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jewellery-box · 1 day
Robe a la Française. Pink silk satin and antique gold mesh with handmade organza flowers and sequins.
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iridessence · 9 months
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une reine sans le hameau | iridessence shot with Kelly Lenza
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luxus-aeterna · 2 months
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traveler spotted at the local belle époque café.
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Judith and the head of Holofernes, inspired by Lucas Cranach's paintings
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moonymoon90 · 1 year
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I think that I found the perfect profile picture (yup, the blue one is me).
The photo is by the amazing Camillo Balossini
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tomcraweley · 1 year
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I think The Gilded Age costumes referenced these...
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ravangie · 3 months
Ta-da!! ✨
Here are the designs that i came up with for Tulia and Miguella! I tried to make them as historically accurate as i could.
Let me explain some of the details down below:
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So, we are talking about the beginning of 16th century.
Lets start with the base: both of the girls are wearing an underdress: the thing that is peaking out of their sleeves and under skirts.
The dress styles are a bit different from each other: Tulia's got a bit of an older one. She's probably not the first person to wear this dress, since it's a bit short for her. However it's a good thing for Tulia, because it's much easier to run away when you're not tripping over your own skirt. Miguella, on the other hand, has a dress, that is a perfect size for her, but, since she also doesn't want to trip over it, she's tucked the hem of the skirt into her belt.
For practicality's sake i gave both of the girls removable sleeves and something to put their gold - wich they've earned with ,,honest,, work - in: pockets with embroidery for Miguella and a purse on a belt for Tulia.
The round neckline of Miguel's shirt turned into a square shaped neckline of Miguella's dress. And Tulio's vest turned into Tulia's partlet - a very fashionable 16th century accessory.
When it comes to shoes, Miguella's got the latest fashionable silhouette, while Tulia has a classic design of previous century.
And lastly: the earrings. Both Tulio and Miguel had hoop earring in early concepts for the movie. So it felt only fair to give them to Tulia and Miguella.
P.S.: I am no expert on historical fashion, I've only started reading about it when i started working on these designs of Tulia and Miguella. So 1) I can not say with 100% confidence, that everything said earlier is true, even though i tried my best, and 2) if you are an actual expert on the subject, please feel free to educate me if there are any mistakes.
All my previous and future Tulia and Miguella artworks are here
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aisuigetsu · 4 months
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my second romantic dress
photos by Sean Chee instagram | website
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artfulfashion · 2 years
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Minttu Vesala photographed by Elina Kechicheva for Balenciaga and SSAW Magazine, May 2021
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artist-ellen · 6 months
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Happy Spooky Season everyone!
I mean sure, technically Nightmare before Christmas is more of a November movie but.... still. It's a Classic.
For their "historical" redesign I leaned into Jack's coattails and set them in Edwardian/turn of the century inspired fashions.... but couldn't bring myself to change Sally's hairstyle.... sorry? I've styled them sort of like real people in costumes rather than some sort of horrifying CGI monsters a modern remake would go for - so things like skeleton-gloves, costume makeup and prosthetics would make this sort of costume advanced, but not impossible.
Sally's hem could be shorter/ more ripped if you wanted more of the movie look for a costume/cosplay?
I am the artist!!! Don’t repost without permission & credit! Thank you! Come visit me over on: https://instagram.com/ellen.artistic
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arthistoryanimalia · 8 days
#WorldFrogDay fashion accessory: 🐸👛
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Frog Purse Europe, 17th century silk and metal threads, silk floss, silk fabric, leather (possibly), wire and glass beads; detached needlepoint, laid and couched stitches L 8 x W 6 x D 2 cm Ashmolean Museum
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jewellery-box · 4 months
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Robe á la Française with bows made of silver lame and antique silver laces, hand embroidered buttons and bows centers, silver tassels made of metal. Silk taffeta and duchess satin.
mme_jejette via Instagram
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iridessence · 7 months
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*a string quartet plays softly in the distance* | IG
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luxus-aeterna · 9 months
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a close friend hosted a going away tea party in my honor, and I threw together different pieces in my closet/night gown drawer to make a turn of the century vibe happen. | IG
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mlishchinska · 6 months
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Історичний одяг українки / Historical costumes of a Ukrainian woman
3 B.C - 18 century
Нью-Йорк / New York, 1966
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aquitainequeen · 11 months
New and ingenious idea for a historical novel; the third person narrator, when describing the characters, always gets very snarky and basically turns into one of those reviewers who critique period dramas and point out all the things the costume department got wrong:
'Her auburn tresses flowed around her in beachy waves, the like of which could only have been achieved with curlers and a hairdryer. The glory of her hair flowed down her back like a cascade of autumn leaves, even though she was preparing for a hard day of manual labour and it would have made infinitely more sense to tie her hair up so she didn't sweat all the way through her chemise and stain her stays - which, for a wonder, she was actually wearing for once, and not yet another bloody corset.'
'His wine red tunic was embroidered with gold, as was his codpiece. Or it would have been, if he actually had a codpiece and the wardrobe team and the viewers weren't cowards.'
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