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no one will notice or miss me once i’m gone
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Not a fan.
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peony-pearl · 3 days
Slight canon divergence to atla’s finale where Iroh is very present and helping Zuko get dressed while he’s still injured and telling him things to remember for his coronation (but he promises he’s not going to let Zuko sink) when Mai shows up. Iroh gives them space and they quietly discuss where they want to be in their relationship and they apologize to each other but decide to take things slow but still hug it out. Katara shows up to check in on Zuko’s healing and Mai thanks her for helping him; the subject of Azula comes up. Zuko is unsure of what to do but he’s still adamant that she stays in the city because he wants to keep tabs on her recovery bc that’s his sister and she’s hurting the same way he was when he was banished, if not worse because at least he had Iroh by his side. Iroh pops back in to gently remind him they are both still young and have a lot of time to mend their relationship, because Iroh has plans to begin speaking to Ozai. Iroh and Zuko have one thing in common, and that’s being an older brother with a sibling they need to make repairs with.
Iroh is beaming though as they walk through the halls to the coronation; Zuko asks him what he’s so happy about and Iroh mentions that just a short time ago, Zuko was an angry young man without a direction - now he’s healing with friends surrounding him and he is on his way to being a better man than Iroh was at his age.
Zuko says there’s a lot of work to be done, and he hopes he’ll make Iroh proud. Iroh tells him ‘you already have; now you have to make yourself proud, Zuko.’
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 months
I was one of two gay frogs. My name was Evan and my frog boyfriend was named L. We had been teleported to a forest where a family of humans hates magic creatures and we joined a resistance to get rid of the family. There was also a group of unicorns who kept ruining all our plans.
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@changes made a post yesterday (3/17/2023) talking about some updates. but there is one in particular that is very important and i will share a screenshot down below.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it might not look like a big deal but it really is because this will help prevent cyber bullying and actually allow people to be able to sit back, relax, and have fun on here. there's also a great chance that this will help them (the staff) work on bettering and improving on their spam filters and safety precautions.
not only that but i can 100% confirm that the update is legit for i even tried it on my angeal blog over on @ofsgiathan. here's a screencap for proof down below.
Tumblr media
so please reblog this and spread the word to let everybody know about it! because this update is nothing short of a big freaking deal.
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floatyflowers · 10 months
Yandere Husband! 001 (Vecna) x Reader
Tumblr media
You are the biological daughter of Dr. Martin Brenner.
You don't have any powers, yet you help around the lab.
All the children love you and consider you their older sister, not just because you are Dr Martin Brenner's daughter, but also because you are kind to them.
You are sometimes even able to convince your father to take it easy on them.
That's what attracted 001 to you, he didn't feel like you are faking it.
That's your true nature, not like his parents, who were according to him, just faking it.
But, you are truly a sweet person.
He would watch you in secret sing every child to sleep with your gentle voice, which made him jealous.
He wanted you to only belong to him.
So, 001 didn't waste any time on using his manipulative skills to make you fall in love with him.
You didn't see his true evil intentions, you only saw him as a handsome gentleman who cares for the children as you do.
Adding to that, you never had the chance to have any boyfriend.
Which made it easy for 001 to convince you to marry him in secret.
"What if Papa finds out about this?"
"Don't worry, he won't"
You two at the time just said the vows and considered yourself husband and wife.
Of course, your meetings would get more difficult with time.
Which made 001 think of a way to escape this place, and take you with him.
But, he also wished to get rid of everyone.
And the answer was Eleven.
However, things turned out bad when you saw him murder the children except for Eleven.
001 tried to convince you that you, him and Eleven could run away together, and become a family.
But, that only made you and Jane feel betrayed.
You felt betrayed that he has been hiding the fact that he is Henry Creel the boy who murdered his sister and mother.
There's no way, you, him, and El could become a family.
Jane then used her powers on 001 in fear that he might hurt you.
She killed him.
Or did she?
As 001, now Vecna, won't stop at anything until he gets you back.
Whole work: ao3
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becherdireinen · 8 months
It’s so sad that some of the loveliest and kindest people hate themselves a lot.
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365filmsbyauroranocte · 5 months
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Les Sièges de l’Alcazar (Luc Moullet, 1989)
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degelina · 2 months
|Im Kopf, warte ich auf etwas, das nicht passieren wird.|
-Meine Gedanken haben mich nie angelogen
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astrocowgirl · 4 days
🧿 Evil Eye Magnets 🧿
Astrology Observations Part 15 :
Jealousy / Envy Magnet.
Tumblr media
Ascendant square MC : Jealousy here goes both ways. The ascendant person is jealous of the MC person's career and status. The MC person is jealous of the ascendant's identity.
Scorpio / Pluto stellium : They are naturally intense people. They hate superficiality. More often than not.. only superficial / insecure people are jealous of these natals..
Pluto in the 10th House / Scorpio MC : These natals are very ambitious & are not afraid of getting their hands dirty for what they want. People know that in the end .. these natals will get what they want.. that's what will drive people insane.. 😂
8th House Stellium : These natals receive powerful reactions (Hate , negativity, jealousy..etc.,.). Mostly because everyone will project their insecurities on to these natals.
Pluto - Ascendant / Scorpio in the 1st House : People are intimidated by these natals. People find these natals to be powerful & capable. These natals don't even try.. lol..
Mars square or opposite MC / Mars in the 10th House : Attract competitive people throughout their life. Especially people of the opposite sex. People who lack direction in their own life are jealous of these natals.
Sun - MC / Sun in the 10th House : These natals have an over-all dominating presence. Very ambitious and confident about their endeavours. They have a bright future ahead of them. When they walk into a room all eyes are on them. You see why they attract jealous.
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And so much hatred. 
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titleknown · 3 months
So, in other news, as leaks have shown, Hasbro's trying to not only close up their license for D&D 6th Edition, but even further trying to retroactively make previous versions of their license not work, in a way that would hose not just new but pre-existing third party material by making the contracts those were made under no longer valid.
This is obviously deeply, deeply horrifying to me as a person who cares about the Creative Commons, the idea of all these creatures and concepts that were there being snapped away back to the vault like ~*poof*~ is vile and infuriating to me, and the time to raise a ruckus about it and boycott 6e is now.
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