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uniquekindoftrash · 2 months
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golden ring of queen Teodora found in 1915. in Banjska Monastery
today it is kept in collection of National Museum in Belgrade
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catherinesvalois · 8 months
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TUDOR WEEK 2022 DAY 4 FAVORITE TUDOR RELATED RELIC →  (1 OF 2) THE CHEQUERS RING Worn by Elizabeth I, the Chequers Ring most likely dates back to the 1570s. The ring’s hoop is mother-of-pearl with gold sheet with rubies. Atop the bezel is an E for Elizabeth (the stones on the E are white diamonds) and R for Regina (the R is made out of cobalt enamel). Beneath the bezel is the image of a phoenix (the Seymour family symbol).  The locket (the bezel with hinges) contains two portraits: one of Elizabeth (the portrait of the older woman with the ruby) and one of a younger woman (with a diamond). A lot of people assert that the portrait of the younger woman with the French Hood is Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn. However, it has been argued that the younger woman could also be Katherine Parr, Elizabeth’s stepmother. Evidence that supports the argument that the portrait of the younger woman is Katherine Parr is that the woman has red hair, when Anne Boleyn was famous for her dark hair. Furthermore, Katherine Parr married into the Seymour family upon being widowed in 1547, which could account for the phoenix on the back of the bezel.  Photos 1. Wiki Commons 2. and 3. British Library
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nickysfacts · 10 months
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Don’t you love it when racist plans backfire!
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ruvi-muffin · 3 months
Hear yee shadowgast nation
I bringeth (in jest) the history of rings so we may partake in the culturally appropriate (jesting) adornment of the blorbos hjykg
According to this, married men in germany wore their weding rings on the right hand in the 50s (but only After they're married. If they were engaged they wore it on the left. Fun right!) And in eastern europe apparently they're Also worn on the right hand
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oliviaalexandraamores · 9 months
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“The Marquise de Seignelay and Two of her Sons” (details) by Pierre Mignard, 1691 📿
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fbfh · 8 months
Hi hi hi so uhhhh I don’t know why or how nobody else is talking about this but is it just me orrrrrrr do you also Constantly. Think. About. Leo. Valdez’s. Hands??? Like come on ppl they’re probably (correction: definitely) like really really soft and nimble and lean and slender and— oh my god I’m getting flustered just thinking about this!! Idk I think their just really nice to hold in general but also nice to look at (and the fact that his hands are always doing something? bro I— *faints*) also like…. They’re always so warm and the veins kinda pop out of his hans and his wrists when he’s working AHHHH. I have more but I think that’s enough going feral for now lmao
BABES I CONSTANTLY THANK GOD FOR ESTEBAN THINK ABOUT LEO MOTHERFUCKING VALDEZ'S HANDS. constantly. CONSTANTLY. first of all he has firebender type hands which if you don't know look like this
Tumblr media
and they are BEAUTIFUL. it's exactly like you said my dear anon, they're wonderful to hold, lovely to look at and watch him work, if you like drawing you're SO going to draw the hell out of his hands until you've perfected them. And yeah they really do need to be doing something all the time, whether it's playing with your hands or hair or jewlery, or curling inside you or pressing down on your tongue while you suck on them and he's just fuckin smirking at you in that way he does that makes your stomach flip and sends heat burning inside you?????? all are good options tbh
and hHWSDKFSLKDFJS THE VEIN???????? THE VEIN??????? I historically haven't been as down bad for veiny hands as other people but on Leo????????? holy shit it's like michaelangelo carved it himself. david was just practice for making Leo and his gorgeous gorgeous hands. it's weird because his hands feel warm when you hold them but they feel cold to him?? like he wants to warm them up a lot bc they're cold internally but they're always warm to the touch pyrokinesis so you're always so so so down to hold them and if you press kisses to his palms or the back of his hands he will literally melt he won't even know what to do with himself but kiss you on the mouth
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sketchy-rosewitch · 5 days
Inspirations Behind my OC’s Tag
Thank you @soupbabe for tagging me!
I’m tagging anyone who has an OC! (Please tag me if you see this post I like reading on you guy’s oc’s)
Eden Sinclair:
-Hunter Shaffer
- Trudy and Victor Sinclair
- Need for more female slashers
- Cute handmade Jewlery
-My hometown’s Historical Museum
-Historical Femininity
-My love for women covered in blood
Frankie Smith
-Garrett Hedlund
- Bo’s internalized Homophobia
- 70’s Aesthetic
- Benny Miller (triple frontier)
- Need for soft MLM relationships.
- My confidence in being Bisexual
Rosalie Genevieve Nods II
- Angels
- Being Eden’s Opposite
- Soft Femininity
- Auli’i Cravalho
- Swan Lake ballet and Barbie’s Swan Lake
- Nymphs
-My live for the outdoors
Marshall Fredricks
-80’s dad aesthetic
- Bruce Wayne
- Miles Teller
- Wanting Lester to have someone
-My Awkwardness
-Sally from When Harry Met Sally
Candy Bishop
- Silver Age Joker
- Spinel
- Kiersey Clemons
- Clowncore
- Me wanting Vincent to have an artsy crazy S/O cause opposites attract.
-Me being a silly goose
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k00265221 · 3 months
New Project - Movement Mindmap and Initial Concept - 'Movement Through Time' (11/01/23)
When I heard the word movement I began to think about movement of the body or movement in nature, but these ideas didn't jump out at me. But then I began to think about movement in terms of travel. I still wasn't gripped at this stage but then I thought of the concept of Movement Through Time (aka time travel) and my physics/history interested brain lit up with excitement. Time travel combines two of my interests history and physics whilst looking at movement also.
I made a rough mindmap and then made a timeline of periods that I want to move between
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I plan to 'time travel' (mentally move through time) from the pre historic period to modern day. My plan is not to make a sculpture of a time machine but to allow my paintings and prints to mentally transport me through the periods with their period focused subjects/styles. I plan to travel through time with my animations as well.
I have gathered some objects for my inspiration box which includes history books, old toys, jewlery and photos, a venician mask , an old style quill and much more
Tumblr media
I plan in getting a better understanding of the science theory of moving through time by watching documentaries (such as Steven Hawkings documentary 'Genius - Can we Time Travel?' ) on national geographic and then using them as inspiration for my works. I also planning on watching history documentaries on national geographic to gain a better understanding of the historic periods that I want to move between.
Tumblr media
I also want to link my disciplines well throughout the project so I made a list of possible opportunities to do so:
Tumblr media
I have also had a very brief look at possible artists and artworks that look at time travel or make artworks on historic periods that I could use as inspiration for my works including John Stezaker, Nick Morely (printing) and the animated film Mr. Peabody and Sherman by Dreamworks Animation Studios (animation)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My three disciplines:
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Do you have any cool wedding info to share?
!!!!!! yES
also i alksjdaksdkladsl i got too excited and it got long long long so im putting it under a cut alskdjalk
The tradition of bridesmaids comes from the Romans, and its why they all typically dress the same! the tradition of the white wedding dress came to us later, in the victorian era, and originally all the bridesmaids and the bride were dressed in the same color the idea was that a bride was especially vulnerable to malicious spirits during this huge transition period of her life, and dressing up several other young women in similar outfits would confuse the spirits and keep them from targeting her, because they wouldnt be able to tell them apart!
the reason the bride stands to the grooms left is to leave his sword hand free
theres a scottish wedding tradition that the night before the wedding the bride and grooms friends take them out and - i shit thee not - attack them with ash, treacle, flour, feathers, you name it. they just absolutely wreck their shit and i think its fantastic. its called the "blackening"
Also, lots of people know about dowries and they feature pretty popularly in historical fiction, but fewer people know that there are actually multiple types of "bridal goods" (property exchanged as part of a marriage contract) and some cultures use more than one!
Dowry - property settled on the bride/the marriage by her parents. The idea of this was to show that the parents were not just trying to get rid of their daughter and get one less mouth to feed - the property/money was meant to be specifically to help take care of her and any children she might bear. many cultures considered the dowry the wife's property rather than her husbands, and it was usually meant to be returned to her in the event of divorce.
Bride price - essentially the opposite of a dowry. money or property given from the groom or grooms family to the brides family in exchanged for her hand in marriage. it served multiple functions - to prove to the brides family that the groom had the means to support her and any of their children financially, and to compensate the family for the loss of her labor
dower, also called a "morning gift," "bench gift," or "bride-veil gift" and is my favorite - property given directly from the groom to the bride herself upon their marriage. basically what this is is a thank you gift/compensation for the fact that as his wife she's now going to be risking her life bearing his children. the least common type of bridal good, but my favorite because i think its pretty decent of a guy to flat out be like "yeah pregnancy and childbirth are risky af thanks for being willing to do that" ESPECIALLY in time periods where marriages were more like business transactions
a lot of times in fiction bridal goods/dowries are just a lump sum of money, but that was actually pretty rarely the case! any kind of property could be used as bridal goods, and often more than one kind of good was included - land, livestock, household goods, clothing, jewlery, or even books!
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ixdoxdeclare · 2 years
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“But, [Maria Luisa], why go on? For yourself alone I love you. Considering your merits, what more is there to say? That you’re a woman far away is no hindrance to my love: for the soul, as you well know, distance and sex don’t count.” -Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz . . . I don’t want June to end. Every year I’m overjoyed to see the outpouring of pride and support in the queer community. I learned about the 17th century Nun and poet Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz thanks to the Hellfire Club hosted by @mr_s_crane on Patreon. If you’re interested in queer history and magic and how they intertwine I highly recommend subscribing. This month Sebastian has been giving us daily vignettes about queer historical figures from across time. I’m especially grateful to discover people I’ve never read about before! . . . In other news I’m planning an update for early next month! It will be another installment in the midsummer collection with white linen pieces. Luckily these haven’t been affected by Covid delays. If you are waiting on a piece from me you should have received an email! If not just reach out. My last button shipment was delayed because of an outbreak at the warehouse. . . . Photo by @11milebay and @missykitty with model @alex.moy They are wearing the Salome Croptop and the Natalie skirt with jewlery by @voodooodolly #queerdesigner #pride #idodeclareshop #ixdoxdeclare #slowfashion #linen #greenfashion #gothgoth #gardenwanders #woodswitch #witchstyle #11milebayphotography #battlewitch #indiedesigner #alexmoymodel #voodooodolly #idodeclare #romanticfashion #queerstyle #shopsmall #shopqueer (at New York, New York) https://www.instagram.com/p/CQoWZMDL7tx/?utm_medium=tumblr
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uniquekindoftrash · 10 months
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Picture 1: Golden earrings, late 9th - early 10th century, Macvanska Mitrovica Picture 2: Silver earrings with gemstones, early 14th century, Markov Grad, Prilep
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evannilchristie · 2 months
The latest challenge at work is finding correct ways of storing big collections of historical crockery. There's not a lot of bibliography on the topic and it's honestly not my favorite material to work with. Its fragility is a bit unnerving, and it's been giving me anxiety.
(can i go back to either jewlery or hats please?? they're always so fuuuuuuuuun)
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anyawritesthings · 4 months
Writing MacGuffins
If you don't know what a MacGuffin is, allow me to give you a quick definition: MacGuffin is a plot device used in films or books that sets the characters into motion and drives the story. A MacGuffin is an object, idea, person, or goal that the characters are either in pursuit of or which serves as a motivation for their actions. Usually, the MacGuffin is revealed in the first act.
Source for this post: MasterClass
Do You Need One?
A MacGuffin can be a very useful thing if you're struggling to come up with plot points for your story, especially in the middle of it, which I know can be the hardest to write. If you're out of ideas or need to give your story some more meat, MacGuffins can add an extra subplot and give your characters something to do. Make sure that it's still relevant to the story, though, and you're not just putting one in for filler.
You could also raise the stakes by putting a time limit on the MacGuffin (ex. something bad will happen if your characters can't find this missing item by a certain date, like the lighting bolt from pjo).
Different Uses
A MacGuffin has two main functions
As a catalyst: In this case, the MacGuffin is something that motivates the characters to take action. This can be a motivator for both the protagonists or the antagonists.
To reveal character traits: In addition to being a motivator, a MacGuffin can also symbolize something (ex. rosebud from citizen kane representing a loss of innocence).
MacGuffin Ideas
a family heirloom
a magical item
a missing person
legal documents
evidence from a crime scene
confidential/secret files
expensive/rare jewlery
historical artifacts
just straight up money
Famous Examples
the one ring (lord of the rings)
infinity stones (marvel)
the heart of the ocean (titanic)
doug (the hangover)
the declaration of independance (national treasure)
the money (psycho)
the briefcase (pulp fiction)
horcruxes (harry potter)
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Most Stunning, Must-Have Bridal Jewellery in Rajasthan
Rajasthani women wear the heaviest ornaments on their wedding day to make it more beautiful and memorable. The Rajasthani bride’s jewellery is mostly inspired by traditional Rajput splendour and Mughal elegance, with the latest Indian artificial jewellery designs.
We all know Rajasthan is popular for its traditional attire, music, and colourful historical places, but did you know that traditional Rajasthani jewellery also occupies a significant part of the Rajasthani culture?
Let's discuss the culture of artificial jewellery to learn about the various types that are most wearable by Rajasthani bridals.
Matha Patti
Tumblr media
A Matha Patti is a popular piece of head jewellery with a lot of beads chosen to make it more stylish and shiny. Whether it’s your wedding day, or even Sangeet or Mehendi, a bride looks like royalty once a Matha Patti is added to her final look. Best Jewelry Websites Online now rents out traditional Rajasthani bride's jewelry.
Once you’ve understood which matha patti style will look best on you, browse the internet and shop for the most stylish and unique piece. I am suggesting a cost-effective online site, which is advikka.com.
Nathni – Nose Ring
Tumblr media
The Nathni, also known as the nose ring, is a prominent piece that completes the Rajasthani bridal look. A typical Rajasthani nathni is heavily decorated with colourful beads and precious stones.
Brides usually wear it on the left nostril and connect it to the left ear using a pearl chain or gold chain to fix it.
Tumblr media
The hathphool is a bracelet and a long chain with finger rings that wrap around the wrist and rings that are attached to the finger rings. This jewellery isn't used by many people, but in Rajasthan and mostly Rajput territory, this piece is worn during their festival or wedding season.
These must-have Rajasthani bridal Best Online Fashionable Artificial Jewellery embellishments will add priceless charm to your wedding hands.
Tumblr media
One of the most glamorous and compulsory pieces is a necklace that lifts up the outfit look and completes the bride's jewlery.
On necklaces, there are various popular styles in  Rajasthani terms such as Kanthi, aad, and rani haar, designed in multiple forms like a rectangular- or square-shaped choker etc. We all know neckpiece is more expensive than other bridal jewellery and for that reason not everyone purchases it as per their choice but now the technology comes with many options, no need to compromise in your choice, instead take Bridal Jewellery On rent.
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skylinemusings · 9 months
— dark academia + wanderlust
@/skylinemusings on instagram
— i. introduction
wanderlust refers to the strong desire of wanting to wander, travel, explore the world, and engage with different cultures and experiences. it frequently represents a strong desire for personal growth through experiencing the unknown, confronting unforeseen challenges, and learning about foreign cultures, behaviors, and ways of life.
dark academia, on the other hand, is a popular aesthetic and internet subculture that centers around classic literature, the pursuit of self-discovery, and a general passion for knowledge and learning. this subculture is also often associated with ancient art, classical Greek and Latin, and Gothic architecture.
— the following slides will categorize the similarities found in the interests and motives of wanderlust and dark academia into a niche of their own. enjoy!
— ii. dark academia + wanderlust
wanderlust with ‘dark academic’ motivations consists of the desire to escape and the dissatisfaction that the restlessness and restrictions of staying in one place bring.
this niche can be explained by a strong drive to learn new things and gain knowledge through observation, analysis, and experience.
self-improvement, active thinking, and focus are all readily encouraged as well, along with the blatant desire to always be seeing and always be consuming something you haven't before.
— iii. clothing & accessories
ornate blouses collars berets flowing skirts cross-body messenger bags sailor-style shirts sun hats leather rucksacks travel guides long, flowy dresses cufflinks brooches messy buns vintage reels vests crew socks lightweight scarves burgundy lipstick khaki pants woody, vanilla fragrances trench coats sleeveless dresses fine, minimal jewlery sandals tunics film cameras white t shirts neutral eye shadow compasses tote bags sweaters tied over shoulders white crew socks glasses
— iv. related activities
attending socials, being drunk, engaging in conversation
collecting postage stamps, planning vacations, never staying in one foreign place for long
always being exhausted after a day out but resting with a sense of fulfilment and a grim realization that the day's never really over
visiting libraries, prestigious campuses, art museums, historic houses, chapels
existing, daydreaming, note-taking
observing societies, people, behaviors, and culture
sketching architecture and the humans around you
somehow being both an early bird and a night owl at once
attending dinner parties, coffee dates, and picnics
recording your observations through voice recorders or journals
exoloring gothic / beaux-arts buildings baroque palaces, english manors, victorian streets, neoclassical architecture
using film cameras, polaroids, vintage filters, and film reels
spending days with the adrenaline that screams 'tomorrow doesn't exist' with a steandiness that whispers 'today doesn't end unless we want it to'
inspiring a sense of weightlessness and a desire for the unknown in the people around you
exploring archives and libraries
being giddy with the thought of experiencing something strange or unusual
traveling by planes, buses, boats, cars, trailers, ferries, bicycles, you name it
visiting run-down / vintage record stores
penning letters / filming blogs to loved ones describing your travels
having a special fondness for horses and birds
messenger bags overflowing with travel guides, letters, and snacks
always forming unusual connections that come in handy later on
collecting souvenirs, trinkets, and obscure items with grander meaning behind them
— v. references
cr. aesthetics wiki (dark academia, wanderlust), wikipedia (dark academia), pinterest, wikihow (how to dress like a tourist), theartofsimple (what to wear when you travel), wardrobeoxygen (how to be a stylish tourist)
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Downtown San Salvador
Sketchy AF!!! That’s all I have to say. Spent a good 3 hours strolling around the Historical centre today. Even saw 3 tourists. But in all honesty, if I didn’t speak Spanish, I would’ve felt highly uncomfortable. So yeah…
Within a week we’ve arrived to a point where I’m stripped from all my electronics, jewlery, even make-up when going out. I go out with a couple of dollars plus an old Iphone 6S. That’s it. And best believe I’m back in the gated community before it gets dark. Like Will Smith from “I am the legend”.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shit’s real here, alright! It really is. Gangs are real, murders are real, robbing is real, child snatches…real. It’s real. Shit’s real over here.
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