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Nightmare blunt rotation
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aestheticallyuncanny · 4 months
We have been watching you all grow up.
We miss you. And know that your favorite stories have not forgotten you.
To think you found comfort in monsters, because the ones in your head or in your home at the time were too much to bare.
So you painted your faces, drew yourselves with us, ruined clothes to look like us or just enjoyed looking like a lunatic.
We watched you go from band tees and rubber bracelets with ripped jeans, to black dresses, slacks, ties, and corsets. Some of you did a whole fuckin 180° and wear neons and pastels. Others of you just enjoy a hoodie (heh) and jeans. Some of you guys wear long skirts and pants, with cloth-patched tops and boots, crystals hanging from your necks.
Some of you just elevated your aesthetics. We can see pieces of us that got left behind in you.
Either way, we're proud of you little freaks. We know shit's been hard.
Just know the creeps and nightmares you found comfort in are still watching over you. Whether you forgot we existed, or moved on with your lives.
We see the art you make. The stuff you guys write. Some of it makes us laugh or roll our eyes, we adore it anyway.
As red and orange leaves surround you, horror movies, and screams fill your minds once again, and you see an increase of our faces, we hope you find that nostalgia again.
- Your favorite Creeps
(Just a little thing that came to my mind to write, bc I'm 22 now seeing creepypasta on my feed again, and it sent me down a rabbit hole. Idk writing this gave me comfort. I hope it gives you comfort too. ♡ )
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amaesama · 1 year
𝑊ℎ𝑎𝑡 𝑤𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑑 ℎ𝑎𝑝𝑝𝑒𝑛 𝑖𝑓 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑠𝑡𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑒𝑑 𝑙𝑖𝑣𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑖𝑛 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑚𝑎𝑛𝑠𝑖𝑜𝑛
So the Slenderman has chosen another troubled soul to manipulate, force to do his bidding, induct into the mansion, great! We’re all one big happy family here, so I’m sure you’ll fit in just fine! Whatever may have happened in the past is over now. This is your new home, and everything is going to be just fine.
╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── ⨂ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮
Everyone is really weary of newcomers.
For the first few days of you being there you will absolutely 100% catch people staring at you, like ‘what is this new thing and what do we do with it.’
The first people to come and talk to you are Nina, Jane, Liu and Dina.
Nina wants to make new friends so she’ll try her best to be nice and welcoming to you, she might be a bit too much at first but she means well.
Jane and Liu are there to warn you of any potential pastas to stay away from (*cough*Jeff*cough*), Liu will do most of the talking because he’s lovely.
Sully won’t front straight away, he will watch you when you talk to Liu to see what you’re like but otherwise he’ll leave you alone.
Jane will try to introduce you to Clockwork but 9/10 she’ll be ‘busy’ so it might take a while to get to know her.
Dina is an absolute sweetheart and they will try their best to be welcoming to you and make sure nothing bad will happen.
There’s a chance that they might try to introduce you to Helen but he just will not make an effort to talk to you, you’ll have to find another way to get to know him.
Dina will also introduce you to Ann and Johnathan, Johnathan will be a bit more talkative but you have a feeling that’s only because he wants something out of a relationship with you.
Ann won’t be all that interested. If you actually want to pursue a friendship with her then get beat up and she might be in the infirmary. Might be.
Speaking of the infirmary, that’s the best place to find him E.J, he spends most of his time down there, so if you ever want to talk to him or need something from him he’ll be down there.
He’s not too social and it’s rare to see him anywhere else, but he will always help someone if you’re injured. If you spend time to get to know him he’ll be very happy, though (he’ll probably ask if he can have your kidney somewhere along the line, he’ll assure you that the operation will be safe but he’ll respect you if you say no).
BEN and Sally are also two people that will be the first to talk to you.
Like Nina, BEN tries his best to spark conversations with people. He’ll probably play a few pranks on you though so be careful.
Sally just wants to play so she talks to everyone, she has no ill intentions so she’s a pretty safe person to be around.
You’ll 100% see Hoodie and Masky around as they basically do everything the Slenderman asks them to do, and if you’re new that’ll be to train you and do the whole initiation process. You’ll see Toby less frequently, but still pretty regularly in comparison to most other people.
Jeff will test if you’re good enough to be friends with him by setting Smile Dog on you. If you don’t run away from him or if you don’t try to kill him you’re good.
However, being friends with Jeff means you probably won’t be friends with Sully. Liu is a bit more accepting (strangely enough) but he’ll still be a bit iffy, he believes you should be friends with whoever you want but he probably won’t be around you if he’s there.
Ok onto actual life in the mansion.
Very rarely will you have a proper meal.
And by very rarely I mean only if you make yourself something or on one of the pasta nights.
A pasta night is something that happens every month (or every other month if no one can be bothered) where someone makes a shit ton of pasta for dinner for laughs.
It’ll almost always end in an argument because there are so many dysfunctional people living in the mansion.
And then there’s an argument on who should clean up, in the end they came up with a router where everyone takes turns.
E.J only comes along to these nights because he feels he has to, he can’t eat the food so he just kind of sits there.
Not many people can cook, so it’s usually either Tim, Brian, Clockwork or Liu who make the pasta.
No matter what your background is there will most likely be someone who went through the same thing, so if you’re happy with talking about it and so are they then you’ve basically got a therapist buddy.
Smile Dog is the family pet except instead of seeing him as a full blown family dog he’s treated like a person, minus all the responsibilities and stuff.
He’s a freeloader. That’s what I’m trying to say.
Also a great guard dog.
Not every room is an en suite so there’s a chance you’ll have to share a bathroom with like 5 others. And sharing a bathroom with literal serial killers? Not fun.
They’ll always flush, don’t worry, but some of them take excruciating long. Jeff is known to take long ass showers and sing obnoxiously loud (because he’s a dick) so avoid the bathroom that’s closest to his room.
Honestly it might be best to befriend someone with an en suite. Helen has one (mostly because people were annoyed that he kept going to refill his water when he’s painting), and he’ll probably be indifferent to you using his bathroom.
E.J also has one and he basically lives in the infirmary so he probably won’t notice if you use his, but you’ll have to ignore the mini fridge in his room. You just know what he keeps inside it.
He also doesn’t like being called ‘E.J,’ he mostly puts up with it. With two Jacks around it can be confusing so he understands why people call him that, but when the other one isn’t around he doesn’t get why people call him this. Call him Jack and you’ll be in his good books.
The proxies have their own bathrooms as well, and since they’re always out you might be able to use theirs.
Hardly anyone can be bothered to clean their rooms so they all live in their own mess.
If you complain about it enough then you could potentially bully some people into cleaning them.
Jeff is the worst.
Absolutely vile.
Jane has one of the best rooms because she’s a literal goddess so of course it is.
Helens is covered in paint.
Jacks is passable if you ignore the mini fridge.
Tim’s absolutely sticks of cigs so you probably don’t want to go in there.
Toby’s is- yep. It’s definitely… something!
Also for room arrangements, the people who hate each other are located a far away as possible from each other to reduce conflict. There are multiple floors, probably around 3, with the ground floor being where the living room, kitchen, infirmary and all that stuff is.
Floors 2 and 3 are mostly bedrooms. Liu, Jane, Nina, BEN, E.J, Helen, Dina, and a few others are on floor 2.
Jeff, Tim, Brian, Toby, Kate, Ann (if she’s at home) and some others are on floor 3.
Bless you if you end up on floor 3. It’s so noisy. Mostly because of Jeff.
During the day you probably won’t see many people, you may see them crawl out of their holes to get food but that’s pretty much it.
You’ll most likely get into a few fights because these fuckers are aggressive and argumentative.
Say anything mean to Sally and everyone will hate you forever.
It’ll take a while for you to fully feel like you fit in (a few months to a year) so try to keep on everyone’s good side and everything will be just fine.
If not then you’ll be hated forever. These assholes know how to keep a grudge.
You won’t see Slenderman.
You’ll FEEL him, but hardly ever see him.
If he does contact you it’ll be via Tim or one of the other proxies, or he’ll talk to you telepathically.
If you’re in the house then he’ll always be watching you.
╰── ⋅ ⋅ ── ⨂ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╯
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Tumblr media
Bloody Painter 🖤
Tumblr media
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creepypasta65 · 6 months
Ello! I wanna request E.J,Ben, Helen the bloody painter and liu with a S/O that's literally like a sloth, they sleep so much and basically almost the whole day, just like babies 😭❤️❤️
Also have a great day/night/weekend!!
Hi! Thanks for the request :)
EJ, Ben, Helen/Bloody Painter, and Liu with an s/o who is like a sloth:
Jack finds you adorable.
He will feel bad for waking you up on accident. But he will make it up to you by cuddling.
He loves it if you cling to him like a sloth clinging to a tree.
Jack will also give you nicknames like sleepy pumpkin, sleepy angel, snooze bug, and more.
He makes sure that your bed or his bed is comfortable and has many blankets and pillows so you can sleep well.
Ben finds it funny that you act like a sloth, sleeping all day.
He will also give you nicknames like sleepy head or sleepy sloth.
Ben likes to lay by you while he plays video games. He makes sure to have the volume of the game low, so he doesn't disturb your sleep. But if he wants to annoy you, he puts the volume up.
Ben sometimes throws a pillow at you to wake you up since you've been sleeping all day.
Bloody Painter:
Helen finds it adorable and loves calling you sleepy head. When you're sleeping, he will join you and falls asleep or sketch while you're asleep. Helen will sometimes draw you sleeping if he runs out of ideas. He will cover you with blankets, so you don't get cold.
Liu loves you so much.
He finds it funny that you can sleep all day like a sloth.
He will fix your bed or his bed making it comfortable, adding blankets, pillows, and candles if you want.
Liu loves sleeping with you and cuddling with you. He will melt if you cling to him like a sloth.
Liu gives you nicknames like sleeping beauty and sleeping princess/prince.
Have a nice day or night (❁´◡`❁)!
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mew-c0m · 18 days
My beloved bloody painter.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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multi-fandomedfreak · 4 months
Mayyy I order some more Creepypasta headcanons but with Slendy this time?? I don’t mind if u wanna add any more characters but I really want some slendy in there lol
Authors note: Sure thing! I love Slendy too and I was gonna write him in my last Creepypasta headcanons but it would’ve been too long. So this will be a continuation to the other kissing headcanons. (Also sorry this took so long)
Characters: Slendy, LJ, and Helen
⚠️ Warnings ⚠️: Uhh surprisingly non?? Unless sharp noses and sharp teeth should be a warning
🧍Slenderman 🧍
(as u may tell, I’m running out of ideas on the emojis)
-Does he have a mouth???
-Pretending that he does, I feel like he would love giving you head/forehead kisses
-He would prefer receiving kisses rather than giving them tho (definitely not because he canonically doesn't have a mouth)
-But it's kinda hard for him to show that
-Like imagine you trying to leave before kissing him goodbye, most likely cuz you forgot, and he just won't let you leave
-He won't tell you why tho, he'll just let you figure it out until you kiss him
-He's also BIG on giving you a good squeeze after a kiss
-Idk there's just something about him that screams "I will hug you."
-Definitely likes carrying you rather than him leaning down to kiss you
-hurts the poor old man's back
-Buuut if you find it attractive when someone taller than you leans down to listen to you better
-He will 100% know that
-And 10000% use that to his advantage to kiss you in any way
-He also doesn't care if you kiss him in front of other people or not
-He's Slenderman, like, no one would even think about teasing him about it
-Except Sally of course
-would probably love -if you wear makeup- for you to leave a kiss mark on the collar of his suits
🍬 Laughing Jack 🍬
-Just so you know, his pointy nose is DEFINITELY getting in the way sometimes
-Like that thing can poke your eye out
-That being said, he sometimes likes to poke you on the cheek with his nose
-Probably does it when asking for a kiss tbh
-Loves to bare his sharp teeth at you to try and get a reaction out of you when going in for a kiss
-But you kiss him anyway, bc, cmon. Those teeth are 😮‍💨
-ANYWAY, he gives me cuddle bug vibes
-Like if he really wants to, he’ll hold you as tight as he can without killing you and kiss you all over your face
-So he prob likes it when you have to get on your tip toes to kiss him
-will stand up completely straight just to see you struggle to reach him
-He also loves it when he rests his chin on your head after a kiss
-Doesn’t mind kissing in a public setting and doesn’t care about getting teased from the other pastas
-Soooo, if he’s sitting down, expect to be pulling onto his lap from time to time
-Only if ur ok with it tho
-He doesn’t like to see you uncomfortable in any way
-A sucker for giving you kisses on your neck
-He just gives that vibe that he’s into neck kisses yknow?
-keeps his claws sway from you as you two kiss (he doesn’t wanna hurt you on accident)
🎨 Bloody Painter 🖌️
-More likely than not, you’d have to be the one to initiate a kiss from him
-It’s very very very rare for him to be the one to kiss you first in a day
-Though when he does kiss you first, know it’s super meaningful
-He struggles to show affection due to his upbringing
-I also feel like his kisses would always be short but sweet
-But if your the one to initiate a kiss, he’ll definitely be very passionate about it
-Even if he doesn’t initiate kisses all that much
-He likes to just be leaning or be pressed up against you
-Like when watching a movie on a couch or something
-He’ll prob just use you as a back rest lol
-I also feel like he isn’t the biggest fan of neck kisses but also doesn’t mind them
-Although he’ll never admit it, he adoresss it when you kiss him on his forehead
-It’s just so domestic to him it feels great
-Especially when you rub his arms up and down as you do it
-He’ll quite literally melt but try his best to keep his composure
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the pastas if they had a normal life
BEN- Gamer boy who lives in his parent's basement. You saw it coming. Ben would literally spend his days living off energy drinks and chips. Brags about his game collection even though he doesn’t have a job. He doesn’t care that he doesn’t have a job, but he should.
Jeff- He never moved on from the emo renaissance. He has posters of MCR and other emo bands up on his walls. They’re chipped and wilted, but he’ll be dead before they get taken down. Definitely uses a pair of broken wired earphones because he thinks he’s too cool for AirPods.
Eyeless Jack-Jack would be the most pretentious male manipulator sorry. Donna Tartt would have a field day with him. He exclusively only listens to music from the 80s and mansplains everything. He is intelligent though, and he dresses immaculately. 
Toby- That friend who has never been calm in their life. One second he’s at home, then the next he’s in Portugal on a solo holiday. Should not be allowed a bank account. Always the life of the party. People wonder how he’s still alive. 
Helen- Weird art kid. Spends all of his time in his room, either playing piano or painting. He thinks he’s destined to be the next Picasso. Has good grades and big dreams, but no friends to tell them to. 
Liu- Probably the most normal. Good grades, decent social life. He’s not popular, but he’s not a loner. Kind of mainstream. Always drinking coffee, probably works like two jobs. Has connections everywhere. 
Jane- She walks down the street and like 90% of heads turn to look at her. Quiet, but not shy. Has a small group of friends, but feels like none of them know her. Probably has a glass of red wine every Saturday night. Has a cat. 
Nina- The town's bravest girl solely because she’s single-handedly bringing back scene-core. Doesn’t care that people give her weird looks on public transport. Makes kandi bracelets and gives them out to strangers. Literally SO sweet and for what. 
Clockwork- No one wants to get on her bad side. She has like two friends but she loves them with all her heart. Doesn’t give a fuck about grades. She probably works out a lot but never drinks water. Lives alone. 
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junk-heart · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Made some more Bloody Painter "if crp was a friend sim" sketches
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mythicalmyles · 9 months
— request,
dad's best friend x college student reader
"c'mon sweet thing, you can take it— mm, that's it baby. that's it, you can take more can't you baby boy?"
"don't tell me you're backing out now boy?"
"that's it sweetheart. take me down that pretty throat of yours now — ohh fuck. would've taken you sooner if i knew you were this easy."
"thought you said you've done this before... oh baby, you must've been messing with boys in college. don't worry i'll teach you real good, make you a real cockslut for me."
reader stays over with his father's best friend after they have a fight, with his host welcoming him in straight away. he's an older fellow, much bigger and stronger than (name), but he's always been so kind if not a bit touchy lately, but the reader doesn't at all mind - if anything he... kind of loves the attention. it feels nice — different nice.
one night when they're both home at the same time, they decide to crack open a few cold ones and put a movie on. they're both sitting next to each other, the reader almost flush again his side leaning into him. — maybe it's the alcohol or something but one thing leads to another and suddenly (name)'s sitting on the lap of his host, grinding down slowly with his dad's best friend big hands on his hips helping him.
"go on then sweet boy, what did you call me before?" "... siir please–" "that's it. good boy, use your words for me."
i'm not quite sure what it is i want with this BUT!! maybe somnophilia at some point? breeding, cock-drunk reader and mild dubcon bc of the alcohol. BIGG OL' SIR KINK PLEASE AND THANK YOU MYTH. maybe reader also has a voice kink too? and hand kink (big hands,,, brain go brr) he just likes how small it makes him feel lolol - i want this so fucking handsy just touchtouchtouch im begging
(Name) eye'd the drink Helen held out to him. He took the drink, chugging it down. Anger still fresh in his mind at his earlier fight with his father. Every time they fought he'd run to his dad's best friends, Helen had always been there for him. Helen chuckled at his antics as he sat back against the couch, hand coming to rest on (Names) leg. (Name) was use to the gesture he always did when they sat together alone, despite that it still had heat rolling up through (Names) stomach.
Helen squeezed his thigh before getting back up. "More?" Helen asked, grabbing his glass and heading to the kitchen before he could answer. (Name) waited patiently for him to get back, head slightly buzzing already. Helen was quick and handed (Name) his drink, he chugged half of it before putting it on the table. "Thank you, sir." (Names) voice was soft. His mind swirled in circles as he leaned back, Helens hand coming back onto his thigh, albeit a little higher.
(Name) let out a quiet shaky breath, Helens hand massive against his thigh. Helen's fingers gently rubbed his thigh, a whimper falling from (Names) lips. "I-uh I'm so sorry." He rushed out, eyes doubled and refusing to look at Helen. "It's okay." Helen smiled, fingers still gently rubbing him as his hand drifted further up. "Call me that again." Helen ordered, eyes dark as he stared at (Name) like the cat who caught the mouse. Helen has always been mysterious. He never knew much other than him and his dad were life long friends, meeting on a job or something. (Name) still really wasn't sure what either did, they usually kept it hush whenever he was around.
"S-sir?" (Name) questioned, stomach dropping when Helen deeply sighed and gripped his thigh tighter. "Good boy." The words had (Names) cock standing at attention, heat flooding his cheeks as his fathers best friend pulled him onto his lap. Helen ground their hips together relishing in every moan he stole from his best friends son. "How's college?" Helens voice was breathy against his shoulder, lips gently kissing the exposed flesh. "G-good!" (Name) choked out, the feeling of Helens large cock pressing against his ass driving him nuts.
"Good boy. Ever been fucked?" (Name) shook in Helen's hold. "I-I, once." He choked out, he hadn't had fun during it. He most certainly hadn't felt even near this much pleasure during the experience. Helen had a smirk painted on his face as he pushed (Name) down between his legs. He adored the look plastered on (Names) face, wide eyes staring up at him. "Don't look so nervous, you wanna stop?" Helen asked, (Name) shaking his head. "Good boy." Helen praised as he pulled his hard cock out, relishing in the look of fear that crossed (Names) face.
“It-it’s big.” He whispered as Helen chuckled . “Go ahead pretty boy, you have done this before?” (Name) nodded, not mentioning the fact the only person he had ever been with was also a virgin at the time. He leaned forward, tongue pressing against Helen’s cock. He licked a stripe up Helen’s cock, easing as Helen let out a happy sounding sigh. (Name) wrapped his lips around the tip, sucking gently.
“Deeper.” Helen muttered, hand lacing into (Names) hair and pushing him further down on his cock. (Name) moaned around his cock as it pushed deeper into his throat, stretching his mouth wide. He tried his best not to gag when Helen rutted against his face, cock sliding deeper. “If i knew you were so easy, we could’ve done this sooner.” Helen smirked as he stared into wide eyes, stirring something primal in him. “Thats it, good boy. You can take me deeper.” (Name) whined, the vibrations running through Helens cock. “So good for me.” Helen praised causing (Names) cheeks to flare up.
“God, come here.” Helen growled out, hands quickly snatching up (Name) and pulling him onto his waiting lap. (Name) gasped as Helen pulled down his jeans and boxers, hands groping at his ass. “Wa-wait!” He pleaded, mind swirling. “Not backing out now are you, boy?” Helen sounded disappointed, (Name) whimpered as one of Helen’s fingers began circling his hole. “No!” He yelped as he shook his head, he really wanted Helen. He just felt overwhelmed.
(Names) stomach tightened as Helen opened a bottle of something tucked into the couch. (Name) didn’t have time to question it before he heard the loud ‘squelch’ of the bottle. His body shuddered, recognising the sound. Helens wet finger came back to circle his hole and (Name) let out a deep breath before it caught in his throat with the slide of Helens finger. A pitched moan left him, the feeling familiar. Helen expertly fingered him, wasting no time in sliding a second digit in, almost drooling at the look on (Names) face. Helen wanted to eat him up, those large doe eyes staring at him made him crazy.
“You’re moaning so loud, no one ever fucked you like this before?” Helens voice was deep, his voice vibrating against (Names) chest as he clung onto Helen for dear life. “N-no-aah!” He cried out as Helen’s fingers twisted deep inside of him. Helen’s fingers opened him up, spreading apart inside of him and making his toes curl.
(Names) body shook as he felt an orgasm fast approaching as Helen’s fingers fucked deep inside of him, he felt a vague fear with the premise of having to take Helen’s cock. His mind was quick to shut up as Helen’s digits assaulted his prostate, moans pouring from (Names) lips as he arched backwards.
“I can’t wait any longer.” Helen’s voice was deep, as his hands grasped (Names) hips. Helen positioned him so he could slide his cock into (Name), Helen couldn’t help but smirk. (Name) lost all sense as Helen’s cock began sliding into him, it was large and overwhelming and he felt as if he was being stretched to his limit.
“Must’ve been boys you were fucking before, never taken a real mans cock have you baby?” (Name) choked but shook his head as Helens hand wrapped loosely around his neck. “Don’t worry, ill train you into a real good cock slut.” Helen delighted in the way he quivered at his words, his dark blue eyes staring into (e/c) ones.
(Names) shaky hands gripped onto Helens arm for support as Helens other hand gripped his hip, easily bouncing his smaller self on Helens cock. Any thought that had been on his mind was gone the moment Helen began slamming into his ass. Loud moans left (Name) as his head rolled back, almost sobbing as Helen used him. (Name) knew he’d be covered in bruises tomorrow, he had no idea how he was going to hide them from his father.
“Such a good boy.” Helen praised, almost giving (Name) whiplash as he flipped him onto the couch. (Name) was momentarily dazed, alcohol still clouding his mind and making the room spin as result of his quick movement. Helen pulled out and slammed deep back into him, grinning at the shout he pulled from his best friends kid. Part of him felt sick but he couldn’t help it, he was just so pretty.
Helens hand kept (Name) pinned to the couch, still wrapped around his neck but tighter as Helen thrusted into him so hard he saw stars dancing in his gaze. (Name) felt like a zombie as he mindlessly drooled all over himself as he was fucked to within an inch of his life.
Warmth spread throughout his body as his skin vibrated, the warmth of Helens hands almost unbearable yet kept him grounded. (Name) felt like a whore as he moaned with every slide of Helens cock, stretching him and sending his toes curling. One of (Names) hands gripped the fabric of Helen’s shirt in a vice grip, stretching the cotton in his hold.
(Name) grew desperate the closer he got, Helen’s thrusts turning sloppy as his own high hit him. Helen bit down on (Names) neck as he slammed balls deep in, (Name) swearing his cock had just buried itself into his stomach as he was pumped full of cum.
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r0s3m4ry-mp3 · 5 months
Some random creepypasta headcanons because i feel like it and haven't posted a actual post in awhile!!😭
Tumblr media
All the creeps dont live in a mansion obviously
Most live on their own by stealing their victims cash/getting a job or live in abandoned buildings/warehouses
Supernatural?ghost or Like demon or whatever type creeps live in their own dimensions (lj,jason,candypop,etc)
They come back to earth when they need to kill
Some live with their gf/bfs like judge angels and nurse ann(girlbosses!!!)
The proxies (toby,masky,hoodie,kate,etc) live in a proxy cabin in the woods
Most haven't even met each other before or have just heard of eachother from the news
Like for example puppeteer and helen probably don't even know esch other how are y'all hc them as friends??☠☠
Most of them probably have lice😭
Tumblr media
Toby drools because of his gash in his mouth
It also will never heal bc this mf bites his cheek when hes nervous without realizing
So does jeffs like smile but he keeps recutting it bc he likes looking edgy😭
Jeff is absolutely batshit gross
He probably smells like a schoolbus,sweat,cigarettes and weed☠(hes still my bbg tbh)
When helen is on a walk or smth he carrys cat treats with him for the stray cats
Bro loves cats sm
He will literally pick them up and cuddle them
He has a huge soft spot for them(as he should 😞❗❗)
He absolutely hates childern though
Liu doesn't have did and he actually went ro therapy after the incident and stuff
He also isnt a killer
He now works as a cop and hates jeff with all his heart
He kinda misses him though
They haven't seen eachother in more than 20 years
Sally is permently looks 12 but is mentally like 38 and hates when people act like shes a baby or smth
Like why do you all baby her sm
Shes not a toddler shes literally like 12 😭
Toby has a happy trail(bbg!!!😻😻)
Clockwork and toby used to date when he like just became a proxy but then she realized she was a lesbian
They're cool now though
Shes dating nina♡
Slenderman has been around for WAYYYY longer then every other entity type supernatural creep
Puppeteer lives in this creepy ass abandoned mansion
Lj listens to icp religiously 😞❗❗
Him and jeff would be yhe type to ask you to name 3 songs when you wear a band tee
Jeff has adhd
Tumblr media
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fatheroplants · 3 months
Tumblr media
'It's just a prank bro' the prank:
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1-800-cr33py · 11 months
Bloody Painter Headcanons
Helen isn’t your twink. DeluCat even states he has muscle on him.
In my opinion, he’s gender apathetic and uses he/him pronouns on himself, but doesn’t particularly care what pronouns others use.
I stand by the fact that he’s cold all the damn time.
On his downtime, I believe that he wears a plain black shirt and grey sweatpants (im a whore for this man)
His voice is raspy and smooth, and he speaks very slowly and softly.
Since he spent most of his time in the judicial psychiatric hospital, he isn’t the brightest on most subjects, but nonetheless he is very intelligent.
He’s a snarky asshole and I stand by that.
His hands are pretty, long + slender fingers and prominent veins.
Like i said, he’s an asshole and a manipulative fuck, so thats going to move over into the bedroom setting as well.
Orgasm denial. He won’t let you cum unless he feels like letting you. You won’t cum without his say so.
you’re whines and squirming was only responded with an irritated huff and a quick smack on your thigh. “ quit whining. ‘ helen hissed through gritted teeth. You could barely respond with words, brain reduced to a drunken mess. Garbled words escaped you mouth as Helen continued his assault on your sopping hole. His azure eyes narrowed as you clenched around his slender fingers, ‘ So deep..’ your thoughts echoed, hips rising to meet the killer’s fingers; gods you were so close…
“ Don’t. Don’t you dare. “ Helen seethed, speeding up as his eyes met your’s, almost daring you to disobey his orders. After a moment, the corners of Helen’s mouth etched upward into a cruel smirk as he tugged his fingers out of your weeping hole. You, still drunk on the denied pleasure, nearly screamed. Helen, being the asshole he was, allowed an airy laugh escape his throat. “ Poor thing. “ he teased, littering your collar with kisses as he brought his dripping fingers to your mouth. “ Suck. “ he didn’t give you any room to object, allowing his fingers to be shoved down your throat and press against your tongue. Helen exhaled, smiling at the feeling of the vibrations of your depraved moans on his fingers. He knew this process would continue until he felt like you deserved to cum, until you were depraved enough to beg like a whore for that feeling of ecstasy only he could provide you.
He enjoys simply watching you. Sometimes he positions you in erotic poses to paint you. 99.9% of the time he fucks you afterwards.
Helen loves marking. Biting, branding, etc. he loves it.
Has a fantasy about his partner having a tattoo he designed somewhere on their body. It’s a possessive thing.
Helen, as a painter, is a fan of his hands. He likes to wrap them around your throat, make you suck his fingers, etc.
That’s all i got. Please forgive my poor English its not my first language TvT
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cute-sweet-corgo · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i love my meowmeows
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crxshed-skxlls · 5 months
Hello there, I wanted to ask you if you'd be willing to do something with Bloody Painter for me.
Thank you in advance.
Oo I'll gladly be willing. No worries, your sins are my command 🙏
Tumblr media
— ❝ 15 Bloody Painter x Gn!Reader headcanons
NSFW tags: Mention of mirror sex, Exhibitionism, breath play, Blood play, S&M elements, aftercare headcanons, breeding, mentions of "pussy/ass drunk"
Viewer discretion is advised, as always.
Tumblr media
NSFW headcanons:
Bloody Painter (or Helen) is a switch. He isn't too use to the idea of sex, but he prefers to dominate in situations. Helen only bottoms maybe once or twice of you catch him off guard.
Speaking of bottoming -- you may have to show him how to properly be intimate with you your first couple tries. After he gets the hang of it, you two should be on your merry ways.
Helen totally has a blood kink. He would find it arousing to see you covered with dark crimson, whether it be from your own or from his blood paints.
Helen isn't really a noisy person when it comes to sex. He'll let out a couple now and then, but he usually let's out breathy sounds and grunts.
Helen likes to tease you sometimes with the areas he picks for sex. He loves to fuck you in front of a mirror just to mumble how pretty you look in the reflection. His blue eyes wandering the spectacle like a marvelous work of art.
Helen likes to be choked. Whether you top him or not, the buzzed feeling to his head always gives him pleasure. He doesn't mind giving it either, his strong grip to your throat as he watches you let out choked moans is pure pleasure.
Helen isnt much of a talker during sex. He'll give a couple bits and pieces of dialogue, but sometimes he's just too focused on giving you pleasure to think of words.
Compared to the other creeps, Helen is actually pretty vanilla amongst them. He doesn't exactly like bondage, and definitely not voyuerism -- but he can have his experimental moments.
Helen is a sadomasochist. You can't win when it comes to pain with this painter. He wouldn't mind inflicting pain on you anyways, listening to your beautiful voice.
Helen has a breeding kink. He loves to babble on as he thrusts into you about how beautiful your children would look, and you had to admit sometimes it makes you blush more than ever.
Because of how unused he is to sexual intimacy (hes often busy with his "work"), Helen is incredibly sensitive. Hell, if you put in enough work you could get Helen pussy/ass drunk. His blue eyes flickering as you ride his cock, his breathy moans leaving him shaky.
Aftercare Headcanons:
Helen is incredibly good at making you feel comfortable after sex. Whether it be just cuddling you or giving you a tender bath, he is just skilled at letting your body untense and wind down.
Helen loves setting up intimate bubble baths with you when he can. He definitely spoils you after such intimate moments.
Helen appreciates any praise or compliments after sex. He loves listening to you mumble praises as you both cuddle together.
When you end up drifting off to sleep after a long session, Helen loves to tuck you in and make sure your okay if he ever needs to leave. He usually presses soft kisses on your head, mumbling a goodbye as he reluctantly slips out of bed.
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creepypasta65 · 6 months
Hihi! May I request Toby, EJ, Bloody Painter and Puppeteer with how they’d fare against/with their S/O in a tickle fight? It’s so cool if not!! Thank you in advance!! <3
Sorry for not responding right away and Thanks for the request :)
Toby, EJ, Bloody Painter, and Puppeteer having a tickle fight with their s/o:
Toby isn't ticklish, so he would probably win the tickle fight.
He will tickle you and trap you using his body so you can't escape. Toby will stop once you tell him that he won.
Eyeless Jack:
Jack isn't ticklish, except around his ears and neck.
He will most like win the tickle fight between you and him.
Jack will use his body strength to keep your hands from tickling around his ears or neck and will tickle you until you surrender.
Bloody Painter:
Helen is very ticklish and hates to admit it.
The tickle fight would end up with Helen losing.
He laughs and begs you to stop tickling him and tries to tickle you back. But can't due to laughing, uncontrollably.
Puppeteer will cheat by using his strings to hold you in place so you can't escape.
He will tickle you until you say that he won.
Have a nice day/night :)
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