broosepayne · 9 hours
Hey everyone!
Disclaimer: This isn't an advertisement lol. It's just a good resource.
I wanted to share a great website I've been using for years. A lot of you have probably used it, but I want to get the word out to anyone who might need it:
iwaspoisoned.com allows you to report food poisoning you have experienced at local restaurants and lets you sign up for an email list to alert you when there are food poisoning reports in your area. It also lets you get alerts for food recalls which may impact you.
I recently got an email informing me of a frozen strawberry recall. The reason they're being recalled is because they may be contaminated with Heptatitis A. My smoothie-obsessed friend had a packet of those strawberries in her freezer and only knew about the recall when I told her! And the only reason I knew about it was because I got an email from iwaspoisoned.
Just wanted to share this because it's helped keep me up to date with these reports/recalls. If you've got any similar useful resources, feel free to leave them in the notes :D Take care of yourselves!!
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rayneydayss · 14 hours
One of the first things children should be taught in health class is what constitutes a ‘normal able body’—that being alive should not hurt. They should explain the pain scale in depth and what it means and how to listen to your body. Not only will this teach kids the importance of taking care of yourself and monitoring how you feel, but it could vitally assist in identifying disabilities at younger ages, thus hopefully giving them the chance to live a better life.
This may seem stupid to people who have never experienced chronic pain, but as someone who has been in near full body pain for 3/4ths of my near 22 years of life, if I had been taught this kind of stuff at a young age I would have been able to identify what I was experiencing and discuss it better with the doctor. I was in such constant pain I thought it was normal to feel like that and my parents just kept telling me it was growing pains. Once I got older, I was diagnosed with depression before my physical pain symptoms were addressed and it took me years to convince my doctors that it wasnt psychosomatic
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gingermuscles · 4 hours
Mon 20th March:
Leg day! Not heavy today though, I've learned from my mistakes last Monday and suffering all week at work as a result. 30mins on the bike while replying to messages, 25 ish mins core and glute strength. Felt great to get a workout in after such a busy weekend. Didn't hit 10k steps today just bc I really had to sit down and get some work and wedding planning done, which was worth it bc we think we've found our photographer, florist, celebrant and hair and makeup. Getting there!!
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Cuddles with Maggie before our workouts. She's such a funny girl and she knows full well she runs this house 🤣
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Matt and I were both home so we got Indian food and watched The Sea Beast. We had a lovely night 🥰
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elektroyu · 4 hours
Back from the psychiatrist, where I get my sick leave slips. Today my usual doc was sick so someone else took over and let me tell you. Medical gaslighting, she was really good at that.
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Go lift.
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she-is-ovarit · 16 days
Please hear me.
Being tired isn't normal. It doesn't matter that you're aging. Being fatigued is a serious sign.
It might be difficult to judge "normal tired" from "bad tired". Rule of thumb is that if you notice that other people seem to be on another plane of existence with alertness, you're not "normal tired".
I slept for 10-12 hours a day at least and still was tired for most of the day but "functioned" (went to work).
It turns out it wasn't just one thing. It was a lot of things. I went on liquid vitamins first because that's all I had energy for—to throw money at something that can be delivered to me. And it was crucial. I went off my heart medication after my doctor let me know my active heart rate was way too low (prior to the vitamins). I felt super improved and this went from feeling super improved to extremely improved after I began to eat more healthy fats (avocados, eggs, nuts, vegetarian-friendly animal products). I cannot emohasize the eating more fats thing enough. Did you know that due to our biology women are supposed to have way more healthy fats than what we're typically told?
I had struggled with other symptoms I brushed off as normal too. My hands and feet being cold all the time. Turns out this wasn't normal. How many women and girls have cold hands and feet constantly? I was "adoringly clumsy". Balance issues from vitamin B12 deficiency. Foot cramps. Magnesium deficiency. Generalized anxiety disorder. Still have it, but significantly improved because my body isn't fighting for it's life. Lack of focus/concentration issues to the point where I worried I had ADHD or something since that's all I know about that mental health condition.
Constant cravings I blamed on emotional eating. Increasing my healthy fat intake all about cured this—helped more than protein. I began to lose weight when I increased my healthy fats because I was no longer seeking out sugar or bad fats. Iron deficiency and vitamin D3 deficiencies were also confirmed on blood tests before I started liquid vitamins.
When I went off my heart med and bought those dumb electrolyte packets for my water, my arrhythmia is now hardly noticeable physically.
And to circle back—I am awake. And I sometimes break down and cry because I can't believe how I was functioning now that I understand what having energy feels like. I didn't know. I didn't know there was even anything wrong with me. I thought I was just a tired person. That being tired was normal to being female and aging.
Chronic fatigue is extremely serious. It's not normal. You're not just a tired person.
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thethirtyproject444 · 19 days
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mindblowingscience · 21 days
This protein, the leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 15 (LRRC15), is an inbuilt receptor that binds the SARS-CoV-2 virus without passing on the infection.
The research opens up an entirely new area of immunology research around LRRC15 and offers a promising pathway to develop new drugs to prevent viral infection from coronaviruses like COVID-19 or deal with fibrosis in the lungs.
The study has been published in the journal PLOS Biology. It was led by Professor Greg Neely with his team members Dr. Lipin Loo, a postdoctoral researcher, and Ph.D. student Matthew Waller at the Charles Perkins Centre and the School of Life and Environmental Sciences.
The University study is one of three independent papers that reveal this specific protein's interaction with COVID-19.
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niuniente · 13 days
If you invite someone in your home and they start breaking things and insulting your decor, you don't have to hate them, but you wouldn't invite them into your home anymore. Boundaries are doing the same thing, except your home is your mind. Your home is your time and your life. Uninvite the guests who don't know how to treat your home with respect.
Doe Zantamata
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politijohn · 19 days
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todayontumblr · 4 days
Friday March 17.
World Sleep Day!
*hooOOoonk, shoooooooooo. mimimimimimimimi* *Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* *inhale, exhale, innhaaaalle... exhaaaaaale*. *snore* On your back, on your side, on your face, if that's what you're into. There are many, many ways of doing it, and each and every one the right way. And it really could not be simpler: all you need is a bed, a blanket, a pillow, a nightcap, and your merry self. That's right, folks, it is, of course, sleeping. And, we hear you ask, why are we celebrating this basic human need? Well, that's because today is all about it. It's time to put on night gowns, extinguish lamp lights, and curl up in your bed/nest/cryogenic sleep pod/pile of leaves, because today is #world sleep day, a celebration of our beauty sleep, our nap times, our 40 winks, more or less. It's a beautiful thing, and we are very ready, and very sleepy. So curl up, buttercup, and let's get cosy.
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she-is-ovarit · 14 days
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black-lake · 10 days
self care based on your chart
I talked about the signs and houses connection to body parts and many of you requested this post. These are ways to do your self-care using your chart, the signs, and planetary placements and aspects. The same concept can be applied using simple self-love practices in other areas of life too.
✧ notes 
I recommend you look at your transits chart or solar return as well to better know the best self-care practices at the time. You can base your general self-care on your natal chart but the transits can tell you the best times to take action or avoid taking action on something significant. 
Look for the planets placements and their aspects, mainly if in the angular houses or make many significant aspects. Like I mentioned before I got so much dental work done when saturn was in the 10th, conjunct my mc and opposite north node, it was expensive but I was able to afford it.
You can also consider the degrees if you're feeling extra, in your natal chart and your solar return. Degrees can be associated with signs, so they can be simply linked to the areas they rule.
Planets rule things related to body parts like diseases or accidents and influence certain parts of the body depending on the aspects they make. Also two planets can influence the same body parts.
Aries/1st house - head, face, brain, eyes 
— Prone to headaches so get quality sleep, wash your hair often, and do wash your makeup, nothing heavy on the head. Exercise and workout in general helps release any pent-up energy or stress. Take good care of your eyes, sunglasses, eye drops, natural eye products/makeup. Keep your brain healthy. Foods and supplements that regulate your energy levels. Head massages, soft pillows, facemasks, frequent haircuts, breathing exercises, get enough brain oxygen. Fast thinkers and can have racing thoughts, so journaling, running, meditating can help. Release anger in healthy ways.
Taurus/2nd house - neck, ears, throat, thyroid 
— The senses can be heightened so make sure your environment is comfortable, the temperature, the sounds, scents, fabrics, the food, arrange it like it's a visions board. Coffee, tea, warm soups, breads and oats, and warm herbal drinks that work for you. Can cling to that one thing they like, so do change your diet from time to time to get different nutrient. Renew your clothes, make your space cozy. Neck massages, aromatherapy, and body relaxation methods. Singing or writing, chill playlists, comfy places and peaceful walks. Cooking your own food can be therapeutic and healing for you. 
Gemini/3rd house - arms, hands, lungs, shoulders 
— Tend to be anxious and restless, since it also rules the nervous system and is ruled by mercury, so the mind is central. Can't stress it enough, but writing,  journaling, speaking just getting your thoughts out. Since the mind is always active, look for ways to release that mental energy. Cardio, pilates, fast sports, board games, socialising. Can have fast metabolism and lean long body parts so accustom your diet and exercise based on that. Massage your shoulders, read a book, and do stretch regularly. Honestly..  joke around, taking all those thoughts seriously is no good. DO YO NAILLS 💅
Cancer/4th house - chest, breast, stomach, womb 
— Ruled by the moon, get a healthy outlet for your emotions, accept your emotions, write, speak up, cry when you need, watch something funny, your comfort show, make yourself laugh. Check your hormones regularly, find a good diet for stomach health, whole grains and high-fiber foods, take your digestive supplements. Do yoga, stomach exercises, breathing exercises. Drink lots of water. Choose your friends wisely, find people you trust. Make your bedroom comfy, invest in a quality bed, get yourself comfy clothes. Cooking your own food is again a self love thing to do, baking, homey places, nature and quiet places. Get you a furr baby.  
Leo/5th house - heart, spine, spinal column, upper back 
— Ruled by the sun, go out more and get your vitamin d. Choose heart-healthy foods, leafy greens and soluble fiber foods and supplements. Check your heart health and blood pressure. Do exercises that work for both your heart, your upper back and shoulders, aerobic exercises, fun sports and activities. You can be generous to everyone but be generous to yourself too, buy yourself gifts, spoil yourself. Do a full hair and skin routine, find a hobby, watch shows that inspire you, make your inner child happy. Embrace you emotions, your skills, pursue your passions, be expressive and go out for adventures.
Virgo/6th house - abdomen, digestive system, intestines, spleen
— Listen to your body and keep adjusting your diet and routine to fit your needs. Your body can be just as picky, so be mindful of the food you consume, of any allergies or foods that are hard to digest. Get your digestive supplements and enzymes, do your research. Choose gut-healthy foods and the best times to eat for you. Go for a nature walk, exercise to release any pent-up stress, cardio or pilates. Get indoors plants or plant them yourself. Spend time with pets. Make your own natural medicine that works for you, even if as simple as tea. Read a book, journal to organize your thoughts, keep your space clean. Reward yourself and acknowledge your efforts and progress. 
Libra/7th house - kidneys, lower back, bladder, buttocks
— Find a way to maintain a balanced lifestyle that works for you. Add a variety of nutrients to your diet, foods for healthy kidneys to make that skin glow, antioxidant foods and supplements. Keep your kidneys and bladder healthy. Lower body and buttocks exercises, strength training, dancing, going out for walks. Decorate and beautify your own place, try new recipes, go for a picnic. How you feel is more important than how you look, make yourself feel pretty, do a skincare routine, create a vision board, romanticize your life. Be the person you want to love and identify your own opinions from those of others, yours matter. 
Scorpio/8th house - genitals, colon, urethra, reproductive system
— With all those transformative energies, change what you consume to fulfill your changed needs, feeding your body and mind the proper nutrients. Maintain healthy reproductive organs and balanced hormones, do your check ups. Maintain healthy guts, fiber and antioxidant rich foods, high vitamin drinks, herbal medicine can be beneficial too. Lower body and muscle exercises, stretch regularly, breath and meditate to calm your mind. Invest in quality skincare and unscented hygiene products. Journal, write your reflections, your progress and goals, positive affirmations, light your great scented candles and watch a funny show. 
Sagittarius/9th house - thighs, hips, liver, legs
— Go out and wander around, exploring new places, foods, and random things will light you up, you know it. Find a diet that works for your energy levels, protein rich foods and shakes, citrus and greens, simple nutritious meals. Watch out for any leg injuries. Go out for running, do leg exercises, muscle building, any outdoors sports. Write a bucket list, update your wishes list, go for mini solo adventures, speak to the locals when you travel, learn new words, find authentic travel souvenirs. Listen to a podcast or watch a documentary, keep a positive outlook on your future, positive environment and self-talk.
Capricorn/10th house - bones, joints, knees, skin, hair
— Can get caught up in doing or not doing things, so allow yourself to both be active and rest when you need. Find foods and supplements that are good for bone strength and joint health, calcium and magnesium rich foods, going out and getting your vitamin d is good for both your skin and bones. Going for morning runs, muscle building workouts, chiropractic-approved exercises and stretches, any leg sports. Invest in skincare and dental care. Write down things like goals, tasks list, and self development notes. Watch things that motivate you and light you up, acknowledge how far you’ve come.
Aquarius/11th house - ankles, calfs, achilles, circulatory system 
— Can be very future focused, so do protect your hopes and find an outlet to express them but enjoy the present as it is. Add water-rich foods to your diet, foods that help the blood flow like fatty fish, avocados and other circulation boosters or supplements. Exercises that improve circulation like jogging, cycling, cardio, dancing, swimming. Find ways to express your ideas of the world and fantasies, music can put you in that creative energy, meditation, talking to a friend. Take a long bath, light some candles, write down your ideas, your hopes and dreams, your thoughts and what you're grateful for. 
Pisces/12th house - feet, toes, pineal gland, lymphatic system 
— Can also be spacey and future focused so any self expression activities can help that energy flow. Choose foods that help maintain your body fluid balance, water-rich foods, leafy veggies, omega 3 rich foods, and supplements that boost lymphatic drainage. Avoid foods that drain your lymphatic system. Find hobbies that light you up, listen to music, paint, be creative. Nature walks, swimming, cardio, cycling, dancing. Taking frequent baths and soaking your feet in soap and epsom salt water can release stress from the feet area, grounding activities, reflecting, journaling and writing down your hopes and thoughts.
Sun - heart, head, spine, spinal cord, eyes — can influence vitality, heart function, headaches, fever, eyesight.. etc
Moon - stomach, breast, lungs, blood circulation, body fluids — can influence colds, blood flow, dehydration, stomach issues.
Mercury - nervous system, ears, mouth, skin — can influence ear problems, mental illness, restlessness, breathing issues.
Venus - face, cheeks, throat, bladder, skin —  can influence skin issues, bladder infections, throat issues, carbs and sugar balance. 
Mars - chest, muscles, blood, genitals — can influence accidents, wounds, muscles weakness, energy levels, genital diseases.
Jupiter - liver, kidneys, pancreas, thighs — can influence cholesterol issues, fatty liver, toxins overload, diabetes, kidneys issues.
Saturn - bones, teeth, hair, legs, joints, knees — can influence knee or joint problems, dental problems, wisdom teeth, bone diseases, hair loss.
Note that these are just suggestions that I hope remind you and inspire you to listen to your body and take good care of it, discern, do your research and take only what works for you. much love 🫶
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thethirtyproject444 · 15 days
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mindblowingscience · 21 days
Researchers have discovered a possible new way to treat pain without the use of opioids. By targeting a specific area of a well-known pain receptor, they were able to reduce pain sensitivity in mice without affecting the receptor’s other functions, such as sensitivity to heat.
Their inspiration? Chickens.
Many chicken farmers know that squirrels and mice won’t eat chicken feed laced with capsaicin—the chemical that gives chili peppers their spiciness. In mammals, capsaicin activates a pain receptor to cause a burning sensation. In most bird species, capsaicin has little effect.
“It turns out that birds are naturally resistant to capsaicin,” says Eric Gross, associate professor of anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine.
That fact prompted Gross to wonder whether it was possible for humans to have a genetic variant that made the receptor, known as transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 1, or TRPV1, more birdlike—and more resistant to pain.
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