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sunglassesmish · 13 days
omg did anyone else hear that
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clownsuu · 17 days
Wally talks to his dad about his love life
Tumblr media
Home I feel is a really good listener (maybe a little too good since he eavesdrops a lot on accident- very observant of his surroundings)
cw minor obsessive/possessive behavior on first photo under cut
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I remember I freaked out years ago when I found out some bugs, specially some spiders, have lil beaned peets
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poorly-drawn-mdzs · 3 months
Tumblr media
Feeling Fruity
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spielzeugkaiser · 3 months
hi, first off i really love your art. the h/c and warmth really hit me where i live and your illustration style is fantastic. lately i've been obsessed with the post where an unwell milek thinks geralt will leave him behind. was that an ingrained insecurity, assuming his super-witcher dad wouldn't have time for a sickly human kid?
[MASTERPOST] - Ahh, thank you for the ask! Yes, this scene.. I actually saw this a bit differently! It's not about Milek fearing Geralt will leave him behind, he actually wants him to. They need to find his Pa!! I think he often feels like a burden; Jaskier knows this, but Geralt isn't aware of this yet. Milek just wants to pull his weight, especially with Jaskier. A little sneak peak to their struggles regarding this:
Tumblr media
Meanwhile Jaskier continues to struggle with his omega status.
#jaskier#the witcher#geraskier lovechild#julian alfred pankratz#omegaverse#there are various things happening here! a. Milek never really had to fear that Jaskier would leave him he knows he never ever would#b. Jaskier said again and again that he'll always care for him and loves him and that he doesn't have to pull any weight at all#c. Jaskier actually became the parent that just wants his kid to be educated and study and learn#(maybe because he knows Milek won't be able to do hard labour but also because he knows what Milek really wants to do)#(filed under: things I haven't drawn yet but they had their big fallout because of oxenfurt and university - things to come in the future)#d. Milek has watched Jaskier working his ass off in various jobs that he didn't like#(and he thinks that prostitution is the worst but only because they didn't properly talk about it before)#e. Jaskier is struggling with how he is percieved - which I think was never that much on his mind when he was travelling with Geralt#being a carefree bard and giving everyone the middlefinger who had some wrong ideas about what he could do and what not#but this is definitely an AU in which he doesn't have a good relationship with his father and he can still hear him say he'll become#'an unbonded omega with a bastard child working on the streets' and I think sometimes it gets to him#(because Jaskier is king of hating his parents ever being right about him)#that Jaskier kind of wants to spare Milek and quietly hopes we won't become an omega - even if he feels bad about it - shall become plot#(one dayyyy)#anyway that was a very long rant about Mileks complex relationship with him feeling like a burden
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manitapaleta · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
listen,….. we don’t know y hermie didn’t grow up with his dads but i already know its going to DEVASTATE ME when anthony tells us bc i know they would have loved the little joker, our sweet little thespian (also big brother nick hellooooooo)
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digital999placebo · 7 months
I can’t see GerIta with kids, they’d b horrible parents and I don’t honk they’re delusional enough to not realise that. They’re that couple that’s like: these r our babies!!!<33” and it’s just their dogs. If they do get a kid I can only see them adopting like a 8-10 year old because Feliciano would not b able to have a baby. losing beauty sleep to get up and put a baby to sleep??? CHANGE DIAPERS???????? TRYING TO FEED SOMEONE A SPOONFUL OF MASHED BOLOGNESE FOR 20 MINUTES????? ENDLESS SCREAMING ON THE PLANE???????????? Feliciano would reach his breaking point, or most likely be a deadbeat dad and let Ludwig do everything
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Me, a casual viewer of BFU: True Crime and Puppet History, clicking on the Making Watcher playlist: Oh, its so nice that the boys got to start their own company :)
Me, 40 minutes later, no longer a causal viewer after seeing Ryan Bergara talk about his anxiety and then almost cry on camera because he is so happy that his friend agreed to work at his new company: 
Tumblr media
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thebctman · 5 days
I am desperately hoping that in Beyond the Spiderverse, Peter B or Aaron have a scene where they say “I let you down Miles” or something along those lines.
Especially Peter B because he did let him down, Miles trusted him and Peter lied to him, would’ve let his father die and let him be shunned and outcasted by the rest of the Spider Society.
Aaron could have that scene with his Miles, to call back to the first movie in a heartbreaking way.
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v0idwraith · 21 days
james lance has officially joined the ranks of straight men i trust to portray queer characters
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deithe · 3 months
everyone who says s2 of s&b is bad is just a coward. it's fun and new and exciting bc if it followed the books to a tee you'd know everything that would happen and where's the fun in that? i personally thought it was fucking hilarious that the crows were so involved in the ravkan plot bc it's like 'here are all these characters deeply invested in ravka and the destruction of the darklin. and also these kerch thieves'. insane.
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derangedthots · 3 months
so i was thinking abt how harry said when he auditioned for jace that the other actors were taller+buffer than him and he thought he wasn't gonna get the role...imagine one of those actors ends up getting cast for cregan
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thefanciestborrower · 5 months
Tumblr media
Behold! Some kids from Ben and James’s universe! They’re both giants and very close with our favorite sportsball playing pred James.
Laura is the lovely gal on the left, and she’s known James for a few years now seeing as they take ballet together. She also goes to the same school as he does, so they see each other pretty often during lunch and after classes. She loves to read and write, and is even the head of her own little literature club! She’s been trying to get James to join for a while lol, but he finds Jules Vern a little harder to read than she does.
The strong lad on the left is Brick, and he’s the star football player of Ben and James’s rival school. He also happens to be James’s childhood bestie! The two grew up together and even now are practically inseparable, despite going to different schools and often even playing against each other on the field. Most people think he got the nickname Brick because he hits as hard as a brick or he’s dumb as one, but actually James gave him the nickname all the way back in like kindergarten. Little Brick thought it would be a good idea to show off how strong he was by trying to eat a brick and well that went as well as you might expect lol. He chipped a tooth and the name stuck ever since.
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fvckroach · 5 months
Okay @ the bright session fandom
Please tell me most of us grew up and realized that the narrative‘s treatment of Damien was just cluster b hatred masked as morals?
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thedreadvampy · 11 months
like I like to criticise stuff as much as the next bitch but sometimes I just see a billion tweets and posts like HERE'S REASON 10000 WHY THIS FILM/SHOW/PERSON IS THE WORST THING EVER and I'm just like. god. you're all so fucking tedious.
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technobladeisgreat · 8 months
arah i can’t watch phil stream rn but please tell me he’s dishing the shit on twitchcon i have been waiting for this
Oh he totally is. He’s talking about like all of it.
The dream team getting stalked at the hotel, the fact crumb wasn’t allowed to wear their box, people getting hurt at the foam pit, the lack of space for the panel, how shit the questions and vibes were at the panel, the messed up pronouns, how he wished he had more time at the meet-and-greet and just how disappointed he is that the fans had a shit time. Like he finally opens the presents at 2:40:00ish hours lol
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most of the examples i see of this are in a vacuum harmless but i do find it concerning how often i witness an exchange on the internet that’s like:
some complete fucking rando on social media, potentially a self-branded expert of some kind but probably not even that, like literally just a person with internet access: did you know that actually [information that may or may not be factually accurate, because it’s literally just some person saying stuff on twitter]?
other people: wow this is so helpful, thanks so much for telling me, i had no idea
like even when the thing the person is saying is true i find this concerning. because like, Some Person On Twitter should not be an automatically accepted source on…… anything. like it’s fine to read something like that and be like “oh interesting i’d never heard of this” and then do some more digging. or i mean if it’s not serious it’s also fine to be like “oh huh cool if true” lol. but it stresses me out how many people are wandering around with their default reaction to certain kinds of alleged information, regardless of its provenance, being “thank you for enlightening me, o kind stranger,” and not, “hm, i wonder if there is literally any basis for believing this other than that someone said it was true?”
#you think someone would do that? just go on the internet and lie?#i thought about this bc i remembered the p*yt*n b**chd**th louisa may alcott thread lol#and how the replies on twitter were so like….#like it wasn’t even ‘i’d never considered this but now that you mention it you make a good point’#(which like. He Did Not. but whatever)#like the tone of it was very ‘thank you so much for enlightening me with your expertise’#with a side of ‘it’s crazy how this objective historical fact was only brought to light by Some Guy On Twitter With A Podcast’#like there was no awareness of it even *as* an argument being put forth#that’s the element of this that i find a concerning behavior pattern even though in this case it reallt#does not matter that much#like it wasn’t people agreeing with this bad argument. that’s annoying. but it’s different#than people taking something as like empirical fact literally just because the person saying it said that it was#anyway but i was also sort of thinking about this phenomenon re: a mutual’s post on the twitter definition of intrusive thoughts#because i feel like i see this a LOT with psych stuff#where someone will be like ‘hey did you know that [behavior or feeling] is ACTUALLY [term for a symptom]?#and people will be like ‘wow thanks so much for educating me kind stranger’#like you should really aim to build into your thought process some degree of#‘this sounds interesting but back up. do i have other reasons to believe that it is actually true?’#nobody’s perfect and i let stuff slide without noticing i’m sure#but many people really seem to think ‘uncritically accepting what someone who seems cool says’ is like the correct approach#it is not!!!!#don’t take my word for it :) use your brain to decide if i am right (i am)
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