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small-sinclair · 3 days
I think about Bo falling to his knees, just collapsing, while his s/o is sitting on the bed. Him resting his head in their lap and just melting into their touch. His curls up from the heat, his hat tossed in the floor, his boots still on and he knows he just dragged mud into the house but he doesn’t care. He’ll close his eyes and breathe deep and slow. He allows himself to fall apart. He allows himself to be vulnerable. Because he knows he’s safe with them.
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suwann-11 · 4 hours
Cat doing cats-things
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crumb · 3 months
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HOUSE OF WAX 2005 | dir. Jaume Collet-Serra
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classichorrorblog · 6 months
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House Of Wax (2005)
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illusioninfnty · 8 months
day 23 ; virginity loss
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↠ bo sinclair x reader
fandom: house of wax word count: 2.8k warnings: nsfw 18+, bimbo!reader, reader has shitty friends, coercion, corruption, dubconish, fingering, blowjob, cum swallowing, dirty talk, kind of semi-public sex, unprotected sex, creampie, pervy!Bo, allusion to murder, the plot is like a bad porno but i promise this is good guys
kinktober m.list || read on ao3
Tumblr media
“God, did you forget to fill the tank again?”
You lean over from the backseat to take a look at the fuel gauge, and see the arrow is nearing empty. You furrow your eyebrows. “I was sure it filled up all the way,” you murmur. You try to recall when you all last stopped at a gas station, and how your friends delegated you to fill up the car while they went into the shop and bought snacks.
“Well it obviously didn’t, you idiot!” Your friend jerks the wheel and pulls over on the side of the desolate road. “This is why we never like to go anywhere with you.” 
You bite your lip, holding back tears. It wasn’t your fault that you were so forgetful sometimes, always getting distracted and lost in your thoughts.
This was supposed to be a fun road trip with your three closest friends, celebrating your college graduation nearing. But after a car karaoke session that went on for too long made you guys miss an exit, you’d been stranded on empty roads with nothing but trees surrounding you for quite a few miles now.
Your friend sitting in the backseat with you turns to face you, her arms crossed against her chest. “You should be the one to go find a gas station,” she protests. “It’s your fault we got stuck out here anyway.”
Your two friends in the front row look back at you and then at each other before nodding in agreement.
You crane your neck to look at the journey that would be ahead of you. It looked as though it continued to stretch for miles and miles with no end in sight, only the empty road and dying trees.
“By myself?” you ask hesitantly.
All three nod in unison.
You huff in defeat, unbuckling your seatbelt and stepping out of the vehicle.
“I’ll try to be back—”
They slam the door in your face before you can answer.
“—Soon,” you finish before sighing and starting the long walk, hoping to find some destination before it got too dark.
Bo was not expecting to see a pretty little thing like you around Ambrose when it was nearing dusk, especially all alone. You had your arms wrapped around your bare midsection, and even from his spot inside the gas station he could see that you were shivering from the cool air as the sun set. You were looking around frantically, and he could tell immediately that you were lost and looking for help.
He smirks. Oh, he’d help you, alright. Bo took that as his cue to reveal himself to you. He wipes his hands with a dirty rag and tosses it aside, exiting the station.
You hear the ringing of the bell as Bo opens the door, and you turn your head towards the source of the sound. You scurry on over, seeing Bo in his mechanic’s uniform.
“Sir! Hi!” you start, fumbling over your words. “You work here, right? Do you have some gas? My car—well, it’s my friend’s—but it’s, like, miles back there and we ran out.” 
Your eyes then shift to the side and he could tell you were embarrassed. “It’s kind of my fault.”
Hmm. Sir. He liked hearing that come from your pouty lips.
Bo gives you a toothy grin. “Don’t gotta worry your head ‘bout it, sweetheart. I’ll get ya all settled. Come with me.” He slides his hand across your lower back, just barely grazing your ass. You gasp under your breath at the feeling, and Bo can’t help it when his cock stirs at the sound.
As you walk into the gas station, Bo scans you up and down. He notices that you have nothing on your person but your clothes, and even then it’s just little scraps of a skimpy top and skirt—which means you must’ve forgotten a wallet, too. His grin widens even more.
Reaching behind him without you noticing, he cranks the thermostat down. The air gets cooler within seconds, and Bo revels in seeing your nipples harden as they poke through your top.
He goes to find a can of gas, rolling up his sleeves as he plucks it from a top shelf. He notices when you gulp and stare at his muscles as he flexes them subtly.
You were such a cute little doll. He was going to have fun with you.
He plops the can on the counter. You go to reach for it, but he holds a hand out. “Ten bucks, little lady.”
Your eyes bulge almost comically and it takes all of Bo’s strength not to laugh at your expression.
“Wow, that’s a lot more than I thought it would be,” you say nervously, shifting on the balls of your feet.
Bo exaggerates a sigh. “Times are tough out here, owning a small business like this. We don’t get many customers out here.” He opens his hands to motion to you the desolate town of Ambrose.
You completely buy into his bullshit excuse, nodding your head in complete understanding. “Oh my god, that sucks, like, a lot.” Patting down your lame excuse for a shirt, you look up at Bo with wide eyes, jaw dropped in surprise. “I forgot to bring my wallet!”
You were such a dumb little thing. What were your sorry excuses of friends thinking, sending you off all alone?
“I’m so sorry, sir!” You clasp your hands in front of you in a pleading manner, looking up at him with big, watery eyes. Bo holds back a groan. Jesus, those eyes could make a man cream his pants if he wasn’t too careful. “Please, is there anything I can do to pay you back? I’ll do anything!”
Bo pretends as if he’s thinking long and hard. Oh, he knew exactly what you were going to do as payment.
“You know, I get lonely sometimes,” Bo starts, a mock frown on his face. “A cute lady like you could really help a man like me out.” He shuffles up to you, and palms your ass under that sorry excuse for a skirt.
“Oh!” You gasp, grabbing onto his arm. “That’s really sad, sir.” You look lost in thought for a moment before continuing. “I don’t know if I can do that for you though.” You bite your lip, looking unsure of yourself.
“Aw, you gotta be kidding,” Bo clicks his tongue, rubbing his hand around the plumpness of your behind. “I bet you’ve helped lotsa guys out, huh?”
“A-actually,” you look down in shame. “I’m a—” you lower your voice to barely over a whisper, “—virgin.”
Bo blinks. That wasn’t a response he was expecting from you. So the slutty clothes were just for show, was it?
“Oh really?”
You nod, blatant regret all over your face. “I don’t think it’ll be good for you, ya’know, since I haven’t really had any practice and all that.”
He puts a smile back on, laughing gleefully and patting you on the shoulder, rubbing a thumb between the groove of your collarbone. “Well, that’s no problem for me, sweetheart. I can teach ya!”
Your eyes lighten up. “You can?”
“Sure I can!” He starts to undo his belt, throwing it aside on the counter. “Just need you to get on your knees for me and I can show you what to do.”
His cock jumps in anticipation, looking forward to seeing your juicy, plump lips wrapped around—
“Wait a minute!” you cry out, interrupting his fantasies.
Bo pauses in his movements, his jaw ticking at your interruption. “Yes?” he askes, concealing his frustration.
“What’s your name? I don’t wanna do this without knowing it.”
He sighs and points to the nametag on his jacket. “I’m Bo.”
You slap a palm across your forehead and nervously giggle. “Oh jeez, I should’ve known to look first!”
“That’s okay, sweetheart,” Bo mutters through his teeth impatiently. “Now lemme help you out, alright?” “Oh! Yeah, sorry!” You—finally—drop to your knees in front of him. “What do I need to do?”
The sight of you in front of him like that, so eager and pliant, had his cock jumping in his pants.
Bo lowers his jeans and boxers, his hard cock now revealed to you. He wraps a hand around the base stroking his full length as it puts it on display for you.
“That’s…big,” you murmur. You look up at him, concern plastered across your features. “I dunno if it’s gonna fit.” Your eyebrows crease together and those damn pouty lips of yours come out again.
Bo bites his cheek to conceal his smirk. This was gonna be a lot more fun than he thought. “I told you, that’s what I’m helping you with, ain’t I?”
You nod.
“Great. Now open those pretty lips up for me.”
You open your mouth as wide as you can, giving Bo a perfect hole to stick his cock into. He guides himself inside you, hissing as the warmth of your mouth envelops his length.
“Good girl,” he praises. He begins to thrust his hips slowly, your lips latching onto him as he does so. “You gotta let me move, sweetheart.”
“Sorry,” you mumble around him, and he groans at the vibrations that travel up his cock.
Your lips loosen and you start to suck on his cock, the suction of your lips making shivers of pleasure run down his spine. He grips the back of your head, controlling the pace of his thrusts.
“Fuck, look at you,” Bo hisses. You look so pretty and innocent with his cock stuffed down your throat, gags escaping your lips. “You’re a natural. Sure you haven’t done this before?”
“I told you—!”
Bo slaps your cheek, shushing you. “Stop talking.”
You nod obediently, the action making him pulse inside of your mouth. His grip on your hair tightens as his thrusts become harder, more primal. He fucks your mouth with vigor, ignoring your gags and the way your nails dig into the skin of his thighs.
He cums faster than he’s ever had before, groaning as his hot release coats the back of your throat. You cough around his cock, spurts of liquid splashing against your cheeks.
“Swallow it,” Bo commands.
You gulp harshly, your lips still secured around his cock. The extra pressure has him bucking his hips and like a good girl you swallow all of his cum. He pulls his cock out of your mouth, and you begin to cough and sputter as you regain your breath.
“Is that it?” you question him.
“Baby, I still gotta get rid of that virginity of yours.”
“Oh.” You giggle behind your hand. “Right.” You start to strip, only taking a couple of seconds since you’re practically naked already. “What do I do now?”
Bo’s cock hardens back to life at your nude form in front of him. Your nipples are hard, attached to your perky breasts that bounce up and down right in front of his eyes. He stares lecherously, licking his lips. “Now that you got my cock all wet,” Bo rubs his length, now slick with his cum and your saliva, “I can stick it in your pussy.” You bite the inside of your cheek and nod, your eyes flicking between his face and his cock. “I know I asked before,” you begin, and Bo moves to place your hand over his cock, “but will it really fit?”
Lord, he was really starting to understand why your friends let you go alone.
“Yeah, I told you, I’ll make it fit.” He lifts you from the back of your legs and places you on top of the counter. He brings his thick fingers to your pussy, sticking a fingertip inside.
You gasp and arch your body into him, throwing your arms around his broad back. Your bare breasts brush up against his chest and he relishes in the contact. 
“That feels really good, Bo!” you cry out. He adds a second finger inside of you, pushing the digits in deeper. He can feel how wet you are and the way you clench around him so desperately. Your hips jerk into him unsteadily, chasing the pleasure his fingers bring you.
He chuckles. “It’ll feel even better when I stick my cock in you.”
Bo removes his fingers, basking in the way you whine as he pulls them out, leaving you pulsing and desperate to be around him. He lines his throbbing cock with your entrance and pushes himself in without hesitation.
“Bo!” You scream, nails digging into his back. Little gasps leave your mouth as he begins to thrust in and out of you. Your pussy grips him like a vice, and it’s difficult for him to move inside you with you so needy for him.
He shushes you, gripping your cheeks and watching as tears leave your eyes.
“It hurts,” you whine to him. Your nails grip onto him as if your life depended on it.
He shoves his face into the crevice of your neck, placing kisses upon it. “Gotta relax a bit for me, okay?” he coos into your ear. “Or it won’t feel good for you.”
“You promise?” you ask through glassy eyes.
He nods, and feels as you unclench just a tad around him. Bo is able to rut himself into you harder now, and he can’t help but be more forceful with his thrusts as it causes your breasts to bounce right in front of him.
“Look at that.” He motions towards where the two of you are connected, his cock pulsing at the way your blood and juices coat the base. “Look at how we're connected now.”
Oh wow,” you gasp in awe. “That’s kinda romantic, huh?”
Bo doesn’t respond. If you wanted to put it that way, he wouldn’t stop you. He ignores the way his heart stutters in his chest.
His hips continue to pound into you, your body bouncing along with the power of his thrusts. The whines that come out of your mouth sound so angelic, and Bo has to fight the urge to kiss you.
“I—I think I’m gonna cum,” you moan out, your head thrown back and your eyes are scrunched up in pleasure.
Bo didn’t need you to tell him that. Your pussy goes back to clenching down on him, your walls tightening around his cock, fitting themselves to the shape of him. He curses quietly into your neck. He never wanted to leave the warmth of your pussy.
“That’s it, baby,” Bo coaxes you. He moves a finger to your clit, enjoying the way you jolt at the newfound sensation as he rubs circles on the bead. “Cum around my cock.”
“Cumming!” Your voice is squeaky as your legs come up to wrap around his backside, and you finally reach your peak. Your pussy tightens around Bo even more, and he can’t help it when he cums for a second time as you squeeze every last drop out of him.
You pant heavily as you come down from your orgasm, sweat rolling down your temples despite the cold air of the station that surrounds the two of you.
Bo’s own breathing is heavy, something he’s not used to much. You squirm out from beneath him as you drop from the counter, legs still shaking from the aftermath of your orgasm. You bend down to gather your scraps of clothing, and Bo has to take all of his strength to conceal his groan as he watches his cum slowly leak out of your pussy.
“Leaving so soon?” Bo didn’t know what compelled him to say that. You were just some cute college kid passing through that was a chance to get his dick wet. Yet there was something about you that drew him to you, like a moth to a flame.
You shimmy back into your clothing, and he notices how you ignore the trail of his cum that runs down your thigh. “My friends’ll be mad at me if I take too long getting back.” You pause in your movements. “I can take the gas now, right?”
Bo’s heart drops in his stomach. He realizes quickly that no, he wasn’t going to let you take the gas. In fact, he wasn’t going to let you leave at all. He wanted you—needed you—here with him. He couldn’t let a pretty little thing like you just pass by him like that.
He glances outside quickly. The sky's already turned to a pitch black hue, and he knows there’s no streetlights on your way back to where your friends wait for you. He turns back to you as you stand awaiting his answer.
“It’s pretty dark out there, little lady.” You peek over his shoulder, and your eyes widen as you realize just how late it had gotten. “It ain’t safe for you ta’ be out walkin’ all alone. Why don’t you stay over at my place for the night?”
“B-but what about my friends?” A pout overtakes your face and you look up at Bo with puzzled eyes.
Bo smirks, holding you close to his chest and running a hand over your hair. “Don’t need ta’ worry about them, sweetheart. My brother’ll come an’ fetch ‘em.”
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danger-jazz · 6 months
Tumblr media
"I'm sorry mama, some people just have no respect."
Bo Sinclair from House of Wax 2005, commission for ThatTentayena (@ twitter)
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tiredwaterboy · 11 months
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Bo and Vincent as silly images ~
(Thank u for all the feedback lately, i'm taking notes on how to draw silly serial murders)
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seasonofhorror · 4 months
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jaume collet-serra, 2005
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Slashers Adopted a Dumpster Baby
From seeing @angelbarelywrites 's post on Slashers accidentally Adopt a baby, I wanna do a version with a Dumpster baby.
Slashers: Michael myers (78, 07, and 2018), Jason Voorhees, Thomas Hewitt, The Sinclair's, and Bubba Saywer
Michael Myers
Tumblr media
He was doing his usual nightly routine
He thought he was hearing things when he heard crying
Following when it's coming from until finding a trash can where the noise is coming from
Opening it up to his shock, a baby was inside it
Michael had to call it early on his spree to bring this tiny thing home to you
You were still up reading your book when you heard the door open, then shut. Hearing his boots walking to your shared room with the now sleeping bundle in his arms.
"I found this little one in a trash can." He said as you get up to see the baby
Poor thing was abandoned at their birth
You decide to adopt this little boy, Michael wasn't going to argue with that. He couldn't put it back where he found it
John was the name you decided, John Myers
Jason Voorhees
Tumblr media
He was walking around the campsite when he heard crying coming from somewhere
Following when the noises are coming
Pamela found where the sounds came from, a Dumpster next to the Mess Hall
Opening it and his Heart dropped and almost his Machete out his hand
A little baby in a blanket was crying
Pamela was tearing up from the site
She tells his boy to adopt this little baby as his and your"s
Jason brought the little bundle back to his cabin
You were asleep when he came home, hearing him at your side of the bed
You opened your eyes to see a blanket with a little hand holding your man's finger
Think he took this little one from their parents he explains that he found this baby in the dumpster, his mother backed up his claim
"Can I see them?" You said him
You held this little girl, cooeing when deciding on a name for your newly adopted baby
"Pamela Melody Voorhees."
Jason cried on the idea of his adopted daughter
RZ Michael Myers
Tumblr media
He heard crying when he came by a alleyway, he went to the only dumpster and opened it
Oh my god, there's a baby girl in this dumpster
He took up this little one in his large frame and comfort this little one
This little one reminded him of Boo when she was a baby
He took this little one back with him to you
You were watching Gorjia 54 on the TV when he walked through the back door
"You won't believe what I found in a dumpster." He said when he got closer to the couch, "Michael, you didn't eat Tra." You stopped when you saw the little bundle in his arms.
"Oh my god." You said as you reached out for the little girl. "That's what I said when I saw her in there. Someone just abandoned this little one in there."
You both decided to keep her
Audrey, because your daughter that night
Bo Sinclair
Tumblr media
He's just walking around in a nearby town till the sounds of crying caught his attention
Discovering a little newborn in a trash pile just lying there
"How'd you get here, little one?" He said as he picked up the baby. "Someone didn't want you? I'll take you home."
Bringing home a new little Sinclair
You put your little girl to sleep as you went down to get something to drink in the kitchen
"Y/n my darling, do you think that there's room for another Sinclair in the house?" Bo asked through the opening to the kitchen. "Maybe why do you ask hun?" You replied
"Surprise," Bo came into the full of the opening. "I found this little one in a trash pile when I was out." Holding the little boy in his arms. "Someone just left this little guy? He's so small." You said as you walked to see the baby closer
"Well, I think Miles would be Anna's little brother." You said as you took the newest edition of the family in your arms
Vincent Sinclair
Tumblr media
Vincent didn't know that he would be a father till he met you, a sweetheart who loves him
Bo came home with something in his arms
"I think you two would love what I got." He said as he hands his twin brother a little girl. "Someone dumped her in a dumpster, I heard her crying when I was having a cigarette."
Vincent fell in love with this child. They're pink cheeks, and Brown eyes were so adorable. He took this little one to show you in the share room
You heard what Bo said to Vincent, and you made your way to meet him halfway.
"Oh, she's adorable." You said as you hold her little hand
Lila Sinclair became your and Vincent's child
Lester Sinclair
Tumblr media
Just doing his usual routine of collecting Road kill off the road to throw on the pile
A bunch of trash was on the side of the road with a box in the pile
A small noise came from the box, which caught him off guard
He looks inside the box
A baby??!!
Holy Fk, poor thing was left out in here for a while from how cold it was
It's still alive, thank heavens
Lester takes this little tike into his truck with Jonesy
Finishing up his task, he brings the little one home
You are shocked by what your husband found
"You think we should keep them?" Lester asked you
Aaron Sinclair was the name you both decided
Peepaw Michael Myers
Tumblr media
He was doing his usual spree till he heard a sound while walking around
He found a trash can with a bag where the crying was coming from
Looking in the bag, he tilted his head seeing a teary-eyed baby in the bag.
He lifted this abandoned child up to his warm body, bundling the baby in his coveralls to warm them up as he walked home
You were sleeping when he placed the sleeping baby on his side of the bed on a pillow till they started crying again, which woke you up
Immediately confused about why he has a baby with him and has it on his pillow
"You found them in the Trash?" You asked him as checked on the little one, He nodded
Poor child left in a bag, you decided to adopt the little girl
Jane was the name Michael decided
Thomas Hewitt
Tumblr media
He was taking the trash out behind his mama's gas station when he discovered the little boy in the dumpster
Poor Boy teared up seeing this abandoned child in there
Coming inside the station, Luda Mae saw his son crying with a little baby in his arms
She got Deja Vu when Thomas told her where he found them
Taking this little one home
Thomas rubbed the back of the baby that he found, cheeks still stained with tears
Hoyt gotten Deja vu from the Dumpster baby, the day Luda found Thomas in one
You came down the stairs seeing your Husband holding a baby, he found at his momma's gas station
"He found this little one in the Dumpster." Luda said, "Like how you found." Hoyt said before cut off by Luda elbowing him in the ribs
"They got a little birthmark on their arm Its not the skin condition you got, Tommy." You reassured him. He felt that he got the same condition he was born with, but he felt relief from that revelation
"I think Jedidiah would like a bath to feel better."
Thomas loved that name
Bubba Saywer
Tumblr media
He wasn't expecting this when Drayton brought home a little baby home
Him and you already had a baby not too long ago
But this little one was just dumbed at Drayton's Station
Bubba was panicking inside, who would leave a healthy baby in a dumpster
Nubs and Chop Top being themselves joke about the Bubba was a dumpster baby, but Drayton smacked the both of them from that
You cooed the little one you held in your arms
Bubba looked at the little one, their teal eyes looking into his blabbering at them with their hand reaching out to him
He fell in love with this little one
"Bubba, I think we should keep them." You said. He agreed on that idea
Isaiah Saywer joined the family
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evilvvithin · 5 months
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HOUSE OF WAX jaume collet-serra, 2005
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small-sinclair · 5 months
Smut below. Never written smut so be nice—
Bo Sinclair x fem!reader
⚠️NSFW 18+ ONLY⚠️
Tumblr media
Okay but—
Bo telling you how much he doesn’t deserve you, whispering it against you ear, as he thrusts hard and rough, tender and lustful, deep inside you. He knows he’s the worst and he knows he’s a monster; he doesn’t deserve you.
His rough hands by your head as he takes the pace painfully slow, rutting fast, then slow again. He kisses your neck then your shoulder. His heart hammers at your whimpers and moans. He doesn’t want to be near your, but he wants to be beside you. He can’t imagine himself without you in his life anymore.
“‘M no good, no good,” he breathes heavily as his pace quickens. His hands hold your wrists above your head as he angles himself to hit your g-spot better, the spot that makes you unravel like yarn. “God, you deserve better… so-so much better. To-fuck— to perfect for me.”
He watches your eyes roll back as you come close to your fourth or fifth climax, but he won’t stop because he’s too lost in his own need. Sometimes, he’s scared of himself when he’s lost like this because he doesn’t want to hurt you too bad, but the bruises he leaves behind on your thighs and kiss-stained mark on your neck does something to him.
His other hand roams up and down your body, feeling your chest and sides. Marble statues are jealous of you. He leans down and kisses hard and long, taking your lips in like it’s the last water in the world. He loves the way you call his name and kiss his skin. He goes faster and faster, lifting you up as he does and uses you as a fuck-toy. He holds your back and supports your head as he hears your pleas to slow down but he can’t, he won’t. His eyes burning with flames that were never blown out. He feels how you clinch and how you squirms as he chases his high.
“Never been good for your body. Never-never been good for your hands,” he grunted as he feels your hands around his neck for support. “Never been good for your love. No good for you! You’re too-too perfect. Too innocent and pure-pure for me.” His hips rolling into yours. “Fuckin’ perfect. Too perfect for me.” He bites your shoulder as he slams himself in you unapologetically. He tastes your blood and can feel your heart in his teeth and it makes his eyes roll. “I don’t deserve-deserve your fuckin’ pussy. Don’t deserve how tight it is— shit. I don’t deserve you.”
With one last hard thrust, he feels your walls clinch around him. He hears you moan out his name like a prayer to an elder god, but he doesn’t deserve it. He doesn’t deserve your voice saying his name like that.
He comes closer to you as he pushes his seed deep inside your body, feeling it mix with yours. Slowly, he lays your body back down into the mangled sheets and kisses the bite marks he left behind. He breathes deeply out and shivers when he breathes in. His callous hands run over your skin as he lets go of you. He doesn’t want your hands over him but he craves it like a drug.
“No… shit, no good for you,” he repeats as he rests his head against yours. “Someone’s better than me.” He leans into your hand and he marvel that if feels like the finest silk. “Fuck, I love you.”
He’ll slowly pull out once he feels your body relax into the blankets and pillows under you. Bo’s not one for aftercare, but his hands smooth your legs and sides, kissing the handprint bruise on your hips. And you see his body in the dim moonlight, and you can see his scars from the past and from the fights. You see how tired his eyes are and how much he’s love struck with you.
As he climbs out of bed, your hand catches his and he kisses your knocks before letting go. Hes right back with a cold wash rag and some lotion. He kisses your body tired until your numb from his love. He washes your body and sings praises to you, calling you his, calling you perfect, calling you darling. He lotions your legs, arms, and throat, and he’s being so gentle with you. When he’s done, you rust on his chest and trace his scars.
“…if you keep lovin’ me like this,” he says in a husky voice, “I’ll never let you go… never let you leave me.” He’ll look down at you then kiss your head. “Never leave me.”
You’re too tired to answer as you rest your head over his heart. You belong here in his arms and he’ll never let you go. Not for a second.
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suwann-11 · 3 months
My favorite boy :33
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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avintmich · 5 months
-You are my only angel, my love
You didn't know that with Vincent, any place in the town of Ambrose can be truly beautiful because of him
Tumblr media
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classichorrorblog · 8 months
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House Of Wax (2005)
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senanatheskenana · 10 months
The Sinclair Twins With Baby Fever
This contains smut so minors do not engage thank you. Contains graphic depictions of sex/ sexual acts.
(Also i havent written smut in a while so im sorry if its bad lmao)
Bo Sinclair
Bo never thought he'd want kids.
He thought they were sort of like inconveniences from how his parents acted when they were kids.
But that idea slowly began to change after meeting you
For one, it takes two people to make one, and in a ghost town, there isn't an abundance of living women.
And Bo didn't really believe he would be a good parent.
However, it all flipped rather suddenly for Bo.
You had been showing him photos from an old vacation you went on with family and he stumbled across one of you and your niece.
A tiny one-year-old, in cute pink dungarees, all swaddled up in your arms with big blue eyes and one of her chunky hands in her mouth on an exploration.
Bo admitted that it was rather cute and you started to ramble about the times you've looked after family and children.
And it occurs to Bo that while he may not be wonderful with children, you certainly were.
The thought comes along all too suddenly for his liking and before he knows what he's doing, he's imagining you with your baby- his baby.
It makes his chest flutter, the image of your swollen belly and milk-filled chest burning into his eyes.
He tries to give it some serious thought, weighing up the pros and cons of such an important choice.
Bo of course brought it up to you. He wasn't going to just grin and bear the need he was now experiencing.
"Oh my god," you grin up at him. He scowls and huffs, crossing his arms over his chest.
"What? I don't see what the big deal is." he's still pouting and you have to admit he looks pretty cute like that, with blushy cheeks.
"Bo, you've got baby fever!" you giggle and him as he huffs again. 
Bo throws his arms up in the air and sighs. He knows he isn't going to win that battle. "Look did you want to have a baby or not, sugar?"
You give him a long drawn-out silence, leaving him in anticipation for what he deems to be far too long, however, he doesn't want to push his luck on the situation.
You finally give him a smile and a wink, "Of course I do, Bo." he fights back a smile and slinks closer to you to give you a peck on the cheek but lets out a chuckle when you pull him back again for a proper kiss.
He smirks and practically throws you into the bedroom, not wasting a moment to take off his shirt and throw it to the side. He tugs down his jeans and you both begin to shed clothing as fast as possible. You can hear the clink of your husband's belt hitting the floor over the sound of your loud heartbeat. He finally moves to slot himself between your thighs, grinding against your clothed heat.
Bo hasn't felt this nervous in a long time. Normally, sex is rough and teasing with Bo, but every little touch against him feels like fire and it has him moaning into your chest like a virgin. The image of your swollen belly ingrains itself into his mind again, and he feels himself becoming too needy to pace himself. Before he can fully grasp what he's doing, he's already rutting into you with quick deep thrusts. He doesn't bother pulling out and wasting time on long thrusts, choosing to just chase the pleasure you both want so badly.
Bo loves the way you look under him like this, eyes nearly closed and rolling back with your mouth agape from the breathless moans you're making after every rub of his cock against your g-spot. He can feel you tightening around him, and he honestly can't recall a better feeling than this. He can tell you're going to cum soon with how loud you are and how your hips try to chase his.
Bo slips a hand between you both and plants it on your folds. He'll be damned if he was going to cum this soon without you. You let out a moan that sounds like it was straight out of a porno, and Bo feels it travel like electricity down to his groin. You can feel him twitch deep inside you, kissing against your internal ridges. You're so tight that Bo can barely move without moaning like a bitch.  
He comes close to your face, watching your fucked out expression closely. His fingers speed up, deftly finding your clit and circling it like he's begging for you to cum around him. "'Gonna cum, sugar?" his southern drawl drags you out of your fever dream state and you nod up at him, failing to find words anymore. You grip his shoulders and you wrap your thighs around his waist. He laughs at the idea that you're stopping him from pulling out. You cum and he can feel you completely spasm around his cock. Bo knows he can't take another second of that intense pleasure before he's cumming so hard he's seeing coloured patches in his vision, moaning as he stills inside of you. Hot ropes of his cum spurt out into you, making you gasp from the new feeling.
Bo nearly collapses on top of you after, head laying on your comfortable chest while your fingers rake through his wet hair. He can't bring himself to pull out of you just yet, and he's still breathless from finishing inside you for the first time. He can feel your thighs rocking still with the aftershocks of the experience. He kisses your chest lightly and looks up at you.
"I love you, Sugar," he murmurs softly against your skin, "I love you so much."
You don't miss how one of his hands rubs gentle circles into your tummy.
Vincent Sinclair
Vincent's biggest problem is his lack of communication. He can't simply speak about how he's feeling most of the time.
If he could, you may have found out about this sooner.
Vincent has always been more tolerant of children than Bo was so he experienced this quite early on but didn't know how to approach you about it.
He was worried that you would think he was weird or that you wouldn't want kids and then leave him.
So for months, he suffered in silence, fighting the urge to paint your insides with himself, and fantasising about what life would be like if you had a baby.
He's touched himself to the thought of you swollen and glowing, and imagining it's you he's coming in before the reality sets in again and he feels disgusted with himself once more.
You've started to notice his hesitance in intimate moments and you finally confront him, asking if he doesn't think you're attractive anymore.
He moves his hand to different parts of the basement, all filled with paintings and sculptures of you. It was a stupid thing to ask, of course, he thought you were gorgeous.
So you finally ask him what the problem was, and why he was suddenly not willing to touch you.
Vincent is of course quiet. He, in all honesty, was trying to hold off sex because he didn't feel he could trust himself to pull out anymore. He was worried that the temptation would be too great and he wouldn't be able to help himself. He's not really sure how he can say that and not come off as a huge pervert.
So he just comes close to you and embraces you momentarily, before placing a hand on your abdomen. It's just barely present but you can feel the touch. Then he takes his hands and makes a cradling motion.
For a moment you're confused. What does he mean by 'baby'? until it clicks in your mind. Did Vincent think you were pregnant? Was that why he was being so careful?
"Vinny, sweetheart, I'm not pregnant you dont need to worry about hurting me or anything-" Before you can finish, Vincent shakes his head and begins to sign.
'I know he looks at you to make sure you're following him, 'I think that's the problem'
Some sort of realisation becomes apparent to you and you ask the question he's been wanting to ask for months.
"Do you... Want a baby?"
He waits a moment and then nods before looking down. He begins signing again but doesn't look up, he doesn't want to see your grossed-out face.
'I was scared to force something on you but I wasn't sure how to say it. I didn't think I could trust my body during sex anymore.'
Your heart swells a little bit at the confession. Had Vincent been beating himself up for wanting to get you pregnant?
"I think I want a baby too, Vince" you giggle when his head shoots up from looking down at the floor. He signs too quickly for you to follow but you can just about catch the words 'Angel' and 'love'.
He stops signing and abruptly picks you up, spinning you before holding you bridal style in his arms. He hasn't said but you have an idea of where he's taking you. Vincent kicks the door to your shared bedroom open and gently places you on the covers. He removes his own clothing- save for his mask- and then patiently removes your own, kissing the skin that is revealed. 
Usually, Vincent gets quite needy during these moments, and his touch is feverish. He's painfully hard at this point, but he wants to savour you. He doesn't want to lose himself just yet. 
You're the one who removes his mask, taking in his flushed face and pulling him closer for a kiss. He can't begin to describe how much he loves you at this moment. He puts little weight on you as he traps you on the bed between his arms. 
You make a noise of surprise when he pulls back from you to lean on his feet. You're about to ask what he's doing but he's already sliding down your body to slot his head between your thighs. He gives the left of a small nip before kissing it again. Your core floods with anticipation when he gazes up at you like that. He waits for you to push his face closer to your folds to make sure you're okay. As soon as you do, he pushes his whole face against you, breathing you in and flattening his large tongue against your pussy. He lets out a raspy moan before he truly begins to lick. You know what's coming and the anticipation makes your thighs shudder around his head. 
He looks up through his hair to see you throw your head back in pleasure. He's always loved how you look like this, with his head between your thighs and your hands in his hair. The sight is so hot that he knows he could probably finish from it alone. 
Your breath hitches when you feel his hand travel from your hip to your folds. He uses his hand to part them before he gives a few kitten licks to your clit. His own eyes roll back as you spasm, and he continues that motion, fingers sliding into your wet core. He moves his two fingers slow and deep inside you, crooking them upwards halfway through each languid thrust. And just like that he can feel you tightening on his fingers with each lick and movement. Your moans get louder but he continues, spurred on by the look of pleasure you give him.
Your hips rut against his face and he moans against your clit, taking it into his mouth and sucking it. Just like that his fingers bring you over the edge, moaning and shaking as you wrap your legs around his face. Vincent removes his fingers and pushes his face into you again, licking up your juice before rising once more to be above you. You still look fucked out and he takes pride it in. You pull him in and kiss him deeply.
Vincent's hands travel down your thighs and stop at your knees. You briefly wonder what he's doing before he pushes them up and pins your legs against your chest. He's never tried this angle before.
But he likes it. A lot. 
You can see from his expression that he's enjoying the view and briefly his eyes flicker between you and a sketchbook. You grab his face gently and make him look at you.
"You can draw later. Right now I want you to fuck me, Vincent" 
His one good eye widens as if to say 'Yes ma'am' and before you know it, he's slotting himself into you, using his body weight to keep your legs pinned against your chest. Already he's so deep inside you that he's pushing against your sweet spot without trying. Vincent takes a moment to gather himself- he doesn't think he's ever been this deep inside you and suddenly he loves this position even more. He begins to roll his hips against you slowly, teasingly. He knows you want more so he begins to move, throwing a fair amount of his body weight into each deep thrust. Vincent can hear your breathless moan with each slap of his hips against your backside. He leans down on his strong left arm and uses his right to fondle your bouncing chest, making eye contact with you. It's your half-lidded hazy expression that makes his heart hammer in his chest. Vincent mouths the words 'I love you' and 'so pretty' over and over like a chant.
He's sure you can feel every little twitch and pulse of his cock with how tight you are around him. Fuck, he thinks, you feel so good. He's missed your pretty cunt so much and he's certain you've realised by how desperate his movement is becoming- degrading from measured, long, strong thrusts to irregular, quick jabs accompanied by crackly whimpers of pleasure. He's worried that he'll cum first now so he pulls his hand from your chest and pushes it between your folds to play with your clit.
A low, fractured murmur of "G-Gon' cu-um" falls from his open mouth and you're shocked for a moment.
Vincent stills against you and you feel your insides flood with warmth. The feeling along with his fingers still rubbing you tenderly, makes your own orgasm wash over you and he moans again as your pussy sucks him in further. He waits until you both finish before slowly pulling out of you, globs of excess cum seeping out of you. He uses his fingers to scoop the leaking cum up and fingers it back inside of you, humming when he sees that it isn't leaking anymore.
"I love you, Vinny," he looks at you and smiles, placing a pillow under your hips. He comes back to you with a flannel and washes the sweat from you and places a kiss on your forehead. Vincent lays beside you on the bed, placing his head against your chest and running his palm over the soft part of your tummy. 
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