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twst-quotes · 1 month
Leona: must be hard not being able to laugh
Malleus: I do have a sense of humour you know
Leona: I've never heard you laugh before
Malleus: I've never heard you say anything funny
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rikkutori · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
finally i finished them,,,! yaay
i’m not happy with some of them but anywayy
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A Bunch Of Silly Twisted Wonderland Headcannons
AHHHHHHH I'm definitely gonna make some of these into fics since I have no self control whatsoever. Contains slight character spoillers!
Ruggie's full legal name is Ruginald Francis Bucchi. Ruggie Bucchi appears on most of his tests and stuff so he thought he was safe, but Leona somehow found out about it and has been calling him Ruginald ever since.
There are some personality traits attached to each dorm that generally go overlooked - such as Octavinelle's penchant for gossiping. Most Octavinelle students can sit there and shit talk literally anyone for hours at a time, it doesn't even matter if there's nothing to be said, they'll just start rumours. Not even the trio are immune to this.
After the MC shattered Deuce's entire worldview (told him that there weren't always chicks inside eggs), Ace took it as an opportunity to develop a new hobby. For no reason other than to be a bitch, every so often Ace will gaslight Deuce into believing something dumb. Deuce starts off so sure that Ace is trying to trick him, but by the end of it he'll waddle up to Trey with his head down and ask him if chocolate milk really does come from brown cows.
Sometimes when in public, Vil will carry around a purse filled with bricks. No one knows why and no one is brave enough to ask. The actual reason is something to do with specialized weight training, but Epel has come to the conclusion that he has it so he can swing it around like a mace and beat people up with it.
Sebek once carved an elaborate ice sculpture of Malleus for his birthday. He figured that since it was December at the time it would be cold enough to keep the statue in the courtyard until January (so that everyone had to look at it), but he was wrong. When he realised it had melted he was so distraught that he fainted.
Trey and Chenya both despise Riddle's mother. Chenya in particular exacts revenge on her by sneaking into her study and hiding glasses of milk around, so that once they go bad she'll have no idea where the awful smell is coming from. Trey likes to think that he's more mature than that, but when Chenya told him about it he resolutely decided that it was 'none of his business'. Chenya always makes sure to remove the milk before Riddle goes home for the holidays though.
The staff are massive shippers, Sam and Crewel especially. They have a list of OTP's a mile long and will actively fight anyone who disagrees with them. Crowley tried to tell them that shipping their students together was 'unprofessional', so they reminded him that not hiring a counsellor after the 6th overblot in a row was even more unprofessional. He was quiet after that.
When Neige first saw Epel he thought he was a dwarf, and got really excited because it meant that Vil also had dwarf friends and they could bond over it. He asked his friends if they knew what kind of dwarf Epel was, and seeing how excited it made him no one had the heart to tell him. To this day, Neige believes that Epel is an apple dwarf, a species entirely made up by Dominic.
Lilia is 99% sure that Silver is probably the missing prince of a neighbouring kingdom. When he first found him he intended to take him back immediately, but then it started raining so he couldn't without risking small Silver's health. Every day there was something preventing him from taking him back, be it the weather or an event or just Lilia not really feeling it. This has been going on for 17 years.
After a particularly tiring basketball club meeting, Jamil came back to the dorm only to realise he'd forgotten to prepare anything for Kalim's dinner. In a moment of desperation he threw some dinosaur chicken nuggets in the oven and prepared a whole speech on why he hadn't cooked a proper meal like usual. He served them and Kalim declared that they were the greatest thing he'd ever tasted. Jamil was furious.
A bunch of Ignihyde students banded together to confront Idia about some minor issues that were going on in the dorm (the heater is broken, my roommate is being too loud, etc). They stood outside his door waiting for a response for so long they were worried that he'd died. It turns out that he'd heard them coming and bungie jumped out of the window using a string of his Hatsune Miku underwear to get away from them.
Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment :)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have nothing to say for myself
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
NRC Dorm Inspired outfits (completed, part 1)
Scarabia got redesigned entirely and Ignihyde got an additional outfit.
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Tumblr media
Pretty much everyday at heartslabyul
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TWST Redesigns/HC's
These headcanons include gender, sexuality, and appearance headcanons. They are canon in my AU. Outside of it, however, they're mere headcanons. If you don't like any of them, then don't read.
Tags: @adrianasunderworld @lordofthewinter @cherryjkj @marrondrawsalot @mangacupcake @starry-night-rose
Riddle Rosehearts: genderfluid transfem, she/they/he/rose pronouns, bisexual (with a strong preference for women) demiromantic, polyamorous, heart lips, friendship bracelets (Trey & Che'nya)
Trey Clover: cis, he/him, gay, near-sighted, friendship bracelets (Riddle & Che'nya)
Cater Diamond: non-binary, they/he, pansexual, freckles, known as Kei as well, wears an Aquarius pendant necklace
Ace Trappola: cis, he/him, bi-curious (later bisexual with no preference), freckles, friendship bracelets (w/ Yuu, Deuce, Epel, Jack, & Sebek)
Deuce Spade: FTM trans, he/him, gay, has old scars from his delinquent era, friendship bracelets (w/ Yuu, Ace, Epel, Jack, Ortho, & Sebek)
Leona Kingschloar: masc transfem, she/he pronouns, lesbian, polyamorous, semi-blind in the left eye (both blindness and scar got worse post-overblot)
Ruggie: FTM trans, they/he pronouns, vitiligo, marks from Leona’s overblot
Jack Howl: cis, he/him, questioning, friendship bracelets (w/ Yuu, Deuce, Epel, Ace, Ortho, & Sebek)
Azul Ashengrotto: demiboy, he/they, bisexual, demiromantic, legally blind (like me lol)
Jade Leech: transfem, they/she, lesbian, polyamorous, eel features (scales, eyes, etc)
Floyd Leech: AMAB demiboy, he/they, bisexual, polyamorous, eel features (scales, eyes, etc)
Kalim Al-Asim: transfem, she/her, lesbian, wears so much gold it's a shock no one (read: Ruggie) has robbed her (she tried but Jamil stopped Ruggie)
Jamil Viper: FTM trans, gay/mlm, snake fangs post-overblot, scars from both overblot & childhood protecting Kalim
Vil: genderfluid transfem, she/he pronouns, bisexual, polyamorous, tanned skin
Rook Hunt: cis, he/him, aroace
Epel: FTM trans, he/him, questioning, friendship bracelets (w/ Yuu, Deuce, Ace, Jack, Ortho, & Sebek)
Idia Shroud: genderqueer, he/they, demi-bi ace spec, naturally blue lips, dark circles, Greek nose
Ortho Shroud: robot, still goes by he/him, robot eyes with pupils that display emotions for protocols, Greek nose, friendship bracelets (w/ Yuu, Deuce, Epel, Jack, Deuce & Sebek)
Malleus Draconia: transfem non-binary, she/they/he, ace spec & lesbian, polyamorous, dragon scales, naturally sharp claws/hands, dragon teeth
Lilia Vanrouge: agender, she/he/xe/xir, honestly any pronouns, lesbian, sharper fangs/bat-like fangs
Silver (Vanrouge): demiboy, he/him, questioning, albino
Sebek Zigvolt: cis, he/him, demiromantic, ace, bisexual, crocodile scales, has a tail to match lol, friendship bracelets (w/ Yuu, Deuce, Epel, Jack, Ortho & Sebek)
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natewriteslol · 2 years
Twisted Wonderland: Their crush saying “Are we about to kiss right now?” as a joke to the dorm leaders
Warnings: none I believe except for close contact?
Part two is here!
Characters: Riddle Rosehearts, Vil Schoenheit, Leona Kingscholar, Idia Shroud
A/N: I just thought it would be funny since I say this all the time to my friends
I will be doing a part 2 with the rest of the dorm leaders! Let me know if you want to see this prompt with the others!
Riddle Rosehearts: 
-He was yelling at you since Ace and Deuce had broken a vase and you may have instigated the fighting amongst them
-C’mon it was a little bit funny-
-But Riddle wasn’t having any of it, the only vase breaking that should be happening is on Vase Breaking Day stated on rule 245!
-His cheeks were a bright red and in your face yelling, but then he paused
-So you took the opportunity quickly,
“Are we about to kiss right now?” You said wiggling your eyebrows
-Somehow, his face became an even brighter red 
-He was in a shocked daze until Deuce and Ace started cackling
-”W-what are you even talking about?!”
-”You heard me, Riddle.”
-And now he’s just a bumbling, red mess Deuce, Ace and you were luckily able to get off scot free
Vil Schoenheit:
-He dragged you away to try on this new lip product, as he said it would change your life
-And while you were doubtful, Vil was always incredibly picky so him giving away praise like this wasn’t exactly common
-And plus you liked hanging out with Vil, so win win I guess!
-As he was applying it to your lips, he was so close 
-Such pretty tresses of blond hair, bright amethyst eyes, makeup applied flawlessly to accentuate his beauty (You can tell I love this man-)
-You were nervous with his gaze on you, so you decided to crack a joke
-“Are we about to kiss right now?” with a satirical lipbite
-He’s used to seductive antics so this wouldn’t particularly affect him if it were someone else 
-But it’s you 
-asking for something as intimate as a kiss
-Only slightly taken aback, and you can see a little blush on his cheeks
-”W-what don’t be ridiculous” 
-If you really want to get him nervous, press further 
-”So you don’t want to kiss me?” 
-Vil: 0   Y/N:2
Leona Kingscholar: 
-He had ordered you to get some roast beef sandwich
-So you awoke him in order for Leona to eat it
-You set the sandwich down and shook his arm
-However he was so groggy and offended that you decided to wake him up (Despite him giving you the orders “If I’m not up, then wake me to eat.” but okay Leona-) 
-He pulls you in so incredibly quickly onto his couch and you’re swaddled in his arms
-”You’re being too loud, let me sleep”
-”You told me to wake you up, Leona?”
-”I did? You should’ve known I  wasn’t thinking right, that’s on you”
-His lips were incredibly close to your face 
-”Are we about to kiss right now?”
-”Is the herbivore that desperate for me? I knew that you wanted me, but that’s quite shameless.” 
-Dammit, your joke backfired and now you’re flustered
-You try to backpedal, saying that you were just playing around
-”Ah, ah herbivore, you asked, I answered. Now come here or maybe I should make you beg?” 
Idia Shroud: 
-You two were both playing video games in the Ignihyde dormitory 
-Things were getting heated and the stakes were high
-You had to win against Idia
-And you would do whatever it takes
- So you hatched your plan, you inched closer and closer to him legs and arms touching 
-He was so immersed in the game Idia didn’t notice you at all
- Your faces were right next to each other
-And then you whispered in his ear, “Are we about to kiss right now?”
-Idia snapped out of it quickly, you were so close? 
-Has another being ever been in such close contact with him?
-And on top of that it was you, his crush? 
-He absolutely lost it, his hair blistering into fierce flames, an incredibly pigmented blush
-You raced to the finish line passing Idia up, and got first place
-In the midst of your celebration, you just saw him withering on the ground
-Congrats you won! But at the cost of completely breaking this poor boy. 
(I want to make a teasing Idia fic so bad omg)
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dreamiechi · 1 year
The two shared braincells...
Tumblr media
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twst-quotes · 1 month
Yuu: we all have our demons
Yuu, grabbing Grim: this one's mine
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justakiro · 8 months
Twisted wonderland boys +MC and what dare they got in camp
HEADS UP: While in camp, the boys decided to give each other dares and MC who was passing by got included. What dare did each of them gotten?
Pt. 2 Savanaclaw
Riddle: got dared to broke one of his rules
MC: got dared to pick one of the TWST boy's too sleep with (ended up being b-kun)
Ace: got dared to re-create the princess and the frog kissing scene
Deuce: got dared to spent 30 seconds alone in the pitch black forest
Cater: had to post an embarrassing post on his vlog, ended up being one of his top post's
Trey: got dared to actually eat Lilia's cooking, ended giving lilia tips on cooking
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abyssthing198 · 3 months
Tumblr media
The Scarlett Executioner
Nicknamed the Scarlett Executioner by the Heartslabyul students, the first time Ophelia channeled the Queen of Hearts was during Riddle’s overblot, much to everyone’s surprise, including Ophelia.
Personality wise Ophelia becomes more shorted-tempered, able to reach destructive level’s of anger at a much faster pace, although this happens rarely. If they do reach this point, however, they can become almost unreasonable without the right person to calm them down. This anger was on full display during riddle’s overblot. They also become much more impatient , especially when ordering the card soldiers around. If they feel as if they’re not following orders correctly or quick enough, they will behead those soldiers in a fit of rage. Although the Soldiers do not die, instead carrying their head until the order is completed to satisfaction than they’re able to reattach it.
Taking the role of tank, ophelia is physically stronger, able to take the most hits when channeling the Queen of Hearts. Armed with a battle axe, they can be found in the middle of the battle fighting ruthlessly awhile giving out orders to students and familiars alike. They are also able to summon rose bushes and vines to attack magically. They can also summon the two familiars they Queen of Hearts brought with her: the King of Hearts and the White Rabbit.
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ace-of-trppls · 7 months
After Getting into an accident you awaken to find yourself in a place found between the boundaries of the 7 circles of hell, A mirror chamber, with and an odd birdman named Crowley as your only company
Upon waking up Crowley bribes you into going to each circle to ���help” him fix mirror that is told to be able to bring back the life you once had, with no other choice you agree
Crowley decides to graciously tell you a bit about the circles and the madness that you were about to venture
「HEARTSLABYUL」 The realm of the crimson tyrant
In this realm you must collect 50 soul shards, easy right? well it would be if you weren’t in a large maze in addition to running from the circle’s residents who are hell bent on catching you and dragging you to their leader presumably called the crimson tyrant who is very fond of beheading people, that is if you don’t lose you head before meeting him
Luckily or Unluckily Crowley graciously gave you a small and very loud familiar called grim that will lead you to the souls shards and help you fight but, aside from that he can’t sense enemies so he is pretty useless
The enemies in question have spears that they can throw if hit you sustain damage however if you pass, stay near or is relatively near the spear once it hits the ground it’ll turn into a red thick liquid that is not only hindering your mobility but also leave tracks for other residents to follow
Upon evading all the extras, collecting the soul shards and obtaining the mirror shard needed you meet the crimson tyrant himself also once known as Riddle Rosehearts, along with his Vice, a man with glasses and sage green hair standing by him with 3 other companions, A guy with cherry red hair with a heart over his eye, A boy with dark Blue hair with a spade placed similarly to the previous, and another man with dull orange hair and a diamond under his eye people that look far to similar
Yeah…as you heard he wasn’t very fond of you
but something odd it’s like he knows you it’s probably your imagination it’s not
The boss battle is a mix between dodging falling cauldrons, getting blown around by the wind, getting chased by clones and having whatever you hiding behind or using turned into card suites, in a nutshell you were basically fucked
"above you!"
My furry friend yells, spotting a large cauldron above you, you quickly evade the incoming attack
"on your right!"
My friend yells again, perfectly predicting each attack to the fine has he done this before?
"Haha.. they last longer than the last time"
I hear a playful almost sickening voice coming from behind in was the one with the diamond under the eye before you could react you hear a voice
“The portal”
I look around to see a portal similar to the one you used to get here, with Crowley on the other side. You began running towards the portal like your life depended on it, considering your situation it surely did
At the tyrant’s yell acted like an alarm card soldiers came in running to catch you, you didn’t go down without a fight
running, evading, using all that is left of your energy to make it to that portal all of which weren’t in vain, running in just in time to dodge the Tyrant’s final attempt at beheading you, the residents where running around trying to get you but ultimately fail
“We’re running in circles!”
Grim was right, I think…? Everything looks so similar to one another you just can’t differentiate one rose bush to another
At this point I can’t think properly my head is spinning the scent of roses and blood were so strong
I can’t breath
I can’t breath
I can’t breath
I can’t-
I hear a voice from behind, I look to see the Man with the heart and the man with the spade,
They found me, What will they do to me? I might die, please I don’t
“What the fuck are you still doing here!? Hurry and run! It’s never taken you this long to find the portal!”
what do you mean? “It’s never taken me this long”? I’ve been here before?, he looked worried almost panicked, then I heard the tyrant yell once again
“Shit deuce!, hurry and take ‘em to the portal”
The man with the blue hair came close to me, I wanted to flinch back but, I stayed still as he stared at me like he was in a trance
“Deuce hurry!”
The man- I mean deuce snapped out of his trance and grabbed my hand and running, grim stayed quiet the entire time something close to grief, regret, sadness, swirled in his eyes
Once again I look at the man guiding me towards the portal and I noticed something on his neck there was and red line that went around his neck They looked like stitches as if it was holding his head to his neck what an odd thought-
“We’re here”
The man- no Deuce stopped abruptly in front of the portal, he actually led me here?
“Please hurry…”
I looked him, he seemed familiar… no, this whole scenario feels so familiar, I just can’t remember it,
I finally noticed that I had been lost in my own thought for some time now I snapped my head back it him, the tyrant with his two other lackeys one of them dragging the limp body of the guy whom help you earlier
Ace? That name…
“Hurry the portal!”
Before I could react Deuce pushed me through the portal my body landing on the cold hard floor of the mirror chamber I was only able to steal one last glance of Deuce’s look relief before being cruelly beheaded
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sribbles-drabbles · 3 months
Oh, nice! May I request some headcanons for Trey, Rook, and/or Cater with an m!reader who is just. Super loud and loving towards his partner? Like he regularly brings them flowers/little gifts, makes sure they're taking care of themselves, and is just generally supportive of them?
Thanks so much for the request!! Here you are love!! Hope you enjoy!! ❤️
Tumblr media
Good thing you both have enough energy and confidence for the both of you!!
He’s definitely more subtle in his way of expressing his love.
Small acts, getting you your favorite drink in the morning, baking with you, texts, ect.
So when you barge into his life, loudly and proudly exclaiming your love for him, he’s FLUSTERED-
You don’t have to tell the whole school!! I mean, he’s happy you’re so proud, and he’s happy you’re HIS boyfriend but still-
Not embarrassed to be gay, just embarrassed to be in a relationship in GENERAL. He’s just a nervous hot mess.
Once everyone knows, he’s more open with your blatant love, gifts, and PDA
He pays attention to everything you do, and often tries to guess what little gift you plan to get him as a gift, or what romantic thing your gonna say.
He likes to beat you to the punch and hopefully make you a blushing mess. He thinks your adorable.
“D-Did you bake this yourself? Wow, it looks great!! Good thing I made you something too.”
Tumblr media
This man is in TEARS bc of how much you love him and the fact that you give him the affirmation and love he so desires
Like, ugh, no more “The other woman” edits PLEASE-
He will be a bit uncomfortable with it all in the beginning, because he instantly associates the attention, gifts, and babying with his treatment at home
He might tell you to stop honestly
But give him time, once he gets more used to the idea of a mutually loving relationship, and realizes that you respect his boundaries unlike his sisters, he’s good
He also realizes that your gifts and compliments to him have genuine thought behind them
That phone case you knew he was looking at, or you told him how he looks like he’s been getting better at lighting in photos
Those little things go a long way, and one you tailor yourself to his love style, it’s a match made in heaven
Will show you just as much affection back, and does the same for you!! He loves you a-lot!!
“You know all the right things that make my heart soar. Huh? I really am lucky to have a boyfriend like you~”
Tumblr media
You are…this man’s DREAM BOYFRIEND-
Well aside from Vil
As a very affectionate and supportive person himself, you and Rook are two loving peas in a pod!!
Surprise kisses and cuddles when you don’t expect? Absolutely
If you leave flowers or candies for him as a little gift, he’ll return the gesture 10 fold.
I imagine he’s kinda like a cat, and of you’re low on food, he’ll bring you his latest kill as a sign of affection and appreciation, so I hope you like Venison, pork, or rabbit….
Whenever you tell him how much you love him outright he gets this beaming smile
He’s so happy he starts to laugh and cheer in French and simply can’t contain himself as he scoops you up in his arms and spins you around!
He talk about how much he can’t wait to marry you and make you his husband.
Honestly he loves you sm
“Ah, mon cher!! You make me the happiest huntsman alive!! You’re too good to my humble self, truely magnifique!!”
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multydoodles · 6 months
Tumblr media
Here’s is a gift I made for @symphoniquedorm dancing event! Since I can’t partecipate bc of anxiety so have the lovebirds!
Singurd belongs to @silent-dragon
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