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nelkcats · 5 days
Not a Dog!
A competition was set up to award the best dog between Gotham and Amity Park, probably because the judges were quite aware that the two cities were a little crazy and decided to unite their competitions.
Damian bragged that he shouldn't be participating since obviously Titus would beat everyone. Jason snorted and commented that Dog was much better than Titus and would win the competition easily, the rest of the siblings walked away from the discussion, but Dick felt left out and called his friend.
Beast Boy, better known as "Gar" wasn't too happy about Dick using his favor to make him pretend to be a dog in a pet contest, but he agreed. Dick signed him up as his own pet while Jason and Damian complained about how silly the idea was.
When Gotham competitors list was released on Amity, Danny noticed that one contestant had a green dog and smiled. He could compete with Cujo! His father told him something about wanting to compete too but the halfa denied and said that he needed a dog for that.
On the day of the competition the judges tried not to flinch at the two obviously green dogs and a contestant who had decided to enter with a peculiar type of dog, they decided to judge them as best as possible. A rivalry ensued between all the contestants while Danny tried to avoid looking at his father's eyes, why was he participating with a fridge?
To everyone's surprise, none of the dogs won. The winner was Jack Fenton, with his very alive and aggressive sausages. The judges couldn't disqualify him because "hot dog" was technically a type of "dog" even if they didn't know how it was possible, and Jack taught the hot dogs a few tricks.
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craftgamerzz · 1 year
OKAY. Jaskier’s hairstyle pls.
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so-long-soldier28 · 2 months
one of my ex best friends and I stopped talking because we both switched schools...
... but we switched to the same school
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edwardbonnets · 1 year
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stede + his “oh so this is what falling in love is” eyes appreciation post
ed’s version
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w1lmuttart · 11 months
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Congrats to the five year olds, they grow up so fast <3
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thevalleyisjolly · 4 months
As an archivist, thinking about the right to be forgotten in a specifically archival context, and the idea that not everyone wants their stories or their records to be made available to anyone/for everyone; that often, what a community judges to be the best preservation for their own histories and culture is not what is beneficial to outsiders, especially outside academics.
More specifically, thinking about this in the context of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/The Silmarillion/other Legendarium books as “historical” texts.  Thinking about maybe the “authors” not writing everything down because they understand the power of stories and how the telling of a thing grants a certain power over it, over how it is known and spread, and positions the teller as a figure of authority over what (and who) is depicted.
We already know that Bilbo is an unreliable narrator, that he changes things and leaves things out.  There were a few posts and fics years ago, when the Hobbit movies came out, about Bilbo befriending a young Estel in Rivendell and deliberately leaving that out of his stories at Gandalf/Elrond’s request.  What other things might he have left out, perhaps, out of respect for his friends in the Company and their desire to keep their culture and language private and closed? 
Pengolodh compiling the Annals of Beleriand from which came the greater part of The Silmarillion - but he was in Gondolin for much of the First Age, and would have had to rely on other sources to give an account of the rest of Beleriand.  Who did he talk to?  What might they have said and not said, and what might they have requested he include or keep out? 
Anyways, the Legendarium as an archive, something actively created and shaped by the different people in and around it, who both added things and left things out unintentionally or by design or on request. 
#lotr#silmarillion#ironically this would make the archivists of middle-earth more respectful and conscious of this than many irl archivists#i jest; there are many excellent archivists who are putting the time and the effort in to do the work right and to spearhead change#not that there aren't still a great many traditionally trained archivists who are being absurdly obstinate about this#but there is progress; however slow; being made in the archival field about recognizing people's rights to their own records#writing this instead of my personal archives paper asdfghjkl;#this isn't the main point of this post but i also like to headcanon post war of wrath burgeoning loremaster elrond#travelling around and meeting different communities and hearing their stories#and sometimes they ask him to share those stories with others and many other times they ask him not to spread them#he meets a kindi tribe in the east who have no desire to be involved in any of the bullshit happening over in the west#they are fine with him as a friend but explicitly ask that he not let anyone else know about their existence#he befriends dwarves living in the blue mountains who wish people to remember the glory of tumunzahar and gabilgathol#but who don't want their culture and language widely spread for outsiders to know#he reestablishes contact with the silvan elves in the greenwood who are eager to hear news of their long sundered kin#and request that he bring news of them to the survivors of ossiriand
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lanshappycorner · 3 months
U know twst is such a mindfuck because all the personal stories and events are canonly confirmed to be like alternate universes/events outside of the main story, so you can be besties with this character in one event/story and then you go back to the main story and they fucking hate your guts (sebek)
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worstloki · 8 months
people fr are like "do you expect Loki to always be in armour? 🤨" and I'm here to answer that Yes! Yes I do! In fight situations, at the very least! Take a look at Thor! Take a look at Loki in Thor 1! Or either of them in Avengers 1! Or even - dare I say - Thor 2! Loki's got LOTS of outfits, switching pieces between them and across scenes, even. He goes through the most outfit changes, and they were all cool and detailed and suited to the situations! Even when not armour! So Yes! I either expect him to reflect such bombardment of clothing in the series as well (within bounds of what is reasonable) or armour when he's fighting. Or at the very least for him to be wearing some green.
#'why is it BROWN' 'omg you can't just ask why it's brown...' 'ok. why is he working with the timeline brainwashing genocide fascists?' 'um'#the Loki show#is the mcu for real like we're not going to put loki in his signature colours in a show with his name on it#what kind of clownery#my dude he was in green when he was in a cell on asgard#he got away from thanos in green - albeit hastily modified and a bit worn down - armour#bestie he didn't don a single horned helm in the entire season#my guy that is not loki if he cannot summon a new outfit even when the exact topic is broached in a conversation#my friends please consider that he has inexplicably not been able to get a single dagger of his own to himself in the show#his magic looks like goop and is used twice maybe three times in the series#he calls enchanting an amateur thing and then 3 episodes later needs to be taught by Sylvie and struggles#WHAT IS GOING ON#Thor 1 is shaking in Loki's custom made baby seal leather boots rn#L-Loki can't even do mag-- I can't say it 🤢#THOR has recently done more actual proper magic than Loki#my goodness the lad can't even fight well#what happened to his ridiculously accurate dagger aim and the whole mastery of magic and whatnot#AND THEN THEY ALSO WON'T LET HIM HAVE DECENT CLOTHES?#im losing it#are we sure this is Loki? as in LOKI Loki?#''do you expect Loki to always be in armour'' NO BUT IT WOULD BE NICE FOR HIM TO RESEMBLE THE CHARACTER#don't tell me it's Loki being out of his element he did that in Thor 1 Avengers 1 Thor 2 Thor 3 and Infinity War already#don't tell me they needed to strip him down to build him back up. Thor went through that in Thor 1 and it was respectful#it's not even that it's office wear that bothers me it's that it's BORING office it's unsuited to the character#his whole thing is breaking boxes what do you mean he's worn grey and brown the entire show#Wanda got a glow up and Sam got a glowup and Kate and Clint got new fits#man... Loki got a glow down#and that's saying a LOT since he started the series at the end of Avengers 1 after Thanos and getting beat by the Hulk/Avengers#if Loki being a good guy means everyone keeps calling him evil and he's gotta dress down and get beat up constantly... let him be a bad guy#he's literally got nothing to lose here but a shirt that will expose every blood vessel in his abdomen if attacked with 1 glass of water
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seungs · 1 year
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making friends 🐈
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dotjpeg · 2 months
Tumblr media
this country praying on my downfall fr 💔 miles with their flags to help cheer me up
(click for better quality)
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kicktwine · 9 months
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made a ninjago oc but all it wants to do is party
its name is WULFTRAX (all caps) and it’s playing this with zane extra info belooowww
pronouns: IT'S PRONOUNCED WOLF TRACKS LITTLE MAN (it/he/they) species: WULFTRAX. digital? like, it HAS skin, and a skeleton, presumably, just… not a human head. likes: game, rave dislikes: no rave wants: to party character motivation: biggest loudest party backstory: we think it came from prime empire, but that’s all we got. maybe an unused rhythm game dj…? strengths: WULFTRAX does everything at 100%, and it doesn’t tend to stick around after a fight. it isn't fighting to win, it's fighting to go hogwild. on its back are one to six doc ock-like arms made of wire and interwoven with the stuff in season 9 that triggered everyone’s elemental powers. weaknesses: can only attack on the beat, will only fight if there’s music. it’s actually not that strong, its robot arms and machinery do all the fighting. it prefers to fight/party using someone else — elementals party pretty hard, all their colors and glowing and exploding is its favorite. alignment: very chaotic neutral. it does things on impulse and regardless of morals. he doesn’t seem to want to hurt anyone, just wants to party, and if hurting someone is how you gotta party, shrug! you can sway him pretty easily with the promise of a better rave. it’s not that clever, there is no scheming with this thing, but it does somehow get a lot of machinery and builds massive batteries and speakers and light shows
it also yells like everything it says due to the speakers in its mouth. its favorite people to mess with are kai, jay and lloyd. they have the shiniest explodiest powers, and are more split-second competitive.
#WULFTRAX#my art#‘I have made an oc to help/be friends with the ninja’ I have made an oc to fight them. I have made an oc to pummel them#people have done this before HAHDIDBDHDH except WULFTRAX is 1) a horrible fighter and 2) stupid#ninjago#ninjago oc#honestly it’s definitely someone you could/should use as a henchman. He won’t even realize. He will also destroy your lair#and then go OH MY BAD DUDE and that’s the end of that topic. Now it’s in your fridge#the second two images — it wanted to play DDR with jay and then went BRO YOU WANNA HELP WITH THIS SET so now Zane tricked it into -#bargaining to let jay out of the battery and it immediately agreed and then said WE’RE PLAYING OSU and didn’t leave room for argument so#now zane is playing a rhythm game he’s never played to let jay AND KAI out of the batteries and stop the rest of them from dying in#human osu! which was going to be its dance floor (it forgot people die when they’re hit by lightning)#And ALSO now they should probably stop it from holding the most dangerous rave#if the stuff they have is enough to send an elemental into superpowered overdrive it’s probably not healthy for a regular dude#as a meta note.#it’s obsessed w thrillseeking and adrenaline because he’s been alone for so so long that any new sensations are obsession-worthy#obsessed with feeling things and being real. doesn’t know how to regulate its obsession with something bc it has no sense of moderation#its primary purpose is to make big noise big party like programmed into it is its DJ sets. So now it makes the biggest loudest brightest#sets not understanding that this much noise/power can hurt someone or itself bc hurt is in fact an interesting sensation to it#it doesn’t KNOW this or underSTAND it. And it wouldn’t listen if told. BUT! that’s its pathology#IT HAS NO CONCEPT OF DEATH THERE IS NO THIS IS TOO DANGEROUS. THERE IS ONLY DA PORTY#it and porty mk would be besties#rule of cool with this thing. its cars are big its sets are big its music is loud and it’s got a giant flamethrower and a piano to drop#It broke from its programming but that doesn’t mean it broke from its programming yfeel#hrmmm.... yes........ self indulgent shiny loud digital dogmanthing#ill tag three of em theyre getting situations#kai smith#zane julien#jay walker
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coomer-every-day · 29 days
put him in new york, right next to a bunch of rats
Tumblr media
Day 17
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thefanciestborrower · 20 days
Tumblr media
Sometimes being the resident pred just means you have to put up with your buddies using you as a tent every winter
Davey likes to complain about it, but truth be told he doesn’t mind all that much. At least it means he’s full right?
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doodlerh · 3 months
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diversity win! new doodlerh sameface male oc is wrong in the head
LORE !! there’s gonna be some mention of child abuse/mutilation, so if that makes you uncomfortable, feel free to Not Read :’) however, if u do still wanna know what gehen gets up to after, skip to the line of [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[s. see u there king
gehen’s father is the demon king’s younger brother, who was kicked out of hell for being cringe idk. anyway this guy took on a human disguise (how? idk idc) and ended up falling in love w a human woman, and they had a kid (gehen) and then the demon king’s brother . idk left. he dipped. he went to buy milk
gehen’s mom was unfortunately part of a cult that worshipped angels to a freaky level and thought of themselves as the angels’ chosen destroyers of demons who escaped from hell. demons don’t escape from hell, so sometimes they’ll just accuse ppl of being demonic and kill them to appease the angels (who, btw, do Not care)
when gehen was 9 yrs old, his horns and tail started growing in. the villagers always thought his ears were goatlike, and they start to think that this boy is actually a demon. they kill gehen’s mom (who is just as mortified and willingly dies out of disgust with herself and her monstrous son) and torture him for evading them for so long; they try to tear off his horns for an offering to the angels, and they succeed with one of them. however, fueled by panic and mb a sudden adrenaline burst of demonic power, little gehen escapes, then loses consciousness in the woods from blood loss. SAD! he’s probably found by some shaman or other who performs a Ye Olde Skin Graft with her own arm to save him, hence why that patch of skin on his forehead is a different color from the rest of him
omg hey! ok so
recap, gehen lives with a shaman who saves him from a pretty bad injury that made him flee the anti-demon cult he was born in. gehen is grateful and stays with her, healing while also helping her w her daily chores. she tells him that his horn is special and that he is not a monster who must be destroyed as the villagers said he was. he is a living being who deserves love and life just like everyone else. instead of becoming an all-loving pacifist, gehen begins to harbor an intense hatred towards the cult that raised him. when he turns 20, he asks the shaman for some help...
with the shaman’s aid, gehen returns to his village amidst a storm of terrifying supernatural occurrences. the stars go out (smoke from the shaman’s special incense), the temperature rises (heat/fire magic), he appears larger than life (illusion magic); gehen wreaks havoc in the village and destroys the shrine where the angels are worshipped, setting fire to it and shattering the angelic idols housed within. the villagers recognize him in the firelight, and he recognizes them; he cuts off the hands that held him down and stole his horn, and he forces all the villagers to worship and obey him as their new god. he is thence known as the one-horned demon king. not to be confused with the actual demon king, who has four horns and two awful kids
that would’ve been great awesome, however, gehen doesn’t stop there. to repent for harming their master, gehen has the villagers sacrifice a 9 yr old every fifteen years. however, the night before the sacrifice, the 9 yr old always escapes; gehen frees them and sends them to safety in a far away settlement, acting as the person he needed to save him when he was their age. brings the guy comfort. but also like the kids have “was about to be a human sacrifice to a demon god” trauma forever now. at least the demon god was nice abt it
btw gehen helps and visits the shaman until she passes away a happy and healthy old woman :’) once she’s gone tho he kind of starts to spiral deeper down into a self-hatred cycle where, even though he is now these people’s god and they fear him, all they DO is fear him. they don’t like him, they don’t accept him. they’re just scared of him, and there’s nothing he can do to change that NOW. sure the kids he rescues don’t hate him but they’re not gonna come back and say it sldhgskdg GOD. now that the shaman is gone, gehen has nowhere he can just be himself (a demon) without being feared/hated!!
except for hell.
gehen wants to go to hell /pos. however, he has no way of doing that because first of all where is hell. second of all he wants the villagers afraid for their lives at all times. gee what’s a guy to do!!
(on the other side, abaddon wants to escape hell but doesn’t want to leave his 4 yr old half brother as the sole heir to the throne. gee if only SOMEONE of royal blood who DOESN’T LOOK ANGELIC really WANTED TO TAKE HIS PLACE!!!
gehen doesn’t spend all his time in the village, he’s just there to strike fear in the ppl’s hearts and usually spends his time elsewhere striking fear in everyone else’s hearts. he’s learned to embrace how intimidating he is and thus never has trouble dealing with people, but he has now pretty much lost his humanity (pity/mercy/morality etc.). he really only saves those 9 yr olds to heal the ache of his old old wounds, he doesn’t care what happens to them after he “rescues” them. after 1000 yrs of being feared, gehen doesn’t know how to accept kindness anymore. not a problem, since he doesn’t receive any, but still
i think gehen longs for a family and a place to belong, but he doesn’t know how to deal with this feelings. carving out a place for himself in the blood of his tormentors worked for a couple decades, but that only lasts for so long. bloodshed is the only thing his heart can handle, it hasn’t betrayed him yet. he suffered from violence too, but he had to survive in this cruel hateful world with a ton of pain and isolation. by ending his victims’ lives, they have it easy!! win win!!
idk what gehen expects when he finally gets to hell, taking abaddon’s place. he’ll probably do whatever it takes to be accepted, maybe even loved. he is most likely respected due to him actually looking like a demon, but he only knows rule by fear. the demon king is gonna have a lot of teaching to do if he wants his new (very obedient and desperate to please) heir to not order sacrifices every fifteen years and kill people just to feel something and such
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messy doodles for the samurai novel this goes out to me and the other like 2 people insane about their dynamic in this very specific scenario
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vagun1ka · 27 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sf-a2 miki is one of my faves honestly. its more about her image and status than voice but its part of her as well.
in my hcs she is young woman (perhaps 28 yo?). Really positive and open-minded. She is an indie-artist. And Kiyoteru is her loving boyfriend:3 They probably met at the one of night shows at the bar.
Also Piko is Miki's young brother! He is suffering from depressive disorder so Miki is here for Piko trying to make him feel better:(
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