#i always love seeing ur art!!
savrr · 5 months
Tumblr media
Arjuna . Dhanañjaya (धनञ्जय) – one who conquered wealth and gold .
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nbaffy · 9 months
Hii! I just wanna say i fricking love your jttw art so much!! And since your requests are open I was wondering if you could draw a pilgrim gang group hug 👉👈 or you can choose to draw SWK hugging one of the pilgrims heehee
This made me realize just how much i needed to see them all hug it out 
Tumblr media
So here's big brother swk being proud of his younger brothers! Probably after fighting a water demon or protecting tsz while he was away 
Tumblr media
And also swk and tang seng, aka what I wish happened at the end of the baigujing arc
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crescentfool · 3 months
Tumblr media
souyo x splatoon!
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usurper-clay · 5 months
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(knocks on door) Ser ? its time to get back on our skelly armor agenda-
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startistdoodles · 2 months
Thank you guys for all the love and support over my work lately btw 😭 its such a joy to share my lil stories and ideas with yall, and to hear positive feedback and see how my ideas/headcanons have inspired so many of you makes me feel all giddy inside 💖💕 so thank you aaaa 🥺💖
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buggygerm · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
saw him in a little. fumpking sweater in this post from @t4tails and had to draw him instantly.
also featuring @tsaikonautz baby tails colors bc that palette scratches my brain just right
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trans-metalsonic · 4 months
Tumblr media
sitting, thinking. what is he thinking of i wonder? >:3c
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homecomingvn · 3 months
Yet another tik tok meme bc I have permanent Henry brainrot.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can't take Henry anywhere smh. Should have gone with Sandy, at least she knows how to behave!
(also I know it means like a restaurant restaurant but I literally couldn't get this out of my head -)
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aquaquadrant · 1 month
I have a question about darkness exists to make light truly count. How come the fanfic I locked to ao3 users only?
ah yeah, that was a recent change because there was evidence that popular AI bots were scanning writing share sites like A03 in order to get better at fake writing. i don’t want my writing, that i spend a lot of time and energy on, to be used by AI to spit out automated responses to prompts. so i locked all my A03 fics to be user only (hopefully preventing any bots from having access, though i’m sure that’s not 100% foolproof).
i’m not sure what the current situation is, i’ve heard the A03 legal team was aware of the problem and working on a solution but until i know for sure, i’d rather be safe than sorry. i do apologize for the inconvenience, i’m not happy about it either (traffic and comments on my A03 took a sharp dive as expected) but it’s gonna stay that way until i know for sure my writing won’t be stolen by AI. god help us if AI starts farming from tumblr (luckily our reputation isn’t that of a writing site).
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einsatzzz · 2 months
Tumblr media
Kurumi & Lambo are playing around during after-school hours but then, a series of idiotic and unfortunate events led to a malfunctioning 10-year bazooka finding its way to the Disciplinary Committee Leader, Hibari. Apparently, he switched places with his past self. (This takes place during Daily Life Arc)
This was inspired from @social-muffin's suggestion! It was only supposed to be the rkgk above but then it went out of control and now I made some comic out of it 👁️👄👁️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's been a while since I made long comic like this and I didn't really have it planned when I started drawing it so I just went with whatever *looks* like it would be ok.
For this one, I did plan on making Kana & Younger!Hibari's dynamic into something similar to a common trope in manhwa: Emotionally Constipated Cold Father (Kana) & Traumatized/Neglected Affection-starved Daughter (Younger!Hibari) 🤣🤣🤣 Then after some development, the father is now somehow super overprotective of the daughter 😆😆
I already have an ending that I can imagine for this scenario, but I'm still considering if I should draw a next part eventually 🫡🫡
(Tagging you just in case I pass out from being tired after posting this @amiahoshi)
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numum · 7 months
since twitter is busy shitting itself i guess i’ll have to start posting here more often bc if i’m not sufficiently annoying i’ll die
#numtalk#is my tag for text posts jsyk lol#in case I’m too annoying for ur tastes :T i guess :T#i wish tumblr would let you make certain tags into ‘tabs’ on ur blog like twitter’s media tab#ppl are so afraid to reblog things + make text posts and generally be social on here bc#it makes your blog look ‘messy’#bc they’re not used to the tagging system ig#but u Def will gain more followers if your blog looks ‘cleaner’ bc ppl aren’t always gonna click the tag links in ur desc#the more clicks ppl have to click to see your art#the less ppl are gonna see your art#so it would be nice if we could have a gallery tab/tabs dedicated to certain tags baked into the app#anyways I’m super bummed abt twitter. gaining a decent following over there has been achingly slow#and i JUST started doing rlly well and growing pretty rapidly#so that’s demotivating as hell lol#i really love tumblr though. i enjoy how interactive twitter is but tumblr is super interactive in its own way#like. you can’t really engage in reply chains like on twitter bc reblog chains are more intrusive and messy#twitter reply chains are nice bc they condense themselves and don’t clutter ur entire profile bc the media tab exists#but i get FAR more comments on my art than i ever have anywhere else simply bc of the tagging system#being able to leave comments that are super unobtrusive makes ppl feel way more inclined to comment#leaving a reply/comment on any other website feels like walking up to somebody and saying hello#but leaving comments in the tags feels more like talking to urself/whispering#so there’s less Pressure if that makes sense#ANYWAY#fuck elon musk#i’ll miss twitter a lot if it really goes down but I’ve been on tumblr for a literal decade#so i guess i’ll survive lol
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omori-sv-au · 5 months
Tumblr media
Tried a combination of brushes idk how I feel about it also this is like a daily thing now I love to draw fanart of your characters help
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alienssstufff · 5 months
aaaaaaaaaaa i love your art so much!!!!!!! it's so interesting to look at, so many details!!! looking at it always feels like a little adventure in the forest when you find cool rocks, feathers, mushrooms and other tiny secrets on your way
Tumblr media
SDDGVASDKHASF ????? THANK YOU ?1 devil in the details favourite part of artmaking eye do my best wwwgwwh
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ladybugboots · 7 months
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inkykeiji · 8 days
Totally mundane and nobody else but me cares but when Touya-nii and reader go out to eat at restaurants does he sit across from her like a normal person or does he sit next to her because she’s easier to touch that way and touch is one of his love languages.
And I pinky promise I’m working on that project, I just moved so it’s taking me way longer to make any reasonable headway worth showing! But the very first one is gonna be him in his plaid PJs >:3
i actually love this question so much HAHAHA omg like if he can he absolutely sits directly beside her like a psychopath, thigh slotted up against her own and hip pressed firm and flush to hers, with an arm twined tightly around her waist, palm resting on her other hip. this will usually happen if they’re eating somewhere with a booth, which he will always automatically demand request (and he obv doesn’t take no for an answer—oh, there’s none available at this current moment? that’s okay, they’ll wait until one becomes free). if the restaurant has no booths and it’s only like tables n chairs then he’ll sit across from her with their ankles tangled together beneath the table, so tight and close that their knees bump together, and the fingers of their free hands knotted and resting across the surface as they eat <3
omg please take your time!!! i swear to you there’s absolutely no rush or obligation so please don’t feel pressured or stressed <3 take as long as you need!!! i hope the move went smoothly hehe c: OOOOH that’s so fun i love it!!! i’m so excited to see!! <33
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dahldahlbills · 7 months
Tumblr media
adam sandler yuuji for @mothcryptids happy belated birthday ^_^
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