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harry styles - keep driving
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Temporary Fix (18+)
Tumblr media
summary During the On the Road Again Tour, Harry uses his bandmate’s girlfriend as a distraction from his previous relationship.
warnings (18+) cheating!reader, possessive!longhair!harry, talks of explicit photos of reader, smut, whole thing is unprotected sex, rough sex, mentions of drugs (no actual drug use), fingering, cum eating
It all started with a late night in Boston.
Sitting on Harry’s hotel bed, his tall long haired figure sat, head held down.
You and Liam had a very bad disagreement so when dramatically stormed out you headed to Harry’s hotel room… only to find him in distress.
"It’s just-" He shook his head, curls swaying side to side, just wanting to get the thought of gripping them as he devoured your cunt out of your head whist this moment passed.
"She drove me fucking crazy," He expressed angrily, his accented voice grumbling. Your soft fingers caressed the back of his left one, lighting him up like hot coal. His voice of anger, deep and agitated, oddly turning you on. Clenching your thighs together as you comforted him. "Harry I’m so-" This was closer than you guys have ever been since the sexual tension built or since ever. You both knew you shouldn’t be here… this close to him.
You traced the prominent veins in the back of his hand as you thought about how you were somehow calming his nerves. Somehow yours too. Before coming into Harry’s room, you stormed out on Liam after a very long last disagreement. You never told him where you were heading but may he never assume it was to his bandmate, hand in hand.
"You need a distraction. Something to use until you get over this bitch," You told him lowly. Slowly leaning towards the suggestion you wanted to get to, you sighed. Harry just shook his head, "Y/n please-" He didn’t make any effort to move his hand away from yours.
Both of your knees touching, sending enough friction into you to lift the left hand of his you caressed. Laying the large palm upon your large bare thigh, laying it down right where your short skirt ended. Feeling instant warmth, Harry’s mouth falls agape before letting his nails pick your fabric. Mixed emotions filled his featured. Confusion with a devilish smirk growing.
"Use me."
Shocking you both with how the random wave of confidence and now anticipation filled your flesh. "Y/n," He warned. But not in a 'stop' tone it was more 'you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into' tone. Your breath hitched. If you were thinking straight you would apologized and leave like this never happened but you were both too deep to turn back. Your hand hesitantly made its way to his face. The soft palm of yours met his jawline, fingers reaching his long soft hair, shocking you both that you’re going this far. "Use me," Caressing his cheek you continued, "As a distraction," The way he was looking at you made you want to jump on him. His pink lips twitched, hesitating to smirk.
The room was all of a sudden silent. You took it upon yourself, to stand up and step in front of him. Harry’s head turnt up to keep eye contact He didn’t know what was happening but he wasn’t complaining. Taking a step forward, placing your hands on his shoulders. His shoulder get a nice squeeze from your fingers before some played with the curls in the back of his head. Harry slowly raised his hands his hands and placed them on the back of your bare thighs, pushing you into the space between his thighs. "What are you saying? You saying you want me to- What? Tell me, pretty," His voice husky, making your tummy do backflips. Hiding a little school girl giggle that’ll make you seem pathetic, you scrunched your skirt up.
Harry’s eyes pry down from your eyes to your bare thighs at were exposed. He closed his legs a bit, knowing your plan, allowing you to set yourself on his lap. Calves resting on either side of his thigh, you pressed your core against him. "Take all your emotions out on me. When your angry, upset, irritated… happy." Your hands meet the back of his head, two fingers running through the tight curls in his head.
His smirk grew, "Do you know what you’re asking for, love? Willing to let me have you?"
"Well, you’re going to have to share me remember?" You teased, smiling, quickly peaking down to look at his pink lips. "I don’t like sharing," He grumbled, pressing his hands to your lower back, pushing you closer to his figure. When he looked down to your peaking cleavage and your bare thighs beneath, his breath hitched. "But I guess I’ll have to, hmm?"
"Mhm," You hummed in your sweet, delicate voice. Wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing your lips against his. All of the tension finally broken. When you kissed it was like a bolt of electricity.
He tasted the mango flavored lip balm on your soft lips, getting a long lasting taste when his tongue collides with yours. His hands trail lower, down to your ass. The skirt’s fabric making it impossible for him to the get full satisfaction… not that he wasn’t happy with what he was receiving. Heads moving side to side as the kiss grew sloppy. You wrapped your lips around his tongue, sliding it out of your mouth. Breaths uneven, soon to be caught. "Let’s get this off baby." Baby.Your stomach turns and suddenly you forget all about your boyfriend who is just a couple of rooms down from the one you were making out with his bandmate in.
You nod in response, obeying his request. Pulling up your shirt over your head with Harry’s assistance. When your shirt was thrown somewhere across the room his eyes flung to your cleavage. As if it was two sizes too small, your boobs practically spilled out the bra like they were being suffocated. Didn’t even have to tell you, you pushed your skirt off as well leaving you in your black panties. "Oh my fuck. God you’re perfect," He huffed out, attaching his swollen lips back to yours.
Sliding his large hands up to harshly grope your breast, you gasp against his lips. He groaned against you when you accidentally grind against his hard. Reattaching your lips with his as Harry’s hands unclasp your bra from behind. The cold air hardens your nipples, a whimper shakily leaves your lips as you bump your body against his clothed chest. He pulls away from your face to look at your boobs, taking them in his large hands. "Shit," Harry curses under his breath. "Lay down for me baby," He releases his grip on your breast allowing you to place yourself on the bed.
Laying out on the cold sheets, your boobs recoil as you breathed heavily. Harry crawls so that he’s between your thighs. "Fucking shit, baby. You have no idea how fucking gorgeous you look laid out in front of me. I haven’t even fucked you yet and you’re already looking hot and fucked out. God Liam is a lucky fella," He couldn’t stop staring at your tits. The more he stared the more you wanted his touch.
"Harry touch me please," You swarmed when he began to crawl closer. Without answering, he passed you a devilish smirk before going tongue first and pressing a hard kiss against your lips. You moaned into his mouth, tasting him as he tasted you. Your hand meeting his long hair that dangled and tickled the side of your face. He pulled away but not letting you go a second without satisfaction. He placed burning hot kisses on to your neck. Teeth brushing pass your skin feverishly as he left wet sloppy kisses on your skin with a little sucking in between.
"N-no- God, right there," You moaned and whimpered as he continue to find your spot around your collarbone. "N-no marks, Harry," You told him with your strained voice. His lack of response tells you he didn’t hear you. "Harry-"
"I know what I’m doing, love."
Was all he said.
His tongue was hot against your stomach as he pressed kisses down to your core. "Harry, please," You whined.
Harry stared at your cunt through the now see through panties. You were so soaked that you can now see your aching cunt. Cursing under his breath, Harry slides your panties off watching your cunt come to color. "My cunt now," He claimed lowly. "Ye’ hear me baby girl?"
"Yes," Your voice was whiny. So wanting him to just fuck you already and skip the foreplay.
"What I say?"
"Your cunt now." Can you please- Harry," You whined. Swarming in front of him, he forcefully held your down with his arms weight in his wrist. "What you want, gorgeous, hmm? My mouth?"
You hummed a desperate yes as you peaked down at him. He runs his hands through his long hair before letting his nose brush against your bare cunt. "Oh, oh-" Harry licks up your slit before wrapping his plumped lips around your aching clit. Letting out an unholy moan and scream combined along with an unbearable whine. "Oh my god!" Harry sucked on your nub hard as you grabbed at the top of his head, practically pushing his head into your cunt.
Harry’s tongue lays around along your cunt sliding down your slit, leaving your swollen clit throbbing. Harry doesn’t let himself neglect your clit. Instead, he places his thumb in replace of his mouth, pressing down and rubbing in a circular motion as his tongue enters your pussy. "Oh my fucking-! Harry, Harry, Harry," You moan his name, praying you were too loud, or to the point people recognized your voice. But you didn’t care.
Harry hummed against your pussy making your legs shake and thighs clenched. Shaking his head as he devoured your cunt tasting your wetness on his tongue. You mewled lowly, trying to gain self control. "Yeah, you know I love them pretty noises, baby. But ye’ can’t be too loud. Your boyfriend’s down the-" Shutting him up and bringing him back down to your cunt. Understanding the message to shut up, Harry thrusted his tongue into you. Curling inside you, his tongue twisted in turned, your moans music to his ears.
Shooting the top of your body up as a shock ran through your body and to your thighs. "Oh my god, oh my god," Your voice shakes just as your thighs. Shock through your body when he hums, amused by your unholy sounds. The muscles in your tummy tightened as Harry pushed his tongue deeper in you getting to feel your walls clench as much as he fucking could. You were so close. "My clit, my clit. Harry, please, fuck," You pleaded for the same affection he gave to your hole to your clit. "Mmh kay baby," He did as you wanted and sucked your clit harder and harder. His lips must’ve looked so pretty sucking on your swollen nub.
Your body began to shake as you feel yourself getting worked up. "I’m cumming, I’m going to cum. Harry," You called out for him as your thighs shakes against the sheets as you let them collapse.
"I got you baby. Cum f’me, I got you," The words comforted you as you experienced your high. Your chest rises heavily as the knot in your stomach consisted as you released the ooz from throbbing cunt. You huffed out, breath hitching in your throat when you feel Harry’s tongue at the rim of your hole. Not letting the cum go to waste, eating his cause as you mewled weakly.
"Taste so fucking sweet, baby."
He came up from between your legs to get a good view of your face. Your breathing still uneven and your expression is still in disbelief.
"You look so hot," He said hovering over your trembling body. Resting his left palm on the side of your head where some strands of your hair laid upon the white bedsheets and his other hand met the opposite side’s breast. You hissed as he pinched your nipple ever so lightly. So sensitive to touch, you whine his name. "Want me to fuck you, baby?" Your eyes widen. You immediately wanting more of what he has to offer. Your cunt still recovering from your previous orgasm.
"Yes please. That’s exactly what I want, Harry. Please, yes. Fuck me. Please, just fuck me already. I’m on the pill, just fuck me please," You spoke fast. The words spilled out like they’ve been built up for forever. Harry’s smirk grew as big as it can get. "’M gonna give ye’ what ye want, pretty. ‘Cause you deserve it, ye’?" You nodded. "Been such a good girl f‘ me. Let me devour your pretty pink cunt till you let the whole hotel know my name, huh?" Cocky little shit. And it was hot.
Harry crawled back and off the bed. You’d never past up the opportunity to see Harry strip. Resting on your elbows, catching him in the middle of the process of eliminating his shirt. Your tummy turns at the sight of the hidden tattoos that you admire whenever you possibly can.
He looks up at you as you practically drool over the belt of his pants being knocked somewhere in the room. He tugged down his skinny jeans, that added 2x the amount of pressure against his hard, enlarged cock. Removing the pants and being left in his briefs.
The large indent in his briefs and the breed of precum that tinted the color of the briefs makes you swallow harshly. Harry pulls down the briefs, feeling instant relief when his cock is set free, slapping against his stomach. It was big.
Almost wanting to go jumping at it and shove it balls deep in your mouth if possible.
He was really big. A raging thick vein spread out around his cock. His pink mushroom headed tip had a tear of precum dripping on it’s sides. "Oh my god," You gulped. Throwing your head back wondering how that was going to actually fucking destroy your pussy you would have no way to lie to your boyfriend about this.
Harry smirked crawling over you. And you soon realized his hair wasn’t dangling in his face and that he somehow managed to tie it up without you realizing. "I’m going to fuck this cunt so bad. Can’t wait to have you clenching around my fat cock like you did my tongue, hmm?"
You nodded leaning forward and pressing his lips against yours. "Just do it," You knew he was going to spread your cunt into two.
You nodded, reassuring him you were ready. Harry let his cock slide down your folds, the hard tip making you whimper. Harry slides his tip in, immediately stretching your hole. Earning a tiny whimper from you and a full out scream when he pushes himself half way inside of you. Your pussy cries for justice as his cock isn’t even fully buried. "Oh my god! Please, fuck! More, Harry, do it," You moaned.
Harry took your words and pulled himself to the point where he was at your entrance, tip still in. Harry slammed himself full length, balls deep into your cunt. You mewled loudly, tears escaping the hold of the lids. You cried out his name as he thrusted in and out of you.
"God baby. You’re so fucking pretty when you cry. Feels good?" He thrusted into you roughly, his balls slapping against your skin.
"F-Feels so fucking g-good, Harry. Oh my gosh! I feel you, it feels so good," You cried. "Where does it feel good baby? Tell me, hmm?"
You looked down and laid your palm on your core to your mid stomach. "Right here. You’re so deep in me. Feels like you’re in my tummy," You moaned. Harry’s thrust continued, he groaned loudly when your cunt clenched around his dick. Throwing his head back, Harry stretched your leg along with him. When he came to look at you, he laid his large hot palm against your stomach, pressing down. "Right here?"
"Y-yea. Right there."
It was like a heart beating hardly in your stomach. He kept pounding into you as moans and whimpers were being muffled in your mouth. "God. Bet Liam can’t fuck you like this, hmm angel?" You shook your head, "N-no." You’ve never felt this full. Your hole was stretched larger than it’s ever been. It hurt like shit but it felt so good. "I’ve been waiting so long to stuff such a tight cunt."
"I’m going to use you like the little whore you are," The degrading words sending a whirl on your tummy and you moan in response. "Please," You moan as you run into the brink of your second orgasm. "I’m so so so close."
How were you going to walk the next morning?
Ever since that night in Boston, he did as you said and used you. How you managed to get up that morning and work through the pain was above you both. But the agreement stayed. Whatever it was… quick fucks in the bathroom, a hard slow sensual neck kiss, an accidental rub against the thigh, he found a way to get near you. Just to touch you. After that night, you were like a drug. He was addicted to you. Harry couldn’t help but grow very possessive over you. Harry knew that he was going to have to share you. And shit, did it bug him whenever he has seen you two getting way too comfortable in front of him. Getting very angry whenever he sees you being close and cuddly with Liam. Whenever you can’t tend to him because you’re tending to Liam.
Even after a week and a half of the arrangement, Harry had watched as Liam had his hands just a couple of inches away from your ass as you placed a soft peck against his lips. You guys were sitting at the end of the lounge couch. You curled up in Liam’s side as he rested his palm against your lower back. He kissed you and you practically held back a gagged. You couldn’t help but grow a bitter taste in your mouth whenever he kissed you now that Harry was in the picture. Knowing Harry was observing every little thing you did with Liam and adding on for reasons to punish you later. Just the night before, Harry had claimed you as his. You still had the bruise on your ass and the marks on your core that gave the certification. He made you his, and only his. Maybe it was in the moment but he knew that you being just his wasn’t so possible with your current relationship status. But he was making it work. He swore he better not catch you with any marks from Liam, or any news that you fucked him. Or you would be in for it. When you’d look over at him and his long hair is being swung to one side and he has that mean look on his face. You would know when he’s feeling antsy or jealous when his nose flares and he does that eyebrow raise. His face would say, "Wait for tonight," and you’d gulp down in embarrassment, completely flushed.
When you both began to get very comfortable with the arrangement, one day, you took it upon yourself to send Harry some explicit photos of you. Photos of you half naked in the mirror. Cleavage, unbearable, against your chest, your body in view just enough to rile him up.
Harry Holy shit
Harry ???
Y/n Going in the shower now
Harry Facetime me please
Harry Y/n pick up your phone
Harry Y/n that fucking photo
Harry You’re fucking thighs should be fucking wrapped around my head suffocating me right now
Harry You’re so fucking thick and pretty baby god
Smiling when you see his name popping up to FaceTime for the second time now, declining.
Y/n Can’t FaceTime right now. He’s sleeping.
Y/n I would answer but YOU don’t know how to stay quiet
Harry I’ll be quiet
Harry I promise
Harry Just answer baby please
You answered. How could you deny a "Baby please"? It was tempting not to just run over to his room and have him fuck you senseless.
Harry’s text would get really amusing to watch coming through your phone. The amount of times he needed you when you were tending to Liam is endless.
Harry Come to my room now, angel
Harry Come to me now
Harry Baby
Your personal favorite text is when he couldn’t control himself. When he needed you so bad his text began to get really specific in needs.
Harry So hard thinking about you. Can you come down to my room now? I don’t want to wait all tonight.
Harry Your ass looks so perfect in those shorts baby. So fucking hot
Harry Didn’t get the chance to say how much i loved your outfit.
Harry Your boobs look amazing.
You You were staring?🤨
Harry When am I not? I always stare at you baby
Harry Just a quick fuck right now
Harry Come on.
Harry Let’s go
Harry where the fuck are you
Shoving you into the bathroom, mouth instantly meeting your neck to place a harsh, kiss with the softest lips you can ever experience to your smooth skin. Harry anomalistically leaves hot kisses and marks of his tongue on your neck. "So what? Too busy fucking him to answer your bloody phone, huh?" His voice deep and raspy. Turning you around, untucking your white top from your skirt.
"I’m- I’m sorry." You whimpered, biting back the smirk that was growing as he manhandled you. The thought of getting caught with his bandmate’s girlfriend definitely startled Harry, don’t get him wrong. He was a big name and just one little thing or one big thing like this could fuck up his reputation. It was sneaky, and you liked it. Harry groped your large breast roughly, "Turn around," You did as told. "You know you’re not sorry. Too busy being a little cheating slut," His words making you moan and curse that him calling you such a degrading word made your core turn. The sound of his belt metal slapping and swinging around made your body shake as you were swung over the bathroom sink.
Harry slides your skirt up, a low groan leaving his throat at the view of your naked cunt. "Shit, no panties today? Who’d you do this for, hmm?" Harry ran his middle finger between your slick folds feeling warmth, spreading your wetness along your cunt as you dropped. "All for you, H." Harry grinned. "Having your bare cunt out f’me? Such a fucking slut. My little whore, is that right baby?"
"Y-y-yeah. I’m your whore," You arched your back holding on to the edge of the counter for leverage, Harry's fingers pound into you. His thick index and middle finger thrust into you, clenching around him instantly. Your hole still stretched from the night before and your walls suffocating his fingers like they were in a chokehold, making him groan as he began to move them in a ‘come hither’ motion. "Oh my god," You hissed out holding your mouth and muffling your devilish mewl. "Please, please. Faster, H. Faster," You got what you requested. Harry’s fingers moved faster and faster in you. Once again, it was like a little beat in your stomach. Harry knew how to make you feel things you’ve never felt before when sexually active, and you couldn’t be more grateful he had a mouth and fingers of a god.
"God you’re clenching around my fingers. I wish we had some more time so I could bury my cock in there." You whined, "Please. Fuck me, please," Your hooded eyes looked at him through the mirror hung in front of you. He hovers behind you, his fingers still thrusting, his lips adjusted above your ear. Pressing a gentle kiss against it, he whispers, "As if I didn’t split you and your tight cunt into two last night. Wasn’t enough, hmm?"
"No, no. Please- Fuck," You cried quietly, squeezing your legs together as your stomach tightened. "Oh fuck fuck fuck," The more you cursed the faster he went. Kissing down your neck and pressing himself against you. "You know I can’t fuck you right here baby. But god don’t you feel so good," He purred looking up in the mirror to see you completely blissed out. Mouth hung open, eyes clothed shut. He slapped his palm against your hip activating your weak legs.
Times like those were the times Harry could only squeeze in so little time with you.
It was rare for you to text Harry for a fuck. The main reason you would have texted him was when you and Liam had a another disagreement that turned into something more than what it should’ve.
Y/n Where are you right now? Are you in your room???
Harry Yes
Not so long after that, Liam arrives at Harry’s hotel room door. "Have ye’ seen Y/n? I can’t find ha’" Liam panicked. Harry put on a phony act.
"Uh- I think she was heading down stairs. She sounded pretty upset early. I think she said she was going on a walk to clear her mind before we had rehearsal. Y’all got into it, huh?"
"Ye’ I fucked up, mate. I really did," Liam shook his head before Harry wished him good luck on finding you and ran down to the hotel’s floor elevator. As for Harry, he shut the door and turned around to see spread out across his bed. Naked and ready to be his first meal of the day.
Having your phone on "Do Not Disturb" all day and sliding down on his text was your way of hiding his text. Some days you’d silence his text completely.
Harry Okay, can you unmute my text now
You you’re unmuted
Harry Thank you. Meet me in 20
You Sure
Harry Wasn’t a question.
Harry did not care. He was so reckless with the text. Knowing Liam was so trusting of you and your loyalty, he texted so freely.
Times when Harry felt it was time to soften his dominance were sometimes your favorite.
Harry I need to see you right now
Harry Quickie??????????
You A very very quick one
Harry Thanks love
You Harry. I’m not playing. Quick!
Was not quick.
At one point you and Liam’s relationship wasn’t going well. Having you to get your own hotel room instead of share because you needed space and also a way to sneak out to see Harry some nights.
You got out of Harry’s bed throwing on your bra and panties before he could complain. But it was too late. "Y/nnnnn," He whined out. His morning voice was deep and groggy. When you turned around to look at him, he was shirtless against the bed’s headboard. Harry in a man-bun but loose strands everywhere from his reckless sleeping. Harry admired your body, "You know…" He began and you let out a loud exaggerated sigh.
Harry rolled his eyes spinning his legs over the bed and walking over to your half naked body. Holding on to your waist. "I didn’t know this sharing stuff would be hard. I know we’re just fucking as a distraction to my failed love life but I don’t like sharing." You snort out a laugh at his comment about his love life and look up at him to see his dead serious expression.
"I-Well- You don’t have to worry about that much longer, H. Promise," You told him and his eyes widen. "Are you breaking up with him?" Harry’s voice was low like there was another soul in the room and you gave him a little giggle in response.
"Not for you. Don’t get cocky," You teased lightly, only a partial lie. "But yeah. I just feel like it’s bound to happen. So don’t worry, you’d get me all to yourself in no time," Wrapping your arms around his neck, kissing his bare chest, his breath hitched. "Mmh, you’re just perfect, aren’t you?"
After that morning, Harry couldn’t get the fact that you were officially breaking up with Liam out of his head. Harry grew more passionate in the arrangement and that wasn’t the plan. He wouldn’t say he caught feelings but definitely got more affectionate and all sex turned into some meaningful kisses that were never spoken upon.
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it's so important to me that matilda goes from "and not invite your family 'cause they never showed you love" to "you can start a family who will always show you love" because both lines hold such a significance but the difference in them because the "family" in the first line is your blood related family and the one in the 2nd line could be blood related but doesn't have to be because family is who YOU choose and idk it's just so beautiful to me
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When Harry met Alessandro #GucciHAHAHA
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Tumblr media
Harry Styles
As It Was (2022)
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Tumblr media
pairing: priest!harry x y/n
cw: dirty, unholy fucking smut.
Y/N called out into the dead air of the church as she walked down the aisles of the pews, biting nervously on her lip as she searched for her lover. It was silent in the church, so silent you could hear a pin drop.
“Father Harry? Where are you?”
“I’m in here.” Harry’s voice called out from a distance. She nearly jumped at the sudden echo of his voice, spinning on her heel to look behind her, “In the confessional.”
She sighed softly, walking towards the booth, “What are you doing in there?” She asked curiously as her fingers wrapped around the handle of the door and pulled it open to find Father Harry sitting there alone, glasses sat upon the tip of his nose as he read the thick bible in his hands.
“Reading,” He said shortly, closing his book carefully as he pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose, “You’re early for mass,” Harry’s eyes trained on her body, tilting his head as he noticed her short black skirt that she wore.
“I’m sorry, I just wanted to see you before—“
“Why are you wearing such a short skirt?” He pointed out nonchalantly while he stood to his feet, placing the bible into his warm seat, “That’s inappropriate for church, you know that.”
She swallowed thickly, feeling her cheeks fluster as her hands tugged down at her skirt to make it longer down her thighs, “It’s a new skirt…” She whispered almost to herself, smoothing down her clothes carefully.
Father Harry stared darkly down at her, tapping his fingers against the door frame as he leaned on it. He didn’t dare say anything, he just stared into her eyes as if he was silently scolding her.
She would be lying if she said that she hadn’t worn it because she wanted his attention. She knew that this skirt was too short and maybe her motive was to get physical before church. Was that so wrong? Perhaps in this building, but she didn’t care. She would let Father Harry touch her anywhere in any place.
“My angel…” Father Harry broke the silence, taking a step closer to her as his fingers reached out to brush against her skin slowly, “You dare to lie to me in this building? I know why you are wearing that. Do you think I was born yesterday?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking abou—“ Before she could finish her sentence, Father Harry wrapped his thick fingers around her wrist and pulled her into the small enclosure of the confessionals. She let out a gasp, nearly tripping over her feet as he pushed her against the hollow wall.
“Father!” She scolded lightly, quietly, a chuckle following after, but he had a deadpanned expression across his face. His fingers wrapped around the bare skin of her thigh, clutching it tight enough that it left imprints.
“You knew what you were doing…” His breath hit the shell of her ear, her eyes fluttering closed as he started to leave open mouthed kisses behind her ear and down her neck slowly, while his tongue lapped up her salty skin, “Coming in here dressed like that…”
“Fuck,” She cursed under her breath, wrapping one arm around his neck while his fingers found their way under her skirt and pressed a flat palm against her core, “G-God…”
A dark chuckle surpassed his lips, using the strength in his forearm to palm her pussy hard, just the way he knows she likes it. She spread her legs further open, anchoring her hips down onto his palm as her mouth fell open with moans spilling from them.
He fell to his knees, parting her thighs as his lips kissed up her soft skin over and over again. His grown out stubble prodded her thighs, it felt almost like rug burn, but it felt so good. She didn't care that it left marks on her skin while his tongue lapped up her skin towards her pussy.
She inhaled harshly, watching him as his head disappeared from the underside of her skirt and felt his tongue lap over her clothed pussy where her clit was. Holding her breath, she grabbed his mess of curls as she anchored her hips down for more pressure while his tongue flicked and lapped over her clit, making her thighs shake.
It only lasted moments, one that she wished lasted longer, before Father Harry pulled from her and kissed her thigh once more before standing up to tower back over her, placing a hand against the wall of the confessional to lock her where she stood. She whimpered as he closed in on her.
“You know I cannot resist you,” Father Harry’s voice breathed harshly against her soft skin, biting down on her collarbone as his cock began to shift in the coarse part of his pants, making it impossible for his cock to even breathe, “Know you’re my favorite angel, my favorite pet…”
“Father, not in the church—“ She played innocent, puppy eyes on display for him, though that just made him smirk. A low growl escaped him, fastening his palm onto her clit harder.
“Don’t act like this isn’t what you planned,” He chuckled, cupping the underside of her jaw carefully as he looked down at her darkly, "But I will play along, would you like that?"
She blinked hard, giving him a short nod while biting back her smile.
Father Harry hummed softly, letting go of her jaw as his fingers feathered down her arm, "This will be our little secret, hm? Creating such a sinful act in church..." He grabbed her hand and placed it onto his firm cock, feeling it twitch under her grip as she started to massage it slowly, "Don't tell anyone, my angel..."
"I--I won't..." She grunted while massaging his cock through his coarse pants, her other hand grabbing him by his collar as she pulled him impossibly closer before clashing her lips against his.
Harry moaned against her lips, parting his lips to take hers into his mouth. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth, tongue lapping around it while his teeth nibbled on it as she whined from under him. The closeness of their bodies adding onto the small confessionals made their bodies burn up, mixing that with pleasure, they were nearly sweating from their actions.
He moved her to the side, finding himself sitting down onto the wooden chair as he worked his pants down his thighs, his cock springing out from his briefs, showing how reddened and wet it was with arousal and precum.
"Knees. Now." He demanded, wrapping his hand around his cock as he started to jerk it slowly. She gulped, getting down onto her knees like the good girl she was and looked up at him with those bold eyes of hers. His toned thighs twitched, flexing as he kicked his legs out for comfort, nodding his head down to his cock.
"Suck my cock." Father Harry's voice was deep and raspy, making her head swim just from hearing him. Her pussy was throbbing, feeling her arousal pool in her underwear while her clit begged for attention. She knew she was going to get the attention, but it wasn't soon enough.
"Yes, sir." She nodded as she lifted herself to align with his cock, Harry watched as her plush lips fell open, training his eyes as his cock slid past them and disappeared into her mouth. A gravely moan rutted through his throat, jaw slack as he tilted his head back.
She hollowed her cheeks, creating a tight fit around his cock as her head bobbed up and down. Her tongue lapped underneath, feeling the veins that throbbed against her palette, while his pubes tickled at her chin. Taking a deep breath in, she pushed all the way down until his cock hit the back of her throat.
"Oh my fucking Christ," Harry moaned out loudly, finding his thick fingers interlock with her hair and kept her head there, the tip of his cock leaking down the back of her throat, "Good little angel, fuckin' hell."
He had to refrain from fucking her throat, he really had to. It took him everything not to thrust his hips up and bust in her mouth, even if his hips had twitched upwards involuntarily. A shaky breath left him, swallowing thickly as he trained his eyes down on her. With the grip he had on her hair, he lifted her head up on his cock and then pushed it back down as if she was some kind of human flesh light. Some toy he could use.
"Lucky I don't bust inside of you right now," He taunted heavily, tongue lapping over his dry lips as her mouth created a suffocating warmth around him. Harry could feel her spit pool down into his mess of pubes and his balls.
After a few moments of using her mouth to fuck his cock, he pulled her off, his cock falling back onto his clothed stomach. He let out a huff, feeling a thin layer of sweat on his forehead.
Her cheeks were flushed, lips pretty and swollen from the actions as she gazed up at him while biting her lip. He placed a thumb under her jaw, pulling her up to him then smashed his lips against her. His arms wrapped around her bottom, hands taking her ass into his palm roughly as he squeezed it harshly, forcing her onto his lap.
"C'mere," He breathed against her lips harshly, pushing her hair out of her face as he helped her onto his lap, "Tell me what you want, honey. Use your words," Harry grumbled, moving his mouth to kiss her neck sloppily, "Tell me, I'll do anything...do anything f'you, my sweet angel."
His hands worked on unbuttoning her blouse, showing the black lace bra underneath it, "Father Harry...please..." She whispered softly, watching as his fingers hooked around the front side of her bra and pulled it down causing her breasts to spill out of it.
"Words, use your words."
Her heart was hammering, feeling suffocated in this small space, but she loved it. The adrenaline of someone walking in and catching them made her even more excited. Squeezing her eyes shut, she pressed her forehead against the mop of brown curls of his. Harry cupped one of her breasts, wrapping his lips around her erect nipple and sucked on it viciously while squeezing her tit hard.
"Fuck me," She dared to rasp, "Fuck me like I've been bad, like--like I need to be taught a lesson."
A moan ripped from his throat, a smirk etching on his face. One of his hands that was still on her ass, squeezed it harder than before then slapped it over her skirt. She gasped, shaking under his touch. He grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up her waist to expose her lace panties.
"Sit on my cock," He said as his fingers hooked her panties and moved them to the side while using his thumb to prod at her swollen clit, running it over her rubbery flesh teasingly in small circles. Her thighs cleaned out, letting out a loud moan as she lowered herself quicker. She needed release and Father Harry was going to be the only one that was going to give her that.
"I need you," She whispered into his ear, following a hot breath as his lined the tip of his cock against her entrance and teased it back and forth, his jaw clenched tightly as how wet she was getting his tip already. She was fucking soaked. "Please fuck me, Father, I need it so badly, really need you."
"I know, angel," He strained out, peppering kisses around her breast as he lowered her bottom down. Her pussy slid down onto his cock easily, immediately soaking every part of him, and she hissed at how full he was making her, leaving no room for her to feel empty, "I need you too. More than you know. I love your tight pussy."
And with that, Harry thrusted his hips up to bottom out into her. A loud moan cried from her, grabbing his shoulders in a death grip. His brows furrowed, growling at the warmth she brought him before slapping a hand over her mouth.
"Shut your little mouth and take my cock," He demanded as his fingers pinched down onto her lips softly. With his feet planted flat and firm onto the ground, he leaned her backwards so her back was pressed against the confessional door at an angle that he could fuck into her like the whore she was.
She stared at the cross necklace that dangled over her head, eyes rolling to the back of her head as she extended her leg to wrap around his waist and pull him closer to her to lock him in. Harry looked down at the necklace, a smirk spread across his face as he grabbed it and placed a soft kiss to it then let it dangle.
"You're such a minx, y'know that?" He muttered against her skin, licking a stripe up her neck, "You love the unholy act of this, hm? My angel, secretly a little demon,"
She couldn't help but agree because it was so fucking true. She loved it. It turned her on more than anything.
He started to fuck into her hard and fast, he couldn't take it any longer. He needed to get off in her. Mark her as his. Just like he always wanted to. His veiny cock felt her walls pulse and clench around him while he thrusted in and out, her arousal spilling down to his balls with easy thrust.
It was hard for her not to cry out, her moans were muffled and tears welled at the corners of her eyes from the euphoria she had felt. This was her favorite way for him to fuck her. She couldn't deny how hot he looked, how desperate he looked around her, it was enough to send her over the edge.
Her beautiful breasts shook with each thrust, the way her stomach did just the same, her curves fit perfectly in his hands. Harry loved every ounce of her, every bit, every piece.
"Make me crazy, so crazy," He breathed desperately to her, clashing his lips against hers once more to taste her. The minute his hand left her mouth, she was letting out loud moans against his lips, and he was eating every single bit of it. He was fucking her so hard, even the confessionals felt like it was going to tip over from her body weight being pushed against the door.
"Taking my cock like a good girl," He praised, cupping her breast once more while his other hand traveled down to rub her clit, "Love testing me, teasing me--" Harry whined out, burrowing his cock deeper inside of her, watching her face contort and move, her desperate whines sounded like heavenly angels, "Just want me to fuck your pussy, don't you?"
"Nngghh--yes, yes," She pleaded with tears in her eyes as she grabbed his collar, jaw slack and hanging open as the tip of his cock brushed against her g-spot, feeling her clit starting to burn from the friction, that familiar feeling in her stomach rumbling, "Fuck me, Father Harry! F-fuck, I'm gonna c-cum, p-please don't stop!"
"Fuck yeah you are, Jesus," Harry slammed a flat palm against the wall of the confessional, working his cock deeper into her as he felt himself get pushed over the edge with her moans, a loud moan ripping through his throat as she coated his cock in her cum causing him to cum thick, hot ropes deep into her, "Fuuuck yeah, oh my god, angel! Angel, fuckin' hell!"
"F-feels so good! Your cock is so good, k-keep it g-going!" She begged and pleaded through the thick air, sloppily kissing his lips, even their tongues didn't know where to go, they were messily tracing against each other, flicking and licking as they both rode their orgasms out together.
After they came down from their high, they were both sitting on the floor of the confessionals, sweaty and fucked out of their minds while holding each other and giving loving kisses to one another. Harry felt his chest constrict from the actions, his fingers stroking up and down her arm for comfort.
"Mmm..." He hummed lazily.
She stared down at the cross necklace that wrapped around his neck, carefully scooping it with her two fingers before leaning forward and placing a kiss to the cross then looking up at his baffled expression.
"Everything feels so holy with you," She whispered to him softly, nudging his nose with hers, "Even when they aren't."
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Harry I didn’t leak the album Styles at One Night Only NY.
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you got me cursing the daylight
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kiwikiwiandkiwi · 10 months
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Harry Styles (2017) • Fine Line (2019) • Harry’s House (2022)
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mulledcherrywine · 1 month
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summary: after a week of award shows, you help Harry get back into the swing of things
a/n: THANK UUU for the love on the Brits fic 🤭🫶
It was Monday, and you’d made a promise to yourself you’d actually get up today and get out to the yoga classes you signed up for ages ago. Harry was always getting up and out to pilates, running and HIIT workouts and you were inspired to do the same.
Most of the time, when you were actually feeling up to it, you just followed along with Harry to wherever he was going, making it easier to go to a super busy class.
Strangely though, this morning, he wasn’t up when you were. By 8am, he was usually already back and making coffee in the kitchen. Today, he was slumped on his stomach dead asleep, still in bed.
You gently padded over to the edge of the bed, moving a tiny piece of his hair out of his face to see his eyes.
“H?” you whispered, “you okay?”
He hummed in response, the tip of his nose twitching slightly.
He let out a large breath before turning over onto his back.
“m’exausted” he breathed, turning over to you. His eyes scanned over you, “Oh, y’look nice, baby. Going out?”
He shifted slightly to check the time on the bedside.
“About to go to yoga, yeah. Why don’t you come? Just to relax”
“I think if I try and move out of here right now i’ll just get more tired n’i’ll just fall back asleep”
“Mm I know, you had a long week,” you hummed, brushing his hair back again, “might make you feel better? I’ll even get your clothes for you if you want”
He breathed out softly, looking at you again.
“Y’not gonna go unless I do, are ya?” he said, eyes half closed and small languid smile forming on his face.
“We can get brunch after!”
“Alright, alright, m’up!” He said, getting up loosely from the bed.
You helped him straighten out. His eyes were heavier than usual, but you knew once you were out of the house you’d both be up and going just as normal.
“Y’know m’just going to stare at you the entire time,” he said, going to get dressed, “if I can stay awake”
“You will, H. Then after we can get food and then come home and sleep for the rest of the day, promise.”
He came back in the room in a navy blue set, his green tote bag slung over his shoulder.
“Like the sound of that,” he hummed, kissing the top of your head, “i’ll drive?”
“Will you keep your eyes open?” you laughed, hands around his waist.
“M’not that tired!” he protested, grabbing his keys out his pockets, “c’mon, i’ll prove it.”
You leaned into his side and left for the class, proud of your success in finally getting him out of bed.
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Harry Styles on The Howard Stern Show
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Age Gap
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CEO Harry
CEO Harry series
Enemies to Lovers
Eros ( Starfox)
Famous Reader
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Mafia/Gang Harry
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Random Fics Pt2
Tumblr media
divider by ( @firefly-graphics )
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just a little taste, you know i love you babe! | music for a sushi restaurant x apple 
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Just how fast the night changes…..
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“you don’t have to be sorry for leaving and growing up”
Tumblr media
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Harry Styles
Late Night Talking (2022)
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