a bat of your eyelashes.
his green eyes shift darkly from your confession, he glances around to determine that nobody around you is paying attention.
suddenly, his body is against yours as he lips attack your own. he swings the door open to the ladies bathroom, pushing your body backwards with his own and into a stall. he quickly pushes the lock over so the door stays shut.
you’re so overwhelmed with it, you don’t even realize your back is pressed against the door as his hands firmly grip your thighs to pull them up to his waist. you easily straddle him, tightening your grip around his hips so his cock presses against your core from underneath your skirt.
his hands swoop under the fabric of your skirt and bunch it around your hips so your lace panties were in full view.
“fuck. you’re so bloody hot.” he says as he bites your bottom lip again, but harder this time. it makes you gasp in shock but the feeling is glorious.
the mdma you took has you on a high to seek pleasure; harry has never felt so fucking horny in his life, and the same with you.
“oh god harry. please fuck me.” you whine loudly, making him suck on the sweet spot right below your ear.
his hands let your legs drop to the floor so he can pull your panties down in one quick motion. he doesn’t even give you time to get the fabric off your other foot as he picks you back up again.
“hold onto me tight. i don’t want you to fall.” he mumbles as he lets go of your legs. your panties hang on your foot, swinging with each movement.
your thighs grip his sides tightly as he reaches between you both to unzip his trousers and pull his cock out.
“oh wow.” you blurt out, your swollen lips hang out in astonishment. he’s big, the best size kinda big and it’s perfect.
he reaches into his blazer pocket to pull out a foil packet. a condom. “do you have like everything in there?” you say jokingly, making him chuckle as he rips it open with his teeth.
“let me.” you take it from his grip. you place the rolled up latex on the tip of his leaking cock, slowly rolling it down his shaft. his head rolls back in pleasure, closing his eyes as you gently touch him.
he feels amazing under your fingertips and palm. you want to keep touching him, to have him cum in your hand, but you know you’re both so worked up neither of you will last long.
you pull your hand back to hold onto his neck for leverage, making him hiss from the loss of contact.
one of his hands reach below, brushing against your inner thigh. oh so slowly, he pushes his middle and ring finger inside of you.
“fuck you’re soaked.”
you couldn’t help but let out the loudest moan, throwing your head back against the surface of the door. your skull hits the surface with soft thud. he takes this opportunity to attack your neck with bites and his tongue.
the coldness of his rings gently press against your hot core as he moves his fingers cunningly against that sweet spot inside of you. “jesus!” you yelp, your whole body jumps.
he pulls out his fingers, making you whine in protest. “hold on, baby.” his voice rasps.
he lines himself up perfectly with your entrance, teasing you by rubbing his cock through your folds, “fuck. oh my god. you’re gonna make me cum by just doing that.”
he lets out a breathy laugh at your comment and lets his hips push forward to slide into your heat. his head buries in the crook of your neck, leaving little kisses against your skin. a guttural moan falls from his pink lips, his body shivers with anticipation as he bottoms out.
“oh harry.” your fingers dig into the fabric of his blazer above his shoulders.
he pulls his hips back before thrusting sharply back inside of you, “ah!“ you yelp.
you press a kiss into his hair as he pins you against the door, “you okay?” he whispers into your ear and you nod swiftly.
he starts to gain speed, his hips aim at the perfect angle and the sound of skin slapping against skin fills the empty bathroom. he’s absolutely railing the shit out of you right now.
you can hear the muffled music outside switch from a rap song to ‘softcore’ by the neighbourhood.
“fuuuuck.” he groans into your skin, attempting to keep himself quiet even though you’re the one letting out the loudest pornographic sounds ever.
you grab onto the hair at the nape of his neck, gripping it as your body bounces up and down from the force of his hips.
harry wouldn’t usually admit this but he’s already close, he’s always lasts long and aims to please his lover for as long as possible- but with all the molly and alcohol in his system, he can’t help but feel the need to release.
he lets out a soft moan of your name against your skin, his nails dig into the flesh of your ass as he rams into you.
“i might need you or i’ll break. are we too young for this?”
harry looks down between your bodies, watching how he disappears inside of you repeatedly. that about sends him over the edge, until the door squeaks to the bathroom followed by loud laughter.
harry’s hips snap against yours, all movements stopping as his head flies up from your shoulder to look at you. your eyes are wide with fear, knowing exactly who’s laugh that is. it’s maisie.
a loud snorting sound comes from behind the door, following by a girl squealing. god, what is she snorting now?
harry’s hand presses against your mouth in attempt to silence you when you go to speak, he shakes his head no. you look into his eyes, noticing how dilated his pupils are, the back almost covers all the green of his iris.
you gently bite his palm and he pulls back with a disapproving look on his face, shaking his hand in pain. “it’s my friend.” you mouth to him and an evil smirk curls on his lips.
no. don’t you dare, harry.
his eyes darken slightly as he goes to pull out of you, his hips snap back up to slam back into you. the door against your back rattles and you accidentally let a moan slip from your lips. his hand cups your mouth again, leaving your nose out so you can breathe.
the group outside of the door quiets down from the noises. “is someone getting fucked in that stall?” a nasally voice speaks which is not maisie.
“we should probably just let them be.” another girl says.
“hurry the fuck up and snort that shit. it was expensive. i wanna get out of here.” there’s maisie.
someone groans and then a snort loud follows.
“let’s go. it reeks in here. smells like sex.” the group of girls giggle from that comment as they all start to make there way out of the bathroom.
once the bathroom door shuts, harry’s unrelenting pace starts again. his hips slam back up into yours, making you shout out in pleasure.
“fucking hell.” he groans into your throat, licking a stripe up your neck. the feeling of his tongue sliding against your skin makes you feral.
you push off his expensive blazer, the fabric falls to the floor with no care in the world. your hands attack his chest, pulling at the buttons so you could feel his skin against yours.
one of his hands tug at your top, letting your breasts spill over the underwire. his hand completely surrounds your breast as he palms it. he leans down to give attention to the other one, gently capturing your nipple in his mouth.
“fuck harry. i’m so close. keep doing that. oh my god yes!” you scream.
it feels like the drugs and alcohol in your system are at their peak when your body ascends to your climax.
you pull his face up to yours, barely kissing him as you both breathe heavily through your mouths. his nose presses against yours, moans and curses falling from both of your lips mix together.
you feel like you’re on top of the world right now.
harry’s strides becomes a bit sloppier as he grows closer to his own climax. your whole body tingles with euphoria, the bliss of your orgasm electrifies your nerve endings and explodes as if a star is being born.
the white hot pleasure surrounds your whole body as all the air in your lungs escapes. your hands tug at his hair, making him whine from the feeling.
his arm wraps around your back when you arch away from the door. harry shudders as his hips still against yours, a deep groan falls from his lips. he couldn’t help but open his eyes to watch you, the view of your screwed up face makes his own orgasm hit even harder.
he bites down on your collarbone as he slowly pumps himself into you, riding out his high.
when your eyes reopen, you feel as if you’ve been hit by a bus. your whole body is trembling, your jaw is even shaking as if you’re cold. one of the symptoms from the drug you took.
harry brings one of his hands up to cup your cheek, gently rubbing the skin there. “you okay?” his voice is quiet and soothing as he continues to hold you up from the ground.
he presses a soft kiss against your lips, which you delay in returning since your brain is slowed down. “y-yes. i’m perfect.” you smile as you quiver in his arms.
he slowly eases himself out of you and pulls off the condom to tie up and dispose of it in the trash. you wince from the sudden feeling of emptiness.
“i’m gonna let you down nice and slow, okay?”
you nod as he lowers your legs to the ground, your knees buckle from holding up your weight but he keeps his grip on your back. he helps you conceal your chest back into your top and pulls your skirt down.
he picks up his blazer to place over your shoulders, your arms slide into the oversized sleeves. “you are fucking amazing.” he swoops down to grab your underwear that had fallen off and stuffs it in the pocket of the blazer that’s on you. he presses a kiss to your temple and he opens the door.
he guides you to the sink to wet a paper towel down, pressing it against the back of your neck.
you look at yourself in the dirty mirror, your makeup is smeared, your pupils are huge and your jaw is chattering. despite feeling like this, you have a glow to your skin from the godly sex you just had.
“you’re so beautiful.” he smiles at you through the mirror, making you blush even more.
a girl walks into the bathroom, obviously tinted green. she stops in her tracks when she sees harry then runs right into the stall you were just in and pukes everywhere.
“are you harry styles?“ she manages to speak as she belches.
“yeah, i am.”
the sound of puke hitting the toilet makes you grimace.
“let’s go.” he quietly chuckles as he leads you out of the bathroom.
as soon as he walks out, jeff was standing there on his phone leaning against the wall. “you ready?” he casually says as he looks up at you both with a sly smirk.
harry hums cheekily at him in response, “hi, i’m jeff.” he reaches a hand out to shake yours then realizes he probably shouldn’t.
you laugh sheepishly and introduce yourself. jeff leads you both out the back door, another bouncer opens it for you and escorts the three of you to a car that’s idled in the alleyway.
you then realize the bouncer is his driver when he opens the back door for the two of you to climb in and jeff climbs into the passenger seat.
harry let’s you climb in first then climbs in right after you. he helps you buckle up before doing his own buckle and wrapping an arm around your smaller frame to comfort you. the car then starts to drive and pulls out on the main road.
you eye the time, seeing it is almost four in the morning. you had gotten to the club around midnight. has it really been that long?
you can feel the drugs effects wearing off, fatigue aches at your bones and sleepiness causes your eyelids to grow heavy.
you don’t even realize you’ve fallen asleep until you feel weightless with pressure on the back of your neck and behind your knees.
you open your eyes to see a ceiling above your head, the room sways. you glance to the right to see harry’s head. he’s carrying you.
“what’s going on?“ you grumble.
“we’re back at my hotel.” he chuckles. something beeps and harry thanks someone as he walks into a room. cold air blasts against your skin, making you shiver.
harry walks you down the foyer, through another room and then through open french doors. he passes up the bed and walks into the bathroom to place you down on the surface of the counter. he busies himself in the drawers in the bedroom and comes back. he grabs a clean towel for you, hanging it up near the shower.
you plop off the counter to slowly undress yourself, throwing the discarded articles of clothing on the floor and toss your shoes off of your feet.
he turns toward the shower to turn on the water, letting the warm stream run for a bit. he undresses himself then helps you into the shower. he follows behind you, stepping into the warm water to help you wash your hair and body. god, the aftershock of molly is really hitting you hard.
after cleaning you and himself, he turns the water off and helps you get wrapped up in a towel. “come on.” he leads you to sit on the edge of the bed then busies himself in his drawers.
“here. something comfy to wear.” he smiles down at you sweetly and then goes to grab something for himself to wear. the clothes he picked out for you is a cream beastie boys band tee and a pair of boxer briefs.
everything you do feels like you’re in slo-mo. you unwrap the towel and pull the soft clothing onto your body. you plop back onto the bed, your legs still hanging off.
harry comes back in a pair of loose shorts with a plain tee shirt on, in his hand is a warm washcloth.
“for your makeup.” he crawls behind you, tapping his lap for you to come closer. you smile and wiggle your way up to rest your head on his thigh as he carefully wipes your makeup off of your face.
just from the feeling alone, you want to fall asleep. “mm, you’re so tired aren’t you?” you hum in response and nod.
“thank you for taking my makeup off.” you smile up at him and he nods. “of course. i would want someone to take mine off if i was this tired.”
you just let out a soft giggle in response. harry tosses the wet rag somewhere in the room once your face is cleansed of all the product, then cards his fingers through your hair to brush it. it’ll have to do for now.
“let’s get to bed.” he guides your half asleep self under the warm covers, letting you curl against him with your limbs sprawled on top of him.
harry’s own brain is foggy from the drugs but he knows it hit you harder than him and he’s so thankful he was the one to be taking care of you.
he can tell you’re already fast asleep by how heavy your body has gotten, he takes this time to scroll through social media. he sees countless pictures of him arriving at the club and thankfully none from inside.
panic starts in his chest as he scrolls to a low quality video of someone zooming into the dance floor. it’s him and you grinding on him, but your face is turned away from the camera thankfully.
he reads the caption:
god, why does it have so many likes already?
he locks his phone and takes a deep breath. all he keeps thinking his how thankful he is your face isn’t shown, but hopefully nobody has another picture or video from another angle. this is exactly why he dreads opening instagram.
he looks down at you and brushes your wet hair out of your face. he presses a kiss to your forehead and closes his eyes to let sleep consume him.
note: it was a little bit out of my comfort zone but i think it turned out good!! what do you guys think?
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hsfan94 · 4 months
2.7k words
Y/n flew out to LA the moment Harry postponed the show Friday. She had talked to him Wednesday and noticed that he sounded off. She had told him then and there she wanted to fly out. He brushed her off, saying he was fine. But when Jeff texted her an update, upon her request, she bought a ticket for the first flight out.
Y/n and Harry had been friends for a few years now. They met when she was eighteen and he was twenty-five. They were just friends. Y/n loved him so much but she knew being younger than him that he’d never feel the same. In other words she wasn’t his type. But being in the friend zone wouldn’t stop her from taking care of him. One thing she knew about her Harry was that he would work even when he shouldn’t. He wasn’t great at taking care of himself. She knew if she didn’t come, he would be sick forever.
“Y/n, you didn’t have to come.” He opened his door wrapped in the thick fuzzy blanket she had bought him last Christmas. He looked miserable. He had puffy bags under his eyes and his nose had been rubbed red from excessive tissue use. But he still took her breath away.
“Don’t be silly, Haz. We both know you aren’t going to care for yourself properly.” Y/n also had a feeling his girlfriend would be useless as well.
“I’m the older one you know?” He had let her in and they were walking to his living room.
“That’s why it’s so sad.” She chuckled at his shocked expression. “Now have a seat and let me get to work.”
He sat down on the couch and she went straight for the kitchen to set out the stuff she had brought. It was an array of medicines, soups, juices and a thermometer. She made quick work of getting some medicine and a glass of water and returned to the living room.
“Now, have you taken anything today?” She wasn’t surprised when he shook his head. “Didn’t think so. Here.” She practically shoved the pills and water into his hands.
After he chugged the whole glass she repositioned him so he was laying down.
“You will stay right here. If you need anything, it’s my job to get it. I’ll stay right here.” She motioned to the other end of the massive sectional.
He smirked at her. “What if I have to use the bathroom?”
She rolled her eyes. “Then you go. But other than that stay put. Now,” she leaned forward and picked up the remote, “do you have anything you want to watch?”
They watched half of the Notebook before he was nodding off. Y/n watched him sleep. Her mind wandered to when they first met. She was fond of him back then but he seemed to see her as a sibling.
“I just don’t understand why he married Cameron Diaz when he’s been in love with Julia Roberts the whole time.” Harry had never seen ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ and Y/n thought his frustration was both valid and adorable.
“Because she missed her chance. Her fear of commitment and assumption that he’d wait forever drove him away.”
“But he marries someone so much younger. It’s impractical.” He shook his head.
“Why.” Y/n felt uneasy at his words.
“Because you can’t possibly have enough in common.” It was like he had seen her face fall so he backtracked. “It just doesn’t work. I can’t explain it.”
“I don’t think age is a big deal. If you love someone you love them, you know? Who cares what year they were born?”
They had sat in silence after that. That was over two years ago and as she watched him sleep, she wondered if he had changed his mind. She certainly thought so because his girlfriend was so much older. She brushed those thoughts away and fell asleep herself.
Y/n had not seen Olivia since she got there. She had been relieved at first because the thought of Harry with anyone made her stomach turn, but the more she thought about her absence the more it pissed her off. It had been over twenty-four hours. She arrived Thursday afternoon and it was now Saturday morning. Who doesn’t check in on their sick partner every once in a while? She was also confused because she thought they lived together.
She had been taking good care of Harry but she had also been helping him decide what to do about the next few shows. He had a doctor's appointment later and she told him they didn’t have to make any final decisions until then. She had already been in contact with Jeff to tell him it wasn’t looking good and he got to work on backup plans.
Harry was really beating himself up for still feeling bad and it hurt her to see him be so hard on himself.
“Harry, you’re sick. It happens to everyone and it’s completely out of your control.”
“I’m going to disappoint everyone. So many fans have spent so much money to be in LA this weekend. I don’t want them to be mad.”
“If they care about you, they won’t be. They’ll understand. And even if they don’t, that’s not your problem.”
“It is. They’ll never trust me again. They’ll stop coming to the shows.”
Y/n sighed heavily. She didn’t care about his fans’ feelings right now. She cares about the person she loved most in the world and how he was considering playing a show when he looked, felt and sounded like death.
“Harry. You don’t owe anyone anything. And while I understand you need fans to come so you can keep doing it, you won’t be able to keep doing it if you don’t let yourself rest and get better. And I don’t want to be a hard ass but I will if I have to.”
He went silent.
“You’re right. We should just wait for the doctor,” he said after a moment.
She was so frustrated he wouldn’t listen to her but she was relieved because the doctor would say the same thing she did.
And sure enough they left the doctor with a prescription for medicine and an order to reschedule the next three shows. So with a heavy heart Harry made a statement on his story and rescheduled them to January.
“This is the right thing, Harry, I promise,” she said as they walked through his front door once again.
This time she entered his house, his girlfriend was standing in the entryway dressed in an evening gown (an unflattering one of you asked Y/n).
“Oh. You’re back.” Olivia just barely acknowledged Harry and Y/n as she passed them. “I’m going to the LACMA art and film gala.” She barely gave them time to respond before hurrying out the door.
It took everything in her power not to lose her shit over that. If Y/n’s partner was sick, the last thing she would do would be to go to some event. She didn’t want to voice her frustration because she didn’t want to get into it with Harry while he was sick. They’d had this fight a few times since he had been with Olivia. It always started with Y/n telling him he could do so much better and ended with him telling her to mind her own business. The need to keep peace with Harry wasn’t enough to stop her from voicing her frustration to Olivia that night.
Harry had fallen asleep again after Y/n had fed him soup and medicine and put another movie on for him. Y/n had gone into the kitchen to make herself some dinner and Olivia sauntered in. She acted surprised Y/n was still there and that caused her to snap.
“You’re still here?” It was laced with disgust.
“Yeah. You’re certainly not here to take care of him. And I’ve known him for three years, he’s not going to take care of himself. So that leaves me.”
“Honey, you’re so pathetic.” Y/n tensed at her words.
“Excuse me?”
“He’s not going to ever see you as more than a friend. You being a nurse won’t change his mind.”
“For your information, I don’t care if he sees me as more. I care about him. I want him to get better because of that. That’s what real love is. Putting someone you love before anything else.” Y/n shot the words at her like they were darts laced with venom.
“What do you know, huh? From what I remember you’ve never been in a relationship.”
“That’s because I know what I want and I don’t plan to waste my time on something that’s not it.” Y/n felt the need to defend herself even though she knew Olivia’s experience wasn't much better considering two of her serious relationships had ended.
“Right. You want my boyfriend.”
Harry had woken up upon hearing voices in the kitchen. He couldn’t help himself but to get up so he could hear better. When he heard their conversation fully he was stunned by a few things. One being the way his girlfriend spoke to his friend and two being the fact that Y/n was in love with him. Sure he thought she overdid it on the friendship stuff sometimes but he still hadn’t ever considered it could be that she loved him. He had felt differently towards her the last few days. The way she was so concerned and had been taking such good care of him really made him see her in a new light.
“Get over yourself. You don’t even want him! You’ve been using him. Using him to make your movie successful, using him to get invited to Gucci events, using him for,” she paused, “sex. He’s too into you to see it and I can’t tell him what I think because I don’t want to loose him but I’m fucking done pretending you don’t bother me. So if you-“
She was interrupted by a hand being placed on her shoulder. She turned around to see her Harry standing there wrapped up in his blanket looking at her with wide eyes.
“Harry, I” she said not knowing what to say.
“It’s okay, Y/n. Just go in the living room. Cool off yeah? I’ll handle this.”
His words took her by surprise. She left the kitchen but stayed close by to listen.
“What’s wrong with you?” He said.
“Me? You’re just gonna let that little brat say those things?”
“Enough. Stop talking about her like that, Olivia. She’s right and you know it.”
“I’m sorry?”
She heard Harry sigh deeply. It caused him to cough a bit.
“I’m too exhausted for this. I feel like shit and you have not once bothered to ask me about it. Is that why you were being so hostile? Because she called you out?”
Olivia scoffed.
“No. She’s trying to take you from me.”
“Is she? Because I’ve known her longer than you and she’s never made a move and she’s had plenty of opportunities. Also I’m a big boy, I can make my own decisions.”
“Cut the crap. She’s a child. She probably hasn’t even had sex so how would she know how to make a move.”
“She’s the child? Do you hear yourself when you talk?” She didn’t say anything so he went on. “Whatever. I can’t do this anymore. I need you to leave.”
“I need you to go. As much as I hate to admit it, Y/n was right and I’m done being blind. I don’t feel good and you being here is making it worse.”
“If I leave tonight, I’m not coming back. We’re done.”
“Fine with me. Just get your stuff and go.”
Y/n could tell the conversation was over so she scurried over to the couch. She felt so many things and it caused her to start crying. She couldn’t help it. She had her head buried in her hands when Harry silently made his way back to the couch.
“Y/n?” He sat down next to her. “What’s wrong, love?”
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” It was all she could say.
“For what, lovie?” He put his arm around her.
“I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I ended your relationship. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”
“You did nothing. She ended my relationship. She didn’t trust me and she was being mean to you.” He put his hand on her chin and lifted her face so he could look into her eyes. “I can’t have that.”
Y/n was silent. Tears continued to pour down her face.
“Is it true?”
“Is what true?” She didn’t know what he was referring to.
“Do you love me?”
She looked away from him. She didn’t want to answer. After a moment, she nodded ever so subtly.
“How long?” He was now rubbing circles on her back with his hand.
“Pretty much since we met.” It was quiet, almost a mumble.
“Why did you never say anything?”
“Well, I realized it the night we were watching ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’. I looked over at you during a funny part and you had this big smile, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and I wanted to tell you how I felt. But then you said that being with someone younger,”
“Would never work.” He finished for her.
“I just figured you’d never see me that way and I’ve been right so far.”
“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”
“It’s okay. It’s how you feel. Can we just drop it? I'm already way too embarrassed to even look at you.”
Before he could reply, Olivia came down with a suitcase.
“I hope it’s worth it Harry. I hope she’s worth it.”
She didn’t give him an opportunity to respond. She walked out the door and let it slam behind her.
A few moments later she spoke again.
“I understand if you don’t want to be friends anymore and if you want me to leave I will.”
She started to stand up but Harry pulled her back to the couch.
“I don't want to be friends anymore. But I definitely don’t want you to leave.”
“What?” She was confused and hurt by his words.
“I think there’s been a glitch.”
She thought he was quoting Taylor Swift but she wanted to be sure.
“Harry, what are you trying to say?”
“I want to be more than friends. These last few days have really opened my eyes to what has been right in front of me.”
A smile crept onto her face.
He returned her smile. “Yeah.”
Just then, Harry started to have a full blown coughing attack and it ruined the moment.
“Oh, Baby, it’s time for more medicine.” Y/n stood and walked to the kitchen. When she returned with the cough medicine she was met with a doe-eyed beaming Harry. “What are you so smiley about Mr. I-just-hacked-up-a-lung?”
“You called me baby.”
“Huh. I guess I did.” She brushed over it like it was no big deal and poured him a cup of cough syrup.
He took the shot of cough syrup then said, “I liked it. You should do it all the time now.”
“Okay, baby.” She smiled. “Let’s get you to rest now.”
She gently pushed his shoulders back until he was laying on the couch. She started to back away and return to her end when his hand clasped hers. She gave him a quizzical look. He returned her expression with a cheeky smile and began pulling her onto the couch.
“Want you to lay with me.” He pulled her so she was practically on top of him.
“Okay.” She situated herself so her weight wasn’t all the way on him. She settled into his side and rested her head on his shoulder.
“I want to kiss you but I don’t want to get you sick.” His hand began trailing up and down her arm in a soothing manner.
She brought her lips to his neck and gave him a few gentle kisses there.
“It’s okay, baby. We have plenty of time.”
Just before they drifted off to sleep, Harry realized he hadn’t properly returned the sentiment.
“I love you, Y/n.”
Harry had never been happier to have the flu.
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