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Tell me a soft memory
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qourmet · 5 months
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re: i won't let you undress corpse trousers re: i'm drunk and i don't like wen ning re: pre-yi city's waiter that got too handsy with wwx "why's this guy looking like i laid a hand on his wife" re: i'm drunk again and i don't like wen ning
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ohblushblushblush · 1 month
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stupidlullabies · 8 months
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intangiblecat · 2 months
it’s fine... not like i wanted to make a poll anyway
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i'm confused about ax's mention of an andalite punishment of cutting off the tail of an offender. wouldn't morphing and demorphing just reinstate the tail? do offenders get forbidden to morph? how would a ban on morphing be enforced?
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batsiblingfun · 3 months
Damian: Grayson I have some questions about a song I heard at school today
Dick: I'm scared, but let's hear it
Damian: If a man has no job or money, he's a scrub. Is he a scrub until he has a job? Or until his first paycheck? What if he's too young or too busy with his studies to join the workforce? If a man is a scrub when he doesn't have his own car, does he become a scrub everytime he takes his car in to get the oil changed? Father doesn't drive during the day. Is he a scrub?
Dick:..... I'm not going to lie, I don't know how to answer any of that. But i really want to know the answers. HEY JASON
Jason: Ask Steph. You're not prepared for my dissertation on scrubs. Just ask Steph
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cacodaemonia · 1 month
AO3 kudos mean ??
For other folks who post fics/art/podfic/etc. on AO3, what do kudos mean to you?
To me, they're very vague and could mean anything from "I read a little of this and felt obligated to leave a kudos" to "this is my favorite thing ever!!!"
Answer in the tags!
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nosebleedclub · 5 months
What does your regret taste like?
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what if… Red Hood and Jazz discover they were married by an Elvis impersonator ghost…
I have so many questions.
Were they married by an Elvis impersonator willingly and found out he was a ghost later?
Were they married by a ghost and after the ceremony they just whipped out the elvis outfit and was like, "Welp. Gotta fly to my next job. See ya!"
What was their wedding like? Was he a groomsman? Bridegroom? Idk what its called.
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sainteddie · 5 months
quick eddie! tell me more about how the longer you avoid something you’re afraid of… the scarier it becomes!!!!
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millerflintstone · 1 year
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thebookworm0001 · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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frankenstein when henry dies: abvlrwvb;alqblvqblabr *cries* *faints* *basically falls into a two month coma*
frankenstein when his wife dies: mm okay the creature did it again *screams but gets over it in like five secs*
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fyeaheddiemunson · 19 days
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