#have you seen something so gorgeous!
happyheidi · 6 months
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The lighting under the bridge makes it look like a crescent moon in the water ♡
Yongqing Fang, Guangzhou, China
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davyperez · 3 months
"people have got to learn the difference between i liked it and it was good" how about. people should just learn to understand why they like something and what they liked about it. and often that will lead to you saying "oh actually it WAS good. and here's why". or vice versa, if you understand why you dislike something you can say "it WAS bad and heres why". and bc those are opinions theres no objective or technical way to judge art as good or bad. you can say the lighting or editing or music is bad but like. someone somewhere is gonna disagree with you babe. are they wrong?? what if i thought the hunger games used the appropriate amount of shaky cam. then what.
#gonna write a post about why spirited away is a bad movie just to prove a point#if you have an unpopular opinion you could always simply back it up with an explanation if you want to argue about it so badly#it's cheesy it's boring it's pretentious it's problematic#it's unfunny it's not clever they're unlikable the messaging is awful#it's fun! it's funny! it's warm! i thought the characters felt real!#the story was compelling the editing was impressive the music was beautiful the cinematography was gorgeous#you can also just say you dont like something and it was bad with no follow up#i just did that with spirited away and i KNOW my reasoning is sound and im atraight up not going to explain bc i know someone will kill me!#anyway this is the one billionth time ive seen that post on my dash and its like#every time i feel the need to explain what an opinion is like im talking to a bunch of six year olds#would argue as well theres a difference between i LIKED it and i ENJOYED it. like newsflash people have complex feelings abt art#also. additionally. i think the way something makes you feel is reason enough to call it good or bad.#art is a conversation between the audience and the artist and sometimes even the most compelling smart cool badass convo topic#will make one of the people go ''i think that guy's an asshole'' and like. thats valid ig#theres no objectively good or bad conversation theres just. different conversations and different people to have them#lastly. im just kidding abt spirited away dont send me asks abt it LMFAO
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taonpest · 4 months
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I was supposed to test new brushes. Guess what? I use the same brush as always
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septembersghost · 2 months
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🎵 🎸🌠💖 don't fly away my beautiful bird 💖🌠🎸🎵
(aka pretend EP is actually in this because i was crying too much to get his face at the end, but look!!! my beloveds)
#i have....so so many things to say but am emotionally overwrought at the moment#so instead i'll share my mom and i were almost in here alone?#an older couple came in just after it started and apparently had somewhere to go and left twenty minutes before it was over...?!#i'm literally sitting in my seat like 😭💔🥺😭💔🥺 and a vibration goes off and they leave#i guess you could say they *could* walk out#so anyway i got to be annoying and clap at the end solo like the unhinged woman that i am#then dance around to the final credits then cry at his voice coming in for the end of if i can dream. truly an experience#and i do not foresee going to a movie again anytime soon since we haven't in so many years#so i was soaking up every bit of it#we had heated recliners i'm so so thankful because my spine didn't even hurt 😊#anyway this movie does NOT feel as long as it is#and it is so beautiful it's just such an incredible piece of filmmaking as a whole#i've loved it more each time i've seen it and the music in the theatre...my entire heart...#austin is so captivating on the big screen but EVERY element is phenomenal on the big screen it's just gorgeous and such a love letter#it makes my heart ache and fills it up all at once...the love of my life and soul being music too it's so embedded in this as its center#i'm just...really grateful it's something i got to see and experience#and i'm really glad he lingered through time and in and out of years of my life and waited around for me 💗#jess.mess#bubble wrap around my heart#elvis
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garrettfadingcover · 6 days
Wheelchairs are pretty difficult to draw and I myself definitely struggle with them a bit, but it’s always funny when I’m looking for references (Specifically the way that other people draw them so I know how to simplify the shapes) and I find one with only the larger 2 back wheels. Unless it’s a new, fancy model with some sort of self-balancing mechanic, it’s gonna end up tipping backwards, lol. 
#Like again they aren't the easiest to understand with how many different parts there are#And how all the metal rods connect to each other and shit. No judgement there#Better to draw something wrong than to avoid drawing it entirely because it's out of your comfort zone and all that#But whenever I see a drawing of a wheelchair and it doesn't have the smaller front wheels it's like. They are going to end up on their back.#Whoever is sitting in that thing is gonna lose their balance if they lean too far back and smash their skull on the concrete lmfao#I ABSOLUTELY have drawn them this way many many times so like I Get It. It's probably not something you'd think about unless you like#Use one yourself or design them or something. You're not gonna notice it otherwise unless you take the time to study them#And most people Do include 4 wheels from what I've seen so generally speaking yeah people seem to put in the effort#But again on the relatively uncommon occasion that I do see a drawing of a wheelchair and it only has 2 wheels it's just a bit funny#I guess it's also a matter of if it's just someone doing a low-effort scribble VS. a more experienced artist who clearly has#A lot of years of drawing experience and who probably put a lot of time into said specific drawing#It's a lot funnier when it's some big gorgeous piece with all sorts of crazy perspective and dynamic posing and stuff#And then there's just...... 2 Wheeled Wheelchair (Probably drawn mostly if not entirely from memory)#Willing to put in the time to study and perfect everything else but 2 extra wheels is just not worth the hassle#Anyways there are a lot of really cool modifications that exist for wheelchairs so I've been finding out recently#Tank treads..... motorcycle attachments................... cool fuckin' shit#I wonder if theoretically you could turn one into a helicopter. Now I don't know if that would be SAFE. But would it be Possible?#It's gotta be....... it feels within the realm of possibility..................
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firefletch · 1 year
Hello friend!! What are your top three favorite animated movies?
Hello! *waves*
Oh. Hmm. So many good ones so little space😂 😂
Into the Spiderverse is just. one of my top favorite movies of all time in general. It's absolutely gorgeous and I love the story and characters (and I'm a sucker for multiverse shenaniganery).
The first How To Train Your Dragon is spectacular, and the music alone is just *chef's kiss*. And like... Test Drive? Forbidden Friendship? Those scenes are So Good in so many ways. Plus I'm a sucker for dragons.
Third spot probably goes to Howl's Moving Castle, and while I do love it, I'll be honest: it's mostly because I'm going through a hyperfixation due to having just finished the audiobook (which was PHENOMENAL the narrator was so good and she gave Howl a Welsh accent). To continue the trend, I'm basically just a sucker for Howl and Sophie (and Calcifer) (Markl is fine but he's not Michael)
Honorable mentions:
Wolf Children
Spirited Away
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squishious · 7 months
ok i finished my psych notes so now i'm going to tell you all a story
#this is not actually that big of a deal i just want to tell someone anyways#drove up north for the long weekend and heard there was some sort of art and music night happening downtown#and we're staying in a pretty small rural ish town#so we thought it would be nice to go check it out before grabbing dinner#as we're looking for a place to park i think i spotted at least 3 blue lives matter hoodies#and then we got out and i saw another 2nd amendment t shirt#and coupled with the fact that when my dad had been here w/ friends 20 something years ago he had had this wierd micro (tbh not that micro)#agression experience#i was feeling uncomfortable in a way i hadn't really before#it's genuinely such an odd feeling and i wish it on no one. anyways i was internally freaking out a bit as we walked down#AND THEN#2 things happened#1 we passed this storefront with some HUGE letterpresses in them#so i went in and was met by literally the most amazing store ever#i could have lived there no joke#it was a printshop and papiere and they had the most lovely cards and a little press you could use and the most GORGEOUS paper i've ever se#ever seen these lovely pens and i cannot stress how amazing the postcards/prints/cards were#and that night happened to be the opening of a local collage artists exhibition and her work was just breathtaking#anyways after getting some stuff i went to checkout and ended up chatting with the owner#who as it turns out does all the desiigning + carving of the stamps#and she offered to show me around the actual print shop w/ the presses and whatnot#she was so lovely#omg wait i've gotten sidetracked#in the shop where was just a lot of queer friendly stuff and pieces centered around poc#like they had cards of people hugging and there wasn't just one m/f white couple#and they had a few...coming out cards ig? idk but they were hilarious#okay and then#i finally leave the shop and walk out onto the main drag#and it looks like every queer person in the town is out tonight#literally drag queens with flags tied around them so many steampunk couples and a ton of people who's outfits reminded me of
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telemarcs · 1 year
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Someone said it
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alrightsnaps · 1 year
Did they....fix Eloise's bangs? 🧐
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daylighteclipsed · 2 years
Very cool how the last chunk of Naruto season 5 got me weeping like a baby
#HEY UHHH IM NOT OKAY#I CRIED MULTIPLE TIMES#the animation during the naruto vs sasuke fight was SO *chef’s kiss* fucking gorgeous smooth as butter#some of the prettiest animated fight scenes i have ever seen#i feel like I’m watching like the Shakespeare of shonen anime. i never had a naruto phase as a kid but i can now see why it had-still has-#such a cultural impact. but also the sTOry?? my heart shatters for all these kids#but especially naruto and sasuke right now wtf I’m watching a tragedy#the violence of devotion. the ache of almost and could have been#these two incredibly lonely kids that could’ve said something sooner.when they were younger.#if one would’ve been brave enough to reach out maybe the story would be different.#maybe they would’ve been friends for years at the academy. maybe they wouldn’t have been so alone.#when sasuke says they’re best friends and naruto just repeats it to himself hesitant soft-he didnt know. he never realized#he never had a best friend before and it’s this precious thing. it’s...they both didnt acknowledge they were friends until they weren’t#didn’t say how much they mean to each other until it was ending. until it was over#but even after everything sasuke can’t kill naruto. and it’s a glimmer of hope. it’s the last tie so to speak to sasuke’s humanity#itachi said sasuke will never have enough hate in his heart and he’s right and i love that he’s right#also i can’t get over how dead inside both naruto and sasuke look after their fallout. there’s no light in their eyes#naruto always has this spark in his eye and for the first time it’s gone#like part of both of them died there. and then the spark comes back when naruto p much declares his new goal in life is to get sasuke back#also during the fight when naruto says ‘i don’t know why but i can’t stand the thought of losing you’ or something close to that bro i died#this whole thing killed me i wanna watch it again#man i really do be balling over an anime targeted at 14 yr old boys
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Me @ Disney movies I felt would have been great had they been released in theaters, (or would have been more known/seen):
Tumblr media
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golden-aire-girl · 1 year
#I really thought a fandom like the old guard featuring a strong female lead who happens to be black#two queer interracial relationships#and addressed the issues of being a minority immigrant would be the balm my soul has a been craving my entire fandom life#The canon is pretty much perfect for someone#and so it feels so personal that the most prolific writers and creators in the fandom chose the be racist bigotted and tokenize everything#that made this fandom so fucking special#it's just gutting#Its not that I wish someone would sensor AO3#I'm just hallowed out by how many creators are so comfortable in their racist tropes when it comes to Joe and Nicky#It literally makes my chest cold and stomach hurt because I don't want to do this in my free time#I don't want to fight this fight when I'm sitting on my bed looking for something fun#I'm so surprised that I'm taking this so personally but goddamn this is rough#I wish the biggest opinion I had to encounter was should Booker be forgiven or was his punishment fair?#but we're constantly at the baseline of hey Joe can be a complex interesting character too without being an angry rapist#Nicky can be shown to grow without dropping slurs every other word for the first half of your fic#Veronica Ngo is fucking gorgeous#Her eyes are not shaped like almonds#have you seen almonds?#can you be less lazy in your writing#ugh there are so many INCREDIBLE writers in this fandom I don't know why I'm wasting energy on the shabby charlatans#I wish I could block writers from my feed#I know some of them only know how to write garabge#and I want to take it out
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I got some tattoos today
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tmpttion · 2 months
i'm a bit overwhelmed with the amount of edits i've seen so just in case im letting you all know that i will be rbing them only it'll probably take me some time bc i like to comment on them in the tags :)
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asbealthgn · 2 months
Eddie is used to getting recognized in public, but it doesn’t mean he likes it.
And Gareth knows how much he doesn’t like it, so Eddie’s not really sure why his best friend has completely abandoned him like this. Well, maybe abandon is a little dramatic. He said he’d be right back, but that was half an hour ago, and there’s only so many times he can circle the park and dive into bushes anytime someone gets too close. Which is why Eddie left the park altogether and is now sitting at a bus station. No one would expect notorious Corroded Coffin frontman Eddie Munson to be at a bus station, right?
Except he’s not sure the hat and sunglasses and incongruous location are quite doing their job. A group of kids across the road have stopped and they’re all whispering amongst themselves as they look at him. Eddie really wishes he had something to conceal himself with, but his hand over his face would definitely look way too suspicious. He’s thinking he might just have to cut and run and take his chances back in the park bushes.
That is, until the most beautiful man he’s ever seen in his life sits in the seat next to him, unfurling a giant map that easily shields both of them. Eddie’s fucking savior.
“Hey, you wouldn’t happen to know how to get to Japantown, would you?” the guy asks.
As it happens, Eddie does know how to get to Japantown. He hasn’t actually ridden the bus in years, but he still remembers the route. “Yeah,” he says, pointing it out on the map. “You just get on line five headed east and ride it like nine or ten stops until you get to McAllister and Fillmore. From there you just have to walk a few blocks to get into the area.”
The guy looks at him with big eyes, brown and a little droopy. “McAllister and Fillmore,” he repeats, like he’s trying to memorize it. He has pretty pink lips, glistening a little like he’s wearing lipgloss. 
Fuck, he’s adorable. And looks a bit prone to getting lost. And Eddie’s still kind of mad at Gareth for leaving him high and dry out here. So as the bus pulls up to the stop, Eddie figures what the hell?
“I’m actually headed that way,” Eddie says, standing. “I can show you.”
The guy’s whole face brightens and fuck, he really is gorgeous. “You don’t mind?”
“Not at all, big boy.”
The bus is blessedly empty other than one shriveled up lady sitting towards the front with her groceries and a teenager in the middle with giant headphones and their nose in a book. Eddie heads to the back with the guy, who now has a faint blush dusting his nose and cheeks.
“I’m Steve, by the way,” he says as he sits in the seat next to Eddie. “What’s your name?”
So that confirms that Steve doesn’t know who he is. It didn’t seem like he did from how he was reacting, but it’s a bit of relief to know for sure. “Eddie,” he says, bumping his shoulder into Steve’s. “Nice to meet you.”
Steve gives him a smile that’s about as radiant as the sun as he nudges Eddie’s shoulder back. “You too.”
“So what do you have going on in Japantown?” Eddie asks.
“I’m headed to a baby shower for some friends who live near there,” he says, “Well, it’s not a real baby shower.”
“‘Cause it’s not a real baby. That is, it’s not a human baby.”
Eddie lifts his eyebrows. “I think you lost me.”
Steve twists in his seat and starts gesturing with his hands. “Well, it all started when they found out that one of their cats wasn’t actually spayed and had gotten knocked up by a stray,” he says, “And Robin was like, ‘Hey, more cats, that’s a good thing,’ and Nancy was like, ‘No, our neighbors already think we’re crazy cat ladies.’”
“Uh huh.”
“So they compromised and decided they would keep one kitten and give the rest away,” Steve says, “So it’s less of a come give us presents for our baby shower and more of a please take our babies away shower. You know?”
“Oh yeah, one of those,” Eddie says, and Steve laughs. 
“Hey, are you in the market for a kitten?” he asks. “Cause if you are, I totally know where you can get one.”
It’s Eddie’s turn to laugh. “Honestly?” he says, “I’ve got nothing else going on. Why the hell not?”
Steve gives him another one of those radiant smiles and Eddie can’t help but hope he gets more than a kitten by the end of this.
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phantom-dc · 28 days
A deal with the Ghost King
Part2 AO3
Danny was getting impatient.
He had been annoyed at being summoned, then exited when he found himself in the Justice League Watchtower. He was in space! But then the guy in the raincoat begun offering a piece of his soul in exchange for destroying a meteorite, and he had become annoyed instead. He doesn't want a soul! Doesn't this guy get he'd be Danny's slave for eternity? So taking a page off Clockwork's book, he said something cryptic and ominous so no one else tried to bribe him with souls. They had turned white and raincoat guy asked if they could be excused for a moment before pulling the other heroes into a different room. Wich, first off: Rude. Second: Danny couldn't leave the summonning circle unless he made a deal or if he was send back. At first he had been curious what they would offer him now, settling into a more humanoid form instead of the eldritch nightmare being summoned always forced him into. That had been a while ago though, and now he was getting impatient. They better come back soon so he can go deal with the problem. He'll do it for a Pop-tart at this point, as long as he can go break that overgrown space-rock!
Jason was pissed. Batman had ordered everyone to come to the Watchtower immediatly. Jason wasn't even allowed to wear his helmet (he scared the younger Leaguers), having to settle for a domino mask instead. Good thing he had 2, because Nightwing had even brought Alfred! Jason wanted anwsers, why did B rush them here? He hadn't even greeted or explained anything to them, just had Plastic-man bring them to a room to wait. But Jason was done waiting, so he stormed to the main briefing room. He expected B and his Justice club. Instead he found a glowing, floating hero. The floor glowed a bit beneath him, his skin tinted green and his hair floated as if underwater, a crown surrounded by its own northen light. He was beautifull. Anger forgotten, he made his way over, deciding to make some small talk. 'Hello there! Are you a new hero? I've never seen you before?'
Danny was startled. He'd been focussing on the door the heroes left through, trying to will them back. He hadn't even noticed the Liminal behind him until he spoke! He turned around, and was again caught of guard. Even with the Domino covering his eyes,he could tell this guy was really handsome! A mountain of chiseled muscles and a white streak of hair that gave him something mysterious. Oh crap, he was staring. What did he say again? 'Hello! I'm Phantom. It's nice to meet you!' The Liminal introduced himself as J. 'Anyone ever tell you you're drop-dead gorgeous?' Danny laughed. Hot and death puns? Yep, he's going for it. The Leaguers aren't back yet anyway.
Jason was kicking himself. Really? That's the best he could come up with? Thank god Phantom had seemed to like it. 'Well, it certainly wouldn't get a rise out of me if they did!' he said. 'So what are you doing here? I didn't see you at the meeting?' Jason shrugged. 'No idea actually. B called for all hands on deck, so here I am. What are you here for?' Phantom sighed. 'They got me here to deal with some stupid rock, but then ditched me here for an impromptu meeting. I just want to go take care of it, but I can't just leave.' Phantom looked annoyed. Jason asked if Phantom wanted a tour of the Watchtower, surely Flash could get him when they needed him? Phantom looked dejected. He couldn't leave without being dismissed. Jason decided to make a move. 'Ok, how about this: you deal with that rock, and afterwards, we can meet up in Gotham and I'll give you a tour there! Deal?' Phantom looked up, an inhumanly while smile on his face.
After that Phantom had left, saying the boyscouts had their chance. 'I look forward to our date!' He said and then dissapeared. Jason was exited! He went back to the others, who hadn't noticed he'd left. No matter, he had a date to plan!
Contantine was freaking out. The meteorite had proven too much for the Justice League. Most of their heavy hitters had been off-planet or out off commision. The damn thing was even made of kryptonite! He had no choice but to summon the only being that he knew of that could deal with it and could be bribed. He had offered the mighty Ghost King a piece of his soul, but been rejected! Batman had offered his own soul instead, but again this offer wasn't enough. The Ghost King explained there were billions of mortals about to become his subjects. Why trade that for 1 measily soul? He needed a better offer if they wanted his help. Panicked, Constantine had pulled the other League members into a different room, not wanting them to make a deal by accident. They were all making desperate suggestions. What could be worth more than every soul on Earth? They had made a list of magical and historical artifacts from every members background. It was a long shot, but the meteorite was getting too close. As they went back to the Ghost King they were praying it would be enough.
The King was gone. Suddenly in the distance the meteorite exploded. Someone had made a deal with the Ghost King, and no one knew who. What had they offered?
What could possible be worth more to the High King of the Infinite Realms than every living soul on Earth?
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