#i cant even swim
mewochy · 25 days
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its been a day and i already want to go back to vacation
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4thenookie · 2 months
Tumblr media
do people require blood warnings on tumblr??
anyway this was an entry for a merfolk challenge on amino and im stupid happy with this
I made him into a longnose lancetfish because they are cannibals lol
I could ramble but im not going to
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fishybehavior · 2 years
Does Garm ever try to use Jay as leverage? Honestly I feel like he'd get attached to this random kid he stole-
oo O p
My question would be purposefully stolen or accidentally??
Morro: you took my brother!
Garm: who?
Morro: you- you stole my brother. Him. Right there?!?!
Garm: Oh him? Saw him having a anxiety attack so I took him in
Morro: . . . huh?
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thedisablednaturalist · 2 months
People who are worried they aren't helping with climate change or any other big world problem bc they do something like make video games or art or are a cashier at a grocery store:
You are helping. You are making the art that helps me, an environmentalist actively working to restore biodiversity and ecosystems, get through each day. You are helping those of us on the front lines enjoy living or take a well-needed break. The person loading my groceries into my car is making it so I can eat that week and have enough energy to do my work. If you want to do more, you can volunteer, donate, and boost the voices of local community leaders working to protect and restore the local ecosystems, but don't feel bad if you can't. We are all in this together.
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sleepybradipo · 4 months
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And old drawing of Reggie inspired by crimson rivers.
Procreate crashed a billion times while drawing this…
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jinmalos · 8 months
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they're borrowing each other's fits! taion might feel a bit too nude, though....
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tacagen · 2 months
can we fucking talk about how silver age thawne almost drowned once not only by being overconfident about his speedster experience and skills but by NOT NOTICING THE MOTHERFUCKING BRIDGE ON HIS RIGHT???
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seedlessmuffins · 3 months
ahhhhh >:(
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renchanters · 3 months
you know what would fix me. some antibiotics. too bad i’m at the fucking Lake Of The Ozarks right now
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doodlerh · 1 year
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artfight part 9!!! almost done!!! im not ready to let this go screaming sobbing
[ChuChuTrain’s Valeur and Verity, largeonions’s Cepa, huasira’s jin araya and five]
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levbolton · 3 months
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peitalo · 1 year
oh the way that fish go around the world……... swimming in water and whatever the fuck….
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crimeronan · 5 months
my doc has reached the limit of what she can do before i see a rheumatologist and the rheumatology office refuses to call me back and my hands are getting more progressively fucked up in a way that's concerning me even more than the other progressive major organ symptoms :/ girl i almost exclusively communicate thru typing not just online but ALSO in real life. I NEED THOSE FINGERS.......??!?!?!!?
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mcnuggyy · 1 year
came up w another c♡c character </3
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edengrown · 7 months
Tumblr media
pLEASE DO NOT DROWN FONTAINE ! or at least wait until she’s gone-
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