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cerberusmahou · 1 year
Tumblr media
"I will introduce him to Killua first, 
Tumblr media
my best friend in the world!"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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nendracula · 5 months
Tumblr media
that fight was so complicated 😭
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giantmonstergash · 5 months
Someone’s @mimillumi’s funny idea I had to draw 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
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hisokakissmeplz · 4 months
What do you think would happen when reader slaps the adult trio's ass?
Love my silly little requests
He's actually shocked for like 20 minutes
Why would you do that?
He just turns around and stares at you
Probably gets you back ten times harder bc he sees everything as a challenge
He has to be the best and win every challenge ofc
Which he usually does
He takes it a bit too serious though and tries to make it better
"I'm sorry love, I guess I don't know my own strength."
He'd tease you like that yk
He's not super into receiving spanking but he likes to spank you
So he's a little shocked when you slap his ass but he quickly recovers
Spins you around so fast and slaps your ass even harder
You guys get into like a fight on who can slap the other's ass harder
He wins
Baffled at first
"You rang, darling?"
Turns around a little surprised
Wraps his arms around you just to pull you closer
I feel like he's an ass guy so his hands would be all over your ass
He'd retaliate later that night with you bent over his lap
He makes you count them btw
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ilyluffy · 2 years
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐱 𝐡𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐜𝐮𝐦
𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐬: illumi zoldyck + chrollo lucilfer + feitan porter + hisoka morow
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: smut (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: afab!reader (illumi and chrollo), gn!reader (feitan and hisoka), vaginal sex, breeding kink, creampie, cum play, spanking, slut shaming, degradation, face fucking, dacryphilia, cum swallowing, sadist!feitan, menace!hisoka
{tokyo revengers edition}
{one piece edition}
Tumblr media
illumi has a big breeding kink. someone’s got to keep the family bloodline going. so the only appropriate place for him to cum in his mind is inside of you. with his cock being so long it isn’t difficult for him to shoot his seed deep inside your hole. it’s begging to be stuffed by how tightly your pussy is hugging him so why not grant it’s wishes? illumi will even take the time to thrust all his cum into you even after he’s finished. all to make sure none of it goes to waste. “there you go. you feel that?” illumi pushes down on your stomach, earning a moan from you. “my children are in there”.
chrollo’s breeding kink may not be as massive as illumi’s but he does like the idea of filling you with his cum. when he doesn’t feel stuffing your cunt the next place to paint with his cum is your ass. chrollo usually has you in doggy anyway, with your face shoved into your pillow. he likes to leave a harsh smack against your ass before he pulls out and makes a mess on your cheeks. chrollo isn’t shy about making a mess either. he’ll spread his cum along your ass. all the while he’s smirking down at you. “look at you, messy little slut. i think you need another load. this time inside”.
feitan is a sadist at heart. just like he likes seeing fear and pain in the eyes he interrogates, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t also enjoy earning the same reaction from you. that’s why he likes cumming down your throat. feitan loves shoving his cock in your mouth right before he’s about to finish. all so he can watch you choke around his dick. there’s something about listening to you splutter and seeing tears drip down your cheeks that helps feitan reach his in. next thing you know he’s shooting white ropes into your mouth. he won’t grant you even an ounce of oxygen until you’ve swallowed every drop.
one of the most important things to hisoka is being a menace. even when he’s cumming. you could be begging for him to cum inside of you but he ignores your pleas. all so he can pull out and empty his balls all over your face without warning. he purposely aims for the most inconvenient places either like your eye or even in your hair. hisoka lives for that look of utter shock you give him every single time, despite the fact that this is basically routine by now. whenever you get mad at him, hisoka laughs mockingly. “what’s the matter, pet?” he asks, stroking your stained cheek. “thought you’d liked my cum”.
Tumblr media
2022 © h-shibas — do not repost or translate my work. likes, reblogs, and comments are welcome
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jellytheteawolf · 26 days
Make it to the high fashion fashion fashion fa-a-a fashion 🃏📍
Tumblr media
Close-ups, flipped ver, + doodles under cut
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes this was supposed to be a card from a poker deck, specifically a joker LOL
I had a lot of fun drawing them, bc their shape language contrasts so well just drawing them side by side is visually appealing
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also apparently today is Illumi's unofficial birthday? So happy birthday lumi :D you're so adorable you look like a mildly disturbing but super cute bug
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shineinouzens · 5 months
Tumblr media
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lollipop-writes · 1 year
Hunter x Hunter Men as Boyfriends
Characters: Chrollo, Feitan, Hisoka, Illumi, Pariston.
Warnings: Gender Neutral, no pronouns or characteristics used to describe reader. Mentions of some characters being possessive, controlling, and suggestive. Otherwise no content warnings.
Tumblr media
He is a gentleman and treats you with the upmost dignity. Whatever you don't want to do, he respects and works around that, finding common activities the two of you can enjoy.
A lot of library dates, early morning coffee dates, and snuggling during rainy weather with the fireplace going. He enjoys small moments of intimacy like this.
He steals and buys for you a lot of expensive things he thinks will look nice on you. Also, he steals anything related to your hobbies.
"This reminded me of you, y/n" he sweetly smiles as he gives you his present.
Tumblr media
He's surprisingly a very casual dude to date. He takes you to a lot of casual and relaxing venues, unless you guys stay indoors. Theaters, watching horror movies on netflix, and eating a lot of takeout.
But he's a VERY possessive boyfriend. I wouldn't say he gets jealous easily since he trusts you. However, he still sees you as his, and doesn't like it when people encroach on what's his.
Not as considerate as Chrollo when it comes to where you want to go since he kinda just. Has you follow him around wherever he goes, even on his outings with Phinks.
Speaking of Phinks, expect to see him a lot during outings and to have him tag along on a lot of dates.
Tumblr media
If you're strong, he'll want to fight you a LOT. He loves testing your limits and abilities.
Expect spicy times after fighting, training, or "playing" since that really riles him up. He figures he's already in action so may as well get some more.
He's pretty goofy and likes to make you laugh. Expect a lot of jokes and inappropriate behavior, even during spicy times.
Hisoka REALLY loves to tease you and make you blush by saying obscene and gross things. If you're not blushing, he'll try harder and up the level of obscenity to get a reaction out of you.
Tumblr media
Illumi has heard of dating but doesn't really know how it actually works. By this I mean he's never officially dated and doesn't have a clue where to start.
He begins courting you by like, declaring that he wants you as a spouse and just outright stating that you two are dating now.
He buys you a lot of expensive gifts, not always to your tastes since he can be somewhat oblivious in other people's wants and feelings, but it's the thought that counts.
He watches over you like a hawk, making sure nobody lays a finger on you or even looks at you a certain way.
Tumblr media
Ok so you know how I said in some of the other men's HCs that they will buy you nice things? Pariston does that but up to 11. He loooooves buying you really gaudy, tacky objects and clothing. Extra points if they're revealing or suggestive.
Takes you out to fancy dinners and public functions quite often, and these make up most of your dates together.
Wants you two to appear as a perfect couple, in looks and appearance, in behavior and manner, and in dynamics and relationship. He has to uphold an image so the pressure is on to be absolutely perfect.
Not really very intimate behind closed spaces, unless he's in an uncharacteristically good mood. And even then it's more as a way to taunt you and hold more control over you. He'll be more affectionate out in public for sure, though.
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dyingroses · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hunter x Hunter + text posts and stuff
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kimbap-r0ll · 1 year
Adult trio (seperately )and their reaction to female reader accepting their love confession ?
Thank you for the ask! This one's gonna be a bit interesting, considering how these characters are not the type to confess their love in my opinion. It's not that fluffy, but I hope you enjoy!
Adult Trio react to their fem!s/o accepting their love confession
His version of a love confession is likely a death match, so I wouldn't really say that accepting it would be the best option?
This is unless he just wants to spend time with you as a more common form of a relationship. In that case, he may be a bit more solemn about the whole thing and say something along the lines of "I think I'm in love, whatever that is."
If you accept to his death match, expect it to happen either a) right away or b) as soon as possible. But, if you accept his more chill love confession, you might see him smile a bit to himself before muttering a quick "how delightful."
It's shockingly calm if it's normal. He's sort of like how he was when he was talking to Illumi on the blimp in the 13th Chairman Election Arc. It's probably the softest you'll see him
He doesn't confess, honestly if he were to say he loves you he expects you to say you do as well
But, if you two weren't arranged by his parents and somehow got close to each other, he might just be upfront and tell you that you shouldn't exist because it's making him not be the perfect assassin. You're making his heart skip, making him less focused, etc.
If you accept his love confession and tell him that it's okay to feel that way, it might take him a while to get used to it. Know that it does feel nice to have someone love him though
But if you two were arranged, I'm not sure how he would feel. He would say "Of course you accepted, there wouldn't be any other possibility." It's a bit mechanic
Probably the only one who can make a genuine love confession without it endangering your life. HOWEVER! He could pretend to give you a genuine confession just to get something from you.
In that case, if you accept, he'll be polite and kiss you lightly on the cheek, thanking you for accepting his feelings. Not sure what would happen afterwards. If it works better to kill you off, then he may do so.
If Chrollo gives you a genuine love confession though, it's a lot more somber. He might almost tear up with how he acts, but you can tell it's genuine with how much of his usual calm demeanor sort of...disappears. He'll tell you he feels as though he can't live without you, etc.
If you accept his confession here, he will try to compose himself, but his younger, more bright self might show a bit and you may get a surprise hug from the boss (manga readers you know what I mean haha)
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softmafia · 1 year
Contains: fem y/n, lap sitting, nsfw, sexual tension, butts
A/n: it’s been awhile since I’ve made an adult trio post lol!!!! I got an anon request for Chrollo with this topic but I just decided to do all three of the boys!!!! Edit; I have no idea why Hisoka’s name repeats itself, I’ve tried fixing it but it won’t go away😭 sorryyyy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- He’d totally be the type to hold your ass once you sit down on his knee
- He’d bounce you on his leg as well, he’d keep a nice rhythm and make sure your little cunt is getting all of those sensations
- In general, sexual or not, he just loves it when you sit on his lap. Hisoka just loves the feel of your body on his, he thinks you’re so small and cute.
- Up for holding your waist as well, and squeezing your sides as you straddle his muscled thigh.
- Would be the one to plop you down on his lap. Just pick you up by the waist and just set you down.
- His hands would be on your thighs, or your ass and he would breath in the scent on your hair and neck.
- There wouldn’t be anything too sexual, Illumi just likes to hold you sometimes.
- Although if you do start to instigate something sexual, he wouldn’t mind and would just get into it. Illumi would love to hold your hips and let you ride his cock.
- Much like Hisoka, he’s gonna hold your ass. With just one hand, though, the other one is holding a book(of course). Although his hand will eventually travel up your body, holding your waist and gently massaging your hips.
- But he’s firm and dominant. You’re gonna stay on his lap like a good girl until he says you can get off.
- If you wrap your arms around his neck he’ll give you a kiss on the cheek.
- Sometimes it gets sexual, sometimes it doesn’t. But when it does, Chrollo has your thighs gripped in his hand, bouncing you up and down and making you hop on his cock.
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soft-mafia · 1 year
Tumblr media
Warning: fem y/n, oc insert, smut, rough sex, mild choking, belly bulges
I’m back with another fic!!!! :) very smutty.
Hisoka brushed his nose against Y/n’s cheek, letting the tip of his nose poke the soft flesh of her face, “Mmm..” he hummed in thought as his hands rubbed up and down her body. Hisoka was a perfectionist, wanting to be skilled in everything that he did, which ultimately included sex.
He was always moving Y/n around, adjusting her in positions to get that sweet spot, for his cock to hit where it made him tingle, where he could see her belly bulge when he thrusted. Hisoka wanted to find the perfect position, the one that kindled the most arousal for him. Hisoka held Y/n’s leg up by her ankle, laying sideways. Currently he was moving his hips back and forth slowly, his cock was hard between Y/n’s legs, the length of his shaft pressed right against her pussy, grinding back and forth on her clit.
Y/n was trembling, watching Hisoka’s tip slip in and out of her view between her legs as he moved back and forth. “Aha~ yes..” he whispered, a quiet revelation as he spoke to himself, “This is the perfect position, your belly exposed at just the right angle for me to get a view of that bulge..” she was propped up on his bicep, his hand holding her under her jaw, his grip was enough to make her choke; it was firm, but not that tight. “At that perfect angle, I’d be able to hit that little spot that drives me mad.. deep inside of you.” Hisoka let out a shaky groan, a brief tremble at the thought of his tip thrusting sharply into her cervix. That sensation that gave him the most satisfaction.
“Oh you’re actually beautiful like this.” He chuckled, “You’re so tiny I move you like a doll.” Hisoka’s grin was wide, audible in his voice. “Relax your body, my dear.” He dragged his nose upwards as he whispered in her ear, “I’m gonna put it in, and I’m gonna fuck you.”
Hisoka began to adjust his hips, getting in between her spread legs, holding her ankle up higher, her legs wider. “H-Hisoka..” Y/n whimpered his name, her hand slid up his forearm, she felt the veins and muscles; Hisoka was extremely strong and fit, callused from every battle, she was reminded of his power even from just touching the man. The magician was rough with her but somehow found a way to be gentle, he knew she wasn’t one of his toys, so he had to be careful not to break her.
The only thing broken would have to be her pussy, left gaping from how many times he had slept with her.
She wrapped her hand around his wrist, squeezing her eyes shut in anticipation when she felt his wet tip press against the hole of her sticky cunt.
“Aaahhh..” Hisoka groaned huskily, slowly thrusting his hips upward, making his cock sink deep into her cunt. Slow, agonizingly pleasurable, he could feel her walls clench and stretch as he slid deeper into her. “Ohhh..” he groaned deeply, a shiver washed over his body, shaking again from the wave of pleasure, he grit his teeth, then bucked his hips up suddenly as he finally reached the deepest part of Y/n, getting that sharp thrust into her pussy that he craved.
The man let out a hard grunt, his teeth grit and the tips of his fingers dug into Y/n’s neck and jaw. His girlfriend squirmed, gasping and whimpering, trembling on his cock. “Is it too much for you?” Hisoka chuckled, “I know how much you can handle, baby, you can take it.” He reassured her, grinding his hips, giving her a moment to adjust to his length before he began to thrust.
Hisoka’s hand moved from her ankle to under her knee, as he did so his fingers momentarily squeezed her squishy calf, a pleasured breath of air left his lips. “Relax, my dear..” he whispered as he started off slow, moving back and forth, his pupils fixated on her abdomen, how his penis made her belly distend each time he plowed deep into her.
Hisoka could feel her soft buttocks squish against his pelvis with each deep drive he took into her, he could practically feel her soft flesh against his fingers, squeezing those plush orbs tightly, then releasing and watching them jiggle. He let out another loud grunt.
“Uuf.. uhh!” Y/n moaned, her cheeks puffy and red as the intense pleasure raked through her body. “Good girl.” Hisoka whispered, “Such an adorable little thing.” He went faster, growling and groaning like a beast once he got his rhythm. The bed squeaked louder, Hisoka’s low grunts mixed with Y/n’s soft whimpers made for a perfect contrast.
Hisoka’s cock made Y/n’s belly bulge, in and out with each powerful thrust, earning a loud squeak and gargled whine each time he did so. The magician groaned and bucked his lips, slamming them up into her faster to watch his cock distend her abdomen further. It was such a treat to watch; her being so small to take his cock that he was literally molding her from the inside. Another shaky, raspy groan left his lips, satisfied by the thoroughly ruined pussy of his girlfriend. “Ooh I can feel you trembling..” Hisoka chuckled, “And I bet you can feel my cock poking out at you.” He licked his lips, “All up inside your little body.” He rasped.
A string of drool slipped from the corner of his mouth, to which he lapped back up with a swipe of his tongue.
He grunted, hissed and groaned in pleasure, his balls were hung and sensitive, slapping against her inner thigh and thick pussy lips as he pushed himself back and forth. Although his glutes and thigh muscles were beginning to get sore, that aroused him and made him pick up a faster pace, chasing that aching burn in his muscles that made him tremble. The man’s cock was so sensitive inside of her wet walls, her juices spilling out around him, getting his balls messy in the process.
“I-I’m gonna cumm..” Y/n choked out, her cheeks were wet with sweat and tears of pleasure, they were a cute rosy red just how Hisoka liked them. Her lips pouty, eyes squinted and brows furrowed; he could look at her flustered face all day, he wanted to fuck her for hours. All Hisoka wanted to do when he saw her cute face was keep her in bed with him, forever slamming his cock in and out of her, making her cry on him while being held firmly in his strong arms. “Mmm..” Hisoka moaned, “Yes.. ooh I’m almost there too baby.” The hand on her neck moved down to her stomach, his forearm was squished on Y/n’s breast. Hisoka felt the tip of his cock jab at his palm through her soft, warm belly, he tilted his head back and growled, gritting his teeth in pleasure.
He snapped his hips faster, panting and grunting rhythmically. Y/n cried out as she came, and the pressure of still being plowed prolonged her orgasm. “Oh you’re still shivering, baby.” Hisoka chuckled, his eyes so rolled back into his eyelids he couldn’t even see, blinded by the ecstasy he was experiencing, “I got you, I got you baby..” Hisoka crooned, his hand was up at her neck again, closer to her collarbone than her jaw this time.
He thrusted his hips upward, a sharp exhale through his grit teeth as he sunk himself deep inside of her, staying still, tip kissing her cervix. His sore hips trembled, Hisoka’s abdomen spasmed before his thick cum shot inside of her, the both of them gasped at their own volumes, the magician groaned against her temple. Y/n could barely keep her eyes open, still shivering while holding onto Hisoka’s forearm. “Ahh.. yes..” Hisoka sighed.
“Mmm.. I do love our intimate moments.” Hisoka hummed, smiling as his eyes narrowed at her. Y/n was panting, covered in sweat as she rolled over on her back to look up at Hisoka. Even when she was looking disheveled, ruined and coated in sweat, Hisoka still thought she was adorable. It was a masterpiece in his eyes— fucking his lover until her cheeks were red and her eyes were puffy.
“Oh don’t look at me like that..” Hisoka teased, letting go of her leg to place his hand at her side, while the other one held her head up, “You’ll get me worked up again.” He grinned wide, narrowed eyes squirmed predatorily at her. “Hiso.. I’m sweaty and tired.” She whined, rolling onto her side and hiding her face in his broad chest, coated in his own sweat as well.
Hisoka adjusted himself, wrapping his arms around her, “Mm. How about.. a bath? And maybe dinner in bed?” He closed his eyes as he thought, “How does that sound?”
“Yeah.” Y/n said, words muffled in his chest.
Hisoka laughed again, “Mm so cuteee..” he bounced her in his arms just to tease, before letting her go, rolling off of his body and just flopping onto the bed face down. Hisoka giggled at that, and he didn’t forget taking a moment to appreciate her ass jiggling subtly, “Mhm, I’ll get the bath running, and then.. I’ll order from your favorite restaurant ok?” He spoke to the back of her head, cooing as his fingers played with strands of her hair.
“Mmm.. thank you.” Y/n mumbled into the pillow, still insistent on not moving. Hisoka smiled at her, his lips parted as he took a moment to truly look at her, taking her in his gaze before he dawned a wide smile again. His hand rubbed down her back, palm circling around her soft, plump ass before he drew back and smacked it with a low chuckle. Y/n yelped and flinched so hard the bed creaked, she threw her head up to growl at Hisoka, but he was already headed to the bathroom.
Her face was even redder than before, she hid herself back in the pillow and just waited to be carried to the tub.
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anticanonhearts · 4 months
Tumblr media
why hisoka wasnt in the chimera ant arc
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giantmonstergash · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I used to hate his ball stomach until I decided he could do this w/ it 🤡
edit: +Illumi version here
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hisokakissmeplz · 5 months
Pissing Them Off
adulttrio x gn reader
You were lying in bed waiting patiently for Chrollo to come to bed, or at least you were almost an hour ago. Now you were sitting up right and about to go fight for his attention against whatever had stolen it away.
You make your way into the other room and find Chrollo sitting there, cross legged, peacefully reading. You lean on the door frame and wait for him to notice you. Nothing.
That when you decide to piss him off. You know exactly what to say to him too. Hisoka's surprising resurrection after their fated fight was still fresh on Chrollo's mind and you could see the way he winced anytime someone mentioned it.
Taking a seat on the couch next to him, you curl up and make yourself comfortable. Taking a deep breath you start.
"So Chrollo, Hisoka's back from the dead, yeah?"
His face flashes of serious discomfort at the subject but he continued to ignore you, not giving you what you wanted.
"He's kinda like Jesus Christ, huh? I bet you don't have a power like that in your book, do ya?"
He glared at you and set the book down.
"Angel, why must you torture me?"
You smirk and lay your head back on the sofa, finally having his attention.
"Because you torture me when you ignore me like that."
A soft smile spread across his lips as he leaned in and wrapped his arms around you. He could never be mad at you.
Rain pattered down on the windows as you sat there, silently watching him build his card house, for the second time. The first one you had kicked down 'accidently' right before he put on the last two cards.
You two had been pettily arguing all day. Hisoka loved to argue, more specifically get a rise out of you. He loved your reactions.
You sat there, watching him build as you thought of the next way you were going to piss him off.
"Hey baby?"
He ignored you. Continuing to build as if you hadn't said anything. Nevertheless you continued.
"You know how when you're fighting and before you use your nen you call out 'bungee gum'?"
You purposely mocked him as you said the words.
He didn't look up.
"What if right before you nut, you yelled out 'bungee cum'?"
He looked up this time.
Actually he stared for a good solid minute.
"Bunny, why?"
He took your intimate moments quite seriously so the fact you had even thought of that irked him, plus you were mocking him.
"I don't know I was just thinking."
You shrugged innocently. He stood up from his cards and walked over to you. Leaning down, he planted a soft kiss on your lips.
"What am I ever to do with you, bunny?"
You were surprised that night when he actually did yell out 'Bungee cum'. Nevertheless you had his attention and after all, what more did you need than that?
It wasn't fair. Illumi has been so busy with his missions lately, he had barely even noticed you. Finally, you hear the awaited sound of the front door being unlocked and him coming in.
You practically tripped coming down the stairs excited to see him. He sat, not even paying attention to your form racing down the steps.
Tonight you weren't going to take it anymore.
"I bet Hisoka or Chrollo would be happy to see me after work."
You said walking into the kitchen nonchalantly.
You could see the way he tensed up but still, he refused to pay you any mind. Not wanting to reward your bratty behavior.
"Maybe I should call them, Hisoka did say I could call him if I needed anything."
You knew Hisoka was just being a flirt when he said that and trying to get a rise out of Illumi, but it did always work. He stood up, slowly making his way over to you.
"You don't really want to do that, darling."
He took your chin in between his thumb and index finger, forcing you to look at him. You'd come this far, no backing down now.
"Maybe I do, I bet he'd give me his full attention."
Illumi winced at your words.
"Is that what you want?"
He leaned in further to you, placing his other hand on the small of your back.
"I suppose I can manage that, if you stop acting like such a brat."
You smile at him and watched as the faintest hint of one creeped onto his face.
He leaned down and kissed you softly, a long awaited kiss.
also I'm almost at a hundred followers and I just wanted to thank you all. you guys have really helped me get back into writing ❤️
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luvfish1 · 10 months
Tumblr media
I need this man so badly. I would do the most unspeakable things with him. Bro can use me as a punching bag and id say thank you every time he finished with me 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️
art credits hong_6740 on twitter
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