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Tumblr media
U cannot tell me this hasn’t happened 💀
Just add a little bit more of flare, dramatics, and French
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❥ 𝐇𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐦!
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: all dorm members x crush reader
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠: slightly suggestive on leona's part, not proofread
𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐫𝐚: i have homecoming tuesday so i decided to do it with the twst! plus reader's pronouns aren't stated!
Tumblr media
After losing another yearly tournament with RSA, the headmage and staff had decided to throw a homecoming dance!
This being your first NRC homecoming, you wondered how great it'll be.
Walking through the hallways to go back to your dorm, you're oblivious to what the twst boys have in store.
Tumblr media
𝐑𝐢𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬:
he would probably ask you to be his homecoming date in the rose garden
will give you a single red rose
his face will be as red as the rose
i think this would be his first school dance because he was homeschooled
at homecoming, he would be blushing the whole time and uses his signature spell on anyone (ace) who teases him
he's really good at slow dancing!
while being your date, he also supervises to make sure no one is breaking rules
i feel like he'll work up the courage and kiss your knuckles
"Thank you for being my date to the dance, Prefect. This is both our first dance so I hope this will be a great experience for the both of us."
Tumblr media
𝐀𝐜𝐞 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐥𝐚:
he'd probably ask as soon as he knows about it
wants to do it before deuce
he will blush if you actually are willing then would be smug about it
at homecoming, he'll look really formal
laughs at couples yet acts coupley towards you
there's never a moment where you aren't on the dance floor either dancing crazily to songs or embarrassingly trying to slow dance
teases you a lot during it although deep down, he's shy.
you guy will probably tell the dj to play an inappropriate song LMAO
riddle won't be happy!
"ew, yuck! look at those losers over there, all sucking each other's faces. HA, that's hil-...WHAT- i never even tried to kiss you tonight! pfffttttttt."
Tumblr media
𝐃𝐞𝐮𝐜𝐞 𝐒𝐩𝐚𝐝𝐞:
he'd be a blushing mess!
he'd accidentally confess his feelings too :0
mans asked his mom for help and will end up getting you a bouquet of flowers
at homecoming, he's so awkward and tense but it's cute
he's also a gentleman and will willingly beat up anyone who tries to steal his date away
he will be so shy while slow dancing too, he just knows that ace is somewhere laughing and filming him
you'll definitely will have to take the lead
pls don't laugh if he steps on your foot, he's trying :(
i think by the time the dance ends, he'll give you a little kiss on the forehead
100% calls his mom and tells her EVERYTHING
Tumblr media
𝐂𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐃𝐢𝐚𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐝:
will 100% film himself asking you and your reaction
i feel like he'll be standing with a huge cringe poster that has a pun line to ask you to homecoming!
he'll help you with your dress/suit and getting ready. you guys are matching
his magicam will be FILLED with videos and pictures of the dance with 98% of them being you.
you'll never be bored at all the whole time and you'll have so much confidence with him!
slow dancing will be comfortable and nice yet he'll probably be a little shy
"WOAH! Look at my amazing date, go prefect! #dancingprefect #nrchomecoming #caycaysdate."
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐫𝐞𝐲 𝐂𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫:
i think he'd be really cringe about it
like he'll say a dad joke and ask you to the homecoming LMAO
during homecoming, he's a gentleman
he'll even pay for yummy snacks and drinks
probably a secret dancer, i think he'll dance pretty good
he'll crack jokes and he'll laugh if you fall while dancing but then help you up
the slow dances good? it'll probably be so romantic then he'll crack a dad joke---
"my dad jokes aren't that bad. these dance jokes really get you in the rhythm..hahaha that was the last one. yes! i promise."
Tumblr media
𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐫:
probably wouldn't ask you to be his date until you're at the dance. like he'll be sleeping outside the gymnasium and get jealous at some dudes trying to dance with you or ruggie will make him do it
mans will look so fine like damn
he's great at dancing, esp slow dancing
i wonder if he'll hold you close to his chest while you dance
100% a tease the whole time and will definitely kiss your face or hand
he'll be smug with that mf smirk
will show you off to everyone
ruggie will tease him and you, probably will film to get blackmail
by the end of your night, you guys will sneak off to the botanical garden and cuddle or more :0 <3
"no one'll notice if ya ditch, cmon herbivore. let loose, will ya? it ain't nice to reject a prince. "
Tumblr media
𝐑𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐢𝐞 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐜𝐡𝐢:
he'll get you a bouquet of freshly picked dandelions. they don't look REALLY pretty but it's the thought that counts :(<3
he'll play it off cool while asking you but is freaking out
during homecoming, he's probably wearing one of leona's suits or one of his own which probably has a few holes in it but he looks very good
you guys will always be near the food and you'll probably have to be on look out while ruggie steals snacks
i bet ruggie is a really good dancer but when it comes to slow dancing, he isn't all that good
he'll be shy and might step on your feet LMAO but he's cute so it's okay
"Oi, mc! come stand guard while i grab these slices of pizza for us!"
Tumblr media
𝐉𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐨𝐰𝐥:
i feel like he'll ask you and play it off as him not wanting you to be the only one without a date but he just really wants to go with you
he'll be wicked shy asking you and during homecoming but will play it cool, esp in front of the first years
his tail will never stop wagging like he'll be such a happy bby
i think he may be good at slow dancing
he'll growl at anyone who looks at you badly or hungrily too so yay
"hey, wanna go to the homecoming? the others seem to have found dates so i didn't want you to be alone."
Tumblr media
𝐀𝐳𝐮𝐥 𝐀𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐨:
he'll be panicking to ask you out. before he can ask you out, floyd will probably say something about him wanting you to be his homecoming date
during homecoming, he'll look very clean and formal yet he'll be panicking. dw, he'll loosen up throughout the night
slow dances will be good, i feel like he'll be MARVELOUS at slow dancing
he will NOT let you waste your money or his on the snacks and drinks there. instead, he'll make you guys go to the mostro lounge and have stuff there
"oh prefect, why spend your money on these things when you can get free luxury at the mostro lounge?"
Tumblr media
𝐉𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐋𝐞𝐞𝐜𝐡:
he'll get your favorite snack and ask you out
a huge smile will be his face while he asks and at the homecoming
he'll be such a gentleman the whole time
100% will call you things like darling, love, etc.
he's a good slower dancer and will caress your back and HAUHDBDHDO
i bet he'll give you a little smooch the forehead just to see you get flustered
you guys probably sneaked to the bathroom and ate mushrooms (good or bad ones, you decide)
"fufu, you're quite adorable when you blush, darling."
Tumblr media
𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐲𝐝 𝐋𝐞𝐞𝐜𝐡:
once he heard about the dance, you were already his date. you got no choice cuz mans will cling onto you
he's the life of the party so you'll never be bored the whole time
why do i feel like he'll show up with an animal print suit?
he'll be clinging onto you the whole time
if he has mood swings, just do a goofy dance and give him kisses then he'll be fine
if you attempt to slow dance, it's just floyd picking you up and swaying you.
"shrimpy~! i love this song! let's go back to the dance floor!...nono! food can wait, we gotta dance!"
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐦 𝐀𝐥-𝐀𝐬𝐢𝐦:
he'll have jamil help him through a huge party to ask you
you guys will have such a fun time but always remember that jamil is watching
he'll be so excited over the littlest things
sm compliments and he'll probably give you some jewelry to go with your dress/suit
slow dancing is so cute with him. he doesn't really know how to do it but every time you guys mess up, you both will burst out in laughter.
"mc this is amazing! are you having fun? im having fun! yay, what should we do next?"
Tumblr media
𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥 𝐕𝐢𝐩𝐞𝐫:
kalim would 100% help him ask you out whenever that'll be him accidentally saying something or forcing you two to go together!
you'd have to remind him that he is supposed to relax and not look after kalim
he'll make sure you drink and eat enough
he's a great dancer so try and keep up with him LMAO
he's great at slow dancing but will blush obv
he'll be smiling too awhh
mans will 100% appreciate that you were able to make him relax for a few hours
"thank you mc for tonight. i don't normally relax like this so i appreciate it. you're a wonderful date."
Tumblr media
𝐕𝐢𝐥 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐭:
he'll probably give you a whole thing of roses and shit then ask you out
he's a gentleman yass
now..there's no doubt that vil looks better than you. although he helped you get ready and everything, he still looks better. you just gotta deal with it
you guy will probably be the most popular date that night
he'll make sure you guys dont consume too much sugar
dancing with him is fun and you'll even get some dance tips and critics
slow dancing, he'll 100% take the lead and teach you
rook will be crying at how beautiful you guys are
"perfect! you're a natural already but just remember to keep your head up and be confident, prefect."
Tumblr media
𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐇𝐮𝐧𝐭:
mans will go ALL out for asking. he'll stalk you and gain intel on your favorite stuff, write a love poem, and all that
when he sees you, non stop compliments. i think he'll even go far as to crying
he'll be the perfect gentleman and will always hold + kiss your hand
on the dance floor, he'll always be holding onto you and dancing
slow dancing, he's great! like it's really shocking at how good he is
"oui tricker! oh, you look so marvelous. this beauty is so overwhelming. look at me weep in your presence of beauty."
Tumblr media
𝐄𝐩𝐞𝐥 𝐅𝐞𝐥𝐦𝐢𝐞𝐫:
he'll be so shy while asking you but will act manly
probably will carve a heart out an apple
he'll look all pretty cuz vil dressed him up but once out of vil's side, he'll fix it up to his liking
he'll talk in his country accent with you
he's wild on the dance floor esp with cotton eye joe
slow dancing, he's so nervous and will act goofy about it but when vil glances at him, he'll be so serious about it
"pfftt, this is how y'all snobby rich folk dance? oh no, he's lookin' at us."
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐒𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐝:
you're gonna be the one asking him out with the help of ortho
if you manage to convince him, you're gonna have to help him get ready
at the dance, he'll be so shy and scared but probably after some monster drinks, he'll be fine
you guys will probably sit all the way in the back of the bleachers and play games
if you manage to slow dance, his hair will turn pink as you both sway back and worth
"a-ahahah- d-d..do we have to be with the normies?"
Tumblr media
𝐎𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐝 (𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐜):
he'll probably find you sitting alone and ask you if he could accompany you
you can teach him how to dance and slow dance
he'll say you're pretty and proceed to try and make you dance with idia HELP
"mc! you look so pretty but you're sitting by yourself! would you like to try dancing? idia put a new code to make me dance good."
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐮𝐬 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐚:
he'll ask lilia for help on trying to ask you. on one of your walks, he'll shyly ask you and will be so happy when you do. he'll tell lilia all about it when he gets back
you guys will be the most popular couple and it'll be a little overwhelming but great
he doesn't really know a lot of dances but when it comes to slow dancing, well, he is almost fae king. you'll take the whole dance floor away but also good luck with dancing cuz he's tall!
you'll probably end up leaving and going stargazing
he gives you little smooches on the forehead
"haha, child of man, stop giggling. im trying to give you a blessing!..no, im not just giving you a "smooch" on the forehead."
Tumblr media
𝐋𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚 𝐕𝐚𝐧𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐞:
lilia will probably go the traditional route and get you some roses and ask you out formally
he's old so he knows a lot of dances but it's funny to watch and teach him modern dances from today
he's very great at slow dancing, he has had practice. will probably compete with malleus and his date for slow dancing
"fufu~ am i rocking it, like the kids say?"
Tumblr media
he'll ask malleus and lilia how to ask you but will regret it cuz they'll tease him
i hope the loud music will keep him awake!
he's decent at dancing and is pretty great at slow dancing cuz he dances with his animal friends!
he's the number 1 gentleman for the night
he'll only blush when malleus and lilia tease him
"father, stop! mc is my date, we're just friends! no no! ah, please be quiet..ahh"
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐞𝐛𝐞𝐤 𝐙𝐢𝐠𝐯𝐨𝐥𝐭:
im not sure how he'll be your date but you'll probably ask him to dance and you guys'll dance battle HELP
he'll see you worthy and will only be with you as long as the young master is in his sight
he'll laugh WICKED LOUD if you fall or step on his foot
if you're a malleus simp then that's good cuz that'll probably be your whole conversation
he wont seem like it but he's actually really happy to have you as a date
"you human! you seem rather decent in the midst of the dance battle, let us be partners at this dance."
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luxthestrange · 28 days
TWST Incorrect quotes#355 Call 911-
Riddle tells the Yuu's a ‘fun’ story about his childhood
Riddle: I feel like you're judging me...
Yuuya*stressed and hugging grim*...
Yuuken: I am not judging you…
Yuuka: I am HEAVILY judging your mother
Yuu*Is already calling child services and the police*She make Crowley look like fuckin' parent of the year-
Tumblr media
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glitchtricks94 · 5 months
TWST Guys Bringing You Home!: Heartslabyul Edition
Welcome to part one, I'm planning on writing all the dorms + Idia. Ortho will just be included with him, personally, since Ortho is too adorable to ever defile in any manner outside of being a cute little brother. Headcannons, headcannons, headcannons! Let's start this off with some cottoncandy fluff, shall we? Not gonna lie, I felt like a mom gushing about all her chaos children over tea writing this. I hope you enjoy these headcannons, and let me know your thoughts. I love interaction and would love to hold a conversation with you guys. Anyways, sit back, relax and have fun. -Glitchtricks Word count: 4k
Ace Trappola
Oh, this is such a delight to see. Little Ace is in love! Ace is super awkward and very defensive, and yet somehow little ol' you broke down all those walls of arrogance and faux confidence, such a special darling you are. So, how would he be if he decided to bring you home to meet his family?
Two words: Nervous. Wreck. Ace is a disaster before bringing you home to meet his brother and father; he's sweating, internally screaming, his anxiety is spiked, and you have to handle everything with your usual grace. Ace has some bad anxiety, which he confided that he coped with it by being all snarky with everyone, i.e. being a dick way too often. You didn't mind though, but you did gently encourage him to come to you if he felt too overwhelmed by everything, just in case he needed to vent. How sweet! There was a lot of texting back and forth, nights cuddling on your near dinosaur era furnishings of Ramshackle, and plenty of kisses on his temples, Ace had calmed down enough to not feel like an anchor was being dropped on his chest at the thought of bringing you home. He was ready to announce you as his to his family!
Oh dear, sweet Seven, he couldn't have predicted any of what happened... First, his brother decided to do the worst thing ever and brought up Ace's old view on dating and how his first girlfriend got ghosted. Ace wanted to die then and there, even being collared by Riddle was more tolerable than this hell... "Hey, (Y/N), you know my baby bro here had a gal before you, right?" "Oh? He did?" You said, your pretty eyes widening. "He's never mentioned her before..." "Dude, please, don't...!" Ace quietly pleaded, humiliation seeping in like a cold rain. "Yeah, he went out a few times with this one girl in middle school. She'd always go to amusement parks with him and stuff, topping it off with a Ferris wheel, but he ghosted her." Ace's brother continued, sipping on his tea. "And why's that?" You prodded, sipping your own tea as you shot a small glare at your boyfriend. You shared stories of your exes, but why didn't he? Did he not trust you? You didn't know whether you should feel hurt, or pissed. You chose to feel pissed. "Got bored, 'cording to him, she was just bland beyond her coffee tastes and liked a lot of stuff that just didn't click with him. She was pretty, but had as much depth as a piece of paper." The elder Trappola explained. "Her friends called him out for his shit, and he swore off dating, too much of a hassle in his opinion, so I'm surprised he decided to go out with you, much less bring you home." "I see." You hummed. Ace knew he was in the dog house and was now preparing to ask Sam if he sold flowers and romance stuff to try and make it up to you when you both got back to Night Raven.
Well, at least pop likes you! Can't wait to have you as an in-law! During dinner, Ace's dad smiled and chatted all about his boys, saying how proud he was of Ace for bringing home such a sweetheart like you! You ended up forgetting the upsetting conversation from earlier given how jovial Mr. Trappola was, he was like that one cool uncle that was trusted with looking after the baby, or that one cool barbeque dad your friends might have. Card tricks were shared, food was eaten and conversation was exchanged, if at a little of your boyfriend's expense. Funny stories were shared, like that one time he accidentally hit his brother in the groin with a bat as a kid when he came home for the holidays, or that time Ace got pranked by his dad with a classic; pouring soap on his head while he was rinsing out his own lather. "My hair was never as silky as it was after that." Ace laughed, starting to loosen up as he threw his arm around your shoulder. You leaned over and pecked his cheek, making both your faces bloom red as you both grinned happily. Overall, you're basically already known as the best in-law ever even before Ace put a ring on it. He's already planning how to ask a few years down the line, though~!
Deuce Spade
Another cute boy, who's mildly awkward when in love. Oh, how sweet! He took a lot of time learning how to properly approach you. didn't he? Deuce is beaming with pride having you on his arm, smiling that cute little boy smile he shows off when he's excited. He loves holding your hand in his as you stroll about the rose gardens of Heartslabyul. You knew he was close to his mom, having ditched his old delinquent days after hearing her crying on the phone to his grandmother, and he often talked about you to her, sometimes while you were sitting right there! Oh, how your cheeks reddened hearing him spout compliments about you to his mother. Both you and Deuce were arranging to meet his mom and grandma, in fact Deuce wanted to introduce you as soon as possible! You're one of the most important people in his life, so he wanted to share you with his familial circle asap. So, how does this all go?
Oh, honey, grandma practically fell in love with you on first sight. You met Deuce's grandma and mom at the same time, the two sitting at the dining room table in Ms. Spade's home, sipping away on their tea. It was a little awkward with Ms. Spade, but granny practically pounced on you when Deuce said you were his significant other. She was just smiling up at you, going on about how much of a cutie you were the whole while. It was quite nice, talking over tea, Deuce smiling happily as he had an arm respectfully wrapped around your waist. Needless to say, mom relaxed a bit seeing how her mother was reacting alongside her baby boy.
Deuce didn't know why he didn't expect the baby pictures to be brought out... Baby books, baby books and more baby books. You were surprised by the sheer amount that Deuce's mother loved to do scrapbooking, it was like there was a mountain of baby books from when your sweet card soldier was growing up! There had to be about six books sitting on the coffee table. Everyone had gathered into the living room after tea, Ms. Spade excitedly flitting about the place like a child on sugar, gathering all these books to stack, Deuce slowly turning red seeing his old baby books being yanked out again. You sat next to Deuce, holding his hand with your fingers interlaced. "Here's when Deuce was two, he always played with his food, he was such a messy baby!" Ms. Spade gushed, showing off a picture of baby Deuce smiling up at the camera; baby food was smeared all over his smiling face, his hands caked in the stuff and the bowl on his little head, his pretty jade colored orbs shimmering with joy. "His little smile is infectious!" You chirped, smiling warmly at the picture of your darling boyfriend. Deuce buried his head in your hair, hiding from his embarrassment.
Deuce felt like melting into your embrace at this point. You made his night. After a fun dinner filled with embarrassing stories from when Deuce was young, warm hearty laughter and sweet gazes exchanged with your boyfriend, the two of you settled into bed, you sneaking out of the guest room grandma insisted you stay in to steal some kisses and snuggles. You settled into Deuce's arms as he kissed your rosy cheeks, tangling your legs with his under the covers. Looking into his eyes, you've never seen him look so happy since he got an 86 on his history exam. "I love you so much, baby." Deuce whispered sweetly, your heart fluttering in your chest. "I love you too, honey." You replied, your own voice laced with the sugar of your love for the jade eyed boy. "I wanna say thanks for coming with me to meet my mom and grandmother, it meant a lot to me." "Deucey, it's no trouble!" You chirped softly, smiling up at your lover. "I'm just happy they like me." "They love you, you fit perfectly into the family!" Deuce laughed, his shoulders shaking. "It's honestly a relief that you get along, I was scared things would go wrong. But, I guess I panicked for nothing." The navy haired first year continued, turning to gaze at you with so, so much love. "You're perfect after all." Deuce was gonna be the death of you, he was always so sweet. You could mark this day as a sweet, sweet success: Your boyfriend was happy, grandma loves you, mom thinks you're perfect for her son, and everything felt like utter bliss. So, without saying another word, you sealed your night with Deuce with a kiss...~
Cater Diamond
Cater being in love honestly isn't surprising; being in love is such brand booster! Cute Magicam couples? Yes please! Being real though, Cater's honestly a major handful for you, because under that cheery "Caycay is gonna slayslay" vibe that the 3rd year carries, he's honestly a complete wreck and is terrified that you'll get tired of his anticks. Shocking how he and Azul aren't besties in that regard. However, he had no need to fear! The marvelous S/O was here to save the day: Cuddles, kisses, spicy ramen and at home spa treatments were being rapid fired from your heart to claim Cater's love and destroy his anxiety! So, with the day saved, you and your lovely boyfriend could be free to talk about a tough topic; when are you gonna meet his family? Cater ended up laughing at your question and told you to start packing your bag, he's going to talk Crowley into letting you have a weekend getaway! Even if he disliked his sisters!
Already he was regretting life... Cater's sisters immediately burst out to greet their baby brother after his mom called, and the first thing they do? Tell you that your shirt is super not cute and Cater should go buy you another one. "It's what a good boyfriend would do!" The eldest sister said, folding her arms over her chest. "Yeah! It's what our boyfriends did!" His other sister chimed in. Cater was here less than five seconds and already he felt like blowing a gasket... "But this is my favorite shirt. That I bought myself." You said, crossing your arms over your chest. "You don't get to tell me what to wear, so shush." "Way to stand up for yourself, honey bunny~!" Cater chirped, smiling at you as he led you inside with an arm around your waist. The ginger boy swore he fell even harder than when he first started dating you in that moment.
Cater was internally screaming at how his sisters acted and just wanted to go home. Oh, and mom didn't really like you, so there's that. The room was a bit tense as you sat and shared tea and some lightly burned pastries made by Cater's sisters. Cater himself was suffering the overly sweet baked goods and planned to just spend the after noon there. "So, how did you and my son meet?" Mrs. Diamond asked, eying you with a sharpened gaze. "Oh, I met him at Night Raven. My friend had gotten into a predicament and I ran into him while he was painting his dorm's roses!" You explained, a warm smile coming to your face as your boyfriend started to blush softly. "He was so cute and charming, still is, honestly." "Awww, babes, stop!" Cater giggled, nuzzling your cheek against his, making you laugh in turn. "I see." His mother huffed. The rest of the time was awkward to say the least.
You could tell your boyfriend could finally breathe after you left the house. Dad wasn't around that day, bit too busy with his banking job, so you didn't get to meet him; not that you really cared, Cater's sisters ruined a good chunk of the afternoon and made your poor honey work himself to the bone! Cater dropped the cheap, fake smile on his face when you both made it out of the house, his anger flaring up as he started muttering various rants under his breath. "Caycay, do you wanna get some lunch? There's a nice ramen place we could go to." You gently suggested, wanting to make your sweetheart feel better and ease his stresses. "It's that reaaally nice one you saw on Magicam the other day. The one that Vil praised" "That...That sounds wonderful honey bunny." Cater sighed, looking at you with a tired grin. Without much thought, you pressed a kiss to his cheek, making his heart flutter. So over lunch, you both came to terms that the fam might not dig on you, but that didn't matter to you or Cater. You had each other, and that's what mattered most to you two lovebirds.
Trey Clover
You have such a good man on your hands, even if he's a touch shy with his affections. When you first broached the topic of meeting his family, Trey was taken aback. He adored you to no end, and he could see a future with you, even if it'd be long distance for a few years, why hadn't he thought of showing you off to his family? "Of course I'll introduce you, darling." He said with a warm smile, leaning down to press a peck on your cheek, "How about we visit this upcoming weekend? I'm sure Riddle can hold it together long enough."
It was a really sweet reception when you showed up. Trey's parents were told about you ahead of time by their eldest, given how he's the responsible boy he is, so you were greeted by a small banner and a custom cupcake in your favorite flavors. The banner that was hung read "welcome home!" in bold, glittering rainbow letters; it tickled you pink! You felt at home already when Trey walked you up to the bakery, and the feeling intensified when his little siblings ran over, cheering over their big brother being home and asking if you were the person mom and dad talked about on the phone with Trey. Already you loved Trey's family, they were adorable in your eyes! "I hope you're ready for the insanity that's my family." Trey playfully remarked, pulling laughter from everyone around him. You hugged your boyfriend with a smile on your face. "I look forward to every minute we stay here."
Trey loved baking alongside you, but you and his family? Talk about heaven! Trey had to help out in the family business still, given his parents ran a bakery that had opened for lunch, so alongside the sweet smells of cake, the occasional smell of crisping pepperonis and melting cheese filled your senses. You found it odd at first, but your boyfriend's father swiftly explained that a demand for some more dinner and lunch friendly goods should be offered and they complied, if only a touch. You were surprised by how willing Trey's parents were when offering your help to ease the rush, helping your darling make and top some sugar cookies with oversized chocolate chips. You ended up swiping kisses from your boyfriend while his mom worked the front of house and his dad prepared the pizzas to be sent out. It seemed the more homely setting brought out the more affectionate side of your lover; small coos of adoration left his lips, tiny kisses peppered your cheeks, and skin to skin contact was through the roof as he guided you by taking your hands into his. It was all so romantic and sweet.
It had to be a bittersweet departure after your little weekend of fun was over, but everyone loved you. You had your bags packed back up with Trey, the luggage sitting in the foyer as you ate a delightful breakfast, feeling right at home as you sat next to your beloved. Trey was holding your hand under the table as you two dug into the fluffy blueberry pancakes his mom and dad had made for everyone, one of his little brothers quickly getting your attention. "(Y/N)?" The little boy called out quietly. "Yes, little one?" You asked, your voice a soft coo. The 3rd year glanced over at you as you interacted with his baby brother, watching carefully. "Will you come back with our big brother again soon?" "Well, that depends on both me and your big brother, dear. I'd love to, though!" You replied, flashing a smile to the little guy, who hugged you. "I'm gonna miss you..." He whined. "Me two!" Trey's sister piped up. "Me thwee!" The youngest chimed in, Trey and his parents chuckling at your interactions. "You have quite the partner here, Trey." His father spoke, looking at his son in pride. "You really do, sweetie, you better try and hold onto them!" Trey's mother spoke, smiling warmly. "They're a keeper!" "I know." Trey replied, looking at you now hugging his younger siblings, warmth bubbling in his chest. "I plan to treat them right." Overall, you had a new home in the Clover family, and your boyfriend's thinking of ways to properly propose to you after the trip. Never hurts to plan it out!
Riddle Rosehearts
Oh god, oh no, this one hurts. This will never ever end well if he picks the S/O... You knew Riddle had some problems he was trying to work through, you understood, truly! And Riddle was eternally grateful for your presence and influence in his life, you had to be the best thing to ever happen to him! You were his angel sent from the stars. Which is why he dreaded introducing you to his mother. He knew his father would've been okay, and he honestly has zero issues showing you off to him! If he was actually at home that is...He was currently abroad when Riddle accidentally let it slip that he was dating. So, in came the demands to meet you to make sure you were good enough for her baby, and the news that you two were going to his house for dinner.
You both had pits in your stomachs when you showed up to the Rosehearts household... You were greeted by the intimidating visage of Riddle's mother, who was standing in the yard with her arms folded tightly over her chest, her eyes boring into you. "Hello, mother." Riddled greeted, closing himself off to your presence and tensing up, his shoulders stiff; a telltale sign that he was stressed. You had to bite back the urge to coo and coddle him like you normally did when he was upset. "Riddle." His mother hummed looking at you with disdain. "Why is your...companion here dressed like that?" She asked sharply, making you feel embarrassed. You had asked Rook of all people to style you, but it appears it's simply not up to par with the impossible standard's Mrs. Rosehearts held. "We had asked one of our fellow classmates to dress them in the finest clothes they had available." Riddle spoke. Riddle's mother tsked. "I thought that I raised you better than this, they look terribly tacky, and I thought you would've had better tastes. Come. Dinner is waiting now." Riddle clenched his fists, feeling sorrow well up in his chest as he looked at you apologetically. You rushed forward, hugging Riddle from behind and kissing his cheek to reassure him. It was still quite the sting hearing his mother act so harsh, though.
Dinner wasn't much better either... You made sure to study proper etiquette with Riddle before you came here, but none of that seemed to matter as you choked down the bland food. Seriously, who doesn't bother to season meet and just serve nothing but tomatoes, onions and iceberg lettuce for a salad...? You tried your best, but Mrs. Rosehearts just eyed you in disgust, biting her tongue but looking at Riddle with a disappointed gaze. Riddle himself couldn't tell if sorrow or anger was bubbling up in his chest. You explained you were from another world when she asked where you were from and she looked at you like you just spat on her when you told her you were magicless; despite her already knowing that. She made Riddle tell her about you after making him nearly break down in tears over the phone last night. "Pathetic! I raised my son better than this, and yet you're barely passing, have no magic, and carry no knowledge of anything worthwhile! You're nothing but a waste of his time and my own!" The harpy of a woman shrieked. Oh, that was it, he picked his side of the fence...
Riddle felt a cord finally snap as all of his years of strict, lonely suffering drove him forward. "Why can't you just be happy that I finally found someone, mother?" Riddle hissed, catching the attention of his present parent. "Because, your selection was terrible! I could pick you a much better partner." Mrs. Rosehearts said, you feeling like you could start crying. "No! I-I don't want anyone else, much less an arrangement where I'll feel nothing for the other party!" Riddle barked angrily, slamming his fist on the table as he stood up. "I want who I fell in love with! I want my rose! I want to stay with (Y/N)!" "When will you see that you're worth more than them?!" "They've been nothing short of an angel to me, fixing the damage you caused!" Riddle yelled, his face bright red from anger. "They're worth far more than me from where I stand!" "Then you can just take that garbage and get them out of this house, you and I will start studying to find you a suitable-" "If they leave, I'm leaving with them, in fact, that's a wonderful idea!" Riddle bellowed, you looking up at him and rising from your seat. Rushing to his side, you tugged him out of the house as Riddle's mother screamed at you two from the kitchen and out the door, Riddle yelling that she won't take you away; he's had so much stripped from him, he refuses to lose you. This entire situation was a disaster, but you knew your precious prince loved you so dearly. Once you two made it back to his dorm, Riddle looked exhausted. You asked him what you could do to ease his struggles after he changed into his pajamas. "My rose, tonight, I just want to forget everything, rules and all..." Riddle whined, looking at you with tired slate grey orbs. "I just want to hold you in my arms and wake up to your face..." "Of course, my love." You cooed softly, kissing his cheeks as you both crawled under the covers of his bed, Riddle curling into your form instantly. Under the warmth of the duvet, everything felt right; you were his and he was yours, and no tyrant was ever going to rip you apart. Riddle had proven his iron clad love belonged to you and you alone.
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starboyshoyo · 11 days
Love You
Characters: Riddle Rosehearts, Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Trey Clover, Cater Diamond
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland
Genre: fluff
“When did you know they loved you?”
Tumblr media
You knew Riddle loved you when he found you sick in your room and half-delirious, temperature through the roof and sweat sticking to your forehead. Even though he had a History of Magic test that morning; even though he had a time-sensitive lab due in alchemy that afternoon, he stayed behind to care for you. He let Trey handle all housewarden activities for the next week. Riddle’s priority would always be you.
You knew Ace loved you when he invited you to a basketball game. You’ve watched his practices many times in the past- and endured his bitter complaining when “that damn eel” blocked his shot once again. Today he seemed really into the sport- dodging steals and even doing a few flashy tricks when he could get a move in. The clock ticked down, the scores neck-and-neck… until Ace dunked a basket, letting out a loud whoop and pointing right towards you in the stands: This one’s for you!
You knew Deuce loved you when he stood in the Heartslabyul lounge, sweating bullets and red in the face, asking Housewarden Rosehearts permission to skip the next unbirthday party. Riddle nearly offed his head for that one- but Trey held him back long enough for Deuce to explain that it was your birthday, and he wanted to celebrate with you as your boyfriend. Riddle couldn’t begrudge him that- it would be bad manners to neglect your significant other’s special day, after all.
You knew Trey loved you when he called you into his room in the middle of the day, a video call open and two miniature versions of him peeking curiously through the screen. He introduced you to his little brother and sister, and they asked you questions in between fits of giggles. My big brother likes you, one of them informed you. You smile and nod, well aware that if Trey trusted you enough to introduce you to his precious family, then he felt more than like towards you.
You knew Cater loved you when he felt no need to post the anniversary pictures he took of you on Magicam. They were for his eyes only, he said, teasing you. You felt something deeper in his words, though. Every day Cater plastered his smiling face all over his page, sharing his life for the world to see. For once, he wanted to keep this just for himself.
Tumblr media
Comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated!
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cvlutos · 2 months
“No Nut November” Pt.3
| Repost: 01.09.23 | 1.4K | Mature |
NRC 3rd Years X GN!Reader
| Sexual Themes | Masturbation | Flirting | Sorta Creepy | Voice Kink | Phone Masturbation(One-sided) | Etc. | Proceed with Caution, Dearest. |
Earl’s Notes: A special thanks, to those who have reposted and shared as such with me<3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Let me preface all this with those who lost, lost most definitely on purpose, except for Cater and Idia. Trey’s losing. That’s his first thought when Ace and Deuce ramble about it to him and knows he’ll lose if you’re anywhere near him. If you just don’t ever acknowledge his existence, he’s automatically winning. But you don’t, 'cause he’s got baked goods that you like and they're free. Ain’t no way you're avoiding him. Trey also doesn’t take NNN super seriously, so it’s okay if he loses. I also have this slight thing that Trey already loves when people eat his deserts, but with you, it turns him alil on, not in a creepy way, but ya know. He’s turning the other way if you get any sorta food stuck on your lips, or face.
Ngl, he probably daydreamed about this exact scenario, as much as he hates to admit. He just learned a new recipe for your favorite dessert, deciding to add a Lil whipped cream. He was so proud of himself, as he texted you about it, and you, being a loyal friend without hesitation, pull up. You and whip cream, we know what this leads to. You, silly Lil, you end up with whipped cream on your face. Trey, without skipping a beat, imagines it as his cu—he has to excuse himself. Moving to his room to jack one-off. He’s extremely guilty after.
“I’m glad you like the dessert. I made it with you in mind.”
Stood not a chance. Wasn’t even gonna try. He’s such a horn dog. It’s almost embarrassing at this point. 90% of the time, you're responsible for his third boner of the day. Because Cater is such a social phone person, he has multiple pictures and most definitely trades with Ruggie. He just has the most innocent to the most scandalous (as in you sleeping at Heartslabyul, don’t be weird) Like he has access to you, or your pictures 24/7, a recipe for disaster.
So, as always, it’s a nightly ritual at this point. Laying on his back, his roommates are far into dreamland. It’s late as his eyes gradually run along the phone screen, slowly pumping his dick. Your name is a silent cry on his lips. He’s shamelessly losing and doesn’t give a damn.
“[Nickname]! You are simply the cutest, letting me take a pic!”
Not only is it a chore to participate, but also a chore to actually do the deed. As well as Ruggie sending photo after photo of you, being you. Which has the lion beastman slightly interested, but far too damn lazy. Leona is lasting till the end of the month, simply because he doesn’t get horny, like could go weeks without masturbation. So it really is a ‘if he feels like it’ situation. Like if he needs to cum, he’s going to. Not some imaginary competition is stopping him. Though Leona attempts the competition for about 5 minutes before he’s bored with it.
He definitely forgets for the later weeks of November, till one compromising moment. Not even something inherently sexual, you had massages his ears, something that only lovers would do. Most definitely tried to ignore the boner that tightened his boxers as he tried to sleep, tossing in turning. He finally settles with a growl, nearly shoving his hands into his underwear. (Though I’m personally a firm believer Leona would never wear clothes to bed, you and Ruggie probably begged him to at least wear underwear so that when you had to wake the lion prince, he didn’t whack you in the face with that horse of his. Ruggie’s actually been slapped, which is hilarious)
“Leave me be, Herbivore. I’m not doing something so dumb.”
Short and sweet, if he’s going to cum to you, it’s going to be within your presence. He’s not going to fantasize about you, he’s going to have you. So he’ll wait till he has you. Period.
“I have no desire, Spudling. Why is it you care? Do you desire to bed me?”
We saw how he is with Neige and this man damn near nearly cums with anything he sees as beautiful. Like he’s weird. Rook Hunt is mad weird. Though I love him for it. #RookHuntforPresident. Similarly to Cater, he has photos of you, physical and digital, and honest access to you at any point, though he’d never masturbate to you in a tree outside of ramshackle, he has thought about it. He honestly is similar to Vil. He wants to be able to fully experience you and revel in the moment with you, but he ends up thinking about it far too much which leads him being hot and bothered.
So that’s why he loses and isn’t that so beautiful, that he can put competition aside for love and beauty. His breath comes out as short huffs, legs unusually shaking, his hat discarded to the side. His face flush and eyes that seemed to glow, a low moan of your name, cum sputtering from his dick head.
“Mon très cher Trickster, permettez-moi de prendre soin de vous de toutes les manières!”
Idia is a hentai-watching, cum-drinking slut for you. Like I don’t make the rules. He hypes himself up for NNN, bragging, chatting, confident with all his lil e-friends, til the actual day NNN begins. His goal was to simply ignore you, like as if you didn’t exist, like you wouldn’t just show up uninvited. How hadn't he included that in his calculations? Most definitely has a school uniform kink, like have you met this man? You could be dressed for a day at the church and he’s cumming at the thought of you sucking him off while the choir sings of the lord. He’s shameless.
His hair wildly burning pink, voice stuttering as his tongue runs across his lips, trying to stop himself from drooling and cumming as he fucked his hand, leaning back in his gaming chair. Your voice is just so nice. His eyes roll into the back of his skull, a shuddered breath as he realizes he’s close. He damn near breaking his phone to hang up as he cums, painting his computer screen. Leaving you on the other line, completely confused.
“I-I-I wasn’t avoiding you! Just—Just working…. Yes! This game counts as work! Get Out!”
Now, why would you tell this man about NNN? Cause he’s genuinely distraught. Like should he win in your honor, or should he simply indulge in his desires to bed you? Literally asking Lilia, the worst person to ask, cause Lilia is having a field day. Best day of Lilia’s life. He’s telling Malleus to simply have fun and try. It’s better that way if you wait. The problem is Malleus doesn’t want to wait. Spoiled royal rich boy. I swear. Why must he suffer in simply doing what he pleases with his soon-to-be darling? Half of Diasomnia recognizes you as Malleus’ spouse, which is a little problematic once you actually go to the dorm and half the people are referring to you as if you're royalty. Malleus is absolutely pleased that Diasomnia accepts you, even though you aren’t together yet.
Malleus is the only one on this list who will directly go to you. Without a doubt, just appearing with little fairy lights in your bedroom, a large unhidden bulge. Like who let a horse in the house. Literally scares you out of your skin. Grim, luckily, isn’t home. He’s sorry but swears it’s urgent. Thinks you jacking him off is a loophole to NNN, he’s a darling. So when you send him away, embarrassed as hell, he’s sulking in his bedroom. Refusing to masturbate unless you're there. (Deadass sitting with arms crossed, glaring at the wall with a pout, boner still very prominent. He’s a spoiled, royal rich kid.)
“Then I will simply make them mine. That way I can indulge happily.”
Menace. Loses, cause it’s funny. You being scared by him turns him on. Like it’s hot to see your body flinch, and your eyes widen. Loves it. He’s lived so, so long, so the oddest of things turn him on. This is probably a cycle through all of November, him scaring you, but purposely not cumming till the very last day.
Teeth digging into his lower lip, hand slowly teasing, dragging along his cock, imagining it's you. Rolling his head to the side with a hot chuckle. Your name is hot and playful on his tongue. You’re so worth the wait, so worth the pain. Though this isn’t a victimless crime, you feel what he felt one day. (Bout to become a Lilia Supremacist)
“Fufufu~ [Name], you teasing little thing~”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ⓒ 2023 love-thanatopsis — all rights reserved. Any sort of plagiarizing, copying, modifying, translating, editing of my works are strictly prohibited.
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flavorita · 4 months
Hi there! Could I request NSFW headcanons for Jamil with a big breasted fem s/o?
Yes big badonkers. I felt like I made this mad short so I put Ace in as extra.
Big Breasted Fem!S/O Headcanons NSFW 🔞
Includes: Jamil, Ace (seperately)
Tumblr media
Jamil didn't want to admit it, but he had a soft spot for you and your soft spots, specifically your chest
Sometimes you would even catch Jamil staring at them, but he'd never admit it
"I was staring at your chest? No, I wasn't." 
Pulls his hood up whenever he’s trying to sneak a look after that
Deny, deny, deny is probs his motto until he has you splayed out beneath him and all to himself the night you offer to give him a titjob
Suckles and gropes your breasts until they’re slathered in his spit 
Cums all over them as you can only gasp while Jamil wipes his dick on your chest, rapidly flicking each nipple with his dick making you moan and cry out for how much you want him inside of you
“Look at you. Serving your master so well.” Wanton moans spilled from your lips as you stared into the mirror with Jamil pounding into you from behind. Your hands gripped onto the sheets while your breasts swayed, just the way Jamil liked it.
Tumblr media
Stares even when you point it out
"Why not? You embarassed? 😏"
Gets into the weirdest accidents, mainly trips and falls, where he ends up facefirst in your breasts
"Aw man, thanks for saving me, M/C. Who knows what would've happened if you weren't here."
"A hero deserves their reward, don't they? Here," you feel Ace grope your breasts and begin to massage them. "Let me help you relax." His palms knead your globes as his fingers deftly unbutton your shirt and he inhales your scent. Your breasts pop out of your shirt and his hands are pulling down your bra just as fast. Before you know it, you're bent over and Ace is breathing on your neck as he refuses to stop pinching your nipples and rutting into your ass.
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noeou · 3 months
what if you moved into their dorm instead of ramshackle? ( or, life in the heartslabyul dorm. )
includes: riddle rosehearts, trey clover, cater diamond, ace trappola, and deuce spade. ( gn!reader )
contains: fluff! can be interpreted as romantic or platonic, just really close.
more like this: masterlist.
Tumblr media
[ riddle rosehearts | housewarden ]
riddle is very much 'all up in your business' for a lack of better words. he's always making sure your room is tidy and in peak condition.
if you have any issues at all, regarding the dorms or studies, he's the person (he'd like you) to go to. if he sees someone else helping you with something he exceeds in, he'll be down for a bit.
you become the dorms designated defense attorney, to stand up againt riddle whenever one of them gets in trouble. it's totally not because he has obvious favoritism.
whenever it's your turn to paint the roses red or take care of the flamingos and hedgehogs, he always joins you.
using the excues that 'it would hurt to go back to the basics after a while' but he knows it's because it's the only time you two get alone together, uninterrupted.
riddle convinces you to join the horseback riding club with him, or at least ride with him every once in the while. with no warning he may wake you bright and early just to say you'll be joining him.
[ trey clover | vice housewarden ]
errands have never been more fun. you guys are sam's biggest customers, as you shop for a majority of your dorm. it's nice not having to leave campus for such things.
whenever he goes out he asks if you need anything, on the rare occasions you don't join him.
he always gets or prepares dinner for you, riddle, and cater.
being the more approachable warden, most students come to him. upon seeing you're also a valuable person to go to for help or advice they do so.
at first, trey is very apologetic about the extra work but them becomes grateful when he sees it doesn't both you.
sometimes the freshman duo, but they mostly are out and about.
once a month, you two eat out at the lounge as a reward for the both of your hard efforts.
[ cater diamond | third year ]
barges in your room, if he's not already in there, while he's on live. no matter what you're doing. (of course, unless you tell him you're busy/srs beforehand.)
you're a reacurring face on his magecam, and they all love you. the amount of stan accounts is unreal.
your room is pretty much like his second one, he has his own corner even. each weekend he shows up to your door with a suitcase, 'cause the wardens won't let him stay on week nights.
on said weekends, you trick him into going 'grocery shopping' with you by disguising it as a 'snack run.'
he's always annoying you and asking for your opinion on everything.
he was very strategic and asks riddle to put you room next to his, when the warden says no he settles for a very specific room number for you. turns out you're now under his room and have to put up with his stomping.
if you listen carefully, you might be able to decipher morse code, but what do i know?
[ ace trappola | first year ] + [ deuce spade | first year ]
you three become inseparable, skipping down the heartslabyul halls with grim hanging onto your head for dear life.
ace is another one that is constantly bothering you, much unlike deuce who's just kinda there.
you three have weekly sleepovers in deuce's room, because it's the tidiest. and microwaveable dinner from sam's because none of you can afford the lounge.
when you go out for groceries, it's you and deuce getting the things you need and ace running around putting random items in your cart.
sometimes you guys sneak out of the dorms, and walk around the sleeping campus. you only head back when you exhale fog, knowing it's probably near morning.
you guys eat in the most obscure places, in school and your dorm. you always find hidden rooms in heartslabyul and make it your new 'spot' until you get caught and just find another when you do.
your punishments from riddle now consist of being unable to leave your rooms and see each other, telling other punished students to guard your bedrooms.
you one hundred percent have walkie talkies and peak out your window, judging poor passerby's outfits.
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duchess-kyuupid · 2 months
Twst Men and How to Fluster Them
How should one go about teasing their love to get that desirable shade of red on their faces?
[GN! Reader / Suggestive, but SFW] *All of these are pre-relationship and you trying to flirt with him*
~~Heartslabyul Edition~~ [Pt. 1]
[Ft. Riddle, Deuce, and Ace]
Tumblr media
Riddle - When you break the rules just to get his attention - It doesn't take long to get under his skin with your flirty advances, because clearly Rule #324 states "A rose must never rest betwixt the mouth after teatime on Mondays" - and yet here you are, resting a lovely red rose in between those tantalizing lips of yours and sending a playful wink his way once you caught eye contact. - No, he was not going to fall for your antics again, not when you've broken the rules, again!! It should be off with your head! But before he can say anything, you quickly cover your mouth with your hands and sneakily hide the rose down your sleeves without him noticing. - "Why, Housewarden Riddle, I'd never dream of breaking any rules!" you claim with a knowing smile, "Oh, but, there seems to be something in your hair, let me get that for you-" - You step a little too close to him, he thinks, and you reach in an area behind his head, pulling out the rose from your sleeve. Already, Riddle's face has been red as apples from your proximity, and your very obvious flirting. - "Can't have the Queen looking improper for class, can we?" You chuckle and reach out for his hand to give him the rose. Mission complete, you've turned the Housewarden of Heartslabyul into a stuttering, flustered mess, and you decide (oh so graciously) that it was time to stop teasing him for the time being. Riddle notices how your eyes change from their mischievous little smirk to one of soft reminiscence. - "That was a type of 'magic trick' that was popular in my own world you know. We might not have had magic like you do here, but we do have our own little tricks up our sleeve," You laugh breathlessly, "But I'm pretty sure that with real magic, you wouldn't need to use tricks like this. Anyway Riddle, enjoy the rest of your day! And don't be late for class!" - And just like that, you briskly walked away without Riddle having the opportunity to reply. Suffice to say, Riddle couldn't bring himself to let go of the rose until he made it back to his room later that day, where he's been keeping it in a little vase ever since. (Oh, and if you or anyone else ever sees it, don't ask him about it! He'd be too embarrassed to give a straight answer... Or do, we all know that he's so much fun to tease~)
Tumblr media
Ace - When you kiss the heart on his eye - "Ace, come here for a second, I have something to tell you," you say as Ace happens to walk by you on his way to the cafeteria. Naturally, he comes over without even a second thought (this man is so whipped for you, he'd do anything you ask before he could even process it - but of course you didn't know this). - "Sure! What is it?" he asks once he's closer to you. You say nothing until he's in perfect range to attack, and then you pounce. - With quick movements you lightly grab his chin and direct his face towards the side and kiss the little heart on his eye. - You stepped back as quickly as you could, feeling your nerves catch up on you, and while you still had your confidence in your system, you gave him your proudest smile and waited for his reaction. His eyes had widened and his mouth was slack-jawed as he was still processing what had just happened. This went on for about a solid minute of the two of you just staring at each other before you explain to him, - "That was for helping me out the other day. I have no chance of catching Grim on my own when he runs off chasing whatever's got his attention," you laugh a little, but it feels awkward seeing as how Ace still hadn't said anything yet, his hand was just hovering over the spot that you kissed over his heart. To be honest, that was really just an excuse that you made up on the spot. The truth was you kissed him like this because he's been too dumb to notice that you've been flirting with him for the past month. If this doesn't tell him that you're interested, you really don't know what will. - Now, you didn't know this, but this man's heart was simultaneously going a million miles a minute but also never going anywhere, like the cogs in his brain had short-circuited. He could hear his heart hammering in his ribcage like it was trying to escape, and all that he could focus on was the feeling of your warm lips kissing his upper cheek, even after they've been long gone. - On your end though, the silence was almost getting suffocating. At first you were greatly enjoying the spectacle of having Ace all frozen up and red in the face, but with each passing moment, your smile began to falter more and more. 'Did I misinterpret his reaction? Did he not like it? Is he actually getting angry with me? Did I really just ruin my relationship with Ace??' your thoughts began swarming your mind like flies, but before you open your mouth to apologize for being inappropriate, you hear Ace giggle and you could now see the big, dopey smile on his face too. - "So then, all I've gotta do is catch Grim, right? And you'll give me another one of those?" he asks confidently. If you hadn't known any better, you'd have thought that he was the one who gave you a kiss. - "W-well yes, if you'd like one," you reply rather sheepishly. - "Haha! Sweet! That weasel's not going anywhere, not while I'm around!" he chuckles brightly, "Say, I was just on my way to the cafeteria before you stopped me, wanna go eat together?" - You nod with a relieved laugh, "Sure, I'd like that." - "Hey, I've got an awesome idea! What if," he points to his cheek, "I buy your lunch in exchange for another one? Who says that the deal should be exclusively for catching Grim?" - And so at this point, the tables had turned- you had no idea that he'd be so excited about the little kiss on the cheek that he'd start asking for more right after. So, you, of course, had to change the tables again- to maintain your pride as a teasing lover, if nothing else, so you reply, - "How about you pay for my lunch AND you become my boyfriend? You get one free kiss for lunch, and you can get a specialty kiss voucher at least once a day that you can redeem anytime! It's a great deal, if I do say so myself!"
Tumblr media
Deuce - When you help him study - To be honest, he's already a little embarrassed that he had to ask you for help on his homework. He swore to himself that he would become an honor student at NRC and make his mother proud, and yet here he is, just barely managing to pass his classes with a C, and having to ask the one who can't even use magic for help on his homework about magic. It's deplorable, really. Oh! but no offence to you though, in fact Deuce has so much admiration for you because of this fact! He thinks it's amazing how quickly you were able to learn everything from class when you've had almost no background knowledge or practical uses for any of it! Of course you were amazing! Meanwhile he's over here struggling with some of the most basic principles... - "Deuce, are you even listening to me?" you snap him out of his thoughts once you realized that he was just staring blankly at you, your tutoring lecture falling in one ear and out the other. - And with a surprised shake of his head, he realizes that the only thing that he was able to focus on for the past hour or so was you. - "Sorry, I just blanked out a little, can you repeat that last part you said again?" well, he really wanted you to repeat all of it, but he had to at least make it look like he was improving because of you- that way you'd continue helping him study like this in the future... But then again, if he asked you to repeat everything you'd already gone over, there's a chance that you would stay here for longer... - "Listen, Deuce, I don't think that this is working," you sigh and you go to stand up. His eyes widen and he hurriedly tries to stop you from leaving, - "Wait!-" - "That's why I want to try a different tactic," you smile, "If you can manage to correctly answer at least 10 questions in a row today, then I'll grant you one wish. And it could be anything- I can go buy something for you, I'll make you food, hell I'll even give you a kiss if you asked. And if you can make at least a B on the test this week, then I will do whatever you want for the whole day. And I mean anything." - 'Huh? A kiss? You'd give him a kiss if he got 10 answers right?!' Deuce's face flares up in a reddish hue at the thought and you take his stuttering as a yes to the deal. You smile at him and begin tutoring him once again. ~~ - Fast forward a couple of hours, and Deuce finally manages to get 10 answers correct in a row, and it's time for you to deliver on his reward. - "Well, what you do want, Deuce-y? Anything you want, is yours..." You tease him with the nickname, but all it does is make him more nervous because oh god, he didn't think about the fact that he'd have to ask for it!! - "Umm,,, I... Can I have a …a kiss from you?" - "Hm? What did you say? A kass?" Oh my god, there's absolutely no way that he'd be able to say it again without dying on the spot! - "A casserole..." He sighs. - "Alright, no problem! It's already way past dinnertime so the cafeteria's probably still closed, so what kind do you want me to make for you? I'm pretty hungry myself, so how about shepherd's pie?" You stand up from your spot on the couch and start walking towards the kitchen area behind him. - "Sure.." He really couldn't care less about what you made at this moment, he's still reeling from missing his one chance to get a kiss from his crush... - That is, until, you come up from behind him and give him a sneak attack kiss on his cheek. - "I actually did hear you, Deuce-y, just felt like teasing you for a bit," you whispered into his ear and giggled, "Now you just have to get a B or better on the exam, and I'll give you another one on the lips~" - To tell you that he died right there on the spot would be an understatement.
Literally I wanted to get all of the Heartslabyul characters on here but then the post got too big ToT the price we pay for love....
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somekidnamedkai · 2 months
if the request are still open can you do riddle , ace ,deuce , vill and malleus with an mc who suddenly started ignoring them and making excuses to not see them,but they found out on their birthday that mc was making a surprise party for them and in the end to apologize to them they hugs them ( and maybe kiss their cheeks ) if this request is too complicated it’s fine you don’t have to^^
Ignoring Them For A Surprise Party
Authors note: Welcome to the start of me being bad at titling my stuff lol. I had a lot of fun writing these, thank you for the request anon!
Characters: Riddle Rosehearts, Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Vil Schoenheit, Malleus Draconia
Warnings: None. I have the vocabulary of a middle schooler so some words are repetitive my apologies.
Gender neutral reader
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle first noticed you ignoring him when you would jolt out of the classroom, not waiting for him so you two could walk together. Whenever he tried to ask you about it, you’d turn and walk away. Or blatantly ignore him and talk to Ace or whoever was nearby.
He began to wonder what was going on. Did he do something? Did he forget something important? No, your birthday wasn’t for another few months. And your guys' anniversary was just a few weeks ago. Riddle remembered every important date. So why were you ignoring him?
Did someone spread a rumor about him? If so, they would surely pay. Riddle went to ask Cater, who would surely know if something was going on. Nothing.
Riddle decided that maybe you’ve been having a bad week, so he’ll take you on a date.
He arrived at Ramshackle to make sure you were free. “Oh, sorry, Riddle, I have something important going on. A big test, yup, really big.” You said hesitantly. A test? On a Saturday evening? And was that Ace and Deuce in there with you?
After his visit to Ramshackle, Riddle was beginning to stress over it even more. Why were you avoiding him? What did he do?!
He demanded Ace and Deuce tell him, but they wouldn't budge. Luckily, Trey was there so he convinced Riddle to not collar the duo.
As the days, which felt like weeks to Riddle went by, he began to feel frustrated and crushed. Was this your way of breaking up with him? By just avoiding him till he got the point? Or were you? No, you would never cheat on Riddle. And he wasn’t going to accuse you of cheating.
Finally, it was on the 6th day, but who’s counting? Riddle saw his phone light up with his ringtone playing. At first, he ignored it. Until Riddle remembered that he muted everyone except for you, he wanted to be sure that he never missed anything. Riddle practically leaped over his bed to grab his phone, dropping whatever schoolwork he was doing.
The second Riddle grabbed his phone he answered your call. “Sweet tart? Hello?” He spoke desperately. Which is what he was. Riddle was desperate to hear your voice. Listening to old voice messages over and over again didn’t help much.
You smiled when your boyfriend answered and began to talk. You missed him, “Hey, love. I want-“
You couldn’t even finish talking before Riddle spoke again, “I miss you! I’m so sorry for whatever I did! I really am. Please don’t ignore me again! I miss you so much, sweet tart!” He blurted out. “Y/N?” He asked when you didn’t answer.
“You didn’t do anything, dear, but can you come to Ramshackle?” You asked him, and he immediately agreed.
It took Riddle about 5 minutes to get to Ramshackle, and then he knocked on the door. Riddle heard a little bit of noise before it went silent. “Come in!” You shouted.
When Riddle opened the door it was almost completely dark, which was shocking considering the number of broken windows in the dorm.
The lights came on right after Ruddle walked in, “SURPRISE!”
Riddle stumbled back in shock, but you caught him before he could fall. “Happy birthday, my love,” You told him.
“It’s my… birthday?” Riddle asked. He had completely forgotten about it amongst you, ignoring him. So that was the important date he forgot about.
A small laugh escaped your lips, “yes, silly. I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you. It’s just that I was planning your party with everyone.”
Riddle let out a sigh before regaining his composure. “Well, Don’t do that again, please. You worried me.”
You kissed Riddle on the cheek, then a quick peck on the lips. “I promise I won’t. Now, let’s enjoy your party, birthday boy.”
Ace Trappola
At first, Ace just thought you were trying to prank him by only really talking with Deuce and Jack. But when Deuce said that you weren’t pranking him, Ace got annoyed. Why are you ignoring him? Was it because he pranked you just a week ago? You’ve never cared about his pranks, so why now?
Ace would try to get you to stop ignoring him by pranking you even more. One prank Ace did was kind of small, but it’d get you to talk to him, was to take the ink tube out of your pen. Or if you were using a quill, he’d replace it with a regular feather.
Unfortunately, his plan backfired. Whenever you would need a new utensil you would immediately go to Deuce. Or even Grim. Why Grim?! Seeing how his little prank didn’t work, Ace made his pranks a lot bigger. If his small ones weren’t catching your eyes, these would. Yeah, it didn’t work.
Fine, whatever, ignore Ace all you want. He doesn’t care. Yes, he does. Ace would begin texting you, telling you that it was important and that he needed you to go by asap. But you would only leave him on read.
Ace thought luck was on his side when Riddle said there was going to be an unbirthday party. You never miss an unbirthday party. Even in past times when you and Ace argued, you never missed an unbirthday party.
That night Ace texted you, letting you know about the unbirthday party. To his shock, your reply was quick and simple “can’t. I'm busy.” What do you mean you can't?! You’ve never missed a party
That was it. Ace finally admitted. He probably did something wrong and you weren’t just pranking him. So for the next few nights, he would ponder over what he could’ve done. Deuce wasn’t any help with it either.
At the unbirthday party, Ace tried to coax it out of Riddle or Trey, or anyone for that matter, on why you were ignoring him. But they all claimed to either not know. Or they wouldn’t tell. Rude.
It had been about a week of Ace complaining to Deuce about you again. He missed you. Your laugh, your smile, your everything. The way you would hug Ace after a long day. How good of a kisser you were.
Deuce just suggested that he talk to you at ramshackle tomorrow. But Ace said that you wouldn’t answer. But Deuce promised that you would.
So here Ace was, at ramshackle. He knocked on the door then it opened. He stepped into the shockingly dark dorm. A second later and the lights turned on, and confetti was thrown at his face. “SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”
Oh yeah! It was Ace's birthday. He kind of forgot in his efforts to get you to talk to him. “Happy birthday, sweetie,” you told Ace.
This boy didn’t realize how much he missed your voice until now. Ace practically leaped himself into your arms and squeezed you tight.
“Please don’t ignore me again!” He said as he looked at you. You had your beautiful smile that made him smile.
You kissed Ace all over his face before you looked at him. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have, but I wanted to be sure your surprise party stayed a surprise party.”
Ace nodded. He looked past you and at the others who were watching. “You’re forgiven. Now let's go enjoy my party!”
Deuce Spade
Deuce almost immediately noticed you ignoring him. It started with you not holding his hand after class, to you only talking to Ace at lunch, and now you wouldn’t even answer his texts.
He’s been spamming your messages, asking if he did anything wrong, but you didn’t answer. He’s been (bothering) asking Ace if he’s done anything. No answer from him either.
A few days went by. Deuce finally stopped blowing up your phone with text messages. Now he’s passing you notes in class and sending gifts to ramshackle. Deuce even got your attention for a minute when he grabbed your pen as you took it out of the bag.
“Why are you ignoring me?” Deuce asked as he held the pen out of your reach. You didn’t answer. Instead, you looked to Ace, who gave you a new one. Defeated, Deuce threw your pen back down and sulked in his seat.
Deuce began to message you and see if you wanted to hang out, only to get ignored. He would tell Ace to shut up so you would listen to him instead, and then Deuce would invite you on a date. “I’m busy.” The boy began to sulk again.
Cue the disaster of what is Deuce for the next few days. He’s a mess. He misses you a lot and has no idea how to make it up to you. He’s tried apologizing. You said it was nothing. He’s asked you on dates, and you always say you're busy. He’d give you flowers then you’d just put them aside.
The morning of Deuce’s birthday arrived. And he was dreading it. It wouldn’t have mattered how many ‘happy birthdays’ he got or how many small gifts like pencils or chocolate Deuce got. He just wanted you. And a hug.
Deuce wanted to stay in bed, but Ace convinced him to get up or Riddle would off with his head. “Fine, whatever, partner snatcher.” Dang. Ok, Deuce. We get it you’re mad, but no need to resort to name-calling.
“I’m going to ignore that. Anyways, remember our plans at Ramshackle today. Don’t be late.” Ace told Deuce as he left the room. What plans at Ramshackle? What were they doing?
Wait. If Deuce’s other friends already had plans today... Did they forget his birthday? “Oh, happy birthday, by the way.” Nevermind. At least Ace remembered.
Deuce, after a few years, finally arrived at Ramshackle. And when he opened the door, he walked inside to see darkness. Oh no, did the lights break before he got ther- “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”
The surprise knocked Deuce back a few feet. “Happy birthday,” You told Deuce as you walked over to your boyfriend, who was going through the five stages of grief when you walked towards him.
The second you spread your arms out, Deuce dove into them for a hug. “I love you,” He muttered into your chest while you two held a warm hug and you kissed his forehead.
“Hey, listen. I’m sorry for ignoring you. I just thought that it would be the best way of keeping your party a surprise,” you explained to Deuce.
Deuce nodded as he felt a few tears. He was so happy, “It’s ok. But please never do that again.”
You nodded as you backed away and smiled at your boyfriend. You kissed him on the cheek before guiding him over to the others to celebrate his birthday.
Vil Schoenheit
At first, Vil thought you were having a bad day and needed a little space. He’d lecture you for being rude another day. But when the next day came around and you still weren’t talking to him? You would just walk in front of him and not say anything.
Vil, to say the least, was not happy when he realized you were ignoring him. He doesn’t have time for your shenanigans. Vil would try to get your attention and ask you what’s wrong or send you a message but you would either brush him off or just not respond.
He would go through the next few days thinking about what was wrong with you. Did someone say something to you? If so they would surely pay. Were you just trying to prank him? Whatever. Vil wasn’t going to stress over your attitude. He needed to maintain his complexion.
Don’t be fooled though, just because he wasn’t stressing out over it? doesn’t mean it wasn’t affecting him. Vil loved you. A lot. And he missed cuddling you at night before he went to sleep. And he was really upset you were ignoring him.
Vil’s birthday was approaching and he had hoped to go on a date with you. So he showed up to Ramshackle with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and candy. “Pumpkin! I wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date. Tonight or tomorrow?” He asked when you answered the door, giving you the flowers and candy.
“Oh... I’m busy. Tonight and tomorrow. Sorry, sweetie.” You closed the door before Vil could say anything in response.
Dejected, Vil went back to Pomefiore and looked over some of his schoolwork when a thought came to his mind. If you want to avoid him so badly, he’ll send the vice housewarden after you.
“Of course, anything for you Roi Du Poison!” Rook would immediately agree and then head out to Ramshackle, although it was not to spy on you, instead, it was to plan.
It was the day before Vil’s birthday when he decided he had enough. Vil felt like a different person without you. And he didn’t like it.
Vil saw Ace, Deuce, and Jack and asked them what your deal was and what was going on with you. They said it was nothing. So then Vil went to Epel to coax it out of the boy. He didn’t budge.
Remember when Vil wasn’t stressing over this? Now he is. You were the love of his life, and now you were avoiding him, and he had no idea what to do.
On his birthday, Vil got a text from you, “can you come to ramshackle? it’s important.” Vil immediately went out to the rundown dorm his prefect stayed in.
Once Vil got there, he opened the door and stepped inside. He didn’t knock. You told him to go there anyways, so who else would you expect?
It was pitch black when he walked inside. “Is this a-“ “SURPRISE!” Everyone jumped out, and the lights got turned on. Vil looked around, all of his friends were there, and streamers decorated the front lobby
“Happy birthday!” You told Vil as you stepped towards him. He gave you a big hug, squeezing you tight and not wanting to let go.
You returned his hug. “I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you. I was so excited about your party, and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.” You explained to him. Vil understood now. But he wasn’t going to let this go.
“It’s alright sweet potato. But we’re going to talk about communication,” Vil told you as you audibly groaned and muttered a ‘fine.’ Vil smiled for the first time in the last few days.
You began to give Vil small kisses all over his face. A kiss on his cheek, one on his nose, his forehead, then his temple. “Let’s enjoy your party.”
Malleus Draconia
You thought you could get away with ignoring him? Good luck. As soon as Malleus noticed you were ignoring him he would get very upset. The clouds would be dark and thundering.
He missed you more than he could explain. You were his first real friend and first partner. And now he didn’t have anyone. He missed your guys' conversations and holding your hand and walking around with you. You didn’t even go to the club meeting with him to look at and study the gargoyles.
Malleus would drop by Ramshackle to make sure you were alright, but you either weren’t there, or you ignored him to talk with your friends. He would sulk or storm away to go by another time.
Listen, I hope you aren’t scared of thunder and lightning because that’s how the weather is going to be until you start talking to him.
Sebek will be hunting you down, so I hope you have a place to hide. And if he finds you, be prepared for the lecture you were going to get from him about ‘hurting the young master’ and ‘you're being a mean person.’
You tell him about the plan for Malleus’ party. He’s still not happy about it. Sebek will leave with final words to talk to him.
During one of his daily walks by ramshackle Malleus spotted you, without your friends. He hoped that today would be the day you talked to him. With a bright smile, he walked over to you.“Child of Man! Would you care to accompany me for a walk today? We could go out to eat after as well.”
You motioned for the boxes in your hands, “I can’t. I have to get these boxes inside and unpack them. Thank you for the offer, though!” You said and began to walk inside the dorm.
Malleus was right behind as you were walking, “I can help you,” he offered but you brushed him off saying you got it. You closed the door and Malleus stood outside.
He left the dorm just as Silver and Sebek came by looking for him. Malleus went back to his dorm to sulk in his room. Did someone threaten you to not talk to him? Did he do something that made you mad?
The next few days came and went. Malleus missed your walks and dates. The talks you two would have. You were the love of his life. He felt empty without you.
And now, it was his birthday. He woke up, got dressed, and checked his phone. Malleus didn’t know how to use a phone, but he could at least do the basics, like enabling his text messages. When he turned the phone on, Malleus was half expecting no notifications, but he hoped there would be. Malleus practically leaped for joy when he said your name on his phone. He opened your text, a request to drop by Ramshackle later.
Time felt like it was going by slower than usual. Malleus was so happy when he opened the text, he was about to go to your dorm that instant, but he decided to wait as you asked him.
Malleus had an extra prep in his step as he walked up to the door and knocked on it. “Come in!” He heard your voice. Malleus opened the door and walked in.
He then almost tripped, not expecting the dorm to be completely dark. “Child of-“ “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” He was interrupted by a bunch of cheers and the lights turning on.
You and some of his classmates were in the dorm with handheld confetti cannons. You immediately ran to Malleus and gave him a big hug. “Happy birthday, Tsunotarou!” You told your boyfriend happily as he wrapped his arms around you, holding you close.
Malleus didn’t want to let go of the hug. He’s missed you, and now that you’re in his arms, he wants to stay that way forever. “Was this all for me, my love?” He asked and looked around the decorated dorm. You nodded in response. “Do you like it?”
“I love it. Thank you so much child of man.” He answered your question as you smiled and gave him a quick kiss. “Now let's have some fun!” you told him as you pulled him towards the others.
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pearlinthecreek · 2 months
Dumb headcanons - Heartslaybul.
Heartslaybul x GN!Reader          Crack!Fluff             TW: Hints of NSFW, nothing crazy. 
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts:
He doesn’t understand how romance works. He’d be a lovely boyfriend — if only he knew how to do basic boyfriend things. Like buying flowers, chocolates, cards.. Etc. 
Continuing my last point, he gets you stuff like shoe shiner creams and craft knives for valentines day because he just doesn’t comprehend the importance of being romantically active on holidays and anniversaries.
But one thing *lovey* he knows how to do, it’s how to dance. He knows the foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Samba… any formal dance, you name it! Riddle has them memorized and is more than happy to teach you. Although I wouldn’t recommend it – he isn’t afraid to be a little stern with you whilst he teaches. So all those cringy school dances they make people go to – you two are the first and ( most likely ) the only on the dancefloor, everyone is staring and most of the savanaclaw kids are planning to call you both freaks if they weren’t scared shitless of Riddle. Due to your boyfriend’s amazing dance skills, Ace does call the two of you ‘twinkle toes’.
He loves you. But if you guys ever go shopping… just forget it. Riddle wasn’t taken to any big department/grocery stores since he grew up in such a small town. 101% have gotten lost in a Walmart or something like that. Alternative: he has lost YOU in a Walmart and went all the way up to the intercom to find you. 
Is a stick-in-the-mud boyfriend. He’s one of the weirdos who read the whole terms and conditions to discord/messages and reminds you about how you guys can’t send nudes because it goes against ‘12 - explicit exchanges and privacy imports ’ in the conditions. 
Also tried to do one of those trendy things where you sing a song for your partner, ( ex: Lovers Rock ) but because he’s mad outdated he full-on sang ‘ Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows ’ by Leslie Gore. ( It’s a song from the 1950s / 60s if you don’t know it ), as well as maybe some Micheal Buble songs instead of Steve Lacey or someone actually cool.
Ace Trappola:
Tumblr media
Played truth or dare and was dared to jump off the roof or let some Octavinelle guy kiss you. He legit jumped and had no regrets except for making his parents pay for infirmary bills. He’s such a loving dumbass <3
Tried to take you on a nice date but Riddle wouldn’t let him stay out after 10:30 so you guys ended up just eating pizza on the floor of his & Deuce’s room. ( In case you’re wondering, Deuce was cool with it because he was allowed to eat the leftovers. )
Posts terrible ass photos of you like - #mybaeforever #theyresohot #isthisahumanorafuckingraccoon. You get mad about it and whoop his ass and then he sheepishly tells you that you’re gorgeous n shit. 
Listens to those weird rap songs about love and thinks of you. Despite the fact that he looks nothing like it, I assure you personally that this boy is the most lovesick fool you will ever meet. He plays ‘ cupid’s chokehold / Breakfast in America ’ and daydreams about you. Rook finds it cute, and Ace tells him to stop watching him through his window at night. 
Sends you texts at 3 AM, asking if you wanna go do graffiti on the diasomnia building or steal traffic cones n other stupid stuff. You tell him no and that you just want him to come over and give you a hug. 50% of the time it goes your way, but on the other 50% you give in and go be his partner in crime. 
Claims he can watch horror movies but then refuses to leave your side for the rest of the night in silent fear. Would much rather shit himself than go to the bathroom – that’s how afraid this guy is. But it’s kind of cute how sweet he is when he’s terrified. Clings to you like you are a teddy bear <3
His flirting skills are in the ground – it’s basically just raunchy comments and “shawty u so fine” so if you want a romantic, sweet, kind boyfriend this man is not the one for the job. But if you want an idiot who will occasionally give you any money he stole from Trey – this is your guy!
Deuce Spade:
Tumblr media
I’m sorry– you CAN NOT, I repeat CAN NOT in a million years tell me that this man doesn’t squeal like a little girl when he thinks about you. He swings his legs under his desk while he stares at you with a furious blush. Ace and Epel tell him to get over it and either get laid or forget it. 
But, his mom is VERY invested in your relationship. After every date, he goes home and calls his mom. He tells every single detail about the date – what you wearing, what he ordered, where it was. His mom honestly loves hearing it and ALWAYS asks when she’s going to meet you. 
Following my last headcanon, you go home to Deuce’s family during the holidays. His mom always prepares a room really nice for you and asks you a ton of questions. She adores both of you <3
A lot of time, you go over to Deuce’s room and make out. Ace complains and groans from across the room about how cringy you two are and about how you need to tell him in advance whenever you’re over. Legit just stares in annoyance until you both find another room. 
Whenever you two get into a fight, he puts up one of those weird sad Bart Simpson profile pics on his tiktok. It’s so cringy but you end up making up because you don’t wanna stare at that god-awful profile pic. Also does those sad slideshows whenever you fight.
Who tf needs prince charming when you have Deuce Spade to buy you… weird looking sports gear? Whatever I mean that he gives a ton of random ass gifts. Half of them are bad but it really is the thought that counts so you aren’t too picky about them.
He is your prince charming <3 Literally, such a gentleman – your high heels get uncomfortable? Guess who’s walking around in those pumps? Your boyfriend, Deuce. Cold? Guess who’s giving you his flea-bitten uniform jacket? Deuce!
Trey Clover:
Tumblr media
On his last birthday, Ace got him one of those ‘kiss the cook’ aprons. At the time, he said thanks and just tossed it in the back of his closet to be polite – because let’s be real… he was not gonna wear that. But, when you two got together, he starts to wear it periodically when he knows you were coming over.
Being Trey’s significant other unofficially means you are the other parent of heartslaybul. You start making lunches for random people with Trey so you can spend time with him, find yourself standing next to him while he gives advice, and even telling someone to remember the rules this one time. 
Whenever you stay over late, you guys end up dancing by yourself in the common room. Because Trey is *secretly an old man*, when everyone else is out partying, you guys enjoy the cozy n quiet atmosphere of heartslaybul. Waltzing in the commons to whatever music is spilling out from the speaker that’s been playing for far too long. It’s super romantic how you both twirl, hands on each other’s waists. Although one time a first-year walked into the room – saw you guys, covered his eyes, and screamed because he thought y’all were.. Doing something else.
Always makes something special for you. He feels bad if you come all the way over there to help him and he doesn’t repay you for it, you tell him you’re his partner and that is literally what your repayment should be. He still makes you an extra cupcake or cake pop, feeling un-needed guilt.
He’s always on time to take you out. Never a second late, with some flowers, standing patiently at your door. And he NEVER goes cheap on you, if you guys are going out... You’re going out for something really FANCY. He saves up so he can pay for the date. And even though you don’t go out often, when you do it is very special.
Cater Diamond:
Tumblr media
Posts you a lot. Currently obsessed with that one “ Dearer than I ?” audio where he posts pictures of you guys doing stupid stuff together.
He loves you a lot, and constantly reminds you through posts. Captioning it ‘ they r literally so perfect <333 ’. 
Asks you to do his hair. Even if you can’t do hair well, he still asks you.
Something about it really makes him soak up his trust and appreciation for you, and ask for you to be there for him and you actually doing it makes him feel so super secure on so many levels.
He has a lot of anxiety, and I think that he’s actually terrified of you breaking up with him so sometimes that’s maybe why he can come on a little strong.
Ex: Posting 200 posts of you on Valentine's, wanting to go out every other week, being oddly possessive of your Instagram. 
He also does check your Instagram and who you’re following, just so he knows you aren’t cheating.
Although he never pushes TOO many boundaries because he would never in a million years want to be hurtful. So if you tell him to stop, he’ll stop. Loves you dearly and will definitely listen.
You. Are. Not. Allowed. To. Be. Insecure. This man is THE number one hype man, if one day you’re sat and you’re thinking, ‘ oh my god I’m so ugly..’ He can just smell it and tells you that you are drop-dead gorgeous and the sexiest person on earth to him. Then of course adds on his blog how beautiful you are for extra reassurance.
Tumblr media
Author’s notes: Wow! I have not done a twst post in a while, but I think this may be a start to a new series... But don’t get too excited, I do prepare to go in dorm order! I’m also going to start working on some more LOTR posts and Arcana posts, so all my other fandom fans, keep patient and you will be rewarded ( damn, I sound like some sort of wizard. ) I hope you guys enjoyed this and will enjoy the posts to come! Have a great day <3
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leinyy · 1 month
Tumblr media
You cannot look at me in the eye and tell me this is not something he wouldn’t do 💀
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akunya · 5 months
Tumblr media
"let me do you a favor."
pairings: trey clover x m!reader
summary: dinner tastes best when someone feeds it to you.
tw: FEEDING/FEEDERISM(?), persuasion/manipulation, frottage, dubcon. regression(?), CARETAKER!TREY, comfort, subspace/little space(?). SOMNO, praise, guilt trip, etc.
notes: i have been working on this for a bit, and finally got around to finishing it for his birthday. trey is my favorite twst character so i hope this does him justice.
i feel like its ooc, but whatever. enjoy! : )
Tumblr media
"you have to eat, yknow that right?" trey frowned, his eyes never leaving your hunched form. it was late at night, at this point everyone had retreated to their dorms to get some good nights sleep; every student except for you. "its important - much more important than studying."
you shrugged in response, flipping past another page of the heavy textbook in front of you. your desk was littered with crumpled papers, eraser shavings, post-its askew, and everything else that would make riddle scream his head off. trey had taken note of you not being in the cafeteria for lunch. while he assumed you were busy, his mind started to worry as he realized you didn't show up to dinner either. in fact, now that he thought about it, trey hadn't seen you all day.
the upperclassman had always felt the need to take care of others, and you were no exception. while he would deny hi true intentions about being heartslabyuls big brother figure, deeply inside, he knew it was somewhat true. you couldn't fathom why he cared so much about your well-being while he had so much to deal with on his own. wouldn't it be easier to just leave you be? wasnt he tired himself after such a long day? you started brooding in your own thoughts. trey sighed, not moving from his spot next to your desk, hoping that if he stayed long enough you'd eventually give in. your eyes darted from word to word, silent, adamant on finishing your study session before you allowed yourself a bite to eat. you had to pass this time, or it would seriously be off with your head.
you were insistent on finishing your book before having a snack — until trey had spoken up. "what if fed you instead?" your brain had taken a moment to process what he said, blinking a few times. the offer made your thoughts stop in their tracks, ripping yourself away from the book to look at trey with wide eyes. he smiled, pushing up his glasses, unshaken from how surprised you were. "i can make you something and feed you. that way you wont have to stop reading."
you couldn't help but feel embarrassed. the way he didn't even stutter to offer something so domestic (in your eyes, at least) to you made your cheeks flush, clearing your throat awkwardly. was this another one of his jokes? was cater around the corner getting ready to laugh at you with his phone in hand?
before you could hesitate any longer, your stomach growled loudly, making the both of you stare at each other for a moment before laughing. "..s-sure, if you really want to. there's really no need for that though."
"dont worry, its no big deal. i have some leftovers from what i made for dinner. ill grab them and come right back." with a polite nod, you muttered another ‘thank you’ before continuing your boring textbook about potions and whatnot for your test. your fingers tapped on the smooth wood of the desk as you read.
you wouldn’t admit it, but you enjoyed being doted on every once and a while. it felt nice to be cared for — letting your worries slip away as someone else’s hands did the work for you. it was tough having so many responsibilities. thinking again about how trey not only takes care of himself but riddle and the dorm as well, you really wondered how he did it all. shouldn’t you be the one offering him comfort and care? you sighed, leaning back in your chair and staring at the ceiling.
“whoever ends up with him is one lucky guy, that’s for sure.” you mumbled under your breath, your eyes drifting close for just a moment before a knock came from the door. “come in!”
trey nudged the door open with his foot, holding it open just enough for him to slip through with the tray of food in his hands. your mouth started to water, your room being filled with the delicious smell of treys cooking. you didnt get a good look at the dishes, but it didn't matter - your stomach was rumbling all the same. he chuckled lowly, placing the tray on the coffee table momentarily. “it’s nothing too complicated. baking is usually my specialty, but i figured you wouldn’t want to eat cake for your first meal of the day.” you shook your head, quick to quip back at his comments. “no no, don’t worry about it! it looks delicious, trey. id eat anything you make.” there was a small moment of silence, and your words had sunken in, making trey laugh again. “is that so, y/n?”
the vice dorm leader’s eyes wandered towards your desk and back to the tray of food. “would you like to move from your desk, or should i scoot closer to you?” either way, you were going to be flustered by the intimacy of his hands holding your chin in place, shrugging nonchalantly. “do whatever you feel comfortable with. you’re doing me the favor after all.” you were in this deep anyways.
trey nodded, starting to ponder about how he should go about this. he didn’t want you to stop reading and studying (although he truly wanted you to take a break from it) since it seemed important to you. however, how is he going to get close enough without dropping food on your precious textbook? it would be a shame to go back on his offer just because it needed some extra maneuvering. with all of the extra problems the students of heartslabyul create, he wouldn't give up that easily. treys eyes practically lit up with a solution. he cleared his throat before speaking up.
“could you sit on my lap, y/n?” if you listened closely, you could hear the tinge of anxiety in his voice. it was a risky offer, after all. you felt your own heart flutter. unable to muster the courage to speak, you nodded instead, getting out of your chair and out of the way so trey could take the seat.
and boy, were you staring at him like a pervert. his bigger build practically dwarfed your worn little chair, filling up the seat nicely unlike yourself. his legs were spread open comfortably, and for a split second you swore you saw something stiff in between them. he was wearing a plain red colored shirt with dark grey pajama pants. how cute.. you smiled, taking note of the little red clovers printed on the fabric. even heartslabyuls hardworking senpai had cute clothes to relax in. the more you stared, the more soft he looked in your eyes.
trey cleared his throat, disrupting you from your thoughts. he patted his thighs, closing them slightly so you'd have somewhere to sit. "if you sit like this, it shouldn't be too uncomfortable." his soft hands moved your legs across his lap, angled sideways as he faced forward. he took the heavy textbook from the desk and placed it on your lap, moving the tray of food to rest on the desk instead. scooting closer, the position would seem uncomfortable to anyone else, but you truly didn't mind. the extra body heat from being pressed so closely to the man made you relax. "comfy?"
you nodded, going back to silently reading your book. why couldn't it be like this all of the time? you felt oddly safe, flipping the pages in your book as you read. trey reached over to scoop some of the food onto a fork, hand holding the small of your back while he moved. your eyes were glued to the page still. the cool metal of the fork tapped at your lips, prompting you to open without hesitation, biting into the warm tasty leftovers you had missed out on a few hours ago. "do you like it? i can use my magic to make it taste like something else if you don't."
you shook your head, swallowing first before speaking. "theres no need to, trey. it tastes really good. you're amazing in the kitchen." it was his turn to blush, not expecting the compliment in such a vulnerable position. having a cute boy sit in his lap didnt happen everyday after all. he didnt say anything in response, feeding you another forkful.
you two stayed like that for a while as you read. the silence was comfortable, to say the least. the upperclassman didnt care asking mindless questions, letting you read in peace as he fed you. while the food was more than splendid, a few forkfuls was enough to make your stomach begin to feel full, so when trey had held the utensil expectantly in front of your lips and you didn't budge, he frowned a little. "what happened? you dont like it?" his hurt face tugged at your heart strings.
you panicked, eyebrows raising in confusion. "thats not it! im just starting to feel full, so..!"
his saddened expression made your heart sink. why did you feel so empty? even though you were reading, the words were blending into one another and you barely processed anything you had just read. why did he look so disappointed? was he actually that worried about you?
"you only have a little bit left. you can do it, right? you barely ate today.." his voice was gentle, almost as if he was convincing you, sweet and persuasive. you found yourself shakily opening your lips for another bite, much to treys delight. he made sure to take note of the blush on your cheeks.
"thats it, good boy. i knew you could do it." the senior praised you, ruffling your hair as he fed you. trey wasn't stupid - he knew he had a way to persuade others while making himself look like the good guy. he's guilty of doing the same thing to riddle more than a dozen of times. if being a bit selfish meant getting what he wanted, then he didnt mind.
embarrassingly enough, your dick twitched at the pet name, too. 'good boy'? no ones ever called you that before. it made you feel.. good, to say the least. small, but safe. you found yourself itching for more praise from trey, wiggling a bit on his lap but not denying any food when he had gathered some more on the fork. trey didnt even bother correcting himself or making an excuse. he saw how you relaxed, how you looked so eager to please. "perfect. just like that." trey mumbled lowly, opening his own mouth to mimic yours.
your eyes looked glossy, void of any valuable thought. its as if you were staring at him, but you weren't truly there. he watched, making no effort to stop you tipping over deeper into that cozy mindset of your own. at some point you even began to lean into his side, relaxing into the upperclassman's firm yet soft chest. trey smiled, brushing some hair out of your face as he set the plate of food down. you looked as if you would knock out at any moment.
"look at that, all finished. i bet your stomach feels better now, right?" you lazily nodded, humming in response as you nuzzled against his neck. he coo'ed at you, taking the heavy book out of your lap so you could rest comfortably. your body was so relaxed against his, so accessible. trey gulped, noting that he could no longer hide the throbbing boner in his pants anymore.
he had been excited ever since you initially agreed to his offer. in fact, he was practically buzzing with energy when he had went over to the kitchen to plate some leftovers from earlier today. treys hands shook with an uncharacteristic amount of nervousness, licking his lips before letting his arm wrap around your small form. even if you wanted to get up, he simply gently nudged you further into the crook of his neck, hand splaying on your thighs. his mind raced with the thousands of possibilities that could happen.
he should leave you alone. really, trey should carry you to bed like the fine gentleman everyone thinks he is, like the normal role model they take him for. deeply, the man wants to do the right thing.
yet, all moral thought flies out the window when he notices you were hard too. your little cock made a proud tent in your pants, straining against the fabric as you slept. you were so quiet that trey didn’t even notice before, but now that it was practically on display for him, he couldn’t contain the groan he let out.
his bigger hand hovered over your bulge. he felt his heart flutter, looking down at your face. you were so calm, so peaceful in his arms. at this point.. wouldn’t it be wrong for him to deny you of your basic needs? the upperclassman has already hand fed you at this point, making sure you were full and taken care of. isn’t this just.. another task that he should handle?
you were too small to do it on your own, a little too dumb. friends do this all the time for each other. besides, you were totally into him too (he was confident on that, at least), so if anything.. maybe trey is doing a favor. a favor that he definitely doesn’t mind fulfilling for you.
“it’s alright, y/n. i got you. you deserve a break.” you had mumbled something in response, trey not catching half of what you said. he shrugged, pushing his glasses up before his hand hesitantly palmed your bulge, making you shudder. he felt his own cock pulse at just how tiny you were. his hand covered a good amount of your cock, squeezing and teasing you through your pants before unzipping them quietly.
trey was thankful that riddle had given you a room in heartslabyul to stay in. you didn’t have any other roommates because it was such short notice, so he didn’t have to worry about anyone barging in and catching him doing something he probably shouldn’t. trey pumped your cock slowly, making sure to flick his wrist and twist a couple of times. he loved the way your back arched, even while you were resting, desperate for more pleasure.
“you’re doing so well, pretty boy.” the praises spilled out naturally, his gaze shifting from your face to your cute little cock. your head felt dizzy, cloudy with dreams and pleasure as you moaned softly. the amount of pre-cum that dribbled out made an erotic squelch noise fill the room. trey didn’t bother stopping, even going a bit faster to get more reactions from you.
he thought about you like this before, but had no idea how to tell you. the mysterious transfer student from a different world was more than alluring to the normal student at NRC. not to mention, you are undeniably cute, winning the hearts of many of your seniors without you noticing. you never really noticed much, most of your schedule filled with hanging out with the first years or studying.
but the way you were now, and the time you were spending in his lap, was solely because of him. treys eyes widened when he noticed you were clumsily bucking your hips towards his hand. even while asleep, you couldn’t help but be so honest. you really were such a good boy.
when you started to curl up and shield yourself away from treys hand, he tutted, unwaveringly pushing your hips the opposite way so he could continue jerking you off. “no no, not that way. we’re almost done. let me help.”
it felt way too good. all of it felt unreal. being coddled so closely, fed so gently, cared for so nicely. it made you moan louder, drooling while you felt yourself grow dumber. trey was so overwhelming, and yet, you didn’t want to leave. you were in and out of your sleep, groaning treys name as he chuckled.
“you’re so sweet when you say my name, y/n. you can say it more. say it as much as you want.” trey kissed your forehead, his hand moving quicker and harder as you started to practically wail from how your body felt. you could feel his breath on your neck. it was hard for him to keep his composure.
when he saw your little hands try and grip the chair, that’s when he knew you were close. why was he so worried before? you clearly wanted this just as much as he did. you were the perfect little boy, listening and letting him do as he pleases. trey groaned, letting you hump into his hand clumsily. “you’re gonna cum, arent you y/n? it’s okay. let it out for me. you’ve been so good.” his voice only urged you further, sweet and soft in your ear.
your mouth was open, but no sound came out when you came, eyes rolling back a bit from your release. your cum shot high, some of it nearly landing on your chin as trey milked your cock, making sure every last drop was drained from your balls. it’s probably been so long since you’ve let yourself relax like this. he made a mental note to do this more often with you.
“see? didn’t that feel good?” his smile was as warm as ever, ready to greet you as you slowly opened your eyes. his face was a bit flushed, holding you in place even as you began to wake up and try to piece together what just happened. your trusty senpai would never do anything so dishonest after all. you could only nod, not wanting to make a fool out of yourself for falling asleep and not listening to.. whatever went on.
there trey goes again, forgetting to take care of his own tasks. his cock twitched angrily, aching to be touched. maybe a pretty boy like yourself wouldn’t mind returning the favor tonight.
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luxthestrange · 3 months
TWST Incorrect quotes#299 Are you?
After Ever Overblot by now...(This is ANY Yuu by now...)
Yuu*Drinking water, wheezing and sweating with a tired complexion*Im fine-Im fine...
Ace, Deuce & Grim*Looking worried at you as they try to help you*Yuu-
Yuu: I feel fan-fuckin-tastic!*Arms in the air with out-of-focus gaze, grunts in pain as they raised them up then down*
Dorm Leaders+Jamil(Crowley there too)*Looking more nervous than anyone at you after you defeated them*...
Yuu: Why do you think I'm NOT fine?*Is patting a patch of fire off their shoulder...hair is singed*Im cool!-*Looking back at them with a hoarse voice*
First Years*Trying to sit you down and get you water*!!!
Yuu*Pointing at themselves*I FEEL ALIVE-
Tumblr media
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ryker-writes · 14 days
TWST characters as siblings (Heartslabyul Edition)
first of all, i'm sorry
you have a terrible mother
it doesn't matter if you were born into the family or adopted
his mom will enforce the rules on you too
everything is slightly more bearable when someone is going through it with you
the two of you are very close because of this
together the two of you sneak out to play with Trey and Chenya
this is one of those sibling relationships where he's your best friend
he's really happy when you two both get into night raven college
he also wants you to be in Heartslabyul with him
if you're not, he'll be a little sad
he's most likely to listen to you when you tell him to relax on the rules
since you two are really close he's very protective
you two have been through a lot together so he's worried that someone else will take you away and he'll be alone
he hates the idea of that
but he's not going to stop you from having friends or anything
it's more like he gets worried if you spend too much time with them and less with him
he's unsure if he would be able to handle things alone (but he won't admit this easily)
because of this he can be a little passive aggressive to your friends without intending to
this doubles if it's a romantic partner because in his mind that makes them more likely to take you away
please reassure him that you're not going to leave him alone
you're one of the few people that can calm him down when angry
he does depend on you quite a bit and may need some comfort when his dorm gets to be too much
he's a great brother
Trey isn't the only sibling you have, there's a couple younger ones too
he's always looking out for you
and he's used to taking care of you
it's just his brother instincts
always checking in on you to make sure you're doing okay and he makes you food and dessert
does not matter if you ask for it or not
he has like a sixth sense if you're okay so don't even try to lie to him he will know
since you two are in the same school he also checks in on how well you're doing in class and will help if you need
of course he'll want you to be in Heartslabyul but he won't be heartbroken if you get assigned elsewhere
he's not a very protective brother
he worries about you and he wants you to be around good people, but he's not the type to think they're going to take you away
he's pretty nice and polite to your friends
if you tell him about a romantic relationship he'll want to know who it is, but he's pretty supportive
he'll want to get to know your partner a little bit of course but he knows not to pry too much
overall he's a very supportive and caring brother
a really fun brother
aside from Cater you also have two sisters
another sibling relationship where you two are really close
he's always trying to make sure that your night raven college experience is a fun one
he invites you to all the unbirthday parties and any parties he sets up/gets invited to on campus
anything he thinks might be fun, he tries to bring you along
he's happy to have you at school with him and will cheer if you get to be in Heartslabyul
will whine if you get assigned elsewhere
he's pretty friendly and introduces you to a bunch of people
so he's not very protective
he doesn't mind if you go to hang out with friends and is very friendly toward them
he also doesn't mind if you have a romantic relationship but he wants to know all the details
it's not him being worried or jealous it's more like he's happy for you and wants to know how it all happened
he also is interested in gossip
he will try to become close with your partner, may even try to be their best friend
if you tell him to back off tho he will
he's not too worried at all as long as you're having fun
but if you're unsafe at all he will step in
he's very happy you're at the school with him
your other brother is 7 years older so there wasn't much of a chance to go to school with him
he's would be even happier if you got into Heartslabyul
if you didn't he will be very upset and complain about it
he 100% will ask you for answers on homework
he says it's payment for being such a good brother
Ace likes to joke around a lot with you
you get dragged along on his adventures with Deuce too
you're also the first person he comes to when he gets collared
complains to you about the rules a lot
Ace is the type of brother to say that he doesn't care but he totally does
he doesn't mind that you have other friends
don't expect him to get super close with them tho
he'll do just enough to know that they're good friends to you
if you're in a relationship...
he will pretend that he doesn't care at all but he is doing a full on investigation on your partner
almost stalking them to find out if they're a good person and they make you happy
protective but secretly
he's only a little worried that you won't spend as much time with him when you have someone else
oh and Ace always has your back when it comes to anything
if you two ever get caught in a bad situation or breaking a rule he is ready to lie you two out
or at the very least lie you out of it and he'll accept getting punished (he's grumpy about it tho)
you've seen him during his delinquent days
and you also see how he really wants to change
since you're the person closest to him he really wants your support in becoming a honor student
please help him study he needs it
he also needs your patience because it can take a bit
but he gets sooooo excited when he does well so it's worth all your time
please be proud of him
if you tell him you're proud he may cry
obviously he wants you in Heartslabyul but he understands if you're not
he wants you to do your best wherever you are
when you introduce him to your friends he's a little nervous but very accepting of who your friends are
he's doesn't really think about if they're good friends or not
in his mind they're good since you chose them
if you introduce him to a romantic partner he might actually get a bit worried
but he's very respectful when meeting them
he's not worried that they will take you away from him but he's more worried that you'll get hurt
he's a little protective
if anyone bothers you or you have a problem he is ready to fight
remind him that he shouldn't because he's trying to become an honor student
he'll calm down and try to talk his way out instead
Deuce supports everything you do!
you show him so much support so he makes it a rule for himself to support you just as much as you do him
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starboyshoyo · 22 days
Kiss the Girl
Pairing: Riddle Rosehearts x reader (ft. Floyd Leech)
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland
Genre: fluff, humor
Word Count: 1.5k
Housewarden Riddle Rosehearts is trying to enjoy a date with is crush on a Saturday- but a certain slippery Leech has to ruin- or help- it with a song.
Loosely based on the song “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid!
Tumblr media
There you see her, sitting there across the way She don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her And you don't know why, but you're dying to try You wanna kiss the girl
In no way did Heartslabyul Dormwarden Riddle Rosehearts ever anticipate that he would be here in Mostro Lounge, sitting across from the one person who could make his face go as red as the roses and get away with their head intact. 
Of course, there was no way for you to know the kind of effect you had on him. You are Night Raven College’s only female student and loved by all- polite, sweet, and always ready to lend a helping hand. The kind of girl that Riddle could- and did- fall head over heels for. Who was he to turn you down when you asked him to accompany you on a date on the weekend? You deserve the best in the world. And naturally, that meant him. (Well, he hopes he can be the best. At least for you).
And so now he finds himself, stiff posture and all, seated at a table with you under ambient blue lights, trying not to explode. 
Yes, you want her Look at her, you know you do Possible she wants you too There is one way to ask her It don't take a word, not a single word Go on and kiss the girl
He watches you shyly from across the wooden plane of the table, so close yet so far. Your knees are brushing his under the tabletop and you’re absentmindedly watching luminescent fish drift by the window. Typical Prefect, zoning out at the most inopportune moments- there must be a rule against inattentiveness in the presence of the Queen! He should have your head for that, but… he’d rather just have you.
You’re tapping a hand on the tabletop in a makeshift percussion beat. What song are you listening to in that mind of yours? He wants to reach across the distance, to take your hand like the gentleman he is, and enjoy this moment with you under the sea. But then a voice begins to hum in his ear, too soft for anyone else to pick up. The tune is familiar, a playful little love song that was often cycled through radios in the dorm’s lounge. It’s called Kiss the Girl, Riddle realizes, shoulders stiffening even more and heat rushing to his cheeks. But then- wait a minute, who’s murmuring such a scandalous thing in his ears? 
Sha-la-la-la-la-la My oh my, look like the boy too shy- Ain't gonna kiss the girl Sha-la-la-la-la-la Ain't that sad? Ain't it a shame? Too bad, he gonna miss the girl~
Riddle whips around and locks gazes with the young man in the booth behind him. “Will you shut up?” Riddle hisses at Floyd Leech, a mixture of embarrassment and fury burning behind his cheeks. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to enjoy an outing with Ramshackle Dorm’s Prefect here. Your off-tune blathering is ruining the atmosphere.” 
One yellow and one green eye stare back at him, narrow with amusement. “What’s the matter, Goldfish?” Floyd teases softly. “I’m not doin’ anything illegal here, just enjoying my break hour with some food and a little song.” 
“You know very well what you’re doing,” Riddle snaps back, voice as low as he could get when scolding someone. 
He glances surreptitiously back at you, but you still don’t notice. You have your hand pressed against the glass now, giggling as a small red anchovy follows the movement of your finger. Turning away from Floyd, he clears his throat, lifting his head up and straightening his posture. 
“So, Prefect,” Riddle says, painfully aware of how formal he sounds. “Have you checked the results of the standard magical exams yet? The rankings were posted yesterday in the Main Hallway, in order of subjects- I ranked first in every one, naturally.” 
You turn towards him, abandoning the little red fish to its own devices. “That sounds great, Riddle,” you smile at him. He would give anything to see that smile directed at him every day. “It must have taken a lot of effort for you to- oh?”
The boy suddenly reaches across the table and places his hand on top of yours. He hopes- prays- that you won’t pull away, and you don’t. Instead, you take it in yours without hesitation, brushing your thumb across the back of his hand. He can feel the pressure in him subsiding, being replaced by confidence every second he grasps your fingers in his. 
“It did,” he responds, ignoring the scoff from Floyd behind him. “But really, it’s no hassle at all. As dormwarden of Heartslabyul house, I need to set a good example for my peers. No Heartslabyul student has been held back since I took leadership- and I intend to keep it that way.” He finishes his speech proudly, puffing out his chest. 
Riddle sounds egotistical from the outside, but you know how much effort he puts into his studies. He’s simply talking about the thing he knows best, and you can’t begrudge him for that. “Very impressive,” you smile fondly at him, leaning forward on the table and propping yourself up with your free hand. “You really are a great leader.”
For once Riddle doesn’t care about how your elbows are on the table or how it’s not proper to be showing affection in public. He’s too busy staring at your lips. His face has gone red again as he realizes just how close you are to him. If he just leaned forward a bit he could-
“That’s enough about me!” He cuts himself off hastily. “What about you, Prefect? Tell me some more about yourself.” He nods towards the fish beyond the glass near your table. “You seem to enjoy aquatic life quite a lot.”
It’s oddly charming watching you ramble on about the fish here, speaking about the different species and even individual ones that you were particularly fond of, and have given names. A small smile begins to spread over his face, and he’s getting lost in your story- but every so often, his gaze is flickering back to your face, and your lips. And he’s all too aware of Floyd who has now moved on to softly singing the lyrics of that very same song in Riddle’s ear. 
Now's your moment, floating in a blue lagoon Boy, you better do it soon, no time will be better  She don't say a word, and she won't say a word Until you kiss the girl
“I see you looking at her lips there,” he murmurs to the red-haired boy. “What’s the matter, little goldfish? Too much of a coward to kiss your girl?” 
“A real gentleman will let the lady finish speaking before he does such a thing,” Riddle shoots back, moving his lips as little as possible and keeping his eyes on you, though frustration is welling in his chest. “And besides, the Prefect is not in any dedicated relationship. She’s not ‘my girl.’” Yet, he adds silently in his head. “Don’t make such preposterous assumptions.”
“Well…” Floyd drawls back, “If she’s not yours then maybe I’ll take a splash at Shrimpy here, hm? Or I could relay the message to Crabby, that freshman from your dorm. I‘ve heard he’s got his eye on Prefect here, y’know~”
Out of the corner of his eye, Riddle sees Floyd start to rise from his booth, fixing his tie and shooting a grin at him. And Riddle would be damned if he let a slimy sea-slug or that insufferable troublemaker Trappola get to you before he could. He jerks forward, leaning across the table and presses his lips to yours, face as red as his hair. 
You snap your head up in surprise- and immediately bump your foreheads- “Ow!” 
You jerk backwards, and Riddle panics. “I’m sorry!” he scrambles forward. “I’m sorry- here, let me-” Tipping ice out of his glass of water and into a napkin, he presses it to your forehead gently. Apologizing over and over, he’s well aware he’s causing a scene. Students around you two are cupping their mouths with their hands, whispering among themselves. How embarrassing for the Heartslabyul dormwarden to be caught in such a flustered state. “Do you need anything else?” 
“I’m fine, Riddle,” you say, wincing. Riddle is dying inside, the red rising in his cheeks. He’s definitely ruined this date. He’s sure you’ll send him off, tell him to go back to Heartslabyul in shame- but to his surprise, you start laughing. 
“You can stop singing now, Floyd,” you tell the slippery second-year. “I think Mr. Dormwarden here has gotten the message.” 
That’s the last straw. “You could hear him the whole time?!” Riddle yelps. His voice squeaks at the end like a child’s, but he can’t bring himself to care. He’s too busy covering his face with his hands, steam practically rising out of his ears. 
Planting another kiss on his cheek, you grin. “Of course I could hear him, dummy. I asked him to do that- how else would you have gotten the hint?”
“Glad you finally took the leap!” Floyd, leaning on a side table, puffs out a gleeful laugh. “I’ll leave you little fishies be! Brother is calling my name~”
Riddle really does puff up like a goldfish when he’s embarrassed. Cute.
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