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upsidedownwithsteve · 2 months
A message.
I’d like to start by saying once more (due to it being the cause of so many hateful messages) that I support Palestine.
I donate to charities that fund several of the organisations that help and I use my business in the best way I can to give my services for free to fundraisers that also raise money for these causes. Shy of showing you my personal bank statements and private emails between myself and my clients, I don’t have any ways of showing this on tumblr.
I have several social media platforms, I have a business that I run, I have friends and family I talk to, I have an entire life off of this website. I choose to use tumblr to post my writing and for the most part, it’s become a really important space for me. Writing is one of the few things I truly do for myself. I enjoy it immensely and it can really bring me a lot of peace.
I choose not to blog anything other my writing, other people’s writing and general fandom related things on my blog because I like to keep it as that small space for myself and one of the things I love most. I understand wholly that that is a privilege in itself and I will not shy away from that fact.
However, I will not condone being hunted for the choices I make. For the vast majority of you, I am a stranger online and no one, absolutely no one, knows what I do off of this website. I won’t allow anyone to judge me on what they don’t see and don’t understand.
The size of my following was not a choice I made, it was not something I deliberately aimed for and it was not something I tried hard to make sure I achieved. It wasn’t the goal of this blog. I don’t deem myself capable of “influencing” anyone in anyway. I’m a fanfiction writer. I’m not a politician, I don’t claim to be the most educated person on political and worldwide matters. I simply would like to believe that everyone tries to help in anyway they can. I know not everyone has the financial means to donate and instead they choose to raise awareness in other ways - that’s absolutely okay.
But I - and others - do not have to follow the rule book someone else deemed law. You see, I gave my views and reasons and it wasn’t good enough. And now, if I chose to reblog certain things, I’m pretty sure I’d be dragged for being performative, or “back tracking.” I fear that with some people, who like to hide behind an anonymous button, I cannot win. Despite an argument revolving around real life issues, I think I can safely say it came across as a very personal attack.
As other people have mentioned before, I also don’t enjoy the idea of writing smut and happy ever after’s about our favourite fictional men and then reblogging the death of others in real life straight after. I know that’s the world right now. I’m aware. I read articles, I watch the news, I follow accounts on Twitter, on Instagram and I try and keep myself as up to date and as educated as possible. I just don’t show that on this one platform.
As many of you know, I do run my own business. I’m also five months pregnant. I’m definitely experiencing more stress than I usually do. I’m very happy and enjoying my pregnancy immensely but I struggled with sickness and tiredness for the majority of it so far. Whats to come in the next four months and beyond fills me with excitement and anxiety and nerves. Coming onto tumblr and writing about fiction is a little reprieve from that - again, a privilege I am so aware of.
But I won’t be tolerating any more hateful messages, I won’t be arguing with anyone. I’m not lowering myself to it. You can talk about me passively aggressively, you can choose to hate me, that’s fine. I’m happy blocking people and moving on. Anons will be off indefinitely, it’s been proven that too many people are willing to hide behind them. After the messages regarding myself and my unborn child, quite frankly, there’s not a lot of trust left when it comes to knowing how far people will sink.
I’ve said all I’d like to say on the matter, I’ve told people where I stand, my views on the genocide that is occurring, what I’m able to do about it in my personal life and why I choose to keep this particular space the way I do.
I hope everyone can try to understand and respect that. If you don’t, that’s fine, that’s your prerogative. I don’t go out of my way to challenge, or police, or demand things from people I do not know. I hope that no one thinks that they have the right to do that to myself and others. I’m under no obligation to follow someone else’s rules.
I don’t know what the future holds for this blog, pregnancy and real life is very much taking priority over writing at the moment, but I do like to try when I can. I can’t lie either, the messages and their content that I received really left me feeling dejected and frustrated, this fandom really has turned into something rather poisonous. I’d like to be able to rise above it and in the mean time, even if I’m not always present, I’d like people to be able to access the stories I worked really hard on.
Thank you for reading,
Emmy 🧡
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mvrtaiswriting · 10 months
Omg hi. First of all, congrats on hitting 1k followers! That’s amazing 😍😍 your writing is really great, so it’s definitely deserved!
I would love to participate in your 1000 follower event :3 with the prompt “stop squirming.” character: zoro/ace please 🤭
If that prompt has already been picked then lemme know and I’ll choose another one 👀
This event is really cool btw ❤️ I hope you get lots of participants and your blog grows even more! Take care :D
Ace x Prompt 1 (taking care of a lover's injury) - "stop squirming."
Tumblr media
hii my dear <3 thanks for the support, I truly adore you!! i just knew you were doing when you chose Ace... how could I not pick him?!! HE IS MY BABY😭 also this is very shot but i hope it meets your expectations! i enjoyed writing it so much so thank you again for trusting me with this!
gender neutral reader | mention of needles | fluff | 559 words.
reblogs, likes, and comments are appreciated ♡ if you enjoy my works, click here to read more or buy me a coffee. -> from this event.
“Stop squirming.”
You scolded him, pressing the cotton pad against his wound.
"It burns."
Ace pouted, hissing as the rubbing alcohol touched the exposed flesh on his arm.
"Should be used to it."
You remarked sarcastically, sighing at his reaction and continuing your medication. Ace clicked his tongue in annoyance, trying to stay as still as possible as you stitched up his deep cut. He kept quiet as he observed you meticulously sewed him up - he loved the little frown that formed on your face whenever you were concentrating, the delicacy of your hands as you twisted the needle and thread so quickly yet so smoothly, making the whole thing almost painless.
This was your thing - Ace would visit your office almost daily. He had discharged Marco from being his doctor and appointed you instead - and since then, you had to deal with Ace always knocking on your door for the slightest of symptoms. Of course, most of the times you also had to deal with the consequences of his recklessness - always ending up taking care of him and the injuries he covered himself in. At one point, you almost doubted he did it on purpose - how could someone so powerful be so clumsy? How could the Fire Fist always end up with a bad injury even when battling the weakest of his opponents?
Yet, there was something so horribly romantic about spending your afternoons taking care of him. What started as a way to distract him from the pain of medical procedures became an excuse to share your deepest secrets. Laying on your medical bed, he told you about his troublesome childhood and of that time Whitebeard saved his life. And so did you - hiding before your surgical mask, you told him of why you chose to become both a doctor and a pirate. Every band-aid on Ace's skin marked a confession, transforming a consult for a runny nose into knowing each other better, your bodies forced to remain only a few millimetres away from one another. It probably wasn't the most ethical of thoughts for a doctor to have, but you couldn't help but stare at the door of your medical office waiting for Ace to burst in, asking you to fix him up.
"All done. You'll feel like new in a day or two."
You smiled, taking off your gloves. Still observing the bandage applied to his shoulder, you made sure everything was tight enough. You hadn't realised how close Ace was until your lifted your face. His eyes were piercing through yours as he bit his bottom lip, your noses almost brushing against each other.
"Y'know what could make me feel better?" Ace whispered, a cunning smirk slowly forming on his lips. Raising your eyebrow in response, a small laugh escaped your lips. Ace was clever, witty, irresistible - and it had you wrapped around his finger. Letting his hand slip on your cheek, he gently pulled you closer to him - finally pressing your lips against yours. A smirk appeared on Ace's lips once again as you urgently reciprocated the kiss, slowly reaching him on the medical bed he was sitting on. His strong arms were quick to wrap around your body, lifting you up and putting your figure over his.
"Oh, I have an idea or two."
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0asisbliss · 2 months
i saw another blog that did something similar and it warmed my heart!! im a bit shy to ask but could you write for yandere kurapika w a little sister around the same age as killua and gon? the idea of him having someone to dote on just warms my heart 💗💗💗
if you’re not into this type of writing, just feel free to ignore this ask!!!
Little Sis
Parings: PlatonicYan! Kurapika x Fem! Reader
A/n: I loved this idea. I should’ve probably said earlier that write platonic, and romantic Yanderes. Reader also doesn’t use nen.. NOT PROOF READ
Dividers by: cold—carnage bucciniexe
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Tumblr media
Your all the really had left ever since he lost you two lost your clan he’s never let you out of his sight. You thought it was sweet. How much Kurapika kept you by his side.
Over time Kurapika made a couple of friends to your surprise. Because Kurapika seemed very introverted in your opinion. Once he got comfortable enough with them to bring them around you. All four of you hit it off. You thought Leorio’s reason to be a doctor was sweet, and Killua, and Gon’s friendship left you astonished on how fast they grew so closely. Once everyone left you decided you wanted to see your friends again.
“Where are you going?”
“Oh, just to see Hana.” You started walking to the door before Kurapika stops you.
“Don’t you think it’s a little late to be going out?”
“It’s just 5:30? I don’t get how it’s late-.” Your sentence was cut off by Kurapika dragging you back to your room.
“Yep exactly. Too late.”
You just sat there looking dumb. He’s been acting like this for the past week. What’s up with him?
You decided to take your outfit off that you chose to go out with, and put back on your pajamas. You decided since Kurapika was home, which was a rare occasion to spend some time with him.
You found him in the kitchen to your surprise cooking dinner which looked like tacos? He wasn’t really as much of a cook actually, but he tried since he was your older brother he thought that was what he was supposed to do. You walked into the kitchen, and stood beside him. He noticed you beside him, and glanced your way. Signaling to ask you what you might’ve wanted.
“Can I help?” You asked genuinely wanting to help him. You sometimes felt bad for your brother. He never really said much to you about his feelings, but you could tell just by looking at him sometimes that something was eating away at his heart.
“Sure.” He gave a warm smile before handing you a spoon.
Confused you ask him why he gave you a spoon instead of a knife.
“You could cut yourself or worst. It’s just too dangerous.”
You didn’t even argue when Kurapika said things like this he always meant well, but it never really made sense to you. It was always the small things most of the time like handling knifes, cutting paper with scissors, and doing other things with mildly sharp objects.
“What am I supposed to do with this Kurapika?”
“Stir the meat.”
“Okay.” You went over to the stove to find the pot of meat.
After Kurapika was done chopping the meat he offered to do the meat as well but you declined because you wanted to do it. Kurapika doesn’t really like when you do things for him, not in way that it’s just because he doesn’t like the way you do it. He just prefers to do things for you instead of the opposite.
He let you do this because you genuinely wanted to help. He found sweet on how much you wanted to help your brother.
Overtime the meat was ready, and you took the curiosity of preparing the tacos. You had made them all nice and pretty. You sat the two plates on the table, and gave Kurapika a kiss on the forehead before sitting down, and eating your food. While a the table you two sit in comfortable silence before Kurapika decided to break the silence, and start conversation.
“Where were you, and your friends planning on going?”
“Oh just to the fair.” You felt a little upset about canceling on your friends so soon, but you’re spending time with your brother right now, so did that really even matter?
“Oh alright.” He replied with interest.
You loved the way your brother tried even though he had his own issues, and battles he always tried to make time for his little sis. Kurapika knew he had to keep the last thing he had going for him safe.
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what-the-fic-khr · 2 months
Hiiiii! Recently discovered your page and am currently enjoying scrolling through. Just saw your tea prompts and just wanted to request for Giotto with milk tea and/or pomegranate tea(your choice hehe) anyways, hope you have a nice day!
ahhhh I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog, thank you for checking my stuff out!! I chose to do both prompts but a little different; I had a really clear plan and story so I turned the two answers into a longer, more cohesive story combined instead of two separate scenarios. I hope that’s alright, and that you like it!! my first time doing so but I really wanted to write this out and the two prompts really fit well so,,, (side note, he’s so pretty in the manga…… adore him omg)
character/s: giotto, g, ugestu asari, reader-insert (gender-neutral)
word count: —
warnings: discussions of being chased and beating some dude up (a little bit), very minor injuries
prompt: tea prompts (milk tea, pomegranate tea)
Tumblr media
milk tea; what are their kisses like?
I think his kisses are very gentle. soft. he’s always very soft; he’s never had a reason to be otherwise with his partner. he’s such a gentleman… so romantic. unless, of course…
His Guardians had been split up, and while he worried, he didn’t have to worry too much. They all knew how to fight, how to protect themselves.
You did not, however. You weren’t a fighter. So the fact you were not by his side…
Giotto and G straightened when some bushes to their left rustled, tense as they waited to see who would come out.
“Ahh, Giotto, G…! I finally found someone…!”
…unless, of course, he was really worried about your safety. if he could get you back in his arms, reassured you’re safe… I think that’s one of the very rare times he’d be anything but soft; he’d be firm and insistent, overwhelmed with his relief that you’re okay
“My dear!” Giotto took long strides to reach you and you preened when he took your cheeks into his gloved hands, lifting your face up gently. You let out a short, muffled noise when he kissed you, strong and firm. You made sure to relay your feelings in return, head tilting.
“You’re alright…” He spoke quietly, lips brushing yours as he did. You wrapped your arms up and around his torso, underneath his cloak so you could grip at his vest tightly. “And you’re hurt… I’m sorry.”
You shook your head, resting your chin on his chest gently so you could look up at him. “I’m okay… Just a few scrapes here and there. Ahh, I was being chased and it was scary…!”
You pulled back to show him the palms of your hands and G finally joined after giving you two a moment, eyeing over the scratches on your hands.
“I can’t fight, but… I broke off a branch and just.” You huffed softly and G had to stifle a snort. “Just… beat him over the head until I could run away again.”
Giotto released a soft breath, head tilting. “Good job, my love. You did well on your own, all things considered.” He took your hands gently, turning them over to bring your knuckles to his lips. “Still, I have to apologise for letting you out of my sight… I won’t let it happen again. I’ll be there to protect you next time, I promise.”
“Ehh?” You shuffled on the spot, cheeks warming. “Oh, it’s not your fault at all, Giotto…! I’m okay!”
pomegranate tea; at what point did they know they loved their s/o?
very familial with him. you doing something very close with his Guardians. if his Guardians can truly learn to accept you, become close with you at the same time as he falls for you… he’s sure that’d be the best outcome. his whole relationship he gauges his Guardians reactions, too. so if you can all be just as close, like family, I think he’d happily fall in love with ease after that point
“Primo.” G nodded down at you two once before nodding in the direction you came from. “It’ll be no good letting them run around. I’ll go find the one they ran from. I’ll be right back.”
“Oh, you’re going?” You had reached out to grab one of G’s sleeves, eyes wide. “Ah, I know you can fight… Be careful, okay? I wouldn’t want you to get hurt, especially if I upset him further…”
G hummed lowly, reaching up to pet your hand gently twice before squeezing in reassurance and then returning your hand to Giotto’s. “Appreciated, but I’ll definitely be fine, so there’s no need to worry. One of the others should be back soon - they better be, anyways.”
“Right, of course.”
You watched G wander off before jumping when he stopped short of the bushes to point across the clearing. “Hey! Get over there and help them out; they’re injured!”
“Pardon? Of course!”
You turned quickly to look over your shoulder at Asari, smiling crookedly and holding up your hands along with Giotto’s. “Just a few scrapes, so don’t worry too much.”
“Yes, they made it out on their own.” Giotto sounded a bit proud as he said this, turning you gently to face Asari. “After beating him themselves.”
Asari blinked in surprise at this before smiling, watching you hold up your hands, palms facing him. “Oh my. Did you? Excellent work. I’m glad you’re alright. Let me see them.”
“Yes! I’m not strong by any means, but…! They don’t hurt much, so if you need to we can wait until we return to the estate.”
“That won’t do. We should treat them here while we have the time. Is that okay?”
You could feel Giotto squeeze your shoulders, encouragingly, reassuringly, and you acquiesced.
There was something about watching you get tended to by one of his Guardians; one nagging thought that this may only be the first time… and not the last that this will happen. But a greater thought that you truly were cherished by the Vongola, and for now he chose to focus on that one instead.
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Hey new to the blog and let me just say I am blown away! Love your writing!
I noticed you write a lot for Miguel which is amazing but have you thought about writing for Peter B Parker? I think you could do some great stuff with him.
Anyway my request is could you do a story with either Miguel or Peter B (if your willing to write with him) where they used to babysit for some cash when they where younger and one of the kids they had to babysit for was fem!reader?
Now meeting reader again years later she is all grown up and she confesses how he was her first crush? And that leads to them flirting and then some NSFW smut? Maybe some phrasing and teasing like calling her a dirty girl?
you know what, yeah Peter is a dilf and I love fucking dilfs CW: smut, a bit of a age difference (like 6 years), cheating (peter cheats on his wife with you), car sex, dirty talk, reader is 29 and Peter is 35, Peter is a dilf, NSFW 18+ MDNI A/N: pretend they ran into each other at a coffee shop I'm too lazy to add in the background ahaha
Fucking my old babysitter
"Peter? Peter, is that you?" you asked him, tapping his shoulder. The man named Peter turns around, blinking down at you. Yup, that's him, your old babysitter. Instead of a youthful face, he's got a scruffy beard and bags beneath his eyes, slight wrinkling along his forehead.
You and your older brother's babysitter. Well, technically your brother was supposed to be your babysitter and should be able to be left alone by himself since he was old enough, but your parents couldn't trust him.
Not after he accidentally set water on fire. How did he achieve that? No one knows.
Around those many years ago, you were nine, and both your brother and Peter were fifteen. Now, you had one of those silly crushes on Peter, and Peter just saw you as a sweet kid he babysat. Your parents chose him because he was a good kid and was not only trust worthy, but a good influence.
He had a girlfriend who would come by sometimes and play with you or do your hair the way you like it. Her name was MJ and you always liked it when she came over, even if you were jealous that she was dating Peter. But come on. You were a little kid and Peter was in his teens.
Did you really think he would feel the same way about you?
Well, you're 29 now, and he's 35.
Both adults.
And that wedding ring on his finger doesn't bother you.
Peter smiles nervously, chucking a bit. "Hey...you." Yeah, he clearly doesn't remember you.
"It's me. (reader)," you say, bumping hips with him lightly. Peter lights up at your name, smiling brightly.
"Oh my god! Hey!" he laughs, pulling you in for a hug. You squeeze him, allowing your finger tips to linger on his body for a moment before fully backing away. Peter eyes you up and down with his champagne colored orbs, his smile never faltering. "God, how long has it been?"
"20 years, I believe?"
Once again, Peter eyes you up and down, his eyes on your chest a bit too long before returning to your face. "Wow, you look amazing."
"I know," you chuckle. "You don't look bad yourself."
The two of you find a table to sit at and catch up. Peter informs you of how he's gone to college to become a journalist and married MJ straight out of college, and he's now a father of one. He's showing you many photos of his new baby, gushing over them and explaining to you what each one is and how old she was in each photo. He can only go by months since she just turned one.
You tell him about your time in nursing school and how you plan on aiming for your master's degree. You have a boyfriend, but you leave that detail out.
Because god, did Peter B Parker age like fine wine.
"Okay, I have something to confess, and you have to promise not to make fun of me," you said.
"That depends," he responds with a cheeky grin. Peter is known for his silly jokes, of course.
You roll your eyes, chuckling a bit. "Okay, well, I used to have a crush on you when I was younger."
"Who wouldn't have a crush on me? I'm a catch!"
"No, Peter, I'm being serious." God, he's so silly. Makes you want to drop to your knees and suck him off. "I used to have a crush on you when I was younger." Heat rises on your cheeks a bit as you say, "And I think I still do."
Peter blinks, anything he could possibly say dying on his tongue. He brings his hands to his lap, twirling his wedding ring around on his finger. It weighs heavy on his finger and he's tempted to take it off, but then he'll be falling into his own temptations.
Giving in of having you.
You caught his eye when you first walked into the coffee shop, but he didn't know who you were at first. He felt guilty for even thinking of some other woman, and finding out it was someone he used to baby sit made him mentally kick himself.
But you're all grown up. You're a full grown woman now.
And you're leaning in, finger tips lightly grazing his hairy forearm. Your heart shape lips curl into a smile, battering your pretty lashes up at him.
"Got nothing to say?" you whisper, devious lips twitching. Your tongue darts out to wet them, the skin glistening beneath the lights. "Are you perhaps," you pulls his arm out from under the table and gently remove his wedding band off slowly, "having the same thoughts I am? Right now?"
Almost immediately, Peter and you are scrambling to his car. He parked near the back of the lot under a tree, a bit secluded, and no one will be able to see or hear the two of you.
The moment you two are by the car, Peter brings you in for a heated kiss, his lips molding against yours. You sigh happily into his mouth, hands curling into his hair and tugging, tilting your head to deepen the kiss. Your tongue swipes at his lips, begging to be let in, and he allows you to.
Your tongue slithers into his wet cavern and swirls around, tasting his sweet caramel coffee and a hint of his breakfast. You stand on the tips of your toes and moan as his hands knead at the flesh of your ass, his erecting rutting into your thigh.
"I-I need you," Peter gasped when he forced himself away from your sugary lips. He kisses down your neck, his beard tickling your flesh. "Need you so fucking bad." He squeezes your ass, giving you a firm smack.
You squeak, head falling to the side to give him more access to your neck.
"Yes, fuck, right now," you pant, hand reaching between your bodies to rub him through his pants. "Want you to fuck me, Peter. Need you inside of my pussy so badly."
Peter removes himself long enough to clear out the backseat, shoving everything into the front seat. No way he's able to drive to a hotel and rent a room out for the two of you.
He needs you.
You crawl into the back seat, Peter licking his lips at the sight of your bottom half. The leggings you wear show off the curve of your ass and outline of your wet cunt.
He can't help himself.
He needs a taste.
Peter follows in after you and mouths at your clothed pussy, eliciting a mewl from you.
"Peter!" you squeak, looking over at him from your shoulder. You whine, pushing your pussy against his face as he licks over it, sucking on your erected clit through the thin material of your leggings. He tastes your sweet essence and moans, his cock twitching in his pants.
Peter flips you back onto your back and fully crawls in, slamming the door shut and unbuckling his pants. You begin to slip off your leggings and panties, shoving them off onto the groud.
You spread your legs wide open, fingers reaching down to open your wet pussy up. You wiggle your hips, winking up at him with a sensual grin.
"What are you waiting for? Come on in."
Fuck fuck fuck.
Peter grips the door and slides into your velvet warmth, eyes rolling to the back of his head as your walls clench around him tightly, nearly making him cum right then and there.
"So fucking warm...goddamn," Peter breathes out, sweat beading on his skin. He grinds his hips into you, bottoming out and making you moan loudly.
"Oh, fuck," you whine, head falling against the door. "Fuck me, Peter. Fuck me so hard, please."
Who is he to deny you that right?
Peter pounds into your wet pussy, groaning as he does so. White goop seeps out onto his cock which he fucks right back into you, pussy squelching loudly.
Peter knows he shouldn't fuck you. He's married for god's sake. But you're scratching at his back, tight pussy squeezing pre-cum out of his pulsing cock, pretty lips pressed into his ear and moaning for more. He finds he can't stop. He finds himself wanting more and more of you, wrapping one leg around his waist and pinning the other one down into your chest.
"What a dirty girl," Peter coos, a devious smirk on his face. Your tongue rolls out of your mouth, coating your chin in spit as his cock continues to drill into your pussy. "Wanting a married man to fuck you...god, you really are a slut, huh?"
"Ah!" you squeal, kicking your feet when he begins to rub circles into your clit. "S-Says the one fucking me!"
He nods, chuckling. "But you enjoy this married man's cock, right?" He rolls his hips and buries his cock deep into your warmth, tip brushing along your cervix.
"Fuck! Yes!"
"Of course you do. You're a dirty little slut, that's why."
Peter presses his sweaty forehead against yours, clenching his teeth. His cock rams deep into your pussy, the car shaking back and forth. Wet plaps mix in with yout lewd moans, a coil tightening within your belly.
"Ah! Ah! Ah!" You moan out with every powerful thrust he gives you. "Peter! Ahh! Gonna cum!"
Peter buries his face into your neck, picking up the pace of his thrusts, about to cum himself.
"Cum, baby! Cum all around my cock!"
You scream as your cunt gushes out creamy white fluids, squeezing Peter's cock. He groans and shudders, filling you up with his sticky seed.
Yeah, this is definitely going to be more than just a one time fling.
You got Peter addicted.
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itjazzbicch · 7 months
Better Days
Tumblr media
Pairing:  Geto Suguru x Fem Reader 
First time writing for Geto so I hope I did well! 
Summary: After losing her pupil, the readers' mind breaks, not wanting to be a Jujutsu High sorcerer anymore. Instead, reuniting with an old friend, following his ambition, and as their friendship is reawakened, Suguru assures her that there are better days to come as she follows him and his cause...
Warnings:  SMUT! (18+ ONLY! MINORS & AGELESS BLOGS DNI! YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!) In this fic, Geto cares about the reader so seems a bit softer, Slight swearing, mentions of death & blood, depressed reader in the beginning, mentions of not eating, reader develops the same beliefs as Geto, unprotected sex (wrap it before ya tap it!)
Word Count: 1.2k 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
What hurt my heart most was when Suguru left Jujutsu High with ambitions that all his friends didn't agree with.
But I always had an eye on him. I knew where he was, and one horrible night, I wandered to his hideout, what I had just witnessed replaying in my mind repeatedly.
"What are you doing here?"
There was no light by the door, unable to see my face, but knew it was me, Suguru standing before me with his arms crossed.
"I'm not here to fight you or anything," I mumbled, staring at my hands that were shaking, never thinking I'd say such a thing, but explaining simply, "I'm here to join you, Suguru."
"Join me?" He laughed, stroking his chin as he wondered, "Why the sudden change of heart?"
"My p-pupil," I stuttered, and the light from inside shone on me, showing the blood covering my hands and clothes; I began to cry as I spat out, "She's dead. I-I can't take it anymore. I'm so sick of this cursed world."
Finally seeing the petrified look in my eyes, he grew silent, never seeing me in such a state, concern in his eyes as I stared into his soul:
"I'm done. I only want to purify this forsaken world."
"C'm here," He guided me softly, taking me inside. Despite my state, I was dead serious, and he knew that.
Going straight to the shower, we didn't share many words, but he gave me some clothes to sleep in.
After what happened to my pupil, I needed some time to myself. It wasn't the first time I lost someone I cared about, but this hurt most. That girl was like my child; losing her cut deep in my heart and soul.
I didn't even know how many days I spent in some room, in dead silence. I did not bother to eat, but I remember waking up, the sun shining extra bright, and something about it made me feel less depressed.
I spent the day outside in a garden, needing to touch some grass, enjoy the warmth of the sun and as the sun began to set, I heard behind me.
"Oh, you've finally come out of your room."
Nodding, I found Suguru in the corner of my eye, his touch comforting as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder:
"Care to join me for dinner, old friend?"
"That'd be nice," I whispered, looking into his eyes and seeing my dear friend whom I was once inseparable from.
All I wanted now was to have that bond again, his smile managing to spread to mine:
"Shall we go then?"
Holding my hand as we went out to dinner. It was nice and quiet, and just a little chatting made the darkness disappear.
I finally understood why he chose his path, and I was ready to follow his lead. When we returned, I was laughing and truly smiling with him.
I was going to say good night and go to my room, knowing we needed to have an important talk, but wanting to save that for tomorrow, but he took my hand:
"Come with me for a moment?"
"Sure," I followed, going with him into his room and sitting by the bed as he undressed his upper half.
"You're dealing with many emotions and just need to know. Are you sure that you want to do this?" I understood that he only wanted to be sure, especially since this happened so suddenly.
"I'm sure," I explained, looking at my hands and having a flashback to when I lost my pupil, "I don't want to feel this pain ever again."
Starting to shake again, tears began running down my cheeks, and trying to take those tears away, Suguru came to take my hands, standing me up to look into my eyes:
"Trust me, Y/N. My means may seem extreme, but they benefit the world. Once we achieve our goal, no one will ever experience the pain we have. You'll never feel this way ever again."
"I trust you, Suguru," I cried softly, desperately needing a hug, and the squeeze of his arms around me made me feel so much better, holding that hug as he wiped away my tears:
"Don't cry, Y/N. We'll be seeing better days from here on."
"I'm so glad that I have you," Resting my head against his shoulder, my heart opened up, "I've missed you dearly."
"It feels like it's been so long," He hummed, nuzzling his nose against mine, "But we don't have to worry about that anymore."
My breath got stuck in my chest when his lips found mine, a soft kiss turning into so much more as I kissed him back, our thoughts in rhythm as we undressed.
Barely parting lips, I crawled backward with him on top of me, a lingering moan pouring out of me as he started kissing my chest, two fingers feeling my slick folds, slowly circling my entrance before easing in.
I couldn't remember the last time I felt like I was in such a beautiful world, spreading a leg out wider, Suguru chuckling with his mouth closed around my nipple, plucking it with his tongue as he asked:
"You can take me, yeah?"
He indeed had size, and he was all I wanted, stroking his hair and cooing to him:
Fixing my legs, he looked so handsome and godly above me, squeezing my thigh as he eased his cock into me.
"My, my," He hummed, grinning at how much my volume increased, starting to roll his hips from slow to a quicker speed, "Squeezing me so much already."
"I've always wanted you," I said mindlessly, squeezing his forearms, his grin growing and meeting chest to chest.
"Oh, I'm making your dreams come true, am I?" He kissed, my hand getting tangled in his hair, nodding back, pressing my lips harder as his hips burned sweetly against mine, then started banging against him.
After so much, my head dropped, no air in my lungs, a swirl in my head from it, burning up with his body glued to mine, trembling despite how tense my body was.
"S-Suguru," His name was the only word I could form. I felt my walls clench, not realizing how overloaded I was, till his tip smacked the edge of my cervix, screaming out his name so loud the heavens could hear, "Suguru!"
"Oh fu-"He groaned, chuckling lustfully as I soaked his thighs, "Ahh, my dear."
Panting against the skin of my collarbone, he kept fucking me through my orgasm but slowed down with each thrust, burying himself and saving that feeling before pulling out and pouring on my stomach.
"Oh my god," I heaved out, opening my eyes to see him resting on my chest, smiling up at me:
"Did I live up to your fantasies?"
I laughed at his tease but appreciated that he lifted my spirit, tilting his head up to kiss:
"Exceeded them, actually."  
2023 © itjazzbicch — do not repost or translate my work. Likes, reblogs, and comments are always welcome 
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nullbutler · 3 months
Disturbing Yourself For Fun SURVEY This survey ran from December 28th to January 19th. It received 59 responses. Well done! Thank you so much everyone who participated.
I'll show the results now, and then I'll discuss them down below. Some biases that should be noted: I don't have an audience of proshippers. There may be a slight bias in the direction of the people who typically follow my blog. However, judging by the results, I think someone outside of my circle brought it into a few other circles, because the results are varied. What sorts of disturbing scenarios did children play? (this question allowed multiple answers) I'm sorry i used the word 'de-limbing instead of amputation'
Tumblr media
The two most common results were stories about depression, as well as stories about being abandoned. Similarly, romantic manipulation and child neglect were very popular. Even the most uncommon results were still about 20%, making them fairly common and likely.
Were you ever uncomfortable playing? (the most common answer was some form of yes)
Tumblr media
How old were you when you were first self-aware of the discomfort? (most common was 1st-2nd grade, second most was 3rd-6th)
Tumblr media
How did you get into writing disturbing scenarios?
Tumblr media
(The one that got 0 was "i realized a lot of things during the MeToo movement, which is one no one selected, but applies to me, but I didn't take my own survey sobs)
The most common results were either that it was in a book or in a fanfiction, second only to 'something disturbing happened in a show.' Real life trauma was also a massive contributing factor.
Did disturbing stories ever make you feel comfortable?
Tumblr media
They say disturbing things comfort the disturbed and disturb the comforted...
My biggest theory of this project is "is disturbing content addictive" and to that, I can safely say, yes. Yes, it is.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The most common results were thoughts of "I shouldn't be doing this," "someone is watching me do this" and "I guess I'm just weird." However, 19% noted that it was having an impact on their trauma, and 22.4% observed that they had felt guilty over it.
Tumblr media
The most driving force of disturbing content was, expectedly, curiosity. Children are curious. However, it should be noted that 30.2% wished that someone would acknowledge what they were doing and talk to them about it. 24.5% also acknowledged the recognition "This happened to me. Only my toys know."
Once again, I'm so sorry for all the cropping issues only providing half of the question. I completely understand that that's annoying to look through. You're welcome to take the survey if you want to, to see the questions better. I'm still leaving it open, now that my 'study' is complete:
Let's talk about fandom spaces.
Tumblr media
Do you read disturbing fanfiction (I had to remove the visual because of the issues with the survey)
No, I don't read fanfiction: 1.7%
I do not read fanfiction that disturbs me: 3.4%
Yes, I have intentionally sought out disturbing fanfiction expecting to be disturbed: 62.7%
Yes, I have intentionally sought out disturbing fanfiction thinking "I can handle it" and was wrong: 39%
Someone I trusted showed me disturbing fanfic and it disturbed me: 3.4%
Yes. I enjoy being disturbed by high quality writing: 54.2%
I enjoy being disturbed by crack and bizarre stories: 18.6%
I find disturbing stories sexually appealing: 25.4%
Tumblr media
I would like to imagine the 0 is the result of people being entirely truthful.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Around 50/50 of people are either morally conscious or physically conscious about certain kinds of vaguely described illegal/dangerous disturbing content. However, 13 out of 57 (22%) claimed true for both, 20 out of 57 (35%) claimed true for neither, and 23 out of 57 (40%) chose at least 1.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Adults more frequently ask the question, "What if I'm sexually into this?" They also tend to be more uncomfortable than children are when approaching disturbing topics.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
squinting at the typos People also shared a lot of very personal stories. While I won't include excerpts from those, just know, I read every one of them and took the responses to heart. Thank you for your vulnerability.
I think it's really really telling that fiction is an outlet for people to express their fears and curiosities. After all, there is no one you can hurt inside fiction. However, the prevalence of it on the internet has been a lot of people's first exposure to graphic, violent, and sexual content. I'm not saying this with any intention, only to emphasize that this is the culture of the internet that we have been put into. That's the way it is, and when people are scared by something, especially when they are a child, they play with it so it becomes less frightening. This survey was just made for the express purpose of solidifying and acknowledging that fact.
There is nothing shameful about the way someone plays with their toys, but this survey has also demonstrated that violent, cruel play can lead to addiction and habituation of that play. It can be hard to find mundane things exciting when graphic and disturbing things are much more so. This is the process of desensitization. Just something to be aware of.
Personal experience: I'm someone who is very obsessive about my own morality. I'm someone who, when I was like 11, thought I was a bad evil irredeemable person because I used to make my warrior cat toys get pregnant??? Lmao... I'm not kidding. That's what that was. The degree of shame and self disgust was completely unreasonable.
And then, when I was 17, I tried to just let it all go. Basically acknowledge the idea that 'nothing in fiction really matters, go fucking wild.' And I did, and even though I got some sort of assurance from that scared 11 year old playing warrior cats, I was still looking at things that no matter how desensitized I was, horrified me. Horrified me. Made it very difficult for me to write stories that didn't involve horrifying elements. It was very hard to get my mind out of that place where the only sort of entertainment was the kind you could get through making yourself feel heart poundingly sick. Those stories have always been the easier ones for me to write.
There's no real point to this personal message, just that after all was said and done, I tried to focus on more wholesome things. And then, college hit. I prefaced this with "I'm psych student!" but I ended the study not as one anymore. I dropped out. I got really into Fear & Hunger and Kaze to ki no Uta as well as other disturbing shows. There is comfort in that.
I think, at the end of the day, to those people who can rotate their blorbo around in their heads, that's a form of playing!
Here are some interesting studies about playing:
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wave2tyun · 4 months
sooo, hello!!🥹💞 or welcome back!!!!
i don’t really know how to start this, at first i prepared a pretty long text because i wanted to explain why exactly i deactivated and what has been happening, but in the end i chose to scrap that and not get into in detail because it’s all related to my personal life and it's probably better to just keep that private, plus it’s some pretty heavy stuff as well, and i don't want to load that onto you. so this has kind of turned into a ramble instead amdbjdn
truth is that i have been struggling, a lot. october was one of the worst months mentally for me, which is when i chose to deactivate. at some point i did start slowly feeling better and i wanted to come back on here earlier than this but then things got worse🙂 like so much fucking worse😭😭 it’s still hard to believe and it still hurts and i almost can’t stop thinking about it, but looking back, i’m at least glad about getting through things the way i did- because i feel like the me one year ago would have acted and handled those situations so differently, or maybe i would have barely been able to handle them at all.
in the midst of it all, i started to lose my passion for writing. writing stopped being a form of escapism or a way for me to use my creativity. it just felt like a burden. whenever i wanted to write and opened up a doc i just felt paralyzed only by looking at it. i couldn’t get anything out, nothing for days on end. i felt like i was losing myself, in multiple aspects, not just writing, and the disappointment that overcame me only added more and more to my stress.
and i’m not going to lie, i’m still struggling a lot to write again :’) but i do want to give it another try. maybe it’s the fact that i first started out last year in december that is kinda making my heart tingle for it again andbjsns this period of time feels nostalgic:(
however, due to personal reasons (not regarding anyone on here, just to make that clear) i’d feel much safer and much more at ease to continue with a different username, i hope you guys can understand. i do feel very attached to my previous one but i really want to be able to post comfortably.
i do kind of regret deleting my other blog because of all the memories i’ve lost, but at the same time i’m also happy i did it because in a way it allowed me to fully choose to work things out and focus on myself without feeling burdened or rushed.
i don’t know how long it’s gonna take for me to post something new. i’ve been working on multiple things at once but the progress has been quite slow ambdkdn but at least it’s something!!!! so it might take a long time, it might also not. i don’t know, i’m just gonna let things be and let them happen whenever they happen. maybe you guys can also tell me some of the fics i should repost?? i won’t do them all at once cause they were quite a lot and that would clog up the tags anbdjdnd + i also need to proofread them again cause most of the time i’d do that directly on tumblr before posting🥲
soooo yeah. if you’ve read through this whole post, i really appreciate it!! :(<33 i’m happy to return on here while being in a better state, and if there’s anybody who would like to talk, do feel free to send me a message or an ask!! i’m still at home on winter break, but i will go on a trip pretty soon😔✊🏻 just so you know in case i might be slow with posting/replying!!
i hope 2024 will treat both me and you well. i hope it can be a year of growth and love, a year where we can freely let go and start anew. in a world where you constantly get beat down for everything i still want to choose to be gentle, sensitive, and soft. i love you guys!!!! :(💞💓💖💘💞💓💞
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daisyandbilly · 1 year
Let’s talk about episodes 4, 5, and 6 of Daisy Jones & the Six! This is kind of late because I have written and re-written this review 8 times.
(Spoilers galore — do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled)
Let’s start with the good! Immersion. Episode 4’s house party was what I’ve been waiting for in terms of set and scenery. The smoky rooms, the people, the noise, the outfits, the wood paneling of the house. I think the house party will forever be a favorite part of this series for me. It was a happy addition. Although it didn’t exist in the book, Camila bringing Daisy into the fold and getting Billy to put aside his ego for the sake of his art and the band was great. She saw the potential of them and orchestrated a thing of beauty. Lots of mess but also beauty! Seeing the band interact outside of a strict music setting was a joy. Can we get more of that?! Daisy holding Julia: chills. Another full circle moment, they’ve always been somewhat connected.
I still don’t like that Daisy didn’t actually have a career until she met the Six but their first performance was great. Billy’s annoyance, Daisy’s false bravado, her crashing the stage after the first song, The Six’s excitement. All so good. Camila clocking Billy for his rudeness during the interview. So good!
I have zero notes for Simone thus far, she has been a delight to watch and I can’t wait to experience her New York disco days.
I loved everything about Karen and Graham’s little surfing side quest, down to the car his… girlfriend(?) was driving — i want it! When she pulled him inside of the house my eyes popped out of my head lmao. Karen jokingly using her jealousy to shame the poor girl for her love of Barry Manilow threw me off a liiiitle. It wasn’t a huge issue at all, it’s just that in my head she would’ve been too cool to say that, girls girl and #girlboss and all.
These episodes were some of my favorite so far. The tension and initial anger and the music were great. I love understanding the context of songs and this was so special. More Fun to Miss and Regret Me truly hit even deeper if that was possible. Watching Billy and Daisy go back and forth when writing the album felt very frustratingly satisfying. It’s such an important chunk of the book and I wouldn’t have minded it playing out a bit longer but I’m unsure if that’s because I still feel thrown off by the pacing of the show. We only have four episodes left.
Now let’s get to the elephant in the post. Unfortunately I have been spoiled left and right while running this blog. I knew about the kiss (and a few other changes that I won’t spoil, don’t worry.) And as much of a fangirl moment that I had during it (I still gasped and leapt from my chair), when it was over… I was left scratching my head. The excruciating what-if aspect that looms over the book has been replaced with a handful of cliches. There is no guessing or later revelation, it’s all been laid out.
I hate that I agree with the critics again, I swear I never thought that would happen, but once Billy initiates the kiss a lot of the plot has been stripped of its nuance. This is now a show about a very real love triangle. I know things must change for adaptations and they really wanted to lean into the Fleetwood Mac aspect of the band’s relationships but something about the dynamic between these characters is off especially this version of Camila and Billy as we continue with the season. We’re supposed to feel love and instead it’s translating as obligation.
Book Billy’s faithfulness to Camila after he got sober is what he held onto with a vice grip. And although he loved her and emphasized that he chose her above all else, the weight of temptation everyday constantly crushed and guided most of his decisions when he was with Daisy. They were magic onstage because it was where they could be together and burn all that pent up energy. Daisy replaced his addiction and because of that she was the temptation he never fully lost himself in because of what happened the first time. Watching them together on stage was meant to be akin to the dynamic of The Civil Wars. Profound longing mixed with unbridled inhibition and the sadness of the reality of their situation.
Here he’s already given into the temptation that he was supposed to ultimately struggle with when he made a decision at that bar in Chicago. And once Daisy vocalizes her anger/hurt at him bringing Camila to the Aurora cover shoot, the triangle has been solidified. This feels like an affair, just one that didn’t have enough gas to take off. I understand the idea of and see the tweets about conflicting point of views and unreliable accounts (due to who is interviewing them) and while I agree (I do!), that just doesn’t hold up here. Daisy’s shame that Billy rejects her after she kisses him is meant to get her on the path to running away to Thailand, marrying Niccolò and falling deeper into addiction. The idea of her leaving because of the same Rolling Stone article that she exposed Billy for is ??????? And seeing Camila here being relegated to a wife standing by her man cheating a second time as long as he doesn’t love Daisy is so… weird. Not even a little fling with Eddie could even the score but honestly good for her! (this is meant to replace that “lunch” with Greg/Gary Egan that happens in the book). I hope they don’t turn Camila into a placeholder; just another obstacle for Daisy and Billy to endure especially now that they’ve chosen to shorten the age gap between the interviews because that would be depressing.
Do I still love these characters? Absolutely. The show is doing a wonderful job of capturing a lot of emotions and I can not emphasize enough how much I love this cast. I know these are deeply flawed characters and they eventually experience the consequences of their actions and selfishness but we’re still supposed to be rooting for them. I do think they’ve forgotten to slip a few redeeming qualities for Billy in tho 👀.
Rating ⭐️ — 4 out of 5
24 hours later and Im still going back and forth with this rating lol
Also why Greece? Nothing wrong with that change, just curious
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mavrisfanfics · 1 year
[Request] - Ezio x Thief!Reader - Steal Your Heart
Tumblr media
Fandom: Assassin’s Creed
Pairing: Ezio Auditore x Thief!Reader
Warnings: None, I think
Notes: I know I haven’t written in forever and I wasn’t even planning to answer the request since this blog is sort of abandoned, but I got the cute little idea and decided to stretch my writing muscles a bit.
Tumblr media
"Excellent work!"
"Always!" You give him a smirk, proud of your work once more.
Ezio examines the relic you just handed him, and you examine him. You can't help it! He has the face of a God in your eyes, so you take every opportunity you can to appreciate the divine.
He looks at you again and your smirk softens into a more honest smile
"Your hands really are the best in the business!" He chuckles. You can't help but take the cue to tease him.
"My hands are very good at a lot of things besides stealing, you know?" You let the cue hang and hope that he grabs it. He does.
Ezio leans towards you slightly, enough to loom over you a bit but not enough to get in your personal space, giving you the chance to step back if you choose to.
"What other things are your hands good at?" He asks, flirty tone heavy on his voice. You reach for one of his hands and hold it in your grasp.
"Holding hands!"
You know it's not the answer he expects and that's why you say it. You delight yourself with his stunned expression, and you swear you see him blush just slightly. You giggle with satisfaction, happy to catch Ezio off guard, a feat few can manage.
You then drop his hand, and the flirty facade with it.
Truth be told, you're not usually this flirty, but Ezio has a way to influence people.
When you first met him, he had hired you to help him steal something from some Templar lap dog. Machiavelli had recommended you and you couldn't say no to a big bag of coin, so you accepted. You kept things strictly professional at first, but as he brought you into more and more gigs, and you worked together more often, he started to grow on you, way more than you expected. And you made sure to keep him returning by offering him the friend rate, a drink at the end of the day instead of the usual bag of coin.
However, Ezio could have any man or woman he wanted, if he so chose to. So, as your feelings developed, you tried to keep them down, since you knew you'd be rejected for sure.
But Ezio's friendly flirting got to you. And one day you started reciprocating. And it was fun! So you kept going with the friendly flirting, slipping your feelings in, masked as a joke. But they were anything but a joke to you, so you had to be careful to not let the mask slip. You had to step back.
And seeing Ezio look at you stunned, with a soft blush, sure made you feel things. You had to step back.
"Anyway, enjoy your new toy. Don't forget your payment." you passed by him, heading for the door of the assassin's hideout, and patted his shoulder, making sure to not linger your hand too long.
You hadn't walked very far from Ezio when he called you back.
"You know, I was thinking instead of going out for a drink you could come here and have dinner with me?" He asks you with his usual confidence. You raise a brow in response, intrigued at the unusual request.
"Any particular reason to change the usual plan?" Ezio chuckles at your question and slowly starts closing the distance between you again.
"I just think you deserve a better payment this time, for the successful double steal."
"Double steal?" You tilt your head, confused. Ezio is now in front of you again, but he leans in even farther towards you. This time he does get inside your personal space, but you don't flinch or step back.
"Of course! Stealing the relic and my heart in the same swipe is a feat to be celebrated!"
It takes you a while to process his words but when you do you feel your heart leap in your chest and the blood flood to your cheeks. He's still looming over you, too close but not close enough. Despite his confident attitude, you can tell he's nervous by the way his eyes jump all over your face, eagerly waiting for your reaction.
You'd usually brush off these tells as products of your imagination, but with his words bouncing inside your brain you have to wonder...
Was his friendly flirting friendly at all? Were the fleeting looks you sometimes caught him sending your way really a product of your imagination?
Did he like you back?
You now were wondering if the mask you put over your feelings had made you blind to his. You decide to take the leap of faith, and drop the mask willingly.
"You stole mine first, so I had to serve you payback somehow." You didn't say it with any of the usual playfulness, showing Ezio how serious your words were. If what he said was just another meaningless flirt, you'd just ruined whatever friendship you two had.
You tried to keep the anxiety at bay, but you soon sighed in relief when you saw Ezio's confident smirk turn into a heartfelt smile.
"It's a date then!" He stepped away from you "See you tomorrow!"
"See you tomorrow, Ezio!”
You watched him walk out of the room, shoulders high and with a rare skip to his step, before leaving the hideout yourself with the biggest grin on your face.
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forrkeeps · 26 days
MUN QUESTIONS | accepting | consolidated from @legeandary and @novinare's asks
Tumblr media
In what fandom did you start? I think I was always a multi. Maybe technically Marvel because I had two muses from there who were the most active ones as I was getting set up and expanding my muse list. Then again, I also knew I wanted to write in the BBC Merlin fandom, it just took me a minute to find other writers and approach them. But nah, I don't think I've ever really had one set fandom during my tumblr rp era. If we're talking way back when I first started rp, it was Percy Jackson or Warrior Cats. I wrote in both of those fandoms on the warrior cats forums in like middle school.
Have you ever started to ship a rare-pair? Yes? But then I find out that the pair usually isn't quite as rare as I once thought. I'm blanking on any past examples, but currently Nick and Greg from CSI is one. I thought I was one of the only ones, but I've been seeing a decent amount of others that ship them too as I look for inspo and gifs/etc for Nick. There are also a good amount of non-rare pairs that I didn't ship until tumblr (eg Buddie from 9-1-1), so. Tumblr tends to sway my shipping, aka making me ship just about anything. Not that I'm complaining!
What was your first blog / URL? I had a couple other tumblr blogs way before I even knew tumblr rp existed, but I've only ever had this blog for rp purposes. I had a different URL for a couple weeks while I tried to find one that felt more multi-friendly, but I've pretty much always been forrkeeps. I think the OG URL was something like scarlett-speedster?? Which is amusing to me because I only chose that URL and added Barry Allen as a muse because I couldn't think of any other blog names and wanted to get started.
What is your favorite fandom in which you write? BBC Merlin. It was the show that got me into tumblr rp and the fandom I've been in the longest on here. It's the one that I always come back to when my muse for everything else is low or gone entirely. It just has a soft spot in my heart.
What are the trends when it comes to writing that you adore? I don't think I really know that many trends. I tend to stay in my little bubble and not pay too much attention to the dash (trying to break that habit!). Maybe crossovers? I feel like that was a thing before my hiatus, but after I returned to this blog this winter it feels more apparent. Like, I'm seeing a lot more fandom and oc crossovers than I used to, instead of people solely writing with characters within a specific fandom. Again, it could just be my own memory and the new people I follow now, but I do like that the community feels much more welcoming to a variety of muses.
Do you have developed dynamics with the OC of another mun that has influenced your OC or Canon muse? Currently, I'd have to say @hcpebled's Darcy has had the most influence on my Orion. Orion's main immortal verse is pretty much the same semi-oc that I started with, but he has a mortal verse now that is very much tied in with Darcy's world's lore. Even the way he thinks and reacts to things is different because of his mortality and the world he's in. I don't think I'd be able to write him as a mortal with anyone else if it's not tied into that world somehow
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fictionkinfessions · 1 year
TW: Mention of a horribly abusive parent and an equally horrid town
Dear You,
I am a coward who is ot brave enough to write a proper apology or to address it to you directly as I doubt you scour social media or blogs looking for an arsehole you once knew. Still, I want you to know that I failed you more than I ever failed anything or anyone. I was a mess and a total prat who loved tending to the jaded bitterness growing in him. You never did anything wrong and my rage, pettiness and misery were my own t deal with. Yet, I blamed you for shattering the illusion of the happy life we led. I should have listened to you and supported you but I chose to attack you instead.
I spent my life trying to prove that I can be worthy of stability so being presented with the truth wrecked that. It was easier to pretend it was your fault. It was easier to run away. It was easier never to deal with the abominable crimes committed by my father. It was easier to remain silent and not to question the system and status quo while patting myself on the back for being subversive in ways that never mattered. The truth is - I was jealous of you - you were always likeable and people always surrounded you, hell, our friends chose to be on your side and they were right.
I am old, sick and tired. Karma got to me eventually. I hope it reached you and you live a marvellous and happy life surrounded by your loved ones while you can fulfil your dreams. It could be that you do not exist yet or never will in this timeline. But, in case you do and you ever need to hear it - never let anyone like me ever get you down. You matter. You are awesome for just existing. You deserve a fabulous life. Don't ever regret anything as we can only judge our actions at the moment of doing them as we are not seers able to predict the future. We all try our best and we sometimes fail but we learn from it and try again tomorrow.
P.S. In case you ever doubt it is me and you get to read my amazing attempt at writing a letter one day - I will add the idiocy I am known for and you probably never wished to see it again. I was the petty one but maybe me telling you that my hair is all broken, brittle and a bird's nest will make you smile as you always complained that you wanted my hair. And I flaunted it in your face. I bet yours is great now and it was fine in the first place but your fashion sense was something else altogether. I should be banned from writing.
Me. The Annoying and Sad Ginger.
Note to Mods: Sorry for being vague and I am a fictive for tagging purposes and evasive to my source as my memories are very far from canon and rather upsetting.
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tenshusuto · 1 year
//hey donna, resident shady shopkeeper mun who recently joined the fandom last year and has stolen my attention and love for your version of this madhatter. i love having you on my dash and you just know i've followed you on all my blogs -- at least the active ones i currently run lol. you are a breath of fresh air with this urahara guy and trust i've seen so many versions this past decade but i enjoy interacting with yours a lot because you keep that lighthearted, fun yet naughty aspect of him alive and you go out of your way to invade inboxes and troll ppl and we just love that sm xD do continue doing and maybe even up it a notch lol! and it's okay if you don't write as much. just you being around when you pop on is enough to brighten most anyone's day because your muse is most always up to no good and we enjoy that a lot. keep doing what you do and here's to more shenanigans this coming year! <33
Mims, Mims, Mims. Once again you let your chains lose to become absolute and heartwarming inbox sunshine. But sit back, I have a kind bouquet of words for you too. I noticed a recent spree of your lovely profiles lurking about and following but I gladly welcomed all of them with open arms. You're so open and friendly, and you love giving your characters revolutionary development through connections, that's what I see mostly with Starrk. It makes me evenly enjoy seeing you on my dash and participate in chaos or starting some of your own (even when Akon chose to be Kisuke's chronic pain of criticism xD and Rose with Visored lowkey roasting him with whole dating thing, I cried tbh), we all live for those foot in the mouth funny moments. I am generally looking forward to my working schedule improving, so I can write properly and make my time less content-premium. *Me, scratching chin and thinking about how to put it with explaining that I am in this fandom for quite a whiiiiiiiiile but because I am a very PRIVATE and secretive person who hardly ever reveals any Infos that including tag*
Now, then about my road with Kisuke - how should I say this ... it's complicated and longer than this blog says but I still kinda prefer to refer to it as an entirely fresh and new start simply because I liked the sound of as you say new Urahara (rather than almost a decade of trolling in my partners SLs) and to be honest this blog for Kisuke was never meant to go public. It was made for private aest. inventions, headcanons that should have served a different purpose and instead of CC attached to another platform. So, how this happened I have no ideas, something had to be in the air back then. However, I was delightfully surprised to receive a feedback echo that this atypical interpretation evoked interest to the point of actually getting interactions and an unexpecting amount of love. There's no greater joy for writer and a humble, morbid Lady — to hear that their dummy scribbles are appreciated. Thank you so much, you are loved, and may 2023 bring you a lot of happiness and joy! Happy New Year! <3
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fadedhye · 2 years
Tumblr media
have you seen RYU HYERI around? i heard they moved here because OF A RESTRAINING ORDER. their tenant agreement says they are TWENTY SIX YEARS OLD and a WANNABE CRIME STORY AUTHOR. i always see them doing COLLECTING OLD PAPERS and they kind of remind me of MOSS COLLECTING LITTLE RAINDROPS…
                                                            ➻ bio. ➻ profile. ➻ plots. 
hi everyone! here i am introducing you to hyeri! if you would like to plot, please leave me a like and i will get to you via ims or you can just blatantly add me on discord anytime (molf hunter#0698) and we can get our midnight talks going on there... anyways, i am a bit late but extremely excited to get to know everyone! hyeri’s pages might not all work right now, but i will give an update whenever they do! and, underneath the read more, there is a little summary about the girl. 
the ryu family is fairly normal, however expectation had always been high. hyeri has got an older brother who seems to be more succesful at life – definitely casting her as the black sheep of the family. 
the attention had never really been on her, thus she often acted up when she was younger, having to learn how to get things to go her way – no matter how. 
she managed to get through life without many problems, sure, there were the usual scoldings here and there for doing something dumb, but all went well throughout high school, so well that she was even allowed to to go to university and study literature. 
easily distraced and full of herself, hyeri didn’t get very far with her usual antics. she was fialing classes and she wouldn’t admit it to her parents, she just thought she might get through things no matter what because... well, she was ryu hyeri. it always worked out, right? 
being distracted by her surroundings apparently wasn’t enough for her, and she quickly found romance. being excited about this; the first time she would feel these feelings for someone else, hyeri quickly became unbearable. there wasn’t a second she didn’t want to spend with this other person and she had to learn the hard way that... life shouldn’t be this intense. 
after only a month, the breakup was inevitable, but she didn’t quite understand. in dramas, you just had to be persistent, right? and persistent she was. too persistent. apparently, your ex doesn’t like it when you appear at their dorm room at midnight, begging them to let you in. 
but hyeri thought this was romance and that, if she continued trying, like with everything else, she would eventually make it and win this person’s heart back. but... she didn’t. 
what she got was a restraining order. now with all her information on a police file and having to move out of university due to this order, she had to contact her parents, which quickly became another problem – her failing courses didn’t help the cause. 
once again, there was a scolding, and it seemed like the world was sick of her. it basically happened overnight that a room was arranged for her, somewhere far off, with the excuse of ‘you can follow your dreams of becoming an author there’. it was an excuse, but it was good enough for hyeri. 
her bank account looks... bad at best, and with her parents having her exiled, there won’t be much coming in either. 
hyeri is currently trying to write a crime novel, collecting ideas and updating her blog, hoping that the few clicks she gets will keep her afloat until she makes it big as the next edgar allan poe or something like that. 
inside her brain:
hyeri is a bit of an eccentric, she is convinced of herself and very prideful, so she doesn’t take criticism too well... or she just choses to ignore it. 
she gets attached extremely easily. whatever interests her will take up her entire attention span and she will hate doing anything else but whatever she is fixated on. 
she often spends time just ... in her head, imagining and daydreaming, often times too much, instead of actually being productive. 
once she makes a friend, she is an extremely good friend – she blabbers too much, but she will still listen, even if it sometimes might seem like words enter one ear and go right through the other... she will remember little details about others. 
she can be... a bit much? if she wants something, she will try her best to get it, no matter what. 
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alice-chan-chan · 2 years
Did I do something wrong? Why do you like my stuff only, instead of reblogging them?
Since you decided to ask me as anon, I can only guess. I usually like, but not reblog when I want to show that I appreciate a person's work but don't quite like its source (an anime, a manga, a character, etc) or something about it makes me uncomfortable (the contents is too tragic, too bloody, or something else disturbs me). For example, I dont like Kuroshitsuji, so I most likely wont reblog anything related to it. But if I see a Kuroshitsuji edit, gifset or art, I am very likely to like it if it's nice, especially if it is a mutual's work.
Please do not be offended! If I liked and didn't reblog some of your works, it just means that it is not my cup of tea for some reason but I am impressed by the work itself and wanted to give you some credit for it. :)
And of course there are more possibilities. Sometimes I like posts and plan to reblog them later (by visiting my likes page), but forget about it. Sometimes I like posts featuring an anime episode that I haven't watched yet and plan to watch it, then reblog those posts as they show up on my dash again.
And on top of that, tumblr has been working rather weirdly for me recently, which is why I reblog less than usual. Everything is loading too slowly, which is very upsetting. =/
To conclude, Idk what exactly was the reason, but I didn't intend to offend you. I am very chaotic, especially when it comes to my blog.
Sometimes, however, it happens so that I had followed someone and then chose to unfollow them for some reason. There were at least 2 times when I unfollowed people who suddenly reblogged some very questionable and offensive stuff about my country. I didnt want to start a politics discourse with them, so I just chose to silently disappear. Idk, it might have been not very nice of me, but I wasnt comfortable with starting to argue and couldnt just let it slide. Both cases were quite a long time ago though, and I doubt that I like posts of those people now. =/
I also remember ufollowing a girl who recreated other people's gif sets very closely. She probably doesnt do this anymore but our ways parted and I dont know her current url. It all happened quite a long time ago, too.
So, I think that you are not likely to be one of those 3 people, if you say that I like your works... There is nothing to worry about!
Sorry for writing such a long reply, I just wanted to clarify everything as much as I can. I am sad that you are sad about me not reblogging your posts and I hope that it will get better. For example, you can make something with Gojou Satoru and post it, the chances that I will reblog it are 200%, and 80% that I will reblog it more than once. :) I am joking of course, please continue working on anything that you want to, and I'll eventually reblog it!
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starsmuserainbow · 9 months
Headcanons - older Starlight
So, I’m not really sure where to write this under, but, here are some thoughts I have about how Starlight will be once she’s older. Which is not a thing that I’ll probably be doing as verse or anything or at least I don’t plan to just as I copy this over from her blog, but I wanted to write down a few thoughts.
If I were to give any ref to at least somewhat a character looking like how I might imagine her to look, the one that a quick search through a database gave me would be Blue Angel (/Blue Gal or Blue Maiden, which i think are pretty much the same only with a little different hairstyles and outfits? Don’t ask me idk yugioh at all -- all of them work pretty much) from Yugioh, though of course with the usual edits I’d have to do for haircolor, skincolor, probably eyecolor too.
She doesn’t grow as tall as tamaraneans usually are, which annoys her to no end especially when being compared to, or interacting with, any other tamaranean - especially Moonshot because she keeps a kinda occasionally-meeting-and-moreorless-disliking-one-another connection up with him (assuming she keeps staying on Earth or returns there after leaving for another bit of time)
She’s also staying rather flat chest-wise, which isn’t really much of a problem for her though, she finds it easier that way.
She likes the dark type of blue a lot (I would say royal blue maybe, though some of the pic results I get for it are a bit too dark, take the blue of these shoes here as somewhat the color I mean) and often has at least one part of her attire in that color, though she will still - and always - keep wearing a mix of all colors and keep as rainbow-y as possible.
Her haircolor and style change frequently, she tries out new colors almost weekly and can - thanks to her energy - make them vanish within moments when she got enough of them, and she’s often wearing two long pigtails when not trying out something new.
Starlight has by now either accepted to never find out what her other half is or she managed to learn it through something - but she’s definitely not searching anymore. And Earth has been the planet that, during all her travels, made her feel at home the most, which is why she chose to stay there.
She’s still not out for heroing nor doing bad, she’s just trying to live a more or less average life (with slight advantages like that she can just fly somewhere or easily lift a couch or car or whatever out of the way if needed).
She’s not doing anything at all to hide her abilities or that she isn’t earthen, she is proud of who she is and doesn’t hesitate to admit to it - even if that has before occasionally meant some trouble when people thought she’d be a good subject for experiments or the likes.
She isn’t as strongly disliking Starfire or any of the royal siblings anymore; they aren’t exactly close friends or anything but she by now has more understanding for their actions, even if it still feels like they left Tamaran without any care for it.
For a very short while, she had actually been kinda into Wildfire after he helped her with something - she quickly distanced herself again though after learning/realizing who he was
By now she is old enough to earn money, and ever since she can do so she’s basically hopping to any and all fields of work, trying out things but after a while longing for something else than the routine that set in and quitting her job to get a new one.
Outside of actual work, she also every now and then sells a few things she made, or at least colored, herself, and since she does a pretty well job with those, it’s giving a nice bit of money too.
While she has a home - not a tree - by now, she isn’t often there. Starlight likes to be around and meet people or experience events, so she’s often looking for some of these things instead of being home. Or occasionally she might even be off-planet, too; Earth isn’t always enough for her to keep to it. Besides, her all-time favourite snack comes from another planet and whenever her stock runs out, she needs to go and get a new batch.
Speaking of her home, you can bet that it’s very colorful - perhaps not from the outside since there’d be an owner of the building to be against that maybe, but at the very least on the inside. Her walls are definitely painted in various colors, there’ll always be brushes along with color for it standing in corners of the rooms in case she feels like a part of the wall needs a new color, a lot of the colors both standing ready in buckets and on the wall are glittery too; and her furniture and textile home-stuff will be as much colored as well. Also she will have a good batch of things with inspirational or funny quotes on it, because she likes those.
She’s using rollerskates (or blades, I can never remember which is which) like all the time by now, there aren’t many shoes she has that don’t have rolls below them. And for those that don’t, she also has boards that she can tie any shoe onto if she wants to use that pair but with rolls.
She tries as many things as possible of Earth, but while she has also tried those, she never understood the use of smoking, drinking or drugs. That’s probably because they don’t actually work, or not as much, on her as they do for humans, but Starlight isn’t really aware of that; all she knows is that she tried and saw absolutely nothing useful in it.
She still can’t really cook much, it just feels like a tedious thing to do and it’s much easier to go out and get food or even get it delivered.
If she ever finds a work that she sticks with that isn't just jumping between things, it'll either be Idol (singer, star, you know what I mean), some form of Internet Celebrity, or Fashion Maker (mostly, taking things and customzing them).
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