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tyforthevnm · 4 days
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FrankIero: first day of tour: i just ripped my only pair of shorts getting out of the trailer and now my balls are hanging out the side. #sik 👊 [July 20, 2019 | 9:26 PM]
amandaveyart: you really do just smash that ‘send tweet’ button sometimes, huh
FrankIero: it is entirely possible my newly freed testicle swung out and smashed said button. 🤷‍♀️ [July 20, 2019 | 9:31 PM]
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queerpiracy · 1 year
my response to Izzy has been, and i quote, "His brain must be a terrible place and I want to study it. For science."
he belongs under a microscope, ilhsm
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pennyserenade · 2 months
i used to think that cary grant aged like a normal man but i’m beginning to think not bc he was eleven years older than this woman and i would not have guessed that
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hauntedhotel · 4 months
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Your tags, tho. I'm having gentle feelings for them.
I love thinking about the Corruption, especially in relation to Martin and it being him that Jane targets. And yeah, sure, he was there in Vittery's basement and Tim and Sasha weren't, but he’s also a person who, as Elias meanly points out like a big meanie, often shows great devotion and loyalty to people who don't really deserve it (sorry Jon, you'll get there, but at this point you're still a jerk).
When the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally (ie your parents) not only put conditions on that love but ones you're never going to meet no matter how hard you try, it's gotta warp your idea of what love even is. Can't really earn someone's love if they already hate you for something vastly out of your control.
Obviously The Lonely comes along and Martin chooses isolation, but there has to have been a point when he was alone in his flat for two weeks, assuming that no one had noticed he was missing or if they had they didn't care enough to check on him, where he heard The Corruptions song and thought it was for him, thought it sounded beautiful and thought it would be better to be loved by something horrific and poisonous than be loved by no one at all.
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spielzeugkaiser · 10 months
I’d love to see Valdo’s reaction to bear!Jaskier or Shapeshifter!Jaskier! I love all of your verses!
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[MASTERPOST] Jaskier is a man of words, but for this, he just.. ripped off the band-aid. Also: Geralt is not the only one who is immune to fair maidens in need! (and yes, I literally took little Greta (and her brother) from undercover at lettenhove and Valdo from Onlyfans! it was first like a lazy thing, but the more I think about it, the more I like it! it's like one universe where they're at least semi-happy)
And ohhh, I had a lot of fun drawing the gang. This is like, way in the future, after Jaskier starts to fill up his witcher shoes more and more - but still never talked about it with his friends. I don't think it's easy for him to not hide, after he did that for decades.
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angelsdean · 20 days
no but really it's funny sam thinks dean is john 2.0 when s1 dean is just. content to take on random cases and help save some people and is trying to do some good w/ the hand he's been dealt and isn't all that interested in his father's revenge quest and up until then has always had to play the mediator and swallow down his own feelings and anger. while sam's the one who quickly becomes obsessed w/ revenge the minute he loses jess and finding the thing that killed her and is quick to anger. "you're more like him than i'll ever be" "i'll take that as a compliment" "you can take that however you like" etc etc
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yutoxlab · 5 months
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Courtesy of @teeny-human's idea
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alexjcrowley · 4 months
Saying Swiss Army Man is about gay necrophilia is like saying Oedipus Rex is about a guy who fucks his mom. You're only technically correct.
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love william "what? this is gay? im gay??" poindexter as much as the next guy but i much prefer william "ive known im gay so long i forget to bring it up" poindexter vs a derek "i mean whos never had gay thoughts??" nurse & a denice "as a lesbian ally" ford
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listentothemad · 7 months
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I like him a normal amount
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dogbunni · 4 months
one of these days I'll write a nensai fic and then you'll all be sorry (threat)
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marielism · 9 months
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sometimes you just really, really, really want to go home.
photo study! ref under cut
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shanti-ashant-hai · 7 months
guys shubh's being a dick so i've decided to expose him
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heckinggno · 5 months
Can't stop thinking about the possible dynamics between the Sanderson sisters. Personally, I kind of think of Winnie as the one who serves the role of a "mother", but in a sense that she's the one who keeps them alive and thinks of ways to solve their problems. But at the same time, she's also left unsupported in many things (especially emotional-related things), which then brings in Mary.
While Mary is not smart enough to help Winnie, the responsibility of keeping her eldest sister emotionally stable falls on her shoulders. She feels like the parentified child, the one that the "mother" approaches when things are too tough and negative thoughts need to be released. But in a way, she also fills in the role of a mother who is compassionate and concerned with her family's emotional well-being.
And finally, we have Sarah. She's the child, the baby of the family, and we know this since she's never been given heavy responsibilities. Winnie's constant annoyance with her is reminiscent of a mother exasperated with her youngest child. Meanwhile, her dynamic with Mary is that of a younger and older sister. It's also interesting to see how Mary's coddling is limited to Winnie alone—despite her being the eldest of the three—while Sarah's emotional being is kind of ignored (This is just an assumption of course, since the movies mostly show Mary's relationship with Winnie).
And... honestly I don't really know where I'm going with all this. Just know that I have many, many thoughts about them and the intricacies in their relationship piques my interest.
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jigenshat · 1 year
why did he do this but also another top 10 cutest jigen moment
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worstloki · 1 year
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I need answers
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