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cinamun · 2 months
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Soulful Tees & Teas | Next
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antidisneyinc · 3 months
it's actually insane that avatar is a franchise solely about the colonial genocide of a people and the takeaway, via everything james cameron & co. say in promo, is not supposed to be "genocide bad" or "colonialism bad" but simply "environmental harm bad." cannot think of a whiter pseudo activist message than telling a story to promote nature conservation wherein the destruction of the indigenous who call that environment home is completely secondary. not only was jimbo repulsed by the thought of centering real life indigenous people but he doesn't even consider his tribal cosplay oc's to be more than vehicles for celebrity activism
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willowser-but-nsfw · 4 months
sometimes i imagine bakugou getting so turned on by like. the most inane things and being so mad about it LOL
at four in the morning, coming home from patrol, and he's so fucking tired and sweaty and greasy and the first thing he does is head straight for a shower. and he passes through your room and you're sprawled out all wild in the bed, a leg hanging half off the mattress, and you're in a too-big shirt of his that's ridden up at your ribs, giving him a clear view of your soft stomach and how easily you're breathing.
and i think he gets severe, primitive cute aggression !! because you're so sweet and soft and dead to the world and safe in his home !! and he just gets to stand there and watch you for a little bit and he kind of wants to talk to you, misses you and wants your attention, gets a funny feeling in his stomach that he brushes off as goddamn butterflies, because he's so in love with you that it's sickening, but he goes off to take his shower. half asleep himself under the stream, letting the hot water loosen some of his tension, uncoiling the muscles in his back and his shoulders and scrubbing his skin until it's warm and tender. and when he gets out, he grabs a towel to run over his face and through his hair and his mouth is open and he just. inhales the scent of you. because he's picked up your towel by accident and it's still a little damp and reeks of your body wash.
and then he's just like a dog akdbehshak eyes pop open so wide when he realizes it's not talking that he wants to do with you. can't stop replaying the blissed out look on your face from the other day when he had you underneath him. blood rushes from his head so fast that it could make him sick, and he peeks out the bathroom door to see you still stretched out, the material of his shirt caught underneath you and pulled taut over the soft swell of your breast and he didn't realize before, but you're sleeping in those athletic shorts that are too tight and too short and if you lifted your leg a little higher, he could see your ass-cheek and —
so he's just left standing there LOL stark naked, dick hard, still dripping from the shower, your towel shoved up to his face like a fucking animal, thinking oh no. oh fuck. what now. because he's not gonna wake you up for this, and his body is exhausted. can feel the depth of the circles under his eyes, he probably looks like shit. gotta work early afternoon, so katsuki thinks maybe if he gets a solid three hours of sleep, he'll be ready to go before you have to get up for work.
just lays down beside you and stares at the ceiling. face red, because he's so pissed that he's suddenly 21 again and doesn't know how to get himself together around you. and it doesn't help when you wiggle around to cuddle up to him, placing a hand on his chest as you hum out a sleepy, "welcome home."
(of course, you like to talk to him after work, too, especially when your schedules clash and there's not much time to spend together. your body wakes up on instinct when you feel the bed sink with his weight, and he's very short with you and you don't understand until he rolls on his side and pulls you back against him, and then you're finally opening your eyes and peeking over your shoulder at him because, "are you hard right now?" but katsuki just buries his face in your hair and grumbles to himself. you don't think there's anything remotely sexy about you right now, but he nips you when you laugh and you really don't mind that much when he peels your shorts off, anyway.)
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nitroish · 1 month
Tumblr media
war and hate on planet trauma
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doodlesforfics · 6 months
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Who’s Old Now? by @lirabuswavi​ (um i hope i tagged the right person, cause like im 80% sure you are same ao3 lirabuswavi, if not im sorry <;D)
ok this one-shot literally opened my eyes to sheer chaos possibility of Adult!Fenton adopting kid Billy B. while Teenager!Phantom being mistaken as Shazam’s ward and just ladskjsdk??? superhero/magic/ghost community would not be prepared. amazing fic. such fun.
and some doodles inspired by the fic
Tumblr media
let lil Billy have retired ghost superhero possibly eldritch overpowered being Phantom as protective Dad.
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uhhsureisuppose · 9 months
I made a bad meme
Tumblr media
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piedpiperart · 2 months
I see a lot of posts about Danny seeing Jason and immediately thinking he’s a baby ghost and wanting to adopt him but what if it’s the other way around?
What if Jason sees Danny and is hit with oh my god that’s a baby, who left a baby unattended out on the street?? He needs help, gotta protect him, mine, yeah he’s mine now, I got u lil guy don’t worry
Meanwhile 15 yr old Danny is like um hi?? And promptly gets kidnapped. But he just lets it happen because he’s actually feeling the safest he’s ever felt in his life with this guy, and Danny’s core immediately recognizes Jason as parental figure and just relaxes Danny 100%
Jasons feeling like Danny is a helpless baby while Danny feels safe, protect, calm, safe, relax, and he just lets Jason take him home. Neither are really sure why or what is going on with them but they’re not gonna stop it.
I think it’s because Danny’s own parents kinda suck and any other ghost that he’s interacted with he’s had to fight in some capacity or has been spooked by them. Jason’s the only one who 1) wanted to parent him and 2) has good vibes. Danny’s usually waiting for fights to happen and he’s very stressed. Jason calms him down so much he probably falls asleep before they even get to Jason’s apartment, full trust that Jason will take care of him.
Meanwhile Jason never really connects with his pit side, but really wants to find some way to have a truce. Cue Danny, and both Jason and the Pit turn to protectiveness and so the rage becomes more protection and Jason yk, might be kinda lonely and wanting something to take care of. He was probably thinking about getting a cat and not a kid but he’s not complaining
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crybaby-bkg · 1 month
drunk Bakugou that keeps blinking big wet eyes up at you while you help him get undressed and brush his teeth and wash his face. he’s slurring the whole time about how much he loves you and how pretty you are and how you’re the better part of him and how he’s gonna marry you and give you two and a half kids and a dog and a cat. muffles half of his confessions into your stomach where he keeps resting his heavy head, and doesn’t care about the tears and and toothpaste he’s getting on you in the process. no, he doesn’t remember everything when he wakes up, but he has an idea of what he’s said when you wake up with a grin, ready and armed to tease him.
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eliounora · 2 years
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ah yes, the scene where Gimli calls Éomer stupid and Éomer threatens to kill him and Legolas takes it personally
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neoncolorblocks · 3 months
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Rest In Peace Donnie, since the embarrassment from that can be fatal.
Guy just wanted to teach the kids about some of his upbringing and it backfired lol
Extra frame I couldn’t fit in bc it felt too out of character but I thought it was cute:
Tumblr media
Please don’t tag this as ship, thank you✨
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cowboysorceror · 26 days
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scenario from the kryptonian selkie au that lives in the heads of me and my besties (@mamawasatesttube & @deadchannelradio) & was inspired by this art from @spookyprime 🦭 pov your kind-of son who had his coat stolen by the people who created him and had to fight so hard to get it back comes home with his friend WEARING IT (friend has no idea what his seal fur jacket means btw) because he fell into the harbor in January and so you have an initial PANIC gut reaction. ID is in alt text!
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cowboykakashi · 4 months
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We moved into a new house that has a balcony so now his lordship can watch over us from on high
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whoever this beloved anon was I am so touched by your kindness! You definitely didn’t have to do this but I am so happy you enjoy this idea and I will happily expand upon it for you!
this is just a collection of word vomit bullet points for the time being but I will happily answer any and all questions about this pair!!
warnings: violence, angst, child death (Sarah Miller), foul language, the same warnings that apply to tlou, reader is Sarah's mom and described as having similar features to her. 
Tumblr media
So the general Idea is that you and Joel are happily married before the outbreak. 
You had been Sarah's mother, his high school sweetheart he got pregnant when neither of you were old enough to have any reaction to the pregnancy test other than a fucking panic attack in one another’s arms. but you made it work 
you both worked but made time for one another and your sweet girl, going to museums every other weekend and joel insisting on swooping you off for a date every now and then 
nothing special. He knows you’re more of a diner gal than anything too fancy that makes you both feel out of place. 
On his birthday in 2003, you had planned to tell him that you were pregnant again. But the memories of your own fears of motherhood from all those years ago begin to swirl through your head again and you get cold feel. deciding to tell him the morning after
it is his birthday afterall, you want to focus on him. 
but when you’re woken up in the middle of the night because tommy needs to get bailed out, Joel kisses you sweetly one last time before promising he’ll be back and you can’t shake the feeling that something bad is happening. 
its you that shakes sarah awake that night. shouting at her to put on her shoes when she’s still rubbing the sleep from her eyes because you’ve been listening to the radio for the past two hours, calling joel again and again and again praying for him to fucking pick up but to no avail. 
Sarah, bless your little girl’s bleeding heart is the one who insists you check on the adler’s against your better suspicions and when you find the eldest looming over her daughter, blood and sinew dripping from her mouth, you grab your daughter hand and burst into a full sprint until something slams into your back and sends you tumbling onto their front lawn
its how joel finds you, struggling to keep the once sweet old woman, whose now nothing more than dead eyes and gnashing teeth straining to snap at your pulse point as you push against her while sarah shrieks before your husband runs forward and cracks her skull with a wrench. 
there’s hardly a moment of pause, just enough for him to pull you up and into his arms before he’s ushering you both into the car with an urgency. 
when the truck crashes, you get separated from them. Perhaps at Tommy’s side when the flames rise and create a wall, separating you from your husband, or maybe pulled into the mob of chaos when trying to escape from those already infected-
all joel knows is that you promise you’ll find him: just get sarah to safety and you’ll meet him at the river
Poor thing is already so frightened, held in her father’s arms with tears streaming down her face insisting they can’t leave you they just can’t but her father kisses her forehead and reassures her its going to be okay 
“we just need to be brave, okay babygirl? Your mama’s real tough, she’s gonna be alright.” 
he isn’t sure if he’s saying it to his daughter or himself. 
but when he comes to the river you aren’t there. Only a soldier who points a gun at the scared little girl in his arms and then he loses everything
its when the light is gone from his daughter’s eyes that he realizes. His voice cracked and raw from sobbing that he looks around to see his brother with drawn in shoulders and tears in his eyes but his wife is nowhere to be found. 
Tommy says you got lost in the chaos. Everything was so loud, so sudden that he turned around and suddenly you weren’t there. 
Joel wants to go back but its Tommy that stops him, that dulls the red in his vision to a sad faded pink because his brother points at the orange horizon not too far from them, so much of the city is already in flames. 
“We’re gonna find her, but not there.” 
So Joel searches. for the first year spent in the world post-outbreak its all he did. 
He became a smuggler because of it. 
Information came at a price and he needed to be able to fucking pay it, whether it be in blood or ration cards. He was willing to do anything to find you or any thin thread that lead your way. 
But it’s Tommy that asks him to give up. Not in those words of course. 
The youngest Miller knows better than to say something so cruel that would make his brother, the only person he has in this world turn on him. 
But his voice is worried when he asks him one night in Boston when he hasn’t even had the chance to wash the blood from his knuckles 
“You think she would have wanted this for you?” 
the fight that followed his words was brutal. Vicious insults and scarred fists slamming against each brother until they're both too tired and bloody to continue. Each leaning against a wall for support and Tommy’s wavering voice breaking the silence. 
“I don’t know where she is, Joel. But I do know you're gonna get yourself killed if you keep lookin’ for her.” 
All he can do is nod. 
It’s a few days later when he meets Tess. Who has heard plenty of stories about the elder miller’s brutality and wants him to put that muscle to good use for some extra profit. 
It begins his new life. One that empty and cold but one he can live. 
Until of course, Ellie comes along. The sweet and incredibly opinionated girl that makes him become something akin to the man he thought died twenty years ago. 
its when he’s traveling with Ellie, that it happens. When a warm familiarity has settled between the two because so much blood and pain has been shared he can’t help but see her as something close, something bright even though all he can force himself to utter in her reference is “cargo” 
when theyre traveling through the woods as Ellie chatters away, probing his memory about a movie that may or may not have existed thirty years ago because her descriptions of the plot are incredibly odd he hears a voice shout for them to stop and finds himself staring at a man- no, a boy- pointing a gun at them. 
Ellie stills, but Joel can see enough to know that from the lanky figure and dimpled face that he’s young. Maybe twenty, twenty-two at the oldest, but his eyes dart from Joel to Ellie with a pinprick of fear that allows Joel the time to charge forward and slam him to the ground before wrestling the gun from his hands. 
He has enough to time to tuck it under the stranger’s chin before he hears the sound of the safety being turned off and finds himself looking up and seeing a gun just inches from his face. 
Joel’s head whips around when Ellie’s voice calls out his name in fear, he turns to see another stranger holding her a gun point, shoulders drawn back and a shadow cast over their face by the had obstructing their identity. 
“You hurt one of mine, I hurt one of yours. That a fair deal?” 
Its takes him a moment to recognize you. It’s been so long since he’s heard your voice, the sweet tease when you would poke at him each time he woke up late despite the fact that you reminded him to set his alarm the night before, the times you’d chide him with a harsh “Joel Miller!” whispered in public anytime he was able to grab you a bit too passionately to be appropriate in public but the laughter in your voice let him know you were never truly mad at him. You didn’t know how to be. 
But that sweetness is buried under a cold rasp that cuts through the air as you point a rifle at the scared little girl in front of you.
“You think I won’t?” You’re older now, skin covered in scars from a life he didn’t know you got the chance to live and your eyes are cold as they regard your husband. “Put the gun down and get the fuck off of him, I won’t repeat myself.” 
Joel mumbles your name in awe. The woman he loved, the woman he mourned the one he fought so hard to find stands before him like some sort of hallucination and suddenly the world feels like its spinning until you bark orders at him again. 
“You’ve got five seconds Joel, make a fucking choice before I make it for you.” 
He looks down and realizes the boy under him, the one with the bleeding nose and snarling face has your eyes and his dimples. 
The one above him has Sarah’s hair. Soft brown curls that shine under the sun. 
Wait. No, they both do.
Twins. Jesus fucking Christ you had twins. 
Joel holds the rifle up above his head and the one boy standing snatches it from his grasp, tossing it to the ground and kicking it far from his reach. He slowly stands, allowing your son- dear god your son- to scramble to his feet. 
Your voice softens just for a moment. “You okay, Duke?” 
Blood stains the bottom half of his face from where Joel slammed his fist into the boy’s nose just moments before, but he nods nonetheless. 
Now, they both stand on one side of you and he can see the resemblance clear as day the same way he would whenever Sarah was by your side.
When you order him to hand over his bag, he does so without question before telling Ellie to do the same. 
She watches him with wide eyes, her hands still up in the air but gaping at her companion as if he had grown a second head. 
“Joel!” “Just do it, alright?”
He doesn’t miss the way you watch their interaction with narrowed eyes until she tosses her bag to you and you slowly lower your gun. 
“Now, you want to tell me what the fuck you think you’re doin’ at my home?” 
#joel miller x reader#joel miller x you#i had an idea of something similar for tommy but on outbreak night he uh. abandons you instead of getting separated from you#because. angst :D#people say nice things#this was incredibly generous of you anon thank you so so much!#i may get myself a little starbucks drink this week now because I havent had starbucks since like january 1st lol#joel reeling from taking in all this information and also realizing he suckerpunched HIS OWN KID#id like to apologize for all the grammatical issues with this. this is just a bulletpoint word vomit to get my thoughts on the page before-#-beginning the actual fic. also I have to do a midterm tonight and this is my treat to myself hehe#but yes. joel getting separated from his wife on outbreak night and having to accept that shes probably dead#meanwhile youve lived this entire life without him because you think HES dead ad raising your boys all on your own#which just- further digs into his insecurities about failing in his role as a protector#he couldn't save sarah. he can't save ellie and he couldn't even save you#he thinks about you pregnant and alone. fending for yourself in a world full of infected and raiders and his chest grows tight again#this is all followed by Ellie going >:O 'you KNOW THIS PSYCHO?'and then joel immediately snapping at her to WATCH HER MOUTH#because that kid has no filter and he has to explain that youre his wife#anyways joels wife is a badass mfer who also maybe has a little garden and some chickens that you and your boys take care of <3 yeah .#reunion tag#ill be using that for this specific couple because I dont have a fic title yet but if anybody has suggestions!
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ratbastardbilly · 6 months
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He's danger prone.
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thwackk · 1 month
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HAL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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surii · 6 months
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MAKE ME CHOOSE — anonymous asked: jiang cheng and wei wuxian pre time-skip or jiang cheng and wei wuxian post time-skip
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