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concept i just thought of: i wanna get a jacket and just absolutely cover it in pronoun pins. all different sets of pronouns, he/him they/them she/her she/they he/they they/she ze/zir xe/hir etc etc etc literally any pronouns i can find. and all different types too like the mass produced ones and some homemade ones from bottle caps. so i want a pronoun jacket like that and then i'll wear it around and whenever a young queer kid is like "hey i like your jacket" i'll give them one of my many pronoun buttons for free bc i have more at home. i'll become the pronoun fairy. very excited to see this vision come to life
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saint-vagrant 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
he/him 馃挧 from my comic, SUPERPOSE.
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Tumblr media
Oatmeal would like. A treat
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鈥渁re you afab or amab?鈥
funny you ask, i鈥檓 actually adab: assigned dumbass at birth 鉁岋笍
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Story time: I found this dress in a resell shop back in 2014 and saved it for prom but then I never ended up going XD it's fine tho cuz it still fits me perfectly so I can just wear it whenever I want regardless if it's a fancy event or not!
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Sleepless nights I
DNI IF YOU ARE FEM-ALIGNED OR A MINOR ( do it if you want to be blocked)
Pairing: Gojo x M!Reader
Genre: Smut with a sprinkle of dub con somno.
Summary: Gojo has a harmless crush on one of his students and makes it his goal to perv over you whenever he can but when you come back unconscious after a battle, the sorcerer can't hold back his urges any longer.
[This took me embarrassingly long to write and I procrastinated a lot, I'm so sorry but this is for my he/him girlypops <3]
3.4k words
The day had started relatively normally鈥..well it was normal for a Jujutsu Sorcerer in training anyways. You had been busy working out with Gojo before moving on to perfecting your Cursed Technique, it was a shame that you couldn鈥檛 give Gojo the same focus you spent on your training because if you did, you would鈥檝e seen how he was drooling over you. Underneath that blindfold, his eyes shone with predatory malice as they trailed over every inch of your skin but if you did particularly well and impressed him with your talent ( This man would consider you doing the bare minimum the pinnacle of sorcery so impressing him wouldn鈥檛 be that hard), he鈥檇 reward himself by sneaking a peek under your uniform and boxers. He was the teacher after all, so any achievements you made were simply reflective of his teaching abilities so of course, he deserved a little reward. That was all he needed to tell himself to quell any rising feelings of guilt he felt and get back to watching the lurid little show you were unknowingly putting on for him. Nothing escaped his gaze鈥..not the beads of sweat that trailed down the small of your back, not the way your hole would deliciously clench each time you used your Cursed Technique on the battle-scarred wooden dummy and definitely not how your cock would throb a little whenever you pushed yourself. He actually found that rather adorable and couldn鈥檛 stop the seemingly innocent smirk growing on his face.
鈥淭here you go Y/N..鈥eep stretching like that baby boy, keep stretching and show me that cute little hol-鈥
It took him a little too long to catch onto the fact that you had stopped stretching and were instead frozen in place, looking at the uncharacteristically quiet man in confusion who stood there smiling with his gaze fixated on your ass. Now you were sure that your teacher wasn鈥檛 staring at your ass but it still made you get a little flustered, so much so that you lost focus of the task at hand and instead of landing on the dummy, your attack hit the walls of the training room which startled Gojo out of his little trance. He looked around in confusion, slightly upset that he lost his opportunity of gawking at his favourite student鈥檚 ass but all of that melted away when he saw the apologetic and sheepish look on your face. How on Earth could he stay mad at such a cute boy?! Instead, he ruffled your hair gently, tutting in faux disappointment as he leaned close to your ear. 鈥淵ou have to be more focused if you want to be a good Jujutsu Sorcerer鈥︹ I know my good boy can do better than that鈥. why don鈥檛 you try again?鈥 His husky whispers blew over your ear and you involuntarily shuddered at the sensation which only made Gojo鈥檚 smirk grow a little. You found yourself lost for words at such an informal and intimate honorific so instead, you nodded quickly and fought to hide the growing blush on your face from the blindfolded sorcerer who had to hold himself back from ravaging his innocent little student. The sudden spotlight you felt on you made your hands tremble but with a deep inhale to steady yourself, you aimed your technique at the dummy and let out the shaky breath you鈥檇 been holding. You gathered your Cursed energy and felt a transient moment of serenity before unleashing your Cursed Technique at full force. In a matter of moments, it was all over. The head clattered to the ground, smoke curling into the air from the singed wood as the rest of the charred dummy lay in pieces on the floor. Amazed by your own strength, you stared at the dismembered dummy in silent disbelief and caught your breath after that magnificent display of power. 鈥淚 knew my good boy could do it鈥..I鈥檓 so proud of you Y/N.鈥 You couldn鈥檛 even hear Gojo鈥檚 praise over the sound of your heart pounding in your ears, it was thoroughly rewarding to see your hard work pay off and you looked up at Gojo with a tired grin on your face. It felt like the perfect time to call it a day and unwind with a hot steamy bath but apparently, a relaxing evening wasn鈥檛 in your cards. Megumi burst into the training room, briefly taking in the horrific murder of a wooden dummy before looking at Gojo who quickly snapped out of his enamoured state, he groaned and gave Megumi an icy glare.
鈥淲hat is it? What could be so urgent for you to rudely disturb our training session?鈥
That certainly caught Megumi off guard, he hadn鈥檛 really seen such a defensive or irritated side of Gojo before and though he was certainly curious about what he鈥檇 missed, he informed Gojo of the appearance of a high-level Curse in a cemetery near a busy urban area. After a few silent moments, Gojo mulled it over and let out a defeated sigh. 鈥淏oth of you get ready and meet me outside in five minutes鈥..we can finish up our training tomorrow Y/N.鈥 Megumi looked at you with a look of mild confusion but decided not to press on it in the company of Gojo, the two of you walked out and prepared for the mission.
It had been going so well until you made one tiny little slip-up that almost cost you the entire mission. After arriving at the cemetery and following a trail of Cursed energy to its source, the three of you saw the troublesome entity feeding on the remnants of darkness left in the withered bodies under the ground. The Curse itself was unassuming as it just looked like a simple grey blob with a few unsavoury facial features and jagged horns. In other words, it seemed to be like any other simple curse that could easily be exorcised so you recklessly raced towards it, fully prepared to showcase your new finetuned technique to Gojo and Megumi but just as you unleashed your power on the Curse, the blob shimmered and your attack sliced through the empty air. In that moment, time froze around you as you turned to see a large Curse emerge from the ground behind you but you were too late to react to the shadowy tendrils that grabbed hold of you before throwing you straight into a headstone. All you felt were intense waves of pain that resonated through your skull, each one making your vision dimmer and blurrier but even through the atrocious pain, you saw the Curse crawl towards you, the rows of fangs dripping with its saliva as it closed in on its next meal. You knew there was no way you were going to survive this encounter so you accepted your fate and prepared for the inevitable burning pain of countless fangs digging into your flesh but instead of the gruesome wet squelch you had been expected, you heard a piercing shriek from above you and then a loud thump that made the ground shake. Your vision lazily came back into focus and you saw a familiar mess of white hair in front of you, the Curse must鈥檝e been too focussed on you to notice Gojo preparing his own attack behind it. It was getting harder to keep your eyes open through the searing pain you were feeling and with the slipping remains of your consciousness, you felt yourself being picked up and you instinctively nuzzled into the warmth of your saviour who couldn鈥檛 help but feel a little swell of pride.
The first thing you noticed when you woke up was the harsh fluorescent lighting slicing through your eyelids, the second being the hushed conversation next to you.
鈥淚t looks a lot worse than it is Satoru, he鈥檚 lucky to only have sustained a moderate concussion. Make sure he doesn鈥檛 do any strenuous training for a week or two and maybe tell him to be more careful the next time he charges headfirst into a dangerous situation.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l be sure to pass that onto him when he wakes up Doc. Is he safe to be discharged yet because I don鈥檛 think this clinical environment is particularly soothing.鈥
He must鈥檝e caught on to your stirring as you felt his fingers tenderly brush a few stray hairs out of your face which was enough to lull you back to sleep. The doctor must have given the go ahead as the next time you managed to break free of the fog blanketing your brain, you were back in your bedroom. It wasn鈥檛 as painfully bright as the room you had woken up in and the sheets were much softer. Before you knew it, you were drifting back to the comforting embrace of sleep, blissfully unaware of the man in the corner of your room who had been watching you like a hawk, watching and waiting for his little mouse to fall back asleep before he made his move.
Ever since the fight at the cemetery, Gojo had been fiercely protective over you. Megumi felt a sudden hostility emerge from Gojo whenever he tried to visit you in the hospital and it didn鈥檛 take long for him to realise that he wasn鈥檛 welcome. He dismissed it as Gojo being on edge since one of his students had been hospitalised but he couldn鈥檛 shake the uneasy chill at the back of his neck when he saw how possessive Gojo had become over you, especially when he saw his teacher practically threatening the doctor so you could be discharged. Something about this made his stomach turn but without any substantial evidence, his claims would be baseless and easily dismissed so instead, Megumi decided he would pull you aside once you were awake and ask you what exactly was going on but until then he鈥檇 let you rest and recover.
The passing of time had been a blur to Gojo but what did he care? He had you all to himself. Whenever he found his mind descending into numbing boredom, all he needed to do was watch his baby boy鈥檚 ever so slightly parted lips and listen to the quiet pants that escaped his mouth. Everything you did entranced the man, from how you would feverishly roll around in bed to the way your eyes would gently flutter, teasing him with the promise of waking up, only for you to fall back asleep. As he sat there, he couldn鈥檛 help but wander if you were dreaming about him. The memory of you nuzzling against his chest was still fresh in his mind and even though it made his heart throb with sheer pride, he couldn鈥檛 stop the barrage of lewd scenarios rushing through his mind. Ones with you riding his cock with your own swinging up and down as you needily begged for more, they only got progressively more vulgar until he was railing you over his desk, your hands were tied behind your back and his blindfold had been used to create a makeshift cock ring on your leaking prick. It had been tied nice and tightly at the base of your cock and Gojo would take periodic breaks from blowing your back out to tease your cock by running his thumb over your slimy tip, his fingers teasing orgasm after orgasm out of your poor cock before shoving himself back into you and brutally chasing after his own climax. That final image of you breathless and begging for him to stop was all it took for Gojo to get up and quietly lock the bedroom door, he took one look at you and quietly groaned as he felt his cock ooze precum into his soaked underwear.
For a moment, he hesitated鈥..questioning whether disturbing you would be worth it but in his crazed state, Gojo somehow deluded himself that his baby would love it鈥..surely you鈥檇 love waking up to his passionate embrace? Yeah鈥.yeah鈥.why wouldn鈥檛 you enjoy the barrage of pleasure he鈥檇 bring your poor sensitive body? With that brief moral dilemma resolved, Gojo slowly removed his clothes, save for his underwear and peeled off the covers that hid your slumbering body, ready to crawl in next to you but in that moment, it was like the world around him ceased to exist, it was just you and him鈥..he was entranced by how peaceful you were, it was enchanting鈥.tantalising even鈥.you always knew how to put on a show for him, even when you were asleep. He chuckled to himself and climbed into bed with you, pulling the covers back over the two of you before gently grabbing hold of your waist and pulling you closer to him. You grumbled gently at the movement and sudden warmth beside you but quickly settled back into your sleep, pulling your legs up and getting even closer to the warmth you felt but that meant you inadvertently grinded your ass against Gojo鈥檚 slimy underwear which only fuelled his delusion further. His grip on you tightened and soon his free hand was somehow sliding up your shirt. 鈥淔uck鈥 always knew you wanted me鈥..I knew you鈥檇 be a good boy for me Y/N.鈥 He slowly moved up to your nipples and gleefully hummed when he felt that they were hard for him already鈥..his baby boy鈥檚 shirt must have been chafing the poor things鈥e should remove your clothes to stop that irritating you right? He was doing you a favour after all and the fact that it got you naked for him was an unimportant little bonus.
As you blissfully slept, Gojo carefully pulled your shorts down but stopped halfway since he knew it was too risky to try and straighten your legs. Next to come off was your shirt and that was much easier to pull off since all he had to do was focus his Cursed energy onto his index finger then gently run his infused fingertip down your back. A single clean cut slowly formed on the back of your shirt and he traced a finger on your exposed back before carefully peeling the ruined shirt off your body. Gojo was practically drooling now over you now and leaned in closer, he softly groaned at your delicate scent which sent a wave of hot breath over the nape of your neck. You whimpered at the sudden tingling at the back of your neck and your head instinctively jerked back to protect your sensitive nerves from the sudden stimulation. Since your head was leaning back now, Gojo could see the cute little grimace your features had contorted into and it was beyond adorable to him. His fingers ran through your hair as he gently calmed you back down again, he only stopped once your face melted back into an expression of serenity and peace. He could honestly just watch you squirm at the slightest of touches for hours on end but right now he had some needs that he just had to fulfill. He hooked his thumb into the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down, writhing around next to you as he brought his knees up and pulled the wet fabric down his legs. Gojo realised how much he had been moving around and slowly looked over at you to make sure you were sleeping, his heart beginning to race as he struggled to see in the darkness if you had stirred or not. The brief few minutes he waited dragged out into a tense adrenaline filled hell. If you had woken up, he鈥檇 just have to tie you down to the bed, gag you and keep doing what he was doing but he didn鈥檛 want to leave any nasty bruises on your wrists so for your sake, he prayed that you were still asleep. His cock oozed precum all over your bedsheets as he forced himself to stay still and not plant sloppy kisses all over your neck and shoulders. Gojo waited patiently for a couple more minutes before coming to the conclusion that you were sound asleep. Yeah right, as if he waited a few minutes when his prize was right in front of him. The desperate bastard decided that the best way to check was to prop himself up and shove his face dangerously close to yours. His breathing stilled and he trained his gaze onto your expression for any indication you had woken up but he saw no twitching of your eyelids or abnormal breathing so he figured that you were still asleep and carried on.
He could do so much to you while you were like this鈥.the ocean of his mind swirled tempestuously at the mere thought of taking your innocence while you slumbered unaware. He could finally do everything he wanted to do to you and more but he knew that one wrong move would lead to this precarious pleasure of his to falter and crash onto the rocks. That should have scared him and filled his soul with nothing but dread but in reality, it did quite the opposite. It gave him a sweet adrenaline rush like no other, it made his blood pump and boil like liquid lava in his veins鈥.it fuelled his lust in a vicious cycle that he had no desire to break free of. Gojo didn鈥檛 care to be stealthy anymore, some part of him even prayed that you would startle awake and squirm in his inescapable grip. To that end, he wrapped his arms around you and let his hand trail down to your cock, he鈥檇 knew that he would have to tease you a little but he knew just how to stroke and torture yo- oh? How curious鈥..you were already hard for him鈥.Gojo gleefully nuzzled his nose into the crook of your neck and gently squeezed the shaft of your cock, relishing the whimpers spilling from your lips as he ran his thumb over your slit and spread precum all over your head, polishing the tip just to feel your legs twitch and arms desperately flail and clutch the bedsheets as you tried to get away from the abuse on your sensitive little cockhead. His hand moved down to your shaft and he used the other to firmly grab your hip to position himself so he could finally do what he came here to do.
Gojo ground his teeth at the feeling of your bare ass pressing against his engorged cock, it was enough to drive Gojo absolutely feral and it broke any restraints he had on himself. Under normal circumstances, he would have taken his time to make sure you were properly lubed up and ready to take his cock but right now, he just needed to feel you and any care he had was promptly thrown out the window. He repositioned himself so that his tip was pressed against your rim and with a single thrust, Gojo shoved the entirety of himself inside of you.
Words were not enough for him to describe the torrent of endorphins that rushed through his body when he felt not just how deliciously warm and tight you were but when he realised that he had woken you up鈥.
You had somehow slept through all of his other ministrations but taking your first cock had jolted you awake and you immediately panicked at the odd sensation but Gojo鈥檚 arms instantly tightened around your torso and he held you close. 鈥淪hhhhh鈥..no need to make such a fuss Y/N鈥︹e a good boy for me and just relax.鈥
**Your head was still aching from the incident at the graveyard but feeling your teacher balls deep inside of your ass made it explode from sheer disbelief, you were no match for Gojo鈥檚 strength and all of your efforts to escape his arms were futile. In a last ditch effort to get out, you opened your mouth to yell out for help but Gojo quickly smashed his lips against yours and kissed you until you stopped struggling. He gently sucked your bottom lip, taking advantage of the split moment you hesitated to force his tongue into your mouth and messily make out with you. Gojo let his hands drift over your body at an attempt to distract you as he slowly began to rock his hips back and forth, his aim was just to overstimulate you until you were putty in his hands and from the way you shuddered and whimpered into his mouth, it wouldn鈥檛 be long before you were fucked out of your mind鈥.
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鉀 the sun comes up聽
聽and now you have a chance again鈽锔
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Average enjoyer of sitting in backyard 馃尶
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Tumblr media
Name: Fungle
Pronouns: he/him
Brand: Pillow Pets
Where he鈥檚 from: a local thrift store
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Colored sketch commission for dusty_deer on twitter!
Commission info Social media links
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if he doesn鈥檛 care that he鈥檚 made you upset, leave him immediately. that is not someone you want to keep trying with.
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Billy Hargrove x Male!Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: abuse and face slapping (Neil towards Billy), hurt-comfort (M!Reader and Billy), use of a homophobic slur (you guessed it: Neil), steamy making-out at first, but nothing sexual, so can be read as asexual/poc ig, also I feel like there are many grammar/spelling mistakes (it was late when I wrote it okay), and I took the dialogue between Neil and Billy (and Susan) from the series, it's basically copied word for word (hope that's okay) and put in my own/M!Reader's thoughts or feelings, trans friendly
This is not for Fem!Readers! You guys, go enjoy your own stuff, but please neither interact with this nor read it, thanks.
You couldn't be happier right now. You were sitting in your boyfriend's lap, making out with him in his bed.
Metal was playing in the background, but you didn't care for the music that much. Kissing Billy was far more important than listening to some tunes right now.
Your hands were on his neck and you could feel his caressing your waist. Billy started littering your neck in soft, open-mouthed kisses.
You brought your hands up in his hair with a smile, if somebody had told you three months ago that you would be in a relationship with Billx Hargrove, you would have sent them over to a psychatrist.
But here you were - you never would have thought Billy would be a soft guy either. He had been very hesitant at first though over the time he would demand hugs, cuddles, kisses and all that.
Not often verbally, he would rather sit a little closer to you, take your hand without a comment or throw some puppy-eyes at you.
You were always very glad to provide physical touch for him, always giving a little more than he had asked for. He never complained about it, but was rather happy that you took those steps for him.
Over that period of time he had slowly opened up to you about his situation at home. That his father was a douche-bag and his mom was gone.
You didn't blame him for not telling you right away, you knew that that could be very hard. You had let him take his time, never pressuring him to tell you something.
Except for when you found bruises while making out or wanting to have sex. You would stop everything you were doing to ask him if he's okay and who did that.
Then you would take care of these wounds as best as you could and shower him in love afterwards.
Over the time you had earned his trust bit for bit up until the point where you could communicate only through looks. You could tell by the way he was standing if he was comfortable or not, and by the way his voice sounded.
The more time you spent together the more Billy would talk about his issues and would listen to yours. It was kind of like you were healing together.
You came back from your thoughts when Billy sucked a hickey into the skin of your neck, which made you moan quietly. Your boyfriend chuckled and gave you a smug grin.
When he opened his mouth to say something you heard the door falling shut.
"Guys, we're home!", shouted a woman's voice, you could hear her walking up the hallway.
Billy's face twisted and you could make out an expression made of pure horror and fear. His pupils became as small as a needles head and he whispered "Shit", Billy's body was all tensed all of a sudden "Shit, shit, shit"
He shoved you off of him roughly, pushing you in the direction of his closet "Don't make a single sound", he demanded.
"Okay", you knew why he was so panicked and you were so angry at his father for being the reason.
"Not a single sound!", Billy looked behind him quickly, still an expression of fear in his eyes "Or he'll kill you", you only nodded at that, then Billy closed the door shut.
There was a knock on the door of his room "Billy?", clearly it was the voice from before. Billy's stepmom, you figured.
"Yeah, I'm a bit busy in here, Susan", Billy answered, you assumed that he was hiding all your stuff. For example, shoving your shirt and sneakers under his bed.
Billy looked around for anything he could have missed, because he was sure of his father tagging along and getting in his room sooner or later.
"Open the door! Right now!", there he was. An abusive man in all his glory.
Billy took one last deep breath and went across his room to let the two adults in.
"What's wrong?", he tried to keep up a facade of confidence but even over the music you could hear the fear. You prayed to every god above that his dad wouldn't notice.
"Why don't you tell us?", Neil definetly was already annoyed. And he sounded mean. You had never met that man before and this first impression wasn't a good one.
But to be honest after holding Billy in your arms, countless nights while he was crying his eyes out because of the abuse of his father, you didn't think there would be any chance for this man to seem nice to you.
"Because I don't know", answered your boyfriend.
"We can't find Maxine", that was the stepmom again - Susan? You didn't really care if that was her actual name.
"And her window is open", Neil.
Fuck, Billy sweared in his mind. His sister definetly needed to be more careful when she snuck out of the house.
He and Max were actually getting along pretty well over the past weeks. That was because of you, at least partially, as you thought of Max to be pretty cool. You had encouraged both of them to talk about their issues with each other so both would have a safe space/person to go to right in their house.
"Where is she?", of course Billy didn't know. How could he? He had been busy with kissing you, which he did not regret at all.
It should be Max taking responsibility here he thought to himself. He didn't understand why he was the one who would have to take care of here all day. It wasn't fair.
"I don't know", he answered truthfully
Neil scoffed at that "You don't know?"
"Look, I'm sure she just, I don't know", Billy turned away from his father, walking back into his room. He had to do something or else he would fucking break down from nervousness "Went to the arcade or something. I'm sure she's fine", he hoped.
Neil was going after him. The blonde needed a plan, one that would get him out of here. Almost automatically he grabbed his leather jacket he had thrown over a chair earlier and put it on. Now he would only need an excuse for going out.
"You were supposed to watch her", Neil sounded angry, crossed his arms and stood in the middle of the room like a demon on fire. Billy could basically feel his skin burning under his father's glance.
He sighed to relieve some tension and at the same time to seem authentic "I know, dad. I was.", and now he was going for it.
He would play risky: "It's just you guys were three hours late, and, well,", he needed an excuse, now "I have a date" His father wouldn't want to get to know that person anyway, so it was a pretty good idea for getting away from here. He would just have to get you out through the window or something.
"I'm sorry, okay?", he threw on the jacket and turned back to his father, ready to face whatever Neil would throw at him next. Verbally or physically.
"So that's why you've been staring at yourself in the mirror like some faggot instead of watching your sister?" True, Billy was dolled up more than a little and he was dating a guy, but his father didn't actually think that. He just wanted to insult his son. You were disgusted by that man's behavior.
And homophobia, of course. It was basically something every asshole had up his sleeve, as well as being a mysogynist and a racist.
Billy on the other hand, who had been thaught all of this in his childhood, was now open to women being smart and people of color not being evil. He had needed time to see through his prejudices and not treat these people differently, but it had been easier with your help.
"I have been looking after her all week, dad. Okay?", now Billy was just annoyed by all of this situation. He couldn't watch every step Max took.
His father looked at him flabbergasted, not being used to Billy talking back to him that much.
"If she wants to run off, then that's her problem, all right?"
Now he could actually talk about everything he thought, it didn't matter. He would be punished afterwards anyway: "She's 13 years old. She shouldn't need a full-time babysitter."
Billy turned to turn off his music "And she's not my sister!" He had only said that to show his father, that he wasn't responsible for everything Max did. And he was angry himself by now, too.
Hell, he didn't want to hold out his head for her every time she did something wrong. Because he would get punished for it physically mostly, and she would only have to listen to a half hearted, annoyed talk of her mom. It just wasn't fair.
Then there was a loud crash. Neil had shoved Billy against a shelf. You slapped a hand over your mouth to not let a cry out. Listening to your boyfriend getting abused hurt you in your deepest feelings. You felt incredibly sorry for Billy for having to suffer like that.
The blonde was now staring into his fathers eyes, keeping his chin high in an attempt to keep his cool. But in reality he could already feel the tears in his eyes.
For a few seconds there were only pants and grunts paired with the eyecontact. Billy could feel his heart going absolutely feral in his chest because he knew what would be coming now.
"What did we talk about?", asked Neil in an utterly calm voice. Billy didn't answer.
Then his father punched him right in the face. Leaving a red hand-print on his cheek.
You were in shock. You would jump out of the closet and fight Neil in an instant if you didn't know that that would make it only worse. So you stayed silent, your hand still over your mouth, choking down the tears.
You felt as if you weren't allowed to cry when clearly it was your boyfriend being abused. You wanted to help him, but you didn't know how. The only thing you could do was pray for this to be over soon.
Neil pulled Billy's face back in his direction by his chin, then he raised a finger at him and repeated his question with that calm voice again making you absolutely furious: "What did we... talk about?"
"Respect and responsibility", said Billy. He had to push the words out past his tears and he was sure of his eyes being all red by now.
"That is right.", Neil looked at his son without any emotion a father should feel towards his child. Billy's stomach always hurt from that look. It was that look which made him feel unloveable.
You had changed that. But right now he couldn't remember the softness of your voice when you told him again and again, or your hands treating his body like the finest treasure in the world. Your eyes when they looked at him with pure admiration or when you showed your love with soft lips on his skin.
You would make sure of him remembering all of that later, for sure.
"Now, apologize to Susan."
Billy looked in the eyes of his father and a few long seconds passed before he choked out a "I'm sorry, Susan."
"It's okay, Neil, really-" You almost chuckled at that statement bitterly. Was that woman still thinking of her behavior being okay? Did she think she couldn't do anything about this situation anyway?
You hoped she didn't feel okay, because it wasn't. She should do something about that abuse and you didn't understand what was holding her back.
She probably didn't care enough about Billy to do so. Which really made you hate her. He was only 17, almost 18. And this was going on for god knows how long. She should have protected that child.
But also, she must've been scared for Max to get hurt if she spoke up about it. That you could understand. And Neil was the attacker here. She helped him subconciously though with not doing anything.
It was too much to wrap your head around for now. You could do that later.
"No it's not okay.", said Neil "Nothing about his behavior is okay." Well, you thought In that case: Like father like son, huh?
Billy had done nothing wrong. You made a mental note for yourself to remind him of that fact as well.
"But he's gonna make up for it." Although Neil talked to Susan, he was looking into Billy's eyes while doing so, which made the blonde feeling even more bad.
"He's gonna call whatever whore he's seeing tonight and cancle their date." Luckily, Billy wasn't actually meeting anyone this particular evening. Well, he had, but Neil had already ruined it.
And Neil finally stepped back, now facing Susan. Billy took a shakey breath in. Having his personal space back felt good.
"And then he's gonna go find his sister.", Neil continued "Like the good, kind, respecting brother, that he is." He looked back at Billy with those hard eyes.
"Isn't that right, Billy?" The blonde, at this point, was so shaken up that he wasn't able to answer in the first place. His heart was racing, and his head spinning. He couldn't think clearly and there was a pain in his-
"Isn't that right?", his father asked, rather screamed, again. He stepped back in front of Billy whose eyes widened a little. He had to pull himself together a last time.
"Yes, sir.", his voice was quiet and he almost didn't hear it from the sound of rushing blood in his ears.
Neil didn't, either: "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you." He spoke just as silent as Billy, probably to mock him, to make him seem weak. You could've jumped at that man's throat.
Neil spared Billy another hard glance through cold eyes. The teen gulped and replied, louder and clearer now: "Yes, sir."
"Find Max.", and with that they were gone.
Billy's hands were shaking and two silent tears rolled over his cheeks. He slammed the wall with his fist and then hid his face in his hands in an attempt to calm himself.
He hated his father with all of his heart. He really did. But he never managed to punch back. After Billy had taken a deep breath in to calm himself he closed the door to his room. This time he locked it, just to be sure no one would burst in unexpectedly.
Then he turned to the closet - he felt uneasy when he walked over though he opened its doors immediately. He was hesitant at doing so, but then your soft eyes were looking at him, making his heart flutter (in a good way).
You noticed that Billy had cried silently, which made your stomach twist and turn in hate for Neil. How could somebody do this to their own child?
Billy helped you out of the closet wordlessly, not looking you in the face right now. That was fine, you knew how shaken up he was right now.
"Can I hug you?", your voice was barely louder than a whisper. You knew that physical touch was helping Billy with feeling comfortable often.
But not now, as he shook his head and gestured to the window "Can you-?"
He didn't need to finish his question, you immediately understood what he wanted from you. "Of course", you grabbed your stuff from under his bed and quickly threw on your shirt. Your shoes would have to wait - you figured it would take too long as Billy was impatiently waiting by your side.
So, you jumped out in the garden barefoot and walked down to where his car stood. You tried your best at being quiet and made yourself as small as possible so that Neil wouldn't see you out there.
While you waited at the camaro you got your converse on, then the front door opened and Billy jogged out. He wanted to get away from this place as fast as possible.
You both got in the car without saying anything, then your boyfriend started the engine and drove out of the drive-way with screeching tires. You thought about what you could tell Billy to make him feel any better for the entire ride.
"Can you stop here, please?", you asked, breaking the silence. You were on an empty road, near a forest. The chances of somebody driving past you at this time were very low.
Billy did what he was asked for without even looking beside him, when the car was parked he didn't move. You assumed that he was still in shock from what had just happened.
"Can I take your hand?", you were already offering yours, while smiling at him sadly. Billy was very hesitant but after a few seconds of debating with himself he let you grab it. He still didn't look at you though.
"Your father had no right to do that, because Max being gone is not your fault. I hope you are aware of that.", you lifted his hand up and gently kissed his knuckles "You did nothing wrong.", you whispered on the soft skin "You did nothing to deserve this."
With the next look Billy shot you, his eyes were all teary again. He started to cry and you immediately leaned over to him, engulfing your boyfriend in a hug. He himself slung his arms around you as if you were an anchor (which, metaphorically spoken, you probably were to him).
You felt your shirt becoming wet from his tears, which made you go bitter. Whenever you had the chance of fighting his father, you would take if immediately. Without a second thought, you would try to kill this man.
"I'll protect you as best as I can from him", you whispered in Billy's locks, pressing a kiss to them only a second later. You caressed his back with your hands in an attempt to make him feel more comfortable.
"I love you so much, Blue.", you had to blink a few tears away. You really did love him and seeing Billy in so much pain hurt you.
"I love you too", were the first words you heard after that accident "Thank you for being here"
"I will always be there for you", you promised. Billy pulled back from your hug to press his lips to yours in a wet kiss. You ttok his face in your hands gently, wiping a few tears from his cheeks.
You would do absolutely anything in your power to protect this guy in your arms. He was worth it.
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