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a7estrellas · 21 hours
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PEDRO PASCAL Polaroid JoyCam - Commercial
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bbdoll · 22 hours
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I can’t stop turning Giselle into an infant. 🥹
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twinkinspector · 7 hours
when he’s hitting it from the back and you tell him he’s too deep so he tips you forward and mounts you to get even deeper
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tendonart · 9 hours
✨drag queen✨
He deserved his own post.
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My hyperfix is ​​literally based on him, and while I was drawing this, I was trying to get him out of my head. But I accidentally created an even bigger cult of adoration for this autistic beautiful bird.
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callmelittlesanshine · 11 hours
I was just trying to find pictures of the black suit and cape.. damn
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​he (it..) is making me a little uncomfortable but I thought some of you guys on here would enjoy my findings lol
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thurisazsalail · 1 day
Cat Needs Home in FL
I LOVE HIM but he is driving me insane. More specifically, I already have 4 cats and they Do Not Want one more coming around.
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Tuxwood was someone's cat but he got dumped in the apartment complex. He's now mostly indoors. He uses a litterbox, gets in cat carriers easily, and adores the couch. He will babysit you in the shower. Sleep on top of you. Play with you. Purr loudly enough to sound like orcs marching. Neutered w 3yrs rabies shot.
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He eventually gets used to other cats, very slowly. He wants to be #1 Cat. It's best to not have other animals. He gets nippy when overstimulated, so I'd advise not to have kids around him.
He has dreams. So do I. Mostly of him finding a home in FL. Message me about him!
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raccoonome · 1 day
Random observations from hyperfixating on Lord Farquaad since May 2022:
– His model has some reoccurring issues, predominantly his clothing patterns and hair.
– His room divider featured him nude (drawn by Julia Woolf), but was ultimately covered for the film.
– According to the Dark Horse Comics canon, his ghost survived Dragon's fire blast and still lives on. In the Shrek 4-D short he is defeated.
– According to storyboards, Gingy would've had all limbs broken off.
– The brutal appearance of his stadium and castle (designed by Douglas Rogers) were inspired by socialist architecture and the likes of Albert Speer.
– He was unconventionally flirty towards ogre Fiona in Shrek 4-D and the preshow.
– His wedding reception was to follow at “The Fairy Tale Falls Hotel” (altho the universe map only has Honeymoon Hotel?). Wedding gifts were required from all Duloc citizens.
– His powerful voice and small stature were balanced by animating his breathing movements.
– Although he had a rug of Mama Bear in his room, the whole bear family appears in “Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party.”
– According to Shrek 4-D props, before kidnapping Princess Fiona, Lord Farquaad kidnapped Baby Bear (for some reason).
– He has paned sleeves, a livery collar (usually separate but his is sown probably for technical ease?) and a beret, all reminiscent of Tudor monarchs.
– Despite being an iconic villain, he rarely gets mentioned in Shrek media (promotional, games, attractions, shorts etc.)
– The red color of his clothes symbolizes "blood, power and passion." Concept arts, souvenirs and ornaments around Duloc show him in blue attire, meaning he probably has it somewhere.
– He dropped his sword before being gulped by Dragon, making escape from her stomach impossible. Had he not done that though....
– Like many medieval skeletons from affluent areas reveal, he likely has bunions from his crakow shoes.
– BTS "interviews" with Shrek, Donkey, Fiona and Farquaad revealed that he had his own private trailer lined in Peruvian velvet. Plus he only drank Himalayan water.
– Duloc Cathedral/Westminster Shabby Cathedral hints at religion in the Shrek universe.
– Duloc has many Tudor English influences in architecture. The grass is cut by hand and peasants are required to clean. Farquaad has all types of futuristic tech such as loudspeakers, lights, cameras, video games.
– Although Shrek 4-D is purposefully consistent with lore – meaning it's probably canon – Donkey doesn't recall the Shrek 4-D ordeal in Scared Shrekless.
– His cocktail glass has F patterns and the swizzle stick is F-shaped.
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I started a Beekeepers Quilt 2 years ago. I only have about 70 hexipuffs done, which is pathetic. Please yell at me in the notes so I get at least two done a day. I beg you.
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goon · 21 hours
A friend I made from this website back in 2015 got Andrew T*te pilled last year and I'm just now finding out about it. I want to help them so bad but I have no idea what to do.
Have any of you ever had success in talking someone out of this brainwashing or does it end with one of you just cutting the other off? I want to help her but I don't know what to do
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Evening flight
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i can’t do it anymore. i just want to give up on everything. i have nothing left to give.
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Reason to Live #8790
 Waking up and your cat lays next to you  – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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the oak-garcia twins make me physically ill
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mean gills my beloved <3
(scott's standing on a lil stool to make him taller shh)
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(ref/no big ol shadow under cut IDK WHY THE SS COMES OUT LIKE THAT)
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