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hooned · 4 months
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*lovingly* just some dude. 🤍
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the-magpie-archives · 16 days
💕💞❤️🥰👨‍❤️‍👨💗💖💝💌Martin K. Blackwood 🌹💓💕💞😍💍👁️💖
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youngk-s · 28 days
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The night comes too soon Stop the timе Be here with mе
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kenobion · 9 months
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Andrew Garfield at the Time 100 Gala
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youjustwaitsunshine · 4 months
i really liked that podcast. he sounds so balanced and at peace, like he's not putting the blame at ferrari entirely on himself anymore, he's stopped saying that 'i'll be forgotten' shit, he's just content and kind about everyone he talks about and that's exactly how he'll be remembered
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tonberry-yoda · 3 months
if the character headcanon request still open could you do fugo??
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heck yeah!! and good morning everyone :)
slip your hands in the little holes in his suit
just trust me on this one
he loves it
play with his hair too, hell, even do his hair, he would love it if you dressed him up or made him prettier fr
i feel like he has a big problem with his self confidence so please boost it for him, our boy needs it
like just out of the blue tell him that you think he's handsome
he will blush, but it will literally make his entire day
hold his hand
he will give you knuckle kisses
i feel like he just really likes silence and just being quiet because he has to put up with the loud ahh gang, so he would love to just sit and cuddle in the dark quietly, or even just read while you're in the room
he likes to stay up super late, so you and him are usually watching the stars together through his room window
he will never fail to land a kiss on your cheek
the gang definitely makes fun of him for having an s/o and it makes him blush of embarrassment, but nothing will stop him from dating you, so all you get to see is blushy fugo
i feel like he's really good at baking, so expect a lot of cake and treats from this man
become friends with bruno please, become a part of the familia in your own way :)
please help him tutor narancia because fugo literally cant do it alone anymore or he will go off the wall fr
he will read to you, so please be engaged
just know he will love you forever, even if he is quiet about it <3
jjba masterlist --- pinned post
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breathlesscaddie · 16 days
Everyone: Arthur is so hot
Me: okay but have you seen Merlin
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sincericida · 3 months
This part still has my heart, Lin tearing up is just 😭 (X)
Andrew Garfield, the hugger, felt this was the moment. ❤️
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shotosjupiter · 7 months
itadori who loves your laugh more than anything. the highs and lows of your mirth is something that makes his heart swell with love and happiness. there's something so beautiful about your laugh. he swears, he falls more in love every time he hears it.
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misspoetree · 9 months
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You know how this works: every time we get to see Tay, I have to make an appreciation post about him.
Especially if he's wearing a beautiful, comfy, soft boy outfit.
I didn't make the rules. 😌
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iris-in-the-rain · 8 days
Victor: Oh, here they come, oh no, they're all coming over. Oh god, here they come!
Ron: Victor Garber! Oh, I'm so excited! Hiiii! *kisses him*
Melissa and Michael: *kiss Victor too*
Michael: Spy Daddy! We all love Victor!
Victor: Don't touch me.
Ron: You're wearing your new Gucci outfit today.
Victor: Don't touch my hair.
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misora-blu · 9 months
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Sekkisei CM Part 3
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ss-trashboat · 3 days
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wassup we have finished art woo! donation sketchie for @sldghmmr of the beloved bruiserweight ~
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4elias4vanni · 7 months
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i just think that isaac 🥰
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Oh Karl...
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evanescelf · 1 year
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His smile at “Lan Huan”
[WeTV Interview | Wang Yibo quick questions and answers]
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