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Tumblr media
pairing: college student!grumpy!harry x college student!sunshine!fem reader
tropes: (kinda) enemies to lovers
series cw: angst, smut (minors dni!) fluff, sexual tension, drama, character development, drug use, alcohol consumption, foul language
wc: 2.1k words
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Tumblr media
Y/N’s always loved mornings, she loves being able to wake and watch the sun rise. She loves being able to listen to nature’s song, the birds chirping, the different buzzing and humming of the insects and the various sounds of all the animals that stay around her house. She always wakes with a bright smile on her face and enthusiasm to start her day, she’ll turn on her favorite playlist and sing along as she begins to start her day.
Today was different though, she had stayed up much later than normal which caused her to wake with a slight frown and she huffs as she shuts off the blaring beep coming from her alarm clock.
“I get it, I’m up. Now shut up.” She mumbles as she tiredly rubs her eyes and stands up. She grabs the various sheets of paper strewn across the bottom half of her bed and stacks them neatly on the wooden nightstand next to her bed. She sighs as she stretches her arms over her head and leans back some, feeling slightly better as she feels her body loosening up.
She makes her bed, tucking the thick blanket underneath her pillow and making sure there’s no wrinkles anywhere before grabbing her phone and clicking on the ‘Music’ app and clicking her morning playlist. She smiles as ‘Evermore’ by Taylor swift begins to play as she walks over to her closet to pick out her outfit for the day. After several minutes of aimlessly searching through her clothes she settles on a white Ralph Lauren knitted sweater, a brown tartan skirt, some white open toe sandals and a small white mini purse.
She heads into her en suite bathroom and sets her outfit on the gray granite countertops before turning on the faucet and letting the water warm up. She hums along to the current song playing as she splashes the warm water on her face and dries her face slightly. She grabs her face wash and begins to do her daily morning routine, the small feeling of normalcy making her feel better already.
Once she’s dressed, done her makeup and in a somewhat better mood, she heads into the kitchen while singing along to ‘She Looks So Perfect’ and begins to grab a banana and some leftover oatmeal from the fridge. Making her way to the small dining room table, she sighs happily and sets the oatmeal down and begins to peel the banana and break it into small uneven pieces to eat in her oatmeal.
After eating everything, she washes the bowl and sets in the dish rack placed next to the sink and grabs her purse and her phone, putting all her essentials in the small bag and walking to the front door. Smiling as she shuts off the living room light and closes the door behind her, she begins to make her way to the front of her apartments complex and towards the small bike rack, filled with various bikes of all sizes and colors.
Tumblr media
It takes her roughly less than twenty minutes when she reaches Tampa Bay University and sighs as she hops off her bike and ties it to the bike rack in front of her school. As she makes her way into the school, she stops as she notices a few new flowers on the side of the steps. As she makes her way over, she can feel her smile growing, the flowers are absolutely beautiful. They’re a beautiful shade of pink carnations, the bright color popping against the stark bricks of the stairs and she quickly takes her phone as she snaps a picture of them.
“The flowers’ not going anywhere. No need for the photography.” She hears a voice yelling from somewhere behind her.
She turns around and a frown appears on her face when she realizes who the voice belongs to. His long brown hair pulled back in a man bun, a cotton white t-shirt paired with a pair of light wash denim jeans and a black leather jacket. His signature smirk is plastered on his face as a couple of his friends laugh and pat him on the back. For as long as she can remember her and Harry have been at each others throats or more like he’s been dead set on giving her absolute hell since the start of their college years while she ignores him.
“M’serious, nothing special about those flowers. Shouldn’t you be getting to class anyways, miss goody two shoes?” He asks and snickers, her frown deepens as she messes with her purse and makes her way to the entrance door. Just before she opens the door, she turns around and stares him down, a small smile taking over the frown.
“I suggest you do the same playboy, last I heard failing English class isn’t gonna get you to graduate.” She yells back before quickly walking in the door and heading to her first class of the day.
While she loves her classes, loves interacting with the teacher and adding her input in on group discussions, the lack of her normal amount of sleep making her brain unfocused and easily distracted. Her eyes flit across the room with every sound that occurs, she can’t seem to sit still. She’s fidgety, her hands play with the pen in her hands as if she’s not supposed to be taking notes right now, she can’t stay focused on anything before her attentions being grabbed by something new.
Time seems to fly as she looks down at her bare page in the notebook; nothing written on it beside the title of her notes and she sighs. Quietly she leans over and asks the girl behind her if she can take a picture of her notes after class, she thanks her when the girl nods before going back to writing
A knock on the door grabs her attention and she watches the teacher make her way to the door. The clicking of her heels echo in the small classroom and finally her hand reaches for the door knob, she begins to twist it and pull the door open. She can hear him before she sees him, his voice carrying through as he speaks.
“Mornin’ Liz. How’s my favorite girl?” She watches as the teacher frowns and swats his arm as he goes to give her a hug.
“You’re late Mr. Styles. Have a seat.” She says as she makes her way back to her desk and Harry chuckles as he opens the door fully, his emerald eyes scanning the room.
The only available seat is next to Y/N and he scowls. Briskly walking over to someone at the table furthest from her and asking to switch seats quietly, they shake their head and he sighs. He walks over to another table and asks to switch and in response he gets another no. Frowning, he walks over to Y/N’s table and grabs the chair and moves it as far away as he can, mumbling a few words under his breath as he sits down.
Not bothering to pay attention, he lays his head down on the desk and closes his eyes. Allowing the outside noise to become faint murmurs, he bounces his leg quickly as he begins to drift to sleep.
“Can you stop please? You’re the shaking the table?” He huffs and rolls his eyes as he lifts his head.
“S’not bothering you.” He says and she shakes her head gently.
“I’m trying to take notes.” He scoffs as she points to her notebook.
“Of course you are. Gotta make sure you pass the exams, right? M’surprised you don’t have it all memorized.” He says and lays his head back down. He can hear her sigh and the crinkling of the paper as she moves over some towards the opposite end of the table. He snickers softly to himself before closing his eyes once more.
Tumblr media
He wakes up to the feeling of someone’s hand on his shoulder, it’s soft and small and gentle as it shakes him. He groans as he sits up and stretches his arms over his head. When he turns he sees her standing next to him, her side of the desk cleaned up and the rooms silent.
“Whaddya want?” He mumbles and frowns, he’s never been on to be happy whenever he wakes up.
“Class is over, just figured you’d want to head wherever you need to go.” She says, her voice soft and sweet and he frowns once more.
“Uh huh.” He stands up and moves the chair back to its original position. He barely catches the sight of a small frown etched on her face before he’s heading out the door and onto his next class. He doesn’t care that she’s upset, she lives in her own world and doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that not everyone’s as nice as she is or was raised with such manners, it’s not his problem.
On the way to his next class, he hears his name being yelled from behind him. He turns around and sees the principal yelling and jogging his way.
“Harry! A moment please?!” He yells and Harry frowns. He knows what he wants to talk about, it can only mean one of two things, it’s either his failed midterm or be found out that it’s him graffitiing the various parts of the school walls and parking lots.
He shakes his head as he begins to walk opposite of the voice calling his name. He’s never been one to care about time and his grades so he waits until the last minute and does just enough work for him to be at a D level.
“Harry Styles!” The voice booms and he huffs before turning around and grumpily begins the short trek to the principal.
“Yea?” He says and crosses his arms, the principal nods shortly before asking Harry to follow him.
As Harry follows the older man into his office, he grumbles the whole time about how unfair and stupid all of this is. Passing by all the lockers and the small gaggle of students littering the halls as he walks, head held high and confidence is his walk because he can’t be seen being embarrassed. It’d be the end of the world if that were to happen.
When the principal opens the tall wooden door leading to his office, he steps aside to let Harry in and smiles as Harry mumbles a rough thank you in response. Sitting behind his dark oak desk and opening up his laptop, the sound of clicking filling the room as he types.
“So, Harry, you know why I brought you here?” The older man asks and Harry nods.
“Think so, s’about the midterm right? And if so I have some words. Knapick’s crazy if she thinks that test was anywhere near suitable to give to us. I suggest you look into that.” Harry says and the principal shakes his head.
He leans back and adjusts his glasses as he stares at Harry.
“No, Harry. It’s just you I believe. Almost everyone else passed the exam with at least a C average.” Harry frowns at that and shakes his head.
“No way, the test is rigged I tell you. I knew Knapick never liked me. She’s trying to fail me Oscar.”
“No, you barely did effort. And if you wanna be able to graduate on time, I suggest you get a tutor.” The principal says and Harry’s frown deepens.
“No way.”
“Yes, Harry. I’m serious. I’m trying to help, I can give you a list of our best tutors in the school.”
Harry shakes his head furiously, his bun slowly beginning to slip from the elastic’s hold.
“It’s either you get the help you need or you’re gonna be repeating, and you know you don’t have the best reputation with the staff.” Harry huffs and rolls his eyes once more.
“Fine, who’s on the list.” The principal sighs as he begins to list off the students name.
“I’d suggest Mrs. Y/N, she’s real patient and won’t fall for your game styles.”
“No game. I just have the charm the ladies want Oscar.” Harry says and smirks.
“But I don’t want Y/N, give me someone else.”
“I’ll see what I can do but I think she would be best. You’ll get the quickest response and I’m sure she works fast.”
Harry huffs obnoxiously loud as as uncrosses his arms.
“She makes me want to tug my hair out.”
“I’ll let her know. Have a good day Harry.” Harry grumpily walks out of the office and heads to the main door. His thoughts become a chanting of how much Y/N annoys him and why she has to be so smart and how life’s not fair.
If he had to be paired with her, he’d make it the worst tutor session ever. He’s really gonna make her life hell.
And with that, he gets in his car and starts driving to his house to begin his plan scheming.
Tumblr media
tag list: @ch3rry-styles @lomlhstyles @lovrave @gotthecinema
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Can u do one where y/n loves kissing harry every second she gets. And loves to just suck on his lips and he thinks its so adorable??
Of course!! Thank you so much for this lovely little request. And just a little reminder, you can send in a request through my ask box on my profile 🫶
A fluffy little blurb about how much Y/N loves kissing Harry.
Tumblr media
Y/N loves kissing Harry. She loves the way his lips feel against hers, the way his stubble tickles her chin, the way he tastes of mint. She loves everything about kissing him. Harry thinks it's the most adorable thing ever. He can't help but smile every time she leans in for a kiss.
Y/N loves kissing Harry when he least expects it. Like when he's lost in thought, typing away at his computer or reading a book. She'll sneak up behind him and plant a soft kiss on the back of his neck. Harry will jump a little, startled at first, but then he'll turn around and pull her into a warm embrace, kissing her back with equal fervor.
Y/N loves kissing Harry in public. She loves the way people stare, slightly taken aback by their unabashed displays of affection. She doesn't care though, she's happy to show the world how much she loves her husband. Harry loves it too, he's proud to be her husband and he loves seeing her happy.
Y/N loves kissing Harry when he's sad. She knows that a kiss can't solve all their problems, but it's a start. She'll cup his face in her hands and press her lips to his forehead, his cheeks, his lips, until he starts to feel a little better. Harry loves how much she cares for him, and how much her kisses can make him forget about everything else.
Y/N loves kissing Harry when they're alone at home. She'll pull him into a tight embrace and kiss him passionately, running her fingers through his hair. Harry loves how much she desires him, and how much he desires her. They'll spend hours lost in each other's kisses, wrapped up in each other's love.
Y/N loves kissing Harry before he leaves for work in the morning. She knows he has a long day ahead of him, and she wants to start it off on a good note. She'll wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him goodbye, making sure he knows how much she loves him. Harry loves how much she supports him, and how much he can rely on her.
Y/N loves kissing Harry every second she gets. She loves how he makes her feel, how he fills her heart with joy and love. Harry loves kissing Y/N just as much, and he knows he'll never get tired of it. They'll spend the rest of their lives kissing each other, and they wouldn't have it any other way.
Y/N couldn't help but smile as she looked at her Harry. She felt a rush of warmth and love in her heart and leaned in to give him a gentle kiss on the lips. Harry smiled back at her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him.
Harry loved how adorable Y/N was when she kissed him. He loved the way she leaned in, the way her eyes sparkled with happiness, and the way she always made him feel so special. He cherished every kiss they shared, knowing that it was a sign of their deep love and connection.
As they continued to kiss, they lost themselves in the moment, forgetting about the world around them. They were lost in their own little bubble of love, and nothing else mattered. It was just the two of them, sharing a moment of pure love and affection.
Finally, they pulled away, their eyes locked in a loving gaze. They knew that they had something special, something that couldn't be explained or understood. It was just the love they shared, the bond that had grown stronger over the years.
"I love you," Y/N whispered, her voice filled with emotion.
"I love you more," Harry replied, his eyes shining with love and adoration.
And with that, they shared another kiss, sealing their love and commitment to each other. It was a moment that they would cherish forever, a moment that would remind them of the love they shared every time they kissed.
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Tumblr media
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Scott Street.
Summary: You’ve risen to new found stardom, but an old flame from the past insists on winning you back. A continuation of You’ve Become My Ceiling.
A/N: Genuinely sorry for the infrequent posting! I’ll get around soon. Formatting was also getting on my nerves.
Taglist: @reveriehs @belovedcherry
Reader Pronouns: Any
Length: Long? 5,667 Words.
TW: Angst, Cheating
Song(s) To Listen To:
Your hands gripped the slick phone, eyebrows furrowed and heart feeling frozen and still. The phone was attempting to tell you that you’d missed a call, but your eyes were out of focus as you gathered your thoughts.
It was Harry.
Part of you wished it to be a dream, but the other part was curious, yet cautious. Your life had been a little bland the past few years, though you’d never admit it, you missed the adventures and midnight memories.You missed your best friend. That’s who you were still grieving, not the cheating liar who broke your heart over six times.
It had been a week and you’d failed to notice the call, only now discovering it while cleaning out your phone. There was a voicemail, but your hands were far too shaky to play it. You gave yourself a moment to calm down and played it slowly.
A small chuckle came from the recording, “Heh. Um, hey, (Y/N). I know I’m the last person you want to hear from, but…You know I’m proud of you. And also…I’m sorry. So, so sorry.”
His voice broke a little, “I know how much pain I caused now. I was stupid and young and it’s not an excuse, but I’m just really sorry. I wish I could do it all back again. I still can’t find the answer to why I did the things I did to you, either. You were the one thing that had loved me since before I was famous. I was an idiot to have let that go.”
There was sniffing on the other end, “You’re such a good person. And I…I really hollowed you out. I never even gave you a true apology. I miss my best friend. I became someone I didn’t know or want - someone I’d be repulsed by now. Someone I’d never want around you. I’m sorry.”
Harry cleared his throat, “But I’m proud of you, is all. You left and did greater things for yourself.”
It was silent for a moment again, “I never knew you could sing so beautifully. I’d like to hear it in person, if I could. You took a big part of me when you left, (Y/N). I still…I still feel the same way. Always have. But, um…Get back to me when you can- I mean, if you want. Alright. Bye.”
Taking a deep breath, you waited until the longing finally brushed itself off of you and was replaced by neutrality. The old memories resurfaced. Finding Harry in bed with another. On a date with someone you’d seen with him before.
You put your phone down and walked away, trying to collect yourself.
As for Harry, four and a half years changed him just as they did then. When you left, the guilt destroyed a piece of his heart, and he made his best attempt to be what he couldn’t be for you. He hadn’t dated since then, hadn’t felt he was worthy enough, really. He’d dedicated the entirety of Harry Styles - his debut album - to you, though he was sure you had no idea. Even now, his journal was filled to the brim with songs about you, most prevalent, some variation of a song he’s called, “Falling.” It was a heavy song, but the lyrics stuck with him.
They told the story of his departure from you, cheating and all, though the public wasn’t aware that it even happened.
His apartment smelt of lavender and poppies, even as he made his breakfast and did their daily duties. His album had released about a year ago, maybe a little less, and he hit stardom like he had never expected it. Taking a break from touring for even a week was well worth it. He loved his fans, sure, but it was draining to be a musician. Nonetheless, he was grateful.
Harry didn’t even expect you to make a call back. He just wanted to say sorry, truly, from the bottom of his heart, because he was different then. Fame changes you. And he should have never let that happen to him.
He knew he didn’t deserve your forgiveness.
So it was a surprise to him when a message appeared on his phone two months after the initial voicemail.
Y/N: Hey, Haz.
Jack was a tall man who was more legs than anything. He was stern, always looked at you with a taut expression, and would put you in your place, but oh, how he was completely soft for you. You’d met through his grandparents, who he took care of in his nice, spacious house. He and his grandparents were your neighbors, but you’d met his grandparents at a park years prior, engaging in small chat very often.
They’d loved Harry, though you were both sure they had positively no idea who he was aside from your boyfriend. Lily, the woman, would never hesitate to pinch his cheeks and comment on how amazing the two of you looked. You’d both expressed hope in wanting to be like them, growing old together, but here you were without your other half.
After your breakup, you’d rented a cozy apartment right next to Jack and his family’s house (though it was unbeknownst to you), and found that the park was relatively close to it. But as you walked on the trail, you came to find that everything seemed to have lost its shine. No longer did the water glisten so bright, or did the roses avoid withering like they simply couldn’t die, but everything was so undeniably…normal. Harry had shaken your life, only to disappear later, leaving you back in something that should have been comfortable, but was instead foreign. Normalcy was foreign.
“Oh, my dear!” The familiar voice, loaded with a beautiful French accent, slipped its way into your ears, and you tore your eyes away from the pond, behind you and finding the couple, holding something up to you, “You’ve dropped this.”
Lily brought the small item to you, showing you that in her gloved hands lay a necklace, a mother of pearl inside the locket. Harry had gifted it to you for your one year anniversary.
You furrowed your brows at the memory before she noticed it.
“Where is the handsome boy?” She tried to get her point across, even with the language barrier, “The one with the curly head? Tall? Le Britannique ?”
You felt the winter air nip at you more than it already had in your light jacket, “No, no, he is not here.”
She tilted her head in confusion, her husband watching over her, knowing even less English than she did. Harry had always been the translator for you, so speaking without him made it frustratingly harder.
“He has been gone for quite some time.”
You looked down, and in this, they seemed to both understand you. Paulie, her husband, took his coat off, placing it over your shoulders. The weight seemed comforting now.
“Aw, mon chou, come have a cup of tea with us,” Lily held your shoulders, slipping the necklace into your hands.
Despite your protest, you found yourself in their lovely home, surprised to see that they were a direct neighbor, “Jack, nous avons amené un chien errant !”
Lily smiled back at you before turning back and looking down at someone in the next room. You entered it, never really breaking away from her vibrant blue eyes, before you saw what she was looking at. Or rather, who. He was young, maybe just a bit older than you, and had eyes more alluring than hers. He had a slim figure and face, with a longer nose that matched, and tousled, short brown hair. His slender fingers were placed on the piano keys as he sat. He was breathtakingly handsome, really, and despite you not finding any sort of attraction in him, seeing as you just met, there was no doubt about his conventional attractiveness.
“Bonjour ?” He’d asked, his right eye squinting as if he were trying to scan every detail about you.
His expression softened into a smile shortly after, his eyes half-lidded when he got no response, “Hi. I see you’ve met my grandparents. Eager, aren’t they?”
You smiled back, chuckling, “You could say that.”
And it all started there. You’d started to take piano and French lessons from Jack, who after hearing about your still unnamed ex, wanted to help the best he could. You’d taken up piano for your career, and French, well, simply to prove to yourself that you really didn’t need Harry. Not for French, and not for life.
You and Jack had been good friends for a year now, knowing each other for about three before you’d really connected, so it felt right to turn to him and spill your gossip all over his fancy blue canopy bed during a hangout.
“Wait…” He started, surprised and clutching his elbows, arms crossed, “Your ex is Harry Styles?!”
You stuffed your face into a pillow, “That’s what you take away, Jack?! Everyone knows that!”
“Well, I didn’t! You know I can’t handle all the social media stuff, I avoid it like the plague!” Defensively and rather playfully, he rested a hand on his chest. He was wearing a brown and green sweater vest with brown dress pants and a white shirt, a nice green bowtie to tie his look together for his last day shadowing a French professor.
“The point is,” You giggled at the older man who seemed more like a best friend to you now, “I’m really not sure what to do here. He sounds so sincere, and maybe I fell out of love with the person he became a long time ago, but if he’s the same person I grew up with…Well…”
“No way. You can’t go back,” He paced, a hand on his chin, a habit of his you’d always loved.
You whined, “But can’t I? If I just want to rekindle the friendship we had before-“
“What are you going to do when you find him in bed with someone else again?”
Your heart stopped. He was right, of course.
“I’ll be respectful,” You responded sternly, “He isn’t mine.”
He rolled his eyes and shook his head, “Well, I can’t change your mind. I know you. Just be careful. It could be good for you, who knows? I just…don’t want you to get hurt again, (Y/N).”
Smiling with excitement, you thanked him countless times for listening to you and your rambles. You left shortly thereafter, and his smile fell as soon as the door shut behind you.
It was then you texted Harry, just a simple text, though it took you hours to finally hit the send button. He responded not a minute later, and you jumped at the sound.
HAZ: (Y/N), hi.
The name you never bothered to change in your contacts.
The two of you texted on and off casually, before deciding that maybe it would be better to catch up in a coffee shop. You were nervous, admittedly, but nonetheless stunned when you were escorted to your private booth at the Beachwood Café.
All you wore was a jumper and jeans, nothing too fancy, but you couldn’t help trying to style your hair in a way he would like.
He had been the first to arrive, you’d seen him in the window, twiddling his thumbs anxiously. God, did he look good as ever. His hair had grown out a bit more than the last time you saw him, and he’d dressed in clothes more personal to him, a shirt with small puppies printed on it under a knitted cardigan, baggy jeans and rings. He was definitely richer than the last you saw him, but the thing was, he was still your Haz, that much was noticeable.
The waiter led you to your table and you gently sat your bag down on the floor, sitting across from him. He’d been waiting for you, not even ordering yet.
“You look amazing,” He spoke, seemingly subconsciously.
“You’re not so bad yourself, H.”
And it was true. He looked cleaner, happier. Like he was taking care of himself. Everything was going well, and to be honest, it made you beyond happy. It was as if you were friends again, and nothing bad ever happened. Eventually, the topic reached Gemma somehow.
“So, I heard Gemma finally graduated,” You continued, “That’s wonderful! I always knew she could do it. She’s rather smart.”
“She’s great! She’s married now, you know. He’s wonderful, just feels a bit…weird. That she has someone now and I don’t.”
“Recent breakup?” You’d asked, a genuine question.
“No,” He chuckled, “Not at all. I worked on myself. Haven’t dated since you.”
A small gust of wind came through the window beside you, and you blamed the shivers on that. There was a gentle pause, but you shook your head and continued, “Oh, I see.”
There was obviously still a spark there, you’d noticed. Your heart still beat wildly to the tune of his.
“But, erm,” You continued, and he cleared his throat, “That makes me feel old.”
He scoffed playfully, his arms crossed, “What does that make me, then?”
You giggled. The two of you weren’t so far off, really. Just a couple of months, but he always managed to mention it.
“An old man,” You joked, and even the humor was still there.
His chuckle sent butterflies throughout your stomach.
“So, how’s the band?” You tilted your head.
You hadn’t really noticed that breaking things off with him would essentially alienate them, too.
“Well, Mitch and Sarah are getting married,” You did a bit of a double take.
“Wow, I mean, I knew it was going to happen, I just had no idea.
“A lot changes in our lives,” He spoke smoothly as the waiter came.
“Hey guys, my name is Carson, I’ll be your server this morning! What can I get for you?” He was younger, bright-eyed.
“I’ll just have an Americano and the strawberry crepes,” Harry didn’t even have to look at his menu, and yet you were scrambling to know what you wanted before he got to you.
“Alright,” The waiter wrote it down before turning back to you, “And for the spouse?”
Your face flushed red, “Oh, no, I’m not!”
Harry only chuckled and watched in amusement as the waiter became embarrassed, too.
“Jeez, I’m so sorry, then what can I get for you?” He rubbed the back of his neck and you giggled once more.
“Hazelnut hot latte and almond croissant, please, Carson.”
He nodded and left soon after.
“I listened to your songs, by the way,” Harry began slowly, “How’s that?”
“Well, one thing they don’t prepare you for as a strictly-solo show is how heavy the equipment is, like the drums? Jeez, don’t get me started.”
He laughed, shaking his head, “You’ve always took on way more than you could carry.”
“Yeah, well, suppose that’s me,” A smile found its way to your face, “But being alone is good. I needed that.”
He nodded again, “Yeah, I think I did, too.”
There was the beginning of a pause, but you still refused to let it linger, “I live on Scott Street now.”
“Oh, by the rose park?” He perked up, “I love that place.”
“I know,” You said bashfully, “Harry, our first date was there.”
“Wasn’t sure you’d remember,” He smiled back.
“But how could I forget?”
It had been magical, with swans skimming the water, almost as in love as you and Harry were. Had been. Are.
“Oh, but remember that old French couple we ran into? I know it’s quite random, but I ran into them again while I was having a bad day. They noticed we weren’t together anymore, and next thing I knew, I was at their house drinking a cup of tea. They’re quite nice. Their grandson, he lives with them, showed me a bit of piano.”
He remembered it well, you had said that you wanted the two of you to last even longer than they, and you had even hoped they’d be your spitting metaphorical image in decades.
“Anyway, I’m learning French now, I guess. And I found out we’re neighbors, isn’t that weird?” Carson set everything down on your table as you talked.
“Anything else for now?”
“No, thank you,” Harry didn’t even look up at him, listening intently. He didn’t even notice when Carson had left.
“So, now I take piano lessons on Fridays, and French lessons on Tuesday and Thursday. But his grandparents have been acting a bit odd - think they want me to stick around for more than just lessons,” You chuckled and sipped your latte.
You could’ve sworn Harry’s eye twitched, but you dismissed it, “That’s…great. I’m glad. You always wanted to learn French.”
“Right? You should come with sometime, you’d like him,” You hadn’t even noticed you were now arranging a second hangout. But he did. He always noticed.
“I’d love to,” It was oddly fast.
“Well, he’s invited me to a dinner party for his work - he’s a French professor. But he’s only been out of college a couple of months. Got his PhD. He’s nice, I think you’d like him!”
You looked down, fiddling with your thumbs, “But if you’re busy that’s totally fine! I just don’t wanna stick out like a sore thumb, is all. And it was always more fun when we stuck out together.”
He blushed, and in that moment, he would have done anything in the world you’d ask of him.
“Consider my plans all clear that day, alright?” He held your hands, “It's about time we did something as friends again.”
You nodded with a smile, “Okay, you’re right.”
You two split ways shortly after, Harry having insisted on paying the bill. He was happy to be talking to you, sure, but there was still a sinking feeling he felt when you were mentioned.
You had piano lessons that night, and you wore the same outfit, feeling exhausted just from the interaction. Jack had greeted you happily.
“Mon cherie! (Y/N), come in!” He stepped aside, “Nana and Papa are out, so it’s just us today.”
“Would you like something to drink?” Jack reached for the cupboard, “Nana just got this new wine, and I think it’s quite lovely.”
“Sure!” You agreed, sitting at their small dining table, “Oh, Jack, I hope you don’t mind! I invited a friend of mine to come to the meeting with me. Both of us have always been interested in French, so I figured it would be perfect!”
Jack, in all truthfulness, assumed it would be a woman, and thus, agreed.
“Not a problem, cherie,” He handed you a glass, full with dark red liquid, and he drank from his cup slowly.
You watched him aimlessly, his Adam’s Apple defined, bobbing up and down. Like he hadn’t had anything to drink all day. Jack was like that, he’d forget to eat, sleep, drink. He was always so busy with work. You admired him for it.
“You know, you should remember to drink more often. Have you eaten at all today?” Tilting your head, he shook his and set his cup down.
“How could you tell?”
You chuckled and stood up, holding one of his cheeks in your hands, examining his lips, “You drink way too desperately.”
He was a little stunned, to say the least, and gripped the counter, his stomach in knots.
“But,” You wiped his upper lip with your thumb, ridding the excess wine off before moving to the stove, “I’ll make you something. I owe you after all these free lessons, anyways.”
He slumped, disappointed, but continued onward, “I could never ask that of you, but…that sounds very nice.”
“Then consider it done, Cherie.” You mimicked him, getting to work.
Afterward, your lessons continued as normal, and you were actually getting pretty far along.
“So, (Y/N),” Jack finally looked up from his paperwork, having left you with some French worksheets, “Nana and Papa wanted me to invite you to The French Riviera with us. Figured it would be a good learning experience. I agree, what do you think?”
You thought hard before answering the question on the worksheet and looking back up at him, shrugging, “Sure! That sounds lovely. When?”
“Well, they plan to order the tickets this weekend. We were just waiting on your oh-so-busy schedule,” He smiled, his dimples showing rather lovely.
“Oh, I can do it anytime! The glory of being a musician with no tour dates. Your meeting is in a month, yes?” You finished your worksheet and turned to him.
He nodded, causing a single strand of hair to fall in his eyes, “Oui, mais la réunion sera courte .”
You exhaled a chuckle at his quiz, “Okay, then how about next weekend?”
“You’re getting good, Chérie,” It gave you a proud smile.
“Then it’s settled. Send me the details,” You checked your clock, “Jeez, it’s already 8PM. I was supposed to write another song for the debut album.”
“Well, feel free to use me as a muse,” He smiled again, and it was a joke, but something struck you quite suddenly.
He had been there for you for years, and the thought of thanking him never even crossed your damned mind, distracted by your old lover. As you entered your house, you walked straight to your desk, completely in a trance as you thought about him. He was amazing, someone everyone should have in their lives, so how come you’d never noticed?
With eyes that make you melt,
He lends his coat for shelter,
Plus he’s there for you when he shouldn’t be,
Waits for you, then sees you through.
You smiled softly, hearing a guitar strum in your head, and suddenly your heart felt warmer than it originally had. The night really hits you, and next thing you know, you’ve got a demo at 2.56 AM.
You smiled wide now, your heart running rampant over a daydreamy thought you had of your neighbor. It’s not like you actually feel this way about him, but imagining yourself in something so plausible seems lighthearted and warm. Reaching for your phone, you bite your lip, wanting another opinion on the song, but not knowing if your relationship with Harry has evolved enough yet. It’s soon, but he still feels like your closest friend. You decide to go through with it anyway and text him.
ME: Haz! Want to hear something new I’ve just come up with over the course of seven straight hours?
It was actually very, very surprising when he responded a few minutes later.
HAZ: Yeah! FaceTime?
You smiled wide, feeling your heart skip a beat before agreeing. His phone call came in shortly after, and you were met with a very groggy Harry, his hair messy and in his face.
“Harry,” You looked at him suspiciously, “Why are you even up this late?”
He grew rather embarrassed, you could tell by the way he hid his face from the camera subtly, “Never bothered to change the ringtone you set.”
You could have died of embarrassment right then and there. The old ringtone you chose for your beloved boyfriend at the time, mind you, a very, very famous celebrity, was, in fact, a loud rooster. How much more embarrassing could you get? Laughing instead, you smiled wide. Things were going back to your normal, after all.
“Anyways, you let me know if this is good, okay? And be brutally honest.” Harry raised a brow in suspicion but quickly settled down as you began to play the guitar, strumming it gently.
“Daydreamer,” You began, and he felt his body go cold, in shock and in amazement. Hearing it semi-live, and completely personal was extremely different than the borderline music stalking of your singles he’d done recently.
“Sittin’ on the sea, soaking up the sun,” You changed the hit a higher note at, “He is a real lover, of making up the past and feelin’ up his girl like he’s never felt her figure before.”
You strummed gently for a few seconds, tying the calmness of the song together, “A jaw dropper, looks good when he walks, is the subject of their talk. He would be hard to chase, but to catch and he could change the world with his hands behind his back, oh.”
You strummed on some more, too nervous to look Harry in the eyes, despite him on the screen, and with a higher voice, began to sing more, “You can find him sittin’ on your doorstep, waiting for a surprise. And he will feel like he’s been there for hours, and you can tell that he’ll be there for life.”
This verse had been completely different, with you dragging on words and indulging in the beautiful memory, “Daydreamer, with eyes that make you melt, he lends his cost for shelter, Plus he’s there for you when he shouldn’t be, waits for you, then sees you through.”
Harry felt completely inferior in your presence, your voice sounding like he’d never heard it before. Instead of low and emotional, it was high and nostalgic, and for a moment, the thought that the song was about him struck him. Higher, you continued, “There’s no way I could describe him. What I’ve said is just what I’m hoping for, but I will find him, sittin’ on my doorstep waiting for a surprise. And he will feel like he’s been there for hours, and I can tell that he’ll be there for life.”
You slowed the guitar down, “And I can tell that he’ll be there for life.”
There was a moment of silence as you set the guitar off the bed, your face completely red after realizing the complete feeling of the song.
“(Y/N)…” Harry began, obviously now waking up completely, “That was amazing.”
“You mean it? It’s not too cheesy?”
He shook his head fast, “No. I don’t even know who it’s about, but you’ve got me falling in love with him, too.”
You smiled softly, happy to hear that he enjoyed it, “You sure? I don’t want it to sound creepy if I tell someone it’s for him. I just wanted to write something about someone who’s helped me so much.”
Continuing on, you fiddled with your sleeve, “Jack’s just so great.”
His heart dropped, and he furrowed his brows in jealousy, his stomach in knots as the idea of a love song for someone else hit him.
“He’ll love it,” He responded, not really thinking much as he did so, spaced out.
“Oh, just so you know, I’m going to France soon! Jack’s grandparents invited me, and I think it would be good to learn.”
Harry nodded, biting his lip as he snapped back into it, “You’re right. Be safe, okay?”
“Oh, don’t worry about me! I’ll be completely safe. It’s you I’m worried about, Haz. You’re quite the klutz.”
He chuckled, and from there, the conversation continued. It was like nothing had changed from your old years, and the night was talked away by two silly teenagers in love. When you woke up, a smile found itself on your face as you quickly noticed Harry’s sleeping face displayed on the camera. You’d fallen asleep before him, but he’d stayed.
His eyes were closed, revealing his long eyelashes. Were they always that curled? His lips parted for a moment and he heaved a great sigh, mumbling something before brushing hair out of his face. He was ethereal.
The trip came sooner than you’d noticed, and you didn’t want Daydreamer to be the last single released. It was so out of place from the rest of the album, but if you didn’t use it, then you wouldn’t have another single. There was one song you’d half-written, but it felt too personal, and besides, you’d already released a song about Harry. It felt like overkill. But it also just felt right, as a final goodbye to the situation.
Jack looked down at you as you sat with your guitar, “So, you want me to preview the song, yeah? Then we can go to France?”
He was teasing you, wanting to seem agitated, but you’d never heard him so much as raise his voice or seen him even furrow his eyebrows with a mean stare.
“Yes,” You chuckled, “I just don’t know if this song is too much. I had breakfast with Harry the other day and it came to my mind a week or so later.”
“Go on, then,” He sat down across from you, “I’m sure I’ll love it either way.”
But in his heart, he hated the fact that he was listening to a song you wrote about another man.
“Okay,” You took a deep breath, strumming.
“Walkin’ Scott Street feelin’ like a stranger, with an open heart, open container. I got a stack of mail and a tall can. It’s a shower beer, it’s a payment plan,” You recalled the first few weeks of moving out and how harsh it was. All you wanted was to be happy with him, but instead there were constant reminders that he was no longer there. Stacked up bills and inquiries about single-household payments, and the liquor which he hardly ever let you drink in fear you’d succumb to its temptation.
“There’s helicopters over my head every night when I go to bed. Spending money and I earned it, when I’m lonely, that’s when I’ll burn it,” You had complete control over yourself, sure, but at what cost? As you strummed, you felt tears pricking your eyes.
“Do you feel ashamed,” Singing clearly, it surprised Jack, who was already stunned silent, “When you hear my name?”
“I asked you, ‘How is your sister? I heard she got her degree.’” You detailed a conversation.
“And I said, ‘That makes me feel old.’
You said, ‘What does that make me?’
You asked me, ‘How is playing drums?
I said, ‘It's too much shit to carry. And what about the band?’
You said, ‘They’re all getting married.’”
You continued on, “Do you feel ashamed when you hear my name?”
You began strumming a tune for a long time, tapping your foot to the sound of the beat. Maybe you went a little overboard, but it didn’t matter. You could tell Jack was glued to you.
“Anyway, don’t be a stranger,” More strumming, “Anyway, don’t be a stranger.”
And on a quieter note, you continued to the final line, “Don’t be a stranger.”
“Jesus Christ, you know you’re talented, don’t you?” Was all your friend managed the day as you set the hollow instrument down, completely taken away.
“Aw, you’re just saying that.”
“I mean it!” He didn’t hesitate as you rubbed the back of your neck.
“Thank you, Jack,” You smiled softly, “And you should be pleased to know that I’ve written something dedicated to you, too.”
His heart was almost definitely leaping, “You did? Can I hear it?”
“Mmm, maybe in France,” You teased.
You found France to be quite lovely, filled with beautifully blue clear water, and lovely locals that had a tendency to mistake you and Jack as a couple. Despite the mishaps, you’d gone to see various things. The art galleries, cafés, bars and lounges, they were all magical, and today you’d be seeing the ocean for the first time ever.
Harry was not so amused by the photos you’d sent him. He was glad you were having fun, yes, but he hated that it wasn’t with him. He was the one who promised you he’d take you to see the ocean, and he was the one who was supposed to take you to see it for the first time. Not some idiot with a PhD who didn’t know half of the things he knew about you. He was angry, not at you or Jack, but with himself. It hurt so much to see you with another, and you weren’t even his. How must you have felt during your relationship with him?
And now, he was drinking whiskey in his bedroom, strumming notes mindlessly. His phone rang once, but he didn’t really notice it, the volume being off. That was until he felt he was finished with his guitar and set it to the side of his bed, finding that he’d dropped his phone. The screen showed brightly that he had missed a call from you, and soon later, after he’d turned his sound on, the rooster notification sounded throughout the room. He chuckled and turned it down, already slightly tipsy before he began to play the voicemail on speaker.
It was you, practicing your French.
“Coucou! Tu dors ? Oh, j'suis désolée…(Hey! Are you asleep? Oh, I’m sorry…)” You sounded lovely in French, like the language was made for you.
“Bah (Well…),” You began but decided to take it back, “Non... Nan, c'est pas important… (No, it’s not important.)”
“Ouais, on a été à la plage, et maintenant on— (Yes, we went to the beach and now we—)” You were telling him about your day, just as you had been for the past few days as you kept in touch. He was smiling as he heard you, but then he picked up on a voice in the back, assuming it was your friend.
He heard something about the dinner, but then the words hit him. Mon cherie. My dear. My darling. My love. Had something already happened?
“Parfait ! (Perfect!)” You answered Jack, “Allez ! (Let’s go!)”
The voicemail ended abruptly, leaving him cold, staring at the wall in his bedroom, utterly dumbfounded. His strongest coping mechanism was always songwriting, and maybe that was a habit you’d picked up, but he sighed and pulled his laptop onto his lap.
Mon cherie. Cherry.
He’d use your voicemail in it, he was sure, and he chewed on his necklace as he looked down upon the lyrics later.
Don’t you call him baby.
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tbslharry222 · 16 days
Dinner and snuggles at the studio
Word count: 1.7k
What it is: in which YN and her daughter bring Harry dinner at the studio, and he asks them to stay; fluff; dad!Harry
Tumblr media
First attempt at writing dad!Harry, let me know if it's any good, please!!!! i love feed backs
“C’mon baby, don’t yeh wanna see daddy?” YN cooed as she gently unbuckled her daughter from the car seat.
It was around 8 when Harry had texted her, asking — begging — her to bring him something to eat, as he was stuck on a song and couldn’t afford to interrupt the creative process (at least, that’s what he wrote in the text).
YN had consented, because she could only imagine how much effort it took to write a song, and if she could be of any help to her husband, she would do whatever it takes. Even if that meant waking their 2 years old soundly asleep in her room. It wasn’t like she could’ve left her alone, and YN thought it would be nice eating together, even if in the studio.
So, after not so little fussing from her daughter, she managed to buckle her in the backseat, where she’d almost instantly fallen asleep again.
After picking up Harry’s favorite takeout, YN made her way to the studio, driving through the empty streets of London.
Perching her daughter up against her hip, she picked up the takeout bags from the passenger seat and locked the car with the keys. The toddler whined against her shoulder, probably disturbed by the locking beep sound of the fancy car Harry had gifted her a couple of years back.
“Shh, ‘s okay” she soothed her.
YN rang the doorbell and waited for the door to be unlocked, and once the buzzing sound of the door resonated in the quiet air, she pushed it open and walked in. The studio was empty since it was a Sunday night, and YN walked through the hallways light on her feet.
Once she reached what she knew was Harry’s part of the studio, she knocked on the door and then peaked her head in.
Harry raised his head quickly from his position on the couch, his eyebrows raised and a gleam to his eyes as soon as she walked in.
“Hi baby!” He smiled brightly, but YN was quick to shush him, “she’s sleeping” she explained, caressing her daughter’s back gently.
Harry nodded understandingly and got up from the couch, taking the bags from her fingers and placing them on the little table behind him.
“Thank you, my love. Proper angel yeh are” he said, leaning in to peck her lips lightly.
“‘S okay” she smiled, tilting her head to kiss him again.
Harry parted from her lips quickly as soon as he heard a whine coming from his daughter, still propped up against YN’s hip.
“She’s a bit grumpy” YN explained, “she was already sleeping when you texted”.
Harry’s lips closed in a pout, and he tilted his head to the side to look better at his daughter’s face.
“Give her t’me” he said, picking the little girl from her mum’s arms, “there yeh go. How are ya? My little angel” he propped her against his chest and cradled her head with his big hand, caressing her hair with light fingertips.
“Mmh, nooo daddy” she whined, snuggling closer to her daddy’s chest, “tired”.
“Oh, yeh tired?” He cooed, and when the little girl nodded against his hoodie, he leaned down to press a kiss to her hair line “daddy’s here now.”
YN looked at them with soft eyes, her chest feeling warm at their exchange.
Harry sat back down on the couch, his little girl asleep again on his chest, snuggled against the fabric of his hoodie.
YN picked out Harry’s salad from the bag and opened it for him, picking up a plastic fork and handing it to him. She took out her sandwich from the bag and unwrapped it, plopping down on the couch next to him.
Silence fell between them, the only sound being heard was their daughter’s soft breaths and Harry crunching on the salad leaves.
Once they were both finished eating their dinner, YN leaned her head against his shoulder and looked up to him.
“How’s the song coming?” She asked, stroking his hair back from his forehead. Harry closed his eyes tiredly, finally feeling the tension relieving as YN massaged his scalp soothingly.
“Mmh” he hummed, “fine. Slowly comin’ together”
“That’s nice” she smiled, placing a soft kiss against the skin of his jaw.
“Sorry I haven’t been home much… how’s she been? Is she good to yeh?” He asked, speaking in a low voice as to not disturb his daughter.
“‘S okay”, she reassured him, “and she’s fine… a bit grumpy when tired, just like her daddy” she teased, biting jokingly at his cheek.
“Heyyyyy,” he whined, pouting his lips, “‘m not grumpy”
“You are” she giggled, leaning in to press her lips against his, kissing his pout away, “but I love you anyway”
“Love you so much” he whispered against her lips, tilting his head forward to deepen the kiss.
YN shifted her body to be more comfortable, her leg bending at the knee against the back seat of the couch so she could sit facing him.
She placed a hand against his jaw and caressed the scratchy skin of his cheek with her thumb. He licked her bottom lip with his tongue, and YN gasped, allowing his tongue to brush past her lips and dip into her mouth.
Before he could deepen the kiss any more, they both felt their daughter shift on his lap, two little pudgy hands coming up to knuckle at her tired eyes.
YN parted quickly from Harry’s lips, smiling down at her daughter, “hi, bug”
“No kisses” the toddler pouted, pushing her mum’s face away, “‘s my daddy”
YN looked to her bewildered, and then shifted her eyes to Harry, that was giggling with his head tilted backwards.
“Yes, m’angel, ‘m yehr daddy” he giggled, cradling his daughter’s face with his hands and placing big, loud kisses against her chubby cheeks.
YN pinched the skin of his bicep between her index finger and thumb, and Harry whined loudly, “heyyy, what’d you do that fo’?!”
“It’s not funny, Harry! This is your fault. You spoil her too much”
It wasn’t the first time their daughter had showed her possessive side, but it had never come to the point where she’d push YN away from her dad! It was true, it was Harry’s fault, he spoiled her so much, and not only with material stuff, but also with attention.
“Sshh, she’s just a baby” he laughed, tickling the little girl’s tummy with his fingers. The baby giggled and fell against her dad’s chest, squirming in his hold. YN playfully rolled her eyes, crossing her arms against her chest and turning her back to them.
“Look what yeh did, bug! Made your mummy sad” he pouted at his daughter, that looked up at him with her big green eyes, not fully aware of the situation.
“Sad?” The little girl repeated, her voice laced with worry.
Harry exaggerated his pout and nodded at her, “yeah”
“Daddy fix it! Fix it!” She shouted, tugging on the neck of his shirt to grab his attention.
YN listened to their conversation, trying hard not to laugh. She felt Harry’s palm sneak through her shirt and he started tickling her side, then passing to her belly. She chocked out a scream, laughing hardly as Harry kept tickling her.
“Stop, stop, Harry, please, please!” She begged, crunching down on herself hoping to escape his ticklish fingers.
“Are you finished bein’ sad?” He asked.
“Yes! Yes! I’m happy, I’m happy, please… please”
She breathed out a relieved sigh once he stopped, and he leaned in to kiss her neck lovingly.
She turned around and smiled at their daughter reassuringly, “mummy was just joking, baby”
The little girl nodded and plopped back down on Harry’s lap, snuggling against his chest.
“Yeh tired again?” He chuckled lightly, brushing the hair from her face.
“Maybe we should go, leave you to work?” YN asked her husband.
“Stay a while… we can leave together in an hour, two at most” he pleaded, holding his hands up together in a praying motion.
“Harry… I’m tired, she’s tired” YN protested.
“Yeh can sleep here! I’ll wake ya when ‘s time t’go. Couch’s very, very, very soft, I’m sure you remember…?” he winked, alluding to that one time Harry had called YN in the middle of the night, so hard it hurt, and begged her to come and help him with his problem.
She scoffed, swatting scoldingly at his arm, “what about your car?”
“I’ll get someone to take it home with me tomorrow, c’mon…” he pleaded once again, “you know I love havin’ you here — both of you. And I don’t want you to drive late at night” he raised one hand to caress the skin of her jaw with his index finger, and YN leaned in his touch, closing her eyes and debating on her decision.
She was tired, and she wanted to sleep, but she also knew she wouldn’t get any sleep until Harry came home; and the thought of driving this late in the night when she was this tired, and with her daughter actually frightened her, so she nodded her head and “okay” she said, tilting her head to kiss the palm of his hand.
“Thank you” he smiled, relieved, “lay here on the couch, I’ll sit on the floor” he got up from the couch, his daughter cradled in his arms, and waited for YN to lay down.
Once she laid down, he placed their daughter next to her, against the back of the couch so she could snuggle against her mum’s body, and YN started stroking her hair soothingly as she shifted to move on her side, giving her back to Harry.
Harry picked up his guitar, put his headphones back on his head, and started strumming it, finding the right melody for his song.
YN fell asleep instantly, soothed by his gentle humming resonating in the quiet room.
Every once in a while, when Harry felt lost in his creativity process, he would turn his head to look at his girls, snuggled on the couch behind him, and he would feel his heart beat hard against his chest, the inspiration quickly coming back to him, and he would crunch down and write on his journal words upon words of how much he adored them.
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complictedfreak · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry Styles in the My Policeman Official Trailer
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pleasingforharry · 7 months
A Very Important Assignment
college!harry x quiet!yn
SUMMARY: College Harry being obsessed with his quiet, study heavy girlfriend as she was supposed to be finishing an assignment, but he wouldn’t let her.
WARNINGS: Sexual content (this literally wasn’t supposed to have any, but I couldn’t help myself)
Tumblr media
It was around nine thirty at night and the simple couple was cooped up in the corner table at their favorite ice cream shop. Y/N knew she had to get home soon because she had a very important assignment to finish, and it stuck in the back of her mind like a 'kick me' sticker. She couldn't stop thinking about how she was going to balance her time so that she could give each part of her assignment equal attention and finish it by eleven and be asleep by midnight.
“Baby, did you hear me?” questioned her boyfriend, Harry, with a soft squeeze to her thigh. Her vision was floaty as she blinked her eyes and turned her head in his direction. A slight smirk sat on Harry’s lips as he reached to hold her chin between his fingers, bringing her close and connecting their lips. “What’s on your mind, lovie?”
“Homework,” She responded as if it were an unnecessary thought, despite the fact that it was all she could think about. "I’m sorry, I shouldn't be thinking about it while we're out, but—"
“Stop,” Harry swiped her bottom lip with his thumb.
“Okay,” She sighed in defeat, knowing how those conversations end up if they continued. “What were you saying before?”
Harry moved his fingers away from her chin to hold his ice cream cup. His spoon scooped up more cookies and cream and brought it up to Y/N’s mouth. She gladly accepted his flavor and hummed at the sweet taste.
“I was asking if you were going to make it to my game on Thursday. I know you said you were going to hang out at Amber’s dorm all day, but I didn’t know if you could squeeze in some time to come.” The green tint in Harry’s eyes bored into his girlfriend’s as he awaited a response. He knew it was a fifty fifty toss up, and he told himself to be okay with either answer. 
Y/N looked down at her bowl of strawberry ice cream to avoid his stare. “I’ll try. Amber and I wanted to finish our project that day and it might take forever,” She explained just over a whisper. Harry tilted his head to the side and smiled at his favorite person in the world. She was so simple but amazing in her own ways. He loved every moment he could spend with her. And Y/N hated that she couldn’t figure out why.
From the day he asked her to officially be his girlfriend, she’d give him odd stares, trying to use all the knowledge her professors were impressed the girl could inherit, to figure out what he saw in her. But she knew while she worked on an answer, she’d cherish the love he was desperate to give her.
“There’s going to be a party at the frat house afterwards. Do you want to come to that if you finish beforehand?” Harry tried for his next attempt to have time with his girlfriend. She immediately shook her head. “We can just hang in my room then. No partying, how’s that?”
“I want you to have fun with your friends, not babysit me like every other time I go to your parties,” She rolled her eyes and picked her head up at him, which brought a bubbly feeling in his stomach. She was so beautiful, and it hurt to think that could potentially fuck it up if he followed in the footsteps of the people he lived with at the frat house.
“It’s not babysitting, Y/N. I want to be around you all the fucking time, so it’s more so, you babysitting me.” The couple laughed over the faint 80s music in the themed ice cream parlor. “Like I said, we can stay in my room and watch some more house renovation videos. We never got to finish that one episode with the slide into the twins room. Remember that?”
“Oh yeah, that room looked sick. I know Damien would kill for a slide into his room,” Y/N spoke of her younger brother that Harry grew to become great friends with. He nodded and went for Y/N’s chin again, hungry for her lips. Y/N let her boyfriend lead and dominant the intimate moment, slightly moaning at his hot tongue exploring her mouth.
Their ice cream soon started to melt as they were left unattended for an increased amount of time. Y/N was now moved to sitting across Harry’s lap and her hands cradled the back of his neck, just like he loved because it made him feel safe in her arms.
Y/N pulled away first, resting her nose against Harry’s. His breathing had picked up, yearning for more. “Stay with me tonight?”
“I have work to do, dove,” She giggled, playing with his untamed curls. His lips immediately smiled at the sweet sound of her laugh. “But if you come to my dorm, you have to be on your best behavior, okay?” His eyes lit up at her compromise.
“Okay, definitely.”
“I mean it, Harry. I need this work done by eleven so I’m in bed by midnight,” Y/N kissed her boyfriend’s lips before brushing his cheek. 
“Anything to be with you, baby,” He cooed while his fingers found their way under his sweatshirt she wore and circled the skin of her stomach.
Harry had missed his girlfriend that day as she had her classes back to back. He wanted to spend lunch with her in the dining hall, but she stayed behind to speak with her professor. He didn’t think she’d have that many questions to ask her, but Y/N was a perfectionist and needed all the details to make sure her work was the best.
dove: baby im at the dining hall w the boys, join us when you’re done
my baby: can’t
dove: why?
my baby: need to talk to professor miles, sorry
dove: okay, correcting my last statement.
dove: baby im at the dining hall alone, join me when you’re done
my baby: can’t. and i don’t have a problem w your friends. im not scared of them, just not social :/
dove: never said you were scared, y/n
dove: ice cream tonight, i love you
my baby: see you later
Harry waited against his car, outside of Y/N’s dorm building, and when she came out, he grabbed her cheeks and enveloped her in a delicate kiss. If Y/N wasn’t used to her boyfriend’s love language, she’d be caught of guard by his sudden desperation for affection.
“Why didn’t you say it back?” Harry huffed as soon as their lips disconnected. Y/N rolled her eyes, already knowing what he was talking about.
“You pissed me off,” she shrugged, releasing herself from him grasp and walking to the passenger side of his car. Harry quickly grabbed her hips and pulled her back against his chest. His hand moved the hair that sat on her shoulder away and brought his lips to her ear. 
“You piss me off too. Say it back,” he warned. Y/N tried not to giggle at her sensitive nerves her boyfriend knew all too well. “Now Y/N or we aren’t leaving.”
“Were you thinking about that, all this time?” She laid her hands over his, sitting on her hips.
Harry nodded, “You never not say it back unless you’re mad.”
“For a guy that have girls on their knees just by being in their presence, you—”
“Don’t start with me, L/N. I wouldn’t be asking my girlfriend to fucking say ‘i love you’ back if I cared about them,” He growled, pushing away from her to walk to his side of the car. Y/N turned around to watch him with furrowed brows.
Anytime Y/N brought up how popular and wanted Harry was, he’d shut down. She just wouldn’t understand that he only ever wanted her. And if he could change the way he had let any girl that begged for him, suck him off like it meant something, he would. 
“Harry, there are girls at your frat house every day and you’re telling me none of them have caught your eye? You haven’t been the slightest seduced by them?” Y/N crossed her arms. Before Harry could reach his car door, his head whipped in her direction and the offense that spread across his face made Y/N want to shove her arrogant words back down her throat. But she was too stubborn to apologize.
“As soon as you get in my car, leave your attitude and accusations on the curb. This conversation is over with because you should know by now how fucking crazy I am about you,” Harry barked, pointing to her. “I already know how fucking stubborn you are, and you aren’t going to apologize and take back your words, so forget you even said it. Deal?”
Y/N eyes softened as she nodded. 
So, like he said, they were back to normal as she sat in his car with his hand rested in the inside of her thigh. Her shorts were a blessing from heaven as he had access to her gentle skin and beauty marks. 
Harry spoke nonchalantly about his day and how stupid Niall is like he didn’t just go off on her five minutes ago. She had her eyes straight on the road in front of her but her finger traces the veins on his hand. Harry glanced over at her and sighed.
“I love you, Y/N,” he said, earning her immediate attention. The heavy weight on her shoulders dropped as she smiled.
“Obviously, smartass,” he chuckled, flicking her thigh before going back to rubbing. “Anything you want to say back?”
“I love you,” she responded, biting her lip to contain the giddish feeling she felt inside. They were okay and she wasn’t going to lose him with her snarky comments. It surprised her by how much shit Harry accepted, and she promised herself that she’d change, but it wasn’t easy.
Everybody wanted Harry and she didn’t see herself good enough to be apart of the competition, but he saw something in her. She was grateful.
The couple drank their ice cream like soup, before throwing them away and walking hand in hand back to Harry’s car.
Y/N moved to her arms to hug them around Harry and snuggled her head into his chest. He was slight taken back by her gesture, but accepted it and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.
He kissed the top of her head and hummed.
“My dorm isn’t clean, by the way. I overslept and didn’t have time to compose my space,” Y/N giggled, glancing up at Harry.
“Good, I like when it feels like you.”
“Gross, that was so cliché.” Harry threw his head back to laugh and squeezed his girlfriend closer.
Harry and Y/N entered her dorm room and walked to her suite, messily scattered with books and clothes. Harry loved it.
He instantly pulled his shirt off and tossed it in her pile of clothes like her room was his. Y/N watched the muscles in his back flex as he stretched with a yawn.
“Don’t tell me you’re tired,” she placed a hand on her hip. Harry glanced over his shoulder and smirked at her.
Y/N sat down on her couch and grabbed the binder with her assignment stuffed inside. Harry went for her bed, hopping up instead of using the stool Y/N had set up for herself.
The first ten minutes were silent while Harry entertained himself on his phone, scrolling through social media. He got a lot of texts messages, left and right, so he used that time to also answer the people that yearned for his attention. Y/N had caught his fingers rapidly typing on his phone and frowned. She knew people were up late, waiting impatiently by their phone for Harry’s name to ping on their screen. She was the same way but would never tell him that.
Y/N tried to focus back on her work so she could go to bed, and maybe have some time with Harry all to herself. She wasn’t known to be the jealous type as that was Harry’s job, but the inevitable feeling still crept up her shoulder every now and then.
Becoming bored of the people on his phone, Harry threw it on his girlfriend’s nightstand and sighed. He looked at her still glued to the work she had gotten a good chunk done already and smiled. She was amazing, he thought. Not only was she smart as fuck, but crafty and creative. She knew how to stand out by putting her own twist on her work but still staying on task. It somehow turned him on. Just like now.
He needed her. Her warmth. Her touch. Anything.
Harry slid his sweats down to show the waistband of his boxers and began to run his fingers along the brand’s font, teasing his stomach nerves. Y/N knew not to look over at her boyfriend while she worked because he was a total distraction. Everything he did had her legs crossing discreetly—she didn’t want to boost his ego even more than it was.
“Baby,” Harry slurred out, watching his girlfriend deep in her notes with only twenty five minutes of them being in her room. Y/N hummed with her head turned to him but her eyes pointed at her papers. “Can you sit on my cock while you work?” He asked.
“What happened to you being on your best behavior, dove?” Y/N laughed, finally looking at her boyfriend. Her eyes slightly widened at the position she caught Harry in, looking like pure sex. His back was against the wall and his legs were hanging off the side of the bed but still manspread wide enough to show the dent in his sweatpants. One of his hands were playing with the hem of his boxers while the other ruthlessly rubbed his aching area.
“You happened,” He smirked. “I just need you warm around me, is all. I won’t bother you again.”
Y/N stared at him blankly, twiddling her pencil between her fingers. Harry bit his lip at her innocent look, knowing his girlfriend wasn’t as cute and inexperienced as she portrayed herself to seem. It’s what he loved so much about their sex life. No one knew Y/N and her dirty secrets like he did. 
“You aren’t going to sit still, we both know that, Harry,” Y/N shook her head, continuing to work on her assignment. Harry huffed with a frustrated moan. 
“Can you when you’re done?” He asked.
“I’m going to bed when I’m finished, you knew that.”
“So, let’s do it now before you go to bed.”
Y/N abruptly slammed her hand on her papers and darted her eyes at her boyfriend with furrowed brows. He knew she wanted to give him a silent warning, but that only had his cock growing and dripping. He couldn’t control how every single thing she did turned him on.
“Hurry up and stick it in so I can finish, please,” Y/N gave in, standing up from the couch but still dragging her finger over the words she wrote on her paper. A wide smile grew on Harry’s lips as he quickly jumped off her bed and ran behind his girlfriend to sit in her original spot. 
The view he already had with his girlfriend’s ass stood in front of him caused a slow, “Fuck, baby,” to leave his throat. Y/N rolled her eyes and slid both her shorts and panties down her legs so she was naked from the waist down, only snuggled in her boyfriend’s sweatshirt.
“Good?” She asked, looking over her shoulder at Harry staring mesmerizingly at her ass. 
“More than good,” He sighed, landing a hard slap on her right cheek. Y/N squealed, covering the newly red hand mark on her behind. 
Harry quickly reached into his boxers and pulled out his fully hard cock, giving it slow teasing strokes. A deep moan left his throat as he thrusted into his hand. Y/N watched intensely, biting her lip to contain the noises she risked of making.
“Come sit on my cock, baby. Warm me up, yeah?” Harry patted his thighs and let Y/N reached down to hold and position him to her opening. She bent down to sit on his lap slowly, sucking his cock inch my inch inside of her. 
“Oh fuck, Harry,” She gasped, squeezing her walls against him. Harry quickly grabbed her hips and held her body against him. “You’re so big, I can’t—“
“You’re doing so good, lovie. Taking me so well, you are. I’m so proud of my pretty girl, you know that?” Harry wrapped his large hand around her neck and pushed her body against his chest. His lips met her ear as he whispered praising words to her. “Now be good and finish your assignment so I can fuck you to sleep, can you do that for me, baby?” He asked, sliding his hand down her stomach.
Y/N moaned and arched her back before Harry roughly tucked her back against him. “I can feel you so deep in me, Harry,” She breathed out as a layer of sweat formed on her hairline. Maybe it wasn’t such a bright idea to sit on her very attractive boyfriend’s narcisstically large cock.
“Baby, keep saying things like that and I’ll have no choice but to fuck up into you while I hold your legs apart because we both know you can’t keep them open. You love closing them around my waist and my head, don’t you?” Harry chuckled. “Can’t control them when they start shaking and then you get that tight feeling in your tummy, right here?” Harry’s free hand pressed into her abdomen while the other tightened around her neck.
She knew he was awaiting an answer, so she nodded rapidly and squirmed in his hold. “I can’t.”
“I know, baby. That’s why I take care of you so well, don’t I? I keep those legs wide open so I can push my cock all the way into you and stretch those pretty walls so good.” Without meaning to, Harry bucked his hips into her, unable to control the sensation he felt. 
“Harry, don’t,” Y/N placed her hands on his thighs.
“I don’t think we’re getting out of this, Y/N,” Harry whispered, slowly thrusting himself into her, whining low ‘fucks’.
Y/N bit her lip, contemplating her decision to get off of her boyfriend and finish her work or let him have her like he knew she wanted.
She glanced at her assignment, a good amount done and waiting to be completed. Y/N felt another slow thrust into her walls and sighed. “Fine, but be quick,” she waved her papers off and leaned back into Harry. A wide smile took over his lips as he nodded at her words.
And with that, Y/N didn’t finish her assignment until 11:47 with only forty seven minutes to do it because Harry had many many rounds in him. Y/N couldn’t feel her legs nor anything between them as she laid spread out on her bed, whimpering incoherent words.
Harry on the other hand was sat on the end of the bed, stroking his red cock, making his girlfriend watch as he thrusted into his hand. His other was playing with her swollen and sensitive clit, making sure she was feeling just as euphoric as himself. Y/N was so numb that she could barely feel his fingers slap, rub, and pinch her aching area.
His mind replayed the many positions he had Y/N in and her body reacting to every sensitive touch on her body. Just the thought of the things he could do to her had his hips moving faster into his hand. His head was thrown back as another long moan left his lips.
Y/N closed her legs, still feeling his cock inside of her, even though she was watching it being beat in her boyfriend’s hand. “Why are your legs closed? Open them,” Harry demanded Y/N with his fingers still playing with her.
“I can’t,” She mumbled while a single tear left the corner of her eye. 
“Y/N, open your fucking legs so I can rub your clit.” She was weak and overstimulated, but still wanted more. That feeling right before she came was extraordinary and if only her legs would open again so she could get there. “Baby, what the fuck did I just say?”
“Open my legs,” She whispered, arching her back and squeezing her thighs together from the tone her boyfriend used on her. Like only Harry knew, Y/N wasn’t as quiet and innocent as she seemed.
“So, do it,” Harry growled, slowing his strokes on his cock to focus on Y/N. “Do you need me to do it for you? Either you open them and let me finish playing with your clit nicely or you make me do it myself and I eat you out until you’re coming three more times.”
Y/N whined loudly, “I don’t have three more in me.”
“Then do as I say. Open. Your. Legs.”
With all the leftover strength she had, Y/N moved her feet farther apart to spread her legs and reveal her dripping clit. Harry’s eyes darkened as his fingers went back to their original activity. 
“Good girl, Y/N. Such a good fucking girl,” Harry moaned, fastening his strokes on his cock and resting his head against the wall. “Watch me, baby. I’m so close just by looking at your pretty cunt.”
Y/N looked down between her legs at Harry playing with both himself and her area. “I’m close.” Her breath quickened. “Please, Harry.”
“It’s okay, baby. I’m always gonna take care of you,” He moaned with his eyes rolling back. His hand quickened and tightened around himself. Y/N whimpered and reached down to hold his wrist for some leverage. Her thighs began to shake as the overwhelming feeling of release crept back to her cunt.
“I’m coming, Harry,” Y/N moaned, digging her feet into her bed as her hips lifted. 
“Right on my fingers, baby. I’m going lick you right off of them,” Harry forced himself to watch Y/N reach her peak before he could focus on his own. That was the kind of person Harry was around Y/N. Her release was way more pleasurable to watch than to feel his own.
With another loud moan, Y/N coated Harry’s fingers like he said as she let go. She sighed in relief with her chest moving heavily.
And before she missed it, she quickly lifted her head up to watch Harry snap his hips into his hand sloppily before come shot out of his tip and all over his hand. A deep groan followed as he tried to catch his breath.
His eyes were rested shut before they fluttered open and stared at his spent girlfriend. A wicked smile grew on his lips as he brought his juiced covered fingers to his lips and sucked each clean.
He slipped them out with a satisfied hum, “Delicious.” Y/N rolled her eyes and turned to the wall, right on the edge of sleep. “I’m gonna get a towel to clean us up, okay?” Harry leaned over her body to whisper in her ear. Y/N nodded, patting his chest.
“Thank you.”
“No problem, we should do this again sometime,” He snorted before sliding off her bed into the bathroom.
Uhh heyyyy :)
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satanhalsey · 4 months
Tumblr media
since forever special week | masterlist 1 ; masterlist 2
"hi, i'm y/n styles!"
"and i'm harry styles!"
"and welcome to the late late night show!" she announces. "today, we're in brooklyn to make the music video for harry's new song 'daylight' from his brand new album 'harry's house'."
she looks at him proudly and he blushes. "but, we only have three hours, and three hundred dollars to shoot it. we have no locations, costumes, extras, nothing, so let's go!"
they start walking with the cameras focused on them. harry goes behind his wife and looks down to admire how well those jeans look on her, to his bad luck, everyone notices when the video is posted.
after being rejected by a woman, they walk a few more meters down brooklyn street until they stop at an apartment building, y/n rings the bell and a woman asks who is it.
"ehm, pizza delivery!" she says, panicking.
the door opens and everyone enters, the couple at the front. "pizza, really?" harry asks, walking up the stairs with her and keeping a hand on her hip.
"they let us in, didn't they?" she answers, turning her head to the side to look into his eyes.
he looked so so so pretty it didn't make sense, there was something about harry wearing 'normal' clothes that she found so comforting and warm. plus, that shirt used to be hers, and she loved seeing him in her clothes.
they stop at an apartment and harry ludicrously hides in a corner, his wife having to suppress a laugh as she bangs on the door, and a girl opens it.
"oh my– oh my god... y/n?" she whispers in amazement, with a hand on her chest.
"hi!" she replies, smiling shyly.
and another girl appears and her eyes widen to almost scream. "y/n y/l/n???!!!!!"
"and styles now!" she adds, holding up her index finger. "how you're doing? am i bothering you?"
they all exclaimed a series of denials that made her laugh, and the couple went into the apartment with the film crew after they allowed it.
"okay, so, i'll explain what's going on before you guys want to kick us out." y/n says. "we need a place to record a video for daylight with only three thousand dollars, do you wanna help us?"
she smiled showing her teeth, and harry felt his hands tingle with the urge to cup her cheeks and place a chaste kiss on her mouth. "please say yes!" he added, clasping his hands together like a prayer.
the girls were quick to accept, and the couple began looking for items that could be of use to them.
they walked through a small hallway. "wait, lemme see this." she made a rectangle with her fingers. "okay, now walk towards me like you wanna flirt with me, sexier, yes."
"i always want to flirt with you." he answered, walking towards his wife, and they all laughed.
they split up to go through the apartment and y/n walked to the room of one of the girls, who began to rummage through her things ashamed. "this is my room, uh, so he's gonna be a lot of places in here..."
y/n giggled, reaching for her phone to snap a quick picture of harry dressed as a hogwarts student. "believe me, my house looks exactly like this but with taylor."
"sorry, i bet it's weird that so many people are obsessed with your husband." the girl said, and she put a hand on her shoulder.
"hey, there's nothing that makes me happier than more people realizing how good harry is and that he receives your unconditional love." she said, staring at her. "plus, i've seen worse, this is nothing."
they both laugh and continue their tour of the place.
the girls had a closet where they kept costumes and other things, and harry took his wife by the hand and put her in there with him. the cameras couldn't focus on them because the door was closed, but the audio was perfectly captured.
"gimme a kiss, baby." harry's suppressed voice could be heard, followed by a "mwah" that the audience knows was a kiss. "mm, another one."
"if they're hearing this i swear to god–" y/n's fake annoyed voice was heard before another kiss. "y'know, maybe we could take this costume home and..."
"ah, yeah? i'll put it in your bag without them knowing."
"i was joking you bloody weirdo!"
they leave the room and y/n smiles awkwardly at the camera. "hope that doesn't make it to the final shot."
spoiler, it did.
after asking the girls to please invite some friends over, they got to the bathroom, and the first thing y/n did was think about the bathtub. "okay, get in there."
"dirty." obediently, he sat down. "sit with me, i want yeh in the music video."
she shook her head, looking concentrated at the camera plane. "no, gotta direct the video, h."
he sighed, and yn spoke again. "i want you to imagine it's the end of the night, and... i don't know, something sad, maybe i'm not there with you."
Instantly, harry grew more serious, slipping into the role while out of the corner of his eye he watched his wife pick up a fan and point the flash of her phone at it.
"you're actually pretty good at this." he murmured, still not looking at her but hearing her laugh.
"i'm good at everything, that's why." she shrugged, and yelled. "girls, press play please!"
the song started. "alright, want you to be sexy, really sexy– remember that night at the where we are tour when you... oops, i forgot about the cameras," yn waved awkwardly at the camera next to her. "but y'know what i'm talking about."
harry looked at her with a hint of mischief in his eyes and she knew he remembered, because he started to act as she asked.
"yes, i love it! do a hair flip, c'mon!" she encouraged him. "like when you had long hair!"
"this was all yn's idea and i'm absolutely terrified, she asked me to do a hair flip, twice!" styles tells the camera, feigning outrage. "i was in a christopher nolan movie, now m'wife makes me do hair flips cause she misses my long hair that died like six years ago."
"harry? harry, i heard that!"
while some of the girls called their friends, yn and one of them were preparing the scenery.
"this is so cool, i can't believe it." yn listened, and turned to see the girl who was looking at her happily. "thank you so much, yn."
"oh, it was james idea, actually. i only take his place." she replied, looking down again to unscrew the lights.
"no, i mean... thank you for everything."
she lifts her head from the lights to look at the girl, who's staring at her with a shy smile.
"thank you for taking care of him since forever, no one knows harry styles without y/n y/l/n and we don't know if he'd be the same if you weren't here."
she feels the sudden lump in her throat that she's forced to swallow, and nods flushed. "thank you for supporting him unconditionally, really."
"okay, this shot's like classic music video hallway slowmo." she explains to her husband, now they're the only ones here except for the production people.
"so you need to play the song two times fast, and then when you slow– when you play it... it will be slow motion." harry moves his hands and half-smiles as he explains the process to her, even though she already knows everything perfectly after all these years of watching him shoot music videos.
y/n smiles teasingly. "what would that sound like?"
"it goes like... 'daylight, you got me cursing the daylight, daylight, you got me calling at all times." harry sings fast, while she snaps her fingers.
"do it higher."
he knows she does it to make fun of him, but he still listens to her because he wants to see her laugh. "daylight, you got me cursing the daylight!"
at this point she just claps her hands and he makes high-pitched noises, and she can't help but feel her heart warming when she sees and hears him, it reminds her of when they were 16.
they both look at each other in silence until they burst out laughing, clinging to the other and y/n runs a hand around his neck to pull him and give him a peck.
"mhm, y'know they're gonna make gifs and edits based on this, right?" he murmurs against her lips, squeezing her hips.
she nods and they part ways, shooting the video which results in harry impersonating an old mick jagger, and a young mick jagger.
"is it weird that you still look hot?"
"yes." she answers, coming out of a room covered in green clothes and a stick in her hand. "can we go to the roof, please?" she asks the girls, who laugh seeing her like this.
"yeah, we're not really allowed to be there but yeah!"
after going to the roof and y/n almost accidentally hitting harry with the stick, they prepare to shoot with the "super special effects" as she said.
"if i was a bluebird, i would– i can't!"
he can't stop laughing, and she lowers the stick with little blue birds hanging from it to look at him with a serious expression.
"how do y'want me to stay serious when you're completely covered in that?"
"i ask myself that everytime you go on stage, let's continue, please."
both give each other a high five for y/n's good punchline, and start shooting again.
after all the girls' friends gather in the living room and freak out to see y/n y/l/n and harry styles, she calms them down so they can continue.
"remember; he's chris, not harry!"
everyone dances to the music, and one of the girls takes y/n by the hand and pulls her to the center, making her dance while they scream for her.
harry smiles seeing her enjoying herself. "yes, that's m'wife!"
"that's a wrap everyone, thank you so much!"
this is one of the times he has enjoyed making a music video the most, and it may have something to do with her.
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tomlinsun · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— nicole scherzinger.
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harrysgraceland · 8 days
Faded Away Materlist !
In where Harry gives up his best friend when she needed him the most, and now they both have to navigate themselves without each other. After Harry experiences a second heartbreak will he  work his way back into Y/N’s life? Will she let him back into his life that easily?
that’s the basic summary so i don’t give anything away that’s it.
Tumblr media
Series playlist
Faded Away one
Faded Away Two
Faded Away Three
Faded Away Four
Faded Away Five
Faded Away Six
Faded Away Seven
Faded Away Eight
Faded Away Nine
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cherryscinema · 1 month
Valentine’s Day.
in which Harry’s grumpy and Y/N’s never had a valentines date
any era Harry x fem!reader
warnings: none i don’t think. generally just a fluffy cute date and the wonderful first valentines date
wc: 2.2k
if you like this you can check out more of my work here!
A/N: i wanted this posted on Valentine’s Day but it didn’t work out. i finished this at 12:50am so I was like 50 mins too late and i’m not too proud of this one so I’m sorry but i hope you enjoy it. as always reblogs and comments are always welcome!
Tumblr media
Y/N never really goes out unless she’s with her friend, Sarah and her boyfriend Mitch. It’s not that she has no reason, she just doesn’t like going alone. She doesn’t like being surrounded by large groups of people she doesn’t know, so the majority of the time she stay in her room surrounded her stuffed animals, wrapped up in her soft and fluffy blanket either reading a book or watching a movie.
The past two weeks all she ever heard is everyone’s plans or ideas for how they want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether it’s showering their significant other with presents and love, or simply choosing to spend the day with friends. While she’s happy for her friends, she doesn’t get the point. Why would you wait basically a year to show your partner love and spoil them, when you can just do that every day.
Some might she say she’s only grumpy because she’s never had a true valentines, only spending it by third wheeling Sarah and Mitch at home watching sappy rom-coms and eating as much junk food as her stomach can handle. She would honestly agree, she’s mainly grumpy because she hasn’t had the chance to experience that, but it still doesn’t make any sense!
Sarah’s been hinting at trying to get Y/N a Valentine’s but she doesn’t wanna go with someone she doesn’t know, it’d be even worse than third wheeling in her opinion. She refuses with a simple wave of her hand and a laugh, telling her she’d be too boring and they’d fall asleep at the table.
Sarah will laugh along, but she has a plan. She refuses to let her friend go without the joy of a date any longer! So she gathers Mitch after their lunch date and they begin their plan.
Sarah’s been taking an oddly long time getting ready today, normally she only take roughly thirty minutes to do her hair and makeup, but it’s taken her an hour and she’s still not done! Y/N knows something’s up by the way Sarah keeps giggling and looking at her dressed in her sweats and oversized hoodie, but she simply says she’s just happy.
A knock at the door disrupts Y/N’s thinking as she watches Sarah run to the door, she smiles lightly thinking it’s Mitch coming to pick her up. As she goes back to the kitchen to make her some water, she can faintly make out Sarah and Mitch’s voice as well as someone else’s.
She comes back out and stops in the doorway when she sees Harry with a small smile on his face. His hair looking as fluffy as always, his dimples prominent thanks to the smile he’s trying to hide. His muscles straining against his white dress shirt, and his black skinny jeans complimenting his toned legs and she swears she can feel the drool pooling in her mouth.
Conveniently Sarah turns around and spots her in the doorway, smiling even bigger somehow as she beckons her over.
“Y/N/N!! Look who’s here!” She says and Y/N sighs softly. As she heads over to the group, she can’t help but to trail her eyes over Harry’s physique once again, a small smile gracing her lips.
She gently pinches Sarah’s arm when she reaches the group as she gives everyone a hug. She can’t help but notice how tense Harry is when she wraps her arms around his frame.
She wouldn’t exactly call them friends, but they’ve always made polite small talk whenever they happen to be in the same room. She doesn’t understand why he’s always so short with her but can have a conversation for hours with Mitch. She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t like her, she hasn’t done anything!
She sighs as she removes herself from the awkward embrace and tugs on the ends of her hoodie sleeves, a habit she does whenever she gets anxious or overwhelmed. Stepping back, she smiles softly as they all engage in conversation.
“Y/N. Harry’s taking you for Valentine’s.” Sarah says and Mitch nods once in agreement. Her mouth parts and she stares at Harry, confusion etched on her face.
“Wha- no. Wait, huh?” She asks and Sarah laughs softly.
“Well you’re always complaining on how Valentines is such a shit holiday, and we wanted you to see how cute it can be, so we got H to do it so no strangers.” Mitch says and her eyes narrow at Sarah.
“This is some sick prank right?” She asks and they shake their head.
“Wouldn’t do that you lovie.” Sarah says and she scoffs.
“Harry’s never even had a girlfriend! Why would he want to take me on a date? Are we forgetting Valentine’s is for couples, which we aren’t?” She says, a pink beginning to form on her cheeks in embarrassment as she shakes her head and tugs on her sleeves again.
“M’a nice person, Y/N.” Harry says as he fiddles with his rings, his voice soft as if he’s scared of angering her. She sighs softly as she looks up at her friends.
“You don’t even like me Harry. If this is something out of pity, I don’t want it. I’m perfectly fine doing what I always do.” She says and he nods.
“Go get dressed then.” He says, his voice just a tad deeper and she shivers as she nods absentmindedly and runs back to her room.
While she’s getting dressed, the three continue to have a conversation.
“You know where you’re taking her?” Sarah asks and he simply nods in response.
“You think she’ll like it?” Mitch asks and nods again
“Did you have to use that voice?” Mitch asks and Harry laughs.
“What voice?” Sarah asks and both of the guys laugh.
“His intimidation voice. Scares the crap out of the girls but they listen.” Mitch says
“She listened didn’t she?” Harry says with a small smile on his face.
A couple minutes later, Y/N comes out and Harry swears his heart stops. Now it’s not like he hasn’t thought she was attractive beforehand, he always thought she was pretty. But he has to be mean because he knows he’ll hurt her. She’s so sweet, so soft, so angelic, and he’s the complete opposite. She was right, he’s never had a girlfriend, he just wants to have fun and not be tied down. After all, he’s young, it’s not like he’s gonna be getting married in a couple years, so he sticks with his one night stands and aimless flirting with anyone who’ll fall for his charm.
But seeing her right now, her brown silk dress hugging her curves perfectly, her black heels wrapping around her toned calves, her hair styled in a sleek ponytail, and her jewelry shining when the light hits, a simple necklace with a small gem wrapped her neck, matching bracelets on both wrists and a couple small rings sit on her polished fingers.
Harry can feel a small nudge on his chest and turns to look at Mitch who has a smirk on his lips. Harry shakes his head and clears his throat.
“Y’look beautiful Y/N.” Harry says as a small smile appears on her plump glossy lips.
“Thank you, H. Didn’t tell you earlier but you look good too.” She says and he fights back a smile.
As they all walk out the door and to their respective cars, Y/N tugs on Harry’s belt loop as she signals him to come back. He steps back and they walk together a little further behind the other couple.
“Haz, I’m serious. If this is out of pity, I don’t need yours. Valentine’s isn’t even a big deal to me.” She says and he scoffs.
“M’serious Y/N. I’m a nice guy, and I want to do this. Stop overthinking, I don’t pity you. I want you to have at least one good date.” He says and rolls his eyes playfully
As he pulls into the parking lot, he can hear her gasp from beside him and he chuckles. He parks the car and they both get out, heading to the door and he quickly opens the door to let her in.
They walk in and she sighs happily as the different foods blend into one delicious smell, he watches her warily, a smile threatening to form on his lips. They walk up to the register and order whatever they’d like and when asked for the name and card Harry quickly slides his card in and mentions his name, she frowns lightly as she watches everything go down.
The lady ends up eventually walking away and Y/N turns to Harry
“I could’ve paid for that.” In response she gets a frown.
“Have you forgotten? It’s technically our first date and I gotta treat ya.” He says and nudges her shoulder.
“Well thanks.” She says and nudges him back with a small smile on her face.
They stand back some as they wait for their food, talking about random topics when she clears her throat.
“H, I really am sorry for everything I’ve said today. I guess I just judged you because I was kinda hurt.. I had to watch you be all buddy buddy with Mitch and Sarah but act like you hate me.. it’s so confusing.” She says and he grabs her hand softly.
“I don’t hate you, at all. If anything I really like ya.” He says
After they eat, Harry drives her to a small flower shop picking up everything she picks up. After creating a big bouquet of her favorites, he hands it to her with a shy smile.
“Harry.. what’s this?” She says
“Uh.. I read you’re supposed to give your date flowers in the first date.. and technically I was supposed to give them to you when I first walked in to pick you up, but I didn’t know what flowers you’d like..” he says as she watches his cheeks begin to turn pink.
She can’t fight the big smile that spreads across her face. She squeals as she wraps her arms around him, burying her face into his neck. She can feel him tense underneath her grasp, but she can’t be bothered. She’s just too happy! He actually put effort in researching what to do and wanted to be good for her.
She pulls away and smiles once again, taking in his flustered face and red cheeks, a downturned smile on his face as he scratches his neck.
“Um, you’re welcome.. I hope you liked it.” He says, his voice smooth and silky but she can tell he’s embarrassed.
“I loved it H. Thank you for this. Best Valentines ever.” She says and he smiles softly at her.
They spend the rest of the day chatting and walking around the town, just enjoying each others company. He ends up carrying all her bags as they walk around, it reminds him of the celebrities and their security guards on a shopping spree.
As they head back, he reaches one hand over to her and hesitantly grabs her hand. She giggles quietly as she intertwines her fingers through his, and they drive in silence. She can’t help but daydream about them as she stares out the window, a dopey smile never leaving her face.
Once they reach her and Sarah’s apartment he opens the door and lets her in after she unlocks the door. She smiles and thanks him quietly, setting her keys in the bowl placed by the door on the small end table and he places all her bags in the living room. As soon as he sets her bags down both Mitch and Sarah emerge from Sarah’s bedroom, excitement written all over their face as they bombard them with questions about the date.
After answering their questions Harry turns to Y/N and nods his head towards the door. She nods and they both excuse themselves and head back outside, closing the door behind them and smiling at each other.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” He asks and she nods.
“It’s gonna be hard to beat this mister. You ruined it for any other boy that tries, thank you again.” She says and he chuckles.
“That was the plan princess. I want to try again with us, no more ignoring, no more pretending. I like you and I want to get to know you, I wanna be able to call you mine. I wanna spend every holiday with you. So I was wondering if it’s okay for me to get your number?” He says and she smiles as she nods her head.
Maybe Valentine’s is so bad.
“Harry… can I kiss you? It’s the only proper way to end such an amazing date.” She asks and he nods.
He places his ringed hands on either sides of her face and they both lean in slowly. She can smell the faint scent of the food he ate earlier combined with the mint of his gum he chewed earlier as his breath fans against her lips. He leans forward just slightly and they both smile as their lips touch, both soft and sweet. The kiss is nothing short of gentle and tender, only lasting for a minute max before he pulls away and kisses her nose.
Maybe Valentine’s isn’t so bad.
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darlingdesire · 3 days
In which, actions speak louder than words.
Tumblr media
Harry and Y/N had been married for about 1 year now, but they have known each other for 6. They had been through thick and thin together, and their love had only grown stronger with each passing day. As they cuddled up on the couch, wrapped in each other's arms, Y/N couldn't help but feel grateful for the life they had built together.
She snuggled closer to her husband, feeling the warmth of his body against hers. But as she settled into his embrace, she realized that her hands were cold. She tried to hide them, tucking them under her arms, but Harry noticed anyway.
Without a word, he took her hands into his big, warm ones, rubbing them gently to warm them up.
Y/N felt her heart swell with love for her husband. It was such a small gesture, but it spoke volumes about his love for her. As they sat there, enjoying each other's company, Y/N couldn't help but reflect on their life together. They had been through so much - job losses, health scares, and even the loss of loved ones - but they had always been there for each other, supporting each other through thick and thin.
As Harry continued to rub her hands, Y/N felt a warmth spread through her body. It wasn't just the physical warmth of his touch, but the warmth of his love that enveloped her. She looked up at him, meeting his gaze, and saw the love and tenderness in his eyes.
In that moment, Y/N realized that she was still head over heels in love with her husband, more so now than ever before. She leaned in and placed a soft kiss on his lips, grateful for his love and affection.
Harry pulled her closer, deepening the kiss as they wrapped themselves in each other's love. They had been through so much together, but in that moment, they knew that they had everything they needed - each other's love and affection.
As they pulled away from the kiss, Y/N smiled up at her husband, knowing that their love would only continue to grow stronger with time. They were meant to be together, and nothing could ever change that.
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stylessupremacy · 2 months
Los Angeles XIII
Tumblr media
Y/n was in the secluded pit watching as Harry performed on stage in the Kia Forum. She watched as Harry pronounced around the stage with the energy of a toddler.
But as he got down on one knee facing toward the secluded pit, his brown leather pants gave and ripped at the seams.
His face contorted to one of horror at the realization he ripped his pants. He used to perform commando but as more and more accidents with his wardrobe have happened he's been taking precautions and wearing underwear.
At that moment, he couldn’t have been happier so he didn’t flash the fans with anything he shouldn’t have.
The show continued on with Harry using the pride flag as a cover-up for a bit before he was able to change into a new non-ripped pair of pants.
“I don’t think I’m ever going to put you in leather pants ever again,” Harry Lambert joked as he walked with Harry back to his dressing room.
Harry laughed, “Don’t know if I want to anymore either. They just didn’t rip a little, they ripped a lot.”
“Just try to be more careful next time,” the stylist sighed.
Harry put his hands up in defense, “It’s not m’fault they weren’t stitched well.”
“Just hurry up and get changed so you and Y/n can get out of here,” Harry Lambert spoke as he walked away.
Harry walked into his dressing room finding Y/n slinging her tote bag over her shoulder. He walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her and placing a kiss on her cheek.
She turned in his hold and moved her hand so she could cup his cheek and give him a peck on his lips, “Great show, H.”
“Oh yeah?” His hands sliding down and gripping her hips, “I gave everyone a show when m’pants ripped.”
Y/n chuckled, “You did.”
“Aren’t you glad I talked you into wearing underwear? Just in case something like this happened.”
“M’so glad you did,” he smirked. “How could I ever repay you?”
“I have an idea or two of how you could repay me. I would prefer it if we did it at home and in bed, unlike the last time we did it when you said we wouldn’t get caught.”
“I thought you were over that,” he pouted. “Besides, Jeff only came in because he could hear you moaning for m’cock thinking you needed help.”
Y/n gently slapped him on the chest, “Shut up! He came in because you were almost late going on stage!”
He gently grabbed her wrist, “Hit me again darling and see how that ends up for y’tonight.”
Y/n gave him a 'fuck you' look, “Just hurry up and get changed before you get mobbed by fans.”
He slapped her ass when she turned around, “I think y’want me to hurry up because you’re aching for m’cock to fill your throbbing pussy.”
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tbslharry222 · 3 months
Too late
Tumblr media
Please let me know if you liked this, i love feedback!!
Word count: 6.8k
What is it: childhood friends to strangers to lovers; YN is getting married and she and Harry haven't spoken in five years. Harry hopes it's not too late, because he's been in love with her since he was 10. angst
TW: mentions of marijuana
When Harry received the invite he was coming back from his usual morning run. It had started as a rather nice kind of morning, really; the weather was warm and the sun kissed his tights with every jog he took, turning his skin a nice golden color, but not enough to make him sweat to the point of grossness. 
Days like that were rare in London, especially in May, so Harry, while he was running, thought about five nice things he could do outside to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Of course, he obviously hadn’t taken in prospective the possibility of getting home to an invitation to his best friend’s wedding, so instead of sun bathing, eating his favorite meal on the porch and whatever other three things he’d come up with, he closed the door behind him, shut all the blinds, and sat on his bathroom floor for hours. And not what felt like hours. He really sat there until his bum had taken the shape of the floor’s tiles. 
He has to admit, albeit without little shame, he tried to throw up a couple of times. He most definitely knows how dramatic that sounds, but call it poetic license or a really bad taste in romantic movies, it felt appropriate at the time. Because he really did feel like throwing up. 
When he started feeling too pathetic to excuse his behavior, he jogged downstairs once again, and he picked up the invite in between his fingers. If he’s being honest, he really hoped the letter wouldn’t be there anymore. He’d rather have imagined it. A nightmare he couldn’t seem to wake up from, or perhaps a sick joke? YN wasn’t like that. She could never joke about such things. 
Harry was definitely the more unserious out of the two, and even he wouldn’t dare to pull such a prank on her. So he knew the invite was real. 
After a brief moment where he seriously contemplated going MIA and pull another ‘kissy’ post and disappear until the upcoming year, he took out his phone from his hoodie’s pocket and opened the calendar app. 
As he came closer to the date, he was praying to god he’d be busy. Call him coward all you want. He was really hoping YN chose the date of the Met (it’s not like he was planning on going, but he’d definitely reconsider if it meant missing her wedding) or the date he’d set for an album release. She hadn’t. She actually chose a nice, free Sunday at the end of the month. And Harry felt like lying on the bathroom floor all over again. 
If Harry was any other person in the world, he would have felt guilty. Because you’re supposed to be happy if your best friend’s getting married. Except, Harry isn’t like other people. Because Harry’s been in love with YN since he was a child; since the very first moment she moved next door and Harry wasn’t even old enough to know what love was all about. He’s certainly aged now, and with it you’d think the love he felt for her could have subdued, or fade, but it never did. It stayed with him until the very day he received the invite. 
Harry eyes briefly the piece of paper in his hands, ‘You’re invited to YN and Graham’s wedding’ and bla bla bla, written in that one font Harry despises (he truly doesn’t, he wasn’t even aware that font existed before this morning), and he feels the sudden urge to pick up a lighter and burn it. That’s how much he despises that font. That’s how much he loves YN. Because seeing her name close to another who isn’t his, makes him want to never get out of bed ever again — he contemplated doing that already, and, frankly, he probably will, at least until he isn’t required to do something like a show or whatever else Jeff schedules for him. 
The thing is that the invite wouldn’t have had this effect on him if YN and Harry were still friends. Because despite Harry still calling YN his best friend, he doesn’t know if she considers him even a friend anymore, and he made it that way. It’s his fault. Harry, who’s someone who never takes accountability for anything, knows it’s his fault. And everyone around them knows, but sometimes Mitch, who maybe cares about him to the point of hiding the truth from him for his sake, tells him it wasn’t his fault entirely; he says: you followed your heart, so you made the right choice — which coming from Mitch means a lot. But Harry, despite appreciating the effort, knows it’s not true. Because he did follow his heart, but he lost her. So really, he would have preferred a life in pain beside her. Because now he’s still in pain but without her. So who won? 
YN never thinks about Harry. She doesn’t think about him when she’s shopping at Primark and sees a fruit theme stuffy she knows he’d like, she doesn’t think about him when she gets in the car and her bluetooth connects to his playlist on her Spotify automatically (she told Graham many times it wasn’t her fault, it was kind of a default thing her car did), she’s not thinking about him now, in front of her closet, debating whether she should wear a dress he bought her for her wedding rehearsal dinner.
YN sometimes likes to pretend she never knew Harry. She likes to pretend she never moved next door to him when she was only ten, she likes to pretend he never auditioned on xfactor, she likes to pretend she loves Graham as much as she loves Harry. 
Other times, YN likes to pretend there’s a universe in which Harry’s the one she’s marrying. In this universe, she imagines never meeting Graham, she imagines Harry never leaving and shattering her heart, she imagines the cat they’d adopt, the house they’d buy, how they’d raise their children; in this universe she sees herself always happy. 
She knows she’s not being fair to Graham, so she lets herself linger in this universe only for a couple of minutes and especially on hard days when she feels overwhelmed, it doesn’t make it more morally right, she’s aware of that, but what else could she really do? 
When YN sent Harry that invite, she certainly didn’t think he’d come. It’s not like she appositely called Jeff and asked — begged — him to free his schedule the day of her wedding. She asked Glenn instead because she’s friendlier with her. 
A part of YN still wonders why she did it, from time to time. Maybe, if she was a bad person, she could’ve done it because she wanted Harry to see her happy and in love. But she’s not like that. She could never imagine hurting him in that way. 
So, she always comes to the conclusion that maybe she sent the invite because she just misses him. It’s not like she has to have another reason. Missing him is enough. 
She knows no one is truly aware of the affection she feels for Harry. What she feels for him isn’t nowhere near what she feels for Graham. In the past, she used to be so scared of feeling such things for another, because with those feelings came the realization that she also had something to lose. And she truly felt like she couldn’t do it without him. 
But then, he left her. And she did do it without him. She met Graham, graduated college, and got engaged. And at one point, she felt like she’d give up everything to have Harry beside her again. So, can you blame her if she remembered his address by heart? Can you blame her if she invited him? 
Harry feels like a pretentious asshole. 
He hates his car; he hates the flashy yellow color of his Ferrari, the sound it makes when he revs the engine and all heads turn to look at him. All but one, because YN’s the only one that recognizes him by the sound of his car. Even five years later.
When he gets out of the car, he feels like everyone’s looking at him, and he doesn’t dare shift his gaze to see if she’s looking at him too. He feels like they all know what he did that night, that he broke her heart. He feels exposed before them.
He’s glad YN invited Jeff and Glenn too, and he waits for them to get out of their car too before approaching the crowd.
“So nice!” Glenn exclaims once she’s out of the car, shutting the passenger’s door loudly behind her. 
Harry looks around and has to admit, it really is nice. A nice old cottage in the English countryside, with a big well-kept garden full of flowers he knows it’s where the wedding will take place (because YN loves flowers). It’s nice. He’d be a liar if he said otherwise, but it’s not YN. Because YN, or at least the version he knew of her, wanted to get married in the winter — on Christmas Eve —, in a small chalet with only her close family and friends, where the snow would never stop falling and they’d be forced to stay in with the fireplace popping and wool, chunky blankets to keep everyone warm. 
“YN!” He hears Glenn once again, and he shifts his attention to her. 
She’s standing on the porch, wrapped in a long black coat definitely too warm for the weather, and despite being far from where he’s standing, he can see her clearly. She hasn’t changed. It’s still her. 
Harry doesn’t know what he was expecting. Maybe a more grown up version of her, definitely boring and that kind of resembled her mother a bit. He wasn’t expecting her. The YN he once knew still there, perhaps more beautiful than ever. 
He feels his heart skip a beat, and with her walking slowly towards them, waving politely at a couple of guests that stop to greet her on the way, he feels warm. A kind of warm that resembles the one he felt as a kid when he was sick and his mum would take care of him. He feels something that reminds him of a certain familiarity, like he had been floating all this time and he’s finally back on the ground. He feels parts of himself coming back with every step she takes forward.
“Hello” he hears her giggle, and he feels the sound resonate in his chest, spreading all over his body up until the very end of his fingers. 
“Hi!” Glenn squeals, shrugging her shoulders and stretching her arms forward, closing YN in a hug between her arms.
“I’m so happy you came” she says, her voice muffled by Glenn’s shoulder, and Harry isn’t sure if she means him too. 
She hasn’t exactly looked at him, but Harry isn’t upset about that. He knows her. He knows how she is. She never makes eye contact when she’s uncomfortable. And Harry feels a certain smugness come with it. He’d rather make her uncomfortable than uninterested, because with her uncomfortableness comes the realization that maybe, maybe — deep down, under her skin and rooted in her heart — she did miss him too. And maybe it’s not like Mitch says. Maybe it was his fault and he should’ve fought for her. 
However, Harry realizes things always late; because she’s getting married to someone else now. 
YN briefly hugs Jeff too, and after that, she smiles awkwardly at Harry and waves at him with her hand, “Hey” she says, her hand dropping by her side. 
“Hey” he replies, and he watches as she hugs the coat closer to her body as a sudden gust of wind embraces them, ruffing her hair. Harry can make out the faint scent of her shampoo, and as it fills his nostrils, his mind is swarmed with memories of hot summer nights where they would talk in bed for hours after swimming in his stepdad’s pool all day, minds free of whatever worry a 15 year old could have, sweaty bodies sticky together, tanned skin against skin, Harry not being able to make out where he’d end and she’d begin. 
“This place is so nice!” Glenn interrupts, and YN is grateful for that, because she isn’t sure what she would’ve done if Glenn hadn’t talked. She fears she would’ve leaned in to hug Harry if she’d stared a second more into his green eyes. 
In the five years they spent apart, YN always wondered if there would come a time when she’d no longer remember the exact shade of green of his eyes and the way they used to twinkle when he’d talk about something he was passionate about. 
Now, YN doesn’t know what things Harry’s passionate about, but his eyes are the same color she remembered. Despite the stubble on his chin, and the cheeky grin he used to give her turning in a more mature one, his eyes stayed the same. 
“I know, right! Graham picked it, he used to come here on vacation with his family when he was a child” YN smiles happily at Glenn, and turns her body to look around herself.
Harry frowns at her words. Of course Graham picked it. She never would’ve if it was up to her, he knew that. And somehow, call him an asshole all you want, he feels a certain smugness coming with the awareness that he knows YN more than her own fiancee does. 
“It’s nice” he agrees, and he smirks at her when she snaps her head in his direction, probably not expecting him to talk, “but I prefer winter weddings, you know? With the snow and everything…” 
YN’s happy smile turns in a frown when she hears the words come out of his mouth. She isn’t entirely sure about Harry’s motives. She doesn’t know if he remembers that she wanted to get married in winter or if he’s just expressing a preference. She doesn’t know this Harry anymore.
“It’s beautiful, YN” Jeff chimes in, and YN shifts her glance towards him and smiles at him too.
“Let’s go, then! I want to introduce you to Graham” she exclaims, and turns around, grabbing Glenn by the arm and intertwining it with hers.
“C’mon” Jeff says, patting Harry on the shoulder as an encouragement.
Harry nods and starts to walk beside him, his hands tucked in his pockets as another gust of wind flies over them. 
He watches YN walk in front of him, too occupied to talk with Glenn to close her coat against the wind, and he’s sure he can make out the floral design of the Gucci dress he bought her on his vacation to Italy many years ago. How happy she looked when she opened it, and Harry remembers he thought about how much he wanted to buy her every pretty dress in the world if it meant seeing her so happy.
He kisses his mouth at the memory of every dress he saw in those five years and that he thought about buying. Now, knowing she still wears his gifts, he wishes he did. He wishes he bought everything that reminded him of her. 
Harry knows it’s just a dress, and he shouldn’t get this flustered over such a simple thing as that! But with it comes the realization that maybe, in her deepest subconscious, she wore it for him. And Harry’s content with that. Because maybe then that means that those five years apart didn’t mean anything. Maybe then she missed him as much as he missed her. And Harry feels warm at the mere thought. Maybe he hasn’t lost her entirely.
Harry met Graham, and everything went somehow fine. 
It’s not like she was imagining Harry fighting Graham over her — no, that’s just a thought that pops in her mind every once in a while when she catches herself fantasizing over what her life with Harry could be like.
It’s weird to YN how there’s someone in her life that Harry didn’t know until she introduced him. And not just someone; her future husband. It sets a weird kind of awareness, because until now she was almost pretending Harry was in an island unknown to mankind, without his phone and that’s why he wasn’t calling. 
Now, seeing him shake her fiancee’s hand, smiling politely at him, she realizes Harry wasn’t stranded on an island without technology; the missing phone calls were a choice. So she should be happy she’s no longer involved with such a person. 
Why isn’t she happy, though? Why does she catches herself wishing she could go up to his room, lay on his bed and talk to him? 
She really wishes she could tell him she’s scared of marrying Graham. She knows he could tell him that and he wouldn’t judge her like everyone else would. She knows he’d have the answer. He’d say something like “get your stuff, I’ll start the car” and they’d laugh and run away to the nearest McDonald’s drive through to stuff their mouth with a big mc or some chicken nuggets, and Harry would purposely stain her wedding dress with barbecue sauce, and she’d laugh. As I said before, whenever she catches herself fantasizing about an alternative universe with Harry, she’s alway happy.
So, then, why didn’t she call? Why did she let five years pass? Five years without hearing his voice. Seeing his eyes. 
She doesn’t know why. 
At first she was mad, because Harry made love to her and then he left. So she was really really mad. Then, after the anger had subdued, she got scared. Scared he didn’t want her anymore. Scared their friendship wouldn’t be like before — now, she thinks it doesn’t matter if their friendship had changed. She wanted Harry around, no matter what.
She’s aware sometimes nostalgia makes you remember things that were never there. But she feels like it was different with Harry; it’s why she’s walking towards his room now, heart in her throat, and hands twitching at her sides.
She wishes it could be easier. She wishes she could be different. She has a fiancee. Why is she going to Harry’s room? Why did she invite him in the first place!
The cottage has six rooms upstairs, and she remembers exactly in which room she put Harry. He’s the only one without a plus one, so his room is smaller than the others. She hopes he liked it, but she knows he didn’t. It’s too fancy, for him. He doesn’t like flashy things, which is kind of ironic for someone who owns six cars, but who is she to judge when she helped him pick the very one he came here with? 
When she stops in front of his door, she feels ashamed, and she’s scared someone may catch her, even if she’s not doing anything wrong, just greeting an old friend. But Harry wasn’t always a friend. There was one night in which they were more than friends, and she feels herself fluster at the thought of being alone with him in a bedroom.
She releases a big breath and closes her hand in a fist, knocking it against the door. 
When he doesn’t answer she tries again, “Harry, it’s YN”, she clarifies. 
She stands before the door for a couple of minutes, but then realizes he’s not going to answer. He doesn’t want to see her. 
It’s fine. She’s fine. 
She understands, it’s been five years. She can’t pretend nothing has changed between them. She feels stupid when she turns around to head back to her room and a single tear rolls down her cheek. She wipes it away before anyone can see. She refuses to cry. She cried enough when he left. 
This gave her the answer she needed. She’s marrying Graham, and if before she wished Harry’d persuade her in not marrying him, she knows he doesn’t care now. 
Harry’s sitting on the his bedroom’s floor, freshly showered, his hair still a little damp from the water, waiting near the outlet on the wall for his phone to charge. He’s playing with the chord of his phone’s charger as he listens to his mother rumble on the other side of the line. 
He’s not paying much attention to what she’s saying, his mind is definitely more focused on this morning’s encounter he had with YN’s fiancee. Harry tried to be on his best behavior, because despite hating Graham, he loves YN and he wants to be respectful of her choices. Harry has always been someone that never fought for what he wanted. He kind of always went with other’s decisions. He doesn’t know why he’s like this. Sometimes he thinks it’s just easier to let others decide for you, other times he’s aware it’s a matter of accountability: he doesn’t want to be responsible for his own choices, because then if something goes wrong, he doesn’t have anyone to blame but himself. 
“How’s YN? I’ve seen her Instagram and she looks even more beautiful” he hears his mum say, and his eyes widen at her words.
“Mmmh, yes, she’s beautiful” Harry agrees, chewing at the skin of his thumb. 
“Do you think she’ll have a baby soon?” Anne asks, and Harry almost wants to throw his phone against the wall at the mere thought of the love of his life having a baby with someone else.
“I don’t know, mum… I don’t think so” he shakes his head, but his words aren’t that much convincing to him. He doesn’t know if YN wants to have a baby with Graham. She had expressed her desire to have a big family when they were still friends and when she thought the timing was right, but was it now? Was it with Graham? He honestly doesn’t know.
“You know, I always thought she had a little bit of a crush on you” Anne giggles, almost childishly.
“She’s getting married” Harry says, and his tone suddenly turned stern. He doesn’t want to be rude, especially to his mum, but thoughts of what could’ve been have been hunting him especially hard since he saw her, and he doesn’t want to come to terms with the fact that maybe something could’ve happened between them if he had been a little more brave.
“She isn’t married now” his mum says, and he rolls his lips in his mouth. 
Weird enough, he knows what his mother means: she’s giving him an ultimatum, a sweet reminder that there’s still time. She’s not married yet. But what could Harry do? He really wishes someone could tell him. He wants his mum to say, Harry, tell her you love her before it’s too late. And he swears he’d do it. He’d do it right now. But coming up with that decision on his own? He’s not that much impulsive. 
“Mum” he says, “I have to go now. It’s time for dinner”.
“Okay, my love.” She replies.
“We’ll talk tomorrow” he nods, and ends the call, throwing his phone in his lap.
He shuts his eyes tightly and his head drops between his knees, his hands reaching up to clutch his hair at the roots. 
He feels pathetic. He feels like screaming in a pillow. He picks up his phone again and taps at the scree to check the time: 7.37 pm. At this time tomorrow the love of his life will be married to someone that’s not him.
Harry is late. Everyone has already eaten their appetizer and he still hasn’t shown up. Yn knows she probably shouldn’t care, especially after he didn’t answer the door after she knocked on it three times feeling like a naive teenager with a school crush. But still. She wonders what he’s doing. It’s not like she blames him, this dinner is pretty boring, and coming from the bride says a lot! But Graham especially requested no music and no dancing while eating, so the room is kind of quiet, albeit for a soft giggle or whispered words every once in a while. 
She’s biting in her pasta when Harry walks in, and suddenly she feels breathless. He’s beautiful. The kind of beautiful that warms her insides and reminds her of the color yellow, the sun shining when they visited Rome together, the tan he used to get at his stepdad’s pool when she’d spend hours looking at his lips while he sunbathed and she wondered if they tasted like chlorine. Beautiful. 
He walks slowly towards where he spots Jeff and Glenn, and YN looks at him shamelessly; he’s wearing cream tailored pants that hug his tights perfectly, paired with a silky blue blouse tucked at the front of the pants. She swallows the mouthful of pasta. When they were friends he definitely didn’t dress like that, he was more into skinny jeans and flowery button down shirts. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t like him like this. But, must I dare say, she’d like Harry even if he was wearing a trash bag.
He throws her an awkward smile before sitting down, and she shifts her eyes down on her plate, suddenly aware of being caught staring. 
As dinner goes on, she never raises her eyes from her plate, not even when she feels a familiar pair of green eyes burning her skin.
YN pushes her palm against the wooden door and takes in a big breath once the fresh spring air hits her warm face. She takes a step outside and the door closes behind her with a thump. She cringes at the sound and hopes it didn’t wake anyone up.
It’s almost one in the morning and she couldn’t sleep. She doesn’t know wether it’s pre-wedding anxiety or the thought of another universe soon to be lost forever, but she felt a heavy weight on her chest that made it hard to breathe.
She looks at the garden before her and decides she wants to take a walk in the rose garden. She’s always loved flowers, and she thinks seeing some beauty could help her clear her mind.
She makes her way down the cobbled path, illuminated by some lamps paved across the way, but when she reaches the start of the rose garden, she has to blink a few times to accustom her eyes to the darkness. 
The garden is the only thing she likes about her wedding location, and she’s thankful Graham agreed to get married there. He decided everything else, so at least he left that part up to her.
When she turns the corner of the hedge that divided the rose garden from the location of the wedding, she’s surprised to see a dark figure sitting in one of the reception’s chair.
She walks closer and she’s able to make out a familiar pair of broad shoulders bent over. Harry’s sitting on a chair from the first row, his head hanging low between his shrugged shoulders, his legs are slightly opened and his forearm is resting on one of his tights, the bright fire red of what she knows is a joint illuminating the side of his face. 
She’d recognize Harry even in darkness, but she still feels her heart fall to her chest when she realizes he’s right in front of her, sitting probably where he’d be tomorrow.
She debates whether she should go sit next to him or go back to her room and pretend she never saw him. It’s almost like she can’t control her own legs when they start to walk towards him.
With the movement, Harry turns his head around and his eyes widen at the sight; YN’s walking towards him, but what’s most shocking to him is that she’s making her way down the aisle. He suddenly gets up on his feet when he sees her, and when she stops right in front of him, she gives him a mischievous smile.
She’s breath taking. If this is what Graham will see tomorrow, he doesn’t know how he’ll manage not to faint.
“Walked like a true bride!” He says jokingly, and she giggles at his words, slapping his chest lightly. Harry feels the skin burn under her touch.
“Couldn’t sleep?” He asks, and she shakes her head.
“Can I?” She says, gesturing to the lit joint he’s holding between his fingers. He’d almost forgotten what he was doing before she appeared.
“Mhmh” he nods, stretching his arm. 
She doesn’t take the joint from his fingers though, she just opens her mouth and waits for him to place it between her lips, and Harry swears he can feel himself faint, his head dizzy with all the love he feels for her.
He holds the joint between her lips and she takes a long drag from it, tilting her head towards his fingers, closing her eyes after she inhales. She opens her mouth again and opens her eyes as she exhales the smoke from her mouth, Harry watching closely her every movement, his eyes dark and glazed over.
He watches as she turns around and sits on one of the white chairs, the one next to where he was sitting before, and she tugs one leg to her chest as she hugs it closer to her chest.
Harry stays standing before her for a while, looking at the faint image of the cottage behind her and absentmindedly smoking his joint. When he feels her eyes on him, he looks down at her. It’s been years since they’ve been this close, and suddenly he’s 15 years old again, his hands twitching at his sides from how much he wants to stretch them out and just touch her.
“Graham is nice” he says, and immediately after he cursers himself in his mind for ruining the moment when he sees her gaze harden.
“Yeah, he is…” she whispers. 
Harry tilts the joint towards her to ask her if she wants another hit, but she shakes her head no and he drops his hand at his side, nodding his head.
“I really like the place, by the way. I was only teasing this morning” he shrugs, smiling at her. 
“You were?” She asks, and when he nods she says, “so you remember?”
“Of course I remember.” And he doesn’t have to say anything more, because they both know what he means.
“Graham picked everything” she releases a shaky breath at that, and Harry takes another drag from his joint and raises both his eyebrows to signal her to continue as he exhales the smoke from his mouth.
“I wasn’t… I didn’t want this” she shakes her head, shifting her gaze from his eyes to an indefinite point behind him.
Harry wonders whether she means the cottage or the wedding. Perhaps she even means their fight. He doesn’t know and he doesn’t dare ask, ignoring the voice in his head telling him that maybe she’s offering him an opening to a conversation he isn’t sure he wants to have.
 “I’m sure it’ll be wonderful anyway.” He smiles and throws the joint’s butt on the grass.
“Yeah” she nods firmly, and he’s aware of the tension lingering between them.
“I better go,” she says, getting up from the chair and tugging at the sleeves of her sweater to cover her hands “big day tomorrow”.
She smiles awkwardly at him when she walks past him, and Harry notices the smile doesn’t reach her eyes. 
He shifts his gaze in front of him, staring out in the darkness. He’s about to lose her all over again, the bitter night five years prior vivid in his memory, hitting him like a bullet. He thought the pain from leaving her that night had left, and he wonders how much time it will take for it to stop hurting. Maybe it never will.
He’s sure he doesn’t want to live his life with the memory of her back planted in his brain, leaving him once again. He doesn’t want to think back to her and remember her like this. Leaving.
So, when she’s about mid way through the aisle, he calls her name.
He doesn’t have a speech in his mind, and when she turns around with her brows furrowed and her shoulders sagged he doesn’t really know what to say, how to tell her.
“What, Harry?” It’s the first time he hears her say his name in five years, and he’s upset she sounds so defeated. He wishes he could make this easier for her, but he doesn’t know how.
His chest floats as he takes a big breath. 
“Whatever” she says, shaking her head, but Harry notices she doesn’t turn around.
“Don’t marry him” it’s the only thing he manages to say, and he isn’t even looking at her, he’s still looking out in front of him, and she wishes he could look at her to see if he’s joking or not.
She scoffs, because despite the words coming out of his mouth made her insides warm , she isn’t sure if he’s being serious. “You’re so… so immature! You enrage me!”
“No, no!” He hurries, waving his palms in front of him. “Hear me out, then you can — you can leave. if you want you can leave.” He nods, trying to convince himself, but he really doesn’t want her to leave.
“Don’t marry him. You know he’s not right for you! He… he’s controlling, he doesn’t know you! You shouldn’t marry someone like that.” He’s standing in front of her now, and he grabs her hands in his.
“Is that the only reason you don’t want me to marry him?” She whispers, looking up in his eyes.
“No… i-“ he sighs. 
“You can’t even say it, Harry.” She frowns, trying to free her hands from his grip, but he only tightens it, intertwining his fingers with hers.
“I can say it.” He nods, “i don’t want you to marry him because I want it to be me. I— I have loved you since I could remember.”
She shuts her eyes tightly at his words, “you don’t mean that”.
Harry frees her hands and reaches for her face, caressing her warm cheeks with his thumbs.
“I do. I do.” He nods, “look at me, angel — please look at me” 
YN opens her eyes and Harry can feel his heart clench at the sight of her beautiful eyes filled with tears. 
“You had me, Harry. All those years ago, you had me. But you let me go! You have no idea how… how hard it was”
This time, Harry closes his eyes and then reopens them, despite being aware, the thought of making her suffer is hard to face. 
“I thought… I didn’t…—“ he shakes his head, his hands still keeping the firm grip on her face, “my life was hard, YN. It was crazy. I thought… you weren’t ready. I didn’t want to ruin you.”
“You did anyway. I hated you for what you did to me. I hated you for leaving.” She frowns, tears spilling from her eyes, but Harry wipes quickly at them with his thumb before they can roll down her cheeks. He leans down to place a delicate kiss between her eyes.
“I never once left you. In my heart it has always been you.”
He can feel her start to soften, but the she says “It’s too late now.”, and she shakes her head, her hands reaching up to remove Harry’s from her face. He complies, not wanting to force her. “I’m getting married, tomorrow.” 
“Angel, please” he whispers, but she’s already turned around, and Harry’s left alone in the middle of the aisle.
Suddenly he feels nauseous, and he brings a hand to his chest to calm his restless heart. As I said before, Harry realizes things always too late.
The next morning, Harry wakes up on his bed with the sound of an alarm he forgot he’d set. As he rubs the sleep off his eyes, he can’t wait to get the hell out of this place as soon as he can, and when he reaches for his phone and checks the time, he remembers why he set the alarm so early in the morning: this way he can avoid everyone from the ceremony on his way out. 
He can’t bare the thought of sitting through the wedding. He’ll send YN some fancy gift that she’ll enjoy with her husband and then he’ll disappear from her life once again. 
He knows it’s better this way.
He did it one time before. He knows already how long it will take to mourn their lost friendship and get back on track. The sooner he goes home and sleeps his feelings off, the sooner he’ll feel better.
He hurriedly throws his clothes in his suitcase, without caring if they get wrinkly or ruined. He grabs his phone and its charger and doesn’t even bother to check the bathroom twice to see if he left something behind. He doesn’t care, he’s eager to get far away and never face the heartbreak he’s leaving with.
As soon as he opens the door, though, the bag in his hand falls from his grip to the ground as he takes in the image in front of him. 
YN’s against the other side of the wall, her head hung low between her shoulders. 
“YN?” He asks, and she looks at him with her big, glossy eyes, and Harry feels like staying. He feels like grabbing her hand and tugging her inside, kissing her until he’s finally able to show her how much he loves her.
“I’m not… I—“ she shakes her head, her voice trembling as she gets her back off the wall and takes a step towards him, “i called the wedding off.”
It’s the only thing she says, but Harry feels butterflies fly in his stomach. His heart clenches in his chest, and he has to bring a hand to his chest like he did the night before to make sure he’s not having a heart attack.
“It’s not too late.” She whispers, “if you still want me, it’s not too late.”
Harry reaches up to her and tugs her closer to him by her arm. 
“I’ll never not want you”.
YN steps in the room and closes the door behind her, and Harry gently takes her face in his hands and tilts her head up. He looks from one eye to the other attentively before placing his lips against hers, and he almost contemplates not closing his eyes in fear she’d no longer be there when he reopens them, but YN moves her hands from his neck, to his shoulders, and he feels her grabbing his shirt between her fingers and holding him closer, her fingers digging in his skin. She’s real. She’s here, and he’s kissing her. It’s been five years since he’s last tasted her, and this time he’s kissing her without guilt. Because it’s not too late. Life just started.
YN parts her lips slightly and Harry sucks her bottoms lip in his mouth, eager to taste her more. 
His tongue licks over her lips and when she whimpers against his lips, he sneaks his  tongue inside her mouth and caresses hers with his. He explores her mouth like his life depends on it, and he feels like he wants to drink her. He wants to get drunk on her taste and never recover.
YN moves her hands from his shoulders to the hem of his shirt, tugging on it, and Harry parts from her mouth breathlessly. He feels dizzy and he’s not entirely sure it’s from the lack of air.
“No” he says, taking her hands in his and squeezing them in his grasp.
YN pouts at him and he tilts his head to kiss it away from her lips with a brief peck: “i want you. I really do. But not here”.
She widens her eyes at his words and realizes she was almost about to have sex with Harry when her ex fiancee and his family could hear them. She giggles loudly at the thought, and Harry, despite not knowing why she’s laughing, lets out a chuckle, shaking his head and looking at her with a bewildered look in his eyes.
“Let’s leave then.” She says when she calms down.
“Okay.” He nods, picking up his bag from the floor, “get your stuff. I’ll start the car.”
YN bites down on her bottom lip hard, trying to suppress the smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. 
“What?” He says once he realizes she still hasn’t moved from her place.
She shakes her head, “nothing” she says, “i’m glad I wasn’t too late.”
“You could never be too late” he smiles, and he hopes she knows he’d wait for her all his life if it meant having her beside him. 
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pleasingforharry · 4 months
Quiet!YN Gets Jealous
college!harry x quiet!yn
SUMMARY: Based on this Ask -  Hey! Can we have more of college harry? Im literally obsessed with him😮‍💨 maybe something about y/n getting jealous with angst or she does something that pisses h off but they make up? Anything tbh!
WARNINGS: Angst and smut
Tumblr media
it’s back. did some changes here and there. hope you enjoy it (again)
Harry liked Y/N a lot. She knew that. And even though being in a relationship didn’t stop girls from trying to seduce him, Harry still continued to look the other way when they approached him. He only wanted Y/N. She knew that.
So, why the fuck was she so jealous?
Harry was popular, and even now that he was with someone, that didn’t change his social status. Everyone wanted to be around him because he was just a great person overall. But Harry made it known that certain parts of himself were only reserved for his girlfriend. And Y/N knew that.
So, why the fuck was she so jealous?
They’ve had many short but heated arguments about it. How every time Harry wasn’t with Y/N, he was accompanied by some girl who had attached herself to his side. And how Harry always brushed it off because to him, it didn’t mean anything. He loved Y/N and couldn’t get her off his mind. So, girls could continue to try, however, nothing was going to change.
But to Y/N, Harry was okay with girls having their way with him. She felt as if she was sharing her boyfriend when she wasn’t around.
Every time she would bring it up, Harry would kiss her long and lovingly, letting her know that it was nothing she needed to worry about.
So, why the fuck was she so jealous?
And those thoughts led to the couple's most recent argument. Y/N wanted to surprise Harry at his frat house with ice cream from their favorite spot, More Scoops, after her classes. She hadn't told him that her last class had been canceled, which met she would have extra hours with him. She was overjoyed about it and wanted to see him as soon as possible.
She asked her platonic uncle, Coach James, who was also Harry’s soccer coach, to pick her up and drive her there because the walk would have taken up valuable time.
“I’ve never seen you so eager to get to some boy’s house and eat ice cream with him, kiddo. I feel like I should meet him formally, huh?” Coach James chuckled as he held the bag of ice cream for Y/N. She slid out his truck and turned to give him an annoyed look.
“You see him all the time at practice, Uncle James,” Y/N took the bag from him and shut the door as he rolled the passenger window down.
“I know, but I just always wanted to say that,” He exclaimed. “Have fun, kiddo. See you later.”
“Thanks again,” She waved as he drove off.
Y/N made her way up to the frat house and knocked on the door. She was surprised to see that some random guy had opened it for her.
“And who are you, beautiful?” He smirked, moving out of the way to let her in. Y/N remained frozen in place, not wanting to give him the opportunity to check her out as she passed by.
But Niall was quick to intervene and save her. “Marsh, do something better with your life. Goodness,” he scoffed as he smacked him in the back of the head.
“Damn, I was just being nice,” Marsh groaned before stalking away, grumbling under his breath. Y/N internally relaxed and smiled, relieved. Niall let her in and shut the door behind them. 
“Hey, what are you doing here? Isn’t Harry supposed to get you from class later?” 
"Yeah, but my last one got canceled, so I came to surprise him," she nodded as she proudly showed him the ice cream bag.
“He’ll love it,” Niall laughed, gesturing for a high-five. “And we’ve got a busy house today, so yell if another version of Marsh bothers you. I’ll come save you again,” He winked at her. Y/N smirked and thanked Niall before skipping to Harry’s room.
He wasn’t wrong when he said it was busy because there were people everywhere. There was no party going on, but each roommate had about a thousand friends, and headquarters happened to be the house her boyfriend lived at.
It was definitely an adjustment.
Y/N finally made it to Harry’s room, but before she knocked, she heard voices on the other side.
“Yeah, practice was a fucking nightmare yesterday. My hamstrings are killing me.”
“Really? Want me to massage them for you?”
“Ha ha, yeah right.”
“No, seriously. I kinda wanna know what soccer thighs feel like. They look so tight and firm, but soft at the same time.”
“Something like that.”
“So, may I?”
Before she could listen to any more, Y/N swung the door open, her gaze darting to her boyfriend and the last person she wanted to see with him. Peyton.
Out of all the girls that Harry knew, Peyton was the closest to him. They'd been friends since freshman year, and she's always had a crush on Harry. He was aware of it because she made it abundantly clear, but he never felt the same way. She was like a sister to him, and he preferred her as a best friend than his girlfriend.
Peyton was annoyed at Harry for it, but she kept trying and wouldn't give up on them. Yes, Harry knew that she still liked him and should have communicated that there was a line that couldn't be crossed, but she was his best friend. It was difficult to keep her at arm's length when he never had to do so before.
Harry was laid out on his bed, and Peyton was in his swivel chair, but rolled by his side. Y/N was slightly relieved that there was some kind of distance between them.
“Hey, baby. What are you doing here?” Harry asked. He sat up from his bed and motioned her over with open arms. “I’m supposed to get you from class in like two hours.” He was a little taken back that she was in his room and not in class, but nevertheless ecstatic to see her.
“Canceled,” was all she said, not moving from her spot as she continued her stare down with Peyton, who had a short smirk on her face. “Hello.”
“Hey, Y/N. Haven’t seen you in a minute,” she spoke sweetly. “H and I were just talking about you.”
Harry rolled his eyes as he knew what Peyton was implying but executing in a taunting way. “Valentine’s day is coming up, so I was thinking about date ideas,” He corrected her, leaning over to push her shoulder, which she chuckled at. “Don’t be an asshole.”
Y/N nodded and fiddled with the ties of the plastic bag. She didn’t know what to say as she still wanted an explanation for what was about to happen if she hadn’t walked in.
“I heard you guys out there,” she mumbled, now uncomfortable with eye contact and glancing down at her twitching feet. Peyton sniffled a laugh and looked over at Harry. He knew what she was trying to accuse him of and that an argument was slowly stirring.
“Okay? So, now you know I need my baby to come and soothe my aching legs,” He jokingly whined, hoping to avoid it. “Come.”
“Why? You were about to let Peyton do it for me,” She shrugged. “I’ll get out of your way. Have fun.” She turned on her heel and stepped towards the door.
“Y/N, wait,” He stopped her. “We all know that wasn’t going to happen.” She scowled as she peered over her shoulder at Harry.
“Did she know that, though?” She motioned to Peyton. The girl was spinning in his chair, letting the couple duke it out. She only listened in smug amusement. Y/N made it too easy.
“Yes, because you are my girlfriend and she isn’t.”
“Shame,” Peyton muttered under her breath. Before Y/N could snap a remark at her, Harry got to it first.
“Get out, Peyton,” He pointed to the door.
She shot her hands up in surrender. “I’m joking, H. Swear.”
“I don’t care, don’t say shit like that. Get out.”
“You knew I was joking, right, Y/N?” She desperately sought to her for help.
“Don’t talk to her; you’ve already upset her. I will physically throw you out if you don’t leave now,” Harry barked. Peyton sighed and stood up.
She and Y/N exchanged dark looks that said a thousand words. As it was just Peyton, Y/N had no intention of backing down from her glare. She tilted her head to the side and smiled. “Ice cream?” She lifted the bag in between them.
“No thanks,” Peyton scoffed before walking out and slamming the door as a last statement.
When the couple was finally alone, Harry held his breath to cautiously watch his girlfriend. Her shoulders dropped as she realized how tense they were. Without looking at Harry, she moved to his mini fridge and stocked away the ice cream. She suddenly wasn’t in the mood for it anymore.
“Why’d you get ice cream? Special occasion?” Harry spoke first.
“Not really, but I killed my speech in Public Speaking and felt great. My last class got canceled so I thought ‘what better way to spend those two hours than with my boyfriend and ice cream’. Tried to get here as fast as I could to surprise you, and you know the rest,” Y/N explained, sitting across the room from him, on top of his desk. Her arms crossed as she stared at him.
Harry nodded, “Well, first off, I’m proud of you, baby. Congrats on a great speech.”
“Thank you,” She brushed him off quick.
“And thank you for coming to surprise me. I’m so happy you’re here.”
Are you? She wanted to comment, but bit back her tongue.
Harry tapped his thighs as Y/N blinked at him. He knew what she wanted to discuss, but he didn’t want talk about it. He attempted to divert the subject by asking about the ice cream she bought.
“What flavors did you get us?” He motioned to the fridge aside her.
Y/N just shook her head and laughed. “Can we just talk about it because I’m really concerned?”
“Why? I told you nothing was going to happen,” He shrugged. “Now come here and kiss me. I’m really concerned about my lack of kisses today,” He quipped.
Despite her intent to keep her strict demeanor, Y/N really missed him and was just glad to be with him. Her eyes rolled as she pushed off his desk and walked over to him. As soon as he could reach her, he snatched his girlfriend into his arms with a wide smile on his lips.
“My baby!” He cooed and threw her behind him on his bed, before quickly climbing on top of her.
“Harry!” She squealed out. He wasted no time in attacking her face with kisses. Some were wet and slobbery, traveling from her forehead to her cheeks to her lips to her chin and to her neck. “You’re so gross,” She groaned, trying to wipe away his saliva.
“Are you getting rid of my love?” He gasped. “Y/N L/N, what the hell is wrong with you?” Y/N laughed and held his cheeks before enveloping him in a long passionate kiss. He moaned within it and slyly rolled his hips against her in arousal.
When she pulled away, she smirked, “Forgiven?”
“Definitely,” He nodded, and they both laughed.
Y/N let the subject slide for a while, not wanting to bring it up as they were loving on each other for hours. She felt too good to just suddenly ruin the moment, but wasn’t going to ignore how Peyton was a constant problem, along with Harry’s other mild friendships with the girls on campus.
The couple was finally eating the ice cream she brought over, sitting on his bean bag chair and having pillow talk. Harry had Y/N straddling his lap as he kissed her between every few mouthfuls of ice cream. He leaned further into the bean bag chair, taking in the view in front of him.
She was in his shirt after being stripped naked—and well taken care of—a while ago and her nipples puckered from the cold taste of her treat. She had finished her cup and twisted to the side to throw it in the basket beside his desk.
She surprisingly made the shot and Harry cheered dramatically, using that as another excuse to kiss her everywhere. “You’re a future basketball star, baby. I know it,” He exclaimed.
“I made one easy shot, dove,” She laughed, now able to wrap her arms around his neck.
“Still, I think you as a basketball player would be hot as fuck,” He groaned at the thought, bucking his hips up into her. She giggled and brought their lips close but not into a kiss.
“You think everything I do is hot as fuck. You have a constant hard on,” She teased him.
“It’s called a love boner, smartass,” He laid a hard slap to her rear. “And yes, I do think so. Call me obsessed.”
Y/N shared a long loving stare down with Harry. Her gaze followed the length of his face before returning to his eyes. He was hers, but it didn't always seem that way.
The events of earlier, and times just like those, circled back to her mind, causing a noticeable frown on her face. Harry watched and one of his own fell on his lips. He ran his hands up her back, under his shirt, to get her attention. “Baby, what’s wrong? What are you thinking about?”
She shook her head.
“Come on, tell me. I can see it’s bothering you,” He pushed it.
She sighed and looked away as she didn’t want to see his reaction. “Peyton.” That was all she needed to say to sum up everything that was stuck in her head. It wasn’t just Peyton, but every girl that wanted him.
“Y/N,” He groaned, bringing her closer and kissing her cheek. “I’m sorry baby, but what do you want me to say about that? You know I can’t control them. I can only control myself, and I feel like it’s obvious that I’m doing just fine at it.” Y/N exhaled a sigh. Her hands were placed between them, and her fingers twitched nervously.
He released one of his hands from under her shirt to round to her front and up her face. He caressed her cheek while his thumb rubbed along her lips. Y/N smile sincerely for a moment, knowing he was trying to help her through her nerves so she could speak.
“Harry, this is a constant issue, and I just feel like I’m missing something,” She faltered. “There are always girls here at the house, which you can’t help so I try not to worry about that. But specifically Peyton, she’s always in your room. And I’m just worried about what goes on when I’m not here.”
Harry paused his finger. “Are you implying that you don’t trust me, Y/N?” He lifted a challenging brow at her. Y/N suddenly wanted to shrink up into a ball, simply from his expression. He was starting to get pissed. Trust was always a word that lingered over their heads.
Y/N simply shrugged and glanced away from his intense stare.
“I don’t know. I mean, yes, I do, but—“
“Why is there a but?” He interrupted her. “Why can’t you just trust that nothing will ever happen between me and any of them?” He brought his other hand to grab her face and force her to look at him. She had no choice but to stare back. “I don’t think you’ve realized that anytime I’ve been asked to fuck them or kiss them or do anything with them, none of those things have actually ever happened. Maybe because I don’t fucking let them, Y/N. I don’t want them.”
Y/N believed him. She really did. But she was dripping with insecurities. Everything she wanted, those girls had. And Harry had access to them. She became an overthinker that it made her forget everything about simple trust.
“So, if I never walked in, you wouldn’t have let Peyton massage you? Even though she’s your best friend and you guys used to do that kind of stuff all the time?” She asked. Harry immediately shook his head.
“Nothing was going to happen, baby. If you would’ve listened for a little longer and let me answer her, I would have said no and explained the boundaries we needed to set." He responded, irritated that he had to explain himself. Or that she had to pose the question at all. He was officially pissed.
“But why does she think she could do that? Why is her comfort level that high with you still?” Y/N shot at him. “Maybe you’re not making it known to every girl here how serious your relationship is. I just wonder if you have doubts about us or if you really want a full-on relationship with me. I’m sorry, dove, but it’s just what I think about.”
Harry paused, his face becoming unreadable. Y/N watched as it contorted to confusion, hurt, worry, sadness, then straight anger. Betrayal. “What the fuck did you just say?” He seethed, gently removing her off of him so he could stand up. Y/N followed, hugging herself, as he walked across the room.
“I’m not saying you are a bad boyfriend or anything, I just think that you sometimes miss the freedom you had before me,” Y/N shrugged.
What Y/N watched made her want to shove every single word she said back down her throat and to the depths of hell. She regretted everything.
Harry’s hands clenched and he sucked in a long breath. His eyes went dark and lost all the green that used to look at her with acres of love. That sight was gone and probably for a long time.
One of his hands dug into the side of his hip as it didn’t know where else to go. He turned away from Y/N, looking anywhere but her. He wanted to throw something or yell out a dictionary of curse words to let out the stinging feeling of anger boiling inside of him. But, he didn’t want to react like that in front of Y/N, though. As much as he was filled with betrayal and wanted her to see that, he would never act out with her around. So, she needed to go.
“Get out,” Harry ordered, his voice stern, trying to hide the rasp in his throat. It made her eyes widen.
“Wait, I didn’t—”
“Baby, I’m trying...” He sighed and shook his head, “I will only say it nicely one more time. Please, get out of my room,” His hand twitched as it pointed towards the door. Y/N waited a moment, her hands grasping each other. Harry’s eyes didn’t soften like she thought would happen if she waited. He was telling her to leave. He didn’t want her there anymore. Maybe a little space is what they needed for now.
“Okay. I’m sorry, I’ll go,” She whispered as she scurried away from him. But before she completely left, she heard the words she thought would never leave his mouth. “Y/N, we need to break up.”
Her whole body froze as her heart dropped to her trembling feet. They somehow brought her to Harry as she held his shoulders to get his attention.
“Harry? What?” She wavered. “What are you saying? Are you... wait I swear, I didn’t mean it.”
He closed his eyes and grabbed her hands from his shoulders to lace them with his own. He squeezed her hands softly. “Y/N, I don’t know. I think I overestimated myself. I’ll never be able to prove that all I want is you,” he huffed, still shaking. “I am so tired of trying to convince you that I can be trusted. You aren’t going to chance your views on me, so why am I continuing to waste my time?”
“I’m done fighting in a battle I’ll never win at. I’m tired, baby. I can’t do it anymore,” He sighed, rolling his head in different directions. He slipped his hands away from her to turn his back to her. Without saying another word, he pointed to the door.
Y/N stood there, unable to process what he said to her. She suddenly dropped to her knees, and her head fell into her hands. She wasn’t crying, though. Nothing was coming out. She was stuck in a shock.
Harry glanced behind him and saw her quivering body on the floor as if she was dry heaving. She didn’t realize he moved until she felt him reach under her arms. He helped her back to her feet and used a single finger to lift her chin.
Her eyes were glossy as she sniffled and panted uncontrollably. “Dove, I’m sorry. Please, don’t say that. I trust you, I really do.”
"But, baby, you don't. I'm certain you don't. And that's fine, but I genuinely think this is something you need to resolve with someone else because I’m at a lost." His tone was monotonous. He moved his finger to her hair so he could brush it behind her ear. "I can't help you anymore. I tried, but I failed."
“You didn’t fail, Harry. I promise that you didn’t,” She shook her head, ignoring him repeatedly mumbling but I did.
They stood there for another solid minute, bickering back and forth whether he failed her or not. Harry grew tired.
“Y/N, I need you to leave now, okay? I just don’t want to be near you, right now, baby. I’m sorry,” Harry spoke, running his hand down her arm. 
“Are we really done?” She dared to ask. “Please don’t say yes.”
Harry rolled his lips inwards and looked up. Y/N began to shake again as she covered her eyes with her hands. 
“I’m sorry that there are girls who won’t stop approaching me, but I have only so much control over that. I don’t know how to change their comfort level with me, because they blatantly ignore what I say. But I can swear to you, and you can even ask them yourself, that nothing has ever happened. I wouldn’t let it, and I’m sorry that it isn’t enough to convince you.”
“It is, I believe you. I do. I’m sorry, Harry,” Y/N tried to muster up a smile.
He only shook his head. “Y/N, I love you, I really do. I don’t regret a second of what we had, but baby, right now, I don’t want this. You can’t trust me, and I know that isn’t entirely your fault. But I don’t know... I just feel hate. It’s not fair, and I don’t understand why it’s towards you, but it’s there.”
“W-wh-Harry what?”
“I hate both of us. I hate myself for not doing what you needed me to do. But I hate you for not listening to me, Y/N. And right now, I need you to leave.”
I hate you.
Y/N didn’t want to show up at Harry’s soccer practices to take photos as the team’s photographer anymore. She wanted to avoid him at all cost, because if she saw him, she’d lose it. But Coach James would know something was up and blame it on Harry, so she went anyways.
I hate you.
That day when she left Harry’s room, she didn’t cry, only mumbled questions of why. She asked why’s for everything. Why did she say those things? Why couldn’t she trust him? Why was she so insecure? Why did she hurt him? Why did she never stop and actually listen to him?
They were constant. She couldn’t focus. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t function. She couldn’t. Harry really made up the happiness in her life. And now it was all gone.
I hate you.
She hated herself too.
The first few practices after their break up, Harry only nodded at Y/N when she arrived. Her eyes would dart anywhere else as she already felt a knot in her throat. She subtly sucked in a slow breath to exhale out and relax her shoulders. For the remainder of the time, Harry kept his attention away from her as he knew he was the reason for her uneasiness. He felt really bad, so the least he could do was not taunt her.
But it was the next practice when Harry finally spoke to her. It was when they had their water break and Y/N was pacing near the path that led back to campus. She was contemplating if she should leave. It was hitting her hard, really hard. So, Harry snuck over to her to help. He still cared for her, that was never going away.
“Hey, b—Y/N,” He caught himself. Her eyes never left her camera as she played with the buttons to control her overwhelming feelings of stress. “Can I talk to you, real quick?”
She was surprised he was speaking to her, and even though it hurt to be around him, she wasn’t going to give up the opportunity to talk as it might be her last. She nodded and moved her eyes to his water bottle by his side. He still used the one with stickers sprinkled around the length of it. And her initial was still there.
“Honestly, I have no idea what I want to say, I just needed to check on you. How’ve you been?” He shifted his weight to his other leg. “Thank you for still being the team’s photographer.”
“It’s fine, and I’m fine. Just been—well, doing a lot of thinking, but when I get down, it’s nothing a little ice cream can’t help with,” She said playfully, but Harry still stared at her worriedly. So, she moved on with a cough. “I’ve gone to the lake behind More Scoops more recently to take pictures. It’s a lovely setting, no matter the hour,” She answered. Harry frowned at that.
“You’ve been doing all of this alone?”
She shrugged, “I don’t have friends. Your friends were my friends, so...”
“Y/N, you can still come to the frat to see Niall and everyone. They miss you, and I’ll stay away so I’m not a distraction. You are their friend without me,” He pushed her shoulder as if he was offended she would believe otherwise. 
“Thank you,” was all she should said for him to drop the topic because she knew she still wasn’t going. Just being at the frat house was going to make her think of Harry, whether he was there or not.
The ex-couple stood together in silence, finally staring at each other. Y/N saw the gentle green in his eyes again. She thought they’d never come back, nor would he let her see them.
She wanted to ask him a thousand questions, mixed with a thousand more sorrys. But it wasn’t an appropriate time as she could tell he still wasn’t ready to forgive her. She still had more thinking and growing to do.
Coach James called the boys over, so Harry motioned behind him, not knowing how to properly depart from her without kissing and exchanging ‘I love you’. So, she helped him out.
“You can go, Harry.”
He opened his mouth to response, but suddenly shut his lips. He only nodded and jogged away.
For every other practice, Harry never spoke to her. He would sometimes glance at her during their breaks, but didn’t approach her like he did that one time. Y/N still had to take pictures of him so Coach James wouldn’t be suspicious, but he already knew something was wrong. Usually, Harry would pay more attention to Y/N than the ball when she came to his practice. And now, he could count on his fingers how many times Harry tried to get her to look at him. Zero.
He became a little ticked off because he believed Harry was the cause for Y/N permanent frown. Every smile was painted over a frown, none of them were genuine anymore.
Coach James waited until after practice to pull Harry to the side and question him. He had his arms crossed and shades over his eyes when Harry came out the locker room.
“Styles, come here,” He yelled for him. The group immaturely teased Harry for being called out, hitting him in the back as he moved through them. He only rolled his eyes and ran to his coach. Y/N had left as soon as he dismissed the boys to the showers, not even exchanging goodbyes. She darted away with her camera hanging sadly around her neck.
“Yeah, coach?” Harry was a little confused because nothing bad or amazing happened during practice.
“What’s going on?” was all he asked, rocking slightly. “I’ll be unbiased.”
Harry blinked in thought, wondering what story he wanted his side on. But it suddenly hit him so he awed with comprehension. Then, he laughed. "That's not possible. You’ll always see her as your niece.”
“Right now, she’s the girl that photographs my team. And you’re one of my players that I’ve seen a noticeable difference with,” He shook his head. “Now, tell me what’s going on because she sure as hell won’t.”
Harry groaned, before turning to face the turf field. As did Coach James, and they stood side by side. He didn’t want to be the first to say anything, but he knew Y/N could keep her mouth shut if she really wanted to.
“She doesn’t trust me, and I didn’t know what else to do to reassure her. I just grew tired of the fighting, and I need to prioritize myself sometimes,” Harry explained, rubbing the back of his neck. Coach James only nodded and looked over at him.
“I see,” He said. “So, you broke up with her?”
“Yes, sir.”
Coach James hummed and brought his attention back to the turf field. “Well, I can’t be mad at you because like you said, you need to prioritize yourself sometimes. And you tried to work through an issue, but in the end, had to step back. So, you aren’t in the wrong.”
Harry knew that, but to hear it from Coach James wasn’t all that comforting. He kind of wanted to hear that he did something wrong so he could finally feel bad about breaking things off with Y/N. But each day, he knew what he did was for the best.
“You’re free to go. Thank you for telling me. See you tomorrow.”
Harry suddenly frowned at Coach James, parting his lips to speak. He lifted a brow at Harry’s hopeless expression and raised his shades to look at him clearly.
“Why can’t she trust me?” Harry asked, begging to get an answer from someone. “I really tried.”
“I know you did, Harry. You did your best.”
“But why?”
Coach James shrugged, and it only made Harry angry. Why couldn’t he get a fucking answer?
“I told her I hated her,” He admitted. Coach James’ face didn’t change.
“Did you mean it?” He asked instead.
Harry shrugged. “I loved her so much, sir. Even though I continuously explain myself to her, it wasn’t enough. She wouldn’t completely believe me when I told her that all I ever wanted was her. And I hate her for that.”
Coach James shared a few encouraging words to Harry, before excusing him to leave. Harry didn’t feel any better, only confused. And he wondered how Y/N was feeling too.
Y/N had finished her classes for the day, so she went to the dining hall for some food. She saw it as an instant mistake when she noticed Harry and his roommates at a near table. But he seemed happy as he laughed loudly with the rest of the group, and that brought a sad smile to her lips. He was okay. At least one of them were.
Niall happened to catch Y/N walking around in the corner of his eye and waved at her. The rest of their eyes turned to her, and she suddenly felt vulnerable. She didn’t want them to see her because like she predicted, would get his attention.
Harry frowned in confusion as the boys sitting across from him were looking in another direction. He shifted in his seat to follow their line of vision, but when he realized who it was, he only gave her a brief glance before turning back around.
I hate you.
Y/N’s lips began to quiver, so she shortly waved back and made a beeline to the other side of the dining hall. It had been a long time since she was there alone because she never ate without Harry. He always enjoyed being with her, and Y/N enjoyed it even more. God, she missed him.
She had heard footsteps coming up behind her, and she assumed it was someone going to the bathroom as she sat near the doors, but that person was there for her. Niall.
He sat across from her and smiled. “Hey, Y/N. Mind if I join you?” He asked.
“What about—”
“Don’t worry about them,” He said. “They’ll think I’m shitting and eventually leave.” Y/N actually laughed for the first time that week. Niall reached his hand out for her, and she sadly accepted it. “Can’t let you eat alone, now could I?���
“Thank you, Niall.”
There was a moment of silence as Niall sighed. He glanced over his shoulder in the direction of his friends, then looked back at Y/N. “He wants to be here with you. He hates when you’re alone. So, I’m just doing him a favor,” He shrugged it off. “But you’re also better to eat with than those idiots. Who gets pizza with broccoli on top?”
“Isaiah,” they both answered together, before laughing. Y/N tilted her chin down and rolled her lips inwards to contain her smile.
Harry glanced in the direction Niall had left to go to the bathroom, and where he secretly watched Y/N go to sit alone. But it had been almost twenty minutes and Niall hadn’t returned nor did Y/N disperse from there to leave.
“You guys ready to go?” Sage asked, getting up from his chair with his tray. The rest of the boys nodded and joined him. Harry followed behind, shuffling extra steps in search for Niall... and Y/N.
But before he walked any farther to the other area of the hall, Niall appeared with stretched arms. “Hey, fellas.”
“Oh fuck no, were you in the bathroom that whole time?” Flynn gasped as Niall took stalking steps towards him with his hands out, as if he didn’t wash his hands.
“Sure was!” He smirked, before chasing all of them out the dining hall. Harry watched with a shake of his head. Before he followed them out, he searched a little longer for one more person. But she was already gone.
As much as Niall didn’t want to, he had let Y/N leave, wiping tears on her sleeves as she begged to be alone.
Y/N paused, her hand resting against the frat house's door. She shouldn’t have come, but there she was. Two days had passed since Niall's brief pep talk, which had left her wanting to collect her thoughts. And now she was back at the taunting frat house. She knew Harry wouldn’t want to see her, but she had to try.
Some random guy had let her in, but wasn’t nasty like Marsh. He was friendly and told her that Harry was in his room, as he had been all day.
She was taking her time down the hallway, shaking her shoulders to let the nerves out. The thought of being rejected as soon as he saw her was lingering in the back of her mind, but she pushed through and continued to walk.
Y/N reached Harry’s room and instantly grew sick when another voice accompanied him behind the door. Her shoulders slumped and her legs were ready to pivot away, but her voice did otherwise. “Harry? It’s Y/N.”
The noises behind his door suddenly silenced, and Y/N became exceedingly nervous. Heavy pads of feet, which she immediately recognized as Harry’s, reached her and then the door swung open. And so did Y/N’s eyes.
He was there. His hands over his head as he held the doorframe above them, stretching the length of his naked torso. He wore his signature navy colored sweats—they had a matching pair—that hung low on his hips to reveal his v-line.
If Y/N wasn’t worried about who had seen the sight that used to only belong to her, she’d be drooling.
Harry sighed as he watched her shyly examine his body. When her eyes traveled back up to his and she realized he had caught her, she turned her head towards the stairs down the hall. “Hi,” she mumbled.
“What do you want, Y/N?” He huffed.
“Are you busy?” She whispered, motioning behind him. His naked chest wasn’t helping the anxious knot in her stomach. All of the boys were together playing videogames in the living room, but he was upstairs with someone else in his room. It wasn’t a good sign.
Harry glanced behind him before looking back at Y/N. With her eyes looking down, she didn’t see the smirk spreading on his face. “Maybe, depends on what you want.”
She nodded and sucked in a brave breath. Just say it. “I’m sorry.”
“And I—” she fondled with the stitches along her jeans, “Um... I just wanted you to know that I didn’t mean what I said.”
Harry continued to eye Y/N intensely that she was burning on the inside. She felt her pits begin to sweat, and the thickness of the air wasn’t helping her breathe any better.
“Yes, you did, Y/N.”
“No, I didn’t. I shouldn’t have said that. I trust you, Harry.”
He rolled his eyes and took a step towards her so he could shut the door behind him. “You’re only saying that because you want me to forgive you. And honestly, Y/N, I’m still not ready to.” Her throat closed up and her eyes warned to water. She dug her nails into her palm to control herself. “You never trusted me and we argued about that constantly. I’m lost and I’m confused. You confuse me. And I’ll never understand why you never wanted to believe me.”
“That’s not true, I did believe you,” She sniffled so low that she could barely hear herself.
Harry chuckled, “Did you? So, were you not there for half of our arguments? How naïve do you think I am, Y/N?”
She rolled her lips inwards and shook her head. Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry. It was inevitable as her vision became a blur. She didn’t trust her voice to hide how close she was to breaking down.
This was a bad idea. She needed to leave.
“Y/N, you assume that I want every girl that even looks at me. I always have to defend myself because you jump right to conclusions.”
“No, I—”
“Shut up! Let me talk!” He snapped at her. Y/N did just that, but it was too late. Harry was over the conversation. “Never mind, you are still as stubborn as always. I’m done. I shouldn’t have to explain myself to you. Just leave.”
She wanted to fight for him. She wanted to stay and talk things out. But the look of hatred that stuck on his face as he glared at her was too much to handle.
Her breathing became shaky as she nodded and whispered an okay. She made her way to the stairs, feeling his eyes hard on her back.
Before she could make it to the end of the hall, Harry called out for her. She touched the wall to steady herself and looked back.
“Yes?” She asked with a hint of hope as she stared at his genuine smile.
Before she was completely crushed.
“There is a girl in my room, and I would tell you what we’re doing in here, but it’s not like you’d believe me, right?” Y/N’s eyes widened. “Like I said, I’m tired of explaining myself to someone who will never listen.”
The door was shut to his room before she could react. She hadn’t realized she was holding her breath until her throat begged for air.
Y/N raced down the stairs, ignoring the boys’ calls of her name, and out the front door. She ran as fast as she could to anywhere but that stupid fucking frat house. Her legs wouldn’t slow down, and she didn’t want to.
Her heart was heavy. So heavy. She didn’t know what do to or where to go. If she went back to her dorm, she knew the boys would find her there, and for the first time in a long one, she didn’t want to be found. She wanted to be alone. And quiet.
Y/N scooped her spoon full of ice cream and let the cold taste numb her throbbing heart. She was at a lake nearby the campus. It was a good hiding spot because no one knew she went there besides Harry. And she was for sure he wasn’t looking for her. He was busy.
She lifted up her phone for the tenth time to skim the messages across her screen.
niall: where are you y/n? i’m at your dorm
niall : i’m worried about you
niall: he didn’t mean it
niall: y/n it’s okay
niall: just let me know you’re alright
Y/N set her phone back down on the grass and sighed at the sky. It had been almost two hours and the day was soon to end. Y/N had no intention of leaving, hoping that the day could take her with it to yesterday. She didn’t want to move on with everything else. She wanted to pause in that moment.
Alone. With ice cream. And the painted sky. She grabbed her phone to take a picture and smiled at the results. It was beautiful, why would she go home when she could be here?
While still in her hand, her phone began to vibrate. It was the hundredth time, and Y/N was getting pretty aggravated, She knew it was Niall without even looking at the contact name.
“Hello?” She asked with a rasp in her voice from all the crying she did earlier.
“Y/N? Oh my god, where the fuck are you? I’ve—”
“Niall, please. Just leave me alone.”
“No, you need to tell me where you are, right fucking now. I’m serious, Y/N. I swear on everything—”
“Behind More Scoops there is a trail that leads to a lake,” was all she said before hanging up her phone and dropping it back to her side.
She really didn’t want to see anybody, but Niall wouldn’t leave her alone.
It only took him seven minutes to race to where she was. He was panting loudly as he plopped down next to her. He fell back and yelled.
Y/N sniffled a laugh and glanced over at him. “You okay?”
“You’re the actual worst. I’ve been so worried and here you are—eating ice cream by a lake,” He snapped, hitting her in the thigh with every word. She laughed again and hit him back.
“I needed to get away,” She shrugged.
“I know you did, but you didn’t need to be alone,” He snapped back. “You never had to be. This whole time, we’ve all been trying to comfort you, but you push us away. Stop doing this alone when we’re here.”
“I like being alone.”
“Well, I don’t,” Niall argued back. “Fuck Y/N, what happened today?”
She shook her head, not wanting to relive that moment again. Niall silently understood and didn’t push it for a few minutes.
“He needs you, Y/N. I don’t know what that idiot needs you to say to him, but please keep trying.”
“I did.”
“I know, but don’t give up on him because he hasn’t given up on you. He’s on the verge of forgiving you, I can tell. I know both of you want to be together, so save each other,” Niall sat back up to look at her seriously. “Save him like you did the first time. He needs you more than ever.”
“No, he doesn’t.”
Niall sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Y/N, listen to me,” He grabbed her hands to hold in between the both of them. “I don’t want the Harry ‘before you’ back. Yes, I missed him at first, but after I met the Harry ‘during you’, I never want the old one back. That is the best version of Harry there is, Y/N. Not the one before or after you, the one during you.”
“It’s too late, Niall,” Y/N looked away towards the water shimmering in the lake. “I messed up bad.”
“It’s not, though. You are doing everything just right. It’s working. I talked to him after you left and I could see it in his eyes. He fucking misses you. He knows you’re sorry and wants to trust him. He’s just being a stubborn fucker, so I need you to pull him out of it. Just one more time, Y/N. I know he’ll break,” Niall pushed her shoulder.
She gave him a hard glare, before hitting him. “How are you so sure? He would’ve have hurt me like he did earlier if he wanted me.”
“Are you willing to finally trust him?” Niall asked.
“Of course, I am. I always did, I was just insecure. But he’s right, I had no reason to because nothing ever happened. I’m just an idiot.”
Niall shook his head. “First off, you’re not an idiot because he should’ve taken your words into consideration if he cares so much about you. If you wanted those girls at arms-length with him, he should’ve found a way. So, stop beating yourself up so much, okay?” Y/N finally smiled. 
“Thank you, Niall.” A weight had been dropped. Niall got it.
“Now, if you want to really trust him and to finally get over your insecurities, then mean it. Let him know what needs to change and compromise. Get it through his thick fucking skull that you guys can work this out. “
Y/N sniffled and covered her eyes to cry in her hands. Niall reached over to rub circled around her back. “I’m sorry, I don’t—”
“Don’t apologize, you’re hurting. Let that out, it’ll help.” Y/N nodded and leaned into him. “He’s going to listen this time, Y/N. He wants to listen. Trust me. He’s hosting a party at the frat right now. He hasn’t done that in a long time. We need your help.”
“I’m scared, Niall. He hates me.”
“Not as much as he loves you. God, Y/N, Harry is so fucking in love with you. He needs you bad.”
Y/N opened her eyes and looked up. She gazed at the dusked sky. “I need him too.”
Y/N was at a frat party. She never attended those. Especially without her roommate by her side, but she was so desperate to find Harry that she pushed through.
The house was loud and reeked of alcohol and sweaty bodies dancing against each other. Y/N needed to find Harry and fast.
Her low voice tried to excuse her way through the crowd, but no one even acknowledged her presence; a good and bad thing.
As the host, she knew Harry wouldn’t be locked up in his room, so that made it a little more difficult to find him. She asked around at first, but no one seemed to know where he could be.
She had made it to the backyard when she finally found him.
He was against the wall of the house, talking to an unfamiliar girl. Y/N was relieved from the distance between them, and that Harry was shooing her, every time she tried to reach for him. He was facing Y/N, so she could see the disinterest in his eyes, and she hoped that would help her get him alone.
She pushed through more people who seemed to be deliberately making it difficult to reach him, which furthered her determination.
“Harry!” She yelled, but the speaker hanging above him deafened her voice. She groaned and hurried her feet as she watched the girl motion her hand down his chest and to forbidden territory.
What felt like forever, Y/N finally reached the two, and when Harry noticed her furiously approaching them, his eyes widened. “Y/N?!” He gawked. Y/N clenched her teeth as she shoved the girl’s shoulder to get her attention.
“What the fuck?” The girl gasped as she whipped around to face Y/N. There wasn’t a noticeable height difference, so the girl’s met eye level. “Who do you think you are, bitch?” 
Y/N knew she couldn’t take this girl as she had no fighting experience, but in the moment she didn’t care. She only took bold steps towards the girl so their chests touched.
“Stay away from him,” she growled darkly, trying her best to keep up her brave persona. But she was dying on the inside. Why the hell did she do that?
“Excuse me? Who even are—”
“Stop!” Harry moved in the way to break up something that was bound to happen. He grabbed the girl’s arm to yank her back so he could step in between them. Y/N felt a pang of pride as Harry stood in front of her with his back to the girl. “Y/N, what the fuck are you doing here?”
The girl huffed loudly, “Do you know her?”
“Yes, and we’re leaving,” Harry looked at Y/N as he spoke to the girl. He pointed to the house and Y/N nodded, before walking away.
She felt Harry close behind her as he muttered under his breath. She was a little ashamed of her actions, causing a scene like that when the girl technically did nothing wrong. But winning Harry in the end made it feel okay.
“Do you want to explain why you’re here and what the fuck happened back there?” Harry asked as they walked down the hallway to his room. Y/N’s shoulders tensed from his fatherly tone, so she shook her head. “Well, you’re going to tell me anyways, so figure the answer out.”
Y/N paused at the entrance of his room, remembering what happened the last time she was there. She suddenly grew hot as a layer of sweat formed along her forehead. The hurtful throb of her heart was back, and she needed out. Anywhere, but there.
“Hey, you okay?” Harry asked, moving to stand in front of her. He heard how hard she was breathing so he took another step closer to get her attention. “What? What’s wrong? Look at me, baby.”
Darting her eyes up at him, she shook her head rapidly. Finally face to face with him again, Y/N wanted to break down. She couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Harry, I’m so fucking sorry. I—I’m sorry for not trusting you because I had no reason not to. This is all my fault. You can’t control every single girl that likes you, and I should’ve—”
“Wait, you’re talking so fast, calm down,” Harry laughed, but Y/N shot him a dark look that he instantly stopped. “I’m sorry, go on.”
Y/N sighed as she remembered to slow her words down. She was still heavily shaking. “I want to be with you forever, Harry. My life before you is nothing compared to what it was when I was with you. That feeling I get every time I’m around you is so euphoric that I feel so selfish for only wanting to have it for myself.”
Harry only blinked at her. So, she kept going.
“I’m so fucking stupid, I wish I never said those things. I swear I didn’t mean it, you’re an amazing boyfriend and I know you only wanted me. You were doing everything just fine, it’s all me. Everything is my fault.”
Y/N started to hyperventilate, overwhelmed with her spilling words. Harry became concerned as her eyes filled with tears and her voice grew raspy. He reached out for her, but as much as she yearned for his missed touched, she put her hand out to stop him.
“No, I’m fine. Let me finish.”
“Harry, I miss you so much. And I don’t deserve you back, but I’m begging you to forgive me. If you want to start off slow and maybe just be friends, I’m so down for that. It’s completely fine. You need to trust me again. I get it.”
He sighed, “Y/N, I’ve always trusted you, and I still do.”
She only groaned and covered her eyes. “Don’t say that, I feel like even more shit.”
“I’m sorry.”
She dropped her arms and looked back at Harry. His arms were crossed, still willing to listen to her, and she was going to use the opportunity to the fullest.
“I’m insecure, okay? I know that, and I’ll work on it. I just... I love you so much, and I’m possessive, and I don’t know how to control myself, so I take it out on you,” Y/N finally admitted out loud, surprising both herself and Harry. “It was a horrible thing to do, but I promise, I’ll talk to you. I’ll communicate, and I—I don’t even know. Just... I’ll do better. I’m gonna do so much better. I’m truly sorry, Harry.”
He tilted his head to the side as he stared at her. His tongue rolled over his teeth, and Y/N was dying in anticipation.
“This whole thing... this is the most I’ve ever heard you apologize. You never do that,” He mentioned.
That wasn’t what she expected him to say, but she accepted it. “I know, I’m gonna work on that, okay?” He nodded and swayed. “I’m going to do better, please don’t give up on me, Harry. Fight for me again, I won’t let you down.”
The words he had said to her continued to cause constant pangs of hurt in her heart. “Please don’t hate me, Harry.”
His eyes suddenly softened as his lips parted. “Fuck Y/N.”
“If you really don’t want to forgive me, then I’ll learn to accept that. But, I’m begging you to not hate me.” Before she could say anymore, Y/N’s hand covered her eyes to hide the tears that spilled out the corners.
Harry took another step so that their chests finally touched. He held Y/N’s jaw and that was enough for her to break down completely. She continued to apologize and Harry simple smiled at her. God, he fucking loves this girl.
“I’ll do better, Harry. I’m sorry, I really am,” she cried, looking back at him.
“Will you let me speak?”
She shook her head and continued to cry. “I don’t want to know your answer. I can’t do this. Just know, I’m sorry. I have to go.”
Y/N escaped his hold, before racing towards the stairs. She needed fresh air so she could breathe properly. Her head was spinning and she could drop at any moment.
But what she didn’t expect was a familiar call of her name. Harry ran quicker than Y/N and grabbed her waist, pulling her into his warm chest that she missed all too much. His lips reached her ear as he laughed.
“I’m the athlete here, baby. You can’t outrun me,” he joked, pinching her sides.
“I need to go. I shouldn’t have come,” she shook her head, trying to wiggle out of his grasp.
“No, we’re going to talk about this. You said it yourself that we are going to start talking.”
“I can’t tonight, Harry. This is too much.”
“You’re being stubborn, Y/N. It’s annoying me.”
Y/N turned in his hold with her doe eyes, looking up at him. His thumb brushed her lips as he smiled at her.
“I’m sorry,” she mumbled.
“I know that, baby. You told me that already,” he chuckled, before leading her down the stairwell. She expected him to take her back to his room.
“Wait, where are we going?” She asked as he wrapped an arm around her while he pushed through the crowd.
They made it to the front door when he decided to answer. “You’re overwhelmed, it’s a hectic and loud party, so we’re going to your dorm.”
“Oh,” She nodded. 
There wasn’t much exchanged during the ride. Harry had grabbed Y/N’s hand sometime during the drive and rested their laced fingers on her thigh. His thumb brushed the back of her hand as he hummed under his breath.
Every time he glanced at Y/N, her eyes were trained on the passenger window. He could feel how stiff her hand was, and it had a slight shake. She was so nervous, so Harry brought them to his lips.
“It’s okay, baby,” He whispered in the silent car, before pressing a long kiss to the back of her hand. “We’re going to be okay.”
Y/N sniffled, still not looking his way. But from the dark sky and the luminated lights of the buildings they passed by, he could see her reflection. And the most hopeful smile sat on her lips. Harry kissed her hand once more, before bringing them back to her lap.
When they made it to Y/N’s dorm, Harry led the way with their hands still together. She allowed him to drag her to her suite, before shutting the door behind them. His hand slipped from hers so he could approach her desk, examining the space he hadn’t been at for a while.
“Sorry, it’s messy. Didn’t think you’d stop by,” She tried to chuckle, but it sounded like a rough sigh. Harry only shrugged as he walked to stand in front of her with wandering eyes. They finally fell on her, and she felt on display. Even though she was completely clothed, she crossed her arms over herself to hide whatever he was looking at.
“I missed it here,” Harry said. “You moved our picture,” He motioned to her desk, noticing the missing frame as soon as he walked in. 
Y/N’s eyes widened. “I did, I’m sorry. I just thought that—”
“Stop apologizing. You don’t have to explain yourself,” Harry interrupted her, swiftly pinching her side. Y/N squealed, before frowning at him. “I just happened to see that it was gone. I don’t have to know why you took it down if you don’t want to me to.”
“I’m sorry,” She repeated for the thousandth time. Harry rolled his eyes, which made her want to repeat her words again. So, she moved on and asked a question. “Can we be friends?” 
Harry cocked a brow up at her. “Friends?”
“I mean, I don’t know if you want... well, a relationship with me again. But I’d really like to be your friend again,” She swayed nervously in her spot.
Harry snorted while running his hands down her arms. “That’s considerate of you.”
“I just want to try again, Harry. I feel really bad for hurting you.”
“I’d like that too, because I, too, am sorry for hurting you,” His hands found hers again. “I’m trying to understand how to firmly create a distance. I just don’t want to come off as an asshole, ya know?”
Y/N nodded, “Everyone loves you. It’s not your fault.”
“It is, though. But I’m going to work on that,” He brought her knuckles up to his lips and continuously switched to kiss both.
Y/N hesitated to ask her next question, but she was desperate to know. “Do you still hate me?” She asked cautiously.
“Will you learn to trust me?” He lifted a brow at her. Her eyes instantly widened as she rapidly nodded. Harry laughed and reached for her cheeks to stop her. “Then, no I don’t. And I’m sorry I said that to you.”
A pile of relief spread across her as all the stress shed off her skin. She wanted to cry. And she did. She had a full on melt down.
Harry continued to hold her cheeks while he wiped her eyes as tears wouldn’t stop streaming down. She repeatedly apologized for being a mess, and Harry only nodded with a loving smile as he looked down at her lovingly.
“You’re so sensitive, baby,” he chuckled. “It’s okay, you’re okay.”
“I know, I’m sorry,” she sniffled as Harry’s thumb closed her eye to wipe another tear. “I can’t stop. I don’t know what’s happening.”
Harry caught Y/N completely off guard by kissing her nose before nudging his against hers as a ‘butterfly kiss’. Her eyes were widened as she stared back at him, bewildered by his bold move.
It only made her lip quiver again.
“Shut up, stop. You’re making it worse,” she complained through more sniffles. “I need to leave.”
“We’re at your dorm, Y/N,” he laughed heartily. “And I’m trying to calm you down so you’ll stop crying. I don’t like seeing you cry. Even though you still look very pretty.”
Y/N was overwhelmed, and downright confused. Did he love her again? He was being very affectionate after wanting nothing to do with her not too long ago. It made Y/N think that he wasn’t affected by her anymore. He didn’t feel anything towards her as he touched and caressed her.
His feelings were somewhere else.
“What are you thinking about now?” Harry asked. Her tears finally stopped, but the sadden look across her face worried him that more were soon to come.
“Is there someone else?” She dared to ask.
Harry’s hands continued to hold her cheeks as his thumb trailed along his favorite features of her face. “What do you mean?”
“Another girlfriend,” she gulped. Harry lifted a brow at her, and her hands came up in surrender. “Oh shit, I didn’t even consider that. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to throw myself back at you like this.”
“Y/N,” He laughed.
“No, It’s completely fine, if so, Harry. I’m happy for you,” She lied right to his face with a forced smile. But he could see right through her.
Harry slowly smirked and dropped his hands from her face to cross his arms over his chest.
“Are you?”
“Yes, of course. She’s lucky to have you,” She nodded. “I really fumbled, haven't I?” She tried to joke, but it only made her lips quiver again. Harry nodded, trying his best not to laugh in her face. She was so cute.
“You did. I was an amazing boyfriend, Y/N.”
She didn’t response at first, only fiddling with her fingers. She wasn’t expecting to be in a new situation. Harry was now taken. And not by her.
“Well, congratulations,” She said, stringing with lies. “Uhh, can I just ask for a favor? You can honestly just ignore me and do it anyways because I have no—“
“Y/N, just say it.”
“It’s just that I’m there all the time, so I don’t know... it might be a little awkward. Not that it matters because you can do whatever—”
“Goodness, woman. Speak,” Harry planted his hands on her shoulders and shook them. “Spill it.”
“More Scoops. Will it be okay if you don’t go take her there? Like on a date? It’s just that it used to be our—the spot we went to.” She somehow got out, looking anywhere but at him.
“Y/N—“ Harry was done messing with her.
She assumed he spoke her name in offense and gasped. “Oh fuck, that was such a stupid question to ask. God, Y/N,” she scolded herself, slapping her hand over her forehead. “Oh my god, please pretend I didn’t say that. Of course you can get ice cream with her. What the fuck is happening to me? I need to go.”
Harry stopped her immediately, leaning down so they were eye level. “Baby?”
“Stop trying to run away,” He smiled at her.
“I’m embarrassed, I’m sorry I said that. Just forget it, okay?” She pleaded. Harry grabbed her jaw to turn her head towards him so their eyes had to meet.
He wiggled his brows at her, “Guess what, baby?”
“There isn’t another girl. Never has been, lovie,” He admitted, standing back up straight.
“But you said—“
“Wanted to hurt you a little. I apologize.”
Y/N blinked, before nodding slowly. “But the other day in your room. That girl.”
Harry instantly cringed and shook his head. “Yeah, that was weird of me. We were working on an assignment together, and I ordered pizza, which I somehow got on my shirt. I was in the midst of changing into a new shirt when you arrived. It was just horrible timing, and literally nothing else happen,” He explained. “Again, I just wanted to hurt you, but I went a little far. I shouldn’t have done that.”
“No, it’s okay. I deserved that. And you succeeded. Congratulations.” Y/N stuck her hand out for Harry to shake. He threw his head back to laugh, making Y/N frown.
“Stop validating what I did, Y/N. You can be mad.”
“No, I can’t. You are single, and it’s none of my business what you do in your room. If anything happened, you aren’t in the wrong at all. Don’t worry about me,” Y/N rambled, hating each word she spoke.
Harry placed his hands on his hips. “Well, good thing we don’t have to be worried about an if because there wasn’t one at all. Wasn’t thinking about her like that. I never did, never will. I don’t want any girl on this fucking campus, lovie. Are you finally understanding me?”
“Oh, that’s cool. The single life is nice, I guess. No need to settle down, I get it,” she rocked back at forth. Harry sniffled a laugh at her oblivion.
“Let me change my statement. “I don’t want any other girl on this campus. Know why?”
Harry grabbed Y/N’s cheeks and leaned close enough where their lips barely touched. His voice dropped to a whisper. “Because I’m really into this stubborn, insensitive, arrogant—“
“But amazing smartass. And to add to my luck, she also happens to be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She’s all I want.”
Y/N eyes lit up. “Really? Am I forgiven?”
“Of course you are, baby,” He shrugged. “I just need you to learn to trust me, is all.”
“I’m sorry, Harry.”
“I know you are.”
Y/N hesitated her next question. “Do you still love me?” He smiled widely and wiggled his nose against hers.
“Never stopped, Y/N. I can’t stop. I’m obsessed with you.”
She sighed. “I don’t deserve you.”
“Maybe so, but fuck it. I love you, baby.”
“Can I hug you?” She asked shyly. Harry chuckled and easily lifted her up in his arms. Y/N immediately relaxed in his grasp and wrapped herself around him. “I’m going to be a better girlfriend. I mean, well, if you’ll have me. You don’t have to. We can take this slow. It’s up to—“
“I’m gonna kiss you now, and when I do, we are going to go right back to the way we were. Okay?” Harry smirked.
“But did you hear me? I’m gonna do better. For you, and for myself. I trust you, Harry. I do,” She said, tangling her fingers in his hair.
“Good. And I believe you, baby.”
“I’m sorry.”
“How many more times are you gonna say it? I’ve already forgiven you.”
“Are you sure you want to? I don’t want you to hold in any anger you have against me. Just get it out, I can take it,” She sighed.
“You’re adorable.”
“Ew, no I’m not. Loser,” Y/N blurted, before her hand immediately covered her mouth. Harry knew how much she hated being called adorable. It was always used in a teasing way back in grade school. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean that.”
“There’s my baby. I missed her.”
Harry brought her close to capture her lips with his. They both sighed within it and Harry moved to her bed to lay her down. He settled himself between her legs and caressed her face. He stared down at her with his teeth sunk into his bottom lip.
Y/N looked back up at him and shyly smiled.
“I love you so much, Y/N L/N.” Before he could let her answer, Harry brought their lips back together for a long, very long kiss.
Eventually, their make out session caused their clothes to strip off their bodies. Harry’s hands touched Y/N everywhere as he was desperate to make up all the wasted time he could've had her skin against his fingertips.
When Y/N’s lips grew tired, Harry situated her to lay down on her side, in front of him. The covers were rested loosely against their hips, their entire top half exposed to the cold. “I got you, baby,” He whispered in her ear as she subconsciously pushed her ass against his hardened cock. The plush of Harry’s lips earlier had caused arousal between her legs.
His hips sharply bucked back in response, a deep moan graveling from his throat. One of his hands grabbed Y/N’s top leg to lift and push to her chest, keeping her still, while the other traveled between them to get a hold of his cock. Sensitive to the touch, he moaned against Y/N’s ear and thrusted in his hand.
Harry lifted his head to see Y/N’s eyes tightly shut and lips parted as she anticipated what was coming. She was spread open and dripping for him. “Ready, baby?” He asked, kissing her cheek. Y/N nodded and opened her eyes to look down as both of them watched Harry line himself up. He pressed his tip to her entrance, before letting go to turn Y/N’s head in his direction. Her eyes met his and he smiled while slowly pushing into her. 
Y/N immediately gasped, wanting to look at where she was being filled up. But she couldn’t move her attention away from Harry’s face. Her arm reached behind her to find his hair, her fingers pulling at his curls.
Harry moaned loudly, catching himself by biting his lip and hiding his face in the crook of Y/N’s neck.
“Fuck, you feel so good around me, lovie,” He groaned, starting at a slow pace. Y/N head pushed back into the pillow, her eyes rolling in pleasure.
“Harry please,” She whimpered. His hand was still holding her leg up so he had more space to thrust into her. His cock disappeared into her, before slowly sliding out and pounding back into her—allowing her to feel each stretch his cock did to her walls.
His free hand eventually found her breasts that were jumping wildly. He grasp one of them and squeezed before doing it to the other.
Y/N wanted to cry. From the relief, from the pleasure, from the love. She felt his love again. Nothing was hateful as he pushed his cock into her and moaned her name in her ear. When he whispered, “You’re the only one I want to feel around me like this forever,” her eyes welled up.
She tightened her grip in his hair, afraid that he might disappear if she wasn’t holding onto him.
Harry’s head lifted again to watch Y/N. He stared down at her with his jaw agape and releasing raspy moans. She couldn’t speak as his thick and lengthy size reached her stomach. And with his slow pace, he would push into her and keep himself deep inside her for a few seconds. She could feel everything, and it was so good.
“You’re clenching so hard, baby. Look at your leg, lovie. Look at it shaking. Does it feel good? My cock so deep inside of you?” Harry pressed his lips to her ear so she felt his hot groaning breath.
Y/N glanced down at her shaking leg that Harry continued to hold up. It was trying to close as he kept her spread. “Harry,” She whined for him again.
“It’s okay. I’m going to take care of you, baby. I always will.”
She suddenly felt a tear form in her eye. “I’m sorry,” She whispered, closing her lids shut. Harry noticed her wavering voice and slowed himself down to focus on her.
“Y/N, it’s okay. We’re okay, right? I love you, baby. Don’t cry,” He said, before leaning down to kiss all along her face. Y/N nodded and sniffled. “Open up, let me see your pretty eyes, baby. Let me know you’re okay.”
She slowly opened her eyes at looked over at him. He was smiling between every kiss to her face. Harry knew what would help her, and as he changed the angle of his thrust, he hit a certain spot.
Y/N gasped as she grabbed onto Harry. “Oh my... fuck Harry.”
“I know, right on your sweet spot, huh baby?” He chuckled as her hips moved on their own. His pace grew faster as he could sense both of their releases. Her walls were tight around him and became slicker with every thrust.
“I’m close,” She said between a loud moan. She laid her hand on top of Harry’s, which rested on her breasts.
“Yeah? You’re gonna be a good girl and come on my cock?” He asked with a slight growl. Y/N nodded. “You’re so good to me, baby. I need to feel you come so bad. I’m gonna be right behind you. Can’t hold it any longer when you feel this good around me.”
Just from his words, Y/N was able to come. Her head threw back as she moaned through her orgasm. Harry continued to pound into her, chasing his own. He brought his mouth back to her ear so she could hear every noise that left his throat. 
“Fuck, I’m coming, Y/N. Fuck, fuck, oh fuck!”
Releasing deep inside her, both Harry and Y/N moaned from the pleasure. They were panting loudly as they came down from their highs. Harry found her lips again to embrace her in another long kiss.
He eventually had to let her go so she could use the bathroom, and he could clean up. But when they were back on her bed, changed into pajamas and seconds away from sleep, Harry held Y/N against him.
“I’d like to ask you officially to be my girlfriend again, even though I don’t have any Ring Pops,” He said, referring to how they started dating the first time when Y/N exchanged Ring Pop rings with him. She laughed softly and nodded. 
“I would love to.”
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satanhalsey · 4 months
let's gooooo !!!! i personally love how this one turned out :)
Tumblr media
since forever special week | masterlist 1 ; masterlist 2
! | smut, vaginal unprotected sex, dirty talk, yn's so hot fr she's too much even for us.
"baby, i gotta go-"
"mhm, just one more kiss, please."
"it's never one mo' kiss with you."
y/n smiles angelically, and the sight is enough to send an electric current through his entire body. she purses her lips and he rolls his eyes. "a fucking menace, you are."
he kisses her, sliding his hands up her thighs and squeezing the flesh until he reaches her belly, moaning as he feels the bump that's already showing.
is minuscule, only noticeable if she wears tight clothing, but harry's been looking at his wife's perfect body for twelve years and seen it constantly change, so he knows what was there and what wasn't.
they keep making out as if he doesn't have to rush to get to the arena. yn sucks his lower lip between hers, and the kiss is so messy she feels a trickle of saliva run down her chin, making her more aroused.
"please, h, i want you." she whispers sweetly, clinging to his shoulders. "let me ride you, c'mon, please."
the begging and the desperation in her voice make the blood go faster to his cock, only covered by the sheet (since they had gone to sleep after sex, again).
"you're bloody insatiable lately, reminds me of 2015." he bites his lip, pulling away to sit next to her, uncovering his boner. "c'mon, m'soul, i'm all yours."
it takes less than a second for y/n to straddle him, and the heat of her cunt makes him gasp, throwing his head back and resting it on the bed frame. "these pregnancy hormones are gonna leave me fuckin' empty."
she laughs as she raises her hips a little to slide his member all over her folds, moaning when his tip touches her clit. "mhm, and we still have seven months to go."
harry's about to answer when she pulls him inside, wrapping all her warmth around him, making him curse under his breath. "fuck... so good..." he babbles, drunk on the sensation he'll never tire of feeling.
y/n starts moving up and down and rubbing her hips against his, feeling his tip hit her weak spot thanks to the position. she moans desperately, feeling the burning thanks to her lack of preparation turn into an indescribable pleasure.
"yes, look at yeh," harry growls, grabbing her hips. "cockdrunk even after giving yeh a baby."
the words that leave his mouth make her close her eyes and squeeze around him, putting her hands on the back of his neck to kiss him again.
their noses and teeth clash at yn's moves, and she strokes his hair, completely messing it up. they can already feel that feeling building in the center of their bellies, and harry licks his thumb to slide between their bodies and caress her clit.
she opens her mouth with a small cry, and arches her back as she continues to bounce up and down on his cock until her wetness drips onto his balls, making him closer to the edge.
"fuck, harry!" she says, closing her eyes tightly and feeling her orgasm hit her.
he lifts his hips to slam against hers, feeling her walls tighten even more, enough for him to cum too, inside.
harry falls back against the pillow with his wife on his chest, both exhausted, and they snuggle until a knock on the door breaks the comfortable silence.
"styles! you better be ready cause we have to go, now!" jeff azoff's voice sounds on the other end, and they both sigh.
y/n lets him go, lying down next to him. "and i was about to attack you again."
he laughs, already standing and with the blanket covering him as he looks for his clothes but with the face mask already on. he turns to see her, and melts.
like an angel, y/n lies on her back, with her arms behind her head and body exposed to the munich sun coming through the window, he feels the itch in his nose that makes him want to cry of love.
"i'm so in love with you, fuck." he smiles, and she winks at him. "lemme just–"
he grabs his phone from the nightstand, quickly launching the camera app and taking a picture that he knows doesn't do justice to what his eyes are seeing right now.
"if that gets leaked like our yatch pictures i swear to god–"
"harry, hurry up!"
they both look at each other once more until he keeps searching. "where the fuck are m'clothes?"
"in the bathroom." she murmurs from the bed, and he walks into the room, finding all of his clothes on the floor after y/n basically ripped them off of him.
when he comes out with clothes in hand, y/n's already dressed and standing with her camera in hand. "y'took a picture of me so it's only fair that i do the same."
he throws the clothes on the small couch and holds the blanket with both hands, looking at the camera without expression, hair disheveled and mask still on.
his wife takes the photo and smiles when she sees it, coming over to leave a little kiss on his cheek.
"harry, i'll break this door down!"
"and i'll break your bloody face, for fuck's sake, stop fucking screaming!" she screams, and they look at eachother in silence until harry burst out laughing.
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