pink-apollo · 3 days
I feel like octo!König is a dumbo. Just this cute little guy shy octo who is infatuated with you
✨credit to whoever came up with the concept of octo!könig! I’m having trouble trying to locate the original creator :/✨
Also would anyone be interested in ferret soap?? He’s such a gremlin and I feel like him being a ferret is just fitting. He’s playful, mischievous, full of attitude and loud.
Octo!könig headcanons
Tumblr media
💜Octo!König is such a curious and adventurous creature that tends to get himself into more trouble than he needs to be. Walking around, getting into your dresser and looking through your things. Has ran away with your underwear in his clutches at least once…
💜Gets attached to the point you can’t pry him off which leads to a happy and satisfied könig purring, as he gives little nibbles. He just needs to always be on you and cannot being to even consider to let go
💜Never misses the opportunity to take a bath or shower with you!! You bet your butt that this little cutie is going to be attached to your butt or breast every time. In general really loves the water and it makes him very happy if you have a bath with him!! To spend quality time with you and swim around you, occasionally leaving nibble marks on you
💜Leaves so many marks on your body. Little sucker prints scattered around your chest and thighs from him trying his best to stay on you
💜Always manages to climb into your shirt when you’re doing chores or just sitting down watching tv. Needs to have maximum closeness!! Or else he gets very sad and lonely. Cannot have a lonely octo because he will run around the house making noises and opening up cabinets throwing things around….
💜Must sleep next to you in bed! His little tentacle gently touching your face as he purrs away
💜If you carry around a purse you better check it! König tends to place himself in there when he knows you’re getting ready to leave and he doesn’t want to be alone! But also really likes to explore
💜Tends to crawl up to you and place himself directly on top of your chest and just stare. Makes some clicking noises and his little fins on his head start to move like crazy when you pet him. Gets slightly annoyed when you stop, the way his little face scrunches as he stares at you
💜Likes to share meals. And by sharing I mean he likes to take food off your plate and eat it because he refuses to eat what’s on HIS OWN PLATE. You got a piece of food that you plan to eat? Yeah oh well too bad, it’s his now. Just these big ol eyes staring back at you as you stare in bewilderment
💜Does the cliche pitter patter around the house. His little tentacles sticking to floor causing him to make a lot of noise if you have hard wood floors. Doesn’t understand the concept of being quiet
💜Hates your bra with a passion. It’s too much work for him as he tries to place himself on your breast where it’s warm and comforting. Tentacles flapping under your shirt as he throws a temper tantrum
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confused-wanderer · 3 days
Alfred is badass and has unuasual skills even for a batfam member.
Inspired by pandaredd’s skit where Alfred says “Bond wishes he was me”
The man is the caretaker of the bat family, he has raised every damn member, and has seen more than his fair share of wars, doomsdays and worse. He is a butler. And god knows what else in the spare time. All I imagine is that if a teenage Bruce looks up at Alfred and whispers he wants to train, Alfred might be the one who gives him contacts.
Alfred: .. wait here master Bruce, I know you won’t even listen to what I’m saying so I will let you learn the arts. Only under one condition though, I choose your trainers
Teenage Bruce: Alfred, whom would you-
Alfred *already on the phone* : Hello there Lee
Teenage Bruce *wide eyes* *mouthing* : Rock Lee??
Alfred *scoffing* : what world do you think we live in! Be more realistic Master Bruce.
Bruce: .. so who is it?
Alfred: Bruce Lee.
The scariest thing about the butler is that he will take you apart in less than a blow, and he doesn’t even need weapons. He will however use them just for fun.He can still hear if Bruce or any of the batfamily sneaks around, he’s been the only one who somehow knew Cass was in the room and offered her snacks while she was hanging upside down from the ceiling in the pitch black and overall has better instincts to locate any of them in the mansion than a GPS tracking system.
When supervillains, nosy reporters or even crooks try to break into the Manor, the fact that no one installed a security system should’ve really been a warning point that the Waynes had other.. deadlier security.
By the time Jason comes home he sees Alfred cleaning up the carpet, but doesn’t miss the wrinkled edge of the sleeve. It is only then when he looks to the other room and the criminals are all sitting in time out, each a truly remarkable shade of blue, black purple and green he’s never seen in real life. And none of them were even bleeding.
Alfred also has insanely fast reflexes. And to everyone surprise, he is an bloody good shot. Green arrow was once testing out a new arrow and it accidentally whizzed past the target and almost hit the cat when out of nowhere Alfred caught it and snapped it with one hand. And then proceeded to borrow a pistol and shoot the target while walking to the other side of the room, not even sparing a glance at the bullseye he had hit. All the while holding a tray of glass bottles that hadn’t moved a single inch.
He’s given advice to Jason on how to make explosives out of everything and nothing, taught Dick how to cut a tree in half with one kick, showed Stephanie how to always win Russian Roulette, guided Damian on how to break bones without ever leaving traces, taught Tim how to mimic someone’s voice and be scarily accurate, and so much more. Once on live television the world saw Alfred eat three cookies and refuse to pass them to Bruce Wayne before saying “They’ve been poisoned” and throwing them away. A few people swear they heard him mouth “bloody amateurs” afterwards and he insisted he was fine, stating that he was already “used to it.”
Whatever the fuck that meant.
And that is why the bat cave is a safer option for batman’s enemies than the mansion. Because if you were caught by the butler, just know that god has already forsaken you.
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starsspiral · 3 days
Everyone simultaneously agrees that Gale doesn't have abs, we all know hes a chubby king but do you think he'd feel inadequate because of it? For Tav or anyone else really, everyone there is generally in shape or at least very lean and slim. Do you guys think he'd feel embarrassed about it? Try to change it? If he does illusion abs on himself do you think that one time Astarion catches him and has to convince him that hes enough? That having a six pack is, shocker, not what he loves Gale for?
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gumycandyyy · 2 days
୨♡ Winter King HCS ♡୧
Tumblr media
I am ashamed of tumblr for not making more fanfic of this funky fruit.
We got some general HCS and then some romantic ones under the cut! (I went a little overboard with the romantic ones, hehe!)
୨♡ General ♡୧
-Man's self care routine is off the charts
-I'm serious, he has like- 80 different bubble bath concoctions.
-Smells like mint
-or some kind of cold scent.
-I feel like he loves dressing up fancy, so he has a closet full of sparkly suits
-maybe even some dresses if he's feeling special.
-Doesn't actually need to wear glasses, he just likes how they look.
-While he loves his winter wonder world, I feel like he'd enjoy rainy weather more than snow.
-He got rid of all his madness and sadness, yes, but I think he'd cry at something especially cute. Happy tears, y'know?
"Why are you crying, sir? Are you okay?" "Oh, it's nothing. *sniff* Just those two rabbits that are cuddling."
-He is really bad at any percussion instrument
-like.. REALLY bad.
-His hands are too delicate for such a garish instrument as the drums!
-He loves playing duets on the piano, but rarely has anyone to play with.
-I mean, he could always concoct up an ice creature to play piano with him, but that's honestly quite dull.
-His favorite movie would probably be an old Christmas movie, like It's a Wonderful Life.
-He gets kidnapped by the Candy Queen so often, that occasionally he brings a book or something snuggly to help him wait for his ice scouts to rescue him.
-He once got so bored while kidnapped that he tried to read to some of the mutilated candy people
-That was the last time he saw his favorite book.
-Safe to say he doesn't bring his favorites anymore.
୨♡ Romantic ♡୧
-Will literally spoil his love interest rotten.
-You want that thing you saw earlier?
-Consider it yours
-You'd like for it to snow outside?
-A sprinkle or a blizzard?
-Literally anything, this man will go to the ends of the universe to get you what you'd like.
-Love languages are definitely gift giving and physical touch
-probably acts of service too.
-Loves dancing.
-Loves dancing.
-Whether it be a slow dance or ice-skating, he will take every opportunity to dance with you!
-He adores short people.
-Good, because he's tall as a giant.
-if you're shorter than him, he will no doubt use you as an armrest.
-He always makes remarks on how cute you are.
-Even if you're only two inches shorter than him.
-If you're taller...
-hoo boy.
-Expect him to be all over you.
-figuratively and literally.
-Will want you to carry him everywhere, sit in your lap, rest against you, whatever.
-Just let him touch you.
-He'll talk about how strong you are, how you'd be the perfect chair, etc. etc.
-He does the stupid "How's the weather up there?" jokes.
-Loves your body, no matter what it looks like.
-You're skinny?
-You're easy to carry around and dance with.
-You're chubby or fat?
-Literally will always be holding onto or resting on part of you. He loves squishy people.
-Somewhere in the middle?
-He could not care less. He loves you regardless of what you look like.
-And he makes sure to emphasize his point by complimenting you endlessly.
-He will never leave your side.
-Even if you need space, he doesn't.
-So why wouldn't you?
-Back to our regularly scheduled fluff-
-Candy Queen hates your guts.
-She thinks you're an obstacle, keeping her from the Winter King.
-No doubt tries to kill you.
-Multiple times. a day
-Her plans are always foiled, but if she gets too close to genuinely hurting you, Winter will be so upset.
"Oh, Dearest, please tell me you're okay!" "You are?" "Phew. I don't know what I'd do if you were hurt in any way."
-His petnames for you are probably
-My love,
-There are a lot more, but those are the main ones.
-LOVES kissing you.
-Anytime, any way.
-He finds it adorable when his nose bumps your face.
-Favorite place to kiss would probably be the back of your hand.
-He is a gentleman after all.
-Overall, he just adores you.
-And he sincerely hopes you love him just as much as he does you.
Headcanon requests are open for Winter King! Don't be afraid to send an ask, and be shameless! I know I am! (No smut tho. Some spice is okay, however.)
Have some free WK art for coming this far!
Tumblr media
reblog for a beginner writer?
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anime-grimmy-art · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
More Ittosara cos my head is full of em and they aint leaving.
Just some headcanons and pets.
Also, like, can we talk about how Sarah said the one pet she'd like is a RED HORNED lizard??? i mean the thing is the complete opposite to Itta personality wise but COME ON.
Im taking ALL the crumbs Mihoyo gives me.
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amekeii · 2 days
Criminal Minds Characters as Cocktails
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SPENCER REID - ESPRESSO MARTINI vodka vanilla | coffee liqueur | brown sugar syrup | espresso
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
AARON HOTCHNER - OLD FASHIONED bourbon | sugar | angostura bitters | orange slide
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
EMILY PRENTISS - AVIATION gin | maraschino liqueur | simple syrup | lemon juice | crème de violette | cherry
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DAVID ROSSI - NEGRONI campari | gin | sweet vermouth
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PENELOPE GARCIA - PORNSTAR MARTINI vodka vanilla | passoã | passion fruit puree | pineapple juice | passion fruit half | prosecco
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
JJ JENNIFER JAREAU - GIN & TONIC opihr gin | yuzu tonic | lime wheel
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DEREK MORGAN - MAI TAI dark rum | white rum | orange curacao | almond syrup | lime juice
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quinn-pop · 24 hours
let’s do some autistic meta knight headcanons!! over explaining my interpretation of meta knight yet again wooooo
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this orb has NO idea how to talk to people!!! outside of work anyway. a lot of this is partially due to upbringing (suppressing his emotions all the time) but he does not know how to express emotions, like…at all.
this goes into a few things
1. yeah talking is hard. even after figuring out what he wants to communicate he will struggle. conversation can be so overwhelming, especially under pressure. he will need time lol
2. because of that, forming connections is hard. i really don’t think meta is much for shallow relationships, and certainly not early in the timeline. which also means he has very little experience with friendship. so a lot of the relationships he did have went kinda neglected, and issues that probably could’ve been worked on by talking became…*cough romk* escalated.
3. honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if meta convinced himself he couldn’t feel emotion (anymore) until like. katam-ish. he tried very hard lol
Tumblr media
vulnerability is terrifying. (though this gesture here is also just comforting, like his little cape cocoon thing he does.)
unmasking—yeah im taking the mask thing very literally here—is a big deal and a very slow process for mk. i’m sure he has a lot of feelings on that lol. it served as a way to ensure no one could ever, y’know, see him.
i can’t say i think he’d ever fully ditch it—there’s always gonna be some days that are more stressful than others and if having it could help him get through it, it just makes sense. mainly when working.
it really is about vulnerability. granted, i don’t think he has the most expressive face (in my head every astral just tends to stare at things) but i doubt he has much control over it. can’t fake a smile but also can’t hide it. probably blushes easy because yeah, astrals; just look at kirby’s face.
just the idea that someone might be able to read his expression and know what he’s feeling before he’s ready for them to (or even understands it himself…) yeah he doesn’t want that
but emotional turmoil aside, i think his mask also hides a lot of his stims
Tumblr media Tumblr media
remember that whole “suppressing your feelings” thing? yeah turns out that ignoring half your instincts isn’t a good idea. so in true meta knight style, he tries to stim as subtly as possible
1. he has the least control over his wings, so they will flick and twitch on their own. they’re usually a good indicator of how he’s feeling, not unlike the body language usually seen in cat ears and tails lol. flapping is also an extension of this of course, though he probably suppresses it more.
2. this also effects when he takes his wings out. pretty much every time he’s excited or nervous it just happens. kinda makes me wonder if his wing cape ordeal might also go into the suppression thing… (i’d say yes, but using a cape is also very comforting so it’s not necessarily a bad thing)
3. going back to the mask thing; he stims a lot underneath it. think like biting or pursing your lips. he bites his tongue and clicks his mouth. that sort of thing. his mask also makes it harder to notice that he is constantly sighing, humming, grumbling…all that
one nice thing about the mask though is that it helps a little bit with lights!!! woo
Tumblr media
(look at him and his magically floating glasses)
sensory stuff—i think he’s mostly bothered by light and sound. maybe a bit of texture. he’s pretty sensory avoidant and perfectly happy standing off to the side not touching anything.
the one exception to this is physical affection, which is, despite all of this, most of how he shows affection. it’s a lot easier to hug someone than to try to explain your feelings for them, after all.
i think he would like pressure though. so that’s probably part of it. and i’m pretty sure there’s some connection in here to fighting (dang, is that the only way he knows how to get his energy out?)
Tumblr media
anyway, pretty much all of this is in contrast to kirby, who i would gladly nominate as the champion of Doing Whatever He Wants. he might pick up a few bad habits, but he will never mask the way meta knight does. he might not understand how he feels, but he’s in tune enough to express it…usually.
this is a very good thing for meta because it helps him to do the same thing. kirby’s so energetic, it’s hard to not want to stim with him. it reminds meta to be kinder to himself and explore his own emotions. he can also help kirby understand themselves, so this connection is very important.
yeah, at the end of the day, everything kinda just boils down to kirby and mk as parallels
Tumblr media
this is the conclusion i promise
to me, meta’s arc is about growing stronger by growing kinder, and this is mostly by learning to be kind to himself. letting himself be a person again, loving and understanding other people, and eventually, letting go of all the expectations placed on him and doing the things he’s always wanted to do…
autism headcanons are fun for me because it’s cathartic to write, but at the same time, it just makes sense in this sort of narrative. meta is, to me, inseparable from these things. and so is kirby! that’s a dynamic that’s a lot of fun to play with, and it’s at the heart of my kirby interpretation.
if you actually read all this WOW thank you
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amoebaangel · 3 days
Do you think Luka watched the Barbie movie and had a crisis after watching the scene where the Kens are playing the guitar and staring into the Barbies' eyes uncomfortably for four minutes while they play Push by Matchbox 20? Like that's my guy's whole shtick. I feel bad for him. Probably thinks that's why Marinette left him.
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sandswirls · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Undertale human headcanons ❤
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zootopiathingz · 2 days
Mario/Daisy friendship headcanons I promised to provide!
A popular headcanon for Luigi/Peach is them baking together and it’s usually a very calm activity for them. For Mario and Daisy, however, it would be the exact opposite. It starts out with a simple idea to bake a cake for Peach and Lu to show their appreciation and they go to the kitchen and get supplies, and as they start they both realize that they don’t have any idea how to bake. “It’s fine! There’s cookbooks all over the place that tell you exactly what to do!” Insists Mario, and so they try that at first but since they’re both stubborn asf at times they end up deciding “screw it we don’t need these useless instructions! This looks too easy!” And then they start messing up with the measuring and how long things stay in the oven and long story short a fire starts and everything slowly descends into madness.
They often tease each other about their crushes on Peach and Luigi. Peach will say something sweet to Mario which makes him blush, and after she walks away Daisy leans over with a mischievous smirk, probably commenting on how his face is blending in with his red hat. He covers his face and tells her to shut up (respectfully)
Or when Daisy gives Luigi a kiss on the cheek, Mario childishly goes “ooooooh!” and she pushes him to the ground.
Video games are a battle to the death for these two. If Daisy is in the movie verse I imagine he would introduce games to her which she quickly gains a lot of skill. But of course they’re both super competitive. So whenever someone sees them with controllers in their hands they know to leave the room cuz it won’t take long for the loud screams of pure rage to fill the air.
They also take that completion outside video games. They often have other types of matches such as arm wrestling, checkers, anything that involves an opponent really. It gets tiring to watch at times.
(This is specifically for Wonder) Mario gets the elephant fruit and transforms. He’s mildly confused at first but snaps out of it when he hears Daisy burst out laughing, bending over and holding her stomach. “You look so dumb!!” She shouts through her cackling. Later on in the adventure she gets the fruit as well and looks at her elephant-appearance. Mario folds his arms with a smirk, suppressing some laughter. “You were saying?”
One day Luigi comes home wiping away tears. Both Mario and Daisy go over to him asking what’s wrong. He tries to shrug it off saying someone pushed him on the street earlier, but insists he’s not upset so he tells them not to worry. They both give each other a look. Later that day, after somehow getting some more information, they ring the doorbell of someone’s house. The person opens the door to be greeted by Mario crackling his knuckles while Daisy wields a bat in her hand.
Classic sibling moments where one of them sees a random animal/creature and will point at it and go “that’s you”
After a long day of their absence, Mario and Daisy return home looking absolutely wrecked and disheveled. Their hair’s a mess, their clothes are dirty and ripped, scratches and burn marks on their arms and faces. Everyone else is concerned, but Luigi and Peach immediately scold them and ask what the hell they’ve been up to. They both smile awkwardly and reply “nothing!” in perfect unison. (*cue loud explosion in the background*)
Feel free to add onto this
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itsthesinbin · 2 days
Hmm I'm curious-
What would be your headcanons for Ice King/Simon/older Finn with a very affectionate/touchy partner?
(Cause God knows if I was dating either of these men I'd be all over em-)
im like a cat i want to lay directly on my friends/partner
Adventure Time
Ice King adores a touchy partner. He's lonely and touch starved, and is probably equally as touchy. He holds hands, he picks you up and hugs you out of nowhere, he demands kissies. Cuddling is a MUST at night.
Simon is a little more reserved than his crown-created self. He doesn't like PDA but is still very touchy. He has to know you're real. That you're with him. So he very much will hold your hand, or wrap an arm around you while you're sitting together. Still a cuddler, though, even if he doesn't initiate it.
Finn is a VERY physically affectionate guy. He hugs, he slaps your back/shoulder/ass, he'll grab you and kiss you even if you're busy. Holds your hand all the time when you walk together. Very cuddly at night, but be careful because he's also a blanket hog.
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pink-apollo · 3 days
I don’t remember if I did send you a request before, but i did think of something cute and funny.
Can have some Headcannons on Price, Ghost and Alejandro where they walk into their s/o’s office and found them slumped over on their desk dead asleep?
Hope you’re doing well.
I have come so close to doing this myself at work many times. I swear being a waitress is a lot of work😅
Overworked s/o who is asleep at their desk Headcanons
Tumblr media
✨WORRIED. The definition of a worrier once he sees that your head is resting on your desk fast asleep. Although yes he wants to laugh at the situation he needs to know that you’re okay first
✨Gently shakes you awake while whispering your name to not scare you considering it had happened before😅 by accident of course
✨Finally chuckles once he realized you were just tired from a long day of running errands and doing hours upon hours of paper work that price had asked of you. Though yes you had gotten most of them done, there was still atleast a bit more to go through but Ale refused to let you do it considering you had already burnt yourself out
✨Doesn’t take no as an answer and makes sure to treat you to your favorite things! Like food, dessert, run a bath for you and cuddle for the rest of the night. Wants you at your very best and refuses to let you work yourself like that again. Despite laughing at the situation he was actually worried
Tumblr media
🖤Shuts the door behind him before making his way over to your sleeping form. Papers scattered around, pen in hand as your head rests upon the stack of papers underneath you. He moves a strain of hair away from your face before waking you up, careful to make sure nothing is knocked over to the floor
🖤Doesn’t let you continue no matter how much your protest and saying that you need to turn these in. He won’t hear it and makes you come home, also considering it was now quarter past 8 and you were supposed to clock out 15 minutes ago
🖤Runs you a hot bath and orders take out full on knowing that the both of you were too tired to cook let alone, want to clean up the aftermath
🖤Pulls you on top of him once you climb into bed and rests his chin upon your head, gently rubbing your arm in comfort. He knows he can’t really help you finish the paperwork but damn will try to ease your aching head and hands the best of his ability and make sure you get a good nights sleep
Tumblr media
🥀Accidentally woke you up from him laughing at your state. Hair had become undone as your arm was slumped over across the desk, pen that was once in your hand was now on the floor, cap long gone to who knows where
🥀Helps to organize your things before taking you home where you much needed to be. The paper work can wait another day, it’s not like it needed to be done right away considering you have a full week to turn it in. Is honestly quite amazed that you got most of it done within a few hours
🥀Makes you dinner and turns on your favorite show/movie before settling down beside you despite you fussing over to finish the paperwork. He shakes his head in return and laughs at your determination before hushing you with a kiss. He knows you’re a hard worker but you also need to take care of yourself in order not to have another burn out
🥀Helps you settle into bed before climbing in himself and cuddling you from behind, using his weight to help ease your anxiety. Gently kissing along your neck before nuzzling into your hair
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confused-wanderer · 24 hours
Okay but Bruce has to grow out a beard for a mission and after he shaves it all his kids are screaming bloody murder, the justice league lose it and the public is heartbroken.
The league still maintains some decorum in front of him, though they pout whenever they see him without it the first time. The public has been crying in outrage demanding he grow it back because the man looked like a fucking Greek god.
His kids? Oh, they don’t acknowledge him as the same person.
There’s Beard Wayne, and Bruce Wayne.
And nope. To them, they’re not the same. No matter how much Bruce tries. And to his chagrin, Alfred agrees with them.
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emichevy · 3 days
HC that Noir sometimes whips off his glasses like you would sunglasses to try and look cool or intimidating but then just stands awkwardly cause he’s fucking blind and just puts them back on silently.
“Actually hold on Uhm.” *Puts back on* “yeah nvm.”
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gumycandyyy · 2 days
୨♡ "At Your Beck And Call" ♡୧
Tumblr media
Trying out a oneshot! Or something like that idk.
Winter King x reader
GN reader
RQ: nah fam, I accept requests though!
Word count: 1390
No use of y/n
Summary: You're adventuring through this interesting little world, and find yourself in a snowstorm. Next thing you know, you're in some kind of ice palace. What happened?
Walking through the snow, you look up into the sky. Cloudy. Best be quick.
A chilly breeze sneaks through the fabric of your shirt and deep into your bones. It would've been better if you'd brought a jacket. Though you didn't think your wish prepared you for that.
"I wish..."
"You better think about this hard, dude. You only get one."
"Okay, okay. I wish... Hm..."
"Want a pickle?"
You agreed to Prismo's offer, gladly taking the snack. You crunched while you thought. Man, these were good pickles.
"Okay man, I'll admit I got nowhere to be, but you were kinda interrupting me. I was watching TV."
You tell Prismo that he can watch while you think, as you hadn't thought you would make it this far. He shrugged, and pressed a button on his remote.
You saw him flipping through channels rapidly, looking for one in particular.
"Hey, Prismo."
"Are those just.. Shows? Or-"
"Oh, they're universes. Y'know, the multiverse theory right? I just get to watch everything. Perks of being an omnipresent god-type thing."
You think about your wish for another few moments. You snapped your fingers, and Prismo paused the TV.
"You know what you want?"
You nodded, rubbing your hands together.
"I wish that I-" "Be descriptive. Just in case, Y'know?"
You sighed with an exasperated smile. Taking a deep breath, you asked your question.
"I wish that I had the ability to travel freely and safely through the multiverse at will."
Prismo coughed loudly, as if choking on something. He took a deep breath, sighing.
"Okay, okay. So- I actually don't know if I'm allowed to do that."
"Did- did you just say 'sigh'?"
Prismo shook his question off, and sighed himself. He explained to you what he was and wasn't allowed to do, and how you were in a gray area of the rules. He finally shrugged.
"What could go wrong?"
He snapped his fingers, and suddenly you weren't in the time-cube-thingy anymore. You were in a grassy field. You felt something in the back of your pocket, and bringing it out, you saw a small pocket watch.
There was a note folded up and taped to the back of it. The handwriting was almost too small to see.
Yo, this thing is weird, right? Just wind the clock when you wanna change universes.
Don't break it.
I'm serious, this thing is expensive.
So armed with nothing but your wit and a pocketwatch, you traversed throughout the multiverse.
You wished that you would've added 'immortality' to Prismo's wish.
The wind was picking up, whipping your hair around. You looked into the sky, seeing the clouds grow dark, and snow beginning to sprinkle. It was almost astounding how quickly the weather could change.
A few stray snowflakes blew straight into your mouth as you breathed in, causing you to cough. The wind whipped through you, and the snow fell into your eyes. The sky was as dark as ever, and the snow clumping to your feet made it hard to walk.
You wish you thought of bringing a jacket.
You really wish you thought of bringing a jacket.
It didn't even occur to you to leave this universe, you were too cold to think. Stumbling around in this white wasteland, you wondered if there were any towns nearby.
Just as you thought of that, you saw a light in the distance. Struggling to climb up an embarrassingly small hill, you saw a glowing little town next to a palace probably around a quarter mile away. It looked to be made of ice, but that might just be you blurred vision.
You staggered through the snow, just trying to make it to the town.
You stop in place when you realize you can't feel a single thing in your body. Breathing in deep through your nose and cringing at the chilled air, you decided to use up the last of your energy to get to that little town as quickly as possible.
Bringing your arms up and crossing them, you tried to keep as much warmth to your chest as possible. After getting within about 100 paces to the town, you were ready to collapse. You heard light and seasonal music playing from the town, and hummed along deliriously.
People were ice skating on a small lake near you, and you tried to call for help.
But you couldn't get out more than a whisper.
Collapsing into the snow, your vision blurred and darkened. Just as you were about to lose consciousness, you heard a voice.
"Ice scouts! Come help this-"
Then you were out.
The next thing you knew, you were inside some glittering blue room. Was this place made of ice? Impossible, you were warm. Looking down, you saw that you were covered in blankets. Fluffy, Warm, blankets... You almost wanted to fall back asleep...
You sat up quickly, realizing you didn't know where you were. You then heard a soft voice from your bedside.
"Oh, you're awake. How are you feeling?"
You looked to your side, seeing a man sitting in a chair, reading some book. You couldn't see its title. The man had light blue skin, white hair, a long nose, and sparkling eyes.
You noticed he was dressed quite elegantly, and a crown sat atop his head.
"Who are you?"
He blinked for a moment, and laughed softly while slapping his forehead. He stood up, brushing himself off.
"Forgive me for not introducing myself. My name is the Winter King. You'd passed out in the snow when my ice scouts and I were not but twenty feet away from you!"
You introduced yourself,and tried to remember what exactly happened, but couldn't. You just had to take the Winter King's word for it.
Winter King.
You quickly apologized for being so nonchalant with royalty, but Winter King stopped you.
"Oh, no need for such formalities. You are a guest. It's my duty to serve you. If it would make you feel better, you may just call me Winter."
He sat down again, looking at you. Not in a creepy way, just... curious.
You nodded, taking a deep breath. The air was cold, but not nearly as dreadful as the blizzard outside. You then realized something strange. You asked Winter why it hadn't been pouring snow in the town. He laughs softly, smiling gently at your question.
Man, he was pretty.
"Oh, my dear, I have control over this domain. From every ice sculpture to every snowflake. While sometimes I cannot control the weather, I can however, keep it from affecting my town."
From your basic understanding of magic logic, this seemed plausible enough. You went to stand up, but suddenly felt very fatigued, your legs wavering. Winter stood up from his seat, ready to catch you if need be.
You cleared your throat, sitting down. Only then did you realize how much your throat hurt. You coughed for a moment, trying to get this scratchy feeling out. Winter noticed what you were doing, then gently clapped his hands. A person- looking to be made out of ice- skated into the room, holding a tray with a glass of water on it.
You thanked the little ice servant, and thanked Winter.
Winter seemed a little perplexed that you thanked the servant, but carried on, as it wasn't anything to fuss about.
"I see you're sick. Sometimes I can forget that people aren't immune to the effects of my wondrous realm."
He seemed to be really proud of his little winter wonderland. You looked out a massive window to see the town below.
The town.
You were in the castle.
"However, I am more than willing to aid you throughout your journey to regain your health!"
This man cannot be real. He's so incredibly kind! You've never really met any royalty, but you guessed that Winter was pretty much the nicest king in history.
You sneezed into your elbow, then cleared your throat once again.
"Rest for now, my dear. Though, if you need anything, don't be afraid to ask. I am at your beck and call."
Winter bowed, then gracefully slid out of the room. You forgot the floor was made of ice. Snuggling into the plush pillows and multiple blankets, you closed your eyes,
and drifted off.
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My first Winter King oneshot! This was so fun to make. Tell me if you'd like a part two!
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kalcifers-blog · 22 hours
Pissa Headcanons to rattle around my brain like Tallulah's maracas
I feel like I shouldn't need to clarify this but I will anyway- this is all about the Cubitos, not the CCs
Sun and Moon relationship, but they look like opposite of what they are (Philza looks like he's the sun but he's actually the moon and vise versa)
Missa's hair is significantly longer than what it was after he returns to the island (Philza LOVES it)
Missa is deffo the type to give lots and lots of small pecks just all over Philza's face. Philza is just constantly sat there blushing and smiling
Missa likes to teach Phil how to play guitar (yes he does the thing where he sits behind him and holds the back of his hands to show him how to play. Great stuff)
Philza loves horror and doesn't get scared easily, Missa also loves horror but does get scared easily. Cue movie marathons between them where Missa is constantly jumping and Philza (playfully) laughing at him
I'm sure this is basically canon now but Missa also loves to teach Philza how to dance- in return Philza likes to help Missa out with fighting and offers to spar with him. They both have equally flustered reactions to the other showing them how to do said activity
Missa is very physical affection oriented. Whenever Philza is in his vicinity they're hardly apart for even a second because of how close Missa wants to be all the time (90% of the time he's not even doing it consciously)
Missa is taller than Philza (Avians tend to be shorter on average since it helps out with flying) it's not major or a huge difference in any normal circumstance but it definitely feels that way as soon as they're close in proximity to each other (it does not help that Missa wears those big ass goth boots with thick soles/heels, making him appear even taller than usual)
Philza likes to collect items that remind him of the people he's closest too (i.e, Technoblades emerald, Wilbur's guitar pick, Tallulah's amapola, Chayanne's rubber duck etc) for Missa it's a sugar skull mask Missa decorated for him (it includes his green colour scheme and the hardcore heart)
Missa also loves to braid Philza's hair and preen his wings and takes great pride in doing so (he's not AMAZING at it, but he still loves to do it)
Every government assigned couple were given rings when they first joined, at first Philza and Missa wore theirs as necklaces before they actually developed any feelings for each other- now they both wear them on their right ring fingers (they unconsciously agreed that they'll move the rings onto their left hands if they ever actually got married)
Philza can understand birds (he mostly understands crows but he's able to piece together what other types of birds are saying as well) so he's often telling them to "shush" when they catch him and Missa alone together
Missa has death touch, meaning anything living will die if they touch his bare skin. Anything besides (Death's favourite) Philza of course. (Also the death touch does not work on undead which is why he still hides away from Zombies and Skeletons, which is partially the reason why he's kinda shit at fighting)
Trans ftm q!Philza but his top surgery scars are the shape of an upsidedown heart (Missa thinks it's SO PRETTY)
Mumza is watching all of this go down with a bowl of popcorn like her personal weekly telenovela. She finds it the funniest thing that Philza's type is essentially "tall, dark and emo"
Wilbur did not know that Philza would like men, the whole "Phil- I didn't know you were bi, and polyamourus" is still canon, but at first Wilbur was kinda just joking not thinking there was actually anything behind it. You can imagine his shock when in fact, his dad does indeed like men.
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