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This weather sure is looking up, huh. The flowers and birds are starting to come out.
We should make plans to do something now that the weather isnt so gloomy
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Bring back the old ways throwing bricks at people who keep pushing us into a corner
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abortion is a human right
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Sometimes you have to say what you mean, and I mean this: kids should have rights. Should not be raped by their pastors or parents or uncles and have no recourse at all. Should have support external to the family; and privacy, even. Are not property. Should not be nameless, or stateless, or forced into marriage, or shot in homeroom, or denied vaccination against measles and rubella. Children should have rights, even when—especially when—their best interests supersede the desires of their parents. I do believe we have a collective responsibility to ensure that, though we may be the only country in the world that disagrees
Talia Lavin at The Sword and the Sandwich. On the Rights of the Child, Part I
As of this writing, every U.N. member state has ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child but one: the United States.
Convention on the Rights of the Child
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I love that on tumblr dot com, I’ll see people scream about “dismantling oppression” or “giving it to the man” or “you’re not immune to propaganda” or everyone’s favorite of “no ethical consumption under capitalism”, like y’all are about to start an anarchist-socialist movement.
But as soon as any thought or words are associated to specifically animal agriculture, these same people will do a 180 spin and start licking this massive, wealthy, dominating conglomerate’s boots and screeching lies.
If you can’t even think critically about why this is abhorrent and hypocritical behavior (and can’t be damned to examine how or if you can alter your own lifestyle to match what you supposedly say or believe), then how the fuck am I supposed to trust that you want to change anything?
How am I, or any good faith person practicing veganism, supposed to believe any of you are ready to make real change if you can’t even lessen how many burgers you fucking eat?
You people aren’t ready to do shit if all you can do is talk the talk but won’t walk the walk.
(And before anyone freaks out, veganism is literally about minimizing your usage of animals **as far as is practical and possible for your individual situation**. I won’t be responding to anyone about this because it’s just bad faith at this point, and I am done coddling people.)
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Disagreeing with someone is a matter of whether pineapple should go on pizza, not when it comes to them being a Nazi.
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Ok guys, things are going BAD AND WORST EVERYDAY
Yesterday, on Saturday 26 of March, 2023, what we can call a civil war happened in Sainte-Soline, Deux-Sèvres, France.
A freaking good exemple of "what is legal is not necessarily legit".
Here, from the French human right ligue :
"We noted several cases of obstruction by the forces of law and order to the intervention of the emergency services, both ambulance and fire brigade."
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Green activist were having a congress about ecology and how to build a virtuous agricultural model that respects people and biodiversity.
The project :
Build 16 mega-basin, the biggest one having a 720 billions litres capacity (720 000 000 l.) on 16 hectares of land, with 8 meters high embankment.
The water to fill those basins will be pomp in groundwaters(into the grounds or rivers),it will NOT be rainwater.
This water will be use to irrigate CORN, which don't naturally grow in this part of the world.
This corn will be grown to be exported, or make biogaz, but not to feed animals and humans.
Only 12 farms will benefit of it.
FRENCH PEOPLE are paying for it : since access to water is ALL PUBLIC SERVICE here, and the state is spending 60 billions euros for that, but is NOT the owner of the farms, the state will NEVER have its money back and the French people will never eat that corn.
ON TOP OF THAT most of the country is facing an historical WINTER DROUGHT.
So green activist, farmers and elected greens gathered on the site to protest, despite the prefecture's ban, because our planet cannot wait any longer and water should be a shared good and not for just some farmers. Anyway, our beloved (no) Minister of Home Affairs have been speaking of "how violent it will be" there, despite the ban, speaking of "1000 violents protestors awaited".
What happened :
The prefecture banned every gathering for the weekend, fearing violence as it happened in Notre-Dame-Des-Landes
People came anyway, because ecology is our best chance to survive, moreover after the last GIEC report
3000 policemen (civil) and gendarmes (military) have been sent to guard the construction site.
As you might have understood, things went bad, like REALLY bad.
4.000 grenades thrown by the state's force
3 gendarmes' véhicules burnt.
200 protestors hurt, 28 gendarmes, 5 persons in a life-threatening condition (2 protestors, 3 gendarmes)
Ambulances kept away from the field from the military, despite the injured people needing immediate medical attention.
👇This thread will show you what happened
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And now what ?
Well, protests happen EVERYDAY in France. Considering that :
how violent this protest have been,
how fast is our beloved (still no) Minister of Home Affairs to blame far-left and black blocks for every violence during protest
How he used tiredness to justify the violence of the police
How he considers undeclared protestation illegal WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE
Protests will take place all over the French territory next Tuesday
We already know that there wil be MORE policemen and gendarmes around the protests
Please PLEASE, fellow French protestors, TAKE CARE, even more if one of sainte-soline's protestor or gendarme dies by then.
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How American Evangelicalism Shaped Ghana's Anti-Gay Movement — The Dial
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Know a distraction when you see one.
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the onion going hard in its landing page layout again...
i felt this in my soul:
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Scotland and the UK
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Stole this from a friend with permission
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