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sugalaritae · 2 days
taste (jjk)
Tumblr media
summary: he needs to taste you.
pairing: jung jungkook x f reader
genre: fluff and smut. pwp
au: non!idol, established relationship
rating: 18+
word count: 1258
warnings: oral (f receiving), kissing, fingering. basically jungkook worshiping at the literal feet of his lover
author’s note: i'm laughing at myself because this is ridiculous but i watched his live and thought 'what if he reacted that way to YOU?' and then i told my friends about it and then i wrote it. this is slopping (sloppy?? LOL) and unedited. but i hope you enjoy!
Your clit throbs and Jungkook is standing above you at the edge of the bed (his bed) and pulling off his shirt. 
He’s already undressed you, save for your bra which feels tight around your ribs as you take several deep breaths to try and gain some form of composure. 
You’ve waited for this. Several dates, weeks of texting, and then late night video calls have done nothing but make it more agonizing that you’ve not done anything more than just a few kisses. 
“IT IS KILLING ME.” you had said to your best friend only the day before which had only made her laugh at you. 
He had invited you over for a movie, something you had done before, and maybe you had worn your good underwear, and maybe you had done your makeup in the way you liked it just in case but you hadn’t really expected anything. Until two minutes into the movie he had slipped his arm around you and then with his free hand had tilted your chin up and had kissed you.
You can still hear the movie playing in the background. 
“Fuck, do you know what you do to me?” he asks as he lets his shirt drop to the floor, his gaze moving over you quickly as if he can’t take you all in at the same time but he’s trying. 
“I could say the same about you,” you say softly, almost a whisper because now you can see him and fuck he’s even more beautiful without his shirt on. 
“I want to taste you. Can I?” 
The question makes your legs shiver and you nod. 
He slips onto the bed, nudging your legs open with his knee, hands pressing into the mattress beside your shoulder and head locking you in under his form. He leans down and kisses you with the same urgency he had on the couch. Your head swims with excitement and you can feel yourself growing more wet as you feel his stomach press to yours. A moan pushes its way out of you and into his mouth as you feel his nipples graze yours. 
He smirks into the kiss before he breaks it and then he’s kissing your cheek, jaw, neck, clavicle, between your breasts and then your nipple is in his mouth and you arch into it as his tongue swirls and his lips encase and tug.
“Jungkook —” you moan. 
He looks up at you, his bangs obscuring his vision but he does nothing except continue his way down your body. His hands following. You’ve never felt so safe, so secure, and so sexy under a man before. 
Then suddenly he’s standing again, his hands on your thighs and he tugs you down with a force that surprises you (but really shouldn’t). Your eyes wide meet his, equally as wide and dark. 
He smiles and shakes his head, looking down at your legs. 
“What?” you ask and he looks back up at you.
“I like you like this, so fucking sexy and beautiful. I mean fuck!” he exclaims with a laugh. 
“Kiss me?” 
He nods but instead of crawling back up your body to meet your lips, he bends down and kisses your stomach. The stomach that has given your insecurities so much grief. You close your eyes and slip your hand into his hair. 
“Yes, baby, fuck! Control me,” he moans against your skin and your breath hitches. Is he fucking for real?!
You don’t though, you like the feel of his hair twirling around your fingers. Your hips twitch as he kisses your hipbone and then licks your skin. 
You lift yourself up and watch him as he shifts down, his hand sliding down following the movement of your thigh. 
“Oh!” you breathe out surprised as you feel his index finger slip down your clit and between your folds. 
“You’re going to taste so good, I just know it. I’ve thought about it for ages now,” he says as he gathers some of your arousal on his finger and then looks up at you and licks. His eyes roll back and close as he moans deep. “Fuck, I knew it.” 
He repeats this action again, like he’s tasting his own cooking, moaning every time and bringing his finger deeper into his mouth. It’s so unbelievably sexy and you want more. Need more.
You watch him go again but this time you feel his finger press into you, you gasp, hips moving. He leans in and presses the tip of his nose to your clit and licks. Your moan fills the room and your hands tighten around his hair instinctively needing him there and to stay there. 
His tongue works along with his finger for a few moments and then his finger is gone only to be replaced by his tongue. Pushing into you, penetrating you and you gasp. Your hands guide him, until you can’t stand it any longer, needing more of a release, needing more pressure and you release one hand and find your clit. 
“Oh fuck yes,” he moans breaking his kiss with you. “Show me how you like it. Let me watch you.”
You nod. “Only if you keep doing what you were doing.”
He chuckles. “Of course.” 
His tongue presses back into you as you begin a pace that matches, your clit is wet under your finger from your arousal and his saliva and that thought makes your mind blur. Your body is aching for a release, the build up in your legs and stomach are almost too much and so you move faster. He watches and thrusts his tongue in, up, and out over and over again as his gaze is locked on your movements. You think it must be an awkward view but he doesn’t seem to mind. 
You lift your legs, resting your heels against the mattress and he winds his arms under the arches of your legs and grips your hips. You feel his nails press into your skin as he moans against you. His eyes close just moments before yours do.
“I’m close, Jungkook, I’m so fucking cl—” 
Then you’re coming. Hard, fast, your body shaking and arching up. He presses you down as his tongue takes everything you can give him. Licking at your entrance and holding you down to the bed as your hand slips and wave after wave of pleasure rocks you. 
It lasts a few long and beautiful moments. 
Your heels slip and your legs fall back against the mattress. Your body is exhausted and still reeling a little. 
He moans long and loud. 
Then he’s gone. 
You open your eyes and you push yourself up onto your elbows.
You watch as his hands are raised up. He’s on the ground. 
“Are you okay?” you ask despite the laughter that is threatening to push through your smile. 
He grips the mattress and pulls himself up. 
“That was incredible. Fuck you’re just…” 
Then he’s gone again. 
You giggle as you push yourself up into a sitting position to watch him. He’s on his knees on the floor, leaning against the bedframe and mattress collecting himself. 
He stays like that for a moment and then he pushes himself up again, resting his hands against the mattress as he leans down, his head between his arms and you laugh. 
He looks up at you, shakes his head, and launches himself at you, kissing you. 
“Okay, round two because I need to see that again.” 
© sugalaritae, 2023. you do not have any permission to repost or translate my work even if you give credit. all of this is mine.
please comment, reblog, like, or feel free to come into my mailbox! 💖💖
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my frustration with “going nonverbal/nonspeaking” (as a fully nonverbal person)
transcript: my frustration with “going nonverbal/nonspeaking” (as a fully nonverbal person)
this written for instagram because of this post. but thought tumblr may like it too. “you” means general you, no one specific.
the instagram post and this on wordpress
this disclaimer is for instagram but also for anyone new to this discussion:
in full honestly, don’t know how to write this. am tired, language and complex ideas too much at time of writing, and general exhaust at having to argue same thing over and over again and justify own existence. tired of being minority within minority, wish there are others to do these work for me so i don’t have to do it all by self, singlehandedly advocate for everyone (not to mention problem with that—i can’t speak for everyone).
so honestly, if you don’t have anything nice to say, especially if you speaking (yes, even if you lose speech. include you), just don't say anything at all. move on.
online actually autistic community (AAut) dominated by white, lower support needs. level 1, speaking, late diagnosed, high masking autistics. find people like you is great, what not great is you treat your very narrow community as “voice of all autistic” and your experience as ultimate autistic experience. i write plenty about that, many more elaborate than this, if you not familiar with this concept.
many people in this community experience times when cannot speak, sometimes because overwhelm, shutdown, dissociate, or anxiety (situational mutism), but do not struggle with act of speaking rest of time (some struggle with speech all the time but still can speak - more on that later). the community call “going nonverbal/nonspeaking,” or even “when i am nonverbal nonspeaking” (not talking about those nonverbal as child and verbal now older), after clinical term “nonverbal” (nonverbal autism) and term coined by apraxic nonspeaking autistics “nonspeaking.”
both of which talk about it as an “all the time” experience.
when i search nonverbal or nonspeaking because i want community too, want see people like me too, two category i see: 1) parents of nonverbal nonspeaking children, whom can’t relate to because age, who can’t write own experience because their age and developmental ability. and 2) overwhelming amount of speaking autistic talk about going nonverbal going nonspeaking.
and the very very few fully nonverbal nonspeaking voices. drowned out. cannot find anyone.
nonverbal used to be term to describe us, people who can’t speak or cannot functionally speak beyond few words. medical term, alright, so some of us don’t like. so some of us reject that and create term all of our own, called nonspeaking. created by nonspeaking autistics with severe apraxia and brain body disconnect, describe their own experience of able to think in words able to spell out words (with great dedication and work and support), just cannot do that with mouth. their term. they create.
and you take it? without knowing context? without reading anything by those same nonspeaking coiners?
when is last time you purposely seek out nonverbal nonspeaking voices? when is last time you accidentally came across us? can you name any nonverbal nonspeaking advocate that talk about their experiences? one? two? three? a BIPOC person, a (specifically) Black person? a Black woman? a trans person? a physically disabled person? a person not from western world?
same narrative over and over. “i can speak for nonverbal autistic i understand their experience because i am autistic i can’t talk sometimes” no you cannot. as someone who was able to speak when young who lose speech (”go nonverbal”) but now have no speech to lose because full time nonverbal. no the experience not the same. not comparable. you gain it back. i don’t. you can explain with mouth words what happen when you get out. i can’t, i only have AAC. countless nonverbal nonspeaking people without AAC or sign cannot, at all. you never experience daily small and big struggle of casually being nonverbal all the time.
your experience of lose speech unique from my nonverbal. but if you so insist to compare and equate, you only guest to my experience, my daily life.
“when i go nonverbal and no one understand so have to force to speak” i cannot force words out. know you don’t mean to say this, and not saying you at fault for this, but nevertheless accidental perpetuate and reinforce idea that anyone who don’t speak can just be forced to speak if try hard enough. but often not how it works. and this exact harmful rhetoric devoid and delays nonverbal nonspeaking people given access to AAC, because “need try to force words out first, AAC unnatural so last resort.”
this may be new concept for you. new concept to instagram, to tiktok. to other places. it may seem i only one with this problem, “i once saw a nonspeaking person’s account and they don’t have problem.”
yeah, because we are not monolith. some nonverbal nonspeaking people don’t care. some nonverbal nonspeaking people may even welcome “go nonverbal nonspeaking” or “when i am nonverbal nonspeaking.”
but don’t be fooled into believe i only one. have many nonverbal/nonspeaking and/or higher support needs friends on tumblr, who talk about this who have been saying this for years. *years*. years before i joined. i am not creator, i only bring message here, because many of us are too high support needs too disabled to do anything else. many of us only stay on our small corner of tumblr because it most peaceful, because at least some listen, because least hostile, because need to defend our experience against our own community the least. (but it happens less doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, we still exhausted.) many of us only stay on our small corner of tumblr because that all we can handle, or because we not allowed or shouldn’t be on other social media because age or abilities or both.
i cannot handle conflict i do not do well and i shouldn’t be here. but if not me, who else? if i don’t do it, who else is going to?
some nonverbal nonspeaking people and parents of them may question, why you start debate about useless term when so many nonverbal nonspeaking people don’t even have access to communicate, real problems. to that i say i do those work too. and to that i say this is real problem too, because am autistic so online actually autistic community should also be my space too but it not. but it hostile. because am lonely because seeing yourself so crucial because don’t know anyone in person like me don’t have any friends in person like me, so i go online to find people like me and i cannot because no own term to search and what used to be term many people without similar experience insist they understand and can speak for me because they say we have similar experience. because this aloneness and the unique difficulty from being full time nonverbal and the struggle of future and the unique mistreatment from both outside but also inside community have drove me over edge many times and it is presence and knowing their presence of my tumblr nonverbal nonspeaking / higher support needs friends that gave me hope to stay. because so many people don’t listen and instead speak over. terminology only a symptom of problem. address roots, sure, but part of address roots is address symptoms.
‘well nonverbal people are never around” maybe it because you don’t make it welcome for us to join.
“fully nonverbal rare anyway” estimated 30% of us nonverbal nonspeaking, which this statistic probably only count those nonverbal since birth. even more are minimally speaking or without full functional communication, abilities limited to requests. sure, 30% still not majority. but significant amount never the less. speaking lower support needs autistic without intellectual disability not majority anyway too but your experience still deserve heard. ours too.
“see less nonverbal people because they don't have ability to communicate and use social media” yes, many nonverbal nonspeaking people not given access to communication (like AAC), forced to live in silence (because body language communication not enough alone!). silence from birth to teenage years, to adulthood, even until they die. some cannot understand social media or AAC because intellectual disability or cognitive ability. some not allowed on there because safety, some not allowed on because presumed incompetent and abused. all true. do you advocate for them too? or is it just talking point against me, pretend you care?
but not all of us, we exist. some of us thankfully supportive parents all along, parents given resources, us given resources, so we access to AAC since beginning. some of us became nonverbal later in life (which not same experience as those early in life, i acknowledge). some of us after years of forced silence, finally given access to AAC and can now communicate and advocate! some of us on social media - do you listen?
but you see none of us in your community anyway. maybe one token person.
you can go nonverbal. i cannot go verbal. see difference? you can come close to my experience, but i never will have (future) ability to go to yours.
it frustrate that have to specify am nonverbal **all the time** when write this, because if don’t do that will be assumed otherwise. frustrate that when in neurodivergent space stranger see me AAC they assume i can speak because they only know part time users (know part time users frustrate too because people assume they cannot speak and get surprised when they do. me being assumed automatic part time is not fault of part time AAC users.)
even been told am privileged to be nonverbal nonspeaking, privilege over speaking autistic who lose speech because in their mind it mean i get all support i need i get all recognition get all the representation. which. couldn’t be farther from truth.
all that. is fraction of reason i frustrate at “going nonverbal nonspeaking” and “when i was nonverbal nonspeaking.”
so many other words. lose speech. intermittent speech.
just want have own sub community where can find people similar experience.
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happistar · 6 hours
Curious to see where the fandom stands on this.
Knowing ALL the consequences…
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starcrosseddeancas · 24 hours
dean’s always been the type of guy who isn’t shy about kissing women or making out with women in crowded busy places, and i think, at first, dean would be nervous about kissing cas in public because yeah that means two guys are kissing and people are gonna see dean kissing another guy… but he gets over it pretty quickly when they’re at some dingy diner and cas gets that look in his eyes that says he really really really wants dean to kiss him but he won’t actually ask dean to do it and instead he gets this shy forlorn look on his face. zeppelin is playing overhead and cas’ fingertips are ghosting against dean’s on the tabletop and dean just suddenly decides ‘fuck it, i don’t care what anyone thinks’ and he leans over the table, snags cas by the tie, and pulls him closer across the table so he can kiss cas slow and deep. when they break apart, cas looks starstruck; like dean has just gone and given him his greatest desire. after that, dean isn’t shy about kissing cas anymore. he’ll grab cas’ hand and pull him into a kiss at the grocery store. he’ll snag cas by the waist and nudge him up against the impala so he can kiss cas up against the car door outside of a bar. he’ll spend an obnoxiously long time making out with cas on their double date with sam and eileen at the movies and he doesn’t give a damn that sam is teasing him for it because cas is pulling him closer and breathing those soft little breathy exhales against dean’s mouth that sends shivers down dean’s spine. he’ll sneak a kiss which turns into maybe slipping his tongue into cas’ mouth and grinning against cas’ lips when they’re at the farmers market because cas’ eyes lit up when he saw the stall of flowers and dean is just so ridiculously in love with his dorky angel. he’ll take cas out on a roadtrip and softly press little gentle kisses to cas’ lips while they’re checking into a hotel because cas just looks so content and happy. dean doesn’t care where they are anymore; if they’re at home or surrounded by hundreds of people. kissing cas until he’s breathless and awestruck is dean’s favorite thing, and he’s gonna stop to enjoy the moment and kiss cas whenever and wherever because he wants everyone to know that this devastatingly handsome angel is dean’s entire heart
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so maybe its the fact that im neurodivergent or im just. stupid but i don’t understand the color of the sky jokes. (ive only been on tumblr about a year though so maybe its that too)
its mostly because it’s not really a joke? I mean kind of. I don’t really know what it qualifies as-
but its just that even the mention of the color of the sky post fills veteran Tumblr users with dread and anguish. that’s because the post apparently used to constantly be all over everyone’s dashboard, and it took forever to scroll through. (I didn’t experience this, it’s just what i’ve heard.)
so now I have it as my pinned post and like to terrorize people with it because it is fun and nostalgic :)
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snackugaki · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
.... i have been so normal about wanting to draw tactical!Venus and tactical!Jennika.
hey. HEY. y’all need to go check out @donathan ‘s artwork, and if you are the proper age, go throw some money into their patreon for some... some real, real good art. 👀👀👀 ...but do not if you are a minor, that shit ain’t for you.
some IDW TMNT comic spoilers... and.... I guess... Next Mutation ssspoilers? I know some of you kids haven’t turtled up and watched my beloved childhood iteration yet.
alright, so, y’know, completely normal expenditure of my energy and skillset, amirite? big big thanks to @/donathan for allowing me to play around in their AU’s aesthetic because I have severe, terminal VenusAndJennikaDeserveEverythingoccocal SoIWillManifestItMyselfitis.
and tbh, all y’all’s fics have been, mwah, chef’s kiss. but SOME of you put LORE. delicious, tasty, appetite-inducing lore.
and i am nothing but the littlest hoebag for lore.
okay so, quick rundown for those who both A) are immune to spoilers B) also do not know Venus or Jennika’s origins-- bulletpoint time~!
So Venus de Milo, the “girl turtle”, the “fifth turtle” (not counting April’s extremely brief stint as a white-bandana’d turtle in the Archie comics run) was introduced in 1997′s Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation
An episode of “The Toys That Made Us” touched upon Venus’ creation so idk it’ll cover what I won’t deign to acknowledge.
her backtory is interesting (just her show was a trashfire /affectionate)
Master Splinter’s frolicking around in the dreamscape where all the cool enlightened old people hang out away from teenagers, right?
but oh no! dragon lord, a bad dude with a widow’s peak to rival Vegeta Dragonball’s widow’s peak; is there too! stomping around, ruining shit!
Splinter’s dreamscape buddy Chung I warns Splinter to stay out of the dreamscape ‘cuz Dragon Lord’s around
And like in true old people fashion, just ignores his friend’s admonition and tries to investigate himself
bad choice, womp womp
Splinter gets trussed up and rendered “stuck” in the dreamscape
cue the catalyst for Venus to make the 10+ flight from China to the U.S
don’t worry about what the boys were doing, just literal surfing in sewer grey water, breaking their little turtle skulls on cinderblocks, and picking fights in warehouses with Foot clan goons
tl;dr Venus still has Sixth Ranger mode on, so naturally she whoops all of their asses in the dark, ties them up (like how some of y’all enjoy writing Leo does huhu nudgenudge winkwink)
and then, y’know, it’s still the 90s and children’s television so blah blah the usual “oH My gOd a GiRL tURTle???/?? AWoooOOogaaa ga ga ga” 
it’s.... I mean, i’m 38 so it no longer strikes me as bad as just really fucking embarrassing... for them. to be written saying. fuck, at least they didn’t make her bandana color pink.
so fast forward to Venus teaching them to dreamwalk so they can go rescue Splinter from Dragon Lord’s clutches in the dreamscape.
unfortunately, Dragon Lord offscreen murders Chung I so Venus is narratively anchorless post-rescue, so she’s invited to stay with them. thus ensues wacky hijinks with their new pal, Venus Boom Boom de Milo.
I glossed over the urge to write a cumulative review of Next Mutation. Just, take my word as the target demographic of the show during the last gasps of 90s Turtlemania that TNM was a trashfire overall but... y’know... if you ever needed a palette cleanser after some grimdark or angsty TMNT content, give TNM a whirl. The slapstick was intentional and The Point in the show. Venus’ circumstances for coming was as serious as it would get.
... Also, yes, they made them not related in TNM, preteen snackugaki didn’t clock why because I watched a lot of wuxia as a kid so brotherhood is a term beyond blood ties to me (and if I’m being honest, martial brotherhood is fkkn metal) and later I heard tell that it was to lure more girls into the franchise with both a girl turtle and romance options. which idk whatevs man. 
I also have to clear that, actually no, Donatello and Venus did not fight EVERY episode. Donatello, despite sprinkling a little too much barely disguised snobbery, did defer to Venus’ expertise in “the supernatural” when the situation called for it, and Venus would commend Donnie on his scientific ingenuity. They even teamed up skillsets to create surveillance drones! She essentially casted Calm Emotions on him while he tried to hack the controls of the Astro Megaship back for the In Space Rangers. They breached the divide between STEM and Humanities! They only had one “real fight" near the end of the season-- because Donnie was playing his containment breach elevator mid trash copyright strike immune proto-EDM too loud while she was trying to meditate. and that’s just being bad roommates tbh.
...christ I know it’s gonna come up too, but also NO, there was not constant advances made toward Venus during the show. At most was Mikey pulling his ol’ “I work out every day~!” schtick for like 2 episodes of the 5 spent to introduce Venus. And then after? A shipper’s desert, you’d have to dig and peer behind like 8 curtains for any viable fodder. 
...OKAY NOW FOR JENNIKA’S ORIGINS: Jennika is an IDW character specifically so, naturally why she isn’t in (or would’ve been, AHEM) a lot of iterations yet (or at all, COUGH) (but to continue in honesty there’s a lot of legal tape to cut through since Jennika is IDW’s while TMNT overall is Nick’s) Introduced as a Foot Assassin, her place in the Foot Clan shifts when Splinter takes over from Shredder (Saki), eventually she forms actual bonds with both the turtles and Splinter to where it’s implied she also saw him as an important figure to her if not an outright surrogate father figure. And because TMNT is mess and drama the other 50% of the time, Karai takes over the Foot from Splinter and shenanigans compounded by Karai’s then-current machinations for the Foot-- results in Jennika getting shanked in the stomach by Karai during a clandestine meeting to resolve clan rivalry. She’s losing blood fast, Donnie works to save her and it’s Leo who volunteers for blood transfusion to keep her stable mid-transit. 
Leo’s blood mutates Jennika into a mutant turtle. And then Casey ghosts/dumps her. My poor daughter. She has a real rough time of it before fully integrating with the boys. Raph falls in with Old Hob, gets hoodwinked, and now they live in Mutant Town. Jennika slowly finds herself again, as a mutant turtle, a Splinter clan ninja, a girlfriend, a guitarist in a band she started, a sister in a found family, and a constable to a very little town.
okay! we’re all marginally informed about my two wonderfull daughters, Venus and Jennika~!
so if I can indulge further, I’m going to use my cognizance and make it everyone’s problem because I have beem quietly foaming with ideas for bg lore for tactical!J&V, more bullet points!
ok so, donathan mentioned a bit about their tac! Leo and Donnie being the snipers, Mikey and Raph spotting for them while also being demolitions and heavy ordinance specialists respectively
I would think, then for Vee and Jen, they’d be classified as close quarters combat specialists, complicated extraction? compromised area? call them to clean up and clear out~
give or take “magic” being a thing used in donathan’s AU, or anyone’s AU of this AU, Vee would probably be a close combat specialist along with Jen.
Vee, I feel, would, barring a ...”tactical fan”, (even though in TNM it was just her fists and her little wizard components but her toy came with a fan so.) probably use batons, Jen in lieu of her tekagi-shuko would... most likely use tactical karambit. not that large of a leap really.
for my personal lulz, Vee and Jen are... accurate, height-wise. Raph gets to be the biggest brother since alligator snapping turtles are, in fact, the largest motherfucking freshwater turtles on the north american continent. no getting around it.
my Vee in all Rise AUs is a softshell since the messy hanzi used to write her first given name, Mei Pieh Chi (美鱉气) has the hanzi that’s most commonly translated as softshell turtle (鱉). eh ‘di wow talaga
snacku what do you mean ‘accurate’???? tl;dr female turtles are usually the larger ones in most species.
and listen, I love and I mean LOVE, how some of y’all have written the tac!boys, mwah; but god I’m a professional turtle bully. I need to see them get dunked on. for nutritional value. and if it comes to it, I will provide that food for myself. brb laughing at eventually drawing Venus just offhandedly tossing Donnie into the air to skeet shoot his ass for fun brings me the greatest joy.
they absolutely dote on Mikey, as is the natural order of things. 
and even tho I stated TNM Donnie and Venus got along in the show, and depending on the existence of magic in this AU; I just really love dichotomous rivalries (in as much “science” and “magic” exist as a dichotomy, much less as “diametrically oppose” fields-- just, opposites man. i’m a simple girl with simple trope needs)
Vee’s arms (and legs) are absolutely covered in burns, scars, and missing flesh divots, just as close to swiss cheese limbs as you can be
Jen and Donnie debate tracks that go into their joint “On Our Way To Commit Murder” playlist
if Vee’s tactical look seem very familiar, and you’re wondering if-- yes, you’re correct. and you can “call her ms. de milo if ya nasty”
Vee was actually pretty calm and rational in TNM... but for this AU, she can be a little unhinged, as a well-deserved treat. (and ‘cuz that specific anime unhinged facial expression is fun as fuck to draw, which is my treat)
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Elementary, Finale:
Tumblr media
pairing: pre-outbreak!joel miller x f!reader
rating: E (18+ only—i choose not to list warnings for this one as not to spoil anything but you know how we get down over here on GMNO, happy endings only. read at your own discretion.) unedited/not proofread (for now)
wc: 7k
series masterlist | joel masterlist
June, 2004
“Don’t you dare,” Joel ordered as he surprised you from the doorway of your bedroom—your former bedroom.
You stood in front of a stack of cardboard boxes labeled “linens”, your hands resting on two sides as though you were caught mid-lift. He walked over to you with a smirk, shaking his head before lifting the box for you.
“You’re already carrying enough,” he said, eyes falling to your swollen belly, six-months into your first pregnancy.
“I think I’m more than capable of carrying a box of sheets,” you countered with a matching smirk, reaching for the box that sat below the one he just stole from you.
“Uh-uh,” Tommy came rushing in, sweeping the box from your grasp. “You got my nephew to worry about.”
“How do you know I’m having a boy?” you asked, following your fiancé and soon-to-be brother in law out of your old home to watch them load the moving truck.
“I can just feel it,” he replied, earning a smile from his older brother.
“I’m still hopin’ for another girl,” Joel admitted as he walked down the rickety metal ramp to meet you as you stood in the walkway, his hands sliding over your belly to rest on your waist. He placed a sweet kiss on your lips before letting you go. “You should go sit in the sunroom with Sarah and Jessie. Make sure they’re keepin’ room for Jesus and all that.”
“Oh, let them be. Not like we have to worry about teen pregnancy—“
“Alright, alright.” Joel covered his ears, wincing at the thought. “Still, I don’t want you workin’ too hard.”
“Joel, I promise, I’m not working hard at all. You and Tommy won’t give me the chance.”
“That’s how it should be,” he countered, walking inside the house with you following behind.
“Guys, guess what?” Sarah and her newly defined girlfriend, Jessie burst into the half-packed kitchen as you stood slowly making your way through your pantry, organizing a keep pile and a donate pile. Joel lifted a brow at her as he started on taking the metal barstools that stood at your kitchen island apart so that they could take up less room in the truck. “Britney Spears is coming to San Antonio next month.”
“Praise to the heavens,” Joel mumbled under his breath, earning a chuckle from you as you rolled you eyes at his lackluster reaction.
“That’s fun!” you replied, looking at the two fifteen year-olds. “How much are tickets?”
“Like thirty bucks,” Jessie sighed, frowning. “My mom’s gonna make me work at the restaurant to earn it.”
“Well, she’s got the right idea,” Joel stood, having disassembled the first stool. “Sarah, why don’t you come work with me and Tommy this week and I’ll buy your ticket.”
“Really?” she asked with a hopeful smile before remembering her fathers line of work. “Wait—at the site? I won’t know what to do.”
“I’m sure we can find somethin’ for you to do.”
“Yeah, I mean…Britney’s worth it,” Sarah sighed and shrugged before walking back into the sunroom with Jessie in tow.
“Hey, did I tell you we got a new hire?” Joel spoke to you as he started on the second stool.
“Oh, that’s good. I thought you were having trouble finding someone?”
“We were, but she got the seal of approval from Tommy. Guess she’s a real jack-of-all-trades type’a builder. S’just what we needed.” You smiled at him proudly, his construction company having taken off this last year and a half. They were almost too busy, too booked, leaving Joel and Tommy to stay behind and work the amount of four people instead of two just so that their projects remained on time. “Hopefully might start gettin’ two days off a week instead of one.”
“That would be nice,” you hummed, walking over to him to slide your hand over his sweaty but irresistible back as he crouched down to unscrew some bolts from the legs of the stool. “I’ve been like a lonely little housewife these last few months. Holed up waiting for my man to come back from the coal mines.”
“Oh, is that right?” He looked up at you with a smirk. It had been a few weeks since the two of you had last been together, long days at the site and, for you, at school forcing you apart. Aside from a few steamy but quick makeouts, you were left longing for your soon-to-be husband. “I been neglectin’ you, huh?”
You nodded, your smile spreading wider as you played along, your voice dramatic and theatrical as you tried on an old-timey southern belle persona. “All I got is this baby I’m brewing to remember you by.”
Joel stood up and dropped his tools on the kitchen counter before letting his hands find your waist, tugging you as close to him as your belly would allow. He leaned in, pressing a featherlight kiss to your cheek that caused your entire body to light with chills as his kisses traveled down your neck.
“Why don’t I take you into the bedroom and give you that attention you’ve been needin’ so bad,” he rasped against your skin, dizzying your mind as you clung to him, breathless and wanting.
“House full of people,” Tommy’s voice sounded, reminding the two of you why you’d gone so long without each other in the first place. “Thought this would be done by now. Been, what, three years?”
“Don’t mind him, his longest relationship has been with the goddamn Longhorns,” Joel mumbled, keeping you hugged to his body. “Don’t know a thing about real love.”
“Yeah, yeah, save me the lecture, old man.” Tommy batted his brother’s teasing away and continued on packing and moving in the living room.
“Have I really been neglectin’ you, baby? All jokes aside,” Joel asked in a whisper pressed to your ear. You squeezed him closer and laid your head on his chest, Joel’s chin resting on top of it as he held you.
“No, I mean…I do miss you, and it has been a while since we last were together, but you’re not neglecting me. You still come home and hold me and talk to me and makeout with me,” you spoke softly, your voice a soothing hum against his chest. “We’re tired people, and especially now with the baby…I didn’t expect you to be clawing my clothes off when I look like a whale—“
“Excuse me?” he snapped, pulling your head from his chest so he could sternly look into your eyes. “None’a that. You’re beautiful…carryin’ our baby. Drives me fuckin’ wild seein’ you like this. M’sorry I haven’t been energized enough to show it, but I promise you, baby…you’re drivin’ me crazy walkin’ around like this.”
His hands slipped to squeeze the globes of your ass that had grown along with your belly and hips and, well, everything else.
“Tommy’s gonna see,” you scolded in a whisper as Joel’s fingers pinched the fabric of your dress until it started to lift, allowing his hands to rest against your skin and the cotton of your panties. Weaker and breathier, you exhaled, “Or the girls.”
“I promise no one’s gonna see,” he rasped, pressing his against your neck.
“Dad, come out here quick! There’s—oh my god! There’s a scorpion!” Sarah’s high-pitched squeal had Joel rushing out into the sunroom, his teasing long forgotten as he searched the room frantically. Sarah pointed in the corner and Joel spotted it, black and bigger than any scorpion he’d seen before.
“How the hell’d you get in here?” he muttered to the insect as he guided the girls inside the house before coming inside as well to grab a cup and the dust pan.
You stood in the frame of the sliding glass door, watching him as he carefully approached the scorpion as though he was Steve Irwin approaching a crocodile.
“They don’t jump, do they?” you asked, wincing as Joel started to make contact, guiding it towards the cup. The girls were behind you as though you were a shield, both of them letting out a squeal when the scorpion tried to strike Joel’s wrist, just barely missing. “Joel, just leave it! This can just be his house now, it’s not worth it.”
“Oh, hush,” Joel barked, keeping focused on the task before him. With either skill or luck, Joel managed to sweep the ground-hog sized scorpion into the glass cup and placed the dust pan over the mouth to keep him inside. “See, I got it.”
“Dad, don’t!” Sarah got gravely serious, sternly ordering her father to remain where he was with a point of her finger. Joel grinned and continued over, making both of the girls squeal and run off through the house.
“It’s so gross,” you cringed, leaning over to look at it through the glass with extreme caution and hesitancy.
“I don’t know,” Joel lifted it to his eye level to study it. “I think he’s kinda cool lookin’. Maybe we can keep ‘em as a pet.”
“Yeah, ri-IGHT—Joel!” you shrieked in terror as he pushed the glass towards you with a bark, making you jump backwards. Joel cackled as he watched you stand with your hand over your heart, your stern eyes watching him unamused. “That wasn’t funny.”
“I thought it was,” he chuckled. You watched him walk out to the backyard and set his new friend free, your heart still thumping in your chest. “Gotta get your heart rate up every now and then.”
“I don’t think you do.” Joel laughed and walked to hold you but was stopped by your hand pushing against his chest. “No, you don’t get to touch me. I almost pissed myself!”
Joel laughed again, proud of his prank. “God, it was good.”
“I’m glad you’re satisfied. I can promise you that’s the only satisfaction you’re gonna get for a while, pal.” Joel poured immediately, following you as you walked through the house out to the front yard where Tommy, Sarah, and Jessie laid out in the grass, staring up at the sky. “Everybody, we’re shunning Joel.”
“What?” he chuckled, looking at you with amusement and affection, so rarely seeing you worked up like this.
“Sure thing,” Tommy replied, mellow and relaxed as he looked at the clouds, a beer in his hand.
“Sounds good,” Jessie agreed before pointing at the sky. “That’s a dragon.”
“Yeah it is,” Sarah agreed. “And why are we shunning dad?”
“He threw the scorpion at me.” You knew you were exaggerating, your smirk growing as you watched Joel scoff at the claim, a look of amazement on the entire time.
“I did no such thing,” he defended. “I jumped it at her—“
“Oh, that’s right. He jumped it at me,” you repeated, still smirking at him. “A pregnant woman.”
“Oh, the pregnancy card again,” Joel playfully sighed, earning a gasp from you.
“Pregnancy card? How dare you?” you laughed. “I rest my case, Sarah.”
“Alright, yeah. Dad’s shunned.” Joel rolled his eyes at you before walking over, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, his chin resting on your shoulder.
“I’m sorry,” he sang, widening your already smitten grin. “I promise not to throw any more scorpions at ya. You forgive me now?”
“Mmhm,” you hummed, melting into him.
“I ain’t shunned?” he murmured, kissing your shoulder innocently.
“No, but the threat’s always there. As you just saw, I have the votes.” Joel chuckled against your skin.
“Trust me, I know my place.”
Tumblr media
A Week Later
It was a Friday, you’d been stuck at the house all alone, Sarah off with her dad at the site to earn her Britney Spears ticket money. After doing a few hours of nesting, marrying your things to Joel’s around the house, you perked up at the sight of Joel’s name on the caller ID of your cell.
“Hi,” you sang with a smile.
“Hey baby,” he greeted. “Was wonderin’ if you could pick me and Sarah up in about a half hour?”
“Ooo, I get you home early tonight?” Your smile turned into a grin.
“Yeah, but Sean’s havin’ a barbecue at his place. Invited the whole crew so I guess we should show up.”
“Well, I’m in.”
“See you in a little?”
“Sounds good, baby.”
You smiled as you flipped your cell shut, but the task of dressing yourself quickly wiped your grin away.
You felt like a whale in everything these days, and despite Joel’s eagerness for you each and every day, you felt like a stranger to yourself. Even in the dresses you’d been living in, you felt every change in the way your body used to fill them out. You quickly shooed the insecurity from your mind and dressed yourself for comfort before heading out to go pick the Miller’s up.
Rolling into the construction site, you spotted Joel and Sarah standing in the dirt parking lot out in front of the project, a woman in front of them talking. You furrowed your brows as you got closer, seeing that whoever this woman was, she was pretty—the kind of pretty that makes you wonder why the hell she’s here in a construction lot instead of on billboards and magazine covers.
Your chest felt tight with insecurity as you pulled up to them, hoping with all your might that Joel didn’t try to introduce you to Construction-Barbie.
“Alright, Meg. See ya at the party.” Joel waved to her as he opened the backseat for Sarah, a friendly—too friendly—smile on his face when he hopped in the passenger seat. “Hey baby,” Joel leaned forward for a kiss but you were still too jealous to oblige, giving him your cheek instead. “You alright?”
“Yeah,” you lied, nodding as you pulled out of the lot, the rest of the drive silent besides the pop on the radio and Sarah's soft hums.
After giving the two of them time to change into nicer clothes, all three of you piled into the car again with Joel in the driver's seat. Sarah talked about her day at work, how cool it was to work with Meg, and how surprising it was that the newcomer managed to make her dad laugh. You tried not to picture the scene.
Joel stopped at a grocery store, running in quickly to grab some beer and a few bags of chips to bring to the party while you and Sarah remained in the car.
“Meg sounds great,” you spoke, unable to keep your jealousy to yourself.
“She’s alright,” Sarah replied, seemingly noticing your insecurity. “A little chatty.”
“Your dad didn’t seem to mind,” you mumbled, mostly to yourself.
“She was a little flirty,” Sarah replied. “But dad didn’t seem to notice.”
You tried to shake the jealousy, knowing that it was silly and hormone-driven. Joel loved you. But that didn’t mean that he still couldn’t find someone else attractive at the same time.
At the party, you kept mostly to yourself. You were introverted on a good day, but with this heavy insecurity weighing you down, you found yourself retreating inward while everyone else mingled and carried on.
You were inside the house of Joel’s lead plumber, his wife buzzing around the house as she tried to corral her five children under five. You sat in the living room, watching and praying yours didn’t come out like that—loud and disobedient and restless.
“So, how far along are you?” she asked, breathless as she gave up and sat down on the loveseat across from you.
“Six months,” you replied with a small but friendly smile. “Got any advice for me?”
She chuckled and rolled her eyes. “Besides not havin’ ‘em in the first place? I don’t know—sleep whenever you can. They’ll suck the life outta you if you let ‘em.”
“A little bleak, honey,” Sean, her husband, walked in through the patio door, Joel following behind him.
“It’s the truth,” she argued, giving him a passive aggressive sigh. “It ain’t easy. ‘Specially if there’s only one parent home to do it.”
“Alright,” he chuckled, trying to ease the tension.
You stood, ready to venture beyond the tension anf chaos of the house, even if it meant having to enter the crowded backyard.
“You comin’ out?” Joel asked, holding his hand out for you to take. You accepted it and let him walk you outside. “That was brutal in there.”
“Yeah,” you agreed. Joel’s eyes scanned you as you stood beside him, staring ahead.
“You sure you’re alright? Been awfully quiet,” he noted.
“Yeah, just…feeling a little off today,” you lied.
Spotting a familiar head of strawberry blonde curls snorting with laughter as she stood with Tommy and Sarah by the grill. They both looked comfortable around her, making your stomach curl with a new type of jealousy. She wanted your entire family.
“Joel!” she called once she caught you staring. “Come over here and join us, darlin’!”
You resented the petname. Turning to Joel, you watched as his cheeks flushed, his eyes flickering to yours.
“C’mon,” he looked to you fully, attempting to slide his hand across your back but you stopped him, swatting his arm away. “Baby,” he began, but you were already too worked up to be consoled. “She calls everybody that.”
“Oh, I’m sure,” you muttered.
“Baby, you ain’t really jealous, are you?” He chuckled. Wrong move. With a furrow in your brow, you reached your hands into his pockets and tugged out the keys to the car.
“I’m going home. Call me when you wanna be picked up from your date.”
Joel called after you only once, not wanting to make a scene by raising his voice or following you out.
Back at home, you stewed. What started as hormonal territorialism quickly snowballed into justified rage. She’d clearly met your eyes, seeing you standing there beside him, and ignored you. Then, she proceeded to flirt with him right in front of you. Joel did nothing about it except for defend her, which was what you were currently most angry about.
As you aggressively turned the pages of the book you were reading to distract yourself, you were surprised to see headlights through the window. Closing your book, you got up and peeled through the blinds to see Joel and Sarah stepping out of a taxi, your cheeks heating as guilt set in. You didn’t mean for Sarah to get involved in your fight with Joel.
Hurrying upstairs, you heard the front door open, the two of them speaking downstairs but it was too faint to make any sense. As you stood in the bathroom, hurting your clothes off so that you could jump in the shower, you felt more than heard Joel’s heavy footsteps up the staircase. Soon, after you stepped into the shower, Joel found his way into the bathroom, announcing himself in the doorway.
“We’re home.” His voice was gentle, but carried a sadness to it that made you feel less angry and more guilty.
“Okay,” you managed.
“Can I come in?” he asked, the question lingering in the air for a bit before you answered.
“Yeah,” you decided.
In the matter of a few seconds, Joel was stripped and stepping in behind you, his eyes locked on yours.
“I’m sorry,” he started, stepping closer to you and the stream of water. “I told her that pet-name stuff wasn’t cool with me, but I guess she ain’t as good at listenin’ as she is talkin’.”
“She’s pretty,” you replied, desperate to keep hold of this jealousy.
“Tommy thinks so,” Joel added.
“And you?” He shook his head and rested his hands on the swell of your stomach.
“I’m too busy thinkin’ about you,” he replied. “Thinkin’ ‘bout our family.”
“I know you love me, Joel. It’s not about that,” you sighed, moving to turn around but he stopped you before you could even flinch, forcing you to look at him when you continued. “I want you to think I’m…pretty like that. To want me.”
“You don’t think I want you?” He chuckled, shaking his head in utter disbelief. “For someone who ‘doesn’t want you’, I sure seem to paw at you every minute of every day.”
“I guess you’re right,” you chuckled, finally seeing the light beyond all the dark gray that this storm of jealousy and insecurity you were caught in. “Just seeing you with someone so pretty, who does what you do—“
“First off, she’s alright. She ain’t half as good as Tommy promised me was. M’pretty sure they’re fuckin’ and that’s why he recommended her.” You laughed. “Secondly, I need you to know that it doesn’t matter who I’m standin’ next to. I’m only ever thinkin’ about the next time I get to see you.”
“You’re good at this,” you smiled, reaching to hold his face in your hands. “Defusing the bomb that is a pregnant woman’s mind.”
“You know…I think that’s the first time I ever saw you jealous,” he hummed, leaning in to press a soft, teasing kiss on your lips.
“It happens a lot, I’m just usually good at hiding it,” you whispered back, stealing a few kisses for yourself. “Think you should prepare yourself for more of this crazy. Might be this way until the baby comes.”
“I like the crazy,” he smiled.
Tumblr media
Five years later — December 25th, 2009
“Iris, watch out—“ Your five year old daughter ran full speed through the kitchen and living room, your two year old son, Miles, clumsily chasing her with his brand new stuffed dinosaur. It was hard to be mad at either of them, their giggles filling the room along with the crunch of the wrapping paper littering the carpet beneath their feet.
“Alright,” Joel scooped both of his children up and threw them over his shoulder, earning squeals and laughter as he walked them over to the couch you were sitting on. He plopped kids onto your lap but only Miles stayed. Joel sighed and sat down beside you as Iris got up again, a mischievous grin on her face as she stood before the three of you, all eyes on her. “Well,” Joel started, lifting his hands before dropping them back onto his lap. “We paid for a show. Are you gonna sing for us, Hannah Montana?”
“Daddy, where’s the phone?” Iris asked, making a fist and then tapping it to help illustrate what she wanted.
“The microphone? Somewhere in all this mess,” you replied, gesturing to the mountain of wrapping paper on the floor. “Gotta go fishing for it, baby.”
Iris quickly got to work, making an arguably bigger mess as she searched for her brand new toy, a microphone that was supposed to be its own speaker as well, but truthfully wasn’t much louder than Iris’s voice.
“Hey, hey!” Sarah walked in the front door with a smile, two large bags in her hands stuffed full of wrapped presents. When she took in the mess, she frowned. “Ah, did you guys already do gifts?”
“Iris already had them open before we even got downstairs,” Joel replied as he walked to the door to take the bags from his now twenty year-old’s hands before giving her a tight hug. “Martin come along?”
Martin was Sarah’s boyfriend of two years, the pair meeting in her biology class freshman year of college.
“Yeah, he’s getting the bags,” Sarah replied before coming over to hug you tight.
“How are you? How’s school?” You missed having Sarah at the house but were more than proud of her for getting into the pre-med program at Stanford.
“School is school, but it’s been way easier now that we aren’t living in the dorms anymore.”
“Sissy!” Iris rushed up to her sister and waved her new Hannah Montana microphone in her face. “Sing with me.”
“Oh…yay,” Sarah forced a smile but looked to you for help.
“How about we open the gifts sissy brought instead?” you proposed and your daughter instantly agreed.
“How was the drive?” Joel spoke to Martin as he helped him carry the bags upstairs to Sarah’s old bedroom.
“Not too bad. Sarah snored the entire way.”
“Sorry ‘bout that. Think she gets it from me.”
When Joel and Martin returned from the second floor, they immediately found their spots beside their partners, each of them making the same pained groan as they sat down.
“God,” you chuckled, looking to Sarah who was already looking at you. “They’re the same person.”
“Gross. Hate that.”
“You gonna pass out the gifts or what?” Joel asked, unamused by the comparison.
As Sarah and Martin sorted out the gifts, handing a few to Iris, a few to Miles, two to you and one to Joel. Joel shook his head at the box handed to him, but Sarah’s round eyes got her her way every single time.
“Told you no gifts for me,” Joel grumbled as he ripped the wrapping. “Don’t want you spendin’ your money—“
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” she smiled, sitting down beside her boyfriend. “I think you’ll like this one. It’s a gift for everybody, but I think you’re going to have the most fun with it.”
You watched him rather than opening your own gifts, the small black box in his hand opening to reveal a key. Joel looked up with boyish eyes, shocked and excited and near tears all at the same time.
“What is it?” you asked, plucking the key from his hand.
“This ain’t—how—what?” Joel spoke through his shock.
“What’s it a key to?” you asked again, chuckling at the tears welling up in your husband’s eyes.
“My parents used to own this beat up old ranch in San Antonio, but had to sell it off when Sarah was a kid. I always wanted to buy it back and fix it up, but I just…never got around to it,” Joel finally replied to your questioning, turning to you with wet eyes and a big smile before looking at his daughter and her boyfriend. “How did—“
“My dad’s a realtor and knew the guy who was selling it, so Sarah and I put our money together to buy it back,” Martin detailed.
“In your name, so don’t get too excited. Mortgage isn’t gonna be that bad because we got it at twenty thousand and we put down a decent down payment,” Sarah added. “So, just a few hundred a month.”
“Baby girl,” Joel shook his head and looked down at the key. “How much do I owe y’all—“
“Dad, you took care of me my whole life. You deserve this. Besides, I just signed with a publisher for my book, so—“
“What?” you practically squealed, Miles covering his ears as he sat in your lap. “Congrats, baby girl!”
“Thank you, thank you,” she smiled and bowed, bringing your eyes to the shining rock on her ring finger. Joel seemingly noticed it too because his clapping suddenly ceased.
“What’s that?” he asked, his eyes shifting to Martin’s nervous stare.
“Shit—we were gonna announce it at dinner so Uncle Tommy could be here too, but…” She looked to her boyfriend. “We’re engaged.”
“Oh my god,” you gasped, your hands lifting to your mouth to hide the joy in your smile. “I’m so happy. Oh my god!”
“That’s bad, mommy,” Iris scolded. You nodded but pointed at Sarah’s ring.
“I known, but sissy’s getting married, baby!”
“Dad?” Sarah spoke to her father who sat frozen in shock. You turned to him as well, studying him carefully for any signs of anger or disappointment, but instead found only pride and joy. “Please don’t be mad. Martin wanted to ask first but I told him that’s too old school—“
“Baby, I’m not mad,” he assured softly, shaking his head as his eyes welled with fresh tears. “I’m just so happy.”
“Oh, dad,” Sarah cooed, her own eyes shedding tears as she walked over to hug her father close as he stood up. “I love you so much.”
“I love you, baby girl. So much.” Joel squeezed her once more before letting her go and turning to her fiancé. “And you too by proxy.”
After a long afternoon spent beside Joel at the computer studying the state of the ranch from the pictures Martin pulled up from the realtor, it was decided that Joel would take weekends off of work—not that he usually worked them anymore, the business having taken off so much that it forced him into a more managerial role—and drive down to the ranch to work on it, the kids and you invited of course but he understood if you didn’t want to, after all, “It ain’t gonna be pretty for a while, baby”. You agreed to let him check it out in person first before coming along because it seemed a little too dangerous for the kids with the property’s long, unmowed yard and old, untouched cabin.
Dinnertime came and so did Tommy and his girlfriend of one year—who also happened to be your good friend and a successful attorney—Maria, the two of them walking into a cleaner home than the one Sarah and Martin were greeted with. She had a six year old son, Kevin, who loved to play with your babies every time he came over.
“No fuckin’ way,” Tommy held up Sarah’s left hand to stare at the ring. “You were just a snot-nosed kid a second ago.”
“Yep,” she giggled.
“Well,” Tommy dropped her hand and looked to Martin, giving him a handshake. “You know who you’re gonna answer to if you hurt her.”
“Alright,” Joel interjected as he returned to the kitchen table that the adults were sat at while the kids played in the living room, The Grinch on in the background to busy them even more. He set a bottle of beer down in front of each of you, but Marin was quick to slide her bottle away from her. “No? And I bought the good shit just to impress y’all.”
“It’s just…” She looked to Tommy for help, the younger Miller smirking as he turned to the table.
“We’re havin’ a baby,” he announced and the table roared with applause and cheers. Joel’s smile was the widest, the two brothers locking eyes. Joel lifted his beer up to toast to life and the rest of you gladly clinked your bottles together in agreement. To life, indeed.
March, 2010
“So,” Joel started, a proud but nervous grin on his face as you climbed out of the passenger seat of the car to get a good look at the ranch. “What d’ya think?”
The long, unmowed grass was now trimmed neatly, making the land look so much bigger. Joel had fixed the gate, but you noticed that when he pulled in; he made sure to have a sign placed at the entrance reading “Miller Ranch” to properly fulfill his lifelong dream. The old, rickety cabin was now renovated and converted into a private den in case Sarah and Martin ever wanted to come stay for a while. Beside it stood a brand new ranch house, modest in size compared to the surrounding ranches, but it was big enough to hold three bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, and a living room. But the part you loved most was the wrap-around porch he built by hand, painted a soft, pale yellow to contrast to the white of the home.
“I think,” you started, a smile growing on your face. “I wanna live here now.”
“Yeah?” he chuckled and approached you at the passenger side door, pressing you against it. “Why don’t we go inside? Maybe…test it out.”
“Mm, might as well take advantage of Tommy and Maria watching the kids,” you replied, your lips ghosting over his.
Joel tugged you along by the hand up the gravel driveway, allowing you the time to admire the little details like the swing he built onto the big oak tree between the den and the house, or the sneak peek you caught of rose bushes in the backyard. With each detail, you fell more and more in love with the property, and what was once a joke now turned into a serious longing—you wanted to move here. Bad.
“Ready?” Joel asked as he opened the screen door and rested his hand on the doorknob of the main, wooden door painted that same, soft yellow. You nodded at him and he opened the house, letting you walk in first, he flipped on the lights behind you as he entered. You gasped at the living room, how spacious but cozy it felt with a fireplace built in, not that the San Antonio weather ever really called for it.
Turning to the other side, you saw the dining room that connected into the kitchen via a square archway. You started that way, admiring the hand-made dining table before walking into the kitchen of your dreams. You let out a moan at the size of it, the brand new appliances that were a surprise but don’t worry, they’re on a lease.
Back in the hall, you carried on, admiring the framed pictures he’d hung of your joined family over the years, the smiling image of Sarah’s mother and Mary and Paul and everyone you’d lost bringing tears to your eyes.
“This is gonna be Miles’ room,” Joel opened the door to a room set up for a kid rather than a toddler aside from the bed with safety rails on it. You smiled at the thought of your son growing up here.
“And this?” you reached for the door across the hall and opened it to find a bathroom, modest but new.
“Kids bath,” he replied. Guiding you to the room beside Miles’, Joel opened it and displayed a soft pink painted bedroom that Iris was going to absolutely adore. “For baby girl.”
“Which means this has to be our room, right?” you asked, reaching for the door across from your daughter's room. “Little close, no?”
“Mm-mm,” he shook his head and entered the room, shutting the door behind him. He made a lot of noise, or at least that’s what you assumed from his heavy feet jumping on the hardwood floors, but you couldn’t hear much of anything. When he emerged, he was breathless and smiling. “Hear anything?”
“Felt you jumping around, but no,” you grinned. “You soundproofed it?”
“Yeah,” he nodded. “Took me a while to get it right but…we can make all the noise we want now.”
“Well,” you began, sliding your hands up his chest as you batted your eyes at him. “Why don’t we give it a proper go?”
“Yeah,” he hummed, leaning down to kiss you teasingly, forcing you to seek more of his mouth in yours. “Come on,” he rasped, tugging you into the bedroom. “There’s one more surprise on the tour before I can get you naked. Go take a look in the bathroom.”
You did as you were told, leaving him by the bed to walk into the en-suite. You gasped at the clawfoot tub perched by a large bay window, looking out at the garden of flowers he’d planted.
“Joel…you—“ You shook your head, eyes now raining tears as you stood in the middle of the bathroom. Joel laughed and came over to hold you as you buried your face in his chest. “I love you so much.”
“I love you, baby,” he chuckled, amused by your reaction. “You like it, I take it?”
“Like it?” you lifted your head and shocked him with the amount of tears soaking your eyes. “I’m about to get down on my knees.”
“You can get down on your knees after I get my fill, how about that?” he husked against your cheek as he kissed your tears. “Go lay down on the bed, baby. Everything off.”
You didn’t waste any time in obeying, practically skipping out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Your shoes and jeans came off first, then your top, and finally your undergarments before you climbed onto the mattress to test it out. Joel walked in but remained patient at the foot of the bed as you laid in the center of the mattress, beckoning him closer with the curl of your finger. Joel grinned and peeled his t-shirt off before slowly, painfully slowly, undoing his belt and jeans.
“Roll over,” he commanded. “Wanna see somethin’.”
“I wonder, what ever could that be?” you joked, rolling onto your stomach and instinctively arching your ass into the air. Joel’s knees dipped the mattress as he crawled onto the bed behind you, his hands gripping the globes of your ass as he let out a groan.
“So pretty like this,” he hummed before surprising you with a broad lick up the seam of your cunt. “My country girl.”
“I’ll be whatever you want me to be, just don’t stop.” Joel laughed at your plea but obliged, licking you again. He kept at it, his tongue greedily and filthily lapping up every inch of you it could find before tensing and burying into your cunt while his fingers rubbed circles over your clit.
“Mm,” he hummed as he pulled away for a moment to speak. “There’s a gift for you in the nightstand. Why don’t you have a look?”
You chuckled hesitantly and crawled over the mattress to reach into the nightstand on your side of the bed, finding a long black box inside. You pulled it out and turned over to sit, facing Joel as he sat on his ankles at the foot of the bed. “Open it.”
“Is this—“ You silenced yourself by opening the box, your eyes taking in the sight of one of those wands you’d been desperately dropping hints about wanting to try out. “Oh, baby. You’ve got competition now.”
“Oh, do I?” he smirked, crawling to lay over you, forcing your head to rest back against the pillows. “That’s alright. Gettin’ too old to do all that work anyways. Might as well take all the help I can get.”
“You know you’ll always have one thing no one else has,” you purred, reaching to stroke his cock as it rested on your belly. “They couldn’t replicate this if they tried.”
“Mm,” he smiled against you. “You’re just flatterin’ me now.”
“Uh-uh,” you shook your head. “It’s perfect. The way you fill me up, the way it feels inside. I’ll never get enough.”
“Fuck, baby,” he whined against your jaw as he nibbled there. “Turn it on, wanna get you ready to take me. So damn hard for you, can’t even think.”
You flipped on the vibrator, gasping at the power behind it while Joel simply groaned.
“Go on,” he urged. “Press it to your clit, baby.”
“Fuck,” you hissed as you lowered it to your bundle of nerves, the whir of the vibrations making your thighs tense and jerk, but Joel’s hips stopped them from closing.
“Does it feel good?” he asked against your pulse as he kissed the skin there.
“Yes,” you panted. “But I want you.”
“Not ‘til you cum,” he replied, trailing his fingers down your belly, past the vibrator, and into your soaked entrance. You let out an animalistic moan, something primal and so unlike yourself. “God, baby,” he moaned against you as he curled his fingers up towards that dizzying spot inside. “You don’t make those noises for me. Maybe I do got competition.”
“Joel,” you whined, unsure of what to say or how to describe how good it felt to have him inside you along with this gift of an invention. “Please. Please.”
“Cum on my fingers,” he ordered, low and dark and right into your ear. “Then I’ll give you what you want.”
As if your body had simply been awaiting the order, you came immediately, squeezing him as you writhed beneath his weight, the vibrator turned off and tossed across the bed. Joel slid into you while you were still clenching around nothing, your breath getting knocked out of your lungs at the force of his thrusts inside. You felt like you transcended into some sinful sort of heaven, one where only you and Joel resided.
“God, baby,” he whined, his arms slid beneath the arch of your back to hug you tight as he pounded into you. “So fuckin’ wet. God, I need to cum. Been too long.”
“Those fuckin’ kids,” you managed a joke, earning a laugh before he found his rhythm again.
“Baby, fuck,” he warned, his voice as wrecked as yours as you screamed his name into the empty home, your nails scratching down his back as you begged him to let you cum again, as if he ever denied you. “Go on,” he urged, sitting up on his knees to watch his cock disappear into you only to come out covered in your shine. “Fuck, come on. Cum for me. Right fuckin’ now, baby.”
“Oh!” you screamed, again unlike yourself, and clawed at his arms for purchase as your orgasm hit so hard it might have been painful if it hadn’t felt so fucking good. “Joel, please, please, please. Cum inside me.”
“Yeah,” he agreed, his face scrunched up as he watched himself let go into your pussy, his eyes glued to where you were connected while pulsed inside of you with a deep growl. When he pulled out, he quickly lowered himself to the mattress and nestled between your thighs, fucking his spend back into you with his finger while his tongue swiped round and round over your clit until you were begging him to stop. “Too much?”
“For now,” you grinned. “How much longer do we have until we have to get back on the road?”
“I’d say a couple hours,” he replied, sated but a hint of mischief in his voice. “We could always try out that new bath.”
“God, I love you.” You pulled him up and kissed deeply. “So glad you showed up to that parent teacher conference.”
“Thank you for givin’ Sarah and I a family again,” he whispered. “I love you so much, baby. I—gonna get me all choked up. I love you.”
“I love you.”
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Tumblr media
─── 𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐄
+ sae x f!reader | wc 5.3k
notes: i’m in love with this man, and wrote this on a whim :’) hope y’all like it !! feedback & reblogs are greatly appreciated !! <3
summary: you’ve known sae since you were both sixteen. he’s always dreamed of going overseas and facing the world, will he ever be ready to come home?
Tumblr media
sae can read almost everyone flawlessly, you included.
he’s not close to you, not at all. physically? yes, because you’re his seat partner. but in all other aspects? no, definitely not.
you’re scared of him, he can tell. whenever he moves, you get self-conscious, immediately pulling your own chair in, giving him way. then you check on him as he moves away, because you’re scared that somehow you’ve managed to offend him.
you never did. because to offend sae, you’d need to be someone who can even bother him in the first place.
sae doesn’t care about what you do though, he just happens to notice you. out of convenience, because he sees you every monday to friday and sits next to you for every class.
it’s the same routine thing every week—you sit next to each other, barely say a word all day and then before he knows it, it’s the end of school day.
it doesn’t even matter. you don’t matter.
nobody really does.
he peeks at you out of the corner of his eyes, your eyes peering down at your paper with the utmost concentration. he quickly looks away though, because the last thing he wants is to get caught and be labeled as a cheater on a history quiz. especially when he’s not cheating.
yeah, you really don’t matter.
Tumblr media
soccer, soccer, soccer.
that’s all sae can think of nowadays. just do whatever he can to improve his skills, everything else is up for debate.
you’re still his seatmate, still ever so distant. he gives you credit though, for greeting him every morning now even though you look terrified and nervous all the time.
“good morning.”
today is no exception. sae’s eyes flick up to you and then back down to his desk, and that’s all of the acknowledgement you get, as usual. it’s nothing personal, he just doesn’t want to get into small talk at all.
but he’ll give you points for trying, even if he doesn’t exactly know what’s going through your head right now. somehow, he can’t read you as well anymore.
that’s how you usually are now, the newer version of you. a little more upbeat, a little friendlier, less awkward but still as shy as he first pegged you to be.
well, now you’re just slightly more amusing. somehow, sae starts to find himself wondering how you’d react to different situations.
it’s almost the middle of the school year and you’d kept up with your usual greetings everyday. sae keeps up with his usual stoic demeanour on his part.
until today.
“good morning!” you’re extra chirpy today, he notices.
sae blinks at you once, twice, and you’re still smiling at him, and he’d like to know whether you’re still that same nervous mess inside, so he opens his mouth this time.
“morning, y/n.”
simple, easy, basic courtesy.
but somehow you’re looking at him as though he’s a fucking freak.
to be fair, that’s exactly what he expected. but it’s now been a whole minute and you’re still staring dumbly at him.
you shake your head, laughing sheepishly as you take your seat beside him, “nothing, it’s just… you never bothered talking to me before.”
sae shrugs, because it’s not like he bothers now, per se. he’s just—what’s the word—bored? “i can shut up too if you prefer that.”
you look so embarrassed by your quick outburst that sae almost snickers. that’s the most reaction you’ve nearly managed to get out of him yet.
“i mean,” you stutter, looking for the right words to say, and maybe sae is getting a little bit of an ego boost right now because he can tell you’re flustered. “you’re pretty terrifying most of the time so…”
he knows what you mean, but he acts like he doesn’t. “oh, so you like terrifying? okay, i can do that.”
the way your face instantly switches to a straight expression is fucking amusing, and for a split second his guard falls and you get to hear him snicker.
luckily, the bell rings right after and mr hayato is never late. sae never got to hear what you thought of that.
every single day after that passes by a little bit easier, your non-friendship inching a little closer together, sae might even consider you an acquaintance now.
he converses with you a lot more fluidly (as much as he allows himself to—he doesn’t like you being too comfortable, likes to keep you on your toes), and he finds himself teaching you things he notices you’re absolutely horrible at.
like logarithms, because no matter how much you try to wrap your head around it, you refuse to ask anyone for help. you’re a little stubborn, but sae can live with that, just has to speak to you in a way that doesn’t seem like you look like you need help.
“no, you’re forgetting that the log of e is always one, there, see?” sae sighs as he explains, because you’re quite muddle-headed. “it’ll be much easier once you get all the definitions in your head.”
“were you born a genius or something?” you ask innocently upon catching his test scores. a 94 out of 100, compared to your 63.
that day, neither of you notice the fact that other people are beginning to notice your growing friendship.
sae starts tutoring you whenever he can, because apparently you’re hopeless without his help. (he says this to your face. he’s always straight with you.) and then he finds himself noticing you in ways he never did before.
how you look absolutely angelic when the sun hits your face. he notices the way you puff out your cheeks when you’re thinking hard. even the perfume that wafts through the air. you smell good.
this is ridiculous.
“hun, do you want any—”
fuck. sae’s head whips around to see an older woman at your door, almost a carbon copy of you, eyes wide as her gaze falls onto him.
no, he’s not particularly nervous or feels like he should be, but something tells you if your mother is anything like you, she’d misunderstand. this is just a lot more trouble than it’s worth. you’re a lot more trouble than it’s worth. what’s he even getting out of tutoring you?
“oh hi there! and who might you be?”
he can see stars in her eyes, all hopeful and excited as she shifts her gaze between you and sae and back to you again.
“mom! he’s no one—” ouch, he’s tutoring you and you introduce him as no one? “a friend and he’s tutoring me for some math stuff so could you…?”
it’s like the gears are turning in your mother’s head when she eyes sae knowingly. god, he has to do some damage control. don’t want either of you expecting anything much out of him.
“i’m itoshi sae,” he introduces himself, shaking her hand. “i just make time to tutor some of my classmates to earn extra credit.”
not even close to true, but neither of you need to know that. he’d much rather spend his free time getting in some training or going to the gym but he decided maybe he could spend a few hours out of today to help your dumbass with numbers.
he’s an expert at sidestepping small talk and in no time at all, your mother’s out of the room. you still seem embarrassed, he can feel the heat emanating from your cheeks.
“concentrate,” sae sighs, and he wonders why he’s even doing this for you. he’d rather go home right now, he thinks, maybe kick the ball around with rin, or just lie down in bed because waking up at 4am to train every morning is taking its toll.
you mumble a hushed apology and rub the sleepiness from your eyes. the both of you had been at this for a couple of hours now, maybe looking at numbers too much is making you tired too.
sae acknowledges you’re a fast learner though, if you have a proper teacher. he’s not surprised that ms kina’s teachings are lost on you—she’s not that good at explaining concepts. sae is, though. he usually doesn’t bother sharing but hey, maybe now is just a glitch in the matrix, maybe now he’s just trying to do good samaritan things and help you out so you don’t fail the damn midterm test.
“okay then, see you,” he says, picking up his bag and slinging it around his shoulders, only to have you grab his wrist. “what?”
you look a little bashful once you realise what you did, and then you let go of him immediately. you look like you really want to say something, but you don’t, you just shake your head.
don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it.
sae’s putting his bag back down before he knows it, and he groans internally. “say it.”
“if-if you don’t mind, maybe we could schedule a tutoring session every week?” you’re so, so timid and so, so soft.
he blinks once, twice, realising what you actually mean to say. you don’t want the tutoring session, apart from logarithms you’re fine with pure numbers, but you want time. with him.
it boosts his ego a little, if he’s being honest.
“i’m too busy with my soccer trainings,” he tells you, nonchalant until he sees how quick your expression falls and then he has to hate himself for continuing, “i have some time on friday evenings though.”
like a puppy, you’re instantly chirpy again, saying how maybe he could tutor you after he’s done with whatever stuff, and how you’d get a head start and grab some seats at a cafe or something.
you’re both seventeen when your weekly tutoring sessions start. it’s beyond himself why he agreed. all he knows is that he doesn’t particularly like being the reason your expression goes sad.
first week in, you’re still too nervous, too jumpy.
the second week, you’re a little too full of nonsense, daring to laugh at him, or with him, depending.
by the fifth week, your bare arm is already brushing his and you’re not even flinching.
you’re both seventeen when sae realises that maybe he cares for you. in the way lovers do. in the way he gets you to walk on the safer side of the sidewalk. in the way he sends you home every friday. in the way he actually responds to your goodnight texts and wakes up waiting for your good morning.
in the way he listens when you tell him that your mother is actually sick, that you want to take care of her. that your dream is simple—to find your passion one day, and to be able to earn enough to let your mother live peacefully, to help her fight whatever she has to because you don’t want her to be alone.
in the way, for the first time in his life, he reaches out to you, putting his hand on top of yours as he lets you cry on his shoulder.
your birthday falls on a friday this year, and he tells you not to bring your books that day in class. you look at him with pure shock, but then quickly adjust yourself and bring up a grateful smile.
“yes, sir.”
that night he meets you up on the rooftop of your complex, in the middle of the carpark, and you’ve never looked any happier than you did when you saw him holding that petite round galaxy cake in his hands, the sparkler candles so pretty in the night.
“happy birthday.”
Tumblr media
the next school year starts and sae enters into it still close to you as ever. you haven’t met in just over a month, what with sae’s intense training camps and your family holiday. but the both of you still talk to each other daily, and he finds himself waiting for your response every night.
it’s like the both of you are in a relationship, but neither of you are saying anything about it. whatever this relationship-non-relationship is, sae thinks he likes it.
but it’s barely three months into the school year and sae has to break your heart.
“it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, i’m sure you understand right?” his coach rambles on, disgusting with how he’s talking with his mouth full and chips keep falling out of it.
sae nods, because he does. he’s almost sure he’ll go for it. it’s not everyday kids from japan get offered a spot to play for a european club.
“great! so let’s get your parents involved and get you to spain.”
“yeah, sure.”
it’s frustrating how he’s not more excited. it’s there, but it’s faint, because it’s lingering on the traces of his feelings for you. he’s never really thought this far, and maybe that was his fault. he’ll keep that in mind; he can’t risk this situation again. he can’t risk getting your hopes up and being the reason that they’ll never recover.
minimise damage, yeah, that’s what he has to do.
you go from talking endlessly in class to being quiet because sae is trying to concentrate. you go from meeting every friday outside of school to every other friday, to once every month, to none at all. you go from texting a good morning and a goodnight every day to barely getting responses from sae, barely ever even get your messages read.
then one day sae just doesn’t show up to school at all. and you finally hear that he’s been scouted for a club in spain, that he’s going to be away for god knows how long. and then you realise that maybe that’s why he’s been distant lately, because you refuse to believe that the sae who took so much time out of his busy schedule for you, the sae who made the effort to buy you a birthday cake and spend all night on the carpark just listening to you talk on and on about insignificant things because you were nervous, the sae who you fell in love with—you refuse to believe it wasn’t real.
that’s why you hold your hopes up and ride your bicycle to his house, which you’ve been to once before, just outside though, because you’d asked him where he lived and he finally obliged. it’s still beautiful as ever, neat garden lined with flowers and a soccer field in the back.
when you knock on the gate, you see a familiar face come out; it’s itoshi rin, his younger brother. you only know that because sae’s spoken about him a few times, and you saw a picture of the both of them together on his phone.
“oh, um, hi, who are you?” rin asks, cautiously, because evidently, he’s never seen you.
“uh, i’m one of sae’s… classmates,” you decide, and it stings that you realise you can’t even say that anymore. how did it all spiral from cloud nine? “is he home?”
rin blinks a few times. his lower lashes are slightly longer than sae’s, he’s carrying a soccer ball, and you just know he’s been training all day because he’s sweating from head to toe. sae has said rin wanted to be a striker just like him.
“oh, didn’t you hear? my big bro got scouted, he left for spain last night.”
it shouldn’t be this upsetting—he isn’t even your boyfriend. no matter how much you wanted him to be. he was just… someone you studied with, spent time with, made efforts for.
but something forms in the pit of your stomach when you hear that sae’s already gone, that he’s already halfway to spain without even saying goodbye, without giving you any warning.
you’d thought whatever friendship you had with him was worth more than a silent goodbye, than a one-sided decision.
“o-oh, okay, thanks!”
you bolt off before rin can say anything else, it’s better that no one can see you crying anyway.
that night once you’ve sort of calmed down, you open up sae’s message thread, which as of late is mostly a string of messages from you and sae only replying with oh or i see or i’m busy.
the last time he even bothered replying to you was last week when you asked if he wanted to watch a movie together and he said a simple no.
“you’re an ass, itoshi sae,” you cry to yourself as you bring up the keyboard on your phone, your tears falling onto the screen.
i hate you, itoshi sae.
Tumblr media
soccer is the same; thrilling, tiring, demanding.
it’s been a year since he left japan and he’s still surviving, still thriving, still being revered as a genius midfielder. sae knows he has what it takes to bring victory to a good enough team, that’s what he came here for anyway—to be the best in the world.
“good job out there, sae,” the captain claps him on the back, but sae’s mind isn’t there.
it’s been a year since he left japan and he still pulls up the last message you ever sent him.
i hate you, itoshi sae.
perhaps it’s good that you do. there’s no place for your dreams in spain, or anywhere else in the world except for japan. you need to move on from him. maybe you already did, from what he hears from his classmates who still check in on him from time to time.
the first time sae hears about how some other guy asked you out, he can’t say he doesn’t care. but he’s relinquished his right to be jealous, so he barely responds to the news.
but maybe he’s beginning to see where he fucked up, because he shouldn’t have gotten close to you in the first place, should’ve just left you alone.
instead now he’s left with this sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. is this how it feels like to really miss someone?
you’re now in college and you’re past whatever happened in high school. itoshi sae still lingers in the crevices of your mind, with his teal eyes and his pretty lashes and the way his hand felt when they were on top of yours.
some part of you thinks you’d never get over him, but you have to make peace with that. just because he never bothered to give you closure doesn’t mean he should be allowed to ruin your life.
besides, you’re pretty sure he read what you last sent him. there’s really nothing else for you to do if he doesn’t even bother talking to you.
you’d been trying to properly move on anyway, and that’s exactly what you try to do later that night, after accepting ryusei shido’s invitation to dinner.
he’s like the opposite of sae, though. he’s all expressive and goofy and wild because he’s got you trespassing on private property just to borrow their garden and he likes to drive fast, really fast, because he loves the wind in his hair.
if you had met him first, you’d probably be in love with the rush he gives you, the adrenaline pumping through your veins. when he kissed you, if only you didn’t have itoshi sae in your head, then maybe you’d have kissed him back.
when you’re twenty, you find out that maybe you can’t move on without giving itoshi sae a piece of your mind.
Tumblr media
sae’s career has been rapidly progressing, he’s part of the starting team and is hailed as one of the world’s up-and-coming top soccer stars.
the earlier game cemented it.
his team won, with the commentators naming him as the most valuable player, assisting in all the goals scored by his team.
when he’s pulled aside for an interview, he can’t help but wonder whether you’d be watching through the television, hanging on his every word. or maybe you’d already moved on with this shido guy he hears about.
fuck that shido guy.
and when an interviewer asks whether there’s anyone special in his life that motivates him, he finds himself wishing he could say your name.
“nothing of that sort.”
interviews pass by quickly, as they always do for him because he’s not much of an interview guy, with his stoic expressions and lacklustre responses. he’s on the way back to the locker room when he hears a familiar voice calling out to him.
he spins around to find his mother and father there, surprising him. they must’ve heard he was playing and booked a flight out. rin’s not here though.
“rin’s busy with some soccer matches of his own back at home,” his father explains, as if he read his mind. “he couldn’t make it, but he’s surely watching the match from home.”
how silly of sae to have wished that it was you calling out to him, for that split second. you’re still in his head, and that’s annoying.
“oh! sweetheart,” his mother coos after she’s done gushing over his game, “we ran into one of your friends earlier! what’s her name—ah wait there she is!”
sae furrows his brows, following his mother’s gaze and finds you there, hugging the walls, sheepishly waving your hand at him. he’s starting to doubt his vision, maybe you’re just his imagination, maybe his mother’s looking at someone else.
“hey, sae,” you greet him, mellow and polite.
he’s still standing there like he’s the one who’s starstruck, like you’re the famous one. are you really here?
“what are you doing here?”
not the best greeting, but that’s the most he can muster when he hasn’t seen or heard from you in over three years.
you smile, and he thinks he might melt, but he doesn’t because he’s just told—lied to—the world that there’s no one special to him.
“what’s wrong with supporting one of my friends?” you say, as though this is a neighbourhood soccer match and you didn’t have to fly halfway across the world for it.
“itoshi! get in here!” by the sound of his voice, it’s the captain talking. sae doesn’t even want to take his eyes off of you, but he has to.
“go,” you tell him, “i’m staying near the airport, if, uh, you wanted to do anything afterwards.”
does he?
sae swallows the lump in his throat and nods. “yeah, okay.”
that night, he figures out which hotel you’re staying at and pays you a visit—it annoys him how fast his heart is beating and how your sudden presence threatens to mess up his life.
he knocks on your door, and you open it, beaming at him when you see him. “i thought we were meeting at the restaurant,” you say as you let him in, closing the door behind him.
“i was just passing by, sent my parents to the airport and thought i would just drop by,” he answers, lying through his teeth. his parents are still somewhere in spain and he just wanted to see you sooner, that’s all.
“well, i’m still getting ready,” you tell him, straightening your dress and looking at yourself in the mirror.
how is it possible you keep getting prettier everyday? your hair’s a little longer now, and you look more mature, you’ve learned to do makeup, and your dress hugs your body in just the right places. he’s cursing himself for staring at you.
“i thought you’d be too busy to come out with me tonight, honestly,” you confess, putting on some lipstick.
sae has to look away, “and i thought you hated me.”
that has you stopping in your tracks; this conversation happened earlier than you expected, but you’d been gunning for this all the same.
“yeah, well you left japan without saying a word to me, like i was just anyone else.”
he understands why you’d think that. that was what he was going for anyway, and it reminds him what he should be doing instead of entertaining you right now. sae should be rejecting you, you and your efforts, should turn away from you like you’re another one of his fangirls.
but the shakiness in your voice takes him off guard.
“why what?”
“why didn’t you say anything?”
“i didn’t have to,” sae responds, simply, like he doesn’t owe you a damn thing.
“was i imagining it?” you ask, finally turning around and looking him in his eyes.
no, no you weren’t.
“i don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“then why are you here, sae?” you burst out, and he stills in his position, feet glued to the floor. “you wouldn’t give a second thought to people you don’t care about, so what now?”
“i was just taking an old friend out to dinner, that’s all.”
he’s stubborn, so so stubborn. he’s hoping he’ll hold out.
“i don’t get you,” you mutter softly, to yourself or to him, he doesn’t even fucking know.
sae really shouldn’t, but he thinks about how he might never see you again and tries, “what do you want?”
“what are you talking about?”
“do you know what you want?” sae turns it around on you. “you flew halfway across the world to get here, for what? for me?”
he’s intimidating when he speaks a little louder than usual, and you shrink back just slightly.
“i-i wanted to talk to you,” you try your hardest to form an excuse but it’s not working.
“and what did you want out of that?”
you fall flat, and you feel like giving up. you know the answer, but you don’t want to admit it. you don’t want to tell him that you wanted him to want you too, you don’t want to admit that you’ve been thinking about him nearly all the time and what could’ve been.
“just forget it,” you relent, averting your gaze, but the next moment you feel an unfamiliar sensation on your lips, the taste of his on yours.
sae doesn’t know why he’s doing it, but his body moves on its own; something he got from playing that manages to bleed into his daily life, apparently.
you taste so much better than he expected, and you feel like you belong in his arms, like you’re made for him because there’s absolutely no one else in the whole fucking world who could ever bring itoshi sae to his knees.
he’s been in denial all this time, yes, and he’s tired of it. if you came all the way here, he’s not wasting it. he pulls away from you, absolutely dazed by the wanting look in your eyes.
you’re twenty one years old when you first hear itoshi sae telling you he loves you.
Tumblr media
“someone’s chirpy,” your mother says from the couch, looking up from her ipad. “i sense… a date with sae.”
you roll your eyes, throwing one of the cushions at her. “mom, shut up,” you groan, still embarrassed whenever she calls you out for it.
sae’s still in spain most of the time, but the both of you make it work. you make a point to video call at least twice a week, and he responds to you like a normal boyfriend does. it’s back to that good morning, goodnight love you shared back in high school. he makes as much time as he can, and you appreciate him for it.
“i’m glad you’re happy, sweetie,” she tells you, and you smile gratefully.
you’re more than relieved now that she’s managed to fight the cancer off. it’s the only reason she pushed you to go see sae last year. you technically wouldn’t have done it without her.
a knock on your door signals that he’s here, and your mom gives you a knowing look before she excuses herself to her room.
when you open the front door, you feel a burst of excitement when you see sae there holding a bouquet of flowers.
“happy birthday, pretty.”
even when he’s busy, even when he’s swamped, he’ll never stop making you feel like you’re on top of the world.
both of you are twenty-two when sae decides that you’re his world.
Tumblr media
this is the year you find out long distance is actually really really hard.
sometimes sae loses the match, and sometimes he can’t separate friend from foe from you. he gets frustrated, and so you do too. he has less than kind words when he’s venting, and you happen to be on the receiving end.
sometimes you get stressed from your finals projects, and you push him away, and sae leaves you to it. sae doesn’t check up on you as much as you’d like to, and you’re a little too stubborn to tell him that you mind.
sometimes sae would get interviewed and would have to address dating rumours, whether it’s the upcoming supermodel from america or that renowned sexy sports photographer from brazil—it’s hard not to get jealous, especially when you’re kept private.
you can’t blame him for that, not when everyone likes to send hate to the pretty girl he’s supposedly dating.
this is also where you find out that itoshi sae knows you better than anyone. it’s where he always leaves you a reminder he loves you, even when you’re fighting. it’s where he sends you a goodnight text even when you’ve hung up the phone hours ago in anger. it’s where he keeps japan in his weather app just so he can tell you not to be a klutz and fall down when it’s raining. it’s where he declares on international television that no, he’s not available but that’s none of their business.
even if you yearn for him to be next to you at times, sae’s off doing what he’s always wanted to do, and you’re not going to let yourself be a burden—so you do what you want to do, because the last thing you want the headlines to blast is the fact that itoshi sae’s girlfriend is a good-for-nothing.
twenty-three is the age where you start writing articles for a local magazine company, where you take lead on fashion articles while occasionally helping with the sports section.
Tumblr media
both of your careers are in full flight.
so is your relationship.
sae’s always proud of you, of your achievements, of your efforts even if they didn’t bear fruit. you’re doing so well, making yourself a name in Japan with your articles, with your wonderful insights and funny wit.
he always reads your articles, tells his assistant to get a subscription on the magazine and send it to sae’s hotel, always reads the articles you write. he doesn’t tell you about that though. doesn’t want you getting a big head.
and every time you talk on the phone about your articles and how hard it was to write or how you’re afraid people will take it the wrong way, he acts like he doesn’t even know which article you’re talking about. (he absolutely does.)
“hey, when’s my contract ending again?”
sae’s assistant looks up from his ipad from his seat across him on the private jet. he blinks twice before rifling through his different folders.
“oh, next year.”
a ghost of a smile appears on sae’s face and his assistant thinks he’s hallucinating.
Tumblr media
sae is twenty-five years old when he finally decides he’s ready to come home.
it makes the headlines—how he quit the club and refused to play for them anymore, the reason being that he wants to go back to his roots.
back to you.
because now, at your front door, after he knocks once, twice, and you open it, surprised, sae’s never been more sure that he’s making the right decision.
after all, you’re the only one in the world capable of bringing itoshi sae to his knee.
“will you marry me?”
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Desired Intentions (M)
Part four of the Pathetic series
Tumblr media
Title: Desired Intentions
Ironically enough after Jeonghan tells you that you can’t come over the next day you can’t stop thinking about him and it leads you to do to things that you wouldn’t normally do. But then again Jeonghan always ends up getting you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do without a second thought.
Tags: 13k words, dub con for safety reasons, Porn with Plot, frat boy!Jeonghan, college student!y/n, best friend!Jeongyeon, soft!dom to hard!dom Jeonghan, mean!Jeongyeon (and y/n loves it), submissive!y/n, female!y/n (sorry gender-neutral friends), heavy degradation, a lot of impact play in this one, masochist!y/n, sadist!Jeonghan, pain kink, vaginal fingering, creampie, Public play for sure, little bit of cumplay, Jeonghan kinda loses his aftercare crown in this one but still tries
The next day you were itching to see Jeonghan, because of course that was the day that your body would be absolutely desperate for his touch. You looked over at Jeongyeon who was staring at her phone, a troubled expression on her face.
“I know you’re stressed out about meeting with Jimin-”
“If you’re about to offer any conversation topic other than him I welcome it with open ears,” she said looking up from her phone. She hadn’t messaged Jimin yet to ask him to meet up but… She was planning on doing it soon.
“It’s about Jeonghan,” you responded with a sigh. “I…” You cleared your throat. “Really want to see him today but he told me he’s going to see Chaedom today.”
“Chaedom?” Jeongyeon asked, her eyebrows furrowing. You rested your cheek on your hand, staring blankly at the table.
“Some girl who is trying to sleep with him, but I don’t think they’ve done anything yet,” you explained. “He specifically told me not to come over but that just made me want to see him more.”
Jeongyeon snickered.
“Of course, it did,” she replied.
“It’s not like I thought that I would get to see Jeonghan everyday or anything,” you replied. You groaned and shuffled your feet. “Why do I want to see him today so badly?”
“Because it’s Jeonghan,” Jeongyeon replied. “Of course, you want to see him.”
You grumbled at her words, which made her laugh.
“Look, if you want to see him so badly just tell him that.”
“Clearly you don’t understand our dynamic,” you said. “I’m his…” Your voice lowered. “Fuck toy. I don’t make the call on when I see him.”
Jeongyeon shrugged.
“Yeah, you’re right,” she agreed. “I don’t get your dynamic. If he likes fucking you so much more than other people then why would he sleep with Chaedom today?”
You shrugged.
“I don’t know. Aren’t guys just like that? Always thinking with their dicks. Maybe today Chaedom was just more convenient.”
You glanced back up at Jeongyeon who was now looking at her phone.
“Yeah, you’ve got a point.” She sighed. “Guys will be guys.”
“Guys will be guys,” you echoed. “I wouldn’t even care if it wasn’t stupid Chaedom. Why does he have to be fucking the one girl who I don’t want him fucking?”
“Isn’t that how guys always are?” Jeongyeon commented. You hummed, deciding that you didn’t really want to talk about it anymore. You and Jeongyeon were silent for a few seconds before she sighed. “Still, I don’t see why you shouldn’t at least try to get Jeonghan to see you today. What’s the worst that could happen?”
What was the worst that could happen?
Thanks to Jeongyeon’s little comment that was all you could think for the next hour. What was the worst that could happen if you just sent Jeonghan a text message? Asked him if you could come over instead of Chaedom…
Was that jealous behavior?
You weren’t jealous, you didn’t want him to think you were jealous.
Your mind raced. What would you even say to him if you did reach out? A simple text wouldn’t be enough to convince him to let you come over.
What if…
You awkwardly set up your phone camera in front of you. You hit the red circle to start recording and looked at yourself in the phone screen, somewhat nervously.
“I don’t film videos of myself like this,” you mumbled, settling back so that your body was fully in the frame. “But I just want you to remember what you’re not using, while you are using Chaedom.”
As you spoke you slowly lifted your shirt over your head, revealing the lacy bra that you had decided to wear that day. You spread your legs a little, brushing up the skirt you were wearing so that he could see your panties. You ran your fingers over your pussy lightly, feeling the dampness through the cloth.
“Can you see through this how wet I am?” You asked softly, your face burning hotter every second that got added to the time on the video. Your fingers hooked around the hem of your panties and you slid them down, a string of wetness connecting your soaked pussy to your panties. You let a pathetic sound leave your lips.
“I haven’t even touched myself today Jeonghan, I’ve just been thinking about you. All day, I’ve been so wet and ready to be used…”
You set aside your wet panties and ran your fingers through your folds.
“Oh fuck, what do I do?” You whined. “I can’t play with myself without your permission, now, can I?”
You pushed two fingers into your body and then after only a second pulled your fingers out. They were dripping from arousal, and you spread your fingers just so the camera could see just how wet you were. You raised your fingers to your mouth, taking your time licking and sucking your fingers clean.
You felt embarrassed.
You felt stupid.
You let stupid moans and whines leave your lips that you were sure sounded like they belonged in a porn video… You sighed, letting your hand fall to your side.
“Jeonghan, play with your toy,” you whined. Your saliva damp hand fell to your side, and your other hand covered your burning face. You groaned loudly. “This is so stupid.”
You crawled over to your phone and stopped the recording, picking your phone up and looking at the frozen image of you staring at the camera. The image from before you had really started. You were stupid to think that filming this video was even a good idea.
It reeked of desperation. You didn’t want him to think you were no better than Chaedom.
You weren’t going to send the video.
Just as you went to click the yellow done button at the top of the screen, Jeongyeon knocked on your door. Your finger slid down your phone and you turned to look at it.
“I’m busy right now,” you called over to her.
“Just wanted to know if you wanted dinner.”
“Maybe…” You mumbled. “I’ll think about it.”
“Okay,” Jeongyeon called back. You hummed, and looked back down at your phone, ready now to turn it off of your text conversation with Jeonghan before you did something stupid, and your breath left your lungs.
“Shit,” you hissed.
You weren’t sure how, but suddenly you were not looking at a video that needed to be deleted, but a video that had already been sent.
You squealed tossing your phone away from you, covering your hands with your face.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” you mumbled to yourself, staring at it like it was going to jump out and attack you at any moment.
Your mind raced trying to find a solution.
Delete it.
Yes! That was right, with the new phone update you could probably delete it!
You crawled over to your phone and grabbed it. You lifted your phone to undo the send but what you found just under the video in small text was now much more terrifying.
You screamed again, tossing your phone away like it had stung you.
“Hey, are you okay?” Jeongyeon’s voice came.
“Fine, I’m fine!” You called out. You waited a few seconds for Jeongyeon to say something, and when she didn’t you just turned your attention back to your phone. You stared at it, terrified of what it might do.
Maybe Jeonghan wouldn’t-
The phone vibrated and you screamed again.
You covered your mouth with your hand, took a deep breath: “Sorry Jeongyeon I promise I’m fine.” And then, with shaking hands crawled over to your phone, picking it up once again.
Now there was a text from Jeonghan: Come over.
As you stared at the screen another text came through.
You didn’t knock this time. You just pushed into the frat house and rushed through the hallway and up to Jeonghan’s room. You pressed your lips together when you skidded to a stop in front of his closed room door. Your mind raced. It was pretty late, surely Chaedom had been here already.
Would she still be here? He never kicked you out after sex, so surely, he wouldn’t to her either. But still, if she was still here, what would-
Jeonghan’s door cracked open, and you felt a hand grab your wrist as you were dragged into Jeonghan’s room, the door slammed shut behind you. You were roughly pushed against the wall of Jeonghan’s bedroom.
“Hold your hands in front of you.”
Jeonghan’s voice was deep, it didn’t necessarily sound like he had just had sex with someone else. He looked clean. He didn’t look like he had just had sex with someone else either.
Jeonghan slapped you. You gasped in surprise, but immediately realized what had earned you the hit. You raised your hands in front of you.
“Sorry, I’m sorry.”
Jeonghan ignored your apology.
“Clasp your fingers together.”
You did.
“And raise your fingers on your left hand.”
Again, you did, and Jeonghan intertwined his fingers with yours and forced your hands up over your head. You gasped again, Jeonghan’s nose literally brushing against yours.
“What the fuck were you thinking?” Jeonghan asked. “What the hell possessed you to send me that fucking video?”
“I-I,” you struggled to find your words. “I just… I was so n-needy.”
“Damn right you were fucking needy,” Jeonghan snapped. He used his free hand to roughly push beneath the band of your skirt, his fingers making their way immediately into your underwear. He cursed when his fingers met what he had already known was there.
“You’re shameless, aren’t you?” He asked. “I told you not to come over today.”
“But then you told me to come!” You protested.
“Because you couldn’t help but be a little slut and send me that video. You knew I wouldn’t be able to watch that video and then not fuck you.”
As Jeonghan spoke you couldn’t help the way that you stared at him. His lips weren’t red or puffy as if he had been kissing other people. He didn’t look like he had freshly showered, or like he had any hickey’s or anything on his neck-
“Do you even care?” Jeonghan snapped. Your eyes forced themselves back to him. “You’re so busy staring at me, it’s like you don’t even understand just how bad you’ve been.”
Your face blazed.
“I said that I was seeing Chaedom tonight. You’re lucky that she had just left-”
“Did you two-” You stopped yourself before you could finish what you were going to ask, but the beginning of the sentence was much too telling. Jeonghan’s eyes narrowed at you.
“I thought you weren’t jealous, hm?” Jeonghan stated, his voice deep and quiet. His head dipped down to your neck, pressing a soft kiss there. “You don’t care that I sleep with other people…”
His teeth bit down on your neck and a mix of a whine, and a moan left your lips.
“It just had to be fucking Chaedom,” you grumbled.
Jeonghan’s eyes shot back up to you and he grabbed your face with his free hand. His grip was tight on you, and he forced you to look him dead in the eyes.
“You don’t get to choose who I sleep with,” Jeonghan said, his voice stern. “Do you understand that?”
God, this shouldn’t turn you on so badly. You should be upset that Jeonghan was sleeping with other people and not just you, but you couldn’t shake the thrill.
Even though he had been with Chaedom earlier. He was with you now.
You nodded.
“I understand.”
Jeonghan’s eyes narrowed as he looked at you, his grip still tight on your face.
“No, you don’t.” His eyes searched yours. “I shouldn’t have humored you should I have? You’re going to think you’re something special.”
Your eyes flickered away from his. Fuck, it was like he had seen right through you.
“I don’t think I’m special, I-”
Jeonghan’s head dipped to your neck. He was silent, but his silence is what had shocked you the most. His hand was still holding your arms above your head. You couldn’t move if you wanted to. You were unsure if you should speak, so you just settled on keeping the silence between the two of you.
You could almost swear that you could feel Jeonghan smile against your neck.
His hand that was pressing you up against the wall let go of you entirely, and he stepped away from you. He didn’t have to tell you to keep your hands in the air. You just watched him, chest heaving, heart racing as he began to slowly take his clothes off. First, his shirt- tossed to the side, then his pants, his boxers-
Your eyes flickered to his cock, your mouth watering a bit. You heard Jeonghan scoff.
“You fucking-”
Jeonghan walked back up to you, his fingers dipping into your pussy immediately.
“You think you can handle my cock?”
You nodded.
“Y-Yes,” you replied. Jeonghan barely hesitated for a second. He pulled your underwear down your legs, allowing you only seconds to toe them off before he was hiking your legs up by your thighs and sliding his cock into you.
He groaned once he was inside of you, making you throw your head back against the wall. There was a slight burn as he pushed inside of you, but the burn only made pleasure run through you all over again. Your fingers squeezed together as Jeonghan buried his face into your neck, heavy moans and grunts leaving his mouth in the form of hot breath on your neck.
You squirmed under his touch, your neck suddenly feeling more and more sensitive. You wanted to move your hands from above your head. You wanted his lips on yours.
But you knew that you had to be satisfied with his fingers digging into your thighs as his cock pressed impossibly deep inside of you.
“You feel so fucking good,” Jeonghan managed to say after what seemed like ages of him just fucking into you like he was sex starved. “And finally, you’re acting like what you really are. My little fuck toy.”
A breathy moan left your lips, making Jeonghan laugh.
“You like this huh? You like being my own little toy. You don’t even care about your own pleasure,” Jeonghan grunted. “I’m going to use you however I like and you’re just going to let me, aren’t you?”
You whined at his words, feeling your mind start to go blank at each and every thrust. How was he able to even hold you up like this? He was acting like you were feather light.
“I didn’t even have to tell you to keep your hands up… That’s what I like so much about you. You always know exactly what I want you to do.”
Jeonghan’s thrusts grew faster and faster, until you felt his cock begin to empty itself into you. He fucked his cum deep into your pussy, gasping as he filled you with his cum. You mewled against him, your head banging back against the wall as the feeling made your mind dizzy with pleasure.
“How does that feel, huh? Make you want to come?” He asked you. As he spoke his thrusts became even faster, his cock already hardening inside of you again. “Oh, I know you want to. Tell me how badly you want to.”
“Jeonghan,” you whined. “I j-just want your pleasure, that’s a-all.”
Jeonghan laughed, raising his face from your neck finally to look at you.
“Trying so hard to be good now?” He asked. “After sending me that teasing video of you. I don’t know why I invited you over. I know that pussy gets wet over just about anything.”
You didn’t respond to him, you couldn’t really manage to find the words to. Instead moans tumbled out of your mouth, your eyes fluttering shut as you focused on not doing the one thing that Jeonghan wanted you to do right now- Be bad.
“You’re so pathetic y/n,” Jeonghan mumbled. “You’re such a pathetic little whore. Always need a cock inside of you. Do you even deserve to be used the way I use you?”
You whined.
“Why don’t you beg me to be allowed to come huh? You think that pretending you don’t want to will make up for the fact that you’re a little cock tease?” Jeonghan asked. “No, your little strip show is the reason you might not get to come. I still want you to beg for it. Admit that no matter how desperate you are to be good you’re also desperate to be allowed to come on my cock.”
You were quiet for too long, so lost in pleasure that it was taking you a while to even comprehend his words. He spit on your face.
“Pay attention.”
Your eyes fluttered open, and your gaze met Jeonghan’s.
“I do, you’re right,” you blurted. “I need to come on your cock. Please. I couldn’t stop thinking about you today. Your hands on me, your cock in me. It’s taking everything in me not to come as I feel you pump me full of your cum-”
Jeonghan’s hips stuttered.
“J-Jeonghan, I’m begging you. I want to come, I need to and I need more of your cum in me. Please use me more.”
Your back arched.
“I’m always good for you, please. I’m-”
Jeonghan interrupted you with a small shift in weight, one of his hands smacking your ass before getting a grip again.
“Shut up, I’m tired of hearing you beg.”
A strangled moan escaped your mouth and Jeonghan’s head buried itself back in your neck.
“I’m going to come again, and this time I’m feeling generous. You’re going to be allowed to come today. Do you want to know why?”
You whimpered as his lips brushed a part of your neck that was apparently very sensitive.
“Wh-Why?” You mumbled.
“Because I like it when you are so pathetic you act out,” he whispered.
You felt your mind go blank as your orgasm ripped through you and almost as soon as you started coming you felt yourself being filled with more of Jeonghan’s cum. You felt Jeonghan’s thrusts come slowly to a stop, and for a while he stood there, holding you, both of your chest rising and falling with heavy pants.
After a few minutes had passed Jeonghan slowly pulled himself out of you, lowering your legs to the ground. You were so shaky that you almost felt your knees buckle, but you kept your balance by pressing your hands into the wall behind you.
Jeonghan’s hands raised up to your face, and he cupped your cheeks with them, pulling you into a deep kiss. You whined into Jeonghan’s mouth, which made him pull away from you, his thumbs brushing your cheek bones.
“You’re addicting,” he mumbled. “You know that?”
You wanted to echo it, but you couldn’t really get the words out. His words after all were only boosting your ego, reminding you of why you didn’t really care if he slept with other people.
He didn’t sleep with anyone twice, but to him, you were addicting.
Jeonghan’s hands left your cheeks.
“I’m going to get your shower ready.”
You groaned, which made Jeonghan chide you a little bit.
“What are you complaining about?” He asked you. You let yourself sink to the floor, your legs still pretty shaky, and your resolve to keep yourself standing gone now that Jeonghan wasn’t standing right in front of you.
He looked over at you, his lips pressing together.
You could feel Jeonghan’s cum leaking out of you and soaking your thighs. You knew he was right that you needed to take a shower, but still. He didn’t have to be so prompt about it all the time.
“You okay?” He asked softly. He walked over to you, crouching down in front of you. You nodded at him, letting one of your hands bury your face.
“’Course I am,” you responded. Jeonghan’s hand closed around your wrist and he pulled your hand from your face. He slid his hand into yours, intertwining his fingers with yours. He let your hands fall to the side.
“Too much?” He asked you. You shook your head.
“No,” you insisted. “That was honestly pretty mild.”
There was something that was weighing you down a little. You weren’t sure what, and you could tell that Jeonghan could see it as well.
“You did good, you know that?” He mumbled. “You always do good for me.”
“I don’t need reassurance,” you insisted.
“Maybe not,” Jeonghan agreed. “But I still want to give it to you.”
He reached forward with his other hand, fingers brushing against the sore spots on your neck. The touch sent a chill through your body.
“I’ve never really asked if the hickies were okay.”
“Hickies?” Your eyes widened slightly as you realized that he was touching the marks he had left on you. “Oh, that’s fine. Of course, that’s fine.”
Jeonghan snickered at your words, his hand resting on your shoulder.
“You know it’s okay to not be comfortable with something I’m doing, right?” He asked.
“I know,” you insisted. “Trust me, if you saw my internet history you wouldn’t be so unsure.”
Another laugh out of Jeonghan and he shook his head in slight disbelief of your words.
“Do you want me to help you in the shower?” He asked. You shook your head.
“I’m good. Really.”
Jeonghan gave you a small smile.
“Alright. Go take your shower then.”
“Are you tired?” Jeonghan asked you as you walked back into Jeonghan’s bedroom, a towel drying your hair.
“Actually,” you mumbled. “Not really. I had a lot of coffee today.”
You furrowed your eyebrows slightly.
“Are you kicking me out like you did Chaedom?” You asked. Jeonghan frowned at you, completely silent for a few moments. You two stood and stared at each other, not saying a word before finally you sighed and sat back down on the side of Jeonghan’s bed you usually slept on.
Jeonghan was the one who broke the silence.
“For someone who doesn’t care who I sleep with-”
“It’s just Chaedom!” You interrupted him. Despite the topic being somewhat serious, there was a pout on your face. “Why did it have to be her out of everyone at this school?”
“What do you have against Chaedom?” Jeonghan asked, a small smile on his lips. You rolled your eyes and looked away from him.
“She made it a competition. I wasn’t fighting her for your attention, but she was fighting me and she was being so obnoxious about it…” You felt your chest tightening as you talked about it. “She made us enemies, and I don’t like to lose.”
Jeonghan hummed, his eyes still on yours.
“So, if it was anyone else...?”
“Literally anyone else,” you replied. “We’re just… I’m just your fuck toy, right?”
You pulled your legs crossed legged under yourself and leaned towards Jeonghan a bit.
“Everyone would think I’m crazy for not minding being unable to sleep with others while you can do whatever you want, but look at it this way-” You squared your shoulders. “You’re Yoon Jeonghan. The campus playboy. The one everyone wants to fuck. The one who doesn’t settle.”
You let your head fall to the side while a small laugh left your lips.
“I would be crazy to expect you to settle for me. Not the other way around.”
Sometimes you felt like you understood Jeonghan fairly well. You knew what he expected of you when it came to sex… For the most part. His interests aligned yours after all.
But times like these, you remembered that you didn’t really know Jeonghan at all.
The expression on his face was… Weird. Sort of spaced out, like he wasn’t really looking at you. You waited, patiently for him to react, expecting for him to either completely agree with you, or to maybe explain what this was from his point of view.
“Help me build this lego set.”
Your eyes fluttered wider and you watched as Jeonghan got up from the bed and walked over to his closet, pulling out an unopened box of legos. It was in a smaller box than the last one had been in.
Jeonghan didn’t really wait for you to follow him. He just sat down on the floor, dumping the packets of legos on the floor. He started to unravel the instruction packet. You thought he would call you over again but it was like he was suddenly in his own world.
You watched him for a few minutes, and then you climbed out of bed and sat next to him. You looked at the instructions for the lego set. It was a house. You looked at what Jeonghan had already in his hands. Just the start of the base of the house was all that was there.
You looked at the instructions to figure out what was next, and then searched the pieces on the floor for what Jeonghan needed next. Jeonghan pointed at a lego piece.
“Is it…?”
You frowned at the piece, squinting back at the lego on the instruction sheet.
“No… It’s…” Your eyes scanned the floor before finally finding the piece that he needed. “This!”
It took you and Jeonghan two hours to build the lego house together, and after the house was put together and set on his dresser, you and Jeonghan went to sleep.
You woke up before him this time. You groaned and rolled over in his bed, reaching for your phone blindly in the sheets. Jeonghan’s bed was huge. It was impossible not to lose things in it. You finally felt your fingers brush smooth glass and you pushed yourself up on your elbows.
Your phone was right next to Jeonghan’s. You tapped your screen. It was only eight in the morning.
You sucked in a breath, and rolled over, sitting up groggily in his bed. Jeonghan usually left his window curtains open. That was probably why he wasn’t up. The room was still pretty dark. Just two small dashes of light streaked across the bedroom floor.
You glanced back over at Jeonghan. He looked angelic laying there.
You looked away from him and slowly got up from his bed. You were trying to stay as quiet as you could. You put the nights clothes back on and once you had your shirt fully back on-
“You should start bringing clothes over.”
You jumped, placing your heart over your chest when you realized that it was just Jeonghan talking to you.
“Save yourself a walk of shame or two.”
“Fuck,” you mumbled. “Scared me, Han.”
“Han?” Jeonghan asked, looking over at you in amusement. You gave him an annoyed look, but it probably faded within seconds. You  couldn’t help the way that your eyes flickered down to the way that Jeonghan’s shirt was falling off of his shoulder.
The collar of his shirt was stretched out and his collarbone was just visible. You swallowed hard. Even right after sleeping he looked beautiful… No wonder everyone was obsessed with him. You had honestly thought he had gotten up before you and washed his face before you woke up. It was criminal for someone to look so attractive after sleeping for eight hours.
“What are you doing?” Jeonghan asked. “Sneaking out again?”
“I have class Jeonghan,” you replied. “I’m not sneaking out. I just have to go.”
Jeonghan held up your phone, flashing you the time.
“At eight in the morning?” He asked. “You’re either late or early.”
He raised his eyebrow slightly.
��Why are you always trying to leave so early?”
You shrugged.
“It’s just weird that you want me to stay,” you replied. “Where’s Chaedom?”
Jeonghan rolled his eyes.
“Fine, leave if you want to. You’re the one missing out.”
You walked over to the bed, holding out your hand for your phone. Jeonghan put it in your hand, but as he did, he also grabbed your wrist with his other hand. He pulled you, making you stumble forward a little bit.
You felt yourself suck in a deep breath. It made Jeonghan’s lips flicker into a smile.
“No more Chaedom,” he said. He tilted his head up, his lips brushing yours. “Will that make my little fuck toy happy?”
Your face blazed red.
Jeonghan let go of your wrist and fell back in the bed.
“I’ll see you later,” Jeonghan said, his eyes on the ceiling.
You pressed your lips together, trying to prevent yourself from doing more than you should. You and Jeonghan were just fuck buddies. He was just extending to you the same courtesies that you were sure he would for others. You sucked in a deep breath and walked out the door.
“Hey, y/n!”
You froze at the entrance to the dining room, your eyes widening slightly when you realized that almost Jeonghan’s entire fraternity was already down in the kitchen, you turned and smiled at Mingyu- the one who had called your name.
“Uh, hi.”
You bowed a little to all the boys, noting, with some relief that none of them looked to be tired of seeing you.
“When I heard you come over last night, I decided to make something new for breakfast! Blueberry pancakes.”
Mingyu picked the pan up from the stove, showing you a mostly cooked pancake. Your eyes flickered to the food.
“Oh, I was-”
“Why’d Jeonghan make you walk all the way down here alone?” Jun interrupted; his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“He’s still in bed.”
“Oh,” Jun said with a nod. “Okay, well, come sit down.”
He gestured to the seat beside him. You pressed your lips together.
“No really I ought to-” You went to gesture towards the door, but before you could a plate was being shoved into your hands. You looked down at the food, and then, in surprise up at Mingyu. He had the largest smile on his face.
“Everyone else really likes them, but I’m withholding my judgement for your reaction,” he said. You forced a smile on your lips.
How could you say no to that?
The pancakes were delicious. Some of the best you had ever had. You worried that if you kept eating breakfast at this house it would ruin breakfast entirely for you. You got seconds not only because the pancakes were so good but because you and Jeonghan hadn’t eaten after anything last night. You were starving.
You had been there for thirty minutes- Thirty minutes longer than you should have been there, but now you were stuck in a conversation you knew there was no way out of.
“People like Hansol and Joshua are actually really interesting, because acquisition of language at a young age is so overlooked by people learning languages when they are older,” you said. “Sure, Seungkwan struggles with learning English now, but if he were put in the same environment as Joshua and Hansol when they were younger things definitely would have been different.”
“That just doesn’t make sense to me,” Seungcheol said with a small shake of his head. “How is it that at a younger age it’s easier to learn a language?”
“Is just the way the brain works when you’re younger. Because children’s brains are still developing when they’re younger it’s easier for them.” You pointed your fork at Seungcheol. “But what’s more interesting is not child second language acquisition but child first language acquisition. Did you know that according to Chomsky’s theory of language acquisition, children are born with the innate ability for language acquisition?”
“What?” Seungcheol asked.
“Yes! He believes that the human species has evolved a brain whose neural circuits contain linguistic information at birth.”
Despite your excitement you waved away the thought.
“This topic borders the line of linguistics and psychology,” you said. “But people often point to the creation of sign language as evidence towards Chomsky’s theory.”
You opened your mouth to explain more, but just as you did a hand found it’s way to your back. You looked back in shock to find Jeonghan standing there. He shot you a look of brief annoyance.
“Y/n, aren’t you late for something?” He asked softly. “Why are you still here?”
His hand raised a bit to your neck, his fingertips brushing the roots of your hair. You knew his annoyance stemmed not from your presence in the house, but your eagerness to get out earlier. You gave him an apologetic look.
“You were right, I wasn’t going to make it to class on time.” You gestured to the plate of blueberry pancakes untouched beside you. “And Mingyu made pancakes. I saved some for you.”
Jeonghan’s hand squeezed the back of your neck lightly, and he took a seat beside you. He rested his arm onto the table.
“You were talking… Language acquisition,” he said. You nodded.
“Right, so, have you ever heard of Nicaraguan sign language?” You asked Seungcheol. He shook his head and none of the other boys in the room who were listening spoke up. “So basically, in Nicaragua…”
The boys in the Alpha Mu fraternity let you talk about the psychology behind language acquisition for much longer than anyone outside of your field ever had. Your passion about it did stem from the fact you had just written a paper about it for class but regardless the boys stayed interested in the topic.
The conversation finally died down when Seungcheol broke it off because he had to go to class: “But you’ll have to tell me more about this in the future. Psychology is really interesting.”
You thought it was dumb that he was so interested in something that had nothing to do with his degree but regardless of that you had smiled and agreed. You were honestly looking forward to the future conversation.
“So you missed your first class of the day,” Jeonghan said as you got up from the table. “What else do you have to do for the day?”
You looked at him but he wasn’t looking at you, his eyes were on his cell phone.
“Nothing I guess,” you replied. “Why? What do you propose?”
“Well, I don’t want to build them today but I want to get more lego sets we can build together,” Jeonghan explained. “We could go to Target?”
“Yeah. That sounds fun.”
Jeonghan was an odd guy. You thought going to Target for legos just meant going to Target for legos. But when the first thing he did was drag you over to Starbucks and insist on buying you a drink you knew it wasn’t going to be like that.
“Jeonghan, I don’t think you really understand how being fuck buddies works,” you mumbled. Jeonghan rolled his eyes slightly.
“Playing with legos after is basically after care,” Jeonghan replied. “I’m just preparing for it ahead of time. Don’t you want a say in the sets we build?”
This time you rolled your eyes.
“I think the legos are more for you than me, but I’ll bite,” you said. As you spoke the barista called out Jeonghan’s name, freeing him from commenting on your indifference. He handed you the drink he had ordered you- A venti despite your opposal. You smiled.
“Thanks,” you said. He gave you a devious smile.
“Anything for my good girl,” he teased. “Even if you’re being a brat.”
Your mouth fell open, intent on arguing with Jeonghan against the brat allegations, but before you could he was walking away from you. You pressed your lips together, huffing sharply out of your nose. Then you followed him. You expected him to go straight towards the lego section but instead he went right to the women’s clothing section.
You stood outside in the aisle for a second, expecting Jeonghan to realize he had gone the wrong way and turn around but instead he picked up a shirt, holding it out to you.
“You need more clothes.”
“Clothes you can keep at the frat house,” Jeonghan explained. “That way you don’t have to leave in the same clothes you came in.”
“I’ll just get some clothes from my place,” you insisted. Jeonghan completely disregarded you by pushing the shirt he had picked up into your arms.
“Are you really going to argue with me about free clothes?” He asked you. You opened your mouth to say: yes because of course you were but before you could Jeonghan just sighed. “You’re such a brat outside of the bedroom. What does it take for you to be good, hm? Just need something in that cunt?”
Your eyes widened at Jeonghan’s words, and you looked around quickly to make sure no one was listening. Luckily, no one seemed to have overheard him.
“I don’t-”
“Just let me buy you some clothes,” Jeonghan said, picking up another shirt. “It’s the least that I can do. Don’t you know well enough that sex like ours is bad for your psyche if the aftercare isn’t good enough?”
“Jeonghan, I’m a psychology major and when I say I’m fine-”
Jeonghan pushed another shirt into your arms, his hand coming to the back of your neck. He gave you a small smile.
“Just let me take care of you,” he said. “You say you’re fine but you were kind of out of it last night. I just want to make sure you’re okay.”
You didn’t know why Jeonghan cared so much about you being okay. No one you had slept with before had cared so much.
Then again hadn’t that been why you had broken up with them in the first place? You started to feel like they meant everything that said and did to you during sex while Jeonghan had put a clear separation between the two.
You were probably just over thinking all of this because your last partners hadn’t been this way. Maybe Jeonghan being so caring all the time was a normal way for someone in the type of relationship you two had.
Still, you didn’t want him to buy you clothes.
But when Jeonghan was looking at you the way he currently was? It was impossible to say no.
“Fine,” you said. “But I want to buy the legos.”
“Fine,” Jeonghan agreed with a nod. “That’s a far trade off.”
His hand left your neck and he turned his attention back to the clothes around him. Without much more than murmurs every now and then of “you’d look good in this” he didn’t say much. Instead of fretting with him you just watched and drank your coffee, holding what he gave you.
Somehow, he knew your style really well.
When you two had finally found your way to the lego aisle you were almost done with your coffee, and you had more clothes in your hands than you had any real excuse to have. Still, now that Jeonghan was focused on legos at least he wasn’t intent on spoiling you with clothes.
“Do you see any sets you don’t already have?” You asked. Jeonghan hummed, his fingers trailing across the shelves as he looked at the sets. He lowered to a crouch and picked up a set.
“A few.”
He was quiet for a little bit, and then picked up a second set. As you watched him you felt your phone start to vibrate in your pocket. You hummed in frustration and shifted the things in your hands so that you could pull out your phone.
“One second, Yeongtae is calling,” you mumbled. Jeonghan looked over at you from where he was crouched on the floor holding two lego sets. You turned your back to him.
“Hey, what’s up?” You said as you put your phone to your ear.
“I have an assignment I had no clue I needed to do,” Yeongtae replied. “I need company. And coffee.”
“Bossy,” you mumbled.
“You like bossy,” Yeongtae snorted. As if he could hear your conversation, you felt a hand snake around your waist, and Jeonghan pulled you against his body. He took your phone out of your hand and placed it to his face, turning away from you.
“Yeongtae?” He asked.
“Jeonghan-” you exclaimed, reaching for your phone. Jeonghan pulled further away from you, placing his hand to your forehead so that you were an arms width away from him. Jeonghan was lucky that you two were in public, because if you weren’t you would not be keeping your voice at such a hushed level.
“She’s with me right now,” Jeonghan said into the phone. Your eyebrows furrowed and tried to get your phone from another angle. Jeonghan just stepped aside, as if he had known exactly how you were going to come at him. “I think you’ll have to work on that assignment alone.”
“Jeonghan,” you hissed at him. “Give me my phone back!”
“Maybe I can figure out a different time for you two,” Jeonghan commented. He walked down the aisle, and you followed close behind. Finding every attempt to get your phone completely fruitless. “What about never?”
“Jeonghan!” This time you did let your voice rise. Loud enough that Jeonghan stopped this game of avoiding you and turned his eyes to you. You fixed him under a glare. “Give me my phone back.”
Jeonghan rolled his eyes, and for a second you thought he was just going to keep doing the same thing he was before, but instead of turning away he handed you your phone. You snatched it from his hand.
“Hey. Sorry,” you mumbled. “I’d be happy to study with you tonight.”
A little laugh came from Yeongtae’s end of the phone.
“A little lovers quarrel?” Yeongtae asked, his voice light and airy.
“Shut up,” you replied. “You know Jeonghan and I aren’t dating.”
You looked back at Jeonghan, annoyed.
“Thank god.”
Jeonghan rolled his eyes away from you, crossing his arms over his chest.
“I’ll see you in what? An hour?’
“Sounds good,” Yeongtae replied. “See you.”
You hung up the phone, slipping it into your pocket. You turned and looked at Jeonghan who was still standing across the aisle from you.
Again, you were faced with a different Jeonghan then you had seen before. His bottom lip was jutted out ever-so-slightly, and his entire demeanour was stiff.
Why was he upset? He had taken your phone.
“It wasn’t like I was going to sleep over again,” you said. “And Yeongtae is a good study partner.”
Jeonghan turned his attention back to the legos, picking up the two sets that he had been looking at before.
“We should probably hurry so that you can get to Yeongtae then,” he said. Had his voice dropped an octave? “There’s just one more thing I want to do with you before I take you to your study partner.”
As soon as Jeonghan had set aside your bags he was closing a bathroom stall door shut, pushing you against the door. You gasped, as Jeonghan immediately dragged off your underwear, but before you could say anything he was pressing the salty cloth into your mouth.
“You want to hang out with Yeongtae?” He mumbled. “Fine.”
He tapped his neck.
“Put your hand on my neck.”
You immediately did as you were told.
“Pinch me,” he instructed. You did as you were told, and Jeonghan’s hand raised to push your panties more firmly into your mouth. “That’s what you do if you need me to stop- Got it?”
You nodded and that was all that Jeonghan needed.
He was quick to push his fingers into your body, first one, and then a second, and then a third. He gave it a moment between each addition, scissoring his fingers in and out of you. You tried to whine but your voice was too muffled by the gag in your mouth, you didn’t think that Jeonghan could hear a thing that you were saying.
Despite Jeonghan trying to make sure you were actually ready for his cock he was moving fast. He lifted you up by your thighs again, keeping you leveraged on the door so that he could push himself into you. He was practically fucking you the same this time as he had the night before.
“You feel that? You feel my cock?” Jeonghan asked you, his voice low and rough. You nodded feverently and tried to say yes, but again you found that were completely and totally muffled. Still, Jeonghan smiled into your neck. “No one can make you feel like this can they?”
He hoisted you up more, shaking the bathroom stall doors and somehow forcing his cock even further into you. You cried out, throwing your head back against the stall door.
“No one is ever going to fuck you better than me. I want you to remember that while you’ve got your nose in a book chatting with fucking Yeongtae.”
He raised his head to look at you.
“You’re mine.”
He kissed your cheek.
“This is mine.”
His mouth trailed to your neck and he bite down on it.
“This is mine.”
He squeezed your thighs with his fingers.
“This is mine.”
And then he gave you a particularly sharp thrust.
“And this is mine,” he asserted. “You’re all mine, aren’t you?”
You couldn’t reply but Jeonghan didn’t seem to care.
“My little toy for fucking. You just remember that the next time you’re with Yeongtae, do you understand?”
You nodded, tears of pure pleasure beginning to streak down your cheeks. You wanted to feel insecure about how messy you probably looked, but even if Jeonghan had been looking it didn’t matter. You reminded yourself he liked it when you were messy.
Jeonghan dropped you down to your feet and smacked your ass.
“Hands on the door.”
You were quick to oblige. Jeonghan pushed back into you fast, putting both of his arms on either side of you.
“Put your left hand on my arm, so you can still pinch me.”
You again obliged and as soon as your hand was there he was fucking you hard again. He buried his face in your neck, muffling his moans. You could tell he was close, and you were close to. Your whole body felt like it was on fire, you were obsessed with the feeling of Jeonghan inside of you.
Suddenly, you heard the door of the bathroom open. Your eyes widened slightly in shock, but Jeonghan was quick. He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you up. You kept a hand on his arm as he started to fuck you even harder, that smile still on his face, pressed into your neck.
“How quiet can you stay when come?”
Before you could figure out what he meant in your head he was pulling your underwear out of your mouth. You took a gasp of air, immediately slapping your hand over your mouth.
“Did you hear something…?” A voice came from outside of the stalls.
“I think it was the ac kicking on,” another voice said. Your heart beat heavily in your chest, so loud that you thought if they couldn’t hear your stifled moans surely they could hear your pounding heart.
You had never thought you would be able to handle public sex very much but then Jeonghan said: “Go ahead and make a mess. I want them to hear you.”
And you were coming.
You felt your head fall forward on the bathroom stall as you quite literally pushed your fingers into your mouth in an attempt to muffle yourself. Strangled noises were able to escape from around your fingers as your brain became muddy with pleasure.
Jeonghan didn’t stop his thrusts, but he did pull you back up against his body so that you two weren’t actively rattling the stall doors.
“Is there someone- Hey are you okay?”
“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” you blurted out. “I just… Ate something bad.”
“Oh… Okay…”
The two girls outside of the stall snickered and you heard one of them say: “… Disgusting.”
Before you heard the tale tell sound of them leaving the bathroom.
“Y/n, you are so fucking good for me.”
Jeonghan’s voice cracked at the end of his sentence, his hips stuttering as he began to cum inside of you. You raised your hand to your face, biting down on it as a way to keep yourself quiet even though you didn’t need to anymore.
When Jeonghan’s thrusts finally came to a stop you allowed your hand to fall from your mouth, taking large, deep breaths of air as you caught your breath.
Jeonghan’s lips attached to your neck again.
“I want to mark your whole neck up,” he mumbled. “I can’t have Yeongtae thinking he has a chance with you.”
“He doesn’t think he has a chance with me. He knows…” You trailed off, your face burning with residual embarrassment. “I know that I’m yours.”
Jeonghan hummed against your body.
“You know that your mine, huh?”
Jeonghan pulled his cock out of you and then took you by your hips and pressed you back into the door, sliding down your body. Once he got down to your pussy, he looked up at you, smiling.
“I’ve been going easy on you,” Jeonghan mumbled. His fingers brushed your thighs. “You have no bruises. I’ve just been fucking your perfect little pussy and treating you so softly.”
Jeonghan dipped his head. His lips attached to your pussy and his tongue dipped into you as he slowly lapped his cum out of you. After he was satisfied he made his way back up your body, his lips pressing to yours. You could taste the hint of both your and his cum on his tongue. He pulled back from you.
“The next time I see you, y/n… I’ll remind you exactly how depraved you really can be.”
Jeonghan smiled at you, and if your brain hadn’t been so sure that his words were in fact threatening his face would have fooled you into thinking that he was nothing short of an innocent angel.
Luckily… (Unluckily…?) The next time that you saw Jeonghan was a few days later in the school cafeteria.
You almost never went to the cafeteria during a school day, but every once in a while you would stop by to get some make-your-own-pasta and sub-tier cake. You didn’t ever see anyone when you were there so when you spotted Jeonghan from across the cafeteria, reading a book, you were beyond surprised.
You thought very seriously about not saying anything to him, but the plan died as soon as he raised his eyes and met your gaze. You forced a smile on your lips and made your way over to him. He was sitting in a booth… Maybe he was waiting for someone else.
You smiled awkwardly at Jeonghan in greeting.
“Anyone sitting here?” You asked. Jeonghan gestured to it.
“Please, be my guest,” he replied.
You had sort of been hoping that he would tell you that he was about to leave or something, but it was clear that not matter what, now that you were here he was planning on sticking around for a while.
You looked at the plate of food Jeonghan had- Some pizza- and gestured towards it.
“Is the pizza any good?”
“It’s caf food,” Jeonghan replied with a shrug. “Do you eat in the cafeteria a lot? I never see you here.”
“Only every once in a while,” you replied. “You?”
“I’m usually here,” he replied with a shrug. “It’s close to my classes.”
“Does Mingyu not cook every night?” You prodded. Jeonghan smiled.
“We take turns,” he replied. “Most of us take turns at least. Hansol is awful at cooking.”
You laughed, a little surprised by the news.
“And how are you at cooking?”
Jeonghan gave you an amused expression.
“You’ll just have to see.”
Spending time with Jeonghan when it was to do something other than sex was always awkward. Not because you didn’t like Jeonghan or because you two didn’t get along but because you just couldn’t understand why Jeonghan seemed to enjoy your company as much as he did.
Despite the fact his eyes were on his book while you two spoke he was clearly hearing everything that you had to say. It was weird because he wasn’t making sexual innuendos or anything. Could fuck buddies be friends outside of fucking?
You weren’t really sure.
A loud noise erupted from you and Jeonghan’s table, and you looked down, noticing quickly that it was your phone vibrating. You picked it up, glancing at the screen.
Remembering Jeonghan’s reaction last time Yeongtae called while you two were together you silenced the call, sending Yeongtae a quick message: Can’t talk right now.
“Who is that?” Jeonghan asked. You glanced back up at him.
“Jeongyeon,” you lied, but you could tell that Jeonghan knew instantly it was a lie. You pressed your lips together as you felt your phone vibrate again in your hands. You glanced in the screen.
I know you aren’t busy, pick up the phone >:-(
You sent Yeongtae a quick text back: I am busy. Shut up.
“You’re busy, I get it,” Jeonghan mumbled. “Is it Yeongtae?”
Your lips pressed into a thin line and you nodded once. Jeonghan hummed.
“You two get along really well,” Jeonghan observed with a shrug. “You don’t have to hide that you’ve been spending time with Yeongtae.”
Even though he said that you couldn’t help but notice that Jeonghan’s fingers were curled in a tight fist.
“Besides, I’ve been seeing people these last few days,” Jeonghan continued. You blinked.
“It wasn’t Chaedom,” Jeonghan replied with a roll of his eyes. “So that means you’re not jealous right?”
You nodded, with a small hum.
“Yeah,” you agreed pointedly. An irritated look flashed through Jeonghan’s eyes, but it was so brief that you wondered if the look really had even existed. He flashed you another smile.
“Well? Aren’t you going to call Yeontae back?” He asked. “Your grades depend on it.”
You pressed your lips together and nodded. You pulled out your phone and called Yeongtae back. He answered fast.
“Oh, right. I see now. Very busy.”
“I’m eating,” you replied. You glanced at Jeonghan. “With Jeonghan.”
“Oh god, please don’t tell me what you’re eating.”
“We’re in the caf,” you replied with a roll of your eyes.
“Even worse. You’re in public?”
You looked at Jeonghan, completely unamused.
“I hate him,” you said pointedly. Yeongtae’s laugh came from the other end of the phone.
“On a serious note- Dinner with Jeonghan? Are you two finally dating?”
Your eyes widened and you searched Jeonghan’s eyes quickly to see if he could hear anything. Jeonghan didn’t show any real sign of having heard anything though. His eyes had turned down to the left over scraps of food on his plate.
“Shut up,” you mumbled. “What’s up?”
“Want to meet at the library in ten minutes?” Yeongtae asked.
“Ten minutes?” You replied in surprise. “I uh-”
Jeonghan glanced up and waved his hands.
“I’ve got to get going anyways,” he said. “Meeting with someone tonight.”
You sighed your relief, glad that you weren’t going to have to choose between the two boys.
“Okay, library in ten minutes. I’ll see you when I get there.”
“See you.”
As you looked up Jeonghan was already gathering his things and picking up your dirty plates. He smiled at you.
“You know, I’m getting tired of fucking other people,” he said, his eyebrows raising towards you slightly. “When do I get to use my pretty little toy next?”
Your face flushed.
“Soon,” you mumbled. “Whenever you want.”
Jeonghan nodded, clicking his tongue at your words.
“Alright. Soon.”
He didn’t say more. Instead, he shot you a smile in farewell and disappeared into the crowd.
Despite both of you clearly wanting to see each other again soon, neither you nor Jeonghan reached out for the next few days. You thought a couple of times about just showing up but always ended up deciding not to.
You had midterms coming up anyways, so reaching out to him didn’t make the most sense. You decided to just stick with studying with Yeongtae at the library for the time being.
Well… Mostly studying.
“Okay favorite movies,” Yeongtae said. You leaned back in your chair, thinking carefully over your choices.
“God, I don’t know. I’m into so many movies.”
“Marvel movies?” Yeongtae asked. You rolled your eyes at him.
“Very original,” you mumbled. He laughed at your indifference.
“Okay, regardless, we should go see a movie together.”
“Okay,” you relented. “What movie do you want to see.”
“What movies are even…?” As Yeongtae trailed off he started typing quickly on his computer. “Uh, Cocaine Bear, John Wick: Chapter 4, the new Shazam movie, Scream?”
“Oh, let’s see the new Scream movie,” you replied, your eyes lighting up a little. “Maybe it’ll make midterms seem like less of a nightmare.”
Yeongtae laughed.
“Awesome! So, we’ll catch the 9:10 this weekend and- Oh. Hi Jeonghan.”
You frowned slightly and looked over to where Yeongtae was looking. You dipped your head slightly when you made eye contact with Jeonghan.
“Hi Jeonghan. What are you doing here?” You asked. Jeonghan sighed and gestured to the backpack over his shoulder.
“I came to study away from the boys,” he said. “I didn’t expect to see you here.... With Yeongtae.”
You smiled and nodded.
“Yeongtae and I always study together on Tuesdays at the library.”
It briefly flickered in your mind that you thought Jeonghan had known that. But obviously he wouldn’t be surprised to see you there if he did.
“You should join us Jeonghan,” Yeongtae suggested.
“That’s okay,” Jeonghan denied. “I’ll let you have your time together.”
Jeonghan walked over to you, placing a hand on your shoulder. His grip wasn’t tight in anyway, but he put enough pressure on you to turn your body towards him more. His hand slid up to the back of your neck and he pulled you into a deep kiss.
Your face blazed at the display of affection so publicly, but you were nothing but putty when it came to being under Jeonghan’s touched. He pulled away suddenly, your chest rising and falling rapidly as you frantically tried to catch your breath.
“Ten minutes. Fourth floor bathroom,” Jeonghan said. Your eyes widened slightly.
“Ten minutes?” You hissed back. You looked around to make sure no one had heard. It seemed like only Yeongtae was able to hear. “Here?”
“Safe word?” Jeonghan murmured, his eyebrow raising and his stature becoming much less... Dominating. You cleared your throat, looking at the table.
“N-No, I won’t be doing that,” you admitted softly. “Ten minutes. Fourth floor.”
Jeonghan hummed and he raised his hand to your face, tapping it lightly so that you would look at him again.
To be honest, you were disappointed he wasn’t being a little rougher.
“Good girl.”
When you pressed into the bathroom your first thought was utter relief. It was completely empty, and on a floor of the library that you knew people never came to. Even better the bathroom was set far away from the mostly empty offices on the floor.
You set your phone on the small seats in the entrance of the bathroom and peeked around the corner, trying to find Jeonghan.
The door to the bathroom opened up just as you came to the conclusion that Jeonghan wasn’t already there. A smile flickered across his face when he spotted you and he closed the door behind him.
“Get undressed… Now.”
Despite this being a bathroom with stalls, it was so old that Jeonghan was able to lock the door behind him. Of course, that was only something you noticed in passing as you began to get your jeans and shirt off as quickly as you could. Jeonghan didn’t match your speed, but you could tell from the way that he was looking at you that he was desperate to be inside of you again.
“Do you know how long it’s been since I fucked you last?” Jeonghan asked. You opened your mouth to respond, but Jeonghan stopped you with a single look in his eyes. He finally got his last article of clothing off and came up to you, pushing your back against the window on the far side of the bathroom wall.
The fingers of his left hand dug into your shoulder, while his right lowered down to your pussy. He laughed when he found that you were wet. “You really will just get wet over anything.”
He pushed a finger inside of you, finally deciding to continue the conversation he had tried to start before.
“It’s been over a week,” Jeonghan replied. “Longer than the other times that we went when you were only coming to parties.”
“I didn’t-”
“Didn’t what? Want to be punished for being needy again? Didn’t know if you should come over?” His voice was deep as he spoke and once again his head dipped down into your neck. The hickey’s he had left there from last time were now mostly faded.
You felt the inside of your stomach coil with pleasure when you realized he was intent on marking you up all over again.
“I had to go so long without fucking you,” Jeonghan mumbled. “Had to fuck other girls, even fucked someone last night and wasn’t left satisfied with a single one of them while you played the good student with Yeongtae.”
As Jeonghan brought up Yeongtae he bit down on your neck, sucking at the skin there. You let out a surprised gasp and you felt yourself grab at the windowsill, in an attempt to keep yourself from moving too much under Jeonghan’s grip.
“I feel like a fucking broken record,” Jeonghan mumbled. “I promised to treat you truly depraved last time and here I am, again, fucking you in a bathroom.”
Jeonghan’s hand left your shoulder and his mouth left your neck so that he could slap you across your face. A whine ripped through your body as your head fell to the side, but Jeonghan didn’t let you stay like that. He pushed a second finger into your pussy and then forced your face back to his with his free hand.
“If you weren’t so bad I wouldn’t have to hit you, you know?” Jeonghan mumbled, a look of fake pity falling over his face. He clicked his tongue as he forced your head to the side again so that he could look at your face. “Then again, it doesn’t even seem like those little hits really affect you.”
The thought of being hit again when your cheek was still stinging sent a rush of excitement through your body and Jeonghan must have felt it in the fingers he was using to slowly scissor your pussy as he turned your face towards him again, amusement spreading over his lips.
“Oh, you like that don’t you?” He asked. “You want me to hit you again? Tell you that you’re forcing me to do it?”
He laughed and pushed a third finger into your pussy, shaking his head.
“God, you feel how tight your stupid little cunt is? Little sluts aren’t meant to have cunts so tight. Good toys should be well used,” he mumbled, his attention flickering down your body. “And your perfect breasts…”
His hand lowered to your boobs so that he could squeeze them and begin to tease one of your nipples with his thumb.
“These poor things have gone completely untouched and unplayed with for so long. All because you’ve been so bad.”
Jeonghan grunted and suddenly struck a hit across your boobs. The hit surprised you and your head flew backwards, hitting the window with a small thud just as Jeonghan’s fingers began to pinch your tits again.
“I wonder if I should turn your whole body red…” Jeonghan mumbled. His head dipped down so that he could tease your tit with his tongue and teeth, only making you squirm under him.
You couldn’t help but roll your hips down into Jeonghan’s hand, making your clit bump into his thumb. You whined, not even really realizing how much you had missed his touch until just then.
“Fuck, Jeonghan your fingers aren’t enough,” you whined.
“But, baby, your little pussy is so tight I don’t think that it could handle anything bigger,” Jeonghan cooed against you. As if to prove his point he spread out his fingers inside of you, forcing a whine out of you. “You feel that pretty little burn? That’s the consequence of being bad. I have to spend so much time just getting you ready for my cock.”
He chided you softly.
“Aren’t you ashamed?” He asked. “Ashamed that I can’t just immediately push my cock into you and fuck you the way I want to? I have to worry about breaking your pretty little cunt with my cock.”
You couldn’t help the way you whined again, rolling your hips harder against Jeonghan’s hands.
“I can take it,” you insisted, your face burning at the implication that you should be ashamed for being so tight. Jeonghan chuckled.
“Yeah? You think so?” He asked, his voice still teasing. You nodded, forcing your eyes to his.
“Please Jeonghan, I’m still a good toy,” you insisted. “I need your cock inside of me.”
Jeonghan laughed.
He pulled his fingers out of you and pushed you around by your shoulder so that your back was to him. You immediately spread your legs for him as his fingers entangled in your hair and he pushed your face against the window.
Jeonghan slowly pushed himself into you, but the pace was agonizing compared to other times. He groaned, burying his face against your neck.
“Fucking hell. At least I know you really are a good little slut. I can feel that I’m the only one who plays with you,” he mumbled. You couldn’t bare to even open your eyes, they just stayed shut as Jeonghan’s hand held your cheek flush against the cold glass. You felt your ass shake a little as you tried to get Jeonghan to push in faster but it earned you a spank hard enough to jolt your whole body.
“You really do want me to make your whole body red don’t you?” Jeonghan asked, but you could tell by the sound of his voice that he was beginning to lose his patience.
“J-Jeonghan,” you whined. “Please- Faster- I want to feel you fucking destroy my pussy. N-Need it.”
Jeonghan just hummed at your words, finally coming fully seated inside of you. Your fingers curled against the window in anticipation but Jeonghan just stayed fully seated inside of you as if he was relishing the feeling.
“Jeonghan,” you murmured, frustration peeking into your tone. “Come on, please. Fuck me. I need to be fucked. If not by you by someone. Please.”
You knew your mistake as soon as it left your mouth, but there was no taking it back once it met Jeonghan’s ears. You felt his grip tighten in your hair and finally he began to move inside of you. A slow pull out before a sharp, deep fast thrust back into you making your whole body shake. You yelped at the thrust, and barely had time to recover before he was doing it all over again.
“Someone, hm?” Jeonghan reiterated. As he spoke, he pushed your body against the window harder so that now your tits were also pressed against the cold glass. “Why don’t you look down there huh? Tell me: Who is that someone you are going to let fuck you?”
You didn’t respond and Jeonghan’s hand came back down on your ass.
“I said who. Look out this fucking window and tell me who is going to want to fuck you?”
Your eyes shot open and you looked down realizing that despite being on the fourth floor you had a pretty good view of the school campus below you. Of course, no one seemed to notice you as they walked to and from class, but you thought if anyone did decide to look up and really look at you for a little bit, they might be able to figure out what you were doing.
“N-No one,” you managed out. “I didn’t mean-”
“No, you did mean what you said,” Jeonghan replied. He started to quicken his pace, but his thrusts were still just as hard. So hard that your whole body was bouncing against his. “You were threatening me so that I would fuck you faster. You thought I would just let that slide?”
Jeonghan laughed.
“Now, who is it going to be?” The palm of his hand pushed your cheek further into the window. “That guy with the green backpack? No. Maybe the one with the black shirt on… Not him either?”
Jeonghan slapped your ass again even though you hadn’t technically done anything wrong, and his hand came around your body so that his fingers could find your clit. You cried out at the friction.
“Wait- Jeong-”
“I think you forgot who was in control here,” Jeonghan hissed. “I think you forgot that you do what I say you can. And I use you the way that I want to.”
His fingers quickened their pace on your clit, and you watched helplessly as your heavy pants fogged up your view on the window.
“Let’s see, if I tell you not to come but force an orgasm out of you… What are you going to do, hm?”
You felt your heart skip a beat when you realized that was what he was doing. You squirmed underneath him.
“Wait- Jeonghan I-” You interrupted yourself with a half shriek when Jeonghan’s hand left your clit so that he could hit it. You felt a shock go through your entire body at the hit, and your pussy walls clamped around Jeonghan’s dick.
“If you come I’m going to have to punish you,” Jeonghan warned, but his fingers went right back to your clit. “You don’t want to be punished, do you? Not while all of your potential suitors are walking down there. People who are going to make you come faster than me?”
You couldn’t help it, you felt your orgasm coming faster and faster as Jeonghan fucked you even harder. You could tell that your words had had a strong effect on him.
“Hm, look, I think Mr. Baseball cap likes what he sees.”
You cried out as an orgasm ripped through your body, and Jeonghan fucked you through it as if it wasn’t happening at all. His fingers stayed stubbornly on your clit as he fucked you, your pussy becoming even wetter as you came around his cock.
“Oh, did you just come without permission?” Jeonghan asked. “Such a bad toy… What am I going to do with a little toy that can’t even follow simple orders?”
You went to protest against Jeonghan but the unpleasant overstimulated feeling that came just after your orgasm was already disappearing making way for a second orgasm.
You whined, your fists banging lightly against the window.
“Fuck, Jeonghan I’m sorry- Please-” Before you could even finish begging him to take pity on you a second orgasm was ripping through your body and Jeonghan was chiding you once again, pulling you by the strands of your hair off the window.
“God, you really are such a slut. You think other people want to fuck you when you’re being so bad?”
Tears dripped down your face as Jeonghan continued to fuck you through your second orgasm and this time you placed your hands on the window, trying to hold yourself up.
Your words were just a slur that made you sound completely drunk on sex. Drunk on Jeonghan really, and you could tell by the twitch of his cock that he was taking pride in it.
“God, you little pathetic whore. You can’t help but come when I’m fucking you can you? And up against a window for all to see? I should’ve just expected you to be bad. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get punished.”
Jeonghan’s fingers pressed even harder against your swollen clit.
“And you’re letting me do all of this too, because you like it. This whole time you could have safe worded but you didn’t want to did you? You like being treated like this. You like that you’re going to get punished.”
As Jeonghan spoke your mind raced to try and figure out how you could convince him out of a punishment but it was too late. You felt his cock pulse inside you and a rope of cum shot out inside of you. You cried out in relief, a third orgasm starting to rock through your body but before you could get out another word Jeonghan was pulling himself out of you, his hand pushing you to the ground.
You felt a rope of warm semen paint your face, and- Your whole body shaking as your body kept coming around absolutely nothing- you let your tongue fall out, realizing that Jeonghan was coming on your face.
You pushed your head up against Jeonghan’s hand but he held you in place, not caring that your pussy was leaking all over the bathroom floor, and his hand didn’t loosen in your hair until his cum had finally stopped painting your face.
You slumped a little on the ground when Jeonghan left go of you, closing your mouth to swallow the little bit of cum that had landed on your tongue, but Jeonghan knelt down in front of you before much more could be said.
He slapped you, hard, his hand rubbing the semen across your face.
“You look pathetic,” Jeonghan mumbled. “Covered in tears and semen…”
Jeonghan shook his head.
“Such a bad, bad toy.”
You whined, but Jeonghan’s free hand went back to your hair. He pulled your head sharply so that his lips could press to yours. You moaned against his mouth, but the kiss was short.
“Are you sorry?” Jeonghan asked. You looked at him, sniffling a little, still trying to come down from having had three orgasms.
“I’m sorry,” you agreed softly. Jeonghan hummed.
“Yeah? Well, there’s one more bit of your punishment left.”
You nodded, excitement coiling in your stomach.
“O-Okay,” you agreed. Jeonghan rolled his eyes at your excitement, his hand falling from your head.
“I don’t like fucking you in bathrooms,” he mumbled. “I can’t give you good aftercare in a bathroom.”
Your face flushed red. He was thinking about aftercare even after asserting that you had been bad. It made your whole body feel even hotter than it did before.
“That’s okay,” you said softly. “I’ll give myself good aftercare when I get home tonight.”
Jeonghan hummed, giving you an annoyed look.
“Yeah?” He asked. “You promise to shower?”
“I promise,” you agreed quickly.
Jeonghan made a sound that didn’t sound like he was completely convince, but you could tell he wasn’t interested in arguing with you over it.
“You need a minute?”
You nodded.
“Okay. Let’s sit for a minute.”
“Is that a hickey?” Yeongtae asked as you took a seat back down in front of him. He squinted at you and his nose wrinkled. “Is there still cum on your face?”
Your face blazed and you pulled a wet wipe out of your backpack.
“He said to leave it until I got back to you.” You took the wet wipe and began to wipe your face clean.
You stuck your tongue out at him, so Yeongtae sighed.
“It’s funny how possessive of you Jeonghan is,” he commented with a shake of his head. Your eyebrows narrowed at him.
“Possessive?” You questioned. “I would hardly call a man like Jeonghan possessive of me. Not really.”
Yeongtae laughed and you stared at him. A few beats passed.
“Oh my god you’re serious,” Yeongtae stated. “You don’t see it?”
“See what?” You asked. Yeongtae gestured in the general direction of where you had come from, where he assumed Jeonghan was.
“He’s obsessed with you,” Yeongtae stated pointedly. “Every time he sees that you're with me he gets so jealous.”
“He doesn’t get jealous; he just doesn’t like you.”
Yeongtae gave you a brief offended expression.
“I’m serious. Hasn’t he ever asked about me? Or rather, asked about other guys you’ve been with?”
“Well, yeah but that’s just because he’s worried, I’m sleeping with other people.”
“But you’re not exclusive,” Yeongtae replied bluntly.
“Right, but we agreed that I wouldn’t sleep with other people.”
“But he’s also not sleeping with other people.”
“No, he’s allowed to sleep with other people.”
Yeongtae sighed, shaking his head.
“Okay, regardless of how fucked up and stupid that is.” He leaned forward. “He’s not sleeping with other people.”
You squinted at Yeongtae.
“Yes he is. He told me.”
Yeongtae’s eyebrow raised.
“He lied to you?” He asked, genuinely looking confused. “What- Why would he lie to you about that?”
You were stunned, completely unsure of how to respond. You opened your mouth, and closed it, and opened it again.
“He...” You trailed off, now starting to feel a little angry. “He isn’t lying to me!”
“When did he do it last?” Yeongtae argued back. “When was the last time that he slept with someone else?”
You didn’t want to humor Yeongtae but you also wanted him to shut up about this whole thing.
“Just last night I think,” you replied pointedly. “Why-”
“Call your friend Jun. He lives with him, right?”
Your eyes narrowed at Yeongtae, not normally one to just listen to people when they practically ordered you around but...
You picked up your phone.
“If it will make you shut up.”
Your phone rang only twice before Jun picked up. You heard some shuffling on his end.
“Hey,” he said. “What’s up?”
Yeongtae pointed at your phone, mouthing at you to turn it on speaker phone. You rolled your eyes and did so.
“Hey, I have a really stupid question and you have to promise not to lie to me about it okay?”
“No, Jeongyeon still hasn’t met with Jimin, but she assures me that she is going to see him tonight?”
“What?” You asked. “No, I know that. This is something else.”
“Oh.” Jun was silent for a second. “Okay, what is it?”
“What was Jeonghan doing last night?” You asked.
“Jeonghan?” Some more silence from Jun. “Uh, legos. With Soonyoung and Jihoon.”
You felt your heart skip a beat, and you stared at your phone with wide eyes.
“What? No, I mean after that,” you replied. “What did he do after legos?”
“He went to bed,” Jun replied as if it was obvious. “Do you know how late they stayed up with those legos?”
“So... Jeonghan wasn’t having sex with someone?”
Jun still seemed confused.
“What? Of course not.”
You could see Yeongtae’s smug look from out of the corner of your eye but that was not really your main concern. You turned off speaker phone, pressing your phone to your ear and lowering your voice.
“What about the day before? And uh... Last week?” You asked.
“What are you asking this about? Jeonghan has been doing nothing but play with legos, go to school, and obnoxiously loudly fuck you.”
You were quiet this time.
“You’re lying.”
“Why would I lie to you about that?” Jun demanded. “Do you think that Jeonghan is cheating on you?”
“Cheating?!” Now that was loud. “We aren’t even dating!”
Before Jun could reply you breathed out briskly.
“Look, I’ve gotta go. Thanks Jun.”
You hung up the phone and immediately began packing your bags. Yeongtae still looked smug.
“I told- Wait. Where are you going?”
“I’m going to find the other boys of Alpha Mu. This is ridiculous. Thirteen boys can’t all lie to me.”
There will be a part five to the pathetic series
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rileyslibrary · 2 days
if reqs r closed pls ignore this sorry im genuinely so blind so idk if u were taking them rn, but can i request “the captain will have to get involved pretty soon” situation from that fic where a new lieutenant joins, overall just like a part 2 where price does have to get involved 😭😭 like ghost is just so annoyed with this man
Hey reader! 🍫 No need to worry; I don’t have a “policy” on requests apart from the nsfw thingy (i don’t know how to write smut). Whatever comes, I accept it wholeheartedly! :)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Ghost and the new Lt. get in a fight. Price handles the situation accordingly and nobody is happy.
Relationship: Simon “Ghost” Riley x Reader, Captain John Price
Word Count: 1,112
For those who haven’t read Part 1, here it is.
Lots of swearing and mentions of physical injuries. Other than that, it’s fluff.
Want more?
Yup. Captain Price had to get involved in the end.
Not just him, though; an entire room full of trained soldiers had to jump in and separate Ghost from almost strangling “Mr Toothless,” as he often referred to him.
Why toothless, you may ask? Well, Ghost decided to baptise the new lieutenant with that nickname for a couple of reasons. First, he took what you said to him—about his teeth being all fake—for granted. “If they’re fake,” he said, “that means the fucker is already toothless and wears veneers to cover ’em up.” And when you told him that’s not true because people might undergo cosmetic surgery to improve something that they might have suffered an injury from, he came up with the second reason as to why the new lieutenant is, in fact, toothless. Or rather, he will be. “Might have suffered an injury, you say?” He asked. “Well, he’s about to suffer another one when I knock them out again.”
So yeah, it was either “Mr Toothless over there” or “Mr Future Toothless once again”. But he never called him by his real name. Which started to piss off Lt. Wilson, the new lieutenant, a great deal, and that’s how you all reached that point.
And you may wonder what “that point” was. The breaking point. You were all seated in the briefing room, Price at the head of the table and the two lieutenants across from each other. You and the rest were scattered in different seats around the room but never next to the two lieutenants. Never. The two of them were like furnaces, ready to burst and burn you along with them, so you all figured it was best to stay far away from them, especially when they were in the same room. You treated them like the plague, applying COVID protocols to distancing and making fun of the situation like watching a comedy show. But you know what they say—it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Or teeth.
Price was dividing the teams for the new mission: Team Alpha (Ghost’s Team) had to reach the target’s point by air, while Team Bravo (Wilson’s) would travel by land. The tipping point was when Price assigned you to Wilson’s team. Being Ghost’s Achilles’ heel, you were enough to light up a spark in the furnace. Wilson, on the other hand, was, in fact, a motherfucker. He knew that you, being assigned to his team, would piss Ghost off, so he turned towards you and winked upon hearing your name.
“Awesome, doll’s with me.” He said.
“Call them a doll one more time,” Ghost said to him, “and I’ll make you as shiny and smooth as a Ken.” A threat that made absolutely no sense then, but as time passed, you came up with a theory as to what Ghost meant by that statement. And it wasn’t funny at all. See, Ken dolls don’t have any organs. No brain, no heart, and—that’s where the “shiny and smooth” part comes in—no dick.
And as you stand now in front of him, treating his cut lip and bruised eye, you have so many questions. Why is he obsessed with Lt. Wilson’s bones and limps? How was he planning to execute such a horrendous action? And how did he leap onto the table, while seated, and Sparta-kick Wilson in the face like Leonidas in 300?
“You fucked up big time, Simon,” Price warns him as he paces around the room with his hands on his waist, “big time, brother.”
“He started it.”
“No,” Price runs towards Ghost and ends inches away from his bruised-up face, “you landed the first kick, and then things escalated faster than a wildfire in a dry forest.”
“How is he?” Ghost asks.
This guy amazes you. All he wanted was to kick Wilson’s face, and now he’s worried about his health, which he was the one who inflicted harm upon.
“He is fucked; that’s how he is,” Price replied, “and you’re fucked too.”
“What’ll happen now?” Ghost asks, and Price lets out a loud chuckle. Not one of entertainment, for sure. It’s a laugh that hides a warning. A “you’re about to find out” laugh.
“I’m relieving Lt. Wilson of his duties in the field and relocating him to another position,” he says.
“Good.” Ghost replies, “at least he’ll be out of my business for a while.”
Price lets another chuckle out. “Oh, brother, he’ll be all up in your business now.” He says, half smirking, and you stop treating Ghost’s wound to turn towards Price.
“W-where exactly are you relocating, Lt. Wilson, Captain?” You ask, confused.
He approaches you and wraps an arm around your shoulder; both of you now face Ghost.
“I’m putting Wilson in the same office with you and Ghost, Y/N.” Price says smiling, “till you,” he points at Ghost, “and him”, he points at the next room, “sort out your... issues,” he finally brings his index finger to point at you.
Ghost doesn’t react. He stretches his neck while looking at Price.
“You think I wouldn’t find out what the apple of discord actually was?” Price whispers to Ghost, “You and him either become best friends, or you’re both out.” He removes his hand from your shoulder, adjusts his hat, nods at you, and walks out of the room.
You turn towards Ghost, who’s now leaning on his legs, looking at the floor.
“Look at me,” you command, “I still need to patch that lip of yours.”
He obeys and looks up. You sigh. As much as you trust Price and his strategic decision to put the three of you in the same room, you fear that the ball is now in your field. Juggling Ghost’s outbursts was something you learned to handle with skill and prowess. But including Lt. Harris in the equation is like putting two starving lions in a cage with an antelope.
“Why?” You ask as you finish treating his bottom lip, “Why act so stupid when you know it is you that I fancy?”
He looks away and shrugs. “He called you a doll.”
“And look where we are now Simon,” you say. “Price gave you your last chance, and we get to have Mr Toothless with us at the office.”
“Won’t be an office anymore, love,” he mutters, “it’ll be a dollhouse full of Barbie and Ken dolls.”
You smile and lift his chin up with your fingers. “So, if I’m Barbie and he’s Ken,” you say, bringing your face closer to his, “who are you?”
“Oh, I’m Action Man, love.” He says and tries to wink with a swollen, already shut, black eye.
Part 3 ->
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pucksandpower · 20 hours
loved your Beckham!reader instagram au! could you do a Messi!reader one (maybe even post we?) anyways, love all your insta sis they’re literally the best quick reads ever
Carlos Sainz x Messi!Reader - Social Media AU
Tumblr media
y/nmessi posted a story
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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y/nmessi this weekend did a pretty good job at winning me over
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carlossainz55 including me?
y/nmessi wear a messi jersey to the next race and the answer will be yes
carlossainz55 there’s some lines i just can’t cross
scuderiaferrari so can we consider you a ferrari fan now?
y/nmessi still to be decided depending on what carlito does next 😉
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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y/nmessi i might not like his choice of team but he does have some redeeming qualities
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carlossainz55 thank you i think?
y/nmessi it’s a complement … mostly
carlossainz55 i’ll take it for now knowing your stubbornness
y/nmessi if i’m stubborn, you’re even stubborner
carlossainz55 that’s not a word
y/nmessi see what i mean?
saintlysainz like his abs
feralferrari and his thighs
chillipepper and his face
y/nmessi yes, yes, and yes. plus it doesn’t hurt that he can make a mean paella
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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carlossainz55 opposites really do attract
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y/nmessi the comfiest pillow 🫶
charles_leclerc “opposites” he says
landonorris carlos acts like they aren’t pretty much the same person outside of their football fandom
y/nmessi but football is life so we are opposites where it matters
carlossainz55 exactly! y/n gets it
charles_leclerc you just proved our point
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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carlossainz55 recharging in the city of love
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leomessi fue genial conocerte, che
*translated from Spanish it was great to meet you, mate*
carlossainz55 avísame cuando estés libre para venir a una carrera. me encantaría recibirlos a todos
*translated from Spanish let me know when you are free to come to a race. i would love to host you all*
y/nmessi look at my two favorite boys getting along 🥰
mbappemclaren my worlds are colliding 😵‍💫
offsidef1 this is my multiverse of madness
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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y/nmessi mi amor ❤️
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carlossainz55 come back to the garage
y/nmessi i haven’t even been gone for five minutes. the line for gelato is really long
carlossainz55 but i need my y/n time before the race
y/nmessi you will get your y/n time when i get my gelato
leomessi don’t try to fight her when it comes to sweets, dessert will always win
f1wagupdates them getting together is still a crazier plot twist than anything in game of thrones
messinews i feel like i’m in the twilight zone every time they post about each other
Tumblr media
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jjsneo · 2 days
fighting dirty | l.mk
Tumblr media
❯ summary: your boyfriend has too much pride, which leads to an unnecessary, petty and unresolved argument. too bad the both of you are too stubborn to apologise, resulting in you playing dirty by sending spicy videos to him whilst he’s away.
❯ pairings: mark x fem!reader
❯ genre: established relationship, idol!mark, angst, smut.
❯ words: 3.5k
❯ tags: 18+ minors dni!, smut, slight angst, masturbation, sexting, arguing, dirty talk, phone sex??, sex toys, reader uses she/her pronouns, mark has too much pride and gets all sulky over a dildo.
Tumblr media
“What’s with the giant monster cock in your underwear drawer?” Mark spits out, voice deep and even.
Your boyfriend had snuck off into your bedroom, whilst you cleaned up the kitchen. Originally, he was planning on leaving you a cheeky note in your underwear drawer before he left for the weekend; but instead, he comes stomping back into the kitchen moments later with his jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed.
You pause for a beat, more baffled than embarrassed. 
“I… what?” you ask, shutting off the sink and turning to face him. “Why were you in my underwear drawer and why does it bother you what I have in there?”
His jaw twitches but he remains cool. “Didn’t say I was bothered.”
“Well, you seem very bothered,” you scoff.
“Answer my question,” Mark presses further.
“Answer mine,” you argue.
Mark chews the side of his cheek in frustration, “I was trying to be romantic and leave you a surprise for while I’m gone but instead, the thanks I get is discovering my girlfriend is evidently hiding things from me.”
You stare at him in disbelief and offence.
“That’s a strange way to pronounce ‘hey baby, sorry my job takes me away from you for months at a time but I’m glad you’re taking care of your basic human needs,’ you fire back. “‘Oh, and thanks for making dinner for me.’”
He rolls his eyes, “right, because I’m always the one being unreasonable.”
“Yes, that’s exactly what you’re being,” you can’t believe how frustrated you are at this moment. “You couldn’t possibly have been thinking the only time I ever get off when you’re on tour is when you get horny and call me for phone sex?”
“I know you get off, but you didn’t tell me it was like this,” he states incredulously.
Your eyebrows shoot to the sky, “Why the fuck would I tell you?”
“Why wouldn’t you?”
You want to scream. The whole situation was a none issue, so why was your boyfriend being so unnecessarily difficult.
You grit your teeth and try to steer the conversation in a productive direction. “Okay, what did you think I was doing?”
“Not fucking a mythological creature.”
“Mark, it’s not that big.”
“It’s bigger than me.”
“Don’t be so fucking dramatic,” you say sarcastically.
The fight had only gotten nastier from there. He’d accused you of not trusting him enough to share things with him, you’d called him controlling and an asshole; voices were raised, petty remarks exchanged and then he stormed out. 
The next morning, you weren’t surprised by the absence of an apology text; and since you received a message that simply read “arrived” yesterday afternoon, he’d been radio silent.
You and Mark don’t fight often, but when you do, you both go all out. Neither of you likes admitting you’re wrong and neither of you wants to be the one to apologise first, especially in cases like this where you both have things to be sorry for.
Arguments with Mark mean you have to consider every possible outcome before you make a move, and you know he does the same. Which is why you know your plan is so genius, there’s no way he’ll see it coming. 
You had the idea when you were in the shower that morning and it seemed so perfect, you had to laugh; by the time your lunch break ended and you still hadn’t heard from Mark, you had decided to go through with it.
You step into the lingerie he’d bought for you a birthday ago, adjusting it in the mirror until your boobs sit just right in the plunging sheer material. He loves you in white, and you grin at your reflection when you think about how livid he’s going to be only getting to see it under these circumstances.
You grab your phone off the nightstand and walk back over to the mirror, evaluating your lighting and angle options; you snap a few natural photos and then a few that are more posed, arching your back, using the inside of your arms to push your tits together. All the tricks you know he likes. You swipe through your choices, make your pick and fire it off to him with the message.
You 7:28pm 
Mad at you, but not at your taste in lingerie. 
You don’t expect to hear back from him. Not yet anyway.
Mark reaches for his phone on the bed next to him; he’d just gotten back from a short run to clear his head after another largely unproductive writing session. He knew he shouldn’t have left town without resolving everything with you but the things he’d said, the way he acted… there was too much mess to clean up and not enough time. Besides, you definitely owed him some apologies as well — even if he did start by overreacting — the phone worked both ways.
Still, things were at a standstill and it was weighing on him.
He’s surprised to see your name in his notifications but is instantly suspicious when he sees that you’ve sent a photo message. His finger hovers over the screen, not wanting to click on it right away, wanting to make you wait to see the “sent” turn to “read,” wanting to make you wonder if he’s even near his phone. He knows you well enough to know you’re watching.
You toss your phone on the bed and roll your eyes; you know he’s got to be back in his room by now and you’re willing to bet he’s staring your notification down just because he can. You shake your head and start gathering what you need for your next move.
Twelve minutes pass before Mark allows himself to click on your message; your photo loads and he instantly feels his blood pressure rise, for multiple reasons. The sight of you in that low cut, mostly see-through number is every bit as heavenly as he’d hoped it would be when he bought it — only in his fantasy, he would have been there to nibble down your cleavage and mouth over your nipples through the lace before he ripped it off you.
He’s not sure whether to take this photo as an olive branch or a threat but the accompanying text message has him leaning towards the latter and honestly, that’s more exciting to him than if you were trying to make amends. You’ve acted out like this before, and it’s always led to some great makeup sex.
Your intended tone is unmistakable when another message from you automatically loads in the conversation thread; this time it’s a video, along with a text.
You 7:45pm 
Missed saying goodbye to you like this.
Intrigued, he clicks on the video and immediately bolts up from where he was laying. The video begins and the only thing he sees on screen is your empty shower and the dildo he’d found that night, suction cupped to the wall, intimidatingly jutting out.
You enter the frame, still clad in your new lingerie, and get on your knees; he watches in disbelief as your eyes stare directly into the camera and you begin licking up and down the shaft of the toy before swirling your tongue around the head and popping it in and out of your mouth.
Mark is both impressed and shocked at your bold behaviour. The first time he ever left you for a tour, he’d slept over and had to leave at an ungodly hour. He was careful not to wake you in the morning but you’d set your own alarm so you could see him off; you surprised him by hopping into the shower and dropping to your knees and ever since then, the night before he goes away, he stays at yours and you always say goodbye in the morning with a shower blowjob.
You close your eyes and hum as you bob your head up and down, letting the spit collect in your mouth and then dribble out, down both the toy and your body. The loud pop of you pulling off reverberates off the shower tile and you wrap your lips around the synthetic balls, murmuring enthusiastically. 
You pull away from the wall, a single string of spit connecting you to the dildo; you move back up to the shaft and dart your eyes towards the lens once more before closing them as you stretch your mouth down its thickness, taking it in further and further, letting out a few gags because you know it turns him on, even if he swears it doesn’t.
Mark doesn’t even realise he’s holding his phone with such an intense grip until his hand starts cramping up; he switches it to the other hand, shaking his ailing one out, trying to ignore the urge he’s having to rest it near or on the tent in his shorts. He’s fuming that you’re taunting him like this, furious that it’s making him miss you and that anger is going straight to his cock.
He bites his lip as you gag around the toy once more, tears streaming down your cheeks; he knows you think he enjoys it when you gag for him simply because he likes knowing he’s big — but honestly his favourite part about it is how you look up at him when he wipes the tears off your face. It’s the combination of the pure love and adoration in your eyes mixed with the uninhibited desire and lewdness of your mouth sucking at his cock that drives him crazy. So much in fact, he actually wishes there was a way for him to see that in this video.
He notices something and scrubs the video back a few seconds; just as he thought, right before it ends, he sees you spread your legs wider and your right hand disappears off camera. He remembers the lingerie he bought for you was crotchless and he groans quietly, squeezing himself through his clothes as you moan around the dildo.
Blowing Mark always got you wet but without hearing his quiet groans or feeling his fingers gripping your hair, this just wasn’t the same; you love knowing how you affect him, love his lustful affirmations. You lightly rub your clit as you pull off the toy but it’s the thought of you possibly making him hard, making him moan from miles away that has you crying out.    
You send off the video and chuckle to yourself when you notice that he sees it immediately upon delivery. You’re preparing for the final part of your plan when you hear your phone; you’re intrigued to see it’s a text from Mark and you’re too proud of yourself not to click on it right away. 
Mark 7:52pm 
If you’re looking for a reaction, this is as good as you’re going to get.
You purse your lips, thinking of how to respond; you sit your phone down and finish what you were setting up. No harm in making him wait.
Mark’s cock twitches with interest in his shorts as he watches the video again; he pauses the clip to check the thread, to make sure you hadn’t replied back. 
Of course, you hadn’t. 
He loves and hates that you know him well enough to know this would get a reaction from him; and he loves and hates that he feels desperate enough to give it to you.
The phone vibrates in his hand and he swears he feels himself get harder in anticipation of what he might be clicking on.
You 7:55pm
It got you talking to me, didn’t it?
He scoffs at your smugness and his mind races to construct a biting comeback when your next message comes through.
You 7:56pm
Since I’m feeling pretty accomplished. Think I’ll reward myself :)
Mark’s heart pounds as he wonders what that could possibly mean and he begrudgingly presses his palm to his crotch, applying pressure to his throbbing cock. A video loads into the thread, a shorter one this time, and he clicks on it with a bated breath.
Your face fills his screen, eyes wide with equal parts mischief and lust. 
“I keep thinking about the other night, how it’s too bad you decided to leave,” you say. 
He has to dip his hand inside his shorts and give himself a light squeeze when he hears your voice sounding so heavy with want. 
“Things between us were so hostile, we were both so… heated? I feel like if you’d stayed only a little bit longer, things could’ve easily been resolved by you bending me over.”
He groans and begins slowly stroking himself as he watches you prop the phone on the counter and step away to reveal that you’ve lined it up to perfectly capture your large dildo, shiny and lubed up, suctioned to the side of the kitchen island.
You bend forward, tits gracefully spilling out of that damn bra he picked out, and reach behind you to guide the large toy inside you. You lick your lips as you back up on it, slight whines escaping your throat as it stretches and fills you in ways that remind you of how it feels when he’s inside of you.
You start off slowly, letting yourself adjust to the girth but it doesn’t take long for your need to get the best of you, and you pick up the pace, throwing yourself back on the toy at a more intense speed. You let your noises fall freely from your lips, hoping your boyfriend knows that in your mind you’re making them for him, imagining it’s his cock that’s making you feel this way, wishing his large hands were covering your ass like they always do when he has you like this.
Mark growls in frustration when the video ends a few seconds later; surely, this can’t be the end of your torture. But what if it is, what if your plan was to get him to break and text you and then you’d make your point by leaving him desperate for you like this? 
If it was your plan — his cock sure as fuck knows it’s working.  
Minutes that feel like hours pass without another message from you and he hates giving you the satisfaction of another response from him but he feels he has no other choice. He finally takes his shorts off and wraps a hand around his cock, thumbing at the beads of precum gathering at the head and spreading it around as he strokes.
It took you longer than you expected to get the angle right for what you’re assuming will be your last video but you’re confident it won’t take much time for you to build yourself up again; you’re looking forward to making up with Mark but you can’t deny how fun this fight has become.
You check your shot on the phone screen one last time and satisfied with what you see, you turn to walk over to the dining room chair where you plan to ride your toy to orgasm. You’ve only made it a few steps when you hear your text notification chime and you stop in your tracks. A second text comes through and you know it has to be him.
You bound back over to your phone and click on the message. 
Mark 8:04pm 
Is this what you wanted?
You take in a sharp breath when a photo of Mark’s cock, leaking and surely aching for attention, loads in the thread. You click on it and focus on how his long fingers are gripping it by the base; it reminds you of how he holds it when he’s teasing it across your lips — when you’re on your knees for him and you’re both aroused and annoyed by how your mouth actually waters.
Mark maintains a light rhythm, mainly using his fingertips to work his shaft; he’s enjoying the tease and doesn’t want to get too far gone until you give him a reason to. He smirks as a new message from you comes in only moments after he’s sent his text. 
You 8:06pm
You must be getting desperate too.
Would rather see you come for me though :(
He grins at your response and laughs under his breath as he types out his reply.
Mark 8:07pm
Then send me something worth coming to.
You scoff loudly at his text and you’re not sure why your instinct is to send him a heart emoji but you go with it. You press the record on your phone and look into the lens. 
“I was sitting in the kitchen last night, thinking about how if you’d stayed, we might’ve sat here and talked things out,” you gesture at the dining table behind you. “I don’t know if we would’ve ended up on the same side or agreeing to disagree… But I do know there’s a good chance I would’ve climbed into your lap when we were done.”
You walk back to the dildo that started this whole thing, now attached to the seat of a chair and you hover over it, teasing your clit on its tip before sinking yourself down on it. You rock your hips moderately, letting yourself get used to the stretch feeling again and then you lean back, bracing a hand on the back of the chair and start working yourself over in earnest. Your free hand tugs at the deep neckline of your lingerie, pulling your tits out, knowing if he were there, he would free them himself just to see them bounce.
Mark groans as he watches the video of you riding your toy, your whines filling his ears deliciously. He sucks his lip in between his teeth, wishing his mouth was capturing one of your nipples instead. He’s fully jerking himself off now and he can tell by the way you’re whimpering and grinding, you’re already close; he tightens his grip, wanting to finish along with you.
Thinking about Mark, alone in his room with his cock in his hand, wanting you, has you feeling needier than you have been in a while. You bounce yourself vigorously up and down your dildo and your hand makes its way down to circle your clit. 
You imagine it’s Mark underneath you: his hands playing with your tits, his strong thighs tensing under yours, his hot breath on your skin, his wrecked voice telling you to come for him. You shudder and feel yourself begin to pulse around the toy; you don’t intend for his name to fall from your lips, but it does.
His phone shakes in one hand as Mark fucks up into the other, watching you tense on his screen, legs shaking and breath uneven; he’s almost certain he hears his name — and he’ll never admit it — but that’s what brings him over the edge. He grunts as his come spills over his fingers and he’s surprised at how loud his voice is; it briefly flashes in his mind that he’s probably just as loud when he’s with you, but usually, his outbursts tend to be muffled by your skin or your kisses. 
You’re still in a post-orgasm haze when your phone alerts you to a new message from Mark; you click to view it and smile sinfully at the sight of your boyfriend’s spent cock laying on his stomach, white thick come covering his skin.
Mark 8:17pm
Happy now?
You think of a quippy reply but then find yourself hitting the call button instead. He picks up before the first ring even finishes sounding.
“What could you possibly have to say to me after that little stunt?” He greets you, words harsh but voice light and sleepy like it always is after sex.
“Made you cum that hard, huh?” You taunt, surprised at how much you’ve missed his voice after just a couple of days.
He lets out an exaggerated huff. “Pretty inconsiderate of you, considering your greedy mouth isn’t here to clean up the mess,” he teases back.
“You know, that’s the one thing my fake cock can’t do, it can’t cover me in come like yours can,” you joke.
He snorts. “Uh-huh. The one thing.”
“By my count, yes.”
“You wanna start fighting again?”
You smile, then sigh. “What was that even about, babe?”
He pauses and you can picture the look of contemplation on his face. “Jealousy? Pride? Guilt? I don’t know,” he admits. “I was already feeling bad about leaving… I always feel bad about leaving. Maybe that just reminded me of how often I leave you. I don’t know.”
It’s quiet for a few seconds. “Didn’t it ever cross your mind that I bought a giant dick because of how much I like yours?” You ask, half-kidding.
Mark laughs softly. “I think this whole thing makes me kind of a giant dick, doesn’t it?”
“I mean…” 
He laughs louder. “I’m sorry, baby.”
You close your eyes and smile. “I know. I’m sorry too.” 
“Oh, not as sorry as you’re gonna be,” he warns playfully.
You grin and feign innocence. “I can’t imagine what you mean by that,” 
“I can admit, I deserved all this,” he states. You can hear the smirk in his voice. “But some of the things you said the other day? You deserve a little retaliation too.”
You bite your lip and sweetly reply, “What time should I expect you home, then?”
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hajiberry · 3 days
Tumblr media
Kirishima- “baaaaaaabe, hiii I’m out and well I mean I’m not really out anymore I’m on my way home. In an Uber cause no drunk driving duhhhhhh but actually I’m not even drunk so I actually could’ve driven but somebody I won’t name names was being a bit of an asshat and wouldn’t let me drive. But oh my god I love yousomuch like you know I love my guys but god I miss you every time I go out. And yes I know I’ll see you when I get home but your gonna be sleeping and I’m gonna be sad but honestly might wake you up because I wanna kiss you. Okaaay pulling up to to the cribbb noww BYYE”
Deku- “okay let me start by saying I’m only slightly under the influence right now. Like honestly barely, I didn’t even drink that much but sometimes I feel like because I never had a college experience to build my tolerance up I’m still a lightweight at 24 but anyways I’m on the way home and I keep thinking about how much I love you and I miss you so much and oh my god I don’t know what I’d do if we ever broke up. Not that I want that to ever happen but like oh my god how could I even function? I’d probably drop from number 1 to like in the hundreds 'cause I’d be that useless without you.” *starts crying and the rest of the audio message is him crying*
Todoroki - “y/n, I’m currently in midoriyas car because he’s driving me home because I accidentally drank too much at the after-party for the award show. I’m so sad you couldn’t come, like I know the anniversary party for your parents is really important that’s why I’m flying out tomorrow to be there for it. Shit, that was a secret. I hope you don’t listen to this because then you’ll know I’m on a plane coming to see you in like 3 hours. Honestly don’t know how I’m going to function hungover on an airplane but I think I’ll manage, I mean it’s not like it’s a commercial flight so I should be good. Damn it well I was originally going to say I love and miss you. Which still stands but I’m gonna go now because I think I’m going to throw up” “TODOROKI NOT IN MY CAR PLEASE”
Bakugou- “fuck. I’m so drunk right now and I hate even admitting that but that’s how shit-faced I am right now that I can even admit that I’m drunk. This is why I should never go out with my idiot friends, they make me drink and then I end up talking about you and that’s so beyond embarrassing. Not that you’re embarrassing I just don’t need them to know my business like that. Kirishimas driving me home right now which I feel like speaks volumes about my lack of good judgment right now. I don’t even know what the point of this message is I just wanted to say you’re one of the most tolerable person I’ve ever met and I really fucking love you. Okay bye this idiots smiling at what I’m saying and it’s creeping me out.
Tumblr media
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scooterari · 24 hours
let me love you ✸ cl16
“I don’t think friends look at each other like that, dude.”
Or… Charles has to come face to face with his longtime secret.
includes… pining, childhood friends to lovers, (slight) angst w a happy ending, my meagre knowledge of french and google translated italian. requested!
notes… this was supposed to be a blurb for anon (i deleted it by mistake sorry!) but i got a wee bit carried away. and if it’s not obvious, i absolutely am in love w lily lol.
word count… 4.6k
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe it!”
You groaned, already hating the fact that you knew what was going to be said. Alex was looking at you with wide eyes, the two of you waiting on Charles and Lando who had gone to get your food and drinks at the counter. You glanced at them once before turning to the Thai driver who looked way too elated for your liking. “You like Charles!”
You rolled your eyes, glaring at him. “Thanks. I think the bartender might’ve not heard you with how soft you were being.”
Alex looked behind him to see Lando and Charles deep in conversation as they waited for their drinks before turning back.
“But do you?” he asked again, voice thankfully lowered.
Loving Charles had been as easy as breathing, the thought having been a safe heaven since as long as you could remember. Probably since he’d first introduced himself to you. But that seemed too much to mention so you nodded in response. “Yeah I guess I do,” you shrugged, “but don’t open your big mouth and tell Lily.”
“But I tell her everything!”
You gave him a look and he conceded. “I guess I can play matchmaker alone on this one.”
Just when you thought the subject had changed, Alex hit you with another question that made the entire reason of keeping this slight predicament a secret more valid. “He doesn’t feel the same way.”
You were never more thankful that the subject of your conversation returned with a bright smile as he passed your drink to you, sticking to you in the booth as Lily and Carlos joined you guys. Alex looked at you knowingly, and you knew this meant he’d be continuing the conversation later.
As it turns out, later was the next day. You had joined Charles for the race weekend, the first of the races of the new season. Alex had managed to corner you after you’d left the Ferrari hospitality to find Lily, the two of you keeping each other company since you were the only two of the little group of close family and friends: the rest of the wags or loved ones either back at home with work or arriving later.
“So, where were we?” he asked, slinging an arm around you after greeting Lily who was walking alongside you guys now.
You shook your head, smile teasing as you looked up at the man despite him being unable to see your expression that was hidden behind your sunglasses. “You’re never gonna let it go, are you?”
“Never," the blond driver confirmed.
“But you and Charles would look so cute together!” Lily chimes in. Alex sucked in a breath when your elbow dug into his side.
You waved it off, standing to face the couple outside the red motorhome. “It’s fine, I didn’t expect you to keep it a secret anyway.”
Lily chuckled at Alex’s spluttering. “She’s not wrong. But I mean it, I think you’d look good together.”
You looked behind you to see that the man in question wasn’t present before turning around. “It doesn’t matter if it’s just me who wants that, does it?”
Lily frowned sympathetically as you heard a voice call out for you. Alex saw you smile as Arthur jogged up to you guys to let you know that Charles was looking for you.
“You think she’ll realise he’s absolutely gone for her?” Alex asked as he watched you return to Charles’ side in the motorhome along with the youngest Leclerc. Lily titled her head as she watched Charles seem like he’d come alive by your presence, the two of you at once heading off out of eye’s view in a heavy discussion, Arthur trailing behind the two of you.
“Probably not as soon as we hope.”
Charles had been one of your first friends in Monaco, the distance from Nice to Monte Carlo far too much for your seven year old brain to handle. You’d come kicking and screaming, only quietening down when you realised how close you were to the ocean, and then you’d found a little haven to swim and play mermaids with your babysitter, or fight dragons in the park near your house. The very same park where you’d met some of your favourite people.
Arthur was five at the time, and in your need to defend the young boy being bullied away from the swing set he’d rightfully claimed, you’d yelled loudly at the boys pushing him off. “Laisse-le tranquille!”
When the boys in front of you teased you about the obvious fact that you were a girl who wouldn’t be able to do anything, you’d launched yourself at them with a fury of swinging pigtails as you shoved them onto the ground and kicked them till they ran off. “Ciao, putain!”
The sudden shock from you screaming a word that the boy knew he shouldn’t say had him laughing as he dragged you to meet his mother and brother who’d been buying some ice cream to accompany the pleasant sun. Nina was standing next to them with your own ice cream as the two of you bounded over, Arthur introducing his saviour with a toothy smile, but you were besotted by the seven year old who stood in front of you, eyes sparkling in the sun as he introduced himself as Charles.
And then being away from home didn’t seem so bad anymore.
Lily was standing in front of you, eyeing the clothes you’d picked out. “Maybe that one? It’ll be like a little hint to him that you want to fuck him.”
She threw her hands up. “Or want him to fuck you. I don’t think he’d be complaining either way.”
You sighed, slumping back onto the bed, shrieking when Lily slapped you away from the clothes she’d carefully laid out. Ever since Lily and Alex came to know of your little crush, they were doing everything in their power to make Charles quite literally fall into your arms. So far, you’d worn a red lip that they claimed had him constantly staring at your lips, and although you found yourself watching him a little too long in just their presence, you somehow always managed to miss the looks they claimed he gave you. It was beginning to feel like a hopeless case.
“Maybe he really doesn’t like me more than a friend!” you groaned, head pressed into the comfy pillow of the room Charles had gotten you after he’d insisted you fly out last minute to accompany him. “Besides, he’s freshly single!”
Lily swatted your arm, bringing you eye level with her again. “How does that matter? We all know they’d broken up long before the news hit the media!”
You looked at her, the determination in her face to see it through, see your happiness through and in that moment, you could tell why Alex fell for her. “Lily, if Albono ever breaks your heart, my bed and heart are always open for you.”
The golfer laughed as she nudged you in direction of the bathroom, tapping your ass when you passed her and guffawing when you turned to throw an over the top wink before shutting the door behind you.
“I’ll keep that in mind!”
“You better babe!”
“Seriously, I don’t see the big deal.”
Lando had cornered Charles as soon as he’d entered the club. The Brit driver had been behind him ever since he’d learned of Charles’ unfathomably large crush on you. It was so obvious he’d been surprised that nobody else saw it.
“It is a big deal. Elle ne m'aimera jamais de la même manière!”
“Is he talking about his horrendous love life?”
Pierre was standing next to him, watching his best mate scan the bar for a very specific person. “She’s not yet here calamar! Alex said she’s coming with him and Lily!”
Lando looked at Pierre. “You know?”
“Honestly, she’s the only one who doesn’t know.” Pierre took the alcoholic beverage away from his friend, replacing it with the glass of water he’d been drinking. “Ça va?” he added to his friend, knowing Charles tended to speak mostly in French when drunk, his trilingual abilities not as sound.
“Ouais!” Charles was still distracted, staring determinedly at the entrance. “Mais, digli che ha torto.”
Okay, so maybe his trilingual abilities hadn’t completely vanished. Instead of answering whether he thought Lando was right or wrong (which he was sure the Brit would be right), Pierre forced Charles to drink the water he’d been previously carrying, knowing the man would hate the hangover the next day if he didn’t.
Io sto bene, he grumbled, but still gulped down the soothing liquid before handing the glass back to Pierre, leaving him with Lando. So maybe Charles had a bit too much to drink. But it was his first race and his first DNF of the season, he deserved to wash it all off. Especially now that Charles’ not so secret crush had reached beyond Joris and Pierre’s knowledge, touching paddock grounds.
He slung an arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side as he smiled at Lily, greeting her and Alex, who’d come with you two. Despite being the furthest he could be from Pierre and Lando, Charles could tell they were watching his every move.
“Salut,” you mumbled into his ear, lips brushing against his stubble in a chaste kiss as you stood back on your feet, dragging him with you to the bar.
“I’ll have another of the same,” he added, nodding in your direction before telling the bartender to place the drinks on his tab, ignoring your protests. “It’s alright chérie, you can repay me later.”
Indulging him in his drunk conversation wasn’t one you were fond of, knowing he had a motormouth that would spill anything you said to Joris or Pierre. He’d done so when you told him when and how you’d lost your virginity, the drunk boy swaying all the way to Joris and giggling the tale in his ear with such ferocity that Joris was red when he looked at you from across the room. But it was also too fun not to.
“Don’t tell me you’re gonna say a kiss if I ask how.”
Charles frowned. He was used to constant physical affection from you, ever since you’d been kids and gotten married in his backyard, Arthur and Nina being your witnesses. “Mais, mon cœur, c’est mon plus grand souhait.”
You chuckled, dragging him with you to his friends who’d saved a booth for your group, Carlos and Lando conversing while Pierre and Joris bent their heads over something which you decidedly ignored in favour of (unfortunate) ignorant bliss while Alex was chatting with George, Lily and Carmen standing in their own circle, and you immediately gravitated towards them as the five of you at once decided to just dance off the disappointments of your nights in your own little circle.
A thumb rubbed at Charles’ cheek, making him tear his eyes away. “What?”
Joris was smiling cheekily. “You had some drool there, mate.”
Charles rolled his eyes. “Ta gueule!”
Carlos shook his head as he and Lando looked at the Monegasque, and just by the look in their eyes he could tell that Lando had blabbed about his crush. “I’m not in love with her okay?”
“Nobody said anything about love, mate.”
Fuck. Charles slumped in his seat, eyes following your movements as you turned to find the owner of the piercing gaze watching you, an adorably confused frown plastering your face before you smiled upon catching his eyes.
“That’s because he didn’t have to,” Lando pointed out. The little shit was always a bit more talkative when he had some alcohol in him. “Just talk to her and tell her how you feel.”
Charles hummed, the liquid courage making him drag himself up and out of the booth to find you, only finding Alex and George while you’d vanished to grab some shots with the girls. He turned to follow you when he saw you busy in conversation, eyes intensely following the person’s move as you looked at the person coquettishly. Pierre laughed loudly from the booth when he noticed Charles audibly groan.
“You guys absolutely suck.”
It was funny just how much Charles had never realised the space you’d taken up in his life. He was so used to having you around, that not seeing you in his needed dose of every day, even if virtually, had him in a tailspin. And ever since the two of you’d gotten back from that night at the bar, drunk and clinging on to each other to make sure you’d gotten home safe before passing out in the same bed from sheer exhaustion until the plane ride back home, there’d been a change, and not one Charles particularly was fond of.
Your phone pinged as you went to pick respond to the person on the other end, ignoring Charles who was groaning from your living room, the man already knowing who it was. “Can you text him later?”
“Spencer just wanted a recommendation, chou!” he heard your voice through the open plan of your flat in Monaco, eyes rolling up to the ceiling of their own accord in annoyance at the name falling from your lips. You’d been texting the person at the bar —a man named Spencer— all week, chatting him up so much that even when you did call Charles, it was to tell him about your new friend.
He huffed, pausing the movie you’d been watching together and traced his way into the kitchen, stomach. burning at the sight of you smiling at your phone. “Spencer asked you out yet?” he spat, causing you to look up, confused at the sudden outburst. Waving off the odd reaction, you shrugged, shaking your head ‘No’ as you carried the refilled now of popcorn, asking him to bring the new drinks with him.
“So why hasn’t he asked you out?” he asked, setting down the iced tea on the coffee table before reclaiming the seat he’d been in before. You huffed, growing irate with his childish behaviour ever since you’d met Spencer.
“What’s wrong with you?” you asked, voice harsh and filled with the irritation you felt, his answer just making you groan at the sudden switch. “Why do you hate Spencer?”
“I don’t!” Charles threw his hand up, eyes following your hands as they tugged at your hair in frustration, and Charles desperately wanted to thread his hands through yours and stop you, but  he knew you’d get angrier if he touched you right in that moment.
You huffed, glaring at him. “Don’t give me that shit. Tu me parles toujours de la façon dont tu espères que je trouverai un petit ami."
"Mais faut-il que ce soit lui ?"
“And would it be so bad if it were?” Charles was staring at you as you continued, heart slowing down with every word. “Why would it be so bad if I liked Spencer?”
“Nothing, just looking out for a friend.” He pressed play on the movie, refusing to meet your eyes so that you couldn’t see just how much that hurt him to say, only for you to ruin one of his favourite scenes in just a single sentence.
“Well don’t. I’m no longer that little girl who needs you picking up the broken pieces of my heart.”
It was silent as the two characters kissed each other on screen. Painfully quiet, the the silence in his heart at your harsh words. He’d never get you to love him now, not when you made it clear you didn’t need him as much as he did.
It was a week until Charles saw you in person again. A week since he’d last spoken to you, the longest he’d ever gone without having to hear you ramble about god knows what, and you weren’t even there to meet him. You were just at the coffeeshop you frequented, seated at your table and Charles couldn’t help but gravitate towards you, yours eyes staring at your phone in adoration and he had an idea of who was on the other side. He ignored the sound of his phone notifying him of a message as he slid into the seat in front of you. “Hi.”
You looked up, shocked to see him before breaking out into a grin that made Charles feel like you’d never yelled at him. “I missed you!” You leaned over the table, pulling him into an awkward hug, but the polished wood digging into his abdomen didn’t even matter when you pressed a kiss to his cheek, lips brushing against the stubble of his jaw, and his heart felt happier than it had in the week without you when you pulled apart to sit back down.
“I didn’t think you’d be here now,” you told him, not wanting to point out the obvious mark you’d left on him. Besides, it was hidden under the collar of his shirt that it wouldn’t cause up too much controversy. “Sorry for yelling at you, by the way,” you added, grimacing at the foul taste that’d festered inside you since your outburst. Sure, you felt angered at his unjust treatment when he was the only one who’d ever held your heart, but that didn’t mean you didn’t want him in any capacity. “I didn’t mean I didn’t want you to be there for me, I just…” you trailed off, not knowing how to address the ginormous elephant from your side. Charles just waved you off.
“I was being unreasonable.” Charles smiled. “So, what’re you doing here?”
Your eyes widened at that, sheepishly frowning. “Spencer actually wanted to go cafe hopping so I said I’d join him.”
Charles frowned, but nodded nonetheless. He was about to leave when you asked him a question he didn’t even think to decline. “Of course I’ll join you.”
The things he did for love, he sighed to himself, letting his arm be dragged in front of him as you brought him to meet Spencer at the third coffee house, Spencer having been in the restroom when he’d found you. You’d excused yourself for a call, walking ahead of the two men who strode in a silence that exuded discomfort.
“Hey man,” Spencer was the first to speak up. The American was a tiny bit taller and lankier than Charles, and as the two walked side by side, Charles couldn’t help but compare himself to him, compare Spencer to everyone you’d dated in the past. “I’m sorry if you think I’m you know… getting in between you two.”
Charles looked up, confused. “There’s nothing to get in between. She’s just a friend.”
Spencer chuckled, messy long brunette hair moving as he shook his head. Charles noted it was more closer to blond, something you claimed to not like as much. A point for him, Spencer still zero. “I don’t think friends look at each other like that, dude.”
Charles rubbed a hand down his face, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans as he continued walking, eyes on you as you conversed with whomsoever was on the phone. “What makes you say that?”
“I study behaviour for a living, I can tell.” Spencer then pointed to his own face, right where his jaw met his neck. “Besides, a friend wouldn’t let you walk around with a faded lipstick mark on them unless it clearly meant something to see that there. Marking and showing off, quite a common human behaviour for someone in love.”
Charles brought his hand up, rubbing at the spot pointed out, his fingertips matching the same shade of lipstick you had on as you now headed back to them, brows furrowed. “Just ask her out before you lose your chance.”
“Ça va?” Charles asked as you approached him. You looked up from your phone, and Charles at once knew it was the client who’d been bothering you.
“Je vais tuer cette salope. Il me fait tout faire comme si j'étais sa putain de servante.” You huffed out a large breath. “Sorry, just some annoying clients. Now, shall we? This is what I call Charles’ 26 place.”
Charles rolled his eyes when he realised where you wanted to take Spencer. “Why 26?” Charles smiled when you tucked yourself under his arm, the three of you walking to your destination.
“Because she says this is where break up with my girlfriends after an average of 26 months.”
You bumped your hip into his, looking up at him. “You’re two for two right now, Charlito.”
And hopefully it will never touch three, he thought, following you and Spencer to a table, the American sitting opposite the two of you, smiling amiably when Charles sent him a nod in gratitude.
Spencer’s words rang through his head all day, irritating him that he’d been found out by a complete stranger. Was he really that obvious? Had the media pieced together his hopeless romancing on you? Had you?
“So, what exactly does Spencer do?” Charles asked as he followed you inside your flat. The two of you had dropped off Spencer at his hotel so he could prepare for his flight later in the night before coming back to yours. You shrugged in response.
“Not entirely sure. He said that he studied human behaviour and was doing something with law enforcement I believe? I’m not entirely sure, he didn’t seem to want to talk about it too much.” You tossed him your Kiss the Chef apron to cover his white polo shirt. “Now, dinner?”
Charles grinned, following every order you gave him, chopping up vegetables and setting them next to the stove where you were adding them to your pan. “What are you making?”
“I asked Lewis for the recipe of that Indian dish we’d really liked last time. I wanted to try it without the whole vegan aspect.” You added the meat inside as Charles stepped back to watch you work, the dexterity with which you moved and—
“I can’t wait until our kids see you like this.”
Your pause would’ve gone unnoticed to the untrained eye, but Charles knew you. He saw the way you’d stopped stirring the food in the sizzling pan before continuing with more vigour, now moving to take over what Charles had left behind. “You shouldn’t say things like that.”
Charles frowned, hoping that if a stranger was right about how he felt about you, he would also be right about how you felt about him. “Why not?”
“Because then you’re just making fun of me.” The barely there crack in your voice made him feel like he’d just stabbed himself with a knife. He never wanted to make you cry.
“Who told you?” you asked, now looking him in the eyes and Charles wished you’d been turned away. Your eyes were welling up, glittering at the waterline as you waited for an answer that didn’t come. “Well, I suppose that doesn’t matter.”
You turned back around, rubbing at your eyes as you turned off the gas, dishing you the curried meat and rice, setting down the sliced lemon where Charles usually sat before bringing the plates and motioning for him to sit. “Food’s ready.”
“Ma chérie—”
And so he sat down, the only noise being cutlery and then the running water when you began washing the dishes which Charles knew would otherwise be done in the morning. HE followed your every move until you’d set the last dish back inside the cabinet, closing the door with more force than necessary, turning back to face him as you grabbed the half-drunk bottle of wine from your fridge.
“Chérie, can we just talk?”
You prided yourself on your ability to lie on demand. Didn’t want your parents why you were later than the allotted curfew time? I was with my friend. Forgot your homework? Asking for a deadline by claiming you needed time to research the topic more thoroughly to form a better understanding. Needed an excuse for your friend sneaking out of the house? A sleepover! But somehow, you just couldn’t find that talent in this situation. You set two glasses down in front of you, pouring the wine into them as you spoke. “Talk about what? How I am hilariously in love with my best friend? Or how I am stupid enough to continue being in love with him despite the fact that he will never, ever love me the same way? Cause that isn’t a conversation that a girl would like to have.”
Charles stared at you for a long while before asking the one question he had on his mind. “Why would me talking about having kids with you be a joke?”
“Because you’ve literally stated multiple times that I was only a friend, your best friend, practically your brother—” Charles winced as he recalled the words he had said at fifteen, when he realised just how badly Arthur had a crush on you. “So, you tell me why should I take it otherwise when you’ve told me that for years?”
“Because they didn’t mean anything.”
You were staring at him openly now, wondering whether this was where your heart would break or find its missing piece, the one piece you’ve been trying to fit the wrong parts in. “You can’t be serious.”
It was Charles’ turn to express his frustration. “I am in love with you. I have been since we were thirteen and you kissed Marc in Spin the Bottle at Lea’s birthday, and then told me you would never kiss anybody again. I hoped that would not include the kisses you pressed to my cheek, and then wondered if you would say the same if I was the one kissing you. I have loved you since Enzo told me what it was like, since Jules… since he showed me how it was, always talking about his girlfriend if he ever got the chance and Enzo teasing him about being a puppy without its owner. I have loved you since we got married when we were kids and I would love to marry you again, for real this time. Unless you don’t feel the same, that is.”
A moment. A pause before the sound of your laughter engulfed his senses, the usually bright voice muffled as you buried your face in your hands. “Why are you laughing?”
“I honestly don’t know. C’est juste en choc, Charlito.” Charles shook his head fondly when you called his name again.
“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to kiss me?”
Charles smiled, walking over to you as you looked up at him, pulling him closer to you by his belt loops until you were sure there was no escaping him. His fingers thumbed your lipstick, the stain of them something he wanted in places other than just his neck. “Spencer told me you’d left a mark on me.”
You huffed as you averted his eyes, not wanting to admit that you had done that so nobody would come near you. “If anybody saw it, they’d be having a field day.”
“Dites-leur que c’est votre future femme.”
The look in Charles’ eyes grew hungry as he caressed your cheek, lips pressing into yours before you could even breathe. You pressed back against him, lips parting as his tongue scraped against the roof of your mouth, hands moving to pull you even closer to him and dipping you back until you heard a thud. You pulled away from him, barely having time to react from the crimson seeping into the white of your carpet.
“Charles! That was new!”
The Monegasque barely glanced at the mess he’d made before turning back to you, looking as if he were about to devour you as he spoke, breath fanning across your lips. “I’ll buy you a new one.”
And then he had your eyes rolling back into your head.
— TRANSL. please correct me if i’ve got any wrong!
Laisse-le tranquille! Leave him alone!
Ciao, putain! Ciao, bastard!
Elle ne m'aimera jamais de la même manière! She’ll never love me the same way!
Ta gueule! Shut up!
Ouais! Mais…. Yeah! But… — itl. … digli che ha torto. … tell him he’s wrong.
itl. Io sto bene. I’m fine.
Mais, mon cœur, c’est mon plus grand souhait. But, my heart, that’s my biggest wish.
Tu me parles toujours de la façon dont tu espères que je trouverai un petit ami. You always tell me about how you hope that I find a boyfriend.
Mais faut-il que ce soit lui? But does it have to be him?
Ça va? All right?
Je vais tuer cette salope. Il me fait tout faire comme si j'étais sa putain de servante. I’m going to kill this birch. He makes me do all the work like I’m his fucking maid.
C’est juste en choc, Charlito. It’s just in shock, Charlito.
Dites-leur que c’est votre future femme. Tell them that it’s your future wife.
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missmeinyourbones · 2 days
big bro touya & little snotty brother shouto, noncanon verse where rei got the kids the fuck out of that house!!!! slightly suggestive at first but shouto is a cockblock, i love u todobros
Tumblr media
Against the creaks of the floorboards and the buzz of the streetlights outside, the Todoroki household is relatively calm. 
It’s barely the beginning of summer. Though it's rather late, the sun only set a mere hour ago and the humidity in the air still holds up, even without the harsh rays marinating the sky. 
The Todoroki house itself is on the smaller side, especially for a family as large as they are. Filled to the brim with trinkets and out of place belongings, there’s not much wiggle room for architectural design or things that aren't deemed necessities. 
But it’s well-loved, by a gentle mother and her four rowdy children. There are scratches on the floor from Shouto’s scooter that’s meant to be used only outdoors, and a chip in the beige paint from where Natsuo pushed Touya into the wall. Fuyumi’s work sneakers carefully sit beside the front door’s welcome mat. It’s a house and a home. 
With Touya’s mother out for the night, the eldest son was left in charge of the house—and with that, his siblings. When your boyfriend charmingly invited you to spend the night at his place, he might’ve left out that tiny detail. 
“Babe,” the squeaking of Touya’s mattress can he heard as he whines against your cheek, “you serious?” 
You push him, though your warm smile betrays your rough action, “Deadly.”
Touya smirks at your resistance—he’s always loved a good challenge. His hands crawl up your sides, squeezing at the sensitive skin by your hips and waist. He laughs under his breath when you gasp on top of him at the brushing of his fingertips. 
“Not even a quickie?” he smugly instigates. 
“Touya, all three of your siblings are home.”
He remains unphased, shrugging beneath you. His chapped lips find your neck, crawling up to your jaw and right below your ear. He sucks a bit harshly on the one spot he knows you like so much. 
“So? We can be quiet.”
You laugh at his bold words, and Touya hums happily against the vibration of your throat. 
“You’ve never been quiet a day in your life,” you remind him.
“I could learn,” he’s quick to retort. With a sudden buck of his hips, you feel his half-hard length rub briefly against your heat. Touya doesn't miss the way you bite your tongue to hide your whimper. 
At his foul play, you lean in dangerously close—not close enough to give him the satisfaction of your lips touching—before whispering.
“Sorry, I don’t fuck bad babysitters.”
Touya’s tongue skims his canine as he growls. “That’s a fuckin’ lie and you know it.” 
You let him kiss you, and it's short and sweet despite his lewd words. But Touya works for more. His soft tongue tries to encourage your mouth to open, but you let him fail the first few times. On his third persistent try, you let your jaw fall open just enough to allow him access into your mouth. 
A soft moan purrs in your chest, and when Touya opens his eyes to take in (what he knows to be) the alluring sight, his eyes catch a tiny figure standing in his bedroom doorway. 
“Fuckin’ christ—” he jumps beneath you, bucking you off in the process and scootching upwards against his bedframe. 
You turn in panic to look at the now cracked open door, only to see a tiny Shouto. With squinting eyes and a pout on his face, his dainty hand fiddles against the doorknob of your boyfriend’s room. 
Touya runs his hands through his overgown roots in frustration. 
Now, he knows how dramatic he can be at times, but he means it when he says that this might be the worst thing to ever happen to him. Shouto, of all people, cockblocking you two. It’s like a comedy sketch written by his own personal devil.
“The fuck are you doing up?” he dares to ask him, though you don’t miss the “fuckin’ perv” he grumbles at the end of the question. 
“I—” a sniffled hiccup interrupts the smallest Todoroki’s declaration, “don’t feel good.”
Touya glares at his whimpering younger brother, unimpressed. “Go tell Natsuo,” he decides. 
“He’s asleep,” Shouto immediately whines in reply, because of course he tried Natsuo first. “And Fuyumi is studying for her big test tomorrow,” his voice drifts off as his eyes find the floor.
Touya, the last resort sibling, kisses his teeth and throws a pillow towards the door. 
“Well, ’m busy, too.” He returns to nip at your neck once more, but the glare you give him tells him otherwise. Unphased by your glare, he continus to lean in, but you dodge his advance and push his shoulder with your palm. 
“Fuck,” he groans dramatically, throwing his head back in frustration. He turns his direction back to the boogery nuisance in his doorway. “Go drink water or something,” he waves him off with a hand. 
“Touya,” you hiss at your boyfriend’s coldness. He looks at you and shrugs, as if you’d approve of his dismissive reaction. Your eyes roll just as quickly as your voice beckons softly, “Come here, Shouto.”
You move to the edge of the bed and the sniffly boy trots over to you on heavy feet. His pajamas are wrinkled, presumably from tossing and turning in his bed for the last few hours. His hands hover over his abdomen as he hunches in nausea.
Your hand finds his forehead, sticky with sweat. “What doesn’t feel good?”
Shouto’s nose crinkles in disgust, and Touya rolls his eyes at the dramatics. 
You’re no stranger to any of the Todoroki siblings, especially the baby of the family. Between attending his school concerts and going out for ice cream celebrations, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of talk in the house about Touya’s pretty girlfriend—whom all siblings aren’t shy to vocalize is way out of his league. 
“My stomach feels weird,” he whispers behind a frown. 
You coo at his agony, fingers rubbing his boyish cheeks in an attempt to soothe his discomfort. “Well, what did you eat last?”
Shouto thinks for a moment behind his usual deadpan expression before his eyes slowly flicker over to where his older brother huffs on his bed. 
“Touya got us pizza for dinner,” he remembers. 
“Okay,” you nod. You remember seeing a few discarded pizza boxes when you first came in. “How many slices did you have?”
Shouto clams up in guilt at your innocent question, fumbling with his fingers and words as he croaks out a weak, “Seven…”
Your eyes grow in shock, but you’re able to suppress your surprise and merely nod before not so discreetly turning to his guardian for the night behind you in disappointment. 
Touya looks like a deer caught in headlights when you hiss through clenched teeth. “Seven?! What is wrong with you?”
He shrugs defensively, gesturing to the blob of red, white, and sniffles behind you. 
“He’s like… old,” Touya attempts to defend himself. “Figured I didn't have to watch him eat.”
Your eyes shoot daggers through his skin, and while he would normally love getting this look from you, he hates that it's in defense of his stupid brother. 
“Okay,” you sigh, turning back to the younger Todoroki. His eyes soften when you extend a hand to his slightly chubbier one, “Why don’t we go find some medicine and lay down for a bit, yeah?”
Shouto’s face lights up at the offer—but naturally, with one Todoroki sibling’s happiness comes another’s demise. 
“Woah woah woah—” Touya immediately stands up from his bed when his brother links your hand in his. He points at an accusatory at the little fucker when he gawks, “Who the fuck is ‘we’? Shouto knows where the medicine is.” 
“Touya,” comes your same warning from earlier, and while Touya loves pushing your buttons, he knows his final strike is always the third. 
So the three of you make your way downstairs—you and Shouto hand in hand while Touya grumpily trudges behind you. 
Touya’s right—for once in his life—because Shouto naturally guides you right to the medicine closet, opening the door for you and everything. What a little gentleman. 
A quick browse of the options and you decide on a bottle labeled for stomach relief. The bottle itself is opened but decently full, and Shouto behaves like a pro when he grabs himself a glass of water in preparation for his dose. 
You pour the designated amount into a medicine cup and lightly cringe at the thick consistency. The artificial advertisement of bubblegum and strawberry can only do so much to disguise the fact that, at the end of the day, it’s still medicine. You hear Touya stifle a gag from behind you, but you know it’s half to piss his younger brother off.
Shouto remains unphased, downing the liquid like a champ and silently rinsing out his mouth with his water. You swear you see him shoot Touya a look, one with slightly raised eyebrows that reads something along the lines of victory. 
You usher the two of them to the couch. Touya plops on the cushions obnoxiously, going as far as reaching for the television remote before you pluck it from his grasp. 
Though you sit beside him, knees skimming one another, it’s not enough for Touya—because Shouto makes himself at home with his head in your lap. Bastard. 
With a nod of approval from Shouto, you decide on some cartoon from the early 90s—something with talking animals and childish violence. 
The silence between the three of you takes over, but it’s warm—like a relaxing blanket of weight. The Todoroki household is rarely quiet, let alone a good kind of quiet, so Touya decides to let Shouto win this round.
He shifts his gaze to look down at his youngest brother. Shouto lays comfortably on your lap, your hands delicately raking through his hair to help lull him to sleep. When he feels Touya’s hard gaze on him, he has no issue returning the stare. Under your embrace, Shouto smiles mischievously and sticks his tongue out in a taunt. 
With Touya’s feet clunkily spread out on the coffee table and his arm loosely draped around your shoulder, he silently mouths to his brother. 
Tumblr media
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cthulhus-curse · 2 days
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Gender Neutral Reader
Word Count: 1,126
Warnings: Slime Monster!Wanda, Reader has a penis, Smut, Innocence Kink | 18+ Minors DNI
Summary: Knowing your slime girl is insatiable, you are never surprised to be awoken almost each morning by a rather whiny Wanda lusting after you.
At the feeling of a wet, cold goo pressing against your skin, you sighed with a sudden peace. Each morning when you awoke it was the same touch which was planted upon you. They were see-through arms that ran across your nude midsection before stopping just at your chest. With a shy demeanor they gently caressed your skin, only squeezing once they were confident enough in themselves to set you on fire. As they passed around your body, they left trails of goo that you’d happily scoop up with a finger and hum at the taste. 
“Sorry,” came a small voice barely heard across the room, much less from right on top of you. “I…I needed you. ‘M so sorry, I can’t help it.”
The flushed hue of her body, only made up by slime, coursed a smile through your features. “It’s okay, princess. You know I don’t mind it. Hm, you’re practically drenched.” It wasn’t difficult to tell as her wet cunt brushed against your stomach. The fruity stench fueled your nostrils happily as you took in her red translucent appearance. “You have my permission, Wanda. Go on. Do whatever you need to feel better.”
At first she squirmed as always. There was no universe in which Wanda wouldn’t easily flush, even if made from scarlet slime, as soon as she inched herself down on top of you. Her hands were on you, their tentacle-like form still prodding at your shoulder as a means to support herself. Each day she waltzed around in her natural state of nudity, and yet you never grew tired of how wondrous her appearance was. Running your fingers through her thighs, the beast shuddered above you. There was nothing stopping her from lowering until your cock, already hard from your morning wood, brushed against her puffy folds. 
“It’s so sticky,” Wanda whined as her features scrunched up. “Please, can I please make it go in? I’ll make you feel so good, I promise. I can’t…I can’t hold myself back. I need you to be inside of me, Y/N. Please let me do it. I’ll be your good girl.”
“You’re always my good girl,” you hummed happily. Squeezing her thick, squishy thighs, you nodded her way. “I already gave you your orders, Wanda. Go on and make me feel good. Show me how much of a good girl you are.”
Without the need for another word, Wanda did exactly as she was told. Her moans blared from the depths of her throat as she guided your hard dick into her pussy. The monster could control her size at her own will and she refused to let herself go empty, hence the decreasing size of her stretched out cunt. She wanted to be tight so you’d feel every single ridge of her inner walls, and be gripped as you watched yourself enter her. 
You winced when first feeling the suddenly warm, soft goo as it was meant to. Inner walls hugged your penis without daring to let it escape. The deeper you wet, the fuller her slick pussy was. Mixes of her fruity juices and slime oozed out of her hole which craved to be stuffed to the brim. Matters were not made any better as the red creature buried her face against your chest seeking any sort of comfort at how good it felt to have you – to become one with you. 
“S-so good,” Wanda grunted as you slid yourself deeper until she felt you pressing her sweetest spot. “I’m so deep. It’s…oh Y/N it feels amazing. You’re so b-big…”
“Just for you,” came your whimpered reply. Although you pride yourself in holding all the dominance in the relationship, you couldn’t help but make the woman do your bidding. She followed your instructions without a hint of hesitation, and you’d forever be grateful for her willingness to please no matter what. Since you had found her all alone, refusing to shun her from society as other humans had, Wanda was said to be forever in your debt. “Bounce like the pretty bunny you are, baby.” Laying back, you relaxed knowing it was her who’d do all the work in her state of need. Seeing Wanda lose control in such a way never fails to make you smile. “Make me cum, otherwise I’ll have to find something else to stuff with my pups.”
Her slimy cunt could barely fit your dick in it, but it made it all the better. Wanda bounced up and down as you told her, her tits jumping as their slapping sounds matched those made by your bodies reconnecting. Through her abdomen, your thick cock could still be seen, something her eyes never left with the more she squirmed. 
She held onto you for dear life even when throwing her head back in pleasure. Never had Wanda felt the touch of a person until she met you, and once she lost all her innocence, she knew she wouldn’t ever leave your side. Whether you liked it or not, the slime monster had imprinted on you. 
“That’s it, Wanda. Fuck, your pussy feels amazing. You’re squeezing me so good,” you groaned as you watched in awe how Wanda left trails of her goo on you. “Come on, baby. I’m so close. Let me stuff this pretty cunt with cum. ‘M gonna make you look so pretty covered in white.”
With the more words you spewed her way, the pace Wanda carried quickened. She didn’t stop until your tense balls released all the pent-up pressure they held. Even then the woman rode you as spurts of white were emptied inside of her, filling up her walls with a much lighter hue that she gladly took in. Grabbing her hips, you urged her to stay in place, ramming your cock as deep as you could into her cunt until she was full with cum.
“Oh, uhm, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make a mess,” Wanda shyly cried as she looked down within her aura of lust. She grimaced at the mixture of white and translucent red that coated your dick while attempting to move off only for you to keep her there. “I can clean it up with my mouth if you’d like. I…I don’t want to be a bad girl.”
Slowly gyrating your hips, you pulled your dick in and out of her with hunger. “Then do it, princess. Use that pretty mouth of yours to clean up this mess,” you muttered. Pulling Wanda up, you allowed a finger to drift through her pussy folds, ghosting over her bulbous clit, before bringing it to your mouth. At the lovingly sweet taste, you nearly came again. “And then I’ll have my morning treat if you don’t mind. Get to work, now.”
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