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Hiii! I love love loveee your "the Sea Calls" series, and I was just wondering if you could do Hiccup x fem reader where the reader is like Maleficent? Like, Angelina Jolie Maleficent? She's got the same personality as Maleficent, except like, in the MCU you have Hela, right? Like, instead of Hela, it's Mal-reader, but she's not power hungry, so she isn't banished, and is the heir to Asgard and Goddess of Magic? And like, she has her wings, and, while she loves Asgard dearly, she loves flying above Earth (the Moor specifically, where she stays in as much as Asgard) and the fairies tell her about Hiccup, and a couple of weeks later, just as she's about to visit him because of her curiosity, but Hiccup gets to the Moore while trying to discover more dragons (pre-HTTYD 2), and he's awed by the place, and even more awed by her? and Toothless bounds over to her because she has *wings* and *magic*
the sea calls reference <33
Tumblr media
You manage to last about a week at Asgard before you know that you have to leave.
It’s not that you mind the golden palaces, nor the many gods that fill its halls. Far from it, actually- the Asgardians are the last line of people who actually understand you, who are cut from the very same unnatural cloth as you. They are the only people who could possibly understand half the things going through your head.
They are also, admittedly, rather terrible company. The gods have had centuries to partake in small, petty arguments with everyone here; they cut off other immortals one by one until they realize that they have no one left, and even the longest lasting peninsulas have become islands. They make up with everyone, and millennia later, they’ll do it all over again, rejoining old alliances just to break them over petty squabbles.
Right now, you’re briskly departing one of many in a long line of festivals, all put on to celebrate one of Thor’s latest achievements in ridding the worlds of another ungodly beast, or perhaps just engaging in enough bloodlust to target the envy of any other Asgardian. Celebrations like these can last for months, but you don’t know that you can stand the posturing and posing long enough to survive the entirety of it.
From your vantage point, slipping down amongst the stands of trees, you can just make out the forms of Odin’s sons, engaged in various methods of conversation. Thor is boasting loudly to any who will listen about how close he came to risking his neck, how tough the fight became, how deeply the blood of his foes watered the soil.
Loki, on the other hand, seems to be the polar opposite. He wends his way through groups of gods, casually mentioning how he swore one of Thor’s latest acquisitions actually came from Tyr, not him, or how much the golden prince’s stories have changed over the course of several evenings. You can practically imagine a forked tongue slipping out over his lips, dropping poison in the ears of those who believe him.
The palaces are beautiful, and you say a fond farewell as you flee their borders, but you cannot say that you are not grateful to go. Asgard is your rightful home, yes, but there is another place that calls your name even more. That is where you must go, now that you’ve successfully freed yourself from the bonds of polite conversation.
It takes some time to find the Moor, even as its guardian. Presently, you discover yourself on the outskirts of a wild forest, its sturdy branches weaving a net to keep out intruders. The tree limbs part when you bid them move, however, and soon enough you’re passing by the natural barricades and into the place itself.
How can one describe the Moor? You could start, perhaps, by rendering it indescribable. As the native goddess of magic, you’ve poured your finest spells into the place, making the roots firm and skies crystalline. It is a garden, a utopia, a paradise few other than you have ever claimed to see. It is home.
Soft wildflowers disappear beneath your feet, melding with the tufts of spring grass to form a pleasant carpet. A line of trees cross your path, branches so laden with fruit that they dip almost to waist height. You pluck one from a flowered bough as you go; no mortal fruit grows in this place, and the sweet tang of your chosen sustenance certainly proves that point.
A gurgling brook splashes by your ankles, the water tall enough to reach your knees, if you dared step inside. It courses through the Moor, as clear as glass, and far more pure than even the proudest church’s holy water.
You could gladly wander this place for days on end, and indeed you have many times before, but you are tired from the past week, so you look instead for a place to rest.
After a while, you find such a place. There’s a hollow on a bank of flowers, under the protective shade of an oak. The grass is warm and dry, and the wild herbs you’ve planted curl protectively towards you when you lie down. A faint breeze caresses your face, and before you know it, you’re fast asleep.
You wake well-rested and well-prepared to face the oncoming day. You take a leisurely pace around the barriers of the Moor, just checking that all seems to be in order. At last, you feel secure in your garden home, and take a seat on a grassy knell to practice a couple spells.
You’ve only been at your task for a few minutes, though, before you start to sense something. The wild rushes bend over with the weight of this whisper, the stones kick up dust from where it flies above them, the flowers bend their petal-soft heads to avoid the blow of it. Someone is coming. Someone is here.
You can hear it too, now. There’s a crunching of feet against dried grass, a murmur of hands against bark. You are no longer alone here, but you don’t know how. No one should be able to pass through the gates of your Eden without your permission, or have some way of breaking the spells. You can tell that the integrity of your protective enchantments is still intact, yet the intruder is here, and in fact, drawing closer.
Soon enough, a figure bursts into your clearing, charging towards you in a shower of tossed dandelion heads and uprooted grass stems. You startle, but remain seated when you realize that this figure is not a warrior, nor an enemy, but a dragon.
The dragon gambols towards you, sparing a few moments to appreciate a cloud of errant flower fairies who scatter at his arrival. The dragon is also followed in by a young man, one clad in dark leather armor who looks immediately chagrined at the fact that his dragon is disturbing you.
Then the young man really looks at you, realizing that something isn’t quite right. In all fairness, you do make quite the sight. You, half-draped in residual magic from your spells, one hand on his dragon’s head, alone in this garden and away from all of the mortal lands.
The young man swallows hard. “Uh, sorry about the dragon. He gets over excited sometimes.”
This last bit inflects his tone with chastisement, as if he fully expects the dragon to understand what he’s saying and respond in turn. It actually somewhat works, too, and the dragon sadly tilts his head towards the ground in remonstration.
You can’t help a grin. “It’s no problem at all. I would like to know, however, how you were able to enter the Moor. I did not let you in, yet you are here.”
The young man scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. “Right. I’m Hiccup, this is Toothless, and we stumbled here through a portal. We’re trying to find more dragons, you know.”
You nod solemnly. “As one does.”
Hiccup squints at you, as if he’s trying to tell whether or not you’re making fun of him. You’re fairly sure that you are, and he evidently concludes the same.
“So, do you have dragons? All I’m really seeing are dryads and the occasional water nymph.”
You gesture towards a path leading away deeper into the forest. You happen to know that it will cross rocky glens and empty hollows until culminating in a dark chain of caves. The caverns house crystals and gems so fantastic that a single one could purchase an entire kingdom. In addition, they also are home to scores of dragons, many of them older than the earth itself.
Any mortal should be called to follow the path, either for personal gain or glory. Hiccup’s head turns towards its mouth, and he considers it, but he glances back at you just as quickly.
“Actually, I think I’ll wait on that.”
You look at him curiously. “Don’t you want to get your dragons? I’ve never met a mortal who’d wait on achieving his grand dreams of glory.”
Hiccup grins. “Well, you’ve met one now. I happen to like talking to people, and my grand dreams of glory aren’t all that important. I doubt all the dragons are going to get up and fly away in the ten minutes I spend getting to know you.”
You decide that you like this boy, with his genuine eagerness. He outpaces the other Asgardians with ease.
“Well then, Hiccup, what do you want to talk about? Secrets of the universe? Impossibilities that have yet to be discovered?”
Hiccup takes a seat on a low, flat rock a few paces away from you. “I’m going to start with your name. I’d like to know that.”
“Y/N,” you offer, “Y/N L/N. Will that be all?”
Hiccup pretends to think this through. “Not in the slightest. Why is it that Y/N L/N and Y/N L/N alone would be in a place such as this? Surely more people would have found it by now.”
You shrug. “The Moor is difficult to find without purpose. You cannot make your way inside unless you have permission, or you cheat by following a portal.”
Hiccup laughs shamelessly. “I’m beginning to think that you might not approve of my being here.”
You feel a sudden rush to correct his opinion of you, and although you’re not sure why, it seems as important as any Asgardian business.
“I do approve of you being here, I’m just surprised, that’s all. I’m not usually in the habit of speaking to strangers.”
Hiccup leans forward, a knowing gleam in his eye. “I’m glad that I’m the exception.”
You nod. “As am I.”
This seems to please him, as the corners of his mouth twist up in a surprised smile. “I didn’t know goddesses complimented humans. I thought most of them just ignored us.”
You lift a shoulder. “I suppose that makes me an exception as well.”
Hiccup considers this, then stands and extends a hand to you. “I don’t know my way around this place as well as you do. Would you be available to help me find my way?”
You stare at him a moment, then smile and take his hand, rising to your feet. “I’d like nothing more.”
Hiccup allows himself to hesitate here for a moment, his hand wrapped around yours and your bodies just a hair closer than most would deem proper, then releases you. You miss his touch the second it is gone, but you don’t have time to contemplate what this all means, because he’s already striding away from you and into the undergrowth.
Hiccup turns back briefly, as if he can sense that you are still frozen in place.
“Well?” He asks. “Are we to go or not?”
At last, you allow yourself to smile and begin your own journey. “I think we will. Let’s go find some dragons.”
The sun is shining blithely on the two of you, the path to certain adventure lies ahead, and you have a charming boy at your side. Life has never seemed so sweet.
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made a gif :))
Houston, TX
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Dreams do come true! So grateful for this experience! Phenomenal show and to be able to catch her grace in her hometown.. ugh such a treat!
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DJ Screw selling screwtapes from behind burglar bars
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Tifa Lockhart cosplay at Tokyo Nights Festival in Houston, TX.
📸: Danny B
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In HTOWN we ride swangas
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Beyoncé sends a congratulatory message to her hometown church to celebrate their 30th anniversary!😍
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Screwston Tx, thanks for the love! I’ll be back to visit soon!🔩💜
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