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the-666-news · 3 days
Tumblr media
Good evening, I’m Katie Killjoy!
And I’m Tom T—
Nobody gives a shit.
We’re here to report on all the hottest gossip of Hell, and maybe even Heaven or Earth. If we feel like it, who fucking knows? We’ll cover gossip from all over, including here!
And to answer questions that our viewers may have for us!
OOC:I have no association with Vivziepop or her characters, this is just an obsessed fan being bored and goofing off. Things will most likely be out of character at times, I’m just kinda having fun with this.
Feel free to dm me if you want me to reblog a specific drama!
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Ah, Carmilla! How are you this hellish evening?
"Alastor. A pleasure as always." Carmilla could already feel a headache forming "Is there something you need?"
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hellishradio · 3 months
*Puts this in your arms and runs off*
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Tumblr media
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sockmanduckman · 3 months
TW—Mentions of suicide
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Real people are behind these blogs, and telling then to kill themselves is NOT okay in ANY capacity.
They might just be words on the internet to you, but these can actually hurt people. And if one of these mods followed through, the blood would be on your hands for saying that.
I didn’t ever imagine making a post like this, because I assumed it be a “no fucking shit” thing, but you jackasses are acting like toddlers.
And to the people saying “It’s just a joke!”, or “Don’t be so sensitive.” get bent, genuinely.
Don’t be a dumbass, and don’t tell people to kill themselves.
And if you have done shit like this, and someone leaks your ip address (because that’s what happens on the internet) I don’t fucking feel bad for you, you did it to yourself!
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xwitchyaurax · 4 months
Alright, adding on to my search for rp partners!! I’m now looking for Hazbin Hotel. Specifically RadioApple. I’m aware alastor is aroace but as an asexual person, I’m enjoying headcannoning (MAJOR EMPHASIS ON HEAD CANON) him as otherwise. Love the rep, just doesn’t fit my style sadly. I’m willing to play either party 🫶🏻 please be 18+ for this.
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xxsmilingdeerxx · 3 months
Tumblr media
📻“Guys I didn't sign up for feeling. What the fuck.” said a flustered Alastor “but actually this is rather peculiar.”🎙
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voxasks · 2 months
How big is your dick? 🥵
“never  measured  it  because  i'm  not,  i  don't  know—brad  from  high  school  tryna  convince  his  football  teammates  that  he's  the  shit,  but  from  past  experiences  maybe  eight?  nine?  all  i  know  is  that  it  gets  the  g-spot.”
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mama-vaggie · 2 months
New concept:
The "hate blog" that's been sending us all mean anons isn't really a hate blog.
They're the fussiest, littlest, most crybaby regressor that the caregivers see. Let's all treat them as such. Put them down for a nap. Pop a binki in their mouth. Spoon feed them while making the silly sounds that our good kiddos love so much.
Give the fussy baby all the attention that they clearly need, and then move on.
And any regressors that get bullied by this mean, mean guest at our hotel, just tag me baby. I gotchu. 💜 🖤
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pacoholin · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pwincess-charchar · 2 months
Hey hey! Big char-char here to give an important message to all the other littles and to the wonderful caregivers!
I know there’s been an awful anon bully going around and being mean :( I just wanna say to anyone who’s received hate or is scared of it to not listen to them! They’re just some faceless grey icon with nothing better to do with their time. Don’t take anything they say to heart, they aren’t worth it!
There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with agere. It’s a healthy coping mechanism, nothing bad or creepy about it! Don’t you forget that!
I know not a lot of people see my stuff, but if this can help even one person then that’s more than enough! Keep being yourself! I love you all (/platonic)!! 🌈✨♥️
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the-666-news · 2 days
hello! :3
Tumblr media
Why, hello there, MJ Morningstar!
How may we assist you, I’m sure you came for a reason!
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If this post gets 150 notes I'll change the username to Carmilla-the-zestial-simp
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heavenly--knight · 3 months
He decided to start packing his bags to prepare for his trip back to heaven, preparing himself emotionally for seeing Sera again after the huge fight, he thought of not saying bye to Basil. He didn't want to make him cry
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taintedclippedwings · 3 months
Looking for a HAZBIN HOTEL roleplay partner!
I’m looking to do a Lucifer x Alastor roleplay (specifically an AU based off the comic below)
I’d like to play Lucifer. Please PM me if interested
art credit: @/pomescott on X/twt
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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xxsmilingdeerxx · 3 months
Tumblr media
📻“I’m trying to sleep. Hands off.”🎙
Tumblr media
...though his tail seems to be wagging?
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hellishradio · 3 months
How is the abomination I gave you doing?
"A poor sinner has suffered its wrath."
Tumblr media
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