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xenohcs · 1 year
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Bede from Pokemon/real life is a transmasc cinthean ambonec fairygender undeadsoft rosboy who uses he/she flux, it/its and syl/slyv pronouns!
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disabledrosetyler · 1 year
hi everybody i'm feeling soooo unhinged right now thinking about parallels between rose and yaz and like. i think i'm onto something. tl;dr is thasmin would be a different ship if the doctor had never met rose
we know rose and yaz are similar characters. they're definitely distinct individuals, but they're both 19 when they meet the doctor, bored with their lives, instantly mesmerized by this weird alien, etc etc etc. each of them has two seasons to travel with the doctor, establish themselves as characters, and become more and more capable within the doctor's world.
but then we have doomsday for rose and village of the angels for yaz. these episodes serve the same purpose, from a character perspective. in both of them, the companion (rose or yaz) is separated from the doctor with no clear way back. they then spend the next few years (their early 20's!!!) separated from and desperately searching for the doctor. the difference is just in the pacing-- we see more of rose in the moments immediately after, and then rose actually disappears from the show for a season, while yaz is back with the doctor an episode later. otherwise, the same thing happens to them.
but like. okay. here's the thing. we saw how devastating losing rose was for ten. AND ten lost rose in part because their hubris in tooth and claw led to torchwood being created. the one time he lets himself genuinely enjoy himself with someone else, he is punished horrifically for it. add that to the fact that he only traveled with rose for, like, two years, and the rapturous joy of that time was immediately shadowed by a deep grief, well.
surely this is part of why thirteen can't let herself get close to yaz.
and it's just really getting me that thasmin and doctorrose have so many parallels, and the doctor's relationship to yaz is different in part BECAUSE of her relationship to rose! like! last time she got close to a human in the same way as she's close to yaz, her hubris led to her losing her friend forever. in addition to all the people she's lost SINCE then (especially bill, who she lost like 24 hours before meeting yaz). so she can't open herself up.
and like... the doctor with rose couldn't say he loved her, but it was undeniable looking at him with her that they were in love. but thirteen with yaz is totally different. she's so repressed that she won't even get too close to yaz, physically speaking. but like! if the doctor had never met rose, thasmin would be totally different. so in addition to sabotaging his relationship with rose with his hubris, ten sabotaged literally every similar relationship he would have in the future.
and like... honestly i know i can get a little off the rails about rose but i have to assume this is on purpose. like, rose's character and relationship with the doctor influenced the rest of new who, and she's definitely the model for a companion like yaz. and i love the idea of chibnall taking that model and taking into account how a new relationship built on that model would be different. i hope the show acknowledges some of this when thirteen actually talks to yaz, and like... considering the things i didn't think they'd acknowledge that they did acknowledge... and considering jack mentioned rose (and then had a whole conversation with yaz about traveling with the doctor)... i don't know. i think they might talk about this.
tl;dr rose and yaz have similar arcs and i think that's why thirteen can't get close to yaz
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we have MISSED OUT on 13 being jealous oh my god 12 is SO petty imagine IMAGINE if someone had shown some interest in yaz. i dont even know if yaz would notice but the DOCTOR oh my GOD she’d be INSUFFERABLE
bonus points for ryan totally noticing and repeatedly trying to catch yaz’s eye like ??!?!!!! youre seeing this?? are you seeing this yaz good for you good for you
#13 getting as jealous and petty like 12 is in 8x3 would be so funny bc it would be a break in her image#compeltely different from all the other ones#like they know shes a little less sure of herself than she pretends to be#and they find out shes a little more ruthless than she pretends to be too#but jealous?? it would be so embarassing#actually i just remembered the master#nah but it wouldnt have fit there hes her friend too#village of angels maybe?#no but they split up thats the problem#thats the problem very often actually she needs to be there to watch someone flirt with yaz#witchfinders doesnt work thats too early#i think s13 would be funniest + best angst potential bc theyre so tense#and it's after 12x10 and revolution#actually actually most realistically i think this happens between revolution and flux#big finish give me three fucking boxsets about their time between revlution and flux please please PLEASE#i need it#i wish i could write it#the sad thing about it happening between revolution and flux is of course that ryan and graham arent there to Witness#bc thats really the best part#bc i really think yaz would Barely register it#i dont know if she would register being flirted with and i really dont think she'd register the doctor being jealous of it#bc why would she be jealous thats so far out of the realm of possible things the doctor might do#you dont expect a sunset to get jealous#actually i don tknow if yaz thinks of her like that#i think in the beginning maybe but i think by s13 she probably just thinks of the doctor as aroace
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soundscape-sandbox · 4 months
So if this.....King guy was sealed away.....wouldn't that mean there's a way to break him out? Cause after hearing that story I honestly don't want to deal with him
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dork-a-doodle · 7 months
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More Kid!Lalna cuz he’s adorable
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ssaalexblake · 2 months
It’s funny, because i remember seeing people complain that Jack wasn’t nice to Yaz in Revolution of the Daleks with how he was blunt with her, and okay, I might not necessarily agree with that but it’s not a weird interpretation to me either.  
But while Jack might not have been nice to Yaz, Jack was most certainly very kind to Yaz in this episode. That matters inherently more than any niceness he could have given her. 
Because Yaz knows the score here. Yaz has the whole book open in front of her. Yaz has her eyes wide open and can make choices with full agency. Jack telling her the status quo, maybe bluntly but truthfully and with compassion, allowed her to prepare for the future without any false notions of getting forever or what her whole life would look like. This is not the type of agency companions are normally afforded. 
Now, Jack told Yaz this under the impression that the doctor would Never do so. He immediately related to Yaz and showed her compassion because of it So she could make choices and go on like this knowing the score. He would never in a million years have predicted that 13 would be as mature and open to Yaz as she turned out to be after this happened (the last doctor he met was 10 and 10 was negligent to the point of cruelty sometimes in matters like this). 
So Jack was just trying to do for Yaz what he assumed the doctor wouldn’t. Because Jack loves the doctor but he is not blind in the slightest to what they’re like and isn’t kidding himself. He was offering her a kindness that he was never given, and I genuinely believe Yaz would not have taken all the things that followed in the show as well had he Not tried to help her. 
Nothing that happened to Yaz in the build up to the end was out of the left field. She knew, one day, this would happen. She made choices that were informed and worked for her. When she didn’t Have any choices left, and it came to the end, she had known the day was coming and was maybe not prepared, but she was not shocked or emotionally taken out by it happening. 
She will be sad. She’ll grieve. But she was not traumatized or shocked by it happening (I mean. The specifics of how it happened might do a number on her, but the doctor leaving without her having a choice is something she knew was going to happen eventually). 
The point is, She’ll be fine. And while 13 turned out a hell of a lot more mature than Jack expected, he was still a big part of helping Yaz get through this as healthily as possible because he chose to be kind to this person he’d just met and realised could use some tips from somebody in the know. 
And Yaz, not one to soften blows or beat around the bush, probably appreciated this a lot more than anything else he could have done that would have been nicer. 
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cosmicallyavg · 1 year
thirteen trying to radicalize an ood was honestly one of the best parts of the episode
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chihirolovebot · 8 months
im love kokichi so much and i will never hesitate to say that he is the most interesting character danganronpa has ever created.
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greendreamer · 1 year
What if Kate teams up with her lupari to save the 21st-century
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regulusmasamune · 8 months
'Gender' is like music:
The song is different for each member of a symphony:
One note is played, always
The assigned note doesn't fit quite right and needs to be adjusted to make the song whole
A note can be slightly off key, intentionally or confusingly
Some hold chords, two or more notes at the same time
Others play all the notes at once, like a toddler striking all the keys on a keyboard, yet it sounds strangely sweet
Pheraps there is silence, becauses no notes are on the scale. Silence holds its own power
Or the note is so high it can't be heard by humans
Or the note is fluid. The lyrics change depending on the day or location.
The song of each person can range from death metal to folk music, classical orchestral to smooth jazz.
Its varied, and messy
But all together, its a dazzling calamity of human experience
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elencr · 2 months
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* .  ♡         there’s a giggle that leaves her as she leans against @dtective​​‘s side (desperately trying to ignore the cold that was seeping into her skin), staring up at the bright, neon sign. “ this is what you do on your time off ? ” turning her gaze to archie, who was a good couple of feet taller than her. “ karaoke ? ”
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strikingtwelves · 1 year
I bet the reason the Doctor doesn’t want to tell Yaz about the Division is because then not only will she have to tell her everything, but then nothing will ever be the same again. 
Like yeah, the Doctor’s world has already been rocked, and she’s accepted it enough to be out there looking for answers. But she clearly is still trying to have fun here and there, taking Yaz to cool places that aren’t all in the name of learning about her past. 
As consuming as this has to be, the Doctor has never been good at confronting their problems, and she probably really really appreciates the opportunity to just run from aliens and escape from places and pretend that those are her biggest problems. Once Yaz knows what’s going on, there will be no more pretending, no precious moments of normalcy. It’ll make everything way more real than it already is, and I’m not surprised she’s not ready to give those moments up.
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superduperkas · 1 year
I can comfortably fast forward thru most of Shauna's and Adam's scenes during rewatches of Yellowjackets without fear of missing anything since he turned out to the biggest red herring on the show
Love this for me.
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lesbiten · 9 months
dan and yaz got to watch the doctor commit a triple genocide
yeah exactly and THEY DIDNT EVEN BLINK!!!
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nerdie-faerie · 1 year
'How does she choose you?' she's queer and neurodivergent next question crystal bone face
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