#however if you drum up controversy around it/try to ''cancel'' it
ravenkings · 6 months
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i, personally, have no intention of seeing blonde, but i do agree that watching the tendency in some internet/fan spaces of engaging in art and culture criticism purely as a metric as to whether one work or another should be allowed to exist based on a system of black-and-white moral judgement seeping into the critical mainstream to be.......troubling.......to say the least
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myremains · 2 years
Attila - Closure
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Metalcore Manson
Day Drinking
Broke & Happy
Shots for the Girls
Viva Las Vegas
Now I’m here to talk about the music, however in order to do this there needs to be awareness raised about some of the controversies that have been raised about this band, most recently their new single “Metalcore Manson” from this album has been called out for not only being misogynistic in it's lyrical content but also in poor taste given the sexual misconduct that is coming out about Marilyn Manson at the moment, whilst they say it's not about him it's Charles Manson they used a font formerly used by Marilyn Manson on the single cover so take from that what you will. Also there have been sexual misconduct and rape allegations against the singer Chris Fronzak, the bassist Kalan Blehm and they fired their drummer Bryan McClure because of allegations made by an ex-girlfriend. Again, look into that and see where you stand but amongst all the controversy I’m here for the music, this is their 9th full length studio album since forming in 2005, lets see if it’s any good.
“Cancelled” is more of a fuck you to those who in 2020 the guys percieved to be trying to cancel them over sexual assault allegations, which if innocent is a very good and historically sound way to get that point across, and more of the whole cancel culture that has developed over the past few years, not sure if I can agree with everything these guys write about but it's hard to deny that the shit is addictive and musically really appealing. “Clarity” is possibly the only 1 of the 3 new singles that I can really get into properly, that chorus gives me big Linkin park vibes whereas the verses are so crushing they could probably be classed as assaulting your ear drums but in a way in which you really don’t mind. “Metalcore Manson” is a very Nu-Metal style track, it's got thick riffs and some great vocal work it's just a shame about those lyrics but it's nothing particularly newly shocking because hip hop and rap have been covering the same things for years and the themes are always going to come up when talking about Charles Manson, but I cannot see how they’re trying to say that this song isn’t anything to do with Marilyn Manson because it just seems to scream his name to me especially when I think about the video for “Tainted Love”. “Viva Las Vegas” is written about an incident that happened when the band played a show in Vegas - no shit - back in 2018 and there was quite the altercation between members of the band and the security team who subsequently sued them for it, a bit like how BMTH wrote “No Need for Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You on the Backs of Toilet Doors”, I really enjoyed it, this song was quite fun and bouncy. “Day Drinking” is a nice heavy party song with plenty of sleazy guitar tones and licks, a good hearty party song with a southern twist. “Anxiety” lyrically is a good summary of how it feels to have extreme anxiety, and the heaviness they utilise gives another side to the condition showing clear sadness and frustration regarding the feelings and thoughts that present with the ever increasingly awful affliction.
The notoriety continues with this latest collection, I don’t think it’ll do much to hinder their progress in the scene, it's the kind of thing they’ve become known for, their musical ability is something else and I think tackling the sorts of issues and themes that they do is what draws people in and keeps them around. I’ll definitely be going to see them when they next come around.
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